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AJEEB PREM KAHANI...PHIR SE.. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 86 times)

* Hello guys...this is your all much awaited story ajeeb prem kahani phir se..like early story it's going to very ajeeb story which going to tell a unique story of the soul mates who mean to each other.but it's was exact opposite story line from early story.which have more intense,romantic,mature lines..I don't like to break the surprise telling the story lines..read happily and get to know the story..happy reading.....

It's was February breeze month..its have the combination of both hot and cool climates..the always busy Delhi today also like that.but somewhere in Delhi a place called shantivan being shanti just like it name..and there a big palace like white and grey combined mansion standing with big pride.no one can say any wrong on that mansion..it's was like some King' kingdom...and inside the mansion an normal family sitting on hall.an elder women in late sixties told her elder grand daughter sweetly..

Women:anjali beta!see it's time for chote to wake up..go wake up him..

Anjali:okay Nani!

Saying that she left upstair.devayani singh raizada look at her grand daughter lovingly and again start to read her holy book.she was elder on raizada family.she respected and loved by her whole family.and she to love her family very much.then suddenly her daughter in law manorama raizada told her in some typical complaining tone..

Mami:hello hai bye bye!!sasuma.don't you think now days your chote engrossed in work very much..he nowadays coming to home almost new morning..

Nani:(sigh)ha manorama!i know that.more then early nowadays he become big workaholic..and you know right if we said something his anger peek to high.thats why I am keeping quite without saying anything..

Other members sigh and agree with her..they all always have a little worry about their elder son who don't care about anything expect work..he don't work like a normal human being..they all hope some days he some will change this habit of him.

In upstair.anjali reached to one last room.without knocking she got inside the room.she look for her brother in bed.but she saw the bed looking like same in night.very neat and clean..then her eyes fell on the recliner in pool side,she sigh seeing her brother sleeping on recliner.and the laptop placed on table open way.looking like he sleep working way.she moves towards him and cares his thick loose hair..which covering his eyes..feeling someone caressing his hair.he opened his intense ****y honey colour eyes.the morning light making him look hot even more..he slowly blink his eyes and saw his sister standing beside him with sweet smile.he give her his very rare small smile.he got up from the recliner and went inside the room.without saying anything anjali went from there..

After 20 minutes..in dinning room.all of them join to dinning table and waiting for their elder son to come.and after moment he come downstairs..all of them look at him with sweet admiring smile.he coming down wearing black texture brand new with Rolex watch on hand.his perfectly jelled hair with manly perfume he just killing to see.totally he looking like handsome Greek god.every single women wished to have a hot and ****y man like him.if his fan girls see him like this.they will die in craziness..of course they will.because he is the India most wanted eligible bachelor ARNAV Singh RAIZADA...who called as ASR in public..he is no.1 fashion tycoon in whole India.not just fashion ,even jewellery shops,seven star hotels,big shopping mahals,in all he is greatest business tycoon in whole India..even in other countries he have branches of his business..because of his hard work.today he is no.1 richest man in Delhi and 2nd richest man in whole Asia.there no person who don't know about him.he was like smile film star in India and always hot topic in media..nowadays he planning new branches in abroad.he really really busy.thats why whole family worried about him..

Soon he joined to dinning hall.and start to have the breakfast discussing about business with his older brother akash..suddenly anjali make a fake cough with take arnav attention.he rise his eyebrow sharply like asking what..she make her voice clear little and asked him keenly..

Anjali:chote do you think about our talk last night.(his face become serious)what's your decision about getting married..

Arnav:(hard tone)di don't ask me this useless question when you know about my answer..why can't you understand.i am not interest getting marry.

Nani:why can't you understand our point chote.your are now 31 year old..but still not married.please chote.every time past won't repeat chote.i know we did mistake five years ago.but that won't happen this time.please believe us chote.

Arnav:I am sorry Nani.but this time I won't fall on same track I fell five years ago.i can't bear that once again,I won't marry and that's it,don't compel me.

He told his decision firmly.and left from there to office.family members sad hearing him.how can they make him understand that every time same mistake won't happen.

Anjali:(worried)how can we make him understand Nani.this time nothing will happen like last time.i am really worried about his future Nani..

Akash:di I think you should make him believe and understand that.this time nothing will happen wrongly.

Anjali:(helpless tone)but how we make him believe that.he even not ready to hear me out fully,what can I do.

Akash:di to make him believe that.find a bride for him who will make bhai believe your words.give him her full details clearly without any wrong.in all you have to find a girl who bhai believe she will not betray him.who have guts to break the wall bhai building around him..

Anjali hear his words clearly.she totally agree with him.other members to agree with him.in all they have to find a girl who will break the ASR mask of their arnav.who can make him fall on her,she got determine smile on her face.now she know what she have to do.from now others wards her work finding a perfect bride for her kadoos brother.she don't know where's her babhi now..

In laxminagar..that's was really loud area.everywhere filled with mini shops,houses,neighbors..it's was really joyful area,no one can bore being there.every time game and masti..there in middle of road which not so big.bunch of children in area playing shoot..in middle of the children an girl on her early youth aiming the placed tins with ball.she having perfect toned slim body with fair skin.her long hair which touching till her bump pinned to loose bun.her gorgeous ocean blue eyes shinning in day time too.her chubby cheeks which naturally red.her red rose petals lips which she biting now just stunning..and her perfectly sharpen eyebrows..in all she looking like a fairy Angel,,the childish look she having  on her face just making her look like barbie doll.she have perfect height and weight for her age.in all she is gorgeous girl in whole laxminagar..no one can ignore her this gorgeous beauty.actually there no words enough to describe her this stunning beauty.and this beauty queen older daughter of shashi Gupta and garima Gupta..and baby sister of payal gutpa..in all she is khushi kumari Gupta..she is Angel of her family.no one will get heart to yell at jerks she do some naughty staffs..her charming smile which can make anyone fall on her completely.she was completely pampered child by her family.specially from her buaji madhumathi..she was widowed women who don't have any children..she consider khushi as her own child and love her very much.always support her every naughty words.for guptas she was their little princess who turn 18 one month ago..she going to join in collage tomorrow..not like other girls she reallly tension free about her new collage..now guptas little princess playing with their neighbors children happily without care about anything..

Khushi aim the tins and hut that with full force.soon the tins shatter everywhere.then the game started..she quickly  try to reset the tins..their game continues very long.finally she rest the tins.she start to jump in joy..neighbors smile seeing their beloved khushi childishness..her team shout in happiness..

Khushi:yeyyyyyy!!!we won..we won.(suddenly yell)ahhh maa..

Garima twisted her ears normally .she drag khushi inside the house.finally khushi free herself from her mother hold..she sooth her ear with pouty face.

Khushi:(complain tone)ahh ma you're so bad..you don't let me cheer my victory..I win the game.my team win the game..

Garima:(sarcastic tone)oh really.its you won any World Cup for India that you want to cheer your victory..and your team members who all just till your hips.how many times I told you don't play with children.you are not baby anymore..

Shashi:garima don't shout at her morning itself.and what's is wrong of she play with children.even she too still child.she just turn eighteen.don't give her pressure now itself..

Khushi:(cuddle her father)oh you're the best papa..(point garima)and you're are the bad mother.you always yell at me..

Garima:(complain tone)shashi ji I am telling you.you pampering her very much.she is not child anymore.(shashi give her knowing look)okay ask your lovely daughter it's she prepared everything for tomorrow collage..then the answer will come as no..

Khushi:(sarcasm tone)mama I am not going to any border war that I need to prepare my weapons for that.i am just going to join collage which also like a school.if you still you want to prepare something then.go prepare my aloo paratha..I am very tired after playing big match..

Garima try to hit her.khushi quickly hide herself on her father.hashi laugh seeing the mother daughter cute scenes..he take khushi and settle on sofa with her.khushi cuddle her father tightly.shashi sweetly  start to cares her hair.he somewhere can't believe that khushi actually turn 18..he looking her still one year old khushi.he is not very rich man and not so poor too.they having a normal life.have own two sweet shops in Delhi which very popular there,he get any big orders every week.he fulfills all his daughters need.and his daughters are sweethearts.they will ask anything if it necessary only.they not waste money unnecessarily.his elder daughter payal working some shopping mahal as cashier..and his older daughter still studying.god present him very beautiful peaceful family.he is really happy man.he fulfilled all his responsibility as father until today.still there one more thing left.his both daughters marriage..if he fulfilled that too.his whole responsibility to fulfilled..he want good grooms for his daughters who going to look after them after him.god give everything things to him.if God hear his this wish too.he will be very happy.don't know where is his daughters Prince Charmings.

Offo!!so this is the first update of new season.tell me about the update in comment section.how is it.god or bad.please give me the feed back.after seeing the response I will update other updates..

Little note..want to clear arnav khushi age difference..arnav is 31 and khushi is 18.they both have 18 years difference between them.its was main point of the story.hope everyone okay with that.

Next update:khushi first day in collage..new friends to unexpected life.

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Ajeeb prem kahani...phir se.. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 93 times)

Next day morning,Gupta house..Khushi getting ready for her first day of collage.she wear beautiful robin blue full sleeve salwar with half length heels..forget to maintain.our Khushi Gupta little modern type.not very much.but not less too.she respect her moral.she modern in traditional way.she made her long hair to big curl and put minimal makeup..totally she looking fabulous on her attire.she don't need to put extra make up to show her beauty.after looking herself last time in mirror she came out from her room.there her family waiting on dinning table for her.then she had healthy breakfast with her family.now it's time for her to go.she get up and take blessings of her parents,buaji.garima feed her spoon of curd and told her in advising tone.

Garima:best of luck for your new day in collage beta.take care of yourself.have the lunch on time.and importantly don't do any naughty staff in collage like in school.you should be good girl.don't get into any troubles..

Buaji:(place hand on her head)hare nandakis****!you again started your lessons..my titiliya very good and talented girl.she won't do any work which will make us worry.you stop your daily tantrum.let her enjoy her collage life.(to khushi)you go pari..you don't need to hear her words,just enjoy your collage life.

Khushi hugged her buaji tightly and showed tongue to garima.shashi and garima chuckles seeing her childishness..then payal asked her to come.both girls get into payal scooter and left from there after bid bye to family.

After 20 minutes payal stopped the scoots front on of big knowing collage in Delhi..there many famous people relatives,children studying..and shashi Gupta always find best for his daughters.paying lot of money he take a seat for Khushi.and Khushi being bright student quickly got the seat.then Khushi got down from the Scotty and payal told her sweetly.

Payal:all the best for your first day Khushi,I will come to pick up you after collage end.wait for me and don't go anywhere alone.

Khushi agree with her.after hugging her last time payal went from there..Khushi turn and look at the huge building front of her.she left a big sigh and enter inside the gate with confident smile.she slowly walking inside the collage observing all around.but she don't notice most of the students stares now only on her.all of their jaw almost dropped seeing such a gorgeous girl.she looking so gorgeous on her simple salwar.already body's start to drool over her.some of girl making frown envy face looking her beauty.but she didn't notice all this.she just enjoying the out view of her new collage.when she looking all that.she hear someone calling her from behind.she turn and saw there some of collage student gang sitting few feet away from her.she unsure.its there really calling her or not.she point herself asking them like me..then on of the boy in gang told her loudly,

Boy;hey girl...we are calling you only.come here!

Khushi slowly move towards them.now all students who present outside only looking her.she slowly move towards the gang.there was two girl and three boys.they give her teasing look.one of the girl asked her with attitude..

Girl:hey you little girl..are you a fresher?what's your name?

Khushi:;(smile charmingly )yes I am fresher..and my name is Khushi..Khushi Gupta..

For a few seconds the boys in gang got lost on her charming smile.then they come out from that.then on of the boy asked her teasing way.

Boy:so you're fresher..then you should know about the seniors rules.from now other wards you should do whatever we all saying.do you know to dance.(she nodded)great .then come on dance for us to best item song..or else you have to run around the collage ground three time..we warning...

Khushi:(cut off them)wait wait..are you all trying to rage me.okay okay..I get it..sorry yaar I didn't know about this before.because I studied in girls school.so there raging not allowed..so now you all want to rage me right.so let's do this.but before that one small request..I don't have any experience on raging someone.before you all start.i want to do one raging..only one..okay..

The gang got really shocked and confused seeing her behavior..this is first time some student talk with them like this about ranging,other students who watching all this really surprised by khushi's guts.all of them looking her with curious reactions..then on of the girl in gang stand up in anger and asked her angrily.

Girl:hey you little girl.do you think you're smart.how dare you to talk with us like this..(to one boy)hey dev drag her towards me..I will give her correct punishment for talking with us like this..

Then dev come forward to held Khushi hand forcefully..but Khushi hurriedly take her water bottle and poured the water inside his pant.next second he jump in sudden coldness.he yelling in cold,other students shocked by her act,Khushi giggling seeing his state.she poured ice water inside his pant which was damn cold.when other students in gang try to hold her.she quickly take bunch of grass in floor and put that inside all of their nose.they all start to sneeze continually..they can't stop their sneeze.other students laughing seeing their seniors poor state.after giving them warning look Khushi enter inside the building.all students really mesmerized by her.she truly unique character..that only think run on their mind.when Khushi try to enter to her classroom.someone patted her shoulder from behind.she turn and saw an very handsome boy early on his twenties smiling at her sweetly.she to smile back.then he told her with chirpy tone..

Boy;hi Khushi.i am nandakis**** raizada..you can call me nk short and simple..nice to meet you..

Khushi:hello nk.nice to meet you too.but how do you know my name.i just arrived..

Nk:(smile)not only me Khushi.now this whole collage know about you.after witnessing the way you raged our seniors,must said that's was brave and funny move.

Khushi chuckles hearing his statement.she got really well with nk.his chirpy style attitude catch her heart.then he forward his hand to her for handshake.

Nk:okay Khushi.from now other wards we are friends..I was in second year.my class on second floor.if you need anything or need any help you can call me anytime.(teasing way)I know you don't need my help when you can take care of yourself very well.but still.as good friend I am here for you.meet me at lunch time in canteen.i will introduce my other friends to you..

Khushi:it's truly nice to meet you nk.i already Got a awesome friend.i will surely take your help if I needed..

They both smile each other..then nk left to his class and Khushi enter to her own class.where sge going to study next one year.all of the students in class room look at her with many reactions.but she just give them cute smile.and she take a seat on second bench.there a one girl sitting beside her.then the girl forwards her hand to Khushi.

Girl;hello I am geet..nice to meet you.

Khushi:(smile)nice to meet you too geet.i am Khushi...

They both smile each other.then her first day started..soon she got lost on her studies..

At break time in canteen.,Khushi come to canteen with her new friend geet.then she hear nk calling her from behind,she turn and saw nk sitting with some students..the girls move towards him.then nk get up and welcomed her warmly.he told his friends little highly.

Nk:so guys here we go.my new cute friend.khushi.from today other wards she to part of our gang.come Khushi take a seat with your friend.(Khushi ,geet seated)so Khushi let me introduce my friends to you..this is armaan,naina,vyom,diya,riddima...

Khushi get well with nk friends.soon they all become close and comfortable with her.nk'gang adored khushi's chirpy bubbly nature.soon they all start to love her,geet to get well with them.for Khushi her first day was really good..

