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Aug 27

Karma Is A Bitch (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 86 times)

Karma Is A ****


Placing a glass of water before her, Arnav sat next to her and patted her shoulder. Payal looked up at him in tears and then at the glass of water. Grabbing the glass and gulping down the content in it, she asked in quivering voice, “How is he?”

“He is fine. Out of danger” Arnav said slowly, “They are moving him to ventilator”

She nodded and whispered, “Ayan...where is....Ayan...he...”

“Relax” he patted her back, “Khushi is looking after him”

Payal nodded and sat up from her position where she was leaning on to the figure of ganpati in the hospital.

Sound of footsteps made both of them turn. Ivan smiled at them and said, “Two people are allowed to visit Akash. Go in”

Arnav looked at Payal and said, “Go. Take Ayan”

Payal wiped her tears and nodded. Arnav stood up and helped her stand. Ivan smiled faintly at her and patted her shoulder, “He’ll be fine. Don’t worry”

Payal smiled faintly and walked away to her son who was playing with Khushi’s hair.

“Where is she?” Arnav asked Ivan.

“Police station” .




“Just spit it out Mrs. Raizada. You’re at the end of the road” the inspector said bitterly and leaned back on his chair.

Aman stood leaning on the wall and said, “We have all proofs of you trying to kill ASR today. CCTV cameras have caught you talking to the man who had the gun.”


“I know di” Khushi said softly, “This party was necessary for all of us.”

“I hope he is fine” Anjali whispered, “It’s been a week. We don’t know where he he is....he can’t just leave me like that”

Khushi hugged her and said softly, “He will be fine!”

Arnav shook his head at Aman who wanted to rush to Anjali. He looked away as Khushi consoled her.

“Just few more minutes Aman” he consoled himself, “After that, you can be with her. Forever!”

He sighed and looked away when his eyes fell on NK.

He seems tensed. What’s wrong?

NK ran to Ivan and told him something. ****! Even Ivan looks tensed.

Okay. It’s official! Something’s wrong.

Aman watched them running up the stairs and decided to follow them when he stopped on his tracks. His eyes suddenly fell on a man near the door.


The guy had a gun pointed to Arnav who was oblivious to the fact and was talking to Khushi.

“ASR” he whispered and rushed to the man.

Before he could reach there, the sound of gunshot boomed in RM.

Aman gasped feeling air sucked away from his lungs. He looked at ASR expecting his lump figure on the ground but frowned seeing the guy looking shocked at the door.

Aman looked at the direction of his vision in confusion.

Why is ASR looking fine? Didn’t the guy shoot him.

And he got the answer.

Between the guy and ASR lied the blood covered figure of Akash!

He looked at the man with the gun who looked shocked for a moment. The next second he saw the man aiming his gun again.

Aman felt himself back to senses. His hand went to his belt where he had secured the gun that police inspector had given him, in case of distress.

“Always remember. Use the gun but only BELOW THE KNEE” the inspector’s words bounced in his ear and Aman drew the gun from his back and aimed at the man’s legs.

And another gunshot was heard by the people of RM.


“All of the people” Aman whispered furiously, “All of the people it was you! How could you mami ji? What wrong did ASR do to you!”

Mami sat stone faced and the police inspector sighed.

“Look we have the proofs and we’re gonna present you to court. But before that we’re giving you a chance to explain. So you better speak out or we go for other ways to make you speak!” he said.

Ivan and Aman looked at each other and Mami said, “He took my son’s place”

“What place?” inspector frowned.

“It was my son’s place. The voice at Raizada mansion. It had to be my son’s not that ****’s son!” mami said angrily.

NK held Aman who looked like a volcano about to burst.

“I thought you considered Arnav and Anjali as your own children” inspector said chuckling.

“I did. When saasumma took them under her wings after their parents’ death, I tried my best to make them feel better. They were no different than Akash. Until he decided to go to Harvard and then start AR. He became the best businessman of the era. He became the image of Raizadas. Everything was good until he became the priority of every Raizadas!” mami said and buried her face in her palms.

Aman chuckled and said, “So you partnered with Shyam and dadi. You blocked ASR when he was driving back to mandap asking him not to go to the wedding. He ignored you and drove further. You got Shyam and his men to crash his car. Brilliant!”

“I pity you Mrs. Raizada” Ivan said shaking her head, “You did all this for your son. You wanted your son to be the head of Raizadas, to be the head of AR and you did succeed for four years but now....look where we are. Look where your son is!”

“Akash is fine, by the way, he is out of danger” the inspector said.

