Love You Zindagi

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Jan 27

Love You Zindagi... Part 10 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 18 times)

As the bright sun rays fell on her face through the window, she stretched her arms lazily as she sat up on the bed and looked around realizing she wasn’t in her own room.

After a moment of panic, she relaxed when she saw Arnav lying next to her, it reminded her of how she had woken up in the middle of the night and Arnav told her she had been drunk and decided to sleep here.

She stared at him as a smile curved up on her face, he looked like a baby in sleep, he had his pillow clutched between his hands as he hugged it tight.

She stood up making sure not to make any noise that would wake him up, she walked towards the door and stopped, turning around she had a last glance of him as she headed back to her room.

She found Meera sited there with the rest of the girls and for a moment she felt shy to walk in, it was all going to be awkward.

“Someone is really spending nights with Arnav” Meera giggled.

“Shut up, it’s nothing like that” Khushi said as she picked up a pillow and threw it at Meera.

“Then what is it like?”

“You know I was drunk, he was just taking care of me so keep your dirty thoughts to yourself”

“Fine, let’s not discuss Arnav, it’s making you blush anyway… we had gathered here to discuss about the upcoming functions and what we would do, so my dearest best friend join us because without you, it’s all going to be incomplete.”

“So what have you planned so far?” Khushi asked as she sat down next to Meera while Mona kept on glaring at her from a corner which made her feel more awkward.

“We were thinking about the dances, I mean it’s so cliché every time the boys versus the girls, so I was thinking that this time we better do it like together, I mean we do it in like partners and now that half of us are single here I’ve got a way to do it.

We’ll have two bowls with chits, they’ll have a number written on it so one will be for boys one for girls, we all have to pick chits from it and whoever’s number matches, they’ll be partners… how does that sound?”

“It’s great, I like the idea, but what kind of dances will be there?”

“I haven’t decided that yet, Kiaan said he’ll discuss it with the boys they decide about the dance but that’s not important, what’s important is that this dance is going to be for Sangeet and that comes last, so what are we going to do for haldi and Mehndi?”

“Can we decide that over the breakfast? I mean let’s take suggestions from everyone, I’m really hungry anyway” Khushi said

“Okay then we do that, let’s meet up at the breakfast table in half an hour, I’ll tell Kiaan to inform the boys too”

“Great, I’ll take a shower meanwhile” Khushi smiled as she headed to get her clothes from the cupboard while the rest of the girls walked away leaving Meera behind with Khushi.

“Are you going to get ready or something?” Khushi asked as she turned around and found Meera sited there.

“I’ll do that later, for now we both need to talk”

“About what?”

“About Arnav, you know there’s been a lot happening Khushi and don’t think I haven’t noticed any of it”

“What do you want to talk about Arnav?”

“I want to know what you feel for him Khushi… I mean look at yourself, I’ve known you and Arnav since school and you both were the best of buddies and everything was so great between you both but that was it, but right now nothing seems like it, there’s a difference”

“There’s no difference, it’s just that at that time we were kids, now we’ve all grown up and things don’t remain the same”

“That’s not what I’m talking about Khushi… in school when I used to see you both all I ever saw was friendship and that was it but right now when I look at the both of you, there’s something else, something more and don’t deny it.

You got drunk yesterday and I’ve never seen you drinking that much and I know it was because Mona was flirting with Arnav, Khushi you were jealous!”

“Fine I was jealous but that was only because I saw my best friend giving attention to someone else, that’s it”

“Do you still think this is friendship? Look I know you are with Vihaan but maybe you never loved him”

“I’ve been with him since school Meera, how can you say it’s not love?”

“Because even though you don’t tell me, I know you’ve never been happy in that relationship, I still don’t know why you’re holding on to it”

“Because some time it’s easier to hold on… anyway I’ll take a shower, stop thinking about all this, I did long time back and life’s going pretty well, see you at the breakfast table” Khushi said as she hugged Meera and rushed inside the bathroom.


Half an hour later…

Everyone had gathered at the breakfast table including Arnav who was busy dozing while he waited for the breakfast to be served.

“Good morning” Khushi said with a smiled as she sat down next to him, that was the only sit left empty, it was like they all had planned for it to be that way.

“How are you feeling now? Is the headache gone?” Arnav asked as he looked at her completely ignoring Mona who was sited on the other side trying to talk to him.

“Yeah I’m fine, I think your pain killers worked the magic, I feel great” Khushi smiled.

“The food is here finally, I am famished, as for you, you should start with the lemonade, works magic on hangovers”

“I don’t have any hangover Arnav and stop treating me like I’m a baby, I am really fine”

“I was just worried about you Khushi, you don’t have to be rude just because I care” Arnav said as he looked away from her.

“Hey… I wasn’t being rude, I was just saying… I’m sorry if it sounded rude” Khushi whispered to him but he was in no moods to listen to her anymore.

“Arnav, I said I was sorry, I really dint mean to be rude, it just sounded so”

“Fine now I’ll also let it sound like I am angry, I think I’m done with the breakfast anyway” Arnav said as he stood up and looked at everyone.

“Hey guys, whatever you people will plan is going to rock, I’m sorry I have something urgent so cant join for the conversation but fill me up on the details later, I’ll see you all later” Arnav said as he walked away leaving behind Khushi confused.

She dint even say something so rude that he had to be angry like this and stand up and leave without having breakfast, she even said sorry but Arnav Singh Raizada and his anger was just so impossible to handle.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take breakfast for him in his room” Khushi said as she stood up.

“What about you? We still have to discuss what we are going to do” Meera said

“Okay, let’s discuss it, I’ll take breakfast for him later” Khushi said as she sat back down wondering how she was going to convince him now.

Jan 30

Love You Zindagi... Part 11 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 20 times)

Her phone might have rang for a hundredth time when she arrived home from school, she threw her bag aside and jumped on the bed when it started vibrating.

“Hey!” She said as soon as she got hold of it and received the call.

“What the hell, I’ve been calling you the whole day, I texted you a hundred times but looks like you were so busy to remember you have a boyfriend!”

“It’s not that Vihaan, I dint go with the phone to school today”

“And why would you do that? Are you trying to avoid me? What is it that you want Khushi? Did I do something to hurt you? If so, I’m sorry you know you’re my sunshine, I’d never want to hurt you intentionally”

“It’s just that I don’t like taking phone to school, you know I could get caught with it, it’s against school rules.”

“I know that, but you’ve been doing it all this while, then why do you decide otherwise so suddenly?”

“Vihaan, I think someone’s coming, I’ll talk to you later” Khushi said as she quickly disconnected the call when she heard someone’s footsteps.

“Khushi, when did you come back? I dint even see you walking in, anyway I needed a hand in preparing dinner, would you please come and help me?” her mother asked

“Sure mom, I’ll just change and then join you in the kitchen”

After she was done helping her mom in the kitchen, she headed back to the room and found her phone flooded with text messages from Vihaan, she picked up the phone and started opening them one by one when her mother called her for dinner so she headed back to the hall still reading the messages.


‘What happened? You said someone was coming but you dint get back to me after you were done’


‘Did Arnav come to visit you, that’s why you’re ignoring me?’

‘Where are you? Why are you ignoring me?’

‘Don’t forget I still have the pills you told me to get rid of’

Khushi settled down at the table with her parents and she started typing to reply back Vihaan’s message. Her body was trembling as if she had been locked inside a fridge, she was just praying that all was going to be okay.

“Hey, I’m so sorry, it was mom, she needed help with dinner so I got busy with her” she pressed the send button and put her phone aside as she started with the dinner, both her parents were busy discussing something when her phone beeped.

“If you’re sorry, why don’t you send a picture that’ll cheer me up?”

“I’m at dinner with my family!”

