Devi Maiyyas Wish

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Mar 28

Devi Maiyyas Wish (By Mimima1) (Thanked: 27 times)

Hi all, 

Hi dearies

This is my first creation of Arshi, been reading their stories for nearly 2 yrs and this thought has always been running at the back of my mind. 

I felt Khushis self respect was always at stake every time she had an encounter with the Raizadas...

Story starts right in the beginning when Khushi says she will go to Lucknow after the guest house incident. Few changes here and there..

Chapter 1

In RM, Arnav was getting ready for the launch of the calendar event and going through the presentation to make sure everything was just as according to his liking. Last but not the least was the  calendar itself. He was staring at Khushis photo..  "Hum Lucknow jaa rahe hai. Hamesha ke liye (I am going to Lucknow, never to come back)... khushi's words kept ringing in his head.

 Suddenly he thinks of the her resignation "bhaad mein jaaye aap , bhaad mien  jaaye aapke naukri (To hell with you and your job) and get very angry.

 I must stop thinking of that middle class chit of a girl..

Meanwhile all preparations were being made to go to Lucknow. Khushi, Payal and Buaji are not very happy with the idea but they have no choice. They were still worried if the video clip which was published would still be a danger to Khushi. As usual our Sanka devi starts making jilebis and says "Buaji hum aakhri baar yeh jilebi deke aayenge preeto ke mausi ko' (Buaji I will give preetos aunt these jilebis for the last time) and sprints off to her neighbours house. 

At preeto mausis house, mausi introduces her to her cousin Kedar who runs a hotel.

"khushi beta inse milo humare Bhai Kedar." (Khushi, meet my cousin Kedar) Preetos mausi introduced..

Khushi happily replied, "Namaste kedarji , aap bhi leejiye jilebi. Humne khud banaya. Woh kya hai ki hum Lucknow wapis jaa rahe hai tho sabko mitai de rahe hai (Please take some, I have made them myself, we are going back to Lucknow, )

"kyun beta dilli mein aisi kya kharabhi hai...mmm array wah aisi jilebi khaake itne barso hogaye, apna dost shashi ki yaad aa gaya" (Whats wrong in Dilli,... wow these jilebis are just like the ones my friend shashi used to make, its been ages since I ate such jilebies)   said Kedar while munching the delicious  jilebis..

Khushi was surprised to hear shashis name n wanted to make sure if it is her babuji. "Aap kis shashi ke baare mein baat kar rahe hai (Which shashi are you talking about)

Kedar beamed with pride saying "woh tho hamara chaddi dost hai Lucknow mein. Khud ka dukhan has swastik mishtaan bhandar. Wohi aisa jilebi banata tha" (He used to be my childhood friend. Had his own sweet shop and he used make just like these)

Khushi was so happy she bent forward to take his blessings and said "woh tho hamare baabuji hai "

(He is my babuji)

Kedar   wished to see Payal and both buaji and Payal soon came to preetos mausis house. Now there was no stopping any of them, buaji vaguely remembered Kedar as well but had forgotten over the years. Also she was not aware that he was their neighbours cousin.

 While exchanging all the pleasantries  Kedar offered Khushi and others if they could supply with Lucknowi sweets. This was something they had never thought of and as they not very keen on going to Lucknow anyway.. 

Thus they all started their next phase of their journey... not in Lucknow,   but very much in Delhi itself...

Precap ..  arnav and khushi meet...

How was it... please comment

Mar 28

Chapter 2 (By Mimima1) (Thanked: 22 times)

The three ladies got busy with all the sweet making and the family started to look a bit settled after a few weeks. Thought the business was not at its best at least they had some peace of mind.. considering Khushis adventures at AR. 

Happyji was more than happy to help out the girls with all the shopping and delivering the sweets. Payal too started getting out of her shell slowly and actively started helping khushi outside the house as well, even though she was still shy... but she realised she too needs to support tag family when Khushi is doing so much...

All this while snake Shyam was trying to play low. He was out of the picture since he knew the job he had suggested to Khushi had ended up turning very sour.. "Buaji something urgent has come up and I will be away for a few days... he said in his sweet slimy voice, and buaji as usual gave credit to his good nature!!!  

On the other side, Arnav could not get Khushis thoughts out of his head. During the day he immersed himself more at work,.. but nights, he could not get away, he would still dream about the photo shoot and how he was mesmerised by her beauty, and the passion she ignited in him when he saved at the car park in heavy rains.. 

Soon khushi got an order for delivering sweets for a big wedding party. The Mehtas were from Lucknow origihally and very influential in Lucknow.  Their elder son Kunal was getting married. Their younger son Karan was a charmer!! The invitees were from far and wide and the Raizadas were not to be missed.

"This is a good opportunity for Lavanya to accompany Chote, after teej, this is the next occasion where Nani can meet her thought Anjali 

(Note. La is not living in RM, she is still in her flat, Anjali is trying to match them up..)

Early morning as Arnav was dashing off to his office, Anjali cried, "Chote bring Lavanya in the evening, we are all going to Kunals wedding,.. 

"Sure Di, Arnav replied, unaware of the fact that he will be accompanying them. . " arre mere chote you will be coming as well " thought Anjali but left it as she knew she can convince him to drop them and ask him to stay...

Meanwhile in GH,

Khushi  while dipping all the freshly fried jilebis into the yummy syrup, was shouting at the top of her voice, 

"Buaji get all the special boxes, trays out of the cupboard, we have to deliver directly to the wedding,.. Jiji where are all your lucknowi  embroidered material, we can use it to cover the trays, it will give a special lucknowi effect, tan ta na... 

