Jab We Met - 2 - COMPLETED

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Jan 23

Chapter 11 - A lunch date? (By Angel23) (Thanked: 174 times)

After his meeting with Payal, he went back to his cabin and found Khushi playing with Aashi hide and seek on his cabin!!!

Aman also came behind him and smile amused, never ever in his life he thought the great ASR would have married a woman like Khushi.

Arnav cleared his throat gaining both's attention.

Aashi smiled and came running to him like a butterfly full of energy to play.

"Papa let's play.. Hide and seeky!!" Aashi held his index finger with her small hand trying to push him but failed miserably. At last she looked up to him waiting for his reply.

"Aashi this is papa's work place and we don't play hide and seek here.." Arnav said.

Aashi's face fell, she looked down and didn't ask him again. She knows her father only explains once, if you try to convince him again he will not hesitate to scold.

"ASR these files need your signature.." Aman said handling the files to Arnav.

"And you need a resignation letter.." he glared at Aman.

"Woh sorry ASR.." Aman gulped.

"Decide whether you want to work as my PA or Akash's love story maker.." Arnav said.

Aman shut his eyes angry with Akash for letting Arnav know that he informed him about Payal.

"Play with her na! What will you lose by playing with your daughter for few minutes?" Khushi pleaded when she saw Aashi sad.

"Here no!" Arnav turned to Khushi glaring at her.

Khushi pouted looking away.

Aman grabbed the opportunity to escape from Arnav's scolding for the day.

"Why didn't you go home yet?" Arnav asked.

"I was waiting to inform you that we are leaving. Now that you're here, we can go!!" Khushi lifted Aashi.

"I'm going to a shopping nearby to buy her Barbie doll.." Khushi said.

Arnav nodded, has this woman took the day to impress him today? She waited for him to inform she's going back home and also let him know where they would be in the way, shopping to buy Barbie doll for his daughter. She really didn't forgot Aashi's wish!! He now reminded of the day when Aashi pleaded Sheetal to buy a doll for her, and the next day Aashi asked Sheetal for the doll and Sheetal made a lame excuse but he knew she forgot about it, maybe it really didn't matter to her what Aashi wanted.

"Wait Khushi, I'm going with you both.." he said taking his car keys laid on the table and turned to them.

"Yaaaay.." Aashi squealed in happiness.


At the shopping malls, Khushi pointed to a toys shop, "Let's go there.."

Arnav followed both of them who were very excited to buy only a "Doll". It seriously made him chuckle a bit.

"Aashi choose what you want.." Arnav said as knelt down and patted her back.

Aashi's eyes twinkled in happiness seeing so many toys, and a confusion started taking place in her brain, which one is the best doll for her?

"It's not like this! What do you mean by choose what you want? You have to help her choose according to her likes.. If you talk with your daughter while buying things for her, you will get to know about her likes and dislikes.." Khushi said.

"Acha!! You became a very experienced mother in few days na! Come then and show how to help her.." Arnav taunted her. "I may not be a very good mother but I know what exactly Aashi wants and needs because I also lived without my parents.." Khushi said with moist eyes.

Arnav immediately looked up his dark brown eyes met her hazel teary ones.

"What.. What do you mean?" he asked but his heart somewhere knew what she meant by that.

"My parents.. Let it be, you won't understand.." Khushi shook her head, he might think she is talking about her past to gain his sympathy.

"Your parents are no more?" Arnav asked ignoring her denial to answer his question, he is ASR and he gets to know what he wants to know.

"I don't know if they're alive or no more.. They abandoned me when I was two years old.." Khushi said.

"Friend should I choose this Barbie with pink dress or red one?" Aashi asked with both dolls on her hand.

"What's your favorite color?" Khushi asked her smiling.

Arnav was still trying to digest this news he got from Khushi.

"My favolite color is pinky but I like this Doll with red dress's face and not that pinky one.." Aashi said extremely confused.

"Hmm! But that's not a big problem, we will buy this Doll with beautiful face and then when we reach home, we will change this red dress to a pink dress you have at home na?" Khushi cuddle to Aashi explaining her.

Aashi nodded smiling, leaning her back against Khushi chest, "Yes! You're the best.. Friend.."

"Papa I will take this doll.." Aashi said showing to him.

Arnav nodded and they were walking around the shop appreaciating the toys. And Aashi was literally jumped in joy excited to see many toys in front of her.

While Arnav and Khushi were just following her in silence.

"Why?" Arnav asked.

"Why what?" Khushi asked.

"Why did they left you?" Arnav cleared his question.

"Because they found out that I'm a chudail" Khushi giggled.

"Khushi I'm serious.." Arnav looked at her sternly.

"Dadu told me that my mother didn't want to be pregnant again but I came in this world by mistake!! (tears slipped from Khushi's eyes)..Dadu used to live alone and when my mother and father pleaded him to stay with me, he agreed because he loved kids a lot and would have a company too.." Khushi find herself unwillingly share her past with him.

"What the.." Arnav was so furious at her parents right now.

"Leave all this, I don't want to talk about it now.." Khushi said.

And Arnav decided to keep quiet now, what's wrong with him? He never was so curious to know about someone like he was with Khushi.

"Papa can I take this toy too?" Aashi asked pointing to a chipmunk toy.

Arnav smirked, "Khushi look, a child never fails to recognize her mother.."

Khushi looked at Aashi pointing to the chipmunk toy.

Khushi's mouth formed a big "O" shape and she beat Arnav lightly on his shoulder.

Arnav chuckled, "I will definitely buy this toy for you Aashi.."

He said taking it on his hand, and showing it to Khushi.

Khushi giggled and shook her head.

They walked out of the shop after paying for the toys and decided to have lunch at a restaurant there.

Anjali called Arnav, and his phone rang while Khushi and Aashi were busy going through the menu choosing what to eat.

"Hmm.. Mother India what's your worry now?" Arnav asked his sister smirking.

"Chote!! I'm not worried for you today but Khushi. Where is she? Do you know.. She didn't return since she left to AR.. I thought you kidnapped her!" Anjali said.

"What the Di.. I'm with Khushi and Aashi and they will have lunch with me, so no need to wait for them.." Arnav said eying to his childish wife and baby daughter chatting with each other after they ordered what they want to eat.

"Wow not bad Chote! So you start accepting Khushi Hain na? I knew it, she's such a good and sweet girl that even you couldn't help but like her also like we all do.." Anjali said happily.

"What? Don't jump on your conclusions Di. I don't accept Khushi as my wife only as Aashi's mother.." he said.

Khushi pouted making a sad face, "How mean Chocolate boy!!"

Arnav shook his head and hang up the call after saying bye to his Di.

"My life is destroyed now hey DM my husband doesn't want me.." Khushi faked crying.

The waiter came with their dishes and placed them on the table.

"So what if my husband doesn't want me, food wants me right now!!" she wiped her fake tears and plastered a huge smile on her face.

"What did you talk with Sheetal after I left?" Arnav asked because Sheetal wasn't there anymore when he reached.

"I helped her find a job!" Khushi said smiling.

"What the.. Who the hell is this person who gave job to her? And you.. How dare you Khushi?" Arnav choke on his food.

Khushi patted his back, "Calm down! Chocolate boy.."

"My neighbor's daughter is very naughty and energetic child and her mother can't handle her now, so she was searching for a Nanny and I gave her one.." Khushi smirked.

"Did she Sheetal accept this?" Arnav asked with a surprised tone.

"No! But I made a 5 minutes short film of her future if she doesn't accept my offer. Without money and a secured job soon she would become homeless too and would be on the roads begging to people. Unable to see herself in this torture, she immediately agreed.." Khushi winked.

Arnav shook his head smiling slightly, "I was right.."

"What?" Khushi asked confused.

"Two mad women can handle each other..." he said.

Khushi glared at him, and her attention went to her food again.


"Payal.." Akash called her while she was leaving AR, heading to her car.

After seeing her only staring at his face, he decided to continue.

"Lunch?" he asked hoping to see a positive reply.

"Just because I accept those damn red roses doesn't mean I will accept everything you're asking me to Mr. Raizada!" she said and got in her car.

Akash pouted, and NK came running to him with Aman.

"What happened?" Aman asked him.

"She said no!" Akash said making a sad face.

"Akash why don't you just leave this girl? She's so difficult man!" NK rolled his eyes.

"Shut up NK! I only love Payal and I will only marry her.. If not, I will commit suicide.." Akash cried and hugged NK.

After thinking something, he broke the hug and started beating NK and Aman.

"Is he taking drugs now?" Aman asked to NK, who was escaping from Akash.

"I have opened my eyes.. Your plans always fail, and Khushi Bhabhi plan don't fail.. Khushi Bhabhi only can help me.. Not you both!" Akash pouted remembering that everything Aman and NK say to him, Payal always scold him but Khushi's idea was the only one who worked.

"How mean Akash!! We try to help you, I always get scolded by ASR because of you and this is how you talk to us.." Aman said smacking Akash arms.

"But he's right only, Khushi is the only one who made a move in Akash's Prem kahani (Love story..)" NK said smiling sheepishly.

"But we are useless also, we are the one who wipe his tears when Payal leave him.." Aman said.

Akash smiled and side hugged Aman and NK, "You both are my bro's!!!"

"Yaar Tere Jaisa Hai Kahaan (There are no friends like You anyplace)

Tu Jahaan Yaar Main Wahaan (Wherever You are, I am also there)

Fight Bhi Hai Saath Mein Tere (I have a fight(quarrel) with You)

Hona Tight Bhi Hai Sang Tere Waanw… (But I am also tightly bound with You only)

Ek Doosre Ke Humne Kachhe Dhoye Hain (We have washed each-other’s underwear’s)

Bandi Ne Jo Dil Toda Toh Saath Roye Hain (When the girls broke our hearts, we have cried together)

Koi Bhi Ho Baat Chaahe Din Ho Ya Raat (Whatever may be the talk/matter, may it be day or night).." the three sang happily going towards AR.


Arnav was driving back home, his car whose always filled with his silence today was like some party was going on inside his car. Aashi and Khushi were the responsible for it, they demanded a "Galti se mistake" song to be played, there were dancing in the car and chatting with each other such childish talks that anyone can only laugh by hearing this.

But his mind, was still in Khushi's parents topic. Her parents left her alone and called her a mistake! What could be more heart breaking than this?!

Still she was a happy go lucky girl, she's strong, he must admit. Because he just lost his dear ones and turned himself ASR from the good, cute and funny Arnav. His closed the door of his heart and never let anyone know about his suffer, he completely changed himself in order to run away from that horrible past he had.

She takes care of Aashi..

She gets along well with his family..

She's helping Akash..

She helped him in Sheetal's matter..

She saved him from embarrassment on the day of marriage..

She.. She's a good girl!

His heart said.. Yeah, she's a good girl..

He looked at her side while driving and Khushi also stopped her antics feeling someone gaze on her.

She smiled a little uncomfortable with his long gaze that's intimidating her! But he didn't back off, he kept staring at her..

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

ASR, don't forget you weren't informed that your bride was changed!

She loves you and your looks!

His mind reminded him and he quickly looked away breaking the eye lock between them.

"Iceeeeee creaaaam.." Aashi and Khushi shouted excitedly.

Arnav got startled with their shout, he shook his head after seeing both pointing to the ice cream vendor. Arnav called him.

"Chocolate one.." Khushi and Aashi said.

"Give me two chocolate ice creams and give me a wife for my daughters.." Arnav said with a sarcastic tone.

"Yes.. But sir your wife is there..why.." the man seemed confused while handling the ice cream to Arnav.

"Don't get fooled by her height, she's my three years old daughter.." Arnav replied paying him and started the car leaving the man behind confused. And Khushi glared at him eating her ice cream.

Sorry guys for not updating my two other stories , I don't have my laptop now so I'm just updating Jab we met from phone. I'll try to update soon..

Jan 25

Chapter 12 - Talks between eyes! Fight between minds! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 173 times)

At night..

