The Murder of Aarav Singh Raizada

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Mar 22

The Bitter Truth (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 82 times)

The Bitter Truth



Life was always bitter towards her. A limp by birth, broken marriage at the age of 18, death of parents on the same day, marrying a cheat and facing the truth about him and losing her baby by the same snake, Anjali never had an easy route through life. Hope came like a ray of sunshine when she found herself in an unexplainable friendship with her bhabhi. Till then Khushi was an angel who made her khadoos brother head over heels in love. But since the day she came to know about the sufferings her sister-in-law had to bear under her husband’s lustful moves, Anjali found herself respecting the woman more and more. Till then she was her bhabhi. But since that day of her fifth wedding anniversary where Khushi revealed about Shyam, she was the best friend Anjali never had.

Life became smooth when Aarav came into their lives. When she saw her brother and sister-in-law pampering the prince of their life, she too felt herself longing for the child she never had the chance to see. That lead to her talking to her Chotte and her adopting a baby girl from an orphanage. And that was how Amaira Singh Raizada, now 10 years old, came into their lives.

Everyone was fair and well until they were woken up by the call of a police man, in the middle of night, informing them about a body found at the bottom of the cliff. The ID in the body’s pocket had the address of Raizadas and Arnav and Khushi hadn’t had to look another time to confirm that the blood coated face of the body belonged to their son.


Standing in the balcony of Raizada mansion, Anjali looked at the garden of Raizadas where Amaira (whom they all call Amy) was trying hard to engage Khushi in activites. She had to appreciate her daughter for that. Although heartbroken at her brother’s demise, little Amaira understood that her mama and mami are much heartbroken than her and has taken the responsibility to lighten up their mood. Arnav being busy in office, Amaira have made sure that Khushi doesn’t sit and cry over her son’s death but comb the hairs of her niece’s Barbie dolls.


She turned to find her cousin brother NK standing by the balcony door. “Why are you standing here?” he asked as he joined his sister near the railing.

“Look at her!” Anjali said smiling.

NK looked at Amaira jumping around Khushi and smiled. He took a deep breath and said, “Khushi ji looks more relaxed now!”

“Only for a time being” Anjali said, “After Amy walks away with those dolls, she will be back in her mood!”

“One cannot blame her! Her son’s been murdered!” NK said.

Anjali sighed and nodded. “I haven’t slept for all these days. The thought that there is a murderer out there always keeps me up!”

“Who will it be di?” NK said in a low voice, “Why would anyone want to kill our Aarav?”

“NK bhai” Anjali whispered and turned to him, “Don’t you think that we should tell Chotte about that thing Aarav told us?”

“No Di” NK cried, “Aarav made us promise that no one should ever know!”

“He is no more. And so is the promise” Anjali said.

“Di. NO! They will be heartbroken. They cannot take it!” NK said.

“It would be better if we tell them now instead of bearing the pain later!” Anjali said.

“How on earth are we gonna tell them that their son was sold to a brothel?” NK hissed.


Anjali and NK froze at the voice and gulped. Turning slowly to the door, Anjali whispered, “Chotte?”

Taking slow steps, Arnav walked to his sister.

“Chotte....meri baat...” Anjali was cut off when her brother held her arm and hissed, “You knew?”

NK looked at him wide eyed, “What do you mean by you knew?”

Anjali freed her arm and whispered, “How do you know about this Chotte?”

“Doesn’t matter! Tell me what happened with Aarav!” Arnav demanded.

“But you said you know...”

“THE TRUTH NK!” Arnav shouted.

NK and Anjali looked at each other.

“Woh Nannav....” NK began, “Months before...remember when Aarav had fever? The night before he was bedridden by fever, me and di were here in the balcony playing chess!”


“Come on di....make a move!” NK said groaning.

“Wait...I’m thinking” Anjali hissed.

“It’s 3 in the morning and we’re playing this bloody game here! I’m sleepy di!”

“Hush...quiet” Anjali said and placed her chin on her palm debating whether the move the horse or the soldier.

“Sshh di...” NK whispered looking down at the compound, “Aarav!”

Anjali craned her neck and saw Aarav jumping the wall into the compound. He looked around and bend down to hide from the sight of securities around the compound and sneaked to the backdoor.

“Where has he been?” NK whispered, “Why was he out at 3 in the morning and why is he jumping in the wall?”

Anjali looked at him and asked, “Oh god. Has he started partying at this age?”

