Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage - 2

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Chapter 11 - Anjali does not accept defeat! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 204 times)

“Wow Khushi.. this sari suits you perfectly..” Anjali walked near Khushi smiling, she adjusted Khushi’s hair, then checked on Khushi again, “Perfect!”

Her voice broke the eye lock between Arshi. Arnav became conscious and mentally scolded himself, for losing control like this; he was literally eating Khushi with his eyes!

“Hain na Chote? Isn’t she looking beautiful now?” Anjali turned to him.

Arnav nodded his head “Bohot khoobsurat..(very beautiful)”, Khushi looked down shyly. While Anjali’s eyes grew wide, her Chote is actually praising a girl first time in life, if she’s not wrong. When they used to go to school, she used to tease him by looking girlfriends for him and he always used to point some or other flaw in that girl, and today for Khushi, he even added “bohot” which shocked her more.

“O tenu suit suit karda…O tenu suit suit karda…Suit karda..” NK sang standing at the door, “Oh god Jalebi you plan to kill others in the party with your beauty or what?.. You’re looking amazing, beautiful, gorgeous.. I don’t have words to describe you.. this sari is just made for you only..”

“Hain na? I chose this sari for Khushi and she was denying to wear it.. now see everyone liked to see you in this sari, even Chote who rarely compliments someone!” Anjali said.

Khushi blushed, smiling “Thank you NK!!”

Arnav frowned, he crossed his arms annoyed with Khushi, even he complimented her but she didn’t say thank you to him, only to NK and even smiled to him. That’s not fair!

“Let’s go.. we’ll have fun at party today!” NK pulled Khushi with him, and both left chatting and laughing on the way.

Arnav clenched his jaws, he also walked to leave Anjali’s room, but she held his hand smiling, “Where are you going?”

“Downstairs! You think I will party in your room Di..” Arnav said sarcastically.

“Aree.. Calm down, I just asked normally, why are you getting angry?” she pouted. Arnav didn’t reply, just looked away.

“Pagal!” she pinched his cheeks smiling, “Is it because of Khushi?”

Arnav looked at her shocked, how does she know that? Oh, she is his Di and can read him in and out.

“No! Why would I be angry because of her? She’s no one to me..” he lied terribly, looking away.

“Mr.Raizada you’re forgetting that right now you’re talking with Anjali Singh Raizada not those clients of yours whom you can easily convince! You can lie to anyone in this world, but not to me who grew up with you.. and I can feel kuch kuch ho raha hai.. (something is happening!)” she said smirking.

“Stop being filmy! And you’re Anjali Jha now..” he smirked. She pouted, “I will always be a Raizada okay..”

While Anjali was blabbering about being Raizada or not, Arnav thought she got distracted from that topic and it was better if he escape now from her. He took baby steps towards the door.

“Chote!” she called him, he shut his eyes biting his lips for being caught.

“Don’t forget that no matter what happens, you’ll always remain Chote in front of me..I’m your elder sister.. don’t even think I’m fool and I will let you escape!” she said glaring at him.

Arnav turned to her, “What are you talking about Di?”

“Acha? You don’t know? Okay, let me ask you more clearly.. You like Khushi, don’t you?” she asked walking to him, and locked the door.

“Di I’m not Khushi that you will lock the door and I will do what you want..” he said staring at her.

“You will have to, otherwise I will shout to everyone that you like Khushi, and if she gets to know that then she will be angry with you, she will not talk with you and then (Anjali smirked thinking to tease him with NK also, she noticed how Arnav got jealous when NK complimented Khushi now) NK will marry her, she will leave you!” said Anjali acting dramatically.

“WHAT THE… NO!” Arnav shouted, imagining his Cutiepie angry with him, then getting married to NK.

Anjali turned her back to him and giggled silently, then turned to him crossing her arms, and raised her eyebrow indicating to him that she was waiting for the answer.

“Okay, fine!... I like her..” he confessed irritated with his Di. Anjali jumped on him smiling, she clenched his cheeks, “Aww.. my Chote! I’m so happy for you.. finally you liked someone!”

She hugged him tightly, smiling emotionally, “Khushi is a good girl.. even I like her..”

Arnav smiled faintly, “I know she’s a good girl, she’s so cute Di.. I never found or met any girl like her till now..”

Anjali giggled, “Let’s sit here, we have so much to talk!”

Both siblings sat on the bed and chatted for a long time, about Khushi.


Khushi picked Buaji’s call, standing in a corner.

“Khushi are you ok? Why didn’t you come back till yet? Is everything fine?” asked a worried Buaji.

“I’m fine Buaji.. I’m sorry I forgot to inform you that I’m still in farm house, woh actually Arnav sir asked me to stay here because it’s already late.. he will drop home tomorrow..” said Khushi.

“Acha.. tik hai.. you better rest for a while, I’m sure you spend all day in the kitchen na?” asked Buaji.

“Nahin, I wasn’t even allowed to cook today.. Arnav sir denied me to cook because I got hurt while making tea today..” she said smiling shyly.

“Really?” Buaji asked surprised.

“Haan.. Buaji Arnav sir is very nice, you know today he searched for our house address alone, NK told me that.. Then he made me sit at the front seat on his car, he applied ointment on my wound, he even scolded Lavanya ma’am for calling me Chamkili, and Anjali ma’am gifted me a red sari, Arnav sir said I’m looking very beautiful..” she said smiling brightly.

“What else Mr. Handsome did?” Buaji asked smiling teasingly.

“Woh..just what I told you Buaji!” Khushi blushed.


“But Di.. Don’t you find it strange that Payal never talks with Khushi even though both are sisters?” Arnav asked.

“I guess it’s because Payal is recently married to Aman na, she must be giving more attention to him, that’s why you felt like that..” said Anjali.

Arnav was still not convinced with the answer, but nodded his head agreeing with her, “Maybe..”

Apr 6

Chapter 12 - The dance! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 218 times)

Arnav came downstairs with Anjali by his side, both siblings looking for Khushi with smiley faces. Khushi was watching NK, Akash, Aman, Payal and Lavanya dancing on stage.

“There she is..” Anjali pointed to Khushi excitedly. Arnav slapped her hand, glaring at her, “Di control yourself.. what we both know, she doesn’t know okay.. what if she had seen you pointing at her?”

 “Okay! It’s just I can’t control my excitement.. I  can’t wait to see you both together!” chirped Anjali, making Arnav smile a little.

“Khushi!” Anjali called her and Arnav looked at her confused, and with what’s-your-plan-now?, while Payal and Lavanya stopped their dance curious to know why Anjali called Khushi. They’re already angry after they got to know that Anjali gifted such an expensive sari to Khushi.

Khushi walked to her, “Anjali ma’am you called me?”

Anjali nodded, “Why are you standing alone there? And why aren’t you dancing? This is party, and today you’re guest here, not worker!”

Khushi smiled awkwardly, “Woh.. I don’t know..this dance and all..”

Arnav raised his one eyebrow with a oh-really look, “Are you sure Khushi? That’s not what I heard from those kids today morning! They said something like you teach dancing to them..”

“I teach them classical Indian dances, not this modern ones..” Khushi cleared his doubt, Arnav nodded.

“You never told us Khushi, now I’m interested to see you dancing!” Anjali smiled excitedly, “NK stop this music..” shouted Anjali.

Khushi nodded sideways, “Nahin, Anjali ma’am I can’t dance here in front of everyone.. please!”

“Aaahh.. nahin, you can’t say no! You have to dance Khushi at least show us some moves..” Anjali pleaded.

“Anjali ma’am I won’t be comfortable here, please don’t force me!” Khushi said nodding in negative, she clutched her sari’s palu nervously, as everyone stood staring at them.

Arnav signaled Anjali to stop forcing her, Anjali pouted sighing in defeat, “Okay.. some other day then!”

“Di come to dance with me!” shouted Akash inviting her. Shyam looked at him, “You have to find your own girlfriend instead of stealing my wife!”

Everyone laughed at him, as Anjali joined her brother for the dance.

Arnav stood beside Khushi in the dark hall, only few lights were on to create a romantic mood for the couples dancing on stage.

“You taught me how to cook today, I should also teach you something right?” he suddenly broke the silence between them, extending his hand to her asking for a dance.

“Sir.. it’s not needed..” she replied.

“I’m not used to hear no as answer..” he said.

Khushi gulped, she reluctantly placed her hand on his, and he led her to the stage. Arnav placed his one arm around her waist, Khushi closed her eyes feeling his touch, his touch was different, it had an effect on her, always make her shiver and certain possessiveness on his hold. But it felt good, it felt right!

She placed her hand on his shoulder as guided by him, that’s when she opened her eyes and everyone were staring at them, she felt more shy.

Ratna was so shocked to see Arnav dancing with a girl, she never saw her son doing things like this, and it’s strange that he only does such things she never thought he would with Khushi.

Raj was smirking staring at Arnav and Khushi, “Congrats my son, you fell in love!”

Lavanya clenched her fist, she left NK with whom she was dancing before to glare at Khushi, “Chamkili how dare you dance with my ASR? You will pay from stealing his attention from me!”

“How dare this Khushi? What does she think of herself to dance with Arnav ji like this? She should stay in her limits only, it seems I will have to talk with Amma to show this girl her place..” thought Payal angrily.

Aman waved his hand on her face smiling, “What happened Payal? Where are you lost?”

“Nothing.. I’m tired of dancing..” she faked a smile. “Oh, let’s sit then, you will get time to rest..” he said and left the dance stage with her.

Arnav twirled Khushi, then pulled her to him again. Her chest crushed with his, making her eyes widen and her heart go dhak dhak.

Both kept staring at each other, she distracted herself from the dance and unknowingly steps on his foot.

Khushi looked at him startled, she realized what she did, “I’m sorry Sir..”

“Hahaha Chamkili.. you proved where you belong to now, I don’t think people of your class know this type of dancing, what you guys know ahn? Just dance on that loud and irritating songs.. middle class people! When she can’t even learn from the great ASR, then I doubt she will ever learn it.. right guys?” Lavanya laughed humiliating Khushi.