"Papa I don't want to sleep.. I want to play that blindfold game with you.." Aashi sat on her bed pleading him.

"Aashi it's very late and you should sleep.." Arnav said trying to convince her.

"Evelyday izz late!!" she muttered pouting.

"Ask Friend to play with you then.." he said as he heard her complaint.

Aashi smiled nodding, she climbed down the bed with Arnav holding her hands and both went to Arnav's room to call Khushi.


Arshi's room:

Khushi was on poolside staring at sky crying over her fate. Today Arnav made her talk about her past, and she usually doesn't talk about this with anyone. Only Dadu and Preeti knew about her past and he too knows. Her mind travelled to the days where she would cry and call her parents, but Dadu used to lie to her saying they will come back soon. She was very small so Dadu couldn't say to her directly that her parents just abandoned her.

Arnav reached the room with Aashi, he heard Khushi's crying sounds.

"Aashi go and bring that toy Papa bought for you.." Arnav said still staring at Khushi who was facing her back to them.

Aashi went running to take the toy and came back handling to her Papa.

Arnav walked with chipmunk toy in his hands till the poolside.

He handed it to her, "Take it.."

Khushi got startled hearing his voice, she turned to the other side and wiped her tears fastly then faced him.

"Why? This belongs to Aashi.." Khushi said.

"No problem! We can shale (share)!" Aashi smiled.

Khushi smiled at her, then looked at Arnav with questioning eyes.

"Usually when Aashi is upset or cries she hugs her teddy bear! So I thought you need one, since you're of her age.. Might share the same thoughts.." he said.

Khushi giggled and took it from his hand, hugging the toy softly: Yeah yeah! I also like to hug my teddy bear when I'm upset.. But I left him at home..

"So I was right! You're a KID!" he mocked her.

"Whether I'm an unwanted bride or a three years old girl, I'm your WIFE Mr. Raizada.." Khushi said and winked at him.

Seeing her back in her crazy mood, he felt like he achieved what he wanted too.

"Let's play blindfold game with Aashi.." Arnav said.

"You want to play or want to "Kill my Dill.." (Kill my heart).." Khushi blushes hiding her face with her palms.

"What the.." Arnav muttered glaring at her.

"Unromantic Husband! If you catch me while playing then my heart will go dhak dhak.. And if my heart goes more dhak dhak than normal.. I will be with DM then.. Understood now? Kill my dill.." Khushi explained with her cute antics.

Arnav placed his finger on her lips, "Shup! Don't talk about death like this.."

Khushi widened her eyes, as his finger touched her lips magically she could feel her heart beats increasing. She was shivering and nervous, but at the same time she liked his touch! It feels like the world stopped and she could only see him, feel his touch and everything else didn't matter..

Arnav situation was no different, as his finger touched her so soft and pink lips, his heart was strangely making the dhak dhak sound she talked about now. He felt like going near her and taste her lips but controlled himself as he knows he doesn't have any right on her. For the first time, he was staring at her face properly, she looks like an innocent angel and her innocent eyes staring at him are making his heart melt. Gosh.. She's beautiful and unique piece! He gotta admit that..

Khushi stare at his face, his perfectly gelled hair, his dark brown eyes.. His looks is so intense and dark, that there's no way you can ignore him!.. His lips.. She blushed not wanting to think about more now..

"Papa!" Aashi's voice broke the compliments their eyes were saying to each other..

Arnav looked at her, then at Khushi.

He removed his finger from her lips unwillingly, and said: Go and play with Aashi then..

"You also join us.." Khushi said looking down feeling awkward!

"No!" he said curtly.

"I promise you won't kill my dill!! Do you think I'm going to leave my Choco boy so easily? Let alone real life, I'm keen on coming in your dreams also.." Khushi giggled clapping her hands shyly.

Arnav rolled his eyes, "You're unbelievable Khushi.."

"You are both hubby ji, unbelievable and unbearable.. Don't know how DM created you, kitne handsome but at the same time kitne kaddos.." Khushi said pinching his cheek.

Arnav frowned, "Don't do this to my cheeks!!"

Khushi giggled and took her duppata from the closet and blindfolded Arnav to start the game.

"Kaise mujhe tum mil gayi, kismat pe aaye naa yakeen

Utar aayi jheel mein, jaise chaand utarta hai

Kabhi haule haule dheere se

Gunguni dhoop ki tarah se tarannum mein tum

Chhooke mujhe Guzri ho yoon

Dekhoon tumhe, Ya main sunoon

Tum ho sukoon, Tum ho junoon

Kyun pehle na Aayi tum?

How did you become mine, I can’t believe my good fortune

You came to my life.. like the moon descends into the lake sometimes

Slowly and graciously

Like the touch of warm sunrays

You touched me with melody so that

Should I look at you or should I listen to you

You are my solace, you are my passion

Why you didn’t you come earlier?" Khushi sang for Arnav while blindfolding him with her duppata.

Arnav just shook his head at her craziness.

"La La La.. It's my song dedicated to you.." Khushi said.

"Hmm.." he hmm-ed, and start looking for them.

Aashi and Khushi hide behind his recliner giggling silently. Arnav tried to follow their laughing sound and was going towards the recliner about to catch them.

But Khushi lifted Aashi and ran from there. Both jumped on the bed laughing at Arnav who slammed his hand on the recliner in frustration now.

"Where are you both?!" he asked after searching everywhere according to him.

"You have to catch us not ask us where we are.." Khushi replied mocking him.

"Papa come on! You can do thizz.." Aashi cheered for him smiling.

Arnav smirked as he made them talk and he walked faster following their voice and caught a tiny body.

He lifted Aashi who screamed laughing, "Papa caught you!!"

He said kissing her cheek softly, while Aashi was still laughing heartily as Arnav was tickling her now.

Khushi stare at them with a warm smile on her face, their bond was so unique and heart warming one. Arnav maybe arrogant and ruthless to everyone but he's another person when it comes to Aashi.

"Let me catch another baby.." Arnav said leaving Aashi and let his hand swim on the air trying to catch Khushi as he knows she's also where Aashi is.

Khushi came back from her dream land, and jumped down from the bed laughing.

"You won't be able to catch me.." she said stucking out her tongue to him.

"Acha.. Let's see.." he said.

After walking here and there, running away from Arnav. Khushi was really tired, so she thought to go and sat on the bed for a while.

Arnav heard her heavy footsteps smirking, "Tired?"

"A lot.. You don't give up Chocolate boy.. I thought you will be melting by now turning to a Chocolate milkshake but you.." she said tiredly walking to the bed.

As she was about to sit, Arnav's arms were wrapped around her waist.

Khushi widened her eyes, she stood numb for a while.

"Caught you Chipku!" he whispered smirking near her ear making her shiver with his husky voice.

Khushi looked away closing her eyes as her heart beat increased more now. His arms were still on her waist and she could feel his breath on her neck. So much torture for her!!

She struggle in his arms, and Arnav sensed her trying to take his hands off. He left her quickly but Khushi lost her balance because his tight grip on her before.

She let out a scream and Arnav held her waist with his arms again. He took off the duppata from his eyes and threw it away staring at her scared form who was clutching his shoulder tightly supporting herself with shut eyes.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

Jan 27

Chapter 13 - Boys praying! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 151 times)

Nani, Anjali, Mama and Mami came inside the Mandir and were surprised to see Khushi praying so early.

Nani smiled happily thanking DM to send Khushi in their family who respects everyone, knows how to cook perfectly, spread happiness everywhere she is and believes in DM unlike her grandson Arnav.

They all stand behind her with a warm smile not wanting to disturb her praying.

Khushi was doing the puja but her mind was on something else. She couldn't concentrate on anything after what her Chocolate boy did today morning. She closed her eyes in irritation.


Khushi in her deep sleep turned lazily to the left side on her bed, her hand leaned to a tiny body and she frowned.

"This is not my pillow!!" she thought and opened her eyes only to see Aashi there. Now she was reminded that yesterday Aashi wanted to sleep with Arnav and her. So both are on her bed right now sleeping like two angels.

Khushi stare at Arnav's sleeping form, his lips formed a cute slight pout making him look so like a baby boy!

"Cute chocolate boy!" she smiled and covered him with the blanket that was more to her and Aashi's side.

Arnav extended his arm lazily to cuddle with his daughter, but his long arm made him catch Khushi too in the process.

Khushi gasped seeing his hand rested on her waist.

She looked back at him, her dhak dhak started increasing and her cheeks went red. No man touched her till now, like he did. It's a new feeling for her..

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee.

Somehow she escaped from him, and left running to the bathroom to hide her blushing face.

Flashback ends..

"Khushi bitiya.." Nani called her breaking her thoughts.

Khushi turned to them, "When did you all came? I didn't even realize it.."

"Just a while ago Khushi. And we didn't want to disturb you.." Anjali said.

Khushi nodded smiling, she distributed Prasad to them. Then looked around, "Akash, NK, Shyam ji.. Where are them?"

"The men of our house are too lazy to wake up early and pray to DM!!" Nani rolled her eyes.

"Acha?!" Khushi raised her eyebrow leaving the Mandir with the ladies and Mama.

"Haan Khushi. Here no one wakes up for puja, only us and him! Manohar ji only prays because he's getting old and is pleading to live for more time.." Mami giggled.

Mama rolled his eyes while the ladies laughed about it.

"I have an idea.." Khushi bit her lips smiling mischievously.

"What idea bitiya?" Nani asked confused.

"Idea to make the boys wake up and pray!!" Khushi smiled and walked inside the Mandir again taking a small bell in her hand.

She smirked and rang it loudly purposely to irritate the boy's sleep.

Mami and Anjali giggled, while Nani and Mama were looking upstairs to see if anyone comes down or not.

Arnav's room:

Arnav frowned and groaned in irritation because of the bell sound. He closed his ear with the help of a pillow.

Aashi who was awake cuddling to her Papa waiting for him to wake up, laughed seeing his state.

The sound was getting more louder than before.

Arnav jerked, he sat on the bed with a frown adorning his face: What the.. What kind of puja is being held today?

He looked at Aashi with questioning eyes, but Aashi shrugged her shoulders with I-have-no-idea look.

Akash's room:

Akash woke up in shock hearing such a loud sound, "What kind of nightmares is this that I'm getting after waking up also? (the sound of the bell)"

NK threw a pillow to him frowning, "This is not a nightmare, this is Day-mare! What's wrong with the ladies today? What they want from DM that they're ringing the bell in this way?"

"Day-mare?!" Akash looked at him confused, closing his ear with his hands.

"Haan.. Let's go and see what's happening downstairs.." NK said lazily leaving his bed and Akash followed him.

Shyam's room..

Shyam fell from his bed, he widened his eyes in shock: What happened with Rani Sahiba today? Is she possessed with a ghost?! What wish I didn't fulfill of her now that she's this angry?"

He walked out of the room caressing his back and hissing in pain.

Arnav, NK, Akash and Shyam reached downstairs with lazy looks and frown on their faces.

Khushi giggled seeing them and walked out of the mandir.

"What's happening here?" Arnav asked.

"Nothing till now, you guys will do it now.." Khushi said.

"What?" the boys asked.

"Puja!!" the girls replied shouting at them.

"What the.."

"Rani Sahiba I fell from the bed for this!!!"

"Really what a Day-mare!!"

NK yawned!

The boys turned to go upstairs, and Khushi glared at them.

"If you don't perform puja today, then I will ring the bell more louder and you won't sleep in peace.." Khushi said.

"We have to bath first na?" NK said.

"I'm keeping an eye on you guys!!" Anjali said.

The boys nodded and went upstairs to bath. Arnav was cursing Khushi on the way, he knows these crazy ideas belong to her only.

After freshening up, the boys came downstairs and surprisingly the ladies were waiting for them.

Everyone made boring faces, and turned their feet to the Mandir side.

"Tune Maari Entriyaan Re (When You entered) Dil Mein Baji Ghantiyaan Re, Tang (Bells started ringing in my heart) Tang Tang Tang Tang…" Khushi was singing happily staring at Arnav.

