The Murder of Aarav Singh Raizada

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Jan 25

The Murder of Aarav Singh Raizada (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 75 times)

Hello ASR,

It’s a pleasure to meet you...oops, sorry! Pleasure to write to you!

Hope that you enjoyed attending your son’s funeral. Must say, you arranged a grand good bye for your adopted child! I never knew that 17 year old Aarav had so many friends! Whatever let me take this opportunity that your son looked indeed handsome in white! The glow he had when you lit his pyre was amazing! One would never say that the boy is dead!

But he is dead! And I killed him!

The reason why I’m writing you this? Find me!

Join me in the game ASR! I’ll help you to find your son’s murderer, that’s me!

The clue to my identity lies in the next letter of mine. Find it! Find me!

High up in the air, in times of despair,

I strive to get you out of wear

The heat you cannot bear, the sweat you never care

There is no one you have as spare!





Jan 27

High Up In The Air (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 77 times)

High Up In The Air


Looking up at the stars, I tried to spot my late son. It was something Khushi and I believe. People who are dead appear as stars. They watch over us, they cry when we’re in pain and smile when we’re happy! In the dark cloudy sky, here I stand, trying to spot my Aarav.

High up in the air, in times of despair,

I strive to get you out of wear

The heat you cannot bear, the sweat you never care

There is no one you have as spare!

The puzzle was too much! Where could be the next letter?

Checking my Harvard degree and the crookedness people tagged me in, I should’ve cracked the mystery by now! But with my 17 year old son brutally murdered and my whole family living under terror, I cannot think rationally. When parents arrange their children’s funeral and mourn over their death, god left me no choice to cry! I’ve no other option but to stay strong for my family and also find the mystery killer of my son!

But what does he/she want from me? Why write a letter? Why does the killer want me to hunt him down? Any murderer would wash their hands after leaving no traces to find them! But why is my son’s killer eager for me to find him?

Why kill Aarav?

Aarav, out of all people in Raizada family?

One can target me, the rich businessman! Khushi, the beautiful wife of ASR and also owner of a famous dabba service with branches all over the country. Anjali, the renowned lawyer! Akash, co-CEO of AR! Payal, co owner of the dabba service.

But Aarav?

A mere 17 year old who had nothing in his mind but to crack his medical entrance examinations! The boy who used to live beneath the binds of his textbooks! The nerd who was popular – that was how Aarav was defined. The football team captain had his nerdy glasses giving him more looks and more onlookers a school boy should have!

Why would anyone kill him?


I can never show this letter to Khushi! She would be hysterical! The killer aimed at me! There was no mention of Khushi when he addressed the letter as ASR. He wants me to be in the game! And I’m gonna do this! ALONE!


High up in the air, in times of despair,

I strive to get you out of wear

The heat you cannot bear, the sweat you never care

There is no one you have as spare!

What the **** does that mean? High up in the air? Oxygen???? You cannot hide a letter inside oxygen! So option ruled out!

Get you out of wear! The heat you cannot bear! Sweat you never care!

“Arnav ji!”

Turning to the room, I found Khushi closing the door of our bedroom behind her. Walking to the room from the poolside I asked, “How is Nani?”

“She is sleeping” she said and walked to the wardrobe. Taking out her nightgown she entered the washroom closing the door behind her.

Sitting on the bed, I was about to drift my thoughts to the letter when Khushi called out from the washroom.

“Suniye....we should go to sunshine orphanage tomorrow?”

“What for?” I asked.

“I want to donate Aarav’s books and clothes to the children there” she said and opened the door. Walking to the bed in her pale pink night gown, she sat near me.

Nodding my head I looked at her. She looked very pale and ill! Her hair was not made and I don’t think she noticed that her ever-perfect-hair looks like a bird’s nest. Well, no one cares about it at the present situation. But the lack of life in her face made me run my fingers over the pale cheeks.

“How are you?” I heard myself ask in that soft voice I rarely use.

Forming her lips into a thin line, she laid her head on my shoulder. “I don’t think anyone would be fine here Arnav ji!”

Letting out a soft hum I wrapped my arms around her petite figure. Letting herself out, she hugged me and cried her heart out, both of us sitting in the complete silence of our room.

“Why him? Who would kill my baby?” she sobbed.

“I don’t know” I said honestly.

No one said anything after that. Her breaths were becoming even and she was relaxing as we slowly laid on our backs on the bed. Taking a deep breath, I ran my fingers on her hair. Although I hate to admit it but it doesn’t feel good as it should be. Khushi needs a hair wash! Making a mental note, I untangled my fingers from her messy hair.

“It’s too hot in here! I’m sweating” Khushi muttered, “Switch on the AC Arnav ji!”

Untangling her from me, I sat up and switched on the air conditioner. Adjusting the cooling level I looked at her. “Is this okay?” she nodded and I kept the remote back.

“So jao!” she whispered softly and pulled the duvet over herself.

She may have turned off the light but nothing registered in my mind. My eyes were just on the green light of the air conditioner of my room.

High up in the air, in times of despair,

I strive to get you out of wear

The heat you cannot bear, the sweat you never care

There is no one you have as spare!

Now I know where the second letter is!




Jan 29

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 80 times)

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson




I tried writing the first chapter in first person (Arnav’s POV) but it doesn’t seem working on me! So I’m sticking onto my usual third person style with a few first person POVs in the midst of chaos!





“Where are you going?” she whispered tugging at my palm as he tried to step out of bed.

“Err...I need to have a glass of water”

“Water is right in the jug Arnav ji” she said and sat up, “What happened? You look so disturbed!”

“No...nothing” he said shaking my head.

“Is everything okay?” she asked softly cupping my face.

“Ha Khushi...everything is fine! Tum so jao!” he whispered softly and held her arms, laying her down on the bed. Covering her with the duvet, he stepped out of the bed.

