Jab We Met - 2 - COMPLETED

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Apr 22

Chapter 51 - Khushi's team! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 193 times)

While having breakfast he was silently staring at his wife, who didn’t even look at him once, neither offered to serve for him.

Anjali and Nani noticed something was wrong between both now, they also noticed that now Arnav was looking at Khushi, but she wasn’t.

“I think they both fought..” Shyam whispered taking a seat in between Nani and Anjali.

“Hmm.. but now tables turned! It’s Gudiya who’s angry now with Chote and not him.. just look at him, how is he eating my Gudiya with his eyes..” Nani commented.

Khushi left the table with her plate and went to kitchen; she washed her plate and went upstairs. Aman, NK and Akash followed her then.

Arnav looked at four suspiciously, but then Aashi came to him to play. He got busy with her.

“Papa you’le not talky talky with Mumma?” Aashi asked passing a confused look to him.

“Answer her now Chote.. Why are you not talking with Khushi?” Anjali looked at him sarcastically.

“Because he blamed Khushi na, he thinks she is responsible for what happened with us.. he’s thinking about his property, AR, his family, his daughter.. but not his wife!” Mami said.

“He doesn’t even care what she went through when she got to know he was kidnapped..” Mama also said.

“He doesn’t care that if it was another woman, she wouldn’t have risked her own life to save him, but my Gudiya didn’t even think for once about her life, her safety.. she only wanted him to be safe!” Nani said pouting.

“She said her husband is her life.. and her husband blamed her for losing his property!” Shyam said.

“If you’re all trying to say I’m wrong, then I know that..” Arnav eyed to them, “I just vented out my frustration on her, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t love her.. I LOVE HER A LOT.. she’s my life, my wife, my chipku!.. that’s why I choose her life over my property.. I know it’s my fault, and even before you guys made me realize that I’m wrong, she already made me realize that..”

“Then go and say sorry to her Chote.. I just can’t see you both like this..” Anjali said.

“No, not now..” Arnav nodded sideways.

“Why?” everyone asked.

“Guys hold on!.. we’re married couple and I’m not going to reveal our personal things to you all.. we’ll resolve our differences soon..” he smirked.


Khushi’s room:

“I called you three here because I need your help to get Arnav’s property back from Shashi!” Khushi said.

Three looked at her shocked, “How?”

“We need to plan something, there must be way.. if Shashi snatched Arnav’s property then we can snatch it from him too..” said Khushi.

“But I’m already working on it with ASR..” Aman said meekly.

“You’re on his side or mine?” Khushi asked him, putting her hands on her waist and raising her eyebrows.

NK and Akash almost laughed at Aman’s poor face right now.

“Yo..urs bhabhi!” he said stammering, not believing she’s same Khushi, she looked more like ASR right now.

“Good! I knew it you won’t leave my side for that Laad governer..” Khushi said smirking, but the thought of Arnav just made her eyes moist.

Akash, NK and Aman noticed it, the three stood up and went to give her a tight hug, “Don’t worry bhabhi.. everything is going to be alright!” NK said.

“Haan, you don’t need to think about bhai, we are here and we will together expose Shashi very soon..” Akash said patting her head softly.

“See even I’m loyal to ASR, but this time I’m with you.. I know you’re not wrong bhabhi, but keep one thing in mind, ASR might be wrong this time, but his love for you will never fade away..” Aman said.

Khushi smiled faintly and nodded, “Neither my love for him is going to fade..”

“Now let’s work on our mission! We’ll punish Nannav later..” NK said as he took his laptop and sat with the three.

“Mission is getting Nannav’s property back!” NK said.

“Question, is how are we going to do it?” Akash asked.

“We need to get details of Shashi Kapoor!” Aman said.

“What details? We know everything about that cunning man!” NK whined, “We’re not working with ASR here to get details of everything!”

“We need to!” Khushi concluded after thinking for a while when they were discussing, “We don’t know EVERYTHING about Shashi..  I remember him saying that he’s an old player and more experienced than Arnav.. that means, he already done wrong deeds before.. we need to find out his crimes guys.. it can help us to get Arnav’s property back and also send him to jail..”

“Leave it on me!” Aman said, “I’ll find each and everything about Shashi Kapoor..”

The door was being knocked, Khushi went to open it and frowned staring at the person in front of her, she looked away.

“I want to talk with..” he said.

“I don’t want to talk anything with you..” she cut him off angrily.

“Aman!” he said hiding the smirk on his face. Khushi widened her eyes,  she knows he’s lying still she replied, “Aman is busy right now.. he’ll talk with you later..”

“Acha?” Arnav raised his eyebrow, crossing his arms.

“Aman ji tell him that you’re busy with us!” Khushi looked at Aman smiling, Aman gulped.


