OS Being special

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Feb 10

OS Being special (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 49 times)

Angelinarshi this is for your os competition dear. I hope it meets all your rules. 

It's a hectic day for Arnav. Adding fuel to his frustration he struck in traffic jam. It's 10 pm now and he is still on road with long queue of vehicles ahead and behind. 

He furiously tapped his fingers on the steering wheel losing his cool second by second. After like ages the traffic got cleared giving him way.

When he entered shanthivan everything was silent. Ofcourse who would be up at this time except that one soul who always wait for him even it was 2 am and he always managed to get back to her as soon as possible. But today he couldn't make it up. It's not he would get an ear full from her but he dont want to make her wait for him with empty stomach. He insisted her to finish her dinner on time and not to wait for him . But did ever Kushi kumari Gupta lis.........oops Singh Raizada listened to him. Smiling at the thought he claimed two steps at a time to reach his love fast. 

When he opened the door he could not resist from stretching his lips upward. There she is, half lying on bed leaning her head on the head board blanket covering up to her waist and mouth slightly open. Half slept, sighing he reached her after placing his laptop bag on the reclaimer. 

"Kushi.." he called her softly patting her cheeks. 

"Hmmmm" she hemmed not opening her eyes. 

"Kushi get up" he pulled her blanket waking her up. 

"You came" she asked drowsily half opening her eyes. 

"Haaan get up let's eat first I'm so hungry" 

That's it she jumped off the bed running towards the kitchen not before shouting "2 minutes" and hitting something on her way in hurry yearning a "careful dammit" from him.

He shook his head smiling at her antics. Everyone knows how big foodie she is yet she choose to wait for him even it take hours for his arrival. When he questioned about it, all he heard was "it's my wish laad governor don't you dare to protest it" whatelse he can say after that. 

After refreshing he sat on the bed waiting for her. Cartoon was playing on the TV. He chuckled seeing that. Seriously, who would watch cartoons at this age. But his Kushi does, such a unique piece she is. While shuffling over the channel something caught his eyes. 

"Like always this year too we planned many games for the couple's to make their Valentine's day special at this last hour of day come on guys let's start the show....."the anchor went on and on but nothing heard by Arnav after that.

"Dammit" it's Valentine's day but he didn't do anything special for his lady love. 

He left early in the morning and back to back meetings didnt allow him even breath. And on the way back home he didn't noticed anything at all. The thing that occupied his mind was to reach home as soon as possible. At the end he was left with nothing. What is he going to do now?

Breaking his thoughts she came in after warming their food.

"Come on Arnavji let's eat" she said in her usual crispy voice.

He just nodded his head and went to the reclaimer gazing at her who was placing the dishes on the tea table. 

When she started to serve him he was shocked. Everything was his favourite not more but whatever presented their was his favourites. It's not that she prepare his favourites on any special occasion it happens often. So he can't comprehend anything by this.

She sat beside him serving for herself. She stared her blabbering session like always but never for once mentioned anything about this day. Arnav had his dinner silently while his mind processed thousand thoughts. 

After completing dinner she took the dishes and was about to move when he stopped her finally deciding to open up.

"Kushi" he held her hand looking straight into her eyes.


"Wait Arnavji let me leave this in kitchen then we can move to poolside and talk" he could do nothing but nodding his head. It's their routine, they will spend some quality time together in their favourite place*pool side*

After some minutes both settled on the poolside reclaimer cuddling to each other. He was lying his full length while she was half on the reclaimer and half over him. Her head on his chest and hand wound around his waist. His placed his one hand around her shoulder and another above her hand on his waist.

There was complete silence except their breathing sound and the cool breeze of the chilly night.

"Kushi" Arnav called breaking the silence. 

"Hmmmm" she responded indicating him that she was all ears.

"I'm sorry" his voice came little cracked. 

Kushi raised her head from his chest with a questing gaze.

"Today is Valentine's day and I did nothing to make you feel special" a thin line of tear formed in his eyes. 

"It's ok Arnavji. That and all not needed for me" she sighed and placed her head back on his chest. 

"But you love those things na?" he asked feeling guilty for disappointing her even though she didn't complain.

"Yes, but I'm more than satisfied and those things don't matter to me anymore" 

Confused by her answer he sat up making her to sit straight.

"But I didn't do anything for you" 

"You did everything for me Arnavji. You make me special everyday Arnavji, in everything you do" 

His brows crooked being more confused. 

Placing her palm on his left cheek and caressing it softly she stared clearing his confusions.

"Your every feelings reserved for me Arnavji. Your anger, love, care, fear, possessiveness, jealousy" she chuckled remembering his face going green whenever she was close with Nk during payash marriage preparations while he made a face of angry kid remembering the same. 

"This too" she pinched hid nose. "This kid too. Everything is for me, only me. And that makes me feel special every moment" he smiled hearing her. Still she continued. 

"You may think you show these things even to di but no you won't. You won't show her your anger or vulnerability or pain. I'm the only one who witness everything of you Arnavji. You are ASR to the world, chotae to di and nani, son for mama and mami and bhai for Akash and Nk but you are Arnavji only for me. The real Arnav behind every mask" 

His eyes brimmed with tears. This time with happy tears. Can anyone get this beautiful, caring and loving person. No, he is the lucky one to get it all for himself.

Failed by words he hugged her tight. Having tears and smile at the same time. 

"Wase Arnavji I also didn't do anything to make you feel special" she asked coming out of the hug raising her brows trying to make the air normal which was heavy with emotions.

"Yes, where are my surprises and presents?"he asked with a naughty grin, playing along.

"Hawwwww you laad governor. I expected something sweet from you but all you cared was about your presents" she hit his chest pouting.

Chuckling he pulled her into his arms and leaned back to their previous position. 

"Having you in my arms like this always makes me feel fly over the moon" he said closing his eyes and tightening his hold on her with content smile playing on his lips. 

She smiled and wound her hand around his waist rubbing her cheeks over his heart finding the suitable position to listen to its rhythm clean and clear.

Love needs no fantasy elements to express. It's just enough being you. 

I will surely feel special when my hubby being himself with me without any hindrance or masking his feelings even if that hurts me. 

This what I could come up with guys. Hope you like it. Leave your views in the comment section.

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