Jab We Met - 2 - COMPLETED

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Jan 6, 2018

Jab We Met - 2 (By Angel23) (Thanked: 121 times)


“Papa.. Papa…” a little three years old girl screamed running to her left, then right side all lost in the huge park, where she was playing with her father hours ago with happily. The park seemed to be a dreamy and beautiful place when her father was right there encouraging her to play with other kids, but without him it turned to be the scariest place ever.

“Papa.. whele ale youuu??.. Papaaaa..” she screamed sobbing, tired of seeing everything blank and no way out to find her father, she sat on the grass and hugged her knees burying her face.

A girl walking with her grandfather chatting with him and at the same time staring at their surroundings, the park was filled with cute and mischievous kids, who were still innocent at heart. The girl smiled at the thought, rather than being in a party with friends, this walk with her Dadu in this park is what brings happiness in her life.

But today a baby girl crying alone in a corner caught her attention, the way she was screaming for her father made Khushi, the girl sure that she was lost.

“Dadu I’ll just come..” saying this she rushed to the baby, leaving her Dadu nodding.

“Baby..” Khushi bend down and sat on the grass with her calling her softly and making sure she doesn’t get scared.

The baby peeked to see who it was from her knees, and saw a woman staring at her with a smile on her face.

“What are you doing here alone? Where’s mumma and papa?” Khushi asked in a baby language to make the baby comfortable with her.

“Papa..Papa..” the baby cried and threw herself on Khushi crying, “I want my papa!!”

Khushi felt so bad for the girl right now, she hugged her tightly, “Aww don’t cry my baby! We’ll surely find your papa. Tell me is he here? What’s his name?”

“Papa Arnav..” the baby replied.

“Full name baby? Do you know?” Khushi asked patting her back, to make her stop crying.

“Chote..” the baby said remembering what her family members call her father at home.

“Arnav Chote??” Khushi asked making a weird face. The baby nodded sobbing, “I want papaaa..”

Khushi stood up with the baby in her arms, with a mission of asking the people near if they knew about her father.

But, suddenly she felt someone snatching the baby from her arms with such a force that she was taken aback.

She looked at the person, and found the pair of dark brown eyes on her with such an intense gaze as if he would kill her right now.

She gulped, still gathered courage, “Oyee who are you? And how can you take this baby like this? Just because she is lost doesn’t mean I will hand her over to anyone. I’ll complain to police that you’re trying to kidnap her..”

The baby whose eyes was moist now, started twinkling in happiness, she kissed the man’s cheek and wrapped her arms on his neck, as he tightened his hold on her.

“Papaaaa..” she screamed happily.

Khushi hiccupped shocked to find out that the man was indeed known to the baby, moreover he was her father!

Before she could even come out of her first shock, two men dressed in black suit held her harshly by her arms.

“Papa she no hurt me.. friend.. Aashi’s friend..” the little baby explained to him quickly that the girl standing with them was a good person who wanted to help, she very well knows that when these two man in black come, then they want to beat people.

Arnav stared at her for a while, Aashi nodded her head.

“Who are you both? Leave me..” Khushi said horrified, she didn’t knew that this treatment she would receive by helping someone.

“Leave her..” he said in his sharp tone, taking his baby he went towards the car. The driver opened the door for him and he got in.

Khushi looked at him going shocked, while the two men left her and followed their boss.

“Go on you good for nothing bodyguards! And say to your boss to learn how to say thank you for those who help him..” Khushi yelled and sighed hard going back to her Dadu, while the people who witnessed the scene couldn’t stop looking at her making her feel more embarrassed.


While in the car, Arnav kissed Aashi’s face multiple times patting her back softly, “Where were you baby? Doesn’t papa say for you to always stay near me?”

“I am solly papa! Aashi never go anywhele without youl permission..” she pouted sadly remembering how her father was talking over the phone facing his back to her, and her curiosity to see more of this park made her silently ran from there and on her way back she lost herself, she didn’t know how to come back to her papa.

“It’s okay. Never do this to papa again..” he said gulping, only he knows for a moment he felt like he lost her, he became so helpless searching for her every corner of this park along with his bodyguards. And finally he found her with that girl, whom he thought to be the kidnapper who wanted to harm his baby. He was ready to punish that girl severely when his daughter told him that she was a good person, she wanted to help. Of course she wanted to help, but that moment only bad thoughts came in his mind that’s why he thought bad about that girl too, he only wanted his baby safe and sound with him, in his arms.  


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Jan 6, 2018

Chapter 1 - Sudden marriage.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 128 times)

Two days later..

“Nannav Di gave me this responsibility and she will be very gussa (angry) with me if I don’t make you wear this handsome sherwani like you!” NK said with a charming smiled holding the sherwani with his one hand showing to Arnav.

“The go and say to Di that you failed.I won’t wear this, but my suit only..” Arnav said adjusting his tie in front of the mirror.

“No Nannav, please just look at this sherwani. Your bride will faint just by seeing you in this, you will be the most handsome groom ever in this world.. please say yes!!” NK pleaded desperate, only he knows how much Di will scold him for this.

“Like really NK?” Arnav send him a glare through the mirror, “Just get lost from my room with this sherwani of yours!”

NK pouted and went from there.


“Nahin.. Nahin.. Nahin…” Aashi chanted while running around the sofa from Anjali.

“Aashi just stop it! Come here and drink this milk like a good girl, otherwise I will be very angry with you..” Anjali said as she stopped running and stood behind the sofa waiting for Aashi to surrender herself.

“Nahin..” Aashi crossed her arms with a pout, “I want papa to make Aashi dlink milky..”

“Nani’s doll..” Nani lifted her from behind, and made her sit on the sofa, “Today papa is getting married na so he is busy, Aashi will drink milk okay.. Nani will give it to you..”

Anjali handled the glass of milk to Nani, who took it and placed near Aashi’s lips to make her drink. Aashi looked away.

“Mallied??” Aashi passed a confused look to Nani.

“Hmm.. Didn’t Aashi want a mumma? Papa will bring mumma for you today” Nani smiled cuddling to Aashi.

“Aashi’s mumma? Who?” Aashi asked as her eyes lit up in happiness, she always ask for her mother to her papa, but he always ignore this question of her, finally she’s going to see her mother today.

“Sheetal..” Nani said pursing her lips. Anjali inhaled a sharp breath just by remembering the day Arnav announced he would marry Sheetal for Aashi, no one in the family is happy by his decision but they had to accept it and give Sheetal a chance.

“Sheetal aunty?” Aashi gapped blinking her eyes.

“Hmm.. now drink milk..” Nani said again trying to make her drink the milk. Aashi looked away, “Aashi don’t like milky.. Aashi don’t like Sheetal aunty..”

“See Aashi doesn’t like her..” Anjali groaned and sat on the sofa irritated, she thought that the day her brother would get married, she’ll be the happiest person in this world but the reality is very far from that. Sheetal isn’t the girl for her brother, and her heart keeps chanting this to her, not because of her modern looks, she really doesn’t have a problem with clothes, as you can’t judge anyone by their clothes, but the fact that Sheetal seems only interest in Arnav’s property, fame and her modeling career, what attention she would give to Arnav and Aashi?

Arnav descended the stairs staring at three in the living room, he stood there with a deadpan expression, “I’m ready!”

Anjali stare at him, “You look more a guest than the groom itself!”

“And with your sherwani I would look more a clown than the groom itself..” he mocked.

“Chote!!” Anjali glared at him, “Every groom wear traditional clothes only in their marriage, they don’t look like clowns!”

“I don’t see men with sherwani in churches, do I?” he smirked.

Anjali shook her head in disbelief, “Aashi didn’t like her new mother!” she added.

“Aashi is a kid only, she doesn’t know what’s good or bad for her. I know and I took this decision carefully Di. Sheetal is a woman who knows what she wants for life and she shares the same thoughts as mine” he said getting serious, but somewhere inside his heart, he was insecure of his own decision.

“If you say so..” Anjali shrugged.

“Aashi come here..” Arnav called her, she climbed down the sofa and went running to him. Arnav signaled Nani to give him her glass of milk. Nani obeyed him and hand it to him.

Arnav lifted her with one arm, and she giggled seeing her father holding her with one arm and the other arm holding the glass of milk.

He made her sit with him, and made her drink the milk which Aashi obeyed quietly drinking the milk like a good girl.

“Was milky good?” Arnav cuddled her. Aashi nodded sideways with pout, which made a small smile appear on his lips staring at the face she made.

Akash and NK also came after getting ready to leave for the hall. Akash cleared his throat after seeing his brother with suit, “Bhai we are going to YOUR marriage hall, not for office!!”

Anjali and Nani busted out laughing, while Arnav rolled his eyes and stood up taking Aashi with him to the car.

“Even he’s not interested in this marriage!” Anjali said sighing; her brother is one stubborn person.


Few hours later..

At the marriage hall, two girls reached there running in hurry with boxes of sweets from their famous sweet shop.

“Hey Khushi run na! We can’t lose our clients for carelessness..” Preeti shouted, as she was running to hand to sweet ordered by Anjali Raizada.

And Khushi was dancing happily to the sound of music and drums outside with the guests forgetting about the order. As soon as she heard Preeti’s shout, she bit her tongue and went running behind her friend.

“Tension not Preeti, even if we delay a bit they won’t scold us because they won’t find better laddo, jalebi, rasgulla and all than our sweet’s shop!!” Khushi giggled as both friends entered in the hall.

Khushi and Preeti were awed by the decoration; it was so grand as if they are watching some movie types of marriage.

“Wow.. so beautiful..” Preeti whispered to Khushi, widening her eyes in surprise.

“Who are you both?” the guard asked in the entrance.

“Ji we are here to give these sweets to Anjali ma’am, she ordered in our sweets shop!” Preeti replied, while Khushi rolled her eyes in disbelief, and muttered, “They order from us and still get suspicious!”

The guard asked them to wait, he went to confirm with Anjali to which she recognized and asked to guard to let them in.

Khushi and Preeti rushed to the kitchen side, and Anjali welcomed them with a smile on her face.

“Namaste..” Khushi and Preeti joined their hands greeting Anjali.

“Namaste..” Anjali joined her hands smiling, “Sorry for the trouble the guards caused to you both, actually it’s my brother’s marriage and he’s very known person in the business world, someone may want to harm him and us, his family that’s why this security is keeping a watch on everyone..” she explained apologetically.

“Tension not ji, we didn’t felt bad at least this guard of yours was polite, there is one I met dressed in black suit who held me so harshly when I only wanted to help their boss's daughter who was lost! I wish I could give him a punch, but I’m not Salman Khan!” Khushi said cutely.

Anjali giggled: You’re very cute!

Khushi smiled cheekily earning a glare from Preeti for talking too much in front of their client.

“Friend..” Aashi who was standing in the chair with her NK uncle, feeding her laddo smiled when she recognized Khushi’s voice. She peeked to see if the girl was really Khushi or not, and Anjali turned to her making way for Aashi to see Khushi clearly now.

“Hey baby..” Khushi waved at her smiling.

Aashi jumped down from the chair alone, making NK gasp shocked. He tried to hold her, but she went flying like a butterfly landing on Khushi’s legs hugging her tightly.

“Aashi..” Anjali looked at her, then at Khushi confused as well as shocked, because Aashi doesn’t mingle to much with strangers, she only accept her family members and her father.

“Bua she’s friend.. she helps Aashi in park..” Aashi pointed to Khushi with an excited smile on her face, and held Khushi’s finger tightly.

“Oh, so you’re the one who helped Aashi when she was lost. Thank you, thank you so much for saving our baby..” Anjali patted Khushi’s cheeks.

“It’s okay, you don’t need to thank me. By the way, your husband is very cruel ahn, he looked at me as if he wanted to kill me when I was just helping..” Khushi said pouting.

“Husband? My husband is very good person, he doesn’t scold anyone so easily..” Anjali asked confused with a smile on her face.

“Yes Arnav Chote!” Khushi said.

“Oh, Chote..” Anjali laughed, “He’s my brother. Aashi’s father..”

“Oh sorry! You said our baby, so I understood that..” Khushi hit her forehead, making Aashi giggle staring at her.

“It’s okay, anyways my name is Anjali, yours?” Anjali asked.