“You can run to the bathroom”

“I don’t know, maybe later”

“Not now? You owe it to me!”


“Khushi! Where are you lost?” Meera asked as she shook her.

“Nothing, it’s nothing” Khushi said as she stood up suddenly.

“Here’s the plate, you said you’ll take breakfast for Arnav, after you do that we seriously need to talk!” Meera said as she gave her an angry look and walked away while Khushi headed to Arnav’s room holding the plate in her hand.

She knocked at the door of Arnav’s room but there was no response, thinking that he might still be angry on her, she pushed the door open.

“What the hell! Did I say come in?” Arnav said as he looked at her angrily. He was standing there without his shirt on.

“I’m sorry, I thought…” Khushi said as she turned around.

“You thought it would be good to see me shirtless?” Arnav asked as he walked towards her.

“What? No!” Khushi said as she turned to look at him thinking he might have put on something by now but he hadn’t.

“Oh come on, I know you saw me shirtless at the pool party and since then you’ve been having this really dirty thoughts about me and that’s why you got drunk that day and came to hide in my room under my bed so you get could get to see me like that again”

“Shut up, you and your stupid assumptions” Khushi said as she hit him on his arm.

“Really, so does that mean you don’t find me hot like this?” Arnav said as he continued walking towards her while she continued taking backward steps.

“Arnav stop it”

“Stop what Khushi? Tell me you find me hot and I’ll stop whatever you want me to stop”

“Okay fine, you are hot, you’re abs are hot and seeing you like this makes me go crazy” Khushi said as she hit the wall.

“Wow, really?” Arnav asked with a grin.

“Of course not, I was just kidding, remember you were the one who was in love with me, not vice versa so me thinking that way about you, no chance!” Khushi giggled as he turned away from her, he picked up a t-shirt and put it on, while Khushi took a deep breath finally.

“You don’t have to keep reminding me that, I know you don’t love me!”

“Hey, I’m sorry I dint mean to hurt you, and what’s up with your moods today, you’re getting angry about everything I’m saying.

Look I am sorry if anything I said hurt you, but please don’t say angry like this, and now come on sit down and eat this”

“That’s the problem you see, you say sorry for things you dint do Khushi and people take advantage of it”

“Like for example who?”


“Let’s not talk about it please Arnav”

“Look at me Khushi, I just want to know, what does he have that I don’t? Why did you love him, why dint you ever feel a thing for me? What is it that I am doing wrong?”

“It’s not you Arnav, you are perfect just the way you are, any girl would be lucky to have you in her life, it’s just me, maybe I wasn’t meant to love you… maybe I will in another lifetime”

“It’s really not as you make it sound, anyway I’m glad that you at least decided to break up with him, I hated him so much and all I want is for you to be happy be it with somebody else, as long as he doesn’t treat you like that piece of **** did!”

Khushi stared at Arnav silently not knowing what to say.

Feb 1

Love You Zindagi... Part 12 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 15 times)

“Who told you that Vihaan and I have broken up?” Khushi asked Arnav in shock.

“You did, remember when we met in the beginning”

“Arnav I… Vihaan and I haven’t…” Khushi was so shocked in was even becoming difficult for her to tell him that she hadn’t broken up with Vihaan and he had misunderstood the whole thing.

His phone rang suddenly as he took his eyes away from her and looked at the screen, he then turned back to look at Khushi.

“I’m sorry I have to take this, leave the food here I’ll eat it when I’m done, this call is going to take long”

“But Arnav we need to talk”

“Later please Khushi, this is a really important call” Arnav said as he stood up and walked out to the balcony to receive the call while Khushi stood up and walked away wondering how she was going to clear Arnav’s misunderstanding.

She walked back to her room lost in thoughts, now was when she understood everything, when Arnav arrived here he dint even want to talk to her but after they talked, he started, maybe she had said something to make him think like that and all this while he’d been talking to her believing that she had broken up with Vihaan.

She dint know what to do, if she told him the truth she was sure he was going to stop talking to her once again and if she dint, he’d eventually find out and feel hurt that she never told him the truth, and she knew how it was for Arnav when he thought someone had lied to him, what was she supposed to do about this now?


“Tell me now, how was your date with Vihaan? Did he do something romantic like he always does?” Meera asked Khushi as they stood across the hallway.

“Not really, it was just something simple this time, we went to this restaurant, he already had a table booked for us, it was decorated cutely, we ordered and then ate and left that’s it”

“So what did you eat? You must have had your favorite pizza’s I know your craze for pizza, every time we go somewhere to eat we all try varieties but you are always stuck to your pizza” Meera laughed.

“No Meera, he chose the food, my job was only to eat” Khushi said as she got lost in some thoughts when suddenly she heard someone clapping from behind them, she turned around and saw Arnav standing there as she looked at him in shock.

“So you lied to me?” He asked her angrily.

“Arnav, listen to me, I can explain”

“What will you explain Khushi? I don’t need to know why you lied to me, I just want to know if you lied to me, last night you told me you were going out with family, you dint tell me you had a date, or were you scared that if you told me you were going with Vihaan I was going to stop you?

I thought I was your best friend Khushi and I thought we dint keep secrets from each other, and you know what I don’t understand is why you would lie to me, I mean he’s your boyfriend and you should go with him, I wasn’t going to stop you.”

“I am sorry Arnav I dint want to, but it’s just that I thought you’ll feel bad if I chose Vihaan over you”

“Of course he’ll always come first because he came into your life before I did and I understand that Khushi but you should have lied to me” Arnav said as he looked at her angrily and walked away.

“Arnav, please listen to me” Khushi said as she rushed behind him but he was in no moods to listen.

“I dint want to lie to you, I don’t even know what I was thinking, I just thought you were so sad, you wanted to talk to me about the problems you and Shalini had and I felt like I would hurt you more if I told you that I had no time to talk to you about your problems because I was going out with my boyfriend”

“I don’t need to listen to any excuses Khushi, the thing is that you lied to me, you lied to your damn best friend, are we even best friends now? Because best friends don’t lie to each other!”


“You know my temper Khushi, so please go away before I say or do something to hurt you!”

“But you have to talk to me”

“I don’t want to talk to someone who lies to me, you are my best friend you’ve always known how much I hate when someone lies, I just can’t take it and that’s what you ended up doing!”

“I am sorry Arnav” Khushi kept on shouting again and again but he just walked away without listening to her.


“I remember it took me more than a month until I could convince you to forgive me Arnav, I don’t want that to happen again” Khushi said to herself.

“What is it that you don’t want?” Meera asked as Khushi looked at her.

“To lie to Arnav… remember what had happened when I lied to him once in school?”

“I remember, but what is it that you’ve lied to him about?”

“I haven’t, but he’s misunderstood that Vihaan and I have broken up and that’s why he’s talking to me, you know how stubborn he was, he had promised never to talk to me until I broke up with him and now he’s thinking that I have but I haven’t and I don’t know if I should tell him the truth or not, if I do he’ll stop talking to me and if I don’t he will find out with time and I don’t know what will happen then.”

“But that’s a misunderstanding Khushi, not a lie, I think it’s better you leave it to time, it’s after long you both have met and you’re spending a good time here, don’t ruin it by clearing the misunderstanding right now, just let it be, you can tell him about it when Vihaan comes for the wedding”

“I think that’s what I’ll do, I don’t want to lose my best friend once again” Khushi said as she hugged Meera.

“So come on now stop being sentimental, we need to prepare for tonight” Meera said as she broke the hug.


Everyone had gathered at the bonfire outside the mansion as tonight they were all going to be partnered up for the Sangeet dances and they had to start practicing from today.