Everyone started laughing at her. Khushi looked down with moist eyes, and Arnav got furious hearing it, and now Khushi’s tears made his anger touch another level.

He left her and walked to Lavanya who was laughing like crazy, held her by shoulders harshly. Lavanya hissed in pain.

“What did you said about Khushi?” he asked angrily. The family watched the scene with worried face.

“I told the truth only ASR.. Believe me she is one cheap middle class girl, who only wants your attention, your money and nothing else.. don’t go by her innocent face, she has other intentions with you.. she is just trying to trap you and nothing else..” said Lavanya. Khushi gasped, she nodded sideways with tears slipping from her eyes.

Payal smirked, thanking Lavanya mentally for humiliating Khushi.

“SHUT UP..” Arnav shouted, “You don’t need to tell me who is she, I know it better than you! And insulting a woman in front of others and calling her by names, doesn’t make you a great woman Miss Kashyap.. it just shows how CHEAP you’re!”

Arnav said with a sharp tone, “And the same applies to everyone here, who thinks by laughing and putting someone down is a high class people’s behavior..”

He walked to Khushi again, held her hand softly and pulled her out of the place.

“Is what I’m thinking true?” Shyam smirked asking to Anjali.

“Ohho Mr. Lawyer what you’re still thinking, I have already thought and confirmed that it’s true..” Anjali smiled.

“That means..” Shyam smiled in glee.

“Haan. Chote likes Khushi..” Anjali whispered to him, smiling brightly.


Ratna’s room:

“Don’t mind Ratna, but Arnav beta shouldn’t have insulted my baby like this in front of everyone, that too for that cook Khushi whatever..” Dolly pouted.

“But Lavanya bitiya you shouldn’t have talked like that with Khushi..” Ratna said, staring at Lavanya who was crying bitterly with her mother consoling her.

“But Ma tell me where I was wrong? Khushi is a middle class girl only na.. but ASR insulted me, he called me cheap.. is this fair?” Lavanya cried.

“My Baby is right only, if Arnav beta treats Lavanya like this before marriage, then did you ever thought after marriage Ratna? How things would be? Will he still defend that cook over his wife? Or he will start an affair with that girl.. leaving my daughter.. shii.. I don’t even want to think about it..” Dolly said.

“Nahin, what are you saying Dolly? My son isn’t like this.. he will marry Lavanya and be faithful to her only.. he just defended Khushi because he didn’t like that everyone laughed on her, just this and nothing else..” Ratna said.

“Do you think so Ma? ASR, the king of fashion industry and most rich business man in India as well London, would defend a mere cook, middle class girl like Khushi just like that? Ma open your eyes, this girl is trapping your son with her innocent face, not everyone is like me who waited for him for 6 years, and love him unconditionally, I’m ready to be the perfect wife for him and an ideal bahu for this family, but Khushi! She just wants ASR’s money Ma..” said Lavanya acting innocently. 

“Haan, Ratna listen to me carefully, this girl will steal your son from you and if you do nothing about it, you will see Arnav beta changed.. he will only listen to her now.. just like today he fought with Lavanya for her, tomorrow he might fight with you also..” Dolly said in warning tone.

Ratna looked at them, scared to hear all this. She got tension now thinking what if all this come out to be true?


“Khushi don’t cry.. you know you are not what that Lazybones said, then why are you wasting your tears for her?” Arnav asked as he watched her sobbing uncontrollably.

“Sir.. I’m not..trying..to trap .. you.. I  don’t.. your attention.. your money.. I .. never thought.. all this.. I don’t know.. why everyone accuses me..” Khushi said stammering, while hot tears slip from her eyes.

“Everyone who?” he asked.

Khushi looked away, she remained silent over this topic, she was referring to Garima, Shashi and Payal.

“I know you’re not those girls who are behind my money Khushi. Trust me, I didn’t believe in a word that Lazybones said and I never will.. I know you have a clean and pure heart, you’re a good girl!” he said.

Khushi lifted her astonished hazel eyes to meet his.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

“Now stop crying! Did you see my empty pool became full with water of your tears?” he said.

“No.. it was full already..” she argued nodding sideways. Arnav smirked, and she giggled seeing he was just making fun of her.



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Chapter 13 - Rain of Roses.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 223 times)

After the party, everyone left to their room tiredly. Arnav was the only one, who still had some time to visit his wife (laptop) late at night. Everyone roll their eyes seeing him, but no one had strength left to discuss with him, so they just left.

After working for a while, Arnav also went upstairs towards his room. While walking, he found Khushi in the corridor of the first floor, she looked upset and lost.

He shook his head, and went from there.

Khushi was thinking about the recent conversation she had with Garima over the phone, Garima called her to obviously scold her for taking such an expensive sari from Anjali and Payal also informed her about the way Arnav fought with Lavanya for her.

“DM.. why do they think I’m behind money? Amma, Bauji and Jiji are always insulting me for this, I never tried to compete with Jiji, neither I would do anything to spoil her married life, then why?.. Why they think like this of me? Have I ever done something bad for them? I always wished them good, but they always think bad of me.. no matter how much I try to do everything good and perfect for them, they always blame me only.. Why? Why only Buaji, NK, Akash and.. Arnav sir understand me? Why only they think good of me?” she thought with tears brimming in her eyes.

She closed her eyes not to cry, not to fall weak now. Suddenly she felt like it was raining on her but it was not definitely water, she opened her eyes confused and blinked twice, as it fell on her face.

A smile adorned her face seeing rose petals being thrown at her, she joined her hands innocently to grab some on her hand.

“How’s my idea?” Arnav asked smirking.

She looked at his side, and felt shy that she reacted like this in front of him. She was so happy and engrossed in the rain of rose petals that she didn’t even saw him.

“You didn’t like it?” Arnav asked.

“No Sir, I like it.. but why?” she asked.

“Why?.. Because I was going to sleep and on my way I saw a girl who let herself down because of others, then I decided to show her that the best way to lead your life is finding your own happiness..” Arnav said.

Khushi looked at him for a while in silence, Arnav continued: You know many people and even media spread wrong things about me, they’re always saying I’m rude, I’m arrogant.. but I don’t give a damn about it Khushi, it’s my life and I will lead it the way I want.. if I’m rude to someone then I know why I behaved like that, and I’m not even worried to explain why I behaved like that.. everything I do of my professional and personal life, I know why I do it that’s why I don’t care to prove myself to the world, I don’t care to prove to the world that I’m good person or whatever.. I don’t care what they think about me, because I know who I am, what I do and why I do that.. if you know yourself well, then you don’t have to upset over what Lazybones or others think about you, you know that’s not true and some or other day, your truth will anyway come in front of others..

“Cry.. Cry.. Cry.. till when will you cry? Every time people insult you, are you going to cry and let them succeed in spoiling your life? Are you going to let them win without even trying? Khushi when you cry, you’re letting them know that they affect you, that you’re accepting defeat and this increase their confidence, they’re always going to put you down because they know you’re not going to answer them back, you’re not going to put a stop on this..” he said.

Khushi looked at him, she wanted to share what she went through with him, she doesn’t know why but she never even told NK and Akash about her life, but Arnav made her feel comfortable, the way he shared about his world, she too wanted to say something but Payal was just behind them and watching everything.

“It’s late sir.. Good night..” she said and walked to leave quickly, Arnav held her hand.  Khushi turned to him, “You hide a lot of things.. I can feel it..”

Khushi looked down, she tried to release her hand but he tightened his grip on her.

“I won’t rest till I find your secrets Khushi!” he said huskily, then let her go. Khushi looked at him.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

She noticed Payal frowning trying to hear their conversation, it was better for her to go now. She went from there leaving Arnav lost in his thoughts.


Early in the morning..

Arnav returned from jogging, he was walking through the living room heading to his room, when Ratna called him.

“Ma.. kya hua?” he asked as he sat beside her on the couch.

“I’m very angry with you Chote..” she said with a serious face.

“Why?” Arnav frowned. “You insulted Lavanya bitiya yesterday in front of everyone, you know she cried all night and you didn’t even said sorry..”

“She also insulted Khushi in front of everyone Ma..” he said, “And she cried all night, crybaby..” he chuckled, “Look at Khushi, she cried also but she didn’t even let you guys know it.. in front of everyone, she behaves like she’s okay, when inside she is not.. and that Lazybones went on to cry in front of you, to make me feel guilty? Tell her these tricks are old enough, and her fake tears don’t affect me at all..”

“Arnav! Why are you talking like that?” Ratna frowned.

“I’m telling you what is truth Ma, and I’M NOT GOING TO APOLOGIZE.. “ He said in ASR tone, and stood up to live.

Ratna looked at him sadly, he didn’t listen to her words. Her phone rang, she picked it up: Hello Sidhant ji, how are you? Dolly and Lavanya are missing you so much, when are you coming back here?

“What? I came back long ago, but it seems that mother and daughter don’t even miss me, they liked to stay with you only..” Sidhant giggled.

Ratna was shocked to hear this, she remembers it properly that Dolly said that Sidhant, her husband is in New York because of his work, and didn’t return yet.

After few talks, she hung up the call and Arnav looked at her, “Kya hua? Who called you Ma?”

“Sidhant ji, Dolly’s husband.. you know he is saying that he returned long back but Dolly said to me that he is still in New York, that’s why they’re staying here with us..” said Ratna confused.

“Hmm.. now you got to know who’s behind my money!” Arnav said raising his eyebrows with I-told-you look.

“Arnav don’t talk like that.. we know them for years, your father is best friend of Sidhant..” Ratna glared at him.

“Ma.. it’s so clear that they lied to you, stop being so good! Sometimes you need to think from here (he pointed to his head) and not here (pointed to his heart)” he said.

Khushi walked out of the kitchen, placing the plates on the table. Arnav’s eyes landed on her.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

Anjali who heard his last sentence, as she reached now only and then saw him drooling over Khushi, smirked mischievously.

