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AJEEB PREM KAHANI...PHIR SE.. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 75 times)

* Hello guys...this is your all much awaited story ajeeb prem kahani phir se..like early story it's going to very ajeeb story which going to tell a unique story of the soul mates who mean to each other.but it's was exact opposite story line from early story.which have more intense,romantic,mature lines..I don't like to break the surprise telling the story lines..read happily and get to know the story..happy reading.....

It's was February breeze month..its have the combination of both hot and cool climates..the always busy Delhi today also like that.but somewhere in Delhi a place called shantivan being shanti just like it name..and there a big palace like white and grey combined mansion standing with big pride.no one can say any wrong on that mansion..it's was like some King' kingdom...and inside the mansion an normal family sitting on hall.an elder women in late sixties told her elder grand daughter sweetly..

Women:anjali beta!see it's time for chote to wake up..go wake up him..

Anjali:okay Nani!

Saying that she left upstair.devayani singh raizada look at her grand daughter lovingly and again start to read her holy book.she was elder on raizada family.she respected and loved by her whole family.and she to love her family very much.then suddenly her daughter in law manorama raizada told her in some typical complaining tone..

Mami:hello hai bye bye!!sasuma.don't you think now days your chote engrossed in work very much..he nowadays coming to home almost new morning..

Nani:(sigh)ha manorama!i know that.more then early nowadays he become big workaholic..and you know right if we said something his anger peek to high.thats why I am keeping quite without saying anything..

Other members sigh and agree with her..they all always have a little worry about their elder son who don't care about anything expect work..he don't work like a normal human being..they all hope some days he some will change this habit of him.

In upstair.anjali reached to one last room.without knocking she got inside the room.she look for her brother in bed.but she saw the bed looking like same in night.very neat and clean..then her eyes fell on the recliner in pool side,she sigh seeing her brother sleeping on recliner.and the laptop placed on table open way.looking like he sleep working way.she moves towards him and cares his thick loose hair..which covering his eyes..feeling someone caressing his hair.he opened his intense ****y honey colour eyes.the morning light making him look hot even more..he slowly blink his eyes and saw his sister standing beside him with sweet smile.he give her his very rare small smile.he got up from the recliner and went inside the room.without saying anything anjali went from there..

After 20 minutes..in dinning room.all of them join to dinning table and waiting for their elder son to come.and after moment he come downstairs..all of them look at him with sweet admiring smile.he coming down wearing black texture brand new with Rolex watch on hand.his perfectly jelled hair with manly perfume he just killing to see.totally he looking like handsome Greek god.every single women wished to have a hot and ****y man like him.if his fan girls see him like this.they will die in craziness..of course they will.because he is the India most wanted eligible bachelor ARNAV Singh RAIZADA...who called as ASR in public..he is no.1 fashion tycoon in whole India.not just fashion ,even jewellery shops,seven star hotels,big shopping mahals,in all he is greatest business tycoon in whole India..even in other countries he have branches of his business..because of his hard work.today he is no.1 richest man in Delhi and 2nd richest man in whole Asia.there no person who don't know about him.he was like smile film star in India and always hot topic in media..nowadays he planning new branches in abroad.he really really busy.thats why whole family worried about him..

Soon he joined to dinning hall.and start to have the breakfast discussing about business with his older brother akash..suddenly anjali make a fake cough with take arnav attention.he rise his eyebrow sharply like asking what..she make her voice clear little and asked him keenly..

Anjali:chote do you think about our talk last night.(his face become serious)what's your decision about getting married..

Arnav:(hard tone)di don't ask me this useless question when you know about my answer..why can't you understand.i am not interest getting marry.

Nani:why can't you understand our point chote.your are now 31 year old..but still not married.please chote.every time past won't repeat chote.i know we did mistake five years ago.but that won't happen this time.please believe us chote.

Arnav:I am sorry Nani.but this time I won't fall on same track I fell five years ago.i can't bear that once again,I won't marry and that's it,don't compel me.

He told his decision firmly.and left from there to office.family members sad hearing him.how can they make him understand that every time same mistake won't happen.

Anjali:(worried)how can we make him understand Nani.this time nothing will happen like last time.i am really worried about his future Nani..

Akash:di I think you should make him believe and understand that.this time nothing will happen wrongly.