Khushi was sited with Meera and other girls on one side when she saw Arnav walking towards the bonfire with a few other guys and for a moment, Khushi couldn’t take her eyes off him, he looked so different from everyone he was with, he was dressed in all black which seemed to be like his favorite color, he was always wearing black but she couldn’t deny that it did suit him.

His hair was wet and it was all combed backwards and it also looked like he had trimmed his beard a bit although it was a bit of change, he looked much more different.

He stopped at one point and looked around as if he was looking for someone and then his eyes rested on the crowd of girls with whom Khushi was sited, he pointed towards one of them and Khushi turned to look who he was pointing at when she saw Moan beaming with a smile.

Arnav gestured something to her as she blushed and then stood up and walked towards him while Khushi kept on staring at him, he got hold of Mona’s hand and pulled her away from them crowd to a corner and then got hold of her waist as he pulled her closer and looked her into the eyes.

“Khushi if you keep n clutching to that dress so tightly, it would tear apart” Meera whispered in her ears and Khushi realized she was clutching her dress almost pulling it so tight it would have actually teared apart if Meera dint tell her.

She let go of it and tried to look everywhere else but every time her eyes landed back on Arnav who was now so close to Mona, he was whispering something in her ears and she couldn’t stop blushing.

She stood up suddenly and walked towards Arnav without thinking of anything else and stopped right in front of him.

“If you don’t mind, can I take my best friend away from you for a moment? There’s something important I have to discuss with him, you can carry on with your PDA later” Khushi said as she looked at Mona like she would kill her right away.

She dint even wait for her to say anything, instead she got hold of Arnav’s arm and pulled him away while Arnav kept on giggling.

“What’s funny? Why are you giggling like a teenager?” Khushi asked him angrily as she kept on pulling him away while her eyes were yet stuck on Mona.

“Nothing, tell me what was the important thing you wanted to discuss with me? And come on stop looking at her like that” Arnav said as he turned Khushi’s face towards him.

“Why are you flirting with her?” Khushi asked

“Are you jealous?”

“I asked why you were flirting, I dint say I was jealous, there’s a difference, at one point you say you love me and on the other side you flirt with her”

“So what do you expect me to do? Sit in one place and get drunk because you don’t love me? I’m not going to remain single for the rest of my life right, so I have to flirt with girls to get myself one”

“You know what you’re just so impossible” Khushi said as she pushed him and started walking away when he got hold of her hand and pulled her back as they shared an eye lock.

Feb 2

Love You Zindagi... Part 13 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 17 times)

He held her hand in his as he pulled her away from the crowd to his bedroom without saying anything or even explaining why he was taking her away from everyone.

“Arnav, what are you doing?” Khushi asked as she pulled her hand from his hold.

“Trying to find out the truth, I’ve messed my head for the past years trying to figure out if you ever felt even a bit for me or not and when I finally came to the conclusion that you don’t, you’re here trying to mess it up again”

“What did I do?”

“Stop asking like you don’t know a thing, Khushi you know all that you’ve done and every time you do it you give my heart a hope that maybe somewhere deep inside you also feel something towards me.

You care way too much for me, when I don’t eat you get food for me to my room and feed me with your own hands”

“That’s what best friends do for each other Arnav, don’t they?”

“Yes they do, but you get jealous when I flirt with Mona, you get drunk because you can’t see me with her and end up hiding in my room, you get jealous whenever I am with her and today worst of all you pulled me away from her for no particular reason, best friends don’t do that Khushi”

“So you wanted me to just sit there and see you flirting with a random girl when you have no feelings towards her?”

“And why wouldn’t you want me to flirt with her? There might only be one reason and that’s because you know that I should be doing that with you and not her, because I love you and because you also feel the same for me”

“What nonsense Arnav, you know that’s not possible, I told you the same years back and I’m telling you again, I don’t feel anything for you”

“Fine, then let me believe it like I had done years back, let me flirt with whoever I want to and you wouldn’t stop me, you wouldn’t get jealous, you wouldn’t do what you did today”

“Fine I won’t” Khushi said as she turned around as tears rolled down her eyes.

She ran to her room and locked herself inside as she jumped on the bed and hugged the pillow tight.


“Hey babe, can you come over? Mom and dad have gone out, they’ll be back tomorrow, we can spend some quality time together”

“I don’t think so, I’m grounded!”

“Can’t you sneak out? It’s going to be you and me only, it’s going to be fun”

“I don’t think that’s possible Vihaan and anyway I have homework to do”

“I bet Arnav is coming there to help you with the homework that’s why you don’t want to come, tell me the truth Khushi, are you sleeping with him?” He asked angrily.

“Stop it Vihaan, why do you have so much problem with Arnav? He’s just my friend, I don’t think of him that way, and we definitely aren’t doing whatever you’ve made up in your mind.”

“Why shouldn’t I think that way? You spend more time with him than me, so why shouldn’t I think that you aren’t sleeping with him? You told me your parents liked him dint you? That’s why you take him home, saying you’ll do homework together but well who knows what happens in the bedroom.

Doesn’t he have a girlfriend? Shalini, you told me that’s her name right, I’ll have to ask her why she can’t keep her boyfriend in control, isn’t she giving him what he needs that he has to go running behind my girlfriend to get it”

“You know you’re such a disgusting man Vihaan, how could you think so cheap about me and about him?”

“Because you behave like that!”

“You know what Vihaan, I don’t think I can do this anymore”

“Wait what? Are you breaking up with me?”

“Maybe yes, I guess that’s what I said”

“I can’t live without you Khushi, you know how much I need you, you’re the only person I care about”

“I just don’t want this anymore, I don’t want to be with you, this is too much for me”

“I bet you never even loved me, you know what I still have the pills you told me to get rid of, I’m going to do it!” he said as he angrily disconnected the call and switched off his phone.

“I’m so sorry Vihaan! I don’t know what got into me, hey are you there?”

She looked at her phone and it was disconnected, she tried calling him back but it dint go through as he had already switched off his phone.

She fell down on her knees feeling helpless not knowing what to do and what not to.

“Please don’t do this. I love you!” She said as she stood up and rushed out of her room.


“Khushi! Are you okay? I had Kiaan to break the door so I could get in, what happened babe?” Meera asked as she got hold of her.

Khushi looked at Meera, her vision had become blurry, she dint even realize how long she had been crying for, all she could see was her best friend sited in front of her worriedly and she dint have answers to her questions.

“Khushi, are you okay?” Meera asked once again.

“Vihaan! Where’s my phone Meera? I need to call Vihaan, I need to make sure he’s okay” She said as she jumped out of the bed and started looking around crazily for her phone.

Arnav who was passing by stopped when he saw Khushi rushing around her room, throwing everything from one place to the other as she kept on repeating the same words.

“I can’t find my phone!”

He stood there for a while staring at her as she cried continuously, broke a few vases and almost hit her head on the window but yet she couldn’t find her phone.

There was something disturbing about her behavior, he remembered the last time he saw her behaving like this was years back, when she had an argument with Vihaan and she threw her phone on the floor angrily and then a few moments later, she got so worried and rushed to pick up her phone, she tried to fix it and do everything she could to make it work, it was like he was seeing the same old Khushi once again and just like his heart had wept for her at that time, it was weeping for her once again, but there was one thing he couldn’t understand.

At that time she acted that way because of Vihaan but now she had broken up with him, so why was she acting that way again? Maybe the scars of the past were too deep to heal.

He rushed inside the room and got hold of her as she tried to push him away, her hair was in mess, her mascara was all over her cheeks but she dint seem to care about it all.

“Let me go Arnav, I need to find my phone!” Khushi shouted angrily.

“It’s just a phone Khushi, we’ll find it, you need to calm down first” Arnav said

“No, I need it right away” She cried

“Khushi! Listen to me Khushi, I’ll call on it, wherever it is, it will ring and you’ll find it but you need to calm down first” Arnav said as he pulled her into a hug trying to calm her down as he looked at Meera worriedly who looked back at him with the same expressions.

