you are in my heart

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Mar 17

you are in my heart (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 52 times)

Arnav hate khushi from since childhood. He don't know why he is hating her. when will he saw khushi that time he get angry and shouted. Khushi also afraid of his angry. She sometime think what did I do to arnav,why he is hating me that much. Arnav lost his parents when he is 16 years old. Arnav dad and khushi dad close friends. After arnav parents death, arnav take the all responsibility for his family and business. Khushi dad also help him in business. Khushi dad had a chance to stay abroad but khushi saying she will not go there. They had never ask to khushi why she don't want to go. So they left the topics.

 The night was about 9.00 p.m nd one man standing on garden, keep his both hand on his pant pocket, watching the sky the shine star

" Arnavji..... " he hear some soft melody voice call him from behind. He know who is the owner of voice without looking back " Go from here. "

But that girl does not go from there. So he get angry nd turn to her nd yelled " Does not understand anything, I said go from

her khush i." Khushi get scared for sudden yelled she took two step back. Her eyes get moist. " arnav....ji " stumbling khushi her hand a shivering.

" what arnavji?, leave me along, I don't like to see or talk to u,then why khushi, leave me along don't show ur face, just get

lost" he yelled to her and led the place.

Khushi standing along in the garden and crying silently. Suddenly rain started pouring. Khushi drenched in rain and crying heart out. Raindrops falling from sky Heavily like rain also crying with khushi


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Mar 19

you are in my heart (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 74 times)

Arnav open his room door angry and went inside, he went near bed and sit thud. He put head face on his plans and thought. " Why always I am get angry on khushi,she never do anything like hurt me,then why dammit,I am,doing like this,she always kindly with me,then why me dammit " and he fell on the bed and slowly close his eyes.



Khushi standing in rain and continually crying she feel pain in her heart when arnav show his angry on her or yelled,she can't bear his angry,she love him lot. She slowly look sky and went from there. Slowly she wen to her room and fell on the bed hug her pillow and crying, she ask herself " why arnavji?

Why always you hurt me what did I do to you? I never want to

hurt yo u" continually tear following down from her eyes, she come to one decision and took deep breath and wipes her tear and get up from bed and went to her dad room.



" Dad can I come in " she ask in low voice

" come dear... "said shashi khushi slowly open the door and went inside.

 Shashi saw khushi face he can say she crying continuously, but why.....

He made her sit in the bed he also sit beside he keep his hand on her head and ask slowly " what happened my dear,why are you sad,anyone say something to you "

Khushi look him and said "no dad no one say anything, I am

fine dad " she give a fake smile

" Dad I want to say something to you " khushi said

" Ha.... Dear what that?" He asked.

" Dad you also like to go abroad right..? " Khushi asked

" Ha... Dear but you don't want to go there na.... " he said

" Ys dad but now I want to go there " she said

" What...? " He shocked because khushi always say to abroad no.. Then now what happened.

" I want to go there please dad " she ask her eyes are moist. He look her sad face he always want her daughter's happiness their happiness is his happiness also than how can't he say no to her... He also want her face in smile.

" OK ,I will book ticket, after two day we will,go " he said and caressing her cheek.

" No dad we will go tomorrow " she said

" tomorrow ? " He again get shock why khushi rushing to go. "

ok we will go tomorrow evening, now go and sleep my

princess, good nigh t" he have a peck on her forehead. " good

night dad "she hug him and went to her room .

 shashi sitting the bed he looking khushi disappearing figure he shake his head and thought what happened it to this girl.

" Why are you still not sleeping" ask khushi mother Garima, she come and sit the bed beside shashi " what are you thinking " she ask . " just now khushi come here " shashi said. " Khushi..? Why...? What happened to her.. " she ask with worried.

He say what happened before sometime. Garima get confuse " she always say I don't want to go there, then what happened to her suddenly ".

" I don't know, I asked but she did not gave her answer, now she feel like to going there" he said

" what did you say to her " she asked.

" I am said ok , we will go tomorrow evening" he said

"But first we want to inform arnav beta " garima said

" tomorrow morning we will inform to them, we are going evening, come now we will sleep, I am feeling sleepy " he said and lying on the bed.



