Kushis kumkum

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Apr 23

kushis kumkum (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 55 times)


Arnav: smiled at nk , he shook her head, and leave from there..

Kushi and payal came from the collage. 

After sometime nk and akash also came , radha mano , devayani, akash , in the hall , kushi and payal served tea and snacks , everyone talking and chitchating,

Arnav: called kushi mobile , 

Kushi: hello arnavji, 

Arnav: kushi please come to our office..

Kushi: asks any broplem arnavji, are you ok..

Arnav: nothing you just come , i will tell you..

Kushi: ok arnavji, she inform about her family and leave from there..

Arnav waiting for kushi ..

Kushi : asks the receptionist where is arnavji, she says mam sir waiting for you..kushi smiled at her and walk to arnav cabin..

Arnav: saw kushi and smiled at her, she asks why are you called me arnavji...he give her one bag and says go and change first, she asks why, this dress is nice na, he says we are going to my friend marriage reception , go and change, she smiled and says your looking handsome today ..she run to wash room and change the saree ,,he smiled , after that ,they both leave from the office..


Arnav inroduce his friends to kushi, kushi talking with them nicely,suddenly one girl came near arnav , hi arnav , how are you, he look at her first he is shocked and he  saw kushi after that he talk to her normaly , yea i am fine anitha, 

Anitha: try to tuch him, but he says wait a miniute , he called kushi with his eyes, she raised his eye brow and asks what, arnav again called her with his eyes,  anitha asks who is she arnav..

Arnav friend raghu came and says she is arnav wife kushi , she is shocked and look at arnav ..

Arnav smiled  at her, he says to kushi this is anitha , my collagemet..

kushi: hi anitha ..

Raghu and arnav smiled silently ...

Anitha: hi kushi , how is your marriage life..

Kushi: we are very happy  she looked at arnav..

Arnav smilingly talking with raghu, raghu says kushi is perfect for you da arnav, he asks what she doing da, arnav says she is studying mbbs in our collage da, raghu says i am so happy for you da..

Anitha: how can you handle his angry kushi, arnav came and says thats our personal haina kushi, she nods her head , anitha look at him angryly.. after that arnav and kushi leave from there..

Payal ,akash, nk waiting for them ..

Arnav and kushi enter the raizada house, arnav closed the door and they both walk to their room but nk says stop...

Akash: bhabi your looking beautifull today , whats the matter bhabi..

kushi: blush hearing this, she did not say anything ,silently standing there.

Payal: han kushi tell me.

Arnav: says we both attend my collage friend marriage reception ,

NK:  wow super bro , good improvement.. 

Arnav: thank you nk.

Akash: smilied at arnav, he asks bai what happen your smilling today...

Arnav: yea i am so happy today..

NK , kushi , payal talking eachothere about the marriage reception.

Arnav : ok guys go and sleep now , we both here only ,dont go anywhere , we will meet tomorrow morning ok..

Akash : ok bai good night. payal says to kushi good night and she leave from there.

NK; also leave from there..

Arnav and kushi enter their room, arnav closed the door , kushi says your friend raghu and his wife they both perfect matching haina arnavji..he huged her suddenly and says yes , kushi is shocked first, she asks wo wo what happen arnavji are you ok, he says i am fine now , that anitha.. kushi says i know everything , raghu says to me. arnav says first i am shocked seeing her but next second i saw you i forget about her ,i become normal ,i will not allow anyone  to come between us kushi..she nods her head ..both still hugging and smiling ..


Kushi : share with her all the happyness to anjali , she is very happy thinking about her chote and bhabi..

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Apr 25

kushis kumkum (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 55 times)


Arnav and kushi laying in  the bed..

kushi: stared at him and smiled , she says to herself, my mind is relieved now, i am very happy, i saw anitha , i am just afraid, after that heard your clear speech gave me a courage and peace of mind, now i am so happy..

Arnav : says dont think about me always , sleep kushi..

kushi: smiled at him.

Arnav: almost order her, closed your eyes..

kushi: closed her eyes..

Arnav : says , first you finished your studys, then we can talk a lot ,then think what we can do.

kushi: still closed her eyes and says , ok please sleep arnavji . 

Arnav: good night kushi..

NK: wakeup early and came down, he saw naniji, kushi,payal, radha , mano doing pooja..

Naniji: asks arey nk betuva you wake up early today.

NK: han naniji , this sunday only i wake up early , i dont know why..

Everyone smiled seeing him..

NK: mom please i want tea,  headache mom , 

Radha: wait nk , i give you tablet ..

