Kitani Mohabbat hai

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Apr 7

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 30 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 42 times)

New York.

Malhotra mansion.

Khushi walked in followed by Advik and Krrish who were dragging their luggage bags behind with Sahil, it had been a tiring journey for every one of them, all they wanted was to head to their respective rooms and get some rest.

“Sweetheart, are you going to be okay?” Krrish asked as they all stopped in the hall.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine now that we are back home, nothing feels safe than being here right?” Khushi smiled

“Yes, nothing is like home, anyway I guess we all should take some rest” Advik said as they all agreed and headed to their respective rooms.

Khushi walked inside her room and headed straight to bed, she just needed to get some sleep without thinking about all the things that had happened in Paris.

She wanted to forget that she met Arnav, she wanted to live her life like she had been living it for the past twenty five years without him.

She covered herself with a blanket and hugged the pillow tight as she shut her eyes trying to get some sleep.


The flight was just about to take off and the airhostesses were busy walking around telling everyone to tie their seat belts.

“Sir, you have to tie your seatbelt” Kiara said as she shook Arnav.

Arnav looked at her for a while and then nodded as he tied his seat belt around himself while Kiara stared at him feeling bad for him.

Since she had known Arnav, she had always seen him suffering, he had always been in pain and he was always regretting what he had done to his wife and now that she got to know that he had met his wife here and things dint turn out as he expected them too, she felt terrible for him.

She dint understand why his wife dint want to forgive him despite the guilt he had been carrying for the past twenty five years, everyday regretting what he had done to her.

Yes, she did understand that he had hurt her and although she dint know what exactly had happened between them, she just wished there was a way to bring them back together.

“Are you okay?” Kiara asked as she stared at him sadly.

Arnav nodded positively without saying any word as he adjusted a pillow on his seat and shut his eyes pretending to sleep but she knew, all that was going in his mind at this time wasn’t really going to let him sleep.


Arnav was standing in the hall crowded by a lot of men as they all discussed business while he waited eagerly for Khushi to arrive, his eyes were stuck at the entrance hoping to see her any moment from now.

“Where’s your would be wife Mr. Raizada, she’s making us wait” One of the men said.

“Here she is” Arnav said as he saw Khushi walking it right at that moment accompanied with her family members, but his eyes were stuck on her.

She looked ethereal, truly gorgeous, she was dressed in a baby pink outfit, her hairs was styled up and she had some light make up on.

Her eyes rolled around the hall until they finally stopped at Arnav who was already staring at her.

She stared back for a moment and then looked down blushing, she couldn’t believe the day had finally arrived, they were finally getting engaged, it was like a dream come true for her.

“Khushi ji, you look so beautiful” Anjali said as she walked towards her.

“Chotte is lucky to have you in his life” Nani said as she hugged Khushi.

Khushi had nothing to say today, she was all short of words, everything seemed to be like a dream.

“What had happened to you, you aren’t saying much today, did Arnav do something?” Payal giggled.

“Jiji come on now, stop pulling my leg” Khushi said as she blushed and looked at Arnav again, he was yet staring at her, unable to take his eyes off her.

“Don’t be cheated by the innocent face sale sahib” Shyam said

Arnav turned to look at him angry and just in a moment he was once again reminded why he was actually getting engaged to her, it was because of the love he had for her, it was because of the hate, it was because he wanted to revenge, and there was nothing worse than what he had planned for her.

“No one has the guts to cheat Arnav Singh Raizada” Arnav said as he walked away from him while Shyam smirked.

“No chotte, you aren’t going anywhere closer to her until we begin the ceremony” Anjali said as she pulled Arnav away.

“Come on Di”

“I am your elder sister and you’ll listen to me, I know she is looking extremely beautiful and you want to complement her but you have to wait” She giggled.

“And for what reason do I have to wait?”

“Because I like irritating my brother, so you aren’t going and that’s final” Anjali said as she got hold of his hand.

“By the way, Shyam was looking for you”

“When? Why didn’t you tell me before, he must be needing something” Anjali said as she rushed away while Arnav smiled and headed towards Khushi who was standing with Payal.

“I guess you’ll no more need my company, so I’ll leave” Payal said as she saw Arnav walking towards Khushi.

Khushi said nothing but blushed until Arnav stood beside her.

“Now you’re going to make it hard for me to wait until everything is over and I get to spend time with you only” Arnav said.

Khushi looked at him in confusion as he looked back at her in surprise.

“Don’t tell me you forgot Khushi”

“I forgot what Arnav ji?”

“Remember what we had decided when I brought you here to see them decorations and everything? I already have a room booked for us, we’re going there after the engagement is over” Arnav said

“I remember but Arnav ji how will I… I have to go back home with Buaji and amma”

“I don’t care, you make any excuse”

“What excuse will I make for spending my engagement night away from home? Can’t it wait a few more days, we’ll get married and I won’t have to look for excuses or anything”

“Khushi do you love me or not?”

“Of course I do Arnav ji, you don’t have to ask me that every now and then and I don’t need to sleep with you to prove that” Khushi said angrily.

“Fine if me and my needs don’t matter to you anymore, why are we even getting engaged, let’s just cancel it, I’ll make the announcement right away” Arnav said as he tried to walk away angrily but Khushi got hold of his hand and pulled him back.

“This isn’t some game Arnav ji, how can you cancel our engagement just like that? The guests are here, everyone is here, do you even have an idea what my parents would feel about it?”

“You’re the one who promised me and now you’re refusing so I’ll do the same in return.”

“Is that what all this is about? All you love is my body, not me?”

“I love you Khushi, but I have needs, everyone else has them”

“But they all do wait until they get married”

“Which era are you living in Khushi? You’ll find only five people here who haven’t slept with someone before marriage, so stop making it sound like a big deal.”

“It is a big deal for me Arnav ji, for me it’s not lust, it’s love and I have my values I can’t go against them.”

“Fine then don’t go against them, I’m just done with everything, do what you want to, I’ll not ask fro anything from you from today onwards” Arnav said.

“Okay guys, can we begin with the engagement now?” Anjali asked as everyone gathered around Arnav and Khushi.

“Payal get the rings please” Nani said as Payal hurried away to get the engagement rings.

“I don’t want you to be angry on me on such a big day of our lives, I’ve always dreamt about this day to be special and I want it to be so, I know I promised you and I’ll do as I promised you, I’ll come with you” Khushi said as she looked at Arnav sadly.

“That’s like my girl” Arnav said as he looked at her beamingly.

Apr 7

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 31 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 40 times)

One month later…

Krrish was busy rushing from one place to the other gathering his belonging and shoving them inside the suitcase while Khushi kept on calling out his name from outside.

“Krrish, hurry up you’ll miss your flight if you keep on taking hours just to pack your bag.” Khushi shouted.

“Just one more minute mom, I’m almost done” Krrish shouted

“This boy is behaving as if he’s going on some vacation, it’s just a work trip Krrish, what kind of clothes are you even packing that’s taking you so long?” Advik shouted.

“Look who’s talking” Krrish said as he walked outside pulling his bag behind.

“What kind of makeup were you putting on that took you so long?” Sahil asked

“Come on dad, now you’ll also start being like Advik” Krrish frowned.

“Oh my baby, come on, I’m with you, relax guys he was just packing” Khushi said as she hugged him.

“Mom, I’m grown up, stop calling me baby, it sounds romantic” Krrish giggled.

“You see mom, I told you this guy is really spoilt” Advik said as he hit Krrish on his arm.

“Now we aren’t getting late? Enough of this family drama, I’m not getting married and going away, I’m just going on a work trip so let’s get going, who’s coming to drop me at the airport?”

“Mom and Dad are, I have something to do at the office so I’ll not be able to come, but make sure you do work, don’t start flirting with the models” Advik giggled.

“Shut up and get lost, go to your office and pretend to be the angry young man so that your employee’s fear you” Krrish said as he walked away.

“God, you both, at times you behave like the best brothers ever and at times you fight like cats and dogs” Khushi said as she smiled and followed Krrish.


“Mom, there’s something I want to tell you” Krrish said as he sat next to Khushi in the car.

“I know, that you’re nervous and you don’t know if you’ll be able to impress the client with your photography and stuff, but don’t worry just be confident, I’m sure you’ll be able to make it.” Khushi said.

“No, not that, about that I am confident, I know they will definitely love my skills but it’s something else.”

“What else? Tell me quickly, now with that look on your face, you are scaring me.”

“When we were in Paris…” Krrish started.

“Krrish can we not talk about Paris again? You know how much memories it brings back, do you want to hurt Khushi again and again by talking about that?” Sahil interrupted.

“Dad, it’s not about Arnav Singh Raizada and anyway, he’s out of our lives, this is something else.”

“It’s okay Sahil, we can talk about Paris, I wouldn’t mind, Krrish tell me what you were.”

“I don’t know how to say it, but I had promised to tell you and I wouldn’t want to take a step without letting you know about it.

Actually while in Paris, I met this girl, Kiara… she was there for the fashion show too, and she lives in Delhi in India, just where I’m going for my work.

While we were there, we spent some time together and I don’t know how it happened but I developed feelings for her.”

“Did you tell her about it?” Khushi asked excitedly.

“No, I wasn’t sure, I dint want to tell her about it when I wasn’t sure of my own feelings, I just wanted to confirm that I was actually in love with her so that I could be able to tell her about it, and after we left from Paris, I thought I might forget about her and continue living my life like before but it dint happen, and now I am sure that I love her, I really do love her.”

