Devi Maiyyas Wish

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chapter 17 - 18 (By Mimima1) (Thanked: 59 times)

Shashi was well aware of his decision. He knew his daughters can never let him down. He also knew why the elder ladies were concerned, but he did not mention about his recent enquiry about Shyam to them, and what he had found during his visit to the court!!!

Shashi was completely devastated with what he had learnt. He  was constantly calling his Devi maiyya to show the right path. Last few visits to the court by Kedar and himself each had left them both to wonder how to deal with this matter.

Flashback start

As planned before, Shashi had delivered the sweet boxes at Kedar's hotel and hired an auto rickshaw to visit the court. Since Shyam was away, his plan was to enquire a few people about his character, after all his daughters lives were at stake now. 

It was nearly lunch time when he reached there. Shashi, was paying the rickshaw when suddenly he heard a voice from behind him, laughing and saying,

 "Are wah Shyam that was nice, how easily you manipulated that lady, kamala. She is not seen here now. 

Hearing Shyams name, Shashi straightened his ears, only to hear Shyams voice next., "Oh yes, I have quietened her for a few days now, will have to deal with her later, She is a pain in the neck. Lets go to canteen, common Sharmaji. Morning breakfast at Raizada house is not enough for me!! Both laughed and walking to the canteen.

Shashi was stunned. The Rickshaw had just left and he stood there frozen for a second. Immediately coming to his senses and not wanting to show his face he walked away from the direction of the voice, towards a tree, somewhere to hide his face. When he was sure voices turned faint, he came out of his hiding to see Shyam walking towards what he thought might be the canteen. Now, everything seemed more fishy for Shashi.

His chain of thoughts went on and on,..  If Shyam was in court, he must be in Delhi. If he is in Delhi, he should be at his place. If not, then where is he staying?? Which place did he go to first of all. Did he say Lucknow? Or is he coming back home today after finishing the court? I need to make regular visits every time he goes out. Is it the same lady whom Kedar had seen him arguing with? If things are so confusing, forget getting my daughters married, is it safe for that man to be anywhere near them? hey Devi maiyya, please save my family, he prayed

Owing to his recent health issues and witnessing all the confusing incidences, he quietly returned home without being noticed. This needed some kind of investigation. But was he fit enough to do it on his own? He doubted. What if this Shyam was dangerous? He had to take help from a trusted source. But who? Finally he came to the conclusion, " I should speak to kedar about this. He knows more people in Delhi than any of us. Lets see where this gets us to?

After his chat with his aide, Kedar, both Shashi and Kedar took turns to visit the court so as not to be spotted. Though they had not found a great deal, they had come to the conclusion that Shyam cannot be trusted. Definitely he will not give his daughters hand to this man. Shyam was all the time in Delhi, and visited the court in a car, but had told he would be away from Delhi. Subtle enquiries by Kedar with the driver proved  the car came from an affluent part of Delhi. However both Kedar and Shashi did not dare to follow. His thoughts were now consumed with how to get him out of his property ASAP.

Flashback end

Shashi was not impressed with his sister pestering him for the marriage and soon made it clear that he is not comfortable with the too sweet Shyam and he will not allow his daughter to marry him. However, Buaji was not the one to be deterred, she had been bowled over by that monster! And that's how Shyam was made to return to Gupta house to please Shashi and his Sanki daughter.

Last few days Khushi had seen less of ASR owing to his trip to Mumbai and other busy commitments. She was surprised why she felt disappointed when she had heard about his trip but that turned into pain when she came to know Lavanya accompanied him as well. Not giving much thought to it now, she entered his cabin.

 ASR was seething. Without giving much chance for her to even greet, walking to where she was, he spoke straight on her face, "Is this what you have been doing all the time? Going out on dates with Karan? Where all have you been other than the coffee house today??

Khushi couldn't follow head or tail of what he was shouting, to match his voice, she shouted, "Mr. Raizada, What date?

Khushi I was there in the coffee house to discuss a deal with the client. So what were you doing with Karan. How long has this been going on??

Khushi was so so irritated with his behaviour, "Why don't you ask your Di if you what to know what I was doing with him. And what does it matter to you? (Aapko kyon faraq padtha hai!! Yay finally I wrote the famous words!!). Very upset with his behaviour, "Hum chalte hai sir, (I am leaving sir). 

He pulled khushi holding her wrist and locking it behind her back, "How dare you Khushi kumari Gupta?  I have not yet finished. I care because it is office time and I don't want my employees flirting around with clients ASR hissed. A wild sensation ran through both of them. Khushi was shocked at their close proximity.

Yes Khushi had experienced some ear twisting and smacks for all her sanki acts by her amma, and  Buaji was always running behind her with her belan, but nobody other than family had physically hurt her. Right now, unaware of the conflicting emotions she was experiencing, she stood there with tears streaming down her cheeks, even though he wasn't holding her tight. Probably it was the thought of him holding her captive, or the fact she still felt protected, rather than hurt, she was confused. 

She untangled herself from him, "Sir,.. is all she said before walking out without waiting for his reply.. Wait, what was that, did she hear an apologetic call "Khushi... when the door closed, well, she did not wait to know!! 

What Shashi did not know was, there was another man following Shyam to the courts, who was none other than Akash. Some where Devi Maiyya was putting some measures in place, answering her loyal devotee Shashi's prayers.

 Akash had diligently followed his Jijaji to the courts everyday. However, owing to his stay in RM, Shyam was obediently doing his court runs from Raizada mansion without straying. Aksah came up with the conclusion of following his jijaji when he was on his next client visit which was nothing but soon enough. 

With Shyam now being called away by Buaji to please her brotger, Akash continued his court visits monitoring his jijaji. Akash would follow him from a distance, and each time he ended up near Lakshmi nagar. Something was seriously wrong. Not wanting to get caught, Akash hired different taxis, but stopped as soon as Shyam's rickshaw stopped near Payals house. Intrigued, he wondered, why is Jijaji going there? 

Akash was familiar with Lakshmi Nagar, what with his vehicle breaking every 2 days in the last few months  especially. Akash was familiar with Happy ji as well. Making sure his Jijaji was still in court Akash went to Happy jis garage on the pretext of getting his vehicle fixed. 

Happy ji was aptly named by his parents! He was a happy man indeed, who saw the good in all. And one quality of these people is to divulge all without any ill intentions. So it was no surprise when Akash casually mentioned "Oh, Happy ji, that is Payals house isn't it? all history was narrated. 

Happy jis words shocked Akash to the core. "Haan saab that is Payal and Khushi didis house. I know they work in your company isn't it saab? They are very hard working. Khushi didi comes to help me also whenever she can find time. Just few months ago, their parents joined them. What yummy sweets Shashi saab makes.. mmm You must try them. They really went through a lot of trouble saab, thats why Buaji kept a PG. Only recently I heard their Buaji talking about wedding proposal for Khushi ji with their PG Shyam... 

It didn't take much for Akash to put two and two together, before he confirmed the identity of the PG.

Happy ji would have still continued if he hadn't seen Akash's face turning pale. He stopped talking and offered him a seat. This was a such a blow to Akash. What on earth was going on? Why was Jijaji staying in Payals house? And yuck, even the thought of the wedding proposal made him sick? He needed to discuss this. But with whom can he discuss?

For one thing was clear. Akash was also ASR. However, their approach was different, when there was a crisis. Akash was gifted with a very rare special trait which many in the world lack. Patience. Perhaps Devi Maiyya had bestowed a bit extra on him. Akash thought for a while, collected himself, and made two important calls. He did not want to come to any conclusion. He made his way to office, as things would take care of itself slowly and he knew he could do nothing now.    

ASR was not happy with himself. What was the need to hold her like that, and moreover, why did he feel a sense of warmth and belonging when they were so close. He did not like the void when she left him.

 ASR was also not happy with his sister. "Chote I myself wanted her to go with Karan, remember how desperate he was? she would not agree at all and it was decided I should go for the coffee meeting too to discuss the project. But last minute, I skived!! " She giggled,

  "You know Chote, Karan is too fast, he has made good progress. He has arranged for a Diwali party for his brother Kunal and the new bride and Khushi might be giving a dance performance with some of her friends. Oh I am so excited, hope your jijaji will be there so I too can go for the party 

"What the?.. ",  Anjali was so so excited, she did not see the look of horror in her brothers eyes. She continued, "Also you know what Payal told me, Khushi's marriage has temporarily been stalled  since she wants to become independent and see Payals wedding first,  and their Babuji has agreed. Anjali was all excited while talking.

Irritated and jealous, ASR grumbled "Di do you come here for match making or work? Do you think we are all here to listen to whose marriage is fixed, stalled, broken. Di, seriously, I think you should stay at home.. 

"Oh Chote common I feel  so good and confident now a days working. I am getting the hang of it now and I feel much confident. Thanks to those hardworking girls really. They really inspire me. Now see your jijaji has again gone away, you don't take this away as well!!" 

"Di please, I did not mean it that way. You can always come Di. In fact, you should come everyday instead of working 2 days from home. May be I should start sending you on business trips as well.,

 Arnav felt very sad for dismissing his di. He realised how she must be feeling with Jijaji going away all the time and she having to spend time just waiting at home  everyday. "Sorry di,.. 

Answering his phone, Akash replied, "yes please we need to meet today... it is very urgent"

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Chapter 19, 20 (By Mimima1) (Thanked: 57 times)

This was certainly not one of the reasons Akash would have wanted to meet Payal, but he had no choice. Especially when circumstances where such dire. Pulling a chair for his lady, both settled down in the cosy QD's restaurant near Lakshmi Nagar. Though hesitant to go out for dinner, Payal had to agree when Akash insisted the matter was urgent.

After having some light refreshments, which Akash thought will make her comfortable, getting straight to the point but not to forget his gentleman manners, Akash started, "Payal ji, I cannot  thank you enough for agreeing to come here. " when Payal just nodded, Akash continued,

"Payal ji, I will answer all your questions later, but before that you will have to tell me everything, I mean without missing any single information, everything about your paying guest Shyam. 

Payal was a bit surprised thinking, we have come all the way to discuss an urgent matter, and here he is asking about Shyam ji?? When Akash continued, "I promise, you will know everything soon, please tell me, how you came to know about him, since when and basically all you know, please do not hesitate

Without beating round the bush, "It's a long story Akash ji, we came to know about Shyam ji in Lucknow when Khushi was attacked by some goondas because of the video footage telecast by your brother. If it wasn't for that, we would have been happily living in Lucknow. Only Devi Maiyya knows what would have happened that day. He saved Khushi and my Babuji from the goondas. 

Eventually, we landed in Delhi, and to all our pleasant surprise, Khushi accidentally again met him in Delhi. While conversing, we learnt he was an orphan from Lucknow, trying to set his foot in Delhi as an upcoming lawyer. At that time, he was looking for an accommodation and obviously being indebted to him for saving our honour, our Buaji offered the extra room in her property as she thought it would help in the expenses too. 

Rest you know how Khushi got the job in AR, which was only because of him, otherwise imagine Khushi going back to ASRs office after all the history with him in Lucknow. 

Akash ji, please tell me why you are enquiring about him because, our Buaji is so impressed with Shyam, she is trying to fix Khushi's marriage with him, but our Babuji has refused straight away though I don't know why. I have also noticed Babuji is behaving strange last few weeks.

Both sat staring into nothing, for a long time. After listening to the other side of the story, he realised the gravity of the situation. Akash knew there was a strong Payal hidden behind her shy nature. However, he was not sure how Payal would deal with the truth, but she had to be braced with facts now or later. Thinking better, Akash handed her the envelope.

On the other side of Lakshmi Nagar, Shashi sat discussing with his friend what to make of the new found information. Both friends had gathered enough courage, hired a taxi finally to follow Shyam's car to Raizada mansion. Gathering the little information security guards disclosed, they managed to learn the names of Arnav Raizada and Deviyani Raizada. Having Madhumathi as his sister, came to his advantage, he was well informed with all the details. His daughters worked for the Raizadas. In fact Khushi was first introduced to them through Shyam. 

Soon everything fit like a puzzle.  One conclusion they came to, Shyam was leading a double life, cheating the Guptas, and probably the Raizadas as well. Now he was worried if there were others involved in this? What if this was a racket? Were his daughters safe in their work place? But from what little he had heard from his daughters, they were happy with their work place, and also they had visited Raizada mansion as well quite regularly. Shashi shuddered at the thought of all the complexities involved. What life had come to, for a simple halwai from Lucknow?

