Jab We Met - 2 - COMPLETED

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Chapter 21 - Even moon has its flaws! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 157 times)

"Di.." Khushi called her with a nervous smile walking out of the bathroom.

Anjali who was on her phone till now sat on the bed, glanced at Khushi and widened her eyes smiling.

"What happened Di? Don't I look good?" asked Khushi tucking her hair behind her ear.

"You look gorgeous Khushi.. Chote will faint today for sure.." Anjali said chirpily and stood up, side hugging Khushi.

Khushi blushed lowering her eyes, "Di app bhi na!"

Anjali giggled taking Khushi to the dresser to apply make up on her.

Khushi admired herself on the mirror and smiled imagining what would be Arnav's reaction if he sees her first time in sari. This is the Red sari that Aashi choose for her when they went to shopping.


Arnav was pacing around the living room staring at his watch waiting impatiently for Khushi and Akash to come down.

"These both look like Bride and Groom! Such a long time to get ready man.." Arnav whined.

Nani and Mami giggled silently.

"Wow.. Khushi bitiya looks like an angel!" Mami said as soon her eyes landed on Khushi coming down.

"My Gudiya will steal hearts today.. She's looking so beautiful.." Nani praised Khushi smiling.

Arnav hearing all this, got more curious to know how Khushi was looking today, he also shifted his eyes to her side. And indeed, all praises were worth to her today, she was looking extremely beautiful in his eyes! Red, his favorite color looks like this sari was just meant and made for her. It wouldn't have fit on anyone with such perfection as it did for her. She left her hair open, and did some curls at the end, only to make him more crazy on her! She looks like an angel who came down from heaven right now.. Uff, he was speechless and breathless now.. He loosened his tie a bit and gulped staring fixedly at her.

Khushi was blushing while descending the stairs, she was observing his every move since his eyes land on her, and it was making her cheeks turn red matching her sari.

"Look at Chote's state.." Anjali whispered in her ear.

Anjali's teasing were making it more difficult for her to control herself. She just wanted to run away and hide herself somewhere where his naughty eyes won't find her glimpse. Her dhak dhak also wasn't helping a bit, it was beating so louder that she feared Anjali would hear it and get suspicious about her feelings for Arnav.

Anjali naughty smirk warned Arnav about his open behavior. He immediately stood straight and composed himself.

Khushi walked towards him, but she was having difficulty to walk properly since she doesn't wear sari often, it's always chudidar or salwar kameez for her.

Arnav noticed her, he started laughing seeing her state.

Anjali, Nani and Mami frowned at him.

"Why do you wear it when you don't even know how to walk with sari?" Arnav asked trying to suppress his smile.

"Don't make fun of me otherwise I will not go with you.." Khushi said crossing her arms and looked away.

"Alright.. I'll try not to.." Arnav smirked.

"Di say to Akash that we are waiting for him in the car.." Arnav said grabbing the car keys from the table and signaled Khushi to come with him.

Anjali nodded smiling, and both left outside.


Arnav was much ahead of Khushi, while she was walking slowly watching her steps carefully to not fall on the way.

He looked back at her and start giggling staring at her, "Khushi! Go and change if you want.."

Khushi felt upset that he's laughing on her, while she made this effort for him and he didn't even said a word to compliment her. She felt so bad right now that she lost her interest on even going to this party.

"Khushi.." Arnav called her sensing the change of expression on her face.

Khushi pushed him with her tiny hands, and he was taken aback.

"Enough ok! Yes, I don't know how to walk with sari..(Khushi pushed him again and he took a step backwards) .. Then what's the problem? You just know how to make fun of someone, why don't you wear it also and let me laugh at you.. I'm sure you feel bad also na.." she pushed him again and this time tears made way to her cheeks, Arnav's back touched the car now.

"It's useless to make an effort to do something special for you.. You don't even know how to value the effort of others.. I didn't wear this sari for me because I don't like to wear it I feel uncomfortable with it, but I did wear for you and you didn't even compliment me, just laugh at my flaws.. Laugh na.. Laugh as much as you want too.." Khushi said sobbing, she faced her back to him wiping her tears like a baby.

Arnav was numb, shocked and happy at the same time. She did this for him!! And he like a fool spoiled her mood.

He held her hand softly, but Khushi shoved his hand.

Then he touched his shoulder, Khushi shrugged looking away.

He tried to say something, Khushi cut him off, "I don't want to talk with you!"

Seeing no other option left with him, he held her by her waist earning a gasp from Khushi, then made her lean on the car and he stood in front of her not letting her avoid or run away from him.

"Let me go! I said na I don't want to talk with you.." Khushi whined beating him on his chest.

Arnav held her hands stopping her, "Khushi look at me!"

Khushi looked away not wanting to meet his eyes.

Arnav held her chin gently and made her look up to him, "You know I've seen many models who are beautiful.."

"No need to tell me! I don't want to listen about them.." said a jealous Khushi, shoving her hands from his chin and look away again.

Arnav sighed, he cupped her face and made her look at him, "But none of their beauty is compared to yours.. You know why?"

Khushi nodded sideways innocently.With her big hazel eyes curiously waiting for his answer.

"Because you don't need to add anything to increase your beauty Khushi.. Neither you need make up or arrogance and attitude.. Your simplicity, innocence and craziness are enough to make you stand apart.. You're one of those rare jewel that deserves someone who acknowledge your worth!" he said huskily.

Khushi's cheek reddened, she looked down with a smile playing on her lips.

"And coming to not know how to walk with this sari.. Even the moon has flaws, but everyone think Moon is perfect and beautiful!" he smirked.

"You also think moon is perfect and beautiful?" asked Khushi blushing hard, she knew talking about the moon he's hinting to her.

Arnav nodded his head.

"Oops!" NK reached and found Arshi close to each other. He closed his eyes with a naughty smile.

Arnav and Khushi became conscious about someone's presence.

"NK you.." Arnav said distancing himself from Khushi, and brushing his hair embarrassedly.

"Nahin Nannav.. My soul!" NK said smiling as if he caught Arnav red handed.

Arnav glared at him, "Why do you want? Are you and Akash ready? We have to leave tonight only!"

Khushi was still on her dream land, thinking about how Arnav complimented her.

"I came here to say that you should go ahead with Khushi ji, me and Akash are coming later.. He's preparing his proposal speech!" NK said.

Arnav nodded his head rolling his eyes as his brother excitement to propose a girl!

NK left from there waving a bye to him. Khushi and Arnav got in the car.

Khushi wiped her tears pouting, "See na my make up spoiled.. How will I go like this?"

Arnav stare at her for a while, then took his handkerchief from his pocket.

He wiped the make up from her face softly, "Don't hide your real beauty with make up..You look more beautiful like this.. Being yourself!"

Khushi smiled faintly staring him.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..


They reached in a beautiful and luxurious hotel. Khushi was admiring it with a bright smile on her face, "Wow it's such a beautiful place!"

Arnav nodded agreeing with her, they walked towards the entrance.

Khushi was nervous being in such a place, and with strange people gazing at her. She gulped and smiled nervously, not feeling comfortable among them.

Arnav sensed it, he held hand tightly assuring her he was there for her. Then he guided her to the hall the party was taking place. He knew she wasn't comfortable while walking with sari, so he walked slowly matching her steps.

With Arnav by her side, holding her hand and walking slowly she wasn't in fear to fall now. She knew he was protecting her and doing his best to make her feel comfortable.


Later on, in the middle of the party Akash, Khushi, NK, Arnav and Aman decided to implement their plan. The five walked to another hall booked by Akash especially to propose Payal in an unique manner.

Khushi twirled happily seeing the place beautifully decorated with white and red roses, balloons and in the walls had pictures of Payal all over. It looked like a dream!

"Proposal is for Payal, but seems you're more excited than her.." Arnav rolled his eyes at Khushi.

Khushi stopped twirling and pouted, "You can't see me happy na?"

"No! I love it when you shed tears of happiness.." he said.

Khushi smiled. NK interrupted both, "No time to fight now! Let's concentrate on the plan.."

"I wish you had the same concentration on work also!" Arnav glared at NK, who smiled sheepishly.

"Aman and Bhai are going to call Payal here.. NK is going to put the song while I'm proposing to Payal, so you go and hide NK.. And Khushi bhabhi is going to stay with me.." said Akash.

"Excuse me.. Why am I supposed to call Payal? And why Khushi has no task?" Arnav frowned.

Khushi showed thumbs up to him, stucking out her tongue, "I'm special that's why.. After all I'm the mastermind of this plan.."

"Am I slavemind then? It's because of me you could plan all this.. I called Payal to our company and Akash got to spend time with her.." said Arnav whining.

"Bhai Khushi bhabhi is my lucky charm.. If she's with me, then everything goes well.." Akash said side hugging Khushi.

"Mine too!" shouted NK upstairs smiling.

"Mine too! Everytime I escape from ASR's scolding its because Khushi ji is there.." Aman said.

Arnav glared at him, then looked at Akash, "Khushi is lucky charm.. Am I bad luck that you're sending me away?"

Akash smiled sheepishly.

Arnav sighed in disbelief, "Unbelievable.." he muttered and went from there with Aman.


"Everything will go well.. Don't worry.." Khushi said and hugged Akash assuring him.

He hugged her back smiling nervously, "Thank you bhabhi.. If I reached here, it's only because of you.." he whispered.

Suddenly Khushi was pulled harshly by someone, she was too shocked to react when she saw Payal glaring angrily at her.

"How dare you hug Akash?" shouted Payal.

Akash and Khushi looked at her confused. Aman and Arnav entered in the hall after hearing Payal's shouting and we're confused to see Payal angrily staring at both. NK also came downstairs to see what's happening.

"Oh now I get it.. She's everywhere with you! You like her, don't you? That's why you're avoiding me, at last you found someone that match to you! Oh.. Your Nani also said to me to learn respect from this girl..great.." Payal said with moist eyes.

Suddenly she felt angry on Khushi for taking her place, for snatching Akash from her, "You're a witch.. You came to separate us only.. I hate you.. I hate you a lot.."

She screamed and raised her hand to slap Khushi.

Before she could slap Khushi, Arnav, NK, Aman and Akash stood in front of Khushi protecting her.

Arnav held Payal's hand angrily, "Don't even try to lay a finger on Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada! You will see my worst side Payal.. I swear.. I won't even think that my brother loves you.."

"Don't even think Bhai! How could think so cheap of me and Khushi bhabhi Payal?" Akash said angrily.

"Where did you left your brain? Guess it only works in office.." said NK frowning.

Aman, "Can't you use your eyes at least and see the truth of Akash? He's madly in love with you and you suspect him.."

Khushi was behind these four standing like her bodyguards.

She smiled with tears in her eyes feeling so loved and protected by her family who stand for her at any situation.

Coming to reality, she pushed them aside, "It's okay.. Payal misunderstood us.. She doesn't know that I'm married to Arnav already.."

Payal looked at them shocked, "What? ASR she's your.."

Payal gulped at the last sentence.

"Yes, my wife! And you should know it.." Arnav glared at her.

"How would she know it? Everyone thinks Sheetal chudail is your wife.. You never introduced me to them.." Khushi scolded him.

"I will do that very soon to avoid situations like this.." Arnav said frowning.

Khushi wanted to just kiss his cheeks right now, he was cute angry!! She composed herself and turned to Akash.

Payal looked embarrassed, "I'm really sorry Akash and Khushi.. I really didn't know it.. I'm so sorry.."

"You should have trusted me Payal.. " said Akash hurt.

"If not him, you trust your eyes na.. Then look at the walls, it's only your pictures everywhere.." NK said angrily.

Payal cried feeling guilty, she threw herself on Akash's arms whispering sorry to him.

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Chapter 22 - Mr. Always right! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 180 times)

"Let's leave them now.." Khushi whispered, patting Arnav's shoulder.

Arnav angrily left from there, while NK and Aman followed Khushi.

"But music?" asked NK reaching the exit door.

