Love You Zindagi

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Love You Zindagi... Part 20 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 24 times)

The music stopped in a few minutes but Khushi was standing in the same place, she hadn’t moved an inch yet and Arnav was also standing close to her staring at Vihaan.

Vihaan started walking towards her when the dances came to an end, she felt nervous and scared, she dint know what more to do, her legs were like stuck there, she wanted to move but she couldn’t.

“Hi baby” Vihaan said as he hugged her and gave Arnav a look, Arnav stepped back in shock, hadn’t Khushi broken up with Vihaan? Then why was he calling her baby? Why the hell was he even hugging her?

“You were to come for the wedding only, how come you are early?” Khushi asked.

“I wanted to surprise you, I know you missed me and I missed you a lot, so I thought of coming a day early.” He smiled.

“I am surprised” Khushi said faking a smile.

He continued talking to her about a lot of things but her mind was stuck in thinking about Arnav, she couldn’t even imagine how angry he might be knowing that Khushi was still with Vihaan.

“Where are you lost?” Vihaan asked.

“Nowhere, why don’t you go say hi to Meera and Kiaan? I’ll see you after that, I need to finish something.”

“As you say” he kissed on her cheeks and walked away, Khushi turned around as soon as he left and found Arnav right behind him, he looked angry and hurt, he had his fists clenched tightly, his eyes were bloodshot.

“Arnav” She said as she walked towards him.

“You lied to me!” He whispered in an angry tone.

“It was just a misunderstanding, I dint lie about anything to you.” Khushi said.

“You lied to me Khushi!” He almost shouted at her angrily but there were people around and he dint want to create a scene so he walked away.

“Khushi, come here baby!” Vihaan called her just when she was about to follow Arnav.

Meera looked at her worriedly as she walked towards them, she was the only one who was able to understand how Khushi might be feeling right now, on one side she wanted to confess her feelings to Arnav and on the other side Vihaan ended up here unexpectedly.

She stood next to him with a fake smile but her eyes said it all, Meera moved close to her as she got hold of her hand trying to assure her that everything will be okay.

“Come, I’ll introduce you to my friends” Kiaan said to Vihaan when Meera gestured something to him, he pulled Vihaan away with him leaving the girls alone.

“Listen to me Khushi, I don’t care if Vihaan is here, I don’t care about anything, all I know is that you have to tell Arnav about your feelings, you have to tell Vihaan that your relationship with him is over, this has to end, do you hear that?” Meera said.

“I can’t Meera, I am sorry but I can’t do this!” Khushi cried.

“You have to, you’ve been looking for happiness for so long and now that you are this close to it, you can’t run away from it Khushi.”

“I wish you could understand me Meera, yes I love Arnav but…” Khushi stopped midway when her eyes fell on something.

Meera waited for her to continue saying whatever she was but she stood like a pillar, she turned to look where Khushi’s gaze was stuck and found Vihaan standing there.

If he had heard their talk, she was really glad, at least Khushi wouldn’t have to do much now, he would back out himself.

“I’ll leave you both alone, you both need to talk” Meera said as she walked away.

Vihaan stared at Khushi angrily, Khushi stared back at him, it looked like there was nothing else happening today than the staring.

He clenched his fists tight and walked away in a hurry, Khushi ran behind him trying to catch up with his pace but she couldn’t, he was too fast.

“Vihaan! Listen to me please stop!” She shouted

“This is what you want right Khushi? To get rid of me from your life, then I’ll grant you that!” Vihaan said angrily.

“Please don’t so anything stupid!” She cried.

“I’ll not do anything stupid, I’ll just take the pills I had kept away for so long, when I’ll be no more, you’ll be free then you can be with Arnav” Vihaan said as he stormed into the room where his luggage was placed.

He pulled out everything from his bag until he found the pills he was looking for, he poured them out all in his hands almost swallowing him when Khushi hit his hand making all the pills splatter on the floor.

“Are you out of your mind Vihaan, what the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m going away from your life, isn’t that what you want?”

“Not like this Vihaan, I beg of you, please don’t harm yourself for me” Khushi cried.

“You are the only one I love Khushi, my life is meaningless without you and if I’m going to lose you, there’s no need to live, I better die, so let me.” he said pushing her away.

He tried to collect back all the pills while Khushi stared at him hopelessly, why did this always happen to her?

“I am not going anywhere Vihaan, I am right here, with you.” Khushi said

“Get lost Khushi, I just heard what you said to Meera, you love Arnav don’t you? so go to him and let me die in peace!” He shouted angrily.

“No, I am not going anywhere”

“Get off me Khushi!” Vihaan said angrily punching her on the face, she fell on the floor crying terribly when he rushed to her.

“I am sorry, I dint mean to hurt you.” Vihaan said as he rushed to her worriedly.

“Please don’t take the pills, I beg of you… I promise I’ll be with you, I won’t go anywhere” She cried.

“Okay fine… let’s forget all that happened today, I won’t take the pills” Vihaan said.


Arnav punched the wall angrily until his fists were almost bleeding, he couldn’t explain in words how angry he was to see Vihaan here, on top of that, how angry he was on Khushi for lying to him that she had broken up with Vihaan.

Why the hell did she have to lie to him? He was her best friend, why couldn’t she just tell him the truth?

“Why Khushi? Why?” He shouted angrily.

He fell down on his knees and broke down into tears, nothing ever helped, him going away from her never helped either, at least he had been happy that she wasn’t with this guy but he had been wrong, he was yet with him, she was yet scared to get rid of him from her life.

“Arnav” Kiaan called him out as he rushed inside.

“Kiaan I need to be alone, please let me be!”

“I can’t leave you alone, not like this at least… look I understand you and I understand what you are feeling but Khushi and Vihaan are together since school, they love each other so I don’t get why you are angry at her.”

“I am not angry at her for being in a relationship or being in love, I am angry at her for lying to me, I am angry at her for being with that guy, I wouldn’t be angry if she was with any other guy but not him Kiaan, not him!

I thought that after I’ll leave maybe she’ll realize it and she’ll break up with him but she dint, she put up with that guy for this long? How does she even manage to survive with him?”

“Arnav you are just over reacting, I mean Vihaan loves her a lot.”

“You see Kiaan that’s the problem, he loves her a lot he doesn’t see that she doesn’t love him, he tortures her, you haven’t seen it but I’ve seen it, I’ve always noticed the marks on her body, I’ve noticed how unhappy she’d been with him, I’ve noticed all the tortures he’s done to her.

That man doesn’t love her, he’s obsessed with her, he keeps on blackmailing her that if she’ll leave him, he would kill himself and this stupid girl is trapped, she thinks if she’ll leave him he would actually kill himself.

I tried so much, I explained it to her, I told her to just break up with him and not care what happened but she refused, why do you think I moved away from here? It wasn’t because I loved her and she dint love me, it was because I couldn’t see her getting tortured like this, it hurt me so badly.

I thought that if I leave, she might get some brain and leave that bloody guy but she dint, she’s still with him and god know how many times he might have hurt her.

My blood boils even thinking about that, I swear I’ll kill him if he doesn’t commit the suicide he’s been threatening her about since school days!”

Kiaan stared at him in shock, it was either Khushi had been really good at hiding it all or maybe they never noticed her well, how could she suffer through all this all alone and tell no one about it?

They heard someone crying and looked at the door to find Meera in tears, which meant that she also dint have an idea about this.

Feb 10

Love You Zindagi... Part 21 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 22 times)

“How can she?” Meera asked in between the sobs.

“I don’t know Meera, I’ve been trying to understand her all this while too, I don’t know how she can do this to herself, why can’t she leave that man? And then to make it worse she lied to me that she had broken up with him!” Arnav said angrily.

“Calm down you both, instead of sitting here angrily or crying over it, we have to do something, she’s our friend and we have to help her.” Kiaan said.

“How do you help someone who doesn’t want to be helped Kiaan? I’ve told her a thousand times to leave him but she just doesn’t listen.” Arnav punched his fist on the wall angrily.

“Meera and I will talk to her and we’ll come up with a solution but you need to calm down first.”

Arnav walked from one place to the other taking in a few deep breaths as he tried to calm himself down, how could she lie to him? He just couldn’t understand that!