She mimicked him, “Sometimes you need to think from here (she pointed to her head) and not here (pointed to her heart)”

Arnav rolled his eyes. Anjali smiled, “I’ve found out your weakness now ASR.. now you can’t win from me!”

She raised her eyebrow with attitude.

“Jija ji reached.. he bought red roses for you!” Arnav said staring behind her. Anjali also turned to see blushing, but didn’t saw anyone. She turned back to him glaring, “Ma dekho na.. Chote is making fun of me!”

“I know your weakness too my dear Di!” he winked at her.

“You both are always fighting! Don’t bring me in..” Ratna said and stood up, she went towards the breakfast table.

“Don’t forget to confirm your doubts Ma..” Arnav said watching her going with tension all written on her face.

Anjali looked at both confused.


While leaving the farm house, Arnav leaned on his car waiting for Khushi. Lavanya came to him, thinking, “Looks like Ma has already talked with him, he must be waiting for me to say sorry, then we’ll leave together.. wah, Lavanya your tears resulted in something at least..”

Arnav raised his one eyebrow staring at her, while Lavanya smile a little waiting for him to say something but Arnav didn’t.

“I know you want to say sorry ASR.. it’s okay, I forgive you!” she smiled innocently.

Arnav chuckled, “Main? Sorry? To you? You must be kidding right, I don’t want to say sorry neither I will.. I don’t repent for what I did..”

Lavanya widened her eyes in shock, she asked embarrassed, “Then.. Why are you waiting for me?”

“I’m waiting for Khushi, not you!” he rolled his eyes.

Lavanya clenched her jaws, irritated she left from there to her mother. Ratna was thinking she should ask Dolly once, why did she lie to them that her husband is not here.

Khushi came outside with NK and Akash, the three were going to NK’s car. Arnav wanted to bang his head somewhere, why does NK always steal Khushi from him?

Anjali giggled seeing his reaction, she thought to help him. She signaled him to wait, then walked to NK, “NK I want to go with you..”

“But Anjali we’re supposed to go together..” Shyam pouted, he wanted to spend some quality time with his wife, but she’s always behind her brothers.

“Some other time, right now I want to go with my bro’s..” she smiled side hugging NK and Akash, “But we’ll go with HP also..” said NK.

“No problem, Khushi can go with Chote, his car has full space hain na Chote?” Anjali smirked.

“Yeah!” Arnav nodded.

“Jalebi do you want to go with Nannav?” asked NK.

“Of course she wants..” Anjali face palmed.

“Am I some devil he’s asking like this, as if I will kill her.. Monkey!” Arnav thought, gritting his teeth.

Khushi nodded her head cutely, that made Arnav’s heart melt. She walked to him, and Arnav happily opened the car’s door for her.

While they left, Payal and Lavanya did not like this closeness at all, it was like danger for them.



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Apr 16

Chapter 14 - Khushi jealous! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 199 times)

“Do you stay quiet like this with everyone? Or you choose people to talk.. like NK?” Arnav asked while driving, with a tone of jealously.

Khushi who was till now lost in her thoughts, looked at him startled, “Sir?”

“I mean you don’t talk with everyone at home.. only with NK..” he said stressing the “NK” again.

“I talk with everyone sir.. but NK and Akash are my best friends..” she replied not getting his meaning.

“No, you don’t talk with everyone.. you just reply to them Khushi..” he argued in a sarcastic tone. 

“But Sir I work in AR.. I can’t cross my limits..” she said innocently, her eyes brimmed with tears as she thought he was scolding her.

“Okay..” he said the next minute noticing her baby crying face, “Hmm.. Payal is your sister?” he changed the topic.

Khushi nodded her head. “But you don’t talk much with her, why? Isn’t she close to you?”

“Woh.. I’m ..” she stammered not knowing what to answer. What would she say to him? That her family hates her.

“It’s okay.. feel comfortable Cutiepie.. you don’t have to answer me, if you don’t want..” he said after seeing her disturbed form.

“Even if you don’t want to answer me, I will get to know everything about you..” he thought.

Khushi calmed a bit, she felt shy when he called her ‘Cutiepie’, while Arnav realized this later, he smirked seeing her shyly.

“I’m an orphan Sir.. my Buaji took me when I was a baby to their house, and then I got in my life, my amma, bauji and my Jiji.. Jiji is not my blood sister, that’s why we are not that close..” she said half-truth to him.

“Oh..” he reacted still trying to register what she said right now, “I’m sorry.. I didn’t know that..”

“Don’t say sorry.. it’s okay Sir..” she replied with a sweet faint smile, hiding a lot of pain in her heart.

“What do you study?” he asked, when she looked away to the window side.

“Fashion designing sir..” that she replied with a bright smile on her face.

“Wow.. why didn’t you said to me before? I can help you out when you need ok!” he said surprised, she’s following his steps!

Khushi nodded her head smiling, “Thank you so much sir.. You know I’m your biggest fan, I always dream to become like you.. you’re my inspiration!”

 “You will become like me.. or even better than me!” he said smiling warmly to her.

Her eyes showed so much happiness right now, like a kid who’s being praised by the teacher. He could read it, that his words meant so much for her.

“By the way, you never said to me you’re my fan.. see how you hide lot of things!” he complained.

“How would I say it?” she said embarrassed.

“Just saying it.. there are many girls that are my fans, and just by seeing me they literally hug me, kiss me and what not..” Arnav said.

Khushi widened her eyes hearing about the hugs and kisses, she almost gasped but controlled herself.

“And you accept it Sir?” she asked out of curiosity but at the same time, she felt bad that he kisses and hugs his fan girls!

“No.. but they’re uncontrollable sometimes my bodyguards can’t keep them away from me.. so.. it happens..” Arnav replied concentrated on his driving.

“You too..” she said but stopped realizing she’s crossing her limits now, she doesn’t have any rights to ask him.

“Me what?” Arnav raised his eyebrow.

“Nothing..” she said looking down, and playing with her fingers.

“Say it.. you know I enjoyed chatting with you.. you’re different from the girls I’ve met till now.. and I don’t mind replying to your questions Khushi..” he said.

She felt goose bumps hearing this confession from him, why is he making her feel so special? She still doesn’t know the answer.

“Woh.. I wanted to ask if you also give what your fans give to you?” she asked awkwardly.

“If I give them hug and kisses?” Arnav asked again.

Khushi felt so embarrassed right now, she just nodded her head.

“No..” he chuckled making her feel more embarrassed than she was, “I only want to hug and kiss someone special to me!”

“This means Sir has a girlfriend.. but there’s no news about his girlfriend, maybe Sir didn’t want to reveal her to the world..” Khushi thought looking down, somewhere she was upset to know about this. 

“First time she talked with me, it felt so good to hear her sweet voice.. damn, she’s so innocent yaar.. Cutiepie is a perfect name for her.. wish I could hug and give loads of kisses to this angel!” he thought.

They reached to her house, Arnav parked the car near. Khushi got out of the car, then looked at him, she waved her hands, “Bye sir..”

“Bye..” he waved his hand like she did, and she walked to her house. He waited for her to enter, then he drove to AR.

Gupta house..

“See.. the princess has reached! How’s the party?” Garima asked sarcastically.

Khushi looked down, Garima walked to her and pulled her harshly by her arms, “You enjoyed a lot with Arnav bitwa na?”

“Amma..” Khushi cried in pain, she tried to release herself but failed, as Garima tightened her grip on her.

“What amma? Payal told me everything, Anjali bitiya gifted you such an expensive sari, Arnav bitwa defended you in front of everyone and now he came to drop you home also, you’re doing your job perfectly.. Trying to impress the Raizadas to gain my daughter’s status? You will never reach to where Payal is standing now, got that? You’re not worth it..” Garima said piercing her nails on Khushi’s arms.

Khushi sobbed, “Please leave me Amma.. it’s hurting..”

“Stay away from Arnav bitwa..” Garima said dangerously glaring at her.

“What are you doing Garima? Leave her..” Buaji came running, she left her bag on the floor and ran to Garima, pulling her away from Khushi.

Khushi caressed her arms, bleeding by now.

“Are you mad? Dare you hurt my Sona like this again..” Buaji shouted, she rushed to help Khushi.

“Haan, then tell your Sona to not mess up with my daughter.. tell her to stay away from Raizadas, especially from Arnav bitwa.. today he came to drop her home, tomorrow something else might happen..” Garima said sighing angrily.

Buaji was blowing air on Khushi’s wound till now stopped and smirked, “Kyun? Are you getting scared that I may win the challenge? That Arnav bitwa might fall in love with Khushi?”

“Buaji please don’t..” whispered Khushi.

“Nahin.. I know he won’t fall for this good for nothing girl.. he will marry with someone very rich like him..” said Garima and left from there.

“You don’t listen to her words Sona.. I want to see you with Arnav bitwa!” Buaji smiled teasingly.

“Buajiii.. Sir has a girlfriend okay? Stop dreaming now..” Khushi whined.

“What?” Buaji widened her eyes, “No, he doesn’t have any girl in his life..”

“He has.. he only said to me..” Khushi said with heavy heart, she looked at her wound and caressed it slowly.

Buaji noticed she was sad about it, “I wish both break up.. this is not fair.. I’m sure his girlfriend is not that beautiful as you!”

“Buaji you can’t wish bad for others.. I’m sure they must.. look perfect for each other..” Khushi said looking down, she went to her room.

“DM at least you hear my words.. please make both break up..” Buaji prayed, “Don’t break my Sona’s heart, what she is starting to feel in her heart, she herself doesn’t know but it’s hurting her I know.. please make her first love story a beautiful journey, don’t fill it with pain..”



Arnav was attending a meeting, but his attention was all on Khushi. He just pretended to hear what others were saying, but his mind was chanting Khushi. His eyes only see her now, his lips only say her name and all he can hear now is her sweet voice!

“ASR..” Aman called him.

“Khushi..” Arnav uttered in flow, the moment Aman’s face became visible to him, he cursed himself for uttering her name like this.

Aman looked at him confused.

“Woh.. I’m missing her food..” he lied, “You know where is her college?”

