Kitani Mohabbat hai

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Mar 22

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 20 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 52 times)

“Khushi” Arnav said as he stood up and looked at her happily. After the conversation they had had on their first meeting he wasn’t expecting to see her so soon, in fact he was thinking that she might go hide somewhere so she doesn’t have to face him again but he was wrong, she dint go she was here standing right in front of him.

“I dint know Arnav Singh Raizada could cry” Khushi said

“It’s all because of the guilt Khushi, I know I did wrong to you and it’s been hurting me all the while, there’s nothing I can do about it, I am so sorry for all that I did to you, only your forgiveness can save me from this misery now”

“You know what Arnav, I might sound heartless but the best I’ve ever felt since the day you threw me out of your house was at this moment, when I saw you fall down on your knees and cry miserably because you know what? You deserve it! You deserve even worse than this”

“Khushi ji” Aakash said as he looked her in surprise just like Arnav had been surprised to see her, he couldn’t believe she was the same bubbly and naughty Khushi who acted crazily yet cared so much about everyone.

He couldn’t believe that she was the same Khushi who cared so much for Arnav because all he could see now was the hatred she had for him, it was like she had become ASR part 2, so much of rudeness and not even a bit of care.

“Aakash ji, I hope you are well and I hope you’ll tell your brother to stay away from me” Khushi said as she walked away ignoring Aakash just like she had ignored Arnav.

“I don’t think bringing me here to talk to her was the right choice Arnav, she won’t talk to me and she won’t listen to me ever… you aren’t the only one who did wrong to her, we all did and we’ve created so much hatred for ourselves in her heart that finding love there is next to impossible” Aakash said.

“I don’t care even if it’s impossible, I’ll fight for her as long as possible, I’ll do anything for her to forgive me, I know we all did wrong to her but she hates me more because I was the one supposed to trust her, you all just believed what I told you so no matter how much hatred she would at least think of talking to you than me”

“Fine, I’ll try if it works” Aakash said as they both headed inside the hotel.


Khushi was all alone in the Gupta house, everyone else had gone to the temple but she decided to stay home, after the kiss with Arnav, there was nothing she could think about, there were so many thoughts running in her mind, she dint know what was right and what was wrong.

She stood up from the bed when she heard the doorbell, thinking either Buaji or her mother might have forgotten something she headed to open the door but instead of either of them, she found Arnav standing in front of the door.

“I need to be alone Arnav ji please” Khushi said

“Khushi I am sorry, talk to me once please, I knew I made a mistake, I am here to apologize, please let me in”

“Please leave before anyone sees you here, I haven’t yet told anyone about us so it wouldn’t be good if…”

“I saw them going out Khushi, I know there’s no one inside and I am not leaving until you forgive me” Arnav said as he walked inside the house while Khushi shut the door and followed him inside.

“I know I’ve hurt you Khushi but I dint know it was going to hurt”

“Oh yes, that’s your problem, Arnav Singh Raizada never knows when he’s hurting people, that’s what you always do Arnav ji, you always hurt me and then say you dint know, how long will this go on?”

“Hey… Khushi, I am sorry” Arnav said as he walked towards her and got hold of her arms, he cupped her face and looked at her moist eyes, she was deeply hurt and for a while he wanted to believe that all her pain was real, only if he dint know the truth.

“You always do that Arnav ji, you always”

“And you always forgive me, please do it one more time, I promise this time I won’t let you down”

Khushi stared at him for a while, he was right, no matter what she always ended up forgiving him and even this time she did so. She nodded positively as Arnav hugged her out of happiness.

“I’ll make everything good soon, I’ll talk to Di about us and make sure we get married very soon, this way I’ll not be scared of losing you because of my stupid mistakes”

“Are you serious? We will get married right?” Khushi asked excitedly.

“Yes we will, I’ll talk to Di today itself” Arnav said as Khushi started jumping up and down doing her crazy dance happily while Arnav just watched her.


“You’re so used to me forgiving you Arnav that you think even this time I will, but no, this time I won’t forgive you, not for anything” Khushi said to herself just when Krrish showed up.

“The car’s ready, let me take you around the beautiful city of love” Krrish said happily as he held Khushi’s hand and they both headed towards the car.

“Can I ask you a question Krrish?” Khushi asked after they were inside the car.

“Ask me anything” Krrish said in his happy moods.

“Would you ever want me to forgive Arnav? I know Advik hates him too much and I know he would never want that but I don’t know what you think about all this”

“Honestly speaking, I don’t know, I mean I’ve always hated him like bro did but then you are the one to decide on what you want, you are the one to make that decision and I wouldn’t want it to be influenced by either what Advik wants or what I want”

“So if I decide to forgive him you’ll accept it?”

Krrish looked at Khushi in total surprise, did that mean she was actually thinking about forgiving Arnav? He couldn’t understand what he felt about that.

“That dint mean I am going to forgive him, it’s just a random question and anyway I don’t know after all that he did to me I’ll ever have the heart to forgive him”

“That’s the problem you see, you have a soft heart and somewhere we both know that despite of all this hatred you still love him and I want you to know that it’s okay, it’s okay to love people who aren’t right for us and long as we make the decision that’s right for us”

“How did you grow up so much?” Khushi asked with a smile.

“Or maybe I fell in love and understood what it’s actually like”

“What? Don’t tell me you’re in love! Who’s the girl?” Khushi asked excitedly.

“I don’t know if it’s love but I like her, I mean she’s smart, beautiful and crazy and everything, whenever I’m around her I get positive vibes, you know the kind of you just feel things are good”

“Well once you confirm it’s love, tell me before you tell her”

“Sure” Krrish said as he hugged Khushi happily.


“I don’t want anything to go wrong give me the checklist I confirm everything myself” Advik said to Mohit who was busy arranging dresses.

“Mohit!” Advik shouted angrily as Mohit looked at him in fear, he had been working with Advik for so long now and he knew when Advik was this angry, it usually meant something terrible was about to happen, only that this time he dint know what it was.

“I’m sorry, I was just… here’s the checklist, I’ve confirmed everything already but you can go through it again” Mohit said as he handed the list to Advik.

“The last show is ours Aman, I hope you have everything handled” Arnav said as he walked inside the green room”

“Yes I have” Aman said as he followed Arnav inside.

“Oh look who’s here, the great Arnav Singh Raizada” Advik said as he looked at Arnav with eyes full of rage.

“Mr. Malhotra, it’s nice to see you, I’ve heard that we have our shows together” Aman said as Arnav looked at him as if he wasn’t expecting that.

“It’s my bad luck” Advik said as he looked at Arnav.

“Arnav Singh Raizada doesn’t have time to waste listening to a boy’s rant, let’s get going Aman” Arnav said as he turned to walk away.

“What about you wasting a girl’s entire life, not even wasting it but ruining it” Advik said angrily as Arnav turned to look at him in shock wondering what he meant by the words he had just said.

“Dad, there’s someone here to see you” Kiara said as she walked in.

Everyone in the room turned their attention towards Kiara but all her eyes were stuck on was on Advik who looked back at her in complete shock now understanding that she worked for Arnav Singh Raizada, the man he hated the most in this world.

Mar 23

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 21 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 46 times)

Arnav walked outside followed by Aman as they headed to see the person who was here to see them while Kiara stood rooted at her place staring at Advik with lots of things going on in her mind.

He stared back at her with rage, hatred and pain, how could she have hidden all this from him? How could she not tell him that she was connected to Arnav Singh Raizada even if it was just as an employee or anything more.

He also heard her calling Arnav’s personal assistant as dad which just made him hate her more, even without a reason good enough, he just hated anyone related to Arnav.

“You work for Arnav Singh Raizada?” Advik asked as he walked towards her.

“Yeah, I’ve been working with him for quite some time now, dad has been with him since like forever, he’s just an amazing person isn’t he?” Kiara asked

Advik pushed her to the wall as he put his hands on both the sides staring deep into Kiara’s eyes.

“Arnav Singh Raizada can never be an amazing person, he’s ruthless and heartless, all he ever cares about is himself and you better stop telling me he’s good because no he isn’t!” Advik shouted angrily it almost scared her off.

“What did he do to you? Why do you hate him so much Advik?”

“Because he is my…” he stopped suddenly realizing what he was about to say, he had never ever admitted this fact to himself then what happened to him so suddenly that he was going to admit it out so loud?

He stepped backwards and looked at Kiara with bloodshot eyes as she looked back at him curiously.

“Just get lost” Advik said as he turned around not wanting to see her anymore, just when he had been looking for a reason to stay away from her, she gave him one to hate her, he would always hate her for thinking that Arnav was a good person because he knew that wasn’t true.


Khushi and Krrish arrived back home after spending half the day doing lots of shopping and lurking around the town, they both had the best day of their life.

It was mid-day by the time they arrived back at the hotel, Krrish stepped out of the car carrying half of the shopping bags while Khushi helped him with the others, they both headed to their room and put them all aside as they jumped on the bed to take a rest.

“It was an amazing day wasn’t it?” Krrish asked

“Yes” Khushi replied while lost in thoughts.

“What are you thinking about?”

“All this will be over soon and we’ll be back to Paris, you’ll go to India for your work and Advik will get busy in the office once again, I don’t know when I’ll ever get to spend such quality time with you both”

“Someday you will” Krrish said.

There was a knock at the door as he stood up and headed to open the door thinking it might be Sahil or Advik but it was someone else.

He knew this man, he had seen him with Arnav in the café, but what was he doing here?

“Yes?” Krrish said

“Can I see Khushi?” he asked

“I’m sorry but do I know you? I can’t allow anyone just inside without a bit of details you see”

“I am Aakash, she knows me, tell her I’m here” Aakash said as Krrish nodded.

“Sweetheart, there’s someone here to see you” Krrish shouted as Aakash stared at him in surprise, why was he calling Khushi sweetheart instead of her name?