“Khushi..” Khushi replied smiling, meanwhile other workers from their shop placed the sweet boxes on the table.

“It’s done Didi..” said a boy of 17 years old to Khushi.

“Okay Chotu, you can go now..” she said nodding, then turned to Anjali, “We’ll leave now. Congratulations to who’s getting married..”

Anjali smiled, before she could reply came a woman all devastated and crying to Anjali. Khushi looked at her worried, while Preeti pinched her arm indicating her that they should leave.

“Anjali.. thank god I found you..” the woman held Anjali’s shoulder crying bitterly.

“What happened aunty? Why do you look worried?” Anjali caressed her cheeks wiping her tears, now getting worried too.

“Sheetal ran away.. we’re not finding her anywhere, now how will this marriage happen??” Sheetal’s mother said crying.

Preeti and Khushi stopped walking shocked when they heard that the bride ran away from marriage, they widened their eyes and uttered: What?!

“Oh no, why did she ran away? What kind of childish joke is this? Wasn’t she ready for this marriage?” Anjali frowned.

“What the hell??” NK shouted angry, “How could she do something like this?”

“Actually, Sheetal only wanted Arnav as life partner for business issues and her career. She wasn’t ready to take care of Aashi as yet, still she gave a try since she didn’t want to lose Arnav but.. I think..” her mother lowered her head ashamed of her daughter actions.

“But yesterday night she thought she can’t do this, so she just ran away without giving any explanations..” NK gritted his teeth.

“I didn’t knew she was going to do this..”

“Enough! What had to happen already happen. Now we need to find a solution for this, there are only  30 minutes left for the marriage to happen..” Anjali said.

“What? Di this is not possible, how will we find Sheetal in 30 minutes?” NK said frowning.

“Not Sheetal..” Anjali’s eyes landed on Khushi and her mind travelled to what happened few minutes ago Aashi was happy with Khushi and she’s sure Khushi will be a good mother to Aashi, “Khushi..”

“What???” NK, Sheetal’s mother and Preeti widened their eyes and gapped.

“Meeee!” Khushi almost fainted, some bride ran away from her own marriage and now she has to be go in her place. No! No way!

“Haan please Khushi, only you can save us right now. I know this must be shocking for you all of sudden I’m asking you to marry my brother.. but please help us.. I know you’re the right person for him.. please..” Anjali cried.

“How can you decide that after 5 minutes of our meeting?” Khushi made a crying face.

“Because my heart says so! Please Khushi..” Anjali held her hand tightly.

“I know I’m good person and I can’t say no to anyone, but marriage? It’s a big decision Anjali ji. I came to give you sweets, and I will go out like a bride? I never thought this could happen..” Khushi said totally confused.

“Haan, and she has her Dadu. No one would like to see their granddaughter married without informing him..” Preeti said.

Khushi held Preeti hand tightly, and whispered: Let’s go out, I can’t breathe here..

“Friend.. don’t go!” Aashi said with a cute puppy face.

Khushi turned to her and gulped, Anjali also looked at her sadly.

Khushi covered her face with her palms, “I can’t believe you put me in this situation DM!”

“Come with me!” Anjali pulled her to a room upstairs. She made Khushi sit on the sofa, and took a seat beside her.

“I know this is shocking for you and I knew your answer would be no for this. I just want you to listen to me once..” Anjali said.

Khushi nodded gulping her saliva, seeing Anjali’s worried face for her brother and that baby’s cute face pleading her to not go, her so good heart was already trying to accept this proposal.

“Arnav is my brother and he lost his wife in an accident, and since then he’s raised Aashi, his daughter alone. He thought he would be able to be Aashi’s father and mother at the same time, but as Aashi is growing up, she starts questioning to him where’s her mother. So we his family started convincing him for marriage, only for Aashi he agreed to get married but with the woman of his choice, and that’s Sheetal. We all didn’t like her, but what matters now is to find a mother for Aashi so we accepted his choice and now you see she ran away, you know if Chote gets to know that she ran away then he’ll never accept to marry again. With lot of difficulties we managed to make him say yes for marriage, and now this had to happen. I know I’m being selfish with you, I’m just thinking about Chote and Aashi, but my brother forgot what is to live when his love died, he isn’t the same joyful, full of life, simple, flirt (Anjali giggled sadly) and good boy he was, he turned himself into a heart stoned man, ruthless and arrogant and hides his emotions from everyone, he was like an open book, but now we all fail to even read his eyes. And about Aashi, I badly want to find a mother for her, because I know what’s to be an orphan, to live craving for parent’s love. To wish your mother was there to feed you your favorite dishes, to sleep close to your mother, be pampered by her. All this I didn’t had the privilege to feel, and I don’t Aashi to go through the same. When I saw you with Aashi, I was so shocked and surprised that Aashi smiled to a stranger, called you her friend and even held your finger. Normally Aashi doesn’t accept anyone, she’s only glued to her father and when he goes for work, she keeps missing him all day. Khushi I’m really sorry to bore you with my talks, I really just wanted you to understand why I asked you to marry my brother.. and if you don’t want, feel free to say I won’t force you..” Anjali wiped the long tear slipping on her cheek and stood up.

Khushi’s eyes were moist now hearing Arnav and Aashi’s story, she could relate to it after all even she craved for her parents love, and she will not let Aashi have the same destiny as hers.

“I’ll marry your brother!” she said and plastered a smile on her face.

“What? Really? Thank you.. thank you so much Khushi..” Anjali hugged her tightly, while Khushi smiled a little thinking about her Dadu who would scold her a lot for this. 

Suddenly Nani, Shyam, Akash, NK, Mami and Mama barged inside the room to see Khushi.

“Wow..” they whispered with a smile on their lips.

“She’s very beautiful more than Sheetal, I like her..” Mami said.

“Haan, and she wears our traditional clothes..” Nani said happily. 

Khushi smiled nervously, his family accepted her and she accepted this marriage, but is Arnav going to accept this? After all, he's the only one who doesn't have a clue of what's happening behind him.

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Jan 8, 2018

Chapter 2 - Arnav sees Khushi! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 140 times)

Khushi came downstairs with Anjali and Nani by her side, she wore a red lehenga and covered her face with duppata.

“Anjali ji don’t you think you should inform your brother? That day just because I touched his daughter, those two men in black held me so harshly, today if he gets to know that I’m taking his bride’s place then I will be sent to DM soon!” Khushi whispered to Anjali.

“Don’t worry, we’ll handle Chote’s anger. I will not let anything happen to you..” Anjali said as she faked a smile coming to the mandap.

Arnav’s eyes landed on his Di coming with Sheetal, he looked down again with a sigh, life was so unfair with him.

Anjali made Khushi sit beside Arnav, “Your bride is here!”

“Bride!! Bride nahin, I’m his prey that this lion will devour me after seeing my face..” Khushi thought biting her nails under the duppata.

Preeti watched this also nervous, she was thinking how her friend will handle this situation.

The pandit started chanting, and Anjali looked at Nani and Mami nervously as to how will they hide Khushi’s face when Arnav would put sindoor on her.

As soon as both stood up to take sath phere, the family started throwing rose petals to them with nervous smile.

“If Nannav gets a hint that instead of Sheetal, it’s Khushi.. marriage will become triple dhamaal..” NK said imagining the disaster.

“Shup! Say good things, it’s good that witch left us and DM send a Pari in our life..” Mami said smiling to Khushi and Arnav doing the seven rounds.

Aashi threw the rose petals to her father smiling, Arnav smiled back to her, “Whatever I’m doing, I’m doing it for you Aashi..”

The pandit asked Arnav to fill Khushi’s maang with sindoor, now the Raizadas were sweating in fear.

Anjali stood in between them with a nervous smile, Arnav gave a cold and confused look to her.

“I..I want  to help to lift this duppata..” Anjali stammered with a smile on her face.

“I’m not a kid that I can’t lift her duppata..” Arnav replied, making Anjali frown at him.

Khushi gulped, she lifted her duppata slowly.

“Papaaaaa..” Aashi screamed.

Arnav looked at her side, and Anjali took this opportunity to take his finger filled with vermillion to Khushi’s forehead quickly.

The Raizadas who were till now holding their breaths, sighed in relief when Khushi covered herself again and Anjali smiled.

Aashi gave a toothy smile to Arnav.

Arnav turned to Khushi and Anjali, “Sindoor?”

“You already applied to her Chote. Did you forgot?” Anjali giggled.

The pandit nodded in yes, and Arnav also accepted confused to why they were so strange and smiling too much, as far as he know they hate Sheetal and they should be sad that he’s getting married to a girl that they didn’t accept.

“Now tie this mangalsutra around her neck beta. After this, you both will be known as husband and wife..” pandit said handing the mangalsutra to Arnav.

Arnav nodded as he took it from pandit hand, he didn’t want to marry Sheetal but maybe that’s what life planned for him. Nothing in his life happened by his will, another thing wouldn’t make a difference.

Khushi’s heart beat increased when she heard the last sentence by the pandit, marriage isn’t a joke but when life itself become a joke for her, why not marriage?! Anyways brushing these thoughts away from her mind, she concentrated on her motive for this marriage; she married him only for Aashi, to give this baby what she never had! Maybe DM is testing her and she will be successful in this test of life.

He tied the mangalsutra around her neck, and the guests clapped for them smiling.

Anjali smiled victoriously thinking, “Just wait and watch Chote and Khushi, this journey of yours will give you both happiness only!”


It was time to leave, Arnav lifted Aashi in his arms and Khushi followed them not knowing what to do. And the Sheetal’s parents and her relatives followed them till the car getting emotional, little did they know that it wasn’t Sheetal but another girl!

 “Sheetal just remove the duppata off your face, aren’t you feeling hot?” Arnav asked irritated.

Khushi nodded still kept standing like a statue, irking Arnav more. Anjali came running to Khushi’s rescue.

“Chote she’s crying na, she doesn’t want you to see her like that.. make up spoiled hain na Sheetal?” Anjali asked.

Khushi nodded again.

Sheetal’s mother hugged Khushi tightly and cried, although she was acting but she was really crying that Sheetal did something like this.

She left Khushi, and Khushi was wondering between three men standing in front of her crying, who was Sheetal’s father.

“Oh DM, mumma came to me on her own, why don’t you make papa also do the same? Is he waiting for me to hug him? Tension not Khushi, I will hug one of my choice, and if I get the wrong papa, I will say because of this duppata I mistook my father with other man..” she thought.

And walked to hug the man in left side, and for her luck it was indeed Sheetal’s father.

Preeti just stood there unable to believe that her friend is married now, that too like this!


Raizada mansion..

Arnav placed a sleeping Aashi on her bed, he covered the blanket on her properly and kissed her forehead softly.

“Good night angel..” he whispered and left her room, switching on the lights as his Aashi is scared of dark, hence she sleeps with lights on.

He left her room, and was going towards his room when NK and Akash came on his way stopping him.

“Bhai..” Akash smiled.

“What?!” Arnav asked serious.

“Bhai you’re going to bhabhi na, so please be gentle with her.. don’t scold her..” Akash said.

“What the.. why will I scold her?” Arnav frowned.

“Because she’s not..” Akash said only to be cut by a frightened NK.

“Because you’re ASR na, you scold everyone be it at home, at office, at restaurants so, we thought you will also scold our bhabhi..” NK said.

“Shut up NK!” Arnav rolled his eyes and pushed them aside heading to his room.

Anjali came while he was going to open the door, “Chote gussa control karo! (Control your anger)”

“I’m trying and if you all don’t stop behaving strangely then I won’t control anything dammit..” Arnav gritted his teeth.

“Okay sorry.. Calm down..” she bit her tongue shutting her eyes.

He calmed a bit, by seeing her cute innocent face scared of him.

“Can I get inside my room now?” he asked with a sarcastic tone.

Anjali nodded, and as he got in and closed the door, she just prayed to DM for Khushi to be fine.

Arnav walked inside his room, and saw Sheetal (for him), sat on the bed in bride position, still with her duppata covering her face, she was playing with her fingers like she was nervous.

He wondered why, he knows Sheetal isn’t this type of woman who would stay shyly and nervous like this.

He went near her, to lift the duppata from her face and say to her to go and change as there won’t be any suhagraat if she thinks so, he only married her for Aashi.

Khushi shut her eyes tightly, as Arnav lift the duppata.