"Now their hearts are going to play music.." Khushi smiled chirpily.


Payal broke the hug, wiping her tears away.

Akash also looked away not knowing what to say. His mood was completely off now and the speech he memorized in his mind just left fly away from it like a wind.

"You wanted to propose me!" it was more a statement rather than a question by Payal.

"And you spoiled it.." Akash replied with accusing eyes.

"I'm sorry!" she said in a low voice and looking down.

"Will you torture me even now? Can't you say those words I'm dying to hear?" asked Akash.

Payal looked at him surprised, she stammered, "I.. Do you want to hear?"

Akash nodded, "I forgive you considering it was a misunderstanding! And I also thought one day that Karan is your boyfriend.. We did the same na, so it's ok!"

Payal smiled faintly, she kissed his cheek softly, "I love you Akash!"

Akash smiled brightly, he felt like a dream coming true today.

He pulled her by her waist close to him, "I love you too my Doll!"

Payal blushed.


"I don't like this woman.." said Arnav loosening his tie in frustration.

"You don't like anyone.." Khushi commented rolling her eyes sarcastically.

"She tried to slap you.. How dare she? I would chop her hands if she did that.." Arnav frowned clenching his fists.

While Nk and Aman were watching Arnav amused. They both are Khushi's best friend and always take care and protect her from evil, that's why they got angry with Payal. But Arnav rarely shows he cares for Khushi, he's always mocking and fighting with her.

Khushi was equally surprised seeing this side of him, so protective he is of her. Her happiness knew no bounds today, first Arnav praised her beauty and now protected her from Payal.

"You would land in jail then.." Khushi pouted.

"I don't care.." Arnav looked away sighing.

"You don't care about anything, but I do okay.. And stop talking like this.." Khushi slapped his lips frowning.

Arnav smirked, "I would stab her with knife so many times.."

"Arnav stop it.." Khushi glared at him.

"So many times, blood would come out like ocean from her.." Arnav chuckled.

"Shiii.. You're disgusting! I'm not hearing anything.." Khushi shut her eyes.

"Pagli.." Arnav hit her forehead, "You don't want to listen then cover your ears na, why are you closing your eyes?"

Nk and Aman laughed. Khushi glared at him.

They went to the party hall again, the four sat on a table reserved for Arnav's family.


Sometime later, the four head outside the hotel as the party ended.

"Akash?" Khushi asked not spotting him anywhere.

"I think romance is still going on!" Nk smiled sheepishly.

"I'm not waiting!" said Arnav getting inside the car.

Khushi shook her head, "I will go and call him.."

She went running inside the hall booked by Akash, as soon she entered, her eyes widened and she gasped, covering her mouth with her both hands.

Akash and Payal were kissing each other. And got alert with Khushi's anklet sound. Both were hell embarrassed seeing her there.

Khushi shut her eyes tightly, "Ayee DM, yeh jawani hai deewani (this youth is crazy).. Before marriage, kissing is not allowed!"

Akash giggled shyly, "Khushi bhabhi you can open your eyes now.."

"Let's go. Your brother is already getting angry.." said Khushi, staring at both.

Akash nodded and held Payal's hand leaving the hall with Khushi.


In the morning, Khushi was in the living room with Nani and Anjali.

"Nani.." Khushi called her hesitantly.

"Yes my Gudiya.. Bolo.." Nani smiled staring at her.

"Payal (Anklet) are really beautiful na?" asked Khushi.

"Hmm, they are and I like the sound also.." Nani replied. Anjali looked confused with Khushi talking about anklet early in the morning.

"So imagine how a girl named Payal would be beautiful also.." Khushi said raising her eyebrows smiling.

"It depends Khushi.. Not all girls by the name Payal might be beautiful.." Anjali said.

"They might be spoilt brat also.." Nani frowned thinking about Payal.

Khushi gulped thinking, "This is going to be so difficult.."

"Friend.." Aashi came running towards to Khushi, and rested her hands on Khushi's lap.

Khushi cupped her face smiling, "Baby!! Where were you?"

"I was wateling plants with Papa.." Aashi said smiling excitedly. She gets this bright smile after seeing Khushi.

Arnav sat beside Khushi, and Anjali handle him his newspaper.

"Good morning Chote.." Anjali smiled.

"Morning.." Arnav said, and next minute he whined, when Shyam clenched his cheek from behind.

"Good morning my cute Chote.." Shyam wished him.

"Di control your husband.." Arnav said.

Everyone giggled. Akash and NK also joined them.

Akash sat on the couch, and asked Khushi through his eyes, if she talked about Payal to his family.

Khushi nodded sideways sadly.

Arnav rolled his eyes, "You still didn't say anything.."

"You think it's easy?" Khushi glared at him.

"Yeah, it is.." Arnav shrugged.

"Then talk with everyone and convince them to accept Payal.." said Khushi pouting.

"Who wants to marry with Payal? Akaash na, so he is the one who has to say it to the family.." Arnav said shrugging his shoulder.

"You're right.." Khushi nodded her head.

"I'm Mr. Always Right only.." he said smirking.

"Then I'm Mrs. Always Right!" she said smiling.
Thank you for the comments. Angelinarshi-thank uuuuu dear.. Ur words means a lot :). Lazydoll- Arnav in the past was like Khushi now, but after his sister death he became ASR

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Chapter 23 - Tujhe yaad na meri aayee.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 154 times)

Akash's room:

"What!? How am I going to say to everyone here?" Akash freaked out at the idea of him telling everyone at home about Payal, which means without his lucky charm, Khushi.

"Khushi isn't the one who is getting married with Payal, it's you Akash.. Now we are talking about marriage, so you should convince everyone at home of your choice.." Arnav said.

"You're talking like that because you met your bride after the marriage.." Akash pouted, "It's very difficult, especially now that everyone hates Payal here.."

Khushi giggled.

"My bride was of my family choice, so that's why I had no problem.." Arnav said shrugging.

"Then help me make my bride of family choice also!!" Akash whined.

Arnav rolled his eyes, "She's not my choice either.. How will I help you?"

Akash widened his eyes, while Khushi glared at Arnav.

"What? I didn't forget the fact she tried to slap you and also misbehaved with Nani.." Arnav said after seeing their looks on him.

"She already said sorry for that.." Khushi said.

"I won't marry her if Bhai doesn't accept then.." said Akash crossing his arms pouting.

NK who was silent till now, face palmed, "Isn't this love story getting stuck everytime? Can't we just move on?"

"If Bhai let us move on.." said Akash eying to Arnav.

Khushi and NK also looked at Arnav with a please-let-us-move-on look.

"Look Akash if you're happy with her then I am also.. But like Nani, this girl is also on my bad books!" Arnav said stubbornly.

Akash pouted, while Khushi rolled her eyes, "Don't worry Akash, soon they will all like Payal.."

Akash smiled brightly.

"So my plan is you bring Payal at home so that we can introduce her to the family. And don't worry about everyone's reaction, we'll help you also.." said Khushi.

"When? I have loads of work in AR, won't be able to come soon home.." said Arnav frowning.

The three glared at him, for spoiling their plans always!

"We shouldn't have included Nannav in our plans.. He is such a spoilsport.." said NK throwing an angry look to Arnav.

Arnav glared at him, "Who told you that bring me in?"

"Khushi bhabhi.." Akash and NK said at the same time making faces.

Arnav rolled his eyes, he stood up from the recliner he was sitting before and went near Khushi, "Seems like you become Goddess of this house, all I hear is your name.. From Nani to Aashi, your name is in everyone's mouth.."

Khushi smiled, "Yeh hai Khushi ki magic! But seems like it doesn't work on you.."

"Who said that it doesn't work on me?" Arnav smirked.

Khushi stared at him with wide eyes, while Arnav turned to leave the room.

"I'm not going to wait for you both!" he turned back again glaring at Akash and NK.

Akash and NK bit their tongues, and went running to catch with Arnav's long steps.


Arnav got inside the car, Akash took the front seat and NK the back seat.

Both were panting heavily after almost running to not miss Arnav. Arnav just shook his head in disbelief.

"Listen.. hey stop the car.." Khushi shouted coming to them running like she was in some fast and furious movie!


Unfortunately while running, she didn't notice the huge closed gate and bang her head on it.

She stepped back rubbing her forehead and hissing in pain.

Akash and NK gave a Ouch-that-hurts look. Arnav face palmed, muttering his favorite, "What the.."

The guards opened the gate for her, suppressing their smiles.

Khushi pouted and went near the car especifically at Arnav's window side "Listen.." she was cut off by Arnav.

"Can't you be careful dammit?" he rubbed her forehead softly, "See it became red now.."

"It's okay.." Khushi giggled, "Now it became habit for me.."

"To be a clown?" he asked sarcastically.

"Nahin, to get hurt like this.." said Khushi glaring at him.

"And like this people laugh at you, that makes you a clown!" he said signaling her to look at the guards still laughing at her. But one look from Arnav and they stood straight with fear all written on their faces.

"What they don't know is that I'm that IT wala clown who will make them laugh in fear now..see their faces now.." Khushi said widening her eyes as if to make Arnav scared.

Arnav just shook his head in disbelief, seeing that she thought the guards were scared of her.

"Sunno..(Listen)" she patted his shoulder.

"Bolo..(Say)" he patted her left cheek.

Akash and NK were admiring their relationship.

"I was thinking that we should call Payal on Saturday afternoon, that means tomorrow. As today you will come late home. Will you be free at that time?" she asked.

"Done.." he said. Akash and NK squealed in happiness.

Khushi smiled, "Akash send me message with Payal favorite dishes.. I will cook for her.."

Akash nodded smiling. Khushi left from there.

Arnav honked signaling the guards to open the gate before she hurts herself again.


It was afternoon, still the living room wasn't calm as it would be when Khushi wasn't present in their lives.

Khushi was cracking jokes, while massaging Nani's legs.

Aashi was playing with her toys, in her Anjali bua's lap. And Anjali was making her eat her chips.

"Gudiya enough.. I'm fine.." Nani patted Khushi's shoulder indicating her to stop messaging her.

"It's okay Nani.. I will do it, I only started now and you're saying enough!! In my home, I would give same massage to Dadu and he never asked me to stop, he loved my massage.." said Khushi.

"I also love your massage my Gudiya.. But I don't want to trouble you, already no one leaves you in morning.. So you must be tired.." Nani smiled.

"I'm not tired Nani, doing things for your family doesn't make you tired, rather it makes me satisfied at the end of the day.." Khushi smiled.

"But Nani is right Khushi, now sit on the couch and rest also. When boys return from work, they will make your work also to cook dinner for them.. Especially Chote, who only wants to eat your hand made food now.. Did you see how he makes faces when he gets to know that HP or I cooked and not Khushi?" Anjali giggled.

Khushi blushed at the last sentence by Anjali.

Anjali and Nani looked at each other with teasing smile. They're not blind to not see how these two are coming closer to each other now. Arnav who at first days, used to hate to even see Khushi's sight, now after coming back from work, his eyes secretly keep searching for her, and not to forget the small smile that appears on his face when she comes to him! Khushi is no less, she blushes almost all the time they talk about Arnav. Earlier she would just make fun of him.

"Friend makes wolld (world) best food.." Aashi smiled brightly.

"Acha? Bua doesn't make good food then.." Anjali tickled her.

Aashi giggles softly, holding Anjali's big hand with her little fingers, trying to stop Anjali from tickling her.

"Hello hi bye bye.. Your son doesn't love me Sasuma.." Mami complained with big eyes, and settled herself on the sofa.

"What happened now?" Nani asked rolling her eyes and prepared herself to hear nonsense from Mami.

"I said to him that I will give him a jadoo ki jhappi (magic hug) when he was going to office.." Mami pouted.

Khushi giggled, while Anjali widened her eyes at Mami's boldness.

"Then he said to me, my jadoo ki jhappi is like Kala jadoo ki jhappi (black magic hug).. Bolo, whose husbandwa tells this to his ever so beautiful wife?" Mami cried.