At evening in raizada mansion..ladies chatting in living hall.nk was sitting with them and writing of assignment ..he was younger son of manorama and manohar.and younger brother of both Arnav akash..and he still studying..not like his brothers..he was really fun person.and raizada ladies little more close to him more then other boys because of his open type and fun character.and he was even gossip with them sometime.he didn't scared of anyone expect his elder brother Arnav.he have both fear and respect towards him.he always inspired by Arnav.he was his role model.and impotently he love his brother very much.he always wish good for him.and he thought to follow his follow his brother after studies.and Arnav to already ready to support him.now he was sitting with raizada ladies.they all talking and he doing his homework.suddenly he giggle thinking somethings..it's got ladies attention.they amused seeing he smiling alone.still there big smirk on his face.anjali asked him smilingly.

Anjali:what's the matter my little brother.you smiling alone suddenly.tell us na.what make you smile suddenly.even we can smile na.

Nk:(smile)di there a new girl joined to my collage today.and do you know what she did on her first day.

Then nk told the whole story to ladies.soon the hall filled with heart full laughter.they all really surprised hearing that.they all wondering if she truly did this on her first day.

Mami:(in between laugh)hello hai bye bye!!i can't believe this.what a unique girl she is.i don't know an fresher can do something like this to seniors.i really love her character..

Nk:ma you start to love her character.but if you meet her.you will completely fall on her charming bubbly face.you know what.now she is the most gorgeous girl in our whole collage..already many boys smitten by her.she make everyone fall on her just wearing simple shalwar.but ma.she don't have any pride about her beauty.she just being herself.and making all fall on her.

Raizada ladies really shocked about nk words.this is first time he telling about some girl with lot of respect.they all know about him very well.he give full details about the girl who will attract and and he dated till now,but that way he described about Khushi not like other girls.even they getting some attract towards her.then Anjali slowly asked him.

Anjali:what's her name nk.


An small smile appear on ladies face hearing her name.without meeting her they all start to adore.now somewhere their all heart wishing to meet her.they all really want to meet this unique creation.but little did they know devimayya already arranged her meeting with them..

After five days..it's been five days Khushi joined to collage and enjoying her collage life.everyone in collage adore her dearly.even she become favorite of many teachers and professors..all of them really like her.but Khushi try to be only with nk gang.even dozen of friends not a good thing.she always with with nk and her friends.daily they all day will be really enjoyable because of Khushi naughty ,Bubbly character..no one get bored around her.she always be sentry on attention.they all always amused by her nature.sometime she will be full childish.and sometime she will be very matured and responsible person.they all can't judge what is Khushi really nature.but whatever it is,they all love her very much.those five days Khushi take place in everyone life and heart.specially of nk'gang.they all just can't get enough of her cuteness.

Today after collage end,Khushi come out of the collage building with her friends.today she decided to introduce her friends to her jiji.now they waiting until Khushi go.then after sometime an girl in early twenties come to pickup Khushi.she give sweet smile towards them.then Khushi drag payal towards her friends,and told her chirpily.

Khushi:guys.this is my one and only elder sister payal Gupta.(to payal)jiji I always talk about my friends na.here they all.my dearest friends.

Khushi intro her gang to payal.she talk with everyone sweetly.they all come to know she is not like Khushi.she looking little shy and silent type,but she to have a pure heart like Khushi.they really happy to meet such a genuine girls.then after bid bye to her friends Khushi left the collage with payal.then other to left the collage..

In raizada mansion.nk reached to home.and got fresh up.then he join with his house ladies gang.after he settled well Nani asked him eagerly.

Nani:Nannie..what khushi's active today.i am sure today also she did something really naughty.

Nk smile seeing his family's eager to know about his friend works..actually it's was daily routine for them.ladt five days after coming to home his work was giving info about Khushi daily work.and somewhere they all really enjoyed hearing that.then nk told them with smile.

Nk:actually today something happens really funny.there a one boy in our collage.he was really dominate type.he keep disturbing one girl in khushi's class.when she come to know that boy plan to Harass that girl.she poured glue on his canteen chair.without knowing that he sit on chair relaxing way.when he try to get up.he completely got struck on chair.he yelled screamed.but nothing happens.the whole canteen drool into laughter looking his condition..we only know it's was Khushi who land him on this situation..the whole day he keep glued on chair.

Ladies start to laugh hearing the story.oh god.she is truly naughty girl.they all get happy whenever they all hear about her.somewhere she making them happy..

Anjali:how much we wishing to meet her.after hearing all this.we just want to meet her nk.cant we get a chance to meet her.

Nk;(smile)if you all want to meet her.you can meet her only on collage.she is not the girl who roam around everywhere after collage finished.this only option left to meet her.

They sigh hearing that,they thought to meet her in collage one day.when they all planning.no one notice there someone in doorstep hearing all of their talks more interestingly..

Arnav look at his family women who talking about some strange girl who was they don't meet.he noticing this from past two days.his family members getting interest on some of nk' collage girl.he wondering what there special about that his family get attract without even meeting her.he really surprised about that,but he thought to forget all those unwanted thinks.he have many other things to do more then this .thinking that he marched towards his room.he just burst of that saying this.but he didn't notice there already something happened inside him when he hear about her.maybe his heart recognized her.lets see what's this kadoos going to do after this..

After two days..today was Sunday.but Arnav don't have any off even in Sunday.now he is on the way to his office.and to his highly irritation he got struck on huge traffic..there a many transports cars standing to go.the horn sounds,shouting sounds..making Arnav greeth his teethes in frustration..he bang the wheel in anger.he closed his eyes to control his building headache..when he try to calm himself.suddenly an melodious sounds of anklet arched on his ears.in those shouts and sounds.he hear that anklet sound very well.he opened his eyes and saw there a girl in yellow salwar standing little far away from his car.her back facing him.he saw her hair are really long and thick.and it's was fully brown.her fair skin shinning in day light.with her body moment he can see she was doing something.he got urgent crave to see her face.but she not ready to turn.seeing her body maintain he can guess she must be on her early twenties.he try to look at her face.his bad luck he can't.then she placed something on platform..Arnav saw its was little puppy.and it legs are bandaged.he wondered it she really did medical treatment to puppy.he amused thinking that.when she turn side way.he notice a black little size mole on her left cheek.he try to get glimpse of her face.then she enter to a auto after caressing the puppy.when he try to look for her.suddenly reality stuck him.he wide his eyes.what he is doing,he drooling over some girl.this is not him.he never behaved like this.then what happens to him suddenly.no one makes him feel like this.how she make him feel like this in such a short period,no it's not possible,he should be hard to out,he will never behave like this  again.he want look after any girl again.he chant that on his mind continually.his mind accepted this,but his heart not ready to hear him out little bit too,it's not ready to forget or move on from her soulmate who he met now.it will never let him forget her.thats  true that he will not look after other girls.but he will definitely look at he girl who he saw now.lets see what going to happens.

Next update::khushi's meet with raizadas..Khushi in raizada mansion..

Hello guys..first of all I would like to ask sorry for my mistake in previous part.i written arshi have a thirteen years difference..but it's got spelling mistake.really sorry for that.and guys please try to accept this age difference..it's was high point in story.its not a big deal right.there many couple who happily living without carrying about age different.and I promise I will make arshi best couple in this story.please corporate with me..

Other stories update depends on this update votes and comments..

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Mar 14

Ajeeb prem kahani...phir se.. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 80 times)

After someways.today was Sunday.raizada ladies come to mandir with nk.its their weekly routine.they three climb to stairs.nani asked nk to bring pooja thaali.now Anjali mami Nani climbing in stairs.when they almost near to idol.suddenly sharp pain raise on Anjali's leg,she hurriedly sit on stairs yelling in pain holding her leg.nani and mami got tension seeing her condition,they don't know what to do.nk also downstairs really far from them,mami try to call Arnav quickly.but suddenly an girl early on youth takes Anjali's leg on her lap and start to massage her legs superb slowly.they three surprised seeing that.slowly Anjali's pain start to less.she become okay.they don't know who is she.her face not visible to them.she looking down.after massaging her leg the girl keep Anjali's leg slowly on floor and faced Anjali with and gorgeous smile.for few seconds Anjali fall on her smile.then the girl slowly get up and smile at them.she told them in sweet voice.

Girl:before getting panic for any problem.we should think a minute and find solution for it.(look at anjali)she is okay now.dont worry.

They smile at her.she smile back.dont know why they three feel big attract towards her.her bubbly talk,gorgeous face,charming smile.everything making them fall on her more.when she try to move.they hear nk voice from behind.who calling someone name whose nowadays only on their mind.

Nk:Khushi you here?

Khushi:nk!what a surprise..I don't expect you here today.

Ladies opened their mouths shockingly seeing the revelation.so this is Khushi..who now days not ready to leave their  mind,who they died to meet.they never think their meet with her will be like this.and they never expect she will be this munch gorgeous.her one smile enough to make everyone fall on her feet.next moment they three broke into big smile.anjali asked nk happily.

Anjali:nk bhai..it is true..this is really Khushi..please tell yes..

Nk:(smile)yes di,.this is my dearest friend Khushi gupta.who you all dying to meet.

Ladies smile happily hearing his words.next moment they all take her to bone cracking group hug.khushi starlet by their act.she don't know what's happening here.they still strangers to her.but they behaving like their know her from years.then ladies broke the hug.nani cupped her face.

Nani:you don't know how much we waited to meet you.you really beautiful beta.i never expected you will be this Much beautiful..I am really happy to meet you beta.

Khushi:(not understand smile)sorry Nani.but I want to know how you all know Me.this is first time we all meeting,then how you all know me,please tell me I am really confused.

Nk:(laugh little)that's nothing Khushi.their your fans.i keep updating about your naughty works in collage.and they love to hear your works in collage.like that they all know you.

Khushi lowered her head in shy and embarrassment.she never expected nk telling about her to his family.they chuckles seeing her red face.then Anjali told her smiling way.

Anjali:don't feel embarrass Khushi..we all adore you for your naughty,chirpy nature only.the moment nk bhai tell about you to.we just wished to meet you.we really liked your unique nature.be  this always.

Khushi smile hearing them.then some girl called Khushi from behind.its was payal.soon Khushi introduces payal to raizadas.they got really well with Gupta girls.then all did prayer together.after finishing all prayer they come out from temple.then mami told them joyfully.

Mami:hello hi bye bye!!its really nice to meet you girls..we all really happy.

Payal:(smile)it's nice to meet you all too.i glad we got really well.hope to meet you all again.

Nk:(smile cheerfully)okay guys let's capture this meet as picture..(take out phone)come lets take a selfie.

Then all pose for selfie..raizada ladies truly don't like to leave girls specially Khushi.but what to do.they should leave.after exchanging numbers raizadas left the place.gupta girls to went their house.

After two days..in raizada mansion.ladies all planning for some pooja in house for well being of family.mans are left to their own works.nk left to collage.now ladies only on home.after arranging all.anjali told to Nani.

Anjali:Nani now all ready for tomorrow pooja.i called some neighbors for pooja.there anyone you want to call(Nani denied)

Mami;(suddenly shout)hello hi bye bye!!i remembers someone when talking about guests.how about we call our Khushi to tomorrow pooja.after meeting in mandir.we don't meet her again.how about we call her..

Anjali:(happily)arre wah mami!!your idea is superb.why I don't get this idea..of course we should call her.its will be really nice if we call her here.wait let me call her.

In collage..break time..Khushi having lunch with her friends in canteen.suddenly her phone ring.she look at id and saw its Anjali.she answered the call with smile.

Khushi:hello Anjali Ji....how are you....I am fine.....what pooja....how can I come there....okay I will come...ha I am sure.....I will come tomorrow evening after collage end.....ha  take care...bye..

Khushi cut the call and inform about this to nk.he to very happy hearing that.then all continue have lunch talking.

In Gupta house..after Khushi come from collage.she inform about Anjali invitation to her..obviously they all know about Anjali.khushi always tell everything to them.then garima told her softly.

Garima:we don't have any objection Khushi beta..I know they all good people.they invited you with lot of love..you should go..

Khushi smile happily hearing her.actually she really want to go there.somewhere her heart asking her to go there soon.but she don't know why.she leave her thoughts and try to go her room to select dress to wear tomorrow.suddenly buaji told her.

Buaji:hey titiliya!!wear some traditional dress.You going for pooja na.thats why...ah wear that white saree I gifted you for your eighteen birthday..it's will be really nice for tomorrow.

Khushi nodded at her.then she went to room and arrange her things for tomorrow pooja.little bit she knows from tomorrow other wards her life going to take new path..

In raizada mansion..night time..dinning hall..whole family joined to dinning table for dinner.ladies already informed mans about tomorrow pooja.and like always Arnav denied to attend the pooja.

Anjali:no chote!this time you can't ignore this pooja..this pooja arranged for family well being.how will its complete if you don't join.you have to attend and that's it,if you still don't agree mark my words..I will never talk with again.

Arnav sigh hearing his sister emotional blackmail..Shyam shook his head looking his wife dramatic act..without argue more Arnav agree with get.Anjali smile seeing his agree and waiting for to tomorrow to come.....many for things to come..

Next day evening..raizada mansion getting ready for pooja..all set now.soon some people to come.but ladies just waiting for Khushi to come.arnav working in room until pooja start.they eagerly waiting for khushi's arrival.they told her her arrival to mans expect Arnav.anjali impatiently asked to nk.

Anjali:nk bhai..why didn't Khushi come still.everyone already come..why she getting late.call her and ask her where's she..

Nk:(smile)di relax..don't worry..Khushi will come on time..I already called her.and she is on the way.so relax she will come..

"Are you talking about me nk""hearing the most melodious voice all turn to see owner of it.next second they all mesmerized by the angel front of them.no words coming from their mouth to talk.khushi standing front of them wearing milky white full sleeve net design saree.she made her brown hair to long curls..she wearing long thin earnings which almost touching her shoulder.she not put lot of make up.just dark kajal adoring her blue eyes..she looking like some fairy angel.she looking everyone with charming smile,Nani Anjali looking her with admiring look.they slowly moves toward her.soon Anjali takes kajal from her eye and put behind her ears.she told Khushi admiring way.

Anjali:I don't want any evil eyes fell on you.you don't know how much you looking gorgeous on this saree,I can't take my eyes from you.you really beautiful Khushi (Nani agree with her)

Khushi become red hearing their compliments.actually she is not a girl who get shy very soon.but when come to raizadas.she become kitten.then Anjali introduce her to other family members,soon they all get really well with her.her bubbly nature make everyone adore her dearly.specially she got well with akash and Shyam.she feel brotherly feel around them.they to looking her like baby sister..

Arnav cone down to join with family members to pooja.when he look for them.he saw they all surrender and talking with some girl.her back facing him.he arch his eyebrow seeing such a perfect figure.she wearing milky white saree.and her little back visible to him..he saw her skin colour matching with the saree..he feel like he seen this figure somewhere before..he really sure about it,when he thinking about that,suddenly he notice her mole in right cheek.then he recall the girl who he seen in road.and who make his heart skip for s moment.he wide his eyes wondering it is truly that girl.he hope it's not.his mind asking him to move from there.but his heart asking him to move toward her ..first time in life Arnav Singh raizada heard heart...he slowly keep step towards her.when he nearing her melodious voice boom on his ears.He feel butterflies flying around him hearing her voice,he feel huge urgent to see her face.he don't know how will she look.it she beautiful.hope she is..seeing her figure and skin colour he know she must be beautiful.thinking all this he slowly moving toward her.when he lost on her thoughts he didn't notice he thinking and hoping about all he never want to.finally he reached toward her..now he standing just three feet away from her.he saw his sister telling something to her..

