Wooing Ms.Raizada

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Aug 10

Trust Issues (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 97 times)

Trust Issues


Delhi University of Hotel Management and Culinary, New Delhi

 5.30 pm


Adil sat on his bike ruffling his hair in irritation. He had been waiting before the gate of the institution for half an hour and the person he is waiting for shows no intention to appear.

“Adil?” a voice came and he looked up. “Hey Yara” he said smiling.

“You study here?” he asked as she came near him. She nodded, her face pale in colour.

“What’s wrong?” Adil asked worried and stood up from his bike. Removing his helmet which he had half-worn he walked towards her, “What happened Yara? Are you feeling well? Should I take you home?”

“No, I’m...I’m fine....woh” she stammered, her breath uneven, “Papa had...sent a car. I don’t...know where he...is” she finished looking around.

Adil looked around and then at her, “Your driver must be somewhere here. Call your father? Should I call Esha?”

“NO” she said, “They’ll worry. I’m fine. I’ll find him” Yara said hurriedly.

Adil frowned. Why would they worry? Who is Yara scared of?

Adil looked around and found a familiar man. Esha’s driver! What was his name? Ah whatever! He is coming towards us.

“Isn’t that your driver?” Adil asked nudging Yara. Yara looked up and breathed in relief.

Mohan ran towards Yara and said apologetically, “Sorry bitiya. I could not bring the car here due to heavy traffic. It’s parked over there”

“It’s okay bhaiyya” she said smiling and looked at Adil. “Bye Adil” Adil nodded smiling and Yara left with Mohan.

“Sorry yaar! Did you wait for long?” a voice came along with a slap on his back.

Adil turned towards his friend in anger, “Half an hour man! Where were you?”

“Had a small work left behind” his friend said smirking.

Adil rolled his eyes and got on his bike. “You’re always late Rishi” he muttered. Rishi laughed and got behind his friend. “Let’s go! Are you out from office?”

“Yep” Adil said and started the bike.

“How was Moron Esha today?” Rishi asked chuckling.

“Bad. She was very rude to me” Adil muttered.

“I thought you said that she changed into Mild Esha?” Rishi frowned.

“She did and then I did something stupid and we’re back at square one. Only morning session was bad. After that Esha got into discussion with her father and Aman uncle. I didn’t have much to do after that!” Adil said sighing and drove into the main road.

“What discussion?” Rishi asked leaning to him.

“I don’t know” Adil said shrugging and stopped the bike at traffic.

“Waise” Adil turned to Rishi, “Yara studies at your college? Is she in your batch?”

“Yara who?” Rishi asked frowning.

“Esha’s sister. Yara Singh Raizada” Adil said.

“Ah Raizada girl. She is my junior” Rishi said shrugging, “Why?”

“I met her outside. She looked so worried!” Adil said frowning and then looked at the signal completely missing the dangerous glint in his friend’s eyes.




Raizada Mansion, New Delhi

6.00 pm


“Police case?” Yara shuddered.

Arnav nodded.

Right when she got back from college, Yara was called up to her father’s study room where her father, uncle, elder sister and brother were there.

Esha looked at her father and asked, “Can’t we deal with him with our men?”

Akash nodded no and said, “Although we have a good connection with people, I don’t want Yara’s name to be involved around the goons”

Arnav nodded and Esha said, “Okay but....if it becomes a police case then the matter will go out of hand. Media will be involved and Yara might never be able to go to college peacefully”

Yara looked at Esha and then at her father. “Dad....if this....”

“It’s decided” Arnav snapped angrily and the girls shrank back. “I want to deal this in the way”

Varun scratched his head and said, “I appreciate that but....it won’t make any difference. I don’t think the police would be able to do anything. He is a mastermind, if Aman uncle’s researches are right. And we all know that Aman uncle is never wrong!”

Arnav sighed and then the door opened revealing Aman who walked inside.

“We’re talking about you” Akash said as Aman sat on the chair with them.