Buaji as usual said, "hai re Nandkis****... this girl is going to keep me on my toes... ye payaliya come and help me get them from the attic...

Payal got all the samaan packed and said, "Khushi we cant wear the normal clothes, we need to deliver to the wedding, kuch decent pehen lete hai,.. chalo jaldi karo (lets wear something decent, common lets go) I dont want to stay long the guests will start pouring in...

The traffic however did not let them get to the venue any earlier, but they were on time,... they did not waste anytime, but got to setting up all the sweets along with the other caterers. Karan was seeing to it that all was being done properly in the kitchen. He could not stop looking at khushi and mentally noted "I must get introduced to her,...

Arnav was busy through out the day with back to back meeting, forgot to inform La, when he got the call from his di, "Chote I asked you to come early with lavanya, shadi pe jaana hai, (We need to go to the wedding)

"Oh di I completely forgot. I will send her with the driver,

Anjali knew when to trap her chote and she said, "Chote, mohanji had to go early, Mami and nani are going with the other driver, you have to come to take us! 

"Di I cant, .. however he was cut short by his Di, "Ok Chote no problem, we will cancel, Mami and Nani will go anyway,.., 

"Di I will ask Akash to drive you there..

"Akash kaam ke waje se Noida gaye ha, aur woh seede shadi mein pahuchenge, Dont worry chote, koi baat nahi,. Koi baat nahi." (Akash has gone to Noida on work and will come straight to the venue, dont worry, its ok, its ok)

Obviously Anjali knew chote would eventually agree and said "Ok di, aap log tayyar ho jao, I will bring Lavanya...(OK di, get ready )

After all the hurry burry, the ladies finally got ready. .Arnav drove to the venue,  dropped the family members and went to park,.. The wedding was indeed very grand and the mehtas did not leave any stone unturned to show off their wealth,.. La was very impressed, Shyam was bowled over,... 

As Arnav was about to enter, he felt a gentle breeze and time stood still. Arnav slowly whispered "Khushi,... aise kaise ho sakta hai, woh tho lucknow chali gayi..(How can this be possible, she has gone to Lucknow)

Meanwhile Khushi stopped doing her work and she was in a trans everything went still..

 Payal nudged her "Khushi kahan kho gayi ho,... (Khushi, where r u lost)

Khushi realising what may be the cause said, "Jiji mujhe lagta hai woh Arnav singh Raizada bhi aya hai, woh bhi tho Lucknow se hai na, aur itni badi party hai... Chalo jiji hum chalte hai, apna trays sab baad mein lelenge,.. (Jiji I think ASR has come, he is also from Lucknow, lets go from here, we will collect out things later)

Payal soon finished and  Khushi said, "Jiji hum manager to batake aate hai aap chalo happyji intezaar kar raye hai...(Jiji I will speak to the manager and come, Happyji is waiting u go)

Khushi after meeting the manager rushed out so that she will not have to meet any of the Raizadas, however in her hurried clumsiness, she banged straight on to Arnav who was entering the party. Arnav held her arms so as to not let the person fall, but immediately khushi shouted.. 

"dekhe nahi chal skate kya... (Can u not see and walk)

 Both were dumbstruck to see each other. Everything stopped around them , however it did not take long for Arnav to get angry and he lashed out, "tum yahan kya kar rahe ho" (What r u doing here)... thinking of all the times she had occupied his thoughts, he blurted out, " oh.. mujhe nahi pata saka tho Karan ke peeche aa gayi..." (Oh you couldn't get me, so you have come for Karan is it?..)

Khushi could not believe her ears, and in her confused state of mind said... "Karan,... woh kaun,.(Karan,...who is that).. then realising with whom she was talking,... she said, "waise bhi mujhe aapse kuch nahi baat karna (Anyway, I dont want to talk to you) and rushed out  from there..

Mar 28

chapter 3-5 (By Mimima1) (Thanked: 26 times)

Saara mood kharab ho gaya us laad governer ko dekhke. Kitna acha chal raha tha hamara din,. Hey devi maiya  kyon hume baar baar uske saamne laate ho.(completely spoilt my mood looking at that Laad governer, why devi maiyya, why do you bring him in front of me). khushi was mumbling to herself when she reached Happyji's car.

Here Arnav was left in a daze,... "yeh kya ho raha hai, woh tho Lucknow chali gayi tho yahan kaise,.. woh sab ek bahana tha, aisi ladkiyan tho kabhi mauka nahin ****the hai.(Whats happenning, she went to lucknow, then here, it must have all been an excuse, these girls never leave a chance).. thinking about her he reached his Di and family in a fowl mood, where all were enjoying the wedding party, 

Soon everybody started dancing and Lavanya requested, "ASR ek dance ho jaya??..(ASR, can we have a dance)

"You know I dont dance Lavanya, why dont you dance with somebody else,..., ASR grumbled. 

Karan came around and said, "May I  have a dance with this lovely lady  ?  Lavanya was only too glad and both of them soon hit the floor and started enjoying each others company,.. 

A tense Anjali thought, "Hey bhagvan, is lavanya ko Nani ko patana hai, aur yeh tho aise naach rahi hai Karan ke saath,...aisa tho chote ki shaadi kabhi nahin ho sakta hai (Oh God, I got Lavanya to impress Nani, the way she is dancing with Karan, chote will never get married) she sighed!!

As expected the raizadas and the rest of the guests were very impressed with the whole wedding, especially the lucknowi sweets and all the efforts taken to showcase Lucknow culture and all returned home with a happy face,...