“You’re right, you guys also need to rest, it’s your wedding tomorrow and look at this mess! Damn! I’m sorry Kiaan, I spoilt everything”

“Khushi is more important than the wedding Arnav.” Meera said

“I know, but you guys need to go and rest, let’s prepare for tomorrow, everything else will be handled after that.”

“He’s right Meera, you should rest, it’s a big day tomorrow and I promise we will talk to her together, we’ll make sure we solve this together” Kiaan promised her.

Meera nodded positively, he got hold of her hand and helped her out of the room and they both headed to rest.


It was past midnight and no matter how much he tried, he couldn’t just sleep.

His mind was yet stuck with the same thoughts, why would Khushi lie to him? Why the hell on earth?

He felt so angry, it was hard to control, he just wanted to get it out on anything if he could.

“Arnav” he heard her voice from the back, he clenched his fists tight and shut his eyes close trying not to look at her, he knew he could lose his temper so badly, it would ruin everything completely and he dint want that to happen.

“Won’t you even turn to look at me now? I know you can hear me Arnav” She said.

He stood still at the same place fighting himself, yes he dint want to look at her because then he would remember that she lied to him and he would hate her again for doing that to him!

She always knew how much he hated lies dint she? Then why the hell on earth would she even do that? That too lie to him about something so big.

“I know you’re angry, but I’m sorry Arnav… I promise I dint lie to you if that’s what you’re thinking” Khushi said.

“Just… just leave Khushi!” He said angrily.

“Arnav at least talk to me once, please listen to me, I can explain.”

“There’s nothing that would explain why you’re still with him Khushi, nothing in the whole damn world! And then to make it worse you lied to me that you had broken up with him when you actually hadnt! Why the hell would you do that?” Arnav asked having his back on her yet.

“I dint lie to you about anything!”

“You did, you told me you have moved on damn it!”

“Yes, I said I moved on, I dint mean that I had broken up with him, you misunderstood the words, where’s my fault in that Arnav?”

“Fine I misunderstood then explain to me what exactly you had moved on from if that dint mean breaking up with him.”

“It meant that I had accepted life as it was, I dint live in the past anymore like it was before, it meant everything else but not that break up you made up in your mind, so stop blaming me for lying to you when I dint!”

“Fine, you dint lie to me but that doesn’t justify why you’re still with him! Why are you still with him Khushi? Why are you punishing yourself like this?”

“You won’t understand Arnav.”

“You see that’s the problem Khushi, you think I won’t understand when in reality you’re the one who doesn’t understand”

There was a deep silence for a while, neither did he have anything more to say nor did she, he took in another deep breath and opened his eyes to walk away, but towards the opposite side, he just dint want to be face to face with her for now, not until he calmed himself down.

He had just taken a few steps away when Khushi ran towards him and hugged him from behind, he stopped at the sudden touch and suddenly, all his anger calmed down.

She had so much power over him dint she? Just a mere touch and all his nerves calmed down.

“I am sorry Arnav, please don’t walk away from me like this, I don’t want to lose you again, I need you” She cried.

“Let me go Khushi, you have the person you need in your life, I don’t think you really need me” Arnav said as he tried to break free of her hold but she wouldn’t just let him go.

“Arnav please, try understand me… I need you, my life is incomplete without you” She cried.

“Why Khushi? Why do you need me now? Why dint you need me when I left?”

“Because then I dint know that I was in…” She stopped suddenly, there was no way she could tell him she loved him, it would ruin everything.

There was no way Vihaan would ever let her go, and if Arnav gets to know about her feelings, things would just get messed up even more.

“I was just a kid at that time, I dint know your value in my life but now I do, and I don’t want to lose a friend like you Arnav…”

“You have the same option as before Khushi, you’ll either have me or Vihaan in your life and I guess I know your choice”

“Arnav please…”

“No Khushi, don’t do this, don’t make me weak because I love you… you see that’s the problem, I love you, so damn much I want to hold you in my arms right away and just take you away from here, I want to make things better but that’s never going to happen because you would never leave Vihaan.”

“I can’t leave him because you love me Arnav”

“And I don’t want you to leave him because I love you Khushi, I want you to leave him because I want you to love yourself, not me… but you’ll never understand that… you’ll never…

I guess things never changed, the wedding ends tomorrow and everything will get back to usual, so you have to decide until tomorrow whom you want in your life, me or Vihaan.

I don’t care if you don’t love me for the rest of your life, I’ll stay as your friend but for that friendship you’ll have to leave him.

The choice is yours, it was yours last time too and it will be the same this time.”

He pulled himself away and walked a few steps ahead and then stopped, he dint turn to look at her but he said something.

“The only reason I forgave you this time was because I thought you had broken up with him and because at those times when you were with him we were kids and I thought you were just immature, but don’t expect me to forgive you again if you decide to ruin your life because you aren’t immature now Khushi and no one, and by no one I mean even you too have no right to destroy the life of the girl I love!”

He walked away leaving her behind feeling defeated, what was she supposed to do? How was she supposed to explain that if she could, then she would have left long back!

Feb 13

Love You Zindagi... Part 22 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 20 times)

Khushi was standing in front of the mirror getting ready, she stared at her reflection not feeling happy or excited about this wedding anymore.

Everything turned upside down, just when she had thought she’ll get her share of happiness Vihaan came to snatch it like he always does.

“Let me help you” Vihaan said as he took the necklace from her and tied it around her neck while Khushi stood there still without any reaction.

“That’s now like my girl, you look so gorgeous” he pecked on her cheek while Khushi clenched her hand into tight fists, she felt disgusted.

“But why are you wearing this? I’ve told you a hundred times that the color blue doesn’t suit you, you should have worn something pink, you look best in pink.”

“I’ll wear what I love Vihaan, you can’t keep on telling me what to wear every now and then” Khushi said angrily.

“Calm down, I was just telling you my opinion and what’s wrong with you, why are you suddenly talking to me rudely? You’re wearing blue because it’s Arnav’s favorite color isn’t it? I remember when he gifted you a blue dress when we were in school and told you that it was his favorite color” Vihaan said angrily.

“Why do you have to bring Arnav in between everything I do?”

“Because that’s the truth, you always do as he likes not as I do”

“Enough Vihaan! I don’t know what hatred you have for Arnav but it’s now becoming too much, it’s my choice on what I want to wear, if I’m wearing blue it’s because I loved it not because someone else loves it or whatever, why can’t you for once ever say something positive about me?”

“Fine calm down, don’t be angry I was just telling you what I felt, anyway I’ll leave you to get ready” Vihaan said as he walked away.

Khushi sat down on the bed as she broke down into tears, her life was a complete mess, she wished she could really get rid of Vihaan and live he life the way she wanted instead of him dictating it for her always.

There was a knock at the door of her room, she quickly wiped her tears away and walked back towards the dressing table pretending to get ready.

“Come in” She said in a trembling voice.

A few seconds later, Arnav walked in holding a box in his hand, he looked at her and for a moment he was left speechless, Khushi looked extremely gorgeous.

“Meera told me you needed a makeup kit, everyone else was busy getting ready so I brought it for you” he walked towards her and placed it on the dressing table.

“Thank you” She tried to smile.

“You look beautiful Khushi, and look what a coincidence, we are matching” Arnav smiled looking at his sherwani.

“You look good too and it’s not a coincidence, Meera and I had selected the color shade, I mean we all are matching, all the boys have the same sherwani as you and all the girls have the same outfit as mine” Khushi smiled.

“Oh, and how I thought that Kiaan gifted it to me only, of course people match in weddings” Arnav giggled.

“Anyway, I’ll leave you to get ready, if you already look this beautiful now I wonder how you’ll look when you’re fully ready, maybe then I wouldn’t be able to take my eyes off you at all” Arnav smiled.

“You’re making it sound like I’m some sort of Angel”

“For me you are” Arnav smiled and turned around just when Khushi called him out again.

“Arnav! If you aren’t busy, can you stay here, it feels safe when you’re around” Khushi said

“Sure, if you aren’t uncomfortable getting ready when I’m here I don’t mind” Arnav nodded as he headed towards the bed and sat down.

For a moment they both even forgot about everything that had happened last night and everything about Vihaan, Arnav sat silently on the bed as he kept on staring at Khushi while she did her make up.

“What shade of lipstick should I do? Do you think pink will look good or should I go for a maroon shade?” Khushi asked as she turned around to look at him.

“You should do the one you feel suits you the best, anyway your lips are enough tempting even without the lipstick” He smiled.