“So now that you’re going to Delhi, you want to meet her and tell her how you feel for her but are also nervous on what she would say?” Khushi asked

“You understand me so well, I just don’t want our friendship to end, I mean I don’t know what she feels for me but what if she takes me wrongly?”

“Krrish you know there are so many people living without love, so when you love someone, show them, let them know that they are loved and then accepting that or not is upon them, but it would always be good to let out your real feelings.”

“And what if she says she doesn’t feel the same for me?”

“Then be happy with that, I know it would hurt but you can’t force someone to love you right?”

“Right, Thanks mom, now because of you I know what to do, once I meet her, I’ll let her know about it.” Krrish said as he hugged Khushi happily.


Arnav arrived at Raizada mansion from the office, he parked the car outside and headed inside the mansion feeling tired, he had had a long day and all he wanted to do was to rest.

He entered inside and headed towards his room when he heard some sort of noise a bit further, he turned and started looking around until he spotted Aakash in one corner.

He was just about to walk towards him and ask him what he was up to when he saw him pulling Payal.

“Aakash ji, our room isn’t far from here, if someone sees us here it will be awkward” Payal said as Aakash hugged her tightly.

Arnav just smiled as he turned around and continued walking towards his room, he then locked himself inside the room and headed to bed directly.

He covered himself with a blanket and shut his eyes trying to get some sleep but he couldn’t, all that kept on coming in his mind was Khushi, after seeing Aakash and Payal’s romance he remembered the times he had spent with Khushi.


The engagement had come to an end, and as planned Khushi finally came up with an excuse convincing enough for her to stay behind.

As the guests left, leaving Arnav and Khushi as the only people who were left in the hall, Khushi stood nervously in a corner while Arnav walked towards her staring at her.

“What happened? You look scared and nervous?” Arnav asked as he got hold of her hand.

“Nothing, I am okay.”

“No you’re not, I can see that you aren’t okay, you know what, let’s not to do this” Arnav said as he cupped her face and looked at her innocent eyes.

At this moment he couldn’t deny his feelings, he couldn’t deny the fact that he loved her and he would never do such a thing to the woman he loved, he would never force her for something she dint want, that wasn’t him, he’d never hurt her like this.

The look on her face was telling him how much she dint want this but was doing it for his happiness then how could he mistake himself? Why was it so hard to come to a conclusion? What was it that she was actually doing?

On one side she was trapping Shyam on the other side she was with him, if she really wasn’t like that then what was the truth? But then what about all that he had seen?

He couldn’t decide anything for now but one thing he was sure of was that he loved her and he would never force her to do this, no matter what.

“I am sorry Khushi, I became selfish for a moment, I forgot that I loved you and I forgot that where there’s love there’s no space for lust, I know I’ve hurt you a lot today and I’m really sorry about it, I can’t see you like this.” Arnav said as he took a step backwards.

“Just give me a minute, I’ll get my car keys and drop you home, you were right, we’ll do this after we get married and I promise I’ll wait, I won’t force you for it and if I do, please slap me, because you don’t deserve this, not from the man you love.

I don’t know what got into me, how could I have been so selfish? How could I do this to you? I am really sorry Khushi, please forgive me.” Arnav said as he fell down on his knees.

“Arnav ji” Khushi said as she rushed towards him with eyes filled with tears, this is what she wanted to see, his love for her, not his lust and she saw it.

How could she have been wrong about him, she knew that Arnav would never do anything to hurt her, it was just his nature to get whatever he wanted and that’s what he did with her but he realized it and he dint hurt her.

She got hold of him in his arms and hugged him tight.

“I love you Arnav ji, I love you so much” Khushi said as the tears kept on rolling down.

Apr 10

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 32 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 37 times)

She broke the hug and looked him into the eyes, this was the man she loved, the one who was vulnerable for her, the man who couldn’t see her hurt, it felt like she’d got her Arnav back, the one she loved and the one who loved her more than anything.

“Forgive me for doing this to you Khushi” Arnav said as he got hold of her hand.

“No Arnav ji, don’t ask for forgiveness, you aren’t supposed to feel sorry for anything.”

“No Khushi, no man has the right to force a woman or blackmail her for this, it’s terrible and I hate myself for doing it to you, how could I be so heartless?”

“But you dint do anything, you realized it and stopped it and that’s what makes you different from everyone else, that’s what makes me respect you more and because of this now I don’t even need to convince myself to surrender to you, I’ll do it happily with my own will, without you forcing me for it.”

“Khushi, you know you don’t have to right?” Arnav said as he looked at her in surprise.

How could he be so wrong about this girl? He had known her well, she had always been there for him, she’s always cared for him like his own sister did then how couldn’t he trust her? How could he even think that Khushi would do anything that would make her a characterless woman?

There was surely something that wasn’t connecting here, no matter what Shyam said or what he saw, he couldn’t deny his gut feelings, he couldn’t deny her innocence, it was for sure all this wasn’t any kind of pretense, she was pure as the Ganges, how could he even think otherwise about her? About the girl who taught him what love was? About the girl who made him a better person?

Before doing anything to her or punishing her, he had to investigate more into this matter and find out who the real culprit was, because right now his heart wasn’t allowing him to believe that Khushi could be the culprit, she just couldn’t be, there was no way that was possible.

“Khushi…” Arnav said as he cupped her face and looked at her, her innocent face, her beautiful eyes, everything was just reminding him of the reasons why he had fallen in love with her, and nothing was enough to make him believe that she would do wrong to him.

How could he not trust the girl he loved so much? If she really wasn’t as innocent as she seemed to be, he was sure he would have never fallen for her, but here he was, deeply and madly in love with her.

“I am listening Arnav ji…” She whispered.

“Nothing” He said as he looked away, he stood up and walked away from her feeling guilty for making her feel this way.

She stood up and followed him, she got hold of his hand and turned him to face her, she cupped his face while staring at his lips, she knew she couldn’t decrease the pain he was feeling but she could at least drive his mind off it.

She moved closer to him, stepping on his shoes, she pulled his face closer to hers, she could hear his breathings, she brushed her lips on his gently and then parted them with hers as she started kissing him slowly.

For a while he just stood like a statue, not responding back to her kiss, she continued kissing him for a while until his hands slowly slid to her waist, he pulled her closer and started kissing her, it was a kiss full of pain and regret from him, he just wanted to get it out, he wanted to show her how much he loved her.

He pushed her to the nearest wall, held her thigh with his hand and pushed himself in between, he could hear her soft moans and he wanted to take her to bed right away but he knew that’s not what she wanted and he had to respect her decision.

He broke apart and looked at her lovingly, he tucked her hair behind her ears and smiled.

“I had some simple clothes put in the room for you, you must be tired of the heavy jewelry and the dress, go and change and then I’ll drop you back home.”

“No, it’s okay, I already made an excuse, I don’t have another one to explain to why I dint stay back, I guess, I’ll just change and sleep here tonight, you can drop me back tomorrow morning.”

“Okay, I’ll guide you to the room” Arnav said as he got hold of her hand and pulled her with him to the room.


“You wanted me to go home in this? Buaji would have thrown me out” Khushi giggled as she walked out dressed in a nighty Arnav had bought for her.

She quickly rushed to the bed and covered herself with the blanket before he would turn and look at her.

“Apparently I had other plans for tonight, and anyway there’s no point hiding behind the blanket, I’ve already seen you” He giggled.

“And I wouldn’t have worn this if the engagement outfit wasn’t so heavy, who wears such clothes”

“Wives do, in front of their husbands, and after we get married, I’ll want you to see in such cute nighties every night in our bedroom” He winked as he walked towards her.

He pulled off the blanket and got hold of her hand as he made her stand up.

“Now let me have a good look at you” He said as he scanned her from top to bottom with a grin on his face making her blush deep red.

She tried to snatch the blanket from him so that she could cover herself up but he threw it away and she had nowhere to hide, he felt shy as he looked at her, she had nothing else to hide herself with so she moved closer to him and hugged him trying to hide herself in his arms.

“Stop staring at me like that.” She said as she held him tight.

“And now if you hug me like this, I’m just going to lose control, you know you’re driving me wild right now” Arnav said as he broke the hug and moved a step backward, he folded his arms and started staring at her once again.

“Arnav ji” Khushi said as she blushed and turned the other way making him face her back as she looked around hoping she would find something to cover herself with, although the nighty wasn’t too much revealing, she had never dressed like this before, and that too in front of him.

She felt his hand sliding through her waist as he hugged her from behind, she closed her eyes at his touch, he held her tight into his arms as she let him, nothing had ever felt this intimate, not even the kiss, this hug was something just so different, it made her breaths heavier.

He twirled her around and just the moment she came face to face with him, he claimed for her lips, he started kissing her wildly as she did the same in return, being in the same room with each other and driven a lot of desires in both their hearts.

He carried her in his arms without pulling apart from the kiss, her lips never tasted better than this, maybe it was because all this time he had kissed her it was because of the hatred, today all he had for her was love and that’s why she wasn’t even feeling hurt about anything.

He threw her on the bed as she giggled while he jumped on her, he held both her hands and pinned them on top of the bed, he started by kissing her all over the face.

He pulled the straps of her nighty off slowly and placed light kissed on her neck as he headed down to her shoulder, Khushi was breathing heavily until he could hear her breaths, he smirked and looked at her just to be sure she was okay with this because he dint want to hurt her.

“Can I?” He asked as Khushi nodded with her eyes still shut.

He completely pulled of the straps and pulled her nighty off, she pulled him and hugged him once again hiding herself in her arms, she dint know why she felt so shy, after all he was all hers, she was supposed to be okay being this way in front of him, maybe it was because, it was their first time being this intimate.