The next day saw Khushi running off to catch a rickshaw to go to AR!! As it had become their ritual, she bumped straight into Arnav as she entered the office,,.. "Tum yahan.. (You here)" "Aap", (You)  both shouted. 

Arnav got back to his senses and said, "Yeh mera office hai Khushi kumari Gupta, tum yahan kya kar rahi ho,.!! (This is my office KKG, what r u doing here)

"Wahi tho mein keh rahi hoon, kyon mere jiji ko yahan bulaya gaya hai, yeh sab zaroor aapki koi nai chaal hai, kahan hai meri jiji, do gante se ghar nahin pahoochi woh... Hey devi maiyya mein kya karoon (Thats what I'm trying to say, why have u called my jiji here, All this is your plan, where is my sis, she has not reached home since 2 hrs, hey DM, what shall I do) shouted Khushi  to match his reply,. 

The whole office stood watching her dramatics, but was soon sent back to their work with ASRs one glance.

"mujhe kaise pata tumhari behen khan gayi hai... dekho seede tarah se bahar chali jao mujhe nahin dekhna tumhare shakal, (I dont know where ur sis is, look get out right now, I dont want to see ur face) grunted Arnav. 

Khushi was not to let go easily and went straight to the receptionist and asked, "Kya aapne meri jiji Payal kumari gupta ko yahan dekha?? (Have u seen PKG)

The receptionist opened her eyes wide being too scared to open her mouth and pointed at Akash's cabin. Both Khushi and Arnav darted off to Akash's cabin without bothering each other.

"Jiji... "Akash, Di,   they both shouted..    

"Jiji aap teek ho. Ghar mein hum sab kitne pareshaan the, aapne phone tak nahin kiya, aapka phone bhi nahin lag raha hai, Kedar uncle ne bola woh aapko yahan **** gaye the,...(R u ok jiji, All r worried back home, I cant get ur phone n u did not call either. kedar uncle said he left u here n went) Khushi hugged Payal.. 

"Khushi hum teek hai, koi baat nahi, tum chinta mat karo,..(Khushi I'm fine, not to worry)

"Akash, yeh sab kya hai, yeh dono yahan kyon hai, aur DI, aap yahan, ghar mein sab teek tho hai? (Akash whats happenning, why r they here, and you DI, is everything ok at home) enquired Arnav 

Flashback start..  

During last night wedding, Akash was the first to see the embroidered materials and made enquiries to Karan about the same, "Karan, I would like to know where u got these, .. these are some of the best lucknowi work I have seen,. Some of them I have only read about and heard nani speak about but got a chance to see them only now,...  How did you manage to get these??..

Karan being clueless said, "Akash I have no Idea who or how it got here. You can check with the caterer, one Mr.Kedar.  he might know. comon let me take you to him..


"Oh these are from my girls who have supplied the sweets, bahut talented hai mere bache  (my girls r very talented), after all they are my dear friend Shashis daughters.. dono Lucknow se hai (Both r from lucknow),,.., Kedarji did not leave the chance to praise his friends daughters..  

 "Tho kedar bhai , kya mein unse mil saktha hoo(So Kedar ji can I meet them),, then after giving it a thought, he requested " woh actually mujhe bhai aur nani ko bhi dikhana hai, kya mein isse le ja sakta hoon aur baad mein jab aapki betiyon se miloonga tho dedoonga. Please aap naa mat kahiye,.. ye lijiye mera card.. Mein kal apne office mein mil sakta hoon. Mein aapka intezaar karoonga. (I want bro to see this as well, can I take these, when I meet ur girls I will give them back. Please dont say no. Take my card, I will wait for u tomorrow in my office) 

Kedar ji agreed to it easily as  it was a good opportunity for the girls to venture into this, since he knew about the financial status of the Guptas.


At RM, all the Raizadas were very impressed with Akash and Nani went ecstatic looking at all the intricate lucknowi works.. Even Maami was not behind in recognising the work and said, "Aakhir ek sacha lucknowi hi is kaam ko pehchaan sakte hai, aur humra Akash bitwa to is kaam ke baare mein researchs hi kar liya hai!!... (After my son has researched on this topic, only he can recognise true lucknowi art) 

ASRs business mind was set into action and said Akash call them tomorrow and offer them a job in our company, we cant find people who know about these now a days,..

Di piped in saying "Haan Akash, may be AR can create a new Lucknowi design collection for the next season..

Next day morning Kedar ji called Payal and told her, "Beti tum dono yahan aa jao, ek acha offer hai, mein tum donon ko le jana chahta hoon,..(both of u come down, there is a good offer and want to take u both) ". As khushi was busy, payal said, "Uncleji Khushi aaj raat ke order tayyaar karne mein lagi hai, kya hum baad mein aa sakte hai,..'(Khushi is busy with tonights order, can we come laater

"Nahin beti tum hi aa jao, khushi ko hum baad mein milaayenge (No no u come, Khushi can go later

Payal straight away refused seeing the card, however Kedarji insisted her to atleast to speak to them and take decision, if nothing else, get your works back atleast.. 

He accompanied Payal to AR, however had to leave to attend an urgent matter and left Payal to meet Akash and decide,... Little did he know about their earlier AR endeavours  

Flashback End

With a glum face Akash wispered to ASR "Bhai they are the ones who have done all the work.. They is not agreeing to work bhai, thats why I asked DI to come and talk to her...