Anjali:Khushi this is my brother arnsv Singh raizada.he is elder to both akash nk.and younger to me..

Khushi..what a beautiful name.then he saw she turning to face him.he make himself to face her.he stood with attitude and arrogant face.but next second his all arrogance and attitude fly away looking the girl front of him.he feel like world stopped for a moment seeing her.everything around him disappeared expect her.is she truly really girl or she imagine some girl in dream..it she truly real..his mouth opened little seeing the gorgeous girl front if him.he never ever meet such a charming and stunning girl his entire life..he never thought she will be this much beautiful.oh my god....this is only word come to his mind.he completely fall on her.he don't know how to react after her view.he try to speak.but nothing coming from mouth.he try to hide his lost state.but he can't.he can't take way his eyes from her.she is truly a magic.then he hear his sister telling something to him.

Anjali:chote this is Khushi.nk's collage friend,,we used to talk about her only.

Arnav surprised hearing her.she is collage student.he can't believe that.she looking fully women in saree.then how.his thoughts broke when he hear her sweet voice telling "namaste"to him.he said hi back to her normally.then Anjali asked everyone come to pooja.its going to start.all went to mandir side.nani started the pooja with pandit,Khushi standing beside Anjali.and Arnav standing beside Khushi.she now standing between them,she closed her eyes to pray but Arnav's heated stare on her still not moved.he looking her like prey.he can't control himself from looking her.something on her making him weak.he don't like this feeling.in the same time he like this feeling very much.he not seeing or hearing anything..just her presence spread on his whole body.then suddenly his eyes fell on her rosy lips..he gulp seeing her her wet lips..he getting many wild emotions seeing that.he control his building feelings.its not right..but other side he feel fully right.he slowly move little close to her.how her hand touching his hand.her skin connection did something inside him,he getting such a kind of feelings he ever felt.its all really good to him.when he lost on her..he don't notice someone observing him from beginning.from the time he met Khushi.he not looking normal.what happened to him suddenly.is he feeling something for Khushi.it is really true.but it's impossible.arnav not that kind of man.but she notice how he looking at Khushi with deep emotions.something surely coming on Arnav's heart.there's surely something.she have to find out,if it's true whatever she thinking ..no one can be happy more then her.she waiting until pooja to end.after that she can find answers for her questions..let's wait...

Next update:arshi alone in car..growing feelings...wild dreams..

Hello guys I want to make a announcement...actually I was decided to finish my one of story soon..because I got another new concept on my mind..that's was mystery/thriller story.and I can't keep that on my mind anymore.so I have to pen down that soon..so tell me which story I should finish ..

And guys please votes me fair enough I am getting really low votes..I have thousands of viewers but only getting hundred votes..why you all doing this.don't you all like my story..if it is please tell me..I will stop writing..I feel really hurt seeing the average votes..please guys it's okay if you all don't comments.but Atleast gives me a votes..and next stories update depends on this update votes..

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Jab tak hai jaan
Mar 25

Ajeeb prem kahani.phir se (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 122 times)

After pooja end..now all present in living room..neighbors are already left.now just family members..Khushi sitting between Nani,Anjali..mami sitting beside sofa..Arnav sitting opposite to Khushi in single sofa..other mans sitting in beside sofa..all chatting with Khushi..they asking about her family.khushi replied them sweetly..

Khushi:Ji..I am living in laxmi nagar with my family.there my parents,buaji,jiji,and me..my father owned a two sweet shops in Delhi..jiji working as cashier in one of jewelry mahal here..I am studying first year..

Nani:(softly)how old are you beta?

Khushi:I turned eighteen year old this year Nani Ji..

Everyone smile at her..but Arnav frown hearing her age.he thought she must be on her early twenties..but she still so young..she looking so matured in saree..suddenly his mind warned him..he thoughts its wrong to look at her like this..she almost like his sister..no.....no...he can never look at her like sister..no way..but it's wrong to look at her other way..she is so young to him.suddenly his heart told him loudly..

"What's wrong if she is young..there no rules you can't you look at young girl right..this is first time you getting attract towards some girl..don't be fool..explore your feeling..it's not wrong""

Hearing his heart words he feeling little calm and satisfaction..but his ASR mind try to warn him..but first time in life.arnav ignoring his mind words..he can't accept his mind when he looking her gorgeous face..he don't like the fact about forgetting her..somewhere he can't accept that..there surely something pulling him towards her..with those thoughts he don't notice he looking her without blinking from many minutes..suddenly he snap out hearing his sister voice..

Anjali:chote!!where are you lost..how many times I called you..what happened?

He said nothing quietly and try to be normal..he try to not look at Khushi.but his eyes not on his control.its automatically moving towards her side.then Nani asked to Khushi..

Nani:Khushi bets why can't you stay for dinner..its will be really nice..

Khushi:(apologize tone)I am sorry Nani Ji.but I have to go before the dinner..actually I have assignments to finish..I can't finish it if I don't go early..

Anjali:(hopefully)if you can't stay for dinner..at least you can stay for evening coffee..you know it's time for evening coffee..why can't you have coffee with us..

After thinking bit Khushi agree with her..everyone smile seeing her agree..even Arnav smile little..then Anjali asked hp to arrange evening coffee for all..

Anjali:come Khushi..until coffee ready..I will show you around the house..come..

Khushi then get up and go with Anjali..nk to join with them..seeing her retreating figure Arnav got up from sofa and went behind her..

Anjali take Khushi to full tour..actually Khushi really liked the house.its have both classy ,homely look..she feel good here.lastly Anjali bring her on of elegant room.soon that room take a place in khushi's heart..it's really charming look.its don't have any unnecessary things..an king size bed with matching cupboard and dressing table..room painted in grey and white colour..front of bed there a big LED tv hang on wall..there few painting hanging on wall.totally the room fab..more then room inside pool with garden catches her eyes more..she admiring the room with adoring smile..when she lost on admiring the room.she didn't notice Anjali already left with nk..she standing on pool side and admiring the plants..suddenly a butterfly come there..Khushi smile seeing that and try to catch the butterfly,,she start to go backwards..suddenly she went to slip on pool..she gasps at sudden moment..she closed the eyes to feel the upcoming pain..but suddenly an strong cold manly arms hold her bare waist..she stopped in mid way feeling the touch..soon she crashed with an strong hard chest..she still closing her eyes..she can hear her heart beats..but surprisingly she hear another heart beat..she raised her head to see the owner of the heart..she never expect this..she don't expect she will save you the person who reason for her nervous state from hours..the moment she meet him..she not on her real sense..his closeness doing some magic inside her body,.she only know how much hardly she controlling her raising beats..the way he stare her make her feel dizzy.she scared about her  own feeling..this is first time she feeling such a kind of feeling towards some man..no handsome man..she have to agree he is truly a Greek god..no doubt on that..but this is not first time she meeting a handsome man..but something about him making her weak..now feeling his manly hands on her bare waist making her breath hardly..he truly something..feeling Arnav Singh raizada this much close to her makes  her heart pump..

Arnav looking her with intense eyes..he so lost on her shinning blue eyes..that's was magical..he clearly can hear their heart beats sounds..he saw there many emotions running on her eyes..somewhere he sense same emotions of him on her eyes..the same confuse admire emotions..but right now he don't want to think anything expect her..slowly he cares her waist line..he saw she shirk feeling his touch..when he try to do again they hear Anjali's voice from behind,,Khushi hurriedly move away from Him much to Arnav's disappointment..he don't like her move away..both still breathing hardly..Khushi make herself normal.then Anjali come there..after moment Anjali told to Khushi..

Anjali:sorry Khushi..I moved from here without telling you..I got a call..and you seems enjoyed chote's room view..that's why I don't disturbed you..

Khushi wide her eyes hearing Anjali's statement..this is Arnav's room..she don't know..but now she don't want to get into any embarrassing moment..

Khushi:yeah!! I really liked the view of Arnavji 's  room..it's really beautiful..

Arnav griped his heart for a second hearing the way she called him..Arnavji...how beautifully she called him..until now he don't know anyone can call his name this much beautifully..he never heard someone call him like this..because most of the people call him as ASR..in home he is chote..very rarely someone call him Arnav..but after this no one call call his name beautifully like her..his heart wishing to hear her call life long..then Anjali take Khushi downstairs..and he move behind her..

In hall..now all having evening coffee chatting each other..Khushi Arnav sitting opposite to each other..he continually looking her..but Khushi trying her best to not look at him..because whenever she looking him.she getting weak..somewhere she felt it's wrong..she should not look at her friend's brother like this..and also she felt its betrayal to her future husband..getting crush was different story.but feeling such a kind of emotions way really wrong..actually she don't get attract towards anyone soon..but first time Arnav's presence disturbing her..even she can't deny she like this feel..she like his presence around her..but now she should stop thinking about him..so she divert her mind towards family ..she keep talking with them..but she don't know...her ignorance make hurt and angry someone..

Khushi got ready to leave raizada mansion..everyone half heartily telling her bye..nk got ready to drop Khushi..suddenly Anjali told him..

Anjali:nk bhai ..I forget to tell you..I planning to do online shopping..I want to gift someone..I need your ideas on it..I need your presence..

Nk:but di..then who will drop Khushi on her house..you know na,.she can't go alone this time..

Arnav:(determine tone)I will drop her!!!

Family members look at Arnav with surprised reaction..they never expected this..but one person expected this only..Khushi giving him nervous look..and Arnav giving her firm look..before she tell anything Anjali told quickly..

Anjali:arre wah..It's good idea..okay chote you drop Khushi on her house...

Everything happens quickly..no one let Khushi speak..soon Arnav came out..family members send up Khushi..then they board to car..and left from there..

Arnav diving the car with firm face..Khushi sitting beside him with nervous face..it's been five minutes they both driving..but still no one speak..Khushi just praying to God for reach home without any trouble..but suddenly her prayer broke hearing Arnav's firm voice..

Arnav:you trying to avoid me,aren't you!!

Khushi jerk hearing Arnav straight question..she sense heat on his tone..she gulp her saliva..after gearing courage..she stood him strummer way.

Khushi:nothing like that Arnav Ji..why I have to avoid..it's just...I met you first time today..so that's why..

Arnav:(without think)but your response to my touch telling some other thing..

Khushi hick hearing his statement..she don't thought this..she look at Arnav..but he still looking staging with firm face..she don't know how to answer him..she thought it's better to be silence..soon car filled with pin drop silence..even Arnav don't speak after that..soon after 20 minutes they reached to laxmi nagar..it's getting dark...he stopped the car front of her house..she came out from car..before she thank him..he drive away fastly..Khushi become sad seeing his behavior..hiding her sad she knocked her house door...

Arnav come inside house talking in phone seriously..family members present in hall..when they try to ask about Khushi..they saw he very busy in phone..he straightly went to room without speak to anyone..even they don't disturb him..soon after entering he shut the door...

Arnav sigh after entering to room..he throw the phone on bed..he pretends like busy front of family..he don't want they ask about Khushi to him now..because he was in worst mood now..he truly don't like the way Khushi ignored him..somewhere its hurtled him..this is first time he getting feeling for someone..and he still don't know what kind of feel that.but when Khushi try to avoid him.not only hurt even he got very angry..but somewhere deep down he feeling big satisfaction..because this is first time an girl avoided him..before this every girl he meet always look at him lustfully only..all girls try to trap him with their beauty for money..but Khushi is the first girl who not looked him that way..she looked so pure to him..and another thing he come to know she is not greedy for money and luxury,,he come to know that the way she looked the house..her eyes and reaction only showed the admiration..first time he met such a girl...maybe that's why her every act effected his heart very much..and he come to know more then attraction like,he feeling some other feel towards her..even he know what's that feeling..but he don't like to admit that right now..with those thoughts he fell on bed and closed his eyes to get some relax sleep..his inner mind smiling seeing him..how many days you going to hide your feelings..you surely have to admit..I make you admit it..his own inner self challenging him.

In Nani room..after having dinner ...Anjali Nani talking in room..Nani laying in bed and Anjali sitting beside her..when talking normally Anjali told her suddenly..

Anjali:Nani I want to share something with you..(Nani node)I think our chote likes Khushi..

As she expected Nani shocked to hell..she opened her mouth to O shape ..she asked gasping way..

Nani:Anjali beta!!what are you talking ..are you speaking with full sense or not..chote and Khushi..now can you think that..

Anjali:(confident tone)I am telling this with full sense..and I am confidently saying my kadoos bhai have some feelings for Khushi..in fact I witness that lively..my bhai keep looking her without blinking from the moment he met her..his eyes not ready to move away from Khushi..and also I witness something on poolside..he not ready to free Khushi from his hold..I am 100% sure he have some strong feeling towards Khushi.

Nani:(happily)it it's true..no one can be happy more then me..how many years I waited to hear somethings like this..hey devimayya please make this true...

Anjali totally agree with her..both smiling happily..but all of sudden Nani make sad face..seeing that Anjali asked her worriedly.

Anjali :what happened Nani...why you looking sad?

Nani:if it's true like you said..what about their age difference..you know right Khushi is much younger to chote..they both have almost thirteen year gap..then how it's possible..will Khushi beta accept our chote?

Anjali:(sigh and smile)kya Nani..you thinking such a silly matter..you think I don't think about this..it's true they both have big age difference.,but Nani nowadays age doesn't matter to anyone. In fact it's become fashion..if young girls don't like older mans..they won't still keep dreaming about salman sharukh instead of siddarth ,varun...age dose matter..and coming to our chote..(proud tone). more the good looking..my brother is very genuine and honest person..it's true he get angry lot..but we know his heart like s flower..Khushi must be lucky to get my brother..and you know what Nani..they both will make a unbeatable perfect couple..just wait and see what's going to happen...

Nani feel much better and satisfaction hearing Anjali reply..even deep down.she want Khushi as her chote's wife..like Anjali said lets see what's going to happen..

Next update:arshi in coffee shop..sorry...punishment ...kiss...

Next update depends on this update votes and comments,.

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Fabulous update
Apr 8

Ajeeb prem kahani..phir se.. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 117 times)

After two days..Khushi come to book shop to buy some of her collage books..when she coming out from shop..she saw Arnav standing front of her with his SUV..he wearing sunglass on eyes...he looking so hot on his office attire..for some seconds khushi's heart beat beats fast seeing his perfect poster..Arnav's state to same..he lost on her beauty very deeply.she looking so beautiful on her green full sleeve salwar.both of them keep looking each other..Khushi slowly moves towards him.but she stop in middle seeing he turn his face other side seeing her..he still angry with her for ignoring him that day..he still don't know what rights  he have on her for be upset with her like this..but he feel so rights towards her..she also feel same towards him.even she don't know why she upset the fact he being angry with her..it's feel so right..she slowly reached to him.he still looking other side..

Khushi:you still angry with me(no answer)okay..I am sorry Arnavji..I am sorry for ignoring you that day..I won't do that again..please forgive me na..will you forgive me Arnavji...

Small smile appear on Arnav's face hearing her cute apologize...he remove his sunglass and look at her with small smirk..

Arnav:if you want me accept your apology..you have to agree with my one demand..

Khushi:(eagerly)what demand Arnavji?tell me..

