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Trust Issues (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 100 times)

Trust Issues


Delhi University of Hotel Management and Culinary, New Delhi

 5.30 pm


Adil sat on his bike ruffling his hair in irritation. He had been waiting before the gate of the institution for half an hour and the person he is waiting for shows no intention to appear.

“Adil?” a voice came and he looked up. “Hey Yara” he said smiling.

“You study here?” he asked as she came near him. She nodded, her face pale in colour.

“What’s wrong?” Adil asked worried and stood up from his bike. Removing his helmet which he had half-worn he walked towards her, “What happened Yara? Are you feeling well? Should I take you home?”

“No, I’m...I’m fine....woh” she stammered, her breath uneven, “Papa had...sent a car. I don’t...know where he...is” she finished looking around.

Adil looked around and then at her, “Your driver must be somewhere here. Call your father? Should I call Esha?”

“NO” she said, “They’ll worry. I’m fine. I’ll find him” Yara said hurriedly.

Adil frowned. Why would they worry? Who is Yara scared of?

Adil looked around and found a familiar man. Esha’s driver! What was his name? Ah whatever! He is coming towards us.

“Isn’t that your driver?” Adil asked nudging Yara. Yara looked up and breathed in relief.

Mohan ran towards Yara and said apologetically, “Sorry bitiya. I could not bring the car here due to heavy traffic. It’s parked over there”

“It’s okay bhaiyya” she said smiling and looked at Adil. “Bye Adil” Adil nodded smiling and Yara left with Mohan.

“Sorry yaar! Did you wait for long?” a voice came along with a slap on his back.

Adil turned towards his friend in anger, “Half an hour man! Where were you?”

“Had a small work left behind” his friend said smirking.

Adil rolled his eyes and got on his bike. “You’re always late Rishi” he muttered. Rishi laughed and got behind his friend. “Let’s go! Are you out from office?”

“Yep” Adil said and started the bike.

“How was Moron Esha today?” Rishi asked chuckling.

“Bad. She was very rude to me” Adil muttered.

“I thought you said that she changed into Mild Esha?” Rishi frowned.

“She did and then I did something stupid and we’re back at square one. Only morning session was bad. After that Esha got into discussion with her father and Aman uncle. I didn’t have much to do after that!” Adil said sighing and drove into the main road.

“What discussion?” Rishi asked leaning to him.

“I don’t know” Adil said shrugging and stopped the bike at traffic.

“Waise” Adil turned to Rishi, “Yara studies at your college? Is she in your batch?”

“Yara who?” Rishi asked frowning.

“Esha’s sister. Yara Singh Raizada” Adil said.

“Ah Raizada girl. She is my junior” Rishi said shrugging, “Why?”

“I met her outside. She looked so worried!” Adil said frowning and then looked at the signal completely missing the dangerous glint in his friend’s eyes.




Raizada Mansion, New Delhi

6.00 pm


“Police case?” Yara shuddered.

Arnav nodded.

Right when she got back from college, Yara was called up to her father’s study room where her father, uncle, elder sister and brother were there.

Esha looked at her father and asked, “Can’t we deal with him with our men?”

Akash nodded no and said, “Although we have a good connection with people, I don’t want Yara’s name to be involved around the goons”

Arnav nodded and Esha said, “Okay but....if it becomes a police case then the matter will go out of hand. Media will be involved and Yara might never be able to go to college peacefully”

Yara looked at Esha and then at her father. “Dad....if this....”

“It’s decided” Arnav snapped angrily and the girls shrank back. “I want to deal this in the way”

Varun scratched his head and said, “I appreciate that but....it won’t make any difference. I don’t think the police would be able to do anything. He is a mastermind, if Aman uncle’s researches are right. And we all know that Aman uncle is never wrong!”

Arnav sighed and then the door opened revealing Aman who walked inside.

“We’re talking about you” Akash said as Aman sat on the chair with them.

Aman nodded and took out a file. He looked at it and adjusted the brim of his spectacles. Looking up at Arnav he said, “ASR, that boy Adil is involved”

Esha looked at him in shock and so did others.