“My phone Arnav” Khushi cried.

“I’m calling on it, just a moment, calm down Khushi, look here I dialed the number too” Arnav said as he showed her his phone.

A few seconds later they all heard the phone ringing as she pulled away from him and rushed where the sound was coming from, she knelt down and found it under the bed as she pulled it out and looked at it finally feeling relaxed.

“I found it, I found my phone” She said as she walked away happily.

“I can’t see her like this Meera, it hurts!” Arnav said as his eyes moistened up and he tried to blink the tears away but instead they fell down.

Feb 3

Love You Zindagi... Part 14 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 18 times)

“Vihaan, are you okay? Is everything okay with you?” Khushi asked worriedly.

“Yes babe, I’m fine, what’s up you seem so worried about me, what happened?”

“Nothing, I was thinking about you and I remembered it’s been a while since I talked to you so I just wanted to make sure you are okay”

“Don’t worry Khushi I’m fine and I’m actually glad you called me today, I don’t remember the last time you called me on your own, I’m the one who’s always doing that… looks like things are getting back on track between us aren’t they?”

“I hope you haven’t changed your mind, you’re coming for the wedding right?” Khushi asked as she changed the topic, she knew nothing was ever going to get back on track between them, nothing was ever going to be normal.

“Yeah, I’ll finish my work on the day before, so I’ll be there on wedding day don’t worry, you know I never say no to you”

“I know, anyway lots of work to do, I’ll talk to you later, and I hope you…”

“Yes I threw them away long back, don’t worry Khushi, I know I’d never need the pills again, because you’ll never leave me” Vihaan said.

“Good” Khushi said as she disconnected the call and took a breath of relief when Meera walked towards her holding a plate.

She sat next to her staring at her for a while without saying anything, she knew there was a lot Khushi had never told her about, even though they were each other’s best friends, Khushi had always kept some secrets to herself and she had never bothered to invade that part of her privacy but today for the first time she felt like knowing things, she felt like knowing about it all and helping her because she loved her so much and seeing her like this was hurting her just as much as it was hurting Arnav.

“You haven’t eaten anything today, I brought this for you” Meera said as she handed Khushi the plate but she refused to take it.

“I’m not hungry Meera” Khushi said as she tried her best to be strong, to behave normal so she wouldn’t have to answer questions.

Meera placed the plate aside as she stood up, she dint have anything to say to her.

“Why are you looking at me like that Meera?” Khushi asked

“Remember when we were in school Khushi? The time when we were just best friends? The time when you hadn’t met Vihaan yet, everything was so good so perfect, you were like the every other normal girl I knew, but then Vihaan came into your life and within the blink of an eye, you fell in love with him.

I was so happy that my best friend was in love, that she found her fairytale but just within a few months I had to second guess myself, was it really a fairytale?

You changed completely, when you were told to eat you suddenly had a weak stomach or you weren’t hungry and in those months I saw my best friend change, you lost so much of weight, you started showing up with scars which apparently were because you fell in the bathroom or something.

Maybe you thought I was stupid not to notice anything because I kept quiet but I did Khushi, even though I really don’t know what’s going on, I guess I now understand why Arnav left and went to London.

No matter how much you try to hide it just know I am your best friend, and I noticed everything just like Arnav did and I tried to understand you, all this years I tried to believe you were happy with Vihaan but I guess nothing was enough to convince me because you see this girl sitting in front of me, my best friend was never like her!”

Meera walked away leaving Khushi behind in tears, she knew both Arnav and Meera knew and noticed everything but they weren’t in her place, they dint know the exact thing, they dint know why she was still holding on because if she had an option she would have left long back, she tried to leave but it only ended up in a disaster and now she was too scared to leave.

She stood up and took in a deep breath, all this drama of hers was becoming too much, she had to behave normal, she had to keep her problems aside, she had to keep reminding herself that she was here for her best friend, because she was getting married and weddings had to be happy ones, they had to be full of fun, she had to keep her problems away because all they were doing was to ruin the wedding for both Meera and Arnav.

“Meera!” Khushi shouted as she ran behind her.

“I don’t want to talk to you Khushi, get lost” Meera said as she continued walking away without turning to look at her.

“Oh hello, you’re the one who invited me to the wedding and I’m your best friend so I’m definitely not getting lost and can you please give me that plate, I’m so hungry”

“A few seconds ago you weren’t”

“But now I am, come on give the plate to me”

Meera stopped walking as she turned around while Khushi joined her, she held her ears and pouted as she blinked her eyes severally.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what got into me but nothing is like you’re thinking, I’m happy and don’t second guess yourself, I really do have a fairytale, you have seen it haven’t you? all those surprises Vihaan always planned for me, the small things he did to see me happy, it’s all like a fairytale, it’s just that with time it becomes boring” Khushi giggled.

“You know you don’t have to pretend”

“I am not pretending and anyway let’s not discuss that topic, my best friend is getting married in four days, I have a lot to do, today’s your haldi night, we have to practice for the sangeet too so stop frowning and start planning” Khushi said

“You’re just impossible” Meera said as she hugged her while Arnav looked at the both from a corner with a smile on his face.

“I have something to discuss with Arnav, so see you later” Khushi said as she broke the hug and rushed away.

“I see someone was keeping an eye on me” Khushi said as she walked towards Arnav.

“I was just seeing if you were okay, you were looking for your phone so crazily I was worried for you”

“Don’t worry, you know at times I over react and do strange things but I’m cool, I have something to discuss with you” Khushi said


“Look we’ve all planned for the sangeet dances and everything and Meera and Kiaan too know about it, I mean the whole wedding had been planned by them, they know each and every thing, there’s no surprise at all”

“So you want us to do something to surprise them?”

“Now you see, that’s why you’re my best friend, you understand me without me having to say anything”

“Okay enough of the buttering, tell me what do you want us to do?”

“Why don’t we gather everyone and do an act, I mean a musical act which would portray Meera and Kiaan’s love story, it would be beautiful”

“But Khushi there’s no enough time for that”

“There is, it’s not going to be difficult, there won’t be any dialogues or anything, it’s just the music and the movements, so tell me are you in or not?”

“Do I have an option? Even if I say no, you’ll drag me into it so better I say yes”

“Great, I’m so excited for it, I have everything planned in my mind, trust me, it’s going to be so beautiful, I’m sure they’ll love it” Khushi said excitedly as she hugged him.

“Hey, but make sure they don’t get an idea about this, it’s a surprise yeah” Khushi said as she broke the hug.

“Don’t worry they won’t, now can we start working for it, we really have a short time”

“Sure, let’s go” she got hold of his hand and pulled him along.

Feb 3

Love You Zindagi... Part 15 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 15 times)

The noise outside the mansion was enough to be sure that mostly all the guests had arrived, although they dint invite many people for the haldi function, both Kiaan and Meera’s families were huge which consisted of so many relatives

Khushi took a last look at herself in the mirror making sure everything was on point and then rushed out of the room and headed downstairs where the function was being held.

She stepped out of the door and was left in awe, the decoration seemed completely different than what was there last night.

“Wow! This is amazing” She said as she walked around looking at the beautiful decoration which was in the shade of yellow and orange, the lights too and the flowers too consisted of the same color.

She spotted Meera sited with some of the friends as she rushed towards her.

“Who changed the decoration overnight? This is so pretty” Khushi said

“Thank you for the compliment” She heard a voice from behind and turned around.

“You did this?” Khushi asked Arnav in surprise.

“Why? Do I look like I can’t do this or I don’t know how to do decorations?”

“I dint mean that, I just meant you were with us till late yesterday night practicing so I wondered when you got the time to do it all.”

