Kitani Mohabbat hai

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Mar 10

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 10 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 41 times)

“Oh jiji, I can’t believe you are getting married today, you’ll go away from all of us, we all are going to miss you so much jiji, why do you have to get married” Khushi said as she hugged Payal.

“Oh God Khushi, I mean your drama never stops, I am just around, I’m not going abroad, you know you can always come to see me, and I’ll also be coming to visit everyone at home wont I?” Payal said

“You know such dialogues sound good wedding time” Khushi giggled

“You’ll never grow up” Payal said as she pulled her into a hug again.

Arnav stood at the door looking at both the sisters bonding so well, and for a moment he wondered if all he had been thinking all this while about Khushi was wrong, how could a girl who loved her own sister this much do something so terrible with someone else’s sister.

“Don’t go on her innocent face sale sahib, this girl isn’t as innocent as she looks, you yourself have seen her true face, don’t believe otherwise” Shyam said as he joined Arnav.

Arnav pushed him to the wall angrily as he got hold of Shyam’s collar and looked at him angrily.

“If in any case I get to know you were even one percent involved in all this, I won’t spare you, keep that in your mind” he said

He took a deep breath and calmed down as he walked away leaving behind Shyam who was smirking.

“This is just the beginning Sale sahib, you’ll only see what I want to show you” Shyam said as he walked away knowing what he had to do and how he had to execute his plan.


As the wedding ceremony of Aakash and Payal began, everyone got so busy they had no time even for themselves.

Shyam was busy keeping an eye on Arnav’s each and every movement, waiting for the right time when he had to strike his plan.

“Chotte, will you please call Khushi ji for me, I need a bit of help with this saree” Anjali shouted.

Shyam knew this was the right time, and before wasting any more time, he rushed to look for Khushi, after checking each and every room, he finally found her in one of the guest rooms where she was putting some flowers in a basket.

Shyam walked inside while Khushi was busy doing her work, he went from behind and got hold of her waist pulling her back.

“How dare you touch me?” Khushi said angrily as she tried to push him away but he pulled her closer tighter.

“Why are you so beautiful always Khushi ji, it’s very tempting for me you see, like for today you look extremely gorgeous”

“Get off me, you’re so disgusting! You are married and here you are telling me this nonsense! I feel terrible for Anjali and now I think I’m seriously going to tell her the truth.” Khushi said as she tried to get rid of him with all her strength.

“You’ll tell her when there will be anything left to tell her” Shyam said as he pushed Khushi on the bed. Just then he heard footsteps and he knew it must be Arnav, so it was now time to play the game.

He jumped on the bed next to Khushi and while Khushi tried to get up and walk away, he got hold of her hand and pulled her back as she fell on top of him and just then Arnav walked in.

Khushi who hadn’t noticed Arnav yet tried to stand up but Shyam pulled her back with the other hand that Arnav couldn’t see because Khushi was covering it.

“Khushi ji what are you doing?” Shyam asked playing innocent.

Before Khushi could say anything, Arnav walked out of the room angrily as he punched his fist on the wall, he couldn’t believe of all people Khushi could even go to such an extent.

He walked back to his room angrily telling off everyone he met on the way, he had never ever felt this angry before, but today Khushi had crossed all her limits and now he wasn’t going to spare her at any cost.

Flashback Ends…

“Sir, we are here” The driver said disturbing Arnav’s thoughts.

He looked outside and realized they had arrived at the hotel, he quickly stepped out and rushed to his room forgetting that Aman was with him in the same car and they had to find Advik, for now he just wanted to keep himself locked all alone, just the mere memory of him doubting on Khushi hurt him so much, he hated himself for it.

How could he have ever thought that Khushi could do something like that? Hadn’t he known her so well? He was in love with her yet he couldn’t even trust her, he couldn’t see Shyam’s true colors and then he ended up punishing her.

How could he have done that to her? If today Khushi was running away from him, he knew she was doing the right thing, and he deserved it for every moment he had doubted on her.

“I’m so sorry Khushi, I know a man who loves a woman should create heaven for her, but I ended up creating hell for you, I hope I’ll be able to find you soon and tell you how much I regret everything I did to you, even at night I can’t sleep just knowing I had done terrible things to you, I was the most ruthless man on earth for you and I am really sorry for that”

He hand his hands on his head, as he sat on the bed and wondered when he would find her and ask her for forgiveness for what he had done to her, for leaving her all alone when she needed him the most.

He had been punished for so many years now, he had regretted every day and every night about what he had done to her, the only hope he had was to meet her some day and ask her for forgiveness, and when the chance came, she dint want to meet him.

This is what he deserved actually and today he dint feel sorry for himself, because he knew, whatever Khushi was doing, she was right on her place.


Advik was sited in his room wondering what to do next, he was sure it wouldn’t take Arnav long to find him so how was he supposed to actually escape him? Or should he just face him and lie to him that he dint know Khushi, was that going to help?

There was a knock at the door, he stood up wondering who might have come to visit him at this time, Praying and hoping that it wasn’t Arnav, he opened the door.

“Krrish!” He said in surprise.

“Wow, such a beautiful room, can I come in before you start asking me questions?” Krrish asked as he pushed Advik aside and walked in.

“What are you doing here?” Advik asked looking at him strangely

He followed Krrish while a thousand of thoughts ran in his mind trying to get an answer of why Krrish might have returned, he just hoped and prayed that Arnav hadn’t managed to find them at the last moment, but how was that possible, Krrish himself had called him and informed him that they had boarded the flight.

“What are you doing here?” Advik asked

“Relax Advik, it’s just that dad thought we couldn’t leave you here alone to deal with the mess, he sent me back and they both went, they’ll reach new York and call us anytime soon, but as for now, we have to pack your stuff”

“What? I mean you just came back? What about…”

“I told you to relax, my sweetheart is all well and fine, and dad said he’d take care of her, so don’t worry about her, just start packing”

“Krrish you are getting on my nerves now, this is stupid, I mean why should I pack? Where are we going to?” Advik asked angrily.

“Just so that you know, I saw Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada downstairs when I was coming which means he is in the same hotel and if in any case he might have seen you, he’s soon going to find out you are here and then you know it’s not going to be difficult for him to find you”

Advik stared at Krrish for a while and then rushed to pack, he dint want to take a chance, he was going to make sure he escaped before Arnav found him here.

“You see, that’s why you can’t handle everything on your own, at times you need your little brother with you” Krrish said

“Well will you now stop boasting and come help me” Advik said

Krrish giggled as he jumped over the sofa and went to help Advik, all the clothes were scattered all over the room, he started first by picking them up and throwing them in Advik’s suitcase.

Mar 10

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 11 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 38 times)

There was a knock at the door of the presidential suit followed by a complete silence, Aman stood outside waiting for Advik to open the door, he wanted to confirm if he was around before he brought Arnav here.

He knocked the door once more and just the next moment, it was opened and in front of him, stood a man who he dint know, of course it wasn’t Advik but then there was something familiar about this man, it felt like he had seen him somewhere before.

“Yes, how may I help you?” He asked

“Can I see Mr. Malhotra?” Aman asked as he kept on staring at this man wondering why he felt so familiar.

“I am Mr. Malhotra, and just so you know it’s not really good to come to someone’s room so suddenly without an invitation, if you wanted to meet me you could have taken an appointment from my assistant” He said

“I know but I am sorry this was urgent, but you should understand I waited, I wanted to come here yesterday night itself but then I knew it wouldn’t be good and I waited until today morning just to talk to Mr. Malhotra and by the way, I am here to see Mr. Advik Malhotra” Aman clarified.

“Who is it Krrish?” Advik said as he walked towards the door and stood next to Krrish as they both faced Aman.

“I don’t know bro, he’s here to see you” Krrish said. Advik looked at him and nodded as Krrish walked inside leaving both Aman and Advik alone.

“Hello sir, I’m Aman Mehra, I am the personal assistant to Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada, first of all I’m really sorry I have to disturb you like this but this was really important, Arnav wants to meet you and talk to you about something”

“Mr. Mehra, as for now I’m really busy but if your boss really wants to see me, tell him he can meet me at the club tonight, I’ll be there playing pool, he can find me there” Advik said politely.

“Thank you so much” Aman said as he walked away while Advik shut the door behind.

He sat down on the couch opposite to where Krrish was sitting as they both looked at each other nervously.

“I told you we could have just left this place, but you dint want to listen to me” Krrish said

“Advik Malhotra hasn’t learned how to run away from his problems” Advik said as he stood up with an attitude.

“I dint mean it that way” Krrish said

“I know Krrish, I know you were worried about how I would face him, you were worried maybe I would even punch him on the face or something like that but I know how to handle this and I am not alone in this, I have you with me, we’ll go to the club together and see whatever we can do” Advik said

“It’s not only you, even if I’d see him, I’d want to punch him too, I can never ever forget what he did, and I would never forgive him for it” Krrish said angrily.

“We don’t have to forgive him Krrish, we just have to face him, that’s it!” Advik said

Krrish hugged him happily as they both shared a special moment of brotherhood, if there was one good thing that happened in between all this was that they both were going to stay together after so long, Krrish had been away for too long studying his fashion photography and now that he was back, Advik was sure both of them together could tackle all the problems.


“I have got good news” Aman said excitedly to Arnav who stared at him as if he was helpless.

“There’s nothing good left in my life, I destroyed it all with my own hands by doing what I did to Khushi, today she doesn’t even want to face me that’s why she just disappeared, but I don’t blame her Aman, I know it was my fault, I just wished she could talk to me at least once.” Arnav said

He stood up suddenly taking a deep breath and turned to look at Aman, this time confidently as if the man who had just told him about Khushi right now was someone else, well this was obvious for Arnav as he always tried to hide his emotions.

“I met Advik, he said he’ll be in the club tonight, we can meet him there, maybe we would find out about Khushi” Aman said happily.