Here khushi sobbing lying on the bed "I am going to leave you,

you don't have to face me but wherever I go you will still in my

heart " she slept like that

Mar 20

you are in my heart (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 63 times)

Why suddenly....? ,khushi bitiya don't like to go there na.... Ask confuse nani

She is so obstinacy to go there shashi said

What ...??? Asked anjali

Ys bitiya yesterday night she come to me and asked. I asked also why suddenly you want to go there but she not telling the reason said shashi

Everyone hear ankle sound they turned and look up. They saw khushi stepping down from the staircase

When she coming down she find them standing in the hall

She went there and said good morning everyone

Good morning khushiji,bitiya,princess they also greeting her,Anjali went near khushi and cup her face in her hand and ask khushiji aunty and uncle said everything, why you want to go there suddenly, did we do something like hurting you?

Khushi immediately nod her head negative and said you are not do anything like hurting me

Then chote said something she asked

No.... He is not said anything, I am the only take this decision, I feel like To go there, no one said anything anjaliji....

What happened....? Come voice from entrance they turn look the door entrance and saw who Arnav is come from his morning jogging.

When he is coming inside he saw they standing in hall and talking worriedly.

He come near to them looked everyone specially khushi and he asked what happened...? Any problem...? Why you all are looking worriedly...?

Chote... Khushiji plan to leave us... Said anjali in sad voice.

What...? He get shock what di is saying khushi plan to leave us

ha... Chote khushiji plan to go abroad and staying there forever.

Arnav looked khushi with widen eyes and he thought she plan to go,why suddenly,then he got yesterday night incident in his mind. Oh.... So that only she plan to go. He hate her but he never want her to leave him,I said it in angry only but she take that in her mind

Why...? Look khushi and ask but khushi not answer him.

OK if you want to go then go but after di wedding anniversary. Everyone shock and surprise.

How can they forget anjali and shyam wedding anniversary. This is the only chance to stop khushi from going here.

How can I also forget this please go afer my wedding anniversary she ask with hop

Ha... Khushiji you have not be here,there will be no happiness said shyam

Khushiji we will have fun,after finish di wedding anniversary you can go,we will not stop you said akash

Ys bitiya don't go said nani and mami

All the time arnav looking khushi only.

Khushi looks her dad and mom and she nod her head and turn to anjali and said ok I will go after you wedding anniversary, now you happy.

Of course I am so happy khushiji and she pinch her cheek.

Ouch.... anjaliji and she keep her hand on her cheek,where anjali is pinch and pouted her lip

Oops... Sorry khushiji said anjai. Suddenly anjali and khushi giggle and khushi hug anjiali and said I will go after you wedding anniversary.. Anjali also hug her back and in mind I will not allow you to go from here. Others look them happily. Khushi anjali broke the hug.

Arnav look khushi and thought I don't know why I said like that you can go after di wedding anniversary but one think I don't like when she try to leave me and go. He look both anjali khushi and said di I will go get fresh and come

Ok chote ... Anjali said



Arnav enter his room and went near wardrobe and take his cloth and towel and went to washroom




I also forget my wedding anniversary nani,that good time chote remained otherwise how can we stop khusiji. Khushi made baby face and look anjali

Khushi in mind why today arnavji stop me from going from here..?, he hate me na..., he don't need to face me if I go, he also want that na...,Then why he stop me



Arnav standing under the shower water are running his head to toes, he keep is head bent down and close his eyes and keep one hand on the wall

Arnav in mind why I can't bear khushi leave me and going, why I stop her going from here, when she was said she will go from here why I feel like my heartbeat will stop, when we are going to section that time only we can feel the person how much important to us, so she also important to me, so much day I am acting like I am hating her, but she hiding in my heart now I realized her value, this one week is enough for me ,I will win you heart khushi, then I will show you you are in my heart, he open his eyes with smirks on his face


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Mar 22

you are in my heart (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 58 times)

Armav coming down after taking his shower, he dressed as usual and come down breakfast, he stop on step and look khushi from staircase he saw khushi sitting in the dining room he smirk you only saw my angry and hate but now onwards only you going to see my love only khushi

He went to the dining room. Khushi saw armav coming near to the dining table she quickly lower her head and start to eat. He walked near the dining table, he pulled chair and sit in front of khushi. Arnav take his toaster and juice, when he bites a bit toaster he look khushi, he wants to khushi see him but she was not look him, she bent her head down and looking the plate and eating. So he got negative idea. He slowly under the table he put his leg on khushi and start to rubbing his leg on khushi leg ,khushi stop eating, she get shock and food is choked on her throat and start to cough Badly. Khushi close her eyes tightly and coughing continually. Arnav pulled his leg back quickly. Everyone stop eating and looking khushi with worried face. Payal quickly get up form her chair and went to khushi and start to rubbing her back. Arnav quickly pour water in glass and gave to khushi .