Finally, exhausted, Payal tried to put the papers in the envelope. Her vision blurred with tears streaming down her eyes, her hands shook uncontrollably. Unable to see her state, Akash took the papers and the envelop, placed them on the table and held both her hands securely in his huge palms. For once, the demure Payal let herself be consoled. The thorough investigation done by Akash had shook her to the core. She prayed to Devi Maiyya for nothing untoward had happened. Slowly recovering from the shock, she gently tugged. Akash understood. 

Her next question increased his respect towards Payal tenfold. "Akash ji, we have been spared, Khushi has been spared thanks to devi maiyya. But what about Anjali ji?

"That's the only question which is worrying me day and night Payal ji. I prayed for all of it to be a lie when I started my suspicions, but how long can we ignore the truth. Di will be devastated. I have done all the investigation. Shyams life before he entered Raizada mansion, his life in Lucknow, Kanpur, his bank statements since the last few years. Then I wanted to know your side of the story as well. Now I think we need to involve bhai or someone elderly. We need to take their advice. The past few weeks has been so harrowing  for me. I could not tell anybody about the things happening

Payal gave an understanding look. As if remembering something, Akash questioned, "Why did your Buaji insist for Khushi ji marriage when you are her elder sister. Only after asking the question, did Akash realise how painful it was to even consider the option. It just did not sound right. 

Payal felt disgusted even at the thought and said, "Because he has been helping Khushi since we have known him and we think he secretly likes her. Hey Devi Maiyya, even the thought makes me sick, Akash ji. We must do something.

Akash was in a mood to clear all the doubts today, "Payal ji, what is the history behind Khushi and Bhai in Lucknow? Is that why he behaved the way he did when she joined? Looking at how her eyes showed grief, he added, "If you don't mind please

Not wanting to recount her broken marriage and the rest, she said, "Please could you ask your brother about it. But it still intrigues me they both are always at loggerheads. Khushi has never been  this bad with anybody, in fact she just loves everybody. She loves life to its fullest...

After completing all the formalities at the restaurant, "One last thing Payal ji, said Akash as they were heading towards Gupta house, "Please could you keep this to your self for now. I will let you know what steps I intend to take going ahead. Bhai and Di have seen so much in life, this will be a terrible blow to them, to all of us actually

Safe in the sanctity of her house, Payal ran to her Babuji, surprised him by giving a bone crushing hug and said, "Thank you babuji, Thank you thank you thank you sooo much. Shashi was taken aback by her display and wondered what must have happened. This was so not Payal. This would not have bothered him, if it was Khushi who was always more expressive of the two, but Payal!!

Last Khushi heard was, "Hai re nand kis****, sanka devi's sanak has finally rubbed on to Payaliya as well. Garimaaa, we are doomed.. Arre someone get my head band, nand kis****

Chapter 20

The whole venue turned pitch dark. Sudden silence engulfed the place where just a moment ago,  everyone were merrying. All were glued to their chairs and waited with bated breath..  

        There came into view in the middle of the stage, one solitary diya (lamp). Such was the scene in front, it took their breaths away. It was out of this world. Stood in the middle of the stage was Khushi in all her glory, dressed in the most elegant traditional attire, with the light from the lamp shining on her face, immensely enhancing her beauty. 

Mesmerised, Arnav stood, walked towards her, just like a moth pulled by the fire, completely knocked out of his senses. He would have continued to walk, if not for the other diyas (lamps) coming into picture adorning the beautiful faces of the other dancers on either side of Khushi.

The charmer he was, Karan had managed to convince Khushi to give a performance at the Diwali function held at the Mehtas for his dear new bhabi Priti. When Khushi had run the idea with her college students, they were more enthusiastic than her and wouldn't want to loose this opportunity to show their skills. 

The Raizadas were all present, however, owing to his client visit, Anjali missed out  her dear cheating husband!! Mami however, was more interested in knowing why Arnav had accompanied them since nobody actually had forced, well well not force, nobody even bothered to invite him thinking he would anyway not accompany!! They were obviously shocked when he had exclaimed "Di, it is getting late, why are you all taking so much time today!! knocking their heads off!!

Being diwali, Khushi had chosen an elegant dance piece where all the ladies held diyas through out the piece. The fusion of traditional and modern dance performance was enjoyed by one and all, It was "Classic as one of the posh ladies watching had put it, beyond everyone's expectations. All eyes were on the stage.

Arnav could not take his eyes off her. Mesmerised by her, he was stuck to his spot through out the performance. Arnav came out of his reverie only to hear the loud applause and the shouts of "Once again!! Once again. Khushi and her fellow dancers bowed and made their way backstage, when Arnav heard, "Bhabhi, What did I tell you? Isn't she a beauty? she is the one I have been telling you about, I must talk to her today. Haayay I am so excited,..

Rage took over him. How dare you karan, How dare you,  How dare you. Whats come over you Karan, You are so out of the project now. I will make sure you never meet her!!

Without thinking, he made his way to the backstage in two strides. Shocked at what he saw, he ran, only to pull Khushi out of the place, who was trying to douse the little fire that had just started on the floor with her foot. Pulling Khushi aside he looked around to find a towel hung on the railing. Throwing it on the fire, also throwing all caution in air, he held Khushi by her shoulders tight, and shouted, "Khushi, Have you gone mad? what on earth were you doing? Oh my, How did you think you could put it off with your feet, Do you have any idea what would have happened? What if something had happened to you Khushi? 

Overwhelmed with the barrage of questions fired at her, Khushi stood with her brain gone numb, staring at Arnav. Arnav loosened his grip and moved aside  when the rest of the team came around enquiring, Getting her senses back, Khushi meekly replied "It was only a little fire from one of the diyas, I was a  bit clumsy and it fell

She looked back at Arnav, who by now had walked to the door. He turned around and said, "Khushi pack up your things, I will drop you off.

"Sir, nothings happened to my leg, I will be fine

"Ms.Gupta, I will be waiting in my car

Khushi now doubted if she really had any brain at all or was it true that she had a pea sized brain as claimed by ASR. Why was she not able to reply? How could she simply agree to go with him. All she could remember was the concern in his eyes, how he had panicked. There were altogether unknown emotions taken over by her heart, that her brain refused to recognise. She consoled herself, "obviously with so much serious thinking going on in my brain, my mouth got shut!!

Engrossed in her thoughts, she turned deaf to all the teasing of her fellow group members. Bidding farewell, she came out only to be met by Nani. 

"Aapne kamaal kar diya, It was a very beautiful performance. Next time you come to Raizada mansion, we sure should do some steps together,.. Reminds me of my younger days when I was so fond of dancing!!! Nani told gently stroking her cheeks.

Still in a daze, Khushi managed to say "Definitely Nani ji we will do. I should be leaving now, otherwise sir will be more angry. 

Now now now, this was definitely an interesting piece of information enough for  Nani to set her thought process in motion. "Why should chote drop Khushi? Why was he here at all when none of us forced him today? Why is he going away soon after the performance? Why was he angry with her?  Does he really hate that girl, or is there something hidden behind the mask of hatred? Hey Devi maiyya, are you showing any signs here? Please Devi maiyya, let it be true. How I wish a girl like Khushi... oh Devi maiyya, you show me more signs then, I will put a break to my thinking horse, Knowing my chote, I don't want to  have too high hopes, but I hope Khushi bitiya will be safe." 

 The journey to Lakshmi Nagar was indeed very quiet. Both were tongue tied with their behaviour. Aggrieved with himself for displaying his emotional turbulence, ASR took out his anger in the only possible way he knew best. Pointing his finger to his head, he said, "That was the most stupid thing I have seen, Ms.Gupta. I knew there was very little up there, but I did not know it was nil just like your class or status. I know girls like you go about trying to get all the attention,..

Khushi staggered back in her seat hearing his outburst. Tears rushed to her eyes, but she did not turn to him. Why was this man behind her class and status all the time?? Oh how she hated him. She hated him, she could set him ablaze with her eyes. The unshed tears glistened her eyes, without turning to him, she commanded, "Stop the car.

Now this was a shocker to ASR to hear her command. He stopped the car, but as soon as he saw she was trying to open the door, he locked them centrally. Having mellowed down after his outburst, he realised the impact of his words. However would he accept his fault? Not the one to bow down, he again shouted "Have you gone more nuts now?? It is very late in the night. Do you know how dangerous roads of Delhi can be? Don't you move he was even louder

The hostility in her eyes were all the more stronger.  She shouted, "It cant be worse than sitting with you here, listening to my low status, low class and little brain. Mr.Raizada, why are you like this? What do you want to prove to me? I tried to go away, still Devi maiyya does not want that. Why are you doing this to me?. The dam broke and her unshed tears poured down. Khushi covered her face with her palms and sobbed.

Arnav never hated himself this much before. He fisted his palm until his nails nearly bore into his skin. He could no longer see her sobbing, but not knowing what to do he whispered, "Khushi please.. 

Khushi, did not bother to look at him, turned to see outside the window until the car stopped when they reached Gupta house. Arnav kept glancing at her every time she raised her hand to wipe her tears. Oh, how sorry he was. How so very sorry he was indeed. But why were words refusing to come out.

Next day morning ASR came in early, to catch Khushi alone and apologise. Well, after all the practicing through out the night, it should be damn easy, well at least he thought. However Khushi was not to be seen, and having lost his patience nearing lunch time, called his di,  "Di, send Khushi to my cabin

"Khushi hasn't come Chote. You want to discuss something, shall I come?

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chapter 21,22 (By Mimima1) (Thanked: 63 times)

Next day morning ASR came in early, to catch Khushi alone and apologise. Well, after all the practicing through out the night, it should be damn easy, well at least he thought. However Khushi was not to be seen, and having lost his patience nearing lunch time, called his di,  "Di, send Khushi to my cabin

 "Khushi hasn't come Chote. You want to discuss something, shall I come?

Concern taking over him and without thinking, he asked, "Di, what happened to Khushi, is she ok? Is she not well? Is it like the headache she had earlier,... Hearing Chote and a gasp from the other end, he stopped realising he was probably asking a bit er well too many questions!!

"Chote, both Payal and Khushi have gone to Lucknow, hearing her mobile ring she said "Chote I will you soon, I need to take this call

Soon he was on another call!!  "Akash, what's happening, why have Khushi and Payal not come? What do they think, they can take holiday whenever they please??

"Bhai, relax. Their entire family has gone, their parents and their buaji. They had some important work

"What's more important than their work Akash, you should have checked with me before granting them leave He knew he was being unreasonable to Akash, but how could Khushi take off just when he had prepared so much and he desperately wanted to see her!!

Burdened with all the recent happening, Akash for once lost a little bit of patience. Well only a little bit,  because, being as polite as ever he replied, "Bhai, there are other things in life that are more important. Like Khushi's parents barsi (death anniversary). Ok bhai, we will talk later. He hung the phone immediately.

Shock was an understatement. Khushi's parents death anniversary? Is she an orphan? Khushi's image of crying in the car kept playing in his head. Oh my what have I done, what have I done. Why cant I control myself in front of her, why does it always happen with her? He felt more remorse thinking of all the insults he had hurled at her about her status and class. "Oh Khushi I am so so sorry

For once ASR could not concentrate on his work and he took his day off. Very few times he had visited his mums garden in recent years, but today he was disturbed. Oh ma he shouted. what had he done to that girl? Why did she wind him so much? What surprised him though was still, how much life she had in her. She had never once complained about anything. Took up all his challenges with full of vigour. He realised, he was never angry at loosing all his challenges but felt a sense of pride. Finally he came to the decision, I will apologise and try and not come in front of her. The more we interact, the more we rub onto each other, best to keep away. Well, if only that was Devi Maiyyas wish as well!!!

The Guptas were a happy bunch returning to Lucknow. Though vary of Khushi's safety, they gathered enough courage, only not to miss what Khushi has been doing since she was a little girl. Also having left Lucknow in a hurry, Shashi wanted to sort out the pending businesses. Their only asset, Gomti sadan  (The Gupta residence in Lucknow) had been rented except the top floor which had all their belongings The sweet shop had been leased and taken care of. They were grateful to their neighbour Preeto for looking after it while they were away. 

The three days flew by in a blur of activities. The visit was extremely nostalgic for the entire family. Khushi and Payal met all their chachas and chachis and gathered enough blessings to keep until they returned again. 

How happy they were in their small simple world until a storm in the name of ASR had hit them and life had taken a completely new path from which there was no turning back. What began as a temporary measure for their safety, their lives were now, sort of settled in Delhi, opening a new world for the small town girls. They did feel like frogs from a well sometimes!! 