“Are you going to make her cook in the college for you ASR?” Aman asked with wide eyes.

“Aman just tell me her college address, whether she will cook or not.. I will decide..” Arnav said in his usual ASR tone.

Aman nodded his head, and gave him the address.


College XYZ..

Khushi was in library with her books on a table, although she was writing some notes, her mind was somewhere else.

Arnav Sir..

She blushed thinking about him, the way he speaks with her, the way he defends her, the way he said “bohot khoobsurat..”, the way he always smile to her, she never saw him smiling to anyone than her, he’s always a gentleman to her, and the opposite happens to Lavanya.

“But Lavanya ma’am also irritates Sir a lot.. maybe that’s why he does get angry with her.. but Sir is good only.. I don’t know why many people speak bad about him, even NK and Akash are always saying he’s very strict and gets angry easily..” she thought pouting.

She stood up and went to pick another book, when someone patted her shoulder from behind, she thought it was Sameer, one guy that loves to tease her. She got angry that he dared to touch her today, she turned and pointed her index finger to him, “Sameer tum..”

Her eyes grew wide when instead of Sameer, it was none other than Arnav.

She kept her finger back immediately, “Sir.. app.. here?”

“Sorry.. I shouldn’t have touched you!” he said raising his hands as if surrendering.

“No Sir.. I thought it was one bad guy here, he teases me a lot.. that’s why I got angry..” Khushi said.

“Really? And who is he?” Arnav asked, clenching his fist.

“Hey BABY..” a boy came to them, smiling evilly to Khushi.

“There he is..” Khushi whispered to Arnav, “Sameer..”

Apr 17

Chapter 15 - About Love? (By Angel23) (Thanked: 179 times)

Before Sameer could approach Khushi, Arnav held him by his collars gritting his teeth, “Who is your Baby here?”

“Are you blind or what? Khushi obviously..” Sameer replied carelessly staring at Khushi, but when he saw ASR in front of him, he gulped in fear.

“If you don’t change your words now, you’ll become blind for sure..” Arnav said angrily, and pushed him with all his force to the bookshelf. Sameer fell on it, and most of the books fell on him.

Khushi gasped, she covered her mouth with her both palms shocked. And the same state was of Sameer’s friends, who ran away from there after seeing Sameer crying in pain.

Arnav knelt down, and pulled Sameer by his collar again, “What is Khushi to you? Repeat what you said..”

“Khushi.. ahh.. Khushi..is my.. aahh.. sister..” Sameer cried.

“Don’t you dare think she’s alone and you can tease her.. if you mess up with her, you’ll be messing up with ASR, which I guarantee you.. it’s not a good deal!” Arnav said.

“I’m sorry sir.. I will not tease her anymore.. I’m sorry Khushi DIDI..” Sameer said. Khushi just nodded her head, frowning at him.

“ASR..” the principal of the college rushed to them with a worried look. Arnav stood up and greeted him, shaking hands.

“What happened?” he asked, “Did this boy trouble you?”

“No, actually this boy keeps teasing my friend.. I’m sure not only him, but there are many like him who loves to tease girls here, today I just stood up not only for Khushi, but all girls here who felt like making this state of him..” Arnav said.

Khushi smiled staring at him, while the crowd around them clapped their hands for Arnav.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

Sameer looked down embarrassed.

“I don’t want to see this boy in this college..” Arnav said eying to Sameer, then at the principal. The principal nodded getting his meaning.

Khushi looked at Arnav shocked, “Sir.. you don’t need to do this.. I’m sure he is repenting for his mistakes..” she whispered.

“I don’t want him near you Khushi.. and I’m sure his father can transfer him to another college, it’s not a big deal.. but you and him are not going to stay in the same place.. I don’t trust this spoilt brat!” Arnav said.

“Why are you looking at me? OUT..” Arnav shouted at Sameer, but everyone flinched including the principal. They all left quickly from there.

After everyone left, Khushi looked at him: Thank you sir..

“It’s okay.. you don’t need to thank me.. any situation like this, you just call me and I will be there for you!” he smiled.

“No really, thank you.. perhaps you don’t have an idea of what you’re doing for me, I always used to come here with fear of what would Sameer do to me, or his pranks.. I was scared that once he tried to kiss me but luckily my friend saved me, and after that day I always avoid staying alone here in college.. but because of you sir, now I don’t have to be scared..” she said smiling.

“Khushi.. why didn’t you complain to principal about this boy’s behavior? Now I feel like putting him on jail..” Arnav frowned.

“Nahin sir.. what you did is enough, he won’t trouble me again..” Khushi said immediately.

“If you want, then I can send my bodyguards here to keep a watch on those who want to tease you.. no one will dare to trouble you then..” he said possessively.

“No sir..” Khushi’s eyes widened, “It’s not needed..”

“Sir.. you here? I forgot to ask, do you want something?” she asked. Now Arnav bit his tongue, “Woh..actually.. book!”

“Yeah.. I came here looking for a book, Aman told me about this college, and I decided to came here..” he said.

“Book? What type of book you want Sir? Maybe I can help!” she said readily.

“Hmm.. about Love!” he said.

“Love?” she looked at him amused. Arnav nodded, “I think from all the books I’ve read I haven’t explored these books yet, and I’m already starting to feel it..”

“Oh.. so she’s your new girlfriend.. that’s why I didn’t got news about this!” Khushi blurted out.

“New girlfriend?” Arnav raised his eyebrow confused.

“Haan.. your girlfriend..” Khushi replied slowly.

“My girlfriend? When did that happen?” Arnav asked all confused now, from where did she got this information?

“Sir you said that you want to do what your fans give to you, to someone special.. I thought it was your girlfriend!” she said.

“NO..” he almost shouted, “I don’t have any girlfriend.. that someone special is yet to by mine! For now I don’t have anyone in my life..” he cleared her doubts.

Khushi’s heart sigh in relief,  “Sorry.. I misunderstood your words..”

“Ask me next time.. don’t jump into your conclusions alone Khushi.. you don’t what you’re thinking was about to destroy!” he muttered.

“This Cutiepie is hell bent on linking me with other girls, when I’m interested in her only..” he thought rolling his eyes.

Khushi looked at him confused, she shrugged and went to look for his book.



“I just want to know why did you lie Dolly.. why are you crying?” Ratna asked worriedly.

“Because you don’t trust me Ratna.. you think I lied to you?” Dolly asked crying.

“Ma.. it’s true that Mom lied to you, but she didn’t lie because she wanted to, it’s only because of me.. I wanted to stay here till ASR comes, so that I get to spend time with him and get to know about him more, so Mom said that Dad didn’t return yet. In this way, we could stay here for a while.. our intention was not to lie, but I just wanted to spend some days with the one I waited for many years.. if you think we were wrong, then you can get angry Ma.. you have all rights to be angry with us. But we didn’t leave Dad, we were soon going to tell that and return to our home also, I just wanted to be friend of ASR and let our relationship start at least..” Lavanya said sobbing.

Ratna felt guilty, she hugged Lavanya, “It’s okay dear.. I’m not angry with you both, I just really wanted to know why you both lied that’s all. Now I know the reason..”

“But we’ll leave today only..” Dolly said packing her clothes. Ratna shook her head, “Nahin Dolly, stay here for some more days.. if you want..”

“Nahin Ma. It’s better we go only, Dad is also missing us and by the way, ASR doesn’t seem to like me, he didn’t said sorry to me and I guess our relationship will not go forward..” Lavanya said looking down.

“Don’t talk like this Lavanya bitiya, I will talk with him..” Ratna cupped her face.

“Then I will wait for him in my home.. I will wait for him to come and speak to me!” Lavanya said.


College XYZ

“Khushi careful..” Arnav said, seeing her engrossed in looking for his book, than keeping in mind that’s standing on a ladder and she might fall.

Khushi didn’t listen to his words, she extended her arms to pick a book and tip toed, then she lost her balance and slipped.

Arnav saw her about to fall, he quickly received her in his strong arms, Khushi shut his eyes tightly and clutched his shirt.

“I told you to be careful..” he said, then he noticed that she was sobbing all frightened.

“Shh.. nothing happened .. you’re fine Cutiepie..” he consoled her in his arms, he found her too cute crying scared of falling she looked like those cute kids, you want to just kiss and pamper them all day.

“Open your eyes Khushi.. see, you didn’t fall..” he said huskily. Khushi  opened her eyes slowly, her eyes met with his and both got lost.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

Apr 23

Chapter 16 - Tu mohabbat nahi hai to kya.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 196 times)

At night..

Khushi was trying to sleep but couldn’t get any sleep just thinking about Arnav, from the time he reached he’s just in her mind. Everything he does for her, keeps on going in repeat mode in her mind.

“Urgghhh..” she pressed her head with her hands, “Stop it Khushi.. you can’t think about Sir everytime! What’s wrong with me?”

“Sona what happened?” Buaji asked as she walked in her room with oil to apply on Khushi’s hair.

“Nothing Buaji..” Khushi got startled, she sat properly on her bed and Buaji sat beside her.

“Nothing?” Buaji raised her one eyebrow, “Ayee NK, don’t forget I raised you.. you can’t lie to me!”

“Buaji..” Khushi whined. Buaji smiled, as she applied the oil on Khushi’s hair with her fingers, “Are you thinking about Arnav bitwa?”

Khushi widened her eyes in shock, “How do you know?”

“See I caught you!” Buaji laughed, “You’re thinking about Arnav bitwa.. that’s a good sign for me!!!!”

Khushi blushed looking down, “It’s nothing like that Buaji.. woh.. today he came to my college and he saved me from Sameer, you remember Sameer na? That boy who used to tease me always, today Sir beat him up badly.. Buaji he fell with the bookshelf today.. Sir is so strong!.. then Sir asked Principal sir to punish him also, Sameer is never going to step in that college.. now I don’t have to be scared of him..”

“He even said he would keep his bodyguards to keep me safe in college..” Khushi giggled, “I told him no!”

Buaji looked at Khushi amused, “Didn’t you told me that he has a girlfriend today? Why would he want to protect you then?”