Khushi take this arnav said with worried voice

Khushi slowly open eyes and look arnav and hand. Payal quickly take the water glass from arnav hand and give to khushi and made her drink, khushi slowly drink the water. She can see arnav worried face, why he is worried for me .

arnav look khushi worried and ask with concern voice are you OK khushi.

Haa..... Khushi blink her eyes, what arnavji is talking with me that to with concern, what happened to this laad governor, it is possible to understand him.

Khushi bitiya are you OK.. She come from her thought and look arnav and nani and said yea nani I am OK you don't worry.

OK bitiya eat carefully nani said

Ok nani and she look arnav and said



Arnav was with khushi all the day. He didn't not show his angry on khushi. Khushi so confused of arnav behave, why arnav behave change suddenly like this. He sit with everyone and watching TV together. He today spend time with everyone. Everyone so happy, arnav standing home and spend time with them. They watching TV but arnav watching khushi. Khushi saw that she feel something inside her heartbeat beating so fast Dhak... Dhak... She so afraid if someone near her they also can hear my heartbeat sound. She was confused throughout the day I can't understand this laad governor.

Night khushi standing near poolside door step and looking the moon and Shining star. She feel Someone whisper her near the ear in Husky voice Don't you not sleep yet .Khushi get scared and turn look back and arnav was near her

She took to step back quickly he saw that and said hey... calm down OK I will not eat you, ok say Why are you still not sleep he asked keep his hand on her pant pocket

She said in scared voice I will not feel sleepy.

Why are you get scared don't get scared OK I will not to anything he said he saw khushi getting scared.

Khushi nod her head like baby he thought awwww so cute.

Do you want to know that reason why am I here. Khushi nod her head again

I am come here to wish you good night he said looking khushi eyes. Khushi get shock he want to wish me good night what happened to him....

Oh... Ok arnavji good night have a Sweet dream she said with shivering voice.

But khushi I want to wish you different way. Different way she ask with confuse.

Ys like this and he bent down near her cheek and kissed.

Khushi eyes are got widen in shock, Good night have sweet dream. I will see you in morning he turn back said and went out with smirk on his face

Khushi here in shock her eyes are widen she keep on hand on her cheek where arnav just now kissed she was looking arnav disappearing figure and thought what happened just now...?,ha... Arnavji kiss on my cheek... Khushi turn look moon and said with poutd lip How I will be sleep today?, He snatch my sleep



Arnav lying on the bed,I known khushi you can't sleep today , you are so confuse for my sudden behave ... He remained how he gave kiss on khushi cheek with in smile he whisper I love you khushi and close he close his eyes to sleep

Mar 24

you are in my heart (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 67 times)

She and others Sitting living room and having morning tea, Suddenly nani ask " he's still not wake up"

" No nani, I think chote still sleeping" said anjali

Anjali saw hp was going upstairs with tea cup in his hand, She call him and and asked " Are You take this to chote room"

"Ys anjali bitiya" he said then anjali take tea cup from HP hand and said You need to do one help for me

"What anjali bitiya" he said, You go to the market and buy some kitchen things anjali said gave the list

"OK bitiya", but his tea he asked "I will give him you go" anjali said "ok bitiya" and he went from there

Khushi look what going there and drinking her tea,anjali turn look khushi and ask" Khushi can you go and give to chote..." khushi eyes are widen in shock and spit out tea and look anjali and asked " anjaliji how can i...?". " Please khushi I can also go, but now I have another work, please khushiji "she said

Khushi look anjali face and said ok for you only, ok give to me " Stretched her hand to anjali. Anjali give the tea cup to khushi. Khushi look tea cup and anjali and said I will go and give to him. Anjali said "ok khusiji and thanks also" khushi gave a smile and said " it ok anjaliji "

Khushi slowly went up stairs and went near to arnav room, She feel so nervous, she remember what happened yesterday night, Now i don't know what he is going to do. She slowly knock the door but she never got reply. Then she slowly push the door and enter inside and saw the scene with " O" mouth Shape.

She saw arnav sleeping on the bed like baby hugging his pillow close to his chest.