“That doesn’t matter, what matters is that Kiaan and Meera like it.”

“I love it Arnav, thank you so much for this” Meera said

“Dint you hire a wedding planner?” Khushi asked Meera

“Well for your kind information, I am the wedding planner” Arnav said as Khushi looked at him again in shock.

“You are full of surprises” Khushi said

“Well you are too, I dint know you could look so beautiful in a yellow saree”

Khushi blushed as she turned to look at Meera and then walked towards her as she settled beside her.

“I’ll be off to the boys side, see you later” Arnav said as his eyes were stuck on Khushi.

“Sure, see you” Meera waved at him as he walked away.

“He’s so much into you Khushi, he couldn’t even take his eyes off you, now that’s what I think a fairytale is, not surprises and stuff” Meera said.

“Why are we discussing that again? That too when your haldi function is just about to begin?”

“Because I am your best friend and we should be discussing this.”

“I love Vihaan Meera, and that’s it…”

“Are you telling me that or yourself? Because the way you also look at Arnav, it tells me a different story.

You know Khushi, people can be in a relationship for years and feel completely nothing and some aren’t even in a relationship and they feel everything, you are that one person whose seen all this, you feel nothing for Vihaan despite being together since school and you feel so much for Arnav despite you both having no relationship and anyone around you would tell you the same thing as I am telling you.”

“So what should I do about it?”

“Talk to Vihaan, break up with him, at times you  have to be selfish Khushi, if you aren’t happy you have to leave rather than holding on because holding it on is doing more damage to you.”

“I am happy this way trust me Meera and what’s with all the lectures? Can you concentrate on your function please?”

“Okay fine, as you say ma’am” Meera giggled.

“Can someone get the haldi, we need to begin the function” Meera’s mother said.

“I’ll get it aunty” Khushi said as she stood up.

“Khushi! Where were you? I’ve been looking for you, ask Meera how many times I’ve asked her about you, it’s good to see you after so long”

“Same here aunty, anyway I’ll get the haldi” Khushi smiled as she walked away.

She returned back a few minutes with a bowl full of haldi paste, she placed in on a small stool that was placed aside as all the ladies gathered around and started applying the haldi on meera’s hands and legs and face one by one.

Khushi applied the haldi too and then walked away as she stood far away looking at her with a smile, this marriage functions were so beautiful they always made her happy.

“Hey there, getting bored?” Arnav asked as he joined her.

“Not really, just seeing how happy everyone is, and how happy Meera is, weddings are always full of happiness, I usually get positive vibes whenever I attend any wedding” Khushi said.

“You’ll get more positive vibes in your own wedding” Arnav giggled.

“I don’t think so” Khushi said.

“Why don’t you think so?”

“I mean, I’ll be busy with everything and I’ll be nervous too, I’ll concentrate on it more than the vibes”

“It looked like you just changed the whole answer.”

“Let’s talk something else, tell me when are you planning to get married? And wait you never told me you were a wedding planner all this time we’ve been together?”

“Actually I’m not, I just helped Kiaan choose the wedding planner, he is one of my friend and Kiaan suggested that I take a look into everything so I agreed, so I’m like just helping around.”

“Oh that’s nice.”

“So would you like to help me help the wedding planner?? You know we can get beautiful ideas and try them and do something unique.”

“Sure, that’s a great idea.”

“So tonight? After the function is over, and ofcourse after our practice for the sangeet is over, you’ll find me here” Arnav said excitedly.

“Would you prefer working just like that or being accompanied by some noodles?”

“You still eat them?” Arnav giggled.

“Yes I still eat them, was I supposed to stop eating them?”

“No I don’t mean that, I just remembered how crazy you were in school about them, I mean even lunch you used to bring noodles, every time I saw you eating it was only noodles”

“You’ll not understand my love for noodles and don’t think that I don’t know you loved them too, at times you were the one who used to steal them from my bag and put the blame on others” Khushi giggled.

“And you still used to put them in the same place.”

“You were my best friend, I couldn’t deny you food, not when you were like a stick” She giggled.

“Stop making fun of my weight, I might be a stick at that time but now I’ve got some really good abs.”

“Yes, right I know.”

“Okay, I’ll love to be accompanied with noodles, so you’re my chef, you’ll bring me noodles made by you” Arnav said.

“Done deal”

“Doesn’t it feel good? To have things as normal as they were when we were in school together? It feels so calm, so good, those were the days.”

“Yes the beautiful days” Khushi smiled.

“So anyway, I’ll see you tonight, let me get back, the boys would be looking for me and if they find me here with you, they’re going to eat my head up.”


“Just them and their crazy thoughts” Arnav said as he smiled and walked away.

Feb 6

Love You Zindagi... Part 16 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 14 times)

It was half past eleven, Khushi was sitting outside with her legs folded on the grass, she had a covered dish in her hand as she looked around waiting for Arnav to arrive.

“It was either he was taking too much time to come or she wasn’t patient today, she kept on looking out for him every now and then hoping he would come any moment.

She dint know why but she felt nervous today, it felt like it was going to be the biggest night, like something big was going to happen.

“So is my food ready?” A familiar voice drew her out of the thoughts.

“Ready and almost cold, what took you so long?” She asked as he joined her in sitting down on the grass.

“Oh I was flirting with Mona.” He giggled.

“You’re such a creep” She said as she slapped him on his arm and then looked away from him.

“I was kidding, you don’t have to be jealous” He said as he slowly slid his hand on hers and got hold of it.

The mere ticklish feeling of his touch sent down shivers to her spine, she had never felt like this before, she knew things between them were slowly changing, it was the change she had always feared, the change she dint want but she couldn’t do a thing to stop it.

He grabbed the plate from her and uncovered it as a huge smile came up on his face looking at the noodles, he was excited like a small kid getting his favorite chocolate, she knew how much he loved noodles like her, they used to be crazy in school, she would always sneak them in the classroom and then they would sit together and eat while the teachers were busy teaching.

It was one of the memories she would never forget about, whenever she had noodles, she always remembered him and the time they had spent together in school.

“So when are we starting to work with the decorations?” Khushi asked as she tried to break the sudden silence.

“It’s already started, I’ve instructed the men, I’ll go back and check on them after we are done eating, until that time, we can sit here peacefully and you can tell me stories.”

“Or I can ask you questions”

“Now that scares me, but you’re my best friend, you can ask me anything.” Arnav said as he rolled the fork round and round until he scooped enough amount of noodles in it and took a bite.

“Did you have any girlfriend after Shalini and you broke up?” She asked.

He swallowed the noodles all at once as Khushi looked at him thinking he was just going to choke, but he dint, he took a deep breath and nodded negatively.

“Why?” She asked

“I don’t think I was strong enough to give any girl the false hope of a happily ever after when that was never going to happen, I don’t mean that I dint go out with girls, I did with a lot of them but I was clear with them about what I wanted, nothing about us was ever going to get serious, at times they were just one night stands and nothing more.”

Khushi nodded as she tried to digest the answer he had given her, she dint know what else to say, somewhere she knew it was all because of her, because she couldn’t love him back but then she dint know what to do also.

“Now it’s my turn to ask questions” Arnav said as he noticed her being uneasy.

Khushi looked at him as she tried to smile and hide the thoughts that were going on in her mind from showing up on her face but she failed miserably, because Arnav always knew everything about her, even when she was trying to hide it.

“We were best friends in school, I dint even realize when my feelings for you changed to love and grew so strong that I wasn’t able to feel the same way for any other girl despite being away from you all this years.

What was it about me Khushi? What did I lack? Why did I have to fall in love with you without you falling in love with me? Wasn’t I ever able to trigger the feelings in your heart? Or wasn’t I the kind of the guy you thought you’d want to spend the rest of your life with?”