Apr 24

Chapter 52 - Arnav's lucky charm! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 219 times)

“Ar…” Aman was about to say his boss name but one glare from Khushi, he changed his words, “ARSHI!”

“What the..” both Arnav and Khushi said at the same time.

“Haan, I choose half of both of you!” Aman pouted, “Now please leave my person in peace!”

“Anyways, I know my wife is using her brain to get my property..” Arnav smirked, as he got in the room and sat on the couch.

Khushi crossed her arms, staring at him with sharp eyes, “Toh?”

“So, it’s about MY property you guys are talking about.. I should know everything related to it na!” Arnav shrugged.

“Wrong! It’s about proving you wrong.. Mr. Always Wrong!” Khushi argued.

“Miss Always Right.. you will not be able to prove me wrong like this!” he said, “You don’t know who Shashi is..”

“I know.. you don’t need to teach me anything!” Khushi frowned.

“Aman make your bhabhi understand how people are evil, selfish and greedy in this world unlike her, who is an angel from heaven!” Arnav signaled Aman to explain.

Khushi blushed at his comment, even while angry with him.

“Khushi bhabhi it’s better listen to ASR.. one more member will only make our group more powerful to face Shashi!” Aman said.

Khushi pouted, then glanced at Arnav, “Here I’m the leader.. NOT YOU!”

“Hmm..” Arnav nodded hiding the smile on his face.

They kept on discussing about the plan, and then divided themselves in group of two to collect information about Shashi.


At night..

Arnav was thinking how to find a way to expose Shashi and his deeds, how to prove how Shashi deceived him and got his property.

Khushi looked at him, he wasn’t sleeping at all. She felt bad, no matter how much she’s angry on him for blaming her love for all this that happened. She still knows what he is feeling right now, first he lost his sister because of this Kapoor family and now he lost his property because of them. He has his family and Aashi to look after, he’s thinking about their future also. He isn’t even eating properly, she can see from his eyes, how much he’s trying to behave normally but inside he’s broken.


She moved close to him removing the distance between in the bed, and kissed his temple two times, “Don’t think too much this late night, sleep because tomorrow we’ll have to work hard to get your property.. and unfortunately you’re my in group! I don’t want you to sleep while I’m doing everything tomorrow!”

Arnav chuckled, “Okay Chipku!”

“Don’t call me Chipku, only my husband can call me by that name..” she pouted.

“What the.. Am I not your husband?” he looked at her raising his one eyebrow perfectly.

“Nahin, you’re a Rakshas only.. the one who broke my heart, same ASR you were in first days of our marriage with me.. my husband isn’t like this!” Khushi said, she looked away hiding her teary eyes from him.

“I’m sorry Khushi..  I know that I wronged you, I shouldn’t have spoken in that way with you.. I really repent for saying those words to you.. I promise I will pacify you, but not now.. I want you to remain strong now, to prove me wrong.. I have full faith in you, if you can change me and bring happiness to family, if you could become Aashi’s mother.. then I’m damn sure you can defeat Shashi too.. I know you’re capable of it.. once you’re determined to do something, you’ll do it.. and right now, because you’re angry with me, you’re doing all this.. and you’ll succeed in it also.” He thought staring at her form.

“What are you thinking too much?” Khushi asked him, she made him lay on the bed forcefully and her upper body was on top of him now, “Close your eyes now!” it was more a warning, “Tomorrow we’ll go to mandir before taking our first step.. DM will help us for sure, she’ll never let evil win over good..”

Arnav was about to close his eyes when something clicked on his mind, he smirked then cupped her face kissing her all over her face, at last he pecked her lips quickly, “I love you dammit!..”

Khushi looked at him confused, but she confesses that she loved his unexpected move.

“I just found a way to destroy Shashi!” he said with a winning smile.

“What?” she asked.

“You know in past, there’s a priest that was very close to Shashi. I noticed him in Sharanya Di’s wedding, on my engagement with Meera.. and not only that, Sharanya Di told me that he used to come in all functions, pujas and everything related to Shashi.. Shashi used to believe in everything he said, and followed his advices obediently.. I’m sure he knows what we don’t know about Shashi Kapoor.. in fact, now that he got his power back, he will call the same priest..” Arnav said.

“Wow.. Perfect!” Khushi widened her eyes happily, not believing they got such important information that can work in their favor.

“Tomorrow we must leave to find out about this priest.. I can ask Nani his name, don’t know if she remembers him or not.. but I do remember his face..” Arnav said.

Khushi nodded, “See how much I used my brain to get this.. if it was not me, you would never think about this..”

Khushi made a face and moved to her side on the bed. Arnav smiled, “Thank you Wifey! Continue to use your brain like this, soon we’ll expose Shashi!”

Khushi’s mouth turn a perfect “O” shape, “Good night!” she said and closed her eyes.