Three days of separation had indeed felt like three months for ASR. He had got used to seeing Khushi everyday. He was too impatient to lay his eyes on her. However Khushi had other plans. Once back in Delhi and returning to work,  she too had decided not to go in front of ASR. She would find out his schedule and make sure she was out of his reach. She deliberately arranged outdoor visits during meetings and convinced Anjali and Payal to manage the rest. Oh how carefully she laid out her plans, she thought, Devi maiyya now you are in my team,... 

But for how long was Devi Maiyya going to side her??

"Akash Ji you have to do this, the earlier the better. Remember Shyam is in our house now. And this is the right time to get Anjali ji on board. sitting in the same cafe, Payal spoke a bit firmly annoyed with his slow pace at moving things forward. 

The QDs restaurant had become a regular for the two to discuss the whereabouts of Shyam. Akash and Payal seemed to have come up with some sort of a plan, but Akash wanted to give it a good thinking before doing something drastic. Akash got to see how even a silent and shy Payal can be strong when it was a matter of family.

"Akash ji, Shyam is now working from our house. So, you will have to take Anjali ji to court on some pretext and sow the seeds of doubt in her, just the way how you went through this. I have a strong feeling that Babuji knows something about Shyam, cause yesterday he was hinting subtly to Shyam about making alternate accommodation arrangements as it was not very wise to have a male PG in a house with two young girls. Our buaji is in a bit of a shock, don't know what spell he has cast on her !! 

"Really Payal ji, Is that what your Babuji has told. May be you are right, he might know. Why dont we ask him for help?  You know how Di is, her affection for Shyam is quite severe, I must say, it borders obsession. It is quite unhealthy, but what are we to do. Having lost her parents at young age, he was her only source of emotional support, and hence she clings on to him, oh how my blood boils now! Akash put forward his thoughts. He was quite used to sharing his personal views with Payal, though of course he had not the courage to say his feelings for her yet!! In fact he was more sure of his feelings for her than he was ever before and he knew he would face anything win her.

"Akash ji, if you have noticed, Anjali ji used to be like that, I think Devi maiyya has shown her the right path in making her choose to do work now. Having worked with her for last few months, I have experienced how strong she can be. Anjali ji can be another ASR if she needs be, you know that. She has grown into  a strong confident woman. Also, we are not showing her all the proofs, papers and asking her to believe us. Let her get to it, let her do some investigation, because, end of the day, she will believe in herself more than any of us. Our only job is to sow the seeds and make sure she is out of danger all the time..

She continued "As far as taking help from babuji, I have no problem, I am only concerned about his health.. weather he will be able to bear all this..

"Ok Payal ji, I will take her out on a visit tomorrow and lunch time may be pop in to court and see if Shyam is there. You can call and tell me if he has any change of plans." agreed Akash. "Also we need to think of getting Bhai into this, we cant keep him in the dark for long. He has been acting so weird of late, he is  more aggrieved recently.  "

On the other hand, Devi Maiyya was itching to change her sides!! She couldn't see Arnav being so desperate!! Poor Arnav, it had been more than a week, oh how he missed Khushi. He did deny it in the beginning, but now, he knew, there was no denial, he had to see her.   All his well practiced apologies were a distant memory and he was annoyed at her!! Well how dare she ignore me!!!  She has been avoiding me deliberately!! How dare she! 

chapter 22

He was seething in anger when he entered RM, Bang... He banged into none other than our darling Khushi, Devi Maiyya had finally decided, it was enough of hide and seek!! Khushi caught hold of his collar for balance Arnav held her waist to stop the fall. 

Their gazes held, both couldn't get their eyes of each other. How she had missed those caramel eyes and he her doe eyes. All their anger forgotten, both whispered, "Khushi, "Arnav ji. Arnav felt his nerves soothing when he heard her "Arnav ji for the first time. Strange calmness filled them. They didn't move. They couldn't move. The whole world around them went blur.

They didn't hear Anjali's chatter in the Kitchen with Payal.

 They didn't notice Nani hushing away Lakshmi to her room, silently thanking her Devi maiyya. She finally had enough signs, so she thought. 

After what seemed like eons, Khushi stirred hearing the loud clatter of dishes from the kitchen. Anjali being distracted had dropped the plate absent minded. Annoyed by the disturbance, Arnav looked around. 

Still holding Khushi, looking into her eyes, he simply asked, "Can you bring me a hot cup of coffee,... ". After a pause , making his voice even more huskier, "please khushi. Khushi was already tongue tied and immobile by his presence and closeness. Now she melted hearing his husky voice and all she did was blink. And she simply blinked again agreeing,..

Payal was not surprised at all seeing Anjali so out of life, after what she had witnessed. As planned, Akash left Anjali and Payal in the car and went to meet Mr.Roy, before they all could go to RM. As usual, Shyam had come out at lunch time and Anjali was shocked to see him.

 Wanting to surprise him, she tried to get down and meet him, but Payal asked her to call him instead. Anjali excitedly called only to get another blow when she heard him "Ji Rani Sahiba, I am very good, will be out of Delhi few more days, been caught up in a serious case,. Payal saw the expressions change on Anjalis face. Seeing Anjalis shocked expression, Payal asked, "Anjali ji, all ok, Anjali nodded trying to hold her tears. she leaned behind on her seat and closed her eyes...  "What is happening, why is he lying? was all Anjali could think of.

When Akash came back, Anjali was still in deep thought. Akash and Payal both gave each other an understanding look and proceeded to RM where Khushi was already there. Making an excuse, Anjali quickly ran to her room to analyse and collect herself. 

"Payal ji, Is she ok? when Payal nodded, he asked further, "By the way, why did you not want me to talk to Bhai first? Why?

Payal replied calmly, "Akash ji, seeing you three brothers and sister, only you can think calmly in such a drastic situation, but ASR can be quite impulsive in his actions and it can make situations worse. We have had first hand experience in this regard. He might take immediate actions which Anjali ji may not like it or may not believe in him. Like you know when it comes to Shyam, she has unconditional devotion towards him, which is nearing insanity. That's why I wanted Anjali ji to know first. She is much better than ASR, she has been a mother to him, so she has enough patience just like you.

When Akash did not reply, she continued "sorry if you think I am not right. Akash nodded and silently said No Payal ji you are right. I will now speak to Bhai, I need to know what has happened between your family and bhai. And Thanks Payal ji for helping me in this issue. We should soon talk to your Babuji as well..

Back in Lakshmi Nagar, Buaji was having a fit. "Aye Garima, listen to this, instead of taking up this good rishta (alliance), he wants to keep a kunwari (unmarried girl) for few more years. Tell me what is wrong with Shyam babua?, Garima looked on helplessly at her husband. 

"Jiji, it is final now, I don't  want to talk about Khushis wedding before Payal, and Khushi also will not agree. We cannot have him as PG with two young unmarried girls at home. When Payal gets settled, we will think of Khushi Shashi told his sister with an air of command and all she could say was "Your love has only spoilt your daughters!! 

Kedar had watched the entire drama and now sitting with a cup of ginger tea, he asked, "Why dont you tell her the truth. 

"Kedar, if my jiji comes to know the truth, then god save Shyam. She would directly confront Shyam, and knowing Shyam, who knows, he may turn out to be very dangerous and with two unmarried daughters in the house with an old dad, it is not wise to invite unnecessary trouble

Kedar sighed "A lot goes into making of a good father!!!

Standing outside his room with a hot cuppa, Khushi had long come to her senses. She wondered how her plans failed, when he was supposed to be in AR at a meeting. Remembering her reasons for playing around, she decided on her next plan. Well it was quite simple she thought. "Its very easy Khushi, all you have to do is keep the coffee on the table and run out, remember run out!! 

She knocked. When she did not hear anything, and seeing the door wide open, she entered on her tip toes. Very quietly, she kept the coffee and was about to run out, when she stopped hearing, "How long are you going to keep running away from me Khushi?

"Hey Devi Maiyya you have changed your side, I will not talk to you, thought Khushi and turned around,..

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Chapter 23 (By Mimima1) (Thanked: 65 times)

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Chapter 23

"Hey Devi Maiyya you have changed your side, I will not talk to you, thought Khushi and turned around,.. 

Arnav came out of the wash room, sat down picking up his coffee and asked in a soft voice,

"Why are you running away from me Khushi?" Hearing him talk so soft, Khushi thought Arnav had mellowed down in the last few days, however, she could never guess this mans reactions, so defending herself she shouted, 

"Why should I see you, tell me, Yes I don't want to see you or talk to you, because I don't want to hear any more abuses from you. Why, have you forgotten some? Is that why you called me? Hey Devi maiyya, it was so good for the last few days, now what have you done!!" She held her head turning from right to left, doing her nautanki.. (Drama). Cry

Arnav did not say a word. He sat taking in the sight of Khushi simply blabbering,... and... enjoying. He knew what she was saying was fully justified. He felt the scene that was being played was so odd, yet somewhere he felt right. Imagine, Khushi scolding him and he sat simply!!! He was more surprised at his own behaviour. Instead of getting angry at this chit of a girl, he was admiring her dare. 

When he saw Khushi was getting irritated, he coolly said, "Khushi coffee was very nice, If you have finished your talk, can you come with the Mehta file, I want to discuss a few things!! ". Khushi felt flustered. Imagine ASR praising her openly for her coffee!! Hey Devi maiyya When has it ever happened? She was confused thinking, "I have been shouting at him and he is not angry at me, Hey Devi maiyya, what is he up to now, Khushi turned to go, blabbering "Please help me Devi maiyya, please help me, " but stopped midway to hear, "And Khushi, I want to discus it with YOU"

When Khushi turned around to leave again, he called again. This time when Khushi turned around, she was taken aback to see him right in front of her. Walking straight up to her, before he could change his mind, Arnav whispered in his husky voice, "Khushi sorry."

 Khushi thought she had lost it. Did she really hear a sorry? But why? She stood there looking at him with a blank expression. When he did not continue, scratching her head she asked, "Sorry why?."

"Sorry I did not know you were also an anaath (Orphan) like us."

 Understanding what he was trying to say, she stopped, "You are sorry because I am an orphan, really." Looking at Arnav's puzzled gaze, she continued, "You don't have to be sorry Mr.Raizada, because as long as my babujis blessings are with me, I will never be an orphan. It was Devi Maiyyas wish to take away my own parents and replace them with my Amma and Babuji. And how can you call yourself an orphan when you have a doting sister, a family with nani, mami, mama and a  brother who will not think twice to do anything for you? You could not be what you are today without theirs and Devi maiyyas blessings,.."

Even though he was not convinced of Devi maiyyas hand, he knew his family was always there for them, which was probably why he did not blast her,..

After her tirade, she waited. Waited to be blasted thoroughly, but when he did not say anything, Khushi thought better to go before he starts and made her way out to find nani outside his door. Hearing Khushi shout, Nani who already had an eye on her, came to make sure nothing untowards was happening . 

Not sure if Nani had heard her shouting, Khushi gave a sorry smile. Nani voluntarily blessed Khushi stroking her cheeks and took her to her room. There was no way she would let this gem of a girl get away. From her experience, she knew both of them shared something very strong which she couldn't or rather didn't want to name right now!! Who could imagine the great ASR taking all that piss off from any girl!! That something had to be nurtured and shown the right path, or she knew her grandson could end up destroying the innocent girl. 

Nani spoke at length and soon Khushi was animatedly telling her all about her life in Lucknow, Delhi and office. Nani couldn't get enough of this beautiful girl, but had to let her go when they both saw Arnav standing at her door, arms crossed, raised eyebrows as if amused by her stories and exclaimed "Khushi if you have finished, could we discuss the file I asked earlier?  "

Embarrassed at having forgotten the meeting, Khushi ran. Then there was a wonder of wonders. Only Devi Maiyya knows what came over Arnav because he sidestepped to block Khushi. Both apologised and both stepped to their right, looked at each other and again, both stepped to their left. When this repeated unnecessarily, she looked at Arnav and stood gaping, She blinked again. Her eyes fluttered again to be sure of what she was seeing. Arnav smiling. That's when she realised he was trying to pull her leg!!! Khushi exclaimed "SIR" confused and ran out in a jiffy.

Oblivious to the fact that his Nani was a live witness to his prank, Arnav followed Khushi shaking his head with his lips slightly curved muttering "paagal (silly)."

Shock was an understatement. Nani was frozen at the spot. Did she just see her naughty chote after so so many years? Unknown to her, tears streamed down.