“I don’t know Arnav, they say there’s a time for love, maybe that was your time, mine never came.”

“Isn’t it beautiful to know that after all this time, it’s not awkward at all?” he asked as he placed the empty plate aside, he rubbed his hand over the stomach showing her he was full and then stood up.

He held his hand out for her as she got hold of it and stood up, but then he refused to let it go instead he pulled her with him while she wondered where he was going to take her.

She kept on staring at her all the while they walked and even thought it was just a two minute walk, it felt like it had lasted ages.

She looked around where they had stopped and saw a few men trying to fix the stage curtains.

“When did this happen?” She asked in surprise.

“When we were discussing love, anyway so here’s where the mehndi will take place tomorrow, and I’ll get the excuse to feed you because you’ll have your hands decorated with henna” He giggled.

“There’s some more decoration left yet but I was confused so I was hoping you’ll help us, they suggested some ideas but I dint like any” Arnav said as he finally let go of her hand and she looked at him feeling a strong pain inside her, as if her insides were hurting.

She looked around for a while analyzing everything in her mind as she came up with an idea, she looked at Arnav with a beaming smile and he knew this idea was definitely going to work, so it was time for them to start working.


She woke up when the sun rays fell on her face, there was something different about her room, it dint look like her room, she turned around to make sure she was in her room when she met with the shock, Arnav was sleeping right next to her and she couldn’t even think of the answer as to why and how they ended up here.

She got a mini heart attack when she saw him sleeping shirtless, what had just happened? They weren’t event drunk and she was sure noodles dint get people high.

Then how was it that the last thing she remembered was working on the decorations for hours and then the last thing was her resting her head on Arnav’s shoulder complaining about how tiring the day was, and then it was all blank, she couldn’t even remember a thing.

She pulled up her blanket just to make sure she was dressed and when she found her clothes on, she took a deep relaxing sigh.

She slapped on his arms hard until he jumped up suddenly wondering what had just happened.

“Care to explain how I ended up sleeping in your room when you’re lying next to me showing of your abs?” Khushi asked angrily.

“Is that the reason why you slapped me? Oh My God Khushi! Were you drunk or something that you don’t remember anything from last night?”

“That’s the thing, I don’t remember how I ended up here now would you explain?” Khushi asked

Arnav looked at her angrily and then sighed as he walked back to the bed and sad opposite her looking at her.

Last night while complaining about how tiring your day was, you ended up sleeping on my shoulders and I had to carry you to your bedroom like a baby, when I reached there, the door was locked, I guess the girls must have locked it from the inside and I dint know where else to take you so I brought you here and as I don’t have a couch or something in the room, I had to sleep right next to you and because it was too hot, I couldn’t sleep with my clothes on but just for the sake I dint sleep completely naked, I just took of my shirt, I thought I would tempt you with my abs” He winked.

“Bad luck with that because I wasn’t impressed at all” Khushi said as she stood up.

“Oh by the way, just so that you know, you look so hot while sleeping” Arnav giggled.

“And just so you know, I’m not Mona, stop flirting around with me.” Khushi said as she hit him once again and then rushed out of the room giggling when she hit someone and her breaths stopped, she shut her eyes praying it wasn’t Meera, she was going to get an hour of lecture if it was her.

She slowly opened her eyes and just like she thought it was Meera!

“Looks like destiny is trying to bring you two together, that’s why you always end up sleeping in his room and want me to think there’s nothing between you two.” She smiled.

“I’m going to get a shower.” Khushi blushed and she rushed away.

Feb 7

Love You Zindagi... Part 17 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 19 times)

Arnav was busy chatting with Kiaan as Kiaan praised his work, the decorations for the mehndi night were so perfectly done, everyone was loving it.

Deep in his mind he couldn’t stop thinking that half of the idea belonged to Khushi, she was the one who helped him last night and that’s how they managed to make this beautiful.

He looked around hoping to see her but she was nowhere to be seen, her group of friends were standing in one corner but she wasn’t amongst them.

He looked on the other side and saw Mona standing all alone.

“I’ll be back in a while.” He said as he walked towards Mona to give her company.

Neither Meera nor Khushi could be seen so he was sure they both would come together and he couldn’t wait to see her, since she woke up in his room and then headed back to hers he hadn’t seen her, they all were so busy in the preparations they had no time to even talk.

“Hey there, why are you standing here all alone?” Arnav asked as he stood next to Mona.

“Nothing, you know I am Meera’s friend only, I don’t know anyone else here so it would be awkward just to crush people’s conversations, I preferred it was better I stood here until Meera came.”

“Don’t worry, now I’m here to give you company.” Arnav smiled at her as Mona looked at him, she had facial expressions like she wanted to tell him something but she couldn’t.

“Spit it out” Arnav said.

“Khushi is very lucky to have a best friend like you and to have a guy like you be in love with her.” Mona said

“How did you know?”

“That you were in love with her? Come on Arnav, I’m sure everyone around here knows it, the way you look at her, the way you care for her, everything you do for her says it all.”

“Even when I was flirting with you?” He giggled.

“I know you were doing that just to keep me company because you were maybe the only person who noticed I was alone every time but then you dint want to show or dint want me to feel that you were just giving me company…

You are a good person Arnav, and I’m glad that I got a friend like you, I hope we are friends right? Or am I forcing my friendship on you?” She giggled.

“You surprised me today…” Arnav said as he looked around when he saw Khushi walking out with Meera.

She was dressed in a beautiful yellow sari, her hair was curled up and half of it was pinned up to form a lose bun leaving the rest falling down to her shoulders, overall her makeup was light but she had her lips colored red, to say she looked extremely gorgeous would have been an understatement.

“She looks beautiful doesn’t she?” Mona asked.

“I wish I could have a word better than that” Arnav said without taking his eyes off Khushi, she looked ethereal, completely out of this world.

“Don’t you want to go and compliment her?” She giggled.

“Yes so that Meera starts pulling my leg again, just say you want to push me into the danger zone.”

“How about I help you? Now that we are friends, I can do at least that much for you right?” Mona said as Arnav looked at her in surprise, he dint know what she was up to.

She walked away and headed to join Khushi and Meera, she whispered something into Khushi’s ears as Khushi turned to look at Arnav, while Mona kept Meera busy in a conversation, Khushi walked away from them and headed to join Arnav on the other side of the pool.

“So, how do I look? Mona told me you wanted to compliment me?” Khushi asked Arnav as she twirled around showing him her sari.

“Do you want me to be honest or to lie to you?” Arnav smirked.

“Honest compliments only” Khushi said

“Don’t blame me for this later.” Arnav said as he got hold of her hand and pulled her behind the tree that was just nearby. He pushed her towards the trunk and pinned her there, getting hold of her waist he looked into her eyes, she was nervous.

“This is how beautiful you look, when I see you in sari, something happens to me, like I want to kiss you right away.” Arnav said as he pushed the curls that were in front of her shoulder to the back, he started drawing lines on her neck with his finger while Khushi breathed heavily.

“Arnav let me go.”

“You ask for a honest compliment Khushi, so I’m telling you how beautiful you look, you look so beautiful and you’re making me feel a lot of things right now half of them which I can’t control.” Arnav said as he moved closed to her.

She shut her eyes as he moved closer to her mouth, everything around seemed to have disappeared, she felt like she was in another world, this proximity between them was making her feel nervous, ticklish and what not.

He brushed his thumb on her lips lightly as she inhaled another deep breath, he moved his mouth closer and closer until there was no space left, his lips were brushing against her and just when he was about to kiss her, Khushi pushed him away suddenly.

She looked disturb, she looked unhappy and he couldn’t understand why… as far as he knew she had broken up with Vihaan, she dint even have a boyfriend so what was the problem?