“Really Aman? But why couldn’t you tell him to meet me right now? Why do I have to wait until night? You know how impatient I am, I can’t wait to find Khushi”

“He said he was busy, and we need him, he doesn’t need us so we have to cooperate, although he was polite with me, there was some sort of easiness he showed, as if he dint want this, he was just doing it for the sake, so let’s just cooperate before he changes his mind”

“Oh please, tell him not to show me his attitude, he hasn’t met Arnav Singh Raizada yet, once he stands in front of me, he will lose all his attitude.” Arnav said

“Oh God, despite everything that happened, no matter how much we thought you changed, I realized some things don’t change, you’ll always be Arnav Singh Raizada”

“I was born to be” Arnav said smirking.


“I still can’t believe I saw him there, why did this have to happen? Wasn’t I happy living my own life? Why did he have to come back suddenly and spoil everything?

I don’t know what to so Sahil, I’m feeling scared and nervous… I can’t forget what happened in the past, I wish there was a way I could stop Advik and Krrish facing him, I don’t want him to even know anyone who’s close to me, not even you.

He’s going to ruin everything once again and I won’t let that happen. Please tell Krrish and Advik to come back, how are they going to face him? How will they answer questions about me? What are they going to say?” Khushi continued talking and talking as she walked from one place to another while sat just stood in a corner staring at her.

She stopped a few times taking in deep breaths and continued walking again as she kept on complaining about Arnav yet more.

“Relax Khushi, will you?” Sahil said

“You expect me to relax after all this Sahil? How do you think I can relax when I know Advik and Krrish are in the same place, you don’t know Arnav, he can do anything to find them and once he finds them, what are they going to do?”

“I know them very well, they will handle the situation, you need to calm down Khushi.” Sahil said as he walked towards her and got hold of her.

He pulled her towards the sofa and then sat down with her as he looked at her, cupping her face, he looked into her eyes which she couldn’t stop blinking every now and then, she was blinking them more than normal which just showed how nervous she was.

He face had gone all pale, her lips had changed the color from light pink to red as she kept biting them out of worry.

“Listen to me, Advik and Krrish are grown up, they know how to handle things Khushi, more than me they have always made sure you never came across Arnav because that’s what you wanted and now that Arnav saw you with Advik doesn’t mean Advik is going to tell him everything. Come on you know him better than that, he will handle the situation well”

“I know but I just can’t stop panicking, we all were living happily weren’t we, he just came back and spoilt everything” Khushi said sadly as Sahil hugged her trying to make her feel better.

“Don’t worry, everything will go back to normal soon”


Kiara was all dressed up to go to the club, Aman had informed her that he and Arnav would be going there for some work so she could join them if she wished to.

She had no other option anyway, going to the club was better than staying locked in the hotel room doing nothing, it was going to be quite boring anyway, so she decided to go.

She was waiting outside in the garden for Aman and Arnav to come when she heard someone call her name out loud.

“Miss Kiara Mehra, is that you?” She turned around to face the direction where the voice came from.

“You!” She said with a smile as Krrish walked towards her smirking.

“So we meet again, I dint think it was going to be this soon, and well why are you looking at me as if I am a stranger, well I am but we already met once, I hope you haven’t forgotten me”

“No, I haven’t… I just forgot your name” She giggled

“Krrish, I’m Krrish Malhotra, how nice we both have names starting with the same letter” He smiled.

“So how come you are here, I hope you aren’t following me”

“You’re so beautiful, anyone could follow you but I am sorry to say that I wasn’t, I stay here with my brother” Krrish said

“Oh that’s great, me too. That means I’ll be seeing you around very often”

“I’ll be glad if you would… so can we be friends Miss. Kiara Mehra” Krrish asked

“Just Kiara please, and of course yes, we can be friends… and now that I have accepted your friendship you have to do something for me”

“Already?” Krrish asked in surprise.

“I’m going to the club with dad and I don’t know anyone here, so would you like to accompany me?”

“I am sorry I have to say no for accompanying you but I’ll definitely meet you there, I promise my brother I’ll go to the club with him and we have some work, once I’m done with it, I don’t mind spending time with you”

“Great then, give me a call once you get free” Kiara smiled

“Not unless you give me your number”

She giggled once again as she started dictating her phone number to Krrish who saved it on his phone.

“So see you then” He said as he bid her goodbye and walked away leaving her smiling behind, at least she made a new friend.

Mar 13

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 12 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 37 times)

Advik and Krrish were already at the pool table with their pool game on. Advik was holding the cue stick ready to hit the ball on the table, he had his full concentration on the cue ball trying to figure out the direction he should hit it to when Krrish disturbed him suddenly.

“You know Arnav Singh Raizada would be here anytime soon right” Krrish said

“Why are you making it a big deal Krrish, he’s just a normal human being, not God and we both are here we would handle things, now let me concentrate on the game” Advik said

“Well I know we would handle him, I’m just not sure how this is going to turn out to be, that man is extremely rude and arrogant and he’s got lots of attitude, just like you” Krrish giggled.

“It’s good to have a bit of attitude otherwise you wouldn’t be able to deal with the world” Advik said

“That’s my point, a bit of attitude but he had lots, and you are the same, it’s as if you are his carbon copy” Krrish giggled. “Oh and talking about dealing with the world, I am a fashion photographer my dear brother and my world consists of beautiful models only and I know how to deal with them very well” Krrish boasted.

“That reminds me, now that your photography course is done, what have you thought about your career?”

“I’m starting my own business and before you suggest about me doing photography for Zara let me tell you my answer is no, I want to do everything on my own and anyway I have had talks with a few clients, as soon as this mess about Arnav Raizada is solved, I’ll be off to meet them, so don’t worry about me, my life is going to go super easy” Krrish said

“Hello Mr. Malhotra” A voice from across the table disturbed their conversation as both Krrish and Advik turned to look at Aman who had just greeted them.

“How about a game with me?” Arnav asked as he joined them from the other side while Advik and Krrish were left stunned for a while, his presence made so much difference he hadn’t realized.

He was dressed in his usual black three piece suit and just like Krrish had mentioned, his face and the way he carried himself, everything was full of attitude.

Advik places his cue stick aside and looked at him from top to bottom, there was something about this man, he was very intimidating.

“We have to be calm bro, we know what he did but remember why we are here and I just don’t understand why anyone would wear a suit to a night club, although I just said you both were alike, I’m glad there’s so much difference, this man is just too much of a show off” Krrish whispered to Advik

“If I knew you wanted to play pool with me, I would have invited you earlier Mr. Raizada” Advik said as he looked at Arnav fiercely yet managed to stay calm.

“I am here to talk to you, and I guess I would take back my words, I don’t want a game with you, I need to talk to you about something very important” Arnav said

“So here I am, talk to me… tell me what is it that you want from me Mr. Raizada”

“I don’t think I can stand this man in front of me, I was telling you to control your anger but I seem to be losing mine, he wanted to see you and we’ve already discussed what you have to do, I am on the other side if you need me” Krrish said as he looked at Arnav one last time and clenched his fists tightly as he walked away.

He sat at the bar and ordered for a drink, it was the only thing that could help him calm down at the moment, he couldn’t believe he was seeing the man who had spoilt Khushi’s life in front of him, for a second he felt like punching him hard on the face and shouting at him.

He wanted to ask him all those questions he had with him for all this years, he wanted to punish him for the tears he had seen in Khushi’s eyes as he grew up and just when he thought everything was right, he came back into her life and spoilt everything, he destroyed the confidence she had gathered in all this years.

 The bartender handed him a large whiskey which Krrish gulped down within a few seconds and ordered for another one yet trying to calm himself down.

He couldn’t believe he had left Advik with that man alone there, but what would he have done there anyway, Arnav wanted to see Advik and not him and he was sure Advik would handle this very well.

“Too much of alcohol is injurious to health Mr. Krrish Malhotra” he heard a sweet voice from behind him and within a few moments, all his anger vanished.

“Miss. Kiara Mehra, you are here finally” Krrish said as he turned around and looked at her.

She looked extremely gorgeous standing there with all the colorful lights flashing on her, with the black mini dress and the red lipstick, she looked just so wonderful.

“Why are we talking like we are meeting for some business deal? You can call me Kiara only” Kiara said as she walked towards him and sat next to him.

“And you can call me Krrish only, by the way you look extremely gorgeous, would you want to dance with me?” Krrish asked as he stood up.

“Why not” Kiara smiled as she gave her hand in his and they both headed to the dance floor.


“I need some information about one of your models” Arnav said as Advik looked at him with a smile, of course he was expecting this and he knew very well how to handle it.

“Mr. Raizada I hope you know I am not free enough to be keeping each and every details about the models who walk on the ramp for me, they get paid for what they want and that’s it, I don’t even choose the models, my assistant Mohit does that”

“But I am hoping you would have an idea about the one I am here for, she was your show stopper, I agree you don’t keep information about all the other but I am sure you would have selected the show stopper at least”

“Yes I did, so what about her?”

Arnav breathed in, at least Advik had some idea about Khushi, he just hoped he was going to help him enough to find Khushi, if that happened he would always be grateful to him.

“I want all the information you want about her” Arnav said

Advik looked at him for a moment and then started laughing out while Arnav stared at him not understanding what was funny about this.

“I thought you had class, I mean with such a heavy name, Arnav Singh Raizada, why would you be interested in one of my models?” Advik asked

“I am not here to joke” Arnav said as he punched the table angrily and looked Advik into the eyes.

All this while he was trying to stay calm and act polite just because he needed information about Khushi but this Advik was no getting on his nerves.

“It’s none of your business about what I want with her, I just need information about her and you better give it to me, don’t try to act smart with Arnav Singh Raizada” Arnav said angrily.

“For you information I am smart and it’s my wish on whether to give you information or not, you might be the Great Arnav Singh Raizada, but I am Advik Malhotra too, mention the name to anyone and their reactions to it would prove that I am no less than you so keep this damn attitude to yourself.” Advik said

He was about to stand up and walk away but he remembered what he had promised Khushi, he had promised her he would be calm and he would respect this man who dint deserve his respect at all, if it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t have been this polite with him.

“Aman did you bring me here to get myself insulted? Tell this boy he doesn’t know who he’s messing up with” Arnav said as he stood up too.