Payal too updated khushi with what was happenning,.."Khushi hamara chikan kaari kaam Akash ji ke paas hai, mein usse lene aayi thi. Akash ji aur Anjaliji chahte hum yahan kaam karen(Khushi our chiken work is with Akash ji and I came to take it. Akash n Anjali ji want us to work for them0

"JIJI,...kaam yahan... Hey Devi Maiyya, kya aap hamare paksh mein nahin hai,... kya kal ka prasad  aapko pasand nahin laga,... Kyon devi maiyya Kyon!!, (WHAT work here, Hey DM, R U not on our side, did you not like my offerring? Why DM why?)  Khushi started holding her head with both hands. After her monologue with her devi maiyya  both sisters tried to march out of the room,..

Anjali and Akash could not stop being amused by Khushis antics and shouted "Rukhiye... (Wait..)

As the two sisters made way to the door, Anjali and Akash shouted,.. "Rukhiye Khushi ji and Payal ji,.. kya hum is baare mein baitke baat kar sakte hai? Agar aap dono akele mein discuss karna chahte hai tho aap dono conference room mein baitke kar sakte hai.

(Wait Payal, khushi, can we sit n talk? if u want u can both discuss in conf room)

Khushi turned around saying, "Dekhiye Anjali ji, hum aapka bahut izzat karte hai, lekin" (Please Anjaliji, I respect u a lot, but) looking at Arnav she continued in a calm way,,

 " humari aisi aukat kahan jo hum is bade office mein kaam karen, hume kya kaam aata hai,.. waise bhi hume na oopar first floor se girna hai, na tailor banke sab mardon ka measurments lena hai, na parking sambhaalna hai, na kisi ke coat hanger banna hai, na model banna hai aur na hi hume kisi building ka report banana hai, 

(I dont have the status or money to work in such a big office, what work do i know, also I dont want to be thrown from first floor, or take measuremenets for all men like a tailor, or look after parking, or be a coat hanger, or a model   nor do a report on any building) 

Looking back at Anjali and Akash, she requested "isiliye, hume yahan se jaane deejiye please

(so please let us leave)

 Akash's face was down with guilt, while Anjali just sat down shocked to know about the seriousness of her Chote's behaviour towards Khushi and gasped looking at "Chote... kya ye sach hai.. (Is this true)

Arnav stood staring at Khushi reliving all the moments, but slowly his anger rose thinking "This chit of a girl,..., addresssing his di, he said "Di, aise logon ko kaise manana hai, woh mein jaanta hoon,... ek minute rukhiye.(di u dont know how to handle these girls, I know, wait a min). saying so he darted out of the room.

After what seemed like ages, he entered to see tensed faces around Akash's huge table. He got their appointment letters, shoving each one under their noses, he pointed, "aisi deal aapko kahin nahi milega,(u will never get a better offer anywhere)... every month you will each be getiing Rs. x0000, your 25% house rent is covered for each of you, making it 50% since you live together,.. you will get Rs x000 for you commute to office,...

Taken aback by the figures, both Khushi and Payal went pale looking at each other.. yes they were happy their work was being rewarded, but at the same time not sure,... however in the end, both said, "Dhanyavad Anjaliji aur Akash ji, ab hume chalna chahiye,...(Thanks Anjali ji, Akahji, we need to leave now)

ASR was the first to be shocked, Anjali without any other go guiltily, whispered , "Khushiji that contract,...,. four pair of shocked eyes turned towards Anjali, stumping even ASR, Anjali was herself surprised, "hey bhagvaan why am I doing this,.. but words once said, cannot be taken..

Payal and khushi could not believe their ears and echoed "Anjaliji... and both sat down.. Akash was a mute spectator throughout, while Arnav for once was not sure what to say..

Eventually Khushi said, "Kya hum aur jiji akele mein kuch baat kar sakte hai,(Can we both discuss on our own) .. Anjali was only too glad and said, "chaliye hum dikhate hai while going she met shuklaji and ordered, "do chai le aayiye conference room mein (Get 2 tea) , Payal was soon to refuse, "Nahi Anjali ji hume nahi chahiye, shukriya" (No thanks) 

They sat in silence, both sisters looking defeated, but they did not bother in the confines of the conference room. 

"Jiji, kya karen jiji hume kuch samaj mein nahi aa rahe hai,... " (Jiji, what do we do, I am not able to understand anything)

"Dekhoi Khushi hume kisise darne ki koi zaroorat nahi, Waise bhi abhi hum kaam kar rahe hai na, thoda wakt lete hai aur paisa lautate hai,..,(Look Khushi, we need not get scared of anybody, we are wirking now anyway, lets take some time n return the money) Payal tried to convince Khushi,..

 "Nahi Jiji mujhe nahi lagta hai ki woh log maan jaayenge, unhe kisi bhi tarah se manane hai humko yahan kaam karne keliye, nahi tho Anjali ji contract ke baare kabhi nahi kehti... (No jiji, they will not agree, they will somehow force us into agreeing, else she would not have mentioned about the contract) 

Composing herself, Khushi, said confidently, "Jiji , Devi maiyya ka aur apna parivaar ka haat humare oopar hai tho hum kuch bhi kar sakte hai. Aapko humara saath dena hoga. Chalo na jiji" (If DMs hand and my family is with us we can do anything. Lets go )

"Par khushi batana tumne kya faisla liya hai? pleaded Payal, however Khushi was already pushing her towards Akash's cabin... (But Khushi, tell me what have u decided?)