Anjali:(helpless tone)but how we make him believe that.he even not ready to hear me out fully,what can I do.

Akash:di to make him believe that.find a bride for him who will make bhai believe your words.give him her full details clearly without any wrong.in all you have to find a girl who bhai believe she will not betray him.who have guts to break the wall bhai building around him..

Anjali hear his words clearly.she totally agree with him.other members to agree with him.in all they have to find a girl who will break the ASR mask of their arnav.who can make him fall on her,she got determine smile on her face.now she know what she have to do.from now others wards her work finding a perfect bride for her kadoos brother.she don't know where's her babhi now..

In laxminagar..that's was really loud area.everywhere filled with mini shops,houses,neighbors..it's was really joyful area,no one can bore being there.every time game and masti..there in middle of road which not so big.bunch of children in area playing shoot..in middle of the children an girl on her early youth aiming the placed tins with ball.she having perfect toned slim body with fair skin.her long hair which touching till her bump pinned to loose bun.her gorgeous ocean blue eyes shinning in day time too.her chubby cheeks which naturally red.her red rose petals lips which she biting now just stunning..and her perfectly sharpen eyebrows..in all she looking like a fairy Angel,,the childish look she having  on her face just making her look like barbie doll.she have perfect height and weight for her age.in all she is gorgeous girl in whole laxminagar..no one can ignore her this gorgeous beauty.actually there no words enough to describe her this stunning beauty.and this beauty queen older daughter of shashi Gupta and garima Gupta..and baby sister of payal gutpa..in all she is khushi kumari Gupta..she is Angel of her family.no one will get heart to yell at jerks she do some naughty staffs..her charming smile which can make anyone fall on her completely.she was completely pampered child by her family.specially from her buaji madhumathi..she was widowed women who don't have any children..she consider khushi as her own child and love her very much.always support her every naughty words.for guptas she was their little princess who turn 18 one month ago..she going to join in collage tomorrow..not like other girls she reallly tension free about her new collage..now guptas little princess playing with their neighbors children happily without care about anything..

Khushi aim the tins and hut that with full force.soon the tins shatter everywhere.then the game started..she quickly  try to reset the tins..their game continues very long.finally she rest the tins.she start to jump in joy..neighbors smile seeing their beloved khushi childishness..her team shout in happiness..

Khushi:yeyyyyyy!!!we won..we won.(suddenly yell)ahhh maa..

Garima twisted her ears normally .she drag khushi inside the house.finally khushi free herself from her mother hold..she sooth her ear with pouty face.

Khushi:(complain tone)ahh ma you're so bad..you don't let me cheer my victory..I win the game.my team win the game..

Garima:(sarcastic tone)oh really.its you won any World Cup for India that you want to cheer your victory..and your team members who all just till your hips.how many times I told you don't play with children.you are not baby anymore..

Shashi:garima don't shout at her morning itself.and what's is wrong of she play with children.even she too still child.she just turn eighteen.don't give her pressure now itself..

Khushi:(cuddle her father)oh you're the best papa..(point garima)and you're are the bad mother.you always yell at me..

Garima:(complain tone)shashi ji I am telling you.you pampering her very much.she is not child anymore.(shashi give her knowing look)okay ask your lovely daughter it's she prepared everything for tomorrow collage..then the answer will come as no..

Khushi:(sarcasm tone)mama I am not going to any border war that I need to prepare my weapons for that.i am just going to join collage which also like a school.if you still you want to prepare something then.go prepare my aloo paratha..I am very tired after playing big match..

Garima try to hit her.khushi quickly hide herself on her father.hashi laugh seeing the mother daughter cute scenes..he take khushi and settle on sofa with her.khushi cuddle her father tightly.shashi sweetly  start to cares her hair.he somewhere can't believe that khushi actually turn 18..he looking her still one year old khushi.he is not very rich man and not so poor too.they having a normal life.have own two sweet shops in Delhi which very popular there,he get any big orders every week.he fulfills all his daughters need.and his daughters are sweethearts.they will ask anything if it necessary only.they not waste money unnecessarily.his elder daughter payal working some shopping mahal as cashier..and his older daughter still studying.god present him very beautiful peaceful family.he is really happy man.he fulfilled all his responsibility as father until today.still there one more thing left.his both daughters marriage..if he fulfilled that too.his whole responsibility to fulfilled..he want good grooms for his daughters who going to look after them after him.god give everything things to him.if God hear his this wish too.he will be very happy.don't know where is his daughters Prince Charmings.