Anjali and Khushi burst out laughing at Mami. While Nani was like when will you both grow up?

Aashi threw the packet of her chips on the floor when she finished.

Khushi nodded sideways, staring at her.

Aashi gave her a lopsided smile, and climbed from Anjali's lap, and took the empty packet in her hands, she went running to the kitchen and handled it to HP.

"Hali plakash uncle please tlow (throw) thizz fol me.." she pleaded.

HP smiled caressing her hair, he took the packet from her hand, sending her to go back and play.

She went running back to Khushi, placing her hands on Khushi's lap, she looked down a bit shy, "Solly.. I did bad mannels.."

Khushi smiled, "I'm very happy that my Princess realized this alone!"

"Alen't you angly with me Friend?" she asked facing Khushi.

Khushi nodded sideways, pulling Aashi into her lap, she hugged Aashi close to her heart. The little one snuggled more to her.


Everyone had their dinner and retired themselves to their respective rooms to sleep.

Only Khushi was still staring at the door eagerly waiting for her husband to return. She remembers he said he would come late, but this late she didn't expected. She even asked Akash and NK about him, but they said he had some pending works which he needed to complete.

She nodded and stayed at the living room watching some TV serials, waiting for him. Seeing the serials coming to an end, but he didn't return as yet, she lose interest in watching them and switched off the TV. She walked to the kitchen and prepared for herself her favorite jalebis.

She walked back to the living room munching her jalebis and murmuring, "DM please make sure he's fine.. Why isn't he coming back home?.. Now this is not late, but extra late.. Hey DM did someone kidnap him on the way? Or did he met an accident? No, no, no.. Khushi shut up.. Why are you thinking like this?.. He's a lion and nothing bad can happen to him.. Yes.. Nothing happened only.. He must be working like Robot and didn't even see time to return.. Laad governor doesn't even think how much worried would I be for him.. Let me call him.."

She called him many times but it was unreachable, she was already having bad thoughts now.

Two hours passed by, and Khushi was more restless now than before. She was pacing around the living room, with tears flowing from her eyes.

And one more hour passed by, it was 3 am.

Khushi sat on the couch crying badly.

Suddenly she felt someone touching her shoulder, she looked at the person for sometime, and then threw herself on his arms. It was Arnav.

"Khushi what are you doing here? What happened? Why are you crying?" he asked caressing her hair softly.

Khushi pushed him away, staring angrily at him: Where were you?

"Office.." Arnav replied.

Khushi stood up, "Office? Till this late.. Do you even realize what time it is now?"

"I know.." Arnav said, but didn't even complete his explanation, as he was pushed backwards again.

"What you know? You don't know anything.. Do you even know how worried I was? All bad thoughts haunted me and here I could do nothing.. Why didn't you answer my calls? I'm waiting for you here.. And you didn't even thought to inform me.. What were you doing till now? At every minute I didn't see you in front of me, I was getting scared, worried and what not.. My heart was beating fast at every bad thought of what could have happened with you.. You don't know anything.. You don't.." she said crying and beating him on his chest.

Arnav was shocked and surprised at the same time, he didn't thought she would get so much worried that he came late. Everyone in home already knows that he would come at this time, but seems like it's a first time for Khushi. He should have informed her that it's normal for him to come back home at this hour.

Seeing no response from Arnav, Khushi hugged him back again, tightly, "Are you ok? Say something.."

"First stop crying! I'm fine Khushi..nothing happened to me.. I was just in office, and when I finished my work.. I thought to rest for a while, my phone battery was dead so that's why I didn't answer your calls.. And I normally come home at this time, when I stay in office till late.." Arnav said patting her back gently.

Khushi shut her eyes tightly still in his embrace. She calmed down after hearing his explanation.

"Chote what happened? Khushi are you ok?" Anjali came downstairs switching on the lights.

Arnav and Khushi broke the hug, Khushi wiped her tears.

Akash and NK also came downstairs hearing Khushi's voice.

"Woh Di.." Arnav said and stare at Khushi, he wiped her tears with his thumb, "Stop crying dammit.. I'm fine!"

"Kya hua? Will anyone tell us?" asked a worried Anjali.

"Tujhe yaad na meri aayee (You didn't even think of me) Kisi se ab kya kehna (What should I tell anyone now)" Khushi pouted shoving his hand from her.

"Actually she got worried for me because I came late.." Arnav replied to Anjali.

"But we told you bhabhi that Bhai would come late.." Akash replied.

"You never said this was his late.. I got worried.." Khushi said.

Khushi rested her head on Arnav's shoulder sobbing softly, she hugged him sideways.

Arnav caressed her cheeks, "It's okay.. I'm fine.."

Anjali, NK and Akash smiled warmly seeing both.

Arnav took Khushi to their room, right now she needs to rest after he troubled her a lot today!

Feb 13

Chapter 24 - Payal's time.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 173 times)

"I'm very nervous yaar.." Akash said pacing around his room with a tensed face.

NK was brushing his hair, and rolled his eyes.

"Just chill Akash! All you have to do is say that I love Payal and want to marry her.." Nk said.

Akash threw a pillow to him, "I know that! I just don't know whether this meeting would turn out to be Mubarakan (Congratulations) or Total siyappa (Total chaos)"

"If it's Mubarakan, then we will get Akash ki Dulhania, (Akash smiled in glee), if it's Total siyappa then Happy.. I mean Payal Bhag Jayegi (Payal will run away)" NK laughed out loud.

Akash started running behind him and he escaped from there leaving the room.


Arshi's room:

Khushi woke up, but was surprised seeing Arnav still ?? sleeping on the recliner. Usually when she wakes up everyday, he would be jogging or taking care of his plants. And after letting him fresh up first, she gets up. But today he was still sleeping.

"Ayee DM.. Miracle happened today, Laad governor didn't wake up till now.." Khushi thought suspiciously.

She pulled the blanket away, and went near him.

"Arnav.." she called his name softly.

Arnav was still sleeping peacefully.

"Arnav!! Did you die?" she asked him rubbing his shoulder.

"Yeah!" came a lazy reply from Arnav.

Khushi pouted and slapped his shoulder.

"What kind of stupid question is this? Can't you feel I'm breathing? And how would you question someone who is dead if he died.. He would never answer you unless he comes like a ghost!" Arnav opened his eyes.

"Acha ok! I just got worried na.. You don't sleep till now.." said Khushi embarrassed for her behavior and walked to go to the bathroom.

Arnav sat on the recliner, and held her hand, "Aren't you getting much worried for me these days?"

"Do you have any problem?" Khushi asked.

"I just want to know why!" he said.

"What why?" Khushi looked away.

"Why are you worried for me? Are you falling in love with me?" he smirked.

"Laad governor.. Don't think too high of yourself!! I do stay worried about Akash also, does this means I love him also? Nahin na, he is my brother in law.." Khushi said.

"And I'm your husband Khushi.." he rolled his eyes.

"Toh? (then?)" Khushi asked.

Arnav stood up, he went near her and tucked her hair behind her ear, he bend his head and whispered near her ear huskily, "Toh pyaar ho sakta hai.. (then love can happen..)"

Khushi closed her eyes due to the proximity of both. She could feel his breath and his husky voice like a melody to her ears. She shivered and gulped..

"Thanks for waking me!" she heard his voice.

Suddenly she felt the door being closed. She opened her eyes and saw he already left from there to use the bathroom.

"Laad governor I will not leave you.. I woke up first today.." Khushi shouted, then she sat on the bed smiling.

Arnav on the other side, splashed water coming from the tap, on his face many times. He closed his eyes and Khushi's face came in his mind.

Why does he lose control with her? He never felt like this for Meera neither Sheetal. Meera was considered one of the most beautiful and hot girl in their class, but his heart never give any interest to her. His friends would always convince him to be her boyfriend because they sensed she loves him, but he never gave a damn! And Sheetal, was one of top models of AR, both were friends only and he never looked at her with other intentions as media people published. Khushi is different, she is simple and innocent but makes his heart skip a beat whenever he's with her, close to her. He always tend to lose control with her, and with great difficulty he manages to cover up the situation and control his feelings, like now! Run away to the bathroom, otherwise he would talk and do something which he would regret later if he hurt her!



The family was in the living room, all were so happy that Arnav didn't go to office today and Khushi got to know the reason why he didn't woke up early.

Aman came in smiling, "Namaste.."

"Aman beta.. How are you? Come, sit here.." Nani said happily. Today Arnav didn't go to office and Aman also came to visit them. "I'm fine Nani.." Aman said and took blessing from Nani, Mami and Mama.

"What's up bro?" he greeted Akash and NK, and stood with both chatting with them.

Arnav glared at him, to which he smiled sheepishly.

"I left my office in your hands and you come to my house to what's up with your bros!?" Arnav said.

"The matter is I'm loyal to my boss! He took a day off from office, so I also did the same.." replied Aman with a smile.

"Very funny!" Arnav said and everyone laughed.

Akash received a message from Payal, stating that she has reached. He nervously walked outside the mansion to take her.

Arnav, Khushi, Aman and NK looked at each other with tensed faces.

Akash came back alone, and the four looked at him confused.

He cleared his throat, "I want to say something to you all.."

"Haan bolo Akash.." Anjali smiled to him.

"I fell in love.." he said in one go.

"With whom?" Mami asked with wide eyes.

"Obviously with a girl!" Arnav rolled his eyes.

"This is a good news Akash! Who is she?" Anjali asked.

"Haan, who is this girl who stole my grandson's heart? Show her to us.." Nani smiled happily.

"I.. Woh.. She's here.. I brought her to meet all of you.." Akash stammered.

"Look how is he shy.. Aww Akash! Don't be shy na, call her.. We won't eat her!" Anjali said peeking to the door side, to get a glimpse of Akash's lady love.

Payal who was hiding in the door, shut her eyes tightly in fear of rejection by his family.

"Call her.. I will hug this girl who finally managed to melt your heart.. I can't wait to her your marriage.." said Nani smilingly.

"If you see her face, you will not hug by kick her out of here.." Arnav murmured, chuckling thinking about everyone's reaction.

Khushi glared at him.

"Let me see my bahu!" Mami said excitedly.

Akash just stood still, while Nk and Aman were signaling him to call Payal.

Khushi also eyed to the door, gesturing him to go and bring her in.

"Ooh bitwa.. Is your Queen so beautiful like Queen Padmavati that you plan to show her glimpse to us through a mirror?" Mami asked in disbelief.

Anjali and Nani laughed. Akash widened his eyes, "Ma app bhi na!!"

"Should I call her?" Arnav asked.

Khushi nodded sideways, "Let Akash call his future wife, yours is here beside you!"

Arnav raised his eyebrows smiling astonished with the words Khushi chose. Possessive girl, he thought. Khushi realized what she blurted, she looked away feeling shy.

"I think I will have to go and see her.." Anjali said and pretend to stood up.

"Nahin Di.. I will call her.." Akash freaked out, he looked at the door side and gulped.

"DM be with them!" NK, Aman and Khushi silently prayed.

"Pa..Papayaa.." Akash shouted closing his eyes, not wanting to see his family's expression.

"Papaya??????" everyone asked confused and Aashi giggled.

Payal wanted to bang her head somewhere.

"Akash weds Papaya!!" Mama said and made a face.

"Isse better toh Strawberry hai..(Strawberry is better than this)" Mami said rolling her eyes.

"Did you really fell in love with Papaya?" Anjali asked widening her eyes.

Feb 13

Chapter 25 - It's a Yes! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 169 times)

"Payal.." Akash called her biting his lips.

Payal entered in the mansion with baby steps.

The family was shocked to see her, while Nani stood up angrily.

"What is she doing here?" Nani asked.

"She is the girl I love Nani.. Payal.." said Akash facing Nani.

"Hello hi bye bye.. Akash bitwa have you gone nuts? This girl misbehaved with Sasuma and you want to bring her in this house?" Mami widened her eyes.

"Is there any lack of good girls in this world that you had to choose this girl?" Nani asked.