“I dint tell you to stay back so you can flirt with me” Khushi giggled.

“Well I stayed back because it’s the last day and the more time I get to spend with you the better it is for me” Arnav said.

“Are you leaving today itself?”

“No Khushi, but I guess you’ve forgotten the talk we had last night, just because I am talking to you nicely right now doesn’t mean everything will be okay between us, it can be if you make the right decisions though.”

“Why are you putting me in a dilemma Arnav, I don’t want to lose you again” Khushi said sadly.

“Does that mean you’ve already made you decision? Well I guess then there’s no point of me staying here, I’ll just leave and let you be” Arnav stood up angrily and walked towards the door but Khushi ran behind him and got hold of his hand.

“Why are you always angry on me Arnav?” She asked with her moist eyes.

“Then what do you expect me to do Khushi? How did you even survive all this years with him? Is it that you’ve got used to the torture or what? I’m just unable to understand you.

How can you bear all that pain? Why don’t you just leave him and not care about whatever he does, such guys only lie about suicide to keep you, do you think he’s really going to kill himself if you leave him? Wake up Khushi, he’s just pretending!”

“What if he does? Do you want me to live in the guilt that he died because of me for the rest of my life?”

“That guilt is better than what you’re living right now. Stop being stupid and open your eyes before it’s too late.”


“No Khushi, you can be okay with whatever he’s been doing to you but I am not, I cannot forget the burn marks, I cannot forget the bruises, I cannot forget seeing you hurt and it pains me to see you still going through it even now!

I really want to hate you for all this, I want to hate you so much for not taking a stand for not doing anything about it, you can even hand him over to the police but you aren’t doing any of it, tell me what am I supposed to do?

Do you feel good seeing me like this? Hurting because of you? is it fun Khushi seeing me so vulnerable because of you?

Tell me, why are you silent now, why don’t you speak?” he got hold of her shoulder and looked her into the eyes with rage and pain.

Khushi stood there still as tears streamed down her eyes, it was so painful, everything was so painful, why was he even thinking that she hadn’t tried all of this? She had, but the results were terrible and she was scared to try again.

“Stop Crying!” Arnav almost shouted.

But her tears dint stop, the more he told her not to cry the more she cried.

“Khushi please stop making me weak, stop crying for heaven sake! Why doesn’t somebody just kill me so I don’t have to feel this way? Your tears are killing me Khushi, I never want to be the reason behind them so please stop crying I beg of you please!”

“Arnav… I… I… she stammered, her feelings were almost on her tongue, she wanted to tell him how much she loved him and how much it was hurting her too but there was something stopping her, she dint know what to do but she dint want to lose him again and the thought of losing him again was tearing her apart that she couldn’t just stop crying despite of him telling her to stop.

“Damn you Khushi!” Arnav said angrily as he pulled her closer and claimed for her lips, it was the only way to stop her from crying and the only way to stop feeling this way.

He pushed her to the nearest wall and pinned her there as he kissed her deep and hard so that’s he could understand how he felt.

Feb 14

Love You Zindagi... Part 23 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 21 times)

It all happened in just a moment that Khushi dint even realize what was happening until she found herself pinned against the wall, Arnav’s lips on her, it was world’s best feeling.

His mouth tasted of orange juice, she smiled remembering the school days, everyone used to carry water bottles in their bags but Arnav used to carry orange juice in his bottle, his love for orange juice was eternal.

Khushi wrapped her hands around his neck and pulled him closer while she kissed him back, it was maybe the first time she felt how a kiss full of love felt like, until today she only knew about this kiss full of lust and anger and force.

“I am sorry Arnav” She whispered.

Arnav stopped kissing her, he moved a step backward and looked at her with his moist eyes, her face was full of regret and happiness.

“Why is it that I feel like I am not the only one who’s in love with you Khushi? Why do I feel like you love me too?” Arnav asked

“How can you say that?”

“Because I kissed you without your permission and instead of being angry on me about it you aren’t, instead you are saying sorry.

Secondly when I kissed you I thought you’ll not but you did, you pulled me closer and kissed me Khushi, what am I supposed to make out of it?”

“Arnav I…”

“You don’t have to say anything Khushi, for me feeling even this little bit of love from you will keep me going for the rest of my life, the only reason why my heart aches is because you are with Vihaan.

Look at me Khushi, I don’t know if you feel love towards me or not but one thing I know is that if you take a step, if you break up with him and come to me telling me you love someone else, I promise I’ll do everything to get you with him, believe me Khushi.

All I’ve ever wanted is your happiness, I’ve only wanted for you to get rid of your pain Khushi, all I want is a happy life for you’re a pain free life even if I’m not a part of it.

Today I’ll not get angry on you, I’ll not force you to break up with Vihaan, I’ll leave that decision on you, the only thing I’ll say is that if you don’t take the chance today, just be sure you aren’t going to regret it in future.

I’m glad you dint slap me for kissing you, because then I know that even if for a moment, I was able to make you feel what true love was like, and if you ever felt like that for Vihaan, I’ll not force you to leave him, but if you never did, you know what to do, you just need to make yourself strong enough.”

Khushi just listened to him silently, after he was done saying what he had to, he walked away leaving her all alone in her room.

She walked towards her bed and sat down there, she wanted to leave, she wanted to have a happy life, she wanted to feel the way she had felt today but no matter how much she tried, she knew that was never going to be possible.

She had known Vihaan for ages now, she knew that he would never let this happen, he would never let her be happy with Arnav.

“What the hell were you doing in Khushi’s room?” Vihaan asked as he bumped on him while he was heading towards Kiaan’s room from Khushi’s room.

“Oh you dint know? I was kissing her and it was so great, you know what I learnt from it, that she loves me, not you” Arnav replied casually.

“You fool! I’ll kill you!” Vihaan got hold of Arnav’s collar angrily.

“I’m not the fool here Vihaan, you are because despite having a girl like Khushi in your life you dint know how to love her and respect her and you know what, I feel sorry for you because you were never able to make her fall in love with you”

“She loves me and only me”

“Wake up and face the reality, she doesn’t love you, she’s just scared of you, she thinks you’ll commit suicide if she left you, only if she knew that people like you don’t die easily, but you know what I really wish she leaves you and I promise if that happens, I’ll be the one to help you commit that suicide you’ve been threatening her about.”

Arnav got hold of his hands and took then off his collar, he pushed him away and dusted his collar and then walked away smirking while Arnav stood behind burning with rage.

Arnav walked in Kiaan’s room as a few men stepped out of it, Kiaan was sited in the bed looking traumatized.

“What happened?” Arnav rushed towards him and sat next to him.

“Meera… Arnav Meera’s grandmother passed away!” Kiaan broke the news.

“What? When did that happened? How? I mean she was fine wasn’t she?”

“Yes she was fine but you know how unpredictable life is, it just happened a while back, I am so shocked I couldn’t even manage to gather enough strength to go to her, she must be so broken.” Kiaan said sadly.

“I am so sorry” Arnav hugged him.

“I need to go and talk to her, I need to make her feel better, she needs me and I’m sited here like this, I should go to her” Kiaan stood up.

“I’ll come with you.” Arnav nodded as they both rushed outside.

Lots of people out there were still busy preparing for the wedding unknown about the truth, they stopped in front of Meera’s room.

“I’ll wait outside, go inside and talk to her” Arnav said.

Kiaan nodded as he pushed the door and walked inside, Meera was sited on her bed sobbing terribly, she rushed to hug Kiaan as soon as she saw him walking in.

“Kiaan… Grandma… I don’t know how it happened, she was fine until yesterday night, she was so excited about our wedding and today morning when they went to wake her up, she dint wake up, she dint respond.” Meera cried as she hugged Kiaan tightly.

“Calm down Meera, everything is going to be okay, everyone had to go one day, maybe this was the time fate had decided for her.”

“But why today? She wanted to see our wedding, it was the only thing she was living for and she dint even get that, it’s so unfair.”

“I know it is, but we can’t change fate now, we need to go and see her for one last time”

“No Kiaan, I don’t think I have the strength to see her like that, it’ll break me completely” Meera cried.

“You have to Meera, come on, I’m here with you, let’s go” Kiaan got hold of her hand and pulled her outside.

“Arnav please inform everyone that the wedding is cancelled, we’re going to see grandma” Kiaan whispered.