“Why did you say so?” Varun asked, “Adil is....fine if I’m right”

“No he is not” Aman said, “I did a bit research on him. Adil was working in a software firm for three years before he joined AR. When he joined AR he produced certificates of internships and courses he did which is completely fake. He deliberately joined AR, not because he is interested in designing but with some other motive, I think.”

Arnav drew a deep breath and Akash looked at Varun who stood pale.

Aman looked up at Varun and said, his voice void of any emotion, “I don’t know anything about yours and Ana’s past but...she doesn’t seem right. Something is suspicious about her. And yes, she is cheating on you”

“What...no...” Varun began when Aman threw a file at him.

Everyone looked at each other in shock and Aman said sternly, “ASR, that family has been playing with us. Both Adil and Ana Alexander are working for Rishikesh Jha” and he forwarded the file.

Esha sat back on the couch and drew a deep breath. She looked at others who were in shock themselves. Her hands clawed the cushion, a lump developing over her throat.

Why does it hurt? Okay fine, he was playing with me. He isn’t a good guy. He is bad and he is working against my family. I should be angry at him! I should hate him! But why the **** does it hurt?

She closed her eyes and leaned her head back on the couch blocking out the words her family were speaking with others. Her mind flew back to her cabin, a few days ago, when he....

She opened her eyes and leaned forward, pushing her elbows to her stomach and burying her face in her lap. He was so....nice that day. It didn’t seem....wrong...


She jerked up hearing her father’s voice. Arnav narrowed his eyes at her, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing dad” she said shaking her head and looked at Varun who was sitting next to her looking at the file Aman had given him.

She leaned forward and saw the contents of the file. It had pics of Ana with a man....in many wrong ways.

“Varun...” she whispered and looked at him.

Varun shut the file and said looking at her, “I don’t believe this”

Everyone looked at him and Aman narrowed his eyes, “What?”

“I don’t believe this ****” Varun said angrily throwing the file on the floor, “I love Ana. She loves me. That’s it!”

“So you mean that hours of my men’s and my research on that family is a lie?" Aman asked sighing.

“I won’t believe it unless it comes from her mouth” Varun said and stormed out of the room.

Aman rubbed his nose and looked at Arnav.

“I trust you” Arnav whispered and Aman nodded his head. Esha looked at her father who said, “Out of all people in my life, I have never trusted anyone but you!”



Sep 17

Great Manipulator (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 74 times)

Great Manipulator


AR Fashions

9.00 am


“Good morning mam” Adil greeted cheerfully as Esha sat on her chair. She nodded and turned her gaze to the laptop.

He frowned and then shrugged off, “Today’s schedule is...”

“I didn’t ask you” Esha snapped. Adil looked at her taken aback and clutched the notepad. “I...you usually...”

“Get out” she said and started typing on the laptop.

“Should I do anything...make calls or...”

“GET OUT” she shouted.

“That’s it” Adil snapped and slammed the notepad on the desk. He walked around the table and stopped next to her chair. Grabbing the arm rest he turned it to him and shook it violently jerking Esha on the chair. She shrunk back into the chair and he asked, “Is this about that day? Are you avoiding me?”

“Is this a way to talk to your boss?” she shouted angrily and pushed him. He staggered backwards and she sat up straight, “I’m just a minute away from firing you”

“Esha” he sighed rubbing his face, “We need to talk”

“No we don’t”

“Yes we do!” he cried, “Look I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do...that day...it happened and I’m really sorry for that!”

“Over? Now leave me alone” she snapped.

He sighed and said, “Don’t you have anything to say about that?”

“GET OUT ADIL” she shouted angrily and stood up. She strode towards him and shouted, “NO I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY REGARDING YOUR STUPIDITY!”


“You’re shouting at ME? AT ME?” she shouted, “GET OUT OF HERE! AND DON’T YOU DARE WALK INTO THIS CABIN!”

“GO ON FIRE ME! COME ON. DO IT!” Adil screamed.

“I...” she suddenly stopped and looked at him.

Adil is the only friend he made in Delhi

He deliberately joined AR, not because he is interested in designing but with some other motive,

Both Adil and Ana Alexander are working for Rishikesh Jha

No. I cannot fire him! He is here for some motive and I cannot get rid of him without knowing that motive. If I fire him, he’ll find another way to reach my family, especially Yara. NO! He must be here.