Arnav widened his eyes in shock, he jumped back from his seat beside her, and shouted: “WHAT THE..”

Khushi left the bed, and stood in front of him: Calm down! I can explain, the matter is that your bride ran away from her marriage, and her mother came at the last 30 minutes to Anjali ji to say all this, in 30 minutes she wouldn’t be able to find your bride, so I was there with my friend to deliver the sweets Anjali ji ordered, Aashi your daughter recognized me as I helped her in the park that day, seeing our bond Anjali ji asked me to take your bride place as she thought I can be a good mother to Aashi.. that’s it..

Khushi said everything in one go.

“DIIIIIIIIII..” Arnav yelled at the top of his voice, his eyes darkened as he pulled Khushi harshly by her arms and walked with her outside the room till the living room.

“Oh DM, what problem you have with my arms? Your bodyguards already hurt me, and now you..” Khushi pouted struggling on his hold.

Arnav realized he hurt her, he quickly left her to stand on her own.

Anjali who was with everyone in the living room already waiting for this, stood up: Chote.

“WHAT IS THIS?” he pointed to Khushi with a glare.

“Biwi hoon aapki (I’m your wife)” Khushi spoke with big eyes, “What do you mean by this? I’m not a thing!”

“Where is Sheetal? What you guys did with her?” Arnav frowned.

“By god, your wife is in front of you and you’re thinking about other woman!” Khushi pouted.

Everyone giggled seeing Khushi’s funny antics. They were so scared of Arnav’s reaction, but with Khushi talking like this they couldn’t help but smile at a serious situation.

“I asked where’s Sheetal dammit?” Arnav shouted ignoring Khushi.

“Ayee DM. What kind of husband did you get me? He’s still behind the one who ran away when I’m in front of him..” Khushi said in a dramatic tone.

Arnav frowned, “You shut up! JUST SHUT UP..”

“Sheetal really run away from marriage!” his family shouted.

“And I ran inside the hall to reach to you!!” Khushi said smiling shyly, “Oyee Rab ne bana de jodi.. oye Rab ne..”

Arnav glared at her, and sighed: Why did she run away?

“She wasn’t prepared to take care of Aashi. I knew it she wasn’t the right woman for you Chote..” Anjali said.

“And you think this JOKER is right for me?” Arnav asked sarcastically.

“Joker is your ran away bride not me!” Khushi shrugged.

“Di how could you do this to me? Sheetal ran away okay, just inform me and the marriage would be cancelled. Why bring another problem in my life I wanted this marriage not for me, but for Aashi you know that..” Arnav said, clearly hurt with this. He went upstairs while Khushi watched him go. 

Jan 9, 2018

Chapter 3 - One night.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 142 times)

“I’ll go and talk with him..” saying this a worried Anjali rushed to her brother’s room, and as she got inside she saw sat on the bed lost in his thoughts.

“Chote..” she whispered his nickname softly taking a seat beside him.

“Don’t talk to me Di..” he faked anger to her.

“Acha! Won’t you ever talk to your Di again?” Anjali asked pouting.

“You know that’s not true!” he sighed, “But you shouldn’t do that Di. How could you decide everything without informing me? At least I had the right to know that I’m not getting married to Sheetal, that woman betrayed me at the last minute, I would teach her a lesson she would never forget..”

“What’s the point Chote? Marriage would be cancelled, Aashi wouldn’t get her mumma and you would teach a lesson to Sheetal! No one would get benefitted if I told you the truth, but now you got married, Aashi got her mumma and we saw Sheetal’s true face, and if you want to teach her a lesson or not, it’s upto you now..” Anjali said calmly.

“But Di you just choose some random girl to be Aashi’s mother, what do you know about her?” Arnav asked.

“Chote sometimes we meet people in our life, and just by one glance you know how that person is. Didn’t I told you Sheetal isn’t good, and see what happened? And now I’m telling you Khushi is perfect for you and for Aashi. You will see the results later..” Anjali smiled.

Arnav tried to say something, but Anjali stopped him by raising her palm.

“Give her a chance Chote..” she said a cute puppy face and a pleading tone.

“I hope I don’t repent..” he said with his cold tone, and looked away. Anjali clapped her hands silently smiling excitedly.

Khushi entered in the room, she bumped with a vase and it broke in pieces leaving her with open mouth shocked.

Anjali and Arnav looked at her side. Arnav clenched his jaws, and glanced at Anjali: “I think I’ll repent soon for this stupid decision..”

Anjali smiled sheepishly to him, “Chote it’s a mistake!”

“Ayee DM I broke such an expensive vase..” she panicked staring at the pieces on the floor.

“It’s good that you know it’s expensive, and you will have to pay for this..” Arnav said.

“Chote..” Anjali looked at him.

“Good night Di..” Arnav said gesturing her to go outside. Anjali sighed and walked outside his room, after patting Khushi’s shoulder softly.

“I don’t have money to pay for this!” Khushi replied innocently, she knelt down to clean the mess.

“What are you doing? Get up now!” Arnav frowned.

“I’m cleaning this because of me this vase broke. It’s my mistake so I..” Khushi said only to be cut by him.

“HP..HP..” he barked.

“Ayee DM..” Khushi clutched her dress scared of his sudden shout, “Don’t shout like this, another vase will break now, and it won’t be my fault..”

Arnav fumed in anger seeing her make fun of him, by that time HP came and collected the broken vase pieces, Khushi helped him.

“HP? Who are you? I didn’t see you in my wedding..” Khushi said not recognizing him.

“Ji I didn’t see you too didi..” HP replied innocently, but Khushi bit her lips embarrassed as it seems like he was mocking her.

“He’s Hari Prakash and he works here, and HP she’s my unwanted bride who came to deliver sweets and end up leaving the hall as Mrs.Raizada! Introduction done, now HP go and sleep and you too..” Arnav intervened between both glaring at Khushi.

HP left the room and closed the door confused while Khushi pouted. She took the bed sheet and spread on the floor, and stole one pillow from his bed.

“What are you doing?” Arnav asked giving her a tired-of-your-madness look.

“I will sleep on the floor, so I’m taking one pillow from your bed. You have so many pillows in this bed, and you’re getting angry just because I took one?” Khushi asked pouting.

“What the.. you’re not going to sleep on the floor, take the bed..” he said taking one pillow on his hand.

“Will you sleep on the floor then?” Khushi asked innocently.

Arnav just glared at her and settled himself on his recliner. Khushi raised her eyebrows smiling, “Oh! Woh green wala sofa.. I didn’t see it..”

Arnav shut his eyes in frustration; he just wanted to yell at her for talking nonsense from the time she reached. Doesn’t this girl get serious?

Khushi laid on the bed, but frowned seeing herself not comfortable with the heavy lehenga, she was turning left-right-left sides to find a better position to sleep.

“Go and change dammit..” Arnav gritted his teeth getting irritated with her movements’ sounds, and her bangles music as she moved.

“I left my clothes at that room, I don’t have clothes here..” Khushi said as she sat on the bed glaring at him for shouting at her.

“Are you serious? Aren’t you mad to accept easily when someone ask you to marry an unknown person? Why did you marry me when you don’t even know me or anything about me? It’s not that someone offered you a chocolate and you accept it, it’s marriage dammit..”

“You’re no less than a Chocolate pathi ji and now you’re my chocolate boy!” Khushi smiled shyly.

Arnav rolled his eyes, “Now I get it, my looks made you accept this marriage so easily..”

“Not only me, every girl would accept to marry you!” Khushi said, “And when I saw you, fireworks started bursting in my heart, music started playing in my ears, Rab ne bana de jodi..oye Rab ne.. only that and I knew it, it’s a Yes, I do, Qubool Hai.. everything ji..”

She giggled shyly and turned her back to him hugging her pillow.

“What the..” Arnav frowned, “You’re here not to be my wife, I just wanted someone to take care of my daughter when I’m not here. I hope you’re able to..”

“I know that this marriage is only for Aashi. Don’t worry Arnav I will take care of your daughter as my daughter..” she thought and closed her eyes to sleep when she felt the door being opened. She saw Arnav going out of the room.

He came back within minutes with his long steps, and threw a night dress on the bed, “Wear it, otherwise you will wake up murdered with your own lehenga..”

Khushi pouted and took it from the bed, “Shii.. you’re wishing death for your bride, so what if I’m unwanted one? Bride toh hoon na (I’m still your bride).. disgusting fellow..”

“Shut up!” he said and went to sleep on his recliner.

“Go inside that bathroom..” Khushi said.

“Why?” Arnav asked.

“Because I want to change, I’m shy to change in front of you!” she blushed giggling.

“Oh God! Where’s your brain? Go inside the bathroom then to change..why are you asking me to go?” Arnav rolled his eyes.

“I know na, it was a joking yaar! I failed in my attempt to make you smile..” Khushi said making a face, then went to the bathroom.

Arnav breathed in and out, “In just one night, I can’t handle this girl, how will I handle her for my life time?”

Khushi came back after changing, and covered herself with blanket in the bed, she looked at Arnav who was sleeping already.

“Sunno..(Listen)..” she called him.

Arnav opened his eyes, “What do you want now?!”

“My Dadu doesn’t know I got married, can we go tomorrow to see him and explain everything?” Khushi asked.

“Did you really came to deliver sweets and became my wife?” Arnav asked in disbelief.

“Did you really wear suit in your wedding?” Khushi asked sarcastically.

“What the..” Arnav uttered.

Chunari Ke Niche Kya Hai, Chunari Ke Niche (What’s underneath Your veil?), What The ke aage kya

hai, What The ke aage (What’s ahead of What the?)” she sang as if asking him.  

“Chunari ke niche was my unwanted bride, and what the ke aage is something you won’t like to listen..” Arnav said with a deadpan expression and faced his back to her.

“Be ready to explain your Dadu that you married someone without informing him because fireworks burst in your heart..” he said.  Khushi smiled and also fell asleep.     


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Chapter 4 - Awesome Khushi! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 142 times)

“Good morning Chote..” Anjali smiled as she settled herself on her seat at the breakfast table.

Arnav didn’t reply as he was busy caressing his neck, and when his attention went to his family who were gazing at him with confused looks, he stopped his actions immediately, and looked at his Di: Morning Di..

“What happened? Are you okay?” Anjali asked worried.

Arnav nodded his head, remembering how he slept on that recliner, his back and neck are aching like hell and still he has to act like he’s fine.

“Good morning!!!!!” Khushi almost screamed happily greeting them.

Arnav shut his eyes irked, while everyone else jerked with her shout.

“Is it necessary to shout early in the morning like this?” Arnav turned to her glaring.

“What to do? I’m learning from my husband! Doesn’t he shout like this to everyone Anjali ji?” she asked smiling.

Anjali nodded smiling sheepishly, “He does..”

Arnav rolled his eyes, “If you leant this from me, then learn how to behave like a normal person and not like a joker!”

Khushi burst out laughing, while the family looked at her amused. She’s so relaxed and brave when she talks with him, while they are always reluctant to say something in front of the mighty ASR!

“Normal and you? Did you ever look at yourself in mirror? You look like Robot, never smile and always gritting your teeth! Be careful, yesterday vase broke other day it might be your teeth that will break because of you only..” Khushi laughed.

Arnav clenched his fist, but when he looked at her to yell at her, he found the most beautiful sight ever. She was laughing so innocently like an angel. Words just didn’t come out of his mouth, and his eyes refused to look at any other thing than her.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee…

“Papa..” Aashi screamed in her Mami’s arms coming downstairs.

“Alee wah..my Doll is looking so beautiful..” Nani said smiling, staring at Aashi who wore a beautiful purple and white dress, and her hair was left open.

Mami left her on the floor and she went running to her father. Arnav made her sit on his lap, and Aashi kissed his cheek, “Good molning Papa..”

“Good morning princess..” he cupped her face kissing her cute nose. Khushi smiled at their bond.

“Chote I think you should let Khushi feed Aashi today na..” Anjali said smiling.

“We’ll get late to meet and explain everything to her Dadu, and by the way Aashi doesn’t let anyone feed her other than me..” Arnav said, but then smirked staring at Khushi.

“But let me just see if she’s worth to be Aashi’s mother..” he said.

“Oh exam!” Khushi smirked, “I’m always ready..”