Offo!!so this is the first update of new season.tell me about the update in comment section.how is it.god or bad.please give me the feed back.after seeing the response I will update other updates..

Little note..want to clear arnav khushi age difference..arnav is 31 and khushi is 18.they both have 18 years difference between them.its was main point of the story.hope everyone okay with that.

Next update:khushi first day in collage..new friends to unexpected life.

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Ajeeb prem kahani...phir se.. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 86 times)

Next day morning,Gupta house..Khushi getting ready for her first day of collage.she wear beautiful robin blue full sleeve salwar with half length heels..forget to maintain.our Khushi Gupta little modern type.not very much.but not less too.she respect her moral.she modern in traditional way.she made her long hair to big curl and put minimal makeup..totally she looking fabulous on her attire.she don't need to put extra make up to show her beauty.after looking herself last time in mirror she came out from her room.there her family waiting on dinning table for her.then she had healthy breakfast with her family.now it's time for her to go.she get up and take blessings of her parents,buaji.garima feed her spoon of curd and told her in advising tone.

Garima:best of luck for your new day in collage beta.take care of yourself.have the lunch on time.and importantly don't do any naughty staff in collage like in school.you should be good girl.don't get into any troubles..

Buaji:(place hand on her head)hare nandakis****!you again started your lessons..my titiliya very good and talented girl.she won't do any work which will make us worry.you stop your daily tantrum.let her enjoy her collage life.(to khushi)you go pari..you don't need to hear her words,just enjoy your collage life.

Khushi hugged her buaji tightly and showed tongue to garima.shashi and garima chuckles seeing her childishness..then payal asked her to come.both girls get into payal scooter and left from there after bid bye to family.

After 20 minutes payal stopped the scoots front on of big knowing collage in Delhi..there many famous people relatives,children studying..and shashi Gupta always find best for his daughters.paying lot of money he take a seat for Khushi.and Khushi being bright student quickly got the seat.then Khushi got down from the Scotty and payal told her sweetly.

Payal:all the best for your first day Khushi,I will come to pick up you after collage end.wait for me and don't go anywhere alone.

Khushi agree with her.after hugging her last time payal went from there..Khushi turn and look at the huge building front of her.she left a big sigh and enter inside the gate with confident smile.she slowly walking inside the collage observing all around.but she don't notice most of the students stares now only on her.all of their jaw almost dropped seeing such a gorgeous girl.she looking so gorgeous on her simple salwar.already body's start to drool over her.some of girl making frown envy face looking her beauty.but she didn't notice all this.she just enjoying the out view of her new collage.when she looking all that.she hear someone calling her from behind.she turn and saw there some of collage student gang sitting few feet away from her.she unsure.its there really calling her or not.she point herself asking them like me..then on of the boy in gang told her loudly,

Boy;hey girl...we are calling you only.come here!

Khushi slowly move towards them.now all students who present outside only looking her.she slowly move towards the gang.there was two girl and three boys.they give her teasing look.one of the girl asked her with attitude..

Girl:hey you little girl..are you a fresher?what's your name?

Khushi:;(smile charmingly )yes I am fresher..and my name is Khushi..Khushi Gupta..

For a few seconds the boys in gang got lost on her charming smile.then they come out from that.then on of the boy asked her teasing way.

Boy:so you're fresher..then you should know about the seniors rules.from now other wards you should do whatever we all saying.do you know to dance.(she nodded)great .then come on dance for us to best item song..or else you have to run around the collage ground three time..we warning...

Khushi:(cut off them)wait wait..are you all trying to rage me.okay okay..I get it..sorry yaar I didn't know about this before.because I studied in girls school.so there raging not allowed..so now you all want to rage me right.so let's do this.but before that one small request..I don't have any experience on raging someone.before you all start.i want to do one raging..only one..okay..

The gang got really shocked and confused seeing her behavior..this is first time some student talk with them like this about ranging,other students who watching all this really surprised by khushi's guts.all of them looking her with curious reactions..then on of the girl in gang stand up in anger and asked her angrily.