“Out. Go” she said controlling her anger and sat on her chair.

He stood frowning at her sudden change.

“GET OUT” she screamed and he stormed out of the cabin.

She took her phone and dialled a number.

“Dr. Mehra’s office? Can you please pass the call to her? Tell her that it’s Esha.” she asked tiredly. She waited and then asked “Are you free Priya? Can we meet?”





Central Park, New Delhi

3.30 pm


Mohan parked his car on the side and Rishikesh stepped out of it. The car drove away and he looked around the park. Spotting a figure on a seat under a tree, he smirked and walked towards it.

“Good evening Ms. Raizada” he said smirking.

Esha stood up and looked at him angrily.

Rishikesh sat on the spot she was sitting and patted the space next to him. “Come, sit”

Esha glared at him and kept standing and he chuckled. “So tell me, what did I do to have this meeting with the great Raizada princess?”

“You messed up with the little Raizada princess!” she hissed.

“And the elder sister has set off to take revenge! How sweet!” he mocked.

“Yeah, I know. Just like how the spoilt son has set off to take revenge on his scoundrel dad’s death. Oh wait, I’m wrong. You killed him!” Esha retorted.

His smirk vanished and fury ruled it. Clenching his jaw he glared at her who said, “Why are you behind my family? What do you want?”

“I want your father to die!” he said angrily.

She gulped and he stood up, “At first I thought, why don’t I kill him? But then I thought, no baba no. Arnav Singh Raizada shouldn’t die so easily. I want him to die inch by inch! And why a second thought when he has two beautiful daughters?”

Esha clenched her fist and hissed angrily, “Stay away from my sister!”

“So I can have you?” he asked laughing, “Such a great destiny right? Both mother and daughter will follow the same path to death!”

Esha’s face paled and he took a step close to her. Leaning to her ear he whispered, “You’re either very brave or a coward to come to me alone Ms. Raizada!”

She lifted her hands and pushed him on his chest. He chuckled and held himself from falling.

“I won’t allow you to destroy my family!” she shouted angrily.

“Too bad. I am already doing that. I have two who’re helping me! One who has already made a Raizada fall for her and the other who is wooing Ms. Raizada!” he said smirking.

Esha smirked and said, “You think you can get into RM through Adil and Ana?”

“I’m already doing that honey” he said laughing.

“Wait and watch!” she said crossing her arms.

“Why do you lie so much Ms. Raizada?” he asked chuckling, “Just admit it that you have some feelings for my boy!”

Smirking at her pale face he said, “I can be very cunning you know. I knew that your father’s Friday man would be enquiring about me. So I deliberately became Adil’s and Ana’s friend!”

She looked at him in shock and Rishikesh said smirking, “Bechara Adil. Such a sincere friend he is. Little does he know...”

“So it’s all fake? The report?” she asked.

“No. Your Aman uncle worked hard. He thinks that he reported it right. Little does he know that he reported what I wanted him to report. Trust me, I’m a good manipulator!”

“Why did you say this to me? I could tell this at home!” she said frowning.

“You won’t!” he said laughing.

“Try me!” she retorted.

“You’re so stupid Esha” he said smirking, “You think I’m so easy?”

He stepped back and said, “The ball is in my court Ms. Raizada. You may be very brilliant like your father, but this is a game you’re bound to lose!”

And he walked away.



Sorry. i know it's a short update. Next one will be longer. i Promise



Dec 22

It Wasn’t ME! It Was YOU (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 46 times)

I know it’s been long, VERY LONG, that I have updated this story. Recently I was having a kind of writer’s block! I couldn’t write anything. I don’t know what happened but I was stuck with all my stories. Sorry for the long gap. I’ll try to update every story of mine as soon as possible.

I know that most of you might have forgotten this story. Let me give a recap.

