Nishaa video song: Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan

Feb 14

Nishaa video song: Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan (By Medsuper)

Everyone in the cast of Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan became very popular when the youth of India took the show instantly. But it was Parth Samthaan who rose to fame the most. People just couldn’t get enough of him. Post the show, people were waiting for his next project. There were reports of him debuting in Bollywood but before that happened, we got the news of KYY’s season 3. And now a music video involving Parth and Charlie Chauhan, who too was part of the show. The song Nishaa is a perfect prelude to Valentine’s day! Palash R Muchhal’s voice is also soothing despite it being a heart-wrenching melody. 

It starts on a sad note where Parth is seen looking for Charlie everywhere. He breaks up with her rudely and doesn’t even care to give her a reason. But he later repents his decision when he starts missing her terribly. He sets out on a journey to look for her and apologise to her. But does Charlie agree to get back together? Check it out in the video below…

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The fact that KYY is returning has been accepted with great fanfare. It was as if fans were waiting for it to return. Parth Samthaan had tweeted a picture of the show’s script and posted, “Hamesha with a twist” which makes it even more interesting.

Credit : moumita bhattacharjee

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