While one emotionally disturbed soul was in the process of healing, across the room, in the same house, there was a storm brewing in Anjali mind. She could not understand what Shyam was doing, where he was and why he had lied. Anjali could not come to any conclusion, but she was desperate to know. Find out where Shyam is. If he is in Delhi, then where is he staying? In a hotel? Or with a friend? Where could he be? Whom do I talk to? Shall I tell chote to find out,.. no no he would simply get worried. I must find out. If only Payal n Akash was not there, I could have seen where he went? Is he at all in Delhi or had he just come to attend court and gone back? Hey Bhagwan (Oh god) please help me, show me the way..

After some serious thinking Anjali had come out of her room. Payal's strong ginger tea did calm her nerves but her mind was pre occupied. Payal knew now that the muddy waters had been stirred  it would only settle with time.

And as if to cheer Anjali and unsettle Arnav again, the bell rang

"Nani,  I will be leaving day after back to London, so I wanted to see you and go. " Kushal bent down to take her blessings who had came along with Karan.

 "Khushiii,. Hey what a surprise " shouted Karan with all excitement when he saw both ASR and Khushi walking down the steps after finishing their meeting, which surprisingly went very professionally after the slight incident, ahem.

 Khushi was excited to see her brother and greeted them, which was enough to awaken the green monster in ASR who was seething to see Karan.

After having light tea with some spicy gossip, there began the usual bickering about who will drop the Guptas. Nani was amused with her grandsons being so eager for just a meagre job of dropping, the great CEO of AR was desperate to drop off some employee!! And why was Akash too keen, now, now Nani had to make sure that he too was not interested in Khushi. 

Soon all bid good bye to Kushal and Karan and they set off to the Gupta house. Finally Karan was relieved to get his chance of dropping Khushi!! Oh what games cupid played!!

It was a hearty ride home, what with Khushi making all sorts of jokes animatedly, after all she was in a good mood today!! Karan was no less and he enjoyed their company. When they were ready to go after dropping, Payal and Khushi insisted on Kushal and Karan to meet their parents. 

"Hai re nand kis****,  mmm see Shashi, see what time your daughters are coming, it is so late in the evening" holding her head, Buaji thought of blasting her nieces today. Opening the door, and as if the whole scene had changed, she instantly changed into a very pleasant "namaste" seeing the young boys. 

"Buaji this is Karan, and this is Kushal, do you remember buaji, we told about them !!" Payal introduced them excitedly. 

Khushi had sprinted off inside to bring her Babuji and Amma. "Amma, Babuji, Look who has come, Babuji, here he is Kushal bhai," excitedly, she called out. Being khushi, she started pestering and pushing Garima from behind her, 

"Kushal bhai and Karan, meet my daaarling amma and babuji"

Everything came to a stand still, when Garima stood still with the glass in her hands crashing down. All eyes turned to her. Shashi and Garima stood, staring with eyes wide open at the doorway...

Shashi and  Garima all looked at each other,  stunned...

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chapter 24 (By Mimima1) (Thanked: 66 times)

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Chapter 24

Everything came to a stand still, when Garima stood still with the glass in her hands crashing down. All eyes turned to her. Shashi and Garima stood, staring with eyes wide open at the doorway...

Shashi and  Garima all looked at each other,  stunned...

And Kushal stood looking at his aunt and uncle... Faint memories flooded him. As a young boy of thirteen when he had last seen them, never ever had he imagined he would see any of his family again!! 

In no time Garima was seen wailing, hugging, kissing, cuddling Kushal. "Where were you son all this time, where were you? We searched every nook and corner of Lucknow. Looking at Shashi she exclaimed, still crying "Do you see how my nephew has grown. Devi Maiyya, tera laak laak shukkar (A thousand thanks Devi maiyya). I never thought I will see you again. Your mum would be so proud of you today!!!.

Though a grown handsome man, there was no mistaking. All his dads features were striking. While Khushi turned out to be a beautiful blend of both her mums and dads appearance, Kushal  traits and gestures were unmistakably that of dads.

Shashi was soon seen by Khushi's side holding her sideways. Both watched the scene unfold in front of them. Though Shashi knew the accident had caused Khushi to have forgotten all about her life before her parents passed away, somewhere she did remember few incidents.. That's when Shashi heard, "baba and gave her an understanding nod. He took her to her brother and stood her in front of him... 

Karan, Buaji, Payal saw with moist eyes, Khushi and Kushal hugging and crying. Both siblings meeting after fourteen years. When Kushal felt Khushi weight going heavy, he knew she was going to faint. Payal was by her side, and soon they settled her on the settee. Buaji was seen running to kitchen exclaiming, "Hai re nandkis****, Save my sanka devi... while pouring water into a glass. Next few minutes saw Khushi come and go out of consciousness and repeating "baba, baba, with the rest of the crew concerned for her. 

Kushal hugged Payal, both remembering all the frequent squabbles they had with Kushal making fun of the girly things' every time they visited each other!! And to top it, he did not now fail to mention "You girls change so much!! 

Long after, when Khushi was calm and collected, they were all settled and sat around the dining table along with Vivek and Sheela, Karan's dad and dad. When Garima had insisted on meeting the Mehtas, Karan had arranged for their visit, and soon they had come across. It was heartening to see Kushals family, who he had tried to search with all his heart. 

Vivek recounted how Kushals entry into their family had got nothing but good luck. Fourteen years ago, the  day the Mehtas were relocating to Delhi from Lucknow, they had stopped midway for refreshments, when Karan and Kunal had tried to stretch their legs, a bit too far perhaps. Hearing whimpering cries from the bushes, boys being boys, they tried to investigate. They took him to their parents, pulling him out of the bushes. After tending to the boy, Vivek had tried to get information from Kushal, but Kushal had not spoken a word and soon fainted off due to exhaustion. Not able to leave him alone they had taken him along to hand over to the police, but, soon realised he needed immediate medical assistance more than the police, with Kushal convulsing.

Once reaching Delhi, Sheela had looked after him lovingly. In the meantime Vivek had tried to reach out to the police in Lucknow about the boy they had found, but never got any reply. When days became weeks and weeks into months, the Mehtas feared if they had to let him go. All of them had taken to the boy and did not want to part with him. Soon, they decided to put him in school along with their boys Karan and Kunaal. Kushal never spoke a word. Only when they wanted to give him a name, did he mention Kushal Sharma. Very slowly Kushal started coming out of his shock, and spoke only to Vivek and even to this day Vivek recalled how reserved he was. The accident had had a great impact on the young mind.. 

Garima mentioned how they visited the accident site as soon as they heard the news. Though very saddened, their only solace was Khushi, who was with an elderly couple helping at the site. Thorough inspection of the site, approaching the police, nothing yielded to Kushal's whereabouts. The search had gone on for days and months together, eventually all loosing their hopes.  

It was a long day. When all was said and done, they gave a sigh of relief. Kushal and Khushi were stuck to each other. Life led in different paths which should have been spent under the safe umbrella of their parents love!! 

When Vivek and Karan made way to leave, Kushal too left saying he would return the next day sorting his travel arrangements. 

When Shyam had returned late, seeing two new cars parked. Surprised he did not recognise them,he  had made way to the nearby bar to return late. The less people see him, the better. With things being a bit awry he wanted his much needed drink

Another soul was happy too. Karan was happy, well extremely happy  with the accidental meeting of the siblings, but for his own reasons. Cheeky though, he tried convincing Khushi to come for a sleepover to Mehta house, but the Guptas were not very keen or comfortable. Their Sanka devi needed a good sleep for all the facts to properly sink into her. Well all of them needed as well..

And another soul was happy too. Nani was happy. And extremely happy too. And why not, she had got to see that side of her chote, hidden since last 14 years. The natkat (naughty) chote, whose ears she had often given a twisting for making her run around!!  At the dining table, Nani was all praises for the hard working nature of the young girls, and Arnav's ears straightened when Nani said "especially Khushi and turned to  Arnav, who immediately turned away to hide his interest. Mami's snide remarks about their status and class was overlooked with Akash taking them all in surprise, making his Nani proud, when he said "Ma, they have always led a very respected life, what matters more!! Surely our young man did have a tongue that could speak!!! 

It was certainly a long day at Raizada mansion too. Though not very happy to relive all the moments, Arnav  was forced emotionally into revealing all the moments with Khushi, from the time she fell into his arms, though he justified his actions cleverly by citing numerous reasons, oh of course none of them included the  strong emotional turbulence she had caused to him and continued doing so.  Though the intension was bring Arnav up to date with Shyams endeavours, Akash wanted some time  to mull on all the facts. Definitely unhappy with his brothers actions leading to all the troubles the Guptas had to face, Akash could only come up with one positive outcome. Payal. Yes, his Payal. It was probably Devi Maiyya's way of bringing his Payal to him. He realised Payal's fear of involving Arnav was valid enough.  Oh what was a man to do with so many things running in my mind... 

Arnav was left puzzled, shocked and deep in thought, when Akash left with words, "Bhai, what you did  has shook the foundation of their lives. Weather for good or bad, we shall see. But there will definitely be some serious repercussions for all of us to face in the near future and hope you will honestly justify your reasons for the actions you will then take.

And yes of course, it was an even longer day for the darling daughter of the house. For the first time, she tried to come out of her dream world and face reality. After a night of troubled sleep, Anjali was walking, talking zombie. So was she preoccupied, on her way to the conference room, she bumped into Aman, and surprise of surprises, she walked on even without apologising. Though taken aback, Aman had let it off without much thought but could not let it pass when later during the day, while casually watching the street from the window of his cabin, he saw a dishevelled Anjali approaching a taxi. However, after their previous encounter, his instincts told him something was fishy.  Why would Anjali be hailing a taxi, when her car was still stood with the driver waiting? He soon ran out to call her when she was about to sit. Without giving it a second thought, he too followed her. 

And he waited. Sat in his car and waited. But how long could he wait? With each passing minute, he grew impatient. Then, abandoning his car,  surprising both the taxi driver and Anjali, he sat next to Anjali in her taxi. Giving the driver a stern look to stop questioning him, turned to Anjali and spoke in an equally stern voice, "Anjali ji, Please do you want to come and wait in my car. Please.."

Already confused and troubled with what she was doing, Anjali gave him a troubled look. She had seen this young man grow along with her chote, since AR was still a small fashion house.  Could she trust him? Well, of course, but she was still confused. After what he has already seen, would he let her be on her own now? He would definitely raise his concerns with chote. There again, she did not want to loose todays opportunity of following her husband whom she had already sighted. In case he came back today, she would have to wait until his next outstation visit again!!

With all these thoughts running, she asked him "Ok Aman, I will,. When  he made an attempt to pay the driver and move out, she continued, "Aman, only if you promise me, no no wait, swear on me, you will not breath a word to chote, otherwise, leave alone chote, I will make your life hell.. Oh did Aman have any doubts about where his boss got his traits from!!! ha ha 

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chapter 25 (By Mimima1) (Thanked: 60 times)

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"Ms.Gupta, It is not a very good idea to take off on the first day of your new job as my secretary!! Arnav exclaimed when Khushi was busy trying to work out his schedule from his diary. 

"Sir, I had already asked for 2 days off from Anjali Ji, I did not know I will be working with you. And it is only for 2 days sir, Khushi tried justifying, and thought "Hey Devi maiyya, Katti, I will not talk to you , Definitely not this time, even if Babuji convinces me!! Why do you put me into the Lions den every time, if only Akash sir or Anjali ji had not agreed to this Laad governor!

"Sir, why don't you ask Payal, she is here .. Then concerned of how Payal would cope, she immediately changed to "or there is Lavanya ji, or Pam ji. I know you want to trouble me, that's all, you did this purposely. But mind you, I will not sign any contract..

Getting up from his chair, irritated with her bakwas, "Ms.Gupta. If you are finished all the names in the office, we can get some work done. "coming close to her, he whispered in his husky voice, "You have given me a headache now. So Khushi, why don't we start of  with a nice strong  coffee which, " Pausing for her to look at him, he continued "you know all those people you mentioned cant!! 

Khushi opened her mouth wide open in an O and closed it immediately with both her hands. She felt her heart would pop out of  her mouth. Dhak dhak,..dhak dhak, .. His closeness made her dizzy and to top all this, her acidity got the worst of it. Without thinking, she blurted out, "Sir you stay away from me. Really I mean it, stay away from me when he gave a confused look, she continued, "really stay away from me, otherwise you will also get my acidity, And may be my dizziness too.

Arnavs lips curled, as he watched her run to the pantry, thinking "Oh what fun teasing her, Why am I enjoying this?, and why do I keep bothering her, true why do I want to push her into accepting my challenges!!