HP came with Aashi’s milk and snacks and Arnav signaled him to give it to Khushi.

“Aashi go with her, she’ll feed you today..” Arnav said making Aashi stand. Aashi nodded sideways, “No! Papa make Aashi dlink milky..and eat snackish!”

Khushi left the tray on the table, and knelt down in front of Aashi.

“Aashi come to your friend..” Khushi called her. Aashi looked at her and took baby steps to reach Khushi.

Khushi smiled, “You don’t want to dlink milky?!”

Aashi nodded sideways, “Papa make Aashi dlink milky evelyday!”

“Okay..” Khushi nodded her head, and the family were confused what she was doing. And Arnav didn’t show any emotion on his face, he was just watching them.

“Then let’s not dlink milky, but play hide and seek! Do you like? You can play with me right?” Khushi asked smiling.

Aashi’s face lit up in happiness, she nodded jumping excitedly to play hide and seek, “Yaaay..”

“I will close my eyes and you hide..” Khushi said closing her eyes, and Aashi ran to hide behind the sofa.

Khushi opened her eyes after sometime, and Arnav was glaring at her, “I told you to feed her not to play with her..”

“Wait LAAD GOVERNOR!” Khushi glared back at him, while the family giggled silently.

“What the..” Arnav frowned.

She tip toed smiling searching for Aashi, while Anjali signaled her that Aashi was hiding behind the sofa. Khushi nodded and attacked Aashi from behind. Aashi screamed laughing of being caught. She started running from Khushi who wanted to tickle her now, and Khushi was running behind Aashi.

“I think I’ll have to get married again..” Arnav said staring at both.

“Why Nannav?” NK frowned slightly.

“Need to find a mother for these two now..” Arnav said sarcastically. And everyone laughed out loudly.

Aashi came running to him and hide her face on his lap, hiding from Khushi. She was giggling all the way.

“Done with your madness?” Arnav asked to Khushi.

Aashi suddenly coughed a bit, she patted her chest softly and frowned a bit, “Aashi thirsty!!”

“Aashi baby come here to dlink milky then!” Khushi called Aashi who nodded and went running to Khushi.

Khushi made her drink milk, to which Aashi accepted easily and also eat snacks from Khushi’s hand forgetting about her father.

Khushi smirked staring at Arnav.

Nani smiled, “A miracle happened today, seriously Aashi accepted Khushi to feed her!”

“Is it proven now bhai that Khushi bhabhi is the perfect woman for you both?” Akash asked smiling.

“What nonsense. Is this a way to be a mother? Behaving like a kid!” Arnav said.

“Oh no! There’s a big problem..” Khushi widened her eyes.

“What?” Arnav asked.

“Mothers are being type casted!  Why do you think mothers have to behave like serious and emotional type of woman? Can’t they be like a happy go lucky girl like me?” Khushi asked.

“Oh my God! Khushi ji you’re awesome..” NK laughed with tears in his eyes. But as soon as Arnav glared at him, he pressed his lips tight making a serious face.

“With Khushi in our life there only be Khushi (happiness)” Mami said excitedly.

Arnav shook his head; his crazy family will go along well with his crazy wife!


Dadu’s house:

Khushi knocked the door nervous, Anjali noticed that in her face she patted Khushi’s shoulder: We’ll talk with him Khushi..

Khushi smiled and nodded, while Arnav shrugged: “You all will talk with him, not me. I didn’t know anything, so you got to explain me and her Dadu, what has got on your brains to do something like this?”

Nani pouted, “Haan haan we’ll explain, you don’t have to say anything!”

“Good!” Arnav replied.

Dadu opened the door with an angry face, he looked at Khushi as if demanding explanations for her act. Khushi assumed that Preeti already told him everything.

“Where were you Khushi?” he asked.

“Dadu I got married and.. I got one baby for free!” Khushi smiled showing her teeth, pointing to Aashi. Aashi shyly hide behind Arnav’s leg.

“Khushi this is not time to joke!” Dadu said. 

“I know Dadu, situation was that..” Khushi said only to be cut by him.

“That you married without informing me! I’m hurt Khushi with you.. I’m really hurt!” he said and walked away.

The family looked at each other with tensed faces, while Arnav intervened.

“See the consequences of doing stupid stuff! He reacted like me only..” he said defending him and Khushi’s dadu.

“That means you’re my grandfather?” Khushi asked him sarcastically. Arnav glared at her.

Everyone else giggled.

“I will go and talk with him..” Khushi said and went to her Dadu’s room.


“Dadu please try to understand.. I didn’t marry him to hurt you.. I just couldn’t see another girl with same destiny as mine.. you know very well Dadu how much I cried for my papa and mumma and they never came, only you came for me.. the same way you came for me to bright up my life, let me be by Aashi’s side now..she needs me Dadu.. She needs a mother’s love..she needs someone to wake her up, pamper her, give bath to her, to choose clothes for her, to feed her, to play with her, to sleep with her, to smile with her, to watch cartoons with her, when her friends tease her then she needs a mother who will console her, she needs someone to teach her good things, she needs someone to guide her in this journey of life.. I never had one, but at least I can be that someone to Aashi. I know Dadu you’re angry with me right now, but the day you understand why I did this, you won’t be anymore..” she said with moist eyes after narrating Arnav’s story and why did she agree for this marriage to her Dadu.

She walked to open the door and leave the room, but Dadu pulled her into a tight hug, “Pagli! Only I know how you suffered and I understand why you’re doing this..”


“See this is what happens.. now you see what problem you guys created right.. her Dadu will never agree for this and who would? No one is mad to accept this nonsense.. where on earth do we see this? Only you guys can think of such thing and only a mad girl like her can accept to marry a man without informing anyone from her family.. and I can’t believe this..” Arnav kept on blabbering and his family yawned.

“Offo Devdas stop crying! Your Paro is here, I’m not going to leave you. I managed to convince Dadu..” Khushi smiled brightly.

“You’re not Paro! You’re a Parrot who always talks nonsense..” Arnav glared at her.

“Khushi ji you’re super awesome!” NK cheered for her happily, that Khushi made Aashi drink milk in the morning without Arnav’s help and now convinced her Dadu.

Dadu came back with a smile, “Chalo Khushi introduce your family to me!”

“I also don’t know them properly Dadu.. I just know them for one day..” Khushi smiled sheepishly.

“Only Khushi can do this..” Dadu rolled his eyes thinking.

“At least you know who is your husband no?” he asked in disbelief.

“I know my husband Daduuuuu! Don’t tease me..” Khushi pouted and circled her arms around Arnav’s, “He’s my husband Dadu! Arnav..”

Arnav faked a smile to Dadu, and went to touch his feet. Dadu was impressed with him. 

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Chapter 5 - Introducing each other! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 142 times)

At evening..

Khushi came and sat with everyone in the living room.

They all send a warm smile to her, to which Khushi felt more comfortable now.

"Khushi are you happy now? Your Dadu also accepted this marriage.." Nani asked.

Khushi nodded: Yes, I'm happy that Dadu understood my reason for this marriage.

"Bua Friend mallied Papa..now Friend my Mumma na?" Aashi's eyes lit up in happiness as she realized that now she has a Mumma.

Anjali nodded. Aashi smiled and crawled till she reached Khushi, Khushi patted Aashi's small back softly.

"I'm your Mumma, your friend and your teacher.." Khushi thought smiling.

"Khushi.." NK called her gaining her attention.

"Actually we just know your name, so can you tell us a bit about yourself?" NK asked.

"Oh yes! I'm Khushi Kumari Gupta, I don't have parents and I only lived with my Dadu. I work with him and Preeti, my best friend in our sweet shop named Khushi!" Khushi said.

"You don't have parents?" Mami asked sadly.

"Actually my parents left me when I was two years old with my Dadu after that they never returned.." Khushi said with teary eyes.

Everyone become silent for a while, no one knew what to say or not.

Akash decided to break this emotional and awkward moment, he cleared his throat.

"My introduction time!!" he said, "Hi Bhabhi.. I'm Akash Singh Raizada, cousin brother of Arnav Bhai. I'm a good and gentleman. And I'm very intelligent like my Bhai.." Akash smiled proudly.

NK laughed out loud, "Very intelligent!! You're Wikipedia itself.."

Akash pouted, "And you're Nonsensepedia.."

Khushi giggled staring at them.

"Akash don't insult me in front of Bhabhi please.." NK pouted.

"My time now.. I'm Anjali Singh Raizada, elder sister of Chote. And I'm very simple and sweet woman and I love my Chote and Shyam ji, my husband a lot. Both of them are my life. And I love cooking and chatting with my partners in crime, Mami ji and Nani.." Anjali said.

Khushi nodded, but Shyam burst out laughing.

"Sweet and simple?! Khushi ji all this isn't true ahn, you will see everyone's real face as you spend time with us.." Shyam said.

Anjali glared at him crossing her arms.

"See where's.. the.. sweet.. woman now?" Shyam asked stammering and hidding his face with a pillow.

"I'm sweet and you only turn me bitter!" Anjali said throwing another pillow to him.

Shyam sent a flying kiss to her melting her heart. She looked away unable to act more in anger now.

"Hello hi bye bye.. Khushi bitiya, I'm Manorama Singh Raizada! And he is my husband, Manohar Singh Raizada.." Mami said.

"You introduce yourself na, my time will come also.." Mama glared at her.

Mami frowned and continued, "And I'm Akash's mother, and Arnav bitwa's Mami. I'm very much beautiful woman, smart and very strong! I'm a inspiration to other women.. I love eating Sasuma's brain!!"

Nani glared at her and Mami giggled.

"I'm Devyani Singh Raizada! I love my family and only wish to see them happy and united like this. I'm very happy that you came in our family as Chote's wife! And yes, I've my best friend my Laxmi.." Nani said.

Laxmi came running to see Khushi, her enemy's wife!!

Khushi gasped smiling, "Is she Laxmi?"

Nani nodded, Khushi knelt down and started playing with Laxmi. Aashi also followed Khushi and hugged Laxmi.

"Laxmiiiii.." Aashi screamed giggling.

"Now my time, I'm Nandhikis**** aka NK, I'm very cute and cool boy of this house. Nannav is my big bro and I'm very scared of him.. He's always scolding me for no fault of mine..I like hot girls so Khushi ji if you can find one for me.." NK said with his charming smile.

"Hot girls?! Shii NK, you should pray to find a good wife for yourself and not play with girls like this. It's not good thing.." Khushi said.

NK bit his tongue and Nani twisted his ear, "See your Bhabhi also scold you, now you have to change this lifestyle of yours and find a good girl to marry.."

NK: Marriage and me? No way..

"Yes way!" everyone said at the same time and end up laughing on the same.

"Since Khushi ji doesn't like Hot girls, I will start looking for Frozen girls now.." NK said.

Khushi burst out laughing and clutching her stomach.

Arnav came inside the house with HP running behind him trying to follow his long steps.

Arnav stare at them on the living room, laughing and chatting with each other. Khushi and Aashi were on the floor playing with Laxmi.

"Arnav bitwa you reached.." Mami smiled.

"No, it's my ghost here!" Arnav gritted his teeth rolling his eyes. It's so obvious he reached, that's why he is standing there in front of them.

"You're no less than ghost! Maybe Mami ji mistook the ghost with you.." Khushi mocked him.

Arnav glared at her, "Shut up!"

"Chote don't talk with wife like that.." Nani scolded him.

"You said well Nani, wife and she's not my wife. She is my unwanted wife!" Arnav said.

"Hello hi bye bye what type of wife is this now?" Mami widened her eyes.

"She is Bhai's wife but Bhai doesn't want.. I think this type of wife!!" Akash said adjusting his specs.

"Unbelievable!!" Arnav muttered, his family manage to behave weirdly at any situation.

"Chote we were introducing our family to Khushi, since we don't know much about each other. Don't you want to say something to her?" Anjali asked.

"I was the one who got the shock of having another woman in the place of my bride. Don't you think she should be the one introducing herself to me?" Arnav crossed his arms.

While HP took his bag and walked upstairs to place it on his room.

"You seem to be very eager to know about me!" Khushi lowered her head shyly.

"What the.." Arnav frowned and sat beside Shyam, who was controlling his laugh till now.

"OK! I will say something about myself.." Khushi smiled to him.