“Are you really sure?” Arnav asked again before he could take the next step.

“Yes Arnav, you were right when you said our love was bigger than it all, and I love you, I trust you and we are even engaged now so I am officially yours” Khushi replied.

“Then be ready to have the best night of your life, I’m going to make it the unforgettable night.” He whispered in her ears as he winked at her.


Krrish walked inside the hotel room feeling completely exhausted, it had been a long journey to India, and all he wanted to do now was to rest.

He jumped on the bed and pulled out his phone, he scrolled through looking for Kiara’s number, once he found it, he decided to text her so that he could inform her that he was finally in her city.

‘Delhi is a beautiful place, so when do I get to see it around accompanied with you’ he pressed the send button and placed the phone on the night stand and headed off to sleep.


His phone buzzed continuously waking him up from his sleep, he looked at his watch and then jumped up suddenly, he had overslept.

He picked his phone up and found almost ten missed calls from Kiara, he stared at the screen while smiling like an idiot, it was good to know that she called him back that too so many times.

He dialed back her number and waited for her to receive the call, it had just rang when she received it.

“Krrish! Were you dead or something? I’ve been calling you since long.” Kiara said

“I was asleep, what happened?”

“You’re the one who texted me last night that you were in Delhi, so I was free today, thought we would meet up but you weren’t receiving my calls.”

“I’m sorry I was really tired so I guess I dint hear the phone ringing, anyway I am also free today, my photoshoot starts from tomorrow, so tell me where are you taking me today?”

“That’s upon me, text me the name of your hotel and get ready, I’ll be there in half an hour to pick you.”

“Done” Krrish said as he disconnected the call excitedly. He couldn’t wait to see her and spend time with her and actually tell her about his feelings towards her.


“What? How dare he not tell me about it, just let him come back and then we’re going to have a fight!” Advik said in shock after Khushi broke the news of Krrish being in love to him.

“Oh God, stop acting like teenagers, he might be thinking he’d tell you after he tells the girl about his feelings”

“Yeah whatever, anyway who’s the girl, do you know her?”

“No I don’t, but I’m sure once he’s back, we’ll get all the details from him… it’s just good to know that he’s in love, God I feel so happy for him, I wish I could see you as happy as him, being in love with a girl and doing cute romantic things.” Khushi said.

“You know that won’t ever happen mom.”

“But why Advik? Why do you keep on denying yourself love? Why do you always run away from girls? Why do you run away from love? Why can’t you just be like every other guy out there, go out with girls, go on dates, fall in love and be happy?”

“Because love doesn’t always come with happiness, who would know that better than you mom?”

“Advik you can’t live your life based on my past, everyone has a different story.”

“And I’ve also had mine, I don’t have the strength of falling in love once again, I can’t just do it, it’s not in me anymore.”

“So do you want to tell me you’ll remain single for the rest of your life?”

“Exactly, that’s the best thing to do and that’s how I will be happy because I know, I’ll never fall in love!”

“Or maybe someday you’ll meet a girl who’s going to change everything, and trust me you will fall in love.”

“I don’t think so mom, and why are we discussing my love life? Let’s discuss Krrish’s I’m sure he’s on cloud nine right now, I can’t wait to know who the girl is.”

“I’ll tell him to send me a picture, let’s see who she is.” Khushi said as she picked up her phone and decided to text him.

Apr 11

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 33 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 46 times)

“Can I have an off for today sir, please don’t say no.” Kiara asked Arnav nervously.

Arnav had his head ****ed on the laptop busy trying to work, he dint even look at her, he continued typing something while Kiara waited for him to reply.

“What’s important to you Kiara, your work or your friend?” Arnav asked finally as he took of his spectacles and looked at her seriously.

According to the looks he was giving her, she was sure he was in no moods of joking and she even wondered if she was going to get what she had asked for.

“Sir, he’s new here, he’s never been here before and as a friend he wants me to show him around, it’s just for today and there’s no work today for me also, I’m just free, and after tomorrow he’ll get busy with his work and after it’s done he will go back to New York so I wouldn’t even get time with him.” Kiara explained.

“How come you never had such friends before for whom you had to take an off, what’s special in this one, or it’s a boyfriend?” Arnav asked as the seriousness on his face faded away making Kiara feel a bit relaxed.

He was no more the same Arnav he was in the past, he wasn’t the rude and arrogant man who dint care about anyone’s feelings like her father had told her before, he was a different man right now, and the reason behind his difference was clear, his wife Khushi!

“I just met him recently, he’s just a friend really, he was at the fashion week in Paris, I think you must have met him, his name is Krrish Malhotra.”

As soon as the words left Kiara’s mouth, Arnav stood up in surprise, was she talking about Krrish? His son? How come he was here? But at first he had to confirm if it was actually his own son or someone else she was talking about.

“You’ll get the off on one condition, if you bring him here and introduce him to me, or else your father will blame me for letting you go out with any random guy”

“Sure sir I will.” Kiara said excitedly.

“Well then leave!” Arnav smiled as Kiara rushed away happily, he spun his chair around and sat on it lost in thoughts, what if it was really his son? What if destiny was trying to bring them back together? But what about the promise he made to Khushi?

He had promised her he would never show him his face but he dint promise he wouldn’t see his son and when he was here himself, how could he miss the opportunity?

Who knew maybe Destiny brought Krrish here for a reason, maybe he was the one who would unite them once again? All he had to do was talk to him and convince him how much he regretted hurting Khushi.


“Wake up Khushi” he said as he gently kissed on her temple.

She opened one of her eyes and looked at him then turned to other side covering herself with the blanket again.

“Let me sleep Arnav ji” She said in a sleepy voice.

He smirked, her sleepy voice did so much to him than he could explain, he slid his hand on her waist and pulled her closer holding her into his arms.

“Let’s sleep together and then when Buaji calls asking for you, don’t blame me” He giggled holding her tighter in his arms.

The mere sound of his giggles made her muscles tense up, it was very rare of him to giggle, the great Arnav Singh Raizada giggled was something so unusual, she turned to face him with a smile.

“I Love the sound of your giggles” She blushed.

“Now if I start telling you about which sounds of yours I like, you’ll start blushing” Arnav winked at her.

“I need to go home” Khushi blushed as she pushed him away and stood up when suddenly the blanket fell off, she picked it up quickly and covered herself while Arnav broke into fits of laughter.

“You don’t need to be shy, I’m your fiancé and it’s completely normal for me to see you like that” he said in between his laughter.

“I think I liked the angry and arrogant Arnav ji better” Khushi said picking up her clothes.

“Your family will wonder if your friend dint offer you her clothes if you went back home in your engagement outfit” Arnav said.

“So you want me to go home in the nighty you gave me so they’d be sure I was somewhere else instead of home?” Khushi asked raising her eyebrow.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let my girl get in trouble, I always plan things” he winked at her, standing up he walked towards the corner where there was a small wardrobe, he opened it and pulled out a simple light pink dress.

“Wear this, it will look good on you” He said handing the dress to Khushi.

She smiled at him and headed inside the washroom to get dressed, she was in awe when the dress fit her perfectly, he knew her size pretty well, she was quite impressed.

She stepped outside and found Arnav sited on the bed busy typing something on his phone, she walked towards the other side where she had left the veil to her dress and picked it up when suddenly she felt his hand on her, he pulled her as she crashed on his chest and looked him into the eyes, her heartbeat running miles.

He stared at her from top to bottom while she stood still in his hold trying not to blush but she did anyway.

“Now this is how I want to make you feel for the rest of our lives” Arnav said as he pulled her closer leaving no space between them.

“We need to get home, Buaji must be worried” Khushi whispered lightly.

Arnav smirked letting her go, he picked up the veil and put it across her neck, with a smile on his face he got hold of her hand and headed for the door direct, he was the sweetest man and she felt glad to be in love with this incredible man.


Khushi blinked her eyes open coming back to the real world.

“How beautifully you made me believe that it was all real Arnav ji, only if I had known what you had been planning in your mind all along.” Khushi said with blank expressions on her face.

“Still thinking about him?” Sahil who had been standing at the door of her cabin asked as he walked in.

“Never stopped thinking about him, reminding myself of the betrayal, the hurt, the pain he caused me, it keeps me firm on my decision, the decision of not forgiving him” Khushi said in a low voice.

“Don’t we all deserve a second chance Khushi?”

“Don’t make me think that you’ve finally developed a soft corner for him Sahil, you were the one who hated him the most dint you?”

“That was because I hadn’t met him, because I hadn’t known that he was living with regret for the past twenty five years, he’s been hurting himself Khushi, he’s been regretting it, doesn’t he even deserve one chance, just one?”

“I am sorry Sahil, but I don’t think I can trust the man who played with my feelings, no matter how long he regretted it, it won’t change how he treated me.”

“As much as love seeing you as the strong woman you are, I just hope you don’t become heartless.” Sahil said settling down on the chair opposite her.

“Let’s discuss work, that’s what we are here for anyway, this are the designs I like and I wanted you to have a look at them and tell me your opinion”

She turned the laptop towards Sahil while he went through the designs she was talking about.


“Hi” Kiara said awkwardly when Krrish stopped in front of her grinning happily, he couldn’t explain what he felt for her, seeing her in front of him once again was making him happier than he had thought.

“Hi” Krrish replied as he bent over for a hug, as much as it was awkward it made them both laugh while they pulled themselves apart.

“The awkwardness” Krrish announced as he looked at Kiara who had nothing to say.