“Don’t be near poolside for long. It’s too cold outside” she said.

He hummed and walked to the poolside.

It’s the AC!

The letter must be somewhere near or on the AC!

But which one? There are total 17 ACs in Raizada Mansion.

The heat you cannot bear, the sweat you never care

There is no one you have as spare!

But there is always a spare one in RM!

So it’s not AC. What is it then?

No one you have as spare!

Heat you cannot bear!

“It’s something related to wind...air...sweat” Arnav murmured to himself and sat on the poolside slab with legs dipped in water.

“What is it? Not AC but something similar to a fan or....FAN!” Arnav sat up straight.

Every rooms of RM have ACs but a few years back Aarav asked for a fan in his room because he does not like the coldness of AC. He had given some weird explanation of liking the sound of fan and the ventilation provided by it!

There is only one room in the whole mansion with a fan!

With nothing as spare, Aarav’s room still has that fan!





Above one of the leaves of the brown fan had a plastic cover that neatly sticks to it! Ripping off the cover, Arnav took out the paper – the second letter!

Giving a deep breath, he sat on his late son’s bed and switched on the bedside lamp. Unfolding the paper, he read,


Time is evil! It never waits for anyone. There are times when we wish that the moment stay forever and in contrary, it goes fast! While in some cases we wish that time flies but it snails!

How evil time is!

Coming to context, how are you ASR? Hope you’re good! Congratulations on cracking the mystery and spotting the second letter! Hiding it on the fan...wasn’t it brilliant?

You think you knew your son, don’t you? There is a sign of pride in you when you talk about Aarav! A feeling that you know whatever that’s going on inside that kid’s brain! Well you’re wrong!

No one knows Aarav better than me!

Your son is nothing what you think?

The 17 year old football captain who spends his time cracking the NEET questions is just a facade he put before you! Everyone have that one person whom they confide. For you, it’s your wife – Aarav told me! For’s me!

Are you feeling jealous? Insecure? Dude, I can smell it over here! Ha...

You may not believe me when I say that Aarav shares his secrets with me...but you have to.

If you don’t believe my words...I’ll share one of the deepest secrets of your son. You can confirm it and then realize that my words are true.

Aarav loved detective novels, you would know that! He called himself Sherlock Holmes. If he was Sherlock Holmes, I was his John Watson!

He loved investigating and digging deep into matter! One thing he always wanted to know was his real parents! He visited sunshine orphanage and asked Asha didi about it! Do you know when this happened? 5 years ago! And we found that out! Go ask about Aarav, NOT AARAV SINGH RAIZADA, just Aarav to anyone at Prathibandapuram! Anyone...and they will answer you!

Confirm it Raizada! Know that I’m not lying!

The above words are just one of the less-impacting-secrets of Aarav. He had many up in his sleeves.

Till then, good bye.

Ah, the next letter?

Find it!


Ha...I’ve already given you man!







“All packed?” Anjali asked as she walked into the living room to find Khushi and Arnav with huge sacks.

“Bhai Khushi ji” Akash called out, “Is it necessary! Let it be here his memory”

“Nahi Akash” Arnav said, “He always loved sharing! Charity works were always in him! I’m sure he would want us to donate his belongings to the kids of the orphanage where he grew up!”

Khushi nodded and Payal whispered, “It’s hard....just few days back he was...with us....”

Everyone grew silent and Khushi bit her lips to hold herself up.

“Let’s go” Arnav said to Khushi and she nodded. There were about to move when the door bell rang.

HP opened the door and a girl of Aarav’s age walked in. She had her curly hair up to shoulder level and big round glasses giving her square face a cute look.

“Yes....who are you?” NK asked.

“Ji my name is Fida. I....I used...” she stammered unable to finish the sentence and NK completed, “You used to study with Aarav?”

“Ji” she nodded her head looking down.

She looked up at Khushi and extended a bag, “I had borrowed some books from him. So...returning it”

Khushi took it and said, “We’re going to sunshine orphanage to donate Aarav’s belongings. Would you like to come?”

Fida looked up surprised and said, “Me?”

Arnav nodded and said, “We would like his friend to be with us!”

She smiled in tears and nodded.





“You didn’t come for the funeral, didn’t you?” Arnav asked during driving,

“No I didn’t! I couldn’t....he was my....” she stopped and said, “Good friend!”

Arnav and Khushi looked at her through the front mirror and then looked away.

“You seems like a good friend of his” Arnav said, “We would like to do something for the kids of the orphanage! Do you have any ideas? Something Aarav would say?”

“Aarav loved detective novels and treasure hunts. Why don’t we arrange a treasure hunt for children?” Fida said.

“That’s a great idea!” Khushi said.

“The kids there are close to Aarav, aren’t they?” Fida asked and Khushi nodded yes. “Then we can hide some clues and things about Aarav and then get them to find it!” Fida said.

Khushi nodded and then suddenly said, “Hai devi maiyya”

“Kya huva” Arnav asked.

“I didn’t unfold Aarav’s clothes. Just packed them as it was in the wardrobe!” Khushi cried.


“So? Arnav know that Aarav always keeps his shirt sleeves folded so that he can throw a shirt on him and run without spending time on rolling the sleeves!” Khushi said, “Now I’m going to deliver the kids those shirts as it is! That’s bad!”

Fida laughed, “Oh yes he used to do that!”

Khushi turned to her and asked smiling slyly, “You do know a lot of things about him Fida!”

Fida looked like a deer caught in headlights and started stammering.

But Arnav’s concentration wavered to Khushi’s words.

Aarav always keeps his shirt sleeves folded

The whole night he had puzzled his brain reading the letter again and again.

Where was the third letter?

The clue was within the words.