Arnav nodded positively while Kiaan and Meera walked away, the first person that came in his mind was Khushi, she had to be informed about this too.

Feb 15

Love You Zindagi... Part 24 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 23 times)

Everyone had gathered around Meera’s grandmother’s room when Arnav and Khushi arrived there.

So many people were mourning, as soon as Meera saw Khushi, she rushed towards her and hugged her tight as she broke down into tears.

“Hey… it’s okay” Khushi hugged her back, she dint know what to say to her at this moment, she just tried to console her in the best way she could.

Arnav walked towards Kiaan and sat next to him, everyone around was so sad, this had happened so suddenly it had left everyone in shock.

They all sat there silently until Meera’s father stood up and announced that the funeral will take place today, Meera hugged Khushi once again and broke down.

“Hey, everything is going to be okay, please don’t cry, she lived her part of life, we can’t change what fate has for us right?” Khushi said

“I know Khushi but she wanted to see me getting married, and it happened just today, why did it have to be today, it was her only wish to see me getting married and now she’s gone.”

“I understand how you feel Meera, but we can’t change anything about it.”

“I know Khushi, I know… it’s just that this is too much of a shock for everyone else to take.”

“Everything will be okay, trust God, whatever that happens, happens for a reason.”

“Anyway I’ll go help with the preparations of the funeral, you please handle everything else.” Meera said as she stood up.

Khushi nodded positively and stood up as she walked away from there, she dint like deaths, she dint like seeing anyone die, it pained her the most and right now only she knew how hard she had tried to control her tears so she could be with Meera and not make her feel weak.

“What happened? Wait, why are you crying?” Vihaan asked as he came in front of her from nowhere.

“Meera’s grandmother passed away, they’re preparing for the funeral.” Khushi said.

“Oh so the wedding is cancelled?”

“Of course it’s cancelled Vihaan.”

“Oh ****, I had a really tight schedule, I don’t think I’ll be able to manage attending it later now, even her grandmother had to die today, couldn’t she die a day later?” Vihaan said.

Khushi looked at him in complete shock, she knew that he was a terrible man but she hadn’t thought that he would ever say something like this.

She dint even realize when her anger grew so big, the next thing she noticed was her hand on Vihaan’s cheeks.

He was looking at her in shock, maybe wondering why she had slapped him for no reason.

“You’re so disgusting Vihaan, I mean someone has passed away if you don’t feel sad about it it’s fine but saying the nonsense you just said shows how heartless you are” Khushi walked away angrily.

“I’m glad she realized how disgusting you are” Arnav walked towards him.

“So what difference does it make anyway” Vihaan said angrily.

“Maybe it will motivate her to do something she should have done long back, leave you!”

“Don’t hope for that even Arnav, Khushi is mine only and she’s never going to leave me not at any cost.” Vihaan boasted.

“Don’t be so confident, who know what tomorrow has for you?” Arnav giggled and walked away too leaving behind Vihaan miffed.


“Khushi! Are you okay?” Arnav rushed towards her.

She was sitting by the pool side, her eyes filled with tears as she sobbed terribly.

“How could someone be this heartless Arnav?”

“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you for so long Khushi, that Vihaan is heartless, he doesn’t care about anything else apart from himself, I know you’re scared that if you leave him he’s going to commit suicide but do you really think he would?

And even if he did, it’s better we don’t need people like him in this world… it’s high time you understand things now and take a step for yourself.”

Khushi looked at Arnav as he settled down beside her, he got hold of her hand in his and looked her into the eyes.

“Khushi life is short, you can’t know what would happen the next moment, look at Meera’s grandma, she was fine until yesterday, did anyone of us know that this would happen today?

Neither of us know what the next moment holds for us, who knows when we are going to die? But we can make sure that whenever that moment comes at least we won’t have any regrets it life.

“Do you want to be on your deathbed thinking that I should have done this or lived my life like this but now it’s too late? And at that time you’ll have no one else to blame but yourself.

This life is yours, you have to live it for yourself, not for Vihaan or for me or for anyone else. You have to understand that whatever Vihaan does in his life doesn’t concern you, you should find your happiness and do things that make you and only you happy, not anyone else.

Today I am here with you telling you all this, tomorrow I might not be, who knows what destiny has for me, but even if I die tomorrow, I will at least die happily knowing I did all the things I wanted to, tell me will you be able to die the same way?”

Khushi nodded negatively as more tears rolled down her eyes, Arnav was right, this was her life she had to live it to make herself happy, not for anyone else but all she had been doing all this years was to live for Vihaan.

“Look at me Khushi, because this is the last time we are having this conversation, after today I won’t tell you anything.

“When we love someone, we have to set them free, we have to let them live their lives just like we would want to live ours.

The point here is that if Vihaan really loved you then he wouldn’t have done all this that he’s doing because this isn’t love Khushi, you want to know what love is then I’ll give you the best example.

Look at Meera and Kiaan, you’ve known them since school haven’t you? Did you ever see Meera sad in Kiaan’s presence? Did you ever see her being scared of him? No! Because that’s love, love is all about being happy with each other with your own will, but whatever that’s between you and Kiaan is not love.

Today if you leave Vihaan and he commits suicide, you don’t have to blame yourself for that because you chose your happiness, he had to choose his, and it’s not a must that your choices should match, whatever he does is his own decision and whatever you do should be yours.”

“I know Arnav, I understand that”

“Good.” Arnav smiled.

“How do you always manage to explain things so easily?” Khushi asked

“Because I have lived my life for myself Khushi and I want you to do that too. Anyway I’ll leave you alone here, think about whatever I told you and then do whatever you want to, this is our last talk about it, from today onwards I won’t tell you anything regarding this issue.”

He stood up and looked at her once last time, she smiled at him as he walked away.

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Love You Zindagi... Part 25 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 25 times)

“Good morning best friend” he hugged her from behind.

She broke the hug awkwardly and turned to face him, he stood there looking at her in confusion as to why she behaved this way, and then suddenly his eyes fell on her eyes, they were puffy and dark as if she’d been crying all night.

“What happened Khushi? Why are your eyes so puffy? Are you okay?” He asked

“Yes I am fine, it’s just the flu, you know right whenever I’ve got flu tears keep rolling down my eyes every now n then, I guess it might be because of that.”

“Are you sure, I mean if there’s anything wrong you can tell me, I’m your best friend”


“Hey baby” Shalini interrupted them as she hugged Arnav and looked at him lovingly, he looked back at her the same way and tucked her hair behind her ears.

“Thank God you are back, I missed you a lot” Arnav said as he got hold of her waist and pulled her closer.

“The trip with mom and dad was boring, I missed you too” She smiled.

Khushi walked a few steps backwards and then headed out of the classroom to give them some privacy, she stood outside waiting for other students to arrive.

She could hear the sound of Shalini’s laughter and it was maybe the first time ever she felt jealous, not because she was dating her best friend, but because she dint remember the last time she was this happy with Vihaan.

As the sound of Shalini’s giggles kept on increasing so did her pain, why was it that everyone else had the perfect relationship but not her? Why wasn’t Vihaan like any of this guys? Or was she just overthinking things?

She wiped the tears rolling down her eyes and rushed to the washroom, she couldn’t take this anymore.


“I have something important to discuss with Khushi, I’ll meet you after school, don’t forget we have a date tonight” Arnav told Shalini.

“I remember, I’ll be waiting at the gate for you and by the way, say hi to Khushi from me.” she smiled happily.

“I will” Arnav pecked on her cheek and walked outside the classroom just where Khushi had been standing overhearing their conversation.

“Khushi! I was coming to talk to you, by the way Shalini said hi to you”

“Can I ask you something Arnav?”

“Sure, ask me anything”

“Doesn’t Shalini ever get jealous, I mean you spend so much of time with me than you do with her, and I’ve still never seen her treating me bad or looking at me in a way that would make me feel that she doesn’t like me?”

“Why wouldn’t she like you? Because we are close? That’s funny” He giggled.

“What’s funny about it?”

“I mean look, we are in a relationship where we trust each other, she also has so many friends who are boys and I don’t stop her from talking to any of them and she does the same for me, we can’t stop being friends with someone just because our partner says so.

