Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage - 2

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Chapter 21 - Please accept it! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 172 times)

Next morning..

Khushi walked out of the bathroom, she peeked to his room as he left the door that connects their room open, stating he wants to see her while sleeping. So yesterday night, she had one admirer watching her sleeping all night!

He was sleeping like a baby with a cute frown on his face, hugging his pillow. She smiled softly and walked to his room. She pulled his blanket lying on the floor and covered him properly.


At breakfast table..

Khushi helped HP to serve breakfast; she was constantly staring upstairs waiting for him to come downstairs.

“Where’s Chote?” Anjali asked.

“He’s still sleeping..” Khushi replied, and then she widened her eyes remembering that they don’t know that their rooms are connected.

Raj smiled, “Wow such a connection you have with him Khushi.. You already know he’s sleeping!”

“Nahin.. he didn’t..” Khushi stammered nervously. Anjali hugged her from behind smiling, “It’s okay. If you don’t know about him, then who would? Hain na?”

“Right! Absolutely right.. now you have to take care of his food, his meds, his sleeping time, his office files!” Raj said.

“And why is Khushi supposed to do that Papa?” Lavanya asked with tone of jealousy.

“You eat na bitiya.. You’re becoming very slim these days..” Nani patted her back, eying to her plate with a tight smile.

Arnav came downstairs, and stare at Khushi. His lips curved into a smile automatically just by seeing her face. Khushi looked down blushing; she pretended she was arranging the plates on the table.

Ratna was silently staring at both thinking about the conversation she had with Raj last night. It’s still difficult to digest that her son fell in love with Khushi and not the girl she liked for him (Lavanya).

Arnav called her with his eyes to sit with him. Khushi nodded sideways, Arnav frowned calling her again. She nodded sideways again.

Arnav stood up showing her he’s going to take her if she doesn’t come on her own. Khushi sighed in defeat, she shyly went to sit on the chair he pushed for her.

Garima glared at her, asking her to leave from that seat.

“What happened Garima? Why are you asking Khushi to not sit there?” Buaji asked Garima.

“What’s the problem? I only asked Khushi to sit here..” Arnav said, frowning at Garima.

Garima smiled embarrassedly as everyone looked at her, “Nahin, I was just asking her if she’s comfortable or not..”

“She’s aunty.. Don’t worry! Can’t you see these cute red cheeks are my effect only!?” Arnav said smirking.

Everyone giggled, while Khushi buried her face on her plate not wanting to look at anyone. Arnav was turning her into a tomato now.

“Why is your hair messy like this? And this sleepy face?” Mami asked staring at not so usual look of him.

“Someone stole my sleep Mami! Don’t know if she’s a dream or reality..” he glanced at Khushi while drinking his juice. “Hello hi bye bye..” Mami smiled teasingly.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

“I want to take Khushi to Nainital with me..” Arnav announced. 

“Honeymoon? Too soon?” thought Raj raising his one eyebrow. Ratna looked at Arnav surprised. While Khushi coughed with her wide eyes.

Arnav patted her back gently, “Calm down.. I don’t want to kidnap you! (turning to his family) Actually, I’ve to leave for Nainital for work reasons, and I don’t know much about the place.. I thought Khushi would help me..”

“But Aman can also help you na?” Ratna asked. Raj shook his head, sighing.

“Ma Aman married recently na, let him enjoy his time with his wife.. after I come back, I won’t let him rest..” Arnav said.

Aman blushed and everyone laughed at him.

“Why don’t you take Lavanya with you beta? She has some relatives in Nainital, and you both can stay over their place..” Dolly said.

“Look, Khushi is like two in one solution for me, she will guide me through this trip and will also cook for me.. I only like food made by her, not the restaurant ones.. and we also have one farm house in Nainital Dolly aunty..” Arnav said.

“Okay baba.. Take Sona with you!” Buaji said happily. Khushi widened her eyes; Buaji didn’t even ask her if she wants to go or not, just gave him permission like that!


Arnav sent a flying kiss to Buaji, who caught it and placed on her heart smiling.

Garima and Shashi glared at Buaji, they were thinking Arnav didn’t even asked them to take Khushi with him, when they have more rights on Khushi than Buaji.

“Haan, you can take her bitwa.. she’ll help you, hain na Khushi?” Shashi said smiling to Khushi to gain Arnav’s attention.

Khushi nodded looking down, while Arnav gritted his teeth and started making pieces of his paratha with his fork angrily.

Khushi stare at him, his eyes showed same or even more anger than that day he beat Sameer on her college, it scared her.


Khushi’s room:

“Buaji how could you do this to me? You didn’t even asked me if I want to go with him or not..” Khushi whined, she sat on the bed pouting.

“But what’s wrong?” Buaji shrugged.

“Everything is wrong.. You don’t support me anymore, you’re on his side now.. hain na?” Khushi said, “Do you know I’ll miss my classes if I go with him? And how can you send me with Sir alone?”

Arnav walked inside the room, he smirked hearing her questions complaints to Buaji, he signaled Buaji to carry on. Khushi was looking down, and she didn’t saw Arnav was in the room.

“So you think he’ll cross his limits if he goes alone with you?” Buaji asked.

“No, he’ll never cross his limits with me.. but he’ll tease me a lot!” Khushi pouted. Arnav smiled faintly.

“Buaji tell your Sona, that I already talked with her principal about this and he agreed for me take his best student for few days to Nainital, she’ll have notes of her friends and even if she doesn’t understand, her professors will explain to her on extra classes..” Arnav said.

Khushi gasped hearing his voice; she looked up and saw him in front of her.

“And tell her also, that I’m not that type of men who’ll tease her, I’m the one who will protect her from those who will tease her!” he said with his husky voice.

Khushi gulped, she stood up and hides behind Buaji blushing hard.

“No one asked you na, if you want to go or not! Now, I’m asking you.. Will you go with me to Nainital?” he asked and pinched her cheek.

Khushi blushed, she looked down and nodded her head slowly.

“I will go and pack my bags then.. We’ll leave in a while, little stubborn Sona!” Arnav said and went to his room through the door that connects their room.

Khushi watched him go smiling brightly. 

Buaji widened her eyes amused noticing that door now, “That’s why you know he was sleeping?”

“Buajiiii.. please go.. I want to change!” Khushi whined blushing heavily and pushing Buaji to leave her room, one side is Arnav and other is Buaji, Anjali, Nani and Raj, they don’t leave her in peace now!

Buaji reached the door smiling teasingly; she cupped Khushi’s face, “Accept him Sona! Don’t torture my Handsome bitwa pleaseeee!”

Buaji went from there, Khushi stood thinking about her words, “Listen to my Buaji’s words.. Cutiepie!”  when Arnav shouted from his room.

She rushed to the bathroom, her cheeks are burning now.


Khushi sat on the car, after waving at everyone she was putting on the seat belt when Arnav gave her something.

“What is this Sir?” she asked taking in on her hand confused.

“Pepper spray!” he replied, “To protect yourself from me..” he grinned.

Khushi gave it back to him, smiling shyly, “I won’t need it Sir..”

“Are you sure?” he asked with teasing tone. Khushi nodded her head, “Pakka! (Sure)..”

Lavanya suddenly got in the car smiling, Arnav frowned: What the.. What are you doing here?

“I will go with you ASR..” Lavanya blushed. “And who invited you?” Arnav asked sternly. Khushi just watched them.

“Chote she’s going with you because her uncle is sick.. she’s going to pay a visit to him.. I only asked her to go with you, is there any problem?” Ratna asked.

“Alright!” Arnav replied irritated. Lavanya blinked her eyes to Ratna assuring her of their plan, while Ratna nodded her head and left.

“Hey.. Nannav wait for us!” NK shouted and came running to the car with Akash following him.

“Where are you both going now?” Arnav asked raising his one eyebrow. Khushi smiled sheepishly, “Woh.. I called NK to come with us, because I don’t know exactly the route to Nainital.. he will help us..”

Arnav rolled his eyes, “Exactly.. Why do we have phone with us then?”

“Why Phone when NK is here..” NK winked at Arnav.

“And before you ask me why I came, then NK invited me because he can’t live without me!” Akash replied cheekily.

Lavanya look at them who occupy all space at the back seat, leaving her suffocated, “Guys sit properly!” she glared at both.


“Ratna why did you send Lavanya with them?” Raj asked angry.

“Because I want to be sure of Khushi’s motive with my son..” Ratna crossed her arms.

“What? Are you serious?” Raj frowned, “Arnav loves Khushi and not Lavanya, I told you yesterday.. why are you trying to prove Khushi wrong? She didn’t do anything poor girl.. and why don’t you doubt on Lavanya who lied to us just to stay in our house?”

“Okay, if you trust Khushi too much, then let me confirm it also.. I also send Lavanya with them so that she proves to me whether Khushi is behind Arnav’s money or she is really in love with him!” Ratna said.

“Ratna are you mad? It’s too obvious that Lavanya will try every way to prove Khushi wrong, because she also wants Arnav.. but anyways, I believe Khushi is the one who will love my son truly..” he said and left from there.

“We will see Raj..” Ratna whispered as he left.


“Heyy DM..” Khushi gasped widening her eyes. Arnav looked at her side while driving, “What happened?”

“I forgot to take my clothes Sir..” she said panicked.

“Don’t worry.. I will buy it for you once we reach there..” he spoke calmly. Khushi smiled shyly.

While driving for hours, the three behind fell asleep but Khushi didn’t. She was busy staring at her Mr. Handsome driving so serious.

At night they reached to their destination. Khushi was awed by their mansion.

“Let’s go..” Arnav said as he opened the car’s door for her. As soon as he opened the car’s door, Khushi was shivering feeling cold now. Arnav removed his suit and made her wear it, Khushi looked at him amused, and still she accepted it, because she was trembling now with cold.

Lavanya watched this burning in jealousy, she got down the car with NK and Akash, who were so excited for to be here.



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Chapter 22 - Movie together! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 230 times)

Arnav walked to open the door that was being knocked constantly and no one cared to open. He found a lady with pizza box on her hand, “Yeah..” he looked at her with questioning eyes.

“Your Pizza Sir!” she said smiling seductively after seeing it’s the Greek God, ASR in front of her.

“I didn’t order it.. maybe you’re mistaken..” Arnav said politely, though he understood her gaze on him.

“No, I’m sure it’s here.. the address is here only..” she said frowning a bit showing him the paper, Arnav certified it. He took the pizza box, “I think my cousin ordered it.. Thank you!”

She smiled taking the money from his hand, she purposely touched his hand with her fingers. Arnav shook his head slightly and kept his hand back.

Khushi watched this pouting, first he ordered pizza when he asked her to cook pasta for him and she hated this girl look on him.

“Sir you need to sign here..” the lady said leaning more close to Arnav. Arnav nodded, he took the pen from her hand and signed. Then gave back to her, she again tried to touch him but this time Arnav was quick to escape.

“Sir Can I kiss you please?” the lady asked surprising Arnav and shocking Khushi, “I’m your biggest fan!”

Khushi walked to them, she took the pizza box from Arnav’s hand and stood there glaring at the lady, who was still waiting for Arnav’s reply.

“My lady won’t like if kiss anyone other than her..” Arnav replied staring at Khushi fuming in anger. She looked cute even angry and jealous.

The lady sighed and went from there.