“Nahin Buaji.. he doesn’t have any girlfriend, I misunderstood his words..” Khushi said.

“Then pakka he likes you Sona!” Buaji said confidently. Khushi looked at her, “Buaji..do you know who is he? Arnav Singh Raizada! He would never like me, I am just a mere cook in his mansion, that looks like a palace.. you have to stop thinking about the challenge you did with Amma ji, Amma ji is right only.. Sir will never fall for me..”

“Shup! I am just a mere cook!” Buaji mimicked her rolling her eyes, “You don’t know what you’re, don’t ever doubt on your capabilities..”

“Okay.. sorry..” Khushi whispered kissing Buaji’s cheek.

“And about Arnav bitwa.. then I’m 200% sure that he likes you.. you also think about it.. Lavanya is like him, modern girl and rich type but he doesn’t like her neither gives her attention, but with you he’s completely different.. for most people he’s rude and arrogant..”

“Buaji he’s not rude!” Khushi defended him.

“Haan, that’s what I’m saying Sona, from all those people who think him as rude and arrogant, only you think differently.. only you think he’s good, soft and gentleman? That means he treats only You differently Khushi.. or else everyone would have same opinion as you, but they don’t!.. He treats you in a special way, that not only me but Garima also noticed it. That’s why she is so insecure and jealous, if Arnav bitwa didn’t give attention on you, then she would never say anything about it..” Buaji said.

Khushi sat thinking about Buaji’s words, Buaji is right only because she only feels like that for him, and others including his family members always keep saying he’s an angry young man, he loses his temper quickly and she has committed many mistakes but he never scolded her once, but with Lavanya things are really different.

Buaji kissed her forehead, “Don’t think too much! I just want to say one thing to you.. if you’re starting to feel something for him, then go ahead Sona.. don’t think about anyone.. in this world we can fall in love with whom we want to, money, status, fame.. all this doesn’t matter! Don’t listen to Garima also, don’t be scared of her.. I’m here to stand for you.. never keep your feelings to yourself and sacrifice for them, who never wanted a smile on your face!”

Khushi nodded her head slowly, Buaji made her lay on the bed and covered her with the blanket.



Arnav was busy on his laptop, strangely he found his home more calm today, he wasn’t seeing Lavanya neither her mother Dolly, who would keep blabbering nonsense to him in the morning.

“Ma..” Arnav looked at Ratna, who sat beside him in the couch, “Where are your bin bulaye mehmaan? (Uninvited guests?)”

“Chote!” Ratna glared at him, “They left yesterday only..”

“Really!” Arnav smirked, “What a great news!” he murmured.

“Don’t you think you should speak to Lavanya bitiya? You know she lied just to stay few days close to you? To get to know about you? She’s crazy about you Chote..” Ratna said feeling pity for Lavanya.

“Ma there are millions girls crazy for me, should I go behind them all?” Arnav asked irritated.

“I’m talking about Lavanya!” Ratna said.

“He doesn’t like her Ratna!” Raj sat with them, joining the conversation, he smiled teasingly at Arnav, “He likes girls like Khushi, hain na?”

“Hmm..” Arnav nodded checking his mails, he spoke openly, “Khushi is very different and unique girl, she has an innocent like child heart, she has that innocence in her face, she’s a honest and humble girl, she doesn’t fake anything, you really feel comfortable with her unlike that Lazybones..”

“You heard that Ratna, find a girl like Khushi to marry him..” Raj said mischievously, he knows Arnav’s reaction would be worth watching now.

“WHAT THE..” Arnav immediately looked at his father, “I don’t want to marry any girl like Khushi!”

While Ratna was shocked hearing Arnav praising Khushi like this, Khushi who reached now and wanted to greet them, stood there blushing heavily. Her cheeks are totally red now, and she’s looking down only.

“Oh, so you want Khushi itself?” Raj asked widening his eyes acting like innocent.

“DAD!” Arnav stressed his name, glaring at him.

Khushi went from there running now; she wouldn’t be able to look into their eyes after what Raj’s question now.

Arnav and Raj looked at her disappearing figure, her payal’s sound made them aware of her presence.

Ratna already left from there frowning. Arnav glared at Raj, “She heard everything because of you Dad!”

“So what? I just helped you to go forward in this relationship.. I’m an expert on these things, listen to me now, you have to make her aware of your feelings..” Raj winked.

“Which feelings?” Arnav raised his eyebrow.

“ASR.. I’m your father and when the son falls in love, his father always get to know it!” Raj smirked, “You think I’m blind? Dance with Khushi, I want to kiss the hands of the one who made this food.. then dropping her home.. your face when she’s with NK,. you look like you'll kill the poor NK with your eyes.. defend her in front of everyone.. Applying ointment on her wound.. learning how to cook from her.. the smile on your face when you see her..”

“Okay stop ..stop it Dad!” Arnav whined, the great ASR was blushing right now. Raj laughed at him, then looked at him, “Great choice Arnav.. You said truth, Khushi is an unique girl.. she’s one in a billion! I don’t have any problem with this relationship if you decide to go ahead!”

Arnav smiled, he hugged his father, “Thanks Dad! I knew you would always support my decision!”

“Should I tell you something? Even I didn’t like Lavanya for you. I wouldn’t tolerate Lazybones to be my bahu..” Raj whispered to him.

Arnav and Raj looked at each other, then burst out laughing.


 Khushi just heard their conversation again, when she was coming to arrange the breakfast table for them.

She was numb at first, she didn’t know how to react on this, her Buaji was right only. Arnav really has feelings for her. She was shivering by now, thinking about these new feelings!

“Khushi didi..careful.. You will drop these plates..” HP almost shouted, gaining Arnav and Raj’s attention who looked behind them at the dining hall side. Khushi shut her eyes tightly, she wanted to scold HP for shouting like this and made Arnav aware now that she heard his conversation with Raj, means she knows what he thinks about her.

Arnav stare at her with an unusual smirk on his face, his chocolate brown eyes were fixed on her.

tera junoon hai sar pe chaRha

mujhe na sukoon hai kar de riha

haal ye mera dekh zara

hosh hai baaki mujhme kahaan

I'm crazy in your passion,

I am getting no peace, free me.

see this condition of mine,

where is consciousness remaining in me?

jeena muhaal hai ab

tera sawaal hai ab

de bata tu zara

kya naam loon main tere pyaar ka

it's tough to live now,

it's your question,

tell me

what name shall I give to your love.

tu.. tu mohabbat nahi hai to kya

tu.. tujhse raahat mile kyun bata 

what are you if not love,

why do I get peace from you?

 Khushi gulped and stare at him once, then looked away unable to look into his eyes.



Apr 26

Chapter 17 - Angry with me? (By Angel23) (Thanked: 201 times)

“ASR..” Lavanya came in, she went running to Arnav and spread her arms to hug him. Arnav frowned and stepped back, “You!”

Khushi grabbed the opportunity and escaped from there to the kitchen.

“I know you missed me, didn’t you?” Lavanya smiled hopefully. She tried hard to ignore him, expecting that Ratna would have make him come to her house and say sorry, but he didn’t. And she can’t lose Arnav, he’s her precious diamond, so she came behind him.

“You left yesterday Lazybones!” Arnav raised his eyebrow, “And I didn’t miss you at all, because firstly I’m not accustomed to see you and second you didn’t left any impact on me!”

Raj chuckled at the way Arnav talked with her, Lavanya looked embarrassed at Raj, she smiled awkwardly, “I know you’re still angry with me because of that Chamkili!”

“She’s not Chamkili!” Arnav gritted his teeth.

“Haan.. haan.. Khushi..” Lavanya corrected herself immediately. On seeing Ratna coming downstairs, Lavanya quickly shed fake tears and knelt down in front of Arnav, “If this is what you want, then I’m ready to do it.. please forgive me ASR, I’m not going to stand up till you forgive me..”

Ratna widened her eyes in shock, she ran to their side, “Lavanya bitiya what are you doing? Leave it, just stand up..”

“Nahin Ma, I won’t stand up till ASR forgive me..” Lavanya said crying.

“What the..” Arnav uttered.

“Chote, what are you waiting for? Forgive her na, are you letting a girl kneel down in front of you?” Ratna said worriedly.

“I didn’t even eat anything in the morning feeling guilty that he didn’t talk with me Ma..” Lavanya said sobbing, making an innocent face.

“I never asked her to do all this!” Arnav replied, while Raj watched all this amused.

“But you know what she wants from you!” Ratna glared at him.

“It’s not who should forgive her, it’s Khushi. Go and kneel down in front of Khushi!” Arnav said challenging her.

“What rubbish.. Never I would kneel down in front of that middle class girl..” Lavanya said angrily.

Arnav smirked, “It doesn’t take me minutes to know someone real face!”

Lavanya gulped, she mentally cursed herself for blurting out her feelings like that.


Arnav shook his head, and left from there taking his laptop.

“HP my coffee..” he shouted while going.


Arnav’s room:

Arnav was changing his shirt, getting ready to go to office when someone knocked the door.

“Leave it on the table..” he said without looking at the person, presuming it to be HP.

Khushi gulped, she clutched the tray on her hands nervously, first because she knows what he feels for her, and it’s going to be such an awkward situation for her and secondly because right now he’s just buttoning his shirt and his chest was still visible.

“Are you dumb or what HP?” Arnav frowned, as he sensed HP didn’t enter still in the room and was waiting in the door.

Khushi flinched; she quickly got inside the room and left his coffee on the table. Arnav raised his eyes and realized it was her.

“Khushi! Why didn’t you say anything?” he asked softly, “Sorry.. I shouted on you, I thought it was HP..”

“You don’t need to say sorry Sir..” she nodded sideways.

He buttoned the first two buttons quickly sensing her uncomfortable.

Khushi didn’t even dare to look at him in his eyes, she stepped back and was walking to go when Arnav held her duppata stopping her.

Khushi widened her eyes, Arnav walked near her. Khushi looked down, he whispered huskily: “Are you angry with me because of what I feel for you?”