Arnav and Khushi have two daughters – Esha and Yara. Khushi is no more. She was murdered by Shyam (the murder was witnessed by a 6 year old Esha). Esha is a ditto Arnav while Yara is a ditto Khushi. A guy named Adil enters AR and Esha’ life. Esha torments him in the beginning but after a talk with Arnav mends her ways. In the meanwhile Varun, Akash and Payal’s son, falls in love with a girl named Ana, who happens to be Adil’s sister. Their marriage gets fixed. Then enters a new person named Rishikesh, who had been following and troubling Yara. When looked deep into the matter, Aman finds out that Rishi is actually Shyam’s son and he was arrested at the age of 13 for Shyam’s murder. Aman further finds that Adil and Ana are actually working for Rishikesh. This breaks Esha’s heart but Rishi reveals to her that Adil is just his pawn to get his revenge from Raizadas.



It Wasn’t ME! It Was YOU


Raizada Mansion, New Delhi

10.30 pm


“So far it’s good ASR. I haven’t found any suspicious moves from him. Yara is safe, so far!” Aman said over phone.

“Do keep tabs on him. He shouldn’t reach Yara or Esha, every again” Arnav ordered.

“Yes sir” Aman said, “Don’t worry. I’m onto him. Don’t know why this guy is after you family!”

“Must be about his father’s death!” Arnav muttered.

“Why would he be angry on you for his father’s death? He killed him!”

“Yeah...I don’t know...might hate us for something else” Arnav muttered.

“Hmm....okay ASR. I’ll continue to keep an eye on him!”

“Yeah. Good night” Arnav said and hung up.

He threw the phone on the table and lied down on the bed.

Why would he be angry on you for his father’s death? He killed him!

Aman’s words bounced in his mind.


Arnav sat up with a jerk. The voice! The voice he had been trying to forget for years!


The thirteen year old boy! The fire he had in his eyes! The hatred flowing through his words!


Arnav rubbed his face with his palms.


“Papa if you know that they are bad people, why don’t you ask police to arrest them?” a 13 year old Rishikesh asked his father Shyam.

Shyam poured him juice to drink and said, “Bacha it’s not easy. Arnav Singh Raizada is evil. He hates us. He even separated you from your mother, Anjali, because he wanted the whole Raizada property for himself. He has your mother on his tunes that she gave her property rights to him. He knows that me and you are threat to his plans and thus ousted us from his house!”

“So mamma doesn’t know about me?” Rishikesh asked sadly.

Why would she? You’re not her son, my dear. Shyam thought to himself, “No bacha...she doesn’t.”

“And Arnav” Shyam said, “His wife Khushi came to know about his deeds and was about to reveal everything to the family. So he killed her. He raped and killed her. And he blamed it on me!”

“But you escaped” Rishikesh said happily.

“Ha...but Arnav is very dangerous. The whole family still blames me for Khushi’s death while in real it was Arnav who killed him.”

“Arnav Singh Raizada is such a bad man!” Rishi muttered angrily, “He separated us from mamma. He killed his own wife and blamed it on you. All for property!”

“Ha, he doesn’t want anyone to have rights on Raizada property. Now he succeeded. He has his siblings as his puppets and his own daughters as heirs!” Shyam said.

Suddenly a knock interrupted the father and son. Shyam looked at the door and then at Rishi.

“Rishi, go open the door!” he ordered.


“Whoever it is, tell them that I’m not here” Shyam said and ran inside the house.

Rishi frowned and walked to the door opening it. “Yes?” he asked the man before him.

“Shyam Manohar Jha” the man said.

“He is not here” Rishi said.

The next moment he was pushed aside and the man entered inside the house. “SHYAM” he shouted at the top of his voice, “Come out you coward!”

“Arrey saale sahib aap!” Shyam said smirking walking outside, “I thought it’s police. Well, welcome! So what brings Arnav Singh Raizada to this poor man’s house?” Shyam spoke loudly.

So this is Arnav Singh Raizada! Young Rishi thought to himself. His blood boiled seeing the man who is troubling his father.

“To settle few scores” Arnav said gritting his teeth.

“Rishi go....” Shyam said pointing to the door.


“Go bacha” Shyam said and Rishi walked out of the door. As he walked out the door shut behind him and he looked at the closed door fearfully. “Papa...” he whispered scared.

He could hear loud arguments and noises. Noises of plates falling, chairs breaking...”Papa” Rishi cried in tears.

And the next moment he heard a gunshot.

The door opened and Arnav walked outside with a gun in his hand. He stopped on his tracks seeing the boy. “You’re still here?”