“She left.. Relax, I wouldn’t kiss her even if you were not here..” he said. Khushi turned to him, pouting: Why did you ask me to cook pasta for you when you wanted PIZZA?

“It’s not me who ordered it..” Arnav shrugged, “I still want your PASTA only..” he smirked.

“My Pizza!” NK said excitedly as he ran to them and grabbed the box from Khushi’s hand. Arnav raised his eyebrow to her, with You-got-your-answer look. Khushi made a sorry look to him, embarrassed for getting angry on him like this.


Khushi, Lavanya, NK and Akash were sitting on the couch on living room having their dinner and watching Hollywood movie, which Khushi wasn’t enjoying at all.

Arnav joined them now after ending his call with one of his business partners, he noticed Khushi’s boring look from far only. He took a seat beside her, ignoring Lavanya’s gestures for him to sit with her.

“Change this movie yaar..she is not liking it..” he said to NK.

“Jalebi why? It’s best movie.. look at their action sequences..” NK cried.

“Continue watching it NK.. You don’t have to change..” Khushi said smiling innocently.

NK smiled, “Thank you Jalebi.. you’re the best!”

Arnav sighed in disbelief, he held her hand, “Come with me..”. Khushi let him take her upstairs, they went to second floor. He took her to his theater room, Khushi looked at the room in awe.

He made her sit comfortably on the couch and played Tiger Zinda Hai movie for her, as he got to know with Buaji that Salman Khan is her favorite actor.

“Thank you!” she thanked him genuinely, he thought of her. He isn’t like other men who only think for themselves, he is always trying to make her feel comfortable.

“Welcome!” he pinched her cute nose, and asked her to watch the movie. Even though he doesn’t like hindi movies, but just to see that precious smile on her face, he’s ready to do everything!

While they were watching the movie, Salman was now trying to pacify Katrina on Dil Diyan Gallan song. Arnav stare at Khushi, “Will I have to do this to make you accept me?”

Khushi looked at him, she smiled shyly and nodded sideways. He smiled faintly and both kept staring at each other till the song ended.

Rabba vee .. Rabba vee..

“What’s stopping you from saying yes?” he asked breaking the long eye lock between them, he caressed her cheeks with his finger, and then tuck her hair behind her ear, “Hmm?”

“Darr lagta hai.. (I’m scared..)..” she said as she hugged him suddenly and shut her eyes tightly. Arnav was taken aback for a while, then hugged her back, “Scared of what my baby? I’m here with you!”

“Of everything..” she whispered tightening her grip on him, as she imagined Garima, Shashi and Payal scolding her, beating her, humiliating her.


Lavanya was looking for Arshi like mad in the corridors, she wondered where did they disappeared.

Thank you so much for the comments. I'm so happy you guys are liking it, your eagerness make me want to write again and again. So this is one more short update :)

Kpoonam - welcome back dear.. 

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Chapter 23 - Is she the lucky one? (By Angel23) (Thanked: 220 times)

“ASR.. ASR..” Lavanya shouted running around the corridors panicked, she badly wanted to know where both were.

Khushi broke the hug startled, and Arnav cursed Lavanya for spoiling their moment.

“Lavanya ma’am is calling you Sir..” Khushi said. Arnav thought for a while, then leaned on the couch comfortably and raised the volume.

Khushi looked at him astonished, “Sir.. what are you doing? Lavanya ma’am is calling you!”

“I didn’t hear Khushi!” Arnav smirked, “This movie is so good.. first hindi movie that I liked, you should also watch it instead of worrying for others..”

Khushi smiled and leaned on the couch, “You don’t like Lavanya ma’am, na?”

Arnav nodded sideways while watching the movie, “I hate her! She’s so irritating and her mother Dolly is such a drama queen! Don’t know how uncle handles both!”

 “But she likes you! You should try to be her friend Sir..” Khushi said.

“Nahin..” he whispered, then stroke her hair softly, “You’re very innocent Cutiepie.. (Khushi stare at him confused) If I accept Lavanya’s friendship, means she took one step in her game..”

“Game?” Khushi frowned a bit, “Are you both playing games?”

Arnav chuckled, “Nahin my Sona.. (she blushed).. Girls like Lavanya do this only, look from day one I reached here, she’s trying hard to impress me.. (Khushi nodded), not because she wants my friendship, she wants ME.. she wants this ASR the world knows.. so if I accept to be her friend, her next step would be to directly talk to my mother about marriage, stating that I like her also! When it’s not the truth.. She’s just waiting to grab an opportunity to make me hers, which I’m not going to give her..”

Khushi was kind of shocked to know this, she thought Lavanya really likes him but she’s only irritating person for Arnav. But here, it all turned to be a plan to get him!

“You see how difficult it is to find true love nowadays!” he said.

“Hmm..” Khushi nodded, “How do you know that a person is like this or that? You’re very smart Sir..” she said.

Arnav chuckled again at his innocent Cutiepie, he pinched her cheek: Experience.. It makes you judge people better..

“What am I for you then?” Khushi asked excitedly to know what he thinks of her.

Arnav closed his eyes smiling, “You really want to hear? I will not be responsible for your cheeks to turn red then..”

Khushi turned her attention to the movie smiling shyly. She already understood what his meaning is!



In the morning..

Khushi woke up in a huge and beautifully decorated room; she rubbed her eyes and continued admiring the room sitting on the bed.

Her eyes travelled to a beautiful light pink anarkali suit, she took it in her hands smiling, “It’s so beautiful..” she thought reminding herself that Arnav said he would buy clothes for her, “Thank you Sir!”

She went running to the bathroom to freshen up.


Arnav was having breakfast with NK and Akash.

“Won’t you introduce me to your girlfriend Akash?” Arnav asked. Akash smiled shyly, “Woh.. bhai.. she isn’t my girlfriend..”

Arnav smirked, “Oh really! She is dating someone else..”

“NO bhai..” Akash whined realizing Arnav was teasing him, “I’m still in talks with her!”

“What about you?” he threw a straw to NK. NK pouted, “Nannav.. I don’t have any girlfriend, I’m happy with my life, my fun with Akash and Jalebi!”

Arnav gritted his teeth hearing “Jalebi”.

Khushi descended the stairs shyly, as she was wearing the dress of his choice. She doesn’t know about his reaction, would he like it or not.

Khushi's look

Arnav stare at her side, he blinked his eyes once looking at the angel descending the stairs.

“Perfect..” he whispered to himself, the anarkali just fitted in her as if it was made for her only.

“WOW.. Jalebi you look amazing!” NK said as he rushed to Khushi smiling. Khushi blushed, “Thank you NK..”

Arnav stood up and walked to them with heavy steps, he held Khushi’s hand and pulled her to him, Khushi looked at him amused, “She knows she looks amazing, now go and finish your breakfast..”

NK pouted confused why Nannav is always fighting with him, while Arnav took Khushi still holding her hand possessively to the breakfast table. Khushi looked at him astonished, this man is so possessive of her, she has to be alert otherwise unknowingly she will talk with a man, and he might murder that man just for speaking with her. He already beat Sameer badly just because he messed up with her.

 But she likes his possessiveness.. He’s cute and a gentleman even jealous!

Lavanya also joined them; she wore a blue dress and left her hair open, “Good morning..” she said staring only at Arnav. 

Everyone replied to her and she wanted to sit with Arnav but Khushi occupied that space. She glared at Khushi and sat beside NK.

“Jalebi did you thought where will we go? Since Nannav is going to attend his meetings, we’ll be bored here waiting for him..” NK said excitedly.

Khushi was about to say her idea, when Arnav cut her, “What the.. she’s going with me!”

“What? Are you planning to make her top model of AR?” Lavanya asked angrily.

“Mind your language Miss Kashyap!” Arnav gritted his teeth, “Who are you to question me?”

Lavanya bit her lips embarrassed, “Sorry.. ASR..woh..”

“SHUT UP..” Arnav shouted, “Next time you talk to me like this, you won’t be even standing in front of me to say sorry..”

Khushi’s eyes brimmed with tears; she hiccupped fearfully witnessing his anger. Arnav looked at her, he quickly poured water on a glass and made her drink, patting her back.

Khushi buried her face on his chest crying, Arnav closed his eyes calming himself, then he planted a kiss on her hair, “Shh.. stop crying..”

Akash and NK glared at Lavanya, they start scolding her for making Arnav angry. Lavanya pouted, her heart was paining to see Arnav and Khushi close like this. But then an idea came on her mind, she quickly took her phone and secretly clicked a picture of Arshi, then send it to Ratna.

“See Ma.. she doesn’t waste time, already trapping your son!” she wrote the message quickly and kept her phone back.


Arnav was waiting for Khushi outside, thinking about her crying because of him. She gets scared easily since she lives with devils like Garima and Shashi, he doesn’t want her to think that he’s like them.

Khushi came outside to him after washing her face. She didn’t even reach properly and he already pulled her by her waist near him, Khushi widened her eyes shocked at his act.

“Naaraz ho mujhse? (Are you angry with me?)” He asked huskily. Khushi felt a shiver making her way down her spine hearing this.

She nodded her head pouting, “Your anger makes me get scared!”

“I’m sorry.. I will control my anger when I’m with you!” he whispered, stroking her hair. Khushi looked at him astonished; this man surprises her any moment!

“Do you want me to pacify you in Salman’s way?” he asked with his signature smirk. Khushi blushed, she giggled, “No.. I’m not angry now..”


He parked his car on a five star hotel, both got down and head to a conference room. Arnav looked at Khushi, “I’ll just attend this meeting, will you wait here?” he made her sit on the couch.

Khushi nodded her head obediently. Arnav walked to go, but his heart wasn’t feeling like leaving her alone, after all he brought her here, she’s his responsibility. He returned to her, “Let’s go inside..”

Khushi stood up and went with him, thinking this man is unpredictable. Khushi sat beside him on the conference room grabbing his partner’s attention.

Arnav understood their looks, but no one dared to question him. The meeting went on, Khushi had her full attention on it, and she watched everything dreaming of herself being here one day. Arnav was staring at her only; everything else had no importance for him when SHE was there.

He shook his head, and drank the water in one go, “You’re falling deeply in love Arnav!” he said to himself and tried to concentrate on his meeting.

When the meeting came to an end, one lady came to them smirking. She hugged Arnav seductively staring at Khushi, while Arnav just hugged her formally.

“Hi Natasha!” Arnav greeted her.

“Hi ASR..” she said eying to Khushi again with unusual smile. Khushi felt uncomfortable with her constant gaze on her.

“She was in same college as mine in London..” Arnav looked at Khushi, “And she’s..”

“She’s the lucky one! Hain na?” Natasha asked smirking evilly, “Must ask, what black magic you did on ASR, that he rejected all the beautiful, modern and smart ladies around him to choose a behenji like you?”

Khushi looked at her with teary eyes and shocked. Arnav clenched his jaw, still composed himself as he can’t lose his cool in front of Khushi, “She is not the lucky one.. (Natasha was relieved to know he was single) .. She’s the only one in my life.. and you better change your specs, it’s not helping you to distinguish between natural and fake beauty!”

Saying this, he holds Khushi’s hand and took her away from there. Natasha widened her eyes in shock at his comment.


Khushi was lost in what happened few minutes ago, how Natasha humiliated her. This is way she’s not accepting this relationship, because the world would think like this only, she’s not worth of his love.

“Khushi..” Arnav called her while driving, “Don’t tell me you’re upset because of Natasha!”

Khushi didn’t reply.