He glared at her, then joined his hands but didn't pray for anything. Life just took away all the reasons for which he used to believe in DM.

Anjali was really astonished to see Arnav entering in DM's Mandir after a long time. She blinked her eyes twice to see if she's not dreaming.

Nani was on cloud nine after seeing the boys of the house praying.

"Kitne cute Hain boys!!" Mami smiled happily.

The boys heard their comments while praying and started making faces.



"When Payal open this door, she will really love this surprise Akash.." said Khushi staring at the room, where they wrote with lipstick everywhere "I love you Payal".

Arnav opened the door because he wanted to talk with Akash about a meeting, but got the shock of his life seeing the room with lipstick all over the walls.

"What the hell is this?" he screamed.

Khushi shut her eyes tightly scared of his scream, while Akash looked at Arnav startled.

"Plan B BHAI.." Akash replied innocently.

"Whether its plan B or C, it's turning my office into a circus.." Arnav gritted his teeth.

"And the Clown is right in front of me!!" he said staring at Khushi.

"And you know who controls and orders the Lion in the circus? It's this Clown.." she said proudly.

Akash giggles softly, if there is anyone who can give a tough time to his brother, then it's only Khushi!!

"And that Lion can kill the Clown too!!" he said.

"Aww see Akash he's planning to murder me! My own husband is thinking like this.." Khushi faked crying, "Akash tell a director to make a movie on my story ok after I die.. It should be titled as Murder 4! I'm sure blockbuster hogi.."

Akash bit his lips to suppress the smile on his face.

"Khushi.." Arnav was about to say something but Khushi didn't let him.

"Murder 4 will mark his victory with my death.. But don't worry ji, I will return in that IT movie as that Scary clown and make you laugh in fear.." she pouted.

Arnav walked closer to her.

"Akash you're witness of everything!! I will come to see my movie as a ghost and the great thing is that I won't have to pay for tickets.." Khushi giggled.

Arnav held her by her shoulders, "Khushi shut up.."

"I'm about to die, let me say my last wishes.. " Khushi said.

"Khushi!!!" he shouted at her.

Khushi shut her eyes tightly, "Kill me with weapons ji, nothing will happen if you scream.."

"Didn't I told you yesterday to not talk about death?" he asked angrily, but deep inside it was only out of care.

Akash knew that his brother doesn't like when anyone talks about death jokingly. He knows how much he suffered with the death of his dear ones.

Khushi nodded her head innocently.

"Then don't talk again like this.." he gritted his teeth looking intensely at her.

Khushi also got lost in his eyes, "I won't.." he lips automatically said.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

Arnav left her, Khushi looked at him with guilty face.

"I won't talk about Death ji now!!" Khushi said innocently like a kid who's promising not to steal laddo again!

"Akash after being done with your Plan B, come to my cabin.." Arnav said and walked to leave.

"By the way, I'm sure you will reach to Plan Z with this Chipku plans.." he said smirking and closed the door walking through the corridor.

"Pagli.." he shook his head with a slight smile on his face remembering Khushi's stupid talks. Once he was like her..

Akash and Khushi looked at each other surprised that Arnav accept them to go ahead with the plan.

"Don't worry Akash at Plan P she will agree..if not she's really a Papaya.." Khushi consoled Akash.

"What? Till plan P I will die without Payal.. Please make her mine fast.." Akash pleaded.


Payal was being dragged by NK to that room, she unwillingly opened the door glaring at NK.

But as soon as she opened the door her eyes landed on the walls of that room, it was written "I love you Payal" all over the walls.

"Wow.." she whispered and entered in the room, she twirled slowly staring at every corner with astonished look and small smile growing on her lips.

"You like it?!" NK asked excitedly.

"Akash did this?" Payal asked suspiciously.

"He is doing this since he reached in office..why? Do you doubt him?" NK asked.

"Hmm! He knows nothing apart from asking me lunch and dinner dates.. So it's really doubtful to see him doing this!!" Payal said.

"Smart woman! Akash is really doing this for you, but Khushi is the mastermind of this.." NK thought smirking.


It was afternoon, and Khushi was folding Arnav's clothes and putting it on his closet. While Aashi was playing on the bed with her dolls talking with Khushi.

Accidentally one photo album fell on her feet. Khushi hit her forehead for her carelessness and bend to take it and place it back on the closet. But a picture almost falling from the album caught her attention, she turned it to her side and saw it was Arnav and a girl leaning on a tree, while Arnav was funnily stucking out his tongue to the one who was clicking the picture, the girl was smiling brightly to him.

"Must be his wife.." she thought with a faint smile, then she noticed "Arnav & Meera" written on the photo with a red marker.

Jan 30

Chapter 14 - Beautiful Aurora! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 183 times)

Arnav reached from office, Khushi noticed him through the living room.

She gaze at him loosening his tie with a tired sigh, while his long steps taking him to his room.

Even tired he looks so handsome, she thought and shut her eyes tightly to stop thinking like that of him. Brushing these dangerous thoughts aside, she got up following him in order to help.

"Chocolate boy how was your day?" she asked, no shouted making her presence felt in his whole room.

Arnav eyed to her, he just nodded his head and engrossed himself in choosing his tee and track pants.

"Are you dumb?" Khushi asked keeping his wallet and handkerchief on the dresser.

"Good!" he replied.

"That's how I like!" she smiled. Arnav rolled his eyes heading to the bathroom, there's no way one can fight with this crazy woman, she does defeat everyone!


Everyone were silently having their dinner.

"Nani ji I've got a good news for you.." Khushi smiled.

Arnav widened his eyes and choked on his food.

While everyone were looking at each other with shock and surprised smiles with the thought running in their minds that Khushi is pregnant, but so fast!!!

"Khushi shut up.. And stop lying!" Arnav slapped her hand glaring at her.

"I'm not lying! Why would I lie about something like this? What will I gain by lying?" Khushi asked pouting.

"That means you're p.." Anjali squealed but was stopped by Arnav.

"Di nothing happened between us!" Arnav gritted his teeth.

"Kuch To Hua Hai, Kuch Ho Gaya Hai (Something surely is happening, Something has happened)" Khushi sang smilingly.

"What the.." Arnav widened his eyes.

"Arnav bitwa how can you lie something like this to your family?! When Khushi is herself saying it.. No one knows better than a woman!" Mami said.

Nani nodded glancing angrily at Arnav.

"I'm telling you Mami we never got so close!" Arnav said frustrated.

"We sleep in the same room everyday, how much close you want than this? In fact, not only in room, it happened in office also!" Khushi replied frowning at Arnav.

Everyone gasped now at Khushi's boldness.

"Do you even know what you're speaking now?!" Arnav glared at her.

"I know but do you know what I'm talking about? You didn't even let me say the good news.." Khushi said.

"What's there to say? We all know it Khushi.." Akash said.

"Haan, wah Khushi you're super duper awesome! Along with Akash ki baat you fixed yours too in AR.." NK said with wide eyes.

Now Khushi didn't understand what he said.

"Khushi ji I'm very happy.. Really my Chote ki Chote is coming soon!!" Anjali smiled pinching Arnav's cheek.

"Ek minute.. Keep quiet everyone!!" Arnav said glancing at Khushi's confused face now.

"Tell me what's the good news you were talking about?!" Arnav asked to Khushi.

"But.." his family was about to start protesting, but one glare from him and everyone keep silent.

"I was saying that my Robot husband has started to talk with me!! Remember how you talk to me in office today, then now in our room.. At least I'm hearing your voice now, which is far better than your lion's gaze and gritting teeth.." Khushi smiled sheepishly.

Everyone gasped, they looked at each other realizing what a confusion a "Good news" word brought. After some seconds everyone burst laughing including Arnav.

Arnav leaned on his chair laughing out loud, tears were almost leaving his eyes.

Khushi looked at them confused, "Kya hua? Why are you laughing?"

No one replied to her, only laughing sounds adorned the once silent dining hall.

As they calmed a bit, the attention went to Arnav who hit Khushi's forehead lightly still giggling softly, "Pagli! You better be careful while talking.."

Anjali almost fainted seeing Arnav laughing heartily after that accident. Shyam held her shoulders supporting her, he smiled.

"Good job Rani Sahiba!! You found the perfect girl for your Chote.." he whispered to her.

Anjali smiled faintly.

"What did I say?" Khushi asked looking at everyone.

"We understood you were saying that you're pregnant.. remember you said good news!" Anjali said.

Khushi widened her eyes, "Kyaaa? It's not true.. I'm not pregnant.. We don't even share husband and wife relationship.. Anjali ji you know that I only married him for Aashi and I only tease him by acting like I'm in love with him.. This is not true.."

Khushi blurted out the truth in her panicked reaction.

Arnav smirked hearing that, he raised his eyebrows to her.

"Now that's a good news for me!" Arnav said and left the dining hall going to his room.

Khushi realized she just revealed everything to him, she slapped her lips cursing herself for letting him know her plan.

The family giggled at her.

"Khushi bitiya it's ok. We know that you both married in such circumstances that it's difficult to talk about love now. With time things will change.." Nani said.

"With time things will change.." Khushi sat pondering over Nani's words. Will things change between them? Will she ever look at Arnav as her husband and love him unconditionally? Will he give her the right of being his wife? Will he ever be able to give his first wife place to her?!

"Di did you saw Bhai laughing?" Akash asked smiling.

"Haan.. I'm so happy today, thank you Khushi. It's because of you that Chote laughed today after a long time.." Anjali held Khushi's hand warmly.

Khushi's eyes shine in happiness and proud feeling that because of her, this family was so happy today and her Chocolate boy laughed! It was really worth her "Good news" confusion then!

"Khushi's good news really brought good news only.." Shyam giggled.


Khushi reached in the room munching her jalebis and muttering her things alone. She sat on the bed.

Arnav glanced at her once, then resumed his work on his laptop.

"Was your wife name Meera?" Khushi asked after some minutes of silence in the room.

"How do you know about Meera?" he asked turning his face and attention to her.

"I don't know.. I just saw her picture with you that fell from a photo album.." Khushi replied.

Arnav just nodded his head, and was about to continue his work when Khushi's next question came.

"Did you love her a lot?" Khushi asked. She was so curious to know about Arnav's life in past now, she wants every detail of him. Only she was confused why she wanted to know about him, was Nani right? Were things changing now?! She never was so confused in life like she's now.

"Nahin.." he replied.

Khushi choked, she started coughing badly.

Arnav stood up from the recliner and ran towards her side, he poured water on the glass and made her drink it carefully.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

After drinking it, Khushi pushed the glass slightly aside and look at him with shock written all over her face.

"What do you mean by that?! Were you forced to marry Meera?" she asked.

"Kind of.. Look Khushi, don't ask me anything now.. I'm not prepared to tell you about my past now.. And I don't want to lie to you too, so give me time.. When I feel ready, I will myself come and tell you everything.." he said serious.

Khushi nodded innocently, "There is no pressure also.. I just wanted to know.. Anyway leave it, I will wait for the day you come and tell me everything.."

Arnav looked surprised with her understanding behavior, why is she childish and mature at the same time?! However she is, he has started liking it..

"So all that chocolate boy was your acting?" he asked changing the topic.

Khushi pouted and nods.

"You didn't accept my love for you, now you will face my hate.." she said munching her jalebis glaring at him.

"No problem, because now I know you're only acting! Whether it's love or hate.." he smirked.

"See!! You spoiled my plans.. It was so fun to tease you.." Khushi said making a crying face.

"Unbelievable you're.." Arnav shook his head.

They stopped their conversation, with a knock on the door.

Arnav went to open the door, and a crying Aashi was standing in front of him.

"What happened baby?!" he asked.

Aashi hugged his legs, "Papa Aashi not sleepy.."

Arnav lifted her, "Why! Are you feeling well?"

Khushi ran to Aashi worriedly, she patted Aashi's back softly.

"Aashi saw ghost in dleam.. Aashi can't sleep alone now.." Aashi said cutely still sobbing.