Arnav moved near her, and kissed her forehead whispering, “Good night my CHIPKU!”


In the morning..

“Nani try to remember his name.. it’s really important!” Arnav said.

“Hmm.. I can’t remember his name!” Nani said sighing.

“Okay..” he said sadly. Khushi shook her head in disbelief, “Nani do you have Sharanya’s Di wedding album?”

Nani nodded, she went to take it on her closet and brought to them.

Khushi opened it and searched for the priest’s picture in mandap, “Nani look at him, can’t you really remember his name? or something related to him?”

Nani thought for a while, she smiled excitedly, “I got it.. I got his name.. pandit Anand!”

Arnav and Khushi smiled, both hugged Nani sideways. Nani caressed both cheeks smiling.

Arnav hurriedly grabbed Khushi’s hand, dragging her out of the room after saying bye to Nani.

“Nani.. did Chote said sorry to Khushi? She forgave him?” Anjali asked, as she got inside the room staring at Arshi leaving together.

“I don’t think so, but these both are very cute. Both are angry with each other, but can’t see each other sad. They’ll do anything for each other.. Khushi noticed how Chote became sad when I couldn’t remember the name of the priest of Sharanya’s wedding, she made sure I remember it only for him..” Nani smiled.

Anjali too smile faintly, “You know when I came to know that Shashi defeated Chote and took our house, our company.. I was very worried and scared of what will become of us, but don’t know why when I think that we’re with Khushi, then everything will be alright.. now I’m not even worried, I know she will find some solution of it..”

“Don’t you think she’s really an angel that came in our lives?” Nani asked. Anjali nodded, then both giggled at their thought.

Arnav who came back to take his phone, smiled hearing their conversation.

“My wife is really an angel that came to change my life!” he said walking in.

“She’s not only yours.. she is of all of us!” Anjali pouted. “In your dreams my dear Di.. Khushi is all mine in all ways, all angles.. all senses!”

“Nani look at him! Selfish person!” Anjali whined. Nani giggled, while Arnav took his phone smirking.

“Bye..” he said. Anjali walked to him, she cupped his face leaving him confused. She kissed his forehead, “Good luck.. I will really pray that you get your rights, and show Shashi hell.. this is what he deserves.. and you already have your lucky charm..”

Arnav nodded, “It’s only because of her that I’m doing all this, if it was not for her I would have gone into depression again.. I should thank you that you brought Khushi in my life Di! The day I got married to her, was the best day of my life!”


Apr 30

Chapter 53 - Shashi Kapoor's end! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 241 times)

“Excuse is there any priest with the name Anand here?” Arnav asked to another priest in Mandir.

“Anand.. haan, but he only comes afternoon time..” he replied.

Arnav nodded, “Okay.. thank you!”

“We’ll have to wait..” Khushi looked at him and Arnav nodded looking at his surroundings. He spotted Dadu talking with Shashi, which shocked him more.

“What is Dadu talking with Shashi? Do they know each other?” thought Arnav. Khushi was busy in her phone.

He patted her cheeks, Khushi looked at him frowning, “What is it?”

“I’m coming in a while, wait here ok?” he said.

“Where are you going?” she asked worriedly clutching his shirt with her tiny hands. “I’ll come back .. I won’t take time promise baba..” he kissed her forehead warmly.

She nodded unwillingly, and he left.


One week later..

“Hello everyone.. this is Ayesha from news channel XYZ.. and today’s breaking news is the announcement of the new owner of AR fashion industries.. Means Shashi Kapoor.. today in this conference hall we’ll get all the answers of the questions running in our minds, why did ASR hand over his business to Shashi Kapoor?”

Shashi Kapoor entered in the conference hall with his family, grabbing all the attention from media people, they ran to him and start questioning him already and clicking many pictures.

His bodyguards had to intervene and lead them to the stage. Shashi smirked seeing everyone’s attention on him.

“You lost ASR..” he chanted this on his mind.

“Papa there’s still one hour left for the conference to start.. you can rest in your room if you want.. I already booked it for you..” Meera said.

Shashi nodded and went from there.


“Good luck bhabhi..” Nk, Akash  and Aman whispered to Khushi and hugged her tightly. Khushi too hugged them tightly, she really needs their support today.

She looked at him, “Won’t you say anything to me?”

Arnav held her both hands firmly, he rested his forehead on hers. Khushi closed her eyes so did he, “Don’t be afraid of him.. and don’t fall weak!” he whispered.

Khushi nodded her head, “After all I’ve to prove you wrong!”

Arnav chuckled, he cupped her face: That time I didn’t trust on your love, but today I have full faith on you Khushi, I know you’ll do this.. Only you can defeat a man like Shashi!

Khushi nodded, she left from there.


Shashi’s room:

“Hi Shashi!” Khushi stood on the door of his room, waving at him.