“He is just 17!” NK cried, “This boy! Come let’s go and confront him!”




Aarav walked quietly through the living room and was about to place a step on the stairs when the entire room lit up. His blood froze and he turned back to find Anjali bua and NK chachu standing stiff as poles.

“Where were you?” Anjali asked angrily.

“Me....I was....out with a...friend”

“At this hour? Who is that friend? What’s his or her name?” NK asked sternly.

Anjali narrowed her eyes at her nephew’s appearance. His shirt muddy and torn at the end, hair messy and the boy sweating as in whole....and is that blood coming from his forehead?

“Aarav” Anjali whispered and walked closer, “What happened bacha?” she asked worriedly and ran her fingers through his forehead removing hairs that was falling to his eyes. “You’re bleeding!” she cried.

“Choti si karoch hai bua!” Aarav said softly.

“NK bhai first aid box lao!” Anjali cried.


“Then?” Arnav asked.

Anjali sat before Arnav on the chair in balcony and said, “We asked him about it and he said that he always sneaks out at night. He said that his friend had once invited him for a party. He met some people there and got new friends. They were bad people. They were of middle age and drinks, smokes and takes drugs. When started offering him drugs Aarav stopped the friendship. One Saturday morning....remember the morning months back when he set off to his friend’s house for homework? He returned in the evening. Apparently he never reached there!”

NK nodded and said, “Some people kidnapped him and when he opened his eyes he was in a brothel. Those friends of his sold him to a brothel. He tried to run away but couldn’t....they....they hurt him...used him...”

Arnav fisted his palm and Anjali said, “They let him go that evening only on the condition that he would return when they call! Since then he was sneaking out at night! Until we caught him!”

NK said, “We informed police about it and those people were caught. We wanted to tell you but he asked us not to!”


“WE TRIED ARNAV....WE TRIED!” NK screamed, “But did you listen? NO! You never had time for listening to others Arnav! We could not tell this to Khushi ji. She would be broken! All we could do was tell you. But alas! ASR is so busy in his office work. Uske paas time kaha hai bête ke baat sun ne ka! Be it sitting with us and having a chat or playing games with Aarav or Amy, YOU NEVER HAD TIME FOR US! ALL YOU DID WAS GO TO OFFICE AND COME HOME BACK AT NIGHT! WE TRIED.....MANY TIMES WE TRIED TO TALK TO YOU!”

“He is right!” Anjali whispered, “And Aarav never wanted you to know. He made us to tell the police officials to keep the whole thing as secret. After a few weeks he told us that he is completely alright and was like “forget it bua. I’m fine! If you tell papa and mamma they will be heartbroken. Plus I don’t want to reopen those closed chapters again!” So we agreed! We never wanted to tell Khushi. The only option was you. And you were always busy.”

“Just tell me this Arnav” NK asked angrily, “When was the last time you spoke to Aarav? Just recall please....”

Arnav looked at NK with his pale face and stammered, “Main....the day before...”

“The day before? Day before his death? No way...the day before his death you left to office early in the morning due to meeting, then took a chopper to Lucknow for some work and returned very very late in the night” NK said, “And the day before? You had a business party? The day before? Oh yes you definitely had to attend the wedding anniversary of some friend of yours!”

“NK bhai....****o...leave it!” Anjali whispered seeing her brother’s red face due to crying.

“No di, he has to know. Now that Aarav is dead his fatherly emotions are showing up. Where was he when Aarav was struggling with his studies? Where was Khushi ji when Aarav was crying out his heart because of this incident? He is dead and both his parents are now mourning over him and reminiscing their good days with him. But the truth is that you were never there with him during his bad days! Arnav, you stopped looking at studies from his seventh standard because you had to expand your ****ing business! And Khushi ji had to look after her dabba service. I know you both loved him but YOU BOTH WERE NEVER THERE FOR HIM! HE IS ADOPTED, HE KNOWS! BUT YOU BOTH ALWAYS MADE HIM FEEL THAT. HE ALWAYS HAD THE REMINDER THAT HE IS NOT YOUR BLOOD SON!” with that he stormed off the balcony.

Anjali looked at her brother who gasped in between his sobs. Placing her hand over his shoulder she whispered, “I don’t want to hurt you but it’s were never there for him Chotte....nor were your wife!”


Apr 1

The final show (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 80 times)

The final show





“Ah when did you come?” Khushi asked surprised as she entered their room to find Arnav sitting on the bed with his face hidden inside palms. “Kya hua Arnav ji?” she asked sitting near to him.