Arnav kissed her forehead, "Don't be scared, all this ghost and all don't exist in real life.."

"Oh my baby.. That bad ghost my princess.. I will beat him so badly when he comes again.." Khushi took Aashi from Arnav's arms.

Aashi hugged her tightly burying her face on Khushi's neck.

Khushi took Aashi to her bed, and made Aashi lay on the bed.

"Friend doesn't like to see Aashi like this..please smile for me..why are you punishing your friend because of that ugly bad ghost?" Khushi said wiping Aashi's tears with her thumb.

Aashi's lips curved into a small smile staring at Khushi.

"Not like this.. That big wala smile of Aashi.." Khushi said.

Aashi smiled bigger this time, she sat on the bed and hugged Khushi tightly again.

Khushi smiled and hugged her back.

Arnav was watching the scene with a smile that rarely appears on his face.


"HP you took so much time just to go to a nearby market.." Anjali scolded him while taking the bags from his hand and heading to the kitchen.

HP pouted, and Khushi giggled at his face.

"Hari Prakash ji women are like this only, they get angry for each and everything.." Khushi said while feeding Aashi her breakfast.

"Are you man to talk like this?" Arnav asked pouring juice on his glass.

"Why are you always finding flaws in everything I say?" Khushi asked.

"You do say things that I can't help but find flaws.." he smirked.

"Dekho Chocolate boy don't eat my brain otherwise I will mix you in Aashi's milk and you will be made a Chocolate milkshake!" Khushi said glaring at him.

"You're unbearable Khushi, in real and acting also.." he rolled his eyes.

Aashi secretly climbed down from her chair, and went to the living room to watch a princess movie, Sleeping Beauty.

Khushi looked at her side to feed her sandwich, but Aashi wasn't there.

"Living room.." Arnav replied.

"See because of you she left.." Khushi said and stood up with Aashi's plate and her glass of milk.

"Is it my fault that she has a Mumma who keeps talking like a Parrot?!" Arnav asked.

Khushi looked at him astonished, did he say she is Aashi's Mumma? Does he accept her as Aashi's mother now?

She smiled happily and went from there heading to the living room.

"Aashi.. You left me!" Khushi sat with her on the sofa and glanced at the TV, "Oh you like Sleeping Beauty movie??"

Aashi nodded her head excitedly.

"But you need to finish your breakfast baby.." Khushi said.

Aashi made a face, "Nahin.." she replied.

"Let's do one thing, we both will watch this movie and friend will feed you also.. Is that ok with you?" Khushi caressed her cheeks.

"Yes.." Aashi clapped her hands squealing.

Khushi made her eat while commenting about the movie and making her laugh. Soon Aashi finished her breakfast, and Khushi wanted to take the plate back to the kitchen.

Aashi held her hand stopping her, "Bleakfast finish.. Movie not finish.."

Khushi smiled nodding, she called HP to take the plate and glass to the kitchen. And stayed with Aashi watching the movie.

Aashi smiled happily, and rested her head on Khushi's waist.

"Aulola (Aurora).. you are my Aulola friend.." Aashi said.

Khushi's heart melt hearing this, she's slowly making place in Aashi's heart.

All this was heard by Arnav, who came and sat with them taking the newspaper on the table.

"Papa friend is beautiful like Aulola na?" Aashi asked running to her father's lap.

Arnav lifted her and made her sit on his lap.

"Papaaaaa.." Aashi forced to him to reply.

"Yes! She's beautiful like your Aurora.." Arnav replied glancing at Khushi.

Khushi lowered her eyes with her cheeks turning red with his compliment. She felt butterflies on her stomach now.

She stood up quickly in order to run away from there but Akash came on her away.

"Bhabhi.. Payal called me!!!" Akash said smiling brightly.

"Wow! It's a great news..And someone said we'll go till plan Z to convince Payal " she smiled mocking Arnav.

"Congrats Chipku!!!" Arnav rolled his eyes.

"Bhabhai she called me to dinner with her tonight.." Akash said.

"Bhabhai?" Arnav and Khushi asked at the same time.

"Akash it's weird.." Khushi said making faces.

"You're not normal also.." Arnav said.

"I'm woman and you're Lion-man, which one is weird?" Khushi glared at him.

"You're Chipmunk-woman.." he said.

Khushi's mouth formed a "O" shape.

"Enough!!!" Akash said angry with both who always find a reason to fight.

"Bhabhi what should I reply?" Akash asked as both stood quiet glaring at each other.

"Tell her you're busy.." Khushi said.

"What?" Akash freaked out, he dreams for this moment and Khushi is telling him to refuse Payal.

"Are you suffering from amnesia? The plan is to unite them, not separate.." Arnav hit her forehead lightly.

Khushi pouted, "I know what I'm doing. If Akash accept this invitation, she'll say that she wants friendship from him and all that purposely just to irk him and test his patience like she has been doing now.. But if he gives less importance to her, she will feel bad and might even realize her feelings for him.. This is plan C! It's important to know what are her true feeling for Akash.. Does she feel the same way he does? Does he consider him worth her? Or she's just playing with him and treating him like her puppet.."

"Wah thanks Bhabhi.. You're great!!" Akash said and excitedly took his phone to reply a big "No" to Payal.

"You're not that dumbo as you look like!" Arnav smirked.

"Was this compliment or you're mocking me?" Khushi asked raising her eyebrows.

"I'm sure your smart brain can figure it out alone.." he said and walked away leaving Khushi smiling.
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Jan 31

Chapter 15 - Dhak dhak! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 180 times)

At night..

"Tomorrow is Sunday! We should plan something na?" Anjali asked the ladies in the kitchen.

"Sunday means Funday.." Khushi giggled nodding.

"What about picnic?! I'm sure everyone will like it especially Aashi.." Nani said.

"Haan.." Khushi replied chirpily.

"No.." came a reply from the door side reaching to them.

"Kyun Chote?" Anjali pouted.

"Because tomorrow we're going to that NGO to donate clothes and toys for the kids.. Did you forgot?" Arnav asked.

"Oh yeah!! Tomorrow we can't go, Chote often donates for kids of NGO clothes, food and other stuff.." Anjali informed Khushi.

Khushi nodded smiling, "It's a great thing! You should always continue to help others in every way you can.. I'm so happy that you use your money not only for yourself, but you think about others who need also.. Aap bohot achche hain (You're a good person).."

Arnav felt good hearing praises from Khushi to him, he nods staring at her with a thank-you look.

Everyone looked at them with teasing smiles.

"You go and change, I will serve your food.." Khushi said standing and walking to the kitchen side to warm his food.

Arnav went upstairs, he passed from Aashi's room to give her a good night kiss since she was sleeping now. Today he reached late and couldn't play or talk with his daughter.

Then he left to his room, to fresh up and change his clothes and went back downstairs where Khushi served for him and Akash.

"Khushi Bhabhi didn't you put sugar in this kheer?!" Akash asked as he tasted a bit of kheer.

Arnav was only staring at the kheer, cursing himself for being diabetic. He really wanted to taste kheer, it's one of his favorite!!

"Nahin Akash, I prepared this for Arnav since he has diabetes..this one is for you!" she passed a bowl to him, indicating that the kheer with sugar was in that bowl.

Akash thanked her smiling, while Arnav looked at her surprised.

After finishing his food, he served for himself the kheer she prepared for him.

He had a smile with moist eyes after tasting it. His mother would prepare a kheer like this only for him, where is she now? How much he misses her warmth and love!

Arnav left the dining hall serving the kheer for the second time and sat with everyone at the living room.

"Where's Khushi?" he asked not spotting her.

"Hello hi bye bye someone is missing his wife!" Mami winked teasing him.

Arnav rolled his eyes, and took his phone to check his emails.

Khushi came and sat beside him, "Nani ji did I miss anything?"

She asked Nani regarding the serial they were watching, but she left to go to bathroom and came back now.

"Nahin bitiya. Woh Ladka is about to say he loves the girl now.." Nani replied excitedly.

Shyam was working on his laptop, and making fun of the serial.

"Then he'll not say it because the villain boy will come and confess to her before the hero does.." Shyam said.

"Nahin Shyam ji.. He will confess to her only.." Anjali said confidently.

Shyam smirked and signaled her to look at the TV side. She looked confused and widened her eyes shocked seeing the villain reached before the hero and presented himself as her hero and confessed his love for her.

The ladies got angry with Shyam instead and threw pillows to him.

Khushi giggled seeing them, Arnav was still silent because till now he was observing each and every move, gestures and Khushi's antics.

Her giggle's sound broke his one side eyelock, and he reminded himself to compliment her cooking skills.

"Khushi.." he cleared his throat.

Khushi stare at him, gesturing with her eyes for him to say.

"Kheer is tasty!.. I loved it.." he said then quickly fixed his eyes on his phone feeling awkward to actually praise her food. Something ASR does rarely!

"Thank you!" Khushi smiled faintly, she didn't expect him to even comment on the effort she did to make him taste kheer without risking his health. But he did!

"DM he is like Coconut, hard from outside and soft inside.." Khushi thought.

"Oh what a surprise! This mad girl can say a simple thank you without making drama.." Arnav thought.


Khushi lazily woke up, she sat on the bed rubbing her eyes cutely.

The day was a bright and sunny one, she smiled warmly staring at the poolside.

But the scene she just saw took her breath away, her mouth was left slightly open and she shamelessly stare at her husband swimming on the pool.

She gulped her saliva while her eyes refused to look at anywhere than him.

Arnav rested his hand on the edge of the pool, while his other hand brushed his hair softly.

"Uff.. So handsome man I've never seen in my life!.. " thought Khushi drowning herself on the pool of his handsomeness!!

How bad he is? He's relaxing himself while making her feel distubed and tortured by his actions early in the morning!

Arnav left the pool, taking a towel to wipe his wet hair.

Khushi almost fainted seeing him only with shorts. She closed her eyes pressing her fingers on her forehead to calm herself down.

Arnav entered in the room, and raised his eyebrow staring at Khushi, "Yoga on the bed Khushi?"

Khushi jerked, she opened her eyes only to see this handsome creature from close. Her heart's dhak dhak increased more, she closed her eyes again.

"How many times do I have to say to you don't come naked in front of me?" Khushi scolded him, still with eyes shut. Khushi tried to leave the bed with closed eyes, but fell badly on the floor.

Arnav face palmed, while she screamed dramatically in pain.

"Ayeeee DM.." she yelled caressing her back pouting.

"And how many times do I have to say that I'm not naked? Go and search in dictionary the meaning of naked.." Arnav frowned.

"I'm hurt here and you're scolding me!! What if I fractured some part of my body? You never know.." Khushi pouted crying like a baby.

"Bohot dard ho raha hai? (Is it hurting a lot?)" he asked genuinely with care shown in his eyes.

Khushi nodded innocently.

Arnav lifted her slowly carefully not to hurt her already hurt back.

Khushi closed her eyes, her cheeks were turning red by being so close to him, her cheeks were brushing with his bare chest making her feel goosebumps. She could feel his smell, oh he smells good!! His breath falling on her hair making her shiver.. His arms securely holding her and made her rest on the bed again. She pouted when he left her, she was enjoying this new feeling of being close to him!!

"Are you ok Khushi? You're shivering when it's damn hot today.." he asked.

Khushi nodded her head vigorously, "I'm fine! It's just you're wet so you're finding me shivering.."

"Ehh? What kind of logic is this?" Arnav asked frowning.

"Offo, I'm not Robot like you to find logic in everything.." she said and rushed to the bathroom.

"Careful Khushi!" Arnav shouted seeing her running like a kid when she got hurt now only.

Arnav wore his tee laid on the recliner and left the room heading outside to talk with driver if he checked all the cars before they leave for the NGO. After talking with them, and checking every car by himself once again, he walked inside the mansion again.

Anjali was packing some sweets she prepared quickly for the kids, she saw Arnav passing by and called him.

"What happened Di?" he asked standing in front of her now.

"Chote you know.. Khushi is a part of our family now and she has the right to know the truth now about your past.." Anjali said with a serious expression.