NK: no mom , i want tea then i will be ok..

Akash: came and says same thing, 

Manoramma asks what happen to you both,what are the work you both do yesterday, for this  headache..

Arnav: came and says they both watching movie in full night haina akash...he stared  at nk...

Radha: give them tea and says go and sleep for sometime , then everything will be fine..

NK: no mom we are going to meet di..

Radha: smiled whose going to your di's house.

Arnav: everyone maa.

Naniji: you all go , we will go another day ..

Arnav: ok naniji... he look at kushi , he raised his eye brow ..

kushi: sees nk , he watching them , she smiled and leave from there.

Arnav: asks you can not leave for a while da..

NK: smiled at him, and  i am sorry.

Arnav: ok get ready fast. 


Anjali: busy with cooking..aashi came and asks bhabi what are you doing ,you want any help..

Anjali: smiled at her and says, no aashi its ok..but aashi help her for vegtable cuting ..

Aashi: asks when will everyone come bhabi..

Anjali : i think they are on the way to our house.


Arvind, anjali and aashi welcome them .

Arnav: asks how are you jiju. kushi and payal huged anjali..

Arvind: yea we are fine arnav, how are you all..

NK, and akash huged arvind and says we are all fine jiju..arvind smiled at them..

Arnav: huged his di , he asks how are you di.

Anjali; yea fine chote, she tuched her cheek and asks how are you..

Arnav; fine di. kushi , payal aashi talking each other ...

Anjali: asks how is mom, mamiji, dad , dadiji..

Arnav: everyone is fine di.. 

After that anjali and kushi served juice for every one..

Arnav, arvind, akash talking each other in arvind room..

Kushi, anjali, payal ,nk ,aashi talking eachother in the hall..


After sometime everyone leave from there.

Radha: asks arnav, how is anjali ..

Arnav: maa she is fine..

Radha: asks are you ok na chote..

Arnav: yea mom i am very happy.

Radh: did you like kushi na.

Arnav: smiled and hold his mom hands , he says yes mom i likes her very much..dont think too much relax ok, 

Radha: smiled happyly hearing this..


NK: playing with anjali's child tarunya, she lying in the bed and smile at nk..she likes her nk mamu very much .

Arnav: came and says hey dont distrub her da..she wants sleep.

NK: no bro see she is smiling at me she wants to play with me haina taru..she smiled at him again,

Arnav: look at nk and taru. he asks nk where is di..

NK: she is in kitchen prepared milk for tarunya.

Kushi and payal busy with their final year studys..they both stdying well.garima and mohan happy about her daughter..Arvind and anjali always help kushi and payal for their studys..

Devayani, radha ,mano ,aarav is very happy thinking about their daughter , sons , daughterinlaw.

Kushi and payal came from the collage. arnav already came from his office. payal leave her room..

kushi prepared coffee for arnav, and came to her room.. she searching arnav , he came out the wash room, she asks arnavji you came early today , why dont you  come to pickup me from the collage today, arnav says mom called me to come home early kushi..she smiled at him and says ok..arnav stared at her.. kushi raised her eye brow and asks what..he came near her , she asks arnavji what are you doing , he came more close to her face, kushi try to say something , but arnav kissed her cheek, she called ar na vji she stammering her words , he asks what happen, why are you stammering kushi..she looked at him nervousely..he smiled at her.

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May 3

kushis kumkum (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 60 times)


Arnav: move her hair a side which block her face, he cup her face ..

kushi: closed her eyes,shiver in his tuch with intense gase.

Arnav: lean a kiss in her other cheek.

kushi:   start to breath heavyly.

Arnav: looked at her lips trembling her lips, he get close to kiss her,

kushi: feels his hot breath on her lips.she hold his shirt tightly ..still closed her eyes, 

Arnav : sees her and smiled slightly, he kissed her lips ..

kushi: felt so many emotions run  in her boady, her hand clutch arnav's shoulder for support,he kiss her with so much of passion, he did not realised what he is doing now, kushi forget everything and lost in his toch, due to breathing broplem , arnav broke the kiss,he lift her in his arms move towards bed,he make her lay down,now only kushi open her eyes and saw arnav lay beside her, she thinking herself , if he dont like me, he still thinking that anitha, but i dont leave you arnavji , she turn and look at him.he says sleep tomorrow you have to go collage na.she look at him angryly and closed her face with the bed****.