Aman nodded and took out a file. He looked at it and adjusted the brim of his spectacles. Looking up at Arnav he said, “ASR, that boy Adil is involved”

Esha looked at him in shock and so did others.

“Why did you say so?” Varun asked, “Adil is....fine if I’m right”

“No he is not” Aman said, “I did a bit research on him. Adil was working in a software firm for three years before he joined AR. When he joined AR he produced certificates of internships and courses he did which is completely fake. He deliberately joined AR, not because he is interested in designing but with some other motive, I think.”

Arnav drew a deep breath and Akash looked at Varun who stood pale.

Aman looked up at Varun and said, his voice void of any emotion, “I don’t know anything about yours and Ana’s past but...she doesn’t seem right. Something is suspicious about her. And yes, she is cheating on you”

“What...no...” Varun began when Aman threw a file at him.

Everyone looked at each other in shock and Aman said sternly, “ASR, that family has been playing with us. Both Adil and Ana Alexander are working for Rishikesh Jha” and he forwarded the file.

Esha sat back on the couch and drew a deep breath. She looked at others who were in shock themselves. Her hands clawed the cushion, a lump developing over her throat.

Why does it hurt? Okay fine, he was playing with me. He isn’t a good guy. He is bad and he is working against my family. I should be angry at him! I should hate him! But why the **** does it hurt?

She closed her eyes and leaned her head back on the couch blocking out the words her family were speaking with others. Her mind flew back to her cabin, a few days ago, when he....

She opened her eyes and leaned forward, pushing her elbows to her stomach and burying her face in her lap. He was so....nice that day. It didn’t seem....wrong...


She jerked up hearing her father’s voice. Arnav narrowed his eyes at her, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing dad” she said shaking her head and looked at Varun who was sitting next to her looking at the file Aman had given him.

She leaned forward and saw the contents of the file. It had pics of Ana with a man....in many wrong ways.

“Varun...” she whispered and looked at him.

Varun shut the file and said looking at her, “I don’t believe this”

Everyone looked at him and Aman narrowed his eyes, “What?”

“I don’t believe this ****” Varun said angrily throwing the file on the floor, “I love Ana. She loves me. That’s it!”

“So you mean that hours of my men’s and my research on that family is a lie?" Aman asked sighing.

“I won’t believe it unless it comes from her mouth” Varun said and stormed out of the room.

Aman rubbed his nose and looked at Arnav.

“I trust you” Arnav whispered and Aman nodded his head. Esha looked at her father who said, “Out of all people in my life, I have never trusted anyone but you!”



Sep 17

Great Manipulator (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 65 times)

Great Manipulator


AR Fashions

9.00 am


“Good morning mam” Adil greeted cheerfully as Esha sat on her chair. She nodded and turned her gaze to the laptop.

He frowned and then shrugged off, “Today’s schedule is...”

“I didn’t ask you” Esha snapped. Adil looked at her taken aback and clutched the notepad. “I...you usually...”

“Get out” she said and started typing on the laptop.

“Should I do anything...make calls or...”

“GET OUT” she shouted.

“That’s it” Adil snapped and slammed the notepad on the desk. He walked around the table and stopped next to her chair. Grabbing the arm rest he turned it to him and shook it violently jerking Esha on the chair. She shrunk back into the chair and he asked, “Is this about that day? Are you avoiding me?”

“Is this a way to talk to your boss?” she shouted angrily and pushed him. He staggered backwards and she sat up straight, “I’m just a minute away from firing you”

“Esha” he sighed rubbing his face, “We need to talk”

“No we don’t”

“Yes we do!” he cried, “Look I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do...that day...it happened and I’m really sorry for that!”

“Over? Now leave me alone” she snapped.

He sighed and said, “Don’t you have anything to say about that?”

“GET OUT ADIL” she shouted angrily and stood up. She strode towards him and shouted, “NO I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY REGARDING YOUR STUPIDITY!”