She looked at him shocked, how he can talk so openly like this.

“Sir..” she looked away, not knowing what to answer him. Right now, many things are running on her mind, she can’t believe that ASR likes her, never in her dreams she would imagine that but it’s true, then her amma is purely against this relationship, what will everyone say about it, they will of course blame her for trapping him to get his money, his class, his lifestyle. But apart from family and society, there is her little heart which is calling her to hear him once, that is starting to beat for this gentleman in front of her, he’s man every girl dreams for. He makes her feel like a Princess, while others treat her like a maid, with him she feels totally different.

“Khushi!” Nani was calling her.

“I’ve to go!” she said startled and walked to go. Arnav pulled her back and pinned her to the wall, “I want my answer.. Are you angry with me?”

“Please let me go!” she whispered.

“Just say Yes or No Khushi..” he said looking straight in her eyes.

“This is wrong Sir.. You’ll find someone better than me, someone who deserves you.. this is not love!” she said trying to convince him to change his mind.

“Ishq ka toh pata nahin.. par jo tumse hai, woh kisi aur se nahin..” he said huskily.

Khushi stare at him, melting on his chocolate brown eyes.

“Khushiiiiii..” Nani called again breaking the eye lock between them.

Khushi struggled on his hold, “Nani ji is calling..” she said.

“I asked you something!” he said stubbornly.

“I’m not angry with you Sir!” she replied, and pushed him a little making space for her to run. Arnav let her go, with a smile playing on his lips.

“You.. How dare you Chamkili..” Lavanya shouted on Khushi, who just bumped with her and both fell on the corridor.

Khushi hissed in pain, caressing her elbow, “Sorry.. ma’am.. I didn’t see you coming on the way..”

Arnav walked out of his room hearing Lavanya’s shout, he worriedly walked to them as he saw Khushi on the floor, her eyes were moist and she was clearly in pain.

“What happened?” he asked.

“ASR see na.. she purposely made me fall and now crying like she’s innocent.. she almost broke my hand!” Lavanya cried caressing her hand.

“Sir.. I didn’t do anything.. I  didn’t see Lavanya ma’am coming on my way and I .. was running.. accidentally..” Khushi sobbed.

“Stop lying Chamkili..” Lavanya glared at her.

Arnav lifted Khushi gently, “Shh.. stop crying, you don’t need to explain me anything..”

Lavanya looked at him with wide eyes and her mouth formed a big “O” shape. He helped Khushi instead of her.

“Did you got hurt?” he asked to Khushi, Khushi showed to him her elbow cutely like a baby while Lavanya was fuming in anger staring at both.

And Ratna came with Nani to call Khushi, and saw her on Arnav's arms. 

Apr 27

Chapter 18 - You will be mine! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 209 times)

“Chote..” Ratna called him, her face was stern showing that she didn’t liked what she is seeing now.

Arnav remained calm and looked at her side while Khushi got startled; she got scared seeing Ratna’s expression.

“What are you doing?”Ratna asked, then looked at Lavanya, “And why is Lavanya bitiya like this?”

“They accidentally bumped with each other, and Khushi got hurt!” Arnav said.

“And you saved Khushi?” Nani asked with a naughty smirk. Arnav smiled knowing how much she loves to tease him, “We save the one we care for, right?”

Nani nodded smiling, “Right!”. While Ratna clutched her fist, and went to help Lavanya.

Khushi looked down shyly, everyone in this house seems to know about his feelings for her! But it’s his fault, he talks so openly without any shame.

“Oh my God.. it’s bleeding!” Nani widened her eyes worriedly as she saw Khushi’s elbow bleeding, she didn’t saw it before.

“Damn..” Arnav murmured, and walked fast to his room with Khushi. He made her sit on his bed, “Calm down.. don’t panic..”

Khushi was calm only. She got hurt many times and in her childhood Garima used to beat her a lot. It doesn’t make a difference now.

Nani brought a bowl with water for Arnav to clean her wound, Arnav took it and wiped the blood on her elbow. The he took his first aid kit, and applied ointment on her wound.

Khushi hissed in pain a bit.

“Sorry.. Sorry..” Arnav whispered softly, “Am I hurting now?” he asked.

Khushi nodded sideways, “Nahin..”

“You have to be careful next time.. You always get hurt Cutiepie. And I can’t see you in pain always!” he said.

Nani watched them amused. Khushi stare at him, then at Nani shyly.

Rabba vee..Rabba vee… 

“You don’t need to be shy meri bacchi!” Nani sat beside her, patting her cheek, “I was his girlfriend only because I wanted to save him from those chudails! I don’t have any problem with you.. I can leave him now, and find another boyfriend!”

“NO! I’m your boyfriend Nani.. Khushi will be my WIFE!” Arnav said. Nani chuckled.

Khushi widened her eyes; both were talking as if she accepted this.

“May DM be with you both..” Nani took Khushi’s hand and put it on Arnav’s smiling. Khushi couldn’t even say anything.

“But..” she muttered but Nani already left from there.

“But?” Arnav raised his eyebrows smiling at her.

“Sir.. this is wrong.. there isn’t anything between us..” Khushi said worriedly, what if this news reaches to Payal’s ear, she will definitely pass it to Garima. And at the end, she will be the one who will suffer.

“There will be!” he said firmly and calm. Khushi wondered how he can be so sure, something will happen between them, she didn’t accept it. Is he going to force her?

“How?” she asked slowly.

“When I asked you, if you’re angry with me.. you replied NO, that means you too feel something for me.. if you didn’t like me, then you would have said Yes..” he smirked, “I promise you I won’t give up till I make you mine!”

Khushi widened her eyes. Arnav almost chuckled at her reaction, his eyes landed her shoulder, he caressed it with his finger, “What happened here?”

Khushi followed his gaze, she remembered when Garima pierced her nail on her skin, she gulped, “Nothing..”

“Nothing?” Arnav sensed she lied, “Feel comfortable Khushi, you can share anything you want with me..”

Khushi looked down, playing with her fingers. Arnav sighed, “You won’t tell me? Fine.. even if you don’t tell me anything Khushi, I already told you I’m going to find all your secrets..”

“Jalebi..” NK shouted, he rushed inside the room with a worried look, and sat beside Khushi, “What happened? Nani told us you got hurt..”

Arnav made a face. Khushi smiled faintly, “I’m fine NK.. don’t be worried, I just bumped with Lavanya ma’am on my way, and we both fell on the floor.. that’s when I got hurt on my elbow..”

“Acha.. show me..” NK said, he lifted her arms gently and blow air on her wound, “Is it hurting a lot?”

Arnav looked away controlling his jealousy. Khushi nodded sideways, she glanced at Arnav. Now she knows why he keeps this face when NK is with her, Raj also revealed that he’s jealous of NK.

“I’m fine NK..” she kept her arm back.

“You want to go to hospital?” NK asked.

“WHAT THE.. I already treated her, and I’m better than any doctor for her..” Arnav frowned.

Khushi felt butterflies on her stomach hearing this, while NK looked at him confused.

“Nannav.. why are you getting angry?” NK asked.

“Because you came!” Arnav whispered to himself, then looked at NK, “Aren’t you getting late to office?”

“Nannav Jalebi is hurt.. can’t I go and drop her home?” NK asked smiling sheepishly.

“I will drop her home, you go to office now..” Arnav said. Khushi was surprised with this man possessiveness.

“Okay then.. we will go and drop her home, then we can go to office together Nannav..” NK smiled.

Arnav gritted his teeth, “Alright!”


“Khushi..” Ratna called her, while she was leaving with NK and Arnav.

“Yes ma’am..” Khushi went near her.

“We’re organizing a puja tonight for Arnav.. inform Garima, Shashi and Madhumati about it.. they have to come..” Ratna said.

Khushi nodded her head obediently. Arnav rolled his eyes, “What the.. puja?”

“Sir/Chote!” Ratna and Khushi glared at him. NK giggled while Arnav was like oh-sorry!

Ratna looked at Khushi angrily, she dared to scold her son. What rights she has to glare at her son? Lavanya signaled her to look at what Khushi had done.

Khushi realized her mistake, she looked at Arnav and held her ear murmuring “Sorry”, but she didn’t like he used swear words while talking about puja.

Arnav nodded sideways smiling a little, he walked near her and whispered, “I like it you’re showing your rights on me already!”

Khushi just looked away, it would be of no use to say anything against it, he’s not going to change his mind.


Gupta house..

“Hayee NK.. you here.. I’m so happy that you came to visit me!” Buaji said smiling, she walked to them and hugged Arnav tightly.

NK stood with spread arms prepared to hug her, but when she hugged Arnav, he rubbed his forehead confused.

“Didn’t she call me?” he asked to Khushi, who giggled in return.

Arnav smiled, “Seems like you missed me a lot..”

“Of course I did.. You only meet my Sona, what about me?” Buaji pouted.

“Your Sona is always running away from me!” Arnav commented only to Buaji. NK and Khushi were so curious to hear their conversation, but weren’t able to hear anything.

“I’m sure you’ll convince her..” Buaji winked.

“And you have to help me!” he said smirking. Buaji nodded her head, “I’ll do my best..”

“I’ll serve some snacks and juice for you..” Khushi interrupted their conversation, and was going towards the kitchen.

“No.. I don’t need anything!” he said. NK, “But I want your snacks Jalebi..”

“She’s hurt dammit! You’ll have her snacks another day..” Arnav gritted his teeth, whispering to NK. NK bit his tongue, “Oh no.. let it be Jalebi..”

“Why? I will bring it right away..” she said.

“No, we’re getting late..” NK said, and Arnav nodded.


At mandir..

Aman and Payal reached in mandir and greeted the family. They went towards Arnav, Payal smiled, “Namaste Arnav ji..”

Arnav nodded, “Namaste..”

Aman led her to inside the mandir. Payal frowned a bit, “Arnav ji was strange na..”

“Why?” Aman asked. “He gave me such a cold stare..” Payal replied shrugging.