Mami looked up. Everyone could see the sign of relief on her face.

“It feels good right?” Aman asked, “Your son is fine. But remember how he ended up in hospital! Karma is a **** mami ji!”




“I never thought that it would be her!” Anjali whispered. Aman wrapped an arm around her and pulled her close. “It’s all fine. It’s all over!”

“Akash” she whispered.

“He’ll make it. He is out of danger, so don’t worry” he assured.

She hummed and looked at Payal who was leaning on the wall and gazing on the door of ventilator.

“When will they allow us inside?” she asked Aman.

He shrugged, “When he is completely safe they’ll move him to room. Then we can be inside with him”

“She must be really tired” she said looking at Payal.

“And heartbroken” he added.

“Guys” Arnav walked to them, “Go home. Take rest. Me and Khushi will be here”

“No it’s fine. We’ll stay” Anjali said.

“No di” Arnav said. He looked at Aman and said, “Take everyone home. Payal will be hard to crack but please....she is very tired and needs rest!”

Aman looked at Payal and nodded.

“Where is Ayan?” Anjali asked standing up.

“Sleeping. NK is with him!” Arnav said.

Khushi walked to them and said, “You all can go home. Don’t worry. Me and Arnav ji will be here”

Anjali nodded and looked at Aman who had walked to Payal and was talking to her.

“Will everything be fine from now on?” Anjali asked slowly to Arnav and Khushi.

Khushi looked at Arnav who nodded his head determinedly, “I don’t know if something will go wrong. But I can promise you that I’ll not let anything or anyone hurt my family!”


Aug 29

Epilogue (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 87 times)




“Annav” Ayan said stubbornly.

Arnav sighed and buried his face in the pillow.

It was 6 am in the morning and Payal had walked into their room with Ayan. Before anyone question the weird timing of Payal let me clear it. It’s a special day! It’s marriage day!

After few more months of dating Aman and Anjali has finally decided to get married!

“Isn’t it wonderful chotte! I’m getting married!” Anjali had squealed.

“Two people who currently live together are about to attend temple, have a party, go on a short holiday, then carry on living together. What’s so big about it?” Arnav asked rolling his eyes.

Khushi smacked his arm and NK said, “Don’t bother di. He’s still upset with you for living with Aman!”

“Not that I care! And good Sherlock reference!” Anjali said smirking.

So Payal had forced Khushi out of bed early in the morning and dragged her to mandir for marriage preparations. Waking him during the process she had handed over Ayan to him since her dear husband had no intention to wake up early.

And thus Arnav was lying on the bed burying his face in pillow since the boy was stubborn in getting his name wrong.

“It’s Arrrrrrrnnnaaaavvvvvv” Arnav cried.

“Annav” Ayan said shaking his head.

“Say spectacle”

“Spectacle” the boy said smiling.


“Wadrob” Ayan said.



“Ayan” Arnav groaned and slumped on the bed.




“Vivah sampan huva” pandit ji declared and Khushi hugged Arnav sideways. She was jumping up and down and Arnav rolled his eyes.

“She didn’t win an Olympic medal Khushi. It’s just a wedding!” Arnav whispered.

Khushi scrunched her face and smacked his arm, “It’s her wedding! The most beautiful moment of her life!”

“They are already living together. They are gonna continue to live together. What’s the big deal?” he asked.

“Big deal” Khushi mimicked his tone, “It’s big deal!”

“Yeah and Aman’s face clearly tells that!” Arnav said chuckling. Khushi looked at Aman who stood with a scrunched face.

“What’s wrong with him?”

“The sherwani is itching. He was complaining from the moment he wore it!” Arnav said laughing.

“Haww...look at you laughing at the poor guy!” Khushi said and Arnav rolled his eyes.

“What’re the love birds discussing?” Ivan asked popping his head between Arnav and Khushi’s shoulders.

“Private matters. Get lost” Arnav said and Khushi chuckled.

“Don’t discuss too much or you’ll end up with twins!” Ivan said.

Khushi gasped and Arnav cried, “Ivan!”

“What” Ivan said playfully, “She is pregnant. One is enough Arnav. She can’t manage two! Think about it!”

“Get lost” Arnav cried and Khushi buried her red face inside her palms. Ivan chuckled and ran away.




“What did you do this mamiji?” Arnav asked sighing as he leaned back on the chair.

Manorama looked up and said in pure hatred, “Because I hate you”

“You know” Arnav began, “When di and I came to RM after our parents’ death, Akash had told me ‘Bhai, don’t worry. My parents are your parents. We share everything na? I’ll share my mamma with you’. I never called you ma but you had a position equal to my mother! It was you who encouraged me and helped me to start AR. You sold your jewellery for me. You stood against nani, who was anxious about business future, and supported me.”