“Khushi in my eyes you’re this world most beautiful girl..” he confessed, “I feel nothing when I’m with other girls, absolutely nothing.. my heart only beats for you!”

“Only for you..” he whispered.

“Sir whatever Natasha said was right only, you should find a girl who matches with you.. not me.. we both are from very different worlds..” Khushi said, but every word she took was pricking her heart.

“I DON’T WANT ANYONE OTHER THAN YOU DAMMIT..” he shouted and stopped the car, “If it’s not you Khushi, it will be no one.. did you hear me? NO ONE.. The space I made for you in my heart, is irreplaceable now..”

Khushi stare at him for a long time, not knowing how to react.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

Arnav felt guilty for shouting at her, he caressed her face with a sorry look. Khushi stare at him sobbing, this time wasn't because she was scared of him, but for his love, he loves her so much that she doesn't want to break his heart but she's afraid of accepting this relationship. 

May 4

Chapter 24 - Worried! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 215 times)

It was afternoon, and they went for a walk. Akash, NK and Khushi were chatting, while Lavanya was trying to have a conversation with Arnav, who was completely ignoring her.

“ASR..” she called him again, when Akash pulled her back angrily, “Lavanya bhai is not in his best moods today.. Don’t pester him anymore; otherwise I don’t know what he will do to you!”

Lavanya pouted, “It’s only because of this Chamkili.. What did you do to him in that meeting that he returned like this? He’s not talking with anyone, poor my ASR.. Don’t know why is he so sad, I’m sure this cunning girl did something..”

“Lavanya mind your language when you talk about Jalebi!” NK glare angrily at her.

Khushi was now feeling guilty, is it because of her that his mood is off like this. She stares at him walking alone, not even caring for them.


They reached home at night time, and after having dinner everyone went on to do their own things. Arnav grabbed his car keys and was leaving again. Khushi went behind him running, “Sir where are you going?”

Arnav raised his one eyebrow perfectly.

“I mean.. it’s too late now for you to go outside and it’s not safe also.. I also talk with HP ji and he said that they’re many thieves around in night.. he said to be careful..” Khushi said clutching her dress.

“Why do you even care about all this?” he asked in no nonsense tone.

“Kyun ki baat aapki hai, farak padta hai..” she said with moist eyes.

“I will come back soon..” he said and left from there. Khushi was hurt with his behavior; he talked so cold with her. She went running to her room crying.


Arnav got in his car smiling, “At least you care about me!” he thought.

He took her phone that was lying on her seat, she forgot it in his car and that’s the reason why he came back to take it, and she thought he was going somewhere.

Her phone started ringing, he looked at the caller ID and smirked picking it up, “Namaste uncle!”

“Arnav bitwa app..” Shashi said surprised that he picked up Khushi’s call.

“Uncle Khushi’s with me na, so it’s obviously me!” Arnav smiled, “How are you uncle?”

“Haan bitwa.. we are not well at all, you don’t even imagine what happened with us..” Shashi cried.

“What uncle? Is everything alright?” Arnav asked making his voice sound worried; when he was smirking as he already know what Shashi is going to tell him.

“Nahin bitwa, that day we went to Mandir for your puja then slept in your mansion, our house got robbed.. they stole everything in my room!” Shashi cried.

“Oh my God! What are you saying uncle?” Arnav acted like shocked, “Did you inform police about it?”

“Haan I did..” Shashi nodded crying, “We are destroyed Arnav bitwa, they took all my money!”

“It’s only money you care about!” thought Arnav disgusted, then said, “Don’t worry uncle, everything is going to be fine..”

“Thank you bitwa..” Shashi said, then thought frowning, “Couldn’t he offer some money to help me?”

“Can you pass the phone to Khushi bitiya?” he asked.

“You want to inform her about this uncle? Don’t worry, I will inform her about it..” Arnav said controlling his laugh.

“Nahin bitwa, don’t take trouble.. I will say to her only, just pass the phone to her..” Shashi said a bit irritated.

“Hello.. uncle.. Hello.. I can’t hear you uncle..” Arnav said pressing his lips to suppress the smile on his face, “ Hello? I will hang up uncle.. I can’t hear you.. “ he cut the call smirking.

Shashi shut his eyes tightly irritated, here he wanted to order Khushi to transfer her money from her account to his and Arnav didn’t even let him talk to her.

“This is just a small punishment for torturing my Princess, Shashi! Welcome to hell..” Arnav smirked with a dangerous look, playing with Khushi’s phone.

His phone rang now, and he picked it up with a smile adorning his face, “Hi Sweetheart!”

“Hello Handsome bitwa!” Buaji smiled, “What a master plan you created! You had to be here to see Shashi and Garima’s face.. I had a great time, really.. Shashi crying for his money and Garima for her jewelry..”

“This is just the start Buaji.. they will pay badly for what they did to Khushi  in past..” Arnav said lost in thoughts.


“My necklace is missing Shashi.. Who took it?” Garima asked worriedly, while Shashi angrily looked at her, “Someone stole my money too!”


Seven years old Payal gulped hearing their talks, she was the one who took her mother necklace to play with her dolls, and stole her father’s money to buy candies in school.

“Payal did you take it?” Garima glared at her.

“Nahin amma!” Payal nodded sideways, “It was Khushi who stole it.. I saw it with my own eyes!”

“What? How dare that girl? Where is she? I won’t spare her today..” Shashi said angrily, and went to five years old Khushi, who was in living room doing her homework.

He grabbed her by her arms harshly, Khushi hissed in pain, “Aaaahh.. Bau.. Baujiiii..”

“You stole my money.. and Garima’s necklace ahn? From where did you got courage to do this?” Shashi shouted at her.

Khushi started crying badly, she nodded sideways, “I didn’t do anything.. please leave me.. Bauji.. I didn’t do anything..”

“Lie! You even dare to lie to me.. now I won’t spare you..” he said tightening his grip on her. Khushi started struggling on his hold, she cried.

“Payal go and bring that stick over there..” he pointed. Payal went to take it and gave it to her father.

Khushi nodded sideways, she cried, yelled and begged for help but no one did. Shashi beat her, and Garima motivated him to beat her more.

“Next time you lie or steal something I’m going to throw you out of here..” he shouted and left from there.

Khushi fell on the floor crying heavily. Garima went to her, “Where is my necklace?”

“I d..don’t .. know amma..” she stammered.

“Didn’t you listen what Shashi said? You still want to lie to me.. Khushi!” Garima shouted, “Tell me now, where is my necklace?”

“I don’t know amma..” Khushi said crying fearfully.

Garima got angry; she lifted Khushi and locked her in a dark room, “You will stay there if you don’t want to tell me..  I will only open this door when you give my necklace back to me!”

Flashback ends.

Arnav close his eyes in pain after remembering what Buaji shared with him, this was the age his parents used to pamper him and gave so much love to him, and Khushi was suffering.

“Arnav bitwa.. Will you make my Sona strong like you to face not only Shashi or Garima, but everyone who try to make her suffer?” Buaji asked with teary eyes.

“I will Buaji.. I will..” he said determined.

“I trust you..” Buaji smile faintly, “Anyways, talking about good things, did you make her say Yes?”

“Nahin.. you were right only Buaji.. your Sona is one little stubborn girl.. she is still scared of Shashi, Garima.. what will people say.. and on..” Arnav pouted.

“Why don’t you speak with her about this? Yeh Sanka Devi bhi na.. I had already told her if she’s in love with you then she must go on with this relationship and not think about others..” Buaji rolled her eyes.

“I don’t want Buaji.. I want her to trust me, on my love..  I want her to realize herself that if she loves me, then she must not think about the world.. I don’t want to assure her that I will be with her, I want her to be confident that I will be with her no matter what happens..” Arnav said.

“I will pray for you mera baccha.. I’m sure she will realize her feelings for you very soon in Nainital itself..” said Buaji.

“I hope so this romantic weather of Nainital gives some romantic sense on her mind!” Arnav said, and then he and Buaji giggled.

He kept the phone on his pocket after talking with Buaji, then looked at the mansion thinking for a while, “Let me see how much you care about me Cutiepie!”

Smirking, he started the car and went for a very long drive!


At 2 am, Arnav reached in the mansion, he walked in looking around but she wasn’t there. 

“She isn’t even worried about me!” he pouted, and went upstairs directly to his room. As soon as he opened the door, he was received by a very angry Khushi!

“Gosh.. You scared me!” he placed his palm on his heart dramatically, “What are you doing in my room?”

“Kahaan the aap? (Where were you??)” she asked angrily.

Arnav raised his one eyebrow amused, “You’re scolding me Khushi?” he asked taking one step ahead.

Khushi took one step backwards, gulping as she realized she just scolded him, and their game went on till Khushi leaned on the wall.

“You didn’t answer me yet!” he smirked.

“Yes.. I’m scolding you Sir..” she pointed to him angrily, which Arnav found cute, she scolded him moving forward, and now it was Arnav who took steps backwards taken aback, “It’s your fault only.. didn’t you told me you would come home soon? Is this your soon? I was so worried for you.. Despite me warning you about thieves here, you still went don’t know where..  you didn’t even inform NK or Akash about your whereabouts, you don’t want to tell me.. I’m stranger to you, it’s okay.. at least inform your family about you na.. I asked NK, Akash and even Lavanya ma’am to call you but you didn’t answer their phone calls also.. you don’t even know properly about the routes and places here, I was so scared.. (tears slipped from her eyes) everyone slept but I couldn’t even close my eyes thinking about you.. Why? Why did you do this to me? Naaraz ho na mujhse? Then please talk with me, scold me, do whatever you want.. but don’t ignore me like this, don’t treat me like a stranger when you already showed so much love to me, I can’t bear it.. I can’t bear it Sir..”

Arnav pulled her softly for a hug caressing her hair smiling faintly, “I’m sorry.. I won’t do it again.. Sona.. I’m fine..”

She closed her eyes resting on his chest, “Promise me!”

“I promise..” he said, thinking for a while, “Sorry Cutiepie this time I made you worried knowingly, I won’t repeat this again.. pakka promise!”

“And promise me that you will talk with me, you’ll not treat me this way..” she said looking at him, with teary eyes.

“For that you have to give me a reason!” he said shrugging, “If the only people close to you, your dear ones are Buaji, NK and Akash. What does it matter if I talk with you or not?”

“Farak padta hai.. (it matters)” she replied frowning a bit, not liking he said that only Buaji, NK and Akash are close to her. Even he is!

“Kyun farak padta hai? (Why does it matter?)” he asked.

“Because I..” she said.

“I?” Arnav asked eagerly and hoping her to answer what he wishes to hear.

“ASR…” Lavanya shouted knocking the door.

Khushi shyly ran to open the door, while Arnav groaned frustrated, “Dammit…”. 

Before Khushi could open the door, he reached before her with his long steps, and opened the door angrily, “Don’t you have any other things to do in life other than going behind me?” he shouted.

“I was worried for you ASR..” Lavanya sobbed. “I see..” Arnav rolled his eyes, seeing her state, she was already in her night suit with sleepy face. It’s clear that she heard their voices and came acting like she was worried.

 “Go to sleep Lavanya.. And really sorry to disturb your sweet dreams!” Arnav said sarcastically.

Lavanya wanted to say something, but he signaled her to leave with his hand. She gulped, scared of his look and went from there.

Khushi also walked to leave, but then returned to running to Arnav and hugged him tightly smiling. Arnav also smiled.

