OS - U r the one for me....

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Feb 12, 2018

OS - U r the one for me.... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 134 times)

Arnav was sitting in the Couch reading newspaper. He was flipping through the pages when something caught his attention. He kept the news paper aside and saw that his 3 yr old daughter Aaradhya Singh Raizada alies Aaru for him and Kishmish to his Wife was coming out rubbing her eyes.

" Papa " She called in her cute voice.

" Haan Aaru " He lifted his daughter and made her sit on his lap cooing her."

"mumma..." she asked.

" mumma is in hospital baby. She will come.go and freshup " Said Arnav. smiling cutely Aaru went inside.whenever he see his daughter he gets a memory of past. That bought his love , his kushi to


Arnav Singh Raizada , DSP of Delhi city, wellknown for his arrogance was roaming on the hospital corridor fuming. Actually there was a accident of a pregnant lady when he was going to his home. He rushed her to nearby hospital. right now she is being operated. He had asked his team to investigate the things.

A young lady draped in a stiff cotton saree walked out removing the green coat and mask .He rushed to her.

Arnav - Hlo Dr. this is DSP Arnav. How is the lady ?

Doctor - This is Dr.Kushi. Actually sorry to say. the lady is counting her last minutes. we can't save her.

Arnav sighed hard - she was pregnant right?

Kushi - its a girl baby Sir. Arnav nodded and he along with kushi entered the room she was kept in.

The lady - Dr pls show me my baby. Kushi nodded and bought the cute bundle wrapped in white towel to her. the lady cried seeing the baby.

Lady - Pls take care of my baby. there is no one for her. her father also died and his family disowned us. Pls take care of my daughter.The lady cried and a lump formed in Arnav'sthroat while tears formed in Kushi's eyes. The lady died leaving her baby.

the baby was sent to a children home. Arnav went to the home after someday regarding some legal documents and was surprised to see the same Dr there with the baby.

Arnav - Dr.kushi u here ?

Kushi - Hi sir. Actually came to see the baby. can I ask u one thing...will u help me sir ?

Arnav was surprised hearing her. He nodded his head. Kushi - Actually sir , I... I wanna adopt this baby.

Arnav - Excuse me...Said Arnav shocked.

Kushi - S sir , I wanna adopt this baby.

Arnav - But Dr kushi ur family should also accept this adoption legally.

Kushi - There won't be any problem sir. Because I have no one. Iam also an orphan just like her. She said holding the baby close to her.

" Iam sorry "

" that's OK sir. "

" But Dr. u can't adopt this baby. u r not married and legally u can't adopt this baby. for adopting her u must be married "

Kushi's face fell down - Sir believe me I will give a nice life to her. I will be her mother and love her. even I decided a name for her.Pls....

Arnav - I would really like to help u , but there is no other choice. sry...he didn't like when her face fell down.

Kushi went away holding the baby while Arnav kept on looking her. Next few days passed. Every weekend Arnav would come to the home like kushi. Arshi became a gud friends. Arnav got to know kushi fully. She is such a girl to be adored. She makes everyone happy around her. she just loves to spent time with the kids. Arnav start to fall for her. he likes when she is around him.Even though she spent time with everyone that one baby is spl to her. she spents most of her time with her. Arnav also adores her a lot.Some months passed when Arnav was madly in love with her. He decided to propose her.

He went to same home and went to the room where that baby was kept. Arnav - hi Aaru. How r u my baby ? he played with her little fingers.

Kushi came there and smiled seeing them. Kushi - Hi Arnav.

" hi..."

" what is Aaru saying ? "

She is in playing mood right now. she wanna play with me. hein na baby ? "Aaru giggled. Arnav and kushi smiled seeing her. Kushi lifted her. Arnav went near her.

Arnav - Kushi do u remember ? u asked a help from me one day...

Kushi smiled - I remember and u DSP Arnav refused to help me.

Arnav - I think I can help u now.

" how ? "

" Very soon u will be married na. then u can adopt Aaru easily "

Kushi looked at him confused " seems like u r in playing mood more than Aaru "She moved away holding Aaru. she felt a tug and turned to get confused seeing Arnav in his knees.

Arnav - Kushi , I don't when and how everything started but It happened finally. I Love you kushi. I can't promise that I will give u a fairy tale life but I can give u a normal happy life. I will walk with u and protect u till my last breath.

kushi was shocked she put the baby in cradle and ran away. Arnav felt so disappointed. She ran away like that without answering him. One week passed by. Arnav didn't disturbed her. While kushi was still confused. She also likes to be with Arnav. One whole weekshe spent about thinking his proposal.

Again at weekend kushi went to home.She was holding Aaru. " what have u decided ? " she heared Arnav's voice.

" This won't workout "

"why ?" " ur family won't accept a girl like me. and I want to be Aaru's mother which ur family won't appreciate "

" The talk is about ME not MY FAMILY " said Arnav.

" That's also important "

" If that is a case, we are here to say u that we are more than happy to get u as our bahu bitiya " kushi heared a voice and turned to find Arnav's dadi and mother standing there.

Tears formed in her eyes. She looked at Arnav who smiled at her. She said - Aaru...

Arnav - AARADHYA ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA....she will be known by this world as MY Daughter. Hein na Aaru. u like papa right ?

Aaru giggled hearing his voice.Arnav - See she also accepted.

Dadi - Give me my pothi. let me have a look at her. Aww...so cute she is. said dadi holding her. According to her they have lived their life and they don't want to leave Arnav behind without anyone. They heared a lot about kushi from Arnav. She is such a lovely person

Kushi hugged arnav crying while he smiled hugging her. There started everything. Arnav and kushi married in a simple way. They adopted Aaradhya. Their life was a fairy tale then.


Arnav felt happy again thinking all those. He loves his wife and daughter very much. He thought to do something for Kushi.

After sometime Kushi entered the home and settled on the sofa beside Arnav. He hugged her sideways.

" Wr is my Kishmish ? "

" She came asking u and slept again. U go and freshup we'll have dinner "

Nodding her head Kushi went and came freshup. They settled on the table. she was surprised seeing her favorite dishes and Arnav served her.

" Kya baath hei. Anything spl today ? u prepared and serving dinner for me"

"Hmm...Happy Valentine day"

Kushi opened her mouth in a big 'o'. " I never knew Valentine day is celebrated in June also "

Arnav smiled sheepishly " I mean in advance "

" Don't u think this is very very advanced "

Arnav wrapped his arms around her neck. " Wt to do ? I have a lovely wife for me that I wanna express my love and I can't wait till Feb. By the way, with u everyday is a Valentine day for me"

Kushi smiled " why do u love me this much? what have I done to u that u love me this much ?"

" Becaz U R THE ONE FOR ME....."

Kushi smiled through eyes. " Waise...u have done this much to me. Every weekend u spent time with me and Kishmish. U fulfill my need even before I ask. Even being DSP u never showed ur anger on me. U cook for me to make me happy. So I also supposed to give u something right ? "

Arnav smiled in glee looking her. Kushi moved close to his face making Arnav surprised. he thought she is going to kiss him. But she moved near his ears " Happy Fathers day to the lovely father of my Kishmish and the baby growing inside me"

Arnav stilled for a moment. He looked at her with a big 'o' eyes. Kushi giggled seeing him and kissed his cheek.

Arnav lifted her and swirled her in air. Putting her down he hugged her.

The end -

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