All three faces turned towards the  sisters with anticipation. "Anjaliji hum tayyar hai (We r ready), as she paused to take a deep breath, ASR giving a victory grin smirked "di maine kaha tha na in logon ko kaise manane hai.. (Di I told u how to talk to these girls)

Khushi addressing Anjali said, "humari kuch shartain hain,. (We have certain conditions) 

Not the one to bow down to any demands, fisting his hands, ASR shouted, "Di ye mera office hai, kaam karna hai tho mein shart banata hoon woh nahi, ..   (This is my office, I make conditions not them)

Khushi who was expecting this was not at all surprised. She thought "mujhe ye karna hi hai, Nahi tho zindagi bhar mein apni aapko mooh dikha nahi sakti (I need to do this, or I will not be able face myself)... Slowly marching towards Anjali, Khushi took out her mothers chain, removed her bangles, with her vision blurred with the impending tears, "Anjali ji, hume poora yakeen hai isse aako ko woh ek laak rupai milenge,. Hum chalte hai,.. jiji chalo jaldi, hume yahan aur nahi rukhna,  (anjaliji, I'm sure these will amount to 1 lac. Lets go jiji, quick, I dont want to stay here anymore)

Shocked Payal literally shouted "Khushi aisi kaisi kar sakti hai tu, yeh tumari maa ki.., (Khushi how can u do this, its ur mum's..)

before she could continue, Khushi ran hugging her "Jiji humari amma ko garv hoga agar uski gehne apni beti ki aatm samman rakhne ke liye kaam ayi tho, agar uska aashirvad ho to hum aise kahin aur banayenge,.. (Jiji my mum will be proud if her jewels came of use for her daughters self respect, with her blessings, I can make plenty such jewels)

Anjali could not take it any more, slowly put her hands on Khushi, handing over her jewels, "Arnav aap jara baahar jaayiye, (Arnav go out now)" ASR knew when his DI called him Arnav he could not continue and simply marched out saying "Teek hai jaisi aapki marji (Ok di ur wish)

"Khushi ji please hume maaf kar deejiye, ye leejiye aapki gehne, aap batayiye kya hai aapki shartein,.. Hume poora yakeen hai hume woh sab manjoor hoga, uske aage aapki maarji, mein aapko koi contract se nahin rokoongi..   (Khushi ji, please accept my apologies, take ur jewels, tell me ur conditions, I'm sure I will agree to all. Its up to u work or not, but I will not bind u with any contract)

Four emotionally drained siblings sat around the table to discuss the terms and conditions calmly, as the storm in the name of ASR had passed..

All including Payal was eager to know what Khushi wanted.

 "Anjali ji, woh kya hai ki ghar ki halat aisa hai ki hum donon ko bahar aake, itni dher tak  kaam karne mein mushkil hoga. Hamare buaji ki tabiyak itni achi nahi aur tho aur hamare baabuji aur amma bhi aa rahe hai Lucknow se. Tho jab tak ghar mein sab shaant ho jaayega tab tak kya hum zyada se zyada kaam ghar mein kar sakte hai?. Aur hum aisi achanak Kedar ji jo, hume sweets ke contract dete, unko bhi nahi **** sakte hai, tho woh kaam bhi karna hai. Yeh sab changes ke liye,. aap chahe hamare salary mein cut kar sakte hai. 

(Anjali ji, the conditions aat home r such that we cant both stay out for long. Buajis health is not good n our parents r coming from lucknow as well. until all things settle at home can we do more work from home? We cant suddenly stop supplying sweets  to Kedarji, so that is there as well, if u want u can cut the salary)

Doosri baat, kya hum dono app aur Akash ji ke saat kaam kar sakte hai? Aur kya hum kahin aur kaam kar sakte hai kya, jaise aapka koi aur office ho, ya aapke ghar, kahin bhi... Aapko pata hai na apke bhai ko humara shakal dekhna bhi pasand nahin

(Secondly can we work under u and akashji? Or can we work somewhere else like a diff office or ur house, anywhere but here, you know ur brother does not want to see me face)

All thought the demands were reasonable, but Anjali not being sure if they could be fulfilled in her chote's corporate world looked expectedly at  Akash to do the necessary talks. She could trust Akash in this matter as he was not prejudiced.

Akash thought for a while and finally replied, "Di, Actually yeh sab hamare liye bhi achanak hi hai, tho kyon na hum ek hafte ke baad kaam shuru karen. Inke ghar ka haalat bhi thoda settle hoga aur hum bhi is project ka initial setup kar sakte hai. What say??. Rahi baat kahin aur kaam karne ki, abhi tho ye nahi ho sakta hai, haan aap dono mujhe report kar sakte ho yaa kuch important ho tho Aman se baat kar sakte ho, aapko bhai ke paas jaane ki zaroorat nahi. Abhi tho woh doosra workshop jo hum tayyar kar rahe hai uska legal papers abhi baaki hai tho tab tak kuch nahi kar sakte hai " 

(Di actually this is all new to us as well, lets start work from next week, their home front will be settled and we can do the initial setup of the project. About working from elsewhere, it is not possible. yeah u can both report to me, talk to aman if anything imp u dont have to go to bro. The legal papers of the other workshop is pending, cant do anything until then)

Anjali getting all excited said, "then Akash, humme bhi is project mein laga lo, hum bhi kuch karte hai, aur hum bhi kaam ghar se karna seeklenge. Kyon kaisa rahega??.(Put me also in this project, I can also do some work from home).. surprising everyone at the table.. Looking at the blank faces she continued "Aise kyon dekh hare hai aap log, sachi mein, mujhe bhi thoda kaam aata hai,.. humne bhi business pada hai, aur usse zyada seekha hai apne bhaiyon se. Aur Khushi ji aur Payal ji ko dekhe hume bhi utsaah ho raha hai.. (Why r u all looking at me, I can also do some work, Even I have studied business, and learnt more from  my brothers. I am excited to work looking at Payal and you Khushi ji)