"Shut up! No need to say anything to me. I don't want to hear neither do I care to know about you.." Arnav rolled his eyes.

"Then you introduce yourself to Khushi ji Nannav.." NK said earning a glare from Arnav.

"I don't want.." he said and looked at the TV side.

"Not a problem! I know about you. His name is Arnav Chote and he's very nice and handsome man. (Khushi blushed) Only problem is that he has a best friend who never leaves him and that makes us think that he's arrogant and ruthless. His best friend is Anger!!" Khushi said.

"What the.."

"Arnav Chote?" all family members looked at Khushi confused.

"Haan, his name na! Aashi told me.." Khushi said innocently.

"Arnav Singh Raizada is my name!" Arnav gritted his teeth.

Aashi smiled sheepishly to Khushi.

Anjali laughed, "Oh my God.. Khushi how can you think Arnav Chote? Hahaha.."

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Chapter 6 - Her Chocolate boy!! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 151 times)

"Chote go and change your clothes, I will serve for you.."

"Let it be Anjali ji, I will serve for him.." Khushi readily stood up heading to the kitchen side.

Arnav stood up also taking Aashi in his arms. He went to his room and let Aashi on his bed, and started unbuttoning his shirt, and taking his clothes from the closet.

"Papa.." Aashi looked at him.

"Yeah baby.. Tell me.." he walked till her and lifted her again leaving his clothes laid on the bed.

"Papa Aashi play a lot with Friend today.." Aashi smiled.

"Hmm.. Which friend? Arnav asked.

"Papa.. Aashi's friend.. Khushi!!!" Aashi pouted and her fingers who were playing with her father's shirt button in the name of unbuttoning them like her father was doing stopped to look at him.

Khushi came inside the room and saw Arnav almost shirtless, she hipcupped and faced her back to him.

"Chocolate boy came out of his wrapper.." Khushi thought biting her lips embarrassed.

"You.. I want to talk with you.." Arnav said glaring at her.

"First wear your chocolate wrapper.." Khushi said.

"What?" Arnav frowned.

"I mean your shirt.. Wear it. Otherwise I will not be able to control myself Chocolate boy!! I will eat your right now.." Khushi giggled silently. She's simple and respect everyone but only with him, she does these crazy things. Only with him, she feels like teasing him. Only with him, she goes out of control! Maybe because he's different from all people she met till now.

Arnav looked down and realized his chest was visible to her. He left Aashi on the bed again and buttoned his shirt.

"I'm going to change now, take Aashi to her room and make her sleep. After that I want to talk with you.." Arnav said going to the bathroom.

Khushi lifted Aashi and went towards her room, "You papa thinks too high of himself. He's going to test me all the time and he thinks I will fail and he will get a chance to taunt me for not being a good mother to you. But Aashi will make friend win na?"

Aashi just giggled at Khushi's funny angry expression.

They entered in the room and Khushi made Aashi lay on the bed and pulled the blanket to cover her. Aashi looked at her sadly that Khushi was going to leave her and she wasn't sleepy now.

"Now Friend will make Aashi listen to Princess story. Do you like it?" Khushi cuddle to her, Aashi squealed in happiness, she yelled a "Yippee", and Khushi patted Aashi's head softly telling her a princess story. Aashi fell asleep instantly resting her head on Khushi's chest. Khushi kissed her forehead softly and gently placed her head on the pillow and left the room silently.


Arshi's room:

"My Chocolate you called me and here I am.." Khushi blushed.

"I'm not chocolate neither I'm yours! You came here to be Aashi's mother right? Now why does she keep calling you her Friend? Get one thing clear, you didn't came here to play with her like her friends.." Arnav said with his famous anger.

"Look it's a slow process okay, I can't in one day say to that baby girl that I'm her mother from now on. She can accept it easily since that's what she has been asking you for, but she will not feel it that I'm her mother. That's why I decided to start with friendship only, I will do everything a mother does to Aashi and she will call me her friend, but there will come a day where she will realize that I'm different from her friends, that the relationship we share is of a mother and daughter and then she will call me with her own will as Mumma. It's like when a baby comes in this world, he doesn't call his mother or father on first day only, but as he start feeling the relationship between him and his parents, he utters his first words, Ma and Papa!! It's not by force Mr. Raizada.. It comes out naturally only.. And it's like also you, who keep calling me unwanted wife, one day when you truly accept me, you will call me wife only..it's like.." Khushi said only to be cut by him.

Arnav placed his palm on her mouth making her stop talking, "Shh! I already understood it.."

Khushi widened her eyes but calmed when he said that he understood her words. And his eyes expressed the same. Arnav also got lost in her big hazel eyes.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

"Mmm.. Kmm.." Khushi tried to speak something.

Arnav was still lost in her, and Khushi frowned, she bite his palm with her teeth. Arnav hissed in pain, he left her glaring, "What the.. Have you gone mad?"

"You weren't listening, so I bit you.." Khushi pouted, "Come downstairs, I already served dinner for you MY Chocolate boy.." she went running giggling on the way.

Arnav rolled his eyes in annoyance, and then caressed his palm, "Jungli Billi..(Wild cat) "


At the dining hall, Khushi served Arnav's food on his plate and sat beside him waiting for him to finish.

"Go and sleep. I don't need a wife for myself. And don't do these typical wife behavior like waiting for me, serve food for me or chose clothes. I can do that myself.." Arnav said.

Khushi stuffed the paratha on his mouth making him mutter his "What the..", "I'm your unwanted wife, but you're my wanted husband na?

"Look I married you for Aashi. Don't expect anything from me.." Arnav argued.

"And I married for you only. Now shut up and eat your food.." Khushi faked anger cutely.

Arnav frowned but Khushi didn't let him speak more, she kept feeding him when he opened his mouth to say something. Arnav sighed in defeat and Khushi smiled in victory.

"Aww so sweet. Sale sahab you're so lucky Khushi is feeding you. Rani Sahiba whenever I ask her to feed me, she says I'm not baby anymore!" Shyam came at last and witnessed the scene.

"What the.. No! She's forcing me to eat.." Arnav said widening his eyes horrified that Shyam saw such scene between him and this mad woman.

"It's even sweeter, she cares for you Sale sahab! Is it love at first sight Khushi?" Shyam asked smiling.

"Love at first minute Shyam ji!" Khushi blushes looking down while Arnav glared at her.

"Woah!!" Shyam gasped smiling.

"Woah what!? Eww!! This girl is lying Jijaji and you believe in her.. Love at first minute what nonsense.." Arnav said making faces.

"See he doesn't value my love for him Shyam ji. My life is destroyed now..what will I do now?? My husband doesn't love me.." Khushi shed fake tears.

Shyam made a pity face and signaled Arnav to calm her down. Arnav shrugged and went from there to his room. Khushi and Shyam looked at each other and burst out laughing.

"Great actress you're!" Shyam said crossing his arms.

Khushi giggled, "Great director, you knew I wasn't crying! Actually, not only Aashi suffered with the loss of her mother, he also turned like this because he lost his wife. Anjali ji told me, so I'm just trying to bring that Arnav back.."

"Thank you Khushi! Thank you for coming in our lives. I can see a hope again with you.. I can feel it you're the one!" Shyam smiled as he stood up, "Good night.."

Khushi nodded her head smiling, "Good night.."

She took the dishes and plates to the kitchen and washed them. Nani came inside in the kitchen, "Khushi bitiya leave all this, HP will wash this.. You don't have to do.."

"Nahin, I'm just finishing it Nani ji. I'm used to do all these works and you can't stop me.." Khushi smiled.

Nani smile and raised her hand as if surrendering, "Okay!! By the way, you cook very well Khushi. I just loved your food. And I forgot to gift you something at lunch time.."

"Nahin Nani ji. It's not needed.. I don't want anything.." Khushi nodded sideways.

"I obeyed your words. Now you have to listen to me, and you can't say no when elders give you something.." Nani said.

Khushi smiled and nodded her head accepting defeat. Nani gave her a pair of gold bangles.

Khushi was reluctant to accept it, "Nani ji I really can't accept it. It must be so expensive.."

"Khushi bitiya this belongs to Chote's mother. She always wanted that when Chote gets married, she will give these to her bahu. And now Chote got married, so it's my responsibility to handle this to you.." Nani said.

"She must have given to Arnav's first wife na?" Khushi asked sadly.

"No, she died when Chote was only 7 years old. Actually Anjali and Chote's father betrayed my daughter with another woman. Unable to bear this, she committed suicide and then their father couldn't bear the guilt inside him and also committed suicide. " Nani said with teary eyes.

"Oh! I'm sorry Nani ji.. I shouldn't talk about this.." Khushi gasped shocked. Arnav lost his parents at such an young age and then lost his wife. No wonder he's like this.

"No bitiya. It's your right to know after all you belong to our family now.." Nani smiled a little, she handled the bangles to Khushi who accepted it promising Nani that she would take care of Arnav's mother bangles properly.


Khushi returned to their room and kept the bangles safely in her box. Arnav looked at her, "You better take care of these bangles because they belong to my mother. If you even try to sell it to get money, I won't spare you.."

"I'm not that cheap!!" Khushi said for the first time serious and clearly angry with him. She laid on the bed and closed her eyes to sleep with a hard sigh.

Arnav stare at her, first time he saw Khushi behaving like that, "If you behave like this everyday, no one will be more happy than me..trust me!" he mocked.

"Good night my chocolate boy! Sweet dreams.. Dream.. with.. our.. romance.." Khushi spoke sweetly and shyly.

Arnav groaned and shut his eyes frustrated, she's back to being mad!! Khushi shook her head smiling and hugged her pillow to sleep.

Jan 18, 2018

Chapter 7 - Crying Aashi! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 156 times)

Early in the morning, Arnav came inside his room after jogging, he saw Khushi brushing her hair standing in front of the mirror. Khushi stare at him through the mirror, she smiled sweetly but Arnav ignored her and went to the bathroom to fresh up.

"Can't you smile at least for me Chocolate milkshake?" Khushi shouted seeing him going towards the bathroom.

Arnav turned back to her glaring, "Stop these choco talk with me!! It's getting irritating.."

"Woh Chocolate milkshake because you're sweating now.. After jogging, my Chocolate boy is melting now and I can only call you milkshake. But don't worry my Chocolate, be it to eat or to drink, I'm sure you're delicious in both ways.." Khushi winked at him smiling.

Arnav rolled his eyes and got inside the bathroom closing the door on her face. Khushi laughed and went to Aashi's room.

Reaching in Aashi's room, she got surprised seeing Aashi playing with her doll in her bed alone.

" Baby are you awake?" Khushi asked sitting with her on the bed.

"Yes! Aashi wakes up eally (early) to see Papa.. Aashi only see Papa in moning and at night velly late.. Aashi missy Papa when Papa not hele (here).." Aashi explained in her baby language, that she wakes up early to be with Arnav as he reaches very late at night because of his work and she keep missing him all day.

Khushi lifted her and made her sit on her lap, kissing her forehead warmly, "But now Aashi has friend na? Aashi will not miss Papa all day. I've decided so many games to play with you.."

"Yaaaay!! Which gameeeees?" asked an excited Aashi clapping her small hands.

"It's secret!! Anyone can hear here, let's go to the bathroom and I will tell you everything.." Khushi whispered to her smiling. Aashi giggled and nodded. Both went running inside the bathroom.

"Oops." Aashi hit her forehead lightly, "Papa says no talkie talkie before blushing teeth.. Aashi bloke (broke) rule.."

" Aww Your papa is correct! But we will not say to anyone that Aashi broke rule, and Aashi will also remember what Papa says.. Right?" Khushi asked caressing her cheeks.

"Light (right)!!" Aashi smiled showing her teeth, "Friend please gimme my toothblush.." Aashi pointed, since she couldn't reach that height still.

Khushi nodded and took her toothbrush, then lifted her to help her brush her teeth, but Aashi didn't want. "Friend I know how to blush.. Let me show it to you.." she said snatching the toothbrush from Khushi's hand.

"No baby let Friend help you.." Khushi said but Aashi refused. She wanted to do it alone, Khushi sighed staring at her while she smiled sheepishly to Khushi.

"I will bath you and that's final OK?" Khushi said and Aashi nodded.