"I know Di.. I'm not planning to keep her in dark also.." Arnav said.

"When? When do you plan to tell her that she's not your second wife but your first one?!" Anjali asked.

"When I'm ready Di.. I will say everything to her.. I know it that we will not be able to hide this from her..She's my wife and it's her right to know.. At the right time, I will explain everything to her.." Arnav said.

"Okay.." Anjali nodded, "Chote just don't be late.." she caressed his shoulder.

Arnav nodded and left from there lost in his thoughts.


Khushi came downstairs after sometime, wearing a red chudidar and she left her hair open, less make up and she looked beautiful!

Arnav who was waiting for her to come out, so that he uses the bathroom was left flabbergasted by her look.

Now it was his time to feel the dhak dhak. His intense gaze on her, made Khushi lower eyes clutching her duppata nervously.

Arnav noticed her uncomfortable look, he looked away playing with his fingers embarrassed.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

He stood up from the couch, and walked to go to his room to fresh up.

Khushi's feet almost stopped seeing him coming to her side, her cheeks were burning now. Arnav's eyes couldn't stop now but give one more glance at the beauty in front of him.

Khushi went running to the kitchen to run away from his intense dark eyes!

Khushi reached in the kitchen and after greeting Anjali, she helped Anjali prepare the breakfast.

"Ho Dhak Dhak Karne Laga (It's started beating fast) Ho Mora Jiyara Darne Laga (My heart is starting to get scared) Are Re Dhak Dhak Karne Laga (It's started beating fast)" Anjali sang, while making tea.

"Nahin! Anjali ji my heart is doing any dhak dhak.. You're getting it wrong!! And yeah, every heart does dhak dhak.. It's normal.. Very normal.." Khushi spoke horrified clutching her chudidar near her chest, was Anjali hearing her heart beats?!

"Khushi relax! I'm singing only.." Anjali said staring at Khushi confused.

Khushi sighed in relief realizing Anjali was singing only.
Thank you for the comments! @Anjaana - You guessed the truth first dear.. :)

Feb 5

Chapter 16 - Arnav secretly admires Khushi! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 140 times)

The car came to a halt in front of a huge NGO.

"Friend.. that house!!" Aashi patted Khushi's shoulder pointing with her index finger to the NGO side.

"What are we doing here?" Khushi asked confused looking at Arnav.

"What do you mean? This is the NGO I was talking about!" Arnav said.

"I come here often and Mary aunt and Johnny uncle treat me like their daughter.. How come I've not seen you earlier?" Khushi smiled.

"Oh so you're.." Arnav raised his eyebrow as his mind travelled to the past.


Arnav was walking with Mary and Johnny chatting about the situation of the NGO.

Suddenly he stopped walking hearing a girl's voice who was running with the kids laughing heartily.

A frown appeared on his face because he was trying hard but not getting to see a glimpse of her, she was only facing her back to him. Seems like she's on Chori Chori chupke chupke mood with him!

The frown released from his face as she was about to turn and finally he would see this girl that is attracting him.

"Arnav beta.." Mary shook him, and he turned to face her.

"Where are you lost?" Mary asked him.

"Nothing.. What were you saying?" Arnav asked again as they continued their walk over the huge garden. He shifted his eyes to glance at her again but.. Damn! She already left from there leaving him with her thoughts for one whole day.

Flashback ends..

"I am?" Khushi raised her eyebrows curiosily.

Arnav ignored her curious question but was surprised himself that the girl who once manage to haunt him for the whole day turned out to be his wife! Was this his luck?!

"Let's go.." he announced, and his family started getting down of the car.

Khushi glared at him for ignoring her, and took Aashi in her arms getting down the car.

"Yaaay!!" Aashi clapped her hands excitedly to play with the kids.

Khushi smiled seeing her excitement, she made Aashi wear a hat to protect her from the sun.

Aashi pouted, "Friend Aashi don't want to weal this.."

"Aashi listen to Friend, she's doing this for your good!" Arnav said walking near them.

"Aashi you didn't even ask me why I made you wear this hat?" Khushi asked pouting.

"Why?" Aashi asked.

"Because you see that Sun.." Khushi pointed to the sun in the sky.

Arnav and Aashi looked up and immediately looked down unable to bear the brightness of the sun.

"Sunny very blight.. Aashi can't look it.." Aashi said rubbing her eyes.

"Yes, your Sunny is good boy but today is very angry and hot na?! It is said everything in excess is bad for health.. The same way Sunny is good but today he's very Sunny than normal days and he is dangerous for Aashi now! He can burn Aashi's skin you know.. And Aashi will be in pain later na? So Aashi have to wear this hat to protect Aashi from bad Sunny today.." Khushi explained adding her cute antics and ways of explanation.

Aashi nodded her head, "I will weal hat to plotect from Sunny.. Sunny angry and hot today na?"

Arnav chuckled hearing his wife and daughter talks.

Soon they went inside welcomed by a happy and joyful Mary and Johnny. Arnav and Khushi were chatting with the couple, while the family and Aashi were playing with the kids.

Aman was busy instructing the men to place the boxes inside the NGO.

"Nahin Payal.. Sorry..You see today I'm with family to donate goods in a NGO.." Akash said talking over the phone with Payal who just invited him for a date.

NK winked at him showing thumbs up. While Akash hang up the call and sighed.

"It's so strange! When I wanted Payal, she used to run away from me. Now that I'm avoiding her, she's coming behind me!" Akash said.

"Girls only want attention! I tell you.." Nk rolled his eyes.


After running here and there, and playing many games with the kids. A tired Aashi look around to spot her parents.

Arnav already knew she was tired from playing now, and she needs him. He walked towards her, but stopped on his tracks when he found Khushi reached to Aashi first than him.

Khushi wiped Aashi's face with her duppata softly and kissed her forehead lovingly with a warm smile. Then she made Aashi drink water.

Arnav watched all this with an amused smile on his face. If he's noticing well, then Khushi has really started to take a special place in Aashi's heart. Aashi never accepts anyone other than him, or his family. And today she didn't mind, that Khushi was the one taking care of her instead of him.

Khushi lifted Aashi, who wrapped her little arms around Khushi's neck and rested her chin on Khushi's shoulder.

Arnav walked towards them, "Aashi is sleepy now. You should take her to the car to rest. We would be leaving soon anyway.."

"Nahin! Aashi not sleepy.." Aashi whined.

"Don't be stubborn Aashi.. I know you're tired and sleepy!" Arnav said patting her back softly.

"Aashi is not sleepy! And by the way, it's my time now to tell stories to the kids.. I never leave from here before sharing stories with them.." Khushi said.

Arnav glared at her, while Khushi smile and called the kids inside the NGO.

They all went inside for a while to wait for Khushi. Khushi went to the kids room with them and Aashi in her arms.

She made Aashi sit on her lap, Aashi rested her head on Khushi's chest.

"So today we'll know about.." she started narrating a story to the as usual excited kids to learn something from their Didi.

After sometime, Arnav walked in the room to call her, as they needed to go back home. He was astonished seeing the kids sleeping peacefully and his daughter too. Aashi was looking like a little angel sleeping in Khushi's arms. Khushi looked like her real mother, no one would have guessed that Khushi isn't Aashi's real mother. The smile and care in her eyes for that child right now was so real and pure. He could feel it even standing a little far from them, she didn't take this only as a responsibility but out of love too!

He cleared his throat to gain her attention.

Khushi looked at him and signaled him to keep quiet putting her finger on her lip.

He didn't say anything further, and gestured with his hands that they need to go!

Khushi nodded and stood up, carefully handling Aashi in her arms. She looked down and saw her purse, she was in dillema if she bends to take it Aashi might wake up, but if she doesn't her purse will stay there only.

Arnav looked at her disturbed face, he walked towards her and bend to take her purse in his hands, after that he signaled her with his eyes to go ahead.

She smiled to him as if thanking him, and then walked outside the room. Arnav followed her and closed the door of the room slowly to not disturb the kids sleep inside.


The family looked at Khushi coming downstairs with a sleeping Aashi, while Arnav was following her behind holding Khushi's purse.

Anjali giggled with Nani after seeing this scene.

Arnav glared at both because he knew that they were laughing because he was holding Khushi's purse.

"Perfect couple!" Shyam whispered to Arnav as they reached downstairs, "This is how wives like it.. Husband should do these little things to win their heart.."

Arnav smacked Shyam's arms frowning, "You guys love to tease right? I was just helping her not doing any husband's duty.."

Shyam laughed caressing his arm.

"We'll leave now Mary bitiya.." Nani said smiling, "Hope we will meet again and enjoy together a wonderful day like this.."

"Sure! We will be waiting only for you all to come.. Thank you for always keeping in mind our kids.." Mary said and Johnny smiled.

Khushi smile waving at them, and Arnav also hugged them before leaving.


At night..

Khushi walked out of the bathroom after making Aashi fresh up, she placed Aashi on the bed and took her pyjama.

"Friend.. I enjoyed a lot today.. I like to play with friends in galden.." Aashi squealed happily while Khushi help her dress up. Khushi smile, "I also enjoyed a lot with you! Did make friends at that house?"

Aashi nodded, "Many!"

"Acha? Tell me their names.." Khushi said smiling, and made her lay on the bed.

Aashi held Khushi's hand tightly, "They ale so many! Aashi can't remembel names now.. All speak same time.."

Khushi giggled softly, she kissed Aashi's cheek, "Oww my baby.. With time, you will remember everyone's name ok?"

Aashi smile nodding. Khushi talked with her for a while, then Aashi fell asleep still she was holding Khushi's hand tightly.

Khushi slowly released her hand from Aashi's with a heavy heart, the way Aashi held her clearly showed that Aashi didn't want her to go. She stood up to go, when her eyes landed on Aashi's feet sneaking out of her blanket.

She smiled and kissed Aashi's feet warmly, then covered her feet with the blanket again.

Arnav watched the last scene as he came to wish good night to his baby.

Rabba veee.. Rabba vee..

Khushi walked to go and faces him, "Woh.. She slept.."

Arnav nodded his head, "I just came to give her a goodnight kiss.."

Khushi left from there and Arnav kissed Aashi's forehead whispering a goodnight to her.

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Chapter 17 - Missing someone! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 145 times)

Khushi opened her left eye and peeked through the poolside, she sighed seeing no sign of a naked Arnav. Smilingly she opened her both eyes and looked around the room, "Thank You DM that Laad governor isn't in front of me naked.. Otherwise my heart would go dhak dhak everytime.."

Arnav walked out of the bathroom making Khushi jerk. She almost fell from the bed for the second time.

Arnav rolled his eyes and raised his hands, "Look I'm not naked today!"

Khushi looked at him with his suit looking dashing and handsome like always!

Her heartbeat increased, she gulped staring at him.

"Did you search the meaning of naked in dictionary by the way?" Arnav asked going towards the dresser. He gelled his hair staring at her through the mirror.

"Either with clothes or without clothes, my heart is going dhak dhak everytime yaar.." Khushi bit her nails muttering to herself.

"Khushi.." Arnav called her to gain her attention.

"Haan?" Khushi looked at him startled.

"Meaning of naked? Did you search?" he asked smirking.

Khushi glared at him, she stood up and went to the bathroom cursing Arnav.


At the breakfast table..

"Khushi bhabhi don't you think we should skip this ignoring game and jump to wedding one? I'm already tired of ignoring my poor sweetie Payal.." Akash pouted.

Khushi sipped her tea smiling, she glanced at him: You really love her, isn't it?

Akash nodded smiling shyly.

"But step by step Akash we'll reach into wedding game fast.. You're doing great!" Khushi winked.

"Wow what an advice Khushi! No one in this world knows that we need to plan step by step and not doing it hastily! What a mind.. You should have been a cientist hain na?" Arnav asked sarcastically.

Khushi touched his nose with her index finger, "And Mr. Raizada seems like everyone knows not to poke their nose on other conversations except You, hain na?"