Ah, the next letter?

Find it!


Ha...I’ve already given you man!

He had read the letter for a hundred times and nothing had striked. Until now!

The above words are just one of the less-impacting-secrets of Aarav. He had many up in his sleeves.

Aarav always keeps his shirt sleeves folded

The third letter!

It’s somewhere hidden in the rolled up sleeves of Aarav’s shirts!

And they are currently inside a sack waiting to be delivered at the orphanage!



Feb 5

Prathibandapuram (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 63 times)






And before he could stop, the securities of orphanage took the baggage from Khushi and walked inside the orphanage building.

“Mr and Mrs. Raizada, welcome!” Asha didi greeted them. With the third letter gone inside the sack, Arnav gave a tight smile.

“Who is this young lady?” she asked.

“Ah this is Fida. Aarav’s friend!” Khushi said.

“Oh!” Asha didi’s face lit up, “You’re Fida! Aarav used to talk a lot about you!”

Fida smiled and Arnav looked at her.

Aarav have never talked about a girl named Fida to them!



Khushi went away to distribute things to children and Fida followed her. Arnav sat under a tree with Asha didi as the older woman talked about Aarav.

“It’s unbelievable. Someone out there killed my boy....he was such a kind soul! Why would anyone do that to him?” she cried.

Arnav said nothing but looked up at the sky.

After a few minutes of silence he asked, “When was the last he visited you?”

“He never visits me! Busy boy” Asha didi said sadly, “But he always called me, once in every week! The last time I saw him? It was a few years back! When he came to know about his birth parents!”

“And you told him?” Arnav asked.

Asha looked at him. “You didn’t know that?” she frowned, “Aarav said that he came by your permission and also that you wanted to meet his real parents!”

Arnav said suddenly, “Yeah....I gave him...permission! But after that he never spoke about it! So I thought he never came to you!”

“He did!” Asha said, “We don’t know who his parents are! One of the orphanage employee found him in the streets of Prathibandapuram!”

Arnav looked at her recalling the words from the letter.

Go ask about Aarav, NOT AARAV SINGH RAIZADA, just Aarav to anyone at Prathibandapuram!

“Err....Asha ji, Aarav’s clothes aren’t folded well. Can I see them! Let me set them right!”

“Ah it’s alright beta” Asha said, “We’ll fold them!”

“Nahi” he cried and calmed himself down under Asha’s confused glance, “I’ll do it! Waise bhi....looking at these children, who once played with Aarav, makes me a bit.....”

Asha smiled sympathetically and nodded.





Pocketing the letter in his pants, Arnav walked to the car where Khushi and Fida were waiting for him. All he wanted to do was chuck them both on the roadside and find a lonely place to read the letter! But alas! He has to wait!

“Where should I drop you Fida?” he asked locking the seat belt.

“Bus stop uncle! I’ll go home from there!”

“Arrey, aise kaise” he said, “I’ll drop you home. Tell me the way”

“Uncle I’ll manage!”

“Maine kaha na!” he said sternly and she didn’t argue anymore.

“Today was fun!” Khushi said leaning back on the seat.

He hummed and looked at Fida through rear view mirror. The girl was looking out of the window and he could see the tears that were flowing out of her cheeks.

He frowned.

You’re Fida! Aarav used to talk a lot about you.

Aarav never talked about her to him or anyone in the family! Yet he told Asha didi when he met her after a long time! And Fida....she was really close to Aarav it seems. Aarav had told them about Anwar, Raina, Akhila, Aditya and some more friends but never about a girl named Fida! Then who is she and why did she pop up days after his death/

“Where are you from Fida?” he heard Khushi asking.

“Dad and his family were settled here in Delhi, aunty! Mom hails from Rajastan!” Fida said.

“What do they do?” Arnav asked.

“Dad is a motivational speaker! Mom is housewife! Uncle, turn left from here! Ah see that blue painted house, that’s the one!”



Dropping Fida and greeting her parents, Arnav drove the car with Khushi sleeping on the passenger seat. Smiling at her, he lifted his cell and dialled Aman, his most trusted man.

“Aman do you know a place called Prathibandapuram!”

Err yes sir. It’s in the outskirts of Delhi. A very small town but very crowded. But why sir?”


“ everything okay sir? Why would you want to know about that place?”

“Why, is anything wrong with that place? Well, someone contacted me asking for....some designs in clothing and...”

Aman cut him off, “Sir I advise you not to have any deal with the businessmen of bases at Prathibandapuram!”


Don’t you know?”

“What?” Arnav asked irritated.

Sir, it’s a red light area! Not for our business sir! AR haven’t gone bankrupt that we need to design clothes for prostitutes!”

Thanking Aman Arnav hang up the call with his PA’s words bouncing in his ears.

It’s a red light area.

The words from second letter hit him like lighting.

Asha didi’s words came running back.

One of the orphanage employees found him in the streets of Prathibandapuram.

 Go ask about Aarav, NOT AARAV SINGH RAIZADA, just Aarav to anyone at Prathibandapuram!


Feb 8

Meeting Pallavi (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 49 times)

Meeting Pallavi





Scrunching his nose at the dirty town crowded with types of people he never wished to see in his lifetime, Arnav walked through the narrow streets surrounded by shops and buildings on either sides. Looks like the jeans and shirt, his most casual clothes, is not the casual clothes here since he was attracting many eyes – not good eyes, he should add.

“Hey dear...need any help?” a woman, may be the age of his 43 year old elder sister, asked placing her palm on his chest and he shrunk back. “No thank you!”

Hurrying off, Arnav walked to a vegetable vendor sighing in relief.

The vendor looked up at him and then at his clothes. “Have you lost your way bhaiyya ji? Why would a man like you come here?”

“Err...I’m here for....”