Slowly she went near the bed and look Arnav face and though when he is sleeping look like baby and innocent so cute

She slowly wake him arnav " arnavji... . arnav hear khushi soft melody voice and slowly open his eyes and look khushi face.. Arnav Stretched his both arms and get up and sit on the bed. arnav smile to khushi khushi also smile to slight. Arnav take tea cup from khushi and and keep beside table, he get up from bed and stand on the floor. arnav look khushi eyes and asked "Where my morning wishes"

"Ha... Good morning arnavji " khushi said khushi was little scared she remember yesterday night how arnav wish her,oh... No what I will do now she thought.

Arnav look khushi face and he can say what khushi is thinking. He smirk and said now I am going to wish you khushi. Khushi quickly put both hand on her cheek and thought " I will see you now how will you kiss me". But she doesn't know he was have another idea.

Arnav suddenly hug khushi tightly and " Whisper in her ear in husky voice good morning khushi "

Khushi's jaw drops down wide in shock. arnav slowly broke the hug and look khushi she is standing like numb he chuckle look khushi Status he went to wardrobe take his dress and towel and went inside the washroom.

Khushi standing there like numb what happened now she thought. anjali crossing arnav room she saw khushi is standing inside arnav room like numb she get confuse she went inside and call khushiji but she no response she rolled her eyes and shook khushi and khushi come out from shock and look anjali and ask "what happened anjaliji" anjali raises her one eyebrow and ask " You asking to me " khushi bit her lip and said " woo ... Woo anjaliji "

"OK ok relax khushji " come let's go down she pulled khushi with her, khushi look back washroom door and went with anjali...

They went down and sit in living room .. They start to charting happily. Nani said " we will go after breakfast for shopping for anjali wedding anniversary. Anjali said happily ha... Nani this good idea, we will have our lunch out. Mami said hello hi bye bye this is good idea bitiya...

"What going here " arnav asked who just come down . he come stand in living room and look everyone .

Chote ... We are planning do shopping after breakfast.. Said anjali happily

Everyone going ? He asked

Ha chote... Said anjali.. Then he thought this good idea I can also Spend time with khushi he then said looking khushi i also coming di

What... ??? Everyone shout sametime. Arnav close his eyes tightly for the shout

Mar 25

you are in my heart (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 72 times)

Arnav open his eyes and ask " why you all are shouting like this".

Anjali get up from her set and went to arnav and touch his forehead and ask " chote are you OK, I thinking Something happening to you in a few days, come let's go doctor first".

Arnav rolled his eyes. " what the di,what happened to you."

" Nothing happened to me,but There is something happening on you , Tell you what happened anjali said looking arnav face.

"Nothing happened to me, I am fine, why are you saying like this" he said

"Then you say first, Why you not go to office, you are staying in home and spend time with us, Are you give holiday for all workers,ha.... Chote... " and she keep her both hand on her hip and rise up her eyebrows.

Arnav brush his finger on his hair and trying to calm his nervous and said " nothing like that, I feeling like spend time with you all."

Ohhhhh really chote.. She asked with teasing smile

Ha... Di arnav said now come di I feel so hungry also come let's go and have our breakfast.. They nod their head and went to have a breakfast

After some time they get ready and went to car park

When arnav going to take driving set shaym stop arnav " what happened jijaji " shyam siad " wooo Saale Sahab I will drive." Arnav look shyam confuse and ask "why what happened jijaji, I will drive" "no Saale Sahab me and rani sahiba want to sit front,,you sit back seat with khushji.. " arnav trun look khushi here khuahi also look him with little horrified.. Oh what he will say.. Arnav get idea he can sit with khushi so he quickly turn to shyam and said "OK jijaji. Oh... Thanks saale sahab... Arnav said it OK ... In mind I am the only want to you ...thank you. and he open car back door for khushi. khushi look him without blinking his eyes. Arnav say khushi to sit inside. Khushi went sit inside arnav also sit beside khushi.... Shyam and anjali sit front set and shyam start the car... Arnav look khushi but khushi looking out side arnav slowly hold khushi hand khushi immediately turn look arnav both are get eyes lock....