"Nani I'm really sorry for that day.." said Payal standing beside Akash.

Khushi felt pity for them, she nudged Arnav.

"Do something for them!" she said with moist eyes.

"You want me to become DM and change everyone's mind here?" Arnav asked sarcastically.

"Oh now you want my grandson, so you say sorry.. If I was any old woman then you wouldn't have said sorry to me.." Nani shook her head, "Learn how to respect elders, not for you interest but for your good only.."

"Nani Payal just did one mistake na.. Please forgive her.. I love her a lot.." Akash said.

Payal nodded her head guilty, "I won't repeat it again.."

"Just one? She tried to slap Chipku.." Arnav intervened glaring at Payal.

Khushi face palmed, while Akash was like this-marriage-is-not-going-to-happen.

"Can't you keep quiet? You're sounding like Bhallaladeva trying to destroy your brother, Bahubali's life.." Khushi scolded him.

"I'm not destroying his life, but telling truth.." Arnav frowned.

"What? She tried to slap my Gudiya.." Nani widened her eyes shocked, "What did my Gudiya do to you?"

"It was misunderstand Nani, and she already said sorry and I forgive her also. It's your time to forgive her now.." Khushi said.

"Nahin.. This girl misbehaved with me and with you also! I won't let Akash marry her.." said Nani stubbornly.

"Nani please.." pleaded Akash, "I already suffered so much to get a yes from her, and now you all refusing her.."

"Hello hi bye bye you made my son run behind you! There are better girls who want to marry him.." Mami said angrily.

Nk and Aman sighed, one by one secrets are being revealed and everything was against their relationship.

"I also don't think this relationship will bring any good for you both. You both are really different from each other.." said Anjali, Payal seems like her Chote, and Akash is a soft hearted person. She fear her brother might suffer in future with Payal's behavior.

"Di even me and Arnav are very different from each other.." Khushi said.

"Nani we all do mistakes in life and if elders don't forgive us and show us the right path, then who will? Whatever Payal did, she's really sorry for it.. Please forgive her and give permission for this marriage.." Khushi walked to Nani.

Nani looked away, Khushi smiled whispering a "Please" which melt Nani's heart in seconds.

"Who will ever deny you?" Nani smiled and kissed Khushi's forehead.

She turned to Payal, "I forgive you.. But to marry my grandson, I still need to test you and be sure about this.. Only then I will approve this relationship.."

Payal nodded her head smiling, she hugged Nani tightly, "Thank you so much Nani.."

Nani stood stern staring at Akash, who smiled sheepishly at her.

Khushi signaled Payal to touch Nani's feet to take blessings from her.

Payal nodded and broke the hug, bending to take Nani's blessings.

Nani had a small smile seeing that she didn't forget to touch her feet. Little did she know Khushi was the one who reminded Payal.

Akash sigh in relief while Arnav walked near Khushi, he held hand and pulled her to a corner.

"Don't do this.." he said with an angry expression on his face.

"What?" Khushi asked startled.

"Payal isn't what you're showing to my family. Why did you signal her to touch Nani's feet? This is you Khushi and not her.. After sometime, when everyone see her true face, then everyone will be hurt na.. I know you will help her pass her test, but you after this? Did you ever thought about it?" Arnav asked.

Khushi looked at him serious, "You're right.. What will we do now?"

"Do simply nothing Khushi! Let Payal be herself in front of everyone and let's see the outcome na.. Haan, you can help her in one thing.." Arnav said.

"What?" Khushi asked curiously.

"Teach her how to respect others like you do, explain to her how each and every member of this family is, teach her what is wrong or right.. But don't change herself, don't tell her what to do or not.. Like you do with Aashi, you teach Aashi something, and Aashi alone does it when the situation arises na because she remembers your words and advices, same goes to Payal.. What you did now was wrong, because she touched Nani's feet not because you taught her but because she wanted to impress Nani. And impress someone being something you're not is wrong!" Arnav said.

Khushi smiled faintly staring at him. She nodded her head, "Mr. Always right I still have a lot to learn from you!"

Arnav pinched her nose with a small smile, "Mrs. Always right.."


At the living room...

Everyone went to the living room again to talk with Payal, more precisely to watch Payal give an exam to Nani. Payal was nervous, but Akash was more. He just wanted her to pass from this quickly and lay on the bed in relief, knowing its a Yes from his family.

Payal was about to sit beside Khushi, but Arnav came and sat beside Khushi to protect his wife!!

Akash called her to sit with him.

Khushi rolled her eyes, "Aren't you being over protective?" she asked while patting Aashi's back, Aashi was falling asleep resting her head on Khushi's lap.

"I have to be, you're so thin that if Payal slapped you that day you would have landed in the sky itself.." Arnav mocked.

Khushi pouted.

"So why you fell in love with Akash?" asked Nani.

Payal remembered Khushi's words sometime ago, she remembered how Khushi said to her, that she needs to answer every question of Nani honestly and not to impress Nani. She needs to be herself and not create an image of a woman she's not.

"When Akash came to me first time and confessed his feelings, I really thought he is a playboy and just wants to have fun. But after seeing his insistence on getting me, I realized he's not lying. He has really fallen in love with me and I fell for him, because while he was trying to impress me, I met a caring, patient, soft hearted and honest man in him, who would fill the empty space in my heart.. I felt only Akash is the man who I can fall deeply in love with.." Payal said honestly.

Akash smiled lovingly at her.

"Kitne cute hain.." said Khushi chirpily.

"Akash or his family?" Nani asked.

Payal thought for a while, in her heart she would always choose Akash. But if she answers Akash, and not them, they might think bad of her. But this is what Nani wants to test her only, if she is trying to impress her or she loves Akash truly.

Khushi shut her eyes tightly, she silently murmured, "Answer Akash.. Not family.."

"Akash.." Payal replied staring at Akash lovingly. He smiled and tightened his hold on her hand.

Nani was impressed by her honest replies.

"Your parents or Akash?" Nani asked.

"Akash.." Payal replied with a low voice.

Nani looked at her confused, "No matter how much you love your husband, you should always hold your parents in first position. Because they're the one who did everything for you.. Don't try to impress us by choosing Akash.. I was just testing you, and you failed!"

"I would if they were with me Nani. Right now, I only have Akash in my life.. The empty space that only he can fill, because when they left me to meet DM, I was left all alone.. Now I have someone to call as my own.." Payal replied with moist eyes.

Everyone gasped shocked with Payal's revelation, except Arnav who already knew about Payal's parents.

Nani felt guilty for replying like that to her, her eyes welled and hugged Payal, caressing her hair.

"I'm so sorry.. I didn't know about this, otherwise I would never bring this topic.." said Nani.

Payal nodded sideways, "You don't need to say sorry Nani.. It's my fate only.."

Khushi looked away and wiped her tears quickly, but her actions didn't go unnoticed by Arnav. He was watching her every step. He knows she must be thinking about her parents who abandoned her and didn't even thought for once to take her back.

"HP bring water for Payal bitiya.." Mami shouted.

"From my side it's a Yes!" said Khushi plastering a smile on her face.

"Ours also!!" Aman and NK said at the same time.

"Akash really loves her and he's happy with her only.. It's better not to force him marry with a person he doesn't have feelings for, otherwise you already know what happened.." Arnav said.

Everyone looked at him sadly, as their mind travelled to his story, his past with Meera.

Only Khushi and Payal were unaware of this, Khushi didn't understand what he meant by the last sentence. All she knows is Arnav was kind of forced to marry his first wife.

"Hello hi bye bye Arnav bitwa is right!" Mami said, "If Akash bitwa is happy with her, then our happiness lies in his.."

Nani nodded her head, she caressed Akash and Payal's head, "Go ahead with this relationship!"

"My cute Katappa.." Khushi pinched Arnav's cheek, smiling cheekily. After all Arnav gave the necessary push, to make everyone finally accept Payal.

"Oh really.." Arnav rolled his eyes.

At night..

*Aashi's room:

Khushi came in the room with a small bowl in her hands, smiling thinking about how Akash and Payal must have been celebrating right now after everyone accepted their relationship. She was really happy for Akash, after all she witnessed his hard work to get Payal and then his nervousness to get a yes from his family. She was so glad to see that Akash wasn't like those who married without caring about his family opinion. He wanted his family to accept Payal, and only then he would marry her.

"Friend what izz thizz?" Aashi asked curiously staring at the bowl in Khushi's hand.

"This is hair oil and Friend will apply it on your hair so that it grows more and healthy.." Khushi smiled and sat on the bed.

"Leally? (Really).. Wow.." Aashi widened her eyes smiling in glee.

Khushi nodded and pulled Aashi to her lap. Aashi sat comfortably and waited obediently for Khushi to apply the oil on her hair.

Khushi spread the oil on her palms and applied it on Aashi's hair, then with her fingertips she massaged Aashi's head.

Aashi giggled enjoying the feeling.

Arnav came in the room, "What are you both doing?"

"Papa Friend puts oily in Aashi's hail.. Friend said that my hail will glow mole.." Aashi said excitedly.

"Hmm.." Arnav walked near them, he laid on the bed and rested his head on Aashi's lap. Aashi giggled feeling ticklish.

Khushi smiled warmly realizing their position, Aashi sitting on her lap, and Arnav with his head rested on Aashi's lap. They looked like a happy family!

Aashi caressed Arnav's hair, making him smile softly. He closed his eyes. And Khushi smiled mischievously, she handled to Aashi the hair oil and signaled her to apply it on Arnav's hair.

Aashi smiled and dipped her fingers on the bowl, then applied it on Arnav's hair.

Arnav opened his eyes, "Baby what are you doing?"

"Oily Papa.." she showed him her fingers with a toothy smile.

Arnav made a face, he glared at Khushi, "You asked her to do this na?"

"What? Your hair will glow!! How long do you plan to stay bald my Katappa?" Khushi gave him a lopsided smile.

Arnav shook his head, then closed his eyes again letting Aashi play with his hair.

"Papa Friend put oily to me, and Aashi put oily to you.. Who will put to Friend?" Aashi pouted.

Arnav smirked, he sat on the bed, "I will.."

Khushi nodded sideways, "Nahin I don't want.."

Arnav didn't hear her words, he made her sit on his lap, and Aashi was still on Khushi's lap. Khushi was shy at first, her dhak dhak increased as she never was this close to her husband.

"You also asked Aashi to apply oil on me without my permission, now it's your time my Devasena! Let your hair glow than it is now.." he said applying it on her hair.

"Eww..Katappa and Devasena are not couple!" Khushi shook her head making a face.

"That's your fault for not calling me Bahubali.." he said.

"How do you know about this movie? Did you watch it?" she asked him, she didn't expect Arnav to know about it.

"Kind of, had to watch it with Di who was in love with Bahubali.." said Arnav while massaging her head.

"Acha?" Khushi smiled closing her eyes.

"Hmm.. even Jija ji fought with her because her madness for Bahubali.. He was jealous.." Arnav chuckled remembering the pillow fights between the couple in the living room.

Khushi giggled and continued chatting with Arnav, meanwhile Aashi slept with her head buried on Khushi's chest.

Feb 14

Chapter 26 - Mumma!! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 184 times)

Dedicated to @Sk. Hope you like it dear.. It's not too long but special update :)

The sun rays peeked in Aashi's room, Arnav frowned in his sleep. He opened his eyes unwillingly and felt a weight on him.

Then he realized yesterday they slept in the same position only, Khushi was resting her back on his front, and her head rested on his neck. While Aashi was sleeping on Khushi's lap, with her head on Khushi's chest, sleeping peacefully like an angel. And he was leaned on the bed headboard bearing these two angels on him, his arms were wrapped around them protectively.

Arnav raised his hand carefully, and put aside a hair strand falling on Khushi's face. Now he got a clear vision of her beautiful and innocent face. He kept staring at her till his heart satisfaction.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

"You're just like Sharanya Di, Khushi.. Maybe that's why I can't hate you.. Same smile, same attitude, same behavior, same no.. You're more crazy than her.. (Arnav chuckled), both always think about family first, selfless, honest and innocent.. You remind me of her always.." Arnav thought.