“Look Mr. Raizada, I don’t have any problem with you but I would appreciate if you kept your attitude low especially when you are the one who needs something from me” Advik said

Aman placed his hand on Arnav’s shoulder and gestured to him to calm down.

“Would you or would you not give me the information?” Arnav asked

“Her name was Khushi, that’s all I know, she said she dint have a surname, she was looking for some modelling work and my assistant brought her to me, I found her perfect for the show stopper dress and hired her, she had requested to be paid as soon as the show ends so my assistant paid her in cash and she left, that’s all” Advik said

“According to my information she’s quite of an old age, might be fifty and above so why did you choose her to be the show stopper when you had so many young models”

“Modelling doesn’t need age Mr. Raizada, we need beauty and a good body, she was perfect for the dress and that’s what mattered”

“Dint you ask her about anything else, I mean where she was from or anything else?”

“I needed a model not a house maid that I would have to get a background check done”

“Anything else you could know about her or any way I could contact her?”

“No, I don’t think I can help you there”

Arnav stood up feeling defeated and angry as he walked away, he tried so much and every time he thought he was closer to her, things went the other way.

“Thank you Mr. Malhotra, we appreciate your help” Aman said as he walked away too.


Advik walked to the other side of the club to look for Krrish, he had to give him the good news, he was happy knowing he had finally managed the situation and now everything was going to get back to normal.

He stood in a corner and dialed Krrish’s number hoping he was going to receive the call, with this kind of a loud music, it was hard to hear the ringtone.

“I’m getting a call, I have to take it, I’ll just be back” Krrish said to Kiara as he walked away.

Kiara walked towards the bar and settled down on a chair as she looked around when she saw Advik standing in a corner doing something on his phone.

She stood up and walked towards him with a smile on her face, no matter how rude he had been to her whenever they met, there was something so attractive about this man that kept on pulling her towards him.

“Looking for someone?” Kiara asked as Advik looked up from his phone at the beautiful lady who was standing in front of him.

“Yeah, my brother, but I think finding him here is a bit difficult” Advik said

Kiara smiled as she tried to look around so that Advik wouldn’t notice her smile but there was no way she could hide it.

“What makes you smile?” Advik asked

“You talked to me so normally, I mean the previous meetings we had weren’t that good, we kept on fighting with each other and now suddenly you are good to me, quite impressive” Kiara giggled.

“You are lucky, I am in extremely good moods today” Advik smiled

“Wow, so now that you are in good moods, why don’t you join me for a dance?” Kiara asked

“No, I don’t dance but thank you for the offer”

“How rude of you to say no to such a beautiful girl asking you for a dance”

“Well miss…”


“Yes, Miss Kiara, I feel terribly sorry for saying no to such a beautiful girl, maybe I can’t dance with you but we can have a drink together so you don’t feel I’m being rude” Advik said

“Sure, I’d love to, and by the way, what’s your name?”

“I am Advik Mal…” his phone rang suddenly as he excused himself and walked aside to receive the call. After he was done with the call he walked back to Kiara and looked at her with an apologetic face.

“I am sorry, it was my brother he’s waiting for me, I have to leave, but now that we couldn’t have a drink together, I would like to take you out for dinner tomorrow night if you are free, just to make up for this”

“Sure Advik, I would love to” Kiara said as they both exchanged numbers and Advik walked away. Kiara stood there smiling stupidly and blushing just when Krrish tapped on her shoulder from behind.

“I have to leave, it’s quite late, I’m going to the hotel, I can give you a ride if you want to”

“No, thank, I think I’ll stay here for a while, but see you anyway”

Krrish nodded positively as he walked away too.


“This boys are becoming very irresponsible now, neither Advik nor Krrish has called me to inform what happened, I just went everything went well” Khushi said to Sahil.

She walked here and there panicking and making assumptions of all the bad things that were going to happen, she was sweating and trembling at the same time like a person who had been trapped in a haunted house.

“Relax Khushi, at least they informed you that they were to meet Arnav, they must be with him right now, I’m sure as soon as they get free, they’ll give you a call and inform you about what happened, just calm down for heaven sake” Sahil said

“I just hope Advik was good to Arnav, I know his nature, if he gets angry he can do worse things”

“Khushi he promised you he would be good to him, so please relax, worrying like this isn’t going to change things”

“Yeah I think I’ll do some work while I wait for them to call me” Khushi said as she headed to her room and sat in front of the computer.

Mar 14

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 13 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 37 times)

“You are a characterless girl, I regret having fallen in love with you ever!”

“How could you do this Khushi?”

“Get lost, we don’t ever want to see your face again, you put our family to shame, you proved that you indeed were a roadside trash”

“Don’t you ever show us your face”

“Go die somewhere, as if we care!”

“No! No!” Khushi shouted suddenly waking up from her dream, Sahil rushed in as she switched on the light and found her sited on the bed sweating and shivering at the same time.

“What happened Khushi?” Sahil asked worriedly.

She got hold of his hand as she tried to calm down her breaths, it felt like she was living those terrible moments once again, all the past memories she had buried down deep inside her came alive once again and started haunting her.

She stood up and walked around the room without saying a word while Sahil sat there staring at her, wondering what had happened to her so suddenly.

“Everything is messed up, I was going good wasn’t I, all this years I lived without him, I had a happy life, with Advik, Krrish and you and I dint think about the past but now that I saw Arnav in Paris, things have changed Sahil, I don’t know what to do, I’m getting those dreams I got when I came here in the beginning, what am I supposed to do now?” Khushi asked

“If you want my opinion Khushi, I would say instead of running away, face him. You have to show him and believe it for yourself that you have moved on in life, and that you have no place in your life for him, you have to face him and tell him that what he did to you was terrible and unforgivable and that you’ll never ever think of forgiving him so he better stops trying. Be strong Khushi, be bold and face it”

“What if things go wrong? I’ve been strong for so many years but you know the moment I saw him, it felt like every part of my body was breaking down, what if I become weak?” Khushi asked

“You won’t be weak Khushi, because you yet remember what he did to you, just think about it”

“I will, for now I think I’ll get back to sleeping, I have a lot of work in the office so I’ll have to wake up early n go finish up the work” Khushi said as Sahil walked out of them room and she tried getting back her sleep.


Arnav was sited on his bed when Aman walked in early next morning.

“We have our first show tonight, I’ve arranged everything and Kiara is also working but I wanted you to check everything once and confirm if it’s the way you want” Aman said

He looked at Arnav waiting for him to reply but he seemed to be lost in thoughts, Aman quite understood what must be disturbing him, they both had tried so much yet were unable to find Khushi, it was surely disturbing him.

“Arnav!” Aman said as he shook her.

“Yes, what is it Aman?” He asked him as he looked at him with tired eyes as if he hadn’t slept for the whole night.

“What is it that you are thinking about?” Aman asked

“That boy, Advik Malhotra… Did you notice him yesterday? I mean he so much reminded me of the days before I hadn’t met Khushi, I used to be just like him, he looked more like a mixture of me and Khushi, you know, the rudeness and attitude and the arrogance but then he was also good and polite and he showed a bit of respect towards me too…

He made me think, if Khushi and I ever had a son he would just be like him, a little bit me and little bit her, and we would have had a perfect life together” Arnav said

“Well yeah” Aman said as he fell short of words not knowing what more he could say.

“I just wish I had tried talking to her once before assuming things, but I was so blinded by whatever Shyam did to prove her wrong to me, I know it’s completely my fault but I just need a chance to apologize, I just wish to see her once, I know I deserve this punishment but I still hope for some miracle”

“Don’t worry ASR, I’m sure everything would be okay” Aman tried to console him.


“So how did it go?” Khushi asked nervously as she stared at her computer screen sited in the office as she video chatted with Advik and Krrish.

“Quite well, I managed to handle things, you know Advik Malhotra can tackle each and every situation very well, I’m sure he wouldn’t disturb me again to get information about you, so relax” Advik boasted

“I hope you both were good with him and none of you lost their temper, and most of all I hope you talked to him with respect” Khushi said

“Yeah I tried to be as good as I could, Krrish seemed to be a bit angrier so he just left us alone and went to calm himself down”

“Okay… hey listen I was thinking about something” Khushi said

“What’s up, u seem to be lost in some deep thinking?” Krrish asked

“Yesterday night Sahil and I had a conversation and he told me, instead of running away from Arnav, I should just face him and tackle the situation on my own, and I felt like he was right, I know Arnav, he’ll do anything to find me so why should I pal this cat and dogs game, I’ll just face him and tell him I’ve got over him and he should leave me alone that’s it”

“But what about your promise? Krrish asked

“Do you think you really want to do that?” Advik asked

“I promise him he’ll never find me but he did, and now running away from him isn’t like keeping the promise Krrish… and I don’t know I’m not sure, but I feel like it’s the right thing to do”

“I think I also support you in that, just face that man and tell him you don’t need him in your life anymore and put an end to all this” Krrish said

“So what do you want now?” Advik asked

“I need time, let me think then I’ll let you both know, meanwhile don’t worry much about me, I’m all good here, I have a meeting to attend in a while so I’ll leave you both to enjoy the city of love, have fun in Paris”

“Okay, take care” Advik said as he placed the laptop aside.

“I’m going for a walk outside, do you want to join?” Krrish asked as he stood up.

“No, I’m good, I’ll finish some work in here”

“Oh please don’t talk like you are the only one who’s got work, I am also a fashion photographer but I don’t carry my camera everywhere” Krrish said

“You started it again” Advik said as he stood up while Krrish ran away from him as he tried to get hold of him.

They both kept on running around the room, hitting each other when they got close until they got tired.


Krrish had finished his two rounds of walk around the hotel garden, he was about to finish the third one when he spotted Kiara sited on a bench in the corner of a garden reading a book.

He walked towards her and sat next to her while Kiara looked at him with a smile.

“What are you doing out here early morning?” Krrish asked

“Nothing, I woke up early had nothing to do so I thought I’ll come and sit here, get some fresh air and read some novel”

“That’s good, I was also walking around passing some time, want to join?”