Arnav lifted his face and Khushi gasped seeing his red face. “Why are you crying?”

Arnav sighed and narrated his conversation with Anjali and NK.

Khushi stayed silent for a while and Arnav looked at her surprised that she is not crying.

“I was so busy with my dabba business...that I never noticed” she whispered slowly, ‘Nor did was all our fault!”

Arnav nodded.

Khushi rubbed her face and said, “Every single letter we get is taking us to many secrets of Aarav that we never knew....we never noticed. Is the murderer trying to tell us that we were not good parents to Aarav?”

“May be” Arnav whispered.

Khushi nodded and said, “We’ve to find the next letter and also visit Aarav’s biological father, Harish!”

“Got the fifth letter. It was under my chair!” Arnav said and Khushi looked at him. She gasped and said, “Sanctuary! Where you go hiding! We should’ve guessed!”

Arnav nodded.

“Where is it?”

“Hidden. We should go and meet Harish now!” Arnav said and stood up.


“Pallavi got it for me!”

Khushi nodded and both of them walked out of their room.





“Nahi sir! There is no one named Harish here!” the pedestrian said looking at the address, “And there is not Skyline apartments here!”

Arnav frowned and read the address again, “Harish Malhotra, Flat 12B. Skyline Apartments, Maheli Nagar”

“Ah sir” the man said, “There is a skyline apartments in Mahila Nagar. Must be that one! It’s the next colony to this!”

“Thank you!” Arnav said and started the car.



Arnav and Khushi walked up the security of Skyline apartments and said, “We would like to meet Harish Malhotra, flat no. 12 B!”

The security nodded and took the register. He drew his fingers through the names and frowned. “Saab the owner of 12B is not Harish Malhotra but someone named Ashish Singh!”

Arnav and Khushi looked at each other and Khushi asked, “Do you know any other apartment named Skyline?”

“Nahi mam. There are no apartments named skyline in a few km radius to this!”

“Then we would like to meet this Ashish Singh!” Arnav said and security took out his phone.

“Ashish sir? You have two visitors” the man said.

“You can go in. 12B!” the man said keeping down the phone.





“Have a seat”

Arnav and Khushi sat down and the man sat before them frowning at them. “I was expecting my friend. But sir, who are you and why do you want to meet me?”

“Hello, I’m Arnav Singh Raizada and this is my wife Khushi Singh Raizada” Arnav said and shook hands with Ashish.

Ashish smiled politely at Khushi and turned to Arnav, “I’ve seen in newspapers. AR Fashions right? What can I do for you sir?”

Arnav showed him the address and said, “I came here to meet this person. This address was given to me. But now it turns out that.....”

Ashish cut him off and said, “Harish Malhotra. I know him! Ah sir, actually this flat initially belonged to him. 10 year ago I used to live here for rent. But he died 9 years ago and this place was put up for sale since Mr. Malhotra didn’t have any family. I brought this place at the auction!”

“Oh!” Arnav said and got the paper with address back, “So he is dead?”

“9 years back sir” Ashish said.

“What was he like? I mean, his behaviour, friends...”

“Harish....I never knew him much He was just the owner of the place I live. That’s all! He was very young when he died. Just 25 years old. This place belonged to his grandmother, his only family, and then was passed on to him when she died. And after a while, he too passed away!”

“How did he die?” Khushi asked.

“Heard that it’s cancer. But why are you all interested in him?” Ashish asked.

Khushi looked at him and Arnav said, “I visited a very old loom where they mentioned about Harish Malhotra. Said that he gives the best designs. I asked my assistant to find him and he gave me this address!”

“I thought Harish worked as a mechanic” the man said frowning, “I’ve seen him with those big tools that mechanics used. He once repaired my bike too!”

“Oh, looks like my PA got the wrong Harish! Thank you for your time Ashish!” Arnav said smiling and stood up. So did Khushi.




Driving the car out of the complex Arnav said, “The address is real but Harish is not Aarav’s dad”

“Meaning?” Khushi asked.

“If Harish died when he was 25 years old he cannot be Aarav’s dad. The age doesn’t match. Whoever Aarav’s dad is have given wrong address. He stole Harish’s identity. Which means, Aarav’s dad is someone who knows Harish. We need to find Harish Malhotra’s life story and friends. Arnav said and Khushi nodded.





I’ve playing for a while isn’t it?

It’s time to reveal myself. But not before another revelation.