“Maybe we’ll get rid of it once we start going around, I have like lots of places to show you and we have only one day…”

She walked on the other side of the car and gestured to Krrish to get in so he did.

“How long are you here?” She asked switching on the engine.

“For less than week, I have to do a couple of photoshoots and then I’m back to New York on Saturday, so minus today, I have four days here.” Krrish said making up plans in his mind, this time he dint want to leave without informing her about his feelings, he wanted to tell her how much he loved her and he’s make sure he did that, maybe today itself.

Kiara kept on driving while listening to all the stories Krrish was telling her, he was like talking nonstop, he dint even give her a chance to talk, all she kept on saying was yes or nodding her head and laughing at times when it was funny.

“Do I look so hot today?” Krrish asked suddenly.

Kiara looked at him in surprise not knowing what to say, why was he even asking the question so suddenly?

“I mean you can’t stop staring at me and as much as I love that, I was just curious to know” He giggled.

“You look like someone I know.” Kiara said as an image of Advik came up in her mind, although she thought that once she was back home she’ll forget about him, it dint happen so, there wasn’t even one day she hadn’t thought about him.

“Maybe that someone you know might be my brother” Krrish giggled once again, Kiara smiled a little and then concentrated on the driving, she dint even know if Advik thought of her as much as she had been thinking about him.

“Have you ever been in love Kiara?” Krrish asked.

She looked at him once again and this time he wasn’t joking or anything, he was serious about his question and although she dint know why he asked that, she assumed he was just trying to make a conversation.

“I don’t know what being in love is like” Kiara answered truthfully, she had never been in love so she dint even know the feeling.

“Oh that’s simple, you just know when someone becomes important to you suddenly, when your day doesn’t end without having a thought about them, when you respect them and feel the need to be around them always.

Okay I don’t know if my definition is really right, this are just the things in movies and books but I guess you don’t need to have anything make you believe you’re in love, you just feel it from the inside and you know that this particular feeling is love.” Krrish explained.

“Advik” Kiara whispered silently.

“What?” Krrish asked unable to catch what she had just said.

“Nothing” Kiara smiled back…

Maybe she was already in love, and maybe she just dint know it was love…

Apr 12

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 34 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 46 times)

It was a beautiful morning, Arnav stretched his arms as the sunlight fell on his face. He blinked his eyes severally before opening them, he looked around the room and then sat up on his bed.

He couldn’t stop thinking about the night he had spent with Khushi, how they both made love, how they united, everything was so beautiful, being in love with her was the most beautiful feeling, he had never felt this way before, not this happy at least.

Today he had made a decision of talking to Khushi and asking her about Shyam, he wanted to know her side of truth before coming to any conclusions.

He unlocked his phone hoping there would be a message or something from her but there wasn’t anything, dint girls usually like talking about their experience about such moments? He wondered.

He dialed her number and waited for her to receive the call.

“Hello” he heard her soothing voice.

“Where are you Khushi?”

“At home obviously Arnav ji, where else would I be early in the morning?”

“Can you come home? There’s something really important I want us to talk about but I can’t do that on the phone.”

“It would be awkward, I mean…”

“There’s nothing awkward, you used to come here before also and now we’re even engaged, if anyone asks you anything just tell them you’re here to see me, please Khushi do it for my sake, this is really important.”

“Okay Arnav ji, I’ll be there” Khushi said.


“Arnav! You were asleep at this time? That’s weird” Anjali said as she shook him.

Arnav opened his eyes and looked at Anjali in confusion, after coming back from the office, he sat on the couch thinking about Khushi and dint even realize when he fell asleep.

“I dint realize it” Arnav said

“What is it Arnav? I can see since you’re back from Paris, you’ve been looking so lost, I don’t even see you at times despite us living in the same house, I don’t even remember the last time we had dinner or even breakfast together…

Did something happen? What’s bothering you? you know you can always talk to me about it” Anjali said

“I miss Khushi Di, I am trying so hard to live without her but it’s impossible now, this pain, this guilt, this regret is killing me!”


 “Now lastly, I’ll take you to my favorite place, mind you not everyone gets to see it, it’s very special” Kiara said to Krrish excitedly.

They had spent the whole day roaming around the city as Kiara took him around beautiful places, they had lunch together and also dinner at some stall where she ate Pani Puri like every crazy Indian girl.

“I’d love to see it” Krrish replied looking at her lovingly.

The whole day he spent with her passed like just a minute, and the more time he spent with her, the more he realized how much in love he was with her, everything about her was making him fall in love with her again and again.

“Look, this is like the best rooftop in the city, I usually come here when I want to be alone, or I’m sad, or even when I’m happy, it’s the best place in the world for me” Kiara said as she showed him around.

“Do they allow anyone to come here? I mean it’s a building and people live here…” Krrish said

“Not everyone, but the security guard knows me so he allows me, and anyway no one comes here so it’s the best place to be alone, to sit down calmly and think about everything.

Come I’ll show you my favorite spot, from there you’ll be able to see our beautiful city” Kiara got hold of his hand and pulled him away with him while he kept on staring at her.

This sudden touch was making him feel a lot of things.


Khushi walked into the Raizada mansion hoping and praying that no one would see her, she wanted to go to Arnav’s room and talk to him about whatever he wanted to talk about and then leave without anyone noticing.

Although she knew no one here would mind her coming here, she just dint want to be teased by everyone.

She tiptoed silently and was glad that no one was in the hall yet, that was good at least no one was going to see her.

She headed upstairs on the way to Arnav’s room making sure to check if there’s was anyone on the way, she’d have to hide.

She was walking very keenly when she suddenly felt a hand on her waist and then someone pulled her away.

She knew it must be Arnav, he was the one to do this to her, he dint even care what would happen if someone saw them like this.

He hugged her tightly from the back as she shut her eyes.

Arnav was in his room waiting impatiently for Khushi to arrive, he really wanted to sort this mess out and she was just taking a lot of time to come.

He thought maybe she might be stuck downstairs with Anjali or someone so he decided to go and check on her himself.

He had just stepped out of his room when he saw Khushi looking downstairs when a hand came on her waist from nowhere and grabbed her.

He walked towards her silently making sure not to make any noise, he had to see who it was and what was actually going on, when he saw Shyam holding Khushi, she had her eyes shut and was whispering something to him.

“What are you doing? What if someone sees us?” Khushi whispered lightly.

Arnav was burning red with fury, how dare he touch her fiancé like that? But then what was wrong with Khushi? Why wasn’t she reacting? Why wasn’t she pushing him away? Had Shyam been right all this while?

Despite loving her so much and trying to trust her, every time she ended up doing something that made him doubt her again.

He pushed Khushi’s hair on one side of the neck and kissed her lightly on the neck while she blushed, this was it, how could any woman stood so low?

Even after she was engaged to him, she was doing all this with Shyam?

He clenched his fists tightly and walked back to his room, he had seen enough, he had trusted her enough, now it was time for revenge.

She had to pay for cheating on him, for cheating his whole family, for being such a characterless girl.

The grip on her waist suddenly became tighter, it was strange Arnav had never held her like this and the suddenly she realized this touch wasn’t familiar, it wasn’t Arnav’s!

She pulled herself apart and turned around to find Shyam smirking at her, this was completely height of it all, how the hell on earth could he even touch her?

Khushi slapped him tightly as he stared at her angrily.

“Don’t you ever dare touch me again, all this while I’ve been silent but now I have to talk to Arnav ji about this, this is just becoming too much!” Khushi said as she walked away.


“Isn’t it beautiful?” Kiara asked excitedly.

“Yes it’s definitely beautiful, but there’s something else more beautiful” Krrish said.

“What?” Kiara asked as she turned around to look at him.

“You” He smiled making her blush deep red.

He stared at her for a while until she turned away and looked back at the view in front of them.

“Kiara, there’s something I want to tell you.”

He got hold of her hand in his, she looked at him keenly, wanting to listen to whatever he had to say to her.

“I dint plan for it to be this way but maybe it’s the best place to tell you about it, it’s special for you and I want to make it more special…

When I met you in Paris, I was glad I had found a friend in you, I rarely had any Indian friends, everything was so great between us and then I don’t know how it just happened…

I really don’t know how to make it poetic or the best for you, I don’t know what your expectations might be but I want you to know how I feel about you because I can no longer keep it to myself.”

She looked at him nervously, at such kind of a time, every girl usually gets the idea of what’s coming up, and she also knew, that’s why she kept on staring at him nervously.

“Kiara… I love you… I love you so much and I don’t know when and how it happened but all I know is that it just happened, and I couldn’t keep it to myself, I wanted to tell you about it but I wanted to make it the fairytale kind but I am not really good at it so I thought, I’ll make this special place for you more special by telling you how I feel about you here.” Krrish said

She stared at him feeling loss of words, she had nothing to say, this would have been beautiful if she felt the same for him but it wasn’t because for her, he was just a friend, she dint feel that way towards him, how could she? When she was in love with someone else? When she was in love with Advik!

Apr 14

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 35 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 50 times)

“Arnav, you never told us anything about your trip to Paris, and you’ve been so lost since you came back, is everything okay?” Nani asked

Arnav looked at Aakash and then back on his plate, he dint want to mention about Khushi to his family, it would get them back the old memories and hurt them as Khushi was never going to come back anyway.

The mere thought of her not coming back ever hurt him so much, he couldn’t believe he was never going to see her again.

He stood up suddenly and walked back to his room, there was a time he was so strong, he dint care about a thing and now there was this time when all he cared about was Khushi, and everything related to her felt so painful, at moments he felt like he was going to die of this pain.