Khushi appeared at the door and looked at Aakash, her eyes moistened up as she welcomed him in, she knew why he was here, only if she could tell him that she wasn’t going to do as he wanted, all he had for him was respect because he was her sister’s husband, the same sister who believed all the lies and supported them all when they threw her out of the house.

She sat down while Aakash sat opposite her, there was an awkward silence, Krrish sat next to Khushi holding her hand as she shook nervously.

“If you are here to talk about Arnav please don’t, it’s not going to change my decision” Khushi said as Krrish looked at Aakash in surprise, did this mean Aakash was somehow related to Arnav?

“Khushi please”

“If you want me to forget all that he did to me and all that you and your family and my own family did to me then I’m sorry Aakash, I don’t really have such a good heart to forgive all those people who ruined my life, I was just being nice that’s while I invited you in but if you’re here to talk about Arnav, I suggest you leave” She said as she stood up and headed towards the door as she held it open for him.

Aakash stood up helplessly remembering what Arnav had said to her, Khushi wasn’t going to listen to anyone so easily, she had changed, she wasn’t the same Khushi who always had a soft heart that forgave everyone and cared for everyone.

He walked away as Khushi shut the door and headed back to the bed as she covered herself with the blanket.

“I don’t want to talk about anything right now Krrish, please leave me alone” She said as Krrish walked away even though he dint want to.


“I have some good news for you” Arnav said as he walked inside his room and hugged Khushi from behind.

“Arnav ji what are you doing? What if someone comes in and sees us like this?”

“Now that’s the good news, it isn’t going to be a problem because I talked to Di about us and she’s so happy she can’t wait to have you as her sister in law.

She even said she is going to talk to talk about us soon and then we’ll get engaged and then married really soon, are you happy now?” Arnav asked as he turned Khushi to face him and looked at her.

“Really? Oh My God! I can’t believe she agreed”

“How couldn’t she? She’s always liked you and so now be ready, anytime soon we’ll be coming to your place to talk to your parents and Buaji also, and then everything will just go as planned” Arnav smirked.

“What plan?” Khushi asked

“I mean the plan of our wedding, I have lots of things planned for you, trust me, you’ll never forget them” Arnav said as Khushi hugged him happily, it was just a few days and then they would get married and be together forever living their lives happily.

“So now start preparing, buy yourself anything and do all you’ve dreamt for your wedding, because my love, this wedding is going to be one of a kind, the one you’ll never forget about” Arnav said as he pecked on her lips making Khushi blush as she ran out of the room smiling and blushing, her happiness had no limits.


Khushi opened her eyes and sat up, she wiped the few tears that were running down her eyes and hugged her pillow tightly.

“Only if at that time I knew what you meant by giving me a wedding I’ll never forget about, you were right Arnav, you were always right, I’ll never forget about it, I’ll never forget about your betrayal and that’s why I will never forgive you” Khushi said to herself just when Krrish entered back in.

“I thought you were sleeping?” He asked as he walked towards her.

“I couldn’t, just the old terrible memories” Khushi said sadly.

Krrish walked towards her and hugged her tightly, Since he was a kid, he remembered how he saw her suffering, how she always stayed strong for him and for Advik and tried everything she could to hide her pain and sometimes she managed to but sometimes she broke down just like she did today and seeing her like this hurt him so bad.

“I was wrong, I change my decision, the decision about forgiving or not forgiving that Arnav Singh Raizada isn’t going to be yours only, I don’t care if he’s changed or how good a person he is, I don’t want you to forgive him, he can’t get away with forgiveness after giving you twenty five years of misery, that man doesn’t deserve you and your forgiveness, he had to suffer just like you have for the rest of his life” Krrish said as he hugged her so tight hoping she was going to feel better.

Mar 24

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 22 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 55 times)

The Final Show.

To say there was a rush was a complete understatement, it was the final day of the Paris fashion week and everybody was excited for it, the auditorium was already full of so many people who were busy discussing their views on which company’s designs they had loved more.

“I don’t need any last moment problems Mohit, everything should be perfect” Advik said as he went through the checklist making sure everything was perfect.

“Everything is handled, don’t worry I’m sure the show will be great”

“Let’s hope so, anyway where’s everyone? Dad, Krrish and…”

“We are here” Khushi said as they all joined Advik.

“Thank God, I had seats reserved for you, just go inside tell them your name and you’ll be set” Advik said nervously.

“The show is going to be great, don’t worry, I’m sure everyone is going to love it” Khushi said

“I hope so, I’ll see you all after the show” Advik said as he hugged Khushi. “And after it’s over, I promise you’ll never have to see that Arnav Singh Raizada again”


“She dint even want to talk to me, whatever we all did with her in past has given her wounds that dint heal even in all this years, I don’t think she’ll ever forgive you Arnav so quit trying, we all did wrong to her and she’ll not listen to any of us” Aakash said

“But I can’t just forget about it all and move on, do you have an idea how I have spent the past twenty five years of my life? Everyday looking for her, and every night regretting what I had done to her, if she doesn’t forgive me this time, the guilt will eat me up Aakash and I might just end up doing something terrible.”

“But what would you tell a person who doesn’t want to listen to a single word from your mouth? Tell me how are you going to convince her?”

“Her love for me will convince her to talk to me, I’ll even risk my life for that”

“What are you planning to do Arnav? Please don’t so something stupid, you might end up losing her once again”

“Leave that to me, it’s our last day and who know if I’ll see her again or not, so I have to do this, for now, let’s get back to the show, I’ll tell you everything else later” Arnav said as he walked inside leaving Aakash confused behind.

In the past years after Khushi came into Arnav’s life and left, she changed everything about him except of one thing, Arnav Singh Raizada always made sure he got what he wanted at the cost of anything and at times he ended up doing terrible things, he just hoped today he wouldn’t do something of that sort again.


“Haaye re nandkis****, I cant believe both our daughters will go to the same house” Buaji said excitedly when Khushi walked in.

“Here she is, Khushi why dint you tell us anything” Garima asked as she walked towards hers.

“About what amma?”

“About you and Arnav, Devyani ji and Anjali had come here to talk about your marriage that’s when we got to know” Garima said

“I am sorry amma, I was…”

“Anyway leave that, they have decided we are getting you both engaged next week and then you’ll get married a week after that, there’s a lot of preparations to make but titaliya don’t you think they should know about your engagement with Shyam?” Buaji asked as she stood up.

“Buaji Arnav ji knows I was engaged before but telling them about Shyam, I don’t know, I’ve seen Anjali ji’s love for Shyam, I don’t want to hurt her.”

“But Khushi the truth can’t be kept hidden, it will have to come out one day, what will happen then?” Garima asked

“I don’t know amma, I haven’t thought of it but for now I don’t want to think about anything related with Shyam, I am so happy I don’t want anything to take that away from me”

“Whatever will happen will be seen, for now we have lots of preparations to do” Buaji said

“Yes, we would have to start doing everything from now, although they said the wedding and the engagement would be held in their mansion, we’d still have a lot to do, I am so happy for you, my little daughter will finally get married and go with her prince charming” Garima said.

“I also have lots of work to do amma, I am going to my room” Khushi said as she quickly rushed to her room blushing.

“She got shy on the talk of her marriage” Buaji giggled.

Khushi had just jumped on her bed when she heard her phone ringing, she searched for it and found it under the pillow.

“Hello” she said in a soft voice.

“So, did you get the good news” Arnav asked

“Arnav ji… I dint expect it to be so soon” Khushi said as she continued blushing while her heart beat so fast and loud she feared he would hear it beating.

She placed her hand on her chest and closed her eyes dreaming of how beautiful everything was going to be.

“Hello, Khushi… are you there?”

“Yes Arnav ji, I’m here… I just don’t know how to thank you for all this happiness, remember when we first met, I hated you so much and you never cared for anyone’s feelings or anything and now  you are doing so much for me, I don’t know what to say.”

“You can say everything you have to after the wedding, right now prepare for it like you’ve dreamt of it always”

“Thank you so much Arnav ji, I don’t know how to thank you for all this happiness”

“Thank me on the wedding altar”


“Khushi! Are you okay?” Sahil asked as he shook her bring her out of the reminiscence.

“Yeah, I’m fine what happened?” Khushi asked as she looked at Krrish who had his eyes hooked on the stage.

“Advik’s show had begun, I was talking to you for so long but you were lost you weren’t even replying”

“I am sorry I was just… anyway let’s see” Khushi said as she turned to look at the stage.

A model was walking on the ramp dressed in a red off shoulder dress that touched the floor with a side slit that went up to her thigh. She turned around and headed back when another model walked up in another red dress.

“What’s with the red?” Khushi asked.

“Dint you know? It’s the valentine collection, come on sweetheart, we had discussed about it in the room last night and Dad and I were even teasing Advik for it saying he looks like he is in love that’s why he had this designs” Krrish said

“I guess my mind was somewhere else then” Khushi said as she looked back on the stage and this time another model walked forward in another red dress this time with Advik.

“Here’s presenting the valentine collection to you by Mr. Advik Malhotra form the Zara fashion house” A voice announced as everyone clapped for Advik who was beaming happily on the stage, he looked around until his eyes met with Khushi, he smiled at her and then turned around and walked away.

“Well that went well, let’s see how the next one goes, I hope people don’t like it” Krrish said

“Why would you say that?” Khushi asked

“Because it’s Arnav Singh Raizada’s” Krrish said as Khushi looked at him in surprise having nothing more to say.

The second show began just a few minutes after and this time all the models were mostly dressed in black.

“Looks like this one’s the funeral collection” Krrish giggled as Khushi gave him a look.

After all the models had walked the ramp showing of their dresses, the final one walked accompanied with Arnav Singh Raizada who as usual was dressed in his black three piece suit.