“No thanks, I think I’ll just sit here, I’m too lazy to walk yet and this novel’s interesting so I’ll finish reading it” She smiled

“Okay then, let me not disturb your peaceful silence, keep reading, I’ll finish up my walk, see you around” Krrish said as he stood up and walked away after waving a goodbye.

Advik walked out busy talking to someone on the phone as he looked around for Krrish but couldn’t see him anywhere.

He walked here and there searching for him when he saw Kiara sited on the bench where Krrish had found her.

“Good morning” He greeted her

“Oh hi, good morning.” Kiara said as a smile curved up on her face.

“Would you like to join?” She asked as she moved aside although there was enough space left for him.

“No, I was here looking for my brother, he left his phone in the room and there was an urgent call for him, you carry on, I’ll go look for him… and oh yes about the dinner, you’ll be at the fashion show right? We can leave from there if it’s okay for you”

“Sure, I don’t mind it” Kiara blushed as Advik walked away.

Mar 15

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 14 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 42 times)


“Khushi, where have you been, do you have an idea I haven’t seen you since Payal’s wedding?” Arnav asked over the phone.

“I know Arnav ji, I also want to see you” Khushi said

“I miss you, really a lot” Arnav said

Khushi blushed all alone in her room, she couldn’t understand what this feeling was like, every day, every moment it kept on making her feel so happy from inside and here she was blushing just because Arnav had told her he missed her, although it sounded stupid, it was beautiful.

“So tell me, where do you want to see me?” Arnav asked

“We can meet at the temple near my house, I’ll tell buaji I’m going to the temple so it won’t be much a problem”

“Okay then, I’ll see you there in half an hour” Arnav said as he disconnected the call.

Khushi sat there staring at the stars hanging on the sides of her bed while she tried her best to hide her blush, she could feel her heart beating so loud in her chest, everything felt scary yet beautiful and then on top of it she was nervous, nervous to meet the man she loved and the one who loved her.

All this while they just kept on fighting she wondered what she was going to talk to him now, how he was going to treat her.

Lost in all the thought she stood up and walked towards the cupboard wondering what she was going to wear, she finally pulled out a green and blue dress, looked at it admirably and then headed to the washroom to change.


She was standing in a corner looking around as she waited for Arnav to come, she had been waiting there for more than ten minutes yet there were no signs of him.

She kept staring at the people walking inside and outside the temple when she felt someone’s hand on her waist, and before she could even react, the hand had pulled her closer to whoever it belonged to.

“Shh” Arnav said as he put a finger on her lips shutting her up.

“Arnav ji, what are you doing, we are in a temple, everyone is around, please leave me” Khushi said

Arnav turned her to face him without leaving her hand while Khushi stared at him as she continued blushing, lately whenever Arnav came in front of her, she couldn’t stop blushing for no reason at all.

“Tell me you missed me” Arnav said as he pushed her to the pole and pinned her there, placing both his hands on either side blocking her there.

“Arnav ji”

“I want to hear it Khushi” Arnav said as he moved closer to her, brushing his cheek on hers making it go red, Khushi could feel her heart almost jumping out of her chest.

“Let me go, someone will see us like this and it won’t be good”

“All the people are on the other side, do you see anyone around here? No! So I’m not letting you go until you tell me you missed me”

Khushi was trying to say the words he wanted to hear but the proximity between them, and the way he was standing so close to her was making her completely speechless.

He brushed his cheek on hers once more and then his lips and he slowly kissed her on the cheek, Khushi felt her knees going weak, she had never felt this way before, it was like a complete new beautiful feeling she dint want to stop feeling.

Flashback ends.

“Khushi” Sahil shook her as she came out of the thoughts she was lost in.

“You’re crying! What happened? Are you okay Khushi?” Sahil asked worriedly.

It had been a while since he had seen her crying, she had stopped crying long back, actually years back, she had become a strong woman but today something seemed to be hurting her more than she could control and that’s why those tears were in her eyes.

“Sahil, would I really be able to face him? You know when I saw him from the ramp that day, my whole world stopped there, all that came in my mind were the terrible memories of what he did to me, how he used me, all those moments he spend with me, making love to me was just to use me, it was his lust and not his love and that makes me feel really disgusted, he just used me and when he was done he threw me out of the house.

I can’t forget how my own parents went against me and threw me out too, how I lost everything, my entire life just because of him.

If you think I’m crying because I love him then no, I don’t love him, I hate that man, I hate that Arnav damn Raizada, all I am crying about is my family, today if they hate me it’s because of him, he took away everything from me and it scares me now, what if he does the same again.

Yes I want to face him and show him I am happy without him and I don’t need him in my life at all, but then I am also scared, once I see him, all those terrible memories would come back and I would just break and the last thing I want is to cry in front of him, I don’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing he did what he wanted to do, to break me.”

“Khushi you are a lot stronger than you think, do you think your journey was easy? I remember when I first met you and I can see how much you’ve changed so far, I remember the Khushi who used to cry every night, the one who wanted to even commit suicide and right now this Khushi in front of me is different, she’s the woman who hasn’t cried for so long, who has stood up so strong, brought up this huge empire along with Advik.

You aren’t the helpless Khushi anymore, you have pillars like Advik and Krrish by your side, you are as powerful as Arnav is so please don’t think you are weak at all”

“So should I really go back to Paris?”

“If you ask me I’ll say yes, sort this out for once and for all”

“I’ll get the tickets booked, I’m not going back alone, we all are a family, you, Advik, Krrish and me and we’ll all face him together.” Khushi said confidently.


“Okay everyone listen to me, I don’t need anything going wrong the last moment, this are the packets that contain the designs you all will be putting on for the show tonight, each packet had each person’s name on it, just pick it up and get dressed, the makeup artists are waiting for you.” Aman explained to all the models.

“Dad, where’s Arnav sir?” Kiara asked

“He had a meeting with some people he’ll be here soon, anyway I’m leaving, I have to get to the ramp to make sure things are okay, if there’s any problem here, please handle it okay?” Aman said

“Sure don’t worry” Kiara nodded as Aman walked away and she got herself busy in helping the models.

“You know whose show is first today?” Krrish asked Advik who in return gave him a look like who are you really asking?

“I just thought you dint know” Krrish said

“Just for your information, The AR group is a huge competition to Zara Fashion house so I obviously need to be here to see how their show is and to know where I can improve and bring Zara to the top most” Advik said

“Great then, shall we head to our seats, the show is about to begin” Krrish said as Advik nodded and they both headed to their seats.

Arnav walked in the makeup room and found all the model’s lined up already while Kiara was giving them instructions.

“Everything okay?” He asked as he walked towards her.

“Yes, you can have a look at the designs, if they’ve been worn the correct way, and by the way, I just had a look at the show stopper dress you designed yourself for the final show, it’s awesome, extremely beautiful I think I’ll have to be the show stopper for that day just so I can put on the dress” Kiara giggled

“Sure I wouldn’t mind, as long as you don’t fall on the ramp” Arnav smiled

“Anyway everything is set, I’m coming backstage with the models, I think dad’s there too, you can wait there till it’s time to stop the show or do anything, I’ll handle the rest”

“Okay, I’ll go see Aman, just to be sure all is okay… oh and by the way, you look different today, anything special” Arnav asked as he looked at Kiara.

“How different?”

“I mean you’re so dressed up, a beautiful dress, with such good make up, you look beautiful and I rarely see you like this so I thought must be something special”

“Oh yeah, I have a date tonight”

“I see, so someone has found love is Paris, well then all the best, I just hope he isn’t a man like me” Arnav said as he walked away remembering what he had done to Khushi.


After the show, Kiara waited for Advik in the parking lot where he had told her to wait for him.

A few moments later, she saw Advik walking in and her heart skipped a beat, there was something about him that always made her feel different.

The way he walked towards her, everything seemed like to be going into a slow motion, like in the movies, he walked towards her adjusting his tie, looking extra hot in his usual three piece suit, the way he walked, everything about him was so beautiful so attractive.

He stopped in front of her and she couldn’t take her eyes away from him, there was something about this man that was driving her crazy.

Mar 16

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 15 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 48 times)

Kiara and Advik walked inside the seven star hotel where Advik had booked a table on the rooftop, the hotel was all beautiful with white interiors, it seemed more like a palace than a hotel, the golden lights flashing on the white interiors was a pleasure to the eyes.

They headed to the rooftop and were led towards their golden table which was covered with a white piece of cloth with some golden design on it, everything seemed beautiful just like a dream, she had never been to a hotel as beautiful as this one.

They settled down under the stars as the waiter handed them the menu, it was also in the shade of white and gold just like everything in this hotel.

“So beautiful lady, what do you want to eat?” Advik asked trying to be as polite as he could.

This things like going on a date and talking to girls or being the sweet kind of a man wasn’t his nature, he was normally rude to them and until now he couldn’t even understand why he had asked Kiara out on a date, it wasn’t really his kind of a thing, but with her here, it all seemed worth it, the way she couldn’t stop looking at him and when he caught her she would just look away and blush.

Maybe he hadn’t noticed before, but right now as she sat in front of him under the moonlight, she seemed like the most beautiful woman on earth. The way she was dressed was simple and sweet, she reminded him more Khushi, she was somehow exactly like her yet a bit different.

“Anything, you brought me here, so you should order”

“Well then let’s order the best Paris dish I’ve heard of, can you please get us a baguette, do you want any starters or you are okay with the main course?” Advik asked as he looked at Kiara.

“I think I’ll just have the main course”

“Okay then get that and any good desert at the end, whatever that’s best here” Advik said as he handed the menu back to the waiter who noted down their order and walked away.

Kiara looked at Advik, she couldn’t believe she was on a date with him, she remembered the first time she had seen him at the airport, something had just clicked and no matter how rude he had been towards her, she couldn’t keep herself away from him.


“Did you inform Advik and Krrish?” Sahil asked as they stepped out of the car to head inside the airport.

“No I haven’t, but I’m sure when they’ll see me there, they’ll understand. I have to sort this out Sahil, this thing, whatever it is between me and Arnav has to end, and I have to face him, that’s what I know and I’m sure they too would understand it”

“Yeah I know Khushi, but it could be better if you would have informed them”

“Let’s say it’s a surprise” Khushi said as she took in a deep breath.