 Rishi sprinted inside and the next moment screamed, “PAAPAAAAA!”

He looked back at Arnav and then at the lifeless body of his father. He bend down and looked at the hole on Shyam’s forehead and his eyes popping out.

“YOU KILLED MY PAPA!” Rishi screamed and attacked Arnav. He got hold of the gun and pointed it at Arnav.

“Listen to me...Rishi...” Arnav said gulping. He wanted to kill Shyam so badly, but never in front of this kid.


“ASR, all okay?” a few policemen asked as they ran over.

“Who called you here?” Arnav asked shocked.

“Some neighbours. Said they heard a gunshot!” the police said and looked at the boy who had a gun.

“HE KILLED MY FATHER! HE....HE...” Rishi screamed pointing the gun at Arnav.

The inspector looked at the body and then at the boy who had the gun. “It doesn’t look so dear” he said and the constables got hold of the boy. The inspector looked at Arnav and asked, “What happened here sir?”

“Err...I came here to meet Shyam. But...before I could knock I heard the gunshot!” Arnav said.

“NO HE IS LYING...HE KILLED MY PAPA...IT’S HIM....NOT ME!” Rishikesh screamed.

“Take him away” inspector ordered and turned to Arnav, “You can leave ASR. I’ll manage here!”



His phone beeped with a message and Arnav leaned to the table to take it.

Opening the message he read it, to have a shiver go down his spine.

It wasn’t ME! It was YOU! The real murderer of my father!

I’m back Raizada! To destroy everything you have built!

Your daughters will pay for what you did to me  

- Jha

Dec 22

Where Is My Daughter? (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 64 times)

Where Is My Daughter?


AR Fashions, New Delhi

9.40 am


“Yes mam, you called me?” Adil asked as he entered Esha’s cabin.

“Sit. I need to talk to you” she said nervously.

Adil frowned and sat before her.

She cleared her throat and said, “Listen, just take my words seriously. I’m not lying. I don’t lie. So believe me!”

“What is it Es...mam?” he asked.

“Your friend Rishikesh...he isn’t a good guy” she said.

“How do you know Rishi?” he asked surprised, “And what do you mean by not a good a guy?”

“He is troubling Yara at college. And he is the son of Shyam Manohar Jha, my mother’s killer” Esha said and forwarded him a file, “Here is what Aman uncle found out about him”

Adil took the file and went through the pages. He closed the file with a sigh and kept it on the table.

“I know that he was arrested at the age of 13 for killing his father” he said calmly.

Esha looked at him shocked.

“But the truth is...he didn’t kill his father. Someone else did. And he’s blamed for that. He suffered years because of that person. Whatever Aman sir reported is true. His father is Shyam Manohar Jha, I know. Shyam wasn’t a good man, I know. But Rishi....Rishi is a good person at heart. The world see him as a criminal but he is not. I know him!”

“Adil you’re wrong! He is not a good person. He is using you and Ana as pawns to get back at Raizadas. He is not your friend!” she cried.

“Stop it Esha” Adil said irritated, “Rishi is my friend and you don’t have a say in that.”

“He tried to molest my sister dammit!” Esha shouted.

“What?” Adil asked shocked.

“Yeah Yara was a crying mess! He is troubling her for so long!”

“But he doesn’t even know Yara!” Adil cried, “There must be some misunderstanding. Rishi cannot do that. I mean, he treats Ana as his own sister.”

“Then keep Ana away from him” Esha ordered, “Coz he is not what he seems to be. He is a womanizer and a murderer. Killed his own father!”

“Stop it!” he shouted, “I won’t hear anything against my best friend!”

“Fine then. Get lost! Don’t tell me that I didn’t warn you”

“Fine” he gritted his teeth and stormed out of the cabin.

Esha sighed and covered her face with her palm. “What should I do now? Rishi has Aman uncle believe that Adil and Ana are his people. And papa will never believe anyone over Aman uncle! On top of it Adil won’t believe me and the reports!”




“Hey doll!”

Yara froze on her steps and her breaths started to be irregular. Clutching her sling bag she closed her eyes not daring to turn.