Arnav:you have to come with to coffee shop for have a hot coffee right now.will you?

Khushi look at him with amused smile..he waiting for her reply..she slowly nodded her head.next second he broke into winning smile..he then slowly lead her to car.she get into front seat and start the car..both drive off to some nice coffee shop..

Arnav Khushi sitting on some nice restaurant.both waiting for their coffee..Arnav all the time looking Khushi with intense stare..she try to avoid get lost on his romantic stare.then suddenly she broke into little chuckles..seeing that Arnav asked her with amused smile.

Arnav:what's so funny Khushi?

Khushi:you know what Arnavji.this is first time for me..being on restaurant with a man alone and having coffee..I can't believe that I am truly doing this..there many boys in my school and collage approached me for coffee date..but I never accept that.i never dreamed one day I will have a coffee with some man..

Arnav indeed surprised by her answer..it's shocking that she never went to any date..he already aware that.many boys may approached her.but it's surprise that she didn't accept anyone approach ..somewhere it's make his heart calm and warm..then suddenly he asked her.

Arnav:then how you agree to come with to have a coffee.i am sure there a reason.

Khushi:(smile)I can't tell a exact reason..but I feel that.you're not like other boys who approached me.when they all approached me I only notice flirty and playfulness on their eyes..but I only saw respectable and humble on your eyes which I don't seen anybody eyes..most importantly I feel secure about you.my heart said that I can go anywhere confidently with you..I feel safe with you Arnavji.

Her one statement make Arnav fall on her completely..there no words to describe his feelings..he feel like flying in air..his heart warmed so much when she told him she feel safe around him.first time he feel so much proud about him.he look at her with overall smile.he saw pure honest and truth on her eyes..unknowingly he hold her hand on table..she starlet by his touch.when she try to take her hand away.he grip her hand tightly.she look at him surprised way..his eyes showing deep mixed emotions..but correctly she notice a possessiveness on his eyes,,soon she let him hold her hand.then he hold her hand more comfortably..she looking him with soft smile,,if some outsider see them like this.without any doubt fully believe that some deep love couple sharing their love moments..soon both got comfortable the way they..then coffee arrived.both start to have the coffee.he still holding her hand.after moment Khushi told him.

Khushi:(confused tone)you know what Arnav Ji..you being exact opposite the way I hear and know about you.

Arnav:(playing with her fingers)what you heard and know about me?

Khushi:when I read your Wikipedia and articles,there everywhere maintain you're a arrogant business tycoon in India..very rough with everyone.don't give a damn about anyone..but here see..how much you being nice to me..then why they all written something like that about you..it's not true na.

Arnav:(small smirk)no Khushi..it's true ..whatever you read in articles everything true.(she frown)I am beast to this world..very arrogant boss to employees..but I am completely opposite person to my family.(keenly)specially for my closed once.i am humble person to my closed once..very specially for a person who take a place in my heart..

Khushi look at him with charming smile.she clearly can see to whom he said that..he give her lovely smirk.he still playing with her fingers..then Khushi asked him suddenly.

Khushi:by the way Arnavji..what you did there.don't you went office today.

Arnav starlet by her question..he don't thought she will ask him now.how can he tell her that because of her ignorance towards him he can't constraints on his works fully.how can he tell her that those two days his mind and heart only thinking about her..how can he tell her even he cancelled his important meeting seeing her in book shop.after clearing his voice he told her normally.

Arnav:woo I just come there to attend a meeting..I saw you there after coming from meeting.thats all.

Khushi smile at him.then both finished their coffees.after coming out Arnav offered her to drop in house..after thinking bit Khushi agree with him.then both drive off to laxmi nagar..after twenty minutes Arnav stopped the car front of Gupta house.after bit bye to her last time Arnav went from there with big satisfaction..and Khushi to enter her house with happiness..

Khushi enter to her room..she saw payal talking with someone in phone looking outside..feeling her presence payal quickly cut the call and look at her sister with nervous smile..Khushi look at her sister with surprised look.she confused by her act.she don't take that much to brain.after changing to casual dress Khushi join with her family members.

In raizada mansion.arnav enter to house.there a small happy smile adoring his face.his whole family present in hall.they all surprised to see him on home this much early.and their eyes catch his smile on face.they all wondering what make him smile suddenly.even they witnessed his overall anger and moody mood last two days..he been very dull..now all of a sudden he brighting in happy.he when try to go upstairs nk called him.

Nk:nannav meri bhai!come here..join with us..

For everyone surprise Arnav agree with him without any tantrum.he then take a seat with all.anjali Nani look at him keenly .they doubting what making him smile this much..they want to ask him about this..luckily akash asked him.

Akash:bhai is everything good with you(Arnav raised eyebrow)no I mean..you looking happy..is anything we should know..

Arnav:(same smile)nothing..just a good day..

Good day ..really..Anjali give him a suspension look.she now know..there surely something happened..her brother not type of person who smile for a good day.other family members beloved his answer..but not Nani and Anjali.suddenly an idea sink on her brain.she quickly asked nk front of Arnav..

Anjali:nk bhai ..I forget to ask you..how is our Khushi ..isn't she fine..

Nk:(chirpy tone)of course di!my dear friend doing very good..there nothing to worry about her.like always she bring chirpy bubbly,

Arnav's smile wider hearing nk replyAnjali Nani raised their eyebrow seeing his side smile.now it's confirmed he smiling because of Khushi.then nk again started..

Nk:but there only one problem di..which Khushi facing every day in collage?

Anjali:(fake worry tone)what is the problem nk bhai..

Nk:(sigh)everyday Atleast five boys proposing her in collage.all boys really smitten by her beauty..they all just dying to get her as lover..she really fed up by the proposals..nowadays she hide herself from all boys..if she spotted alone all boys surrender around her like bees.but one thing is sure..she won't be single till collage end.

Arnav tight his fist hearing nk reply..he indeed angered by the news..his eyes are turn red.anhali and Nani completely understand his state.now their doubt 100% conformed.so it's true..their son truly fallen on that elegant fairy..they clearly seen that on his face..then suddenly he got up from the sofa and marched to his room.everyone surprised by his act expect Nani Anjali..mischief smile playing on their both faces..now it's time for them to help their son..they already planned something for arshi...

After three days..like usual..raizadas come to mandir in weekend..but today even mans joined with them.after lot of pleading finally Arnav agreed to come with them..now all standing front of idol..when all praying Arnav just standing beside them..but all of sudden he feel gust of wind touched his face like feather.automatically his face turn towards behind...that's it..he fully lost by the creation fron of him..he don't expect this today..Khushi coming inside the mandir wearing red colour full sleeve saree with long thin earnings..she let her hair open.she not wearing any jewels expect earnings and bangles.she looking so stunning..more stunning then pooja day..Arnav's heart beat faster seeing her coming towards him in his favorite colour..he never imagined she will be this much gorgeous..he looking her with intense eyes..

When Khushi enter to mandir she very shocked seeing Arnav front of her..she never thought she will meet him today..she already know about raizada arrival.but never expected Arnav also coming today..she feel conscious the way he looking her without blinking.somewhere she feeling shy the way he looking her..it's feel so right..then she reached towards him.nani exclaimed seeing them..

Nani:what a pleasant surprise beta..I never know today you coming with your whole family..

Khushi:woo naniji..today my buaji birthday..we all come here to do special pooja for her..(to her family)and mama papa this is raizada family.i went to attend pooja to their house only.

Soon guptas and raizadas introduced to each other ..they all feel very friendly each other..but no one notice two people in family so shocked seeing the shocking revaluation..they don't know today something going to happen like this..looking like their little secret soon going to come out ..this is not what they expected..they both try to behave normally.they don't show like both know each other from very long..then both family joined to prayer together..when Khushi try to go to Anjali.arnav hold her hand and make her stand beside him..they both standing in last line,.payal akash standing front of them..all doing prayers with closed eyes..Arnav saw Khushi praying beside him..he move more close to her..now their both shoulders touching..it's feel so good to him..soon prayer end..pandit shove prasad to everyone..Arnav deny to accept it..Khushi frown seeing that..without saying anything she feed him her prasad..he amused by her act..but he eat the prasad..she told him scolding tone.

Khushi:it's not good to deny devimayya prasad..don't do this again..

Arnav amused by her scold.but surprisingly he don't get angry on her.instead of it he feel warm the way she taking rights on him..but both don't notice Anjali witnessed their little moment.she feeling happy seeing now itself Khushi teaching good things to her brother.she don't want to waste time anymore..then both family joined behind the mandir where many people can sit..Arnav Khushi slowly move behind their family..Arnav want to be with Khushi alone now..but how can he do that front of everyone..

Garima:it's so nice to meet you all..many times Khushi tell about you all..we really wished to meet you all.its so good to meet in such a wonderful place first time..

Nani:(smile)we also very happy about meeting you all garima ji ..Khushi beta is such a wonderful girl..even we wished to meet you all one day..but don't expect it's will happen today itself..

Everyone smile hearing her..they all really got along soon..all got comfortable really soon..but all the time Anjali's eyes on her aim..she keenly observing every actions of Arnav Khushi..she can see not like early..now both of them being very close..and she fully sense her brother happiness around Khushi..his smile never ending...she feel so happy to see him like this..whatever happened she will surely bring they both together..suddenly her thoughts broke feeling a pat from her husband.shyam give her doubtful look..he know there something cooking on his wife brain.she give him signal like she will tell him later..then elders are start to talk..before anyone notice..Arnav take Khushi away from there..other side another two persons to escape from there..

Both Arnav Khushi roam around mandir ..there many people present around them..still no one talked..suddenly Arnav started..

Arnav:Khushi can I tell you something..(she nodded)you look so beautiful in saree..

Khushi lowered her head hearing his words..Arnav smirk seeing her blushing face..now her face colour matching to her saree correctly..when he try to tell her something..he feel sharp shot pain on his back.he yell feeling that pain..Khushi got worried seeing him..she start to cares his back..she saw a ball laying beside his leg..she take the ball and wonders who hit him by this..then both hear some little  voices from his behind..both turn and saw little gang of children standing front of them with puppy face..so it's their work..Khushi look at them with scolding face..Arnav became calm knowing it's their works..

Khushi:(little scolding tone)oh so this is your all work..children this is the way you play around..what if this ball hit some elder person of small babies..it's bad act na..

1 boy:(small baby voice)sorry didi..we don't do this instantly..please forgive us..we won't do this again..please return us the ball didi..

Khushi:(fake stubborn tone)no..I won't return this ball to you all..what if you all hit someone again..

2boy:(cute tone)we won't do that didi..please give us the ball..(to Arnav)uncle,uncle..please ask your wife to return us the ball..we are really sorry..

Khushi starlet hearing the boy statement..Arnav's face got s charming smile hearing the boy words..his heart jump in joy when he hear the "your wife"word..that's amazing..he look at her who already blushing very much..his smile got more wider seeing her shy..so even she like and effected by that statement..then one told Arnav cutely..

Boy:ha uncle please na..we sorry for hitting you..please ask your wife to give us the ball back..

Arnav:(playful tone)Khushi they all kids..it's okay.just give them the ball..I am not feeling that much pain..because I am your husband don't punish those kids..your husband totally fine..come on return the ball..

Khushi opened her mouth widely hearing Arnav's talks..instead of correcting them.he keep playing with the situation..she look around and saw many people heard his reply..without making more worse..she quickly return the ball to kids..they all smile happily..on of boy told Arnav happily..

Boy:thank you uncle..you're really nice..(to Khushi)didi you got a superb husband..you both look so good together..

Victory smile dancing on Arnav's face hearing the kids words..then the kids run away from them..Khushi don't have a guts to look at Arnav face..he understands her state..and to,d her teasing way..

Arnav:it's okay Khushi don't feel shy..it's common in married life..and being a newly wedded couple its obvious to get praised by everyone...

Khushi can't bear his teasing anymore..she run away from the place quickly..Arnav look at her retreating figure with heart warming smile..it's purely excellent moment for him..this few minutes teasing moment take a big place on his heart..now it's will never fade away ....now he admit on himself bravely..he gut fully admit that

            "He fall in love on Khushi" 

Next update:kisses,,secret out..hot touches,.

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Fabulous update.
May 1

Ajeeb prem kahani..phir se.. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 116 times)

Khushi come back to family members blushing way..she can't stop blushing.then she sense family members not present there..when she try to go to them..she hear some murmuring sounds..like someone talking secretly..she hear it's coming behind the pillar..now when she try look behind..suddenly someone placed hand on shoulder..she quickly turn with jerk but soon got relax seeing Anjali..

Anjali:(smile way)relax khushi ji..it's me..where ware you went suddenly..I searched you everywhere..

Khushi:woo Anjali ji..I just roam around the mandir..

Then Anjali take her to family members..when she join with them..she saw Arnav already present there..suddenly she recall what happened few minutes ago..her face again full with shyness..he wink at her with teasing smirk..she look away shyly..then both families chat some more times..

At night in raizada mansion..Arnav watering his plants with small smile..his whole mind filled with khushi's thoughts..he can't stop thinking about her..when he lost on her thoughts he hear his di ,Nani voice from behind..he turn and saw they both take seat in poolside talking way..he don't take that seriously,because it's common that they both chat each other on his room or poolside..sometimes they try to drag him to chatting..he don't give interest on overhear their talks..but suddenly he snap out hearing khushi's name on their conversation..he wondering why they talking about Khushi..so he thoughts to eavesdrops their talk..

Nani:khushi beta family members so nice na Anjali beta..they all really genuine people..I am really happy to meet such a nice people..no doubt that Khushi beta raised with so much morals and culture..

Anjali:ha Nani..that's why thry all searching a good guy for Khushi..who can take care of her very well..you know what Nani..today they don't just come to do pooja..pandit give one of boy's photo to them..the boy family really liked Khushi..I think this year khushi's marriage maybe get fixed..lucky guy..

Anjali talking fluently without noticing her brother boiling in chilling fire..he ready to kill someone.suddenly she stopped talking hearing a loud cracking sound..both look up and saw an pot shattered on whole place..beside Arnav breathing hardly holding the plant cutter..he looking really angry,,his intense brown eyes now red in dark anger..without telling anything he marched inside the room..quickly Anjali Nani follow him to room..

Arnav sitting in bed with shaking body..his whole body burning in highly temperature fire..he can't control himself..the moment he hear his family looking alliance for her..his inside beast came out violently..he can't someone going to marry his Khushi..yes his..she is belong to him..there no one have any rights on her..he feel like to eat that man who dare to take his Khushi away from him..he won't let anyone take his love from him..his feeling for her get even more strong when he understood she too have same feeling towards him..when just now he started to feel the new emotions..but already villain entry on picture..he feeling uncontrollable anger..he feel like to break everything out of anger..he bang his fist on bed board..he close his eyes to cool his anger..suddenly Anjali's voice knocked the room..

Anjali:chote what happened to you suddenly..why you come from there.do you got irritate by our talks..I am sorry chote..it's just we can't stop thinking about Khushi..now even her marriage talks going..that's why we wondering how will the guy look..is he is smart..you know right..Khushi is very gorgeous girl..so her would to be husband have to to be handsome for me..then only they will be best couple..I wast just hope he......

Arnav:(highly anger peek)ENOUGH!!!ENOUGH DI!!stop that bloody nonsense..I don't want to hear about any stupid idiot,,and I don't want you all talk about khushi's wedding with any stupid groom..her marriage won't happen with any other man..I won't let her marry anyone..so don't talk about something which will never happen..understand!!