You see, I’m a heavily dramatic person! How can I unveil myself without a drum roll?

Remember when I said Aarav wanted to know about his parents? He so wanted to find who his father was. He got the address from Pallavi and visited his so called father.

Bingo! There is no person in the given name and given address. It was just an identity of a dead person.

You must have reached here by now right? Don’t tell me that you didn’t track down Aarav’s father and find that the identity was stolen! If you didn’t then you’re sooo sooo stupid ASR.

Let’s just assume that you did.

Let’s just assume that when you visited Prathibandapuram you came across Pallavi who gave you Aarav’s father’s address which turned out to be the address of a dead person.

But Aarav never lost hope. He so wanted to find who his father was. So lame, I know! Why couldn’t he find happiness with his existing family? He had a father, a mother, complete family yet he wanted to find his biological parents....WHY?

You know why.

He told me why.

He told me how his chachu, bua maasi everyone made him feel home but you and your wife never did.

He told me how you and your wife were always busy.

He told me how you and your wife were so disheartened that your missus cannot conceive. You both were disappointed and he was disappointed that you were never satisfied with him. You wanted another child when you had him! He told me how you both don’t consider him as your son.

And so he wanted to find who his father was.

And he did.

Tracking down Harish Malhotra, he found his father.

The encounter with him was pretty much dramatic.

Do you know why?

Because after an ice breaking ceremony with him, he had a revelation round then an emotional round and then his father did something unexpected.

Remember when I told you Aarav’s biggest secret? He was sold!

His father sold him to a brothel!

*Drum roll*

Isn’t pieces falling to its places? It should.

So ASR, this is me taking a bow.

My identity?

To be revealed in the next letter.

Be ready ASR. To chase the FINAL letter.

Hope you would find me before reading the letter.

Don’t disappoint me.

Where he breathed last

Where you lost everything

For the final showdown

Find me from where it began





Apr 3

?Brilliantly planned (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 107 times)

Brilliantly planned





“It’s the place where Aarav died!” Khushi said and Arnav nodded as he drove his car. In between he took out his phone and dialled Aman, “What about the report I had asked you to submit?”

“Sir I need some time”

“Dammit Aman!” he screamed, “I told you that I needed information about Harish Malhotra by now!”

“Just one more hour sir. Please” Aman begged.

“Fine” Arnav said angrily.





“What here?” Khushi whispered as she looked around the isolated place. Taking baby steps she neared the cliff from where her son was pushed off. Knocked off with a bottle on head, he was pushed off the cliff where he hit his head on a rock. Death on spot!

For the final showdown

Find me from where it began

Arnav looked around the place and took a deep breath. No matter how fresh the air is, he will always smell his son’s scent there! The place where he breathed last.

“Arnav ji, this place was investigated by the police. If there was a letter they would have found it na?”

“No. If they had they would’ve told us and used it as an evidence! I’m sure they didn’t” he said firmly.

“Which means....”

“The letter is hidden somewhere out, even out of police’s reach!” Arnav said.

Khushi looked around and said, “There is no place to hide other than the ground itself!” she suddenly stopped and looked at him.

Arnav looked at her and said, “Are you saying that we must dig the ground?”

“Or else where will we find it?” Khushi asked calmly.

Arnav nodded and said, “Let’s do it!”

“If a person have dug the ground before then that spot must be still loose. Let’s find that place soon!”


 “Here” Khushi cried and started scratching her fingers on the mud. Arnav joined her and said, “Hmm....this has been dug!”

They removed the mud and formed a pit when Khushi stopped feeling her fingers hitting something. “I can feel the plastic” she whispered and the couple continued digging with their fingers.

Soon a small piece of plastic started showing through the mud and Arnav pulled it out. The plastic covered neatly folded and stick with a cello tape. He looked at Khushi who nodded.

Ripping off the cover he frowned. Khushi gasped and looked at him. “Who took it?” she whispered.

There was no letter inside the cover!

“So there is no last letter?” she asked.

“There has to be. It was written so in the previous one!” Arnav whispered.

It was then his phone rang and he absentmindedly received it.

“Sir” Aman said, “I’ve got the report!”

“Huh!” Arnav snapped from his thoughts, “List out his close friends!”

“Umm...sir...his best friend was.....” he paused.

“I’m waiting Aman” Arnav said calmly but cautiously.

“Sir, Akash sir was Harish Malhotra’s best friend”

“Akash?” Arnav frowned.

