Devi Maiyyas Wish

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chapter 41 (By Mimima1) (Thanked: 46 times)

Chapter 41

Seeing his family laugh heartily gave him a satisfaction beyond description. ASR saw how his di was enjoying to her fullest arranging all the post wedding games held at RM. However there was something missing.. or was it someone..

"Akash, you better search for the ring fast otherwise you know what my state is bitwa Mama told Akash among angry glares of Mami and peels of laughter from NK, Nani and Anjali while Akash was trying to search for the ring frantically. However, Payal quietly held her hand up with the ring smiling. 

"Oh we need to hab (have)  best of three then, hello hai. My sons should bin (win) shouted Mami not liking her son loosing in er well almost all the games. 

"That's cheating shouted ASR surprising everyone. "Well if she has won, then done.. I think they are all tired, we should all retire.. ASR tried to distract. 

"Yes di, lets finish all this, I am too tired.. opined Akash too, but soon turned red with embarrassment when he heard roaring laughter. Obviously he had not realised what was to come after all this..


"Amma, where are all the gift packs. Jiji will be here soon, I have loads to talk to her. Let us get everything ready before she comes... " Khushi shouted getting ready to spend the next 2 days with her sister and then both would go their own way, Payal going on her honeymoon and Khushi leaving to Lucknow.. 

Not very happy to part with his wife, Akash dropped Payal at Gupta house reluctantly. The family had hardly relaxed over the last few weeks because of the wedding preparations. However, today with no worries or tension all sat together like old times and enjoyed the day. Even took time to visit the temple. After all without their Devi Maiyyas blessings, nothing was possible.

The scene was different at RM. Somebody was restless and eagerly waiting at RM. "Di, what time is Payal coming? was the question frequently asked. No no it was not Akash, but ASR.. 

"Chote, I think it is better you go to office instead of eating my head. This is the 4th time I am telling you. I told you in the evening. By the way, why do you want to know? Akash has gone to pick up Payal, so they will be here soon..

"Di, it was you all who told me to take a few days of before and after wedding. Ok, I am going to office then,. Saying so he went off, while Anjali kept saying, "Arrey baba, I was only making fun, sorry.."

He had only opened the door, when Akash walked in with Payal and Khushi. 

"Bhai, are you going somewhere? 

"Er, No Akash, Was everything ok Payal he asked looking at Payal

Payal nodded. Both Payal and Akash walked in leaving behind Khushi who was fidgeting with the pallu (loose end of the saree ) of her saree. She was indeed wearing the same red saree he had chosen. Mesmerised, he stood, watching her until she shyly said "Ji namaste folding her arms.

"Hi he whispered, when NK came rushing to the door, "Khushi ji... you have come, you have made my day.. come in, we can have loads of fun. I have been waiting for you since morning. By the way, you know, you are looking so beautiful in this saree...

"This monkey has to interfere!!! glared ASR and walked away..

Family dinner was a grand affair with Khushi, NK and a new member of the family. Anjali had suggested watching a movie then all sat discussing the wedding, guests, basically anything their mind came across. Arnav kept watching Khushi, couldn't  take his eyes off. 

"Khushi ji, you know don't you I will, be coming to Lucknow and you will have to show me all the best places to see and eat " NK spoke casually. 

"Yes Nanne ji, anytime, just give me a call, I will see my class timings and we can go. Khushi gladly agreed, 

"Oh sure Khushi ji, it wont be anytime before 2 weeks, because I will be in Rajasthan for nearly 10 days, then I am back in Delhi, then I am planning to come to Lucknow NK would have probably given his itinerary if Nani had not asked, "So Khushi bitiya, what are the immediate plans?

Khushi politely replied, "Nani ji, When Babuji and Kushal went to Lucknow to invite for the wedding they have also booked a house for rent. So Amma, Babu ji and Buaji all are coming along with us to help me first few days. We still have some stuff in our old house, all those things will be sorted. But, they will be back before Payal comes back. Khushi pouted at Payal Because Payal jiji was cross when she heard we were all going to Lucknow without her 

Finally Anjali asked, "Payal ji, Khushi ji, your sarees is really beautiful. Perfect colour for both of you. Where did you buy, and Khushi ji those accessories are perfect for it.."