His eyes fell on Khushi the moment he stopped in front of the ramp and the half smile she had always loved on his face curved up, she looked away from him but he dint take his eyes off her until her had to walk back.


“How was is, did you like it?” Advik asked

“Of course we loved it, you design the best clothes” Khushi said as she hugged Advik happily.

“Yeah you gave a tough competition to Arnav Singh Raizada” Sahil said

“Talk of the devil and the devil appears” Krrish said as Khushi turned to look at Arnav who was standing a bit further staring at them all in shock.

Khushi held both Krrish and Advik’s hands just to make sure they wouldn’t lose their temper as Arnav walked towards them.

“I thought you told me she was just your model and you dint know much about her, I dint know you both got so close so soon”

“That’s none of your business Arnav Singh Raizada” Advik said angrily.

“Stay away from her or I might lose my temper so bad you wouldn’t even realize until you find yourself in the hospital” Krrish said as he clenched his fists tightly.

“Krrish! Advik, don’t forget what I told you both, whatever the problem is, it’s in between us and you both don’t need to get involved in this, you have to respect him”

“Oh I see so now you’ve got yourself some bodyguards” Arnav said

“What do you want now from me Arnav?” Khushi asked

“I want to talk to you Khushi, just for once listen to me, I know what I did was wrong”

“Well if you know so why are you even here, just get lost” Advik said angrily.

“I am talking to her, who the hell do you think gave you the permission to come in between” Arnav asked as he looked at Advik angrily.

“Don’t forget you are talking to my brother Mr. Raizada, I’m only calm because we both promise her something and now before we forget out promises get out of our lives” Krrish shouted.

“Khushi you have to talk to me, you can’t just keep on running away from me” Arnav said as he ignored Krrish and Advik and turned back to Khushi, he moved a step closer to her and held her by the shoulders as he looked into her eyes.

“Don’t you dare touch her” Advik said as he pushed Arnav away.

“Advik! I told you to respect him!” Khushi shouted angrily.

“Why mom? Why should we have to respect this man? Because he is our father? No I don’t think so because after what he did to you he doesn’t deserve our respect maybe you would have forgotten but we can’t, not those nights where you cried yourself to sleep, not those times when we saw tears in your eyes and asked you about them but you lied it was something pricking your eyes when the truth was, the pain given to you by this man was pricking your heart, I don’t care what the world has to say about this or what anyone else has to because for me, this man would never be my father” Advik said angrily.

“There’s a reason we always had our surnames as Malhotra and not Raizada because Dad did for us what a father should have, where was this Arnav Singh Raizada when we all needed him? This man can never be your husband, neither can he ever be our father, we won’t accept it” Krrish said as he marched away from there followed by Advik while Khushi fell down on her knees crying as Sahil rushed to support her.

Arnav stood there still trying to digest the fact that the boys he had once thought to be like his sons if he’s ever had them actually turned out to be his sons!

Mar 24

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 23 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 48 times)

Sahil helped Khushi up as they both walked away while Arnav stood in his place, still. He dint even move or say anything, all he knew was that at this point, his life was completely ruined.

There was this girl he loved more than anything who wasn’t ready to forgive him for the mistakes he had committed years back and then there were this two boys whom he’s met randomly and they just turned out to be his sons, to make it worse they both hated him as much as Khushi did or maybe more.

“ASR” Aman said as he shook him but Arnav was drowned deep in his guilt he couldn’t even move, it took every strength he had inside him to digest everything that had just happened a while ago.

“Are you okay ASR?” Aman asked once again, this time he turned to look at him, it seemed like he was trying to speak but maybe couldn’t find the right words, his eyes were bloodshot and moist, he was full of rage because of what he had done in the past and at the same time hurt that his family hated him more than anything.

“They’re my sons” Arnav said as a smile started to curve up on his lips.

“Aman did you hear that? Advik and Krrish are my sons, I can’t believe this! What am I supposed to do? Be happy that after twenty five years is when I get to see them or be sad that despite it all they hate me?”

“ASR we need to get back to the hotel, everyone’s left… let’s go please” Aman said as he looked at him hoping he was going to take a step forward but he dint.

He seemed to be full of emotions not understanding how to reacts at this exact moment, for a moment he was angry then sad then happy then guilty and for once he almost even cried.

“The show was fab! Everyone’s talking about it” Kiara said as she joined Aman and Arnav.

“Kiara, go back to the hotel, Arnav and I will join you in a while” Aman said in a serious tone as Kiara stood there staring at both of them.

Arnav looked really disturbed, he was nothing like she had always seen him, he wasn’t the Great Arnav Singh Raizada she had known all this years, he was a man whose face was full of sadness right now, it looked like he was going to break down any moment from now.

“What’s wrong dad?” Kiara asked as she walked towards Arnav and got hold of his hand.

“Are you okay sir? What happened?”

“Kiara I told you to go back to the hotel, don’t you get it? Just go!” Aman said angrily as Kiara gave him an angry look and walked away.


Advik kept on punching the wall in the parking lot with his fists angrily when Sahil spotted him, he rushed towards him to stop him just when he heard Krrish kicking on the car.

“After all this years is when he realizes his mistakes? Damn you Arnav Singh Raizada!” Krrish said angrily.

“Enough the both of you, stop getting out your anger like this and get inside the car, we’ll go back to the hotel and talk about this calmly, there’s no need for such a fuss” Sahil said angrily.

“There’s every damn need for the fuss, did you see how that man behaved? How did he even think we were going to forgive him?” Advik asked angrily.

“And you mom, what was wrong with you? How could you let him hold you? Dint you feel disgusted by his touch?” Krrish asked

“Enough! I told you both, whatever’s between me and Arnav will remain that way you both don’t have to come in between, I know what I want for myself and I don’t want either of you to decide that for me, now get in the car before I lose my temper and forget that you are adults and not the teenage boys whom I used to lock inside the house”

“You still have hope don’t you? You still love that man, even after all that he did to you and to us”

“Yes I love him, if that’s what you both want to hear I love him, I always have, I always will but that doesn’t make me forget all that he had done to me and neither can that love make me forgive him so now get in the car!”

Sahil held the door open for Khushi as she walked inside followed by Advik and Krrish, he sat in the front seat next to the driver as they all headed back to the hotel.


The drive to the hotel seemed rather long, everyone sat silently staring at each other having millions of things to say but neither of them managed to speak up, whatever that had happened today had left them all a bit shaken up.

As the driver parked the car outside the hotel, Advik stepped out and walked away without saying anything, Krrish looked at Khushi who was lost in her own world and pulled her into a tight hug.

“I’m sorry for all that happened today but I am not sorry for what I said, I think we all need time to calm down, please go to the room and take some rest, I’ll just be around here” Krrish said as he broke the hug and stepped out heading to the garden.

“Khushi shall we?” Sahil asked.

She nodded as she stepped out of the car silently, everything was becoming blur, she felt like her head had a lot of weight to handle which it couldn’t and it just started spinning around.

“Khushi!” Sahil shouted as he rushed to get hold of her just when she was about to fall.

“Hey, listen to me… Khushi look at me, I’m right here and everything is going to be okay, trust me okay?” Sahil said as he carried her in his arms.

A car stopped a bit further than theirs had and the next second, he saw Arnav stepping out who by now was staring at him like he had committed a murder.

Sahil ignored his looks and carried Khushi back to their room, he helped her lie on the bed and covered her with the blanket as he sat next to her watching her worriedly.


“What’s up, why are you sited here at this time?” Kiara asked as she spotted Krrish sited on one of the benches in the garden.

Krrish looked at her and then turned his head back to staring at the grass sadly, at this moment he dint feel like talking to anyone, not even the girl he had a crush on.

“Krrish!” Kiara said as she walked towards him and sat next to him staring at him but he dint even look back at her, his eyes were stuck on the grass, he knew if he’s try to do anything more he’s just break down because no matter what he wasn’t as strong as everyone thought.

It did hurt him too knowing his father never cared about him and his brother, knowing that he left their mother when she needed him the most and now he was back apologizing as if it was going to make everything okay.

He felt Kiara’s hand on his and turned his head up to finally look at her.

“Is everything okay? You seem tensed and your eyes are moist, don’t tell me you were crying”

“Kiara this isn’t funny, you know what, just leave me alone”

“If I leave you alone when you really need a friend it would mean we aren’t friends… Krrish, look at me, friends don’t leave you when you pretend like you don’t need them, I’m your friend and I’m here and I’m going to be with you until you’re okay”

“What if it takes forever for me to be okay?”

“Then I’ll be here with you forever”

Krrish looked at her as the moistness from his eyes turned into droplets of tears and dropped down his eyes, maybe this was the worst time of it all to realize this, but this was the moment that made him realize that love happens in just a moment and for him this was it, this was the moment where he knew he was in love with this girl because she was the best person he’d ever known.

She was the girl who cared for him, she was here for him in his difficult time and she refused to leave until he was okay, who does that nowadays?

It might have been her beauty that firstly attracted him towards her, but what she did for him today, made him or maybe actually even forced him to fall for her.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” Kiara asked

Krrish dint say a word, he just kept on staring at her while she kept on feeling awkward having no idea about what was actually going on in his mind, a few moments later, he held back her hand and pulled her closer to him hugging her.

“Whatever that’s wrong will be okay, just believe that okay? With time everything gets back to normal” Kiara said as she hugged him back.

“I hope so Kiara, I just hope so” Krrish said as he held her tighter.

He broke the hug and looked at her, he dint want to take his eyes off her, he just wanted to sit here with her and get lost into her eyes so that at least for a while he could forget about the pain his father had given to him.

The worst thing about his realization was that he couldn’t even confess his feeling to her at such a moment, he dint want to say it out to her just so randomly that it would sound like a joke, he wanted to tell her about it when he was the happiest person in the world and believed he still needed her because she was one of the reasons for his happiness and so he decided to wait, for the right day, the right moment to tell her about his feelings.