"No.. Aashi don't want this dress.." Aashi rejected the fourth dress Khushi choose for her. Khushi nodded and chose another one for her. When she turned Aashi was giggling.

"Naughty girl! So you're doing this intentionally ahn.." Khushi placed her hands on her hips, smirking at Aashi.

Aashi giggles and started running on the bed from Khushi who was coming to her. Khushi held her and Aashi screamed laughing, "Solly..solly.."

"Why are you saying sorry my Sweetheart? Don't need to say solly.." Khushi kissed her forehead, "Your papa must be waiting to have breakfast with you, so choose one dress you like.."

Aashi obediently picked one yellow and white dress, Khushi dressed her up.

"What the.." and they heard a known voice coming from the door side. Khushi and Aashi turned to see him standing with a shock and angry expression.

"What the hell? What is this? You let Aashi mess up her room like this.. What kind of mother are you?! You're not a KiD Khushi.." Arnav said pointing to the mess the room was right now.

"She is a child still.. Let her do what she wants.. I will clean the room later.." Khushi glared at him for scaring Aashi. Arnav understood Aashi's frightened look at him. He walked to her who was standing on the bed.

"Papa is solly.." he said in a baby language, brushing his forehead against hers. Khushi looked at him amused, it's like the first time she saw him so sweet and her heart just like Aashi's melt by seeing his gesture. Aashi hugged him tightly.

He hugged her back and then left her on the floor. Aashi went running outside the room to meet her family. While Khushi stayed in the room with Arnav, who watched his daughter going.

"Even I deserve to hear sorry from you..don't you think so?" Khushi raised her eyebrows.

"No, I don't think so! What have you been doing till now? You're always playing like a kid with Aashi. What about doing your mother duties?" Arnav frowned.

"Oyee hello! Maa hoon, Mother India nahin.." Khushi said crossing her arms.

"It's useless to talk with you!" he said and went from there.


"Chote I was thinking that we should organize a reception party so that everyone knows that Khushi is your wife and not Sheetal.." Anjali said while they were having breakfast.

"No need.." Arnav replied curtly.

"Admit it you're hell embarrassed that your bride ran away leaving you alone! And at that party, everyone will feel pity for you while they will appreciate my courage for marrying you at last minute.." Khushi giggled sheepishly covering her mouth with her palms.

Arnav glared at her, while everyone else were stuffing the food on their mouth to not laugh at the already angry Arnav.

He stood up and Khushi went to take his bag, wallet and car keys in their room. She came back and handle it to him, Arnav just snatched his belongings from her hands harshly and went from there.

Nani smiled seeing Khushi doing wife duties for Arnav. She felt so happy that Khushi has respect and is a traditional girl who she always searched for Arnav.

"Khushi you don't take Nannav seriously. His anger his famous all over the world ok?" NK said winking.

"I don't know how you all bear him?! If it was for me, I would give him two slaps and he would come on right track then.." Khushi said and sat with Aashi to feed her.

"Hello hi bye bye!! Khushi bitiya you're so brave that you dare to think of slapping the great ASR.." Mami said shocked. While everyone were with wide eyes staring at Khushi.

"I think and I can do it also.. Dadu said to me, never be scared of anyone, they can have power, money and high status but at the end they are human like us.." Khushi said proudly.

"He said truth Khushi.." Anjali smiled.

"Rani Sahiba don't even think of slapping me now.." Shyam pouted.

Akash was lost in his thoughts caressing his cheek with a pout. NK noticed him and chuckled, "Thinking about Payalia's slap!"

"Shut up NK! No one should listen to this..My Sweet Anklet slapped me because she doesn't know that I'm a good boy and I don't want to use her.."Akash glared at him.


It was afternoon, only Khushi, Mami, Anjali and Nani were at home. NK was outside with his friends, while Akash and Shyam were at work. Khushi was trying to make Aashi stop crying, because she was missing Arnav now.

"Khushi this happens everyday! At this time she always start missing Chote and he can't leave his work to come to her everyday.." Nani said worried, trying to show Aashi her toys. Aashi cried throwing everything Nani was giving to her.

"Papaaaaa.." she buried her face on Khushi's chest crying. Khushi thought for a while and took her phone. She called Arnav.

"Hello?" she said as soon as he picked her call.

"Say Headache!" he rolled his eyes recognizing her voice.

"Aashi is crying a lot, you know why! So can I take her to outside? She will feel better.." Khushi said.

"Why are you asking me? You're her mother now, so you should know what's good or bad for her. It's up-to you to decide.." he said.

"Laad governor can't he say a simple "YES"! But I'm glad he trust me to take decisions for Aashi.." Khushi smiled thinking.

"I wasn't going to ask your permission either! I just thought to INFORM you so that I don't get caught with those two man in black.." Khushi smirked.

"And let me INFORM you know that you should take those two men in black wherever you go!" Arnav said.

"Aww no! I won't feel comfortable.." Khushi widened her eyes.

"It's not for you. It's for Aashi's security.." he said.

"Kids shouldn't live caged. I agree you're thinking for her safety, but she like every kid of her age want to go outside freely without anyone behind them like they are controlling her steps. She will feel irritated and upset that other kids roam around with only their parents and normally, while she's always with those men in black. She will feel she's different from others, when she's not.." Khushi said.

There was a silence suddenly and Khushi waited for his reply.

"OK! Be careful.." she heard him saying and hang up the call. Khushi looked at Nani, Mami and Anjali, who were eager to know Chote's reply. She just jumped from the sofa smiling, "He said yes!"

"Wow Khushi! Chote never heard of any of us but you know how to handle him!" Anjali said as she came out of shock.


Aashi stopped crying by the time she reached in a beautiful house filled with kids playing in a huge garden outside. She hugged Khushi's leg shyly, "Friend whele ale weee?"

"Friend doesn't like to see Aashi cry, so Friend thought to take Aashi to meet new friends. So that Aashi smile everytime.." Khushi lifted her, and Aashi's doll fell on the process. Khushi's eyes landed on her doll, she bend with her Aashi on her arms to take, "Alee Aashi's doll fell.." she said smiling, and Aashi giggled.

"Khushi Didi.. Khushi Didi.." the kids came running to her with a huge smile playing on their lips.

"Hello kids.." Khushi smiled to them.

"Hello kids.." Aashi waved at them smiling, and everyone laughed.

"Khushi didi who's this baby?" the kids asked curiously.

"My daughter.." Khushi replied, caressing Aashi's hair and placed a soft kiss on her hair.

"What????" everyone asked shocked. Khushi looked at them startled, then she realized what she just spoke to them and bit her tongue.

"You never told us Didi!" the kids complained.

"Girl! When did you got married and kid so fast? Oh my God, did you download this baby to get so fast?" came an elder funny man, named Johnny.

"Johnny uncle.." Khushi whined, "I will explain everything to you and Mary aunty! Can we go inside now?" Khushi asked to which the elder man, owner of this NGO nodded.

"Friend Aashi want to play with them.." Aashi said patting Khushi's shoulder and eying to the kids.

Khushi let her feet touch the grass, she smiled and asked the kids to take care of Aashi. The kids nodded and promised to take care of this beautiful baby. Aashi was so excited to play with so many kids, there was huge smile on her face and she was jumping up and down.

Khushi watched her while talking to Johnny and Mary.

Jan 22, 2018

Chapter 8 - Watching movies! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 126 times)

"Aashi.. Aashi.." Khushi called her out, coming towards her.

Aashi looked at Khushi, and ran towards her, hugging Khushi's legs tightly, she looked up to Khushi smiling, "Aashi love hele.."

Khushi smiled back, relieved that Aashi liked the place she brought her to play and forget about Arnav for a while. She understands what is to live craving for your parents and shouting for them, but they never come. But now Aashi has her and Arnav by her side, she'll never let Aashi miss any of them and will do everything to be a perfect mother to Aashi.

Aashi pulled her dress, trying to gain her attention, "Friend??"

Khushi blinked her eyes startled and looked down at Aashi.

"We should go back home now Hain na? Papa must be waiting for you.." Khushi said as both walked towards the car after waving to the kids and Johnny uncle and Mary Aunty who didn't forget to wish good luck to Khushi in her new and unexpected journey of life.



"What's wrong?" asked NK to an upset Akash sitting on the edge of the bed.

"What's wrong? Everything is wrong in my life! I don't understand what's Payal problem? I already said to her that I love her but she always reject me!" pouted Akash.

"That's your usual problem. I'm asking what happened now?" NK said grinning.

Akash threw a pillow to him, which NK successfully caught it on time and stuck his tongue out to Akash.

"I won and you lost! Now tell me what Payalia did today?" NK asked again.

"I went to her today and invited her for lunch, do you know what she did next? She just called Dhruv and invited him for lunch in front of me! She rejected my invitation in such a painful manner.." Akash said looking away as the incident that happened today flashed on his mind freshly. She holding Dhruv's hand and he opened the car door for her like a gentleman and he just kept staring at both with broken heart.

"Oh man! This girl is so bad and so difficult. I guess only after you die she will accept you.." NK shook his head disappointedly.

"What? Aren't you ashamed to say such things? You want your brother to die. You I won't leave you NK.." Akash started beating him with a pillow and NK escaped from his room and went running to the living room. While Akash followed him with a pillow on his hand.

"Why are you escaping now?" Akash shouted as he reached the living room, NK was hiding behind Nani.

Akash came forward and NK ran from there, Akash took the opportunity and threw the pillow to him but it landed on Shyam's face.

Anjali giggled seeing Shyam's worth watching face.

"Sorry Jijaji.." Akash smiled sheepishly.

"I won't spare you both!" said Shyam and started running behind Akash and NK.

Nani laughed heartily seeing their usual drama!

Shyam threw the pillow in the hope he would beat at least one of them, but it hit Arnav's forehead.

Anjali bit her tongue smiling, while Nani and Mami widened their eyes.

"Game over!" whispered NK, Akash and Shyam at the same time.

"What is this? You three are kids or what? Even Aashi doesn't behave like this. Everything has a limit.." Arnav scolded them holding the damn pillow on his hand.

While everyone was silent not wanting to face ASR's wrath, a laughter sounds echoed around the living room irking Arnav as he thought who would dare to laugh at him.

"Arnav ji.." the owner of the laughter came running towards him, she touched his forehead softly still with a mischievous glint on her face.

"Did you got hurt?" she asked with full concern and Arnav gritted his teeth understanding that she meant to provoke him by this question.

Everyone burst out laughing at him.

"Why are you laughing yaar? My chocolate boy got hurt with this so so so soft pillow.. We might have to take him for hospital Nani ji.." Khushi said dramatically pointing to the pillow who was resting on Arnav's hand till now.

Arnav clenched the pillow with his hand, and threw the pillow harshly on the floor.

Laxmi came near Khushi and made a happy "meh" sound because Khushi just taught a lesson to her enemy.

"Friend.." Aashi giggled calling Khushi, she was giggling because as she came forward to Khushi, Laxmi ran to her and started snuggling to her making Aashi feel ticklish.

Khushi noticed Aashi struggling with Laxmi, she lifted Aashi and Laxmi got upset with this, she went to her mother, Nani to get some love and pampers.

"Aashi wants Papa.." Aashi pointed to Arnav's room asking Khushi to take her to Arnav.

Khushi nodded and both went to Arnav's room.

"Why were you both fighting?" asked Anjali to Akash and NK.

"Nothing!!" NK shrugged, and sat with them. While Akash send a silent thank you to him for not saying this in front of his mother.

Anjali looked at them suspiciously and then at Shyam expecting him to tell her.

Shyam sat beside her with I-don't-know-anything look. But he knows everything, in fact only him, NK, Arnav and Aman know about Akash's love story. But they don't say anything to the family because Payal still didn't accept Akash and if the ladies get to know, they will jump to marriage topic.


"Papa.." Arnav heard the little sweet voice coming to him, he knew she was just behind him with her cute and innocent face eager to receive love from him.

He turned to her and smiled, "Were you crying today too?"

"Hmm.." Aashi nodded, "What do I do Papa? I missy you lot.. I tly (try) not to cly (cry) but I can't.." she said. She knows her Papa always say to her not to trouble Nani, Anjali and Mami when he's not at home, because he will come home soon for her.

Arnav lifted her hugging her tightly, "I'm helpless my Baby.. Papa wants to stay with you all the time but I also have work..You have to understand me..Do you want Papa to stay worried for you while working in office?"