Girl:hey you little girl.do you think you're smart.how dare you to talk with us like this..(to one boy)hey dev drag her towards me..I will give her correct punishment for talking with us like this..

Then dev come forward to held Khushi hand forcefully..but Khushi hurriedly take her water bottle and poured the water inside his pant.next second he jump in sudden coldness.he yelling in cold,other students shocked by her act,Khushi giggling seeing his state.she poured ice water inside his pant which was damn cold.when other students in gang try to hold her.she quickly take bunch of grass in floor and put that inside all of their nose.they all start to sneeze continually..they can't stop their sneeze.other students laughing seeing their seniors poor state.after giving them warning look Khushi enter inside the building.all students really mesmerized by her.she truly unique character..that only think run on their mind.when Khushi try to enter to her classroom.someone patted her shoulder from behind.she turn and saw an very handsome boy early on his twenties smiling at her sweetly.she to smile back.then he told her with chirpy tone..

Boy;hi Khushi.i am nandakis**** raizada..you can call me nk short and simple..nice to meet you..

Khushi:hello nk.nice to meet you too.but how do you know my name.i just arrived..

Nk:(smile)not only me Khushi.now this whole collage know about you.after witnessing the way you raged our seniors,must said that's was brave and funny move.

Khushi chuckles hearing his statement.she got really well with nk.his chirpy style attitude catch her heart.then he forward his hand to her for handshake.

Nk:okay Khushi.from now other wards we are friends..I was in second year.my class on second floor.if you need anything or need any help you can call me anytime.(teasing way)I know you don't need my help when you can take care of yourself very well.but still.as good friend I am here for you.meet me at lunch time in canteen.i will introduce my other friends to you..

Khushi:it's truly nice to meet you nk.i already Got a awesome friend.i will surely take your help if I needed..

They both smile each other..then nk left to his class and Khushi enter to her own class.where sge going to study next one year.all of the students in class room look at her with many reactions.but she just give them cute smile.and she take a seat on second bench.there a one girl sitting beside her.then the girl forwards her hand to Khushi.

Girl;hello I am geet..nice to meet you.

Khushi:(smile)nice to meet you too geet.i am Khushi...

They both smile each other.then her first day started..soon she got lost on her studies..

At break time in canteen.,Khushi come to canteen with her new friend geet.then she hear nk calling her from behind,she turn and saw nk sitting with some students..the girls move towards him.then nk get up and welcomed her warmly.he told his friends little highly.

Nk:so guys here we go.my new cute friend.khushi.from today other wards she to part of our gang.come Khushi take a seat with your friend.(Khushi ,geet seated)so Khushi let me introduce my friends to you..this is armaan,naina,vyom,diya,riddima...

Khushi get well with nk friends.soon they all become close and comfortable with her.nk'gang adored khushi's chirpy bubbly nature.soon they all start to love her,geet to get well with them.for Khushi her first day was really good..

At evening in raizada mansion..ladies chatting in living hall.nk was sitting with them and writing of assignment ..he was younger son of manorama and manohar.and younger brother of both Arnav akash..and he still studying..not like his brothers..he was really fun person.and raizada ladies little more close to him more then other boys because of his open type and fun character.and he was even gossip with them sometime.he didn't scared of anyone expect his elder brother Arnav.he have both fear and respect towards him.he always inspired by Arnav.he was his role model.and impotently he love his brother very much.he always wish good for him.and he thought to follow his follow his brother after studies.and Arnav to already ready to support him.now he was sitting with raizada ladies.they all talking and he doing his homework.suddenly he giggle thinking somethings..it's got ladies attention.they amused seeing he smiling alone.still there big smirk on his face.anjali asked him smilingly.

Anjali:what's the matter my little brother.you smiling alone suddenly.tell us na.what make you smile suddenly.even we can smile na.

Nk:(smile)di there a new girl joined to my collage today.and do you know what she did on her first day.

Then nk told the whole story to ladies.soon the hall filled with heart full laughter.they all really surprised hearing that.they all wondering if she truly did this on her first day.

Mami:(in between laugh)hello hai bye bye!!i can't believe this.what a unique girl she is.i don't know an fresher can do something like this to seniors.i really love her character..