“ASR is like this only..” Aman replied. “But with Khushi, he isn’t.. I wonder what magic you have Khushi, that attracts everyone.. why everyone gives attention to you and not me?” she thought burning in jealousy.



Arnav was impatiently waiting for Khushi to come, but they didn’t come yet.

“She won’t come!” he thought disappointedly. He was going inside again, when he heard her anklets sound.

A smile played on his lips, he turned back and saw her.. he was left with mouth slightly open, she wore Sari again!

Buaji held Khushi’s hand and whispered, “Naughty boy he is! Looks like he’ll marry you now only..”

Buaji giggled teasing Khushi, while Khushi widened her eyes and whined, “Buaji app bhi na..”

“Just look at the way he’s staring at her..” Dolly commented to Ratna. Lavanya looked down upset, “I dressed up only for him and he didn’t even look at me!”

Arnav’s eyes didn’t left Khushi till she reached to him. 

“Namaste Arnav bitwa..” Shashi and Garima greeted him smiling broadly, “You’re looking handsome!” Garima praised him trying to gain his sympathy.

“Namaste..” Arnav said with whatever look. Buaji greeted him with a hug, and he reciprocated warmly, “Stop staring at her.. Everyone is watching!” Buaji whispered in his ears.

“I can’t..” Arnav pouted in her embrace, “Why God made her so Sona (beautiful)?” he asked.

“Soon my Sona will be yours, and then you’ll look at her 24/7 okay?” Buaji giggled.

“Okay..” Arnav smiled.

Arnav guided them inside the mandir. He looked at Khushi, “Won’t you greet me?”

“Namaste Sir..” she said shyly. 

“Namaste!” he replied huskily.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..


While the priest was chanting mantras, Arnav was feeling bored now. He doesn’t have patience for this.

“Bring the puja thali..” the priest said. Ratna nodded, “Lavanya bitiya bring it..”

Lavanya nodded smiling, she went to take it in the car. But returned with nothing, “I’m sorry Ma.. I forgot it in home..”

“What?” Ratna asked.

While they were busy thinking how would they do it. Khushi returned with puja thali, “I brought it..”

“Thank you Khushi.. it’s good you remembered it otherwise Ratna would take tension for this also..” Raj giggled.

“How would she not remember? It’s for Arnav after all..” Nani said teasing her. Khushi blushed and looked down. 

Lavanya got jealous, she clenched her fist angrily, “Ughh.. Khushi you can’t take my place .. I will never let you..”

Ratna was only staring at them. Raj rubbed her shoulder, “Relax.. so what if Lazybones forgot it? Khushi brought it and we won’t delay in puja also..”

Ratna faked a smile and nodded.

“Papa..” Lavanya whined when she heard him calling her “Lazybones”. “Sorry.. it’s because of Arnav I’m getting this habit..”

Khushi gave to Arnav the thali, Arnav took it from her hand, and purposely touched her hand gently.

Khushi looked at him with wide eyes. Arnav pressed his lips to suppress the smile growing on his face at her reaction.

“What am I supposed to do with this?” he asked her. Khushi looked at him in disbelief, “You don’t know sir?”

“I was not used to do all this in London!” he said.

Khushi took his hand and started guiding him how to do rounds with thali in front of DM’s idol. The pandit smiled thinking both as husband and wife.

While everyone else watched them amused. Anjali, Nani, Raj and Buaji were doing happy dance while praying. Ratna, Lavanya, Dolly, Garima and Shashi were not happy at all.

Others were unaware of what’s happening between Arshi.

After praying done, Khushi wanted to go but he stopped her, and whispered huskily on her ear, “Thank you.. and once again you showed your rights on me!”. Khushi closed her eyes, feeling his breath on her ear. 

Somehow she controlled herself, and wanted to leave but he stopped her again. “Sir..” she looked at him with let-me-go look. 

“Meet me outside.. I want to talk with you about something..” he said.

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Chapter 19 - The first hug! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 186 times)

“Khushi come here..” Akash pulled her to join them.

“Let’s take a selfie.. Nannav? Where’s Nannav?” NK looked around pouting, “Did Nannav left already?”

Khushi remembered he called her outside, she has to meet him and here they are not letting her go.

“Let it be NK.. Bhai doesn’t even like to click pictures anyway!” Akash said and everyone agreed.

Anjali ran excitedly to Khushi’s side, she hugged Khushi sideways smiling, “Now it’s perfect! Me with my Chote’s Cutiepie!” she murmured but Khushi heard that.

“App bhi? You know..” Khushi asked in disbelief. Anjali nodded with a cheeky smile, “I was the one who found about it first..”

Khushi blushed and stare at the phone, unable to bear those teasing smiles of Anjali. NK clicked many pictures, and time was passing by. Khushi thought she must find a way to escape from there and meet him.

While everyone were engrossed in checking those selfies, Khushi took baby steps towards the stairs.

NK held her hand scaring her. Khushi gasped, then looked at him: NK!! You scared me..

“Where are you going Jalebi?” NK asked, “It’s not safe to go outside this late night.. you better stay here with us..”

“Haan but..” Khushi said.

“But nothing! Come on.. we still have to leave for that famous dhabba we love.. we challenged Nannav to eat junk food today! It will be fun..” NK said cheerfully.

Khushi looked behind sadly, as she was being dragged by NK inside the mandir again.


After several attempts to escape, she finally reached where he asked her to. She looked around, but found no one there.

“Did Sir left?” she thought, “Let me wait for a while.. he must be here only..”

She walked near looking for him, but still Arnav wasn’t there.

“Sir must be angry with me now..” she sighed sadly, then looked at his car parked there. Few seconds passed, and her face brightened, a smile adorned her lips when she saw his reflection on the mirror of his car.

She turned to him, “Sir..” she whispered.

“I’m here!” he said with a faint smile, “Why were you so restless when you didn’t find me?”

“Woh.. I thought you would be angry.. Because I came late..” she said looking away.

“What does it matter if I get angry on you or not?” he asked smirking, he took one step forward and Khushi took one step backwards gulping.

This went on, till Khushi leaned on the car and Arnav was close to her. He held her hand gently caressing it, “Here hides your first secret!”

She looked at him confused, he continued, “When Payal accused you of stealing her toys. Your mother beat with a ruler on your hands, right?”

Khushi widened her eyes in shock, she composed herself not wanting him to know, she nodded sideways, “I had really took her toys..”

“Lie! Payal hide her own toys so that your mother scolds you.. that’s because Buaji bought many toys for you that day and she couldn’t handle to see a smile on your face!” Arnav said.

Khushi looked down. Arnav brushed his cheek against her left cheek, “Your second secret hides here..”

Khushi closed her eyes, to stop her tears. “Shashi slapped you because you got low marks in school.. he made you listen so much, when it was Payal who got low marks and you just erased her name on the exam paper and saved her from getting scolded..”

Khushi clutched his hand tightly, as tears slipped from her eyes, she still remember this day when Shashi called her an orphan openly, when he said he’s just wasting money on her, who is not even his child. That day she cried a lot, and Buaji came to console her.

Arnav shut his eyes, he also held her hand tightly. He somehow imagines what she went through but never would he be able to feel what she felt that moment. Only she knows what she went through, and what surprises him, is that she never voiced out her feelings and never said anything against them. How can someone be so good to those who only wished badly for her? Why is she still with them?

He raised his arm and sneaked on her waist through her sari, when he felt that wound on her back.

“Dammit Khushi..” he couldn’t still believe she went through all this without saying a word, “I promise you each one of them will pay for doing this with you..” he said determined, his eyes were red in anger now. 

Khushi burst out in tears, she threw herself on his arms, “Amma beat me with hot iron rod when..Payal burned her hands with warm water.. we were playing when suddenly that water from pan fell on her hands, she starting crying and blamed me for that.. that day Amma was already angry because she..fought with Bauji and she vent out her frustration on me.. she beat me badly on my back..that today it still have that mark..”

Arnav tightened his grip on her, he patted her back to calm her and with other hand stroke her hair, whispering sweet nothings to make her stop crying.


“All of them will pay for their deeds..” he whispered, “No one will dare to harm you now..”

“Please don’t say anything to anyone else.. please Sir.. only you know about this now.. please keep it a secret..” Khushi pleaded him, she buried her face on his neck crying heavily.

Arnav wasn’t going to do this, but he still had to calm her now, “Okay.. I won’t say anything, you just stop crying..”

Buaji came silently to them, “Everyone is coming downstairs..”

Arnav and Khushi broke their hug. Arnav wiped Khushi’s tears, while she composed herself then looked at Buaji and Arnav confused, “Buaji you told..”

“Haan, she told me everything..” Arnav said, “She’s my partner in crime now..”

Buaji nodded, “He’s your Prince Sona, he has the right to know everything about you!”

“Everything! Did you listen to Buaji? I know everything now.. your likes and dislikes, your favorite food and also that.. (Arnav bend his head, and whispered on her ear) You find me handsome!” he said smirking.

Khushi widened her eyes, her mouth open in big “O” shape. Buaji giggled at her expression.

Everyone came downstairs, and Akash told them they were going to have dinner at a dhabba, as a challenge to Arnav.

Khushi held Buaji’s hand and was going with her to NK’s car. When Arnav signaled Buaji to do something, Buaji nodded with a Relax-I’m-here look.

“What are you doing Sona?” Buaji asked in dramatic tone. Khushi looked at her like what-did-I-do look.

“You want to suffocate me in NK’s car or what?” Buaji asked. Arnav giggled.

“Nahin.. why would I want that?” Khushi asked innocently, in her innocent mind it still didn’t struck that it was Arnav-Buaji’s plan to make her go with him.

“In NK’s car, Akash bitwa will sit on it, then Devyani ji.. then me.. you know I occupy seat of two people, then how will I fit in if you also go with us?” Buaji asked.

“How will I go then?” Khushi pouted sadly.

“Why am I here Princess?” Arnav asked huskily, opening the car’s door for her. Buaji winked at him.

“Nahin.. you go with your partner in crime!” she whispered to Buaji whining, “I will go with NK, and you will have your space in this car only..”