“Arrey, itna gussa that you won’t even look at me!” Rishi whispered as he stood next to her wrapping his arm around her shoulder.

“Leave me” she cried struggling out of his hold. Rishi held her wrist and said in a low dangerous voice, “People are looking. Don’t create a scene.”

“Leave me or I’ll scream!”

“And that’ll be the last time you’ll scream dear” he said chuckling, “Coz I do have a revolver tucked in my belt”

“Yara any problem?” a friend of hers, who was passing by, asked seeing her pale tear stricken face.

“Nahi yaar” Rishi said, “Kya karu, my girlfriend is angry with me!”

“Girlfriend?” the guy asked confused looking to and fro between Yara and Rishi.

“Ha bolo na Yara” Rishi said wrapping an arm around her waist, giving her a squeeze.

“Ha...” she stammered, “It’s fine Peter. We just had....a fight....”

“Oh okay” the guy said and walked away.

“Come with me” Rishi said pulling her to him.

“Please...leave me...” Yara begged, “Why are you doing this?”

“Come. With. Me” he said dangerously.

“No” Yara said gulping and moved away from him.

“Your sister is in AR right? And you know that Adil is my man. He is just a phone call away!” Rishi said smirking.

Yara’s face whitened and Rishi said, “If you are a good observer you might have noticed. Esha is falling for Adil. So if I ask Adil to take Esha away for a date, she would go with him right? An easy way of kidnapping?”

“No....” Yara whispered.

“Yara, baby don’t cry” Rishi said coming close to her, “You don’t look good when you’re crying!” he wiped her tears and said smiling, “Come with me and I promise I won’t harm your sister!”

“Yara bitiya” a voice came and Yara looked to find Mohan uncle, her driver.

“Let’s go home bitiya” Mohan said and looked at the guy standing close to Yara.

“Arrey uncle, aap jao. I’ll drop Yara home” Rishi said smiling wrapping his arm around Yara’s shoulder.

“Nahi, ASR has ordered me to take you home bitiya” Mohan said narrowing his brows. For some reasons he didn’t like this boy.

Rishi looked at Yara who gulped.

“Esha....” Rishi whispered, “Adil....”

Yara looked at Mohan and said, “Uncle I’m fine. This is my...boyfriend...papa doesn’t know. Aap jao. I’ll come home with him!”

“Par bitiya....”

“Go uncle. I’m fine!” Yara said faking a smile.

“Uncle, I promise I’ll drop her home within an hour!” Rishi said smiling warmly.

Mohan looked at Yara who nodded her head. Shaking his head he walked away to the car and drove away.

“Not bad!” Rishi chuckled, “Boyfriend? So desperate huh?” he whispered nuzzling his face on the side of her face. Yara struggled in his hold and he held her tightly, “Let’s go babe!”







Arnav got hold of Mohan’s collar and shouted, “IF SOMETHING HAPPENS TO MY DAUGHTER I’LL BURN YOU ALIVE!”

“Calm down please” Aman said irritated. He looked at Mohan and asked, “What happened there Mohan?”

Mohan trembled with fear and said stammering, “Yara bitiya was with a boy...no a man. He looked older. She said it’s her boyfriend and she will return home with her.”

“Boyfriend?” Arnav shouted and looked at Esha.

“No” Esha nodded no, “Yara doesn’t have a boyfriend. I’m sure this is that **** Rishi’s doing!”

"It's the same guy that Esha bitiya met the other day" Mohan said in fear.

Esha gulped and looked at Arnav. "YOU MET HIM? WHAT THE!" Arnav screamed.

"Dad woh"

"ARE YOU MAD? WHO ASKED YOU TO GO AND MEET HIM?" Arnav shouted at the top of his voice.

Aman took out a photo from his file and forwarded it to Mohan, “Is this the guy?”

Mohan looked at it and nodded “Ha sir this is him!”

“Rishikesh Jha!” Arnav whispered angrily.

“Now what will we do?” Esha cried.

“Call Adil” Varun said coming to them, “he might know where Rishi is. Ask him for Rishi’s number and we can track his and Yara’s phone!”

Arnav looked at Aman. Aman looked at Akash and said, “Akash come with me” he patted Arnav’s shoulder and said, “Don’t worry. Nothing will happen to Yara!”