“Harish was Akash sir’s junior at school and they were best friends. He helped out Harish by setting up a garage for him and also paid for his cancer treatments”


“And sir, there is one thing you should know. Harish had two properties under his name. One was his flat and one plot in Vasant Vihar colony. After Harish’s death the flat went up in auction but not the plot. Akash sir transferred the plot into his name by signing Harish’s signature by himself!”

Arnav sucked a deep a breath and said, “Does Akash often take up Harish’s identity?”

“That was the first time. Officials didn’t notice the time difference because the transaction took place the same day Harish died. Just one hour difference. So it’s clear that Harish never signed it. Akash sir did!

So sir, I just did a check on Akash sir too. That’s why I requested one more hour. He occasionally uses Harish Malhotra’s identity. He often visits Prathibandapuram, and when I enquired Akash’s name no one knew him. But every knows Harish!”

“Thank you Aman” Arnav whispered and cut the call.

Hope you would find me before reading the letter.

Don’t disappoint me.

“Akash” he whispered as tears roll down his cheeks.





“Did you confront your brother?” the inspector asked.

The fingerprint expert sat down at the corner of the room examining the letters.

“No” Arnav said, “He is out of station. Mumbai for a business deal!”

Inspector nodded and asked. “You’ve been receiving letters from the murderer and you never told us. Why?”

“The murderer targeted me. I didn’t want to cause trouble by reaching you. I was scared whether my family would be involved!”

The inspector sighed and took out a file. “ASR I was about to meet you for discussing an important matter. We’re closing the case!”

“WHAT?” Arnav and Khushi cried.

“Look at the reports. The wound caused on Aarav’s head was mainly due to hitting head on a rock and partly due to the bottle knocked over his head. He fell off the cliff. Checking the angle he fell there is no way that he was pushed off! We used dummies and had demonstrations at the place of death. Aarav was not pushed off the cliff. The way his body was found, we were able to conclude that he jumped off the cliff, he was not pushed off the cliff.”

Arnav and Khushi gasped and inspector said, “He was not killed ASR. It was a suicide!”

“But that’s not possible. We’re receiving letters from the murderers!” Khushi cried.

The inspector looked at the fingerprint expert who looked up. The man lifted a notebook and inspector said, “That’s your son’s notebook which we took from your home. Just for registering his handwriting”

The fingerprint expert said, “I can confidently say the letter and this notebook are written by the same person! Changing your handwriting would never change the style of your writing”

Khushi gasped and covered her mouth.

“But what about Akash? Harish’s identity and...” Arnav began when inspector said, “That’s suspicious. If he is visiting Prathibandapuram as Harish, we must get Pallavi recognize him. if she testifies him as Harish then definitely he is Aarav’s father and the one who sold him to brothel. May be Aarav was disheartened and depressed by the whole thing and that’s why he knocked a bottle over his head and jumped off the cliff?”

“Why a bottle though? He could’ve just jumped” Arnav said hoarsely.

The inspector chuckled and said, “If he had just jumped we would’ve never termed it as a murder. We decided to investigate this “murder” case just because the victim, who may be standing at the cliff, was knocked a bottle on his head which obviously distracted him and gave him no power to attack the assaulter. This gave the assaulter full power to push him off the cliff. That was what your son wanted. He wanted his suicide to be a murder!”

“So the letters....”

“Was written by him. As I said, he wanted this suicide to be a murder and your brother to be the culprit. Through you he was trying to lock your brother and get him his punishment for selling him to brothel and ruining his peaceful life! Must say ASR, your son was a brilliant boy”

Khushi sobbed and Arnav looked away.

Inspector passed a glass of water to Khushi and said, “Sorry to say this Mrs. ASR but you gotta accept it. It was a brilliantly planned suicide!”




May 18

The Murderer of Aarav Singh Raizada (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 93 times)

The Murderer of Aarav Singh Raizada





“I never expected you to figure it out so fast” Akash said chuckling as he sat handcuffed to a chair.

“How could you?” Arnav whispered, “He was just 17!”

“He knew my secret! My other life as Harish Malhotra! I had no choice brother. Either I kill him or I drive him to suicide! But your boy was brilliant. He combined both of them!” Akash said and Khushi slapped him hard.

“He was your son!” she hissed.

“The son whom I never wanted!” he shouted, “Why? Why did he have to dig out the past? Everything was fine until he found out who I was and who he was to me! It’s his fault. He shouldn’t have done that!”

“You ****!” Arnav cried and lunged forward to his so called brother when the police held him back.