Without wanting to burst her enthusiasm, Akash expressed his doubt, "Kya bhai aapko kaam karne denge aur tho aur Jijaji,.. (will bro let u work and then jijaji)

However, there was no stopping Anjali now, "Arre Chote tho hume kabhi nahi ****enge, lekin humme manana aata hai. Rahi baat aappke jijaji ka, arre wahi tho aaj humme office ****ke gaye, humme poora yakeen hai woh kuch nahin kahenge  

(Chote will never agree, but I know how to make him. Your jijaji will not say anything, he himself dropped me off here today )

Khushi and Payal were satisfied with the one week time, with nothing more to say, Akash finally called it a day, "Teek hai, Payal ji aur Khushi ji, bahut bahut shukriya, aap dono agale hafte se report ho jayiye, tab tak hum initial setup kar lenge. Agar kuch changes ho tho hum apko phone kar lenge, please aapka number dedijiye. Aapka appointment letter aapke ghar bhejdenge hum, (Ok then, thanks a lot, lets start next week, till then we can get it started here. if any changes will call n let u know, please leave ur numbers, will send ur app letters home) 

then winking at his Di, "di aapka bhi !!(di yours as well)

Anjali hugged khushi apologising, "Humme maaf keejiye khushiji jo bhi chote ne kiye aapke saat aur us contract wali baat keliye.(Sorry Khushi ji for chotes behaviour and for taking the contract) Khushi not the one  to shy away said, "Aap kyon maafi maangege Anjaliji,..(u dont have to apologise)


Payal stood up to leave, "Teek hai dhanyavaad (ok then thank you).. While leaving Payal walked over to Akash and said, "Hum umeed karte hai is baar Khushi ko yahan kuch nahi hoga.(I trust in you that nothing will happen to Khushi this time) Akash just gave her an understanding nod..

The two sisters after informing Buaji, took a long walk to Devi maiyyas home, mulling over all the happennings of the day, each in their own thoughts, without saying anything to the other. Only Devi Maiyya could guide them in their new life changing endeavours..

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chapter 6 (By Mimima1) (Thanked: 26 times)

The next week saw a busy household in Lakshminagar. With their dearest Babuji and amma coming over from Lucknow, the girls new no bounds. There was an abundance of love and laughter. Buaji's titaliya had got new life as she was often heard sighing , "hai re Nandkis****, is sanka devi ka pank 

aur bhi bad gayi ho apne baabuji ko dekhke. (Hai re NK, this silly girls wings have grown since her babuji has come) 

The two friends Kedar ji and Shashi ji met after some barsos and tried to catch up in one go!!. Both buaji and ammaji couldn't get enough time to catch up with all the gossip around Lakshminagar and Lucknow... 

Now with the expert sweet maker at home, khushi did not have to worry about Kedarjis orders, as baabuji would manage with help from the ever ready ladies of the house. Now the sisters got busy in doing all the outside work. They made sure Baabuji had plenty of rest and did only the necessary work. After facing all the financial problems and witnessing a dwindling business back in Lucknow, he was only too glad, and just blended into the setup without any fuss. He knew when they were together, no trouble could come to them. The family's trust in Devi maiyya was apaar.

With the mention of trouble, on the other side of the city, it was no less busy at the Raizada mansion.  The snake Shyam too learnt about the new changes taking place at AR and at home too. What with Anjali having decided to work on the project,.. that too with Khushiji!!! However, Raizadas were surprised with his comment, "aap us middle class ladkiyon ke saat kaise kaam kar sakte hai Rani sahiba?(How can u work with those middle class girls) which was soon sided by ASR for his own good reasons though!! 

That was no valid reason to back off and Anjalis one shocked look was enough to shut both the men, "Hum zyada se zyada kaam ghar mein hi karna seekhenge,(I will leaern to work from home)" and to irk them further added, "aur hamme shayad khushiji aur payal ko bhi yahin bulana chahiye!! (May be I should call them here as well!!)

Oh oh, oh... now, this DID NOT go well with the likes of ASR, Shyam, and not the least Maamiji,... "Di, aap kisiko bhi ghar mein nahi laa sakte hai, Office mein mujhe unko sehna hai, kya ye kam nahin?? Aapko kaam karne ki kya zaroorat has? Di aap bahut ziddi hai.  (di, u cant bring anyone to house like that. I need to bear her in office, isn't that enough? why do u have to work, u r too stubborn)

Soon snake caught up   "Haan rani  sahiba, aapko kaam karne ki kya zaroorat hai,(yes rs, y do u need to work) all the time looking at The ASR bank without a blink.

Nani who was quite till now said, "Chote humne khushi ji ko dekha hai, bahut susheel hai. Agar woh Anjali bitiya ke liye yahan aaye, hume koi shikayat nahi.(chote, I have seen khushi and respect her, if she has to come for anjali, I have no problem at all) Then pausing to give a thought, she added, "waise damaad ji, agar Anjali bitiya kush hai kaam karne se tho acha hai, humme apni beti ko support karna chahiye, aur woh jab chahe **** sakti hai agar usse manage karna mushkil ho toh,

(and damadji, if anjali wishes to work, we need to support her, if she cant manage, she can always leave) and obviously the damaad ji was made to shut his mouth.