Shashi turned to her, first he stood confused then smiled, “Hi Khushi! What are you doing here? Came to beg me to give your husband’s property back?”

“No!” Khushi nodded sideways, getting in the room, “Just came to congratulate you for being smart! Congratulations Shashi.. you finally managed to destroy my family, you managed to separate me from my husband..”

“I wish I had died that day and Arnav hadn’t signed on those papers.. I wouldn’t have to see this day..” Khushi acted like she’s crying.

“Ohho my poor baby..” Shashi patted her back, Khushi shoved his hands angrily.

“Shameless girl.. it’s good I abandoned you when you were a child..” Shashi blurted out in anger. Khushi looked at him shocked, “What? Means.. you’re..”

Khushi gulped, now she understood why his face was familiar to her. Why she felt she had seen him somewhere. He’s her FATHER.. the same one who left her with Dadu, the same who didn’t even thought about her.

“Yes, you heard it right Khushi.. I’m your father.. but you’re not my child! You can never be my child, my only children are Karan and Meera, they brought good luck in my life unlike you, you are a bad luck, you came in this life only to destroy me, to show my deeds to the world.. to make me pay for everything I did... I couldn’t let that happen, that’s why I abandoned you, I left you in some old man’s house.. I thought your chapter was over, but there you came again in my life.. but I’m Shashi Kapoor, I challenged my own destiny, and see before you destroyed me.. I destroyed you! Hahahahahahaa.. I kidnapped your husband and made him sign forcefully those property papers, by defeating Arnav.. I indirectly affected you Khushi.. now you’re lost, what will you do? How will you defeat me? Hahaah.. I’m just the best! No one so sharp and intelligent like me has born yet..” Shashi laughed evilly.

Khushi’s eyes were red due to tears continuously slipping from her eyes, she couldn’t believe she’s meeting her father and instead of hugging her and saying sorry, he’s telling all this to her.

“You’re not a human.. you’re a monster.. I can’t believe you’re my father.. what was my fault? Why did you do this to me?” Khushi cried.

“In this world, you have to be selfish dear.. how will you get what you want then? Sometimes you’ve to sacrifice things close to you, to get what you want.. I had to sacrifice you, to live the way I’m living now..” he smirked.

“I worked so hard to live this luxury life.. I was a very poor man, a servant in a big company like your husband’s, every day I dream that I’ve to be the CEO of this company, but how? By working hard like this every day? Nahin na, what will I gain by being honest man every time? That time only I understood, if I want this company, I’ve to snatch it.. that’s it.. I started being friendly with my Malik, start visiting his family often, I did everything for him, even faked an accident in which I saved his life, I gained his trust and then, I killed him.. (Khushi gasped) Yes, I KILLED HIM.. poor man, he loved me! But what to do, I was helpless.. I wanted what he had, and we couldn’t share the same space, hain na? Then while he was breathing his last, I made him sign the property papers.. and then I became the Shashi Kapoor everyone knows, I made his family become servants in their own mansion (he laughed, Khushi looked at him with disgust).. one police officer got to know about the crime I committed, I tried to bribe him but he denied, so I had to kill him also.. this is just the start of the crimes I committed to be here my baby, you see how much your father struggled to get here.. then came your husband, he bought my company and send me to the roads? Did I suffer so much to be on roads with my family ahn? Nahin na, I had to reply him in his way.. and I did.. I showed him what Shashi is made of.. no one can destroy me so easily! NO ONE!” Shashi said.

“Since you already destroyed me, I can hear the list of your crimes.. you have one hour, and I’m sure you don’t want to be bored here..” said Khushi smiling sarcastically, “Let me know my father!”

“Good idea!” Shashi smiled, he sat on the bed and started narrating everything to Khushi, sometimes laughing at her face.

After one hour, his bodyguard called him to come to the conference hall. Shashi was leaving with him, Khushi called him.

“Dear Papa..” Khushi smirked, “Don’t forget what pandit Anand told to you in past, this girl will destroy you!”

Shashi looked at her, her eyes revealed no fear, only revenge. Somehow she scared him.

“Sir let’s go!” his PA came to him, he nodded startled and left with them disturbed with Khushi’s words.



Shashi sat on his chair thinking deeply about Khushi, Garima caressed his shoulder smiling, “Kya hua? You looked worried..”

“Noth..” his sentence was left incomplete when he saw police officers around the hall, he gulped, “Who called them here?”

“Who called them here?” he shouted angrily. Karan walked to him, “Relax Papa.. they’re here for your security only.. I called them!”

“Acha?” Shashi sighed in relief, “Okay.. it’s because of that.. let it be.. I’m not well..”

Meera gave him a glass of water and asked him to sit to reply to the reporter’s questions.