Although he knew she kept on telling him she dint feel anything towards him, her behavior always said something else.

“I can’t do this Arnav, it’s not right… it’s not” Khushi said as she ran away while tears started forming up in her eyes.

How could she forget she was with Vihaan? How could she even allow Arnav to get this close to her? It was all her fault, she knew if Vihaan ever learnt about this, he would never forgive her for it, it was going to create a lot of problems.

She got inside her room and locked herself inside, she had to decide on what to do, there was no way Vihaan would learn about this, it would just mess things up.


“Khushi” She heard her name sound like thunder, he walked into the room and looked at her with his bloodshot eyes, she knew something had triggered his anger, and she was the victim, she just dint know what it was.

“What happened Vihaan?” She asked as she stood up nervously.

“I’ll show you” He said as he got hold of her hand and pulled her to the kitchen with him.

“This happened” he said as he threw her phone on her face not caring it was going to hurt her, it passed by slightly touching her cheek and then fell down, she knelt down and looked at it.

“I swear there’s nothing like you think Vihaan” She said feeling terrorized.

“Then what is it? Some cheap guy texting my girlfriend and trying to flirt with her, and what did he mention there, the last message? You’re so beautiful, I wish I could kiss you! Tell me when I am getting it from you”

“But I dint reply to it, I even blocked the number, I don’t even know who he is” Khushi tried to defend herself.

“Tell me the truth Khushi! Did you kiss him?”

“If I had to do that I wouldn’t block him neither would I have kept those messages in my phone so that you could see them, I would have just deleted them.”

“Or maybe you forgot to delete them, you know I know how to get the truth out of you” He said as he got hold of her hair and pulled her up to stand up.

“Vihaan! You’re hurting me!” She shouted.

“And you have no idea how much you’re hurting me Khushi!” He barked at her as he pulled her next to the stove, he picked up the iron rod that was placed on it and looked at her.

She felt her heartbeats dropping, she couldn’t believe he was serious about this.

He pulled her closer as he slid his hand on her waist, he untucked her t-shirt and pulled it up while Khushi looked at him in shock.

“What are you trying to do Vihaan?” Khushi cried as she tried to pull herself apart but he was strong.

“I’m trying to show you what a real kiss is and I’m trying to show you if you dare look at any other man apart from me, this is what would happen.” He said as he pulled her closer and locked his lips with her, biting her lips hard and kissing her like he was going to eat her lips up, she dint respond back to him, she was feeling traumatized just when she felt a sort of burning sensation in her skin. She pushed him away in shock when she saw the rod stuck to her stomach.

He let go off her as she fell down on her knees and broke down into painful tears.

He threw the rod away and rushed towards her picking a pack of ice from the table.

“I am so sorry Khushi but what do I do? You don’t understand my love for you, I love you so much baby, I can’t bear anyone else close to you, I am so sorry, forgive me for this please.” He said as he rubbed the ice pack on her.

“You know what Vihaan, this was the limit of everything, I am so done with you! I don’t ever want to see your face again! She shouted at him and stood up as she walked away, the burning pain on her stomach was so excruciating.

Hello everyone.. so i have a question, is the story boring or not interesting like my previous ones or what? I've been getting really low response in this one, and the one i posted before this one but at that time i thought it was because i posted three or more parts together but with this one i post a part a day still the response is terrible. I'm started to feel discouraged, i just want to know where the issue is... i'm starting to think of posting my stories on facebook only and not here because at least there i get much better response that here.

Feb 8

Love You Zindagi... Part 18 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 17 times)

Early next morning after the mehndi night, everyone was busy practicing for the sangeet dances they had to perform.

They had spent half of the mehndi night doing that too, but it wasn’t the same for Arnav, he couldn’t concentrate on anything.

And although it was Khushi’s idea of surprising Kiaan and Meera, he was the one who hadn’t showed up until now for the practice which kept on worrying Arnav, he just hoped he hadn’t done something to hurt her.

“Where’s Khushi? She’s the only one missing since last night?” Mona asked Arnav.

“I don’t know, I’ve tried calling her she doesn’t answer, I tried to check on her in her room but she wouldn’t open the doors either.”

“Is everything okay between you both? I mean did anything happen to disturb her or something?”

“I don’t know, this girl is becoming impossible for me to understand, I’ve got a headache from thinking about all the possible things that might have pissed her of but I couldn’t come to any conclusion.”

Mona and Arnav were busy discussing and trying to find out what might be wrong when suddenly they heard her voice.

“How’s the practice going on guys?” She asked as she joined them.

“We’re all perfect in our acts, you’re the only one left” one of them said.

“Don’t worry, I have my part practiced well, now only if we could do it altogether once and see if it’s good to go, we also have to practice with Kiaan and Meera for the dance we’ll be performing with them.”

“Okay then let’s get done with this” Mona said as she joined them in practicing.

“Won’t you join us Arnav?” Khushi asked.

Arnav got hold of her hand and pulled her away from the crown leaving her surprised. She dint even know why he was reacting this way.

“What the hell is wrong with you Khushi? Why do you have to test my patience every time? Don’t forget last time you acted like this I went away from you for all this years, please don’t compel me to do it again and this time it might be for forever” Arnav said angrily.

“Arnav” Khushi whispered in shock.

“What Arnav? Don’t you think you’re just taking me for granted? What is it Khushi, what do I lack? Why is it that you can’t love me? I am sorry but I’ve tried my best to understand the fact that I can’t force to fall in love me and maybe someday I will, but this, what you’re doing to me and the way you are behaving isn’t normal. You walk away whenever you feel like and stop talking to me whenever you feel like, why can’t you just talk about whatever that’s bothering you so we can come to a solution?

I’ve been so patient with you, I’ve tried to understand you at every point but now I’m out of patience, what you did last night what ridiculous, fine I tried to kiss you and you dint want to so you walked away but what was the point of locking yourself in the room and pretending as if you don’t exist?

You would have told me on my face that you don’t like me being close to you and I’d have maintained my distance but ignoring my calls and ignoring me isn’t something I thought you’ll do.

I guess all this was just fake, maybe our friendship actually ended the day I left for London, I should have known, things would never be the same again.”

“It’s not that Arnav…” Khushi said with her eyes moist.

“You see, this is what you do, you make me go weak, you know I can’t tolerate seeing you sad like this and every time I end up forgiving you”

“I am sorry Arnav, I just wanted to be alone.”

“So you could have picked up my calls and told me that or if not you could have texted me to leave you alone, but your chose to ignore me.”

“I am sorry, please forgive me, I don’t do it deliberately, it just happens”

“And that’s what I want to know Khushi, why does it happen? If you think I don’t know then you’re wrong, I know that something’s wrong, I know there’s something disturbing you and even though I don’t mention it or ask you about it, I know there is something, i just want you to open up and tell me about it so I can help you.

I am your best friend Khushi, just for a moment ignore that I have feelings for you if that’s what’s bothering you, just look at me and know I will be there for you no matter what, so please tell me what’s wrong, let me help you.”

“I wish I could Arnav, I wish” She cried as she turned away from him.

Seeing her in tears broke his heart so badly, for a moment he cursed himself for making her cry, he dint know what to do, her behavior was damn confusing.

“Okay, I’m sorry, let’s not talk about this all, it’s okay if you don’t want to tell me, let’s get back to practice” Arnav said as he walked away.

Khushi turned around and found Arnav gone, but instead of him Mona was standing right in front of her looking at her with expressions she couldn’t understand.

“You know Khushi, I’ve never seen a girl as confused as you” Mona said

“What do you mean?”

“Is it that you are dumb or you don’t understand your feelings? Maybe Arnav might not be able to see it but I can and all I see is how much you love him.”