The hour long meeting had given Arnav a good overview about the progress of the project. He could see where his Nani was coming from. There was no mistaking both the sisters were hard working, though he did not voice his appreciation.  

It was then, his secretary had called needing at least a week off due to an accident and Arnav had to agree. But at the same time he was frustrated with the troubled he would have to manage all his schedules. Seeing Khushi leave after the meeting, he had a brain wave!!! "  Ms.Gupta I  will see how long you can run from me and how dare you" thought Arnav and spoke to his Di

"Di you have good hands under you. You don't need to worry when these two sisters are working for you, Anjali raised her brows in surprise to hear her Chote praise someone and talk like normal human beings!!

Continuing,  "aaa Di, actually my secretary has met with an accident and cant come for a week " hesitatingly, he asked, "Di, why don't Khushi be my secretary for a week. You know how busy it is these days. Though Aman is there to look after major issues, I need an extra hand, just for this week. You know she is a quick learner, and she already knows her duties, 

Preoccupied she was, and knowing  what Aman was busy with, Anjali had agreed without giving it a second thought. She had forgotten all the promises made when they had first agreed to work for AR.  Then remembering her conversation with Payal, Anjali said, "but chote, she is off tomorrow afternoon and the day after 

"What the Arnav had literally shouted, "How can you keep giving them days off, what's hapenning? Di, you and Akash don't understand. It is not a childs play... Its hardly been a few days and they are already showing their true colours, you are too good for these people

"Chote, Stop, Anjali stopped him before he could continue, "It is very important for her. Khushis Babuji has arranged for a special prayer for their family in the mandir tomorrow evening and Khushi has to be there. It is for her they are doing it. 

This was enough to raise his concerns, prayer especially for Khushi? Why, was there anything wrong? he thought "Di, what is all this nonsense? Why for her? What's happened to her?" 

"Chote relax, you cant be so rude." Anjali had narrated at large the story of Khushi and her brother. Somewhere Arnav felt happy for her. Very happy.  In fact he felt his heart calmed listening to the news, but did not show it to her.

"You know chote, Mehta uncle wanted it to be done in their mansion, but Guptas refused saying  they have found their long lost son finally and they wanted to do it all by themselves. Knowing they cant accommodate everyone in their house they chose the mandir. In  fact we have been invited too. When 

Arnav opened his mouth to refuse, Anjali said "Haan haan, I know all this is bhakwas (nonsense) you will not come. Don't worry, we will manage, you don't need to come

However, Arnav had trouble digesting her last statement and probably changed his mind about going too, when Anjali said, "Oh chote, you know one more good thing out of all this? All this will make it to so much easier for Karan. Now, Khushis parents and Karans parents, and even Kushal, well, nobody will have a problem if their alliance goes ahead, Karan was so eager, I am sure he must have already spoken to Kushal about it!!

This was outrageous. "Di, stop it, it can't happen, it just cant happen Arnav said. Then surprising both himself and Anjali he said calmly, "Di, Khushi will never agree. She will never agree

Anjali was puzzled and Arnav was left wondering what made him say it. 

Payal, Khushi and Akash was definitely  not happy with the news. Realising her mistake, Anjali had apologised when both Payal and Akash had showed their apprehension and agreed to keep an eye on Khushi.

Flashback End 

Someone was not happy with the reunion of siblings. The latest news was not taken very well by the PG Shyam. It was like a bitter pill to swallow what Buaji had told about the Mehtas and Kushal. Having a common family friend was definitely not in his favour. He had to make guptas agree to marriage soon and get out of this place.  He had to think fast. To top all this, Shashi was giving him a problem. With all this in head, he had come up with a plan.

Payal who was always on alert when shyam was at home was shocked when she heard 

"Buaji my practice is going very well, I have nearly purchased a property in Kanpur, then I will not trouble you guys!! The slimy snake was making plans..

"Arre babua, this is very good news, now Shashi should not have any problems sighed Buaji, to which the snake  replied shyly, "Buaji the earlier the better, I will have to set up the new house, it would be better if, ...  

"Hai re nand kis****, I understand you babua. You want the ghar wali (wife) to come and set up  your home. You dont worry, I will speak to shashi' 

(AngryYuk yuk yuk, Oh my god, I am hating myself to even write this, sickens me to think of this slimy creature saying all this)

"You come for the pooja Babua, We will settle that issue there only Buaji stood up with an air of finality!! 

Khushi enjoyed shopping for the pooja items with her brother. Kushal was happy to see his chirpy innocent sister going about things in a very lively way. Oh boy How much he had missed. He had missed her entire childhood. Of one thing he was sure. His sister would have kept the Guptas on their toes all these years. She would be up to all her antics during the day, and when asleep planning the next days tricks to play around!!!  Kushal took her to buy clothes for the rest of the family. Though she knew she would never have been this extravagant, she did try and be reasonable to fit into his style. She knew it would take time to get adjusted to his ways of thinking.

The Raizadas, Mehtas, kedar, Gupta neighbours  and a few more friends were gathered at the Mandir (Temple) for the pooja. Buaji was not happy because her PG got an er well,.. urgent(!!) call and had to miss the pooja.

Knowing that ASR would not be  coming, Akash had driven the Raizadas to the temple. Nani was disappointed since she had expected chote to  be here too. All were soon seen chit chatting with the rest of the guests when Anjali received a call and walked off silently without being noticed. 

Having repeatedly told himself "All this is bakwas, I am not going to the temple over a hundred times, he had soon found himself outside the gates of the temple. He could see it was quite a huge gathering with family and friends. "Well, I have to make sure my  family is alright!! he convinced his actions.  Deciding weather to go in or not, he saw a strangest, weirdest sight. Aman opening his car door for Anjali.  "What the,... Di?? Where is Di going with Aman. Before he could call out or do anything, he saw Aman driving away. He immediately took his mobile to give a call, but then he let the matter be, he could always ask later. He could trust both Di and Aman. Yet his mind was restless and decided to go inside to make sure the rest of the clan were alright.

What a sight to behold. Khushi looked radiant in her new yellow saree her brother had bought. Her long silky hair flowing down to her waist. Seeing Khushi, he was transformed to a different world.  Arnav felt the urge to touch them. Without his knowledge, Arnav's eye were following Khushi running around like a butterfly doing the last minute arrangements. Buaji was heard "Hai re nandkis****. Who will stop this titaliya and make her sit for the pooja. 

Kushal found it quite amusing to hear all the names his sister had acquired over the years!! Payal had explained explicitly each and every of her name!! Parameshwari, sanka devi, Titaliya, and so on... (Does anybody know any other names from the show? Please enlighten me, I have forgotten!!!!)

Payal looked exquisite in saree and Akash had a tough time to get his eyes off her. He was waiting for an opportunity to have some progress in his love life. They were fine talking about work and other issues that had cropped up, but both never spoke about their own feeling. He was left wondering "How do I start, both of us seem to be equally shy about all this!!

Soon, all the rituals were performed with love and dedication and Kushal blended in with his family like they has never parted. He was indebted to them. He dreaded to even think if they had not found Khushi. They thanked Devi Maiyyas for her endless kindness towards their family.

Anjali definitely needed Devi maiyyas blessings. With Aman having taken over the matter, Anjali did not have to rely on crude means of finding information about her cheating husband. Aman had booked a table for two at a restaurant nearby so Anjali could go back to the function immediately after. Both were aghast with the information that Aman had got from his investigators. Aman could not bear to see any more when she could not hold her tears anymore and sat next to Anjali holding her hand. She poured out her heart, and it was saddening to see ASR's sister in such a state. 

  Mustering all the courage, he said, "Anjali, calm yourself. Don't cry over him. You need to start thinking of what your next action should be and not cry over that scoundrel ASR will be very upset to see you like this. So you have to put up a brave front. We should be happy we have found this out before any disaster has happened. 

She felt a lot better after having cried. Sometimes it is the best way to get rid of all the grief. Both sat and discussed different possibilities of dealing the issue. Soon, he dropped her off at the temple. Anjali had come at the right time for the pooja to get the much needed blessings, and was surprised to see Chote in temple!!  Looking at his sister, Arnav knew something was terribly wrong. She had cried. My Di has cried. Not wanting to make a scene, he held her hands and sat down through out the ceremony, providing the silent support she needed at this moment.

But, journey back home was a torture to Arnav. In  her attempt to show a lively and chirpy herself to the family, Anjali was explaining Karans cupid plans to Nani. The pooja had given her a lot of hopes and her mind had calmed down. She was animatedly telling about her plans to help Karan in his endeavours. 

However both Arnav and Anjali were flabbergasted when Nani said "Anjali bitiya, you will see, nothing like that will happen. Khushi bitiya will not agree. 

Anjali exclaimed, "Nani aap bhi!! (nani you too) and looked at Arnav who had turned pale..

Thats it guys, how was it? Thanks for the support some of you are giving me constantly. Really appreciate your efforts in taking time to comment. I am enjoying writing because of the support.

By the way, Do you all think too much is going on? should I break it down into smaller chapters

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Chapter 26 (By Mimima1) (Thanked: 61 times)

However both Arnav and Anjali were flabbergasted when Nani said "Anjali bitiya, you will see, nothing like that will happen. Khushi bitiya will not agree. 

Anjali exclaimed, "Nani aap bhi!! (nani you too) and looked at Arnav who had turned pale..

When Nani raised her eyebrows, Anjali explained, "Don't know Nani, Chote also said the same thing yesterday, Now now, if only, Nanis eyebrows could go even higher, it would definitely have!!

Anyway, Anjali was in mood to disclose all the information she had got at the temple. "You know Nani, Tomorrow, Kushal will apply for her passport, it is obvious isn't it, they have been separate all these years and he has to go again. So he was planning on taking Khushi for some time!! 

Both ladies turned when they heard "What the.. Di what about Khushi's work?? 

Now, nani took the reigns and explained, "Chote, relax, things wont happen in an instant, they are only applying now. Come to think of it  Chote, he has found his sister and family after years. They should spend some time isn't it. Wont you allow that to happen. And moreover when gets married, she will not be able to go leaving her husband. I spoke to Shashi, a very good man. They are actively seeking for both their daughters.

"Nani, I think I know something else Anjali told all excitedly. Nani could see Arnav's ears straightened while trying to show disinterest all the while.. Anjali whispered into Nanis ears and Nani's eyes twinkled, "Really bitiya, this is very good news. It makes all the matters easy now. Thank you beta. Thank you

The curious cat in the drivers seat was getting agitated. What did Di say to make Nani so happy. Has Di spoken about Karans proposal?  When nobody spoke a word, he asked losing his patience, "Nani, you seem happy, what is it? to which Nani smiled and said, "Arre,dont worry chote, you will not be interested. We wont irritate you with idhar udhar ki baatein about Guptas (we wont disturb you with the news of the Gupta sisters)

"Nani, they are my employees, so it will affect me argued Arnav 

"Well, why will you be interested in their marriage , so dont worry, it will not affect you

"But nani, he continued, but nani stopped him, "Chote, leave it, anyway you are not interested in marriage, so why , just leave it.!! 

Poor Arnav couldn't get the information!!, what could it be about their wedding, and started worrying. Getting frustrated, "Di, Nani I think you should stop worrying about others marriages and interfering in their matters he grumbled. 

After all had retired for the day, Arnav was mulling over all the happening of the day. His face was lined with concern when he thought of his Dis face when she came to the temple. Why was she crying? Why and where had she gone when all were at the temple. And nobody knew she was missing. 

Not able to hold it any longer, seeing the light in his Dis room, he knocked to hear muffled cries from behind. Pushing the door, he went inside. Anjali tried to hide her tears, but Arnav was by her side holding her hands tight. "Di, you know I can't bear to see you cry, why Di what happened? Can you not tell your brother?

Anjali tried to avoid saying "Chote nothing much, just remembering mamma. When Anjali voluntarily hugged chote, she could not hold herself and cried uncontrollable. Arnav knew something was wrong. Terribly wrong. He asked sternly, "Di, what is happening? You have to tell me. What has Aman got to do with all this?

Anjali looked at him with surprise and pain in her eyes "How did he know she thought. She still tried to brush it off saying, "Chote nothing much, he is trying to help in something, I will tell you later. 

"Di, is this all the trust you have on me? First time Arnav found himself making a puppy face blackmailing his sister. Roles were reversed. It was often she had to resort to emotional blackmail.

"Now there was no way out. Now or later, the matter will come out. Anjali thought and when she was about to start, they saw Akash at the doorway and Anjali paused to hide her tears again and turned away.