“Why did you walk out of there just like that, you know that would just make them doubt more, if you don’t want to tell them about Khushi you have to stop behaving like this.” Aakash said as he walked in the room.

“It’s out of my control Aakash, do you think I love doing this? Or behaving this way? But what do I do? You want me to tell them that I met Khushi and my two sons, and that I can never have them back because of my own mistakes.

Don’t you think they’ll all want to meet them, they’ll all want to meet my son? And bring them back which is never going to happen?

I promised her Aakash, I can’t break it, not this time at least, she’s living her life peacefully and I want to let her live, that’s it.”

“What about you? What about your life and your peace?”

“I’ll take this pain as the punishment for what I had done to her.”

“You know you might have promised her and you’d want to keep it but I dint make any promises to her and nothing is going to stop me from talking to her.” Aakash said as he stormed out of the room angrily.

Arnav had spent the past twenty five years of his life in regret and pain and guilt, wasn’t that punishment enough yet?


Kiara turned away from Krrish trying to control her tears, as much as she dint want to hurt him, she dint want to give him any false hope, he had to tell him the truth about her feelings.

Just the way she turned away from him almost broke his heart, had he done something wrong? Had he hurt her? Was she ever going to forgive him for this?

So many thoughts ran through his mind, he dint know what effect his words had left on her and this silence was almost killing him, it seemed like hours had passed but Kiara still had her back on him, she dint say even a word!

Tu safar mera, Hai tu hi meri manzil, Tere bina guzara Ae dil hai mushkil

Tu mera Khuda, Tu hi duaa mein shaamil, Tere bina guzara Ae dil hai mushkil

After what seemed like ages, she finally turned to look at him, with her eyes full of tears, she rushed to hug him, he held her tight in his arms not being able to understand her reaction, was she happy? Were here tears full of happiness or was it the other way round.

“Hey… what happened?” Krrish asked breaking the hug.

“I am sorry Krrish, I don’t mean to hurt you but I don’t feel the way you feel for me, and I feel terrible that I’ll hurt you but what do I do? I don’t love you” Kiara said

“It’s okay, I’ll wait, I’ll make efforts, I’ll do everything I can to show you how much I love you and maybe someday you’ll fall in love with me”

Mujhe aazmaati hai teri kami… Meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi..

Junoon hai mera, Banoon main tere qaabil, Tere bina guzaara Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

“You aren’t getting me Krrish, it’s not that…”

“Then what is it Kiara? You want me to give up on you just because you don’t feel for me? I at least deserve one chance to try and maybe hope that if not today, someday you will fall for me.”

“That’s not possible Krrish, I can’t fall in love with you because I’m already in love with someone else!” She shouted.

Krrish stared at her in shock, this hurt him more than knowing that she wasn’t in love with him, at least before he had a hope that she might fall in love with him, but now all that hope was gone, she was never going to fall in love with him when he was so deeply and madly in love with her.

Yeh rooh bhi meri, Yeh jism bhi mera, Utna mera nahi Jitna hua tera…

Tune diya hai jo, Woh dard hi sahi, Tujhse mila hai toh Inaam hai mera…

“I am sorry” He whispered sadly.

“No… don’t be sorry, it’s not your fault that you fell in love with me, it just happened, and trust me Krrish, I respect your feelings, I’m not angry on you, I understand that no one had control over who they fall in love with and so I understand you just that I can’t love you”

“Yeah I know, maybe someday we’ll meet in the paradise and you’ll love me then” he tried to smiled.

Mera aasmaan dhoondhe teri zameen, Meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi…

Zameen pe na sahi, Toh aasmaan mein aa mil, Tere bina guzara Ae dil hai mushkil

“I am so sorry Krrish, I feel terrible hurting you like this” Kiara said as she hugged him again trying to make him feel better.

“It’s okay Kiara, it’s none of our fault, it’s destiny’s fault, I don’t know why it was supposed to be this way, why I was to fall in love with you when you were already with someone else, I am sorry I’m trying not to feel hurt but it still hurts a lot, my heart isn’t able to understand this, neither can I that I would have to live without you.

Anyway let’s forget it, I am glad I fell in love and knew what love is like and you know what I’m more glad about? It’s that I fell in love with you… my love doesn’t need to be complete to be love, I can love you still even when you don’t love me” Krrish said hugging her back.

Maana ki teri maujoodgi se Ye zindagani mehroom hai

Jeene ka koi dooja tareeka Na mere dil ko maaloom hai

Tujhko main kitni Shiddat se chaahun Chaahe toh rehna tu be-khabar

Mohtaaz manzil ka toh nahi hai Ye ek tarfa mera safar,


“I promise nothing would change between us, we will always remain friends just like before” Kiara said.

“Promise?” He asked

She nodded positively while he stared at her happily, at least he dint lose her friendship, and that was enough for him.

Safar khoobsurat hai manzil se bhi, Meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi

Adhura hoke bhi, Hai ishq mera qaamil, Tere bina guzara Ae dil hai mushkil

“So won’t you tell me who the lucky guy is, the one that stole you from me?” Krrish asked as he got hold of her hand and looked her into the eyes, she seemed a bit confused, maybe she was deciding if she wanted to tell him about it or not.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to tell me, it’s late anyway, we need to get going.” He stood up and started walking away.

“His name is Advik” Kiara said from behind making him stop where he was.

He turned around to look at her in surprise, was it what he was thinking? But if it could be, he would know, maybe she was talking about some other Advik.

“I met him in Paris, he was there for the fashion week, I dint even realize how I fell in love with him but remember when you asked me about love, that’s when I knew I was in love with him. Isn’t it funny, I don’t even know much about him and I still feel for him, but maybe I’ll never be able to tell him how much I love him, I don’t know if I’ll ever meet him again.”

“Advik Malhotra? The one who owns Zara?” Krrish tried to confirm.

“Yes, how do you know him?”

“He’s my brother” Krrish said leaving Kiara shocked.


“Mom!” Advik shouted worriedly as he shook Khushi, she was sweating badly, she was hitting the bed angrily in her sleep.

“Wake up please” Advik shook her vigorously.

“Advik!” Khushi opened her eyes and hugged him tight.

“What happened mom? Was it a bad dream?” he asked

“I don’t know just a feeling that something is wrong, did Krrish call you? Why hasn’t he called us to inform that he’s reached? I am so worried about him.” Khushi said.

“No, he hasn’t called but I’m sure he’s fine, you might have had a bad dream about him, relax, nothing would happen to him.”

“I can’t relax Advik, please call him, I want to talk to him, I want to make sure he’s fine.”

Advik nodded as he pulled out his phone from the pocket and dialed Krrish’s number, his phone was going through but he wasn’t picking up.

He tried for like ten times but he dint pick up and now he was also starting to get worried about him, was he alright? Why hadn’t he called them? And now why wasn’t he receiving his calls?

“Mom, he’s not picking up” Advik said.

“You see, I know there’s something wrong, I need to talk to him Advik, please do something.”

“I am helpless. How do I talk to him when he’s not receiving my call? He dint even leave any information behind that I could try to contact someone else and ask them about him.”

“Then take me to India, I want to see my son and unless I see him fine, I’m not going to be at peace.”

“Mom you can’t go back to India, that place will hurt you, Arnav Singh Raizada will be there, I cannot risk taking you there…

Look at me, let me go there, I’ll look for him and when I find him I’ll inform you about him, but you cant go there” Advik said.

“I don’t care if I’m going to get hurt or not, neither do I care about Arnav, all I care about right now is my son and that he is not okay, I have to see him and I am going to India, it’s such a big place I am sure I won’t even see Arnav, so you aren’t going alone, I am coming with you, I can’t just sit here and wait while doing nothing.” Khushi said angrily.

“Mom please, I cant see you getting hurt again.”

“Advik, I need to go to India and that’s my final decision” Khushi announced.

“Fine, I’ll tell Mohit to get the tickets.” Advik stood up and walked away as he dialed Mohit’s number on his phone while on the other side Khushi tried to call Krrish but he wasn’t picking up yet.

Apr 14

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 36 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 57 times)

Khushi and Advik arrived at Delhi, they waited outside the airport not knowing where to go to, they had no idea where they’d start from so that they would be able to find Krrish.

“I’ll call for a taxi, we’ll go to a hotel and then afterwards start looking for Krrish” Advik said.

Khushi nodded sadly as she looked around, he eyes were busy staring at the city she had left twenty five years back, the city that ruined her life, the one that snatched all her happiness, it looked like history was repeating itself once again, last time, it snatched her love, her family from her, this time it was up to snatching her son from her but she wasn’t going to let that happen.

She looked at the rush outside, everyone was busy in their own life like they had always been, Advik was still trying to get a taxi, but it was a bit difficult, the airport was full of so many people, it was hard to get a taxi.

She looked at the place where there where the people who usually came to receive their guests stood, she looked at them with a smile, nothing about this place had changed a bit.

Her smile faded away slowly when she saw someone holding a board with her and Advik’s name written on it, it was strange because no one had an idea they were coming here so who could have sent for the to be picked?

She tapped on Advik’s shoulder who looked at her, she then pointed at the man who was holding the board in front of his face.

“Maybe Mohit might have made the arrangements” Advik said walking towards the man.

Khushi nodded and followed him as they both walked towards him.

“Excuse me” Advik said.

“Yes” he replied taking off the board from his face.

Both Khushi and Advik looked at him in shock, how the hell on earth was this possible? they couldn’t even understand what was happening.