“I am okay, I think you should go to your room, it’s pretty cold out here you’ll get sick, and don’t worry I’ll also go back to my room in a while”

“I’ll only go if you come along, I told you I’m not leaving you alone”

“Trust me Kiara, I’m fine, I just need some fresh air, I’ll sit for a few minutes then go back”

“But Krrish”

“I promise I’m okay”

“Fine” Kiara nodded as she stood up and waved him a goodbye as she headed back.

Mar 27

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 24 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 58 times)

“See, its beautiful isn’t it? You know Arnav ji, they say the color of the henna shows the amount of the husbands love, look at mine, it’s so dark beautiful isn’t it? This shows how much you really love me” Khushi blushed.

“And I also heard that girl write their husband’s name in their hands, so where is mine?” Arnav asked as he got hold of Khushi’s arm and pulled her closer.

“It’s there, you just have to look for it”

“Okay then, I’ll start in a moment” Arnav winked as he held her hand and pulled her to his bedroom, they settled down on the bed as he started looking at her palms going through the henna design looking for his name.

He looked for a while until he found it written in between the designed, he smirked as he pointed at it while Khushi looked at him happily.

“You found it, I wasn’t expecting you to find it so soon”

“Well I am Arnav Singh Raizada, now where’s my gift?” Arnav smirked.

“Gift for what?” Khushi asked in surprise

“For finding my name, I should be rewarded for it”

“Oh really? Okay tell me what do you want and you’ll get it”

“Promise? You won’t back out then? You know it’s difficult to trust Khushi Kumari Gupta, you never know when she’ll surprise you” Arnav said sarcastically.

“Now I won’t back out, tell me what you want” Khushi said as she stood up confidently being sure she’ll be able to give him whatever he asks for.

“What I want is something pretty small…” Arnav said as he stood up and moved closer to her, he hugged her from behind and shifted her hair to left as he kissed on the right side of her neck.

“Arnav ji..” Khushi said as she turned to look at him in surprise.

“What now? Don’t start with the someone will see dialogues, it’s even official now, we are getting married soon, I am at least allowed to romance my would be wife in my bedroom”

“Yeah right, anyway I’m getting late for the wedding, you need to get ready quickly”

“I don’t understand why I have to come to the wedding, she’s you friend or neighbor or whatever, what am I supposed to do there?”

“Because you are my would be husband so you have to be, come on now hurry up”

“Okay fine, I’ll get ready but first let’s talk about my gift”

“Okay, tell me, what do you want?”

“I want you, the whole of you” Arnav said as he slid his hand on her waist and pulled her closer, Khushi’s heart had almost stopped beating.

“You already have me Arnav ji” Khushi said

“Not that way Khushi, do I have to explain it now? I thought you were clever enough to understand it”

“You are joking right, I mean we’ll get married soon then what’s the hurry why can’t you just wait a bit?” Khushi said as she looked at him in surprise, she couldn’t believe that out of all the people Arnav could ever ask her for this, that too before marriage.

How was she supposed to do this, do something she’d never thought of doing before she got married?

“Because I love you and I want you right here, right away but still I’m just asking you, anyway it’s your decision, you had to give me a gift I asked for what I wanted” Arnav said as he pecked on her cheek and walked away.


“Mom! Mom are you okay?” Advik asked worriedly as he shook Khushi.

“Mom! Open your eyes please” Krrish said worriedly.

Advik, Krrish and Sahil had gathered around Khushi who had been sweating real bad in her sleep talking something random which none of them could understand.

“I’ll get the doctor, she isn’t waking up… please do something” Krrish cried as he pulled out his phone from the pocket.

“Dad, tell me she’s going to be okay, please wake her up” Advik said to Sahil.

“Don’t worry, she’s going to be fine, I’ve handled her when she used to be like this in the past, it’s happened a lot of times when she’s been too stressed about things.

Whatever that happened last night has left her shaken up, she’s stressed about it, she’s worried about what will happen now, there’s a lot going on in her mind, half of which we can’t understand Advik, so please just be good to her, what you both did last night was a bit too much.

I know you both are right at your place but you should have told her about it calmly rather than shouting it out, you know how hurt she gets on such things, especially when it comes from the both of you”

“I know dad, we’re sorry, but all that happened yesterday was too much for us to be able to handle it”

“Mohit’s gone to get the doctor, he’ll be here soon” Krrish said as he walked back towards then and sat beside Khushi.

He placed his hand on her forehead as he looked at her worriedly, remembering all those times in childhood when he used to be sick and Khushi used to take so much care of him.

“She’s got a really bad fever, her head is burning hot” Krrish said.

“She’s going to be okay, the doctor is coming right, she’s going to be good, nothing will happen to her, I won’t let anything happen to her” Advik said

“I can’t see her like this, it’s hurting me so much” Krrish said as he walked away leaving Advik and Sahil with Khushi.

He headed outside and climbed the stairs up heading to the presidential suite. He stopped at the door and stared at it for like a minute and then started banging on it so hard.

“Arnav Singh Raizada, come out!” Krrish shouted angrily as he continued banging the door.

A few moments later, Arnav opened the door as he walked out just to find Krrish standing in front of him burning with rage.

“If something happens to my mother because of you, I promise I’m not going to spare you!” Krrish said angrily yet trying to control himself so that he could do the one thing Khushi had asked them to do, respect him because even if they dint like it, he was their father.

“Krrish calm down please, what happened to Khushi? Is she okay?”

“Stop pretending like you care because you don’t, why did you even come back into our lives? We all were living our lives peacefully without you and now you’re back and everything’s ruined. My mother is gone back to where she began from.

I swear, if anything happens to her, I’ll lose my mind and then I also don’t know what I would do after that, you did what you had to now for heaven sake stay away from us”

“How do you want me to stay away from my own family Krrish? I understand what I had done was terrible but don’t I deserve a chance to rectify my mistakes? Don’t I deserve a chance to be with my family, with Khushi and with you and Advik?”

“NO! And which family are you talking about anyway? The one you had no idea about? The one you dint even know that it existed?

Look I am here to tell you to get lost, if I see you anywhere near my mother trying to talk to her or to convince her believe me, there will be no one terrible than me for you, just go away from our lives and let us live peacefully” Krrish said as he turned around to walk away just when he spotted Kiara standing there staring at him in shock.

She walked towards them as she looked at Arnav who was full of Guilt, he looked like a man who had given up on everything while on the other side Krrish was like a fire, ready to burn everything.

“He’s your dad?” Kiara asked as she turned towards Krrish.

“Unfortunately yes, but I am sorry Kiara I don’t want to talk about this at all, I’ll see you later” Krrish said as he walked away leaving behind Kiara with Arnav.

Arnav fell down on his knees as he broke into tears while Kiara rushed to him.

“Sir! Sir are you okay?” She asked as she got hold of him and looked at him worriedly, she had grown up seeing how much Arnav regretted all that he had done to Khushi, she had grown up knowing that if there was any woman Arnav Singh Raizada ever loved then it was Khushi and now that she got to know about Krrish being Arnav’s son, she knew how heartbreaking it might have been for both of them, reliving the old painful memories once again.

“I’ve lost everything today Kiara, until today I thought only Khushi hated me but did you just see how Krrish talked to me? He hates me too and I can’t take all this hatred, I know I did everything to deserve this but I have been repenting for my mistakes for the last twenty five years, how long do I have to? Or what do I have to do to make them forgive me?

All I want is my family back, I want them to forgive me and give me a chance, but I don’t know what to d, none of them want to see my face even.”

“Calm down sir, I’m sure it’s just about time, once their anger calms down, you’ll be able to talk to them”

“Khushi! Krrish was so worried about her, I’m sure there’s something that has happened to her, I want to see her right away!” Arnav said as he stood up.

“This is not the right time for it sir” Kiara shouted.

“The right time is never going to come anyway” Arnav said as he rushed away worriedly while Kiara stood there digesting all the things she had just learned.

Mar 28

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 25 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 47 times)

“What happened?” Krrish asked as he joined Advik and Sahil outside the room.

“The doctor’s inside, he’s checking her up, I just hope everything is going to be okay” Advik said.

“Don’t worry boys, your mother has stayed strong for all this years, she will remain strong even now, nothing is going to happen to her” Sahil said as he held both their hands.

“It’s all because of him, he came back into our lives to remind us of the pain he had left us with” Advik said angrily.

The doctor walked out as all of them looked at him hopefully, he smiled at their tensed faces.

“There’s nothing to worry about, she’s just stressed and then she got fever but I’ve injected her for now, you need to get this medicines for her and make sure she gets minimum stress for now and then all will be well”

“Thank you doctor, I’ll escort you outside” Advik said as he turned around to walk away with the doctor when he saw Arnav standing there.

“What do you think you are doing here? Had it become hard for you to understand words? Stay away from my mother!” Advik said as he clenched his fist tightly.

“I am just here to see if she’s fine” Arnav said

“Why dint you try seeing that when you decided to leave her? The doctor has clearly told us not to give her any kind of stress and you’re the only stress for her so for heaven sake stay away from her… if you really feel guilty for what you had done to her, the least you can do now is go away, never show her your face because whenever she sees you, she’s reminded of all the terrible things you did to her”

“Advik please”

“I said leave! Krrish make sure this man doesn’t get inside the room” Advik said as he gave Arnav an angry look and headed away with the doctor while Krrish and Sahil remained behind to make sure Arnav dint visit Khushi.

“Thank you for coming” Advik said as he bid the doctor a goodbye.

“Hello lost one” He heard a voice as he turned around and found Kiara standing there. He looked at her for a moment and then stepped back and turned around as he walked away completely ignoring her.