He paused and said, “And years later when I sit before the person who snatched everything from me, I see the same person who gave me everything. Why mami? WHY?”

“I loved you” Mami said slowly, “You and Akash were same for me. But I always wanted my son to have that position in the house which I never got. The ultimatum at Raizada mansion. It was saasuma and then it became you. I envied your skills, your power, your life! I wanted my son to be you! I encouraged Akash to enter the business field, tried getting him married to a rich and powerful woman, tried to make him like you. He didn’t and I chose the alternative. If he can’t have what you have, snatch it from you! Shyam knew my inner wish and he agreed to help me!”

Arnav took a deep breath, “For Akash huh?”

Mami nodded.

“And what did you gain?” Arnav whispered, “Four years you had me away. What did you gain?”

Mami looked away.

“Akash is not Arnav Singh Raizada” Arnav said, “He is not me. I’m not him. He handled AR well for four years with Khushi but he can never be me. We’re two different personalities. He is not ASR. At the same time I can never be him. I cannot be a calm but powerful person like he is. All I can is win by my arrogance.”

He looked at mami and said “Your son win over people by his calmness, politeness and love. And you wanted him to be like me? Me? An arrogant ruthless person?” he chuckled and said, “You couldn’t see the goodness in your son! You wanted him to be someone he is not! It’s not love for your son mami ji. You don’t love your son. You want to be the mother of a powerful businessman. You want papers to write about you! You want the world and your so called friends bow at you!”

Arnav sighed and looked away, “You did very wrong mami ji. Very wrong! But the worst thing is that, even after doing such hideous crime, I cannot call you anything other than mami ji!”

He stood up and said, “And don’t even think about coming into our lives again. Not mine, not Khushi...not even Akash.” And he walked away.

“What are you dreaming?” Khushi asked patting his chest.

Arnav looked at her and nodded no, “Nothing”

“Get me some pickle. GO” she ordered and leaned on the headboard.

Arnav smiled and bent down to her stomach. Her 6 months belly was showing up and he caressed her stomach. “How’s my bacha?”

“Bacha is fine. Now get me pickles” she snapped and shoved him.

Arnav chuckled and stepped out of the bed walking towards the kitchen.


“Here you go!”

Khushi’s face lit up and she snatched the bottle. Dipping her hand inside it, she started licking the pickle.

Holding the spoon in air, Arnav shook his head chuckling and kept the spoon on the bedside table.

“I was thinking about mami ji” Arnav said lying down.

“What about her?” Khushi asked looking at him.

“Nothing. Just....old things...” he murmured.

“It’s over. Let it go” she said softly. “Have some” she forwarded the bottle of pickle and he chuckled, “No. I hate pickle”

“Haww how can you hate pickle?” she cried.

“I hate it”

“You don’t love me anymore. Right?” Khushi asked with fallen face.

He sprang up and cried “When did I say that?”

“You don’t love me. You hate me and everything that I love” Khushi said and tears welled her eyes.

“Khushi” he groaned.

Khushi burst into tears and kept the bottle on the bedside table. “I....I know Samantha....”

“Oh Samantha Mehta why did you have to join as my PA!” Arnav cried looking high up at the ceiling.

“Damn you Aman. I hate you for resigning!” Arnav muttered and looked at Khushi who was sobbing hard.

“Khushi” he cooed and wrapped his arms around her, “I love you baby. I cannot even imagine any other woman in your place. You’re my angel!”

“Sachi?” she asked pouting.

“Muchi” he said smiling cheekily.

“You had many girlfriends!” she said sniffling, “You told me. When you were Aaron, you had many girlfriends!”

“Not even one. Ask Aman” he said sighing, “I said that to tease you!”

“You don’t like me. That’s why you’re teasing me!” Khushi cried.

Arnav sighed and bent down to her lips placing a soft peck. “I love you and only you” he murmured.

She smiled widely and hugged him tightly. “I love you too” she whispered.

He hummed and lied down, helping her to lie down as well. Hugging her and nuzzling his face in her hair, he was about to say something when his phone beeped a message.

“Who is it at this hour?” Khushi asked frowning.

Arnav withdrew from the hug and sat up. Taking his cell he read,

Meeting with Malhotras @ 8 am tmrw – Sam

“It’s Samantha right?” Khushi shouted angrily.

“Here we go!” Arnav muttered and tossed the cell phone on the bedside table.



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