Khushi buried her face on his neck hiding from the sun rays.

Arnav nuzzled her hair, "I can't lose you at any cost.."

Aashi woke up also sensing her father movements, she left Khushi's lap slowly and looked at her father smiling.

"Good.." she was about to wish her father, but he placed his lips on his finger.

"Friend is still sleeping.." he whispered eying to Khushi.

Aashi bit her lips smiling and whispered like Arnav did, "Aashi won't make noisey!"

Aashi placed a soft kiss on Khushi's cheek making Arnav smile at her cute antics.


Khushi came downstairs with a smile never leaving her face, after all yesterday she got to sleep peacefully with her husband and daughter. It was the best moment of her life, she would cherish it forever.

"Pack Aashi's snacks also.." Anjali said ordering HP and found Khushi on her way.

"Khushi we are going to picnic today.." said Anjali smiling.

Khushi nodded her head, "Di can we call Payal also? She will get to spend time with us in this way.."

"It's a great idea Khushi, sure we should call her.." said Anjali.

"Okay, then I will ask Akash to call her.." Khushi said and went upstairs to talk with Akash.

Arnav came downstairs with Aashi in his arms.

Nani smiled seeing father and daughter matching color of their clothes. Arnav was looking handsome with a white shirt and blue denim jeans. And Aashi was like a princess, with her a white dress and blue flowers printed on it. And her hair was styled in a French braid.

"Naniiii.." Aashi screamed smiling, she raised her hands to reach Nani.

Arnav walked near Nani, and handled Aashi to Nani. Nani took her, and made Aashi sit on her lap, clenching her cheeks.

Aashi smiled, "Nani it hults (hurts)"

Nani giggled.

"My baby is looking so beautiful like a Princess.. Who styled Aashi's hair?" Nani asked.

"Friend.. Friend make blaid (braid) in my hail.." Aashi said playing with Nani's rings on her finger.

"Chote.." Anjali came in the living room, she shifted her eyes from the phone to Arnav.

"Woh, I wanted to ask if the cars are ready or not.. We invited Payal also, so have to see if the cars have space for all.." Anjali said.

Arnav nodded, "I will take Khushi, Aashi, NK and Aman, then Akash will take his car, with Mami, Mama and Payal. And Jija ji will take his car, with you and Nani.."

"Someone needs to learn how to spoil romance with you Chote, I will not even speak a word with Shyam ji in the car if Nani is there, and poor Akash will be so shy to even smile at Payal in front of his parents.." murmured Anjali.

Khushi came downstairs with NK and Akash. Mama and Mami also came behind them.

Arnav was staring at Khushi, she was looking so fresh and beautiful like a Blue butterfly in a garden!!

Matching him, with a blue and white salwar kameez, simple touch of basic make up and her hair was styled with waterfall braid and ends curled.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

They all moved to the respectives cars and head to the picnic destination, to Hanging Garden and Kamala Nehru Park.


Everyone were chatting and enjoying watching the kids playing in the Hanging garden.

Akash and Payal were talking with the family about the plans for marriage, which they decided to start the preparations soon.

Khushi served snacks and juice for everyone, and a special chocolate milkshake for Aashi.

Aashi drank the milkshake in one go, to quickly go and play around the garden.

"Papa please take me thele.. Aashi wants to go to that Giant shoe.. Pleaseee.." Aashi pointed with her fingers to the giant shoe, where kids were climbing to reach the top.

"Okay.. Papa will take you there.." Arnav lifted her by her her waist, making Aashi squeal in excitement.

Khushi smiled as she watched them going. She sipped the juice from Arnav's glass.

Reaching at the top of the giant shoe with her father, Aashi was on cloud nine, she squealed in happiness. After playing with Arnav, both were returning to the family.

And a five years old girl, came running to them. She smiled at Aashi, "Hi baby.."

Aashi quickly hide behind Arnav's leg, feeling shy.

"Aashi say hello to her.. Look she wants to talk with you.." Arnav patted her head softly convincing her to talk with the girl.

"Hi.." replied Aashi with a shy smile, still hiding on Arnav's leg.

"Uncle can she play with us?" asked the girl to Arnav.

"Sure.." Arnav said, he knelt down pulling Aashi near him, "Don't you want to play with her baby?"

Aashi buried her face on his neck, Arnav smiled and hugged her tightly, "Go my Doll if you want.."

"Come.. we will play together.. My mom is also with us.." said the girl holding Aashi's hand.

Arnav left her, "Go, Papa is here.."

Aashi nodded and went with the girl, who guided her.

Arnav was keeping a watch on her, Khushi also came and joined him.

"What happened?" she asked.

"Aashi was shy to play with that girl.. And I was convincing her to go.." Arnav replied.

"Aww I found babies too cute when they're shy.. Hain na?" Khushi asked chirpily.

"Hmm.. I find you also cute when you're shy!" he confessed.

Khushi looked down smiling shyly, "Oh God this Laad governor is so bold.. He had to say openly like this and I would obviously be shy na.." she thought.

Arnav smirked seeing her shy.

"Mom look she is Aashi, my friend isn't she cute?" asked the girl to her mother.

"Aww such a cutie!" the lady pinched Aashi's pink cheeks. Aashi smiled shyly.

"Aashi she's my mom!" the girl said side hugging her mother, the lady kissed her daughter on her cheek softly, caressing her daughter's hair and then patting her dress to remove the dirt.

Aashi was silently staring at them admiring their relationship, which is exactly the one she shares with Khushi.

"Where's your mother baby?" asked the lady.

Aashi looked around to spot Khushi and show to them that she also has her mother who give kissy to her and pamper her like the mother of her new friend was doing, her eyes twinkled in happiness when she saw Khushi.

"Mumma.." she screamed with a huge smile on her face.

Khushi looked at her, she was taken aback by Aashi's sudden shout but more than her shout, is what she said that caught Khushi's attention. Suddenly she felt so happy, and numb also not knowing how to react. Her baby called her Mumma! Aashi acknowledge her as mother and not friend.

She looked at Arnav to be sure of what she heard, and when she saw Arnav nodding his head with a smile on his face, she knew it she heard it right only. Aashi called her Mumma!

Aashi came running like a butterfly to Khushi. Khushi knelt down to receive her, and Aashi threw herself on Khushi's arms, she hugged Khushi tightly resting her head on Khushi's shoulder.

Khushi also hugged her back with the same intensity, she smiled with tears flowing from her eyes.

"Mumma.." Aashi whispered again.

Even Arnav was with moist eyes, watching this. He didn't expect to suddenly Aashi call Khushi her Mumma, he also wanted to say to Aashi that it's high time he should call her Mumma and not friend, but always controlled himself as Khushi asked him to have patience and that Aashi will one day call her Mumma with her own will. Guess today was that lucky and miraculous day!

Khushi broke the hug, and kissed Aashi's face many times.

"What did you call me Aashi? Say it again.." Khushi said.

"Mumma.. You're my Mumma na?" said Aashi.

Khushi nodded her head smiling. Aashi wiped her tears with her palms, and Khushi rested her forehead on Aashi's.


While they were returning in the car, Khushi was just too happy and she couldn't stop herself but shower Aashi with kisses full of love and care.

Arnav had a smile playing on his lips while driving, he remembers when they told the family that Aashi called Khushi as Mumma. Everyone were so happy, they screamed and what not in happiness at the Garden celebrating making everyone around them think they're one crazy family!

"Aashi tell Mumma to control herself otherwise she will jump off this car in happiness also.." he joked.

Aashi didn't understand what her father meant, but Khushi did, she just smacked his shoulder, "Don't tease me!"

"Contlol Mumma.." Aashi said.

Khushi smiled as she got to hear "Mumma" again from Aashi.

"We have to celebrate today.. What about lunch outside?" NK asked.

"Sounds good.." Arnav replied, and asked NK to call Akash and Shyam to inform them the restaurant they're heading to.

The rest of the day was a happy and peaceful one for the family, after lunch, they went to shopping, then to watch movie.

And now they were returning home.

"Papa ice creamyyy.." Aashi screamed pointing to a ice cream parlor. Arnav couldn't deny her wish today, her parked the car and Shyam and Akash followed him.

The family came to them, Arnav asked: Aashi wants ice cream, who else wants?

Everyone raised their fingers smiling sheepishly.

Arnav bought for all, Khushi and NK distributed for everyone.

They were all relishing the ice cream and chatting with each other on a table.

"You know it's long time since I've tasted this ice cream.. It reminded me of old days.." Nani said smiling.

"Hello hi bye bye me too Sasuma.." Mami giggled.

"You're getting old Manorama, even I eat ice cream.." Mama widened his eyes teasing Mami.

Mami started getting worried, she caressed her cheeks and looked at herself in her mirror, "Hello hi bye bye.. Once I reach home, I will do my face packwa.."

"Akash this is one of the best days in my life.. I never enjoyed so much.. Your family is so joyful and happy in their world.." Payal smiled.

"And I can't wait to make you a part of my crazy family also.. Believe me Payal, with Khushi bhabhi there will never be a day where you will be upset.. She makes everyone smile.. Even the biggest problem she makes it small in your life.. Look at us, I thought I would never be able to convince you but she helped me, and we're together today.." said Akash smiling.

"So those plans were of Khushi and not yours?" Payal widened her eyes.

"Hmm.. Khushi bhabhi planned everything but love is mine!" Akash smiled sheepishly.

Payal shook her head smiling.

Arnav watched them, lost in his thoughts. It's first time he's seeing his family together and happy like this after Sharanya Di lost her life. He knows back then, no one was happy in true terms, still they used to fake it in front of him to not make him more upset than he was. When he lost his sister who was like a mother to him, he became very depressed and didn't even eat anything, nor walked outside the house, he used to stay alone in his room crying for hours and hours. His family had to be strong to make him come out of his depressed state, they consulted a doctor for him but of no use. But he changed his mind, when he first saw the daughter of his sister, he had to live and fight for this baby. That's when he faced the world, he joined office and distanced himself from his everyone around except Aashi. He forgot how to smile, how to enjoy his life, how to party till night, how to play pranks on others, how to stay with his family .. He forgot how to live! He was just alive for Aashi. He became ASR, who was rude, arrogant and ruthless for everyone, he killed the Arnav inside him.

Khushi showed to him her ice cream, "You can have a bit.."

Arnav nodded sideways.

"Eat na.. It's very tasty!!" said Khushi chirpily, she lifted her spoon to his lips. Now he couldn't deny, so he obediently let her feed him.

Anjali nudged Shyam to look at them, Shyam smiled astonished to see Khushi making Arnav eat ice cream.

"They're cute na.." Anjali whispered.

"Yes, they're very cute. Both without saying how much they love each other, still they show it.. And you Rani Sahiba, you say you love me but never show me.." Shyam pouted.

"Aww.. What do you want me to do?" Anjali asked with wide eyes.

"Feed me also.." he grinned eying to his ice cream.

Anjali blushed.

"Will you buy gol gappe for me? I saw that gol gappe vendor outside.. Pleaseeeee.." Khushi pleaded him cutely.

"I'm not Santa Claus.." he said wiping the ice cream smudged in the corner of her lips.

Khushi pouted and looked down. He held her hand and took her out of the ice cream parlor, heading the the gol gappe vendor stall.

Khushi squealed, but then put her hands on her hips raising her eyebrow, "You said you're not Santa Claus! Why are you buying it for me?"

"Santa Claus toh nahin, husband toh hoon na.. (I'm not Santa Claus, but your husband!)" he said taking money from his wallet and paid the gol gappe vendor.

Khushi smiled faintly staring at him.

Feb 16

Chapter 27 - Missing Khushi! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 186 times)

Arnav came back at lunch time, he left his bag on the couch looking around suspiciously, its strange Khushi didn’t came running to take his bags nor did he hear anyone’s voice till now.