“Advik! Stop please!” She shouted as she ran behind him.

“Leave me alone Kiara, what is it that you want from me?”

“I don’t want anything from you but I thought we were friends Advik, so I just wanted to talk to you but… why are you ignoring me? What have I done?”

“There’s a lot and I don’t need to discuss any of it, just leave me alone Kiara, I told you to forget about me, forget that we even met or anything, just forget that a man name Advik Malhotra even exists”

“That’s the problem you see… it’s no easy to forget.”

“Exactly Kiara it’s not easy for me to forget too that you never told me that you worked for the man I hated the most”

“So that’s what makes you angry? Advik we never discussed work, how could I just tell you randomly about it? It wasn’t that I lied to you about it, it’s just that I never told you… can’t you get over it?”

“Fine I’ll get over it, now would you leave me alone because even before I got to know this I had told you to stay away from me”

“I will when you tell me why… why are you pushing me away Advik? Is it all because of that kiss? What was my fault in it? I was just attracted to you…”

“That’s the thing Kiara, attraction… it ruins everything… today you’re attracted to me, tomorrow you’ll fall in love with me and when I’ll not be able to do the same you’ll be hurt… all I’m trying to do is not to hurt you…

There’s no space left for love in my life Kiara and I know if we remain friends then things are going to change and I don’t want that…”


Before she could say anything anymore he had walked away leaving her behind hurt, she dint understand his behavior at all, neither the reason why he was pushing her away from him… everything right now seemed so messed up.


“I told you I’m not going anywhere until I see Khushi” Arnav said angrily.

“What the hell! What is this man still doing here?” Advik asked as he joined Krrish and Sahil.

“I want to see her, I promise I won’t even talk to her or try to wake her up, I’ll just see her once and go away.” Arnav said

“Oh so you want to see how she’s dealing with the pain you left her with? Thanks but no thanks Mr. Raizada, she has us both now, we will take care of her she doesn’t need you in her life anymore”

“Of course she needs me! She loves me and I love her and nothing can ever change that!”

“It all changed when you threw her out of the house, when your whole family said disgusting things about her and when you snatched her own family for her… all she ever did was to love you Mr. Raizada but what did you do in return? You snatched everything from her… her family, her happiness, her love… everything!

Today if she’s lying there sick it’s also because of you, you have always been the reason why she’s always hurt so for heaven sake let her be, I won’t let you hurt her once again, I won’t let you close to her once again” Advik said

“I am sorry Advik… it was a misunderstanding that time”

“Your sorry won’t bring back the past twenty five years that our mother had suffered all alone” Krrish said as he got hold of Advik’s hand and pulled him inside the room leaving behind Sahil with Arnav.

“What should I do to gain their forgiveness? I was just a simple human being and I made a mistake, don’t I even deserve a chance to mend things?” Arnav asked as he looked at Sahil with teary eyes.

“What you did Arnav wasn’t a mistake, it was a crime and you don’t get forgiveness for a crime” Sahil said as he walked away too leaving Arnav behind worried and hurt and guilty.

Today he was feeling all the emotions at once, the hatred he saw for himself and in both Advik and Krrish’s eyes and then Khushi too who was hurt because of him, it made him feel more and more guilty.

Only if he could reverse time and change everything, then maybe things would have been different now.



“What is it that I am hearing Sale sahib, how can you get married to the girl who tried to ruin your sister’s life? Does this mean that Arnav Singh Raizada’s love for Khushi is bigger than his love for Anjali?” Shyam asked as he stood at the door of Arnav’s room.

“There’s nothing bigger for me than Anjali and Khushi will get her punishment for what she did… she must know what it is like to play with the life of Arnav Singh Raizada’s sister.

I will ruin her life, I’ll ruin everything and when she’ll remember me, I promise she won’t think about me for a while without remembering the pain I’m going to cause her… she’s going to pay for it very badly” Arnav smirked.

“What is it that you are going to do to her?”

“That’s all my plan and I’m not sharing it with anyone, it better remain so… when it will happen, everyone will see her true colors, everyone will see how low this girl can stoop for money and they’ll all hate her!”

Shyam smirked as he walked away while Arnav was busy trying to manage his anger, he knew he had to keep it in control until his plan was executed perfectly, he had to make sure he gave her a punishment she was never going to forget.

“Arnav ji! Where were you I was looking for you” Khushi said as she walked in.

“I was just around Khushi, what’s up, looks like you were missing me” Arnav said as he got hold of her hand and pulled her closer.

“You don’t let go of a chance to hold me do you? Someone might come in and see us like this Arnav ji” Khushi said shyly.

“Well I’ll solve that problem for you today” Arnav said as he walked towards the door and shut it while Khushi looked at him in shock.

“What are you doing? What if someone comes looking for us”

“Shh… we are getting married soon, no one is going to misunderstand anything” Arnav said as he pinned her to the wall pressing his finger on her lips.

Khushi felt her heartbeat rising with what Arnav had just done, until todays he was never able to understand why her heart beat so loud whenever she was around Arnav.

 “You’re so beautiful I feel like…” Arnav said as he kissed on her cheek.

“You feel like what?” Khushi asked as she blushed

“I feel like eating you…” Arnav said as he kissed her on the neck so roughly her neck turned completely red.

“Arnav ji… you know it’s delicate there, I’m sure there will be a mark left, what will I say if someone asks?” Khushi said

“You say that I made love to you” he said as he cupped her face and looked into her hazel eyes.

They were so innocent for a moment he wanted to forget about everything he had seen or heard about her and she believe she was as innocent as she seemed right now and just love her for all the right reasons.

He brushed his finger on her lips for a while and then moved his mouth closer to hers, parting her lips with his he started kissing her softly and passionately.

She got hold of his arm as he continued to kiss her, she couldn’t help but moan at the simple pleasure he was giving her.

He pushed her on the bed and jumped over her this time making it wild, he bit her lip slightly and continued kissing her hard, he got hold of her veil and pulled it out of her neck, she wanted to say something but he dint let his mouth off her.

He moved down to her neck kissing her taking his trail down while she continued saying his name and moaning, she was driving him crazy, as much as he wanted this moment to be real for him and make him feel good but there was nothing, all he felt towards her was hatred and he wanted to cause her all the pain possible but for now he had to do this to make his plan work.

He pushed his hand inside her dress when Khushi suddenly pushed him away.

“Arnav ji!” She said as she looked at him in shock.

“What Khushi… it was so good why did you…”

“What are you doing? We aren’t even married yet” Khushi said

“But we are going to get married anyway Khushi, what difference does it make if I make love to you right now or after marriage? I would still love you right?” Arnav said angrily.

“But that’s not what I want…” Khushi cried as she rushed out of them room leaving Arnav angry, he dint know if his plan was ever going to be successful if Khushi kept on behaving like this.

Mar 29

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 26 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 46 times)

It was early next morning when Khushi woke up suddenly hallucinating, everything felt broken and empty just like it had felt twenty five years back when she was thrown out by all the people she had loved.

She looked around and found Advik and Krrish sleeping down on a mattress next to her bed, she stood up and walked towards them as she sat down beside them staring at the both, tears escaped her eyes as she looked at the two of them remembering that they were the reasons why she was alive today and she wasn’t going to let Arnav take that away from her.

She wiped her tears away and stood up making up her mind to be as strong as she could be, she dint know what was going to happen but she had to be strong, she had to face Arnav and tell him she dint need him in her life even if it was going to take a thousand times to tell him that so that he could believe it.

A few more tears escaped her eyes as she fell down on her knees and broke down once again, all this mess had reminded her of everything that happened in the past once again, it was all playing on her mind like it had just happened yesterday, and as much as she tried to make herself believe that she would make it through this, the more her heart broke.

It seemed like her heart was losing hope, her mind was going insane, she couldn’t take all this anymore, she couldn’t face the man who ruined her life once again, she dint want to go through it all once again because if something went wrong this time, she dint know if she was going to be able to survive it.

She had stayed strong all this years for both her sons but today when she was facing all this, she felt like she could break completely any moment, why couldn’t Arnav just leave her alone? Wasn’t she spending a better life without him? Wasn’t she happy with Advik and Krrish in her life they why did he come back to ruin everything once again?

She ran back to her bed and jumped on it as she hugged the pillow and cried herself back to sleep, she knew nothing was going to help her get her mind out of all this thoughts except for sleep where she wouldn’t think about Arnav at least.

She was woken up by Advik’s voice who was standing next to her trying to wake her up.

“Mom! Wake up please…”

Khushi blinked her eyes open as she looked at him while he looked back at her worriedly, he was so worried he dint even have much to speak or to ask, he just felt like he might end up crying if he continued seeing his mother in such a state.

“I had something to finish up so I’ve sent Krrish to handle it for me, dad is gone to the airport to see if they can make changes in our tickets, if they don’t I’ll get new ones and take you back home as soon as possible okay?

Actually everyone’s busy so I have to go myself although I promised dad and Krrish that I wouldn’t leave you alone, I’ll just rush to the drug store and get your medicines, the doctor said you have to keep on taking them according to the timings, if you don’t, you might…” He took a deep breath trying to control his tears, this was hurting him so damn much.

“Please promise me you’re going to be okay, I’ll be back as soon as I get the medicines.”

“It’s okay Advik, I’ll be fine… just finish up all this soon and take me back home, I cant stay here anymore”

“I will, I promise I’ll do it today”

“Thank you” Khushi said as she kissed on his forehead, he stood up hesitantly as he turned to walk away but then stopped at the door.

“It’s fine Advik, I am okay, nothing is going to happen to me so don’t worry, go get the medicine”

Advik nodded positively as he rushed outside in a hurry making sure he finished this as soon as possible.

Khushi walked to the bathroom as she filled the bathtub with warm water, she just wanted to sit there and think about everything else in the world but Arnav, she wanted to erase all the memories she had of him from her mind and if that was actually possible, she could have done it long time back.

