Aiyaary song Yaad Hai

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Jan 18, 2018

Aiyaary song Yaad Hai (By Medsuper)

Sidharth Malhotra and Rakul Preet‘s romantic angle in Aiyaary is slowly taking shape in our heads with the help of songs that the makers are releasing. A few days ago, they had released Lae Dooba which had Rakul pining for Sidharth. We assumed it would be an one-sided love affair where the girl will be in love with him but the guy will have other pressing issues. Sidharth is on a mission and guess he isn’t in the mood to fall in love. But then love doesn’t give you a heads-up before striking. This new song from Aiyaary is proof. The feeling is mutual between the two but it isn’t so easy to be together.

The song has been sung by Palak Muchchal and Ankit Tiwari. Although it’s a melancholic tune, you will love it. It has a certain sweetness to it despite being a sad ode to how things went awry between the two. Check it out right here…

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There were talks about Aiyaary clashing with Padman on Republic Day this year but that’s not happening anymore. The film has moved to February 9 now. Earlier, when the clash was imminent, Akshay had said, “Both the films are absolutely different. Neeraj is a dear friend of mine. There is nothing like a clash. The word clash is media created. My film might get screened in 2,800 screens or so. Their movie would be screened in 1,600-1,800 or more theaters. There are 4,000-5,000 screens, so how can there be a clash? That film is different and so is ours. So there is no clash as such.” We wonder if this math holds true for Padman and Padmaavat too.

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