Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage - 2

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Jan 13

Teaser!!!! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 150 times)

At City hospital..

"Arnav ji " she whispered opening her eyes slowly gaining consciousness, flashes of that car coming towards her Arnav and it was about to hit him.. She opened her eyes wide and screamed for him, "Arnav ji.. Arnav ji.."

Ratna walked to her and made her sit again, as Khushi was trying to stand with tears flowing from her eyes, "Where's Arnav ji? Is he fine?"

"He is fine Khushi.. Take rest.." Ratna whispered and made her lay again.

"I want to see him.." Khushi breathed restlessly.

"He is just completing the formalities, he will come soon ok.." Ratna caressed her hair while Khushi nodded her head feeling more calm now.

Dolly hit Lavanya's forehead angrily, watching this scene from the glass door of the hospital, "Why couldn't you save Arnav stupid girl? Now see Ratna is going close to that middle class girl.. You can't do any single thing properly.."

"What was my fault?" Lavanya pouted, "Whatever it is.. This Khushi will pay for this.." she smirked evilly.

Arnav walked towards both mother and daughter smirking, "Be prepared to leave us forever!"

Lavanya widened her eyes while Dolly cried.

Arnav walked in the room and smiled at his angel laying on the bed, she looked at him and smiled back.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..


"Arnav Singh Raizada will surely get married .. But it will not be Khushi, but my daughter Payal.." Shashi smirked.

"What me?" Payal widened her eyes in shock.

"But isn't it risky to do this? I mean we will messing up with ASR, and he already warned us not to hurt Khushi.." Garima said hesitatingly.

"Once he's married to Payal, then you will see how we will make him dance to our tunes.." Shashi smirked.

"Aman?" Payal asked.

"He only left you.. Why are you worrying for him?" Shashi asked glaring at his foolish daughter.


"I will not leave this Khushi at all.. I've trying to win ASR's family heart for years now and she in matter of minutes made Ratna ma hate me.. How could she do this?" Lavanya cried spoiling her own room.

"Now I only will get married to ASR Khushi.. Just wait and watch, how will I take your place!" she laughed devilishly.


"Did my Angel got hurt here?" he asked taking her hand and placed a gentle kiss on the same spot he caressed with his thumb.

Khushi nodded sideways smiling shyly.

"Here?" he placed a kiss on her shoulder asking.

"Arnav ji.." she whispered shyly as he continued placing kisses on all over her face.

Khushi giggled and nodded sideways, "I'm fine Arnav ji.."

"Woah.. Hospital mein bhi romance!" Akash teased getting in the room.

Khushi rested her head on Arnav's head shyly and Arnav smirked.

"Good news.. We can take her home now!" Akash smiled.

Next chapter...... Coming soon :)

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