“Krrish!” Khushi said in shock.

“Surprise” He said as he jumped on her and hugged her happily.

“Wait, can you tell me what the hell is going on?” Advik asked angrily.

“Come on bro, chill, I was just missing you and mom so I thought I’d call you guys here but I knew you won’t come if I tell you to so I had to play a small game, I decided not to take your calls and not to call you back and it got you worried and here you are.”

“But how did you know our flight timings and all?” Khushi asked.

“Oh my innocent mom, what’s Mohit for? I had been in contact with him but I warned him not to tell you anything.”

“Seriously, this is height, do you think this is a joke?” Advik asked angrily.

“I am sorry bro, but come on, it’s not a big deal.”

“It is a big deal, what if something had happened to you? What if it could be something serious? You never grew up did you Krrish?”

“I am sorry, now stop shouting at me and let’s get going, I can take the lectures later, I have to drop you both at the hotel and then go for my photoshoot and then I also have to meet someone, so let’s stop wasting time” Krrish said remembering that Kiara told him that her boss wanted to meet him, although it was quite strange but then he realized that she worked for a fashion company so he might be wanting to meet him for photoshoot or something, this might be his second work opportunity.


After dropping Khushi and Advik at the hotel, he received a call from Kiara who had been waiting for him outside to take him to meet Arnav.

“Mom, bro, I need to go, I’ve got an urgent meeting, I’ll try to be back as soon as I can and as for you the great Mr. Advik Malhotra, don’t make any plans for tonight, I have a surprise for you” Krrish said.

“What surprise?” Advik asked curiously.

“Why do people ask what surprise when they know it’s a surprise so it shouldn’t be told about? Wait for it bro” Krrish smiled as he headed to the door.

Advik jumped on the couch and started doing something in his phone while Khushi rushed behind Krrish.

“Krrish!” She called him out.

“Yes sweetheart, do you need anything?” He asked

“Since I came I’ve noticed how happier you are acting, the keyword being acting, I am your mother Krrish, I know everything, tell me what’s disturbing you. Did you tell the girl about your feelings? Did she say no? What is it that’s bothering you so much?”

“You’ll get all your answers tonight, for now I have to go, see you later” Krrish kissed on her cheeks and then rushed away.


“Chotte! Where are you rushing to? Come sit down here, I’ve got some good news for you” Anjali said when she spotted Arnav walking towards the door.

“What is it Di, I have a lot of work to do?” Arnav asked

“We were talking to the priest about your wedding, he’s finalized a date for your wedding, it’s just three months away” Anjali smiled.

Arnav looked at her blankly having no reaction at all, how was he supposed to explain to her that this wedding was never going to happen, not after what he saw between Khushi and Shyam.

For a moment he had gone weak, he had thought that maybe all what his eyes saw could be unreal but there was so much to prove it was real and now he couldn’t second guess himself about anything, he was never ever going to get married to her, not to the girl who was ruining his sister’s life.

“Are you done? Now can I leave, I have a lot of work to do” Arnav said as he stood up.

“What’s wrong chotte, did you and Khushi have a fight? You don’t sound happy or excited at all.” Nani asked

“It’s nothing, I’m just busy and I have a lot going on in my mind” Arnav said as he headed to exit, he opened the door to walk out just when Khushi came in front of him suddenly.

“Arnav ji, are you going somewhere? I came to see you.” Khushi said.

“Later, I am going to the office right now” Arnav pushed her away as he walked out while Khushi rushed behind him.

“I can come with you to the office, we’ll talk in the car please.”

“Khushi don’t you get anything at once? I said no!” Arnav said as he looked at her angrily.

He pushed her towards the car, placing his hand on both sides, he looked her into the eyes angrily.

“I am sorry Arnav ji…” Khushi said, her eyes getting moist she turned away from him, but Arnav had already noticed it.

He dint know what it was about her tears, but whenever he saw her sad, it felt like every part of his body was aching, it made him feel bad about hurting her despite him having so much hatred towards her.

“Khushi!” He got hold of her hand and pulled her back.

“I am not able to understand you at all Arnav ji, I don’t even know if what you feel for me is love or hatred, at times you make me feel like the luckiest girl on earth and then at times you make me feel like my existence doesn’t even matter to you.

Tell me where is it that I am going wrong, if you don’t feel anything towards me why don’t you just break off our engagement too? I am so done trying to understand your mood swings” Khushi said angrily.

“Don’t talk to me like that!”

“I will, because you can’t stop me from telling you my opinion, what’s happening between us is a relationship not some business deal where you’ll be the one to have a say and I would just have to obey you silently, if that’s what you’re expecting from me then it isn’t going to happen.

When you’re finally done with your mood swing, think and come up to a decision, I’m just a phone call away, inform me whatever you’ve decided and live up to it.”

She walked away angrily while Arnav punched his fist on the car angrily. What the hell was he supposed to do?? As much as he hated her and wanted her to get punishment for what she had done, he was trapped between loving her and hating her and he dint know which side to choose.


“Shall I come inside with you? I mean I have some work so maybe if you’d meet him while I get done with it.” Kiara said

“Of course you have to come inside and start with the introduction, you can then leave while I talk to him” Krrish said.

“Okay then let’s go.”

“But before that, I have something for you.” Krrish said as he opened the car door and pulled out a box that was placed in the back seat, he handed it to Kiara while she looked at him in confusion.

“What is this Krrish?” She asked

“You’ll understand when you open it, after your work is done, go home and open it, there’s an address in a note inside there, please reach there by 8 tonight.”

“But Krrish what’s all this about?”

“Just trust me Kiara please, do it for me okay?”

She nodded positively and then showed him the way inside to the Raizada office, she stopped at the door of Arnav’s cabin making sure he wasn’t busy.

Arnav had his back facing them so she knocked the door and walked inside while Krrish followed her.

“Sir, remember the friend we were talking about and you said you wanted to meet him? He’s here to see you, you both can talk, I’ll be outside” Kiara smiled at Krrish and walked away leaving him alone in the cabin with Arnav.

Arnav spun his seat around and came face to face with Krrish, Krrish was all shocked and surprised to see his own father sitting right in front of him, while Arnav dint have much surprise on his face, maybe because somewhere he knew it was going to be him.

Apr 17

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 37 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 50 times)

“You!” Krrish said in complete shock.

He stood still in his place not even knowing how to react, should he be happy because he was seeing his father in front of him or should he be angry because he was seeing the man who ruined his mother’s life?

“Krrish” Arnav said as he stood up happily and walked towards him, he pulled him into a hug which wasn’t reciprocated.

“You knew it was me, Kiara’s friend that’s why you asked her to bring me here dint you?”

“I wasn’t sure it was you, I just wanted to confirm and I can’t tell you how glad I am to know it’s you, I thought I’ll never get to see you again.” Arnav said

“And this would definitely be the last time you’ll be seeing me!” Krrish said angrily.

He turned around and walked two steps when Arnav got hold of his hand and stopped him.

“Please don’t hate me this much Krrish, I have lived with hatred for all this years, I can’t take it anymore, not at least from my own son.”

“The son you dint even know existed Mr. Raizada! Or wait you did know, you were just ignorant weren’t you? You knew you’d have kids you just dint bother to find out about them.”

“Then what do you think I’ve been doing for the past twenty five years Krrish? I’ve been looking for Khushi everywhere like a crazy person, I’ve been living in guilt of what I had done to her, she just left and I am not blaming her for leaving, but I just want to ask what is it that I can do to gain your forgiveness?

Krrish I am a human being, I made mistakes but the truth also remains to be that I love Khushi, I have always loved her and I always will, nothing in the entire universe can change that, but then the other truth is that I hurt her and I’ve been living in guilt and regret, I’ve spent sleepless nights wondering where she might be, how she might be living, I’ve hated myself for the past twenty five years so tell me what more should I do so that you believe that I regret doing what I did to her, that I am sorry.

Don’t I deserve even one chance to spend time with you and Advik? Don’t I deserve forgiveness Krrish?” Arnav asked feeling weak on his knees.

He dint know how to convince him, but he dint want to lose his son too, what was this life worth it if he dint have his family with him? If his own sons hated him?

“Are you okay?” Krrish rushed to get hold of him when he was just about to fall down.

Arnav looked at him with a smile as he helped him back to his chair, he sat down while Krrish moved backward looking worried but he tried not to show his worry.

“I think I should leave, and please take care of yourself.”

“I need my sons to take care of me now Krrish, please give me one chance and I’ll make everything okay… I know you hate me but I know that somewhere deep inside your heart you do want to forgive me.” Arnav said.

Before he could say anything, an alarm rang in his phone, he quickly pulled it out from his pocket and switched it off and then looked at Arnav.

“I have to plan something for Kiara, I have to leave for now.” Krrish said.

“Please visit me again Krrish, give me a chance to explain everything and maybe when you know about it from my point of view, you’ll understand me” Arnav said.

Krrish nodded as he walked away, he was confused he dint know what to do, yes he was angry about what had happened to Khushi but then seeing Arnav like this made him weak, he was his father after all and no matter what he loved him.


Arnav was busy working on his laptop when he had a knock at the door, he looked up and saw Khushi standing there.

She looked pale and worried, it was as if there was something that was disturbing her.

“What happened Khushi? Why do you look like this?” Arnav rushed towards her.

Tears formed up in her eyes and within seconds they fell down to her cheeks, she started crying terribly.

“Khushi, you’re getting me worried!” Arnav said.