“He wants me Aman” Arnav whispered, “Yara is just a way to reach me. He’ll call me, I’m sure!”

“You mean for ransom?” Esha asked.

“No. He might ask me to come to him!” Arnav said.

“Why does he hate us?” Varun asked confused, “I mean, what could be the reason? His father’s death? No, he killed Shyam. Why would he be angry on us for Shyam’s death?”

Arnav looked away.

“We’ll see” Aman said and walked out with Akash, a strange feeling engulfing him.

Something is wrong. ASR is hiding something. Aman said to himself. Coz the way Arnav reacted and looked away when Varun mentioned Shyam’s death hadn’t escaped his eyes.


Jan 17

How Did My Mother Die? (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 62 times)

How Did My Mother Die?


Aman and Akash was about to walk out of the living room when they saw Yara entering the hall.

“Yara?” they cried in surprise.

Everyone looked at her and Yara smiled at them.

“Yara” Arnav cried and hugged his daughter.

“But didn’t he kidnap you?” Aman cried in shock.

“Kidnap? Nahi tho” Yara said frowning.

“What?” Everyone cried.

“Actually he threatened me to go with him. He blackmailed me with di’s name. He said that if I don’t go with him, he’ll ask Adil to hurt di” Yara said slowly, “I went with him and he took me to a restaurant. He bought me my favourite alfredo cheese pasta and then dropped me back”

Everyone looked at each other and Aman said, “So he wanted to scare us”

“Yara” Arnav asked holding her arm, “Did he hurt you? Just tell me and I’ll....”

“Nahi papa, he didn’t hurt me” Yara said firmly.

Esha looked at her frowning and said, “But...why did he do it? Scare us all? Why?”

Yara frowned and said, “I’m tired. Let me take rest” she said and walked up the stairs.

 “Strange” Esha said and looked at Arnav.

“It’s all a mess” Esha said looking at Aman, “That **** is following Yara everywhere.”

“We didn’t do anything about the siblings Adil and Ana” Arnav said alarmed, “Adil still works at AR and Varun still meets Ana”

“Didn’t you fire him?” Akash asked Esha who nodded no.

“Why not?” Arnav cried, “Fire him”

Esha gulped and looked at everyone. “Pa Adil and Ana aren’t with him. They don’t even know that Rishikesh is such a ****”

“Stop it Esha” Akash cried, “Aman told us everything na? They are cheaters!”

“But Ana cannot do it. She loves me” Varun said.

“Rishikesh told me himself that he befriended Adil and Ana deliberately” Esha said.

Aman sighed and walked out.

Arnav watching him going and looked at Esha and Varun. “So now you trust that scumbag’s words that Aman?”

“Nahi it’s not that” Varun cried.

“Aman said that they are cheaters. They are!” Akash said firmly, “If there is a person whom we can trust right now, it’s Aman Mathur!”

“Yes and you Esha” Arnav said sharply to Esha, “The first thing you’re gonna do tomorrow as soon as you get office is firing Adil Alexander!”

“But pa...”

“I don’t wanna hear anything” Arnav said.





9.30 pm

“Thank god Yara is safe” Anjali said and everyone nodded.

“It was just a drama by him” Esha said, “But he scared us all. He knows that Yara is the weak point of Raizadas. If he wants to break us, he would break Yara!”

“And I won’t let him do that” Arnav whispered determined.

Everyone looked to their left to find Yara walking in.

“Are you okay Yara?” Payal asked as she sat next to her.

“Ha why?” Yara asked looking at everyone.

“I mean after what happened in the evening...” Varun trailed off.

“You guys are acting as if he raped me. I’m fine” Yara said laughing, “Look at me. Do I look sad?”

“Nahi, that’s what I’m worried off!” Esha said and Yara looked at her.

“Yara” Arnav said and Yara turned to him.

He said, “What made you believe his words? You thought that he would harm Esha? Don’t ever believe his words okay? Ever!”

Yara nodded and Arnav said, “Yara, his battle is towards me and he is just using you. Do not fall for his trap. So next time, if he uses mine or Esha’s name just ignore it. Nothing will go wrong to us”

Yara hummed and Arnav said, “He’ll say many things. Never believe in anything!”