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Mar 27

you are in my heart (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 71 times)

Then went in side shopping mall and went to the saree collation, grils started to selected their saree arnav looking here and there and he went near red colour saree collation and he asked the shop boy to show him beautiful red saree... The boy start to show him red saree arnav saw one saree It was so beautiful

He thought it would be appropriate... Red was his favorite colour ...For the first time he was selected her for something He want to see khushi in this saree he know sure In this saree she will very beautiful... That also is favourite colour.... He took the saree and went search khushi he look here and there he saw khushi helping to his sister for selected her saree... He went near them... Their was so Busy in selecting saree... So he clear his throat... Anjali and khushi and turn look him back and saw He was standing with saree in his hand....

"Chote.. What happened ..., Are you what something..." She asked...

" woo di ... Ahhh I think jijaji is searching you..., He want your help di.. Go and help him... " he said He want give this saree to her... But He can't give the saree to khushi front of his sister... So he said his jijaji is search her...

"Oh... Chote I will go and help him, pls can you help for khushi... I selected my saree.... Now she is going to selected her saree... Chote pls can you help her... " she asked....

Arnav look khushi and said "OK di.. I will help her ... You go..."

But here khushi don't want arnav near her... Now day his behavior so different... She thought This is arnav or of someone else... She confuses of his sudden behave...

"No anjaliji I will manage,I don't want any help ..." She said

"It OK khushi I will help you... Go di.." Arnav said

Anjali look khushi and said "khushji ...chote will help you OK ... I will go and see him"

"OK di..." Khushi said...

Anjali went from there...

Arnav look khushi with love,Khushi felt his gaze on her. But she didn't bother to look him. Arnav whisper

In husky voice khushi..... Khushi feel her heartbeats so fasting....

"Khushi look at me " arnav said he want to look khushi eyes...

Khushi slowly look him... "Khushi I want to give you something.... " he said and he keep the saree in khushi hand and said I want to see you in this saree khushi go and change and come...."...

Khushi get shock.. His arnavji want to see her in saree he is first time in his life give gift something to her... She feel so happy... Her eyes got moist... She want to shout in happiness... But she control herself... She can't believe in ear what arnav said now ... So she asked again...

"This is for me" she asked.... With out blink her eyes

"Ha... this for you, go and change, I want to see you in this saree... " he said he want to see her in his favourite colour saree...

"Woo arnavji I think it's No need to try this saree " she said

"Why " he ask with confuse and sad face..he thought she don't like this saree....

"It's look so nice so no need to try, It will suit for me" she said

"Are you sure.." He asked "Ys .." She nod her head like baby....

"OK come we will go.... And they went...

All are finishing their shopping and went to have their lunch... And They ate and spend time outside and after some time they went to their home.....

Khushi don't know today she feeling unknowing new feeling.... Here arnav today so happy because khushi accept his gift.... He is waiting for tomorrow because..

The next day he want to see her in that saree....


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Mar 28

you are in my heart (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 61 times)

Shantivan today is blooming with happiness, The whole home is decorating with flowers, The guests started coming , Servants going here and there too.

Today is his very important day in arnav life,he today want to porpose and apologise to khushi because She will be here only today night tomorrow she will go to abroad, he want to say to her his feeling before she leave him, Sure he will make her his own,she only belonged to him....

he was standing in the hall waiting for his love to come down, he look today so handsome...,Anjali come near arnav " chote today you look so handsome, I have doubt today my wedding anniversary or you wedding day oh..., tell me chote... She asked with teasing smile, He got blushing..

Anjali saw his blushing face and asking " Ohhh chote are you blushing... What happened to you... You are not my chote..., my chote will never blush.. " Then she suddenly asked "chote are you in love,who is that girl chote..??? "

Arnav get shocked for her sudden question, he don't no what answer to give to her,he know now he can't lie to her... He thought it is will good if I say to her I love khushi, she also help me if I need any help...

" wooo di..., I want to say something..." He said with nervose voice...

"Ha chote..., are you OK " she cupping his face and asked with worried voice...

" di come with me .." And he pulled her hand and tooked to his room and close the door behind his back

" chote .. What happened , any problem..??? "She asked

"Shhh di relax I don't have any problem... He said to relax her...

" then what chote..." She asked with irritateding... She can't understand his chote what his want to say...

"Wooo di. He said with nervous

"What woo di spit out the truth... Chote " she said..

" OK , first you promise me you will not get angry on me and you will help me ...he asked

She can't take any more so she get irritating and angry and shout... " OK I promise I will not get angry and sure I will help you.., now say what you what to say...

" di I am in love with khushi..." He said in one breath...