Payal answered "Anjali ji, Arnav ji sent them across before the wedding. Haan ( Yes ) Khushi, where did you buy the accessories?

Thinking of all possible way to not mention they came along with the saree, Khushi gave a sigh thinking "How clever, when she heard "Di, what are the plans for tomorrow by the way, Akash what time is your flight? What time shall I ask Mohan (driver) to come? 

"Even Arnav ji does not want to reveal probably, she thought. "But why? What is the meaning of all this. On one hand he is calling me all names telling me all these mean nothing to him, and on the other he be doing all this? Has he no clue how anyone can mistake these actions? It is best to get away from all this..  just two more days, Devi Maiyya when will I see all of them again Her chain of thoughts were broken when Anjali loudly said,

"Khushi ji, where are you lost? Are you ok? We were discussing about tomorrows plans. Shall we go to that temple near the airport.. aaa, which one is that, she hesitated thinking really hard, 

"Di is it Lotus temple? NK asked, 

"Yes that's it, we can visit after dropping them, then we can go out and have dinner, girls night out!! What say.. Khushi ji" Anjali suggested...

"Di Thats not fair. Why have you dropped me, what shall I do at home? " pouted NK, 

"Haan Anjali bitiya, what shall we all do, you asked Chote also to take leave Mami chimed

Soon enough, as was the trend of RM, all joined in, making it a family day out. ASR only too happy thanked Mami in his head as he did not want that NK to go along with Khushi!!! Now, he could keep an eye on that NK monkey...

Akash gave an even bigger sigh, "Thank God they did not ask me to cancel my honeymoon and go with them... You never  know with my eccentric family anything is possible.. thinking so, he stood up  saying, "I think I need to do some last minute packing...

Day out in Delhi, after dropping the newly weds at the airport, was an memorable experience for the whole family. Khushi tried her best to forget about the one person whose eyes followed her all the time and enjoyed her time with Anjali. She did not want to make any assumptions. Probably all this meant nothing for some!!!

Anjali made Khushi feel at home. After speaking late into night, obviously discussing important matters...  

Standing at the door with his arms crossed across his chest, Arnav watched the three ladies chatting gloriously. Khushi in her old night kurta looking radiant, Anjali in her night dress without her exotic sarees and jewellery. Nani as usual in her simple yet elegant saree. Three most important ladies in his life. That something or someone missing earlier was now complete. Arnav felt the missing piece in the puzzle was now complete. How well she blended into the family. The scene in front of him was etched in his heart for a long time to come..

His chain of thoughts were broken when Anjali spoke, "Chote, you here, have you not gone to bed yet? He saw khushi fidgeting on the bed, probably feeling conscious in her night kurta. She looked beautiful and ever so homely in it, with her hair tied in a loose bun, almost ready to go to bed..

"You are all still awake... what is so important, it is nearly midnight.. Arnav came into his Nani's room.

Anjali asked, "Chote, you know Khushiji is going tomorrow, so we were all casually chatting,.. You also join in Chote. Why were you awake..  

"Di I was looking into a deal,.. I was going to the kitchen to get a and he looked at Khushi "coffee he said...

Nani spoke, "Chote, at this time?

"Nani, I have not been to office, need to look into some issues

"Arnav ji, let me get you... Khushi eagerly got up, Nani and Anjali exchanged looks of "I knew it

Nani was in a fix. She had high hopes of getting Khushi bitiya also into her household, but her grandson was not taking things any further. And he was letting her go as well. So she tried,

 "Anjali bitiya, do you think I should talk to Shashi? Arnav's ears popped up, while Anjali questioned with a blank expression, "about what Nani?