She was trying to keep herself strong, even the thought of being face to face with Arnav was scaring the hell out of her, but she made herself believe she isn’t what she used to be, she was no more the Khushi who loved Arnav so much she never stood back for herself, right now she was strong and independent and she had to show him that she dint need him in his life at all.

She kept on rehearsing in her mind on what she was going to talk to him about, and how she was going to handle the situation, she knew Arnav had realized what he had done and he was surely going to apologize and ask her to go back with him but she had to remain strong.

She had to refuse to go back with him at any cost because what he did to her was unforgivable and no matter what they were never going to be together again.

Maybe as easy as it was to think, she hoped it would be as easy to face him and tell him this and maybe he would finally leave her alone for once and for all.


After dinner, Kiara and Advik walked outside, there were lights all over the garden making it look so beautiful in the dark, they both walked towards it and stood a bit further looking at the view.

“It’s so beautiful, thank you for the lovely date” Kiara said as she looked at Advik.

Advik looked at her and smiled, her eyes were so beautiful he wanted to get lost in them, she looked so beautifully innocent and attractive he couldn’t just take his eyes away from her.

Kiara stared back at him feeling nervous, she took in deep breaths trying to calm herself down, her heart was beating so far she thought it would jump out of her chest anytime soon.

He took a step forward sliding his hand to her waist as he pulled her closer, she got an adrenaline rush, this was the first time he had touched her and she dint know why but it felt so good, so beautiful.

She looked at him and he was staring at her lips, brushing his thumb on her cheek, it was making her more nervous, she kept on wondering if he was going to kiss her and if she wanted it, was she going to let him?

She felt all confused as he bent closer to her face, staring at her lips, he closed his eyes inhaling her fragrance, his lips almost touching hers, she dint say a word, she wasn’t stopping him either.

“If you’re going to kiss me do it right away” Kiara said not believing herself, she actually wanted this?

Advik pulled himself back as he looked at her in shock, he turned away from her closing his eyes as he clenched his hand into a tight fist and shut his eyes taking in deep breaths to calm himself down.

“We need to get back to the hotel, let’s go” He said as he walked away leaving Kiara behind in confusion, she couldn’t understand what had happened to him so suddenly.

Without thinking much about it, she followed him to the parking and they both got inside the car as they drove back to the hotel.

All the while Advik only concentrated on driving, he kept on hitting the steering wheel at times, his eyes had turned red and it looked like he was angry but Kiara couldn’t understand what had made him feel so angry.


Advik and Krrish were in deep sleep when they heard a knock at the door, Krrish stood up lazily as he headed to open the door rubbing his eyes.

“Sweetheart! Dad! What a pleasant surprise” Krrish said out so loud it even woke Advik up.

He stood up and walked towards them looking at them with surprise just like Krrish wondering how they came back here so suddenly even without informing them.

“What brings you two here?” Krrish asked as he took the bag from Khushi’s hand and pulled in inside while Khushi and Sahil walked in.

“I have made my decision and I thought it would be good if I sat here with you both and told you about it, I am here to meet Arnav Singh Raizada, I know you both have lots of questions but I had told you about it, I don’t want to run from this anymore, I just want to face it or else it would always keep on haunting me”

“Okay then we will come with you, we can’t trust that man, you might never know if he hurts you like he did before” Krrish said

“He’s right, you aren’t going alone” Advik added.

“No, first of all I told you whatever that happened was between me and him so you both would always respect him no matter what, secondly I want to meet him alone, I don’t want him to know anything about any of you, not even Sahil, he wants to meet me, he would meet only me…”


“Advik please, let me handle this on my own, It’s after so long I’ve learned how to be strong without anyone’s support, do you want to destroy it for me?”

Both Advik and Krrish nodded negatively as Khushi smiled and stood up as she hugged them both.

“I missed you two so much, I’m glad I’m here, anyway I’ll freshen up, where’s the bathroom?”

Advik pointed towards the corner where the bathroom was as Khushi smiled at them and walked away.

“Do you think she would be able to… face him after so long, don’t you remember how she reacted that day when she saw him?” Advik asked Sahil.

“I am sure she will and I need you both to support her in whatever she does like you’ve always, we would get through this too”

“I hope so” Krrish said nervously.


“Where did Advik and Sahil go?” Khushi asked as she walked out after taking a shower. She wiped her wet hair with a towel while she looked around hoping she would see them.

“They went for some shopping, dad had to buy something so Advik went with him, if you need anything tell me” Krrish said as he continued typing something on his phone

“I just need some fresh air, I feel tired of the flight and by the way who are you so much busy with, I dint know you had a girlfriend?” Khushi teased

“Oh come on, if I had one you should have known, it’s just this girl, I met her at the Fashion week, and I like her but I don’t know if she likes me, though she talks to me but anyway, long story”

“You and your complicates thoughts about relationships, anyway tell me if anything happens, for now let’s go get some fresh air please”

“Sure, well I was planning to go out for a jog in the garden, you can join me, there are benches there you can sit while I jog or join me if you wish to”

“I think I’ll prefer sitting” Khushi smiled.

“Are you hungry? Should I order some breakfast for you before we go out?”

“No, right now I’m just hungry for some fresh air, so let’s get going” Khushi said as she threw the towel on the couch and walked towards the corner where her bag was placed and pulled out a pair of slippers, she put them and then they both headed outside.


Arnav walked out of the hotel with Aman holding a file in his hand as they both discussed something while they walked towards their car.

“Keep this file in the car, I think I forgot my phone inside I’ll get it back and join you” Arnav said as he handed the file to Aman and turned around to head back inside when his eyes suddenly fell on this lady sitting in the garden.

He stopped, his heart almost skipped a beat, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing and just to be sure, he rubbed his eyes and even pinched himself to be sure he wasn’t dreaming.

Although she wasn’t facing his direction, there was something familiar about her, he knew why she felt so familiar, he just wasn’t sure if he could believe his own eyes, or believe that Khushi was right here, a few steps away from him, was it going to be so easy to find her?

All the memories with her flashed back in his mind as he remembered those moments when they were together, when he had loved her more than anything and now there was this moment when they were so far from each other.

Tum mere ho iss pal mere ho, kal shayad yeh aalam na rahein…

Kuch aisa ho tum tum na raho, kuch aisa ho hum hum na rahein…

Yeh raaste alag hojaye, chalte chalte hum kho jaye…

He stood right behind her and took a deep breath as he tapped on her shoulder, she turned around to look at him and the moment just got stuck somewhere there, she was the one, she was right here, in front of him.

He felt short of words, he wanted to talk to her, to say something but he felt like his voice was lost, he just kept on making weird expressions to express how happy he was to see her here, how happy he felt to be face to face with her once again.

He couldn’t think of anything, he just knew the girl he loved so much, the one he’d been looking for, for so many years was right here in front of him, and there was nothing else that could make him happier, he got hold of her hand and pulled her into a tight hug as tears of happiness rolled down his eyes.

Main phir bhi tumko chahunga… main phir bhi tumko chahunga…

Iss chaahat me marjaunga… main phir bhi tumko chahunga…

Mar 17

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 16 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 39 times)

They both stood face to face once again after so many years and the only thing he could notice about her was how changed she was, nothing about her was alike the old Khushi he had always known except her eyes maybe.

She was dressed in a faded light blue jean and a white top to match to it, her hair was rolled up in a messy bun with a stick holding it intact, while some of her hair fell down to her face from the sides, she had the cat eye shaped spectacles on which somehow magnified her eyes more and her lips colored dark red making her look like the most gorgeous woman around but then it also felt like there was something missing.

It wasn’t that she dint look beautiful, or the way she was dressed wasn’t perfect, it was just that he never thought there would come a day when he would see her like this, completely different from what she used to be.

He remembered her being the small town girl who used to dress in the colorful clothes with her long hair mostly braided up and it used to match her naughty character but right now she seemed different from it all, she seemed a lot more serious and a lot more gorgeous.

She stared at him for a while and then took a step backward looking at him from top to bottom, he was the same Arnav Singh Raizada she had left many years back, dressed in the same black three piece suit, with the same attitude and arrogance that showed up on his face and that rare half smile that he had on his face at the moment.

“I’ve looked for you for ages Khushi” He said trying to get control of his happiness, only if he could be able to explain to her how he had suffered all this years in guilt of doing wrong to her and having to live without her. It was all like some sort of an unbearable punishment.

“So what am I supposed to do about that? Did I ask you to look for me? Stop telling me about it as if it was some favor you were doing to me” Khushi said as she tried to control all her inner feelings from bursting out.

The hurt, the anger, the pain, everything of it that she had experienced with him and after he threw her out like some trash. She kept on reminding herself that she had to remain strong and no matter what she dint have to show him her vulnerable side.

She was sure he hadn’t changed even a bit just when he got hold of her arm angrily, pushing it to her back he looked her into the eyes with his eyes turning red, this is what he did, always. This is what Arnav Singh Raizada did to women!

“You haven’t changed a bit, the same old you trying to dominate me because oh poor Khushi what would she say, she can’t even complain because I’m the man. Get over it Arnav, don’t think you’re going to dominate me like you did before so let go off me before I either shout and gather everyone around or call the police and get you arrested for harassment.”

Arnav let go her hand as he looked at her in complete surprise, there wasn’t even one percent of the old Khushi left inside her.

“I am sorry Khushi, I know what I did to you was wrong and as soon as I realized my mistake I tried to look for you but you were gone, no one had an idea about you and all this years I’ve lived in guilt and regret, you have no idea what I went through.”

“And you have no idea what I went through because of you, you think that standing here in front of me and telling me you were guilty and now you regret it is going to make it all fine? The same old typical Arnav you are but hey wake up and look around, the world has changed and so have I and I, Khushi Kumari Gupta doesn’t need you for anything in her life, I’ve learned to live all alone and I don’t want your support so if you are planning to talk about the guilt and the regret and what not just know it isn’t going to make a difference to me”

“I can’t believe this is you” Arnav said looking at her completely shocked, she wasn’t even one percent of what he was expecting her to be.