Arnav: says to himself , controled arnav, only 6 months then she will finished her studys . dont distrub her now.her studys will spoil , i have to distance with her untill her studys finished.

kushi: remembered the kiss she smiled herself .she says to herself this is our second kiss. but now i am not faint arnavji, i love you so much.she looked at him and closed her eyes...

Arnav: wakeup first and ready he leaving his office early.

kushi: wakeup and saw arnav is not in room ,she get ready and came down , she searching arnav, 

NK: came and says he is not in home bhabi , he went office early today.

Kushi: face dull hearing this..

Payal: came near kushi and asks are you finished your breakfast , i am ready , lets go na..

kushi: is upset, but she did not show it infront of her family, she smiled and says yea payal i am ready come lets go.

Akash: came and says i will drop you both , bai told me .

kushi: says no akash driver is there na, you can go your office or your bai scold you , she said angryly and leave from there.

Anjali: asks what happen to her akash, why she get angry .

NK: says because bai did not drop her collage today and he went his office early today. 

Anjali: oh ho  ooo ok .. this is huspand and wife fight we dont interfire in this matter, my bhabi dont leave chote easyly.

Radha: says my son is big businessman he have lot of work everyday , and he knows how to peace her wife .dont worry about them. first feed this milk to tarunya.

Anjali: looked at her mom amzingly....

Akash and nk kissed tarunya's cheeks and leave from there.. 

Anjali: says bye to them and feed milk to tarunya..she is crying seeing her mamu leave her.

Devayani : came and comfort her. 

Mano: came there near tarunya, but naniji says no manoramma , taru is scared of your makup so you just away from her. devayani teased mano.

Anjali: smiled silently..

Mano: maaji your saying worng, my tarunya likes me very much ,she touch taru cheeks and she smiled at mamiji.see maaji she is smiled at me..

Devayani: says han han i know she likes your jewelrys thats why she smiling haina taru ..

Mano: but my all the jewelry is only my arnav betuva's daughter .i dont give anyone , even akash betuva child too. you asks your naniji ok taru , 

Devayani: asks anjali betia your chote and bhabi is happy na. i mean.

Radha: came and says maaji he is waiting for her studys finished, but he said to me he likes her.

Devayani: is relifed now..


payal: asks why are you angry now. 

Kushi: says i dont know payal . she says leave me alone please..

Payal: ok first you eat this , you dont eat breakfast na.

kushi: no i dont want anything, no one worried about me. 

payal: shook her head and says pagaly called your huspand first, i am leaving patients waiting for me. 

Kushi: called arnav mobile , but he did not attend her call.she talk to herself how dare you arnavji you dont attend my call. 


Akash came to arnav cabin .

Arnav: asks  you drop kushi in  collage na.

Akash; no bai..

Arnav: what ? i told you na akash..

Akash: says everything..

Arnav: closed his eyes and says i am sorry akash, 

Akash: bai its ok. no need to say sorry for this thing ok. you just call bhabi first , 

Arnav: nods his head. akash leave his cabin.

Arnav: called kushi mobile , 

kushi: is very happy seeing his num. hello arnavji

Arnav: why dont you eat your breakfast today.

Kushi: asks why dont you drop me in collage , and i missed you arnavji.

Arnav: is silent hearing this..

kushi: i want to see you..

Arnav: ok i will come early today ok, but please eat something na .

Kushi: ok arnavji..take your medicne .

Arnav: smiled and says ok ..

Kushi and payal came from the collage.

Radha: called kushi tomorrow is arnav's birthday.

kushi: han i know aunty. 

Radha: smiled and aks you want tea.

Kushi: no aunty i will freshup and come..


Arnav: enter the room. he saw kushi is sleeping like a baby.he came near her and kissed her forehead.

after that he freshup and came down. he playing with tarunya for sometime, he asks di she is so cute na.anjali smiled and says yes like my bhabi. arnav looked at her and smiled. anjali why are you avoiding her, he says no i am not avoiding her di. anjali says but she think like that now, she talk to me

before sometime, he says di her studys also important for me. anjali says tell her about this chote. 

he says ok di..

Arnav : finished is dinner and came to her room.he also lay beside kushi , he says  i love you so much kushi mohan ram sing raizada. he smiled and hold her hand.


Kushi wakeup and saw arnav is sleeping, she wakup silently and came down. everyone busy with arranged the cake and decorated the house.

Anjali: sees kushi , she asks did you like the decoration bhabi.

Kushi: says yes arnavji..

Anjali: smiled and says i am anjali not your arnavji bhabi.

Kushi: oh i am sorry di..

Anjali: asks what gift you give him today.

Kushi: its surprise di.

Anjali: wow super bhabi..