“What if he says that you are in danger?” Yara asked.

“Ignore it” Arnav said firmly.

“What if he says he’ll kill you?”

“Ignore it”

“What if he says that you killed his father?” Yara asked crossing her arms.

Arnav froze and his face paled.

Everyone looked at Arnav waiting for his response.

“Ignore it” Arnav whispered and looked down to his plate.

Yara nodded and leaned to take a paratha. She tore a piece of it and dipped it in the curry. “Hmmmm” she moaned relishing the taste and said to Payal, “Superb maasi!”

“Actually Esha cooked it!”

“Wow di” Yara cried and looked at Esha who chuckled.

“You cook well!” Yara said.

“I just tried. I cannot cook like you but still....I too have some hidden talents” Esha said smiling.

“Not everything remains hidden for long di” Yara said smiling and chewed her paratha looking at Arnav. Arnav looked up at her and gulped.

“Huh?” Akash asked and Yara said, “Talents chachu. Not every talent remains hidden...hai na dad?” she asked Arnav.

“Err...yeah” Arnav nodded and looked at Yara who had her eyes fixed on her.




11.30 pm


“Papa” Yara called out walking into his room. Arnav sat up on the bed watching her enter with a power and confidence he never saw in his daughter. The girl closed the door behind her and strode towards him.

“What is it?” Arnav asked getting out from the bed, suddenly nervous about his own daughter.

“I want to know the truth” Yara said calmly.

“What truth?”

“Today that guy told me that he wants to avenge his father’s death. And said that your daughter will follow the fate of their mother. What fate? You said that mom died in a car accident. But you lied, didn’t you?” Yara asked sharply.

“Yara listen...”

“Just because I’m the youngest doesn’t mean that I’ll stay as a baby forever dad” Yara said angrily, “This whole family is hiding something from me. Not something...things about my mother. I want to know. Who is Rishikesh to this family? Why is he angry on you? Why does he want to hurt me and di? And most importantly...how did my mother die?”

“It’s unpleasant memories Yara” Arnav whispered and slumped on the bed.

“Just tell me” Yara said sighing, “Whatever the memories are...it’s the truth. How long are you gonna keep me in dark? I want to hear it from you not from that scoundrel!” she finished in a cry.

Arnav sighed and said, “Your Anjali bua was married once. Her husband used to eye your mother. We kicked him out. Years later, one day, a week after your delivery, he came here. He raped Khushi and killed her”

Yara gasped and Arnav said nodding his head, “No one was here but Esha...Esha saw it. Witnessed it hiding behind the door. She gave her testimony but that **** was not punished. He walked out free. A few years later he died. His son shot him!”

Arnav looked at Yara and said, “That’s the truth”

Yara slumped on the floor, tears rolling down her face. A whole life she lived thinking that her mother died in a car accident. Not that it would make any difference; her mother is still dead. But she...she died in a horrible way. A way that she never deserved...in fact, no woman deserves such a death.

Arnav looked at her and said, “Get up Yara”

“Why did Rishi tell me that you killed his father?” Yara whispered.

“I...I didn’t...he is lying” Arnav whispered.

Yara nodded and asked, “You’re saying the truth na?”

Arnav cupped her face and nodded his head.

“If he killed his father, why does he want to avenge his father’s death?” Yara asked frowning.

“I don’t know” Arnav said and looked away. He walked to the poolside and looked at the pool.

“Good night” Yara whispered and turned to walk away.

She suddenly stopped and turned to Arnav. “Dad” she called out and he turned.

“If you have nothing to do with Rishi’s father’s death, why do you get tensed on its mention?” Yara asked.

Arnav’s face paled and Yara asked, “Are you scared of something?”

“No nothing”

“Your face has gone white” Yara whispered.

“It’s...I’m just scared...he is turning you against me” Arnav whispered.

“No he is not” Yara said firmly, “I believe my father.”

Arnav took a deep breath and she said, “But dad, if I find that any one thing that you told me is a lie that would make everything that Rishi told me true!”

Arnav looked at her shocked and Yara said, “Don’t do anything that would make you fall before my eyes. Please” she whispered and walked out.


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