“And I can’t believe despite all that happened you still have the guts to face me because if I were you Mr. Raizada, I would have dumped myself in some river out of shame” Khushi said as she turned back to the bench picked up her pen and notebook as she walked away from Arnav leaving him all broken.


She found Advik and Sahil walking in just when she reached to the room, they both looked at her in surprise but she dint speak a word, they all walked inside the room while Sahil sat down on the couch and Advik walked towards Khushi who was now standing in a corner.

“Is everything okay?” Advik asked as he placed his hand on her shoulder.

“I met him, I was in the garden and I… I don’t think I can take this anymore…” Khushi said as she broke down completely. She hugged Advik as he hugged her back tighter trying to help her feel better while she kept on sobbing in his arms.

“All those terrible memories about the past kept on flashing in my mind, every word he spoke made me feel like slapping him hard for what he had done to me, for destroying my life like this but I couldn’t do a thing, I tried all I could and I stayed strong and I made sure he got the point that I dint need him and my life”

“It’s all good then, don’t be worried, I’m sure he’s got enough and maybe now he would stop trying” Advik said as he broke the hug and wiped away Khushi’s tears.

“You don’t know Arnav Singh Raizada, he is one hell of a stubborn man, he always makes sure he gets what he wants, do you think he’s going to give up so easily? You know what made me cry today isn’t how much I loved him, that love died long back, what made me cry were those terrible memories that I couldn’t erase off my memory”

“I Understand, but you’ve had a lot for today and I think you need to rest, please don’t think about any of this now, just rest and we’ll talk about this later, I promise” Advik said as he got hold of her hand and pulled her towards the bed.

He pulled of her spectacles as she sat on the bed and pulled the stick that had been holding her bun setting her hair free, he helped her lie on the bed and then covered her with the blanket.

“I know how hard this is but know we all are here with you okay? For now keep all those thoughts out of your mind and just relax and sleep”

Khushi nodded positively as Advik sat next to her holding her hand yet until he was sure she was asleep.


“Good morning Mr. Malhotra” Kiara shouted as she saw Krrish jogging around the garden.

He smiled as he jogged towards her and then stopped next to her looking at her, she was dressed in her jogging tracks too and Krrish looked at her with surprise.

“What’s up, you up to jogging today?” Krrish asked

“Yeah, I thought I’ll give my new friend some company and get some fresh air” she said as the both started jogging.

They jogged around the garden twice but Kiara dint speak even a word and all the while Krrish kept on staring at her as her hair flew to her cheeks and she tucked it back behind her ears frowning, it looked like she wasn’t really happy today.

“Looks like something is disturbing you” Krrish said.

“Not in good moods, I’m just overthinking stuff” Kiara said as she stopped jogging and sat down on the nearest bench.

“And what is it that you are overthinking about? Must be something really important”

She looked at him as all the moments about last night flashed in her mind, she couldn’t deny how beautiful the night had been for her and how beautiful the date was, neither that her attraction towards Advik had almost led them both to kissing each other, but that wasn’t what disturbed her.

It was the way she suddenly stopped when she asked him to kiss him and then the way he looked so angry about it or maybe hurt, she couldn’t explain what that was, but it came with a lot of questions to which she had been trying to find the answers thus overthinking it.

“Something personal, I’m sorry but I can’t talk to you about it”

“it’s okay I hope whatever it is that’s disturbing you will end soon, come I’ll take you out, we’ll go shopping or wherever you want if it cheers up your mood”

“You are such a sweetheart, I’m lucky to have a friend like you” Kiara said as she hugged Krrish happily leaving him all surprised, although hugs weren’t a big deal, it was something normal, he dint know why it felt so special when she hugged him, maybe it was because of the way he had started to feel towards her and so he couldn’t stop smiling while she held him tight in his arms.


Advik was sited in a corner when Khushi finally woke up from her sleep, unlike what she thought she had slept peacefully without thinking about Arnav at all and she was glad that as days passed by and as she tried to be strong she was actually managing to be.

“Advik” She called him out wanting to talk about it, about how great she was feeling knowing she was getting stronger and somewhere Arnav had actually stopped mattering to her but Advik seemed to have been lost in a world of his own.

She stood up from the bed and walked towards him, she tapped on his shoulder and turned to look at her, he stood up suddenly and hugged her leaving her all confused.

“Advik! What’s wrong? What happened, talk to me” Khushi said as she broke the hug and looked at him.

He took in a few deep breaths with his eyes shut as if he was trying to stop tears forming up in his eyes or something else, he got hold of Khushi’s hand, holding it so tight as if she was going to leave him and go away from him and he dint want to let her go.

“Yesterday night, I went on a date… or something of such sort…”

“What about it?”

“I… I almost kissed her, I was so close to her and she looked attractive but that was it, there were no feeling attached, I don’t even know why I asked her for a date, maybe just for a change but I gave her false hope, how could I?

When I was about to kiss her, I was slow and she like asked me to kiss her and upon her words I realized what I was doing, she was attracted to me and that’s why she wanted me to kiss her but it wasn’t the same for me, it can never be.

You know it right? We both know it, then how could I be so stupid? How could I do such a thing?” he went on talking and talking, he was all nervous and scared, his whole body was shaking, his eyes were moist and it looked like he was going to break down anytime soon.

“Advik, look at me, I understand you, I understand what you feel but don’t blame yourself for it please, it wasn’t your fault, it’s human nature to want all this”

“But what would happen when she gets to know the truth, wouldn’t she feel used like you felt after what that Arnav Singh Raizada did to you? Don’t you realize I was going to do the same thing I’ve done to a few more girls in the past few years? How could I? I have to talk to her and clear the misunderstand, I have to tell her that whatever that happened was just because of the moment and she shouldn’t have any hope that I’ll never be able to fulfil”

“How long Advik? How long will you keep running away from all of this?”

“As long as I live”

Mar 17

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 17 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 44 times)

Krrish and Kiara had walked around the mall for over two hours now and yet Kiara’s shopping dint seem to be coming to an end, although Krrish liked her company he couldn’t deny that he was now tired of walking that long and getting bored when she was busy choosing stuff for herself.

“Can we like sit at some café and have coffee? I feel so tired, you girls and your never ending shopping” Krrish said

Kiara looked at him with a smile on her face as she showed him all the shopping bags she was carrying of different colors, some white, some red, some green, they were a total of eleven bags together with the ones he was carrying for her.

“All this and yet it isn’t enough, God! What do you do with all this clothes and shoes and whatever?”

“We wear them and try to repeat them very less unless it’s a favorite or suits you well, not like you guys wearing the same thing everywhere you go” Kiara said as she looked around and spotted a café so she started walking towards it while Krrish followed her.

They walked inside the café and found and empty table next to the door so they settled themselves down just when a waitress walked towards them to take their orders, she wrote down whatever they wanted and walked away.

“I feel so happy” Kiara said after the waitress left.

“Yeah the best way to lighten up a girl’s mood is to take her shopping”

“And to make it best is to take her shopping in Paris” Kiara smiled.

“Kiara!” She had someone say her name as she turned around and found Arnav standing there staring at her in surprise.

“Sir! How co.. Come you’re here?” She stammered.

“I just game for a meeting with someone, I wasn’t expecting to see you here with… you! We’ve met before!” Arnav said as he looked at Krrish.

“Yes, we met when you wanted to meet my brother so I left you both alone to carry on with whatever business you had” Advik said trying to act completely normal.

“Oh yes, I remember… What’s your name?”

“Krrish Malhotra” Kiara spoke up sounding a bit nervous yet.

“Krrish Malhotra, it was nice meeting you… anyway you guys carry on, I’ll continue with my meeting, see you later Kiara” Arnav smiled as he walked away.

“How do you know him?” Krrish asked Kiara.

“Oh, I work for him, in fact dad also works with him and I’ve also been working with him, he’s such a nice person”

“So then why were you nervous when you saw him here?”

“Nothing, you know dad and him have been so close, and I just dint want dad to know I was roaming around Paris with a stranger although we are friends, he wouldn’t understand that, but I guess Arnav sir is cool… I’ve always admired him and his love for his wife”

“His wife?” Krrish was now more curious to know about him than ever… did he have a wife? Was he married to someone else? Then what about Khushi? Well how could he forget he was the one who threw her out of the house so why would he care anyway, and just once again, the hatred he had towards him became stronger.

“Yes, her name was Khushi… it’s been years now since she left and he’s been looking for her… he’s been telling me about his love story and although I don’t know everything yet, he tells me he did some terrible things to her and even threw her out of the house but now he’s realized his mistake and he’s trying to get her back and ask for forgiveness…

You know since I’ve known him, I’ve always seen that regret in his eyes, I don’t know what he did but I’m sure it keeps on haunting him, it’s hurting him much… but anyway what matters is that he still loves her and hopefully someday he would find her too”

 “Are you sure you’re talking about Arnav Singh Raizada?”

“Yes Krrish, come on why would you ask that?”

“Just that I’ve heard terrible things about him” Krrish said as he turned to look at Arnav who was sitting one table away from him with a man.

“Well then you’ve heard it all wrong”

“Oh really, being defensive aren’t you Kiara” Krrish said as he got hold of one of her flying hairs and pulled it out.

“Ouch, that hurt”

“Well then I hope this wouldn’t” he said as he pulled out another hair and soon they both were on their feet running around each other distracting everyone in the café who watched them now including Arnav.


He had been lying on her lap for almost half an hour as she slightly massaged oil into his hair, he was almost falling asleep when something tricked on his head. She had just pulled out a hair from his head.

“I thought massages were supposed to be pain free” Arnav said

“And I thought it was time until Arnav Singh Raizada grew old, look you’ve got a grey hair already” She said holding it in front of him.

“And here’s another one” She said as she plucked out another hair as Arnav grabbed her hand.

“Being naughty with me Khushi?” He asked

“Well, how am I supposed to be Khushi Kumari Gupta, If I’m not naughty” She giggled as she plucked another hair and quickly ran away while Arnav ran behind her to get hold of her forgetting about all the hatred he had had for her since the day he found out about her and Shyam.