Here anjali went numb what she is hearing... His chote is in love with our baby khushi.... Oh no she heard clearly she clear her ear,she put her finger inside her ear to hear clearly.. "Chote can you say again..."

He rolled his eyes and said " Di I said I am in love with khushi"

" chote are you sure.. " she asked she can't believe what his chote saying what she hearing...

"Ha di... " he said like baby

" but how... " she asked with confuse, how suddenly her chote love khushi..

 what are you asking How..? I am in love with khushi...,then how you are in love with jijaji di, understand I can't live without her di... , when she said she will go abroad that time I feel like I can't breath di, I can't think about my life without her..di, pls help me I want her in my life di " his eyes get moist ... " pls di help me I hurt khushi lot di, but now I understand all di, she is like my breath, my heartbeat and soul di..pls want her in my life, if she leave me I will die...di

Anjali get shock his chote in truly love with khushi, she so happy, khushi is good girl she will suitable to her chote ,she will take care him well, she also want to his chote married khushi, she so happy today, she come from thought when she hear her chote whisper " I love khushi so much di,pls help me"

She cupping His face and wiped his tear and said "shhh don't worried chote, she is your khushi only your khushi, khushi will not go anyways She will be here as your wife , She will not go anywhere and leave you, OK now wipe you face and came we will go and see your love

Arnav wiped his face and gave a smile to his sister and said, "she will not leave me na...."

"Ys she will not leave you..., how can she leave you.., come let's go.." She said and pulled him with her and went out searching her chote love...

They went down and start to search khushi but no where to see khushi,suddenly arnav stop anjali and said "di I am feeling little scared "

"What ASR is scared" she said with teasing smile on her face

"Di try to understand me, I hurt her too much di, I feeling scared she will not accept my love di,I having feeling like something going to happened" he said in fear

" chote don't again start she will not leave you ok, don't think negative think all positive, come let's go...

And they went from there

They saw payal and akash and they went to them and asked... "Payalji did you saw khushiji "

Payal going to answer then they are hear voice coming from back " I am here anjaliji "

They turn look back and saw khushi standing in red colour saree which arnav choice for her,she look so gargious , arnav was completely speechless by her beauty..

he can't take eyes from her, she look like angle, come from heaven.. Arnav was lost in Khushi's beautiful face. The dazzling smile, her button nose, her hazelnut eyes, her rosy cheeks. He want to go and hug her and never let her go.

khushi come near to them and we gave her beautiful smile to hem and turned to anjali and asked " I am here anjaliji,why are you searching me, are you want any help .... "

Anjali cupping khushi face and gave a kiss on her forehead and said " you look so beautiful today khushi,today someone going to faint .." And She look him with her Corner eyes, arnav know his di is saying him only..., khushi looked arnav, her heartbeat is beating so fast, today he is look so handsome, she don't know what today is waiting for her....

Anjali look arnav and Understand he want talk with also so she turn to payal,akash and said "pls can you come with me.."

"Ha di/anjaliji..." They went with anjali...

Khushi feel his gassing on her,she feel her kneel going weak

Arnav went near khushi and He clear his throat make her look him. " woo khushi u look so beautiful today, U look gorgious in sarees... "

Khushi stammered arnav... Ji .... Her heartbeat her so beating so fast

" khushi i wanted to say very important thinks... And he take her hand in his and said..

Khushi feel something happed inside her stomach,when arnav touch her hand,her body went numb

She asked with shivering voice " what arnavji...???"

Arnav start to stammering.. " khushi... I.,khushi I

Khushi look him with worried face and asked " what happened arnavji, what you want to say"

"Khushi that, I want to say " he stammeringstammering

"What arnavji, oh... I got it what you want to say, you don't worried arnavji tomorrow I will go from you life you don't need to see my face... She said with her moist eyes

Arnav get shock, what she is talking now I here to propose my love to her, here she saying she will leave me and go I don't need to see her. He get angry and shout " stopped khushi, don't talk like that OK "

"Why are you now shouting, you only want this na... " she said with fear voice

He get rag listing her talk he shout " I don't want you to leave me dammit, you will with me here forever

She also get angry and Emotions and shout " why...??? , first he hurt me and said he to don't want to see me , now he saying like this

Suddenly he cupping her face firmly and shout " because I love you dammit "

Khushi get shock her eyes went widen khushi open her mouth to talk but suddenly they hera gun shoot, and khushi winch in pain and faint on arnav arms, arnav get shock and fear loosing her and he hug her tightly and shout " KHUSHIII....."