Akash laughed silently, while Nk who took the seat opposite him was confused what's going on and same state was of Anjali.

"Shut up!" Arnav glared at her and looked back at his plate.

"Don't try to mess up with me!" spoke Khushi proudly, "You're responsible for my heart to go dhak dhak everytime, now I will make your heart go shake shake..you will see it!"

"What the.." Arnav frowned not understanding what she blabbered now.

"Chote I was thinking that we should go shopping today.. Is the driver free today?" Anjali asked.

"Shopping Di seriously!" Arnav said in disbelief.

"Why do you get angry for every single thing? Just chill yaar and do check your BP!" Khushi patted his shoulder.

"I'm not your yaar!" Arnav said shoving her hands from his shoulder.

The family giggled.

"Toh? (Then?)" Khushi shrugged.

"Toh I'm your husband not your yaar.." Arnav replied.

Khushi's cheek turned pink color, she didn't expect him to acknowledge himself as her husband.

Arnav realized what he blurted, and his family teasing glances at them.

"Haan Chote you're her husband only and she isn't leaving you anywhere.." Nani said.

"I will ask the driver to drop you guys.." Arnav said.

"Oh biwi said it, now you can't say No right?" Mami asked.

"Nahin, a Parrot said it.." Arnav said.

"Friend is not Pallot.." Aashi said gazing at Arnav.

Arnav looked at her, and didn't say anything.

"Papa Friend is not Pallot!" Aashi patted his shoulder.

Khushi laughed at Arnav's face, he was tongue tied because he couldn't go against Aashi, otherwise she would be angry with him and he didn't want to admit himself wrong, that's why he keep quiet..

"Friend is not Pallot!!" Aashi stubbornly said waiting for him to reply.

"Papa.." she called him again, "Friend.."

"Haan ok, she's not Parrot.." Arnav unwillingly said it.

Aashi and Khushi smile in victory. Aashi brushed Khushi's hair lovingly with her tiny hands, "Friend is my Aulola.."

"Aww.. Khushi it's so adorable to see you with Aashi.." Anjali said with her heart melting at the scene.

"It's so strange, Aashi never brushes my hair when I ask her too!" Shyam pouted.

"You're not her Aurora!" Arnav smirked.

Everyone burst out laughing at Shyam's face.


Arshi's room:

"Khushi give me my wallet.." Arnav said taking a look into his file.

"Ha Ha ha.. Why should I?" Khushi laughed sarcastically, and placed her hand on her hips.

"Everyday you give na.." Arnav frowned still immersed on his files.

"Everyday when I was acting, now you know I'm not! Where did I can do my things alone Laad governor go now?" Khushi asked.

Arnav rolled his eyes, he left his files and walked to take his wallet. But Khushi came on his way and took the wallet and his car keys, pouting she gave it to him.

Arnav took it from her hand, and put on his pocket, "When do you want to give me, why act like you don't?"

"Because I'm like that, and you have to accept me like this otherwise you will marry for the third time.." Khushi said chirpily.

"Second.." Arnav corrected her.

"Oh my God. How did you become number one in business world when you don't even know how to count 1,2,3 ahn? Even Aashi knows it.." Khushi giggled, "First you married Meera, then me and if.."

Khushi stopped talking thinking about him getting married with other woman, she doesn't know why but she didn't felt good about it.

Arnav on the other side realized what he blurted now, Khushi really believes he married Meera, what will be her reaction when she gets to know the truth?

"There won't be any third woman in my life.. Aashi already accepted you.." Arnav said taking his files in hurry, and walked out of the room.

Khushi smiled, after he assured her that there won't be any third woman in his life.


Arnav was driving lost in his thoughts about the past.


"Oh Oh Jane Jaana, Dhoonde Tujhe Deewana (O love of my life! Your lover is searching for You) Sapno Mein Roz Aaye, Aa Zindagi Mein Aana (You come in dreams daily, come into my life also)" Arnav sang and hugged a woman from behind.

The woman caressed his cheek softly, "Chote you're here.."

"Chote kaun? I'm your lover searching for you like crazy!" Arnav smiled.

The woman hit his forehead laughing, "Pagal.. You search for me, or I called you here? These days you don't even remind that apart from Anjali, you have another sister too!"

"I know Di! I didn't forget you, it's just college and all keep me busy.." Arnav smiled.

"College or girls?" the woman smirked.

"Woah Di.. Arnav Singh Raizada is a Sharif ladka, not any flirt you know.. Go and ask anyone in college.." Arnav said adjusting his shirt and brushed his hair presenting himself as good boy to his sister.

"I know you're my Good boy only!" she said kissing his forehead lightly.

"I called you to ask if you're happy that your marriage got fixed with Meera.. Are you happy na Chote?" she cupped his face asking with a worried face.

"Are you and my cutiepie happy?" he asked caressing her belly.

"Don't ask me! We are only happy if you're Chote.. Don't marry her if you don't want.." his sister pouted.

"I'm.. happy.." he said smiling faintly, then knelt down, "Hey uncle's princess.. How are you? Di is troubling you na.. She doesn't eat properly, so you're feeling hungry hain na?"

"I do eat!! Your Cutiepie makes me eat everything that comes in my way.." she giggled.

"But she's telling her uncle that she's hungry.. So we need to do something about it.. Yes, we will go and have ice cream now.. Let's go!"

Flashback ends..

"I miss you Sharanya Di.." Arnav whispered with moist eyes.

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Chapter 18 - Shopping fun! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 159 times)

Aashi grabbed a red sari with her tiny hands smiling, "Aashi wants this!"

Anjali giggled and cupped her face, "Aww my baby! You still need to grow up only then you will wear this.."

"Not fol Aashi.. Fol my friend.." Aashi explained handling it to Khushi with a cute shy smile.

Khushi smiled and took the sari from her hand appreciating it.

"It's beautiful Khushi.. I think you should take it.." said Anjali.

"But Di.. It must be expensive and I don't have enough money to buy it.." Khushi smiled faintly leaving it on it's place.

"Khushi bitiya take it. I will pay for it.. By the way, it's your husband's money and you have right over it.." Nani patted her shoulder convincing her to take.

"Nahin Nani.. I can't.." Khushi said, not feeling comfortable to use Arnav's money for herself.

"Friend you don't likey my choice!?" Aashi asked with a sad expression on her face.

"I loved it Aashi.." Khushi said not wanting to break her heart.

"Then let us take it for you Khushi! Believe me there is no wrong, and Chote would never refuse for it.." Anjali said.

"Hello hi bye bye! Take the entire shop if you want.. Arnav bitwa won't be angry.." Mami chirped.

The ladies giggled and finally Khushi accepted to take the sari, earning a tight hug from Aashi.

While Mami and Anjali were still choosing sari for themselves, Aashi was feeling hungry. She held the edge of Khushi's duppata in her little fist, "Friend.."

Khushi looked down, "Aashi.. Kya hua?"

"Aashi wants to eat.. I'm hungly.. Please buy chips fol me.." said Aashi in pleading tone.

Khushi nodded and lifted her, "Nani ji I'm going to hypermarket here, Aashi wants chips.."

Nani: I will go with you bitiya, I'm getting tired of seeing these two with their saris.

Anjali and Mami pouted hearing it, while Aashi, Nani and Khushi left to the hypermarket side.

Khushi choose to walk from the side with less people because Nani would get disturbed, she was walking slowly matching Nani's step chatting with Nani, so that Nani doesn't get tired fastly.

Nani was so happy seeing this small gesture by Khushi. Day by day she's getting happier with Anjali's decision of making Arnav marry Khushi, there could not be a better girl than Khushi. Khushi always thinks of the family and Aashi, whereas Meera and Sheetal only thought about Arnav. All both wanted was Arnav. But Khushi isn't like this, she likes to spend time with family and also help everyone at home. She respects elder and gets along well with Arnav's brother and Shyam. Everyone loves her!

"Nani do you want anything?" Khushi asked while Aashi picked the packet of chips of her choice.

Nani came out of her thoughts, and looked at Khushi startled, "Haan?"

"Nani are you ok? Are you feeling well? Tell me Nani if you're feeling dizzy.." Khushi asked worriedly, shaking Nani lightly.

"Bhaiya please bring some chair and water.." shouted Khushi to the salesman.

He nodded and ran to take some chair to help the lady.

"Khushi bitiya listen to me.." Nani smile amused.

"Haan I'm listening! Bolo na Nani.. What are you feeling?" asked Khushi.

"I'm fine bitiya! Calm down..Why do you think I'm not well?" Nani said assuring her.

"Woh Nani you didn't reply me for long time so I thought.." Khushi said.

Nani giggled, "I was thinking something only.."

"Ma'am here is the chair.." the man placed it near them signaling Nani to sit.

Khushi smiled sheepishly, "Sorry bhaiya! Nani is fine, I only thought.."

The man looked at her in disbelief, then nodded and went from there.

Nani and Khushi laughed, and walked around the hypermarket to buy few items Nani wanted.

While walking Nani bumped with a Lady, and her purse fell on the floor.

She glared at Nani, "Can't you watch out and walk old woman?"

"Sorry bitiya. I didn't see you!" Nani said with an apologetic smile.

"Who will pick up my purse now? You?" the lady said angrily and bend to take her purse.

Nani frowned at her behavior, Khushi and Aashi angrily gazed at the woman.

When she stood straight, Khushi's eyes widened in shock.

"Oh DM! She's Payal.. Now if Nani gets to know she's Akash lover, Nani would reject her immediately.. God, she had to behave like that too Nani.. This Papaya bhi na.." thought Khushi.

"Look you can't talk to elders like this. Say sorry to Nani now.." said Khushi serious.

"Solly bolo.." Aashi angrily said.

"She's your Nani OK? Not mine, and I won't say sorry when the fault is hers.. She's the one who bumped with me.." said Payal and left from there sighing hard.

"Girls nowadays don't have respect for elders.. Humph!" Nani said pouting.

Khushi smiled nervously thinking about Akash.

"Don't worry bitiya. I'm not talking about you, you're very nice girl.. And I like you a lot.." said Nani caressing Khushi's hair.


They met at a coffee shop, the ladies were chatting happily, and Khushi was making Aashi eat her sandwich now.

"We had lot of fun Na!" Anjali said chirpily, "I can't wait to show Shyam ji my new saris.."

"And I can't wait to wear them and show Manohar ji that I'm still beautiful!" Mami said proudly.

Nani rolled her eyes, then held Aashi's chin smiling, "And my Gudiya will show her Papa her new dresses na?"

Aashi nodded, "Yes! Friend choose beautiful dless fol Aashi.. Aashi loved it and Papa will love it too.."

Khushi smiled, everyday she's getting used to hear Aashi praising her for one or other thing. The love growing each day for each other is turning their relationship a beautiful one.

"Enjoyed shopping?" suddenly their heard Arnav's voice, he took a seat beside Aashi and Khushi on their table.

"Chote.. You here?" asked Anjali surprised.

"Are you following us?" asked Khushi suspiciously staring at him.

"Does my face tells you I've time to follow you?" Arnav asked sarcastically.

"First your face doesn't tell me anything.. It's completely blank.. Expressionless face!" she said sarcastically too.

Arnav rolled his eyes, "Unfortunately for yourself, you will see this face 24/7 all your life.."

"Laad governor!" Khushi looked away.

"Chipku!" Arnav muttered.

"How come you're here Arnav bitwa?" Mami asked.

"I came here to have a talk with my partners. We were supposed to meet here in this coffee shop and I saw you guys.." Arnav explained.

"Bhai.." Akash also came and looked surprised to see his family there.

"They came for shopping!" Arnav said understanding the surprised look of Akash.

Aashi jumped to Arnav's lap, hugging him tightly, "Papa!"

Arnav wrapped his arms around her protectively, placing a soft kiss on her forehead.

"Aashi enjoyed shopping today? Show Papa what you bought.." said Arnav cheering her.

Khushi handled to Aashi her bag, and helped her take out of her dresses to show Arnav.