She heard her phone ring in the room as she walked out of the bathroom to receive it, there was an unknown number flashing on it.

She seemed a bit hesitant to receive the call at first wondering who it might be and all but finally she decided to receive the call.

“Hello” She said in a really slow voice.

“Khushi! Thank God it’s you… I’ve been so worried, no one’s letting me see you, I couldn’t sleep the whole night, please tell me you are okay” Arnav said

She held the phone close to her ears without saying a word, she dint even know how to react, she dint know if she could disconnect it or talk to him and tell him to leave her alone or what.

“Please don’t disconnect, just tell me you’re okay, please”

“No Arnav Singh Raizada, I’m not okay and I wouldn’t blame anyone else about it than you, I don’t care where you got my number from but if I get a call from you next time I’ll do something terrible, you aren’t the only one who can do terrible things to other so get lost and don’t you dare call me again” Khushi shouted angrily as she threw the phone away and rushed to the bathroom locking herself inside.

She got inside the bathtub with her clothes on as he hid her face in both her arms and broke down once again… everytime she tried to be okay, Arnav would just not let her be, why was he doing this to her? Why couldn’t he just let her be?

After managing to gather enough courage, he stood in front of the door of her room wondering whether she should knock or not, he took in a few deep breaths and knocked at the door hoping this time he would get to see her because he knew he wasn’t going to be at peace until he saw that she was fine.

There was no response from the inside so he tried to knock one more time but again with no response, he tried to push the door open and to his luck it opened up.

“Khushi” He said as he walked in looking for her.

“Look I’m just here to see if you’re okay, I’ll leave right away, just come in front of me once please” He said as he walked around the huge room looking for her but she wasn’t anywhere to be seen, neither was anyone else around.

“Khushi!” He shouted a bit as he started rushing around the room looking for her when he heard the sound of the water from the bathroom, he rushed towards it quickly and stopped at the door knocking.

“Khushi are you in there?” He asked as he kept on knocking but there was no reply from the inside.

Loving and fighting, accusing, denying, I can’t imagine a world with you gone…

The joy and the chaos, the demons we’re made of, I’d be so lost if you left me alone…

“Khushi, just tell me you’re in there and I promise I’ll leave, you’re getting me worried, please say something!” Arnav shouted worriedly but all he got in return was yet another silence.

He kept on knocking at the door for a few more minutes until he saw the water coming out of the bathroom door and at that moment, his heart almost stopped breathing.

He started pushing the door and hitting it with all the strength he had until her broke it open and rushed inside quickly just to find her lying in the bathtub that was overflowing with water.

You locked yourself in the bathroom, lying on the floor when I break through…

I pull you in to feel your heartbeat, can you hear me screaming please don’t leave me…

“Oh My God! Khushi!” Arnav cried as he rushed to get her out of the bathtub, he carried her in his arms and pulled her to the hall making her lie on the bed.

His hands were trembling terribly, he couldn’t have even imagined in his worst nightmare to have seen her like this and today he was here, seeing her in her worst state possible and he felt like every part of his body was breaking down piece by piece.

Hold on I still want you… come back I still need you…

Let me take your hand, I’ll make it right, I swear to love you all my life…

Hold on I still need you…

He checked through her for injuries and for a moment he was glad there were none but then she wasn’t waking up, he felt like he had a high fever, everything felt blur, everything felt too much and he dint even know what to do.

He carried her back on his arms again and rushed downstairs in a hurry to the reception, he had to take her to the hospital, he couldn’t take any chance, he dint know how he was going to live if anything happened to her, he cursed himself for all the misery he got her into because he knew if today she was like this, it was all because of him.

“Please get me a car, it’s an emergency, I have to take her to the hospital right away!” Arnav shouted as the receptionist quickly nodded and started dialing someone’s number on the extension.

She then followed Arnav outside in a hurry as he looked around hoping for help, he dint even have his own car here that he could take her to the hospital himself, neither did her know where the hospital was in this city.

“Here’s the car sir, please hurry up” The receptionist said as a black land cruiser pulled in.

Arnav nodded positively as he rushed into the back seat with Khushi in his arms yet, he kept on staring at her worriedly as the driver started driving to the hospital.

Long endless highway, you’re silent beside me, driving a nightmare I can’t escape from…

Helplessly praying, the light isn’t fading, hiding the shock and the chills in my bones…

The driver pulled into the parking lot of what seemed like a hospital, he quickly stepped out of the car, got her in his arms and rushed inside crying for help, he had never felt this helpless in his entire life until today when he was holding the girl he loved in his arms hoping she wasn’t going to die, hoping she was going to be okay.

Two nurses rushed towards him with a stretcher and he put her on it and they rushed inside while the other one headed to get the doctor.

They took you away on a table, I pace back and forth as you lay still…

They pull you in to feel your heartbeat, can you hear me screaming please don’t leave me…

Hold on I still want you… come back I still need you…

Let me take your hand, I’ll make it right… I swear to love you all my life…

Hold on I still need you…

The doctor arrived with no time as she rushed inside the room where Khushi was taken, Arnav waited outside pacing from one place to the other, saying silent prayer to the God he never believed in and hoping she was going to be okay.

At this moment he just wanted to be positive, he wanted to be sure she was going to be okay but then he kept on remembering every moment how could her body was since the time he got her out of the bathroom and even the thought of it, sent chills down to his spines.

He punched the wall angrily, he wanted to feel something, he wanted to feel the pain and the hurt but there was nothing, all that was left in his body was numbness… he just wanted her to be okay or he would turn the world upside down.

“Please be okay Khushi” He murmured.

I don’t wana let go… I know I’m not that strong…

I just wanna hear you saying baby, let’s go home… let’s go home…

I just wanna take you home… hold on I still want you… Come back I still need you...

Mar 30

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 27 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 71 times)

Advik walked towards the room looking a bit suspicious, from afar it looked like the door of their room was open, he started running towards the room and stopped at the open door looking extremely worried.

“Mom!” She shouted as he rushed to look for her inside the room.

He checked everywhere but he couldn’t find her when he saw the water that had leaked out of the bathroom, he rushed to check inside the bathroom worriedly but he couldn’t find her there too.

“Mom!” He shouted at the top of his voice as he threw the bag full of medicines on the bed and rushed outside looking for her, whatever mess the room was in, it only stated one thing and that was, something terrible had happened.

“Hey, did you see my mother? We were staying in the presidential suite” Advik asked the receptionist.

“Yes, she’s been taken to the hospital”

“What? When? What happened? Can you tell me which hospital?”

“I don’t know, she was all drenched when this man, I don’t remember his name but he came here carrying her in his arms and asked for help, I got him someone to take them to the hospital”

“Give me the direction to the hospital, I want to go there right now” Advik said angrily knowing in his mind that whoever the man was, he was none other than Arnav Singh Raizada.

The receptionist wrote the directions on a piece of paper as Advik rushed outside in a hurry when he hit someone on the way out.

“Advik!” Sahil said in shock.

“Dad! I need to go, mom is in the hospital!” Advik said as he kept on running while Sahil followed him all confused wondering what had happened all over a sudden.

“What’s wrong Advik?” Sahil asked

“I don’t know, I just know that she isn’t well and I want to be with her, taxi!” He shouted as a taxi stopped by and both Sahil and Advik got inside.

“Take me here please” Advik said as he handed the piece of paper to the driver, he nodded positively and drove off to the hospital.


Arnav was standing next to a wall, punching his fists on it until his hands almost bled, he couldn’t stop thinking about all the possible things that could happen to Khushi and he couldn’t stop cursing himself for causing her pain once again.

“Where’s my mother?” Advik asked as he came in from nowhere and got hold of his collar, while Arnav looked at him in shock.

He had never thought that in his entire lifetime, there would come such a day when his own son would hate him so much, when he would hold his collar and look him into the eyes with rage.

“I asked you something, where is she? I swear if something happens to her I’m not going to spare you!” Advik said angrily.

“She’s inside, the doctors are yet checking up on her” Arnav said in a terribly low voice.

“Why are you even here? Showing us that you care now? I’m sure if she’s inside there today, it’s only because of you!” Advik said angrily.

“Advik, calm down” Sahil said as he got hold of him.

“Calm down? No dad I can’t calm down, why is he even here? What does he want from us now, he had snatched our happiness once back, he’s here to do the same once again, you know what Mr. Raizada, after all this, any self-respected man would just walk away and never look back but you’re so adamant on ruining our lives you’re yet standing here”

“Advik I…”

“Don’t even take my name, I don’t want to hear you saying it!”

“Excuse me, this is a hospital, silence please!” A nurse said as she walked out of the room followed by the doctor.

“How is she?” Arnav asked as he rushed towards the doctor.

“She’s okay for now but let me warn you, all this is because of her having too much of stress, if you want her to be okay, you’ll have to make sure she doesn’t take any kind of stress, it’s affecting her so badly and if this keeps on happening again and again, next time it might be difficult to save her” The doctor explained.

“This is all because of you, she was good before you came back to our lives” Advik said angrily as he looked at Arnav.

“Who’s Arnav from you three? She said she wants to see Arnav” The doctor said.

Both Advik and Sahil looked at Arnav in shock, why was it that she wanted to see him, even after all that he had done?

“I’m Arnav, can I go inside?” Arnav asked

“Yes, but make sure not to give her more stress” The doctor said as he walked away while Arnav headed inside the room.

“Khushi!” He said worriedly as he rushed towards her.

She looked at him while he looked back at her with tears in his eyes, he couldn’t explain how terrible he felt since the moment he had found her lying unconscious in the bathroom.

“Can I ask you for something Arnav?”