That’s when Anjali came downstairs with her usual smile, “Chote.. you reached?”

“Hmm.. Khushi kahan hai? (Where’s Khushi?)” he asked.

“She must be upstairs or in the kitchen..” Anjali said.

“She’s not in the kitchen otherwise she would come running to me..” Arnav replied casually and sat on the couch massaging his temples.

Anjali looked at him with astonished smile, “Should I serve food for you or call Khushi?”

Arnav stood up, “Don’t do anything, I will myself call her and she will serve my food..” he went upstairs quickly as he couldn’t bear Anjali’s teasing glances at him anymore. Is it his fault that he needs his Chipku for everything??

Soon he reached on his room, and scanned the room still didn’t found her. He went to the pool side, but she wasn’t there also.

He came back to the room and checked the bathroom, but the door was open and Khushi wasn’t there.

“Where is she now??” he thought, leaving the room he rushed downstairs and luckily found his Di still on the couch.

“Di Khushi isn’t in my room. Is she with Aashi??” he asked.

“Nahin Chote, I put Aashi to sleep now only after she had her lunch..”said Anjali.

“Didn’t she went with Nani and Mami to mandir?” he asked, this time his heart was kind off scared if Anjali’s reply turned to be negative.

“Nahin.. Nani and Mami already returned from mandir, then some relatives invited them from lunch and they are there now.. Mami just called me few minutes back to inform about this..” replied Anjali.

“HP.. HP..” Arnav barked.

HP came to him running with a frightened look, “Ji bhaiyaa..”

“Did you see Khushi anywhere?” Arnav asked.

“Woh..” HP stammered.

“Woh woh kyaa??.. Speak up dammit..” Arnav shouted frowning.

“Chote calm down. He’s saying na..” Anjali patted his shoulder then looked at HP, “HP ji tell us, is Khushi at home or did she go anywhere?”

“I don’t know Didi, I returned from market some time ago..” replied HP looking down.

Arnav gritted his teeth, “If you don’t know anything, why are you wasting my time? Just go away and do your work..”

HP went running from there before he get more scolded by an angry Arnav.

Arnav went upstairs again, he searched for Khushi in every room, at the terrace, then rushed downstairs to check in garden side. He searched for her at every corner of the mansion, with Anjali and HP also helped him seeing his worried state.

He came back to the living room, “How can she leave and no one noticed it?”

“Relax Chote. Perhaps she went outside and will come back .. Don’t be tensed..” Anjali said.

“And why didn’t she inform anyone? She isn’t like this Di, Khushi informs me everywhere she goes.. everyday she messages me to inform her whereabouts.. I didn’t receive any message today.. let me check once again..” he said taking his phone out of his pocket, and checked his phone only to see no messages from Khushi. He decided to call her and ask, but her phone rang and HP came downstairs with her phone, “Khushi didi left phone at home..”

“Dammit..” he threw his phone on the floor in frustration.

”Chote calm down.. what’s wrong with you? We will find her..” Anjali looked at his broken phone on the floor shocked.

“How can I be calm today? It’s worst day in my life.. First I had to meet that Shashi Kapoor on my way back home and now Khushi is missing..I don’t even know what happened to her..” he shouted.

Anjali sighed, she caressed his back to calm him, “We will find Khushi..calm down.. “

“I want Khushi right now in front of me! I will calm down after that..” he said shoving her hand, and rushed outside the mansion.

Anjali called Akash worriedly, to ask if Khushi went to AR but the response was negative.

“Hey DM.. please protect Khushi.. I hope she’s fine and nothing happened to her..” prayed Anjali shutting her eyes tightly.


At night..

Arnav reached home in a devastated state, all his family were worried and waiting for Khushi’s news in the living room.

Aashi was crying for her mumma now, and Payal was trying to console her.

“Chote did you find Khushi? Where is she??” asked Anjali with tears in her eyes.

Arnav just sat with a thud on the sofa with an expressionless face, only his expressive eyes were very dark and moistened.

“Police is still searching for her.. no news till now..” said Shyam who came following Arnav.

“DM please protect my Gudiya.. we don’t even know where she is and what she must be doing now..” Nani cried bitterly.

Mami patted her back, trying to console her “Don’t cry Sasuma. She is fine and she is our strong Gudiya na.. she will come back and we will scold her a lot for making us worried..”

Arnav was still thinking on his mind, about the CCTV footage which had Khushi running all worried outside the mansion. That means she left willingly and no one kidnapped her.

His phone rang and he quickly attended the call, “Arnav..” a soft melodious voice came from the other side.

He sighed in relief, but the next minute got very angry, “WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME ALONE DAMMIT?”

“I.. didn’t..” she said only to be cut by him.

“WHERE ARE YOU?” he gritted his teeth.

“Dadu’s house.. I wanted to inform..” she replied only to be cut by him again.

“What? I’m searching for you everywhere and you’re at your Dadu home! STAY THERE, I’m coming to pick you..” he said in a dangerous tone, leaving her all frightened of him.

The family though relieved that she’s fine, rolled their eyes for not thinking about this before, but Arnav’s reaction to Khushi missing made all of them so worried that they couldn’t even think with cool mind.

“Bhai I will come with you..” said Akash following Arnav, who grabbed the car keys and went like a wind outside.


Dadu’s house..

Arnav and Akash reached in Dadu’s house, Arnav knocked the door impatiently, he just wanted to see her in front of him safe and sound.

Preeti opened the door and welcomed them inside, “Sorry Jiju actually…”

“Khushi kahan hai?” Arnav cut her looking around the house, his eyes found peace when it landed on her coming out of the room with a tensed face.

Arnav took long steps to reach her, he pinned her to the wall behind them with infuriated eyes, “How dare you leave me alone Khushi?”

“Bhai please calm down! Khushi bhabhi is here in front of you and fine also.. why are you getting angry?” Akash asked.

“Akash this is between me and my wife..” Arnav gritted his teeth, still with his eyes fixed at Khushi.

Khushi was only staring into his eyes, there was an unknown fear, possessiveness, anger, care in his eyes for her.

“Do you even know that I searched for you everywhere whole day? Couldn’t you inform me where you were? Every day you drop a message for me informing where you are going, even to go to Mandir near our house only and today you couldn’t do that? You left phone at home, didn’t inform anyone where you are going.. What am I supposed to think? Why did you leave me alone dammit?” he shouted.

Khushi flinched hearing his shout, she started crying. Arnav’s heart melt seeing her cry because of him, he pulled her into a tight hug caressing her hair.

Khushi buried her face on his neck sobbing, “You.. also.. came la..te from office.. I didn’t shout..at you..” she complained.

“Sorry..” he whispered hugging her more tighter, “You knew where I was still you were worried, now think about me, I was clueless of where you had gone .. I didn’t know what to do or where to search for you and only now I get to know that you’re at Dadu’s home, if not angry, what will I be? I am sorry.. stop crying now.. shh.. don't cry..” he caressed her back to calm her down.

Akash and Preeti smiled warmly staring at both.

“I am sorry..” Khushi said feeling guilty.

Arnav broke the hug, he cupped her face and placed many kisses on her forehead, her eyes and her cheeks, “Never do this to me again..”

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

Khushi looked down, she nodded her head, “I won’t..”

Akash cleared his throat widening his eyes with a smile on his face, “Bhai we’re here too!”

Arnav realized what he just did, he cursed himself for losing control like this. Immediately he withdrew his hands from Khushi, and distanced himself a bit from her.

“Khushi bhabhi now you can tell us, why did you left without informing anyone?” asked Akash.

Arnav also looked at her side, to know what’s the reason she left leaving him in the devastated state he is now, loose tie, messy hair, hungry.. these are some words that can describe him right now.

“Preeti called me this morning and said that Dadu fainted. She was crying and didn’t know what to do that’s why I also had to leave immediately to take Dadu to hospital.. I was so scared something bad could happen with Dadu that I just came running here.. I didn’t think of anything that time.. in hurry I also forgot my phone and couldn’t call you as I was in hospital.. only now I got time to call you.. I didn’t want to make you all worried for me, I am so sorry.. I will never do this again.. I should have informed someone..” Khushi said.

Arnav nodded, “Where is Dadu? Is he better now?”

“Much better, doctors said that it’s because he’s not eating properly these days and not taking proper rest.. that’s why he felt weakness and fainted.. he’s sleeping now..” said Khushi.

“I will just come, let me say goodbye to Dadu then we will leave..” she said.

“Let’s take Dadu home also, who will take care of him here? At home, everyone is there for him..” Arnav said.

“I also agree with Bhai..” Akash said.

“Nahin, Preeti will sleep here to take care of him.. Dadu won’t like to leave his home..” Khushi said.

“It’s just for few days till he gets better and we can keep a watch on him..” Arnav said.

“He won’t agree..” Khushi said.

“You don’t know anything, I will talk with him..” Arnav said and went to Dadu’s room. Khushi’s mouth opened in big “O”, while Akash chuckled.

Akash walked to Khushi and hugged her, “I was worried for you bhabhi.. today you killed me!”

Khushi smiled and hugged him back, “I PROMISE TO YOUR BROTHER AND TO YOU THAT I WON’T DO THIS AGAIN..”

“Better keep with this promise..” Akash smiled. 

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Feb 18

Chapter 28 - Promise me! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 169 times)

Raizada mansion..

Khushi reached with Arnav, Akash and her Dadu. 

The family seeing her was so happy, they all rushed and hugged Khushi at the same time. All shared a group hug emotional.

Dadu watched this with a smile on his face, Khushi's sasural treat her like their own family. This is what he wanted, and that's why he has been stressed all the time, he couldn't eat nor sleep thinking about his granddaughter everytime, he just loves this girl so much that he couldn't bear the thought of this family torturing or ill treat her since this marriage happened in such circumstances that he couldn't say if Khushi would be happy afterwards or not. But he was wrong, seeing all of them crying in happiness for her and hugging her tightly, he could see they love her dearly, even her husband Arnav seems to care a lot about her. He was not tensed or worried about his princess now. 

"Papa.. Papa.." screamed a little Aashi being squeezed in the bunch of people hugging Khushi and she was so small that she managed to hug Khushi's leg, but to come out of there was impossible with so many legs in front of her blocking her way. 

"Let her breath.. Even Aashi is getting suffocated with you all.." Arnav shouted to gain everyone's attention.

Dadu flinched hearing his shout, and Akash giggled whispering in Arnav's ear, "Guess you have to hug Dadu too Bhai.. Look how he got scared hearing your shouts.."

Arnav looked at Dadu with a scared face of Arnav. Seems like he has to control his anger and don't shout at anyone till Dadu is at home.

Everyone moved, leaving Khushi who was almost breathless still smiling.

Arnav walked to her and patted her back slowly, "Are you guys mad!? Look at her state.."

"Hello hi bye bye..  Yeh pyaar hai pyaar Arnav bitwa.. If you don't give to your wife, then what can we do?" Mami asked.

"That's because you don't know what happened at Dadu's house Ma.." Akash smiled.

Arnav glared at him, and Akash pouted and stayed silent.

Khushi blushed remembering how Arnav hugged her, how he kissed her face. Oh God! If she wasn't feeling guilty or upset then she would have turned red by that gesture of him! 

Aashi jumped raising her hands to Khushi to notice her.

Khushi looked down, and picked her in her arms, Aashi smiled, "Mumma.. I miched you so muchy.." she planted many kisses Khushi's forehead, and both cheeks.

She wrapped her arms around Khushi's neck, hugging Khushi tightly.

"Ayee meri baby.. Mumma also missed you so much.. Sorry for leaving without informing you.. Mumma will never leave Aashi again.." Khushi said smiling, the love she is getting in return from Arnav, her family and Aashi was making her so happy, overwhelmed. She was on cloud nine today!

"You know Papa also miched you vely muchy.. Papa was vely wollied fol you Mumma.." she said facing Khushi.

"Mumma also promise she will never leave Papa.." Khushi said shyly.