Love is about trusting each other Khushi and me and her we both understand one thing, if we are meant to be together we will be together and nothing would be able to separate us, you see love isn’t a forced feeling, you can’t force someone to love you so we both know, if we love each other enough then our feelings won’t change no matter how many people we are friends with, but if we aren’t meant to be together then even if I spend my time only with her and no one else, I’ll still fall in love with someone else.

Love is all about setting your partner free, let them live their life like they used to before you got together, anyway that’s both our point of view on this, and we have a good understanding between us.”

“I see.”


“Oh My God Khushi! You’re hand is bleeding!” Arnav rushed inside the house worriedly.

He quickly picked up a napkin and wrapped it around her arm, there was a huge cut on it while she sat on the sofa not caring about it.

“Are you out of your mind? You’re sited here just like this while blood is flowing out of your hand, what’s wrong with you?” Arnav asked angrily.

“It’s just a cut Arnav, you don’t have to be worried about it.”

“Stop making me angrier, come I’ll take you to the hospital, and by the way how did this happen?”

“I was just working in the kitchen and got cut by a knife”

“Really? Mind explaining how you ended up cutting so deep? And how did it even happen? Why do I feel like there’s something you’re hiding from me.

Firstly your puffy eyes, then this bruises and I remember when we first me and look how you are right now, you’ve lost so much of weight, please tell me what’s wrong.”

“Nothing is wrong Arnav, just leave me alone for heaven sake.”

“Fine I’ll leave you alone, I just came here because Shalini and I broke up and I was feeling terrible, I thought spending time with my best friend would make me feel better but I was wrong.” Arnav turned to walk away hoping she would stop him but she dint and in the end he just had to leave.


Khushi wiped her tears away as she stood up, just when she turned around, she found Vihaan standing there.

“What were you doing here?” He asked.

“I was remembering old school days, do you have a problem with that too? Should I stop my mind from remembering things?”

“Why are you talking to me like this Khushi? What did I do now?”

“This is what you deserve Vihaan, just get lost, I don’t even want to see your face.” Khushi said as she started walking away angrily.

“Isn’t it Arnav? I’m sure he must have told you something against me, I’ve been noticing him since I came here, he’s trying to get so close to you.”

“He’s my best friend Vihaan and he is supposed to be close to me but unfortunately you’ll never understand that.”

“Yes, I’ll never understand it, no one is supposed to be close to you apart from me Khushi.”

“Why? Because we are together? Or because you think I’m your property and you own me?”

“You are crossing your limits Khushi.”

“The thing is Vihaan, I should have crossed them long back.” Khushi shouted back.

Vihaan stood there in shock as she walked away, he had never seen her this angry, she had never spoken to him in such a tone, maybe things were actually getting out of his hands.


Khushi headed to Arnav’s room and found him sited on the bed, he stood up as soon as he saw her, she smiled at him and he smiled back in return.

“Do you want something?” He asked.

Khushi nodded positively as she walked towards him.

“What?” He asked.

“This.” She said as she got hold of his arm and pulled him into a tight hug leaving him surprised, this wasn’t what he had expected.

Feb 17

Love You Zindagi... Part 26 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 19 times)

“Khushi… is everything okay?” Arnav asked breaking the hug.

“Yeah, I was just remembering our school days, and I felt like I missed my best friend… I am so sorry I wasn’t there for you when you broke up with Shalini, I never cared for you like you cared for me, I never even bothered to ask you what had happened.”

“It was because your problems were bigger than mine Khushi, you were allowed to behave that way”

“Anyway leave that, tell me why did you and Shalini break up? You two were the perfect couple of school” Khushi said.

“Because she was moving out of the country with her parents and she thought long distance between us wouldn’t work.” Arnav said getting lost in thoughts.


A knock at the door of his room brought his mind out of the thoughts he had been lost in, he looked at the door and saw Shalini standing there.

“Can I come in?” She asked with a smile.

“Since when did you start asking you boyfriend if you can enter his room?” Arnav smirked as he walked towards her and hugged her.

She broke the hug awkwardly and looked him with a smile, but it was the smile that dint touch her eyes.

“What happened?” Arnav asked as he looked into her eyes.

“I love how you just know whenever something is wrong, no wonder everyone tells me I’m lucky to have a boyfriend like you” Shalini smiled.

“Don’t change the topic, tell me what happened Shalini…”

“Dad got promoted, he’s being sent abroad to continue his job there so we all are shifting with him together and I don’t know how that will affect our relationship.

As much as I love you, I feel it’s better if we end it here, I don’t think long distance relationship is my kind of thing Arnav.”

“Really Shalini? You’re the one saying that? How can you just end this relationship because of distance, look at me, I know you really well and I know that’s not the reason you’re breaking up with me, tell me the real reason” Arnav said angrily.

“Yes Arnav, this is not the only reason, there’s another reason but then I think you yourself have no idea about it, but one day you will and when you do, you’ll understand why I did this, just know that I dint break up with you because I stopped loving you” Shalini said as she hugged him.

“Don’t leave me like this please” Arnav said sadly.

“I am sorry Arnav, but I’m just keeping the promise we both made to each other” Shalini said as she walked away.


“What promise was it?” Khushi asked curiously.

“We promised each other if we ever fell in love with someone else, we’ll inform each other and decide what to do next, but here she made the decision all herself because she had realized I was already in love with you, just that I hadn’t realized it yet and she knew, our long distance wouldn’t ever work when I was in love with you still trying to be with her, so she decided this was for the best” Arnav said.

“I see” Khushi said.

“And do you know how I found out about you and Vihaan? I mean everything he had been doing to you?”



“Tell me, what was so urgent? Did you finally realize you can’t live without me?” Arnav giggled as he sat opposite Shalini in the café.

“Will you ever be serious Arnav?”

“Okay fine tell me what’s wrong?” Arnav asked.

“This time there’s nothing wrong with me Arnav, but I feel Khushi needs your help”

“What do you mean she needs my help?”

“You are her best friend aren’t you? How come you don’t know about this Arnav… haven’t you noticed anything about her or you call yourself her best friend for the namesake.”

“Will you stop beating around the bush?”

“I went to the shopping mall today for some random shopping, so while I was in a shop looking at the clothes, I saw Khushi there, she was with her boyfriend, and I don’t know I felt something strange between them.

He was talking to her so rudely and every time she was around him she looked scared, I couldn’t stop wondering why she wasn’t happy, I mean if you’d go shopping with me I would be on cloud nine…

Anyway so I thought maybe I was overthinking things and I decided to let it go… later after I was done with my shopping, I headed to the parking lot, I was paying the parking fee when I heard footsteps heading down, when I turned around I saw Khushi, she was standing there helplessly telling Vihaan something.

I don’t know what they were talking about but what shocked me was that he walked towards her and slapped her and Khushi did nothing about it.

I had just taken a few steps towards her, I wanted to go to her and protect her from him but she saw me and she nodded negatively, I don’t know why she stopped me Arnav but seeing her like that hurt me really bad.

Even if he is her boyfriend, he has no right to slap her, I want you to talk to her, she’s your best friend ask her what’s wrong, whatever the case please just help her.” Shalini said with moist eyes.

“Now I understand the whole story behind the black eyes and the bruises” Arnav said as he clenched his fists angrily.

“Talk to her first before doing anything to Vihaan, you anger is justifies but please talk to her and ask her about everything” Shalini said.

“I will” Arnav said as he stood up and walked away.


“I never thought she would have told you about it” Khushi said in surprise.

“Why? Because she was my ex-girlfriend and you thought we both hated each other or something. You know Khushi at that time we were kids but our relation was definitely mature” Arnav said.

“You should have been in love with her, she was perfect for you, how did you even fall for someone broken like me”

“Because maybe God wanted me to mend you but you never listened to me, anyway now my turn to ask you questions” Arnav said.

“What do you want to know?”

“When I said I’ll leave did you think I was joking? How did it feel when I left? Dint you even think of stopping me?” Arnav asked.

“I did Arnav, I wanted to stop you but at that time I couldn’t do what you wanted me to do” Khushi said getting lost in thoughts once again.


“How could you hide all this from me Khushi? If I hadn’t followed you and Vihaan today I wouldn’t even realize how much he tortures you, do you think he was going to take those sleeping pills her was holding in his hands?” Arnav asked angrily.

“I know what I am doing Arnav just let me be!”

“No Khushi, I can’t let you be, I can’t see you putting your life at risk, I can’t see you going through all that torture, it hurts”

“Because that’s what my destiny has for me Arnav” Khushi said sadly.