Aashi nodded sideways, "I won't cly now.. Plomise..Friend izz with me.."

"Good girl.." he said caressing her cheeks, his eyes landed on Khushi who was standing like a statue hearing their conversation. Her eyes were kind of moist, and he wondered why. Does she love Aashi or just married him for his wealth and good looks as she had said on their marriage night?

"I will serve your dinner.." he said as she noticed his gaze on her and went from there leaving both alone.

Arnav made Aashi stand on the bed as he kissed her forehead softly.

"Stay here.. Papa is going to freshen up and change OK?" he said taking his clothes from the closet. Aashi nodded her head and waited for him like a good girl.

He came back after few minutes from his hurried bath, as he cannot let his daughter wait for him for much time.

He leaned on the bed headboard and Aashi excitedly sat on his lap.

He caressed her hair playing with her soft curls, while Aashi kept telling him what she did from the time he left in the morning till now.

There was not even a single sentence she said without uttering Khushi's name. Everything Khushi, that he rolled his eyes annoyed of hearing her name countless times.

"What did you do without Khushi?" he asked.

"Kuch nahin (Nothing).." an innocent Aashi replied not getting what her father meant by that question.

"Papa Friend is very nice! Aashi likes hel a lot.." Aashi said smiling and playing with her fingers shyly.

Arnav was surprised with her sudden confession, he could see it from Aashi's eyes that she liked Khushi's company and somewhere his heart was at peace now that he didn't marry Sheetal but life gave him someone that was accepted instantly by his daughter. Arnav knew that Aashi didn't like Sheetal, but he thought with time she would start to like her but here with Khushi, he didn't even had to wait much for the miracle to happen.

"Papa.." Aashi called him, and he nodded as signaling her to continue, "Friend will stay with me always?"

"Always!!" he replied nodding and Aashi's hopeful face till now burst with happiness.


After having dinner, the family sat together at the living room watching movie by Nani's choice.

Arnav rolled his eyes seeing that its a Hindi movie and that means torture for him!

Anjali rested her head on Shyam's shoulder smiling shyly.

"Hey Meri Ma! Please decide whether you want to sit at left side or right.." Mama said tiring of Mami asking him to change his seat everytime as she was checking which side is better to watch the movie comfortable.

"I'm at my seat quietly Manohar.." Nani replied confused.

"I'm not talking with you Ma. I'm talking with her.." he pointed to Mami.

"Then say Meri biwi na.. What's is this Meri MA?" Nani pouted caressing Laxmi's neck, who excitedly came to watch movie.

"Will we watch the movie with this goat?" Arnav asked sarcastically.

Nani glared at him, while Anjali shook her head: Chote she's Laxmi! I don't understand why you don't like her when your daughter also like her.

"Laxmi is not my daughter that I should like her.." Arnav replied.

Anjali sighed in defeat. Khushi came back after making Aashi sleep since she was very tired of playing the afternoon with her new friends at NGO.

"Ayee DM! We are going to watch Bodyguard! It's one of my favorite movie.." Khushi exclaimed.

"Tell me what's the movie you hate, I will make you watch that in our room!" Arnav said mockingly.

"Watching a movie with you in OUR room will make me love even the movie I hate.." Khushi replied blushing.

Arnav rolled his eyes muttering, "Unbelievable.."

Khushi giggled and went to the kitchen to take popcorns and cold drinks for them. With the help of HP she brought that for everyone in the living room.

NK switched off the lights and went to sit with his partner in crime, Akash.

Khushi sat beside Arnav making him frown.

"Lovely what a lovely name.." Khushi said smiling dreamily at Salman Khan.

"What rubbish.." mumbled Arnav irked with her comments at every scene of Salman Khan.

"You should ask those bodyguards of yours to behave like Lovely (Salman Khan) behaves with Divya (Kareena Kapoor) and not like they held me so harshly that day. Is that a way to behave with a woman?" pouted Khushi.

"First, they aren't your lover like he is for her in the movie that's why they didn't treat you like Lovely does! And second, are you a woman? That's good to know, I was thinking I married a Three years old girl.." Arnav said.

"Laad governor!!" Khushi forcefully stuffed the popcorns on his mouth making his glare at her.

"Khushi if you did this again then.." Arnav said gulping the popcorns that made way to his mouth forcefully.

Khushi didn't let him complete and forcefully made him eat more popcorns. She laughed at his state.

The movie went on, and the Teri meri song played making everyone emotional except Arnav.

Even Laxmi did a sad "Meh" sound.

Akash turned to NK, "Our love story is really difficult na NK!"

NK patted his shoulder softly as if consoling him.

Arnav rolled his eyes hearing them and whispered to them, "It's not difficult, it's you who don't know how to convince her.."

Khushi heard what Arnav said, she patted his shoulder and whispered, "What's there to convince, I'm already smitten by you my Chocolate!"

Arnav glared at Khushi while she blushed.

"Aww so sweet!" whispered Nani to Khushi who heard what she said.

Khushi widened her eyes, here she was teasing Arnav and now Nani will think she really have feelings for him and by Nani's looks at her it seemed impossible to explain her that she was just teasing.

"Shyam ji leave me.. Nani is seeing us.." Anjali struggle in his hold.

"Who told you? Lights are switched off Rani Sahiba.." Shyam whispered to her.

"No, I heard she said "Aww so sweet.." Anjali said. Shyam widened his eyes and the thought that Nani saw them romancing secretly made him embarrassd as he left Anjali and sat straight watching the movie.

Mama and Mami were eagerly waiting for this exchange of information that started with Akash to NK, then Arnav to Khushi, Khushi to Nani, Nani to Anjali and Shyam to reach to them also. But all they got was a "Meeeeeeeeeeh" from Laxmi as if laughing at their curious face.

"I think I'm going to propose Payal tomorrow.." Akash said sipping his coke with a determined look.

"Shut up!" Arnav rolled his eyes boringly of hearing Akash's cryings over Payal and at his right side, Khushi who was talking nonstop about the movie. But now she was quiet, or let's say. When Akash talk, Khushi keeps silent. When Akash stops, Khushi starts with her antics and Arnav was going mad in between them.

"Aww.. What did I say? I didn't say anything now.." Khushi mouth formed a big "O" shape after hearing him ordering her to shut up when she didn't even said a word.

"He is teasing you because he wants you to give attention to him and not the movie dear.." Nani winked at Khushi.

"But Shyam ji isn't doing anything now Nani.." Anjali heard Nani and replied confused.

"What? I didn't do anything now!!" Shyam looked at Anjali horrified, is Nani imagining things now!

"What? I'm not talking with you Anjali bitiya.." Nani looked at her confused.

"Nani ji you're getting everything wrong.." Khushi explained confusing Nani more.

"I wasn't talking with you!!" Arnav said, "Will you stop poking your nose where you're not called?"

"Then with whom were you talking?" Khushi asked frowning.

"But Nani ji I heard you said Aww so sweet.." Anjali said blushing.

"What's happening Bhai?" Akash asked seeing them.

"Hello hi bye bye! It's happening because of you only dear son.." Mami said, "You said something, then Arnav bitwa replied something but it's Khushi who replies, then it's Sasuma who replies, then it's Anjali, then Shyam bitwa. Now I asking, what is it?"

Now Khushi understood that he was talking with Akash, Anjali also realized that Nani was talking with Khushi and not her. And at last Shyam understood that the talks started with Akash and were manipulated till it reached to them. He glared at Anjali who smiled sheepishly to him.

After the movie reached to an end, the family retired themselves from the living room and directly went to their respectives room to sleep.

Khushi was the only who stayed and was cleaning the living room before she left. She took the bowls and glasses to the kitchen and washed them.

After she was done, she went upstairs and found Arnav sleeping already on the recliner without anything to support like pillow. Maybe he was really tired of working, then taking time for his family that he just jumped on the recliner and fell asleep in no time.

She took a pillow and placed it behind his head and covered him with his blanket.

Jan 22

Chapter 10 - A bouquet for Payal! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 143 times)

The sun rays peek in their room, and a frown appeared on Khushi's face, she turned to the other side shouting, "Oye Sun ji why are you disturbing my sleep? Go and peek in my neighbor house.. Just let me sleep now!!!!!"

"What the.." Arnav who just woke up disturbed with the sun rays, heard her shouting in her sleep.

"Get habituated with this Arnav! This is your present and your future also.." he muttered sighing and shove the blanket away going to the bathroom.

"Bhaiiii.." suddenly Khushi and Arnav heard Akash's shouting outside their room and knocking the door constantly.

Arnav wrapped his towel around his waist quickly and walked out of the bathroom.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh.." Khushi screamed with wide eyes seeing him only with his towel, she closed her eyes with her palms.

"Why are you screaming dammit?" Arnav shut his eyes irked.

"Chote.. Why is Khushi screaming?" Anjali came running after hearing Khushi shouting.

"I don't know Di.. I just called Bhai.." Akash replied innocently.

"Chote!! Answer us.." Anjali knocked the door.

"Go and wear your clothes now!" Khushi scolded him inside the room.

"What the.. Who do you think you're to command me?" Arnav frowned.

"Aren't you ashamed to come in front of me naked?" Khushi said still with her closed eyes.

"I'm wearing a towel ok!" Arnav shrugged looking at himself.

"You're not Ranbir Kapoor to dance with towel.." Khushi replied sarcastically.

"Chote what happened??" Anjali knocked the door again gaining Arshi's attention, who looked at the closed door side.

"Kuch nahin Di!" Arnav said.

"Then why is Khushi screaming?" Anjali asked.

Arnav was about to say but then he thought how embarrassing it would be for him, to say to his sister that Khushi screamed because he is only in towel!

"Khushi is shouting to the Sun because he disturbed her sleep.." Arnav smirked.

Khushi opened her eyes widely and her mouth shape formed a big "O".

Akash and Anjali looked at each other making faces.

"Liar.." muttered Khushi under her breath.

"Akash what happened?" Arnav now asked remembering the reason why he came out in hurry.

"Woh Bhai, nothing.. It was something of office and we can talk later.." lied Akash with a sheepish smile and ran from there. He wanted to talk about Payal but since Khushi and Anjali were there, he had to lie.

Anjali also left from there, and Arnav was like What-the, for office talks he shouted like that!!

He walked back to the bathroom, but Khushi jumped from the bed and ran to the bathroom.

"I will use the bathroom now.." she said standing in front of the door as if challenging Arnav.

"What the. I was there first.." he said in disbelief.

"You said right you were in the bathroom, and now you're not. So I'm going to fresh up now because you already wasted my time. I need to do puja, then help to prepare breakfast and I'm getting late because my husband decided to do a naked dance with towel like Ranbir Kapoor.." Khushi said.

"Khushi don't eat my brain! And let me get inside otherwise I will pull down this towel and you'll scream more.." Arnav smirked.

Khushi widened her eyes in shock, she immediately move aside letting him enter in the bathroom.

Arnav closed the door of bathroom on her face with a winning smirk.

Khushi pouted and crossed her arms cutely, "Laad governor, this time he won but next time I won't let him.. Urgggh.. Koi baat nahin (No problem), everytime I will not win na, one day or other I will fail..but this is the last time DM you're making me lose in front of this Laad governor..did you just saw that smirk on his face?? This is not fair to me.."

She sat on the bed waiting for him making a boring face.


At the living room..

"What? Nannav will be working with Payalia for his next fashion show!!" NK widened his eyes.

"Yeah! Aman just called me to inform.. Bhai didn't told me anything about it..Payal will be working with us.. And I didn't even know about this.. It's so unfair.." Akash pouted.

"Whatever I'm doing, it's for you only. Fashion show is just an excuse, now make her fall in love with you and stop crying on the corners.." Arnav said standing behind them.

NK and Akash bit their tongue sheepishly, and turned to Arnav simultaneously smiling.

"And tell Aman that he's gossiping much nowadays rather than working!" Arnav said sternly and walked from there.

Akash and NK nodded their heads innocently. As Arnav left, both sigh in relief.

"We escaped from scoldings today!" NK said wiping the sweat on his forehead.

"But Aman will not.." Akash said worriedly.

"You better inform Aman not to face Nannav today.." NK patted his shoulder.