“Ah” the man said, “Need a girl? Go in that hotel and meet Pallavi didi! She owns Prathibandapuram!”

“Nahi....” Arnav said and then paused, “Does this Pallavi lady owns this place?”

The man laughed and said, “Technically she isn’t the owner of the street bhaiyya ji! Government owns it! But she own the people here! Nothing here works without her consent. The people who come here, who go out of here, everyone should meet Pallavi didi...which is the very reason why everyone is looking at you!”

Arnav looked around and found almost everyone staring at him.

“You’re new here! Pallavi didi don’t like newcomers here. If you want a girl, you should book an appointment earlier!” the man said.

Trying hard not to gag, Arnav said, “Can I meet her?”

“She don’t like when people barge in. But maybe she’ll welcome you! Depends! Sometimes she’ll get you beaten up like that kid who came here few months ago!”

Arnav looked up at him in shock. “Kid?”

“Yep! A handsome young boy!” the vendor said and looking behind Arnav, “Ah that’s Pallavi didi’s men. Looks like you’re gonna be taken to her! Good luck bhaiyya ji! Either you’ll be welcomed or beaten up like they beat the hell out of that boy!”





“Was there anything unusual in his behaviour?” the police guy asked and Khushi nodded no.

“He was all fine! Played with his sister that evening. Had dinner and then said that he left his notebook at his friend’s home. He went to get it and never returned!” Khushi said and sniffled into the kerchief.

“And he never reached the friend’s house. And instead he was found under a cliff!” the man said and Khushi sobbed.

The man looked at his men and signed them. Turning to Akash he said, “I hope nothing has been touched in Aarav’s room!”

Akash nodded.

“We need to search again! We’ve IG’s orders!” he said and police constables ran up the stairs.

“Wait....Arnav ji and I had went to his room. To take his clothes and.....” Khushi said and the officer said in irritation, “Hadn’t we made it clear that his room should be left untouched?”

Khushi kept mum and looked downwards. The officer sighed and called out to his men, “Take fingerprint test! There might be a lot new ones!”

“Hadn’t you taken a fingerprint scan earlier?” Akash asked,

The officer looked at him and said, “There is a murderer out there Mr. Raizada and he has killed the son of Raizadas. What made you think that you all are safe? There is chance that he/she might enter this house and may be Aarav’s room! We wanted fingerprint search to check whether we have more fingerprints than the past report! But it’s gonna be tough since if there are any, they might be overlapped by Mr. and Mrs Raizadas’ fingerprints. Listen, when we say something or ask you to do something there is a reason behind that. Do you get me?”

“Sorry” Khushi whispered in tears and looked down, “I didn’t think about that and....”

“Can I speak to Mr. Raizada?” the man looked around at the Raizada family.

“He is out” Akash said, “I can take a message for him!”

“Ask him to come meet us tomorrow at station for further reports!” the man said and stood up.

“Do you think you have a lead?” Khushi asked.

“The reports come tonight mam. I cannot say anything before that” the man said and walked away.





Everyone inside the sickly brightly lit room stood up watching the amount this new guy had thrown at the feet of Pallavi didi.

Dressed up in an expensive saree and her perfectly blackened hair shining under the lights, the woman in her late 50s looked up at the man and then at her men.

“I need to talk to you....privately” the man said in such an authority that she suddenly felt an admiration to him. Looking at her men, she signalled them to move out.

“Name?” she asked.

Taking a seat before her in the couch he said, “ASR”

“That’s an initial!”

“That’s my name in business world!”

“And type of business do you do?” she asked chuckling.

“Fashion!” he said.

“And let me guess, you need girls for fashion business and also for your private business, right?” she said counting the money he had thrown at her.

“No!” he said and she looked up.

“I need details! Details of a boy specifically!” he said.

She narrowed her eyebrows and he said, “Aarav”

Arnav watched how the crookedness and attitude suddenly disappeared from her eyes. Her features softened in a flash and a rare smile appeared on the woman he had judged as vile. Sitting up straight, dropping the money, she asked in surprise, “You know Aarav?”



Feb 8

The Third Letter (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 52 times)

Here's a short but mysterious update for you all! ENJOY



The Third Letter





Parking the car on the roadside, Arnav leaned back on the seat with his mind recalling the conversation with Pallavi didi.

“How do you know Aarav?”

Taking a deep breath Arnav said, “He is my son!”

Pallavi’s eyes widened, “Oh....Aarav mentioned....very little about you! He doesn’t talk much about his family!”

Arnav nodded and leaned back ignoring the hurt feeling.

“How do you know Aarav?” he asked.

“He came here and my men caught him!” she said.

“And you beat him!”

“Yes” she said.

“After that?” he asked.

“Why can’t you ask that to Aarav?” she asked irritated.

“BECAUSE MY SON IS DEAD!” he shouted.

Pallavi froze and looked at him.

“Dead” she whispered.

“Somebody killed him” Arnav said bitterly.

She gasped, “ boy!”

“Why did he come here? What’s your relation with Aarav? Tell me everything!” he asked angrily.

Suddenly her eyes shut down to an emotionless barrier. Her face turned stone and she said angrily, “I can’t tell you!”

Arnav took a few notes from the pocket and threw it on her face.

“You can’t buy me!” she hissed.

“Yes I can! That’s who you are! Women who can be bought by money!” he said disgusted.


“Sorry but isn’t that what you and your followers here do?” he asked chuckling.

Pallavi looked at him angrily and said, “I won’t tell you about Aarav!”

Arnav stood up and smirked. The next moment he slapped her hard. Grabbing the woman’s hair he said dangerously, “If I can get a company to number 1 position at the age of 23, I can definitely get information out of your disgusting mouth!”