Akash and nk says di everything is ready..

kushi shout aaaa arnavjiiii arnavji iii

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May 5

kushis kumkum (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 66 times)


Arnav: heard kushi sound, he saw beside bed is empty, he came down and saw everyone smilingly standing the center of the house , he saw the cake in a table, now only he realised today is his birthday,

he asks kushi are you ok na, she smiled at him , i am fine arnavji, he asks so this is all your drama right. anjali says not only her we are all planed this , kushi says happy birthday arnavji. he huged her and says thank you so much kushi. 

NK: says ok come brother cut the cake first, he smilled and cut the cake , everyone sing happy birthday song for him, he says stop this please, i am not a child, he feed cake to radha first, then aarav, and dadiji. he cut the another pice of cake and came near his di, but anjali says no, give this to your wife, Arnav smiled and divied the cake , he feed them both, he says you both important for me in my life ok. anjali is very happy and huged her chote and bhabi happyly. kushi look at arnav.

Aarav: huged his son and gifted a car. arnav touch his feet and says thank you dad.

Radha: huged her son and says you will be happy like this always .he touch radha feet and says thank you mom.

Devayani: also wish him and bless him.

Anjali and arvind gifted photograph.she says open it now chote. arnav open the photograph and saw the photo he and kushi's photo , he smiled and says its very nice di, i love it.thank you jiju , arvind huged him . aashi ,payal, nk ,akash also gifted him..


Mamiji: gifted a bracelet for him. 

Arnav: says mamiji its very beautifull i like very much. she huged him happyly.

Radha: says to arnav go and sleep we will go morning temple ok.

Arnav: yea ok mom.but i dont come inside of the temple ok. radha nods her head.


Arnav: searching kushi , he think she is in room. she did not give gift to me. he came to his room , it was fully dark, he called kushi ,she called arnavji i am here,he came near her and he sliped ,kushi holding him tightly, they both falling down  in  the bed, arnav top of kushi. he look at her , she is in black saree , her long hair, he smiled at her ,and asks whats is this kushi.she is very shy and blush seeing him,

Arnav lay beside kushi, she huged him, he also huged him, he closed his eyes thinking something , he says kushi i want to talk to you.she says no.  then i will forget everything please arnavji. today i want to talk to you , he dont know what to do. kushi listen to me.

Kushi: did not heard his words, she is dicied already,she hold his cheek and kissed him, he closed his eyes .

Arnav: asks kushi you know na, what your doing now. she says han i know , he says your studys ,she smiled and says thank you, your already waiting for me long time, this is the last year na ,i will take care of my studies, dont worry arnavji,you know arnavji ,even though there is a child for all of my friends. arnav try to talk but kushi says i am a doctor i know everything .dont feel guilty arnavji. i am ready to start our marriage life. she is very shy , and huged him. 

He says i am sorry for slaping you kushi, please forgive me, she says its ok leave it arnavji, i understand you ,please forget everything na, he kissed her fingers ,she is very shy seeing him,

Arnav says your looking very beautifull in black saree,he kissed her forhead, she closed her eyes, she hold his shirt tightly,

Arnav: kissed her hand, he looked at her , she is breathing heavyly,she also look at him .he called kushi i , she says i know arnavji.he smiled slightly, he says i love you kushi. love you so much.

kushi : look at him,  she remembered her first meeting, their kissing moments, 


Arnav: look at her , he try to move more close to her lips but  she huged him suddenly.he removed her dori.

Arnav : came top of kushi , and kissed her lips, she hold his neck , they both kissing eachother. he removed her saree pallu, arnav broke the kiss and kushi leaned on his chest, she is very shy to face him.he called kushi, she look at him ,he asks permission to kushi go ahead, she closed her eyes and says i love you arnavji ,he understand her , he kiss her neck ,he cover up with bedsheet, and huged her tightly ,they lost in the world


They both are sleeping peacefully hugging eachother after become one in boady and soul. kushi open her eyes, she is fully naked, she cover up her saree with her boady and run to wash room.she freshup and came , she saw arnav still sleeping , she came near him and kissed her forhead, arnav pulled her towards, she landed on bed ,arnav in top of kushi, he kissed her lips passionately, she try to stop him but arnav hold her both the hands tightly.she closed her eyes ,and respond to his kiss.


Arnav: leave kushi and says i love you kushi.

kushi: she huged him and says i love you too arnavji.

Radha called chote come fast .i am ready..

Arnav: says to kushi i am going to mandir with mom ,

kushi : i am also come with you .