Nk:ma you start to love her character.but if you meet her.you will completely fall on her charming bubbly face.you know what.now she is the most gorgeous girl in our whole collage..already many boys smitten by her.she make everyone fall on her just wearing simple shalwar.but ma.she don't have any pride about her beauty.she just being herself.and making all fall on her.

Raizada ladies really shocked about nk words.this is first time he telling about some girl with lot of respect.they all know about him very well.he give full details about the girl who will attract and and he dated till now,but that way he described about Khushi not like other girls.even they getting some attract towards her.then Anjali slowly asked him.

Anjali:what's her name nk.


An small smile appear on ladies face hearing her name.without meeting her they all start to adore.now somewhere their all heart wishing to meet her.they all really want to meet this unique creation.but little did they know devimayya already arranged her meeting with them..

After five days..it's been five days Khushi joined to collage and enjoying her collage life.everyone in collage adore her dearly.even she become favorite of many teachers and professors..all of them really like her.but Khushi try to be only with nk gang.even dozen of friends not a good thing.she always with with nk and her friends.daily they all day will be really enjoyable because of Khushi naughty ,Bubbly character..no one get bored around her.she always be sentry on attention.they all always amused by her nature.sometime she will be full childish.and sometime she will be very matured and responsible person.they all can't judge what is Khushi really nature.but whatever it is,they all love her very much.those five days Khushi take place in everyone life and heart.specially of nk'gang.they all just can't get enough of her cuteness.

Today after collage end,Khushi come out of the collage building with her friends.today she decided to introduce her friends to her jiji.now they waiting until Khushi go.then after sometime an girl in early twenties come to pickup Khushi.she give sweet smile towards them.then Khushi drag payal towards her friends,and told her chirpily.

Khushi:guys.this is my one and only elder sister payal Gupta.(to payal)jiji I always talk about my friends na.here they all.my dearest friends.

Khushi intro her gang to payal.she talk with everyone sweetly.they all come to know she is not like Khushi.she looking little shy and silent type,but she to have a pure heart like Khushi.they really happy to meet such a genuine girls.then after bid bye to her friends Khushi left the collage with payal.then other to left the collage..

In raizada mansion.nk reached to home.and got fresh up.then he join with his house ladies gang.after he settled well Nani asked him eagerly.

Nani:Nannie..what khushi's active today.i am sure today also she did something really naughty.

Nk smile seeing his family's eager to know about his friend works..actually it's was daily routine for them.ladt five days after coming to home his work was giving info about Khushi daily work.and somewhere they all really enjoyed hearing that.then nk told them with smile.

Nk:actually today something happens really funny.there a one boy in our collage.he was really dominate type.he keep disturbing one girl in khushi's class.when she come to know that boy plan to Harass that girl.she poured glue on his canteen chair.without knowing that he sit on chair relaxing way.when he try to get up.he completely got struck on chair.he yelled screamed.but nothing happens.the whole canteen drool into laughter looking his condition..we only know it's was Khushi who land him on this situation..the whole day he keep glued on chair.

Ladies start to laugh hearing the story.oh god.she is truly naughty girl.they all get happy whenever they all hear about her.somewhere she making them happy..

Anjali:how much we wishing to meet her.after hearing all this.we just want to meet her nk.cant we get a chance to meet her.

Nk;(smile)if you all want to meet her.you can meet her only on collage.she is not the girl who roam around everywhere after collage finished.this only option left to meet her.

They sigh hearing that,they thought to meet her in collage one day.when they all planning.no one notice there someone in doorstep hearing all of their talks more interestingly..

Arnav look at his family women who talking about some strange girl who was they don't meet.he noticing this from past two days.his family members getting interest on some of nk' collage girl.he wondering what there special about that his family get attract without even meeting her.he really surprised about that,but he thought to forget all those unwanted thinks.he have many other things to do more then this .thinking that he marched towards his room.he just burst of that saying this.but he didn't notice there already something happened inside him when he hear about her.maybe his heart recognized her.lets see what's this kadoos going to do after this..