"Remember I was telling you, I want Khushi bitiya in our household? If we let her go, soon her family will fix her wedding. Or what if she starts liking someone in Lucknow? No No I don't want that to happen. hence if I tell them now to tell us when she is ready, then we take the matter further. NK and Khushi get along very well. What do you think?

"Nani you are a genius. I think that is a wise suggestion. I would love to have her as my Bhabhi.. NK and Khushi ji

"What nonsense, It looks like you two don't have anything, you should go to sleep, always Khushi's marriage, why don't you all leave her alone... And that too with NK.. yeah right.. he spoke irritated.

"Not us Chote, but everybody else is, we know how her buaji is keen, then when a good alliance comes by, the girls parents somehow manage to convince the girl, and Khushi bitiya is that kind who would close her eyes and agree to marry to whoever her Babuji asks her. And what is wrong with her and NK? You see, with Payal's marriage finished, the next thing we will soon here is Khushi bitiyas marriage fixed. You wont understand this.. Go and do your work. By the way, if you also had a wife, you would not be working like this. Nani chided..

"Nani, marriage is not the solution for everything.. hissed Arnav, anger beginning to rise..

"Chote it is for the rest of the world, not you.. Ok ok baba, go now, Nani and I will discuss, why should it matter to you she turned towards Nani to discuss this matter further. "Good night Chote she said aloud seeing him storm out.  Knowing her brothers anger Anjali interrupted not wanting to have an argument in the middle of the night. 

When Khushi returned with coffee, Anjali and Nani were preparing to retire "Oh, I thought he was here, I will give him the coffee and . " she saw they were tired and said, "Anyway, Good night Nani ji, Anjali ji Khushi went off to the lions den to hand him the coffee.

His bile rose imagining Khushi getting married to NK. All work and sleep forgotten, he was pacing in his room when she arrived with his coffee. When the coffee was safe on the table, he held both her shoulders and asked, "Are you interested in this marriage? When the matter is of Khushi all his logic and reasoning flew away. He had no clue she was unaware of all the conversation that has been taking place behind her back.

Oh oh.. what is the meaning of this? What was happening? Holding her by her shoulders and asking about marriage? What marriage, whose marriage. For a moment she literally thought of touching his forehead to make sure he was not having any convulsions. Blinking away her confusion, she spoke 

"You know Arnav ji, my buaji calls me sanka devi, and it is late midnight. You wanted coffee. You must be sleepy, and I am too. Please can I go? I feel I am hearing nonsense..

Realising what he was doing, and what he had asked, he let her go. She left him and turned to go with a "Good night Arnav ji, then turning back near the door, she said, 

"From now on you don't have to worry, Once I am gone, there will be nobody to bother you and you wont get irritated. Sorry for being a pest until now, you take good care of your health Arnav ji. and she ran to her room, she knew if she stood to say a proper good bye, her eyes would give away...

Arnav stood mortified hearing her. "this can't be the end? How can you go Khushi? he thought. While whispering "Khushi...

"Hey Devi Maiyya, was I really hearing things or was he really talking of marriage? What has got on to him? Am I interested in this marriage? Which, whose marriage? Thank God I am going tomorrow.. I am fed up of marriage. Why can't they understand I don't want to get married. and quietly, she whispered, "I can't get married.. My heart is not in it.. Devi Maiyya give me courage and show the right way, I don't want to cause anybody any trouble, no not my Babuji, or amma or even buaji.

Finally the day did arrive, the Raizada's had personally gone to drop Khushi and say their good byes. Hugging Anjali with tears, Khushi spoke, "Anjali ji thank you so much for everything. Please look after yourself. Sorry  because of me you had to go through all the troubles..

Holding her shoulders, Anjali spoke firmly, "Khushi ji, it has nothing to do with you, get that out of your head. Now don't you see I am so happy, honestly I have never been this happy before. I need to thank you for coming into our lives, or should I say falling like an angel into our lives .. and she looked at Arnav who turned away to hide his emotions.

The Mehtas too arrived with Kushal's stuff, to say their good byes. Priti chided, "Khushi, what about all your boyfriends.. to get a gasp from Buaji, Garima, Nani and Anjali...

