OS: Bring back my arnavji

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Feb 14

OS: Bring back my arnavji (By Spriya) (Thanked: 42 times)

Dedicated to Angelinarshi. I don't think it will come under the theme dear, but I want to write something and end up with this one. Hope you all like it.


Without making noise he entered the house which was bestowed with darkness owing to the fact of past midnight. This become habit for him from past one year. Darkness, Darkness become his life. Darkness which feared her now fearing him too.

Taking long strides he reached his room. Opening the door he entered his den which reminds her essence making him to find solace and misery at the same time. His treacherous heart gather its pieces feeling her presence in each and every thing that lay in his room, her touch, her breath, her chirpy positive nature was the only thing keeping him sane. At the same time those are the things making him to feel die in guilty. Guilty of wronging his only love whom he claimed to love more than anyone else maybe even more than his di. Guilty of accusing an innocent soul who wished nothing but happiness of others more than her happiness. Guilty of crushing her soul in his misunderstanding.

Closing the door he throws his laptop bag on the recliner and the next minute he bit his tongue when the memory of khushi scolding him for throwing his things in hurry hit his mind. Taking back the laptop bag he keep it safe on the table. Wandering his eyes, he satisfied himself when her stars still lay at the side of her bed and the wind chimes now took its place just above his bed.

Freshening up he lay at the side of the bed and took a photo of her which was beneath his pillow.

"I miss you badly khushi. Where are you? I miss you so much more than you can imagine. I...Hope you're happy khushi, wherever you're. Don't you think my punishment is enough... Won't you come back to me...? Am.. I ever...forgiven? Bolo na... Everytime I am repeating this question, you're keeping quite. Will... you... remember me like I do? Ever my thought... cross your mind?..." Pausing for a minute he continued in the same broken voice with a stream of tears rolling down on his cheeks unwelcomed.

"No one is telling me about your whereabouts. But I can find you with the power and money I possess, if you hadn't wrote in that note stating not to search for you if ever I care for you. Trust me Khushi... Care is a simple word I have for you... Give me one chance Khushi, I'll erase all the bad memories... Will you?... Everyone is happy Khushi, everyone... Except me. I never felt the real happiness until I met you. Unknowingly you become my happiness which I forgot the moment I lost my... maa... Maybe if she was alive she had guided me on the right path... I thought Di's happiness was my happiness, if she is content I will be happy. Now she's happy Khushi but I am not happy. You know, no more she's calling me chotte... Not even her eyes were searching for me... Everyone is behaving as if I am not exist... I must be happy haainaa, no more pestering from Di to accompany her to temple, no more orders from Nani to sit and attend the Pooja which is happening in our house, no more Mami asking me to buy her makeup products, no more mama is seeing me with proud eyes... But I am not happy. This was killing me... I feel alien in between the family... II feel as if I am dead... I feel as if I am burdening them with my presence... How can I leave this place when each and every corner of this house has your touch-has your memories..." He choked at the intensity of feelings which weighting his heart.

"I... can't take it more Khushi... Day by day... I am finding nothing which can justify my life... I am losing my hope... II love you Khushi..." His eyes dropped instantly in tiredness unaware of the sleeping pills which Aman gave him mixed in the juice he last had. Unless he'll not sleep. Dried tears become permanent impression on his night these days.

When he opened his eyes that was late morning. Cursing himself for waking up late he got ready and down in few minutes.

"HP... Coffee..." Shouting from the living room, he wondered why the house looks empty. Adding to that he felt fresh after long time and it was nothing but because of his sound sleep of straight eight hours.

Hp briskly started preparing his coffee. Not everyday his bhaiyya was asking coffee these days. No one knows when he's coming from office and when he's having his food. Few days they know his state by Aakash who was now in abroad for company expansion. No one is speaking to him, few times Anjali used to ask about his food and medicines indirectly but after joining in a job and her engagement she's no where having the memory of her little brother.

"Where's everyone?" He asked wandering his eyes.

"Woah... Naniji went to temple along with Payal bhabhi family, mamaiji and mamaiji went to Aakash bhaiyaa house, Anjali didi went for valentine day party" HP answered politely handing him the coffee.

The moment he realised everyone was busy in their lives, he have no heart to stand there for a minute. Without giving a thought he marched outside to his safe den office where none of the family member thoughts disturb him. But he halted his steps hearing Hp's next set of words.

"Payal bhabhi gave me some address to give it to you" Saying this he forwarded a small paper.