“I don’t.”

“Yes you do and no matter how many times you keep on denying it, the truth won’t change, and what surprises me is why you think you don’t love him.

Maybe because you are so blind to see how much he loves you, or maybe you’re just ignoring it and as much as I feel you’re lucky that he loves you so much, I feel that you’re also unlucky because you can’t see how much you love him.

Khushi just for once, forget about everything, forget about the whole damn world, close your eyes and think about Arnav only, and ask yourself what you feel for him, and if the answer is not love then maybe you’re heartless.” Mona walked away from her leaving her in thoughts.

Was she right? Was she really in love with Arnav? But how would she know if it was love? She hadn’t ever been in love, all she’s ever seen was fear, anxiety, pain, everything else but love, so how was she supposed to decide now?

She cleared her mind of all thoughts and turned around looking for Arnav, she saw him standing with a group of people, everyone blurred away, her eyes were stuck on him and only him.

He was there right in front of her and all he could remind her of were their school days, how much he had always cared for her, the way he was always there for her in everything, the way he always supported her.

She remembered how much she missed him after he left, how many sleepless nights she had while she thought of him, and how happy she felt when he was finally back.

There wasn’t even one moment she could think of where Arnav had hurt her, where he hadn’t cared for her, he was completely opposite of Vihaan, and right now what she felt for Vihaan was hatred only, so maybe what she felt for Arnav should be opposite of what she felt for Vihaan.

It was clear now wasn’t it? She was actually in love, she had finally experienced the feeling it was just that she dint know it.

She couldn’t stop smiling, she had to tell Arnav about it, and what could be better that Sangeet? She would declared her love for him in front of everyone then maybe he would forgive her for behaving like this and for ignoring him.

Feb 9

Love You Zindagi... Part 19 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 17 times)

Khushi was all happiness and smiles, the much awaited night was here, everyone had been excited for the Sangeet ceremony as they all had put so much effort into practicing for the dances and also the surprise they had planned for Kiaan and Meera.

As for Khushi it was going to be more special because she was going to confess her love to Arnav tonight, she couldn’t wait for it, she couldn’t wait to see his reaction, she kept on imagining on what would happen and how.

She sat in front of the mirror while adjusting her earrings, she couldn’t stop admiring herself, today she felt like she looked so beautiful, maybe it was the glow of her love realization showing up on her face.

“Someone is glowing” She heard Meera’s voice.

“Meera! What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be getting ready in your room or something?” Khushi asked

“I am good a friend see, even though it’s my own Sangeet, I came to check on you first” Meera giggled.

“Yeah, just say you were missing me” Khushi teased

“I was, I wanted to go downstairs with you anyway, like I said, you’ll be next to me in everything, so I was ready, I waited for you to come but then I decided I’d come and call you myself and here I found someone glowing… what’s the story?”

Khushi blushed as she looked at the floor, she dint know how to put it into words, how was someone supposed to tell their best friend that they were in love?

“What’s with the blushing? Now I really want to know what’s up.” Meera said moving closer to her.

“I am in love…” Khushi whispered “With Arnav” She blushed again.

“Oh My God!” Meera screamed at the top of her voice as she hugged Khushi tightly and twirled her around happily.

“I knew it, I always knew you both were meant to be together, there was always this kind of chemistry between you two, I can’t tell you how happy I am for you”

“I’m happy too”

“Did you tell him? That you love him? I’m sure he must have gone crazy, he’s been waiting for this for years now.”

“No I haven’t yet.”

“Then what are you waiting for silly girl, go and tell him how much you love him” Meera started pushing her out of the room.

“Wait, I mean calm down, it’s like I’m in love and you’re feeling it” Khushi giggled. “I am going to tell him about it in front of everyone, in your Sangeet, but don’t tell anyone about this, I want to see how surprised he will be.”

“I can’t wait for it, now can we head downstairs so that the function can start and I can get to see you two together… God! This is the happiest day of my life” She hugged Khushi again and then pulled her out of the room.


Arnav was standing with his group of guys, they were busy cracking jokes and laughing like there was no tomorrow when Khushi and Meera walked out.

His eyes had been searching for her all this while, and just when he saw her he couldn’t stop staring, she looked drop dead gorgeous in her black outfit, it was matching with his.

She had her hair curled and a bit from the side pinned up, she had a thin silver chain on her neck and her lips were colored bright red, she looked completely ethereal.

According to their Sangeet dances, all the partners had to match outfits and Khushi and Arnav’s color was black, but apart from the color, everything else almost matched too. He also had a silver chain on his neck, and their clothes too had almost similar designs.

“Time to begin, I can’t wait to dance.” Kiaan giggled.

“That will come later, right now we have a surprise for you and Meera, so sit down and watch” Arnav said as he pulled him to the front where a special seat had been placed for him and Meera.

They both settled down while Arnav and Khushi stood opposite each other, lost into each other’s eyes.

“I’m waiting for the surprise” Kiaan poked Arnav.

“What surprise? How come I have no idea about it?” Meera asked

“Because it’s supposed to be a surprise” Khushi said.

“Yes, so sit here calmly and wait for it, it will come up in just a few minutes” Arnav said as he got hold of Khushi’s hand and pulled her backstage.

“Is everything ready?” Arnav asked.

“Yes, I have everything planned, I’ve given out the music cd to the dj, he will play it as soon as we get on the stage, is everyone else ready?” Khushi shouted out.

“Yes, let’s do this!” the crowd shouted back.


There were a few dances before the main act they had planned to surprise Meera and Kiaan and after they were done, they all could notice how happy the couple were.

Meera was almost in tears reminiscing her love story once again, everything about it was so detailed, she felt like it had happened just yesterday.

“I love you guys for this” Kiaan said as he stood up happily.

All the guests were yet clapping for the group, just within two days, they had prepared a marvelous act and it was actually appreciated by everyone.

“Now it’s time for our last dance” Arnav said as he got hold of Meera’s hand and helped her stand up.

“Let’s go and rock the stage” Khushi said as she pulled Kiaan with him.

Her excitement was at peak, the time was coming, after the dance she had to confess her feelings to Arnav, she felt happy and nervous at the same time.

“The time is ticking, I feel like I’m more excited than you” Meera whispered to Khushi making her blush.

“What’s going on? Is there some secret?” Kiaan asked as he looked at the both suspiciously.

“Yes there is” Meera giggled.

“Can we begin? You can talk about the secrets later” Arnav said as he gestured to the DJ to start playing the music.

“Sure” Khushi said excitedly.


Everyone were dancing their hearts out, after their last performance, the dj had put on some random music and everyone was busy dancing like crazy.

Meera and Kiaan were jumping up and down like crazy, Arnav was twirling Khushi around until she felt dizzy, Mona was busy dancing on her own… everyone was like lost in their own world making funny moves, it was a fun filled ceremony.

Khushi looked around the guests hoping there weren’t much left, it would be more comfortable for her to say out her feeling in front of few people, she scanned the whole are with her eyes when he eyes fell on someone.

A tall, pale skinned man was standing in one corner staring at her, he was dressed in his usual black suit and had his hands folded, his lips were pressed together while his eyes were stuck completely on her.

“Vihaan” Khushi whispered as she stood still in one place.

“Don’t mention that idiot’s name right now, it’s so much fun here, keep on dancing” Arnav said as he tried to twirl her once again but she refused to move, she was just stuck in one place.

Arnav looked at her and then followed her gaze as his eyes stopped where Khushi’s had, on the man in the black suit.

Khushi was now trembling nervously, how could she forget about Vihaan? In the moment of realizing her feelings for Arnav, she forgot she had a boyfriend, how the hell on earth could she even think that she’d ever get a happily ever after with Arnav?

That wasn’t in her destiny, it never was going to be!

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