“Good night Sir..” she whispered and went running like a butterfly again. 


 Any guesses? Did Khushi realize her love for Arnav?

May 5

Chapter 25 - She's mine and he's.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 250 times)

“Oh God! Ratna just look at this girl audacity .. She doesn’t even mind to hug your son!” Dolly said, while Ratna was staring at the picture Lavanya send to her.

“Characterless girl!” Dolly said making a disgusting face, “She is taking advantage of this trip to get close to Arnav beta.. who knows she might convince him to get married to her there also!”

“Dolly!” Ratna looked at her sternly, “My Chote will never get married without my permission!”

“Calm down Ratna.. I was just saying, he already fell in love without your permission, I don’t think marriage is a big deal!” Dolly smirked.

“He will not Dolly, trust me! And as soon as he comes back, I will convince him to get married to Lavanya bitiya.. I’m his mother and he will have to obey me!” Ratna frowned and left from there throwing her phone on the bed.

Dolly smiled excitedly, “That’s the step I was waiting for you to take Ratna, thank you so much! Now my baby will get married to the most handsome and richest man in London, ASR.. oh my God!”


Next day..

“Where’s Khushi?” Arnav asked looking around the living room, sitting on his chair at the breakfast table.

“I don’t know!” NK said, “Jalebi didn’t come downstairs still..”

Arnav frowned a bit; he went upstairs in search of her while Lavanya looked at him going angrily, “Why do you care for her and not me ASR?”

He found a servant on the way, “Ram uncle.. did you saw Khushi?”

The old man rubbed his chin thinking, “Khushi? That beautiful girl who came with you, Malik?”

Arnav smiled faintly at the way Ram described Khushi, he nodded his head, “Yes, same one.. did you saw her?”

“She is at terrace Malik..” Ram smiled, “It seems she liked to see the mountains of Nainital!”

Arnav smiled and went to the terrace, where he found Khushi staring at the mountains with a huge smile playing on her lips, her eyes shined.

“Khushi..” he called her softly. Khushi turned to him, smilingly she pointed at the mountains, “Look at this view Sir, isn’t it beautiful?”

Arnav walked near her, he hmm-ed agreeing with her, “It’s beautiful! Papa specially bought this mansion because of this view.. we used to come here in holidays to play, have fun.. away from everyone, only us! You liked it?”

Khushi nodded her head vigorously smiling, “I loved it!”

“Then we will come often here..” Arnav said stroking her hair lovingly, Khushi blushed lowering her eyes.

“Now let’s go and have breakfast..” he said holding her hand and took her downstairs.


At night..

In this big hall filled with guests, most business men with their families, they were celebrating the partnership between AR and RK fashion house that joined hands to make a big fashion show, her eyes were only on him!

She followed him as if he’s the only worth thing to look at in this party, the way he talks with attitude and confidence in his eyes, the way he walks in style, the way he smirks, the way he gets angry, the way he just look at her and blinks his eyes asking if everything is alright or not, and she just nodded her head slightly gesturing him she’s fine, and the way he smiles back at her, then quickly hide his smile when someone come to him, showing his ASR’s attitude!

 Khushi giggled softly as just did that again, Akash and NK looked at her weirdly, “Khushi everything ok na?”

Khushi got startled, she just nodded her head and kept her attention on their chat, but then again her hazel eyes turned to watch him secretly.

Mainu Ishq Tera Lae Dooba

I have drowned in Your love

Haan Ishq Tera Lae Dooba

Yes I have drowned in Your love

Mainu Ishq Tera Lae Dooba

I have drowned in Your love

Haan Ishq Tera Lae Dooba

Yes I have drowned in Your love

Aisa Kyun Hota Hai

Why does it happen like this

Tere Jaane Ke Baad

After Your departure

Lagta Hai Haathon Mein

It seems as if in my hands

Reh Gaye Tere Haath

The touch/sensation of Your hands still remains

Tu Shaamil Hai Mere

You are a part of my

Hansne Mein, Rone Mein

Smile and my tears

Hai Kya Koi Kami

Is there anything left

Mere Paagal Hone Mein

For me not to be crazy

 Mainu Ishq Tera Lae Dooba

I have drowned in Your love

Haan Ishq Tera Lae Dooba

Yes I have drowned in Your love

Mainu Ishq Tera Lae Dooba

I have drowned in Your love

Haan Ishq Tera Lae Dooba

Yes I have drowned in Your love

“ASR we heard apart from being number one in fashion designing, you’re a fantastic singer! Can we hear you?” the host of the party pleaded him on stage, ready with a guitar on her hand, “Please! Don’t say no!”

Khushi smiled surprised, now she was eager to hear his voice! She looked at his side and showed her thumbs up excitedly.

Arnav was about to deny but after seeing her so excited, he couldn’t break her heart. He went to the stage and took the guitar from the lady’s hand, who smiled shyly thinking ASR accepted her request.

He sat on a chair and lights went off, only spotlight was on him as everyone looked at him keenly, eager to hear ASR singing.

“I’ll just sing few lines for someone special..” he said huskily moving his eyes to Khushi, it was dark and the hall was filled with candle lights, still he could recognize her.

“Wooooww…” the crowd cheered surprised to know there’s someone special in his life, and Khushi lowered her eyelashes smiling shyly.

“And can we know who’s she?” the host asked hoping it to be her only, as he accepted to sing on her request.

“You know this world is selfish and they want to snatch everything from others, I want to keep her hidden with me, I want to protect her from this world so that no one snatch her from me.. She’s just MINE!” Arnav smirked.

Everyone was in aww mode now, but the host pouted upset and left the stage for him. Khushi shivered hearing his words.

pehli dafa hum tum mile

phir bhi yakeen kyun ho raha hai

dil ka mere, dil se tere

ik waasta sadiyon raha hai

(we have met for the first time,

still, why can I believe,

that there has been a relation 

between your heart and mine for centuries)

maine jo tujhko paaya

tune jo mujhko paaya

hai ye khuda ka faisla

(when I found you,

and you found me,

it's God's decision.)

tu hi to mera, mera, mera

hai bas mera..

(you too are mine, mine,

just mine..)”

Everyone clapped for him smiling, while Arnav and Khushi were staring deeply at each other, the crowd was making noise but it didn’t make any effect on them.


“WOW.. ASR you’re the best!” Lavanya shouted trying to gain his attention, but he didn’t move. She followed his gaze and found Khushi. She clenched her fist angrily, “So you were singing for her only.. Khushi now you crossed your limits, I definitely have to show you your place now..”

She smirked at the plan running on her mind now, she quickly ran to execute it.

Arnav walked out of the stage and continued his talks with his partners, while Lavanya went to him, “ASR..”

“What?” he asked sternly.

“Woh.. Mr.Khanna is calling you upstairs, he wants to talk with you urgently..” said Lavanya. Arnav nodded, he went towards the stair side, when his mind start working, “Mr.Khanna doesn’t even know Lavanya, and if he wanted to talk with me, he would surely call me.. this Lazybones is playing games with me!”

He turned back and widened his eyes at the scene in front of him.  Khushi’s saree pallu was stuck on a chair, and she was moving herself too much while talking that slowly it was falling off her shoulder and she wasn’t even realizing.

“Dammit..” he looked around himself, he was already in middle of the long stairs, even if he ran to save her he wouldn’t reach in time, her saree pallu would fall before he reaches there.

Lavanya was praying to her pallu fall quickly, she was smiling in victory.

Arnav quickly took his phone and dialed the manager’s phone number and barked, “Order someone to switch off all lights RIGHT NOW!”

“Okay sir..” came a reply and within seconds the hall became dark and the crowd started making noises confused, what happened there.

The pallu fell from her shoulder, Khushi gasped widening her eyes she quickly covered herself with her arms.

Suddenly she felt being pulled by someone; she very well recognizes his touch.


Arnav pulled her inside a room, he closed the door and then went to the dressing table and a saree brooch.

Khushi was numb; she didn’t understand anything that happened now. Arnav walked to her, he didn’t look at her, kept his eyes down. He took her saree pallu and put it around her shoulder, then used the saree brooch to make sure it stays in place on her shoulder.

“Don’t worry.. Nothing happened! This was just a plan of Lazybones tried to make you feel embarrassed in front of everyone.. but I didn’t let anything happen, and I never will..” he said while helping her with her saree, then cupped her face, “Are you okay?”

Khushi nodded her head with tears brimming on her eyes, this man just made her speechless, his love is unique.. no one would love her in this way, he’s not the prince charming she dream for herself, he’s much more than what she pleaded to her DM.. she hurt him by thinking about others and not their love, but still he didn’t gave up.. now it’s enough, she won’t think about her Amma’s warning to stay away from him, she won’t think about what the society will say about their relationship, she will only think about him, ONLY HIM!

“I.. I love you Sir… I love you..” she said feeling each word without any fear, looking into his eyes, though tears slipped from her eyes, there was smile growing on her face.

Arnav looked at her numb, did she really said those words or was he just dreaming?

“Phir se bolo.. (say it again..).. What did you say?” Arnav asked still not believing it. Khushi blushed, she hugged him tightly, resting her head on his chest, “Ab tum bolo.. (now you say it..)..”

Arnav smiled, his heart was flying, jumping, dancing and what not in happiness, and he wrapped his arms around her, “I LOVE YOU MORE!”

Khushi turned red hearing his confession, she buried her face on his chest. 


“I can’t believe this.. she was here only.. where did Khushi go?” Lavanya asked angrily staring at NK and Akash.

“We don’t know na Lavanya, lights went off and suddenly she disappeared..” NK frowned at the irritating woman in front of him.

“By the way, why do you care for Khushi? Suddenly this change..” Akash looked at her suspiciously.

“I don’t care for that middle class girl..” Lavanya said went from there.

“Let me look for Jalebi..” NK said and Akash joined him to look for Khushi, who suddenly disappeared.


“Mom.. I’m just fed up..” Lavanya shouted on phone irritated, “Why does she escapes everytime? Dammit..”

“Calm down baby.. don’t give up! Here I just convinced Ratna for your marriage with Arnav, she said once you guys return she’s going to talk with Arnav about your marriage plans.. Isn’t that great news? Now you have to prove Khushi is a characterless girl, only then Ratna will be permanently by our side, she still have some doubt on it, because she truly believed Khushi is good girl, now we have to change this Ratna point of view, we’re gradually doing it.. You had to see how angry she was when she saw Khushi hugging Arnav in that pic you sent.. if you keep doing good work like this, prove that Khushi is only behind Arnav’s luxury life, she wants to trap him then only you will win baby, you will marry him..Arnav beta is only yours..” Dolly said.

“Okay Mom..  I will do as you say.. I’m so happy you convinced Ratna ma for our marriage!” Lavanya smiled excitedly, “She’s really innocent Mom, we can use her till we want to.. in fact, after my marriage with ASR, she’s the one who’s going to defend me always!”

Both mother and daughter laughed about it.


Ratna and Raj’s room:

Ratna showed him the picture of Arshi’s hug, “See it with your own eyes!”

Raj took the phone from her hand and smiled, “They look great together.. May God always keep them like this!”

“Raj ji you’re unbelievable..” Ratna looked at him in disbelief, “I never thought Khushi would do these cheap acts to get my son!”