"Oh.. Khushi said making a sad pout, "I broke up with all of them!! But you can see they will be here any moment, to give me flowers and of course my kisses 

And sure enough there came her little boyfriends with a bunch of flowers and giving her loads of kisses..

In spite of all the cheerfulness she displayed, all knew Khushi was feeling sad to go..

Arnav stood aside. Watching. Khushi couldn't help stealing sad glances at him. He did not want her to go, but how can he stop her. What has he got to offer, to make her stop. He had to think of a way to get her back.. How...

As the cars moved away, Arnav thought his life was going away.. he felt an unbearable pain,.. he was immediately taken back in time when his di had mentioned, "You will know chote, you will, one day, you will feel your breath will stop when you see her go..

He felt a distinct, awful pain when you love someone more than they love you, he had never experienced this pain. What if his Nani's words became true.. Would he be able to survive?? 

Khushi felt a lump in her throat.. She thought she would die. If only he knew how I felt, "Devi maiyya.. please help me...


When will they meet? Under what circumstances..

Will he be able to express his feelings??

May 17

chapter 42 (By Mimima1) (Thanked: 64 times)

Here is the next chapter, hope you all enjoy reading. Please comment!!

Now almost everyone had started to get bored.. Buaji as usual was chatting all the way. But the journey to Lucknow was unusually quiet for Khushi, who pretending to sleep through it and far away from all the talks.. 

Buaji remarked, "aey sanka devi, you must be happy, you are getting back to your old life now!! Hey re nandkis****, hope everything will be alright now, with Kushal also there I hope there won't be any problems 

Thinking of the conversation he had had with ASR, Kushal reassured them, " Buaji you don't worry, everything has been taken care of


"No, you can't do that, I don't want any security for her This was the probably the 100th time Kushal was refusing the offer. Getting frustrated with his insistent behaviour, "ASR I told you I am there to look after her..

Something in him was not letting him go. ASR spoke again but more politely, "Kushal, I am sorry for what I have done. But it is the matter of Khushi, and my previous actions have caused great havoc in her life. Please let me do this, well may be at least in the beginning few weeks, then we can see how things go..

Finally Kushal gave up "OK then, but I am really not so keen on somebody following her all the time

"Kushal neither am I too keen for it, so let's see if everything is safe, then we can see.. By the way these are top security people I am employing.. ASR tried to reassure, 

"Give me their details. Let me take talk to them and before Kushal could continue, ASR inturrupted "Kushal please, let me do this. Please "

After agreeing to have security guards to ensure Khushi's safety in Lucknow, ASR spoke "Kushal thanks for agreeing, because I would have still gone ahead and done it. You don't know her " Arnavs mind was far away now in a reverie,  "she is a walking menace. Either she is walking into trouble or she is already in some trouble. But she is very innocent, very innocent ..and c  

Realising he was about to say cute, he shook his head, saying,   "I would have probably done it even without asking, but that would mean intruding into her privacy which is why I wanted to keep you in the loop. Honestly, just for a few weeks, then we can take them off

"You cheek, you pleaded, apologised, and now you are saying this!! But you know she will not agree if she comes to know about it... Kushal remarked..

"You bet, and especially if I were to tell her.., she ASR replied.. thinking of all the times she had said, "I can do it, I don't need your help...

Suddenly, ASR remarked, "Your sister is quiet feisty Kushal. Honestly, she has given me a tough time   Only after the words had come out did he realise what he was speaking.. Wonder what came over me!! He thought 

Flashback End

Unaware of her niece closing her eyes, Buaji kept talking. However streams of tears flowing down his sisters eyes while she was asleep did not go unnoticed raising his concerns, "Was there something that was bothering my little choti, does she not want to leave Delhi?.. He tried to connect the dots...

His thoughts went back to ASR.. He recalled ASR's constant visits  while Khushi was in London. Never in his life had Kushal seen this soft, polite ASR. Apologising and pleading for Khushi's safety. Is this really ASR, he thought. Is there anything more to it? But again he is guilty of his actions, hence the concern.. But then what about all the remarks he made of Khushi??