After two days..today was Sunday.but Arnav don't have any off even in Sunday.now he is on the way to his office.and to his highly irritation he got struck on huge traffic..there a many transports cars standing to go.the horn sounds,shouting sounds..making Arnav greeth his teethes in frustration..he bang the wheel in anger.he closed his eyes to control his building headache..when he try to calm himself.suddenly an melodious sounds of anklet arched on his ears.in those shouts and sounds.he hear that anklet sound very well.he opened his eyes and saw there a girl in yellow salwar standing little far away from his car.her back facing him.he saw her hair are really long and thick.and it's was fully brown.her fair skin shinning in day light.with her body moment he can see she was doing something.he got urgent crave to see her face.but she not ready to turn.seeing her body maintain he can guess she must be on her early twenties.he try to look at her face.his bad luck he can't.then she placed something on platform..Arnav saw its was little puppy.and it legs are bandaged.he wondered it she really did medical treatment to puppy.he amused thinking that.when she turn side way.he notice a black little size mole on her left cheek.he try to get glimpse of her face.then she enter to a auto after caressing the puppy.when he try to look for her.suddenly reality stuck him.he wide his eyes.what he is doing,he drooling over some girl.this is not him.he never behaved like this.then what happens to him suddenly.no one makes him feel like this.how she make him feel like this in such a short period,no it's not possible,he should be hard to out,he will never behave like this  again.he want look after any girl again.he chant that on his mind continually.his mind accepted this,but his heart not ready to hear him out little bit too,it's not ready to forget or move on from her soulmate who he met now.it will never let him forget her.thats  true that he will not look after other girls.but he will definitely look at he girl who he saw now.lets see what going to happens.

Next update::khushi's meet with raizadas..Khushi in raizada mansion..

Hello guys..first of all I would like to ask sorry for my mistake in previous part.i written arshi have a thirteen years difference..but it's got spelling mistake.really sorry for that.and guys please try to accept this age difference..it's was high point in story.its not a big deal right.there many couple who happily living without carrying about age different.and I promise I will make arshi best couple in this story.please corporate with me..

Other stories update depends on this update votes and comments..

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Mar 14

Ajeeb prem kahani...phir se.. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 69 times)

After someways.today was Sunday.raizada ladies come to mandir with nk.its their weekly routine.they three climb to stairs.nani asked nk to bring pooja thaali.now Anjali mami Nani climbing in stairs.when they almost near to idol.suddenly sharp pain raise on Anjali's leg,she hurriedly sit on stairs yelling in pain holding her leg.nani and mami got tension seeing her condition,they don't know what to do.nk also downstairs really far from them,mami try to call Arnav quickly.but suddenly an girl early on youth takes Anjali's leg on her lap and start to massage her legs superb slowly.they three surprised seeing that.slowly Anjali's pain start to less.she become okay.they don't know who is she.her face not visible to them.she looking down.after massaging her leg the girl keep Anjali's leg slowly on floor and faced Anjali with and gorgeous smile.for few seconds Anjali fall on her smile.then the girl slowly get up and smile at them.she told them in sweet voice.

Girl:before getting panic for any problem.we should think a minute and find solution for it.(look at anjali)she is okay now.dont worry.

They smile at her.she smile back.dont know why they three feel big attract towards her.her bubbly talk,gorgeous face,charming smile.everything making them fall on her more.when she try to move.they hear nk voice from behind.who calling someone name whose nowadays only on their mind.

Nk:Khushi you here?

Khushi:nk!what a surprise..I don't expect you here today.

Ladies opened their mouths shockingly seeing the revelation.so this is Khushi..who now days not ready to leave their  mind,who they died to meet.they never think their meet with her will be like this.and they never expect she will be this munch gorgeous.her one smile enough to make everyone fall on her feet.next moment they three broke into big smile.anjali asked nk happily.

Anjali:nk bhai..it is true..this is really Khushi..please tell yes..

Nk:(smile)yes di,.this is my dearest friend Khushi gupta.who you all dying to meet.

Ladies smile happily hearing his words.next moment they all take her to bone cracking group hug.khushi starlet by their act.she don't know what's happening here.they still strangers to her.but they behaving like their know her from years.then ladies broke the hug.nani cupped her face.

Nani:you don't know how much we waited to meet you.you really beautiful beta.i never expected you will be this Much beautiful..I am really happy to meet you beta.

Khushi:(not understand smile)sorry Nani.but I want to know how you all know Me.this is first time we all meeting,then how you all know me,please tell me I am really confused.

Nk:(laugh little)that's nothing Khushi.their your fans.i keep updating about your naughty works in collage.and they love to hear your works in collage.like that they all know you.