Akash nodded, then smiled: NK did you notice how Bhai is good? He may be angry all the time, but he accepted working with Payal's company just for me to spend time and convince her..

"Yeah man!! Nannav dil ke boodha nahin hai.." (Nannav is not old at heart..) .." NK smiled.

"Dil ke bure nahin hai! (Is not bad at heart..)" Akash glared while correcting him.

"Oh sorry!" NK smiled sheepishly.

"Good morning Karan Arjun!!" Khushi came downstairs and walked to the smiling, with Aashi in her arms.

"Karan Arjun?" Akash adjusted his specs making a confused face.

"Hmm! You both are always together so Karan and Arjun!" Khushi giggled.

"Nahin! We aren't gays Khushi.." NK said horrified.

"But Karan and Arjun aren't gays, they are brothers only.." Khushi said.

NK sighed in relief, while Akash shook his head and smiled to Khushi, "Ignore him Bhabhi! Good morning.. Good morning my princess.."

Akash pinched Aashi's cheek who smiled in return greeting him.

"NK like Hot girls, and you Akash?" Khushi asked smirking.

"I'm searching for Frozen girls now Khushi.." NK said biting his lips smiling.

"I have no one Bhabhi.." Akash gulped looking here and there but not at Khushi.

"Acha? Then yesterday Arnav was saying something like you don't know how to convince her.. And he was talking with you only Akash. Who is she?! You may lie to me but I'm not dumbo.." Khushi said.

Aashi giggled when Khushi said she is not dumbo.

"Are wah! We are hiding this secret from the ladies since six months, and you already know about it Khushi. You're super awesome!!" NK said shocked.

Khushi smiled proudly raising her imaginary collars.

"First promise me you will not share with anyone bhabhi.." Akash said.

"Okay promise.." Khushi nodded. Arnav also came with a file on his hand, but then look at the three with a suspicious look.

"What?" Arnav asked.

"Offo! You had to come now, Akash was going to tell me about his girlfriend.." Khushi glared at him.

"Payal isn't his girlfriend till now.." Arnav replied.

"Payal is it her name?" Khushi smiled looking at Akash.

Akash nodded shyly.

"No, Papaya is her name.." Arnav said sarcastically, "Am I not telling you that Payal isn't his girlfriend? Which part of the sentence you didn't understand ahn?"

"I don't understand Lion's talks.. After all I'm human only, not any animal.." Khushi said looking away.

"Are you calling me an animal? Khushi how dare you.." Arnav took a step forward her.

"She's right Nannav.. At office, everyone keeps calling you as Lion.. Look Lion has reached.. Lion King has gone home.. Lion is in meeting. ." NK said mimicking how people talk behind him.

Arnav gritted his teeth, while Khushi giggled, "At least I'm not the only one who thinks like that.."

"Shut up NK or else you will be a lion's food today.." Arnav barked.

NK pouted and hide behind Khushi, "I'm safe with the Lion's wife!"

"Lion's wife is a Chipmunk only. What will she protect you?" Arnav asked angrily.

"You called me chipmunk!! Hawwwww.." Khushi jaws dropped.

"You remember me of them.." Arnav smirked.

"Please enough!!! I was going to tell my story with Payal to Bhabhi and see where we reached now.. To lion and Chipmunk love story????" Akash stood in between them with a unbelievable look.

"I already listened to your story 100 times.." Arnav said.

"But I'm going to listen first time na.." Khushi said.

Arnav rolled his eyes, Khushi smiled to him and came near him caressing his shoulder, "My Chocolate sorry for fighting with you in the morning only.. You very well know why I'm angry with you over the morning incident.. But I know you're not going to say sorry, and I can't stay angry with your for long.. So sorry hubby!"

Arnav thought and realized that she was talking about the part where he didn't let her enter in the bathroom and also teased her.

He shoved her hands frowning, " Shut up..I don't talk with you.."

He sat on the sofa, and Akash, NK and Khushi joined him also.

"Her name is Payal.. I met her first time when Bhai threw a party over AR success over the years.. She also owns a Fashion house.. She is very beautiful Bhabhi.. Her million dollars smile just melt my heart but unfortunately she never smiles at me.. Her pink cheeks.. Ayee!!" Akash was on his dream land.

Khushi smiled staring at him, look like he's madly in love with this girl.

"His love story is even more boring than that Bodyguard movie.." Arnav commented, groaning in frustration.

"And ours??" Khushi asked shyly.

"Ours don't even exist!" Arnav glared at her.

"What about your love story with your first wife?!" Khushi asked.

Arnav looked at her, but didn't say anything. His eyes had pain and she repented the next moment for making him like this.

"I don't want to talk about it.." he looked away.

"Sorry!!" she whispered to him.

"And.. She's just perfect.." Akash ended describing Payal for Khushi.

"But problem is she's way too different from Akash.." NK said.

"Why?" Khushi frowned.

"Payal is like me, and Akash like you!" Arnav replied helping them to move on with this story.

"Matlab (Means?)" Khushi asked again.

"Means she doesn't want Akash in her life while he keeps clinging to her all the time.." Arnav replied.

Akash pouted, "How mean Bhai!!"

"Hmm! So Akash needs help to make Payal realize is true love for her.." NK said.

"I can help you Akash!" Khushi smiled excitedly thinking plans in her mind.

"Payal will leave your forever if she helps you.." Arnav said in a warning tone to Akash.

"Lie! I'm a girl and only I know better how to convince Payal to accept him. Six months you know about his love story, bolo did you did anything till now? You men are still trying only!" Khushi said.

"You're kid.." Arnav said.

"Akash do you want my help or not?" Khushi turned to Akash.

Akash looked at NK, both kept whispering something among themselves and concluded that they needed a girl in their team now.

"Yes Bhabhi! I want your help.." Akash said.

Khushi smiled and turned to Arnav stucking out her tongue to him, "I won!!!"

"See I told you guys she's a kid.." Arnav taunted them.

Khushi threw a pillow on the sofa to him, "See because of you, I forgot that I have to feed Aashi her breakfast.."

Khushi went running to the dining hall worriedly.

Arnav kept staring at her going, his heart was satisfied seeing her so worried because she delayed only minutes to feed Aashi. That proves that when he's not here, she takes care of Aashi properly.

"Bhaiiii what are you thinking?" Akash asked.

"Thinking who's going to be my lunch today, NK or Aman?" Arnav said.

NK gulped and escaped from there. While Arnav kept talking about office works to Akash.



"What the.. Khushi what are you doing here?" Arnav glared at her.

"I came to see you hubby. Didn't you like to see me here?" Khushi pouted sadly.

"Papa you don't likey Friend??" Aashi asked, she came behind Khushi, in her Akash uncle's arms.

Arnav sighed, "You brought Aashi too?"

"Are you blind? Are you seeing other baby girl instead of Aashi here? Of course can't you see she's Aashi.." Khushi replied.

"I can see it dammit. But why did you brought here? And why did you came?" Arnav asked.

"I came to help Akash with his Payal, but I can't leave Aashi alone also. If she didn't see me or you at home, then she would have troubled Anjali ji, Nani ji and Mami..that's why.." Khushi replied.

"Bhai where would bhabhi help me? It had to be here in AR na.." Akash smiled sheepishly.

Arnav nodded and looked at his office through the glass wall, "There is she! Have you both thought of anything?"

Khushi nodded smiling.

"Khushi Bhabhi bought this red roses bouquet and today I'm going to give it to Payal.." Akash said smelling the red roses.

"Hmm.. smells goody goody.." Aashi replied smiling, after smelling with her uncle.

Akash left Aashi with Arnav and went downstairs to Payal.


"Good morning Payal.." Akash said with a charming smile.

Payal looked at him sternly, adjusting her bag she walked ahead ignoring him.

Akash came again in front of her, "If you don't like to see my face, then at least you like to see red roses early in the morning! What's better than to start a day like this?"

He gently hand over to bouquet for her. She had no way to reject it since red roses are her favorite ones, with her eyes fixed on the bouquet, she took it from his hand, "It's really good to start a day staring at this and not your face!"

Saying this she felt going to the conference room. While walking alone, she stare at the bouquet in her hand, smelling then with a soft smile on her face. But quickly covered her smile putting on a stern face.

"Ayeeee... Ayeeee.. She smiled!!!" Akash jumped in happiness hiding behind a door watching Payal's every step and gesture.


Arnav was playing with Aashi for a while, giving time for Akash to execute his plan.

"Papa I want Barbie doll.." she said.

"I will buy for you!!" he said.

"Lie.. Lie.. Lie.. I pleaded you many times Papa.. You nevel buy one for Aashi.." she said with moist eyes.

Khushi caressed her back smiling, "Friend will buy a beautiful Barbie doll for you today.. Don't be upset with Papa, he is very busy in office these days that's why he forgot to buy your doll.. Otherwise he never failed to gift Aashi what she wants, does he?"

Aashi nodded sideways. Arnav looked at Khushi with a thankful look. Today Khushi impressed him two times in day, he wonder how a childish girl like her can be this mature at times!!

And Khushi blinked her eyes as if saying "You're welcome!"

She has noticed Aashi's room is filled with many toys, and her room is decorated like a Princess one. Aashi told her that Arnav did all this for her, from that she got to know that he always fulfill her wishes, and if he didn't it would be probably of not having time to.

The door was being knocked, and Arnav asked the person to come in.

But he got shocked seeing the person, "You?!!.. How dare you come here?.."

Arnav walked in anger ready to attack her.

"Do you welcome your clients like this?" Khushi asked horrified.

"Take Aashi out of here.." Arnav ordered Khushi.

Khushi took Aashi with her out of the cabin.

"Arnav.." the woman said with moist eyes.

"What? After running away from our marriage, you still had courage to come in front of me Sheetal.." Arnav shouted.

"Arnav why are you doing this with me?! Why are you punishing me like this?" Sheetal cried.

"You should have known that ASR doesn't let anyone escape so easily.." he said with sharp eyes.

"But I wasn't ready to take care of Aashi.. I only love you Arnav.. I just wanted "us" and not with a child.. But you only wanted me for Aashi.. Is that fair?" Sheetal asked crying.

Arnav pinned her to the wall, trapping her with hands angrily.

"You never even loved me Sheetal. All you wanted was my name, my fame, my money and a career for yourself!! You're just one cheap and selfish woman.. My family were right about you.." he gritted his teeth.

"Yes, I'm selfish! But you tell me Arnav, who would marry you for your child? Who is that woman who would accept to marry you knowing that you will never love her? Does she even exist? Show me!! No woman will spoil her life to take care of that little brat.." Sheetal said with fear and confidence at the same time.

Khushi came inside biting her nails, she thought the woman would be dead by now and Arnav must have plans to eat her in lunch time.

"Perhaps you didn't watch news Miss Sheetal Kapoor! I'm already married and found that woman who will take care of Aashi as her mother!" Arnav said making Sheetal gasp shocked.

Khushi heard Arnav saying "Sheetal" and now she understood why he reacted like that.

"So you're that Dumbo woman who lost intentionally this Chocolate boy and a Little beautiful baby??!!" Khushi asked giggling.

Sheetal and Arnav looked at her side.

"Tension not. Bad luck yours and I hit the jackpot.." Khushi shrugged her shoulders smiling.

"Where did you find her?!!" Sheetal asked staring at Khushi.

"It doesn't matter! What matter is, you shouldn't have done what you did and that's why I made you jobless and your career is ruined. This is for you to learn to never mess up with me.." Arnav said.

"In heaven!! Sautan he found me in heaven.." Khushi said smiling.

Arnav looked at her with unbelievable look.

"What? Look I'm wearing white salwar kameez and she's wearing Black dress.. I'm an angel and she's an Devil!" Khushi explained Arnav pouting.

"Arnav please forgive me! Don't do this to me.. My career is in your hands now.. Please!! I will do anything you want.. You want me to marry you.. I will.. I will take care of Aashi too.." Sheetal pleaded crying.

"Madam ji am I invisible for you?" Khushi asked showing her mangalsutra to Sheetal sarcastically.

"I'm his wife and Aashi is my daughter! And there is no way, I'm going to let him marry with a selfish person like you.." Khushi said angrily.

Arnav sighed hard, he walked out of his cabin and closed the door heading to the conference room.

"Two mad women can handle each other.." he thought going to attend Payal now.

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