Khushi pretended to be asleep. Images of Arnav standing aside, with his arms crossed across his chest and watching her say bye to all her friends kept running in her head. She could still hear his husky whisper "Khushi, take care...  please when she had said "namaste to him. His voice was soft, almost fragile, as if it would break any minute, just like her heart. Perhaps her heart was already broken..

She shut her eyes so that she could see him atleast in her imagination. Nobody could take that away from her, not even her Arnav ji. But soon, the pain in her chest was too unbearable and tears flowed even without her knowledge. 

(Guys, namaste can be said even while saying bye)

Scene in Delhi was not very pleasant either. Late midnight, Anjali was seen pacing up and down her room making frantic calls to her brother only to receive an answering machine.. With Aman being away on a business trip to Mumbai, she was in a fix. Probably her 100th call to her brother when she decided she would tell her mama to look for Arnav. 

Just then she got the much awaited call "Di, sorry, I could not take your call. I was stuck in the office, I will come home now..

Her blood boiled, anger  rose within her and she blasted, "What is the meaning of this? Do you know how many times I have tried. What do you mean stuck? Where is your phone? It kept ringing and redirecting to answering machine. What are you doing?

"Di sorry sorry, I dozed off and did not hear

"Dozed off? Anjali asked surprised... Sudden realisation hit her. "Wait a minute, have you taken your medicine?

"Di, I will come home and talk.. ASR tried to change the topic, but being his sister, she knew now what had happened.

"Chote, stay where you are, don't you dare drive. I know you were probably lying unconscious in the office. I will send Mohan

The more he had tried to push her thoughts away from his head, she kept coming constantly. How she fell into his arms, so loving, tender, yet so feisty and wild, a feeling he had never experienced. Smile rose on his face thinking of her smile, laugh. His face sunk seeing her sad face while leaving, all come in front of his eyes as if she was real. Medicines forgotten, work forgotten and food forgotten, he had drifted off to sleep, but woke up every now and then in a delirious state. He had no strength to go home. With Khushi having stayed at RM the last two days it was even more unbearable to return to his house.

Sensing something was amiss, Khushi had called Anjali on the pretext of asking if Payal had called. "Yes Khushi ji, Payal had called, both fine and having a good time. She said she could not reach you. 

However Khushi insisted "Anjali ji is everybody else alright?

"Yes yes everybody else is fine Khushi, we are already missing you Anjali had replied 

Khushi was acting like a fish out of water, restless and hypersensitive. She knew something was a problem with Arnav. On the pretext of letting Anjali know they reached, she had called again. 

"Yes Anjali ji, there was no problem, we have reached safely. The network should be fine now, let 

Payal jiji know as well. By the way Anjali ji, are you all ok, everybody else..

Feeling odd at her question, but none the less, Anjali had replied, "Yes Khushi ji... "


Visits and dinners ruled both house hold the next few days. Payal and Akash's return got back some Khushi (happiness) to the house which Khushi had taken along with her. Even though ASR took great care to make her feel at home, Payal thought he had become more angry and more grumpy if that was even possible... Tradition being to invite the newly weds by close relatives and friends, Payal gelled well into the new family. They glowed in their new found happiness. Mami was often seen removing evil eyes from her son and daughter-in-law,... 

Mami did wonder what was all the fuss about before marriage!! Hello hai bai bai...

It was a similar situation for the Gupta's too. The Mehtas side of relatives wanted to see Khushi and of course old friends of Gupta's wanted to see Kushal. The visits were minimised to very few with Khushi falling ill with fever frequently. Buaji and Garima wondered "This is no new place for her? Why  is she falling ill so frequently.. I know, She is not eating too well, see you have become a stick" they complained to hear Shashi and Kushal chuckling. 