 Anjali fed up with her brothers behaviour, "Chote aakhir kya kiya hai Khushi ji ne? Kyon aise chidakte ho unse?? (Chote, what has khushi done to u? Why do u get irked by her?)

Akash only too glad with Anjalis idea said, "Bhai hum guest room ko di ka office bana sakte hai. Aur agar Di office nahi jaa sakti hai tho us din  khushi ji aur payal ji yahan aake kaam kar sakte hai,

(Bro we can convert the guestroom to dis office for now. when she cant go to office, khushi n payal can come over here)

 only to be given a warning look from ASR..

Fed up with all the arguments, "Di Aap jo chahe keejiye, mein oopar jaa raha hoon,..(do whatever u want, i'm off to my room)

"Ab mein kya karoon, kitna acha tha, khushiji raizada parivar se door thi, mera kaam kitna aasaan chal raha tha,. Ab kuch na kuch tho karna padega,... " (What do I do now, everything was fine, no contact with raizada family, need to think of something) with this thought in mind, shyam slyly slid away towards the other side of city, "Rani sahiba, humme client visit ke liye thode din bahar jaana hai

(RS, I need to go out for a few days on a client visit)

"Arre ye kya, aaye hue sirf kuch hi din huye aur phir se dissapears hamara damaad ji. Laagat hai Anjali bitiya doings good. Unka minds bhi busy ho jaaye ka padi (Its only been few days he has come, already dissapearing. Good anjali is taking up work, even her mind needs to be busy)

and maami strode off on her imaginary ramp.

In the solitary confines of his room, Arnav did wonder, "Why does she get under my skin so much, pehle tho kabhi aisa nahi hua? Kyon maa... 

but soon,  getting his ASR mind to play,

 "Is ladki ki wajah se humare ghar mein arguments!! Aur tho aur, woh ladki Di ke saat kaam karegi And I dont trust her, isiliye!! (Arguments in our house just because of this girl, n di needs to work as well )

and remembering all the times he tried to talk to her "uski itni himmat, she is the only one who did not care to listen to me, how many times I tried... well guess what, ab woh kahan jaa sakti hai mujse!! ((Now where can she hide from me..)

Chapter 7

And finally the D Day arrived and everyone in Lakshminagars residence was witness to the sankiness of sanka devi..Jumping, running, hopping and flying about the house from one room to the other, 

 "Jiji jaldi karo, kaam pe jaana hai!!! Hey Devi maiyya, humme us raakshas se mat milayiye, hum aapko 1 kilo jilebi prasaad mein denge,  (Jiji hurry up, we need to go to work. Hey DM, let me not meet the demon, I will give you 1 kilo of jilebi)

Buaji trying to tighten the cloth around her head, "Hai re Nandkis****, kaun sambhal sakta is titaliya ko. Hamari tho jaan abhi bhi bacha hai, yahi aatva ajooba hai

 (Hai NK, WHo can control this butterfly, It is the eigth wonder I'm still alive)

"Jiji hum pehle Devi maiyya ke mandir hoke baad mein AR chalenge.. (jiji, lets go to DM temple before going to AR)

"Jiji humara khana pack karo,.. jaate wakt raste mein hum channe bhi khareedenge... (Jiji pack our lunches, we will buy some channa on the way)

A fed up Payal finally sighed,.. "Khushi khushi shaant ho jao. Abhi bahut wakt hai.. (Khushi, khushi, calm down, theres still plenty of time)

"Waise jiji, hum aapko batana bhool gaye, pichle hafte jab hum AR gaye tho lagta hai Shyam ji ko dekha tha aur woh bhi car mein?."(By the way jij, I forgot to mention, last time I think I saw Shyamji ar AR and that too in a car)

 Payal was intrigued, "Kaise ho sakta hai Khushi, woh tho dilli se bahar tha na us wakt? Aur jab woh do din ke liye aaye the tho tab kyon nahin poocha?? (How is it possible, he was out of dilli, and why didn't u ask when he was here)

"Jiji, us wakt hum donon ko itna kaam tha, aur shyamji tho amma babuji ke saath baat karne mein hi lage the, aur hum bhool gaye!! Ab chalo chalo na jiji nahi tho woh Rakshas humme nahi ****enge..

(Jiji we were so busy then and he was busy with amma and babuji all the time, I forgot. Now common hurry up, else that rakshas will not leave us)

After a quick hello to Devi maiyya, both sisters made their way to AR way before time only to be met with the famous ASR. 

Striding slowly towards Khushi, fisting his hands, breathing inches away from her face "Khushi Kumari Gupta, welcome to AR., Khushi gulped in fear, shut her eyes feeling his heated breath. Whispering only to her ears, "ye mat samajna itne bade office mein kaam karne se apni aukaat aur apni aisiyat bad jaayegi" (dont think ur status will go up by working in this big office).

 Khushis shocked eyes shot open and gave  him a pained look. 

Payal gasped looking at them. However the door opened and they were saved with Anjali and Akash entering. 

Soon to realise, Anjali called to diffuse the tension, "Khushi ji aur Payal ji, aaiye humare saath, hum aapko dikhate hai kahan kaam karna hai. (Khushi , Payal come with me, let me show u where things r) Anjali gave a stern stare at her brother who briskly walked away with an air of "Di you cant save her every time!!