“I can’t see anything cheap here Ratna.. In fact cheap act is what Lavanya did taking this picture secretly and what you’re doing right now, taking any meaning you want of their hug.. What do you know about this ahn? What happened here? Why Khushi hugged him? Did you even ask or just thought cheap things about this girl? The problem is not with Khushi, but with you three who think middle class girl only wants money from rich men, is there any restriction to fall in love now? Why don’t you think like this of Lavanya also?” Raj asked.

“I already told you Ratna.. I will support my son in his decision, if it’s Khushi he wants, then I will fully help him in getting married to Khushi, and you’re not going to stop me!” Raj said.

“Arnav will get married to the girl of my choice only, he’s my son and he will understand me..” Ratna said.

“You will not force him Ratna!” Raj glared at her, “Do you even realize you’re spoiling his life? He did everything for us dammit, he studied hard only to make us proud parents, he always listened to our advices, today he’s the best and most richest business men just for us Ratna.. he only did what he did for us, it’s our time we do something for him also..”

“I’m doing everything for him only, I want him to settle with someone who match up to him, who will love him dearly.. not someone who’s behind his money..” Ratna argued with tears in her eyes.

“Then open your eyes and see the truth, it’s not Khushi but Lavanya who’s behind his money..” Raj shouted.

Anjali, Shyam and Nani knocked the door of their room worried after hearing them shouting. Raj composed himself and opened the door.

“Papa.. is everything alright?” Anjali asked.

“Your mother is too much sometimes..” Raj said and walked out of the room leaving them with Ratna.

May 10

Chapter 26 - Arnav ji! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 211 times)

“Jalebi are you okay? Why are you crying?” NK asked worriedly while Akash looked confused, not knowing it's Khushi's tears of happiness. 

“With me she’s always fine NK, you don’t need to ask her!” Arnav said possessively, while Khushi widened her eyes at his boldness.

“I’m worried exactly because she’s with you Nannav.. I’m sure you did something to make my Jalebi cry..” NK said. And Akash giggled silently.

“What the NK.. And stop calling her Jalebi all the time, she’s not any sweet to eat..” Arnav said irritated.

“Awww.. Jalebi say to him I always call you like that!” NK widened his eyes, “I know she’s not sweet to eat, what I meant to say is she’s very sweet like Jalebi, that’s why I call her like that..”

“But bhai even you call Khushi as Cutiepie.. then what’s the problem?” Akash asked.

“I have that right..” Arnav answered proudly that she’s his!

“I have much more right than you Nannav because I know Jalebi before you!” NK pouted.

Before they would start fighting again over her, Khushi pointed downstairs, “I think Lavanya ma’am is looking for us..”

“For you Khushi.. I don’t know why she’s so interested to know where did you go after the lights went off in the hall..” said Akash.

Arnav gritted his teeth remembering of what Lavanya did, he won’t spare her now. She just crossed her limits today.

“I will just come back..” he said, then looked at Khushi seeking her permission. She nodded her head and he left.


In the hall..

“Miss Kashyap..” Arnav called her from behind with his hands resting on his pockets and his face was serious.

“ASR..” Lavanya excitedly turned back after hearing him call her, she was already happy that Dolly convinced for their marriage and now he called her. 

“I think I still didn’t told you what I’m, did I?” he asked walking near her. Lavanya smiled confused, “Nahin.. but you don’t need to tell me ASR, I know everything about you!”

“Oh really.. I don’t think you do, if you knew everything about me, you wouldn’t dare to lie to me..” Arnav said.

“What? When did I lie to you?” Lavanya asked innocently still nervous.

“Oh Lazybones.. are you that Lazy that you want me to explain to you your own plan?” Arnav smirked, he changed his expression to angry one, “I’m not fool Miss Kashyap.. You can fool anyone you wish to with your cheap plans, not me.. I know very well what you wanted when you send me upstairs to talk with Mr.Khanna, whom you don’t even know who is he..”

“I didn’t do…” Lavanya said scared, Arnav pulled her by her arms harshly, “Aaaaahhhhh..” Lavanya shouted crying frightened of him.

“Don’t try to do anything against Khushi.. I promise if you did, terrible things will come to your way..” he said dangerously, “Just like the one you’re going to witness now!”

Arnav signaled her to look at her phone, it was a video sent to her by him. She gulped and opened it to see, her eyes widen in shock after seeing it. The video contained her talking with Dolly recently about marriage with Arnav, about using Ratna, everything.

“How..” she whispered still in shock.

“How? I will explain this.. After lights went off in the hall, I asked my bodyguard to keep a watch on you and then I went to save Khushi.. he only made this video to show to me what’s your plan..” Arnav smirked.

“I must admit Lazybones you really worked hard to get me, all these years you’ve been trying to gain my mother’s trust so that she helps you in getting our marriage done? Poor you.. you forgot one thing, in love it’s our heart that works, not our brain.. You just wasted your time in thinking how to get me all these years..” Arnav said, “Anyways.. let’s not talk and get to work..”

He took his phone smirking, “Let’s send this video to Ma and.. (he pressed send option, Lavanya was terrified).. GAME OVER!”

“Nahin.. Nahin..” Lavanya nodded sideways, “You can’t do this to me, this video is a lie.. I didn’t said anything about Ratna ma like this.. someone wants to trap me ASR.. please don’t send this video to Ma.. Ma.. she won’t believe it..” Lavanya said crying, she was confused without her mother, and she doesn’t know what to do now, how would she stop the video from reaching to Ratna.

“I just wanted to see you desperate like this..” Arnav smirked, “Those who will mess up with my Khushi, I will snatch their sleep.. now keep awake all night thinking how to stop this video from reaching to Ma, what will you answer to her, what will she think about you and most important, how is this marriage going to happen now? Will it happen, in first case?”

Arnav left from there with a victory smile on his face. And Lavanya held her head with her both hands crying, not believing she just spoiled her plan.



In the car..

Khushi was smiling shyly thinking about their confession; she doesn’t believe she just said I love you to him and he too said it. She still thinks this to be a dream, but it isn’t! She even pinched herself to confirm.

Akash and NK were noticing the strange behavior of Khushi, she wasn’t even replying to them, only in her dream world.

NK patted her shoulder and she looked at him startled, “Haan?”

“Uncle wants to talk with you Khushi..” NK said and extended his hand to give the phone to her.

Arnav reached in time, he quickly slapped NK’s hand and his phone was thrown accidentally to the window.

NK widened his eyes in horror, “My phone Nannav!” he peeked to see out of the window and saw his phone broken by now.

Khushi also peeked to see his phone, and widened her eyes seeing the state of NK’s phone.

“Don’t need to cry.. I will buy another one for you!” Arnav said casually as if nothing happened and started driving. Khushi and NK kept looking at the phone lying on the road sadly.

“But Nannav.. what kind of enmity you have with me? You threw my phone to the window..” NK frowned, “What did I do to you?”

“Maine kaha na.. I will buy another phone for you, stop complaining!” Arnav said.

“But.. Bauji wanted to talk with me, Sir Can you please call to him? I don’t know where my phone is..” Khushi pleaded.

“My battery is dead Khushi..” he said not looking into her eyes, he wouldn’t be able to lie if he does.

“Use my phone then Khushi..” Akash said. Arnav rolled his eyes thinking, “I just threw NK’s phone now, looks like Akash wants same fate for his phone!”

“There’s no signal in this area..” Arnav replied, he looked at Khushi, “Don’t worry, he must want to ask how are you and so on.. I will call him later and inform him about you!”

Khushi nodded agreeing to it, not having any idea of what’s cooking on his mind.


Khushi’s room:

Khushi walked out of the bathroom, and looked at him shyly. He was staring at her from long time, since she opened the door of the bathroom.

 “Sir! Didn’t you sleep yet?” she asked blushing.

“Sir?” Arnav made a face, “Don’t call me Sir now.. we don’t share Sir and Cook relationship now Khushi!”

“What will I call you?  I can’t call you by your name..” she said and sat beside him on the bed.

“Why not? Everyone calls me by my name.. don’t tell me after marriage you’re going to call me Sir Khushi!” he said.

Khushi giggled, “But I really can’t call you by your name.. you’re elder to me!”

“Am I?” he looked at the mirror, “I’m just 27 years old Khushi, don’t make feel like a 50 years old man!”

“Nahin, but.. okay, I will call you Arnav ji.. Is it okay?” she smiled.

 “Arnav ji?” he asked smiling faintly, he liked to hear her calling him like this. Khushi nodded her head, “Arnav ji..”

“Okay.. Better than Sir!” he said.

May 11

Chapter 27 - ASR's orders! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 219 times)


“Ma..” Arnav called her walking inside her room. Ratna was talking with Dolly, and she was worried while Dolly was crying heavily.

“What happened?” he asked frowning.

“Chote you reached.. How was the meeting in Nainital?” Ratna smiled a little, she walked to him, “Thank God, now will you please explain what kind of video was that about Lavanya bitiya?”

“The truth about that woman Ma!” Arnav said sternly, he couldn’t believe his mother still asked him as if she doesn’t believe in what he sent to her.

“That’s lie Arnav beta.. Lavanya bitiya would never talk like this, especially about me. I’m like her mother..” Ratna said.

Dolly cried more and nodded her head, “Someone wants to trap my daughter.. And we know exactly who’s behind all this.. That good for nothing KHUSHI!”

Arnav clenched his fist glaring at her, “Don’t you dare..”

Ratna stopped him, holding his shoulder, “Dolly is right Chote! I don’t know if Khushi is behind all this or not, but Lavanya bitiya can’t do something like this.. I know her from long time and I know she loves you a lot..”

“Khushi didn’t do anything Ma.. I don’t know what’s wrong with you, the truth is right in front of your eyes and you’re refusing to believe in it?” Arnav said in disbelief.

“Just tell me one thing, did you hear yourself Lavanya talking all this?” Ratna asked. Dolly smiled evilly thinking, “Try as much as you want Arnav beta.. I have already done my emotional drama and turned Ratna to our side!”

“No, but I sent my bodyguard to keep a watch on her and he was the one who made this video..” Arnav said.

“Then? How can you be so sure he’s saying truth? There’s a possibility that someone paid him to do this against Lavanya bitiya..” Ratna said.

“Are you trying to say Khushi is that someone Ma?” Arnav asked.

“I don’t know..” she looked away.

Lavanya rushed inside the room crying, she hugged Ratna, “Ma.. did you saw that fake video? You think I’m behind all this?.. I would never say such cheap things about you.. I would never think to use you to get ASR..  I don’t know who’s doing this with me.. who wants to destroy our relationship..”

“Lavanya shh.. stop crying.. I don’t believe this video at all, I know you!” Ratna hugged her back, consoling her.

Arnav sighed hard and left from there irritated, “Try as much as you want Lavanya, I won’t let you win!”


Khushi looked surprised seeing her family coming in, Payal and Aman also came behind them.

Arnav descended the stairs and saw everyone chatting in the living room; he went to them and sat on the couch pulling Khushi to sit with him, who was standing behind the couch.

“Kya hua Arnav bitwa? Why did you call us this urgently?” Garima asked confused with the sudden invitation.

Arnav’s family, Khushi, Lavanya and Dolly were equally confused knowing that it’s Arnav who invited them here.

“I called you all here especially because my family, Lavanya, Dolly aunty, everyone is here and what I want to say is really important the presence of you all.. I personally think I should make it clear for everyone!” he said.

Khushi looked at him paying attention to his words only. Ratna wasn’t interested in this, she was angry that Khushi sat with Arnav so close with each other. 