How the week passed in a jiffy and they were already bidding good byes to Shashi, Garima and Buaji.. but of course, only after taking a promise from Buaji she would come and stay for a few weeks with them.. Shashi spoke in a concerned voice, "Bitiya, you seem to have lost some weight and not eating properly.. if your fever had not settled down, we would have taken you back to Delhi with us

Arnav had turned into ASR mode. More ruthless and more irritated which didn't go unnoticed by Aman, Anjali, Nani. What could they do.. It is him who needs to take a decision.. all knew the cause of his irritation. But  they did not want to push him.. They felt this separation was needed for him to know Khushi is not always available at his service. She too has a life.  

And she did. Though Khushi had tried her best to move on in her life, pain was unbearable still, too raw yet. She wished she could at least hear him when she called Payal, but no luck.. Probably it was for the better she thought.. But with each passing day, turning to weeks, she felt she must be happy and bubbly like the old Khushi... Chal Khushi, lets get the fresh Lucknowi air into your system... she told herself.. With college and course work, she did get busy.. and forget .. And true to her name, she became happy for the sake of others... but, only to remember every night and dream about the chocolate brown eyes... Could she ever move on... 

Family dinners were a grand affair with mami ordering her bahu (daughter-in-law) to make a variety of dishes and true to Khushi's words Payal was an excellent cook.

One day, they were all taken by surprise when Arnav remarked though quite dreamily, "You know Payal, Khushi was right. She said we would get the best food ". This man who hardly spoke nowadays was recalling Khushi's words and indirectly praising Payal. Feeling uncomfortable, Payal replied, "Arnav ji, I learnt this off from Khushi itself, nobody can beat her in certain dishes

"Yeah  right, like jelebis Anjali interrupted and asked  "By the way how is her college. How is she..? I must give her a thrashing. She never calls us. She only speaks to you!! "

This was exactly what the great ASR wanted to know and hence he had taken her name. One month and not a single information about her. He was dying to know about her.. It was as if she had disappeared from his life. Anjali and Nani did not mention anything about her, Why should they? Payal didn't think it was necessary to tell him and he did not have the courage to call her in spite of dialling her number everyday, but never pressing the call button. 

Even Kushal never spoke about her when the issue of removing the securing guards was discussed. It was a relief Khushi was safe without any issues. But he wanted to know about her. Whom could he ask..

His ears were alert, listening to Payal "She is ok Anjali ji. Amma was saying somehow Lucknow is not suiting her. She keeps falling ill frequently. Getting busy day by day.

"Why, she has lived there all her life, why should it not suit her chimed Mami. 

"Don't know Maaji, that's why Babuji is worried. Buaji says she has stopped eating like how she used to before and she will fly away one day. You know how Buaji is, she would always complain about Khushi eating for 3 people and still being a  stick!! she laughed and continued

"Babuji has told her they will seriously start looking for an alliance after her birthday and she has finally agreed now. Only few days for her birthday, I hope she also settles soon.. "

Unknowingly, Arnav dropped his spoon making a loud noise.  He apologised seeing them all staring at him. He wanted to leave and go, but did not want to miss anything more important. Taking a glass of water, waited for the conversation to continue.

"Khushi bitiya agreed for marriage? Nani asked but her mind was away. 

"Haan Naani ji. She only agreed because Babuji told her. But she has told she will complete her course before any wedding if at all. She does not want to leave it half way and Babuji agreed too. Payal replied politely to Nani.

"Why what happened to Babuji? " Anjali asked concerned.

"Nothing to worry, but he has had high blood pressure since a very long time and previously had some heart problems as well. Payal replied 

"When is her Birthday? May be a visit to Lucknow is due for us. What say Nani? Payal ji don't tell her anything. Lets think about it. Payal ji, Akash you can also have a good time in Lucknow.. Anjali was all excited by now, then she gave a hopeless look at Arnav 

"Chote, don't worry, I will not force you, I know you will not be interested in all this stuff. We will be gone only a few days. You stay back. As it is you are hardly home now a days, always in the office.

Little did she know, he was not able to concentrate at home or in office. Little did she know her brother hardly slept...  Little did she know he was dying to go with them, perhaps more than them. 