Scrunching his brows on this new information, Arnav snatched it. His facial expressions changed drastically from sour to content while reading.

"Khushi address..." He whispered, laughed and cried in joy. Passing a quick hug to Hp terrifying him to the core, he gulped the coffee in one go before taking long steps ordering Aman to ready for the travel. He knows, without Khushi permission Payal will not disclose her address to him. So Khushi forgiven him. Little did he know that Payal herself come forward to give the address seeing him suffering to hell.


"Hey Khush..." a voice boomed on the cubicle of a multinational company.

"Hi Ayaan..." Khushi greeted back with a smile.

"So, what's the plan today?" He asked taking his seat beside her.

She shrugged her shoulders and concentrated back on her system.

"Yaar... Come on... Don't be a spoilt sport. You're coming to valentine's party today. Ok, and yeah don't worry about your date. All are ready" He said without a pause.

"No Ayaan. Listen to me... Ayaan... No.." She shouted as he winked before running from her cubicle.

"****!..." She facepalmed smiling at the crazy man.

Her smile vanished when the hidden memories came back with full force. She can't help but imagine how it would be if she celebrate her valentine day with the certain Raizada.

"You're done with that Khushi! You closed the chapter of your life long back. Don't go there. New life, new job, new friends that's what you. You yourself wanted this, aren't you? You're the one who didn't even wish to see his face when you left him at midnight. You served your contract period, you're only his contract wife nothing else..." Her brain consoled her and her self counselling process got disturbed when Ayaan came back.

"Khush... Theme is red" He chirped while her mind stubbornly get her back to her memories hearing red.

"Oh... Why are you telling me, I am not going to attend it anyway" She stated non chalantely.

"Hey that's not fair. See, I even got a dress for you. So no more excuses" Her another friend diya stepped in to convince her.

"She's fearing about her valentine..." Ayaan joked earning a glare from Khushi.

"Come on Khushi. It's going to be an year you joined here, yet you didn't even attend a single party with us" pouted diya.

"Wahh.. What a rhyming, year here..." Ayaan cheered this time earning a slap from Diya.

"Please na... For me" Diya and Ayaan pleaded with puppy face.

"Ok" Khushi agreed accepting her defeat. The duo friends of her cheered.

"See khush agreed for me..." Flattered Ayaan.

"Nope she agreed for me haainaa Khushi.. " Diya jumped proving she's no less than him.

"Nahin, she agreed for me..." Ayaan stubbornly declared.

"No... It's for me"

"For me.."

"Nope, for me..."


"Never, me..."

"My Khush agreed for me!"


They both go on on their fight not giving up.

"Enough guys, I agreed for you both" Khushi raised her voice stopping them from fighting. Both pouted and laughed at their childishness.

Khushi smile got distant when these two remind of her and her Raizada love. Like other days she managed to bury it in her heart.

"Enough of party talks, let's finish the work superfast" She send both of them away yet a part of her mind was nagging with his thoughts.

Soon the sun fades giving its way to the moon and Arnav was all set to meet Khushi. Buying a bouquet of red roses he went to the said address and started to wait impatiently.

"Hey you're looking gorgeous.." Ayaan whispered seeing the girl before him caldding in a bright red and black saree. More than modern clothes she looks ecstatic on this saree.

She stood shocked seeing the look in his eyes. Feeling her gaze Ayaan become conscious "I think, we should start now"

Clearing his throat he eyed her to the car.

"Hey, what are you guys still doing? Aren't we getting late for our party?" Their friend joined them.

Ayaan took his seat behind the wheels while the other two took their seat on back.

"Hey Khushi, you're looking gorgeous" Diya broke the awkward silence  gesturing her attire.

"All thanks to you..."

Diya smiled in understanding and again the painful silence filled the car.

"Khush... What do you think about love?" Ayaan asked adjusting the rear view.

Khushi was startled by the question. The term love itself brought his memories. She remains tight lipped not wanting to comment on the topic.

"Hey... Her coming to the party itself a miracle, why are you troubling her with the questions? You tell me what is love according to you?" Diya jumped in to help Khushi as she know khushi has some past up in her sleeves and she didn't want to rewind it all to her.