“So, I wanted to say to you all that coming back to India was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life, I didn’t know that coming back I would find someone special, someone unique who would instantly make me fall in love with her, yes.. I’m in love and this someone special I’m talking about is the girl sitting beside me right now, (he looked at Khushi), Khushi Kumari Gupta!”

Khushi widened her eyes in shock; she doesn’t believe he just confessed his love for her in front of everyone so soon. This man surely doesn't waste time! But at the same time a smile was appearing on her face, her heart beat faster, she was nervous about everyone’s reaction especially her Amma and Bauji in the living room, she wasn’t prepared for this now, but just one look at him and she knew he was there for her.

There was a mix of reactions on the room, some were shocked (Aman, NK, Akash, Mama and Mami), some were angry (Shashi, Garima, Payal, Dolly, Ratna and Lavanya), some were really happy for them and already dancing in celebration (Raj, Nani, Buaji, Shyam and Anjali).

“Haan, I love her and she’s the only woman I want to fill sindoor in her maang and tie mangalsutra around her neck, she’s the only woman I want to see in mandap, she’s the only woman I want to take the seven rounds with, she’s the only woman I want to see every day in my life.. She is the only woman I want to give my last name to!”

Khushi stare at him lovingly, her eyes moistened. Shashi and Garima coughed badly in shock, this is something they were not imagining to happen, they used to mock Khushi everyday saying that Arnav would never be hers, and today he said he wants to get MARRIED to her. Payal looked at her mother with crying face. Buaji smirked and whispered in Garima’s ear, “I won the challenge now.. Now my Sona is getting married to a Raizada itself, not Mathur whom you both think him to be a Raizada!”

Ratna was also shocked, he just announced his wish to get married to Khushi without even consulting her before. Raj looked at her with victorious look, “At the end true love only win, I told you Arnav will get married to Khushi, and not with the girl you liked for him!”

“And this is my decision! I’m not asking anyone permission to get married to her..” Arnav said staring at Shashi and Garima.

Shashi and Garima gulped looking at each other. 

"Haan haan NK, you only need her permission after that she's all yours.. We don't say anything.." Buaji giggled. 

"I already have her permission!" Arnav winked and Khushi blushed. Anjali, NK, Shyam and Akash were teasing them unaware of other's reactions to this news. Khushi was turning red now, she hide her face on Arnav's chest.

Ratna clenched her fist watching this. Shashi and Garima frowned also. 

Khushi noticed their gaze on her, she immediately sat properly gulping in fear of their looks. 

May 11

Chapter 28 - Means?? (By Angel23) (Thanked: 240 times)

Arnav’s room:

“Sir..” she called him as she walked to the poolside where he was standing lost in thoughts. He turned to her frowning, and she quickly corrected herself.

“Arnav ji!” she smiled and the frown disappeared from his face.

“Bolo..” he said taking his hand to meet hers.

“Why did you say to everyone about us? It’s so soon, we just confessed recently and now only talking about marriage.. I mean.. Everyone were so shocked.. we didn’t even give them time to know about us.. and jumping to marriage.. Don’t you think it’s happening too fast?” she asked.

“I want everyone to know about our relationship.. I don’t like to hide things! And hiding the truth about us, would only create problems further..” he said thinking about Dolly and Lavanya.

“I know.. but marriage?” she asked.

“What? Don’t you want to get married to me? If you don’t want, I will cancel it..” he asked smirking.

“I want Arnav ji!!!..” Khushi whined, “But does your family accept me? It’s not like this Arnav ji, I noticed that you didn’t even talk with your family about us and only announced like this taking them by surprise also..”

“Everyone likes you Khushi..” Arnav said. Khushi nodded sideways, “It’s not truth Arnav ji, Ratna ma’am wasn’t happy to know about us, I’m sure she’s angry because you didn’t told her before, and she’s right only.. she’s your mother and she had the right to know about us, not like you did!”

Arnav stare at her thinking how innocent she is, she thinks Ratna is angry because he didn’t told her about their relationship first, if only she knew Ratna doesn’t want her as bahu of Raizada family, she wants Lavanya and he announced their relationship like this because he knew the next move by them would be emotionally blackmail him to get married to Lavanya, that’s why to block their way he had to take such a step and secondly because, he wanted Shashi and Garima to know that Khushi is now protected by him, everything they do now they would think two times before doing it, because they will always think about him.

“Arnav ji.. Did I say something wrong? I’m sorry..” Khushi looked at him frightened because she blamed him.

Arnav came out of his thoughts, and cupped her face, “When are you going to stop with your Sorry?” he kissed her forehead lovingly, Khushi closed her eyes feelings his touch.

“Look Khushi, you don’t have to worry about who accepts us and who not.. And about Ma, she will accept you..” he said.

“Arnav ji can I plead you something?” she asked with low voice hesitantly.

Arnav nodded, “Tell me..”

“Can you wait for my studies to finish then we get married?” she asked and shut her eyes tightly scared of his reaction.

“But who told you that was my proposal for marriage to you?” Arnav smirked, “That was just a warning to your parents and Lazybones! Let’s go, I will drop you home..” he went inside the room and picked his car keys.

Khushi frowned thinking, “Did Arnav ji lie then that he wanted to marry me?!”

Arnav chuckled seeing her lost in thoughts worriedly, “Now it’s my time to trouble you Cutiepie, I worked so hard alone to get you and you were busy making me jealous with NK, now it’s payback time!”

“Khushi do you want to sleep here with me? I don’t mind!” he said teasingly. Khushi came running to him, and both left the room walking through the corridors.

They bumped with Ratna and Lavanya. Ratna only looked at Arnav ignoring Khushi’s presence, Khushi felt this, she became upset that Ratna is behaving differently with her now.

“Chote where are you going?” Ratna asked.

“To drop my Cutiepie and her family home..” Arnav replied purposely calling Khushi as “My Cutiepie” so that his mother fixes it in her mind that Khushi is his girlfriend and not Lavanya whom she wants.

Ratna gritted her teeth, “Don’t you have office work? From the time you reached here, you’re busy with others that you don’t even have time to attend AR.. Don’t forget your career because of a girl!”

“Perhaps you forgot I went to Nainital for AR only Ma, you should ask Lavanya who went to Nainital but forgot to visit her uncle who was sick, right Lavanya?” Arnav asked.

Lavanya bit her tongue while Ratna was embarrassed because she was the one who lied so that Lavanya goes with them.

“You don’t have to worry about me Ma, I know very well how to balance my professional and personal life..” he said and held Khushi’s hand leaving from there.

His face was clearly red in anger, he tightened his grip on her wrist and Khushi was literally trying to match with his steps being dragged by him like a Doll.

“Arnav jii..” she whispered his name sobbing in pain.

Arnav stopped walking as he felt she was crying, he turned to her and left her wrist only to see it had a red mark.

“I.. I’m so sorry Khushi..” Arnav said and caressed her cheek feeling guilty, “I didn’t realize I was hurting you.. sorry..”

“I’m not hurt, but you’re..” she said staring at him keenly.

Arnav looked back at her, then sighed: It hurts when my own mother doesn’t trust me but trust others..

He hugged her then, “Sorry.. this won’t happen again!”

“Arnav ji you don’t need to say sorry..” Khushi hugged him back; he buried his face on her hair trying to forget what just happened now. Khushi caressed his hair like he is her little baby consoling him. Now she understood that there is something else with Ratna and Arnav knows, he won’t tell her to not make her upset.


Gupta house..

As they entered in the house, few men also were behind them. Shashi frowned, “Who are you all? What are you guys doing here? No one called you..”

“Relax uncle.. They’re not thieves..” Arnav said sarcastically and Buaji giggled silently. Khushi stood confused with their talks.

Shashi faked a smile calmly, “Nahin beta.. woh..”

“Actually I asked them to come here to fix cameras on this house..” Arnav smirked.

“WHAT?” Shashi and Garima froze.

“Security cameras uncle..” Arnav smiled like good boy, “They will fix in all the corners of this house these cameras, and now if in future someone rob your house, you will know who’s the thief na..”

“All corners?” Shashi and Garima widened their eyes.

“Hmm..” Arnav nodded, “Except bathroom!” he chuckled teasingly. Khushi and Buaji hide their smiles.

Shashi nodded, “Okay beta.. At least, I will feel secure with these cameras here..”

“It’s not you Shashi, it’s me who will feel secure and keep a watch on everything you’ll try to do with my Princess..” Arnav thought then ordered the men to start their work.


At the terrace, Arnav was busy looking at his surroundings when Shashi came smiling, “Arnav beta here I am.. but why did you call me here? Let’s go downstairs, Garima served snacks and juice for you..”

Arnav turned to him with sharp eyes, “I want to make some things clear to you Shashi Gupta!”

Shashi gulped after he heard Arnav calling him by his name and not uncle, then Arnav’s dark eyes were worsening his state now.

“Kya hua Beta?” Shashi asked stammering.

“Nothing escapes my eyes Mr.Gupta! From the first day I came here I felt something fish with you and your wife, and later I got to know that Khushi is an orphan and how you both tortured her since childhood..” Arnav said.

Shashi widened his eyes in shock, “What? Who told you this beta? It’s not true, we love our Khushi bitiya a lot, even if she’s an orphan we never treated her like one, we always give her food, education..”

“I’m not asking you Shashi, I’m telling you that I know everything!” Arnav gritted his teeth angrily, first is Lavanya and then him, they think they can act and make him believe in their words and worse acting.

“Khushi told you this?” Shashi asked.

“Your own sister told me this!” Arnav said and Shashi got angry that Madhumati revealed everything to Arnav.

“And don’t think I’ve fixed cameras on your house for your security. I’ve done that to keep a watch on yours and your wife every step.. I want to see now how you both torture Khushi, and even if you try the consequences won’t be good at all my dear father in law!” Arnav patted his cheek smiling dangerously.

Shashi was too shocked and numb to react on this, he just stood staring at Arnav with wide eyes.

“Kya hua? Sasuma served some snacks and juice for me right, let’s go!” Arnav smirked and went from there, while Shashi stood immobile.


After the workers finished their job, Arnav also went to his car to leave. Khushi came behind him; she stood behind him silent while he was opening the door. He saw her from the wing mirror and turned to her.

“Do you need something?” he asked.

Khushi nodded sideways. Arnav raised his one eyebrow, “Then?”

Khushi crossed her arms, and raised her eyebrow trying to imitate him but failed badly, to which Arnav chuckled.

“You leave without saying good bye to your girlfriend?” she asked cutely.

“I said that when we were inside, didn’t I? He asked. Khushi made a face, “You really never read love story books Arnav ji..”

Saying this, she was about to leave when Arnav held her hand and pulled her back. Her chest crashed with his, and her eyes went wide just the way he likes.

Without giving her time to think, he planted a kiss on her cheek, “Good bye..” he whispered huskily.

She gasped with her eyes growing big each second that passed by. Arnav smiled, “What? Didn’t you ask for a proper good bye?”

“Arnav ji everyone is here..” she whined shyly. He does everything without asking first, he has his ways only!

“Arnav ji..” she called him clutching the end of his suit, he found this way of stopping him to go “Cute” just like her.

“You didn’t propose me for marriage.. means what you said in front of everyone is lie na.. means you don’t want to marry me?” she asked with a crying baby face.