“No, that’s not your destiny, your destiny is who you decide to be not what people force you to be, please Khushi listen to me once, just leave him.”

“I can’t Arnav, and anyway we both are together why should I leave him?”

“Because I love you and I care for you, is that hard to understand? Or is it hard to understand that when Shalini left me she told me one day I’ll know why she left me and today is when I know why she did, because she knew I was in love with you so she set me free, so why can’t Vihaan set you free?”

“Because I am not in love with you Arnav! I am in love with him”

“No you aren’t, you are in love with the idea of being in love with him and you’re scared that if you leave him he will commit suicide” Arnav shouted angrily.

“You’re being selfish Arnav, just because you love me, you want me to leave him and be with you, I thought you were better than that”

“No, I want you to leave him because he’s hurting you, and I can’t see that because I love you but you’ll never understand that Khushi, I just want to see you happy.”

“I can’t leave him Arnav, we’ve been together for years now”

“Fine! If you can’t leave him, I’ll leave you, I’ll go away from you forever Khushi because if I can’t convince you to leave him, I wouldn’t stay back and watch you get hurt either. And just so you know I am not the selfish one, he is because if today you had been happy with him, I wouldn’t tell you to leave him no matter how much I loved you but he’s not doing that, instead he’s forcing you to stay with him.”

Arnav looked at her hoping her she would say something or maybe stop him from leaving but she dint say a word, she just stared at him as he started walking away and finally disappeared.

“I wish I could tell you not to leave me Arnav, but what do I do? I can’t also do what you want me to” Khushi cried as she fell down on her knees.


“Do you still think I am selfish Khushi?” Arnav asked.

“No Arnav, I told you I was stupid, and childish, I dint know what I was doing, I lost you then but I don’t want to lose you now.”

“I had given you a choice before an I gave you a choice right now Khushi, you are the one who pushed me away, anyway I had told you I wouldn’t talk to you anything regarding Vihaan so let’s end the topic here, I don’t want to listen to anything regarding him.”

“Would you like to listen to something regarding me then?” Khushi asked with a smile on her face.

“And what’s that?” Arnav asked curiously.

“That I have finally decided to…”

A knock at the door interrupted their conversation, they both turned towards the door as Kiaan walked in.

“Is everything okay Kiaan?” Arnav asked as he rushed towards him.

“Yeah, I just came to inform you that the wedding will take place tomorrow, although Meera and I wanted to wait, the elders said that it was her grandmother’s wish that she got married and they dint want to delay it, so we decided to do it tomorrow, there won’t be lots of guests though, just family and friends, we want to make it simple”

“It’s okay, I understand” Arnav said.

“I need a bit of your help if you don’t mind”

“Anytime bro, Khushi we’ll talk later” Arnav said to Khushi as he walked away with Kiaan.

“I’ll also tell you what I feel for you tomorrow” Khushi smiled as she headed out of the room too.

Feb 17

Love You Zindagi... Part 27 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 20 times)

Khushi knocked at the door of Meera’s room, she walked in and found her sited in front of the mirror staring at herself.

“My best friend looks beautiful” Khushi smiled at her.

“Less than you, I am the bride but the glow is on your face today, what’s up Khushi?” Meera teased.

“Nothing, we’re talking about you don’t bring the topic on me” Khushi blushed.

“There’s nothing about me to talk about Khushi, I am happy in my life, I am happy with Kiaan and unlike you I’m not being forced into a relationship with suicide threats.”

“Regarding that, I need your help, I know it’s your wedding day and it would be too much to ask from you but I can’t trust anyone else with this, if you would be able to get five minutes for me, I have a plan” Khushi said.

“I’ll do anything to help you get rid of that man Khushi”

“Thank you so much, let me explain to you what you have to do” Khushi sat next to Meera as she explained everything to her.


Arnav arrived at the wedding altar with Kiaan, there weren’t as many guests as there had been the previous day because they had now decided to keep it as a family matter only, so the only guests that were around were both Kiaan and Meera’s family members, some close relatives and their friends.

“You can’t know how time changes everything, see how excited we all were for the wedding and then suddenly everything changed.” Kiaan said.

“It’s okay Kiaan, things like this keep on happening” Arnav said.

“Where’s Meera by the way? Did someone check on her? I hope she’s okay?”

“Don’t worry Khushi is with her, they’ll be here anytime soon, just relax and be happy, you’re getting married dude!” Arnav smiled.

Just then Meera and Khushi walked towards them followed by some other friends, Kiaan kept on staring at Meera who looked gorgeous in her bridal attire, Khushi looked no less and she had kept Arnav’s eyes hooked on her.

“Is it yet the staring or things have moved ahead?” Mona asked as she joined Arnav and Kiaan.

“I don’t know, I think right now It’s a bit confusing, you girls are difficult to understand” Arnav whispered back.

“Not really, maybe Khushi is a bit difficult to understand for you right now but once you start understanding her, you’ll realize how easy it is”

Both Meera and Kiaan stood in front of each other and the priest asked them to exchange the flower garlands, after that they both sat down next to each other while the priest started with the wedding rituals.

Khushi stood beside Meera while Arnav and Mona walked away as another friend of Kiaan stood there next to him.

“I hope you dint mind me flirting with you, I was just…”

“It’s okay Arnav, no explanations needed” Mona smiled.

A few seconds later, Vihaan walked towards Khushi and stood next to her, he whispered something into her ears and Khushi smiled back at him in return and said something to him.

Arnav was continuously staring at them, and somewhere he felt hurt, despite all that he had tried, Khushi was still with him, he felt like he had lost all hopes now.

“Who’s that by the way? I’ve been noticing him roaming around Khushi every now and then.” Mona said.

“He’s her boyfriend” Arnav said as Mona turned to look at him in shock.

“Boyfriend? Well now I am a bit confused”

“I told you, it’ all complicated you won’t understand and I think as far as the question about me and Khushi is, I think we were never meant to be together, she had always loved Vihaan” Arnav said.

“So what do you want to do about it?”

“Nothing, as soon as the wedding is over I’ll leave and never return back in her life” Arnav sighed.


After all the wedding rituals had been performed, everyone was sited silent, Meera’s family were preparing for the Bidaai, while she and Kiaan sat in one place waiting for it.

Khushi looked at Meera who was staring at her, she gestured something to her as Khushi nodded, she signed something in return and then rushed somewhere while Meera waited for her to return so that they could begin with what they had planned.

Khushi came back within a few minutes accompanied by two servants who were holding mike stands, they followed her and placed them where she had instructed them to.

“I think it’s time for me to leave, the wedding is over. It was nice meeting you Mona” Arnav said.

“Stay a bit longer Arnav, looks like Khushi has something planned”

“I don’t think it’s anything that would buy her happiness, I can’t take all this anymore, I should leave” Arnav said.

Mona hugged him sadly as they both parted, Arnav turned around to walk away.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Meera and I have something small for you, I would be glad if you all sat here patiently and listened to us for five minutes only, we wouldn’t take much of your time.” Khushi announced on the mike.

Meera stood up and Kiaan looked at her in confusion, no one had an idea what this both girls were up to.

“I can see one of our friends leaving, I would like to request him to stay back for five more minute and then leave if he wants to, Arnav, please stay” Khushi said as she noticed Arnav walking away.

Arnav stopped right where he was and turned to look at her, she smiled at him as he smiled back but stood where he was, he dint go back.

“So when we were in school, we were taught about lots of types of poetry, and at those times we used to wonder how it really helped us in real life, but today as I stand here having faced whatever life had in store for me, I feel poetry is the best way to put out a message, today we have a poetry and that’s what we both want to perform here today hoping it would spread out the message.” Khushi said.

Everyone was confused yet, there were lots of whispered from everyone, surely wondering why would they perform poetry in a wedding?

Both Meera and Khushi stood face to face smiling at each other while Arnav stood with his hands folded ready to listen to what they both had.

Meera and Khushi both inhaled a deep breath and started their poetry.

“Good morning” They both said.

Khushi: How did you sleep?

Meera: I couldn’t stop thinking about you.

Khushi: You’re so sweet

Meera: So what did you do last night?

Khushi: Homework.

Meera: Why couldn’t you facetime me?


“Hey” they both said together.

Khushi: How’s your day been?”

