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New start (By Spriya) (Thanked: 21 times)

Dedicated to all my reader lovelies...

"Only five minutes, this year will end.. Hayee devimayya, don't let me to meet that laadgovernor at 12'O clock. I don't want to see him and surely I don't want to stay with him the whole year" Khushi murmurs seeing the empty plate which had filled with hot jelabi's, specially prepared by her.

She closes her eyes starting to count down when the clock strikes 11.59. 



HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ME, she shouts wishing herself and in glee, she turned her side only to stood shock with open mouth..


"What the!!" She rubs her eyes trying not to believe what was before her eyes.

"That's my phrase Khushi" Arnav claims his phrase regretting for landing himself in her room.

"Do you have any copyright for that word or something like that?" She sneers and raised her eyes to ceiling only to blabber dramatically "Hey devimayya, what I asked, what do you give me in return? Can't you fulfill your devotee wish haan..? I will not give you jelabi"

Arnav grimaces and cursed himself for the umpteenth time.

'I swear I'll kill aakash if he was late for a minute' He mutters under his breath.

"You! I'll..." Khushi grit her teeth pointing her index finger at him. If not for buaji's intrusion she would've retorted back.

"Hey sankadevi. Let us sleep, don't shout. Don't know why these youngsters are keen on shouting their lungs out on a night, don't they sleep..hmpfff..." Buaji shouts from her room cursing all those who disturbed her sleep.


Arnav stood perplexed seeing her dare to order him and oust him. In no time his ASR form overpowered him.

"Don't you dare..." He yells using all his energy.

"I will. This is my home" She counters back fervently.

"Khushi... Can't you shut your mouth?" Buaji screams from outside.

"Look arnavji, leave from here. Don't spoil my mood on the first day of the year itself" She warns earlier and ends in despair which affected him to the core.

"Am I disturbing you? Then fine I'll leave. I'll never show my face to you and mind you, never come in front my eyes" He roars in hurt not understanding why he felt bad hearing her words.

Her heart skips a bit grasping the underlying meaning of his words and his tone either helping her.

"STOP" She yells when he turned to leave.

"Take your words back" She demands him when his scrutinizing gaze questioned her.

A smirk formed on his face, knowing his words affected her like her words did to him.

"Which word, I spoke many words and sentences in a whole day?" He mocks teasing her.

Mustering all her scattered patience she can't help but retort back "As far as I know you only speak few words, what the! Aman, File, Bluetooth and haan..Deal? Anything else?" She smirks back in victory on shutting him.

"Unbelievable. Don't know how anyone is tolerating you?" He bit out the sentence.

"That's their problem, not your's" She doesn't lose that opportunity to counter back.

"Yeah, like am a ghost. Can't you see I am tolerating you from past ten minutes?" His tone comes as sarcastic. 

"There's is no need for you to tolerate me" She dismisses him.

"Then who else?" He asks taking a step towards her.

All of sudden the atmosphere heated. His eyes piercing her soul and vice versa.

"What is the need to put a facade of rude man?" She questions in a whisper out of blue being captivated by his chocolate orbs.

He bewilders on her understanding level. How does she know? Even his di doesn't think his behaviour as a facade. Why do I feel alive whenever she is near? Why does my heart stop beating when she's in danger? Why do I feel the need to protect her? Damn! Why do I hate to see her with NK? Why do I feel the need to keep her under my wings? I want her always in front my eyes.

Maybe I LIKE HER!!! Or LOVE HER!!!

It would be a lie if he was not shocked by the self-realization.

"I... Don't blabber khushi" He shrugs not wanting to admit the thing which his mind and heart concluded.

"Uff..You and your mountain size ego. Let it be. Who am I to you, that you feel the need to share your worries with me?" She pouts sadly.

"You're something to me" The words come out of his mouth even before he could swallow it.

He squints in embarrassment for letting out his inner feeling.

Her lips stretch wide.

I mean something to him. Hayee..I was important to laadgovernor. Her joy knows no bounds, just with his five words.

"Tell me, how much?" She asks with child glee gripping his sleeve like a kid.

His smirk turned into a full blown smile seeing her enthusiastic childish innocent question. And his embarrassment vanishes into thin air.

When his gaze lands on her hand which grips his sleeve he urges to hug her and he did it without a second thought.

"This much.." He whispers hiding her into his muscular frame not letting an ounce of air to pass.

She closes her eyes in content and her arms circled around his waist without hesitation.

She need not to hear his words, his thudding heart is enough to understand his unsaid words.

He need not to hear her words strangely, he got her answer when she circled her arms around him without hesitation. He can feel her heart content smile against his chest.

What else be a perfect NEW YEAR YEAR!!!




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