Arnav : ok then get ready fast.


Anjali and payal came near kushi and asks what gift you gave him.

kushi: getting nervouse, wo wo she looked at arnav , he shows his shirt.she smiled and understaand him, she says to anjali and payal , shirt di. they both look at her and drag her to the corner, payal touch her cheek and asks what is this ,your cheeks are very pink colour today, anjali han your getting nervous ,and my chote wake up late today , she dont know what to answer them, arnav came there and asks why are you both torchering my wife, we are going mandir come kushi, he hold her hand and leave from there, anjali and payal open their mouth in o shape, anjali says something is happening i know .payal says yes di, she is very silent , she getting shyness too today.

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May 8

kushis kumkum (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 48 times)


Arnav: says to kushi, i will drop you in collage .

kushi: no i am leave today.

Arnav: what? are you  ok.

kushi: han i am fine today your birthday na arnavji , so i want to spend time with you.

Arnav: but my meeting.

kushi : look at him angryly and says cancel your all the meeting first.akash and nk take care of your office today ,your office not going anywhere,  she mutter herself always busy in your office meeting mobile ,video confrence .hey devimayya , how can i handle this man.

Arnav: smiled seeing her non stop talking. he says ok i am not going office today , now are you happy. 

Radha: came and asks are you both finished your talking , we will go temple na. she is smiled at them.

Arnav; says mom now you also join with di na, start to tease me and my wife.

Radha: smiled and says i have the rights to tease you na.

Kushi: yes aunty . ofcourse .

Arnav: you both have joined togethere now.

Radha: smiled and says  lets go na. 

Anjali prepared kheer for her chote. 

Aashi with tarunya in anjali room.

Devayani,and mamiji also prepared some sweets for everyone.

Akash and nk leaving office.

Arvind leaving hospital. now arvind and aashi stay with raizada house. aarav and arnav requested him so he agreed . he think anjali did not handle tarunya alone .


Arnav: says to his mom and wife. finished your pooja and come fast .

kushi: arnavji ..

Arnav: asks what ?

kushi: nothing.

Kushi and radha walk inside the temple.

kushi and radha busy to were praying to god.

Arnav: came inside the temple, and he standing near kushi look at her smilingly.

kushi also feel that and smiling , still closed her eyes.

Radha: open her eyes and very happy seeing her son came inside the temple.she says thanks to devimayya.

Kushi: thank you arnavji.

Arnav: says i know whats going on your mind.

Kushi: smiled at him. she says i also know you definetly come inside the temple.

Radha: is very happy seeing both of them. she says to  kushi because of you my chote come to temple today.

Arnav: says no mom i come here for you both ok.

Radha: oh really.. 

Arnav: yes mom. trust me na..

Radha: ok i trust you .

Arnav: ok lets go na.

Radha: yes i will go home , you both go out somewhere and enjoy but come early ok.

Arnav and kushi smiled at radha. he says ok mom.

Radha: came from the mandir.

Anjali: asks mom where is chote and bhabi.

Radha: they both going out .

Devayani: says its good radha.

Arnav : asks to kushi, where to go.

Kushi: says actually i dont want to go anywhere i want to be with you only.

Arnav: drive the car to raizada house..

They both came to raizada house.

Anjali asks chote you both dont go anywhere.why are you come here.

Arnav: says asks your bhabi.he leave his room

Anjali and everyone asks what happen kushi.

kushi: says nothing i dont want to go anywhere ,and i am little tired too.

Anjali : says leave it come you just take rest in your room.

kushi: nods her head and leaving her room.

Arnav: standing in poolside.

kushi: came near hm and huged him behind.

Arnav: asks what is your problem kushi, why dont you come out.

kushi: says i am little tired arnavji.

Arnav: he turn and look at kushi , he asks are you ok, yesterday i. she says no arnavji . i am fine , i have no mood to go out. he asks really, you said truth na. she smiled and says yes arnavji.



Akash propossed payal. she also likes him. they both got married before 2 months. mamiji is very happy about her son and daughterinlaw.

NK and aashi loves eachotherE everyone knows that, but nk says first aashi finished her studys then we will get marry .everyone agreed, arvind and anjali is very happy about nk and aashi.


Kushi and payal was learn surgery and doing their job in good way. 

Arnav: got award for number one business man in india. 

kushi is very happy about her huspand. radha is very happy thinking about her son. everyone happy in raizada house.. mamaji also return from his business trip. manoramma is very happy. aarav is very happy about his sister garima. devayani also very happy garima came to delhi.her desire finally fullfiled



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