At this moment, it was just him and the Khushi he had known all this while and actually loved, no hatred no nothing, just happiness.


“He reminds you of her doesn’t he?” The man sited opposite him asked

“Did you notice? He has eyes brown as hers, and even his face just kind of looks resembling and then his naught, it’s just like Khushi’s… you know what’s strange Aakash? His brother is exactly like me and he is exactly like Khushi, makes me feel like if we both ever had kids, they would be like either of them”

“There’s a lot about the past Arnav and even a whole week wouldn’t be enough to discuss it, let’s get to the point and tell me why you called me here?”

“I need your help, you have always been the good brother, you know the sweet once and I have always been the bad one, and somewhere I feel you’ll be able to help me in convincing Khushi, I had called you here because I wanted to look for her but I found her, she’s staying in the same hotel as me but she’s full of bitterness.

I don’t say that I dint deserve it, I am just… how do I explain this… I fear losing her again even when she’s not mine… even when I know we weren’t even married or I’d have claimed my right on her… I’ve looked for her for so many years, I don’t want to lose her again and now that you’re here I want you to talk to her…

I tried but she was really rude to me and I deserve it but she doesn’t want to talk to me and in such a thing, how am I even supposed to convince her?”

“You know this isn’t going to be easy, not after all you did to her”

“That’s why I called you here, because I need your help”

“I’ll do anything to help you as long as you don’t hurt her again”

“I won’t, I promise”

Mar 20

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 18 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 43 times)

It had been days after Payal and Aakash’s wedding was over, Shyam was yet busy making plans on how he was going to separate Arnav and Khushi forever so he could have a chance of being with Khushi.

He saw Arnav walking out of his room and he quickly pulled out his phone, put it on silent mode and then pretended to have been talking over the phone.

“How many times do you I have to tell you to stop calling me, listen Khushi I know what you want but I am a married man and I love rani Saheba a lot so please stop calling me and trying” Shyam said

Arnav stopped walking as he stood still wherever he was, he couldn’t believe that even after he told Khushi that he loved her, she was yet trying on Shyam, he felt so disgusted about her and about himself wondering how he even fell in love with a girl like her.

Shyam turned around and saw Arnav so he pretended to disconnect the call as he put the phone back inside his pocket while Arnav stared at him angrily with his fists clenched tight and his eyes burning red with rage.

“I told you, this girl is difficult to get rid of” Shyam said

“I know how to get rid of such girl, Khushi Kumari Gupta will have to learn her lesson the hard way.” Arnav said as he walked away angrily knowing in his mind what exactly he had to do.

He had just reached downstairs when Payal called him out suddenly.

“Arnav, can you please drop me home on your way to work, I have to pick up a few things” Payal said

“Why don’t you call Khushi and tell her to pack whatever you need, I’ll pass by later and pick it up, right now I have an important meeting”

“Okay, I’ll inform her then, thank you anyway” Payal smiled as she walked to the kitchen.

“Won’t you have breakfast chhote?” Anjali asked

“No Di, I have to go urgently, you guys carry on” Arnav said as he walked away furiously, he couldn’t yet stop thinking about Khushi and how low she could stoop just to get money, she dint even care about Anjali being married to Shyam, how could she even try to trap him?

He punched the steering wheel angrily as he switched on the engine and drove the car away in full speed, he definitely had to teach Khushi a lesson and he had to start working on his plan from today onwards.

He headed to the Gupta house although he had told Payal he’d pass by later, he just hoped he’d find Khushi home because he had plans for her.

He parked the car outside the house and pulled out his phone from the pocket as he dialed Khushi’s number.

The phone rang for a while until Khushi received it and when she spoke, he dint know how but her voice just suddenly calmed down all his anger, he couldn’t understand this at all, no matter how much he tried to hate her, his love for her always came in between.

“I’m outside your house, need to see you come out right now” Arnav said

“But Arnav ji…”

“I said now Khushi!” Arnav disconnected the call as he threw it on the backseat angrily, he dint know how to control his feelings and it was bad.

He saw Khushi walking out as she wrapped her veil over her neck, how innocent she looked as she walked towards the car, only if he dint know her evil side, he would have fallen in love with her all over again.

“Get in” Arnav said as he unlocked the door.

Khushi got inside the car and Arnav drove off leaving Khushi complaining about how he just showed up suddenly without informing her and then called her outside and now without telling her anything he was just driving away.

“Where are we going Arnav ji? Will you tell me anything?” Khushi asked

“Just for one day shut up Khushi and sit silently, when we’ll reach you’ll know it yourself” Arnav said as he increased the speed scaring Khushi out.

“You know I can’t be silent, now if you don’t tell me where we are going then I’ll keep on talking and talking and you have no right to complain”

“Fine do as you please” Arnav said as he concentrated on his driving until they reached a construction site, he parked the car aside and walked out while Khushi followed him.

“What are we doing here? Is this your construction site? But why have you brought me here? What do I have to do here?”

“Shhh” Arnav said as he pushed her to the car placing his finger over her lips, Khushi’s heartbeat had already started running a race, whenever Arnav was this close to him, she just felt so different.

“Be silent and follow me” He said as he turned around and walked away while Khushi followed him.

 They headed upstairs and as the site was on construction yet there wasn’t a life so they had to climb all the way till the top floor and when they reached there, Khushi was already panting for breath.

“Why are we here?” She asked as Arnav got hold of her hand and pulled her to the terrace.

“This is one place from where you can see the whole city, have a look” Arnav said as Khushi looked around and Arnav was right, she could see the whole city from the top of the building.

“Oh my God! This is so beautiful… look how beautiful the city looks from here” Khushi said happily.

“Do you know why I brought you here Khushi?” Arnav asked

“Why?” She asked as she looked at him.

“Because I want to marry you, this is how beautiful my life looks with you in it, so Miss. Khushi Kumari Gupta, would you like to become Mrs. Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada?”

“Are you serious Arnav ji?” Khushi asked with a smile of hope as her eyes were moist with tears of happiness.

“Yes Khushi, I am very serious, I want us to get married, and if you say yes, we can talk to our families about it”

“Of course yes, I would love to get married to you” Khushi said as she blushed deep red.


“Where are you lost sweetheart?” Krrish voice brought Khushi back from the flashbacks, she looked at him pretending to be okay but deep inside her heart was breaking once again, seeing Arnav had brought back all the beautiful and terrible memories and she dint know which one to cherish more.

“Nowhere, where were you by the way?”

“I had taken a friend out, she was sad so I wanted to cheer her up and then I came back tried to talk to Advik but he seemed to be in a strange mood, I don’t know what’s with him”

“Long story, I think it would be best if he told you about it” Khushi said

“Oh by the way, I saw him today, Arnav Singh Raizada, he was at the café with some man”

“So… did you talk to him?”

“Not much, he knew my friend so he came to talk to her and said hi to me, that’s it… do you think there could be a chance that he regrets what he did to you?”

“He does regret it Krrish, the thing is I don’t care even if he regrets it his whole life, I can’t forget what he did to me”

“Yeah, I get it” Krrish said as he sat next to Khushi holding her hand trying to make her feel better.


Advik and Mohit walked outside the hotel discussing about the fashion week, it was almost coming to an end and they had their last fashion show after two days.

“I think I’ll have to check all the designs once again and confirm which ones we should use, get me the file that had all the pictures I’ll finalize everything and then get the models and make sure none of them runs away like last time, and then get all the outfits altered to their size okay?” Advik explained to Mohit.

“I’ll get it done sir, and by the way there’s one problem, about the show stopper outfit”

“Advik! Hi!” Kiara shouted from behind as she rushed towards him while Advik looked at her uncomfortably, he was so much trying to avoid coming face to face with her and here she was.

“Mohit, would you please give us a moment?” Advik asked as Mohit nodded positively and headed towards the car to wait for him.

“You just disappeared after the night, I mean I know it was all awkward and I shouldn’t have asked you to kiss me but it was just the moment, I’m sorry if you dint like it”

“It’s not that Kiara, don’t be sorry it wasn’t your fault, you are beautiful, you’re lovely, sweet, and a good person to, anyone would have wanted to kiss you and so did I but I have my own reason so I am sorry for what I did yesterday, it was very rude”

“So does that mean we can remain friends?” Kiara asked excitedly.

“Actually I wanted to tell you something… look, I am not being rude or mean or anything, it’s just that I don’t want things to get messed up, I don’t know how to explain this to you Kiara, I can’t like you the way you like me”

Kiara looked at him in surprise, Advik was trying all he could to keep himself strong, he dint want to hurt her but then things had become very different and right now he was only wishing he had never asked her for the dinner date, it was stupid of him to think he would be able to do something like that.

“You know what, it’s just two day, all this ends and I’ll be back to India, you’ll be back to New York and who knows if we’ll ever meet again so why not say goodbye from here, I am sorry I just liked you and it’s natural I couldn’t do anything about it but I can’t force you to feel the same way about me so I understand it’s completely fine”


“I understand it Advik, I am stupid I mean we just went on a date the first one and I asked you to kiss me, it was stupid of me but I am not the kind of a girl who goes around with every guy, it was different with you but I guess you misunderstood it”

“Will you let me talk please?”

“I just think I should leave, I am so sorry Advik, it’s good all this is coming to an end we all will go back home and forget about everything” Kiara said as she turned to walk away while tears rolled down her eyes.

It was difficult for her to understand her own feelings today, she dint even know why she felt so hurt, this was something that happened to everyone and maybe she had taken it too seriously and that’s why she was feeling hurt, but maybe when she goes back home she’ll even forget that she ever met a guy called Advik Malhotra.

“Kiara!” Advik shouted from behind as she stopped walking, she stood still where she was without turning to look at him, he walked towards her angrily and got hold of her hand as he pulled her closer to him.

He wiped away her tears with his thumb and tucked her hair behind her ear, looking deep into her eyes, he saw the pain he was afraid to give her and all he regretted was he was too late to tell her the truth.