"Papa Friend choose for me this.." said Aashi taking the purple dress on her hand, "This too!" she took another one.

Arnav nodded, "Beautiful they're..at least Friend has good choices!!"

Khushi pouted and crossed her arms cutely.

Akash and the ladies giggled.

"Papa I also choose fol Friend.. Led (red) sali.." Aashi said excitedly searching for sari in the bag.

Arnav helped her take it, she smiled, "Papa izz it beautiful??"

"Very beautiful!!" said Arnav kissing her tiny hands, "But it will not fit the person who will wear it.."

Khushi glared at him, "You're just jealous that Aashi bought something for me!"

"With my money you want to say!" he added grinning.

Khushi didn't say anything further, she felt bad he said like that.

Anjali and Nani looked at each other, it took time for them to convince Khushi to buy it and now Arnav spoke like that, they were sure Khushi felt bad and wouldn't accept to buy anything else using their money.

"Khushi is your wife and she has the right to buy what she wants using your money Chote.." said Nani.

"Nahin Nani.. I already said to you that I didn't want to.. I don't want anyone's money to buy things for myself.." said Khushi hurt.

"I'm not anyone, I'm your husband and you can use my money to buy anything you want ok! I cannot joke with you, it seems Chipku!"Arnav said rolling his eyes.

Khushi looked at him surprised, Anjali, Nani, Akash and Mami had big smiles on their face.

Soon Arnav's business partners came, so he joined them with Akash to another table leaving the ladies in their table.

Nani glanced at them and was shocked to see Payal in between them.

Feb 8

Chapter 19 - Golden heart girl.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 169 times)

"This girl is working with Arnav bitwa.." Nani said pointing to Payal angrily.

Khushi gulped and nodded smiling.

"And going to be bahu of Raizada family.." Khushi thought.

"Nani you liked her?" Akash asked smiling shyly after he saw Nani pointing at Payal.

Nani gritted her teeth, while Payal was shocked when Akash called that old woman as Nani.

"I hate her!" said Nani frowning.

Akash widened his eyes shocked, and Khushi face palmed.

Arnav looked at them, then at his business partners, "Excuse me.. I will just come back.."

Saying this, he walked near Nani along with Akash who curiously came to know why Nani hates Payal.

Payal gulped nervously, she hit her forehead for creating a wrong impression in front of Akash's Nani.

"What happened Nani? Why are you behaving like this with Payal?" asked Arnav confused.

Nani narrated everything Payal did at hypermarket, and Akash just wanted to faint right now hearing all that. He was sure Nani would say a big No to his marriage with Payal.

Arnav felt sorry for Akash, but got angry that she misbehaved with his Nani. He hates it when someone disrespect any member of his family.

"Come with me Nani.. She will say sorry for this.." Arnav held Nani's hand and walked to their table.

Payal already got up, and said nervously, "I'm sorry Nani.. I didn't know you're Akash's Nani.."

Arnav was surprised she said sorry without him saying anything.

Nani nodded seriously, "It's ok! And don't call me Nani, I'm not your Nani. Apart from business, take time to learn how to respect elders. My Khushi is here, she will teach you very well!"

Payal looked down embarrassed.

"We will leave!" said Anjali and they left.

Khushi turned to look at Akash, she made a sorry face to which he just shook his head.

"Let's continue!" said Arnav and sat on his chair sighing.


Payal's Mansion:

Payal reached in her room, and threw herself on the bed burying her face on the pillow.

"Payal what happened?" her best friend Katy came in.

"It was the worst day of my life! Don't even ask.." said Payal rolling her eyes.

"Share with me! You will feel better.." said Katy joining her in the bed.

Payal sat comfortably on the bed, placing the pillow on her lap, "You know, today I behaved rudely with an old woman, when I went to meet ASR and Akash, I got to know that old woman was none other than Akash's Nani!"

"Oh my God! Then?" Katy asked shocked.

"Then I said sorry to her and she made me hear a lot.." Payal said.

"This shouldn't have happened right? She will definitely hate you now.." said Katy with a pity face.

"She already does Katy and that's not where it ends.. Akash was already ignoring me earlier, but today he was angry with me, he didn't talk to me all day in office.. Let alone talk, he didn't met his eyes with mine.. It just pricked my heart, now I'm feeling what he felt when I used to ignore him.." said Payal.

"Why didn't you say you like him earlier Payuu?" Katy hugged her tightly.

"I wanted to test him Katy. I always lived alone, my parents are no more and I learned how to face this world alone, without anyone teaching me what's good or wrong. In such situation, I thought Akash wanted to play with me, so I used to get angry at first but then he was very adamant and I realized he truly loves me.. Now that I want to reciprocate his love, he's going away from me.. I'm scared that I will lose him Katy.." Payal said.

"Hey don't worry! You will not lose him, just tell him your feelings asap.." Katy assured her.

Payal gave her a slight smile.


Khushi was going towards the bathroom to change her clothes, when Arnav came in front of her.

She turned to other side to go to the bathroom, Arnav also came in front of her.

She glared at him, and was going to other side but Arnav pushed her to the wall just a step behind trapping her with his both hands.

"Will you not buy anything from my money?" asked Arnav.

"Nahin.." Khushi looked away.

"Means you felt bad for what I said.." said Arnav raising his eyebrows.

"Nahin.." Khushi replied.

"Nahin ke aage kya hai? (What's ahead of "No"?)" Arnav asked.

"Nahin ke aage What the hai, and What the ke aage is something you won't like to listen.." said Khushi angrily.

Arnav raised his eyebrows surprised with this girl's guts to talk with him like this. But how can he forget, she isn't any random girl but his Wife!

"Look Khushi I was just kidding with you! You can, really use my money whenever you want to.. And when you need anything just ask me, I will give it to you!" said Arnav in serious tone.

"After what you did for Aashi, I owe you much more than just money!" he said staring intently at her.

Khushi looked up and met his chocolate brown eyes, she could feel he said sincerely.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

Khushi smiled slowly making Arnav's heart relieved that she forgave him. Even though he didn't say sorry, all this conversation started by him was indirectly a way of saying sorry to her.

"You don't owe me anything! What I did was with my own will, for Aashi.." Khushi said.

"It's just so difficult to find a girl with a golden heart like yours!" Arnav said looking lost in Khushi.

Khushi blushed hearing Arnav praising her so openly like this. She went running like butterfly to the bathroom.

Arnav was lost in his thoughts about his past by then.


He was dressed in a white sherwani, but there wasn't a smile on his face. The smile he expected to have on this big day of his life. His engagement, his family were all happy, it was a grand event but the bride wasn't of his choice. She wasn't the one for him, but neither he could say this to anyone otherwise his Di's marriage would break.

Someone patted his shoulder, and he turned to face that person.

"You.." he said.

"Aren't you happy to see your going to be wife's father?" asked the man smiling.

"You very well know the answer.." Arnav rolled his eyes.

"Better put a smile on your face boy otherwise I will remove the smile from your sister's face.." he said smirking evilly.

"What do you want? Am I not marrying Meera now? Aren't you satisfied with that?" said Arnav angrily.

"No, I want you to love Meera the same way she does to you, I want you to care for my daughter and give her all the happiness in the world only then I will let your sister be happily married to my son. If you don't keep your promises Arnav, trust me I will make my son break his marriage with your beloved sister and her life will be destroyed, after all it's not her alone now, she has a little life growing inside her now.." said the man grinning.

"Love cannot be forced Mr. Shashi Kapoor!" Arnav gritted his teeth.

"For your sister, I believe you can do anything na.." Shashi said smirking.

"Papa.. Arnav..what are both doing here?" came a girl beautiful in a white and blue lehenga, she smiled brightly to both.

Shashi smirked and signaled Arnav to go to his daughter.

Arnav unwillingly walked near Meera, "We were just chatting!" "About me?" Meera asked smiling shyly.

"Chote.." came Sharanya looking out for him, "Oh you're romancing here and guests are waiting downstairs.."

"Papa you're also here.." Sharanya smile seeing Shashi with them.

"Haan they were talking something, and I asked if it's about me.. Bolo na Arnav what were you both saying?" Meera asked curious.

Arnav looked at his sister, then back at Shashi who had an evil smile on his face. He turned back to Meera and hugged her, "I was saying to you father.. That.. I will love you always and keep you happy also.."

Sharanya smiled hearing this, her heart got satisfied that Arnav is marrying Meera because he wanted to, and not because Meera is her sister in law.

"I love you too Arnav.. And I will always be with you.." Meera hugged him tightly.

His eyes got moist, he clenched his fist for being so helpless right now.

Flashback ends..

Arnav clenched his fist and punched the mirror in front of him breaking it in pieces.

Khushi was shocked with the scene she saw as soon as she walked out of the bathroom.

She ran to Arnav, and held his bleeding hand, "Have you gone mad? What wrong with you?"

She rushed to get the first aid kit, and fresh tears made way to her eyes.

"Sit here.." she pointed to the bed.

"Leave me Khushi.." Arnav shoved her.

Khushi held his shoulder, "How can I leave you? You're bleeding Arnav.. Let me treat you!"

"I said leave me alone dammit.." Arnav shouted on top of his voice.

"I won't leave you alone Arnav! Look at yourself, you are bleeding.. If something happens to you, what will become of Aashi? You just hurt yourself like that.. If you have any problems, then share it with someone instead of keeping it to yourself and face your problems, don't hurt yourself .. Don't give yourself pain OK? Because hurting yourself it's easy, but it's your loved ones that feel the pain.. Now just shut up and quietly sit on the bed right now!" shouted Khushi in same tone as Arnav.

Arnav stood still pondering over her words, she is right. If at that time, he faced his problems then his Di would have been with him today.

"Didn't you listen to what I said?" Khushi asked angrily, "Sit Arnav!"

Arnav obeyed her without making fuss, and sat on the bed.

Khushi sat beside him, and cleaned the blood flowing on his hand with tears in her eyes.

"Go and practice boxing with Akash, Nk or anyone you want to, just not with the mirror.." Khushi pouted dressing his wound.

Arnav chuckled softly, he wiped her tears with his thumb.

"I'm fine!" he said assuring her with a blink of his eyes.

"I know Lion doesn't feel anything by hurting himself like this, but I'm a little Chipmunk na, I do feel a lot of pain seeing you hurt like this.. So next time, if not for you, then please think about me.." Khushi said smiling sadly.

Arnav nodded his head, "You have a strange yet cute way to explain things.."

"After all I'm your three years old baby.." Khushi chirped.

"Yeah right, don't know why Di thought I could make a baby pregnant of another baby.." Arnav said.

Khushi beat him on his shoulder pouting.

Later, his whole family came to know about it, and kept worried and pampering him all night. Aashi was frightened thinking what happened to her Papa, she was in Arnav's lap all the time crying. Arnav made her calm after some hours, and told her he's fine. She kept pampering him, and consoling him with her kisses and always telling him he's strong and will be fine soon. Khushi made kheer for him, and didn't allow him to work with his laptop neither touch his phone, she asked him to sleep on the bed and she took the recliner. He seriously felt more pampered by Khushi this time instead of his Di, she was checking him all night, and everytime asking him if he needs anything.

He smiled faintly staring at her looking suspiciously at him, she thinks he is hiding his pain from her and not telling her what he is feeling. Shaking his head, and telling her to sleep. He too closed his eyes to sleep. Khushi too fell asleep after seeing him sleeping peacefully.
Thanks for the comments!! Lazydoll-Sharanya is Arnav's blood sister only. Anonymous- after long time dear:) missed u!

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Chapter 20 - One Khushi isn't enough!!! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 157 times)

One month and three days later..