Wanting to discuss the matter with his bhai, Akash had gone to Arnav's room, only to see him go to Anjalis room and he had followed. When Anjali turned away, he said, "Di, is it about Shyam?

Both ASR and Anjali looked at him shocked and exclaimed "Akash ??"

"Di, you don't need to hide, tell bhai about it, I was anyway going to tell him " Akash held her arm reassuringly. 

"What's going on, can anybody tell me, now ASR was in full anger. "Bhai, you have to have patience to listen to this. Calm down, we will explain. Anjali began explaining in detail about how the slime had been laundering the money doing illegal activities in Lucknow, Kanpur. She then showed the report to him.  

ASR was burning with rage reading the report. How dare he. How dare he? Then surprising anjali and Akash, he exclaimed in anger "Khushi Kumaari Gupta. Before he could continue, Akash immediately signalled his hand to stop. "Bhai , stop stop, please stop. You know what, this was exactly the reason why we did not tell you all this time. Payal was right, it was because of your anger that Khushi ji had to face that scoundrel.

When Arnav and Anjali questioningly looked at him, he explained how Shyam entered into their lives and how because of his anger the family had to go face serious problems financially and mentally. Anjali looked disapprovingly at her brother whose head was bent done in shame.  

Akash detailed how he had found out accidentally in the court when he went to meet Mr.Roy, followed him, had the investigation done and lastly how Payal was involved.

Akash continued, "Di, it was Payals intention to take you to court that day Di. She was adamant that you find out on your own, otherwise you would not believe anybody when it came to Shyam's matters.

"True Akash, she has understood me well, and now I understand why she has been constantly following me like a shodow all the time, at one point I started to get irritated by her behaviour. She wanted to make sure I was alright I think. Anjali told them.

"That's right Di, ever since she has known, all she has been thinking of is you. Di,  don't let that scoundrel know we are aware of his games. Don't take any decision in haste. Di you know we are always with you.. And any decision you take, we will be on your side even if we think it is not right. Saying so Akash side hugged Anjali who was weeping silently. 

ASR was taking time to digest the information. His head was reeling with confusion. How could he let this happen is all he thought. "Di, I am sorry. All this has been happening and I had no clue. I never thought Jijaji could be like this. Di, I did not do a proper check before, I am so sorry Di

Seeing him, Anjali had to put up a brave face "Chote, I have cried enough for that man. Now whatever had to happen, happened. At least nothing has happened. Imagine if he had succeeded in his mission. Perhaps I am at fault too. I was not able to see the signs, I never kept a tab on his accounts or anything for that matter. I have taken too many things for granted, Otherwise, when you come to think of, imagine which lawyer travels so much? Do you remember Mami once raised her concerns regarding the same matter, but we all brushed her off.."

Akash still hugging Anjali told, "Di, only Payal knows about this and she thinks her Babuji might know something which is why he has been refusing the marriage proposal, though her Buaji is hell bent upon the rishta (alliance). Khushi ji had already refused saying she will only get married after Payal, and she has no clue about all this. As it is, there is probably too much happening in her life with having found her brother now. Bhai, please don't mistake her, she is too innocent

Anjali sighed, "Yes Akash, Payal told me. But you know, Khushi will do anything for her family, she will agree to anything if her babuji tells her. Its Devi Maiyyas wish he is refusing for this match. And to probably save me from this man as well."

Arnav looked at Akash blankly. He felt relief knowing Khushi had refused for the proposal, and with Akash's words that Khushi was innocent, but Anjalis words were enough to agitate him again. Yes if Payals wedding was not in the way. If he had not caused it to break, she would have agreed to this.

There was too much going on without his knowledge. It was late to think about the repercussions of his actions in anger. He was overcome with rage even thinking of what was going to happen to Khushi. Thought he knew she was not wrong, he was still angry on her for reasons unknown...

Arnav still in thought said, "They have been here so many times, did they never see him? So many times we have dropped them.. then he suddenly stopped. Remembering faintly an event that had occurred long time ago when he went to drop Khushi  and had heard Shyams voice (Dear all, This is in Chapter 9).

Akash then sighed, "Bhai, Shyam has very cunningly managed to escape every time they were here. It was only by accident I found out, though Payal doubts their Babuji may know something. Di, their Babuji has told Shyam to look for a different accommodation. It is quite scary to believe he is still there. 

Arnav hugged his sister and said, "Di I am really very sorry, but now, I will make sure that bugger with get the max punishment possible. I will get the best of lawyers and we will decide his punishments. Akash for once gathering all his courage said, "Bhai should you not ask what she wants to do. 

"Of course, of course, Di what have you decided Arnav mumbled

Akash carried on  "Di, it is too much to take in, so take your time. Think calmly. If you can't make up your mind, we can all sit and take a decision that is best. But one thing is for sure, I strongly believe what Shyam is doing is not acceptable. What if it is another girl after Khushi ji, this will never end. It is disgusting."

Anjali pulled both her brothers and gave them a hear warming hug. "As long as you both are there like my pillars, no shyam can shake make. Let us all go to bed, it is quite late 

When they were ready to leave, Anjali called, "Akash, thank you and Payal, without whom I would have never known.  Arnav nodded thanking him.

Anjali's and Arnav's respect for Akash had shot a notch higher. "Di we are a family, no thank yous., Yes I will meet Payal ji and tell her all about it... Akash replied shyly

On the other side, the Gupta siblings too were having a lovely time. Kushal could not get enough of his sisters. It looked like his childhood had returned and he took every opportunity to tease the girls. And they were often heard saying "Amma, look what your son is saying!! Garima could only laugh at their antics laughing and say, "You people have grown but bachpana nahi gayi,..(your childhood hasn't gone)

Shashi was very happy to see his family. The pooja had gone very well, all the guests were very happy. Shashi was also happy because he met the Raizadas. He knew they were the same Raizadas where Shyam used to go. (In Chapter 19, Shashi follows Shyam to RM). He was impressed especially with Devyani and thought, now with having found Kushal, who knew the Raizadas well, he could get to the bottom of the matter. He felt relieved. Since Kushal would be leaving in a few days, he did not want to put unwanted extra burden on the boy. Shashi had decided he would speak to Devyani ji himself and find out who Shyam was.


Nani too was very impressed with Shashi. Given a choice, she would have straight away taken Khushis proposal for Arnav, but she knew these things need their own time. She had met the daughters of the house, now the ladies too impressed her, though Mamis snide remarks of their finances and low class was quite embarrassing to all, especially Akash. He was still tongue tied in front of his mother,.. though he did show his irritation!! Well, that was a start anyway..

After the long night, the siblings dispersed. Arnav forced Anjali to sleep with Nani. Anjali refused not wanting to disturb Nani in the middle of the night but both Akash and Arnav would have none of it. They even offered for all of them to sleep in the same room. 

Akash wanted to call Payal on the pretext of updating her, but thought the better of it. For one, she would probably have been sleeping, and two, if her parents come to know she could get into trouble.

Each in their own thoughts returned to get some sleep before the dawn of a new day. A lot was said and a lot came out in the open, but they were all in it together, which is what mattered.

Sorry dears if I have disappointed you with how they matters got revealed to Arnav, there is no big drama/dhamaka. I feel this is how normally things come out, quiet but with equal intensity.

Precap, Next chapter!!

Khushi back in office in her new job.

 Arnavs changing emotions towards her.

 Does he still believe she is the root cause for his Di's sadness!!!

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chapter 27 (By Mimima1) (Thanked: 65 times)

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Akash was too eager to meet Payal. For one, he wanted to see her, and two, there was so much to tell her. After his phone call she had left home and reached the office early only to be  greeted by none other than ASR and not Akash. Remembering all the talk they had last evening when he saw Payal, he called her to his cabin. Not having a clue that ASR knew all about it, she was surprised, but all the same, had to follow his order.

The unlucky Payal was soon sweating when ASR gave her a stern look and asked "So what has been happening behind my back. What's going on? Is there any other thing that I need to know? I can really be bad if any of my family is concerned and if I find that there has been something from your end left me know, otherwise you know very well,...

Payal's face went pale with fear. What was he talking about? She silently prayed, "Devi Maiyya please help me

When she did not reply and gave him a blank look, ASR said in a loud voice, "I am talking about Shyam Manohar Jha, whom you people have been giving shelter from the past few months!! this was a shocker to Payal who was already trembling with fear. 

Thankfully, she did not have to face him longer, she was rescued when Akash, who got delayed in the traffic, barged into his cabin and said, "Bhai, please I have told you before!! Then looking apologetically at Payal, "Payal ji, Di and Bhai know all about Shyam now. 

"Akash, all I want to know is how did they miss. They have been to RM so many times, I just realised Di has this huge photo in her room? Have they never seen it?

Payal immediately replied, "Sir, we come there to do our work and that too when Anjali ji is not able to come to office. Why should we go her room? Until today, I have never been in her room, or for that matter anybody else's, it has always been your study or the guest room where she normally does her work.

"What about Khushi, she is always walking around everywhere. Half the time she does not know where she is or what is happening around her. questioned Arnav to which Payal gave her reply immediately, 

"Sir again, why would Khushi go to Anjali's room? And moreover if she had seen the photo, why would she have kept quiet. She probably would have gone to Anjali ji straight away and told her, or probably she would have told the whole house that he looks just like the PG we have in our house.

Akash was happy to see the fierce side of Payal for the first time, defending her sister, thought Arnav had had his own experience with regards to Payal and did not push the matter further. Ignoring his brother, Akash told, "Payal ji please come to my cabin. 

After reading the investigation report, Arnav knew that Shyam was a first grade slime and that the Guptas were cheated just like they were. However, the thought was lurking behind his mind, what if they were all involved in this?

On the way, Akash and Payal met Anjali. Anjali was adamant to go to office even though both brothers told her to stay at home. Payal and Anjali exchanged an understanding look when Anjali called her for a hug. Though hesitant, Anjali pulled her and Payal hugged her tight which spoke volumes. She felt for Anjali, just like as a sister would.

Akash offered a glass of water and of course plenty of apologies on behalf of his brother. Only after making sure she was calm did he allow himself to relax!! Akash finally spoke , Payal ji, now that Di and Bhai know everything, it is wise to involve you Babuji and sort out the matter. It is not safe to have Shyam nearby, with the sort of links he has. If you don't mind let us meet him today itself and find out what he knows and we can tell from our end as well". Payal agreed without any fuss and was seen calling her babuji to arrange a meeting.

Now, Aman being busy in dealing Anjalis matters, Arnav did not deliberately disturb him, however he was missing his secretary for various reasons some only known to him. Oh boy, he could do with a hot cup of coffee now!! He was deprived of that basic necessity as well, because  his temporary secretary was having a gala time with her brother oblivious to all the turmoil she was causing to so many people. Well, what could she do? It was Devi Maiyyas wish!!

If only he could leave her alone for a day. Next moment he was seen dialling her number, only to hear it ring continuously  without any answer. Khushi, in her excited and  clumsy state had forgotten her phone.

After finishing the official work of passport and the stuff, Kushal had taken Khushi for another round of shopping, this time to get the family up to date with the technology. His reasoning was valid. "I want to be able to see mausi, mausa, buaji and Payal and talk to them while I am in London. Though Khushi and Payal had learnt some basics in the office, they were not sure if they could manage at home as well. She did not stop him and just let things be as they were going. She could definitely learn if it can please him. 

However, she did force her brother into one thing!! Eating gol gappe. How can anyone not eat them she argued? After filling her tummy and forcibly making him eat the spicy chaat, they were seen entering Gupta house carrying loads of shopping bags and Gol gappe for the whole family.

Kushal just chilled with the family doing, well really nothing. On a cold wintry day in Delhi, what was better than Buajis hot cup of ginger tea, Khushis jalebis and Garimas pakodas?? And to top all this,  the garam garam (Hot hot) news and gossips he had missed all these years. 

"Ten missed calls from that laad governor Khushi exclaimed when she was back home, to see Kushal turning to her questioningly. She brushed it off and went looking into the messages. 

"Miss. Gupta.. If you can tell me where the Snighania file is, we can get some work done. The whole office has not gone on holiday. We need to work!! 

Khushi grumbled loudly, "This rakshas does not let me enjoy my holiday as well. I have kept all the file he needs  on his desk and he can't see  Rather than sending a reply, she decided to call.

Busy in one of the meeting, Arnav took the call without seeing who it was, but soon stood up. He felt a breeze and he whispered "Khushi Not sure why but he was content with the feeling. Whole day he had not seen her ( or rather shouted at her). On the other end, Khushi felt happy hearing her name. Her heart went dhak dhak and her tongue was tied.. 