Tears kept on rolling down her eyes and he couldn’t do anything to stop them, he felt helpless just like he had felt once before and all this was making him so weak, it was making him be someone he never wanted to be.

He pulled her closer and claimed for her lips leaving her all shocked as more tears rolled down her eyes, her lips tasted mostly of tears and some coffee, she got hold of him and kissed him back with the same passion sucking his lips roughly as if she was never going to kiss him again.

Advik pulled apart and cupped her face as he wiped the remaining tears away with his thumb once again.

“This is a good bye Kiara and not because I think you are whatever kind of a girl you think I thought you were, it’s because this is the right thing to do for both of us, we’ll never see each other again” He said as he walked away leaving her standing there like a statue.

Mar 21

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 19 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 55 times)

“Are you planning to keep yourself locked inside this room for the remaining two days that we are going to be here?” Krrish asked Khushi.

“I don’t know, I just don’t feel like going outside” Khushi said as she adjusted herself of the bed.

“Why? Because you think you’ll have to face Arnav Singh Raizada? Come on, you came here for that purpose, to face him, so be bold be strong, go out live happily and do all the things that will make him believe that yes, you can live your life without him”

“I know you are right Krrish and I thought it wasn’t going to be this tough, but when I came face to face with him, I had to make so much effort to keep myself strong, you know I get weak for him, I don’t know if the love that I had for him still exists somewhere deep inside my heart and maybe I’m making myself believe that it died, but it’s hard”

“But you can’t keep yourself locked in a hotel room in Paris! I mean come on, you should go shopping and do everything you love doing and have fun, I’m not taking a no for an answer, Advik is busy with his show and dad’s also out so come on, I’ll take you wherever you want and we will have fun.

This is the only quality time I’ll get with you, I mean I had been out studying for so long and after this I’m going to India, I feel bad I’m not getting enough time with you”

“You’re going India? Krrish! How come you dint tell me?”

“It just happened in a hurry, I’ve got a contract from a huge company for photoshoot, I mean this is such a huge opportunity I wouldn’t want to miss it, would you like to come with me? Maybe you’ll visit old places and your parents or sister?”

“Even if I’d come with you, I would never meet any of them Krrish”

“But why? You told us why you hate Arnav Singh Raizada, but why don’t you ever tell us why you don’t even want to meet your own parents or even your sister?”

“Because I am dead for them and I’d want it to remain so… let’s not dig into the past now, come on, take me out” Khushi said as she stood up excitedly.

“That’s like my sweetheart, I’ll arrange for a car, get ready you have only ten minutes”

“More than enough” Khushi said as she hugged Krrish tightly and then walked away to get ready while Krrish headed out of the room to make an arrangement for the car.


He could hear the sound of her anklets around the mansion but he dint know where the sound was coming from exactly, it was definitely Khushi, maybe she had come to see Payal, Arnav thought as he walked around looking for her, hoping he was going to see her somewhere.

“Sale Sahab” he heard Shyam whisper to him.

Arnav gave him a confused look as he gestured to him to follow him to his bedroom, Arnav did as he said not knowing what to think anymore, whenever he had a conversation with Shyam, it was always regarding Khushi and the terrible things she was doing to trap him, and just for today he was wishing there was nothing of such sort.

His had had become heavy bearing the burden of his hatred and love towards her and he dint know which one was going to win, all he knew was he just wanted it to end really soon.

“What now?” Arnav asked Shyam angrily.

“Sale sahib, you are getting angry on me as if I was the one who trapped Khushi, what’s my fault in this if the girl you always thought was good actually turned out to be a gold digger and tried to trap your own sister’s husband”

“Will you tell me why you called me here?” Arnav asked gritting his teeth angrily.

“To show you how characterless Khushi Kumari Gupta is, I’m sure after today you’ll believe that I am at no fault” Shyam said

“What do you mean?” Arnav asked in confusion.

Shyam pulled him inside his room as they headed towards the washroom, the door wasn’t locked, Shyam pushed the door lightly as it opened a bit leaving Arnav all shocked.

“What is she doing in your bedroom, and your washroom?” Arnav asked now not having a control on his anger at all as he looked at Khushi who seemed to have been taking her clothes off, he turned around shutting the door completely.

She came here and found me and when she realized that Anjali wasn’t in the room she invited me to the bathroom saying we would have some fun, I made an excuse and rushed out when I saw you so I thought I’d show you her real face today”

“That’s nonsense, I can’t believe that Khushi could do something of such sort, I just can’t” Arnav said as he walked out of the room completely raged.

“Then what would you make out of her removing her clothes in my bathroom when Anjali wasn’t around and when I was, I mean if she really was decent she would have at least locked the door” Shyam said

Arnav looked at Shyam furiously as he pushed him away so he could stop following him, he rushed to his bedroom and punched the wall angrily, no matter what, his heart wasn’t ready to believe that Khushi could do something of such sort.

He felt completely terrible, how could he have misjudged her? He always thought she was a girl with dignity but he couldn’t also deny what he saw today, how could she do that? Did she stood so low for money?

Just when he had been wondering if his hate or his love towards her would win, he seemed to have been getting an answer finally, it seemed like his hate was winning and all he wanted was revenge from her, for everything she had done to his family.

For trapping his sister’s husband, for faking her love towards him and for pretending to be decent around his whole family but now he wasn’t going to let that happen, he wasn’t going to let it go just like that, he knew what he had to do and he knew it would prove to everyone in his family what a characterless girl she was.

“Arnav ji! You’re back, I had been waiting for you” Khushi said as she walked into Arnav’s room dressed in a simple pain sky blue sari.

He looked at her and somewhere all his anger calmed down, the way she looked so beautiful in this sari, he stood up and walked towards her wondering what was up today and why she was dressed in a sari actually.

“How do I look” She asked with a smile.

“Simply gorgeous” Arnav said not being able to take his eyes away from her.

He walked towards her and got hold of her arm as he pulled her inside and shut the door behind as he turned to her and pushed her to the wall.

He grabbed her waist running his hand through it, her skin felt so smooth, he was so close to her, he could hear her breathing heavily and somewhere that reminded him of everything he had just seen a while back in Shyam’s room and no matter how hard he tried to control his anger he just couldn’t.

“Arnav ji, it hurts” Khushi said as she put her hand on his hand that had been on her waist, he dint even realize how tight he was holding her waist, his head was full of rage at this moment.

He pulled her closer to him as she crashed on his chest, there wasn’t even space left for air to pass in between them, Khushi looked at him nervously as his eyes were now stuck on her lips.

He moved closer to her while she shut her eyes in her mind remembering all those times when they both had been so close to kissing but something always ended up interrupting them and she blushed.

“Arnav ji… someone will come and they would see us like this”

“Shh… I’ve locked the door Khushi” He said as he slowly brushed his lips on hers giving her an adrenaline rush, her heart was running miles already, her whole body became stiff, Arnav pulled her closer with her waist but there was no space for her to move closer than that.

She felt nervous and like she’d just got butterflied in her stomach when he pushed her lips open with his and kissed her slowly for like a second and then her suddenly pushed her back to the wall, got hold of both her hands, pinned them up the wall as he kissed her, deep, hard and so rough he almost bruised her lips.

“Arnav ji…” Khushi said in between the moans of the pleasure and the pain he was causing her by being so rough but he dint seem to be paying any heed to her, he felt angry once again thinking how could she even thing of allowing any other man to touch her apart from him, how could she do this to him? Dint this right belong to him and only him? The right to kiss her, the right to make love to her?

As much as he was hurt about the fact that she was doing all this with Shyam, it hurt him more because he loved her, she was the only girl he had fallen in love with and he couldn’t just take that she was allowing another man apart from him to touch her.

He broke the kiss when he felt Khushi’s tears on his lips and looked at her, she was crying, her lips were all red and they looked terribly bruised but he hadn’t heard her all this time she was telling him to stop, he was so angry he ignored the fact that it was hurting her.

He punched the wall angrily while Khushi looked at him in confusion not being able to understand what was going on.

“You are mine, only mine do you get that Khushi!” He said as he looked back at her angrily.

Khushi stood there still and shocked for a moment, she couldn’t understand a thing, she couldn’t understand why he was behaving this way, this was their first kiss and it was supposed to be all perfect so that she could remember it always and she was going to but not for how good it felt but for how painful it was and despite of her telling him it was hurting he dint seem to be paying any heed to her.

She knew Arnav’s anger and she knew he would do worse when he was angry and right now he did seem angry but she dint know why and she never expected him to take it out on her.

“Yes Arnav ji, I’m yours and only yours, no one is going to snatch you from me, but you hurt me. Just because I dint say no, it dint mean you dint have to stop even when I was hurting… I always thought that no matter what, no matter how rude and arrogant and angry you might ever be, you wouldn’t ever do something like this to me, but you just…

I thought it was going to be beautiful but you ruined it all Arnav ji, you ruined everything… I don’t know why you are so angry and I don’t know if you’re angry on me or someone else, but I dint deserve this, not at all” Khushi cried as she walked out of her room all hurt.


“You were right, you dint deserve it Khushi, but I was a monster, I ruined everything, I am so sorry Khushi I am really sorry” Arnav said.

“Bhai… Bhai are you okay?” Aakash asked worriedly as he shook him bringing him out of the trauma.

“Khushi!” he said as he looked around realizing he was in the car with Aakash only, and all that was just a terrible memory he had created for Khushi after believing Shyam’s words.

He stepped out of the car furiously, he felt so angry at himself realizing he never even apologized to Khushi for what he had done to her, he had been so blinded by the hatred he never realized how much he had hurt her.

“I am sorry Khushi, I really am” He said as he fell down on his knees breaking down completely, he wondered how hurt Khushi might have felt that time when he was feeling this hurt right now, how it would have been for her when the man she loved was hurting her while kissing her and destroying all the dreams she must have had for her first kiss.

“Arnav!” He heard a voice and turned his head up just to find Khushi standing right in front of him looking at him in surprise, as if she couldn’t believe she was seeing Arnav Singh Raizada in the parking lot of a hotel, bent down on his knees crying miserably.

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