 “Don’t mind her Arnav bitwa.. she’s little stubborn only..” Buaji said smiling.

“I can see that!” Arnav raised his eyebrow, “But she doesn’t know I’m much more stubborn than her..”

Arnav caught Khushi by her waist, wrapping his arm around her, “Bye Buaji! See you soon..”

Khushi struggled on his hold blushing, “What.. what are you doing Sir?.. this is cheating.. you can’t do this..”. Arnav smiled, he made her sit on his car. Khushi kept making faces.

Buaji went from there giggling, “They make such a cute couple.. please DM bless them, and make Sona accept him soon!”

Dolly watched this with Lavanya, “Oh my God.. what I feared is really happening!”

“What Mom?” Lavanya asked her.

“Lavanya sometimes you have to use your own brains also.. what have you done till now to impress ASR? Nothing.. and  now see it with your own eyes.. Khushi, that mere cook is already taking your place in his life.. damn.. he’s in love with Khushi now..” Dolly said worried.

“WHAT? NO, it can’t be possible.. ASR would never fall in love with that middle class girl..” Lavanya said making a disgusting face.

“Stop living in your dreams my Baby.. ASR hates you, and till now you didn’t even try to be his friend.. while Khushi, he already had a soft corner for this girl.. I’m telling you Lavanya, Khushi is an obstacle in your way, if you want ASR, his lifestyle, his status, his money.. if you want to be his wife and have control over everything of AR, then you need to remove Khushi from your way, only then..” Dolly warned her.

Lavanya nodded, “But don’t forget Mom, we still have Ratna ma.. we can use her to get what we want, she’s very innocent.. she will do anything we ask her for..”


Arnav was making faces seeing the food being brought to their table. And the family was laughing at his face.

“Don’t you get this in London Chote?” Anjali teased him.

“Very funny!” Arnav rolled his eyes. Anjali glanced at Khushi, who was sitting with NK, Akash and Buaji chatting.

“Cutiepie..” she called Khushi, Khushi looked at her blushing, now will everyone start calling her Cutiepie like him?

“Copycat..” Arnav pinched her arm, Anjali screamed in pain, “Aaah.. Ma just look at your son.. he still loves to torture me!”

“Only I can call her by that name..” Arnav argued. “I can also..” Anjali glared at him.

“My both irritating baby kids.. My bahu is here standing and waiting for you both stop fighting, and give some attention to her also..” Raj twisted both Arnav and Anjali’s ear murmuring to them with a sweet smile on his face.

“Dad! I’m a man now..” Arnav whined. Anjali looked at Khushi, then pulled her to sit in between both of them.

Khushi was now in middle of both, shyly. Anjali pinched her cheek smiling, “You both look so cute together.. I mean only you’re cute Khushi, this man beside you isn’t cute at all..”

“Neither I want to be cute..” Arnav retorted, “I’m handsome for HER, hain na Khushi?” he smirked.

Khushi blushed, she was turning more red with their conversation.

“Khushi please teach this Mr.London how to eat our Indian food..” Anjali pleaded passing the pani puri plate to them.

Arnav smiled, he blinked his eyes thanking his dear Di for doing this to make them come close to each other.

“Main? How..” Khushi stammered, she looked at everyone. Garima and Shashi were already glaring at her, while Lavanya seemed like she would kill her now only.

“It’s okay.. I can feed my son..” Ratna interrupted them. Raj face palmed, he pulled her near him, “You can feed your husband!”

The youngsters cheered for Raj and Ratna. Ratna blushed at their constant teasing.

Arnav sighed in relief, his father came at right time.

“I can teach you ASR..” Lavanya came and sat on their table, with a charming smile for him.

 Anjali giggled, “Lavanya.. you don’t even eat this because of your modeling and you want to teach Chote?”

Lavanya smiled embarrassed. Arnav shook his head in disbelief, “Khushi is here na, she will teach me..”

“Excuse me Lavanya.. that’s my seat..” Shyam came, Lavanya had to leave from there and Shyam sat near Anjali smiling.

He took one pani puri and eyed to Khushi asking her through his eyes how to eat, Khushi also took one and eat it smiling, she loves pani puri. Arnav looked at her amused.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

“Now it’s your turn..” Khushi said gesturing him to eat. Arnav also tried to eat. Khushi, “You have to eat it at once..”

She took the pani puri from his hand and made him eat everything at once, “Like this!”

“What the..” Arnav gulped the food.

“Kya hua? Didn’t you like it Sir?” she asked worried.

“Since it’s from your hand, I love it!” he replied. Khushi looked away trying to hide the shy smile on her face, what would she do of this man?

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Chapter 20 - Awww! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 230 times)


“Wow.. This is not house, this looks like Palace..” Garima smile with wide eyes, staring at Raizada mansion.

“Hain na? I told you Amma.. wish I lived here also..” Payal pouted, “Aman ji doesn’t want.. Don’t know why he is so honest and good man!” she rolled her eyes.

“That’s why that Khushi is behind Arnav bitwa!” Garima whispered glaring at Khushi.

“Amma didn’t I told you to keep her away from Arnav ji? Didn’t you warn her?” Payal frowned.

“What can I do? Madhumati is always protecting her.. and she even challenged me that Arnav bitwa will marry Khushi only..” Garima said.

“This can’t happen.. you know na, if Khushi marry Arnav ji then it will mark my defeat..” Payal said disturbed, “Amma make her marry someone else please!”

“Don’t worry.. I will do something!” Garima assured her.

“What will you do aunty?” Arnav asked smirking. Garima and Payal got scared seeing him suddenly in front of them.

“Nothing..” Garima faked a smile. “It’s better you do nothing only..” Arnav said in a dangerous tone, Garima and Payal gulped in fear.

“Bitwa it’s nothing like what you heard..” Garima said, if Arnav heard everything then he would think bad of them.

“I was just telling it’s better you do nothing in this age aunty.. you must rest only..” Arnav smiled. Payal and Garima sighed in relief that he didn’t listen to their talks.

“Haan bitwa. Thanks for your concern..” replied Garima, and Payal smiled. Both left, and Arnav stayed back staring at them sharply, “Whether it marks your defeat or not, Khushi will be my wife only Payal!”

“Sir.. kheer is ready!” Khushi came to call him. Arnav smiled at her, “I’m also ready.. why are you not accepting me?”

Khushi shook her head blushing, she went from there. Arnav followed her.

They were at the living room, enjoying kheer made by Khushi. Khushi was going to serve for her, when Dolly purposely served for her more, not leaving any for Khushi.

Khushi faked a smile thought she was bit hurt, she knows Dolly doesn’t like her. She took a step back and stood there as there was not space for her to sit also.

Arnav noticed it, he stood up and walked to her. He held her hand firmly and took her to his seat, Khushi tried to stop him because everyone were watching them.

“Sir.. please stop it..” Khushi whispered. Arnav didn’t listen to her, he made her sit on the couch where he was early sitting.

“Chote..” Ratna called him astonished, “What are you doing?”

“What I was taught to do Ma. How can I let her stand when we’re sitting comfortably?” he said. Khushi looked at him lovingly. He’s such a gentleman!

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

Arnav went to bring a chair for himself, he placed it near Khushi’s side.

“You know sugar free kheer isn’t that bad!” he said glancing at his bowl, “Don’t you want to try?”

Khushi nodded sideways, “You eat Sir.. I made it for you!”

“I already tasted it.. now it’s your turn!” he said giving to her. Khushi took his kheer without discussing much with him; she knows he’s not going to give up till she eats.

“Bhai see you missed to click pictures with us..” Akash came to him, showing their pictures. Arnav’s eyes were only on Khushi, “Send me these pictures!” he said to Akash. Akash nodded, and send to him.

“Will you eat alone? Won’t you feed me?” Arnav asked her teasingly.

Khushi looked at him, she was about to return the bowl to him. Arnav took her hand holding the filled with kheer spoon and made her feed him. Khushi looked at him astonished.

“Like this!” he mimicked her.

“Oh my my! Just look at this girl Ratna.. what is she making your son do? I never thought that innocent Khushi could do this!” Dolly commented making Ratna more irritated with Khushi.

Garima coughed badly after watching this scene. Shashi gave her water to drink, even he was shocked.

“Sir what are you doing? Everyone is looking at us..” Khushi said with a crying face. Arnav took the spoon and feed her, cutting her. Khushi looked at him with wide eyes.

“Let them look.. You should stop living for others!” Arnav said, filling the spoon with kheer again to feed her.

Lavanya shed fake tears in front of Ratna, “See Ma, he doesn’t love me.. he’s betraying me with Khushi..”

Ratna angrily wanted to stop Arnav from feeding Khushi, Raj held her hand stopping her, he nodded sideways, “DON’T..”

“What?” she looked at him in disbelief. Raj took her to their room.

“Aunty you don’t mind to spend a night here, na?” asked NK to Garima. Garima smiled, “No, we don’t mind.. it’s very late already, we can sleep here tonight..”

Arnav shook his head in disbelief; he’s only accepting them here because he wants Khushi to stay with him, near him!


Khushi’s room..

Khushi was drying her hair with towel, thinking about the man who stole her heart!

She left the towel on the bed, and stare at the mirror. She caressed her cheek, where he rubbed with his. Khushi closed her eyes smiling. 

“Thinking about me?” she heard his husky voice, immediately she opened her eyes and saw him right in front of her.

“Aaaaahhhhhhh…” she shouted widening her eyes. Arnav rushed to her, he placed his palm on her lips, “Shhh! It’s not any ghost dammit..”

“Hmmmmm.. mmmm..” Khushi tried to speak, she signaled him to leave her. Arnav removed his hand from her lips, “What are you doing here Sir?” she asked.

“I came here to wish you a good night!” Arnav smirked.

Khushi looked at the door, it was locked. How did he came in then? Arnav understood her doubt, he turned her to the left side of the room, “There’s another door that connects your room to mine!”

“Awww..” Khushi’s mouth turned in big “O” shape.

“What is there to be aww about? Even my heart is connected to yours!” he chuckled. 

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