“Calm down tiger” Akash chuckled.

“So you tortured him mentally and physically and that led the boy to kill himself but not before writing and posting some letters to make it seem that you have killed him!” inspector said.

Akash nodded and said “I was there....when he jumped”

Arnav and Khushi looked at him. Akash looked up to them and said, “He said he wanted to talk. And when I reached there he was digging something on the ground. We talked for a bit and then he was like “Wait until your crimes are out Mr. Raizada” and hit himself with a beer bottle! And then jumped!”

“And did you check what he was doing on the ground?” inspector asked.

Akash groaned and said, “That sick kid! He had a letter down there! And it said the last letter. I realized that he has actually written letters to bhai stating about me. I searched the whole house but....****! He had it hidden in some not-reachable places!”

“Yeah right” Arnav scoffed, “He hid it in those places which can only be spotted by people who loves him!”

Akash chuckled and said, “If you had ever told him that you love him then he wouldn’t have set off to find his real father, dear brother!”

Arnav looked away and inspector said, “ASR, he ought to be presented to the court. We have enough proofs – Aarav’s letter!” he turned to Akash and said, “So there is a last letter! You took it away! Come on dude, tell me where it is!”





The inspector cleared his throat and read it aloud.

And here we are Mr. ASR

To the final show!

To the countdown!

I’m damn sure that you would never disappoint me. I know that you have dug up about Harish Malhotra.

Hope your Friday man Aman Mathur was able to draw the lines and join the dots between Harish Malhotra and one of your close family members.

Akash Singh Raizada!

His double life as Harish. How he became Aarav’s father and then Aarav’s torturer.

I’m damn sure that you never figured it out!

Now you would think that the murderer is revealed. But no ASR. He is not the one. Before you go pouncing on him, you need to know who I am. Dad....

It’s me!

It was always me!

I killed myself dad. There is no murderer.

No, there is.

I killed myself but I did it because of many reasons.

I know, you love. Mamma loves me. I know that all. But the love you gave me was always less that the tortures I had to take due to your brother.

I wanted to talk. Talk and rant about my pain. But I had no one. Not you.....not mamma....All I had was my biological father who found his pleasure in torturing me.

So, ASR, for the final time, for the final letter...

Thanks for playing this game with me.

The quest for Aarav’s murderer ends here!

I have few things to say before the final goodbye.

Make sure that law punishes Akash Singh Raizada.

I hate Akash Singh Raizada. But more than that, I hate the fact that you and your wife’s love was no match to his hatred. I hate that I cannot take this anymore.

Mamma was the person who showers her unconditional love and be the kind angel she is. But you were my knight in shining armour. I was broke when Sheethal’s true colours came revealing. I was devastated to know that I’m an orphan. But you came in like a superhero and swept me off my feet to a world I never imagined I could live in. From new shoes to new family, you gave a new life to me. I would have never coped up with mamma, Anjali bua and others if I hadn’t had you by my side. I wouldn’t have shared my tiffin with my friends if I hadn’t seen you sharing pizza with NK chachu. I wouldn’t have learnt karate if you hadn’t beaten the hell out of those people who tried to harass mamma.

Mamma was my guardian angel, sweet princess, kind, god in disguise but you?

My basketball partner, my gardening champ, my knight in shining armour, my super hero.

My super dad.

But let me tell you this ASR.

You were never there for me dad! I know that you love me and care for me, but why couldn’t you tell me that? Just one word dad, just one word or one pat on my shoulder could have made me feel better. Just one bear hug would have made me forget the pain he gave me. Just an assurance would have made me talk to you. I didn’t want my mother’s hug or her shoulder to cry dad. I just wanted my father’s calm yet stern voice saying “It’s ok champ. I’m here!”

Let the world blame Akash for driving Aarav to suicide.


The real murderer of Aarav Singh Raizada is YOU.



May 25

Rest In Peace . (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 97 times)

Rest In Peace





“It’s not your fault”

Arnav looked back hearing the soft voice of his brother. NK walked to him and sat by his side in the terrace. “Don’t blame yourself for his death!”

“He himself blamed me NK. I killed him!” Arnav said chuckling dryly.

“No. He chose to kill himself!” NK said.

Arnav scoffed and said, “If I was there for him....he would be alive!”

“He knew that you and Khushi ji loved him. But he chose not to share his pain. Akash haunted him. And we all are associated to Akash. May be that made him hide his feelings from us!” NK said.