Meera: better if it was with you. How was school?

Khushi: I got partnered up with my friend Arnav for a project.

Meera: Who’s Arnav??


“Good morning, I love you! I miss you” They both said together once again.

Meera: When can I see you?

Khushi: I’m still grounded.

Meera: Can you sneak out?


“Hey” Both together.

Meera: What are you doing right now? Can you come over?

Khushi: Sorry I’m going over to Meera’s

Meera: Is anyone else going to be there?”

Khushi: Just friends from school.

Meera: Like Arnav?

Khushi: I don’t know maybe.

Meera: I bet you’ll have more fun with him.

Meera: hey, are you mad?

Meera: Why haven’t you gotten back to me?

Meera: Hello

Meera: Are you with Arnav?

Khushi: you have reached the voicemail box of….

Meera: Where are you? Why are you ignoring me?

Meera: why are you doing this to me?

Meera: I still have the pills you told me to get rid of… I’m gona do it!

Khushi: Hey, I’m so sorry my phone died. I dint bring my charger to school.

Khushi: Are you okay?

Khushi: Please call me when you get this.

“Hey” Both together.

Khushi: Did you get any of my messages? I’m so sorry.

Meera: If you’re sorry why don’t you send a picture that’ll cheer me up?

Khushi: I’m at dinner with my family.

Meera: You can run to the bathroom

Khushi: I don’t know, maybe later?

Meera: Not now? You owe it to me!

Khushi: I don’t think I can do this.

Meera: Are you breaking up with me? I can’t live without you!

Khushi: I don’t want this anymore.

Meera: Sunshine, I need you, you’re the only person I care about.

Khushi: I don’t want to be with you, this is too much for me.

Meera: I bet you never even loved me, if you break up with me, I’ll kill myself.

Khushi: I’m sorry, I’m so sorry! Are you there?

Meera: You have reached the voicemail box of…

Khushi: Please don’t do this…

“I love you!” Both together.

Khushi and Meera both stare at each other painfully, they both turn to look at everyone staring at them curiously, Khushi inhaled another deep breath as they both get hold of their mike close to their mouth and start speaking again.

“There are teenage girls everywhere being taught that this is love, love is not putting your partner’s satisfaction before your own safety, love is not jealousy dressed as protection, love is not confusing your body for his midnight snack, love is not being forced into anything even if he has you convinced that ‘you want this’.” Both Khushi and Meera say together.

“I thought that my spread legs could heal his broken, I sacrificed my comfort in an attempt to comfort him, even after he begged me to get him off in a parking lot, even after he forced his hands up my skirt in a movie theatre. Even after I said ‘NO!’

We’re taught to swallow our protest in exchange for his apology, when I miss him I only miss the warmth, I do not think about the burn marks, the mornings I could not keep my breakfast down mistaking anxiety for butterflies, in our first two months together, I lost sixteen pound to palpitations and week stomach, whenever my phone rings at night, I still think it’s his suicide calls.

Every time my phone vibrates, I still lose my appetite, when my friends asked me why I stayed so long, why I accepted the roses and ignored the thorns, I tell them: it’s not easy to weed out the roots he planted in me, I tell them: I was so captivated by the house he built for me - I dint notice the locked door, I dint notice I was captive to this garden of guilt.

I tell them: I tried leaving, but he held a gun to his head and I feared my escape would have been what pulled the trigger. We’re tired of this guilt! This guilt that must mean girl, the unrecognizable victim who fell in love with a warning sign.

If his fists ever meet your face, do not confuse it for sparks flying or your body will bloom in bruises, there’s nothing romantic about a bouquet of black eyes, I am tired of holding thorns.” Khushi said it all in one breath.

She turned to look at Vihaan who was staring at her in complete shock.

“Baby, did you never feel the blood between our held hands? Or did you just mistake it for tears of your own? Because of you…”

Meera: the number you’ve dialed has been changed, disconnected or is no longer in service, good bye!

Both Khushi and Vihaan stared at each other while tears kept rolling down Khushi’s eyes, she hugged Meera tightly and broke down into tears.

Feb 20

Love You Zindagi... Part 28 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 25 times)

She broke the hug and looked at Arnav who was yet standing where he had stopped, he had a huge smile on his face and tears in his eyes, she knew today he would be the happiest person not because he finally thought that Khushi was going to be with him because she had dumped Vihaan but because she had finally decided to live her life on her own terms.

It was because she had decided to love her life, she had learnt how to stand up for herself and him being her best friend had always wanted that for her.

He walked away while Khushi stood there in surprise wondering why he dint say anything to her and decided to just walk away, she wasn’t done with what she had to say yet, she hadn’t told him how she felt for him, he couldn’t leave without knowing that.

She stepped down just when Vihaan came in front of her, he got hold of her arm and pulled her away from everyone.

“What the hell was that Khushi?” He asked angrily.

“I was just trying to make the definition of love clear to everyone out there, you taught me a complete different meaning of love Vihaan but now I’ve understood what love really is, for me the only definition of love is Arnav” Khushi said.

“What about me Khushi? How will I live without you? You know how much I love you, you can’t leave me just like that”

“No Vihaan, don’t say you love me because whatever feelings you have towards me isn’t love for sure, because we don’t hurt the people we love, we don’t hit them, we don’t burn them, we don’t trap them in the name of suicide.

Arnav has taught me that the true meaning of love is letting go, like he let me go but you held me captive Vihaan, you don’t love me, you never did.”

“Does this mean we are over Khushi?”

“Yes, that’s what it means, I am breaking up with you Vihaan, this time for good”

“You won’t do that, just because of that Arnav, I always knew he had his eyes on you, I don’t know what he’s told you that you’re ready to leave me but I won’t let that happen.

You belong to me Khushi and only me, no one else can have you, if you leave me remember I have the pills with me, I’ll take them and kill myself.”

“I am not a kid anymore Vihaan, I have finally grown up and I have understood that if I leave you, you aren’t going to harm yourself and even if you do, don’t think I’ll live my life in guilt, because this time, I’m choosing my life instead of yours, I’m going to love my life instead of loving you.

Now if you would please excuse me, I have to go and talk to Arnav before he leaves.”

“You aren’t going anywhere” Vihaan said as he got hold of her arm angrily not letting her go.

“What will you do? Stick a hot rod in my stomach? Or punch me in the face? Just so that you know, neither of it is going to make a difference to me now!”

Khushi pushed him away with all her face as she ran away from there and headed directly to Arnav’s room hoping to find him there.


“Thank God, you’re still here” Khushi said as walked in.

Arnav was sited on his bed staring at the photograph he was holding, when Khushi walked in, he stood up and put the photo inside his bag as he looked at her with a smile.

“You’re leaving?” Khushi asked as she looked at him in surprise.

“I thought you’ll ask me whose photograph that was” Arnav giggled.

“Stop changing the topic, I knew it was mine, I dint have to ask that.”

He stared at her silently for a moment and then inhaled a deep breath as he nodded positively.

“Yes Khushi, I am leaving.”


“Because I was here for the wedding and it’s over and I am glad that you also chose your happiness, that was my main motive and now that my work is done here I think I should leave…”

“What about me Arnav? What about our friendship?”

“We will always be friends Khushi, I won’t stop talking to you like I did last time, I will call you from London, we can video call at times and tell each other stories, we’ll keep in touch.”

“Why are you leaving Arnav?”

“I already told you why Khushi, me repeating my answer wouldn’t change the reason why I’m leaving. I was never here to stay, I had to leave after the wedding and that’s what I am doing.”

“No Arnav, I am asking because I know that’s not the reason, tell me the reason and I’ll let you go without asking anything else.

You told me we can only remain friends if I chose my happiness and I did that, so how can you leave me now?”

“Because if I stay you’ll never find your happiness, I want you to live the life you haven’t lived because of Vihaan, I want you to go out and meet new boys and maybe someday fall in love with one of them and maybe he would show you what true love is actually like but if I stay here that won’t happen.

You’ll keep on thinking about me and try to keep me happy, I don’t want to take away your happiness Khushi, I don’t want you to worry that I’ll feel hurt seeing you falling in love with someone else and not me when I love you, I want you to think of your happiness for once and not care about anyone else not even me, that’s why I am leaving.”

Khushi stared at him sadly as tears streamed down her eyes, how could he be so selfless, how could he always just think about her happiness and nothing else?