“Anything Khushi, I’ll give you anything you want, I have regretted all this years for giving you what I wanted to every time, this time it’s for you to ask and I’ll give it to you” Arnav said as he got hold of her hand while she shut her eyes and took a deep breath.

“If you’ve really regretted what you did, there’s one thing you can do to mend it”

“What? I’ll do anything you tell me to”

“Please go back to India and live your life, forget you ever met us here, know that the pain you gave me was terrible, I might even forgive you for the pain but not for what you did to me, I’ll never be able to forgive you for it and I don’t want Advik and Krrish to be trapped in between all this, let them live their lives normally.

You’ve done all you had to, now please let us be, know that we all are happy without you in our lives so please stop forcing yourself where you aren’t required, it’s going to be the best thing for all of us”

“So you want me to just give up on you and leave?”

“Exactly, give up on me because no matter how hard you try, I’ll never have the heart to forgive you.”

Arnav pulled his hand from hers and stood up as he looked at her in shock, he dint even know what to say.

“I’m going back home, you also should, stop looking around for us, do whatever that makes you happy and live your life”

“But my happiness is in being with you Khushi, for the past twenty five years I haven’t even smiled, all I ever think of is how badly I hurt you and I’ve regretted it for the past twenty five years, every day and every night and if that regret isn’t enough for you to forgive me, it makes me believe I committed and unforgivable sin and you’re right, I should leave, I should stop trying but just so you know, I’ll never stop loving you, I’ll never give up on the hope that one day you’ll come back to me and tell me that you’ve forgiven me because you love me, because you know that whatever I did was because of the situation and not because I wanted to do it to you… when you’ll tell me that you understood me because since childhood all I had ever seen was betrayal from loved ones and when I met you, my thinking changed but when I saw you with Shyam, I thought this was meant to be, everyone I loved was meant to betray me and so did you, I wish you would understand how sorry I am because I had a terrible childhood and because of it I ended up believing things I shouldn’t have and ended up hurting you so bad.

I don’t say I wasn’t wrong, I’m just trying to say I am sorry, and I’m trying to explain why it all happened but I know it’s not enough, nothing is ever going to be enough for you to forgive me and I completely understand it and I Arnav Singh Raizada promise you to walk out of your life from today onwards, I promise never to contact you again if that’s what you ask for, because today I promised to give you want you ask for so here Khushi, take your freedom, today you’re free from me.”

Arnav turned away and walked outside without stopping to look back to her, he knew this was for the best, the doctor also said more stress for her was going to be harmful to her health and he dint want to do anything more to hurt her, so if today her happiness was in being without him, he was going to let her be happy, he was going to walk out of her life and let her live happily.

He found Advik and Sahil standing outside there staring at him as he walked out of the room, he walked towards Advik and stared at him for a while and then walked away without saying a word.

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Apr 4

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 28 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 54 times)

Advik and Sahil rushed inside to see Khushi as soon as Arnav left, Advik rushed to hug her worriedly as Sahil stopped at the other side.

“How could you be so careless mom, what if something had happened to you? you promised me you were going to be okay, I can see how okay you were, I shouldn’t have just left you, from today onwards I’m not listening to you, I’ll not leave you alone even for a moment” Advik said

“It’s okay Advik, it happens, relax. I am fine, everything is fine so don’t worry, we’ll go back home and everything will go back to normal”

“I just hope that Arnav Singh Raizada lets us be in peace”

“He will, I talked to him, he’s never going to disturb us again” Khushi said

“Are you really okay Khushi?” Sahil asked as he looked at Khushi worriedly, no matter what he had been with Khushi for the past twenty five years and in this years all he had seen was the love she had for Arnav, and now that today she had told him to stay away from them forever he was sure she was hurt inside.

“Yes Sahil, I am really okay, now we just need to get back to New York and everything will be good” Khushi said as she tried to smile.

Arnav was standing at the window all this while staring at her, making sure for one last time that she was going to be fine without him in her life.

And although it hurt him seeing her happy with everyone else but him, he was glad that she was happy.

Zakhm diya maine usko kitne magar uske honton pe uff tak na aayi…

Dil se uthta hai kyun dard banke dhuan, baat meri samajh me na aayi…

He could see how different she was with him and with Advik and Sahil… with her she was serious, she barely talked much, she only asked for what she wanted and that was it but with Advik and Sahil she was like a free bird, smiling happily, talking whatever she wanted to.

Arnav waved a goodbye at her from the window although she wasn’t looking at him, tears rolled down his cheeks as he turned around knowing this was the last ever time he was seeing her, the last ever time he was seeing his son.

Mujhe kyun rulaaye uska kuch na bolna… tere sang pyaar me nahin todna…

Chahe tere piche jag pade ****na… tere sang pyaar me nahin todna…

“I’ll never stop loving you Khushi, this time instead of choosing my happiness, I’m choosing your happiness for you, I promise I’ll walk away and never look back, I promise I won’t try to contact you ever again, I’ll do all you want me to do because I deserve it.

I’ll take it that living a life where I’ll not be able to see you and both my sons will be the punishment for what I did to you and I hope someday you’ll finally see how much I regret what I did and think that I deserve your forgiveness, I’ll wait for that day when you’ll come to me and tell me that you’ve forgiven me and tell me that you love me as much as I love you” Arnav said as he walked away making sure to keep his promise of never returning back to their lives.


“I’ll inform Krrish we are here, if he gets to the hotel and finds the room in a mess he’s going to be worried, we have to finish everything today and leave tonight, Dad’s already got the tickets” Advik said to Khushi.

“Talk to the doctor too and ask him if they can discharge Khushi today” Sahil said

“I already have, he said it’s going to be fine we just have to take good care of her even on the flight and once we reach New York, we have to take her to visit a doctor and get everything checked, anyway I’ll go and pay the bills meanwhile as Krrish comes to see you.” Advik said as he walked outside leaving Sahil behind with Khushi

“So this is it? He agreed to leave and you let him?” Sahil asked as he looked at Khushi.

“What do you mean Sahil? You know all that he had done to me, how could you say this then?”

“Because I don’t know if you saw it or not but I did, he was so full of pain Khushi, the regret he’s been having for twenty years is enough punishment for him, what else should he have to do to earn your forgiveness?

Yes I agree I hated him as much as you did but after seeing him like this today I can understand what he’s feeling, he’s agreed to go away from you for you, for your happiness, how else does he need to prove his love for you?”

“I never doubted on his love Sahil, I have always known that he loved me, that he loves me still, the things I have a problem with was what he did to me, it’s not easy to forget.”

“Not even after he regretted all this years? He spent half his life in guilt and regret just to earn your forgiveness Khushi, and if that doesn’t make you forgive him, I don’t know what else will” Sahil said as he walked away.

Khushi stared at the door as he banged it behind, she was sure of her decision and no matter what anyone said, she wasn’t going to forgive Arnav.

There was a knock at the door a few minutes later and then Advik rushed in.

“I’ve talked to the doctor, he said he can discharge you so we’re leaving tonight, I’ll get back to the hotel and pack up everything, Krrish is coming here to see you and then we’ll both go and pack, Dad is staying here just in case, once we’re done, we’ll come to get you meanwhile the doctor has to finish some formalities, once all this is done I’ll take you away from him forever” Advik said to Khushi.

“Don’t worry about me, just go and pack, we should leave from here as soon as possible” Khushi said to Advik as he nodded and walked outside to wait for Krrish.


“I’ll inform the receptionist that we’re checking out, I’ll join you in a while” Krrish said as he and Advik walked inside the hotel.

“Okay, I’ll start packing then” Advik said as he headed towards the elevator, he waited for a while but it seemed to be taking forever so he decided to use the staircase instead.

He climbed a few of them when he met Kiara heading downstairs, they both stopped when they saw each other and kept on staring at one another without saying a word.

“Hi” Advik said after a long silence.

“Hi Advik, for a moment I thought you’ll just ignore me and walk away” Kiara said

“I am sorry, things have just been going wrong for the past few days and I know I’ve done and said a lot to hurt you and all I want to tell you is that I am sorry for everything” Advik said as he looked at her.

“It’s okay, I understand”

“So friends again?” Advik asked

“Friends again” Kiara smiled as she shook hands with him.

“Anyway I have to rush, I’ll see you sometime later” Advik said as he bid her a goodbye and rushed upstairs, he knew he was leaving and maybe he was never going to see her again so he decided it was better to leave on a good note that leaving after hurting her.

Kiara headed downstairs just when she found Krrish heading towards the elevator, he stopped as soon as he saw her and rushed towards her.

“Hey Kiara, I was just thinking about you” Krrish said.

“Looking for me? Why?” Kiara asked in confusion.

“Nothing, I was just going back today so I thought I’ll say good bye to you, I had something else to tell you too but I guess this isn’t the right time so I’ll tell you when we meet again”

“And when are we meeting again?” She asked

“Very soon, once I get back to New York and make sure everything is okay, I’ll got to India, I have an assignment and hopefully we’ll meet, that’s if you want us to meet”

“Why wouldn’t I want to meet you? You’re my friend, obviously I’ll meet you, you have my phone number right? Whenever you come there just give me a call and we’ll decide where to meet”

“Sure” Krrish said as he hugged her happily and then bid her a goodbye as he remembered he had to pack, they had only a few hours left and they still had to rush to the hospital, get Khushi discharged and head to the airport.

He headed towards the elevator and waited for it while he stared at Kiara who was heading outside, a smile curved up on his lips, there was this kind of happiness he felt inside his heart after seeing her, he was glad he met her before he left, now he was at least sure he’ll meet her soon and maybe this distance he was going to have would make him be sure about his feelings for her and once he goes to India, he was going to tell her about it.

“Just a few days Kiara and then I’ll tell you how much I love you” Krrish said excitedly as he got inside the elevator and headed to his room to help Advik in packing.