Khushi lowered her head in shy and embarrassment.she never expected nk telling about her to his family.they chuckles seeing her red face.then Anjali told her smiling way.

Anjali:don't feel embarrass Khushi..we all adore you for your naughty,chirpy nature only.the moment nk bhai tell about you to.we just wished to meet you.we really liked your unique nature.be  this always.

Khushi smile hearing them.then some girl called Khushi from behind.its was payal.soon Khushi introduces payal to raizadas.they got really well with Gupta girls.then all did prayer together.after finishing all prayer they come out from temple.then mami told them joyfully.

Mami:hello hi bye bye!!its really nice to meet you girls..we all really happy.

Payal:(smile)it's nice to meet you all too.i glad we got really well.hope to meet you all again.

Nk:(smile cheerfully)okay guys let's capture this meet as picture..(take out phone)come lets take a selfie.

Then all pose for selfie..raizada ladies truly don't like to leave girls specially Khushi.but what to do.they should leave.after exchanging numbers raizadas left the place.gupta girls to went their house.

After two days..in raizada mansion.ladies all planning for some pooja in house for well being of family.mans are left to their own works.nk left to collage.now ladies only on home.after arranging all.anjali told to Nani.

Anjali:Nani now all ready for tomorrow pooja.i called some neighbors for pooja.there anyone you want to call(Nani denied)

Mami;(suddenly shout)hello hi bye bye!!i remembers someone when talking about guests.how about we call our Khushi to tomorrow pooja.after meeting in mandir.we don't meet her again.how about we call her..

Anjali:(happily)arre wah mami!!your idea is superb.why I don't get this idea..of course we should call her.its will be really nice if we call her here.wait let me call her.

In collage..break time..Khushi having lunch with her friends in canteen.suddenly her phone ring.she look at id and saw its Anjali.she answered the call with smile.

Khushi:hello Anjali Ji....how are you....I am fine.....what pooja....how can I come there....okay I will come...ha I am sure.....I will come tomorrow evening after collage end.....ha  take care...bye..

Khushi cut the call and inform about this to nk.he to very happy hearing that.then all continue have lunch talking.

In Gupta house..after Khushi come from collage.she inform about Anjali invitation to her..obviously they all know about Anjali.khushi always tell everything to them.then garima told her softly.

Garima:we don't have any objection Khushi beta..I know they all good people.they invited you with lot of love..you should go..

Khushi smile happily hearing her.actually she really want to go there.somewhere her heart asking her to go there soon.but she don't know why.she leave her thoughts and try to go her room to select dress to wear tomorrow.suddenly buaji told her.

Buaji:hey titiliya!!wear some traditional dress.You going for pooja na.thats why...ah wear that white saree I gifted you for your eighteen birthday..it's will be really nice for tomorrow.

Khushi nodded at her.then she went to room and arrange her things for tomorrow pooja.little bit she knows from tomorrow other wards her life going to take new path..

In raizada mansion..night time..dinning hall..whole family joined to dinning table for dinner.ladies already informed mans about tomorrow pooja.and like always Arnav denied to attend the pooja.

Anjali:no chote!this time you can't ignore this pooja..this pooja arranged for family well being.how will its complete if you don't join.you have to attend and that's it,if you still don't agree mark my words..I will never talk with again.

Arnav sigh hearing his sister emotional blackmail..Shyam shook his head looking his wife dramatic act..without argue more Arnav agree with get.Anjali smile seeing his agree and waiting for to tomorrow to come.....many for things to come..

Next day evening..raizada mansion getting ready for pooja..all set now.soon some people to come.but ladies just waiting for Khushi to come.arnav working in room until pooja start.they eagerly waiting for khushi's arrival.they told her her arrival to mans expect Arnav.anjali impatiently asked to nk.

Anjali:nk bhai..why didn't Khushi come still.everyone already come..why she getting late.call her and ask her where's she..

Nk:(smile)di relax..don't worry..Khushi will come on time..I already called her.and she is on the way.so relax she will come..