“So, Mr.Shashi Kapoor everyone is curious to know why ASR hand over his property to you?” asked one girl.

“Because he’s incapable of handling success like me! He gave up like most weak people do!” Shashi smirked.

Suddenly lights went off, and only lights from a projection screen were on. It started playing the conversation between Shashi and Khushi.

Everyone watched it shocked, Shashi was revealing that he kidnapped Arnav and made him sign on those property papers, also his never ending list of crimes during the time he had his power.

Shashi was shouting for them to stop playing it, but none of them moved. Meera and Karan also tried to stop it from playing, but they didn’t know where this came from. 

“Nahin.. this is a lie.. they’re trying to frame me.. it’s a lie..” Shashi shouted crying. Media people filmed everything, and it created a commotion in the hall.

Police officers came on stage and handcuffed Shashi and his family.

“What are you doing? Do you know who I’m? You’re believing this stupid video..” Shashi shouted at him.

“I don’t know what you’re.. but I surely know who ASR is!” the police officer said and signaled him to look behind.

Arnav, Khushi, NK, Aman and Akash came to them walking in style with a victory smirk on their faces.

“I won’t spare any of you..” Shashi widened his eyes angrily at them.

“I told you only I can destroy you!” Khushi said standing face to face with Shashi, “I will always regret the fact that you’re my father.. but will never regret to expose you in front of the world!”

NK, Akash and Aman looked at them shocked. It only now registered on their minds that Shashi confessed he was her father. While Arnav just look at her feeling her pain. Dadu told him that day about Shashi being her father, he didn’t want Khushi to know that because he didn’t want her to fall weak, but Shashi end up revealing this to her.

He’s happy that she didn’t break down and gave up at last moment, she continued their plan and destroyed Shashi once and for all.

May 3

Chapter 54 - My broken heart! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 210 times)

At night..


Khushi sat on the poolside, staring at the dark sky with moist eyes, it wasn’t easy for her to know about her father’s truth, to face him after so many years, to question him why did he left her and then get to know that he doesn’t even repent for that, to destroy her own father. Which daughter wants that? But he deserved it, he really deserved it!

Suddenly she felt a soft and chubby cheeks rubbing one her neck, she wiped her tears quickly and turned back only to find her daughter hugging her from behind.

“Aashi..” Khushi smiled, and brought Aashi to her lap, “What are you doing?”

“I came hele to complaint!” Aashi pouted, “Mumma you said Papa changey Aashi loom (room) .. nothing changey..”

“Aww.. Papa lied to Aashi!” Khushi widened her eyes making Aashi giggles.

“What the.. Khushi you lied to her, not me!” Arnav shrugged, standing behind them.

Khushi glared at him, “What did you want me to say to her? Would she understand what’s going on?”

“But you could have told something else.. what time I would have to decorate her room again!” he said.

Khushi glared more at him, Arnav gulped understanding her look, she’s already angry with him and now things will get worse if he doesn’t keep his words back.

He sat with them, and patted Aashi’s cheek smiling, “Papa will changey your room soon okay..”

“Lieeeeeee..” Aashi screamed, “Papa.. NO NO always.. Mumma only bought Aashi’s doll that day.. Papa always denying!” she crossed her arms angrily.

Khushi cupped her face, “My doll he will do it for you.. don’t worry, he’s a Laad governor but good at heart.. and if Papa doesn’t changey Aashi’s room then we’ll beat him with pillows, hain na?”

Arnav smiled faintly, while Aashi nodded happily and hugged Khushi tightly.

“Papa Mumma I lovey lovey you both!” she screamed happily trying to hug both at the same time, but her small arms didn’t help. Arnav moved near to help her, he wrapped his arm around her waist and another arm around Khushi. Khushi looked away only hugging Aashi.


After making Aashi sleep, she returned to their room and glared at her husband, “Arnav this is my side.. I only sleep in this side of bed..”

“But tonight I want this side only!” he smirked, “I’m not getting sleep at my side..”

“Aww..what about me?” she widened her eyes.

“When did I deny you? You can sleep here.. on top of me, hugging me or we can sleep very close to each other, I promise I won’t let you fall off the bed, will hold you very tightly!” he smirked mischievously.

“Shut up!” she shut her eyes irritated, “And you know why you can’t sleep by your side, because you have done many bad deeds, and now want to sleep by the angel’s side to pass my good deeds to you!”

“WHAT THE..” Arnav laughed, “From where do you think all this Khushi?!” he laughed more making Khushi take her pillow and started beating him.

Arnav held her hand stopping her, both looked at each other.

Rabba vee .. Rabba vee..

“The only reason I’m sleeping here is to pacify my wife!” he whispered huskily. Khushi pushed him slightly, “Your wife isn’t going to forgive you so easily! You must know that your words broke my heart..”