Sighing hard he leaned to the dashboard and took the water bottle. Gulping down the liquid, he took the letter he had hidden beneath the car seat, out of Khushi’s eyes.

Opening the paper which was folded many times and stuck inside Aarav’s shirt sleeves, he read the words.


It’s the most beautiful yet the most dangerous word in the planet.

Haven’t you been in love ASR? Of course you have! Khushi Kumari Gupta!

So I needn’t lecture about love and life. You have quite an experience in it! But what if I say that your son is also an expert lover, like you?

Falling in love was the simplest thing Aarav have ever done in his life! The first time he saw her! I still remember the look he had in his face when he talked about her! He was absolutely smitten!

For a boy who was adopted at a very small age and then raised in a loving family, Aarav had everything. But the love he got from her was different. “Fresh” that was how he defined it to me. “Fida was fresh as a flower!”

Fida! That was her name! An average looking girl but according to Aarav, she was the most beautiful girl in the planet!

Love! *sighs*

Now, coming back to our next letter.

You must be wondering why I’m not revealing myself! Patience Raizada, patience! I want you to know your son well before you find the person who brutally killed your son by knocking a bottle over his head and pushing him off a cliff.

The next letter?

Clues are down!

For life to get prettiness,

Cherish all those naughtiness

For him to find happiness,

One should get it springiness...




Ok guys, this one is easy. Let me see who is going to guess the location of the next letter!



Feb 11

His Happiness (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 55 times)

His Happiness





“Take a seat sir” the commissioner said and Arnav sat down before him.

Leaning on the desk, Commissioner Peter said, “Sir the reason I called you was that...we have received the post-mortem report of Aarav! Usually we don’t share the confidential details with the family members of the victim but since you’re....”

“Come to the point”

Clearing his throat and adjusting his specs, Peter said, “Sir, the reports say that your son was physically and ****ually abused!”

Arnav looked at him shocked and he said, “I know this is hard but we need to know who did this to him! This might turn the whole case to a completely different direction!”

Arnav nodded.

“I need to talk to your family and everyone related to Aarav. I want to know what relation they shared with him!”

Arnav cleared his throat and asked, “When do you want us to be ready?”







“Tell me how you know him and what you did to him!”Arnav shouted.

“HE IS MY GRANDSON!” Pallavi shouted.

Arnav left her hair from his hold and looked at her shocked. “Grandson?” he whispered.

Pallavi held her hair and said, “I conceived my daughter at the age of 19. My daughter worked a....”

“Got it! And Aarav is your daughter’s son!” Arnav said angrily.

“She was just 14!” Pallavi said in tears, “She was scared about her child. After delivering, she died out of bleeding! I didn’t know what to do! It’s a boy child! Many of my dealers had their eyes on him. They wanted a boy child who would look after their illegal businesses. So I found the easiest way! Sunshine orphanage had an event in the nearby locality and I dropped the baby on the streets for one of them to find!”

Arnav sighed and sat down, “So Aarav is your grandchild! He came here to find out about his parents!”

Pallavi nodded and said, “My men brought him here. I asked him why he was here and he kept mum. We suspected him to be a spy and beat him up until he spilled about his intention – to find who his parents are! We all laughed at him and then I spotted the word Sunshine orphanage in his words. And I knew who he was!”

“So he found out about his parents and that’s it? He went home then?”

“NO!” she said, “He found his mother. He was not satisfied. He wanted to find about his father! I told him but also warned him not to go to him! He is such a vile man! He cannot be trusted! Aarav promised me that he would never go there and also that he would contact me! But he never called! He never came back!”





For life to get prettiness,

Cherish all those naughtiness

For him to find happiness,

One should get it on springiness...

Arnav leaned back on the recliner remembering the verse.

For him to find happiness, one should give him gardening tools. His primes happiness is Khushi and Aarav. But Arnav was damn sure that the him in the context was not him but his late son Aarav.

What did it take Aarav to get his happiness?





Fida! Arnav recalled the words from the letter.

But the love he got from her was different. “Fresh” that was how he defined it to me. “Fida was fresh as a flower!”

So the letter is with Fida or somewhere related to Fida?

Arnav sat up and frowned.

For him to find happiness,

One should get it on springiness...


One should get it on springiness!

Springiness in the sense? Bouncing?

But Fida doesn’t match the last line, does she? Arnav ruffled his hair.

What should he get it on bouncing so that Aarav would get his happiness?

Arnav’s mind suddenly went back to the days....back to that old sport that he used to play with his son, the one that both of them forgot to play due to Arnav’s busy schedule. The rare smile that adorned his son’s lips when Arnav let him win and when he lifts him so that the boy could chuck the ball right in the basket!

Basket ball!

Springing on his feet, Arnav ran to Aarav’s room and shut the door behind him. Kneeling down the bed, Arnav put his hand and felt the ball kept behind Aarav’s favourite football.

The basketball looks old and worn out. Arnav sat on the bed feeling a pang of guilt hitting him. When was the last time he played it with Aarav? Must be when Aarav was in 6th std. That is six years back! How much did his son love basketball? But more than his love to basketball, Aarav loved playing it with his father. There were people with whom he can play the sport – Akash and NK – but all Aarav did was wait for Arnav to get back from his office, get freshen up and later both of them playing it in their garden. But the ritual broke when Arnav got a multinational deal and had to work late.

Tears rolled down his cheeks recalling the fallen face of a 13 year old Aarav when he turned up the offer to play basket ball since he was tired from his office work. He had given the boy an earful for disturbing him after a long day at work. That was the last day Arnav saw him with the basket ball. He never came calling him, nor did ever see him playing it. Days later Aarav asked him to get him a football and the family saw him diverting his attention towards the new ball.

Arnav thought that his son forgot the old sport he used to play when he saw him taking the trophy of football championship on the behalf of his team.

