OS: Love by mistake

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Dec 25

OS: Love by mistake (By Spriya) (Thanked: 37 times)

Hchhh....She clears her throat before taking a deep breath. Adjusting her crisp, tight buttoned formal white shirt, she tucked it under her black pencil skirt which reaches her mid-thigh. Her matching pointed heels giving her a perfect look as some high business persona.

Her bright lipstick sits cherry on the top along with her perfect shinny fair cheekbones. Her doe-shaped eyes will bring any man to his knees. Her full sleeve doing the sin of covering her long skinny arms. Her small studs glitter in the light.

"Khushi are you ready?" A girl voice intruding her actions grabbing her attention.

"Yup! Do I look perfect?" Khushi asked showing her form.

The girl gazed her for a brief time before twisting her lips reaching khushi.

"Your hair is undone. I wonder how you become an under cop agent when all you do was forgetting important details now and then" The girl taunted harmlessly before making khushi hair in a perfect bun.

"Hey, sara... Don't underestimate me, ok. One or other day I'll be praised by all and every agency is going to run behind this KHUSHI SHARMA" khushi raised her collar as her eyebrows proudly.

Sara pouts and gestures a perfect by hand sign before hugging her.

"Who is your first client, by the way?" Sara questions breaking the hug.

"ASR" khushi answers taking her clutch stuffing some pens and small pad to scribble.

"ASR, I heard this name somewhere. Leave it, what crime he has done?" Sara asks helping her.

"That's confidential. Can't say babe..Bye..Will catch you tomorrow" Bidding a bye khushi left her apartment ready to finish her first assignment.

Speeding her new car which her dad gifted her for her twenty-fourth birthday, she stopped by her office. Collecting needed details and some essentials she travelled to her destination through a cab.

Sitting in the back seat she gazes the cloudy night which is ready to pour through the car window.

A new batch of breeze nuzzled her face letting few of her short tendrils to float in front her face. Tucking it behind she pondered over the details of the case she read and observed yesterday. 

An eleven-year-old boy and a thirteen-year-old girl, siblings by nature were forced into molestation by threatening. Their parents died in an accident leaving their child in this cruel world. They are not so rich but not too poor. A distant relation of them was the caretaker of their siblings. And that distant relation being greedy for money sold the siblings. And somehow those siblings contacted help through CHILDLINE 1098 SERVICE... They were rescued but the problem started when both are diagnosed with AIDS. In between the time when they were rescued and kidnapped they're molested. Further driving the investigation, it was reported that some international organisation is involved in this child abuse. They were an organisation that abducts orphaned children and made them as a child prostitute. Secretly that case was forwarded to the agency where khushi works.

And now she's going to meet the person who was the base of that organisation in disguise.

"Madam, we reached" The driver's voice broke her thoughts.

Khushi steps down from it and stood to stare the view of that star hotel. It was a tall building covered with glasses screaming its luxuriant.

She walks to the reception "ASR, appointment time 7 P.M."

The receptionist gestures her to go after ringing and acceptance from the owner.

Gulping her saliva, she straightens her shirt one more time before pressing the bell.

"Come in" came a voice from inside.

Gripping her clutch plastering a smile she enters. Her pointed heels made a click sound making the owner turn on her side. There stood a man in late twenties with a chiselled face. Everything was perfect.

"ASR" She asks unsurely forwarding her hands.

"Miss. Khushi..." That man accepted her greet letting his hand brush against hers.

"So, amateur journalist wish to interview me. Nice! How did you make here when I don't give personal interviews?" ASR asked pouring himself a glass of scotch.

Khushi throws a charming smile albeit being nervous from inside "Not everyone can ignore khushi" she blinked her proudly.

ASR chuckles complimenting her "You have charming smile"

Khushi eyed his glass which was not unnoticed by him.

"Want a drink? I thought girls will not drink scotch that too an innocent piece like you" He smirks biting his lower lips.

Khushi smiles nervously "Can I take a seat?" She asks avoiding his question examining the place carefully.

"Oh, yeah...Yes..." He gestures the two seats placed for them.

She made herself comfortable on the seat while he stood gawking her beauty.

Eyeing her dangerously he took his seat opposite to hers " Shoot!"

"Just a second..." She smiles nervously while taking her scribble pad pushing down her clutch purposely.

"Ouch..." She moaned in fake pain.

Seeing her pain filled innocent face ASR himself bend down to help her.

Handing her the clutch he noticed her massaging her ankle. Smitten by her long tender legs, his hands craving to feel it. Thinking it would show him as a desperate soul he managed to control himself. But that lasted only for few minutes when she moaned heavily while he raised his head to sit straight.

Not giving enough thought he fulfilled his cravings by relieving her from pain. His hard palm played well on her smooth skin while she felt disgusted for touching by a man. Gritting her teeth, she tolerated until her work of mixing drug on his Scotch bottle as she does not trust that single glass.

"I am fine. Shall we start?" Khushi asks politely not wanting him to gauge her emotions.

"Yeah..Sure" Agreeing he sipped few of the content.