“I know that I hurt you Khushi..” he said genuinely.

“Try to heal my broken heart then..” she whispered, and took one pillow walking to the recliner.

“Khushi.. are you going to sleep on recliner?” he asked in disbelief. “Why not? When you were angry with me in first days of our marriage, didn’t you sleep here only?”

“Come here Khushi.. Look, I’m leaving your side..” he said moving to his side of the bed.

“I don’t want..” Khushi said looking away.

Arnav walked to her, he lifted her and Khushi struggled on his hold, “Leave me Arnav.. I said I don’t want to sleep there..”

“You have to sleep with me! We need to plan our second baby Khushi!” he smirked teasingly. Khushi smacked his shoulder hiding her blushing face, “Shameless! I’m angry with you and you’re talking like this..”

“I will pacify you my Princess..” he whispered and made her lay on the bed.

“It’s not so easy to pacify me!” she said looking into his eyes.

“And I’m not one of those who give up so easily..” he replied and pecked her lips. Khushi slapped him playfully on his arm, “Laad governor..”

May 12

Chapter 55 - Dinner date! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 217 times)

Next morning..

Arnav woke up, he sat on the bed and rubbed his eyes then looked at his wife’s side only to see it empty.

“Khushi woke up so early today..” he frowned in confusion.

“Haan, why? Can’t I wake up early?” she walked out of the bathroom glaring at him.

“Good morning meri jaan..” he smiled ignoring her question which would lead them to fight.

“Morning!” she replied and went to the dressing table. Arnav widened his eyes seeing his wife behaving exactly like him.

“Khushi will you stop behaving like this with me? It’s so not you!” he said.

“Acha? You’re right only, it’s not me.. that Khushi is really a fool, innocent and sweet types, that’s why you didn’t even mind to say that it was mistake to fall in love with her na?” she asked sarcastically, “Yesterday you were saying big talks, that you’ll not give up.. you will make me forgive you.. what happened now? In just one night, and you’re already tired Mr.Raizada?”

“Khushi..” he didn’t even complete his sentence, when she threw the towel to his side, “Fresh up and come downstairs to have breakfast..”

She left the room, while he kept staring at her, then looked back at the towel in his hand, smelling it, “My vanilla ice cream is so angry.. I need to do something to pacify her..”


Khushi was in kitchen preparing breakfast for everyone, when Arnav came there. He hugged her from behind, Khushi acted like she is unaffected by his presence.

“Do you want to go on a dinner date with me tonight?” he asked. Khushi nodded sideways, “Nahin!”

“Khushi!” Arnav looked at her in disbelief.

“Leave me..” she said holding the plate on her hands, Arnav didn’t move. Khushi glared at him, she pushed him slightly and went from there.

Arnav sighed. Aashi came running inside the kitchen, she smiled staring at him, “Papa.. my fliend came!”

“Who?” Arnav asked, and she came to him, holding his finger and dragging him to the living room to meet her friend.

As they reached, Arnav smiled staring at two known figures to him.

“Hi Kiara!” he bend down to receive a five years old girl who came running to hug him. “Hi uncle.. How are you? Did you miss me?” she asked giggling.

“I’m fine! Of course I missed you..” he smiled pinching her cheeks, “What did you brought for uncle from London?”

“Many toys!” exclaimed Kiara. Aashi eyes lit up in happiness, she jumped up and down, “Let’s play Kiala di..”

Aashi and Kiara were playing around. Arnav stood up and hugged the lady standing smiling at the kids, “Hi Katy!”

“Hi ASR..” Katy smiled. Arnav asked her to sit and joined her to chat about her trip to London.

Khushi went to call everyone to have breakfast, then came to them, she was about to call him but her eyes travelled to the lady with him.

Arnav noticed her, her hazel eyes staring at him sharply and angrily as if she’s ready to kill him now made him smile, he stood up and went near her. Khushi looked away, Arnav grabbed her by her waist, “Katy.. she’s my wife, Khushi.. and Khushi, she’s Katy our neighbor.. she has a daughter, Kiara who is Aashi’s best friend..”

Katy gasped in surprise, “Oh my God! Are you serious? You’re married.. I can’t believe it. What what happened when I was in London?”

“Many things!” Arnav said, “But marrying her was the best among them!” he smiled staring lovingly at Khushi, who also stare at him in surprise; she didn’t expect him to say this.

“Oh, congratulations.. And Hi Khushi!” said Katy smiling. Khushi joined her hands smiling, “Namaste!”

“Please join us for breakfast..” Khushi said and Katy accepted the offer to take the opportunity to meet with the Raizada’s also.

While having breakfast, Khushi was making Aashi drink her milk and at same time having her breakfast.