Mar 30

you are in my heart (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 58 times)

He shout in fear losing khushi and he hug her tightly, his dress wet with khushi blood he can't see her like this , his fear come true, he can't lose her like how he he lost his parents...

Khushi was lying lifeless on his arm He cupped her cheek and Patting and screaming her name khushi .... Khushi... Pls open your eyes don't leave me jannu , I will never get angry on or shout pls weak up..., Everyone get tear in eyes " pls don't leave me pls wake up, khushi jannu can you hear me nothing will happened to you..."

Akash come near to arnav and keep his one hand his shoulder and said Bhai get up we want to take khushiji to hospital first...

Arnav turn look akash

Arnav : akash!!, nothing happened to my khushi na ,she will fine na..???

Shyam also come near to arnav akash and said

Shayam : ha arnav nothing happened to our khushji, get up first we want to take khushji to hospital , see her she lost so much blood

Arnav look down his arm with moist eyes and he saw his life, khushi covering with her blood... , he caressing her cheek and said nothing happened you khushi until i am here with you And he take her in his arm and get up and went near to the enter door...

Suddenly one man come in front of him and stop him , he was laughing loudly, all are look him with shock face there are one questions in their mind .." Who is he, why he is here, why he is laughing in this situation

But only payal get shock and sacred and she thought how he is here, he was in in Jill na, then how he is out.... And she took her phone and called the police...

Arnav try to more from there... But the man block his way ... Arnav get angry his eyes are red in angry he shout " who the hell are you, more from here damit .... And he try to more from there

not soon That man said Akash come in front of him and catch is collar and shook him... And yelled ... Who are you man What you Want..?

I want khushi life...He jerks akash hand from his collar and shout

Arnav get angry his eyes red in angry and he come forward take khushi in his arm and yelled why are you dammit you try to kill my khushi... I will not leave you dammit , I will kill you, you hurt my khushi...

And he kick his chest hard and the person fell on the floor backward....and he look arnav with angry eyes he shout you.... and try to get up from the floor suddenly police come and arrace him...

That man shrugged his shoulder. And shout leave me leave me I want to kill her with my bare hand arnav hear that get more angry and shout in danger voice ... I will kill you with my bare hand dammit if you try to hurt my khushi. He turn look police and said He can't get from the jill, His whole life is he will Punishment for hurt my khushi.

Police : sure Mr.razida, he will differently get punishment of escaped from Jill and try to kill miss khushi guptha

Akash : what he escaped from jil

Police : ys he said and turn to payal and said thank miss payal guptha for inform to us he is here and they took the man from there

Everyone turn to payal and loo with tear in eyes and asked Tell me what is happening here payal

I will say but first Let's go to hospital khushi is blessing so much we want to save her...their Agreed and went to hospital ... On the way to hospital arnav hug khushi tightly near his heart and whisper softly in her ear... " khushi ......khushi my jannu nothing will happened to you... Until I am here alive... His eyes her moist... He can't she her like that....he have the reason why he hurting khushi... Now is fear come true .... He cat lose her like how his lost his parents.... He afraid to love khushi so that only he act like hating her then she also not love him and safe with his in frowned of his eyes , but he never wish She would go away from him, when she said she will go aboard that only he decided he will not let her go from here or his life.. So he thought to express his feelings her.... He look down her face and caressing her hair and cheek and bent down and kiss her forehead....

Pls don't leave khushi.... And his tear drop fell on her cheek and he look her angle face and hug her tightly.... And he said " akash pls drive fast..."

Apr 4

you are in my heart (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 66 times)

They reach to hospital in no time, while takes her in to the stretcher to OT, he holds her hands dearly, run with stretcher, the other hand rest on her cheek

" khushi pls open you eyes pls khushi don't leave me,I love you khushi I can't leave without you... And He left her hand once they reached the operation theater. As the door of the OT closed, arnav staggered back and slide down the wall onto the floor , staring at the closed doors. Shayam and akash rushed towards him.

 bhai "... Akash said and keep his one hand on his shoulder and he kneel down in front mof arnav , arnav look akash with moist eyes and he pointing his finger to OT door and said " akash ... Akash my khushi..."

 shhh... Bhai listed to me nothing happened to our khushiji she will came back to us...." He also,have tear in his eyes he can't believe his small baby sister get hurt like this he also ways like to spend time with khushi .... Her talk, her behavior, her good heart all are make the the pain to hide....