He looked at her worriedly, he even forgot about his hatred towards her, all he could see at the moment was that Khushi was standing in front of him in a terrible state and she was crying!

He could take anything but not her tears, it hurt him so bad seeing her crying like this.

“Arnav ji…” She sobbed.

“Tell me what happened Khushi, did anyone say something to you? Please tell me what happened.”

“Arnav ji, I missed my periods, I think it’s because we… we had…”

“It might be delayed Khushi, you’ve been running around stressing about the wedding, it might be because of that.”

“It’s the second month Arnav ji, I can’t wait anymore, I think I am pregnant!” Khushi said angrily.

“Did you confirm?”

“No, I was scared, I don’t even know what to do, I’ve been having this thoughts in my mind every now and then, what if I am pregnant Arnav ji? What face will I show to my parents? I ruined everything!

I had been talking about my values and everything all this while and that day I forgot about them! I hate myself, I really do!”

“Shut up, you’re not supposed to hate yourself for anything, even if you’re pregnant it doesn’t make a difference, we are getting married anyway so relax… we’ll get tests done and confirm it first.” Arnav got hold of her hand and pulled her away with him, he had to get this confirmed right away so that they could come up with a decision on what to do next.


“It’s positive” Arnav said as he walked out of the doctor’s cabin.

“Oh My God! What am I going to do? I’m so scared, I can’t tell anyone about this, they’ll never understand” Khushi started crying once again.

“Relax Khushi, we are engaged what’s the big deal about this?”

“It might not be a big deal for you Arnav ji but for me it is, do you know what would happen if my family finds out about it? They’ll be so angry, they might even throw me out of the house, and if your family finds out about it, they’ll never look at me the way they do now.”

“Please stop crying Khushi, I’ll find a way out of this.”

“There’s nothing you can do Arnav ji, my life is completely ruined” Khushi cried.

“I can, we’ll get married tomorrow! I’ll talk to everyone, we’ll get married and everything will be fine, no one will know you were pregnant before marriage and after the baby is born we’ll tell them something, maybe that it’s a premature baby or something, but I won’t let anyone disrespect you.

Whatever happened between us was because of our love and I won’t let anyone name it otherwise, trust me Khushi!”

“I trust you Arnav ji.”


“Mom!” Advik shook Khushi waking her up.

“Advik… what happened? Is everything okay?” Khushi sat up worriedly.

“Yes, everything is okay, actually Krrish had called me, I don’t know what he has planned for me, he’s been telling me it’s a surprise so I have to go somewhere, I wanted to inform you before I leave…”

“Oh okay, I overslept anyway, I think I was tired because of the journey, I don’t know what I’ll do at night now” She giggled.

“I’ll keep you company if you’ll not be able to sleep” Advik said.

“I know, anyway you get going, God knows what’s going on in Krrish’s mind” Khushi said.

“I’ve ordered food for you, they’ll be bringing it here anytime soon, please make sure you eat and if you plan to go out or something, be careful and inform either me or Krrish about it okay?”

“Okay, stop acting like my mother now and get going” She smiled.

Advik waved her a goodbye and then walked out of the door, he had just shut the door when Khushi’s phone rang.

“Krrish! Where are you and what is it that you’re planning for your brother that I have no idea about?” Khushi asked as she received the call.

“I called to ask about him, did he leave yet?”

“Yes, he just left, but will you tell me what you’re up to?”

“I’ll explain everything after I come back, let me finish up with this and then I’ll leave him here and come to you and then you can ask me everything you want to, okay?”

“Why don’t things sound right?” Khushi asked

“Mom please, everything is right, just wait for me, I’ll be there soon and then we can have dinner together.”

“Okay, come soon” Khushi said disconnecting the call.


Krrish was waiting for Kiara in the parking where Kiara had told him to pick her up from.

He was leaning on the car staring at the building while waiting for her, she walked outside dressed in the beautiful dress he had given to her when they had gone to meet Arnav.

Her hair was styled up in a bun, she had light make up on with bright red lipstick that contrasted with her black dress.

“How do I look?” She asked nervously.

“Gorgeous!” Krrish said looking lost. She actually looked pretty gorgeous and he couldn’t even take his eyes off her.

“So what’s the thing? Firstly you gave me a packet with a dress and a note, I had to put on the dress and go to the address that was in the note and now you’re here to pick me up.”

“I thought I’ll take you there myself, anyway let’s not waste time, get in the car we need to get going” Krrish said as he opened the car door for her.

“Where are we going by the way?” She asked

“It’s a surprise” Krrish smiled.

Apr 18

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 38 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 62 times)

“I have some good news for you” Arnav announced as he walked into Khushi’s room.

“Arnav ji! How did you come inside, Buaji won’t like it, you shouldn’t have come just like that” Khushi stood up from her bed worriedly.

“Relax Khushi, why do you forget that we are engaged and I have the right to see you, don’t worry I talked to Buaji and she agreed so relax”

“What good news were you talking about by the way?”

“I talked to everyone at home and I’ve convinced them, we’re getting married tomorrow” Arnav smiled happily.

“What? Tomorrow? How will we make the preparations and everything, how did they even agree for it?”

“Relax, the point is in getting married, it’s not a must to have the big fat Indian wedding, I told them we both wanted a simple wedding and I dint want to waste any time, I wanted to get married to you as soon as possible and you know when Arnav Singh Raizada decides something, no one had the power to go against him, so it’s all done.

I even talked to your family members and they too agreed to this, so we have decided we’ll get married in the temple ritually without having any guests or anything, just your family and mine, I hope you are okay with that.”

“I’m okay with everything as long as none of them find out about my pregnancy”

“Hey, don’t be worried Khushi, everything is going to be okay, you should be happy that we’re having our first baby” Arnav smiled.

“I would have been happy if it was after marriage, I’m still cursing myself, how could I lose control just like that, how could I forget about everything I’ve been believing all this years? I am a terrible person” She cried.

“No you are not, don’t say that Khushi, this baby is ours be it before or after marriage trust me it doesn’t make any difference.”

“I know but…”

“Stop crying first, you know I don’t like seeing you in tears” Arnav got hold of her hand and pulled her closer, he stood up and looked at her.

He wiped her tears with his thumb and pulled her into a hug.

“You know I still love you the same Khushi, please don’t worry about this now”

Khushi nodded positively as she held on tight to him, being in his arms made her feel like everything was going to be okay.


“ASR!” Aman shook him.

Arnav looked at Aman in confusion, his mind was still lost and the sudden disturbance had gotten him confused.

“What happened?” Arnav asked.

“I’ve been talking to you for a while and you’re lost in some other world, what’s wrong?” Aman asked

“Nothing, I was just remembering the times spent with Khushi and I was wondering if I’ll ever be able to gain her forgiveness”

“Don’t lose hope Arnav, I’m sure one day she’ll understand you and she will forgive you”

“I met Krrish today, I’ve asked him to meet me again so we can talk about it all, he agreed but I don’t know if he will come.”

“He will come” Aman said

“How can you be so confident about it?”

“Because I’ve noticed him when we were in Paris, he’s so much like Khushi, and you know how forgiving Khushi had always been, he had a soft heart and so does Krrish, I’m sure he would come.”

“Let’s hope you are right, if he forgives me, I’m sure he would convince Khushi too” Arnav said hopefully.



Kiara and Krrish stopped in front of something that looked like a hall, wondering why he might have brought her here, she took a few steps forward and tried to peep in, she turned back to look at Krrish in shock. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

The hall was all empty except for a table with two chairs around placed in the middle, Advik was sitting on one of the chairs busy doing something in his phone.

“When did this happen? When did he even come here?” She asked in total surprise.

“That’s not what we should discuss now, you have to go inside and see him, he’s waiting for you, go and tell him all about your feelings Kiara.

“Krrish, are you sure about this?” Kiara asked nervously.

“Yes, a hundred percent, look at me Kiara, don’t be scared of anything, don’t worry what his answer will be, just think that you have this chance and you have to let him know how you feel about him despite everything else, because if you don’t do this today, you’ll regret for the rest of your life that you had the opportunity and things would have been different but you were too scared to take any step.

Look at me, I don’t have any regrets now and I am genuinely happy for you and for Advik, my brother is one lucky man to have a girl like you be in love with him so I want you to tell him about it, go now, he’s waiting inside for you.”

Kiara nodded confidently at Krrish’s motivating words, maybe he was right, she dint want any regrets in her life and whatever Advik’s feelings might be at least she won’t regret not ever telling him about it.

“Come on now, I’ll take you inside.” He said.

He got hold of her hand and pulled her inside with him while she stared at him wondering what this man was made of, how could he be so selfless? How could he do such a big thing for her and for his brother? How could he not feel hurt by telling the girl he loved to confess her love for someone else?

“Here we are, my journey with you was until here, look there he is waiting for you, you have to go inside all by yourself now.”

“Thank you so much Krrish, you really are a good friend” Kiara said hugging him tightly.

“Go!” he said pushing her inside.

She nodded positively and took a few steps forward and then turned back to look at Krrish who was standing behind her with moist eyes but a genuine smile on his face, he was the best person she’d ever met, who knew he could so something as big as this for her? For her happiness?

He smiled at her and waved a goodbye to her while she waved back in return.

Acchha chalta hoon, duaaon mein yaad rakhna,

Mere zikr ka zubaan pe suaad rakhna…

Dil ke sandooqon mein, mere ache kaam rakhna…

Chitti taaron mein bhi mera tu salaam rakhna…

Krrish walked towards the other side of the hall, there was a switch right next to the window, he pressed it and just when Kiara was in front of Advik, the whole place lightened up magically.