Apr 6

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 29 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 51 times)

Krrish was busy loading the luggage in the taxi while Advik was at the reception paying the bills. He joined Krrish in a few minutes just when he was almost done loading everything in the taxi.

“I’ll finish with this, why don’t you take another taxi to the hospital and bring mom and dad to the airport, I’ll head there directly, we won’t be able to fit in this taxi with all this luggage anyway” Advik said.

“I had already called a taxi for that, it’s waiting outside, finish this up, I’ll see you at the airport” Krrish said as he walked away in a hurry.

Advik picked up the last two bags as he pushed them on the back seat as there was no enough space in the boot.

“Need some help there?” He heard a voice from behind as he turned around and found Kiara standing behind him with her hands folded.

One of the bags fell down as she rushed to get hold of it, she helped him with pushing it inside the backseat as he shut the door and turned back to her.

“Thank you” He smiled.

“Going somewhere?” she asked as she looked at the taxi.

“Yes, to the airport, I was here for the fashion week, it’s over so I have to get back home, business is waiting”

“Oh yeah, I forgot you were here for the fashion week, isn’t it weird, it feels like it’s been longer than a week, so much happened.” Kiara said as she looked at him feeling sad, she dint want him to leave, not so soon, not when she had started knowing him better, not when she had started feeling something towards him, and not until when she’d at least confirm what it was that she felt towards him.

“You are right, so much happened” Advik said as he looked into her eyes remembering the little time they had spent together.

“So is it a goodbye then?” Kiara asked.

“I guess so.”

“Does that mean we’ll never meet again? I thought we were friends, that’s what you said a while back when we met at the staircase dint you? I thought maybe we would stay in touch, by texts or calls at least”

Advik stared at her speechlessly, he dint know what to answer her exactly because he wasn’t sure, all he knew was that he dint want to hurt her.

“We’ll not stay in touch Kiara, I just wanted our goodbye to be on a good note so you can go back home and remember for a few days that you met a guy called Advik Malhotra in Paris and that you were friends with him but then with time you’ll forget about him and move on in life.”

“Why are you pushing me away from yourself Advik? You know since I’ve met you, it’s been hard to understand you, at times you are the complete gentleman, you ask me out on a date, you make it so beautiful, you make me feels so good and then at time you just push me away, you say you don’t want to be friends with me and then at times you kiss me just for no reason, tell me what I should make out of that, tell me what is it that’s between us?

Are we friends, are we strangers or what are we Advik? Because as far as I know stranger don’t kiss each other, neither do friends.”

“Forget about it Kiara, it was a weak moment for me that’s it.”

“It’s so easy to say that isn’t it? I wish you were the one at my place then you would have understood how your confusing behavior is torturing me!”

Advik walked towards her as he got hold of her hand and looked her into the eyes.

“Let me clear the confusion for you then, I agree I was the one who took you on a date and I thought that was it, I dint take you out with any other intention, it was just to spend some time with you, I am not saying that you aren’t a good girl, I’m just saying that I can’t give you what you expect from me and it’s not because there’s anything wrong with you, it’s because of some things that happened in my past and I know I’ll never be able to move on from it and I don’t want you to get hurt, that’s it.

Look at me, you’re so beautiful, you’re a great girl and one day you’ll find your prince charming and he will keep you so happy you’ll even forget about me, just know that I am not the one for you, so this is a last goodbye Kiara.”

He kissed her on the forehead and the walked towards the front door, opened it and got inside the taxi as the driver drove off leaving Kiara behind in tears.


“How many times would I have to tell you the same thing Aman? I want us to go back and that’s it, get the tickets booked, I don’t want to stay here anymore” Arnav shouted angrily.

“But Khushi? You’ll just leave everything that you’ve found after twenty five years Arnav?”

“Yes I will because that’s what she wants Aman, I’ve done so much terrible things to her and today when she asked me for her happiness I couldn’t deny it to her, this is my punishment and I accept it, I accept that she doesn’t want to be with me, I accept that both my sons hate me and don’t want to see my face and I’ll live with that for the rest of my life.”

“This isn’t right, I know how much it’s hurting you Arnav”

“And I know how much I’ve hurt her so just get the tickets booked Aman, I want to leave from here as soon as possible.”

“Okay, I’ll get everything done right away” Aman said as he walked out of the room while Arnav sat on his bed sadly.


He had been waiting for half an hour outside the Gupta house for Khushi, she was taking more than enough time to get ready today.

He hooted the car once again as Khushi came running outside dressed in a beautiful pink dress, her veil flew in the air because of the wind as she tucked her hair behind her ears and slipped on her shoes.

She ran towards the car while Arnav kept on staring at her, she looked so gorgeous he couldn’t take his eyes away from her.

“Arnav ji, stop looking at me like that” Khushi said as she sat next to him on the front seat.

He looked away from her remembering what he had seen at the rooftop and immediately realized that he had almost forgotten that she was the same girl who had been making plans of ruining his sister’s life.

“Where are we going?” Khushi asked as Arnav switched on the car and drove off, he made sure to concentrate on the road and not her because every time he looked at her, and her innocent face he was compelled to think twice about everything, no matter how much he wanted to believe that she was as innocent as she seemed, he couldn’t forget all that he had seen.

He kept on reminding himself that the love he had for her wasn’t bigger than the hatred he had for her.

“Arnav ji, please tell me where we are going” Khushi asked again.

“It’s a surprise Khushi, now shut up, you’ll see it when we reach there” Arnav said without looking at her.

“Wow so the arrogant Laad governor also knows how to plan surprises too, I’m impressed, so what is it that you’ve planned for me? A beautiful garden filled with lots of lights and a table in between where we will have our dinner?” She asked excitedly.

“That’s so cliché and remember I told you to shut up” Arnav said

“Then what is it? Tell me Arnav ji, I can’t wait, I want to know, why can’t you just tell me about it”

“You can’t really shut up can you Khushi? Always talking nonstop” Arnav said as he finally turned to look at her.

“Because you don’t tell me anything, and you know Khushi Kumari Gupta can’t keep quiet, it’s not in my genes”

“Soon to be Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada” Arnav said as he winked at her.

Khushi blushed as she started fiddling with her fingers she dint know what to say anymore and he knew the perfect way to shut her up.

He parked the car outside the parking lot as he stepped out and walked on the other side to open the door for her while she looked at him delightfully.

“Are we going to have dinner in this five star hotel?” Khushi asked excitedly as she looked at the beautiful hotel wondering if it looked this pretty from outside, how beautiful it was going to be inside.

“Not really” Arnav said as he got hold of her hand and pulled her inside with him.

There was a man standing at the entrance who seemed to be waiting for them because as they walked in, he guided them inside to a huge hall that was beautifully decorated all in white.

“Oh my God, so many white flowers, all this white candles, everything looks so beautiful” Khushi said as she looked around the hall in awe.

“This is where we’ll be getting engaged” Arnav said as he hugged her from behind.

“Arnav ji” Khushi said as she blushed and tried to get free of his hold knowing they weren’t alone in the hall.

“How do you like it sir?” The man who had accompanied them inside asked.

“Khushi, tell him how you find it” Arnav said as he walked around looking at the arrangements.

“It’s beautiful Arnav ji, but why are we getting engaged here in the hotel, I mean we could get engaged in the Raizada mansion too” Khushi asked

“Because I wanted it to be here, just tell me how you like it or if there are any changes you want.”

“You know my choice, I’d want everything to be colorful but then it would look more of a wedding than engagement so I’ll let the engagement decoration be of your choice and I would do the wedding decorations in my colorful choice” Khushi said.

“It’s great, tell the manager we love it and now if you don’t mind can you leave us alone for a moment?”

“Sure sir” the man said as he walked away leaving them both alone while Arnav looked at Khushi who was busy admiring the decorations.

“I wouldn’t get engaged to you in the mansion Khushi, because it’s not going to be real anyway” Arnav whispered to himself.

“Did you say something?” Khushi asked as she looked at him.

“I’m just imagining how beautiful our engagement is going to be, I want you to be happy”

“I would be happier if it was in the mansion, you don’t have to waste all this money Arnav ji” Khushi said

“You’re talking about Arnav Singh Raizada my dear, money is never an issue for me” Arnav said as he walked towards her and got hold of her waist as he pulled her closer.

“Then what’s your issue?” Khushi asked as she blushed.

“The biggest issue is that my soon to be wife doesn’t allow me to make love to her, I want to show you how much I love you Khushi, I want you kiss you everywhere, your whole body and mark it with my love, I want to make you mine forever but looks like you don’t trust me enough yet” Arnav said as he pulled apart suddenly.

“It’s not that Arnav ji, I trust you but I have my values and as much as I want to allow you because I know how much you love me, I just can’t, it doesn’t feel right. Can’t you wait until we get married?”

“Are your values bigger than our love Khushi? I mean we do it before marriage or after marriage it’s the same thing isn’t it?”

“That what I’m saying it’s going to be the same thing then why not after marriage Arnav ji?”

“And I’d ask the same, why not before marriage? Anyway let it be, I love you and I’ll do as you feel okay” Arnav said as he turned around pretending to be sad.

Khushi stood the in confusion, she dint want to hurt him but she dint also want to go against what she felt, she dint know what to do.

“Arnav ji” She said as she got hold of his hand.

“Khushi, I love you believe me, and if you want me to prove that I will if that’s what it takes for me to make you believe it, I know I’ve done a lot to you, I was so harsh to you but I’ve changed, your love has changed me.”

“I know Arnav ji and you don’t have to prove it to me, okay we’ll do this, not my way and not your way, can we wait until engagement at least right? After the engagement I promise I’m all yours”

“Really Khushi?” Arnav asked

She nodded positively looking at his beaming face, if this is what she had to give him to make him happy she would as long as she loved him and she knew he loved her, maybe he was right, their love was bigger than it all.

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