“ was me right? I couldn’t see through him! I always did in his childhood but when he needed me....I shut him out!”

“Nannav, just think from his side. He was happily growing up in his family. He entered his teens and he started changing. His attitude, personality everything started changing. And then he started to feel that his parents don’t love him. When doctors confirmed that Khushi ji cannot conceive it hurt him that you both are considering to have children when you had him. His adolescent mind could not take it. He sets off to find his parents. And that take a bad turn to Akash. In order to keep his secret safe Akash starts threatening and torturing him. He was sent to a brothel from where he ran away. He locked himself from Akash in his room.

Now, look at this! He was scared and haunted by the memory of a brothel and then suddenly he sees the faces of the very same people who is closely associated to the person who is torturing him. We all loved Akash and cared for him. May be that held Aarav back from sharing things with us. May be he was scared that he wouldn’t be believed. So he waited. He waited for you or Khushi ji to spot his sadness. But you both were busy in your careers which isn’t a bad thing. You were doing it for his secure future but his mind couldn’t process that. He unknowingly started to see you as insensitive and blind towards his son. And that led him to blame you! It was his mind playing Nannav. Aarav wasn’t normal. He was haunted by the demons!”

“We could’ve changed that” Arnav said, tears rolling down his cheek, “If only I could see it. I could’ve saved him. Give him the happiness he deserved!”

“It’s NOT your fault! STOP blaming yourself. It was meant to happen!” NK said firmly, “This is what happened and you cannot change it.

“He was brilliant wasn’t he? Writing letters as a murderer and making a suicide look like a murder!”

NK smiled and said, “Yeah. Dramatic like your wife!”

“Not funny NK” Arnav said.

NK sighed and hugged Arnav. “Just wanted you to know that I’m here! Let Akash go! That **** can die! Even if the world betrays you, you’ll have me by your side!” NK said.

Arnav smiled and hugged him tight. “Thank you NK” he whispered.

“Always welcome dear brother!”





“I can’t believe it. He killed himself!” Fida whispered in tears and Khushi looked away.

Sitting in the park bench, she asked the girl, “When was the last time you met him?”

“The day before he died. We went to a cafe for coffee!” Fida said smiling sadly.

“So that’s where he went informing us about football coaching!” Khushi said and Fida looked away.

‘What did you talk?”

Fida sighed and said, “He said that he loves me”

“Only that?” Khushi asked.

She nodded and said looking at Khushi, “He never talked much. He was so cheerful to others at school but was always aloof before me. May be that was the real Aarav. He was being himself before me? So I never asked him why he was behaving different. I always let him be himself!”

Khushi smiled sadly and Fida said, “It was me who approached him first. I’ve had crush on him since long. And I finally told him. He didn’t reply. Just nodded his head when I said that I loved him. I asked him out for a coffee and he nodded again. I was so unsure whether he would come. But he came” she said smiling, “It was always me talking, ranting about school about everything under sun and he would just smile. Sometimes say a sentence or two, but that’s it! But he always turned up whenever I waited for him! That just told me that he loves me!”

Khushi wrapped an arm around the girl who was now crying. She said in between her tears, “It was the first time he said that he loves me. I was so overjoyed. I couldn’t sleep the whole night. And the next day.....I never expected it!”

“Ssh....” Khushi whispered and hugged her tight, “It’s okay!”

“No it’s not! Why would he do that? Didn’t he love me? Didn’t he love you all? How can he just kill himself?” Fida cried.

“He couldn’t take it anymore!” Khushi whispered, “Let him go Fida. Let him rest in peace. He deserves better! May be a peaceful afterlife!”

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Epilogue (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 108 times)






“And that’s how Aarav died! It was a suicide mistaken as a murder!” the man said closing the thick file and placing it on the table.

He nodded.

Clearing his throat and adjusting his tie, the man said, “It’s a different theme and I liked it. I’m sure that this novel will have great sales!”

His eyes lit up and said, “Sir, so you’’re ready to publish this....”

“Yes,” the man said smiling, “Keller Publications would love to have this book! You’re a great writer!”

“Thank you” he said smiling.

“It’s a bit weird that you used the names of existing people. Any chance that this is a real story?” the man asked raising his eyebrow.

“If it was real, I wouldn’t be sitting here before you sir!” he said laughing.

“Why the names of your family then?”

“I always write stories with the Raizadas” he shrugged, “Sometimes make one of my close one villain. Sometimes kill someone....well I love writing things that would never happen!”

