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Jan 2, 2018

My Index (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 9 times)

Hello everyone,

Archana Suresh here !!!!

So I've written so many stories and have decided to make an index so that anyone searching my profile would find it easier to know about my stories. :) So here's the list of stories I've written till date. And I only write about Arshi and their family. Don't know why but no pair have fascinated me like Arshi has!!!

A Long Wait (inspired from Chasby's Piece by Piece)

He waited for 25 years to have his revenge on those people who hurt his mother. Now that the right time has arrived, will Aryan make the right choice? What will he chose - his heart or mind???

Words Unsaid

A relation at the verge of will the little souls trapped inside it be affected. My take on the little family of Arnav and Khushi....

Raizada Chaos (Sequel to Words Unsaid)

Heir Of Malik (Arshi/Zayn Malik fiction)

What will happen if Arnav and Khushi come to know about their son whom they thought to be dead?

This Is It (Sequel to Heir of Malik)

2 years after the mishap, Arshi and Zayn had managed to get over the terrifying days which gripped the whole world. But when it comes back again, will they be able to hold on?

Eternal Love

The eternal love story of Arnav Singh Raizada and Khushi Arora


They were betrayed by people whom they loved. They lived all these years in pain. NOW IT'S TIME FOR A PAYBACK!

Unforgivable Mistakes

She made a mistake...a mistake that can never be forgiven. After 10 years of imprisonment she walks out to face the consequences of that one mistake.


All his life, he dedicated his dreams for little sister Arushi. Stepping on to the shoes of the elder brother, he became a parent for her after the death of Arnav and Khushi. But what happens when they make a return? Will Aarav and Arushi finally realize the truth that the people they believed to be in graves are not really dead?

Hamesha And Forever

It's been 2 years since Sheetal entered RM with her son Aarav, an exact copy of Arnav. What will happen if no one except Khushi believes Arnav who claims that Aarav is not his son?

Broken Strings

My take on delicate relationship of a son and his parents

Broken Strings SEASON 2

Deepened Wounds

Starts from where Khushi asks Arnav to call Garima as Amma during their stay at Gupta House

A Change

My take from the basket ball match where Khushi watches Arnav, Sheetal and Aarav playing basket ball. This TS is on the changes in Khushi due to the incident

Raizada Parivaar (Sequel of Arshi TS: A Change)

Shattered Souls

What if Arnav didn't turn up on the remarriage day?

When Heaven Meets Hell

A criminal Khushi and a cop Arnav. How will their love story be?

The Ghostly Girl

Arnav, 21, Harvard student falls for a mystery beauty. What if the beauty happens to be a ghost?


Arnav and Khushi are married for an year and have adopted Aarav, rescuing him from Sheetal's clutches. With Shyam out, what happens when dadi makes a comeback to the perfectly happy family?


Arnav and Khushi were getting remarried. And then came the past with a blast! Dadi's revelations about Garima caused Arnav to not turn up to the altar, leaving behind his bride alone.

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