Khushi getting to her senses after a while thought, "Oh this acidity is back, I think this laad governor is more spicier than those Gol gappes!! That's  why it becomes more when he is there..

Here Arnav remembering what the matter was, he shouted "so now you have got time for office matters? Don't think the whole office is off just because you are off

That did it. Khushi shouted "Sir, all the files you needed today are right on your table. Even the file you were looking for. Do you want me to come and give you?" 

After taking Aman's help to find the file, he shouted  "I got it, you don't need to come, but why did you not receive my call?? forgetting he was in a meeting.

"Because I had left my phone at home, and I was on holiday. That's why. then after a pause, she asked "Do you need any other file or can I keep now 

Irritated by her behaviour, he said "I want you to come really early tomorrow and finish some work and put the phone down to see the rest of the staff staring at him.

"Doesn't even let me live in peace, Devi maiyya why do you always put me, yeah only me, in this situation. How much prasaad I offer everytime I come, still you are not happy. I am always left to face that laad governer. Raakshas hai woh, rakshas (He is a demon, yeah demon) Kushal heard her muttering loudly, walking from one corner to the other. "Somebody is troubling her at the office. I must find out who this Laad governor is..

Anjali, Akash and Payal were discussing seriously when Anjalis phone rang. "Anjali, can you tell me who called Khushi just now, some laad governor? It was Kushal.

"Laad governor, what do you mean Kushal? Laad governor called Khushi? Anjali questioned. Suddenly Payals ears shot up. "Hai devi maiyya, what is Kushal asking Anjali ji she thought covering her mouth with both her hands in shock. All could quite clearly hear what he was speaking since the voice was quite loud.

Kushal explained, "Well she is grumbling from the last 10 minutes saying ahem, aahh well, not necessarily very pleasant things, laad governor, rakshas, Is there any problem? do you know?

Anjali replied, "aaa, actually none of us called, Payal and Akash are with me, they could not have called. Actually wait, she was supposed to be working for chote this week, when Anjali wanted to continue, Payal quickly asked her, "Anjali ji, let me speak to him, please

Payal very quietly explained "Bhai, what are you asking? Can we talk when we get back home. Just don't listen to that Khushi ki bachi"

When Anjali questioned Payal, "nothing Anjali ji, you know how Khushi is, always talking nonsense. She does not mean anything. Oh just saved our skin, she thought!!

It was thought best to call Shashi to office rather than meet somewhere outside. Well, there was the fact that Akash wanted him to see the office where they worked and how respectable and safe job his daughter was doing.  Though Shashi was surprised by her call, he hid it quite well when he saw Payal and Akash in his cabin late in the afternoon. After all the courtesies where exchanged, Payal did not waste any time, and explained in detail what had been going on.

 Shashi was now sitting with his face covered in his hands. It just hit him as to who they had harboured all this time and how terribly bad, things could have gone. He shuddered. What would have happened if he had listened to his sister?  Khushi's life would have been savaged by his own hands. 

After he had explained what information he had collected, he finally remarked,  "Akash beta, you don't know what you have done. You have saved us from a great tragedy. Though I knew he was crooked, I did not know he could be dangerous. The reports say he has been doing all illegal activities in Kanpur, and Lucknow. When Akash or Payal did not say anything, he said, "Do not let that scoundrel escape. I cannot see any body else's daughter being fooled by him.

After letting him settle for a while to take in the information, it was decided Payal too would go with him as he was in a trauma after listening. Taking permission from Akash, she said, "Akash ji, if you don't mind, could I leave with him. I want him to relax before we go for dinner at the Mehtas today. Akash nodded saying, "Sure Payal ji, anyway it is that time of the day, please take care.  Before leaving, Shashi said, "Beta(son), Thank you once again. Let me know if I can do anything in my capacity, Ask your sister to think well and make a decision. 

And at the very moment, Akash got a call from Anjali asking him to join in the conference room. After a lot of thinking, consulting her new found friend, she had made her decision.

How was it?...


Will Anjali give shyam a chance?

Will Anjali forgive the slime?

Will the rest be happy with her decision?

How do they plan to expose shyam?

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chapter 28 (By Mimima1) (Thanked: 68 times)

Chapter 28

Late in the evening, sat in the conference room, Anjali looked at Aman, Arnav and Akash. 

"I have thought about this a lot, not able to sleep properly, I am still confused, but I am afraid things can go wrong if we did not tackle it properly. So I have decided, I need to speak to Shyam. Have proper chat with him and ask directly why he is doing what he is doing? 

 When nobody said anything, Akash said, "But Di, you know he has already been sweet talking all of us since last 3 years, we can see how the Guptas have been cheated as well. How can you trust him?

"Akash, I know  I have not been married for long, but still, three years, three long years I have not thought of anything but him. Though when you come to think of it, it has only been from one end I must say.. How can I simply let go, we have to confront him

Arnav was seething in anger. "How can you even think of giving him a chance Di. He was planning on marrying again. You very well know who and I can't even bear to think of it.  Di please you cant do this

"I know I know chote, but still, what if all this is not true and there is something more to what the eye can see. 

Akash nodding his head in disagreement, "Di, just today we have told Payal's Babuji and he was horrified hearing the things and he nearly collapsed I must say. Before he left,  all he said was he does not want anybody else's daughter to be cheated and he even told me to  ask you to think well before you take a decision

Then after a pause, "But Di, you know what ever you want to do we will be with you even if we think you are wrong.

Anjali said. "No no, I may not give him a chance, but I want him to explain..

Silently watching all the three converse about the issue, Aman intervened, clearly pointing the different options. "Ok, Anjali ji, consider these options. 

One. If all this is true and he is not repentant, then it is easy to guess, but what is your option.

 Two, If he accepts his mistakes and apologises, are you ready to pardon him. 

Three, if none of this is true, looking at both Arnav and Akash, he continued, which none of us think so, what do you think may be the reasons for all that was found by the investigators? He has been involved in illegal activities, and probably he may already be on the  police records for all we know..

Akash and Arnav was thankful to Aman for systematically putting the problem forward, and Anjali was restless thinking of the reality, finally she said,

"Lets go about like this. I don't want him to get any doubt and I will confront him alone.  All of you can stay in the house and do the necessary arrangements in case things go wrong. May be we could get the Gupta's as well. Payal told me he is not in their house as well now, so may be he is in Kanpur then.. 

When all seemed to agree to what Anjali said, Akash received a phone from Payal. Akash was in two minds. When Arnav raised his eye brows to ask who it was, Akash mouthed "Payal.

"I think you should take it " Arnav suggested. 

Walking out of the conference room, Akash asked, "Yes Payal ji, is everything  ok? Is your Babuji all right now

"He is fine Akash ji, and nothing to  worry about. Babuji wanted to meet Anjali ji, if she is ok to meet him.

Akash replied, "Payal ji, just now we were discussing this, I don't think di will have a problem.

"Ok that's good, then do you want us to come to your place before we go for our dinner, or would you want to come over to our place? Payal enquired, to which Akash only said, "Let me confirm with Di and will call you later


The Guptas could not refuse the invitation for dinner at the Mehtas. Khushi, Garima, and Buaji had arrived earlier, with Payal and Babuji following later. Though Kushal  had postponed his journey, he could not delay any further, so he had very little time with his beloved sister and his family, before he went back to London. Gupta's were overwhelmed with the grandeur of the Mehtas, happy their Kushal did not have to face any financial struggles. Though Garima nor the rest of the Gupta's could understand the intricacies of the facts and details provided, they were still proud of Kushal. How as a school boy he always strived to be the best and set goals for both Karan and Kunaal. How he had struggled to  secure a scholarship and completed his business studies at the London school of Economics . His current work in setting up one of the Mehta branches in London was the reason for his constant travelling.

They were having their evening tea when Payal and Shashi arrived. Since the Raizadas, being uninvited, did not want to disturb the family dinner at the Mehtas, it was decided Payal and Babuji meet them at RM. Of course Nani wouldn't mind, would she? Nani was very pleased to see them. She was intrigued, why Arnav was looking at the door every now and then as if he was expecting more guests, "Chote, is anyone else coming? Nani asked to tease him, and saw Arnav fluster.. She mentally made a note to watch how Payal and Akash interact with each other. After all Anjali bitiya had told her these two often stole glances at each other!! (This is what Anjali whispers to Nani in the car).  Soon there would be wedding bells if things went her way!! Though she gave a sigh, imagining the herculean task of convincing her bahurani Manorama!!

With the rest of the family around, only then did the youngsters realise how odd it would be to get Anjali out and talk to her alone!! After exchanging pleasantries and giving a dull excuse for their visit, 

Anjali said, "Payal come we will sit in the garden and have tea, it is Chote's best place. I will show you the plants in the garden. I know your babu ji likes plants a lot..

Giving her a quick nod, both Payal and Shashi followed Anjali. Akash soon walked away on the pretext of a call, leaving Nani to ponder "Oh whatever is the  matter!!

Over a cup of tea, Babu ji told Anjali, "Beti, What has been going on is not good and only you know how terrible it is for you. We can only imagine if we were in your condition, but being in it is different. But being in a fathers position, I can understand how grave the matter is for you. I am like your father. "

Payal held Anjali's hand tight giving her some moral support. Shashi continued, "Akash has told me about your decision. I know you have thought very carefully but, keep this in your mind, your brothers will never do anything against you and you very well know that they will always be there to support you. Beti, It is easy to be under the impression that nothing is wrong and go about life ignoring reality."

Anjali looked at Shashi blankly. He continued, "How many women do that, especially in our society, overlooking their men's philandering nature, only because their life is going on smoothly and easily. They don't want to be the talk of town, or be in any controversy, pretending life is very rosy. It is slow death, they die a little every day. By betraying themselves they betray their near and dear ones, and for whom are they doing this, for someone who does not deserve their love. End of the day, they will not be able to face themselves and start to hate them self as well. Don't loose your self respect in this journey of yours. Live your life Beti for the people who love you. Devi maiyyas blessings will always be on you. You are lucky because there are no children involved, many women do not have a choice then, because of children,.. If you want to talk to your Nani, tell her, she will guide you, She may be old fashioned, but she is a wise lady. I am always there if you need, just call and I will come, and you are always welcome dear..

After listening, Anjali quietly said, "Uncle, Shyam has said he would be here tomorrow, Please, I would want all of you here as well, though he will not know about it and I will confront him first, before Akash and Chote go about their plans...

Kushal, and now the Methtas too could never tire of seeing Khushis Antics. Garima was apologising for Khushis behaviour and was seen giving various reasons,.. "Seeing her brother has woken the child in her, her babu ji has spoiled her,... And of course, Buaji had to butt in with "as if this sanka devi acted like a grown up before . Kushal was enjoying their bickering and he had taken a liking to Buaji and her Nandkis**** just like his sister. He told her, "Buaji, come with me to London, I will show you your Nand kis****!! to see Buaji shy away saying "you are no less cheeky!!

The Mehtas were in deed surprised by Kushal's behaviour. He was always quite formal and now they saw how informal and free he was with the Guptas.

Reaching his office even early, Arnav waited for his secretary. After the troubled sleep because of the discussion with Akash and Aman in dealing Shyams issues, he was craving for a aaa well, what else, hot cup of coffee. All his mood went even sour, when watching the car park to check if she arrived, he noticed Khushi getting out of Karans car and his next thoughts were, "Why is she coming with Karan, what does it mean, he going all the way to pick Khushi so early in the morning to drop her off at office.. This girl aaargh..


ASR's anger bursts,, really not again?

Shyams showdown,. Honestly, I am sick of this fellow

Not sure if I have done justice to Shashis speach, I wanted to highlight the scores of women who dont have a choice and put up with men only for the sake of children!!

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chapter 29 (By Mimima1) (Thanked: 67 times)

Reaching his office even early, Arnav waited for his secretary. After the troubled sleep because of the discussion with Akash and Aman in dealing Shyams issues, he was craving for a aaa well, what else, hot cup of coffee. All his mood went even sour, when watching the car park to check if she arrived, he noticed Khushi getting out of Karans car and his next thoughts were, "Why is she coming with Karan, what does it mean, he going all the way to pick Khushi so early in the morning to drop her off at office.. This girl aaargh..

Knowing very well how much he likes to start with a hot cuppa, Khushi knocked holding the files needed, hot mug in her hand and of course her fabric bag hung round her shoulders. Already angry since he saw her with Karan, and thinking what took her this long, Arnav opened the door with such force that the mug shook spilling some hot coffee on her hands. "Aaah Khushi hissed trying to control the pain and still hold the mug. 