Mami was sooper excited. "Anjali bitiya, it has been such a long time, I also want to come too. Last time you did not take me..  

The sudden turn of events was a surprise to Payal. She needed some time for the idea to settle and to give it a thought. It was  indeed a good idea to visit Lucknow and surprise Khushi on her birthday.. Khushi would love it.

It was while all were sat still discussing, the land line phone rang. Let me see it, said Arnav. 

"Hello is all he said, and he knew. He could sense her. Khushi heard him for the first time after what seemed like eons..

 She stood up, she held the phone with both hands to make sure she heard right.

  She could feel the lump in her throat but she managed a 

 "A a Arnav ji...

  her voice was hoarse and brittle, as if she was going to cry any moment. 

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Chapter 43 (By Mimima1) (Thanked: 56 times)

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"Hello is all he said, and he knew. He could sense her. Khushi heard him for the first time after what seemed like eons.. She stood up, she held the phone with both hands to make sure she heard right.  She could feel the lump in her throat but she managed a  "A a Arnav ji...  her voice was hoarse and brittle, as if she was going to cry any moment. 

Time stood still...

Nobody spoke a word. ...

Cherishing the fact they were at each others end.. 

They could hear each other hearts beating loud. Moments passed and the next thing he heard was a thud and the line went dead.. "KHUSHI he shouted, and sat with a thump on the sofa with the phone forgotten on the floor. With palms covering his face, fear gripped over him.

What has happened to her? The agony was a torture and at that moment he thought, I should not have let her go at all, that girl cannot look after herself.. I did a mistake.. I did a mistake.. I just hope she is ok.. 

Unknown to the fact the whole family was stood gaping at him thinking.. "What is going on, why on earth did he shout Khushi he quickly dialled Kushal's number.. 

"Kushal Where is Khushi? what happened to Khushi? Is she ok? Arnav fired questions one after the other even before Kushal could say hello,..

"Woh woh woh... chill ASR, what's happening? Kushal replied coolly 

Arnav replied in a stern voice gritting his teeth, "Kushal where is Khushi?

"Well she must be downstairs.. we just finished dinner, she wanted to do some of her course work and I came up to my room, I wanted to see the last episode of top gear series (famous car show). She must be down, I will go and check,.. just a min Kushal got out of his bed, annoyed at being disturbed while  watching his favourite series.

However what he saw took the breath out of him, "ASR will call you back and quickly cut the line.

"Arnav ji what happened? What happened to Khushi? " Payal was quite concerned by now.. 

"Its all my fault.. She cannot take care. Arnav kept blabbering

"Chote calm down, what happened? What are you talking? Who called? Anjali asked concerned.

"Di it was Khushi, I don't know what happened, but something has happened to Khushi. " checking his time again, "Now this Kushal, he is not answering or calling, I asked him to check on her, but he said he will call later and hung up. I am sure something is wrong. Arnav again started to get agitated. He kept checking his phone. "Payal get your phone, answer as soon as Kushal calls

The wait was traumatic. Each passing moment he felt he was loosing his life.  all sat around on the sofa waiting for the call. ASR had never thought he would be worried for someone like this. It was not even his Di, Nani or any family member.. Now, it was  his second visit to all Khushi's Devi maiyyas temples in his head, begging her to keep Khushi well. I hope she is fine, I hope she is fine, his mind kept chanting the same lines over and over... 

After about half an hour, finally, Kushal called. Immediately picking the  call "How is Khushi? ASR asked

"Nothing to worry ASR, she is fine now. She is in the hospital. Thanks for calling me.

"Kushal what happened to her? 

"Not sure exactly what happened, but when I saw her she was lying in a pool of blood near her head. I think she has fainted and hit the corner of the coffee table and there was a bit of blood, I got very concerned and got her to the nearest doc here. They said she is fine, nothing of concern. Was she talking to you? Kushal explained.

"Is she conscious? ASR 

"No she is still asleep. Thanks for calling.  Kushal knew not to probe,.. 