His heart melt seeing her face, he cupped her face, “Means that wasn’t proposal for marriage, it was only for everyone to know about us and keep in their mind that I will only marry You, I’m not playing with you, then leave you and marry other girl, I really only want to marry you.. I just wanted Shashi and Garima to know that you’re mine, so that they don’t try to make you marry someone else, I wanted Dolly aunt and Lazybones to know that I’m yours, and they’ll never be able to make me marry with that Lazybones.. now understood? And means also, that if that wasn’t proposal then I will still propose you in a special way, the way you deserve.. and means that I want to marry you only!”

Khushi’s lips broke into a sweet smile.

“I love you..” she shouted quickly and went from there running to her house giggling on the way.

Arnav smiled faintly, “I love you too Khushi!”


Arnav walked inside a shop tiredly, his eyes spotted his crazy family and fuming in anger he took long steps towards them, “Are you guys mad or what? Do you know I’ve spent six years of my life in London and I don’t know about shopping mall here? I had to ask each person here where’s this shop just to find my family!”

“But Nannav I told you once you reach here to call me, I would come to pick you up..” NK said in chill tone.

“You monkey I won’t spare you.. just check your phone and see how many missed calls you’ve..” Arnav scolded him.

NK bit his tongue after checking his phone, he smiled sheepishly, “It was on silent mode!”

“I will turn you to silent mode one day..” Arnav glared at him. Anjali giggled, she walked to him, “Chote! Leave all this, we called you here because we want to buy gifts for Khushi..”

“Kyun? It’s not her birthday!” Arnav said.

Everyone face palmed. Akash, “Bhai you’ll make for a terrible boyfriend! You can buy her gifts anytime you want.. just to make her feel special!”

Arnav rolled his eyes, “You do this for your girlfriend, then she will come behind you for gifts only!”

Everyone laughed and Akash pouted. “It’s the first time you liked someone Chote and we also like Khushi a lot, so we want to gift something to her.. to welcome her in our family, to make her feel comfortable with us too!” said Nani.

“Beta come with me..” Raj smiled and took Arnav with him, he was already asking what Khushi likes, so that his gift would be the best. The family took time to understand this, when it clicked on their mind, they went running behind Arnav and started pulling him, questioning him about Khushi’s likes and dislikes. Arnav became irritated, he took his phone and dialed Khushi’s number, “Here, talk to her itself and ask everything you guys want!”

“Nahin!” everyone shouted. Khushi who attended the call, got shocked hearing everyone shouting, “Arnav ji..”

“Arnav ji!!!!!!!!!!!!! awwww!!!!!!!!” his family mimicked Khushi teasing Arnav, who pressed his lips to hide the smile on his face.

Khushi giggled shyly realizing they heard her calling him “Arnav ji”.

“Did you hear the noise here? They want to talk with you..” Arnav said handling the phone to Anjali, while Khushi nodded.

Anjali took the phone glaring at Arnav, “Khushi.. how are you?”

“I’m fine.. and you Anjali ma’am?” Khushi smiled confused, they did talk with her in the morning, now why is Anjali asking her if she’s fine.

“Anjali ma’am?? Call me Di like Chote..” Anjali said.

“And call me Papa!” Raj shouted snatching the phone from Anjali, “Call me Nani/Mami/Mama/Bhai (Shyam)..” everyone shouted at the same time.

Arnav smiled, suddenly he realized his mother wasn’t here. The smiled faded away from his face.

“Ji..” Khushi smiled. They continued chatting with her but didn’t say anything about the gifts, as they want to surprise her.

After hanging up the call, everyone went to Arnav and started beating him playfully for almost spoiling their plan. 

Jun 3

Chapter 29 - Let's pray! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 196 times)


Arnav walked out of the bathroom and his eyes landed on his phone, he smiled thinking to call his Cutie pie and ask her what she is doing. 

He picked his phone up and quickly dialed her number, “Arnav ji!” he heard her so excited voice on the other side.

“Cutie pie..” he smiled and went to the poolside, “Are you okay? What are you doing now? Are you busy?”

Khushi blushed, “I’m fine Arnav ji.. and I just had my dinner and now I’m sitting on my bed! And you?”

“I was ended my work and was missing you, so I called you!” he said.

“Arnav ji I didn’t go anywhere far from you! I’m here only, why are you missing me?” she smiled.

“I know you didn’t go anywhere but I want you with me!” he said.

“I will come tomorrow Arnav ji .. You’ll see my face first when you open your eyes in morning ok?” she said, “There’s just some hours left for tomorrow!”

“Hours that seems to be years!” he rolled his eyes.

“Let’s pray for time to pass quickly then..” she said smiling, “Okay!” he replied and both closed their eyes praying for it smiling.

“Chote..” Ratna walked in the room looking for him. Arnav turned back, and saw her, “Cutie pie Ma is calling me .. I’ll call you later..”

“Okay bye Arnav ji..” Khushi nodded and hang up the call.

“Chote.. what are you doing outside? You will catch cold..” Ratna said, as he walked in.

“I was talking with Khushi!” Arnav said purposely. Ratna gave him a cold look, “Here’s your coffee!”

Arnav took it from her hand, Anjali, Akash, NK and Shyam came inside the room all excited and chatting among themselves.

“Nannav let’s wrap the gifts for Jalebi!” NK jumped on his bed.

“I just hope she likes our gifts..” Anjali said. “Don’t worry Di..  My angel will love it.. She isn’t like those girls who choose gifts, she accepts what is given to her with open heart..” he said staring at his mother.

“So you all went to shopping to buy gifts for Khushi?” asked Ratna.

“Haan Ma.. We enjoyed so much, you missed all the fun! I wish you were there with Papa, he was so happy and joking around with Chote..” Anjali giggled remembering the funny moments they had, Arnav also smiled.

“I would never enjoy to buy gifts for a girl my son didn’t even ask me if I accept her or not!” Ratna frowned and left from there.

Anjali, Shyam, NK and Akash looked at each other seriously.

Arnav sat with them and pretended that everything is okay, he took the gift wrapper and started his work, Anjali looked at him, “Kya hua Chote? Isn’t Ma happy about this?”

“No..” he replied still not looking at her face. “Kyun?” asked Akash frowning, “I thought Ma liked Khushi!”

“She likes Khushi, but Khushi isn’t the girl she planned for me.. She wanted me to get married to Lavanya. And I don’t love Lavanya, then how can I spend my life without someone I don’t have feelings for?” Arnav said. 

“Don’t worry.. One day she will understand it!” Shyam patted his back and smiled warmly.


Next day..

Khushi stare at herself in the mirror, she sighed sadly. She wasn’t finding any clothes that suits her, they were her normal clothes she wears everyday, but now she wanted to look beautiful for him.

“I should change to this purple salwar.. no.. it’s too bright.. Arnav ji might not like it..” she thought staring at her clothes spread on the bed.

Buaji walked in and widened her eyes seeing the room of so organized Khushi in a mess like this.

“Sona!” she called Khushi as she walked in, “Hayee NK, what have you done to your room?”

“Woh.. Buaji I’m not finding any clothes that suits me..” Khushi pouted, “Help me choose na!”

“But.. you’re looking good with this yellow salwar!” Buaji said.

“But.. Isn’t it too bright? I don’t know if Arnav ji..” she bit her tongue realized she blurted out her feelings to Buaji.

Buaji smiled teasingly, “Acha ji! So this is the matter.. You want to look beautiful for Arnav bitwa!”

Khushi buried her face on her duppata whining, “Buajiiiiii don’t start!!!”

Buaji laughed, “Okay okay! You look beautiful in what you’re wearing Sona.. don’t change it!”

“Pakka?” Khushi asked.

“Pakka!” Buaji nodded smiling, “Come here.. now let’s do your hair..”


Raizada mansion..

Arnav’s room:

Khushi walked in his room secretly, she went near him carefully to not make any sound that would wake him up.

Arnav sleeping peacefully, she sat on his side and stare at him for few seconds, admiring HER man. Her cheeks reddened, thinking how handsome he is, everything of his is so perfect. She loves the most, his eyes.. his dark brown eyes are so expressive!

A bit hesitant, she raised her hand and softly touched his cheek caressing it. She smiled enjoying it now, Arnav opened his eyes slowly and found her in front of him. He rubbed his eyes and sat on the bed startled, “Khushi!”

“Didn’t we pray yesterday night for morning to come soon? And you’re still sleepy!” she complained cutely, “I woke up so early for you!”

He smiled and pulled her near him, burying his face on her neck, “Thank you! You really came to see me..”

“Kyun? You thought I was lying to you when I said you would see me first in morning?” she hugged him back smiling.

Arnav smiled, “I know you don’t lie to me..” he hugged her more tightly.

“See this Ma! Shameless girl..” shouted Lavanya standing at the door with Ratna, both were staring at Khushi with disgusted looks.

Khushi and Arnav broke the hug and stare at them.

“When did you reach Miss.Gupta? No one saw you coming in and you’re already in ASR’s room? Do you come here to work or for other reasons?” Lavanya asked sharply.

“YOU SHUT UP.. Who gave you the permission to enter in my room and talk nonsense?” Arnav shouted back.

“Arnav behave yourself!” Ratna glared at him. “If she crosses her limits with my life (Khushi), I will not mind to cross mine either MA!” Arnav said.

“Oh, so now this girl is controlling you.. You will do everything for her!” Ratna crossed her arms.

“This is what she wanted, ASR and his money!” Lavanya said acting innocent, “While I loved him truly..”

“Lavanya you’re playing games with the wrong person.. You have no idea of who I AM..” Arnav glared at her.

Lavanya gulped and hide behind Ratna. “Do you what you want with me Chote.. Come on, now face your mother.. What will you do with me? Will you fight with me for Khushi?”

Arnav stayed silent for a while.

Khushi stare at Arnav with moist eyes, “Arnav ji please don’t say anything.. Don’t fight with your family because of me..”

“I can fight with ANYONE for her.. ANYONE MEANS ANYONE!” Arnav said and got up from his bed walking towards the bathroom. Khushi shut her eyes tightly, tears slip from her eyes.

Ratna stood shocked and numb, and Lavanya too was shocked.

“Ratna ma’am please don’t mind what he said.. Arnav ji is very angry now, he just said anything.. I will talk with him.. I’m sure he didn’t mean that..” Khushi walked to her.

“Just stop faking Khushi.. I know you’re very happy my son is in your side now.. What did you do to him? You made him against me!” Ratna cried, she left the room and Lavanya glared at Khushi, then followed Ratna.

“I didn’t do anything..” Khushi whispered crying.

Arnav walked out of the bathroom after washing his face. Khushi looked at him, she ran towards, “Arnav ji..”

Arnav pulled her into a hug, “Shh.. you don’t need to think about what others want.. we both love each other and know that we’re not wrong!”

“But Arnav ji..” she pouted sadly. “But nothing.. Do you love me?” he asked.

Khushi nodded her head in his embrace, “Then the rest leave on me!” he said. She nodded again, still disturbed with the way Ratna reacted.


Jun 8

Chapter 30 - Desi-proposal! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 184 times)

Both came downstairs and Ratna was already glaring at Khushi. Khushi hid behind Arnav slightly lowering her eyes. Arnav held her hand firmly, and whispered on her ear “There’s no need to be scared Khushi..”

“Aye aye .. Arnav bitwa leave Khushi for a while!” Nani teased with a naughty smirk, “We also want to talk with our Khushi bitiya!”