One month passed by, and things were just not the same anymore in Raizada family. It changed for better, with Khushi being a part of their family, it was always a mansion full of happiness for everyone including Arnav. For Akash and Nk, life got double fun because Khushi is a part of their pranks now, for Anjali, Khushi is like a baby sister for her. Anjali loves to chat and spend time with Khushi. For Shyam, he found a sister that is always by his side defending him when he fights with his dear Rani Sahiba, Khushi also helps him in his work or to solve cases. For Nani, she found an ideal bahu for the family, she treats Khushi the same way as Arnav, she is Nani's Gudiya (Doll). For Mami, Khushi is like her daughter like Akash and Arnav, everyone makes fun of her because of her make up craziness, but Khushi always supports her and have fun with Mami. For Mama, Khushi is like his daughter also but also his best friend, he loves to listen to old music with Khushi who is fond of it, unlike his son and NK who loves modern day music. Mama enjoys chatting with Khushi at night, while eating warm pakoras with tea. For Aashi, life is like being in a Disney land! She has a mother that is friendly and takes care of her. Khushi treats with patiently and with care, plays with her and listen to her every wish and talks to her daily. Khushi teaches Aashi everyday something new that helps to turn her into a good human being. For Laxmi, she found a best friend in Khushi. Khushi plays with her when she gets time and also feed her. And for Arnav, he is more comfortable with Khushi now, they are like in friends stage now even though they still fight like kids but they feel it from inside that these fights aren't harmful to their growing relationship, it's just for fun. Khushi takes care of him, chats with him at night when they go to sleep. She always does sweet little things and gestures that are making him surrender himself to her. Didn't he say he likes to do his things alone? Now it's completely opposite, he likes when Khushi choose clothes for him, when she gives him his wallet, handkerchief and his car keys. He likes when she makes coffee for him and comes to give him personally along with his newspaper in morning. He likes when she gives his meds on time, and also calls him when is in office to have his meds. He likes when she's a part of his daily life. He has to see, hear and feel Khushi around him to start his day. He has realized how bad he thought about her in the first days of their marriage, she is completely opposite of what he had thought. He thought she is behind his money, fame and looks but Khushi isn't like other girls, she is very selfless girl, only think about other's happiness, he has noticed how she doesn't accept anyone in this house to be upset in her presence, she always tries to keep everyone happy. But she herself hide her pain from everyone, whenever she's upset she wouldn't say to anyone. She would just stay on his poolside silently staring at the sky and then come back with full energy and a smile that never leaves her face. She is always helping his family in everything they need, till now he thought only he could fulfill the responsibilities and wishes of his family. But she's carrying an equal part with him. She takes care of the little things in Aashi's life that he never noticed before. Aashi is really happy with Khushi and he can see it from his daughter's eyes. All his daughter speak with him start with Khushi and ends with her only. Khushi won his heart and trust completely when she saved Anjali from an accident. Anjali was crossing the road while talking over the phone and didn't saw a car coming to her side with full speed, Khushi was behind her with Akash and Aashi. Without thinking for her life, she ran and pushed Anjali aside, saving both his and Anjali life. Because if something happened to his another sister, he would die for sure now. He already lost Sharanya, who was like a mother to him and now to lose Anjali he wouldn't bear it. He will be thankful to Khushi all his life. He started having a soft corner for Khushi then.


"Khushi bitiya please come here for a while.. I need your help to arrange pooja items.." shouted Nani from Mandir.

"I'm coming Nani.." Khushi shouted after she walked out of the bathroom wiping her wet hair with her towel.

"Chipku my coffee!" Arnav shouted from the poolside working on his laptop.

"Ji.. I will bring it.." Khushi said and hurriedly threw the towel on her bed, and rushed outside to make Arnav's coffee and help Nani also.

"Khushi bhabhi I need to talk with you about Payal.." said Akash coming to her, while she was going downstairs.

"Haan bolo.." said Khushi running to the kitchen side.

Akash came behind her, "Khushi bhabhi I think I should accept her apology and propose her na? Even I think it's enough of our separation.."

"I was thinking about it only Akash.. You should go ahead with the proposal.. And about Nani we will convince her later.." Khushi smiled making Arnav's coffee.

"Khushi ji.. Please my snacks.. I need to leave to AR asap today I've an important photoshoot and Bhai will kill me if I don't reach in time.." said NK holding his bag with one hand, and brushing his messy hair with other hand.

Akash laughed at his state, while Khushi hurriedly served him his snacks and also took time to pour a mango juice, which is NK's favorite on a glass.

"Thank you! You're awesome Khushi ji.." NK said smiling and gulped his juice in one go.

"You're welcome NK.." said Khushi taking Arnav's coffee and rushed upstairs to give it to him.

"Chocolate your coffee!" Khushi said handling to him.

Arnav shifted his eyes from the laptop to her, "You hair is messy!" he said taking the coffee cup on his hand.

"You're responsible for my hair being messy.. Laad governor.." Khushi pouted and went running downstairs to attend Nani now. On her way, she brushed her hair quickly as Arnav already made her conscious about her state.

After helping Nani with pooja items, both started the pooja. Today Nani conducted the pooja and Khushi was beside her praying.

Shyam on the other side was looking for his blue file, he sighed not seeing it anywhere.

Khushi looked at him and saw him disturbed looking for something.

He looked at Khushi to ask, but saw her praying with Nani.

Khushi signaled with her hands, "What are you looking for?"

Shyam pointed to a file on his hand, then showed his blue shirt to Khushi.

Khushi eyed to the living room, Shyam went there and saw his file laying on the table.

He smiled broadly and looked at Khushi sending a thank you look to her.

Khushi smiled and continued praying.

After praying, Khushi asked Nani to rest at the living room as she would prepare the breakfast for them now.

"Khushi come with me.. I need your help.." said Anjali holding Khushi's hand.

Khushi nodded but suddenly felt pulled by someone to the opposite side.

"Khushi come with me.." said Arnav who held her other hand.

"Aah Chote! I need Khushi for some minutes.. Please it's urgent.." Anjali pouted.

"Urgent is my work Di, I have to reach office early.." Arnav said pushing Khushi to his side.

"You can manage your things alone na Chote! But for my work, I need Khushi only.." Anjali pushed Khushi to her side glaring at Arnav.

"No, everyday Khushi choose my clothes and she knows where everything I need is kept.. Everything means everything! From my toothbrush till my shoes..so I need her more than you Di.. You just want some work, I want complete work!" said Arnav holding Khushi's hand tightly.

Khushi was like a doll in between both siblings, being pushed to right and left side.

"Chote just leave her.. I really need her help and she's my sister.. She will never deny me..dekho na Nani what is Chote doing?" Anjali pouted.

"Nani tell her Khushi is my wife, and I have more right on her than anyone here.." Arnav said pushing Khushi to him.

Nani giggled not knowing what to answer.

"Nani save me please. I'm feeling dizzy with these both..My mind is going dola re dola.." Khushi said rolling her eyes.

Arnav and Anjali stopped their acts, Arnav rushed to Khushi patting her back softly, "Kya hua? Are you ok?"

"I'm sorry Khushi.. It's because of Chote fighting with me and you are suffering.." Anjali said worriedly.

Khushi nodded sideways, "I was just kidding!!"

Anjali felt relieved now, she was about to hold Khushi's hand and steal her from Arnav.

But Arnav was quick enough, he lifted Khushi and went from there upstairs.

Nani laughed at Anjali whose mouth formed a big "O" shape.

"Sasuma where's Khushi bitiya?" came Mami and asked coolly.

"No! After helping Chote, Khushi is helping me and I don't want to listen!" Anjali said fuming and sat on the sofa.

"I want her help on my makeupwa!!" said Mami pouting.

"Oh God, Khushi is just one ok! How will she divide herself to attend all of you?" Mama asked laughing.

"I was thinkingwa we can make Robots of Khushi bitiya for all of us.. In this way, everyone will be happy.." said Mami.

"I will stay with the real Khushi.." Nani, Mama, Mami and Anjali said at the same time and burst out laughing on the same.


Arshi's room:

"Put me down..how can you do this?" Khushi whined in his arms.

Arnav put her down, "It was needed otherwise Di would take you away from me!"

Khushi smiled faintly staring at him.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

"Aren't you wanting this unwanted wife much these days?" asked Khushi smirking, while taking his watch, wallet and handkerchief.

She handled it to him, and Arnav took it from her hand glaring at her.

"Unwanted or wanted, you're my wife now!" he smirked using her words now.

Khushi rolled her eyes, this Laad governor knows very well how to change the topic!

She took a matching tie to his suit on the closet, and his shoes also.

Arnav was on his phone now talking with Aman, Khushi handled him his tie. He signaled her to wait, Khushi glared at him showing with her fingers that she doesn't have time to wait for him.

Arnav raised his eyebrows and continued his conversation with Aman.

Khushi shook her head and draped the tie around his neck herself tying it for him. At last tightened the knot smiling.

Arnav looked at her surprised, he didn't expect Khushi to take this move.

Khushi took his shoes from the floor showing it to him.

"I will wear it myself.. Tum jao (You go).." he said taking the shoes from her hand quickly before she comes with the idea of making him wear his shoes. He would hate if she does something like this, because he only calls her for help not do work for him.

Khushi nodded her head, "After talking with your girlfriend, come downstairs to have breakfast!"

"Aman is not my girlfriend.." Arnav whined but Khushi already left from there.


While having breakfast, Aashi was feeding Khushi and vice-versa.

"Now Friend make Papa eat.." Aashi said handling the piece of paratha to Khushi.

"Aashi I.." Khushi stammered, she was feeling shy to feed Arnav in front of everyone. Earlier when she didn't felt anything for him, it was so easy to act like she was in love with him, and now she has strange feelings towards Arnav, she can feel it that their relationship is different now. And now it's really difficult to behave lovely like this with him, because it's not acting anymore. It's turning in reality now.

"Friend make Papa eat like I'm doing with you!" said Aashi shaking her.

Khushi raised her hand to his lips, as he fingers touched his lips she felt butterflies on her stomach.

Arnav eat from her hand only gazing at her making her more uncomfortable than what she was.

Aashi smiled happily, she clapped her hands. And everyone at the table smiled.

After having breakfast, Arnav stood up, taking his bag he left to office. But stopped on his track reminding something.

He went back and found Khushi with his Di going upstairs.

"Khushi come here.." he said staring at both figures.

Anjali held Khushi's hand, "Nahin! Your time is over with Khushi!"

"Five seconds Di!" Arnav rolled his eyes.

Anjali was about to protest, but Khushi went downstairs to her husband.

Anjali though sighed for losing again, she had a hidden smile on her face seeing that Khushi never refuses to hear Arnav's words and he also listen to her always. With this way, confessing their love to each other is not very far!

"You remember about the success party of our fashion show with Payal's company? Are you coming with me tonight?" he asked.

Khushi nodded, "Haan I remember.. I will be ready by 7!"

"Ok! See you later then.." he said.

"Akash wants to propose Payal, so I will use this party to go ahead with this plan.." Khushi said.

"Hmm.. Since you didn't even ask for my permission, why are you saying?" he asked sarcastically.

Khushi giggled, "I know you will say yes!"

"If I say no?" Arnav smirked.

"Then we will plan another place and you won't get my company in the party.." Khushi said smiling.

"It looks like my loss, so go ahead with your plan.." he said.

Khushi blushed.

"Just don't turn that party into a circus.." he joked.

"Am I looking like joker for you?" she asked pouting.

"You're Khushi, you don't look like.." he said.

"Liar.." Khushi beat him on his shoulder.

"Look at your nose is red exactly like those jokers.." Arnav said pinching her nose.

Khushi glared at him, "Arnav don't angry me!"

"Movie dialogue thief!" Arnav smirked irking her more.

"Five seconds will turn into five hours like this.." Anjali whined.

Arnav and Khushi looked at her and both were embarrassed, they were in their own world that they forgot Anjali was still there.

"I'll get going! Bye Di.. Bye Chipku!" he said and pinched Khushi's nose once again.

Khushi smiled after he left, touching her nose with her fingers feeling his touch still fresh on her skin.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..


*Arnav was not married, but got engaged to Meera in past.

*Sharanya is Arnav's blood sister, she is elder to both Anjali and Arnav.

*Arnav is Aashi's uncle and not father.

*Shashi is father to Meera and Sharanya's husband, and he is Sharanya's father in law.

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