Relieved, he gave a long sigh.. "Ok, thanks Kushal, Payal wants to talk to you handing over the phone to Payal, he sat down. 

Anjali was next to him holding his hand reassuring. "Chote, can you explain what happened?

"Di Khushi called here, but even before we spoke, I heard a thud and the next thing the phone went dead. So I called Kushal. He had no idea and was watching tv when I told him. So when he went to check, he saw her lying on the floor with blood. "

All gasped listening to him. "Khushi, blood.. how is she now Nani repeated

"Nani Kushal took her to the hospital, docs have told she is alright he thinks she must have fainted and hit the table while falling..

Standing up and going towards his room, "Di, I have some work, I need to go and strode off the steps, taking two a time, as if nothing had happened while texting Kushal "Please keep me updated and called his most efficient employee...

Now, this was no rocket science for Kushal, "k he replied.. and wondered "All the visits,  all the concern , security guards was not for nothing.. he said looking at Khushi who was slowly waking..

Looking surprised at her surroundings,  Khushi asked, "Baba where are we? holding her bandaged head confused, she asked "I was talking and she went quiet thinking.

Tears rolled down her eyes as she thought, Since Payal had told her Nani was complaining she called RM to speak to Nani. For the first time after she had left Delhi she was hearing his voice. How she had yearned to hear that voice. 

But when she heard him unexpectedly after so many days, she felt her heart burst out with all the love that was buried deep within. She felt her heart beat again. She could feel the warmth and safety hearing him, she knew she loved this man, but to this extent, even she couldn't imagine. Not able to withstand the sudden rush of emotions along with her recent bouts of illness, she fainted and as rightly guessed hit the corner of the table. 

Realising she was talking to Kushal and crying, she turned her head away pretending to be asleep while thinking, "Hey Devi maiyya, why him of all the people in the world? Why did I have to love him, who probably hates me, does not think an iota of goodness in me? Thinks I have just been lucky to be his relative.. When I am trying hard to be away from him, not talk to him why do you make us meet? I was happy, trying to take things as they come. Why why, Can I ever move on Devi maiyya?

"Khushi she turned looking puzzled hearing Kushal's serious tone 

"ASR called, He was going to continue, when she said, "Baba,  I am too tired, I want to sleep, it hurts...

Little did she want to say it hurts to hear about him, it hurts to talk about him, which will only make her heart bleed more... it hurts terribly..

Feeling tired by all the crying and thinking, along with the effect of medicines, Khushi dozed off until late morning, when she felt "Dhak dhak.. dhak dhak.. Clutching her heart tight, eyes still closed, "Arnav ji she said aloud, catching Kushal's attention who was sat checking his messages on his phone... 

She soon woke up hearing Kushal's phone ringing the next day morning. "Babuji, I am fine, nothing to worry about. I don't know how it happened. "

"Khushi bitiya, we are worried about your health, why don't you come here for a few days?

"No no Babuji, I will not come there, please, please, I will look after myself from now on.. promise, I am fine, the doc said we could leave yesterday itself.. I can even go to college tomorrow.. Khushi spoke too soon. How can she go back to being close to him making it more difficult for her?

"You will not go anywhere for at least 2 days. Told Babuji sternly

No sooner had she hung up after speaking to Buaji and Amma, the phone rang again, this time from Payal. 

"Jiji, I am fine.. nothing to worry" which was soon snatched by Anjali, Nani and even Akash..

"Khushi ji, look after yourself, we are all worried" Akash told his sister-in-law

Kushal realised his sister has got a long list of well wishers  along with a tough man who does not leave any chance to know about her whereabouts.. 

"Khushi, shall we finish our breakfast and leave?" 


"Nani where has chote gone, he did not even go for his jog today.. Don't tell me he has already gone to office?" Anjali spoke well almost complaining.

"Anjali bitiya, Chote has gone out for a meeting for few days, it was late when he came last night to talk, but you were sleeping..." Nani spoke..

"What? When, where?" Anjali was all questions... 

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