Anjali:(surprised tone)chote what happened to you suddenly?why are you reacting like this?and why you care if Khushi marry someone else,,what's right you have to stop her marriage..she is not belong to you chote..you don't have any rights on her!!  


Arnav don't know what he is speaking out of anger..because of core anger he didn't realize he confessed his feeling to Anjali..he still looking her with angry face..suddenly he come to sense hearing cheering sound..he saw mama mami with nk akash came out from behind the Curtains..instead of getting shock they all yelling loudly out of happiness..he saw his Nani ,di jumping in joy..then he realize what he did..he burst out his feeling front of everyone,..he felt huge embarrassment to face his family members..this is not what he expect..because of blind anger he reveal his love towards Khushi to everyone..they all dancing out of happiness..

Anjali:(hyper tone)finally!!!finally my plan worked..finally..oh my god..you don't know chote how much big effort I did to bring those words from your mouth..I really want to hear those confessions from your mouth..finally it's happened,.

She hugged him tightly out if happiness..he don't know what to said..how his di come to know about his love towards Khushi..he don't know what to said,.then Anjali broke the hug then he asked her awkwardly..

Arnav:but di how do you know about my feeling towards Khushi..in face I don't even confess that to Khushi still.then how to do you..

Anjali:(proud tone)what you think..because I am always doing pooja and gossiping around..I don't notice my brother romantic look too Khushi..I catch you in first match itself..the way you fully lost on Khushi all time..(surprised tone)but chote I never expect you love her this much deeply..the way you growl out of possessiveness ,,I just shocked..why don't you tell me about your feelings chote..don't you want your di come to know..

Arnav:(smile small)there nothing like that di..it's just I want to do everything patiently..still we both didn't confess our love openly.,and also I want to give Khushi little time..she still studying..I don't want to give her any pressure..that's why I don't tell anyone..

Mami:(exclaimed tone)hello hai bye bye!!our Arnav bitwa in love..that to on our Khushi..I can't believe this,,I thought I can never get chance to see my Arnav bitwa wedding..now it's going to happened,,I am so happy..

Nk:(same happy)yes ma..even I am shocked when di tell us nannav in love that to on my cutie friend ..I didn't believed her..(to Arnav) but after hearing your confession..I am green blowed..I am really happy for you nannav..you selected a really good girl as your life partner..

Nk hugged his brother..Arnav hugged him back..soon akash to join the hug..both brothers take part on their brother happiness,,Anjali already send this massage to her husband through phone..unfortunately he didn't get part of this mission because of his sudden trip..after moment they broke the hug and Arnav asked to Anjali smiling way..

Arnav:so it's all your plan di..that's mean there no marriage to Khushi..

Anjali:(smile)yes chote it's all my plan to make you confess..but marriage part was not fake.khushi's family indeed looking groom for her..after she completing the studies they all planning to get her married..

Arnav again start to boil..but Anjali quickly hold his hand and start to calm him..she told him carefully.

Anjali:that's why I made this plan chote..you have to act fast..what if they fix Khushi marriage with someone..they not such a people who will cancel their daughter wedding for another groom..that's why I am telling you..we should take alliance to Khushi family for her..I know Khushi need time to study..if we confirm the wedding..we don't have to worry if narrate happened after few years..what said chote..

Arnav:(quickly)I am ready to ask Khushi hand for wedding..(tension tone)but what if they don't agree for our marriage,,you know rights we both have big age difference..almost thirteen years..will they agree to me?

Anjali:(clam tone)chote this is really silly reason..there no problem if you both have big age difference..now days it's really common..and I don't need to tell you that..and also you both love each other..that's was important part..they can't tell anything if they came to know you both love each other..and as far I know they not kind of people who have problems about age gap..so don't worry..you will definitely get your Khushi..

Atnav felt huge relief hearing his di comfort words..he got new confident about this..yes age difference doesn't matter..then Nani asked everyone happily..

Nani:so it's decided!but when we all going to Gupta house?

Arnav:(eagerly)what about tomorrow..I can take a day off from office.lets go tomorrow..

All smiling teasing way hearing his eager approach..they all look him teasing way..he try to look normal..but he can't.eagerness clearly written on his face.then nk told him teasing way..

Nk:nannav met Bhai..we all know you very eager to get Khushi from everyone.but my bear brother..you have to understand tomorrow weekday..means collage day..your queen won't be there if we go there tomorrow,,you have to wait till weekend my lovely brother..

Everyone chuckles hearing nk words..Arnav try to hide his red face..then Nani told smiling way.

Nani:yes nanhe is right..even her family members busy tomorrow..so let's go this Saturday..that day we all in. Home ..even I want to buy many gifts to take for Khushi..we going to meet our elder bahu..we can't go with empty hand(to arnav)so chote wait three more days..until that dream about my bahu..like you did in poolside..

Shy smile appear on Arnav face first time..all of their smile wide seeing their hitler face blooming in shyness..soon after talking bit all left the room leaving Arnav alone..today he is very happy..he don't know everything will happen this much soon..he don't expect all. somewhere he feel good he confess everything to family ..now see they even planned to go Gupta house..all happening really faster..he didn't dreamed one day he will face all this on life..for him his works and office is world..but everything changed in those few weeks..he don't know from where Khushi did entry on his life..just like a flash she changed everything in snap..somewhere he can't believe all this still..he feeling like he living in romantic fantasy world..where only love and happiness,,if it's truly some dreamy world..he never want to get up from this beautiful sleep..he won't leave this romantic world..with full of khushi's memories he went to sleep,...

New morning blooming with new start..Arnav sleeping very peacefully in bed..he laying shirtless..his sleeping got disturbed hearing thick melodious payal sound..he open his eyes and saw his ****y yummy wife coming out from washroom after taking fresh bath..she wrapping a short towel around her body which till her thigh..she move towards dressing table and start to get ready..that's was wonderful view for him daily..he never get enough of her..he get up from the bed and move towards her slowly.she still didn't notice him..suddenly he hugged her from behind and placed his chin on her bare shoulder..she gasps feeling his sudden hug..she look him through mirror..she told him scolding way..

Khushi:you scared me with your hug Arnavji..how I know it's was you..

Arnav:(confident tone)no one dare to hug my wife ..because they all this ASR wrath if someone lay eyes on my wife..(seducing tone)and also me only hug you like this..specially when you're just in towel.which going to fall in minutes,

He start to kiss her long neck..he hold her thin waist and start to massages her navel romantically..Khushi moan feeling her husband sensual act..she start to enjoy the act..but not now..she try to free herself..

Khushi:Arnavji..please not now..I am already very tired..you didn't let me sleep whole night..my body still paining..no baby not now..

Arnav:(seducing tone)really Khushi..but your actions telling some other thing to me..wait let me see what you really want..

Before she tell anything he take her bridal style in arms and marched towards bed..without hearing her words he make her lay in bed and open the knot of towel..before she can adjust to all.he already inside her..she grip his shoulders tightly..she let out a breathing moan..soon the room filled with wild  moaning sounds..

Arnav get up from the bed with big jerk..he breathing really hardly.his heart beating faster like horse..he can't believe this..again the same erotic dream..he look at the time and saw same three o clock..he feeling really hard..this is third time he getting the same dream..it's started the night he confess his love to family members,.from that night he getting such a hot dream..he look down and saw like past two days his little friend looking up in much strength..somewhere he feeling really embarrass.he never faced such a situation on his entire life..and this is first time he getting such a wild dreams..it's not that he don't like it..it's just is so hard to calm his little friend after getting these dreams,.he have to take atleast two hours cold shower to calm him..today to same thing..he took the towel and left to washroom..after having long shower he return to bed..he scolding Khushi desperately..

Arnav:it's all because of her.she is reason for such s bedroom dreams..let me meet her today..I will teach her good lesson for disturbing my sleep and making me have cold shower in midnight..(he look down)she disturbing both of us very much right..let me marry her..after that I won't let her sleep ..

Soon he smile at his silliness..he know there no fault of her..it his mistake ,,because he over thinking about her..those three days he only know how much hard to pass without seeing her face..finally his wait ended..today they all going to Gupta house.he really excited  to meet her after three days..with those thoughts he go back to sleep..this time naughty Khushi didn't disturbed his sleep..(wink)

At morning..Arnav come down getting fully ready..he saw his family members getting ready with full swing..all ready now,,they all load the gifts to car..after making sure all loaded everyone board to cars and take a drive to laxmi nagar..

Two white SUV enter inside laxmi nagar area..it's really difficult to go inside because of huge crowd..after lot of struggle finally Arnav stopped the car front of khushi's house..all got down from the car..because of weekend whole area filled with people..after getting all things Shyam ring the bell with Anjali..after two rings buaji opened the door..next second she exclaimed seeing the whole raizada family.she welcome all of them happily inside..

Buaji:hare nandakis****!!i can't believe you all here..(yell)hey garima,,shashi,,,payaliya come here quickly..see who all arrived..

Hearing her telling garima shashi and payal came out from there rooms..even they surprised seeing raizada family..they happily make all seat..soon payal went to make coffee for them..

Shashi:I am really happy to see you all here..it's really surprising.

Nani:(smile)we also very happy coming here..we really want to meet you all.

They all smile each other..then payal served them coffee..and all talks few words..finally after sometime Nani opened the main topic..

Nani:okay shashi Ji..now I will tell you why we really come here..I don't like to drag this more..let me come to the point..

Guptas share a look hearing Nani..they don't  know what is coming ..then Nani started..

Nani:(point arnav)this is my elder grandson arnav..you all know about him right..he is no.1 business man in India..I don't want to praise my own son.but he is really good man..he don't have any bad habits..his all focus just on works..I am telling all this because.(sigh)I come to ask your younger daughter khushi's hand to my grandson Arnav for marriage..

Guptas gasps hearing Nani statement..they all went to shock mood...

Next update:guptas decision,,lip lock,,night talk..

Next update depends on this votes and comments..

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Fabulous update
May 12

Ajeeb prem kahani...phir se.. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 103 times)

Arnav try to control his nerve racking..already he very nervous. now looking guptas reaction..he getting more nervous..raizadas waiting for their response..shashi come out from shocked state and told them..

Shashi: sorry naniji..it's just I am shocked.. I don't expect this...suddenly you asked something like this...we are speechless.....

Nani:(smile) I know shashiji..what you all feeling..even we are shocked when we come to know our Arnav loves Khushi...and shashij..your daughter also have feeling for my grandson...it's mutual love..that's why I am asking.....

Now it's really surprise to guptas...they don't expect their baby daughter loving someone.

Seeing their surprised face Anjali told them smile way.....

Anjali:uncle don't get surprise very much..it's just they both have feeling to each other..they don't go anywhere or did anything like lovers do..in fact they both still not confess their love..

Guptas smile hearing her..somewhere it's little relief...then Nani asked with impatience tone.....

Nani: shashij..what is your reply to us..please don't give any negative really..we really want Khushi  beta to our house...

Shashi:(smile) arre devayani Ji..there nothing like that.. I am very happy to give my Khushi to such a nice family..it's our luck that we going to get  Arnav beta as our damaad...I am agree to this proposal...

Whole raizada  family smiling happy in joy..they all dancing in joy on mind hearing shashi reply..Arnav let out a big relief sigh hearing his sasur reply..he is damn happy ..

Nani: we really happy about your reply shashi..you don't know how much happy we are..thank you so much...

Shashi:(same happy)we also very happy devayani Ji..our daughter going to get marry on such a wonderful family..she really lucky..but I have a small request to ask (Nani node)it is Khushi just enter to her first year college..we want her to finish the collage before getting married..so until she completing her collage I want to post pond the marriage...

Nani:(smile)there no problem Shashi Ji..we can wait until Khushi beta finish the collage..it's just three years right we are okey with that...

Arnav become sad hearing that..he thought he can marry Khushi in month.. But now he have to wait three years that not fair..seeing his poker face Nani understand his feeling..suddenly an idea strike her mind..she quickly asked to shashi...

Nani:shashi Ji..we can take the marriage after three years..But what about engagement  ..why can't we do their engagement this year..then even their relationship get official na..what said...

Arnav flash his rare smile hearing this..he is on could nine..everyone notice his happy smile..raizadas happy seeing his happiness..then both families start to talk about engagement staff..but Arnav's eyes start to search his milky dove..where's she ..why she now where to see..here how much big thing happening in the house..seeing her brother restless search about his love Anjali asked guptas causally..

Anjali:by the way uncle aunt where's my soon to be babhi .she now where to see..today weekend right.where's she..

Garima:(sigh)what can I say beta..it's just for a name she is adult.. But she still behaving like complete child.. Today weekend na..she must be playing with whole colony children..how many time I asked her to don't be child anymore.. But she won't hear anything l say..top of all jiji and shashiji  also supporting her..don't know when will she stop all this..

Shashi:garima she still child..she is not that much big women..she just turn 18..and also its all  just for three years.. After that she will get married.and automatically she will  behave maturely ..don't put pressure on her now itself.. 

Anjali:(smile) ha aunt don't try to change her..let her be like the way she is...we all love her unconditionally because of her this childish nature only...

Nani:and also you all should thank her for being like this..because nowadays her age girls doing many unappreciated things which making many parents face problems..but look at our khushi.she still being child relief to all..

Everyone completely agree with her.guptas  feeling huge proud about their daughter..warm smile playing on Arnav face heating all about his dove..no doubt that she is unique creation.now he definitely want to meet her.when all lost on talks,he slowly came out from house,he look around saw whole colony filled with people.where he going to find her.with nameless gut he slowly went inside the crowd..

Last five minutes Arnav searching for Khushi.but she still not get catch his eyes..his face showing kind of desperation which can't tell exactly..when he try to go back to house.suddenly he hear bunch of children telling sound..his face brighten hearing that.he damn sure Khushi with these children..with new found of energy he marched towards the sound direction.finally he spotted the place..actually it's was play ground..there many children playing around.but his eyes only searching for his angel.where's she damn it,..he can't control his desperate now..all of sudden gust of wind passed his face.he smiling feeling that.so she close to him..unknowingly his eyes turn to left side and that's it...finally he found her..beautiful smile adore his face seeing his angel playing cricket with children..he witness complete child Khushi front of him.her face glowing in day light naturally..she looking so gorgeous on her yellow color salwar kameez..she tied her long hair to messy bun where few hair falling on her face.she ties duppatta on waist..she so lost on game that she didn't notice her would to be hubby nearing her with much admiration..she notice all her little friends become quite looking beside her practically..she frown seeing that, then she felt someone very tall standing beside her very closely.soon her heart start to run in horse speed..nervous filled excitement spread on her whole body..what is this,,those all will happen when arnavji come near to her..wait...what..Arnavji..with big jerk she look at the person beside her,.next moment she know catches by strong protective Arms..she open her mouth to fish shape seeing Arnav front of her,..it is really true or she dreaming about him like always..she still looking him with open mouth,.she cannot get out from shock.then his romantic voice book on her ears..

Arnav:close your this little mouth Khushi..I am getting Many romantic ideas which I don't want to do front of these innocent children..

Khushi quickly closed her mouth hearing his romantic warning..she came out from his strong hold and asked him with gasping tone,

Khushi:Arnavji!!what are you doing here..without informing..why this sudden arrival..

Arnav:(casual tone)can't I come to meet my soon to be wife without informing!!