“You’re shouting at ME? AT ME?” she shouted, “GET OUT OF HERE! AND DON’T YOU DARE WALK INTO THIS CABIN!”

“GO ON FIRE ME! COME ON. DO IT!” Adil screamed.

“I...” she suddenly stopped and looked at him.

Adil is the only friend he made in Delhi

He deliberately joined AR, not because he is interested in designing but with some other motive,

Both Adil and Ana Alexander are working for Rishikesh Jha

No. I cannot fire him! He is here for some motive and I cannot get rid of him without knowing that motive. If I fire him, he’ll find another way to reach my family, especially Yara. NO! He must be here.

“Out. Go” she said controlling her anger and sat on her chair.

He stood frowning at her sudden change.

“GET OUT” she screamed and he stormed out of the cabin.

She took her phone and dialled a number.

“Dr. Mehra’s office? Can you please pass the call to her? Tell her that it’s Esha.” she asked tiredly. She waited and then asked “Are you free Priya? Can we meet?”





Central Park, New Delhi

3.30 pm


Mohan parked his car on the side and Rishikesh stepped out of it. The car drove away and he looked around the park. Spotting a figure on a seat under a tree, he smirked and walked towards it.

“Good evening Ms. Raizada” he said smirking.

Esha stood up and looked at him angrily.

Rishikesh sat on the spot she was sitting and patted the space next to him. “Come, sit”

Esha glared at him and kept standing and he chuckled. “So tell me, what did I do to have this meeting with the great Raizada princess?”

“You messed up with the little Raizada princess!” she hissed.

“And the elder sister has set off to take revenge! How sweet!” he mocked.

“Yeah, I know. Just like how the spoilt son has set off to take revenge on his scoundrel dad’s death. Oh wait, I’m wrong. You killed him!” Esha retorted.

His smirk vanished and fury ruled it. Clenching his jaw he glared at her who said, “Why are you behind my family? What do you want?”

“I want your father to die!” he said angrily.

She gulped and he stood up, “At first I thought, why don’t I kill him? But then I thought, no baba no. Arnav Singh Raizada shouldn’t die so easily. I want him to die inch by inch! And why a second thought when he has two beautiful daughters?”

Esha clenched her fist and hissed angrily, “Stay away from my sister!”

“So I can have you?” he asked laughing, “Such a great destiny right? Both mother and daughter will follow the same path to death!”

Esha’s face paled and he took a step close to her. Leaning to her ear he whispered, “You’re either very brave or a coward to come to me alone Ms. Raizada!”

She lifted her hands and pushed him on his chest. He chuckled and held himself from falling.

“I won’t allow you to destroy my family!” she shouted angrily.

“Too bad. I am already doing that. I have two who’re helping me! One who has already made a Raizada fall for her and the other who is wooing Ms. Raizada!” he said smirking.

Esha smirked and said, “You think you can get into RM through Adil and Ana?”

“I’m already doing that honey” he said laughing.

“Wait and watch!” she said crossing her arms.

“Why do you lie so much Ms. Raizada?” he asked chuckling, “Just admit it that you have some feelings for my boy!”

Smirking at her pale face he said, “I can be very cunning you know. I knew that your father’s Friday man would be enquiring about me. So I deliberately became Adil’s and Ana’s friend!”

She looked at him in shock and Rishikesh said smirking, “Bechara Adil. Such a sincere friend he is. Little does he know...”

“So it’s all fake? The report?” she asked.

“No. Your Aman uncle worked hard. He thinks that he reported it right. Little does he know that he reported what I wanted him to report. Trust me, I’m a good manipulator!”

“Why did you say this to me? I could tell this at home!” she said frowning.

“You won’t!” he said laughing.

“Try me!” she retorted.

“You’re so stupid Esha” he said smirking, “You think I’m so easy?”

He stepped back and said, “The ball is in my court Ms. Raizada. You may be very brilliant like your father, but this is a game you’re bound to lose!”

And he walked away.



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