"Are you talking about me nk""hearing the most melodious voice all turn to see owner of it.next second they all mesmerized by the angel front of them.no words coming from their mouth to talk.khushi standing front of them wearing milky white full sleeve net design saree.she made her brown hair to long curls..she wearing long thin earnings which almost touching her shoulder.she not put lot of make up.just dark kajal adoring her blue eyes..she looking like some fairy angel.she looking everyone with charming smile,Nani Anjali looking her with admiring look.they slowly moves toward her.soon Anjali takes kajal from her eye and put behind her ears.she told Khushi admiring way.

Anjali:I don't want any evil eyes fell on you.you don't know how much you looking gorgeous on this saree,I can't take my eyes from you.you really beautiful Khushi (Nani agree with her)

Khushi become red hearing their compliments.actually she is not a girl who get shy very soon.but when come to raizadas.she become kitten.then Anjali introduce her to other family members,soon they all get really well with her.her bubbly nature make everyone adore her dearly.specially she got well with akash and Shyam.she feel brotherly feel around them.they to looking her like baby sister..

Arnav cone down to join with family members to pooja.when he look for them.he saw they all surrender and talking with some girl.her back facing him.he arch his eyebrow seeing such a perfect figure.she wearing milky white saree.and her little back visible to him..he saw her skin colour matching with the saree..he feel like he seen this figure somewhere before..he really sure about it,when he thinking about that,suddenly he notice her mole in right cheek.then he recall the girl who he seen in road.and who make his heart skip for s moment.he wide his eyes wondering it is truly that girl.he hope it's not.his mind asking him to move from there.but his heart asking him to move toward her ..first time in life Arnav Singh raizada heard heart...he slowly keep step towards her.when he nearing her melodious voice boom on his ears.He feel butterflies flying around him hearing her voice,he feel huge urgent to see her face.he don't know how will she look.it she beautiful.hope she is..seeing her figure and skin colour he know she must be beautiful.thinking all this he slowly moving toward her.when he lost on her thoughts he didn't notice he thinking and hoping about all he never want to.finally he reached toward her..now he standing just three feet away from her.he saw his sister telling something to her..

Anjali:Khushi this is my brother arnsv Singh raizada.he is elder to both akash nk.and younger to me..

Khushi..what a beautiful name.then he saw she turning to face him.he make himself to face her.he stood with attitude and arrogant face.but next second his all arrogance and attitude fly away looking the girl front of him.he feel like world stopped for a moment seeing her.everything around him disappeared expect her.is she truly really girl or she imagine some girl in dream..it she truly real..his mouth opened little seeing the gorgeous girl front if him.he never ever meet such a charming and stunning girl his entire life..he never thought she will be this much beautiful.oh my god....this is only word come to his mind.he completely fall on her.he don't know how to react after her view.he try to speak.but nothing coming from mouth.he try to hide his lost state.but he can't.he can't take way his eyes from her.she is truly a magic.then he hear his sister telling something to him.

Anjali:chote this is Khushi.nk's collage friend,,we used to talk about her only.

Arnav surprised hearing her.she is collage student.he can't believe that.she looking fully women in saree.then how.his thoughts broke when he hear her sweet voice telling "namaste"to him.he said hi back to her normally.then Anjali asked everyone come to pooja.its going to start.all went to mandir side.nani started the pooja with pandit,Khushi standing beside Anjali.and Arnav standing beside Khushi.she now standing between them,she closed her eyes to pray but Arnav's heated stare on her still not moved.he looking her like prey.he can't control himself from looking her.something on her making him weak.he don't like this feeling.in the same time he like this feeling very much.he not seeing or hearing anything..just her presence spread on his whole body.then suddenly his eyes fell on her rosy lips..he gulp seeing her her wet lips..he getting many wild emotions seeing that.he control his building feelings.its not right..but other side he feel fully right.he slowly move little close to her.how her hand touching his hand.her skin connection did something inside him,he getting such a kind of feelings he ever felt.its all really good to him.when he lost on her..he don't notice someone observing him from beginning.from the time he met Khushi.he not looking normal.what happened to him suddenly.is he feeling something for Khushi.it is really true.but it's impossible.arnav not that kind of man.but she notice how he looking at Khushi with deep emotions.something surely coming on Arnav's heart.there's surely something.she have to find out,if it's true whatever she thinking ..no one can be happy more then her.she waiting until pooja to end.after that she can find answers for her questions..let's wait...

Next update:arshi alone in car..growing feelings...wild dreams..

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