For a moment she don't get it what he said..suddenly his words stick her mind..She asked him shockingly.

Khushi:what!! Wife!! Arnavji..what are you saying...i....i...am..your wife..how..

Without answering her question he held her by waist and pull her towards him closely.she gasps seeing his sudden act.her body got current shock feeling his cold touch..he looking her with intense stare..his one look enough to convey many things to her..he slowly take her away from there..she not on sense until she hear many voice near her..she snap out from dreamy lomas hearing some familiar voice..

"Yello meri babhi aa gaye"

She look up and saw whole raizada family present on her house with her family ..she didn't expect this..suddenly she conscious about her closeness with Arnav..she quickly move away from him and make her self decent..soon her mind rewind the statement Anjali made.."babhi"really..she don't know what's happening ..she looking everyone with delima..garima  quickly move towards her and told her with happiness..

Garima:we fixed your marriage with Arnav beta Khushi!!

Khushi wide her eyes like a owl hearing her mother statement..what the..this is what she feeling like to said..marriage with Arnav..really..it's definitely shocking news..she never expect this..she looking everyone with ultimate shocking..she never dreamed these all will happen this much soon..understanding her exclaimed state Nani told her softly..

Nani:I know Khushi beta..it's may shocking to you..you may not expect this..but we can't wait to make you part of our family..we know you both sharing mutual feeling to each other..but we don't ask your reply..(after pause)tell me beta..do you agree to marry my grandson..

Next second dark red spread on Khushi face to hearing Nani question..she lower her face hiding her blushing face..both family sigh in big relief and happy about her unsaid reply..they clearly can see she happily agreeing to get married..happy and satisfied smiling dancing on Arnav face seeing her approval..somewhere he to nervous about her reply..because they both still don't confess their love to each other..it's just they know both have strong feeling to each other..now seeing her agree he won't to give her the best proposal...and there few things he have to confess her before the engagement..with new determination he look her with intense eyes..both shared a deep eye look..

Arnav Khushi come to terrace let elders talk about their engagement staffs..already they inform her about marriage,..she happily agreed for everything..now both standing on Terrace facing each other..both don't know how to start the conversation..after some time Arnav near her closer and told her softly..

Arnav:Khushi I know everything happened very faster..even we both don't talk completely.there many things we both have to share..I decided to confess my love slowly..but situation not let me to do that..when I come to know..your family searching groom for you..I got really scared..what if they fix your marriage with someone..that's why I make my act really quick.i am sorry for arranged those all without your consent..but please understand my situation..I don't have any other options..I..

Khushi keep palm on his mouth stopping him speaking further..he look her with confused reaction.she told him softly..

Khushi:you don't have to give any explanation Arnavji..I know what are you trying to tell..I don't have any problem about this sudden proposal..(shy smile)in fact I am happy about it..I thought we will take so much time to came this stage..it's okay if we didn't confess our love..we have whole three years to do that..so don't worry..

Warm smile flashing on Arnav face seeing her understanding nature..he saw her soft palm still on his mouth..he place wet kiss on her palm..she quickly took her hand with jerk feeling his wet Kiss..her skin colour changed to red..he smirking seeing his effect on her.he dangerously come close to her..she breathing harder sensing his closeness..her Dak Dak again started..her breath became more harder hearing Arnav ****y growl..he told her full of huskiness..

Arnav:you don't know what kind of effect you have on me Khushi..do you know how many sleepless night I spent because of you..you making me crazy Khushi..I don't know how I going to manage three years..it's really hard Khushi..

He pull her towards him with big crush..both now joined like one body..she try to control her raising Dak Dak..their both foreheads joining together..Arnav gulping hard feeling her this much close..he can't let her go without doing anything ..his eyes fell on her intoxicate lips which driving him crazy from the moment he saw her..her rose petal lips inviting him romantically..he wet his dry lips seeing her rose petal..he don't want to scare her with his wild acts..but he can't controlled.he can't anymore ..erection killing him,,next moment that magic happens..both new born lovers feeling the moment of their first  ever kiss..naturally thru both feeling the explanation..he slowly start to chew her lips which very perfect for him..after recovering from shock she start to respond him with equal passionate..both kissing each other with new energy and passionate..both kissing like no tomorrow..

Arnav asking entrance of her mouth..she give him willingly ,,he explore her whole mouth without any place left ..she trying her best to kiss him the way he kissing her..he bite her lower lip wildly,,she moan feeling the ultimate pleasure..Arnav turn so hard hearing her ****y moan..their kiss getting wild..he eating her whole lips..like he won't get another chance to taste her this delicious lips..she griping his hair tightly and kissing him over board..her wildness crossing the limit..unknowingly she bite his lips little hardly..he growl feeling her wildness..this is not he expected..without thought he increase his power..after long time both broke the kiss lake of breath..they both breathing hardly,,he slowly open his eyes and saw she trying to get her normal breath..it's was unexpected kiss..he didn't thought to do this.he don't  know what khushi thinking about him.what if she think bad about him.when he try to apologize to her...surprisingly Khushi hugged him tightly..he starlet by her sudden hug..he don't know what kind of hug this.then she cleared him doubt.

Khushi:you don't have to say anything ..I never regret the moment I spend with you Arnav Ji..don't ask apologize..I love this..

Arnav smile with huge satisfaction and happiness hearing her words..it's more then enough for him.phe hug her back with same love..it's going to be new life to him..a new life with his milky dove.he have to cheers this...

Next update:collage tour,,,possessive lover,,,first fight..

Sorry for the short update..actually I got struck with some personal problems..next story update I will give after two days..

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Fabulous update..
May 24

Ajeeb prem kahani phir se.. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 98 times)

Next day..today Sunday..so all present in Gupta house.as usual everything going normally..but unusually Khushi didn't go out to play like always..she just spending whole time her room..yesterday raizadas went after finalized all..even guptas agreed to everything..but today some heat raising on house..shashi and garima being tension from morning..they come to know about something important..they don't know how to tell this to other..specially to Khushi..or isn't she know about this already?without able to hide more.shashi called Khushi out..

Khushi slowly come out from bedroom..naturally her face blooming like flower.She totally got the look of soon to be bride..after yesterday events..her whole mind filled with Arnav's thoughts..her cheek still turning red recalling their first kiss..it's feel so amazing..her happiness no bond.she didn't dreamed everything will happen this much quickly..whole night she don't sleep thinking about her hubby..yes hubby...he already become her hubby by heart..with beautiful smile she reached to hall and saw her family members sitting there with tension face.her smile banished seeing them like this..shashi asked her to sit..she take seat beside buaji and asked shashi worriedly..

Khushi:what happened papa?why are you looking tension..id there any problem?

Shashi:(tension tone)yes beta..there's a problem..(after pause)do you know the fact that Arnav thirteen years elder then you?

Khushi surprised hearing her father question..why he asking suddenly..of course she know about it..what's the problem on it..she told him normally..

Khushi:ha papa i know about it..what is the problem if he elder then me..

Shashi:it's a problem beta..it's problem for me..how can you expect me to give my eighteen years old daughter to 31 years old man..can't  you see the wrong on it..how can you love him..he's much older then you Khushi..how can you..(after pause)if I know about this age difference,I never accept this marriage proposal..

Khushi shocked hearing just reply..she don't know why her father going over board for such a silly reason,.its very common nowadays...everyone agree with shashi..but if she think patiently..she understands her father worries..he felt insecurity to give her to Arnav..she took a big breath and her him slowly..

Khushi:papa do you remember..one day I asked you about love..then you told me love is like magic..it's can happen anyone to anywhere,,we can't stop fallen love on our soulmate..before we recognize our soulmates..our heart will recognized..and if we fall in love once..we can't stop ourself from feel all kind of emotions..do you know what papa..that magic even happened to me..I feel all emotions of love..I found my true soulmate papa.and that's was Arnavji papa..(smile)I realize my true self after meeting him..he make me experience the feel of love...I love him papa..I love him very much..his presence in my life giving me so much happiness papa..maybe I met him weeks ago..but he took very big place in my life papa...I need him on my life papa..age is doesn't matter to me.yes he's older to me..so what..age is just a number papa..for me his love is important..I strongly believe that he will keep me happy forever..that is important for me papa..please don't think about any silly reason..please accept our relationship papa..

An warm smile play shashi face hearing his daughter feelings..he was big fool to get tension for such a silly reason..now he totally understand his daughter love for Arnav..and his heart spreading with happiness hearing his daughter mature talk..he told her smiling way..

Shashi:I understand very well beta..I am sorry for not understanding your both early..it's just I worried about you..you're correct..it's really silly matter..but you very well make me realize everything..now I don't have any problems..my mind totally cleared..I accept your both age difference..

Khushi smile happily hearing this and happily hugged him..shashi hug her back smiling way..other members smiling seeing this.even they impressed by Khushi speech..they never expect their baby girl became this much matured..they doesn't want anything expect her happiness..

At night..Khushi and payal watching  tv on hall..others  already went to bed..both watching  movie interestingly.. suddenly payal phone start to ring. She answers the call and talk very lowly..Khushi don't give interest  on her call .she fully lost on movie..after few minutes payal cut the call with shy smile..she no more interest on movie..after few minutes Khushi's phone ring .she hissed getting disturbance ..she irritatingly answer the call...

Khushi:hello!! Caller:hello wifey!!!

She shocked hearing the caller reply..she look at the phone and saw its unknown number..

Khushi:hello who is this? What your want..

 Caller: that so rude Khushi.. You cant recognize your soon to be husband! I am hurt..

Khushi:(surprised tone)Arnavji!! It is you ?..hey devimayya I am sorry Arnavji..

Arnav:(smile)it's okay Khushi..I forgive you..(she smile)so tell me..what are you doing now..thinking about me?

Khushi blushing hearing his question..she felt shy to answer him..of course she thinking about him only..payal smiling seeing her sister blushing face..it's really rare thing.she left from there giving privacy to her sister..even she have to call someone..then Khushi come to sense hearing Arnav voice..

Arnav;hey khushi where're you lost..you still not answer my question..tell me..do you miss me..

Khushi:(shy smile)yes Arnavji..I missing you very much..I am always thinking about you.

Arnav:good to hear..I want to hear this only..even I am missing you very much..

She getting more red hearing his talks..she don't know akkudu ASR this much romantic..then he asked her,,

Arnav:so tell me what's your plan tomorrow..

Khushi:(smile) nothing special Arnavji..just as usual have to go college and return to home..

Arnav:(after moment)okay then you sleep..I keeping the call..lets talk tomorrow..

After telling bye they cut the call.khushi smiling looking at screen..she no more interest in movie..same smile she left to her room..whole night she dream about her would to be husband..

Next day..Khushi got ready to collage,.she wear long full sleeve floral print gown and made her hair to stylish braid,,she looking beautiful and elegant..after bid bye to family ,both payal Khushi start the drive..after five minutes long distance..payal suddenly stopped the scooter with jerk..Khushi confused by her act..she saw surprise written on payal face..she looking front of them with shock..Khushi look where she looking..next second she to got that shock..her mouth opened widely,.

Arnav standing beside his car front of their colony entrance..he looking super dashing on his black Armani suit..he wearing sunglass on eyes,,he giving charming smile to Khushi..slowly he come towards them..

Arnav:hi Khushi..

Khushi:(came out from shock)Arnavji..what are you doing here..don't you go office?

Arnav:(smile)I have to go..but after dropping you in collage..come lets go,.

Now Khushi got double shock hearing his statement..payal surprised by his answer..Khushi try to say something..Arnav cut off her.

Arnav:don't try to deny me..I am going to drop you and that's it. In fact I will get you back after collage end and drop you in home..(to payal)payal don't worry about anything..your sister safe with me..hereafter I'll drop her collage to home..if you want..you can wait here..I will drop her to colony gate.you can take her from here..

Payal only can agree with him..without wait more Arnav held Khushi hand and drag her with him.he opened front seat then took driver seat..soon started the car..Arnav saw Khushi angrily murmuring something inside her..he find her cute with angry face..and asked her slowly.

Arnav:naraaz ho?(no answer)why you angry with me now?what I did?

Khushi:or nehi tho kya..why don't you tell me,you coming to pickup me today..suddenly you come like shock and taking me..it's so bad..

Arnav:(smirk)this is called surprise khushi?i want to surprise you..that's why I don't tell you anything..now hereafter I'll drop you collage to home..so we can meet every day..

Khushi become cool hearing him..then they driving with little chat..after  20 minutes they reached to collage..when Arnav try to come out with her.khushi stopped him..

Khushi:Arnavji..please don't come out..what if anyone see you with me..

Arnav:(confused tone)so what? I come to drop my fiancé..why anyone bother about it..

Khushi:it's not like that Arnavji..here no one know I going to marry you..if anyone come to know.its get unnecessary attention..everyone will give me extra attention..if they come to know I am going to marry Arnav Singh raizada..I don't like that..lets keep this as secret..at least until I finish studies..please..

Arnav smile hearing  her request..she very well know how to amuse him..then he agree with her request much to Khushi relief..then she came out from car and went inside the collage after big bye to him..he smiling looking her retreating figure ..after making sure she went inside.he left the place..

At collage..Khushi slowly enter to class room..there just few students arrived..and geet also present there..she slowly join with her..

Geet:(smile)hi Khushi..good you come...lets check the assignment last time..

Khushi agree with her..the both girls rechecked their assignments..soon everyone arrived to class and class started..

At break time..Khushi come to canteen with geet..as usual she joined with nk gang..but of course today they not joining as just friend,,they both sharing new relationship which no one knows..nk not informed anything to his friends still..and Khushi decided to inform geet..after all she was her friend,,soon after seeing Khushi..nk smile happily..she to smile back..he cheerfully greet her..everyone confused by his over excitement..armaan asked him..

Armaan:nk dude..what happened to you suddenly..why you so excited seeing Khushi like this,.

Nk:(smile more)oh armaan..I not informed you all about that na..I totally forgot..I will inform you all after collage end..

Everyone confused hearing him..they look at Khushi who looking all with soft smile..all then decided to wait to know...soon everyone lost on chatting and have their lunch...

After collage end..Khushi and geet standing near collage gate,..just ago Khushi told everything to geet..

Geet:(shocked to core)what!!!  You going to marry ASR..(Khushi node)you mean the most eligible bachelor in India..the great Arnav Singh raizada..(she again nodded)hey bagavan..Khushi why don't you tell me about this..you going to get married to handsome hunk of fashion industry..do you have any idea how will girls react if they come to know about this..they will faint in shock and heart broken..

Khushi:that's why I didn't tell anyone about this geet..I don't want anyone come to know about this..it's will create unwanted attention..I told you this because you're my best friend..I can't hide anything from you..

Finally geet hugged Khushi happily come out from shock..honestly she very shocked..but same time she very happy about her friend..then she broke the hug..

Geet:actually I am very shocked hearing your news..but I am very happy for you Khushi..you really deserve a rajakumar like him..congratulations bestie..

Khushi smile hearing her friend wish..then nk come there with his gang.they all have surprised smile on face..looking that Khushi come to know they aware about everything..then riddima told Khushi happily..

Riddima:nk told us everything just ago..honestly we all really shocked..we never dreamed our ever favorite baby friend will be bride to our bhai..we really happy about your both relation Khushi..

Khushi smile hearing her.soon other friends congrats her..then vyom asked her teasingly..