But he never knew that Aarav still kept the ball, until now!

Holding the ball close to him, Arnav could see that it was still the same! The same one they used to bounce between the ground and palm.

Suddenly he frowned.

Oh, it was not the same!

It was the same old ball but Arnav ran his fingers through the new stitches on the ball.

“Someone opened it and stitched it again” Arnav murmured.

Without a second thought, Arnav got himself a knife and ripped it open.

For him to find happiness,

One should get it springiness...

Inside the bladder of the ball was the letter neatly folded in a plastic cover!




Feb 11

Confide In Her (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 66 times)

Confide In Her





“Need help?” her voice hit his ears.

“Nope! It’s almost over!” he said and continued cutting the dead leaves off the plants.

“Good to see you back on gardening!” she said softly and sat on the near poolside dipping her legs in the pool.

He smiled and said, “And you are back at business! Is today’s dabbas over?”

“Yeah, jiji will manage the rest!”

Arnav kept down the scissors and stood up. Dusting off his clothes he walked next to her and dipped his feet in the pool.

“You look good!” he commented and flicked her wet hair. She smiled and rested her head on his shoulder.

 “Ah no!” he slightly pushed her, “I’m sweating as hell!”

“It’s fine!” she said and wrapped her arm around his torso.

“Arnav ji can we go to orphanage again?” she asked.

“Didn’t we go there yesterday?”

“Yeah...but I feel like spending time there...with the kids and....”

“You lost your son” Arnav said cutting her in, “And you find solace in the midst of kids!”

“And so did you! You too lost your son!” Khushi whispered.

“I have ways to find solace!”


“Gardening....” drawing her close and wrapping his arm around her petty frame, he whispered, “You”

She smiled and hugged him tight.

“’s just you and me have to accept that”

“It’s believe that he is gone” she whispered and he could feel his shirt getting damped.

“How long are we going to cry about it Khushi?” he asked hoarsely.

“Aren’t you upset?” she withdrew from the hug and asked, “Don’t you feel like crying out your heart?”

“I do but if I do that....everyone here would break! I cannot be weak! I’ve to hold on for you, for di, for everyone here in the house!”

“You’re his father! You’ve every right to be weak” she whispered and cupped his cheek, “Don’t hold it inside you! I can see it! You don’t speak to me anymore. You don’t tell me how your day was, what you did during the day....nothing! You go out in the morning and come at midnight and...”

“Khushi there is a murderer out there!” he hissed, “I cannot sit back and mourn over my son’s death! I want to find him, the person who killed my son! Especially when he challenged me!”

Arnav bit his tongue realizing his slip.

“What did you say?” Khushi whispered.

“Uh. Nothing!”

He tried to get up but she clutched his arm, “You said something about the person challenging you, didn’t you?”

“No Khushi, I meant that he/she killed my son and I have to find.....”

“DON’T TWIST THE WORDS” Khushi said angrily, “Tell me what it is! Did the murderer contact you? What did you mean by challenging you? Tell me Arnav ji!”

Arnav sighed and said, “You’ve to promise me that you’ll never tell this to anyone! Not even Payal, not even di!”

Khushi nodded. Arnav could see the fear in her eyes and sighed, “Khushi this is hard! You don’t have to do this!”

“No! You have to tell me! I want to know!”

Arnav sighed and stood up. He walked to the room and she followed him. He pointed to the bed and she sat there frowning. She saw him walking to his laptop and....

“What is that?” she asked shocked.

Arnav shrugged and Khushi said, “You have another layer of that....what do you call that thing....why do you have a black shield kind of thing under your laptop?”

“To hide these!” Arnav said and took out some papers. Khushi frowned and Arnav forwarded her one paper. “Read it!”

Khushi took the paper and Arnav walked to the door closing it shut.





“I told you didn’t I? You don’t have to do this Khushi” he whispered as she cried her heart out hugging him.

“Why didn’t you tell me all this!” she withdrew from the hug and clutched his collar, “You didn’t have to go through this alone Arnav ji....”

“Khushi cannot tell this to anyone!” Arnav said sternly. Khushi sniffled and nodded.

“And....there’s something else I didn’t tell you! The commissioner told me something that he found from Aarav’s post-mortem reports!”

“What?” Khushi asked fearfully.

“Khushi.....he was ****ually abused!”

Khushi gasped and covered her mouth with her palm.

She clutched her heart and looked at him, “Aarav...” she whispered, “He...he had go much and....we didn’t could we not see that....?”

Arnav sighed and Khushi asked, “Does this have something to do with Aarav’s real father?”

“I don’t know Khushi. That’s what I’m on search for!”

Khushi looked at the photo on the wall – the one which had Arnav and Khushi sitting on a rock during their Shimla trip and a 15 year old Aarav hugging them from behind. “I thought we knew him! He shared everything with us....that’s what I believed....”

Arnav wrapped his arm around her shoulder and she whispered, “But he was in pain...even when he was smiling for this photograph, he would’ve been crying inside!”

Turning to him she asked, “Weren’t we good parents? Why didn’t he tell us anything and confide in the person who killed him later? Did we ever make him feel that he is not our blood?”

“I don’t know” Arnav said honestly.

“I want to find him Arnav ji! Him or her...whoever! I want to know why he threw my son off a cliff!” Khushi whispered angrily.

“We’ve a fourth letter to read!” Arnav said took out the letter. Khushi nodded and both of them looked at the paper.





Feb 27

We need this (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 72 times)

First of all, sorry for the late update. It's that I'm doing an internship on content writing and it's hard to manage both internship and studies. I no longer gets time to sit and write stories. I'll try updating forgotten soon. Sorry for the delay but I can't promise you when the next update will be.




We need this





Wasn’t basketball a brilliant spot?