" akash my khushi not leave me na.... She will came back to me na... " he ask like baby asking his to mother ..., akash nod his eyes... Tearing

"Khushi will be fine Arnavji !!Nothing can happen to my sister! You just wait and watch" Even Payal was crying but she was confident her sister will be fine.

Arnav look payal and asked " payal he, why he shoot my khushi, why he try to kill her, now you tell me what's going on here....? He is eyes are tearing, he want to the reason why someone try to hurt khushi, khushi will not hurt anyone in her dream also then they man is try to kill her he want to know

Everyone was so shocked that they didn't know who, he is... Only payal can answers the question, she only know who he is and why he shoot khushi...

Payal look everyone and said khushi say me to not to tell anyone.... We also forgot this... But... Don't know he will come back again

" what are you saying payal ... " garimma crying and came near payal asked she can't believe her baby daughter get shoot

 amma... This not first time he try to hurt khuahi.., one day me and khushi went to shopping mall, that time only we saw him first time, he saw khushi and tried to mischievous with khushi, khushi get angry and slap him, he also get angry and pulled khushi and try to kiss her but she push him away and he fell down and quickly some people catchy him and handover to police...when police took him form there He look khushi and said he will not leave her and he will came back and take revenge... We are never thought he will come back...

 why..? payal batiya Why you not tell this to anyone..." Nani asked

 nani... Khushi took promises from me not to tell anyone, if you all get to know this you all are will worried, She does not even like to see you all worried...she said her long tear falling from her eyes she wiped with her palm

Suddenly OT door open and doctor come out everyone rush to him and start to ask question about khushi... First one asked arnav

"Doctor how is my khushi, nothing happened to her na... , she safe na.... Say something dammit open you mouth "he yelled

Doctor take step back for arnav sudden yelled he get scared he know ASR angry... He never want face his angry so he quickly answered ... " relax Mr.razida Patient conation is really bad.., she have lost lot of, her bleed group O+, she need blood its very urgent, we have her blood group Lower, we want more, so if anybody of u have the some group blood"

" doctor my and her blood group are same I am her sister, I can donation my blood... She said and came in front of doctor... Then doctor look at her and said " that's good, you come with me and and took her to donate her blood

Here arnav working here to there in front of OT door,he don't know what going inside, payal also left inside to donate her blood to his khushi,and after some time she come out after donated her blood to her sister , arnav looking OT door time To time he waiting for doctor when doctor come and say your khushi is alright ,he waiting for that one word, he want his khushi back , he want to show her how much he is love her and never let her go from him,He wanted to held khushi close to him and assure her that until he is alive he will not let anything happen to her,he want to give to her all happiness.

Anjali saw her c**** how much loving khushi, if khushi is not here he also not here,she slowly went near to arnav and arnav stop going here to there and he look anjali and said " Di khushiiiii......will be alright na...,nothing happened na otherwise I.. I can't leave with out her" Tear are rolling down his eyes, he hug anjali and started to crying like baby lost the his favourite toy.....

anjali hug him back and caressing his back and said " chotte...don't worry...she will be perfectly alright...god willl not do any cruelty to a girl like khushiji...pray to god chotte...he willl make everything good.., our khushji not leave us specially you chote, how can see leave you when this much you love her , sure she will came back to you for your love, she will not go anyways"

Arnav feel relax when anjali said like this he broke the hug and look anjali and said " my khushi not leave na, I want my khushi back to me"

Anjali cupped his face and said " us she will came back to you"

Suddenly doctor come out from OT and the came to arnav he look everyone and look arnav and said " now nothing to worried , her operations was successful but she is very weak because she lost blood, now she fain we got blood right time to save her,now she unconscious she will regains consciousness with the next 3 hours after you can take her home I will give her medicine and I will say how to take care of her injury"

"Can we..Can we see her?" Asked Garima

"You can see her, but please don't give her any type of tension." She will regains her consciousness after 3 hours most probably.

They all hurried inside the room where Khushi was kept , she was unconscious lying bed lifeless, they are can't she her like this, she always running here and there she will not stay in one place, arnav slowly come near to her bed and look at her angle face , today what he thought but what is happened... He sit beside khushi and bend down and kiss her forehead deeply and look at her face and whispered " khushiiiiiii......."

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