Overcome with sudden concern, he immediately took the mug from her hands, kept it on the table and grabbed her hand and dragged her to the pantry. Placing her hand below the tap, he let the cold water run. Relief took over her. Seeing the red patch on her skin, he did the best thing he could do. Shout. "Can't you be careful? Who asked you to bring the coffee and that too so hot. Look at your hands. He shouted blowing her hands in between. 

Khushi head was spinning with confusing emotions,... one her hands that was burning, two, his concern, and finally three, his shouting. 

But before she could react, he got the first aid box in the pantry and started applying the soothing balm for burns. As if applying balm to a child, forgetting his anger, in his husky voice he said, "It is a good thing it is not too much, otherwise the skin can scald, just look how red it has become. Her heart went dhak dhak.. dhak dhak looking at the way he was applying. Then looking at him confused with the change in his reactions, she pulled her hands,..

Not liking the way she pulled, he was confused and enraged at the same time, "Just look at those burns, you have no sense do you? And you are not letting me put the cream..  and now, she was no less, and she matched his shouting, Why do you care? What ever happens, it is my hands. I will do it myself.

"Yeah that's right. You will do it. You would have let karan do all this isn't it? Looking at how clumsy you are, You are a walking disaster. You should have asked him to stay over and look after you through out the day.. If he can come to drop you so early in the morning, ask him to stay as well!!

Before Khushi could give him back aptly, their tirade of words ended, when the kitchen door opened and in walked Manju aunty, kitchen staff. 

Seeing her, both gathered themselves and thought, "Oh, staff has just started to come... 

"Miss. Gupta, come to my cabin after you are done.. Handing over the cream tube, he marched out. Manju aunty walked over to Khushi and took the cream thinking. "Why is he always angry on that poor girl? But why was he having the cream? Wait, was he applying this? Really? Hey bhagavan, I cant understand.

Khushi too watched him go and as soon as he disappeared out of the door, exclaimed, "Laad governor, Raakshas hai woh, raakshas (He is a demon) wont let me live in peace, not bothering she was speaking out loud in front of her Manju aunty. Hearing Khushi's voice, Arnav paused outside the door, then walked away.

"Yeah I will allow Karan, or anybody, why is he bothered. At least Karan talks to me so nicely, does not shout at me all the time, let him ask again, I will give him a piece of my mind she thought getting irritated with his behaviour of taking Karan's name all the time.. 

However when Khushi returned to his cabin, he was a completely changed man. If there was any talk it was all work related. He knew he should not have shouted at her. He kept glancing at her hands which had turned red.

"Can you cancel all the meetings today. He asked once he finished.

Khushi immediately smiled thinking, "Arre wah, this Laad governor is going out,.. waah Khushi, happy times for you, and she mentally started to sing her favourite song, "aaj mausam hai suhana,.. Meeting cancel karne ke bahane, ..."

But she was brought out of her dreamland, when he said a little loud, "Ms Gupta, where are you, I asked you to call and cancel now. When she stood to make her way out, he said passing the intercom, "Do it from here

Getting the numbers from her diary, she called a few companies, then she was a bit hesitant when it was the Mehtas turn. Well anyway what could she do, she called. Only to hear the excited voice of Karan

"Khushi,.. how are you, already missing me,..  they could hear Karan cooing

Arnav gave her a sharp look and she could see smoke coming out. A thorough professional, she was, she spoke  

"Karan, Arnav sir wants to cancel the meet we were supposed to have. I will send updates when the next one will be.

Anyone could have guessed the sadness hearing Karan, "Oh, that's sad. I was planning on something.. anyways ok, do send me the updated time.  By the way, Kushal called, he has reached safely. I was anyway going to call you to tell.

Arnav could see the sudden change in  her expression. Khushi, knowing ASR was also listening, only said, "Ok, thanks for letting me know

As soon as she cut the call, he asked, "You did not tell me your brother left?

Not in any mood to fight, she replied in a sad tone "Yes he left by the early morning flight and being khushi, she cant give just that information, so she continued, "That's why we all went to Mehta uncles house for dinner last night and then I too accompanied them to the airport. And then early morning came straight from their house."

Now the cat was almost out of the bag, so he asked, "That's why Karan dropped you?

Now she was back to her senses and not wanting to answer anymore, "Sir, all meetings cancelled, shall I go and get on with the rest of the work?

Arnav could see she was sad, when Khushi made her way to the door, he called, "By the way Ms Gupta, Di was asking me that your brother had called her to check if someone by name Laad governor or Rakshas has been troubling you in the office. 

He immediately saw her mouth turn into O, he continued, You can assure him there will be more trouble he smirked and repeated, "plenty...  

And just as her hands had turned red, her face went red thinking "Hey Devi maiyya, what has baba done. Oh how she could die of embarrassment. So, she did the next best thing she could do other than talking, run from there...

After she had gone, Arnav wondered, "I cant believe it. I really cant believe it. What is it about her, making me go childish? I am having fun teasing this girl when more pressing matters need to be sorted,.. I just cant believe. Rather, I should be angry at her, because its because of her,..  before he wanted to think in those terms, he stopped himself, "no, I should not think, but what can I do, Di, maa please help me...

Arnav and Aman along with Payal and Akash had made the final arrangements of dealing with Shyam. Different plans were put in place, in case things turned sour. Shashi had warned against informing Buaji since Shyam would definitely get clue. Even Khushi was not informed since they did not want her to worry since Khushal would be leaving and both needed quality time rather than worries.

Here at RM, both Mami and Nani were ushered off to Mandir for a long prayer. "Ma, Nani you need to get blessings for all of us Akash had told them when he personally went to drop them "I will send Mohan the driver, give me a call ma. Mama being away was convenient. (Honestly, I had no clue what role mama had in Ipk. He was always on tour, hey ho, here too I have sent him away, though honestly do not mind him.. )

And even Buaji and Garima were at the same temple for the same pooja,.. Any well

Knowing Shyam never went to Arnavs study room, rest of the members were all present there with their mobiles silent, just as Payal wanted. And so he was surprised to find a quiet house, which would normally be filled with hello hai bye byes,.. 

When Anjali greeted him normally, the sweet slime giving a more slimier smile "Oh RS I missed you so much. Where are the rest of the people, I am missing hello hai bai bai, Nani ji ..

Without showing her discontent, she replied calmly, "They have gone to Mandir, you know, chote and Akash haven't come yet, I would have come with them, but since you were going to be coming I came in early, why don't you freshen up, I will serve tea..

Sipping tea, he exclaimed "Oh it was a long journey, Lucknow to Delhi, I am tired of this. 

Giving him a sharp look, Anjali asked, "I thought you said you went to Kanpur?

"Both are same, near by, anyway, you tell what fresh news you have here replied in his sweet voice.

Anjali trying hard to keep a broad mind, replied, "Oh, nothing much, really, oh yes now I remember, you know Khushi ji, I think her marriage is getting fixed and she could see the sudden change in his facial expressions.

This piece of information was in deed news to even all the people listening to their talk!! Payal and Arnav both gave a sharp look at Shashi, who only shrugged saying, he has no clue!! They did not know what Anjali had in her mind. 

Thinking it must be with him, the slime casually asked, "aaa really, you should not bother about such girls, I have told you before not to get too involved with such girls. I don't like it, Anjali could feel his irritation, but she continued, "Oh, common listen to who the boy is? You will be surprised

Now this got his ears straightened, he asked, "You know him? but she continued, "Of course I know him, I have been trying from so many days to match them!! giving him  a giggle, she said, "You know na, Karan, Mehta uncles son

Suddenly she heard the clinking of glass as the tea cup fell from his hands, "Oh sorry rani sahiba, sorry, my mind was somewhere, whom did you say 

"Oh Shaym ji it does not matter, leave it, I will get this sorted

"No no whom did you say? asked Shyam anxiously. 

"Its Karan, Karan Mehta she stressed. 

Seeing Shyam fidget and looking here and there, she innocently asked, "Is there any problem, why, you don't like it?

"Ah, why should I not like, just give me a minute, I will wash this, he soon went to kitchen to wash and Anjali could see him taking his phone out.

When he returned, she asked calmly, "Shyam ji few days before I saw at the court, how come, when you were supposed to be in Lucknow  

Trying to put on his best form, "RS, you must be missing me, that's why, But why did you go to court? I don't think you should be going out. Recently after joining work, you are not like how you used to be..

This was his first downfall in her eyes. She had seen, yes there was no doubt about it, instead of owning it up, he was refusing to acknowledge it, she again asked,

"Shyam ji I saw you there two days in a row, replied Anjali calmly. Being caught lying he was all angry and frustrated, "What do you mean, I was here all the time going to court, have you gone crazy, " he raised his voice.

Shocked at his behaviour, Anjali thought, "Ok, now he is fully tensed, before he can get back to his normal sweet self, let me put another blow 

"No no Shyam ji, Payal was also with me at that time and guess what, you wont believe it, she told that it was you who was staying in their house as a paying guest

Already angry at being caught, he thought he can best keep her shut by blasting, "See I told you not to get involved with these cheap girls from the beginning, but you never listened. Those girls can do anything. Ask your chote, first it was Khushi who was trying to trap him, now, this new Payal who is trying to put a black mark on me, how dare they. And don't you have any trust on me, how could you listen to them? Never having seen him angry or talking this nasty Anjali was taken aback.

Payal was going red with anger, while Arnav did have a moment of regret when Payal, Aman, Shashi and Akash looked at him when he was mentioned.

"But I know that they do have a PG who is also called Shyam, who is also a lawyer, and who also keeps visiting clients for days together and who will soon be buying a house in Kanpur so he can get married to Khushi and settle there. Anjali blurted out all she knew.

Trying to play her emotionally, "See Rani Sahiba, I don't even know these people. It pains to think you don't trust your husband. Your Devi maiyya will never be happy with you. All the vrat we both keep, is it all for this?

"Sorry Shyam ji, it is not that I don't trust you, but she said it with so much confidence, even I had a doubt. Sorry really. You know what, it is best to call them when you are here and clarify. Wait let me call. Somewhere along the line, she had started to doubt him, now this confirmed it in her mind. She took her phone, but Shyam said, "If you don't have trust in me, then call them and put his hand forward to take the phone.

"Yes Shyam ji, I want to show those girls what my husband is, give me the phone I will call.

 "RS, there is no need to ask, you will not talk to any of those cheap girls, don't you have trust in me?. He started to walk away  but halted and froze as if he had seen a ghost.

"Now I think we should go and clear this mess everyone listening seemed to say so, and nodding at each other, Payal and Shashi entered. Shyam looked here and there, confused as to where he was when Shashi asked. "Shyam you here? and Payal echoed, "Shyam ji what are you doing in RM.

Shyam looked at Anjali helpless who was standing with a blank face. Him trying to overlook her doubts had now his expressions convinced her of his treacherous acts. She did not need any more proofs.

"How dare you pose yourself as a bachelor and propose to marry my daughter? demanded Shashi.

Still trying to save his skin, "Rani sahiba, don't believe them, you know how these low class people are. 

They will stoop to any level to get a hands on the Raizada money.

Anjali asked, "What have you been doing in Kanpur, trying to buy a house in Khushi's name, and where is all the money from the joint account going to?

"No no, they are forcing me into it, ask their Buaji, she is the one who is forcing me he tried to hide, but Anjali's tirade of questions stopped him. "You just told me you don't know any of them. How do you even know they have a Buaji. Did you even once tell them you are married? Did you tell them you were an orphan trying to settle down? Did you not cheat both families all the while staying in the same city? "

Shyam was about to sit down but was soon froze again to see Arnav, Akash and Aman walk by. Arnav had his fists tight and before anyone could blink, Shyam was struggling to get up from the floor with Arnav punching him blow after blow. Only when Akash and Aman pulled him, did he come to his senses and hissed "How dare you? How dare you.

Through all this Anjali never bothered to stop her brother. Then giving Aman a stern look, "Get those papers signed and you all decide what needs to be done with this **** 

While walking she paused to hear "I will not sign any paper, Rani sahiba they are all plotting against me!! Listen to me.. She then came out with the report and threw it on his face. "See all this and tell me which one is a lie. Saying so, she marched away to her room

 ((Phew is that too much from Anjali?? I am feeling a bit too dramatic today. I don't care really!! Enough of this slime ball, what say. Also, I don't want to go down the route of describing all his dealings and wrong doings, I will leave it to you readers to imagine the worst ever crimes, as if trying to marry again is not enough!!)

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