Vyom:but Khushi,.tell me something.,how you make our kadoos bhai fall in love on you..(Khushi give him shock look)I mean..everyone know about ASR,,he is a Indian hitler..so how is our hitler fall in love on this beautiful rose? How you flat him Khushi? Tell na..

Khushi turn dark red hearing his question..everyone chuckling witnessing her blushing ....first time they seeing naughty Khushi blushing like this,

Naina:looking like not only our bhai..even our cutie friend fallen badly on our bhai..see how much she blushing just hearing his name.then what will her reaction if she meet him..I really want to see it,,

Khushi turn more red..all giggling seeing her betroot face..suddenly an horn sound broke their giggle,before them Arnav's car parked..he came out from car,.everyone surprised seeing him expect Khushi..thankfully no students present there expect them..he come towards Khushi and hold her by waist,,she embarrassed by his act and trying to came out from his grip..but he not letting her free..then nk asked Arnav wondering tone.

Nk:nannav you here?what are you doing here?

Arnav :(casual tone)I come to pick up my fiancé..from today other wards I take responsibility to pick up and drop her..

All shocked hearing his reply,..it's out of expectations..Khushi blushing hearing his reply.,how openly he disclose her as his fiancé..then soon after bid bye to all..Arnav took Khushi from there...

After fifteen minutes Arnav stopped the car front of colony gate..just then payal too reached there..when Khushi try to get out Arnav hold her hand..she look him confused smile..he asked her with intense eyes.

Arnav: Khushi this is the way you bid bye to your fiancé..don't you know about basic rules..

Khushi:(confused) basic rules?what rules..I don't know anything..

Arnav:(smile)it's obvious you don't know..so just for today..I will teach you..tomorrow you should follow without my help..understood!

Before he understood all..he kissed her right cheek soundly..Khushi gaps at sudden act..she become stone for few seconds..his lips still on her cheek.after moment he move away from her..she meet his romantic eyes which burning with love and desire..heat spread whole car..Khushi felt so shy to meet his eyes..she hurriedly got down from car and run to payal..Arnav smiling looking her running figure..he can't believe is this is same girl who kissed him lip to lip shagun day..with satisfaction smile he drive all from there..

After two weeks..these two weeks Arnav Khushi daily meeting each other..Khushi got used about it..after collage end both share few talks In phone.not too much..she got very comfortable with him..as he demanded after dropping she daily give him sweet kisses..but just on cheek..Arnav thought to at least start their intimate relationship slowly..just now they started..so he don't want to scared her with his wild desires,.now family members aware about their pick up drop..so now he dropping her near house itself..

Today Sunday..last night Arnav's family invited Gupta family for lunch..now all getting ready to go raizada mansion..Khushi got ready on nevy blue full sleeve floral print long gown..she wear long thin earnings and made her hair to long curls..she put normal make up..as usual she is gorgeous..after getting ready all left to raizada mansion.

Raizadas welcomed khushi's family respectively..everyone very happy to meet each other..soon they make guptas comfortable and serve drinks to them..today weekend so all present in house..even our groom..Anjali took seat beside Khushi..

Anjali:how are you Khushi ?

Khushi:(smile) I am fine Anjali Ji..

Anjali:arre you still calling me Anjali ji..call me di..you going to be my babhi...my chote's bride..so no stranger feeling..okay..

Khushi smile and nodded at her..soon everyone start to talk..Khushi to lost talking with nk..when all talking Shyam notice Arnav standing on staircase and lost on his love..he smirk seeing his salesaab state..he told Anjali little loudly..

Shyam:rani saiba..looking like your chote not ready to move eyes from his bride..look at him..

Everyone look Arnav who came to sense hearing Shyam statement..he hide his embarrassed face..Khushi blushing seeing him..everyone chuckles looking they both..slowly Arnav join with them..after few minutes all lost on chatting..taking this opportunity Arnav grab Khushi hand and drag her to his room...

Khushi looking Arnav confusingly..it's been three minutes they come to his room..but still he didn't speak a word..she sense some seriousness on his face..she cares his arms and asked him softly..

Khushi:what's the matter Arnavji?why'd you looking serious?is everything okay?

Arnav:(tension tone)Khushi there something important I need to reveal to you..I don't know how you going to take this..but you need to understand me..I can't hide this from you..

Khushi:(supporting tone)don't worry Arnavji..I won't judge you before knowing everything..tell me what you want to tell..


Khushi's breath stopped hearing his confession..she turn cold at spot.. 

This story update got ready soon..so thought to not make you all wait,.next story update will be pyaar kiya..will update tomorrow if I got more the 100 votes...depends on this story votes and comment.

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Fabulous update
Jun 20

Ajeeb prem kahani phir se... (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 82 times)

She don't know what to say..she took away her hands from his arms..Arnav got more shock and tension seeing her reaction.after moment she told him silently..

Khushi:complete your sentence Arnavji..I won't jump into conclusions before knowing everything fully..

Arnav sigh in big relief hearing her words..she give him encourage look.she can understand there something incomplete on his confession.so she need to give him s chance before judge him.and also she trust him completely...then Arnav started softly..

Arnav:it's true Khushi..I already married once..but no one will call that as marriage after whatever happened..(after pause)five years ago Nani and di chooses a girl for me from our long distance relatives ..I am totally against for the marriage.but Nani and di make me accept by blackmailing me..I agreed to marriage out of helpless state.Soon they directly arranged the marriage thinking maybe I will change my decision..I am totally unhappy about it..then finally after three days I got married to that gutless..(sigh)but I don't know that day will be my first and last wedding day..when I enter to my room wedding night..instead of my bride I meet the empty room with an latter..when I read the latter I come to know even she dong like this marriage ..her parents arranged this wedding forcefully..and also she already love with some other guy..day of wedding night itself she runaway with my some money,,(long breath) she easily runaway putting me and my family in big shame..she never be my wife Khushi..I just bonded with her for day..even now I totally forget her face..I even don't know what's her name..she is no one to me Khushi..for me that wedding was just name of one day play..I never considered that's as my wedding..but still it's my responsibility to tell all this to you..because I don't want any misunderstanding between us after marriage..now it's you have to tell your response..are you upset with me?

Khushi:(smile sweetly) absolutely not Arnavji..in fact I am very happy that you reveal all to me..I will be surely upset if I come to know about this from some other person.i can understand your emotions..maybe that Marriage wouldn't matter to you..but no one can forget such a insult on their wedding day..don't worry Arnavji..I am completely okay with your past..it's doesn't matter to me..it's should be good if you too totally forget all your past marriage..your past not going to change our present and future..

Arnav got heart warming smile on face hearing her soft comforting..there huge weight move away from his heart,,his heart just pumped thinking about Khushi reaction,.but seeing her understanding comfort zone..he feel so bless and lucky to get her as his soulmate..out of happiness he took her to heart filled hug..Khushi Starlet by his sudden act and next moment smile knowing his happiness state..after few moment both broke the hug and Arnav placed love filled kiss on her forehead..she feel his kiss from deep heart..then both shared a sweet smile..after moment Khushi asked him slowly..

Khushi:Arnavji..I have a doubt...I need to clear that..(he nodded as approval)you told me she runaway wedding night..means after wedding..so you both maybe registered the marriage..isn't the marriage still registered or you took divorce from her..please tell me..I am getting fear !

Arnav : (smile softly) don't worry Khushi..the moment she run away next moment I file divorce on court..because of her shameless act we soon got divorce..I still have that copy..if you want I can show you the file,.

Khushi:(smile out if relief) no Arnavji..it's enough for me..I trust you..there's no problem for me..I am feeling much relief now,,

He smile seeing her relief face..he took her hand and kissed her fingers..she smile seeing him and told him softly..

Khushi:you know what Arnavji..somewhere I am happy about your broken marriage..

He got shock hearing her unexpected statement..he looking her with open mouth..when he try to ask her..she soon correct herself..

Khushi:don't think wrongly arnavji..I know deep down you very insulted by that broken marriage..I  happy about that because if your past marriage Won't broken today we both maybe not together..we maybe never fall in love..I may not get you in my life..it's good that women went from your life..

Adoring smile appear on Arnav face hearing Khushi cute reply..he never thought this angle..she is right..first time he feeling very happy about his broken marriage..he keep looking her without blinking,..she feeling shy seeing his intense stare..she try to hide her blushing face..after moment she told him strumming way..

Khushi:we both being here from long time..everyone maybe looking for us Arnavji..come lets go..

Arnav node at her without breaking his state on her..they both get up..when she try to go away..he grab her hand..she Jerk by his sudden act..before she think anything he place love filled kiss on her forehead..she smile charmingly feeling his kiss..then he hold her hand softly and move downstairs..

They both come downstairs..everyone smile seeing them together..Anjali sigh in relief seeing they both smiling face..she aware about Arnav talk with Khushi about his past marriage..somewhere she Nervous about khushi's reaction to her brother past broken marriage ..what if Khushi decided to change her idea..but now seeing their happy face..she more happy then them..then Arnav Khushi join with family members..soon Nani started..

Nani:you both come..we have some good news to announce you both..

Arnav:(smile) what announcement Nani?

Anjali:(excitingly) chote we all fixed you both engagement date..next week you both going to engaged..

Arnav Khushi indeed shocked by this sweet surprise..they both smile hearing Anjali statement..Arnav on cloud nine hearing this news..next week he going to get engaged to Khushi..he happily look at Khushi who also have same happy smile on her face..family members smile seeing their happy face..soon nk hugged Arnav tightly..

Nk: nannav meri bhai..congratulations..finally you going to be groom..oh I am so happy..( to Khushi) and Khushi..oh no no..Khushi babhi...congrats..please come to our family soon..I am eagerly waiting to welcome you..come soon babhi..

Khushi blushing highly hearing nk calling her babhi..but Arnav feeling huge happiness and satisfaction hearing babhi from nk..that's mean she already became his half wife.after marriage full wife..he just waiting for that moment..then family members share sweets to express their happiness..it's most happiness moment for them.

Next day...like usual Arnav come to pick up Khushi..both started their drive to collage..in middle of the talk..suddenly Arnav told Khushi ..

Arnav: Khushi dong purchase your engagement dress..there no need for it..

Khushi:(shocked) what? What are you saying Arnavji..hoe can its not necessary..I need to get new dress for my engagement..I can't wear old cloths for my engagement..

Arnav: Khushi let me complete..I mean to say..you don't need to get new dress from anywhere..I am going to design our both dress together..I want you wear my own design dress on engagement day..

She smile hearing his words ..she nodded at him with adoring smile..soon they both reached to collage..Khushi went inside after giving him regular kiss..he left from there with satisfaction smile..

After few days..today raizadas decided to go shopping...Arnav already informed about his design idea to family members..but still there many things to purchase..now raizada ladies making shopping list.shyam and nk decided to accompany ladies.But the ladies want groom with them..but the main problem is..their kadoos groom don't like shopping stuffs..then Arnav come down all getting ready to go office..Anjali frown seeing this..he took seat on sofa and start to do work in laptop..Anjali asked him with poker face..

Anjali: kya chote ...today also you going to office..why can't you join with us for shopping..we doing this for your wedding only..

Arnav:( irritating tone) di you very well know how much I hate those shopping things..I have many more important works to do..so please don't involve me on those things..

She frown hearing his reply..he will never change..suddenly an idea pop on her brain..she look him with teasing smirk.she now know her brother won't deny after hearing this..she told his casually with teasing mind..

Anjali: chalo teek hai...I thought you maybe can help Khushi on her selection..but you really busy..it's okay I will help Khushi on selection..

Soon Arnav face changed hearing  Anjali statement..he look her with shock..he don't know Khushi also going to come..Khushi never told him about this..he look at his sister who getting ready to go ..he asked her slowly.

Arnav: is Khushi coming to shopping today?

Anjali: ha chote..just ago I called Khushi to join with us for shopping.she will directly reach to shopping mahal..okay leave it..we're going bye..( she act like going) 

Arnav:( quickly) di wait..( after pause )I am coming...

Victory smile play on Anjali face hearing Arnav reply..she already know about her brother new found of weakness..he won't miss the chance to be with Khushi..other members who looking all this very well know her plan..they smile teasingly seeing Arnav quickly get up to go shopping..that little pari truly changed their akkudu ASR..then all left to shopping mahal..

After minutes all reached to mahal and got down from cars..then Anjali told Arnav..

Anjali:chote you wait here and bring Khushi inside after she come..we going inside ..okay..

He nodded at her agree..they all went inside..he lean on car and waiting for his dove..after few minutes  Khushi come out from auto wearing elegant black color shalwar and left her hair open..a usual she looking damn gorgeous ..she saw Arnav standing before her wearing stylish black Armani suit..he looking dashing as always..she smile at him..he to smile back..then Khushi slowly come towards him..

Khushi: sorry..bahut dher hogaya hai Kya ? I got struck in terrific ..

Arnav: it's okay..we also just reached few minutes ago..come let's go inside..

She nodded to him..he hold her by waist and take her inside the mahal..already many people recognized Arnav..and their biggest shock seeing Arnav Singh raizada with some girl.. But not any normal girl..she looking really gorgeous  to them..without bothering about other stares..Arnav took Khushi to ladies section there already his sister present..Anjali smile seeing Khushi..soon they all went into shopping world..Arnav sitting beside Khushi and noticing her taste of choosing..But he can see she not that much interest on those collection..she showing disapprove to all dress..after some time he asked her..

Arnav: why Khushi..don't you like any dresses..

Khushi: ha Arnavji..there no dresses desing touched my heart .i don't like all this..but I don't want to upset di saying this.at least I have to buy something for her happiness..

Arnav:( smile ) okay then..if you don't like any dresses..we will see other things.. I saw some jewellery shop down floor..come lets buy some jewels for you..( she try to deny)don't deny me saying anything..I know what you trying to tell..but let me tell you.i am your would be husband..I have full rights to buy anything for you..

She smile hearing him.soon they both came out telling Anjali..both came down floor and went inside on if jewellery shop.arnav told the salesman..

Arnav: show latest collection jewelries to my fiancé..

The salesman surprised hearing Arnav statement..he look at both Khushi Arnav closely..his heart beat little faster seeing such a beauty diva..but he control himself seeing Arnav firm face..then he start to show jewels to Khushi..thankfully she took quite interest in choosing jewels much to Arnav happy..suddenly his phone ring..he went out to attend the call after informing to Khushi..Khushi casually looking the jewels..all of sudden someone bump on her with jerk..she starlet by unexpected crash..she turn and saw an young man looking her lustfully..all people in shop got quite seeing him..he looking really bad with orange hair and earnings on ears..she feel uncomfortable around him.without think she came out from shop and look for Arnav..but she shake hearing that man voice from behind..he came front of her trembling way.he told her in drunken tone.

Man: hey you white doll..where are you running..don't you buy jewels..tell you what you want..this whole mahal was mine.,I can give you anything baby..come on tell me..

Khushi disgusting by his words..she try to go away..he hold her hand without letting her go..she try to free herself..he came close and inhale her smell..she hurriedly stepped back feeling his closeness,,he told her full of list tone,,

Man:oh my god..you smell so good baby..I am completely drugged inhaling your aroma..I am damn sure your taste more delicious then smell..you looking really yummy babe..

He lustfully come close to her..her eyes already moist..she feeling really helpless..the people who surrender around them feeling pity for her..but they can't do anything..he is really dangerous man..she close her eyes tightly and desperately calling for Arnav..next moment she hear loud screaming sound coming beside her..she open her and and the scene happening front of her make turn blue.