“Haan, dekha na Nani.. then Khushi will leave for college, what time will we get with her?” Anjali pouted.

Arnav smirked, he made Khushi sit in between Anjali and Nani, “Here is your Khushi, now stop complaining you both..” 

Both giggled while Khushi blushed. Arnav went to sit with Akash and NK.

“Khushi what do you want to eat? I will serve you..” Anjali asked smiling. Khushi nodded sideways, “Nahin Di.. I already eat at home!”

“Khushi bitiya you will have to eat otherwise Chote will be angry with us.. When he is with you, you always eat something, and now today you’re with us and don’t want to eat? He will never let you be with us then!” Nani pouted.

Arnav nodded his head staring at Khushi, signaling to her that he will really be angry if she doesn’t eat. Khushi smiled a little, she pointed to jalebi on the plate and Anjali happily served her.

Lavanya gritted her teeth seeing everyone pampering Khushi.


At living room:

“All of them are so beautiful.. thank you so much!” Khushi smiled brightly receiving the gifts from the family members.

“Did you really like it Khushi bitiya or just saying this to make us feel happy?” Nani asked.

“No, I really loved it Nani..” Khushi said and stood up, she took blessings from Nani, Mami, Mama and Raj, who happily blessed her. But when she went to Ratna, Ratna looked away frowning, “No need to take my blessings because I didn’t bought any gift for you!”

Raj sighed angrily, “Ratna she’s a kid! Don’t be so heartless towards her.. What’s the harm in blessing her?”

“If I bless her means I accept her as my Chote’s wife, which isn’t true.. I don’t want KHUSHI as ARNAV’S WIFE.. Am I clear now? I’ve always wanted LAVANYA to be HIS WIFE…” shouted Ratna as she stood up angrily.

Khushi’s eyes brimmed with tears, she clutched her duppata. Lavanya smirked, she went behind Ratna and patted her back, “It’s okay Ma.. don’t stress yourself because of me.. so what if all I have done in these years is love him unconditionally and he doesn’t even acknowledge my love for him, it’s only my problem, I will suffer alone Ma.. I will cry alone.. I will be alone all my life.. but please Ma, at least you smile, I can’t see you like this.. I can’t handle to know that I’m the reason you’re fighting with your family.. please don’t do this.. please be happy with your family.. I will still survive!”

“What the.. stop your overacting Miss Kashyap!” Arnav rolled his eyes, “I’ve seen better actress than you!”

“Lavanya bitiya don’t cry and I will never be happy knowing that I spoiled your life, I gave you false hopes, I thought I would convince Chote to marry you but I didn’t know that Khushi’s magic would be so powerful that my son would disobey me for her..” Ratna said.

Anjali shook her head in disbelief, “Ma what are you saying? Chote loves Khushi and so does she.. Why are you forcing him to get married to Lavanya when he doesn’t want?”

“Anjali shut up! No one asked you to say anything!” Ratna glared at her, then turned to Arnav, “And if Lavanya is overacting then what is Khushi doing? She keeps crying and faking innocence everytime to gain everyone’s sympathy.. even I for a while fell on her trap but luckily Dolly and Lavanya bitiya opened my eyes..”

Arnav gritted his teeth, “You’re failing to see what is acting and what is real here.. I won’t say anything now otherwise the blame also will go to Khushi, I will prove it you who’s right and who’s wrong here Ma!”

Ratna left from there with Lavanya. The family rushed to Khushi to console her.

After sometime they finally made Khushi calm, NK thought to lighten the mood, he smiled, “Acha Jalebi, you said you loved all the gifts here hain na?”

Khushi nodded her head innocently.

“But which gift you loved more? Tell us..” NK said chirpily. Anjali widened her eyes smiling, “Haan, you didn’t tell us that Khushi.. batao..”

“I’m sure it’s my gift only..” Raj said with attitude. Akash laughed, “You were so confused on what to buy for Khushi, and now you’re so sure that she will choose yours Uncle!!”

Everyone laughed at him, Raj pouted and looked at Khushi: Khushi bitiya prove them wrong now..

“Hello hi bye bye.. I’m very surewa that Khushi bitiya will choose mine, because we’re girls na.. thoughts match match..” Mami said.

“So what we’re then Manorama? Man?” Nani looked at her sarcastically, “Khushi bitiya don’t listen to their nonsense, just choose one your heart wants..”

Khushi smiled, “I can’t choose.. I loved all of them..”

“You’re saying this to not break our hearts Khushi!” Shyam smiled, “Choose na, we won’t feel bad if it don’t turn out to be ours..”

“Haan.. Khushi bitiya we’re very cool in these matters..” Mama said.

“What cool? You always feel hot these days.. Always telling me to switch on AC.. Hello hi bye bye..” Mami widened her eyes.

Mama face palmed while everyone laughed out loudly.

“Oh now I get it.. Khushi doesn’t want to choose because she doesn’t want to break Chote’s heart if she doesn’t choose his gift!” Anjali said chirpily and hit Arnav’s shoulder playfully, “Chote tell her na that you won’t be angry if the gift she loved more doesn’t turn out to be yours!”

“Awwwww..” everyone shouted.

Khushi blushed, she nodded sideways, “It’s nothing like that..”

“Choose anything you want!” Arnav said. Everyone face palmed. “Someone has to learn how to be unromantic with you Chote..” Nani shook her head in disbelief.

“What the.. didn’t you guys said for me to said this only?” Arnav looked at them in disbelief.

“Yeah but you could have been little romantic na Chote.. anyways leave it..” Anjali said, “Khushi now Chote also gave permission, now you choose..”

Khushi took a look at those gifts; she raised her finger to point at it. Nani was excitedly because Khushi’s finger was pointing towards her gifts, but then Khushi changed her direction. Nani pouted.

Khushi’s finger almost stopped at NK’s gift. Arnav widened his eyes, he coughed a bit.

Anjali giggled silently staring at his brother’s jealous look, if Khushi really chooses NK’s gift over his, Arnav might explode in jealously today.

NK was already jumping in happiness.

“This one..” she pointed to the gift. It was simple yet beautiful payal, she always loved payals and moreover this one had stars on it. A combination of her two favorite things.

“Wow.. It’s Arnav’s gift!” Shyam said not believing Khushi liked Arnav’s gift.

“What’s the secret behind this gift Khushi? Why did you choose his gift? Mine was far better..” pouted NK.

“Because I love payal and stars..” Khushi smiled, she took Arnav’s gift and kept close to her, she was really happy that this gift turn out to be his, and also surprised that he kept her likes in mind, “But I really loved everyone’s gifts..”

“As always Bhai won!” Akash said smiling. “Now Arnav propose her with your gift!” Raj smiled.

“What? You want me to propose Khushi with payal instead of a ring!” Arnav was like What-the.

“Haan Desi-proposal you know!” Mami said and everyone giggled.

Arnav shook his head, Khushi smiled excitedly. “Seems like she liked this idea..” Arnav thought staring at that huge and innocent smile on her face.

“You want Desi-proposal?” he asked her softly. Khushi nodded her head with her eyes twinkling in happiness, Arnav smiled he kissed her forehead warmly. Then took the payal from her hand, kneeling down, he lifted her foot and placed it on his lap gently.

“Rab se aap ki Khushi mangte hain, or aapse umar bhar ki Mohabbat mangte hain!! Will you marry me Khushi Kumari Gupta?” he asked.

Khushi smiled faintly staring into his eyes. She can’t believe a man like him still exists in this world, a man who can do anything to see a smile on her face, who truly cares for her, who protects her from the evil, who shows her heaven when she’s living a hell. She blinked her eyes, tears were making their way down her cheek.

Rabba vee… Rabba vee..

His happy face turned into worried one, he raised his hand to wipe her tears away. Khushi nodded sideways smiling, “Yes.. I will marry You..”

“Yaaaay!!!!!!” the family shouted in happiness.

“Why are you crying then?” he asked still not convinced with her answer, now he really got worried seeing her crying.

“Offo Chote.. It’s tears of happiness!” Anjali rolled her eyes. “Hello hi bye bye.. You almost scared me bitiya when you said yes nodding your head sideways!” Mami said clutching her heart.

Everyone laughed. “Chote make her wear anklets then..” Nani said.

Arnav smiled, he tied the payal around her ankle. Everyone clapped for them smiling.

“Desi-engagement done! Now only Desi-shaadi left..” said Anjali chirpily clapping her hands. Raj looked upstairs with a sad smile, “Wish you were here Ratna to see how both love each other!”

“Now kiss me!” Arnav demanded whispering on her ear when they stood up. Khushi widened her eyes and nodded sideways, “Nahin..”

“Nahin?” Arnav raised his one eyebrow.

“Yahan nahin (Not here)..” she said.

“Kahan? (Where?)” he asked. Khushi blushed, she hide her face on his chest, “Arnav ji!!!!!!!!”


It was night; Arnav and Khushi were in the car in a deserted road. Khushi looked around, “Arnav ji why did you brought me here?”

“To talk with you!” Arnav shrugged.

“But here?” Khushi looked at him weirdly. Arnav chuckled, “Haan, because here we both are alone and we can talk without anyone interrupting us..”

“Did you like my gift?” he asked caressing her cheek with his thumb. Khushi nodded blushing, “I love it.. but how do you know I like payals?”

“Buaji told me everything about you.. Did you forget that day?” he asked. Khushi nodded, “Hmm..”

“I wasn’t supposed to buy gift for you but since I saw it in a shop and it instantly made me remember you, so I bought it..” he said.

“You didn’t want to buy gift for me?” Khushi pouted.

“Do I need to? This gift session was just to welcome you in our family but I had already welcomed you in my heart!” he said shrugging. Khushi smiled.

“I want to talk with you about something else Khushi..” Arnav said as his face turned serious.

Khushi nodded, “Bolo Arnav ji.. What is it?”

“Khushi you know that I fixed cameras in your house to protect you from your parents..” he said and she nodded hearing his words with attention.

“But it doesn’t mean that they will stop finding ways to hurt you, and you also know that I can’t be with you everytime when we’re not married.. sometimes I will be in office or travelling, and I will always be worried for you..” he said.

“That’s why I want you to be a strong girl.. I want you to be able to fight for yourself when I’m not there.. I want you to stop crying when people insult you, you have to give it back to them Khushi!” he said.

“But Arnav ji how can I?.. I can’t disrespect Amma, Bauji.. they’re elder to me...” Khushi said.

“Do you think people like them deserve your respect Khushi?” he asked, “Khushi it’s not wrong to show elders when they’re wrong! What Shashi and Garima did to you, they deserve a punishment for this. They stole your beautiful childhood, they made you suffer, they made you scared.. if they made you live a nightmare, why can’t you just made them live the same?”  

“I will show them hell even if you don’t want.. but I want you to punish them also.. I want to make you a strong girl so that no one takes advantage of your innocence!” he said.

Khushi stayed silent, she doesn’t know if she’s capable of doing or becoming what Arnav wants her to.

“You know I’m worried about my works in AR, then I’ve to deal with Lavanya, Dolly and Ma.. You want me to take tension about Shashi and Garima too?” he asked.   

Khushi nodded sideways quickly, “Nahin Arnav ji.. I don’t want..”

“Then will you listen to my words?” he asked.

Khushi nodded her head. Arnav smiled and hugged her tightly, “That’s it! Don’t worry my Angel.. I will always be with you.. no matter what!”


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