Ayaan eyes sneekily rest on her before darting back to the road "Love is everything your missing part of your life. It keeps you feel deserved of someone. Even without their presence, you feel contented with their mere memory. Everyone go through the phase of hard times in life, we may think there's no one loving us but the truth was someone out there who loves you for who you are. You must find out the correct person, that's it. And yeah love is the one who accept you with your flaws. We, humans have diverse characteristics. One cannot act like others. Everyone is unique and Everyone is not as perfect and clear as water. Everyone has few set of flaws within them, I believe. Life is too small to hold their flaws before our love, who knows what will happen the next minute. Live the moment, accept your love from your right choice" He would've continued if they didn't reach the venue.

Khushi mind was busy processing his last words, Life is too short to hold grudges. Who knows what happens next...

Isn't she gone through the same? Didn't her life showed enough? Losing parents unexpectedly, adopted by a family, engaged to a cheater, falling in love with a egoist and marrying him for six months everything was unexpected... Everything happened before she realise. Life was never to be planned. Now what???

"Khushi get down. Your valentine was waiting for you" Ayaan voice brought her back from her thoughts.

Khushi get down from the car in trance and next instant her heart started galloping against her rib cage.

How's it possible?

"Won't you meet your valentine?" Ayaan whispered.

Khushi snapped at him in anxious, Ayaan eyed his right side. With batting breath she turned to the side.

"Arnavji..." Words come out of her mouth in a flow seeing him standing in a black tuxedo with a bunch of red roses. His eager expectant eyes bore her soul as usual.

"Go khush... Life is too short to hold grudges against him when he was repenting" Ayaan pushed her forward.

Before Khushi took a step she was crushed on his large frame. Couldn't able to control his desperation, Arnav reached her in few long strides and took her in his arms.

"I am sorry Khushi... I am so sorry... I am really sorry... Don't leave me, I can't handle it anymore... Beat me, punish me do whatever you want but don't leave me Khushi... I can't... Please... Khushi... You..." Arnav's hot tears rolled on her bare back shuddering her.

Her tears left uninformed seeing him so vulnerable unlike him. She broke the hug making his heart to jump on his mouth. Her teary eyes captured a blur image of his weak form. Dark circles under his eyes with extra baggage, sharp chin was narrowed more than before, wrinkles on his forehead screams his state showing ten years older than his actual age in this one year. Her chest pained at the mere sight of him. His mind quickly registered the fact of her not hugging him back.

Can she lead her life knowing him suffering like hell? Can she accept anyone in the place of his? How many years can she live her life like this? Is she doing right thing by separating herself from him paining both? Wasn't the punishment for him was punishing her too? For whom she's doing all this? Doesn't he deserves a chance? When a chance for Shyam was given for the sake of Anjali love won't she give a second chance to her love. Yes! She can! Her happiness, her sorrow, her desire everything lies on this man. Life is too short to hold grudges when the person was repenting! His posture itself shows how much regret he carries.

"You're not the arnavji whom I fell in love with... Go and bring back my arnavji... He'll not be so weak, he'll not accept defeat easily, he'll not accept whatever Khushi Gupta is saying, he'll do the opposite just to prove her wrong. Go bring back my arnavji... Go..." She cried and kept pushing him by his chest.

He stood perplexed not believing his ears. His Khushi has forgiven him.

Next instant Khushi was in air.

"Arnavji..." She shrieked in horror. Her arms wound around his neck for support.

He smiled twirling her.

"Arnavji... Put me down... Ahh... Arnavji..."

"Your arnavji will do opposite of what exactly Khushi Gupta wishes" He answered meeting her eyes with a naughty glint.

She laughed bending down to peck his forehead. Before her lips land on his forehead Arnav cleverly drop her a little so that her lips touch his.

She gasped when Arnav deepen the kiss snaking his arm around her waist. 

"Our plan succeeded finally" Diya whispered on Ayaan ears.

"Hmmm.... By the way you're more ****y in this saree than your modern clothes. I was flattered when I saw in this saree for first time" Ayaan whispered in diya ears dragging her away to spend some quality time with her. Afterall their mission for uniting her friend with her love from past three months got fruits now.

"You still doesn't say those words" Khushi pouted rubbing her lips.

"What words?" Arnav acted as if not understanding what she meant.

"Arnavji... Say na... Atleast now..." She pouted when he gave her the bouquet of roses.

"You only wanted your arnavji who do exact opposite what you wishes, but now asking me to obey your wishes" He argued dragging her to his car.

"Arnavji... Ok don't say it then" She whined shrugged his arm in irritation.

Smiling he pulled her on his chest "Love you Khushi kumari Gupta"

"Singh Raizada" She chuckled hugging him to her heart content. 


Wrote in last minute so it didn't came out well like I planned, hope it was good.

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