“Mumma milky is not goody goody..” Aashi complained. “I know milky is not goody baby.. but Aashi wants to become strong hain na? That’s why milky might not be goody now, but in future you will thank milky for making you strong!”

Aashi smiled at her mother explanation, like a good girl she gulped the drink. Katy smiled, “Wow Khushi, you really know how to handle kids.. It’s so difficult to make they do things when they don’t want! I still have a hard time with Kiara..”

“Our Khushi bitiya is like this, she not only handles kids but old grandma like us and kaddos men like our Chote! Everyone is on right path here only because of her..” Nani said.

While they were chatting, Arnav held Khushi’s hand under the table, Khushi widened her eyes and looked at him, she muttered, “What is it? Leave my hand Arnav..”

“I want to take you to dinner date with me!” he said stubbornly.

“Only now? You’re just taking me because you want me to forgive you!” she argued whispering.

“Haan I want you to forgive me, but I also want to spend time with you!” he said.

“Nahin..” she looked away. Arnav, “Khushi I will take another woman with me if you don’t want..”

“Take anyone you want, I don’t care!” she glared at him.

“I want to take you dammit!” he almost shouted.

“Don’t dammit me now Arnav..” she said. “What will I do with a stubborn woman like you then?” he asked losing his temper.

“Don’t do anything just keep quiet and let me have my breakfast..” she said keeping her attention on her food.

“Fine..” he rolled his eyes.


Khushi was now playing with Aashi and Kiara, helping them set their Barbie house. Arnav and Katy were chatting over random things in the living room.

Khushi didn’t like to see it, she was getting jealous that Katy was taking so much time of her husband and here she was playing with the kids.

She stood up and went to the living room; she sat beside Arnav and wrapped her hand around Arnav’s arm possessively.

“Okay Arnav.. I’ll get going now.. will see you later..” Katy stood up smiling and waved at them, she picked Kiara and both left.

Khushi looked at Arnav glaring at him. Arnav laughed, “What? Why are you staring at me like that now?”

“Is Kiara Aashi’s best friend or you are her best friend? I’ve seen how you took a leave from office to stay with your Foreigner neighbor!” Khushi gritted her teeth.

Arnav pulled her by her waist, Khushi struggled on his hold. “I’ve told you before that no one will take your place in my life.. and I took a day off for you, not her..”

Khushi stare at him lovingly, he made her rest her head on his chest, which she willingly accept without fighting with him.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

“Will you with me on dinner date tonight?” he asked softly. Khushi nodded her head with closed eyes, “Hmm..”

“Khushi.. Chote…” Anjali shouted coming downstairs. Khushi opened her eyes, she stood up quickly and glared at Arnav, “Nahin! I won’t go with you anywhere.. humph! Don’t try to make your magic work on me.. Magician!”

Arnav smirked, while Anjali came towards them running with worried face.

“Chote..” she said, “Meera.. woh.. Meera.. died!”

“What?” Arshi said at the same time shocked.

“Haan, police officer called me now he said she tried to escape from going to jail and while they were going behind her, she was crossing roads and didn’t saw a car coming to her, and..” Anjali said.

“Maybe it’s DM punishment for her, Sharanya Di also died in this way because of her..” Arnav said. Khushi nodded, still she was shocked with the news.


Khushi walked in their room, she saw him sat the edge of pool lost in thoughts. He was disturbed to know about Meera, for a while they even forgot about them and now this news about her, made his mood off.

She went and took a sit beside him, “Should I wear saree or salwar kameez for tonight?”

“Hmm..” he turned to her confused.

“Let it be.. it seems you don’t want to take me to dinner date tonight..” she pouted, “Saree or salwar?” she asked again acting like impatient.

“Saree..” he smirked, “Red one!”

“I just asked you saree or salwar, color I will choose myself..” and she went back to her angry mode with him, “And for your kind information, I will wear black saree..”

“You’ll still look ****y!” he said naughtily. Khushi widened her eyes, her cheeks turned red, “Shameless!”


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May 19

Chapter 56 - The end! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 252 times)

At hotel XYZ..

After ordering their food, Khushi was staring at everyone else except Arnav, who had that big smirk on his face after seeing that she wore red saree as he asked her too.

“Can you stop staring at me?” she asked sarcastically.

“No, I can’t..” he nodded sideways, “You’re my wife and I’ve all rights to look at you!”

“To trust me also!” she said making him remember she’s still angry on him.

“I know!” he said, “I’m sorry Khushi!”

“Just by saying sorry, nothing changes!” she said with moist eyes, “Now every time a problem comes up, will you blame my love for that? Will you say to me that my presence in your life made you weak? That you’re not the same ASR anymore? That you regret marrying me?”

“NO! I will never say that again Chipku.. that was the last time, I am really sorry for everything I said to you in anger that day.. I never mean that..” he said feeling guilty.