“You said if I answered your question you’ll let me leave without asking anything, so I am leaving now Khushi. Good bye, and I promise we’ll stay in touch, we’ll always remain best friends and you can talk to me about all the dramas going on in your life.” He smiled at her and then carried his bag as he headed towards the door to exit.

“What if I said you are my happiness Arnav?” Khushi asked without looking at him.

He stopped exactly at the door and turned to look at her, she had her back facing him, she turned around after a while and Arnav was staring at her in surprise and confusion.

“What if I say I don’t need to go out with boys and find someone who will show me what true love is like because you’ve already shown it to me?”

“Khushi I…”

“No, today let me speak Arnav, because if I don’t say it today, I’ll never be able to say it again. You’re leaving because you want me to fall in love and be happy, but what if I say that I’ve already fallen in love?”

Khushi walked towards him slowly as he continued staring at her, tears slowly forming up in his eyes.

“What if I say that my happiness lies in being with you? Will you still leave and go back to London? I don’t know how to confess feelings, I don’t know how it’s done because I’ve never done it but all I know is that if you wouldn’t have been in my life, it wouldn’t have been worth living.”

She cupped his face and looked him into the eyes, a tear dropped down his eyes as well as hers.

“I love you Arnav, I love you as much as a teenage girl loves the prince charming in her dreams, I love you as a best friend, but more than that I love you for the person you are, because no matter how much I roam the world and meet new boys, I’ll never find a man who would be so selfless for me, I’ll never find a man who would love me as much as you do.

I had forgotten what fairytales were, I had stopped believing in them but now that I see you, somewhere I feel like the fairytales do exist, the prince charming does exist because I found my prince charming in you and you saved me from the world and I want you to stay and be with me so that we can make our own fairytale together.”

Feb 21

Love You Zindagi... Part 29 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 21 times)

“No Khushi, don’t do this” Arnav said as he pulled away from her hold and turned around. He dint want to look at her, he dint want to show her that even though this was what he had been waiting for, it dint make him happy.

“What do you mean Arnav?” Khushi asked in shock.

“I mean don’t lie to me, don’t do this for the sake of my happiness, don’t do it because you think I’ll be hurt, just don’t force yourself for this.”

“Arnav I’m not lying! Look at me” She got hold of his hand and pulled him back, she looked him into the eyes.

“Do I look like I am lying? Don’t you see the truth in my eyes Arnav? I am not doing this for you, I am doing it for myself because I love you and I want to be with you, I am not lying about anything Arnav, please believe me, I really do love you” Khushi cried.

“Khushi” Arnav said in a helpless voice, he dint know what to do, he was confused, yes it was supposed to be the happiest day of his life learning that Khushi was also in love with him but at the same moment he was scared, he dint want it to be a lie, he dint want her to do it because of him.

“You don’t believe me right? Fine, then I won’t stop you, you were leaving for London, please go, we’ll stay in touch like you said. Good bye Arnav” Khushi said as she walked away angrily without giving him a chance to say anything.

“Khushi!” Arnav shouted from behind trying to stop her but she paid no heed to him.

“Stupid! Idiot! What does he think of himself, I feel like punching him on the face, how can he not believe that my feelings for him are true?” Khushi said as she punched the bed angrily.

“Because I am actually stupid” Arnav said as he walked in.

“Weren’t you going away? Why are you here now? Leave!” She picked up a pillow and threw it at him angrily. He got hold of the pillow and threw it back on the bed as he walked towards her with a sad face.

“I am sorry Khushi, I just thought that…”

“That I could never fall in love with you? Why would you even think that Arnav? You are my best friend, you understand me more than anything else then how wouldn’t I fall for you? You are the perfect guy for me and no one can deny that truth.”

“I know Khushi, I was just…”

“Being an idiot!” Khushi said as she slapped on his arm.

“I am sorry.”

“It’s okay, at least you believe me now.” Khushi smiled.

“Can you say it again? Those three words I’ve been waiting to hear for years now?”

“I Love you idiot” Khushi blushed.

“I love you too Khushi” Arnav pulled her closer as he hugged her happily, today actually was the happiest day of his life.

He broke the hug and looked at her lovingly, still having his hand around her waist, he couldn’t stop staring at her, he dint have words to describe how it felt knowing that she was his now, it was just an unexplainable feeling.

He brushed his finger on her cheek while she stared at him blushing, he moved his gaze from her eyes to her lips, staring at them.

“I can’t tell you how much I’ve wanted to do this since the last time we kissed, it was the best ever kiss” Arnav smiled at her.

“Me too” Khushi blushed.

And she dint need to say anything anymore, the next moment, Arnav had already claimed for her lips, he explored her mouth with his tongue as he kissed her soft and slow.

“I Love you so much” He whispered in between the kiss while Khushi just smiled.

He pushed her towards the wall as he pinned her there, he got hold of both her hands and pinned them on top, with his other hand, he brushed his finger on her bare belly and then wrapped it on her waist. From there he made his way upwards pushing his fingers inside the back of her blouse.

He stopped suddenly and broke the kiss as he looked at her in surprise, he turned her around and unhooked her blouse as he brushed his finger on the wound that had been hidden inside the blouse.

“He did this dint he?” Arnav asked angrily.

Khushi was yet facing the wall, she had nothing to say, she just shut her eyes as she drifted back to the terrible memories, where Vihaan had given her scars for a lifetime all over her body.

“How could you let him Khushi? Dint it hurt you?” Arnav asked angrily.

Khushi was silent, she had nothing to say, she had nothing to explain on how and when this happened, all she knew was that she had so many scars all over her body and she dint even remember how and when she got them or because of what reason, she had gotten so used to it.

“Look at me when I’m talking to you and give me a damn answer Khushi!” Arnav said as he got hold of her shoulders and turned her to face him.

Her blouse fell half way on the shoulder when she got hold of it but Arnav had already seen the other scar on her shoulder.

“How many times Khushi? Didn’t you ever feel it was better leaving him and letting him commit that damn suicide instead of allowing him to torture you this much? My blood is really boiling now, he will definitely pay for this, I can’t let him go so easily.” Arnav clenched his fists angrily as he headed towards the door.

Khushi ran behind him not caring about her blouse that was no on the floor, she hugged him from behind stopping him from going outside.

“Let it be Arnav, it’s all over.” Khushi whispered in between her sobs.

The sound of her crying melted his heart a bit as he turned back to her, he hugged her back tighter trying to make her feel safe.

“I am here now and I promise I won’t let anyone ever touch you, but that Vihaan has to pay for this!” Arnav said angrily.

“No Arnav, just let it go, I’ve broken up with him and I don’t care what he does anymore, even if he wants to commit suicide I don’t give a damn about him, let’s just end it all here, I don’t want to see his face ever again.”

“But how can I just let him go like that Khushi? How can he torture you like this? Is he even a human being or some sort of beast?”

“Whatever he is, just let it be for my sake please.”

“Every time I see this scars I’ll feel hurt.”

“You know you’re the first man who’s angry when his girlfriend is standing in front of him half naked, other men do a lot of stuff” Khushi giggled.

“Don’t change the topic Khushi.”

“It’s okay Arnav, they’ve healed, the don’t hurt anymore, just let it go please.”

“Fine if you say so, but if I ever see him around you, I am not sure what I’ll do.”

“Relax Arnav, everything is fine now.”

Arnav inhaled a few deep breaths and shut his eyes as he tried to calm himself down. A while later he opened his eyes and stared at Khushi who was already looking at him worriedly.

“You are right, other men do a lot of stuff, I guess I should also” He winked at her as he picked her up in his arms and headed straight towards the bed.

He placed her on the bed and he came over her and started kissing her.

Meera walked inside the room and then stopped suddenly as she turned around and giggled.

“I know it’s hard to control your desires but seriously guys, you could at least lock the room.” She said.

Both Arnav and Khushi stared at each other for a while and then ended up laughing, Arnav stood up as he picked Khushi’s blouse from the floor and handed it back to her.

“How about you could have knocked the door?” Arnav asked.

“Well I had no idea my best friend was almost having… umm anyway this is not the time, come on guys it’s my wedding and looks like you are doing everything, Khushi come with me” Meera said as she turned around and walked towards Khushi, she got hold of her hand and pulled her away.

“Just wait a bit more” She said to Arnav and then walked away giggling.

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