Aarav used to play basketball with me! You may not know this but you weren’t his only basketball companion. The days when you shut him out from playing the sport, he used to come to me! That’s how we bonded man and thank you for that!

Hope you searched for Aarav at Prathibandapuram! Now you know that I know your son better than you do! Agreed right? I know about his visit to that red light area, how he tried finding his parents, his love for Fida and much much more....

Your curiosity to find me and the reason why I killed your son might be increasing! Sorry ASR, but I cannot reveal myself now...not until I reveal many such truths about your son and your family.

So let me tell you one big secret of Aarav. It happened two months ago. Remember when Aarav refused to go to school and laid bed ridden for two weeks due to his “non-existent” fever? What if I tell you that he was absolutely fine during the time and was actually afraid of going out and being spotted by some people?

Your son was sold.

How I know it? Your son came running to me after he ran away from those horrible people.

Confirm it!

Till then....

Sanctuary you go hiding,

Place where you go rising...

Facts and figures it’s holding,

Gets your house from distorting....







“That’s so kind of you Mrs. Raizada” the principal said as she walked Khushi out of the building. Khushi smiled and said, “This is the least I could do for this school! Aarav really loved it here! Used to tell me stories about the pranks he played on his friends”

The principal smiled faintly and said, “He was one of our best students”

Khushi smiled and said, “Ok then, I should be moving! Nice meeting you!”

The principal smiled and walked away and Khushi turned to walk out of the school when she spotted Fida walking out with her bag.


Fida turned and smiled. “Hello aunty”

“Why are you leaving? It isn’t 4 yet” Khushi said.

“Ha woh we have chemistry practical now. I completed it and mam let me go!”

“Come I’ll drop you home!”

“Arrey nahi’s okay thank you!”

“Fida” she called warningly.

“Aunty it’s fine” Fida said smiling.

“Get in now” Khushi said and the girl sighed, “okay”





The ride was silent until the girl asked, “How are you...and uncle?”

“Good” Khushi said, “Principal said about vacating Aarav’s locker. So I’ll be coming to school again! Where are the lockers by the way?”

“Oh it’s in the ground floor. There are hundreds of lockers there. Aarav’s is 302” Fida said.

Khushi nodded and said, “What does the locker key look like? I have to search Aarav’s bag for....”

“Wait...” Fida said and started scrambling inside her bag, “Here...” she extended a key, “I forgot to return it to you!”

Khushi took the key with her one hand and the other on steering wheel. “It’s Aarav’s?”

Fida hummed and said, “He always looses them and asked me to take care of it!”

Khushi looked at her for a while and nodded.

“How long have you been in relationship?” Khushi asked as she looked back at the road.

Fida snapped her head at Khushi and asked in shocked, “How do you know?”

“I figured it out!” Khushi said shrugging.

“You didn’t figure it out for the past three years. Who told you this?” Fida cried.

3 years?

“Ok...I read his diary!” Khushi said chuckling.

“Aarav...he wanted it to be secret. I’m a”

“Did he really think that we wouldn’t agree for it?” Khushi asked.

“Will you when you hear that your school-going son is in love? Everyone would term it as infatuation!” Fida said.

Khushi kept mum and concentrated on the roads.

“Who would it be Fida?” she whispered, “Who would want to kill Aarav?”

Fida sighed and said, with her voice cracking, “I don’t know. I can’t even sleep at nights thinking about how someone out there killed him...”

Khushi kept mum and kept driving.





“You’re back!” Khushi said as she took his coat and bag. Arnav hummed and slumped on the bed. “Long day?” she called out and forwarded a glass of water.

“Four meetings in a row” he said tiredly. Khushi hummed and took of his shoes and socks. “I’m soooo tired” he said sleepily and Khushi smiled. Loosening his tie, she sat near him and caressed his hair.

“I met Fida today!” she said slowly. He hummed.

“She gave me Aarav’s locker key”

He hummed and said sleepily, “She has his key?”

“They were in relationship for three years!” she said.

Arnav opened his eyes and looked at her, “three years?” he asked.

She nodded.

“Children these days” he muttered, “I never hid my crushes from di or Nani!”

“The fact that he hid it from us and told his killer all deepest secrets of his is killing me...didn’t he trust us?”

Arnav said nothing and looked up at the ceiling. “Pallavi called today” he said.

Khushi looked at him. Arnav sat up and leaned on the headboard. “She got me his father’s address”

“What’s his name?”

“Harish, that’s what she said!” he said.

“So when are we going?”

“Not we, I’m going!” he said and looked at her.

“Arnav ji...don’t start with...”

“You’re not coming with me Khushi!” Arnav said sternly.

“I want to” she said stubbornly.

“Stop being stubborn” he said angrily, “This isn’t a child’s play. I’m going to meet that person who might have hurt my son!”

“Even I want to meet that person who hurt my son!” Khushi said angrily.

Arnav held her arms and hissed, “Don’t make this hard for me Khushi!”

Khushi looked at him and took a deep breath, “Fine”

Arnav left his hold on her arm and stepped out of the bed. “Get me my night clothes!” he said and walked to the washroom with his towel.



“Are you angry?” he whispered looking at the dark figure lying next to him. She said nothing but remained laying with her back facing to him.

“Khushi...” he called out.

“I know that you’re awake” he said slowly.

Sighing, he turned and hugged her from back, “Listen, I cannot take a risk. I have already lost Aarav. I cannot loose you!”

“Khushi.....I cannot take you there to meet that guy!” Arnav whispered, “Please understand me!”

She turned and buried her face in his neck. “I’m scared” she whispered, “I always want you to be in front of my eyesight! Aarav left to his friend’s home. I never knew that it was my last time seeing him....” She hid her sob and said, her voice cracking, “I’m scared of you leaving me, even if it’s for a short time. I’m scared whether that’s the last time I would see you.....”