Arnav hunting the man like beast lion..he carry him on air and throw him very far away..his whole face turn dark red..his eyes showing uncontrollable anger..just ago the scene happen front of him completely wake the beast inside him..when he saw this **** nearing to his Khushi.he couldn't control himself turning manic...he grip his hair and bang his head on wall..all people who surrender around there just freezes seeing Arnav beast avatar..he ripping apart that man like devil..he spoke out in dark tone.

Arnav:how dare you..how dare you ****..how you got guts to touch my Khushi..how dare you..I won't leave him..

He continually beating him..till now Khushi parlayed seeing Arnav real anger..her body parts shivering in fear seeing him like this..she never expect Arnav will be this much angry man..her heart pumping in fear seeing her ripping apart that man like cloths..but she need to stop him.otherwise he may kill him.she near to him shivering way..

Khushi:  Arnav..Ji...please leave him..he going to die...

Arnav: let him die..he deserve to die..how dare him to touch you..he will pay for touching my women..I won't leave him..

Khushi really scared and stunned by his reply..she sense raw possessiveness on his tone.she look at the man who ready to fall unconscious,,now this is her last weapon..

Khushi: Arnavji leave him..aapko hamari kasam!!

His hand stop in air hearing her statement..he look at her sharply..she pleads him making pity face..he look at the man angrily and throw him away..she sigh in big relief seeing he finally stopped..she slowly near to him..he told her firmly..

Arnav:you shouldn't do that..that **** deserve to punished..I won't spare him that much soon..

Khushi:(relaxing tone) leave it Arnavji..you already beat him red to blue..he will definitely remember your beats life long..now you calm down..everyone watching us..come lets go..

He deny to come glaring that man..she forcefully took him out..Arnav left from there giving him last look.khushi took him out of the mahal and get inside the car with him.soon he drive off from there..Khushi know they need this drive to calm him.she silently send a massage to Anjali and start a drive with him...

Next update;;; obsessive possessive lover...new entry..maybe hot scenes..

Hello everyone ....how are you all..hope everyone fine..may Allah bless you all..first of all big big late eid Mubarak to you all..sorry for the very late wish..I am totally he'll bust those Ramadan days..finally it's over..now I am fully free..that's means..I will be regular update Again..after seeing the good votes and comments I will update others stories updates and will soon publish new story first update..till that Allah hafiz..

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Fabulous update
Jul 10

Ajeeb prem kahani..phir se (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 101 times)

Arnav reached to some lonely place where no one present expect them..he come out from car angrily and go little for away from her..Khushi worriedly came out from car and move towards him slowly..his anger still not cool down..he still ready to eat someone..she slowly hold his shoulder and told him comforting way..

Khushi: let's forget about that Arnavji..it's just bad incident..if we think about that forever..we can't constraints on our life please Arnavji..forget about that..please..

Arnav:( danger tone ) what you want me to forget..do you want me forget the scene that bloody goose try to touch my love..how can I forget that..he misbehaved with my love..my women..l will  never forget that.. I want leave him..

Khushi: but Arnavji you saved me on time na..nothing happened to me..it's not good to get this much angry Arnavji..please Arnavji..forget everything..at least for me..

Arnav:( took deep breath ) okay I am not doing anything to him. ( hold her closer ) but listen to me carefully. If again someone try to touch you or get close to you he will only face the death.. I am serious Khushi.. I won't tolerate if someone try to touch you..you're mine..only mine..no one have any rights on you expect me..keep this on your mind always.. I am only your love..there no one can take my place on your life..if someone try it also..that person only witness the death..understand..

Khushi nodded at him slowly..she sense some kind of heat on Arnav..his whole eyes and face covered with dark possessiveness..more obsessiveness..she don't know how to express her emotions..one hand she extremely happy seeing Arnav unconditional love towards her..other hand she dead scared seeing his over possessive love..what if he harm anymore out of his over possessiveness nature..she dearly praying to god..don't create such a situation on their life..she don't want any problem on their life..she cupped Arnav face and hugged him tightly..he breath hardly feeling her hug and hugged her back..both hugged each other for long time and feel each other warmth..

After three days..today Arnav Khushi engagement day..not many people invited..just closed relatives of both family..Raizada mansion decorated beautifully..everyones face filled with only happiness..or what..they all waited to see this day only..their Arnav finally going to get his true soulmate..it's maybe engagement but Raizada family feeling life it's marriage day..after sometime Gupta family reached to mansion..Raizada welcomed them most grandly..Khushi smile seeing all this..finally her engagement day come..for this moment she lost her whole sleep nights..then Arnav come down looking Khushi with deep intense eyes..he completely lost on her ever charming beauty she simply gorgeous on her green red combination heavy lehenga..she wearing elegant jewels and made her hair to curly bride bun..he never thought she will be so beautiful on his creation..he getting huge pride when he thinking this gorgeous fairy angel   going to be his forever..his heart dancing in great happiness..Khushi's state also same as his..she too completely fall on his dashing view..he looking Temptingly hot on his new brown colour coat with blazer..there no words to tell out his handsome view..he slowly come towards her..he forward his hand and asked her hand..she smile charmingly and give his hand to him..he took her to stage ..both families standing behind them..soon guest gathered..Anjali  forward ring to Khushi..she slowly took the ring from buaji and slide on Khushi finger..both shared a beautiful smile. He told her huskily..

Arnav: this is my first step towards making you mine hamesha..

Khushi smile shyly hearing his statement..that's true..she already belong to him..soon everyone congrats the couple and share their all happiness.

After three months..morning time in Raizada mansion..as usual everything going normal there..Nani making flower garland  with Anjali , mami..boys still not up..because today Sunday..when they talking suddenly door bell ring..hp opened the door and Khushi enter to house with exciting smile..she exciting came to living room..Raizada oldies smile happily seeing her..she soon come and hugged Nani tightly..

Khushi: ( exciting tone ) hello Naniji..l missed you very much..

Nani:( smile ) I missed you to my pari ..it's good at least now you got time to meet me..

Khushi:( took seat beside her ) I am so sorry Naniji.. I am totally busy this whole month..my first term started..so I don't even have time to take my phone that's why I don't come here..please forgive me..

Nani: ( smile ) arre beta..I know about it..nanne told me how much you busy those days..it's okay I don't mind..and I am really happy that you come here today..that to morning itself you have to be with us till evening..okay ??

Khushi:( smile ) okay done !! Today my whole time with you all only..lets have a full masti day..

They smile hearing her..then she got chatting with them..after sometime Khushi asked Anjali..

Khushi: di where's everyone..why there no sign of Raizada mans??

Anjali:( smile ) today Sunday na.. So they all wake up lately.. And your Arnavji..wont wake up till 12 o clock..so don't keep hope to meet them now..

Khushi: what !! That's not fair..here I come to meet you all early morning.. And he still sleeping..wait let me wake up him..

Saying that she rushed to upstair..ladies smile seeing her retreat figure..now they can't hope to see her that much soon.. She entering into hungry lion den..who very hungrily waiting for his hunt. Khushi reached to Arnav's room door and slowly open the door without making noise..she look towards bed where her so charming finance sleeping peacefully with silent pout..she totally fall in love with that scene..she slowly move forward and took a seat light..she can keep looking him like at his forever.. Without her knowledge her hand move to his hair and slowly start to cares his smooth silky hair ..just like some wonder his face got a charming smile after feeling her care cares..she to smile seeing him..for few minutes she keep caressing his hair..suddenly he open his eyes..she stopped her act and came to sense,she look at him shocked way..she feeling embarrassing to face him.after few seconds.still there no naughty teasing questions from Arnav..she look him and his reaction confused her very much.he normally get up from the bed and took his towel and left to washroom without caring about her presence,she totally confused and surprised seeing his reaction.why he behaving like this.why there no reaction from him.her thoughts broke when she hear washroom door opening sound.next moment her eyes popped out seeing Arnav coming out just in towel..her mind went really wrong side looking his hot body..he looking extremely hot now.she just can't take her eyes from him..but he totally not cared about her presence.he casually went to dressing table and adjust the towel around his waist.she saw he mumbling something making poker face..now that's e ouch.she can't bear his ignores anymore..thinking that she marched towards him.but before she say anything Arnav told her.

Arnav: please Khushi don't torture me anymore..I can't bear this.its enough..every day you making myself worst,.you torturing me day and night.do you have any idea how much it's hard for me to get myself Norns, after your teasing acts..please spare me..I can't fear this anymore.i am already very hard.

He almost begged her.now this is big confusing for Khushi.she totally clueless what Arnav saying.ahe looking him wondering way and asked him.

Khushi: Arnavji ! What are you saying..I am not understanding anything..when I torture you..why you speaking with me like this.please tell me clearly.

Arnav: Khushi please don't talk like you don't know anything..from the time I met you ,,you giving me sleepless nights..because of you my little one every night crying out of pain.now also you torturing me appearing front of me like this..those wild dreams not letting me do anything properly..look now also your dreams killing my little one..please Khushi vanish from here..otherwise I don't know what I am going to do.

Now Khushi strongly understood what Arnav meaning..her face turn blood red after conclusion..she can't control her blushing.so Arnav thinking this is as dream..her heart pumping highly hearing Arnav hot confession.she never know Arnav getting such a dreams about them..mistakenly her eyes fell on his lower hip.her blood rushed to south seeing little poke from inside the towel..she now just need to run away from here..but before that,,,

Khushi: Arnavji !! This is not dream..this is real..I am real !!

Saying that she pinched his cheek playfully..Arnav shirk feeling the pinch and totally shocked seeing the reality.he look her with most shocking face.to confirm his doubt he slowly touched her cheek.oh god it's indeed real..Khushi smile at him shyly and try to run away..but Arnav quickly recover from shock and grab her hand stopping her from running..she indeed don't have courage to face him now..specially after whatever happens..she curse herself for coming here.then Arnav asked her,

Arnav:(intense tone) you here..so this is not a dream.you truly here today..finally my dream come true,.( smirk ****ily) so you come to know about my dream matter..good..those days I keep dream about you very much.i don't have something called night after meeting you.at least today I can't make my dream come true..

He crash her body with his bare body and inhale her aroma deeply.her breath got struck feeling Arnav hardness first time and that to really closely..he purposely push himself more into her.she moan deeply without her knowledge..she held his shoulders and told him moaning way,

Khushi: no Arnavji...please..you can't do this to me..

Arnav:( more huskiness) can you feel it..can you feel what are you doing to me..this is what my state from the day I met you..you totally killed my nights..I can't stop thinking about you.after out engagement my dreams are got even more wild..this is not any Kane lust Khushi.this is my limitless love for you..my ever ending desire towards you..I already considering you as my wife..you are my wife according to me.i just can't bear this Khushi..I don't know how I going to control myself next whole two years nine months..

He touched her forehead with hers and kissed her nose pin softly..her face turn more read hearing his romantic tone.she feeling so shy to be close with him like this ,,specially when he is damn hard.she try to came out from his grip but his grip getting more tight.she told him blushing way.

Khushi: Arnavji leave he na.someone will come..what if someone look us like this,,it's will be big embarrassing..please leave me na Arnavji..

Arnav:( more romantic) what's wrong in that.you're my official fiancé.my soon to be wife.no one gave rights to say anything to us..and also who have guts to say something to me.so don't worry.let me feel you.

She can't bear her blushing anymore..he slowly corner her to wall and touched her nose with his.she felt ticklish being close with his wet body..suddenly she felt worry about him.

Khushi: Arnavji you still being its nit good to be like that.you will catch cold..come let me wipe your hair..

Saying that she hold his hand and make him sit on bed.she took out a towel from closet and come back to him.and caring way start to weep his hair..all the time Arnav looking her with admiring smile,his heart dancing in limitless happiness seeing she doing all kind of things to him.until today he thought to have such a blissful moments he have to wait till marriage..but now when feeling the moment it's like dream to him.after wiping his hair completely she cares his hair and told him lovingly.

Khushi: go Arnavji.get dressed..I will be out..come downstairs after getting ready.

When she try to go suddenly he hugged her by waist tightly ..she starlet by his unexpected act.he push his head inside her belly.she feeling both shy and ticklish..she hold his head and cares his hair..he then told her softly.

Arnav: thank you Khushi.i always dreamed this moment.i need your this attention towards me always.i felt complete bless to be with you like this..thank you.

She feel some kind of care and warm towards him.she never felt that expect now..her heart asking her to hug him tightly close to her heart..and she did it.she bow didn't little and hold him near her chest.and hugged him most caring way..right now he felt himself like child feeling her warmth.. He hugged her more tightly..then she kissed his head and told him sweetly..

Khushi: okay..now come on get up..we need to go down.everyone must be waiting for us..I am going ..come down after getting ready.

Arnav:( turn to naughty mood) why you going.i don't mind you see me naked..I am more ready to you dress up front of you.anyway it's you who going to see me naked after Marriage..why not now.

Khushi;(smack his head playfully) badmash!!just now you heaved like baby..again you started..you will never change..come on leave me..I am going..

He smile playfully hearing her reply.finally leave her from his grip.after look him last time she left from there.he let her go from there for her own good..because he now damn hard.if she be here some more time.today she won't go outside as virgin girl anymore..he will definitely break the bed today..he smile at his silliness..she really making him wild..after controlling himself he start to get ready..

Those three months completely new life for Arnav..no one dreamed he really have romantic lover inside him..those three months his every talks and actions Indeed shocking surprise for his family..he is not the same Arnav they all know before Khushi arrived.he completely changed.but that's not that he is not akkudu ASR anymore..he still him..but his soft naughty romantic nature with Khushi which they never thought he is..she truly changed him lot..and those months very happy time for both family,..they all got more close and friendly..every weekend both family will share lunch together in one house..going outing together..Atleast they all make a few calls for a day..everything making a good progress..and month ago khushi's exams started.so she don't have any times for family or her love..but as her cute lover Arnav totally understand her situation and help her on anything if she need him..and forget to mention..arshi relationship also progress very much..more then early now they both really close to each other..not intimately but lovingly...they both don't have any secrets..and Khushi already became his half wife..she took care of his all needs..just with her few minutes took away his all tension and frustration..and nowadays she became his anger cooler..and family members really aware about it..no doubt both family really happy seeing they both being so comfortable and supporting..those three months they both got to know each other very much..now Arnav know about her everything..and personally Khushi like open book to him.he knows about her damn well..they both really happy about their relationship..but there still missing puzzle on their love life..that was both of them still not confessed their love properly..not even Arnav or Khushi..both still not noticed this part..expect that there everything perfect on their life..but let's see till when.

After sometime..whole family chatting each other in living...their time going really well..in between nk Shyam teased Arnav Khushi..she just dying out of shyness..with them even Arnav teasing her..she just feeling like to run out of shyness..when everything going really well..suddenly the door bell ring..

Next update: new entry..twist in tale..romantic fight..

Next update depends on this update votes and comments..

Hello guys..this is my sad note..I saw there very less comments and votes in my stories..it's not even passing the 100 ..why you all doing like this.you all don't know how much it's hard for me to update a story parts keeping all the problems away..writing stories here giving me so much relief and happy..but you all not supporting me..why don't you all like my stories..if it is please tell me.i will stop writing..please latest press the thank you Botton..

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Fabulous update
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