She looked around happily, and then at Advik who was standing in front of her looking just as happy as her, he smiled at her and then pulled her into a hug, the greeting kind of a hug.

Andhera tera maine leliya, mera ujala sitara tere naam kiya…

Channa mereya mereya… channa mereya mereya beliya… oh piya…

Krrish knelt down on his knees breaking down completely, there were no words to explain how it felt seeing the girl he loved in his own brother’s arms, it broke him completely.

He sat there hugging his knees with his arms trying to calm himself down, trying to remember that his love dint need love in return to be called love, he had done what he had to do to see Kiara happy and he should be happy for her but at the same time, there was this pain of letting her go was burning inside his heart.

He remembered all those moments he had spent with her in Paris, and then even here in Delhi, they were going to be the most memorable moments of his life.

He tried to console himself with every motivating quote he’d ever heard of, with everything he could but it seemed to be so difficult, with every passing moment he felt like, Kiara would confess her feelings to Advik and they’ll both be together, and maybe he wasn’t strong enough yet to see that.

Even though he knew both his brother and the girl he loved were going to be happy, he felt hurt and broken.

Mehfil mein teri, hum na rahein jo, gum to nahi hai… gum to nahi…

Kisse humari nazdeekiyon ke, kum to nahi hai… kum to nahi hai…

Kitni dafa, subah ko meri, tere angaan me baithe maine sham kiya…

Channa mereya mereya… channa mereya mereya beliya… oh piya…

He stood up deciding it wasn’t a good idea to stay here, he had planned all this for both their happiness and he dint want to spoil anything just in case his heart messed up with his mind and forced him to do otherwise.

He peeped in through the window and saw them both sited at the table, the waiter was serving them some food while they both looked each other into the eyes smiling happily, looking so lost in love.

This is what he wanted, dint he? Then why was he feeling hurt about it now? Why was it hurting him so much and making him feel so vulnerable?

Tere rukh se apna raasta mod chala… chandan hoon mein apni khushboo chhod ke chala…

He looked at her for what seemed like forever and then turned around to walk away, he dint want to look back again, this was fate and fate always had it that Advik and Kiara be together, maybe he was just a way to bring them together, and now that his work was done here, he dint have to stay here anymore.

He waved a goodbye from the back of his hand once again and then walked away leaving them on their own, to create their own beautiful love story.

Mann ki maya rakhke tere takiye tale… bairagi, bairagi ka sooti chola, odh ke chala…

Channa mereya mereya… channa mereya mereya beliya… oh piya…


“Krrish! Please tell me what happened” Khushi said worriedly as she held him tight into his arms.

After he left Kiara with Advik, Krrish came back to his hotel room where Khushi was waiting for him and as soon as he saw his mother, he broke down, it was too much for him to take, it was so difficult knowing that he’d never get love from the girl he loved.

He rushed to Khushi and hugged her tightly as he cried his heart out while Khushi was all confused and worried.

“Krrish look at me, tell me what happened” Khushi asked worriedly.

“Mom… she loves bro, remember I told you about the girl I love? Eventually she met Advik too while in Paris and she fell for him… I was so hurt when I learnt that but then I thought, he was my brother and what could be better that him being with her?

So I took Kiara to meet him and to confess her love to him, but now I’m feeling so heart, it’s like someone is hitting me with sharp knives on my heart and I can’t do anything about it.”

“You did what?” Khushi asked looking shocked.

Apr 19

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 39 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 55 times)

Advik and Kiara stared at each other wondering what to talk, both of them were surprised with what Krrish had done for them.

“Did you know I was coming here or was it a surprise for you too?” Kiara asked.

“It was a surprise, when I saw you that’s when I knew that he had planned for us to meet here, although I still don’t know why”

“The food is really yummy isn’t it?” Kiara said nervously trying to change the topic.

Although she had walked in feeling confident and motivated and she had decided she would let Advik know about her feelings, right now she seemed to have changed her mind, she was feeling scared, she wondered what his answer would be.

Did he even feel the same towards her? What if she was going to be left heartbroken? What if he was going to be angry on her? What would happen?

“You look nervous, is everything okay?” Advik asked.

“Yeah… I’m okay” Kiara said as she took another bite.

Advik looked at her for a while hoping she would tell him whatever that was disturbing him but her eyes were stuck on the plate, he stood up and walked to her side, he held her by shoulders and helped her stand up.

“Tell me Kiara, what’s wrong?”

“Advik… I… I…” She stammered.

“Say it, I promise I’ll listen patiently and calmly, I might be able to help you if it’s a problem or something”

“I haven’t felt this way before… I mean since we met in Paris, I remember I hated you when you were mean but then I really dint hate you, I just couldn’t… We spent some time together and everything changed…

Even today when I sleep at night all I feel is your lips against mine, how you made me feel that day, since I came back I haven’t been at peace, there hasn’t been a day where I haven’t thought about you…

I just want to tell you that you’re special for me, that’s why even Krrish planned all this, he knew what I felt for you and he wanted me to tell you about it, so here I am confessing my feelings to you… Advik.. I love you… I really do.”

Advik took off his hands from her shoulder and looked at her in shock, he couldn’t even understand what he himself felt about this confession.


Khushi was standing in front of the mirror admiring herself in the beautiful wedding dress, Arnav had gifted it to her and it was just so perfect.

“Khushi, Buaji is calling you, we need to leave” Payal said as she walked in the room.

“Jiji! Don’t I look beautiful, see Arnav ji gifted me this beautiful dress, it’s so pretty” Khushi twirled around showing her dress to her sister.

“Yes it’s beautiful and you’re also beautiful, now can we leave, you know if Buaji gets angry she’ll start with her lectures again.

“Okay, I’m come in two minutes” Khushi said as she turned back to the mirror and admired herself once more.

Today she felt like she was the happiest person on earth, she was finally going to get married to the man she loved, they would get married have their own baby and spend their life happily, it all sounded like a fairytale.

She quickly rushed outside knowing Buaji would get angry if she got late, they had to reach temple on time and Delhi traffic was unpredictable.


“You’re still getting married to her? Despite knowing about what she did to Rani Saheba?” Shyam asked Arnav angrily.

“You don’t have to ask me or tell me what I’m doing, if Khushi is guilty in this, you also are, I saw her in your arms that night on the terrace.”

“I wasn’t the one who hugged her, she did it forcefully”

“Then why didn’t you push her away? Why dint you tell her anything? The truth is that you also were cheating on my sister, and it’s only because I know how much she loves you and trusts you that’s why I’m not telling her a thing, or I would have thrown you out of the house the day I saw you both together” Arnav clenched his fists tightly.

“Yes I can see how much you love you sister, you’re selfish Arnav, for your own lust you’re getting married to the girl who was about to ruin your sisters life, congratulations on that!”

“Don’t you dare” Arnav got hold of Shyam’s collar angrily and looked at him with rage, if it was in his hands, he could have beaten this man up to death for what he did with his sister.

“First of all what I have for Khushi isn’t lust, secondly you aren’t anyone to tell me what to do, I know what I am doing and I’ll do it anyway.”

“You’re doing nothing, you’re getting married to her because the love you have for her is bigger than the love you have for your sister”

“Shut up! Just get lost before I punch you on the face” Arnav pushed him away and turned to walk back to his room.

He was burning red with fury, he wanted to end this for once and for all, he wanted to get rid of this Shyam and Khushi matter, he wanted to keep his sister happy and he knew what exactly he had to do for this.

“You’ll pay for ruining my sister’s life Khushi, I won’t ever forgive you for this” Arnav clenched his fist tight.

“Who won’t you forgive and for what?” Anjali asked as she walked in.

“Di… when did you come here?”

“Just when you were talking about not forgiving someone, look at you chotte, I mean it’s you wedding day today, you’ll get married to Khushi ji today so you should be happy but you’re the angry young man as usual”

“It’s just a wedding Di.”

“No chotte, it’s not just a wedding, you have to keep Khushi ji happy for the rest of your life, you have to take care of her and love her, there’s more to marriage than just what you think.”

“I’m not in moods of lectures right now Di, can we please get going, let’s get done with this wedding thing”

“Until yesterday you were forcing us to prepone the wedding date and now that we have you sound like you aren’t happy at all about it… what’s wrong chotte? Did you and Khushi ji fight or something?”

“It’s not that Di, you know I don’t like all this rituals and stuff, so I’m just a bit irritated, everything is fine between me and Khushi, and actually today even whatever that’s not fine will be fine.” Arnav smirked.

“At times, I don’t even understand what you talk” Anjali giggled.


“Mom, why are you reacting like I did something wrong?” Krrish asked in surprise.

“No Krrish, you dint do anything wrong, in fact I’m proud of you that you had the strength to do all this, and I also feel hurt for you Krrish, I never wanted you to be hurt like this, that too when you had just fallen in love.

What you’ve done not everyone can do, I’m so proud of you and please be strong, I’m sure everything will be okay.”

“I don’t think so mom, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget Kiara, not when she will be living with us in our house, not when every day I’ll see her and know she’s my brother’s wife.”

“You’ve gone too far Krrish, nothing like that would ever happen.”

“Why mom? Why are you saying that? Don’t you like Kiara?”

“It’s not about me Krrish, it’s about Advik, I know him and I know that he doesn’t love Kiara, whatever you did for both of them was good but I’m sorry to tell you that the outcome of it isn’t going to be what you’re expecting it to be.”

“Why are you saying that mom?”

“Because Advik can never fall in love Krrish, he can’t!” Khushi cried.

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