Arnav smiled a little, at least he got confirmation from Khushi that she will never leave him!

The family pulled Khushi to them, and Arnav rolled his eyes. He and Akash helped Dadu to reach his room.


After feeding her Dadu his dinner, Khushi came back to their room.

She glanced at Arnav's disturbed face, leaned on the recliner.

"What are you so disturbed now? I'm right here in front of you.." said Khushi twirling.

Arnav smiled staring at her. She surely has some magic, that made him smile even though he was very disturbed and irritated after seeing Shashi. What is he doing here? That thought killed him.

"Di was saying that you will calm down only when I'm with you.. Here I am, but you still look disturbed.." she sat beside him on the recliner.

"Oh, aren't you getting disturbed thinking about my next missing act?" she smiled mischievously.

"Dare you do this again.." he glared at her.

"I'm kidding .. I can't leave you worried like today anymore.." she clenched his cheeks smiling, "You're such a Jalebiheart.."

"Jalebiheart?" Arnav asked raising his eyebrow, and held her hand softly stopping her acts. 

"Haan, it means Sweetheart but since my favorite 'Sweet' is Jalebi so Jalebiheart.." said Khushi chirpily.

Arnav shook his head, "Only you can come up with this.."

Khushi pouted, then smiled in glee again, "You seriously called police to search me?? Are wah, Mumbai police in search of Khushi Gupta.. Wow!!"

"You're feeling like celebrity??" he asked jokingly.

"Haan but not because Mumbai police were searching for me, but you! The great ASR, searching for me that's what makes me feel like celebrity.. Imagine, such a khaddos like you left his office for one whole day just to search for me!!" she said squealing. 

"Pagli.." he muttered.

Khushi looked at him, this time serious. She held his hand softly, "But I promise you that I will never leave without informing you. If it's urgent, I will surely inform someone here at home.."

"That you already promised, I want another promise.." Arnav demanded.

"Bolo.." Khushi nodded smiling. 

"Promise me that you will always pick up my phone, you will always come to me when I'm back from work, you will always be near Me, and just not leave me without informing, you will never leave ME.."

"It's same na!" Khushi giggled, "I already promised this to Aashi and you.."

"But it's my way, so promise me now.." he said. 

"I promise.. Pakka wala promise.." she smiled.


Khushi woke up the next day, feeling ticklish on her neck. She opened her eyes and saw Arnav's head rested on her neck. His one arm was around her waist possessively. She blushed realizing their position, never she thought she would sleep with him like this, they only sleep together with Aashi because the little one wants to sleep with her both parents, otherwise she would sleep on the bed and he on the recliner. But yesterday night, she was sleeping peacefully when she heard his shout, he woke up in midnight almost breathless, sweating heavily even thought the AC was on. She rushed to him, and asked him what happened but he didn't say anything, he was in state to do so. She just made him lay on the bed, and sat beside him, whispering sweet nothings and ruffling his hair to make him sleep.  He fell asleep in no time with her magic touch, and she also didn't realize but also slept with him on the recliner.

Arnav woke up also feeling Khushi's movements, he rubbed his eyes and sat on the recliner staring at her confused.

"Woh, yesterday .. you saw a nightmare na.. I was making you sleep and I also end up sleeping here.." she explained.

"Thank you.." he said genuinely, and went directly to the bathroom.

"I wish I could know what was your past.. What did Meera did to you that you didn't love her? Why were you forced for this marriage? I don't understand, despite having such a sweet and great family why you are like this? And who forced you for this marriage? I'm sure, no one here did.. Or did they? I'm so confused.. I wish you come and tell me everything soon Arnav.. I want to help you!" she thought while going to choose her clothes on the closet.


Sometime later..

Arnav was working on his cabin, his eyes were fixed on his laptop and fingers typing. 

His phone rang disturbing him, he cursed the person for taking his attention from his important work.

He glanced at his phone and saw her name flashing on screen, he immediately took back his curse words, and picked up the call. 

"Hmm.." he hmm-ed with a smile playing on his lips. 

"Sunno.." she said blushing, yes she wanted to inform him where she is going, but yesterday incidents flashed on her mind and she couldn't help but feel shy. The information of her whereabouts matter to him, he never told this to her like he did yesterday. When she calls to inform him, he always says "Go! Why are you disturbing me?", or when she goes outside with Aashi, his reply is like "You're her mother, so you know what you have to do!". Still she always calls to inform and message him also, in case he forgets where they had gone. Only yesterday she got to know, that he really pays attention to her gestures, he really hears everyday where she is going and sees her messages too. 

"Bolo.." he said smiling, and leaned on his chair to have a conversation with his wifey!

"I'm going with everyone to Payal's mansion.  We need to talk about engagement preparations.." said Khushi. 

"Ok! Who will stay with Dadu?" he asked.

"We will take Dadu too, he's much better now Arnav.. Don't know what happened to him, he woke up like yesterday he wasn't sick! And he wants to go back home also.." said Khushi. 

"He wasn't sick Khushi, he was worried about you. And now that his heart is satisfied by seeing you fine and happy. He's happy also.. Sometimes we become sick because we get worried or miss our dear ones.." Arnav said.

"You are right.." she said smiling, how couldn't she realize this? Of course Dadu wasn't still sure about this surprise marriage, and he was very worried about Arnav's behavior with her. 

"Is he sure he wants to go back home? He can stay at home if he wants to.. I don't mind.." Arnav said. 

"Dadu is very attached with his home, he doesn't like to stay away from his place. He doesn't feel comfortable in other places.. Only because you insisted, he accepted.. Otherwise he would never leave his dear home, even to go to hospital he gave me a trouble but I still managed to convince him.. His home, his shop and me mean his world.." Khushi said with moist eyes. 

"Okay.. Listen, don't cry.. I know you miss your Dadu! Just like you promised to never leave me, I also promise I won't let you miss Dadu.. You will always be near your Dadu, your home and your sweet shop.." he said.  

"Hmm.." Khushi hmm-ed like him wiping her tears away. 

"Hmm kya hota hai? (What's hmm?)" he asked raising his eyebrow. 

"Ask yourself what it means, you only keep doing this all day and don't know what it means!! Laad governor.." she pouted. 

"I know what my hmm means ok, I don't know what your mean?" he said shrugging. 

"My hmm means same as yours. I've learned it from you, so ask yourself and get the answer Mr.Always right.." she said. 

"Acha!!" he smirked and like this their conversation went on and on, till Khushi reached with the family in Payal's mansion, she unwillingly had to hang up the call. 

Feb 19

Chapter 29 - Realizing feelings for each other.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 172 times)

At night..

“Chote we already decided about the engagement preparations with Payal..” Anjali informed him, while everyone was in the living room.

“So, what am I supposed to do?” asked Arnav.

“Decorations and you should book a hall also..” said Anjali and Arnav nodded, “Don’t worry, it will be done..” he said.

“We’ll go for shopping tomorrow as we don’t have much time, Nani and Mami will look into the list of guest we’ll invite..” she said.

“I’ll take care of the yummy part!!” said Khushi chirped, thinking about the delicious food and sweets there will be in the engagement.

Arnav stare at her, he smiled a little admiring her innocence and cuteness.

“I will be the cool DJ of the party!” NK said raising his shirt collar with attitude.

“We will hostwa the party.. hello hi bye bye, I must wear the most beautiful sari, my friends would be there and I don’t want to give them a chance to find flaws in my dress!” said Mami. Mama only rolled his eyes.

“Bhai Payal said her cousin sister and their parents would come to attend the marriage, she will also invite some friends of her..” Akash said.

“Okay, make the list and inform me how many guests would be there so that I can book a hall according the number of people..” said Arnav.


Arnav was staring at the sky filled with stars on the terrace, drinking his coffee. He was thinking deeply about Shashi Kapoor sudden come back. He asked Aman to investigate the matter, but they didn’t find anything suspicious about Shashi, and his men are already keeping a watch on him. But he knows that man can never be trusted, he is sure Shashi wants something. But maybe, it’s not with him and something else. He just wanted to be sure this man doesn’t want to harm his family.

Someone patted his shoulder, he turned back and saw Shyam: Jija ji, do you want something?

“Nahin, when I come to you means I want something?” Shyam chuckled.

“I didn’t mean that.. I just asked..” Arnav shrugged his shoulder.

“This chori chori chupke chupke type of love doesn’t match with you Sale sahab, you’re that type of man who says your feelings directly na..why are you hiding it now?” Shyam asked.

Arnav looked at him confused, “What??”

“You love my sister right? Then say it to her, why are you hiding it from everyone, especially from you?” asked Shyam.

“What the.. who told you that Jija ji? I don’t love Khushi..” Arnav said and looked away as if being caught lying.

“Look, you cannot hide this from me Sale sahab.. I can clearly see the now and then of your relationship with Khushi.. you shouldn’t delay in doing good things.. when she was missing, and she called you. You said “Why did you leave ME alone?”, why didn’t you say she left Aashi? Because according to you, you only want her to be Aashi’s mother, then at that time why did you think about yourself? You wanted Khushi for yourself Sale sahab and not for Aashi.. because you have started falling in love with her.. you have accepted Khushi as your wife and not only as Aashi’s mother..” said Shyam.

“Jija ji you better give some attention to your cases instead of solving love cases otherwise you will become love lawyer then..” Arnav mocked, “I don’t love her, I just respect..”

Shyam cut him, “I know what’s coming.. and I’m not in mood to hear lies or let you lie to yourself..”

Arnav shook his head, he sipped his coffee and stayed in silent. While Shyam frowned thinking, “Today I won’t give up, I will make you confess you love Khushi Sale sahab.. just wait and watch..”

“Acha, you know.. there so much love between me and Rani Sahiba, I care a lot of her, when she gets hurts I feel the pain, and she smiles at me trying to hide the pain from me because she knows I can’t handle to see her in pain. We both fight a lot, but these sweet fights are what increase the love between us. When I need something, she comes running to give it to me. When she pleads me to buy something to her, I always make faces but at the end just to see that bright smile on her face, I end up buying it for her. When I come back late from office, she serves my food and massages my head. There are many beautiful women around me (Arnav glared at him) but I only find her beautiful (Arnav smiled a little, he would really punch Shyam, if he said he finds other women more beautiful than his Di). When she calls my name so sweetly and with a smile, my heart finds peace. And so on.. this is love Sale sahab.. you feelthe same for Khushi right?” asked Shyam.

“I do feel the same for Khushi but it’s not love.. I care and respect Khushi, she’s special for me.. she took care of Aashi and my family like her own.. she gained a place in my heart..” Arnav said.

Khushi heard this, her heart just stopped beating, her eyes welled up and her face fell. She just went from there silently, covering her mouth with her palms and controlling herself to not burst in tears now.

“Oh, so what I feel for Rani Sahiba is not love then.. thanks Sale sahab for making me realize I don’t love her, she is just special for me..” Shyam said crossing his arms.

Arnav was tongue tied now.

“You remember in past you said about your dream girl to us, Khushi is just like her and maybe more than what you wanted.. Maybe DM always keep throwing the wrong girl in your way, that today the right one is in front of you and you’re refusing to acknowledge her.. are you scared to fall in love now Sale sahab? Every girl is not like Meera and Sheetal.. you know it.. inside you, you know very well Khushi is very different..” said Shyam and went away leaving Arnav in thoughts.


“Di you remember Sheena.. my girlfriend..” NK said running behind Anjali to the kitchen side.

“Nahin.. you change girlfriends every week.. how am I supposed to remember each name..” said Anjali giggling.

NK smiled sheepishly, “That’s because I can’t break their hearts, all want me so I decided one week to each one of them..”

Anjali laughed, “Naughty boy! Nani will scold you so much if she gets to know..”

“And I will put you behind the bars if you break their hearts..” Shyam pulled NK’s ear, who hissed in pain.

“Pa pa... party aaj ki raat.. Soni soni kudiyan mere saath.. Daru mangalo mere yaaron phir banegi baat” Arnav came in the kitchen singing.