Arnav caressed her back and kissed her hair. Hugging her close he whispered, “I would never leave you!”

“That’s what he said...mamma I would never leave you...” she cried.

“He was sold...” she broke in tears and hugged him tight, “Our son was sold! And we didn’t even have the slightest idea of his pain! He was broken, scared and alone that he had to confide in someone else other than his family! His killer!”

Arnav said nothing but crushed her in his hug. He could feel her rubbing her cheek in his crook of neck, something she always do when she’s heartbroken and wants to hold her tears. Burying his fingers in her thick mane, he grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled her back gently. Caressing her cheek with his free hand, wiping away her tears, he whispered, “Kiss me”

“Arnav...” she whispered.

“Come on...” he whispered and pulled her to him.

Her hands slid up his chest to his shoulders and she whispered, “’s not....”

Allowing her not to complete, he slammed his lips on hers. “You need this.....we need this...” he murmured on her lips and wrapped an arm around her waist pulling her on top of him.

And the night went along!



Mar 15

The sanctuary (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 82 times)

The sanctuary





“Are you okay ASR?” Aman patted his boss’ shoulder. Arnav snapped from his thoughts and nodded.

“Should I get you some coffee?” he offered and Arnav said, “Yes, thank you!”

After a few minutes, Aman returned with a cup of coffee and placed it before Arnav.

“What about the meeting with Malhotras?” Arnav asked tiredly. He took the cup and sipped his coffee.

“Akash sir attended it. They are ready to seal the deal as per our demands” Aman said looking at his notepad.

“And their demand of 100 crores?”

“Akash sir handled it” Aman said smiling.

Arnav hummed and leaned back on his chair.

“Are you okay?” Aman asked again.

“Yeah I am” Arnav said.

“You’ve grown tired. You really need a break ASR” Aman said and Arnav hummed.

“How’s....Khushi bhabhi?” Aman asked trying to make a small talk.

“Not fine Aman!” Arnav said smiling tight, “It’s just three weeks that gone!”

Aman nodded with his lips in a tight smile.

“Sir may I come in?”

Aman and Arnav looked at the door to find Aman’s PA.

“Yes?” Arnav asked.

“Sir, Mr. Mittal is here. He wants to meet you!”

“Ah, take him to conference room” Arnav said and turned to Aman, “Is the presentation ready?”

“Yes sir!” Aman said.





 What if I tell you that he was absolutely fine during the time and was actually afraid of going out and being spotted by some people?

Khushi leaned her back on the headboard and recalled the day when Aarav was bed ridden stating that he is unwell.

“Mamma.....I’m feeling cold!”

“What cold!” Arnav said angrily, “Your hands are warmer than mine!”

“I have fever” Aarav mumbled.

Khushi frowned and placed her palm on his forehead, “You’re absolutely fine Aarav!”

“Just another drama to bunk classes” Arnav said.

He was all well! Khushi said to herself. Instead he was trying to hide from someone. Who? Who scared him? Why was he running away from those people?

Your son was sold.

Sold! The four letter word had many meanings.

Khushi looked at the newspaper before her and the news that had caught her eyes that morning send a shiver down her spine again just like it did when she read it for the first time.

Human trafficking in Delhi: seven year old saved by NGO women

Andheri: Mahima (7) was almost to be added to the list of victims of human trafficking before she was saved from being sold to a group of men from France, by a group of women of Sunshine NGO, here on Wednesday.

Khushi gulped and looked up to the ceiling.

Your son was sold.





“It’s a pleasure to work with you Mr. Mittal!” Arnav said smiling.

Mr. Mittal smiled and shook hands, “Looking forward to work with the king of fashions! And also I would like to look around the place that helps ASR rise to the sky!”

Arnav chuckled and said, “And the place that feeds my family!”

Mittal laughed and nodded.

Aman led Mittal out of conference room and Arnav dialled Khushi as he entered his cabin.

“Kuch mila?” he asked.

“Nothing” she said.

“Damn it Khushi. Check everywhere!”

“I checked every nook and corner Arnav ji! There is no letter in the garden!”

“It ought to be there. The sanctuary where I go’s the garden!” Arnav cried.

“Fine. Then come home and search by yourself! Arrey nahi, you don’t have time na? How would you? You’re busy sleeping around with the files of AR!” Khushi said and hung up.

“What the!” he cried.

If it’s not garden, then where.

Damn it. It should be the garden. Khushi is so careless. She should have checked well.

“Sir!” Aman called out from the door and Arnav looked at him.

“Aren’t you leaving?” he asked.

“Yeah” Arnav said smiling.

“Who were you talking to?” Aman asked confused and looked around.

“I was talking to my office!” Arnav said smirking.

Aman laughed and said, “Of course you would. This is your first wife na?”

“Nope. As per Khushi my first wife is you and office is my sasural!” Arnav said and Aman burst out laughing.

“You and the office...perfect match!” Aman said, “After all you run to your cabin and lock yourself out from every problem out there right?”

Arnav stared at him and asked, “What?”

“ this office is the place where you go hiding!” Aman said laughing and walked out.

Sanctuary you go hiding,

“This office is the place where you go hiding” Aman said laughing and walked out.

Place where you go rising...

“I would like to look around the place that helps ASR rise to the sky!” Mr. Mittal said and Arnav chuckled.

Facts and figures it’s holding,

“How would you? You’re busy sleeping around with the files of AR!” Khushi said and hung up.

Gets your house from distorting....

“And the place that feeds my family!” Arnav said chuckling.

Arnav sat down on his chair with a thud.

Sanctuary you go hiding,

Place where you go rising...

Facts and figures it’s holding,

Gets your house from distorting....



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