“Like being sold to a brothel....killing yourself!” the man said and he laughed.

“Must say” the man said, “You do have a wild imagination Aarav!”





“How did it go?” Arnav asked smiling as his son plopped on the couch.

“Great” he said, “They want to publish my book. But advised me to change the names of characters!”

“See I told you” Akash cried, “You better change the names boy or else people are gonna skin me alive for something I never did!”

Everyone laughed and Akash whined, “Aarav why am I always the bad guy in your stories. Is there any chance that I’ll be given a hero title one day?”

“Umm...NO. You’re my prime villain!” Aarav said laughing.

“You know what’s interesting?” Aarav asked everyone, “The publisher...when he read the book he thought that it was real. And he was like is this a real story? And I was like well in the story I’m dead and presently I’m sitting before you....”

“You should really stop using our names in your stories” Khushi said shaking her head, “People would think that it’s real!”

“17 year old school boy, Aarav killing himself and making it seem like a murder!” Fida said walking to the living room, “More like 28 year old CEO of AR Fashions, Aarav, writing a fiction about his younger self committing suicide!”

Everyone laughed and Fida said, “And my dear, how badly have you portrayed my character! I approached you? ran behind me for months to get me on a date! And then you proposed me eight times to get a yes. Liar!”

Aarav smirked and said, “No harm in harmless lies babe!”

“Look at my character!” Akash cried, “I am your biological father who sold you to brothel and tortured you...drove you to suicide! What the hell! I have never seen the entrance of a red street!”

Payal laughed and patted her husband’s shoulder.

“But I loved Akash’s character!” NK chimed in and Akash glared at him.

Everyone laughed.






“Hey!” Arnav said as he found Aarav in the terrace looking at the night sky.

“What are you doing here?” he asked and Aarav shrugged.


“She slept!” Aarav said.

“Is everything alright?” Arnav asked wrapping an arm around his son.

“Just thinking about those days!” Aarav said smiling.

Arnav sighed and Aarav said, “You know what the best thing about those days was? It brought us closer!”

Arnav smiled and said, “It was such a shock! Shyam being your biological father! Although I knew that he was such a bad person, I never thought that YOU would be HIS son!” he said laughing.

“I never knew about him and his relation with bua!” Aarav said shaking his head, “I was so stupid to go after him! I can’t even believe that I doubted you and mamma. Thought that you didn’t love me!”

“Hey it’s over! It was years back!” Arnav said smiling and patted his son’s shoulder.

“Bua should never know! No one should know other than you and mamma!” Aarav said for the nth time in his life and like always Arnav nodded.

Arnav said, “Why don’t you tell them?”

“NO....” Aarav cried, “I cannot have them see me as Shyam Manohar Jha’s son! I want to be Aarav Singh Raizada, your son!”

“You’re my son! Having a blood relation with Shyam changes nothing!” Arnav said softly.

“It will dad. If bua knows, then she will start to see me differently. I’m not saying that she will hate me but seeing me will constantly remind her that her husband had a child with another woman while he was married to her!”

“Fine” Arnav said, “But I want you to know are MY son!”

Aarav smiled and breathed the fresh air.

Meeting his biological dad for the first time was eventful. What more eventful was when he came to know who his father really is and what he has done to the Raizada family. Being sold to a brothel by him and running away from there, the first thing Aarav wanted to do, and which he did, was tell everything to his father!

“Poor Akash chachu” Aarav said smiling, “It’s always him, the Shyam of my stories!”

“Did you really think about hiding it from me? Just like you have written in the story?” Arnav asked.

“I doubted your love and Shyam just added fuel to fire. But I always felt safe with you and mamma. So...I didn’t know whether you would love me but I knew that you’d keep me safe. So I told you!” Aarav said smiling.

“Being a father is tough!” Arnav said smiling, “But you made it easy for me!”

“I’m scared” Aarav said slowly, “I’m afraid if I can be a great father like you. Fida is in eighth month. The baby is almost here and what if I....”

“You will be a great father” Arnav said firmly.

“How? I....I don’t know what to do and....”

“Even I didn’t” Arnav said smiling, “Just love your child unconditionally and everything will fall into its places! Be there for them and they’ll trust you! That’s all you have to do. They don’t our money or presents or anything but just our love and our presence!”

Aarav nodded smiling and Arnav said, “Don’t over think about it. You’ll be a great father! Believe me, because ASR is always right!” he finished with attitude.

Aarav laughed and hugged his father.

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