“You only know how to party right?” Anjali shook her head smiling at him. Arnav smiled, he walked near her and kissed her cheeks, “Nahin, I know how to give loads of kisses to my dear sister..”

Anjali caressed his cheeks smiling, “Where are the soni soni kudiyan then?”

“Diiii..” Arnav whined, “Why do you take all matters to girls? I don’t have anyone, my princess is yet to come..”

“Really? Does she live in Disney Land?” Shyam joked.  Anjali and NK laughed.

Arnav pouted, “No, she is somewhere in this world.. and comes to meet me secretly in my dreams.. one day she will come to me.. I have full faith in that..”

“Okay, tell us how is she then? Maybe we can help you to find her..” Anjali said.

“I don’t need to search for her, she will come to me.. Destiny will makes us meet one day..” Arnav smiled dreamily, “Still, I will describe her for you guys.. She’s a simple yet extremely beautiful girl, she is innocent yet naughty, she enjoys the little things in life and not like girls nowadays who would choose boys according to their financial status and looks, she will be happy with everything I would give her, be it small or big, she is cute when she gets angry, she loves sweets but will be sad to know I’m diabetic, her smile is one to die for, her presence never fail to bring a smile on my face.. she will take care of my family like her own, she’s one girl who is loved by everyone, but her love is only and only for me.. that’s it.. this is my dream girl..” he said.

“Oh bro, good luck!! Because in college every girl is behind your looks.. she’s definitely not from college..” NK said.

Flashback ends..

Arnav bits his lips smiling, “My dream girl.. Khushi.. God, how can I be so dumb at times!.. you finally reached to me Khushi..”


Arshi’s room:

“He doesn’t love me Preeti.. he doesn’t.. he treats me well only because I take care of his family and Aashi.. he doesn’t have feelings for me..” Khushi cried speaking with her friend on the phone.

“Haan toh? You also don’t love him Khushi, then why are you feeling upset if he doesn’t?” asked Preeti.

“I LOVE HIM okay.. he’s my husband, my laad governor, my jalebiheart, my Chocolate.. he’s my everything now! I admit earlier I didn’t like him and I only married him for Aashi.. I didn’t want a relationship with him.. but my heart just crossed the limits my mind have set for this relation.. I couldn’t help but fall for him.. I didn’t had control over my heart.. and it hurts to hear what I feel for him, he doesn’t..” Khushi said and sat on the bed with a thud.

“Oh God Khushi.. when? When did you fell in love with him? You never told me anything..” said Preeti shocked.

Khushi just realized she blurted out her feelings to Preeti, she just hang up the call and buried her face on the pillow crying. She wasn’t in state to think when she did start have feelings for her Chocolate, today he broke her heart. Couldn’t he at least say he wants to give their relationship a chance?! She understands it must be difficult for him to accept love, when once he was forced to.


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Feb 20

Chapter 30 - What I feel for you, you also feel for me! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 146 times)

Arnav woke up, he sat on the recliner and looked at Khushi's side. It was empty!

He frowned not seeing his angel sleeping cuddling to her pillow, and stood up to use the bathroom but it was locked. Means she woke up earlier than him today.

"Strange.." Arnav murmured and went to the pool side.


At the breakfast table..

Anjali came to him, to serve his breakfast. He frowned and held her hand stopping her, "Khushi?"

"Chote!! Let me serve you because your wife is busy making paratha.." Anjali smiled.

Arnav let Anjali serve him, even though his heart was feeling something wrong. Khushi didn't show her face to him till now, it seemed like she is avoiding him. 

"Nannav doesn't need to buy clothes today.." said NK smiling naughtily.

"Why?" Akash asked.

"He will wear his suits na, like he wore on his wedding day.." NK giggled earning a glare from Arnav.

Khushi came after sometime, and joined them for breakfast. Her whole attention was on Aashi today.

Arnav didn't like this a bit, more over now that he realized his love for her and she is treating him like a stranger. She always ask him if he wants something more when she's feeding Aashi. She is always staring at his plate to see if he has finished his food or not and always crack some joke on him making the family laugh. But today, nor her glance neither her attention were on him. 


Arshi's room:

Arnav brushed his hair staring at her through the mirror.

"Dammit.. What's wrong with her? She never stays quiet with me.. Always talking nonstop.. Then why is she like today? I need to talk to her.." he thought.

Khushi was about to leave the room after getting ready to leave, when she felt someone's hand on her shoulder.

"Khushi.." he called her softly.

Khushi shut her eyes in pain, still facing her back to him, "Hmm.."

"Why are you doing this?" he asked.

"What?" she asked back in irritation. He really doesn't know what he did, he broke her hopes! 

"You're ignoring me Khushi, do you think I'm blind? What's wrong?" he asked. 

Khushi didn't reply, she just wanted to cry now itself. Arnav held her hand and made her sit on the bed.

"Tell me Khushi.. Is something bothering you? Did I did something wrong?" he asked as he sat beside her. 

Khushi looked into his eyes, she wanted to say it to him but didn't had courage to.

"We are getting late.." she said and stood up ready to run away from him, but he was quick.

Arnav pulled her and she landed on his lap. Khushi gasped, and tried to get up again but Arnav wrapped his arms around her waist, tightening his grip on her to not let her go. 

"Let me go.. Arnav.." she struggled on his hold.

"Husband and wife should never keep secrets from each other.." he said.

Khushi stopped and looked at him, "Do you even consider me as your wife?"

Arnav nodded, "I do.. I do see you as my wife!"

"You're lying!" she frowned cutely.

"ASR doesn't lie, I can hide the truth from you but I will never lie.." he said.

"It's same only!!" she crossed her arms. 

"It doesn't matter now, what matters is you're my wife and I want to know why are you behaving strangely with me today.." Arnav said stroking her hair gently.

"Woh.. Yesterday..you.." she stammered still thinking if it's a good idea to let Arnav know about her feelings.

"Khushi.. Chote.." Anjali shouted calling them. 

"We need to go.." she got up from his lap, and went running away from the room.

Arnav groaned in frustration, just when he convinced her to reveal the reason she's behaving strangely, Anjali had to call them. 


At the shopping, the boys accompanied the girls first for ladies shop.

The girls were so busy and excited showing them the sari, lehenga, chudidar and all.  And boys yawned feeling bored. They like everything, but girls are always finding flaws in the dresses.

"Khushi take this one.. It will suit you.." Anjali said showing to her a red and green lehenga.

"No, Gudiya this one is just made for you.." said Nani showing another lehenga.

"Eww.. Old choices! Khushi takes this beautiful pink sari.." NK said placing it on her shoulder, "Isn't this the best?"

"Horrible NK! Khushi bhabhi just look at this one.." Akash showed a blue and white sari to her, smiling.

"Hello hi bye bye.. Princess look at this one.." Mami rushed to them, as she found a lehenga for Khushi. 

The family kept fighting over their choices, making the people around smile at the love they had for their bahu. Other girls were so jealous of Khushi, for finding a loving and caring sasural.

Payal looked at them, she clenched her fist and looked away feeling angry and jealous. They came to shop for her engagement, but are giving more attention to Khushi than her.

Akash turned to her, as he saw her distancing herself from them. 

"Payuu come here.." he held her hand pulling her near him, "Did you choose your lehenga?"

"If you could give some attention to me instead of your Khushi bhabhi then I will choose na.." she gritted her teeth.

"What.. What do you mean?" Akash looked at her confused.

"It's my engagement Akash, not of your Khushi bhabhi.. Everyone is supposed to be helping me and not choose clothes for her..they are so excited to help her like she is the one getting married.." Payal crossed her arms, disappointed.

"Woah Payal, why are you thinking like this? We all are family.. And I don't see any problem in helping each other.. Yeah, it's our engagement but they will also be a part na.." said Akash.

"Whatever.." Payal rolled her eyes, and went to see other dresses. Akash went behind her to help.

"This one will suit one Chipku.." Arnav said picking one lehenga for her.

Khushi looked at the lehenga, it was beautiful one. He has good choices!! 

But yesterday events ran on her mind, she picked another one "I will try this one.."

"It's also beautiful... Whatever you take will look good on you.." he said putting a hair strand behind her ear gently.

Khushi looked down unable to meet his eyes.

Nani smiled warmly staring at both.

"Chote come here.." Anjali called him, and he went to her.

"Help your sister Mr. Fashion designer, she is saying I have bad choices.." Shyam put his hand on his hip sighing.

Arnav smirked, "She's saying truth!"

While on the other side, Khushi secretly picked the lehenga Arnav choose for her, and went to the trial room. 


Khushi was admiring herself on the mirror. She twirled around slowly twice but gasped in shock seeing Arnav staring at her with a smirk, that too inside the trial room! 

"What are you doing here? Leave from here Arnav.. Aren't you ashamed to enter like this without my permission?" she pushed him, fuming.

"You're my wife and I have all rights to see you in the lehenga I choose.." he said huskily grabbing her by her waist, he pulled her more closer to him. 

"Just leave from here Arnav.. This is ladies trial room.." she widened her eyes glaring at him.

"Then this is the wrong room for you too my Baby.. it's for ladies na, not baby!" he pinched her cheeks smirking.

"I'm not baby!!" she pouted pushing him away.

Arnav tightened his grip on her, "You're My baby.. And the conversation we were having in room, was interrupted by Di so I thought to end it here.."

"Don't call me baby because it hurts! It hurts a lot.. By choosing clothes for me, caring for me, calling me sweet names.. You're giving me false hopes Arnav.. It might not mean anything to you, but for me it does.. You're making me feel what I shouldn't feel for you.. I should have stopped myself from crossing the limits of friendship.." she said sobbing.

Arnav was somehow realizing where this was leading to.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"Yesterday I heard you saying to Shyam ji that you don't love me.. If you don't love me, then don't all these things which will make my heart break more.. Please stay away!" she said with a low voice.

"So you heard everything yesterday.." Arnav said, and she nodded.

"It's bad thing to eavesdrop others conversation.." he said.

"I know.. I didn't had intentions to hear your conversation with Shyam ji, it's just I was coming to you and I heard it.." she said frowning cutely, "Otherwise I don't have bad habits.. My Dadu taught me everything ok!"

"And it's even more bad to misunderstand people without asking them.." he said pinching her nose.

"Aww.." Khushi mouth opened in big "O" shape, "You only said it.. I heard it well.."

"You also said to me that day, when I asked if you have started falling in love with me.. What did you say? I care for Akash, does it mean I love him also? Nahin na.." he mimicked her.

Khushi wanted to laugh seeing him mimicking her, but the situation she was in now, wasn't the best thing to do. She just stayed looking at him. 

"Didn't you told me that you don't love me?" he asked.

She nodded, "I did.."

"Was it truth?" he asked.

Now she realized what he meant by that question, that day she said she doesn't love him but she does. Maybe he also said to Shyam that he doesn't but he does! She smiled a little at the possibility.

"What you said to Shyam ji wasn't truth then?" she asked curiously.

Arnav pinned her to the wall, Khushi blushed lowering her eyes. 

He kissed her forehead lovingly, Khushi closed her eyes feeling butterflies on her stomach with his lips touch on her forehead.

He placed on more kiss on her left cheek, she turned red like a tomato. Clutching her duppata shyly.

He smirked seeing his effect on Khushi, he planted one more kiss on her right cheek. 

"I hope you got your answer.." he said huskily and walked to leave the room. 

Khushi held his hand softly, still blushing hard: What's the answer? Bolo na..

"Calm down! At right time I will say what you want to hear.. For now, manage with the kisses!" he winked and opened the door leaving her pouting. 

"Arnav loves me like I do.." she thought smiling. 



"Ma'am I have to inform sir that you're getting discharged. He's the one paying the bills and everything for you.. he has the right to know.." the nurse said. 

"No, don't say anything to him.. it's a surprise!!" the lady smiled brightly. 

"I am coming Arnav.. again to you.." she thought biting her lips, "Even death could not separate me from you.."

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