"How do you..." He interrupts her handing her a glass.

"You want it right. I saw the way you stared at it earlier. One shot will not harm. Take it" He winked and almost thrust the glass in her hands.

Unwillingly, she took it and placed on the table not wanting to drink.

"Now start, I have less time. Finish soon" ASR ordered taking his glass.

He tossed his glass with her. Seeing her gazing that glass once again he moves forward a little "You seems to like it but hesitate to touch it. Drink it, girl it will not make you unconscious" He made sure her to gulp that shot.

'But that will make unconscious now, where did I land myself? **** ASR...' Cursing him in mind she drinks not able to sustain under his scrutinizing gaze. She took almost ten minutes to gulp that shot, in that he gulped four.

Clearing her throat she continues finally not before sending a quick prayer to her god "Being anonymous, unfamiliar How do you feel, how you reach here?"

The drugs he put started working him but still, he manages to catch her question.

Frowning at her question he answers "What...unfamiliar...face? Didn't you.." he stuttered thanks to the work khushi done.

It's khushi turn to scrunch now "Yes, Mister... Don't you have any shame to do such business? Will you do it with your sister, brothers and your wife?" Khushi shouted getting up losing her cool.

Her legs started swaying, thanks to him who made her forcefully to drink.

"He..ll..ooo...Miss...I am...doing...my... job...of... making ...you..all.. beauuu..ti..pulll.." He stuttered in his semi-conscious state moving towards her.

"St..ooppp...Mis..ter..." Being drunk for the first time she blanked out in first shot itself.

"I..Like..Yo..u..You..Are..gor..geous " He says with a hiccup.

She blushes unknowingly still trying to keep herself conscious "Am..I?"

"Haann...Shall..I...H.ug..You..Once..?" He asks cutely in his intoxicated state nearing her.

She stood with wide eyes not knowing what to answer him but nonetheless she neared him smitten by his pout on handsome face. He looks cute..

Moving towards her, he snacked his hands around her waist and pulls her towards him. She circles her arms around his neck and stood staring his face closely which attracted her from the start.

"You...Will...You..Be..My.. Girlfriend?" He asks nuzzling her neck.

"I don..t know you...? Arnav singh ra.." she stops when she feels his lip on her nape.

"I...Will..Te..ll..You...Khu..Shi...Lov.e you" he utters being high on his state.


"Lov..E..You..." Repeating again he worked on her neck by his lips while his hands busily untucking her hairs.

"L..ov..E...You..." Saying this she tucked his hairs placing her lips on him.

Hastily he plastered himself to her making her groan. Seems like an eternity he breaks the kiss feeling her struggle to breathe. He continues his ministrations, his hands on her white shirt while his lips came in touch with her sensitive spot making her forget everything.

"L..Love..You..." He repeated again and again..Until they both slept cosy. 

They slept unaware of the mobile which keeps ringing on both phones.

When the drug level reduced, they both open their eyes simultaneously.

"What the!!!" ASR was the first one to realise their state.

Khushi sat up hastily feeling the chill air on her body, while arnav turns other side seeing her naked form.

"What the hell...Oh no....You idiot...Useless fellow...Stupid..." She cried hiding her under the blanket at the same time scolding him too.

"Don't shout khushi singhana" He yells saying her not to shout.

She cried more until a thought snapped.

"I am khushi sharma. You idiot Arnav Singh Rathode...." She cries thinking her fate.

"What the! I am Arnav Singh Raizada..."

"So what did you do Raizada? Hell..Oh..See you....Marry me...I'll.. close your case ok...I promised to give my virtue only to my husband. You stole it...Raizada..MARRY ME..." She ordered yanking him towards her.

"What the?!! What case?" Scrunching he.

That's when khushi replayed his words.

Turning to him hastily "You are not Arnav singh Rathode?" She asks in hope, lest she lost her precious to criminal.

"Nope...Who are you? Not say me you aren't the journalist" He warns forgetting their state.

"Yes..I am working for an undercover agent" She smiled sheepishly while he grimaced.

"Thank God, you're not a criminal. Now marry me Raizada whoever you're" She sat facing him.

"What if I say no?" He asks her playfully.

"Then..nn...You have to face me..."

"I am facing you" He answers enjoying to tease her.

"Oh no...If I came here then who'll abduct ASR? I failed in my first assignment. I suppose to abduct him and hand over to him to our agency" She said suddenly remembering her task and sat with crying face ignoring his teasing making him melt.

His hands automatically circled her shoulder "Don't worry. ASR will never

let his wife fail" He winks while she flushed crimson red.

"Don't you see the person's photo before abducts him?" He asks cuddling her.

She bits her tongue "I forget it, it was on my mobile"

"Pagali...I wonder who gave you a job?" He commented while she chose to ignore it feeling solace in his arms.

She pouts in reply "I was like this"

"Then I'll make sure henceforth you'll never land yourself in trouble" He said with a charming smile. That smile has smitten not only other girls but her too...

His promise seems so real that she chose to cherish this minute forever. 



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