“I want guarantee that you’ll never do it again!” she said and crossed her arms pouting; “Can you give me that?”

“You’re really my wife!” he chuckled, “What can I do Mrs.Raizada to prove you that I will never do it again?” he asked.

“I don’t know! You should think that, isn’t it?” she raised her eyebrows, shrugging her shoulder.

The waiter came with the dishes, while Khushi attacked her food. Arnav was thinking what he should do to make her forgive him.


Sometime later, Khushi was waiting for Arnav who went to washroom. She took her time to talk with Anjali over the phone, and while chatting she suddenly heard his voice.

She turned to the right side and saw him standing on a chair with a mic asking everyone to hear him. She widened her eyes in shock and kept the phone at the table, Anjali was also hearing her Chote speaking.

“Ladies and gentleman can I get your attention please?” Arnav said smiling. The girls cheered for him, they were looking dreamily at the Greek God in front of them. Khushi rolled her eyes, feeling jealous. She just wanted to pull him away and take him to a place where those hungry eyes won’t ever find him.

“Actually I need your all help to pacify my wife..” Arnav said, he pointed to Khushi, “That beautiful woman in red saree is my wife Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada..”

Everyone looked at Khushi, and indeed as Arnav had said, she was beautiful like an angel!

Khushi blushed, she looked down unable to face all those curious eyes on her.

“Okay, you guys can stop staring at her.. I’m very much possessive!” Arnav said. Everyone laughed.

Khushi also giggled on hearing him.

“So, my wife is very angry on me!” Arnav said, the crowd shouted, “Hawwww!!!! Why?????”

“Actually the fault is mine, she’s the perfect wife anyone can get.. When she first came in my life, I rejected her.. I didn’t want our marriage and I was very rude to her, but she never took it to her heart, she is very chirpy, bubbly, has a pure and golden heart, a girl in her own happy world! She came into my life and just brightened my world..  I’m the ASR everyone knows, but no one knows the Arnav that I killed years ago, that Arnav was just like her but after he lost his parents and his sister, he became depressed, he closed the door of happiness in his life, and then she came.. She changed everything in me, I’m seeing myself turning to that Arnav again..” he said.

Khushi looked at him with moist eyes, while everyone was emotional hearing this side of ASR.

“Right now I’m just blaming myself for hurting the most important person in my life, I’m asking myself why did I say those words I said to her? How did I even get the courage to blame her for loving me!?” Arnav said, his eyes moistened but he quickly wiped the corner of his eyes.

Jumping down the chair, he walked to her and kneeled, “Please forgive me Khushi.. I know I was wrong, just give me another chance and I will prove to you that I’m not that ASR, I’m your Arnav and your Arnav will always be strong if you’re with him!”

Tears slipped from her eyes and she looked at him getting lost in his eyes. Everyone were staring at them in silence and after few seconds, everyone clapped smiling with teary eyes and start shouting to Khushi who didn’t reply to him still, “Forgive him!!..Forgive him!!”

Khushi got startled hearing their shouts, she smiled and cupped Arnav’s face running her fingers through his hair, she rested her forehead on his, “I forgive you my Cute Chocolate!”

Raizadas on the other side shouted happily after hearing Khushi’s reply through the phone, they started celebrating it, dancing in the living room especially Nani.

Arnav lifted Khushi happily, and walked away from there, he turned back at the door and shouted, “Thank you guys!!!!!!!!”

Everyone clapped happily. Khushi blushed on his arms, she hide her face on his chest.


2 months later..


It was late night, when Arnav arrived home. He was walking through the garden side to reach home all tired, suddenly Aashi came running to him.

“Papa.. Papa… Papa…” Aashi shouted excitedly, while running. Arnav picked her up, “Slowly baby.. you will fall if you ran like this!”

“Papa!” she smiled panting heavily. “Hmm..” Arnav smiled seeing her excitement, as he patted her back calming her down, for sure Khushi must have done something that made her this happy.

“Lil Chocolate is coming!” she said with her eyes twinkling in happiness.

“Who??” Arnav asked confused. But Aashi didn’t reply to him, she kept chanting this till he walked to the door of the mansion.

While opening the door, he realized what Aashi meant by this. If Khushi calls him Chocolate, then Little chocolate would be their child!

His smile got wider realizing this, he walked quickly and in excitement inside the house, just to confirm from Khushi’s mouth about this.

He walked to the living room, and there she was sitting in middle on the couch, and his family was near her, happily pampering her. She was glowing in happiness, and when he reached, she just blushed. And he knew it was Yes! Yes, she was pregnant of his child.

“Congratulations.. You’re going to become father Chote!” Nani came to him smiling, and hugged him. He reciprocated the hug, but his eyes were on only on her, he whispered to her, "Thank you!"

Khushi blushed and looked down smiling. 

The end.

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