Both sisters were pleasantly surprised with the setup of the new Lucknowi unit. The extra conference room had been renovated to help the sisters for their work and Anjali had her cabin setup for looking into the business aspects of the project, though Akash was overlooking most of the work, with of course,  under the supervision of the great ASR. No new workers were appointed for the project initially, with plans to employ more in future, after seeing the progress. Showing their desks, Anjali explained to them about using the computer for emails, procurement of materials, keeping accounts and they had to learn about making designs/patterns using computers. Though their work was mostly hands on, Anjali wanted to approach business in a modern way. Being new to all this, the two sisters could only gape with awe which also showed some insecurity if they would be able to understand and keep up to the standards. Being together however gave them enough strength to face the outside world.

And ASR did not like his sister in the office at all!! How can he shout at his employees especially Aman, what if Lavanya is acting inappropriately in my cabin. Oh I have to make sure either Di is at home, or make di's cabin sound proof with boarded walls!! Aaar, first time he felt like pulling his neatly gelled hair!!! "Yeh sab us kadki ki waja se ho raha hai. Yeh sab us kadki ki waja se ho raha hai. Mujhe hi yahan se jaana hai,.. (This is all because of her, This is all because of her,  I need to go from here)

Unable to show his frustration, quickly dialling a number,  "Lavanya tum mere saat meeting mein aa rahe ho, abhi next 5 min mein ready ho jao. Mehtas ke wahan jana hai. (La, u r coming with me to Mehtas for a meeting, get ready in 5 min)

Lavanya refused saying "Lekin ASR, Anjali di ne mujhe bulaya hai.. (But ASR di has called me)., only to be cut off, "LAVANYA, tum kiskeliye kaam kar rahe ho.. Waisi bhi us project ki wajah se kitna kaam pending reh gaya hai, tum abhi ke abhi chalo. (LAVANYA, whom do u work for, as it is that project has delayed so many other projects, leave right now)

 Not wanting to get into any more trouble, Lavanya soon trotted away.

With ASR away, the office was a pleasant place to work. Akash and Anjali got the two sisters  up to date with the developments of the project. Lunch was a quiet affair being their first day getting to know the other people around, though Khushi was no new to them and all eyed her with a bit of jealousy and suspicion at her current position! Manju aunty who had always supported Khushi was ever so glad to see her back. 

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chapter 8 (By Mimima1) (Thanked: 22 times)

Late evening saw a tensed Payal holding her phone tight and walking up and down their living room in Lakshminagar. Babuji, amma and  Buaji all trying to calm her. "Hai re Nandkis****, kya karen is ladki ka, ek phone tak nahi kar sakti hai kya ye khushi.  (hai re NK, what do we do eith this girl, cant she make one call atleast)

Though worried herself, Garima consoled her "jiji woh tho apne boss ke saath hai na, tho darne ki kaa baat hai, aa jayegi. " (jiji she has gone with her boss, so why worry, she will come soon)

"Arre ihiliye tho hum pareshan hai nandkis****. Akhir tumne usse ****a kyon payalaliya, ab dekho, abhi tak aayi nahi!! ( oh that is my worry. Why did u leave her payal, now look, she hasn't come yet) wailed Buaji.

Payal finally decided to call Akash,


Soon their first day at AR nearly came to end  when Akash received a call from none other than his bhai "Akash mein Lavanya ko gaadi mein bhej raha hoon, Khushi ko abhi yahan Mehtas ke yahan bhejo driver ke saath. (Akash I'm sending La in the car, send khushi to the mehtas with the driver)

Even the ever so faithful brother did not like what he heard and mustering all his  courage to hear the worst, hesitatingly asked "Lekin Bhai kyon, office ka time khatam hone mein kuch  1  ganta  bacha hai. Aur Khushiji kya karenge Mehtas ke wahan   

(but why bro, its only an hr for the office to finish n what will khushi do at the mehtas)

"Akash, Karan mujhe kuch naye materials ke naye  dikha raha tha, to maine socha di ke project ke liye materials chunna hai tho khushi hi kar sakti hai na?? 

(Akash, karan is showing me samples of new materials, I thought if khushi can choose for di's project it will be best)

Not able to accept, neither able to think of a genuine excuse, Akash meekly said "Lekin bhai" (but bro..) soon to be cut of by ASR, "Akash, Lavanya yahan se jaa chuki hai, abhi 15 min mein pahoonchegi, jaldi se unko bhejo" (Akash, la has left from here will be there in 15 min.)

With Anjali having already left for the day Akash had a tough time convincing Payal to send Khushi to the lions den. Khushi finally managed, "Jiji, hum apna phone leke jaate hai, kuch bhi ho tho hum aapko aur Akash ji ko phone karenge, aap chinta mat keejiye, (Jiji, I'm taking my phone, if anything happens, I will call you n Akash ji, dont worry)  then whispering to her "Jiji, agar hum nahi gaye tho aapko pata hai woh kuch bhi karke hume bula hi lenge, tho abhi jaye tho kaam jaldi khatam kar sakte hai (Jiji, you he will definitely make me go there even if I refuse. Let me go, get this donr n dusted )  

As Khushi entered the Mehtas, before ASR could meet her, a pleasantly surprised Karan introduced himself, "Hi, Karan Mehta, humne aapko shadi mein dekha tha. Aap yahan kaise (Hi, Karan Mehta, I saw in the wedding, you here?)

Totally confused khushi could only manage "Ji Namaste. Humne aapko pehchana nahi. Hum Khushi hai, woh.. (Oh hello, sorry I didn't recognise you, I'm Khushi, I've..)

before she could continue to give her introduction karan interrupted her, " Arre apne bhai ke shadi, bus do hafte hue, Kunal Mehta (Oh oh, it was my brother Kunal mehtas wedding, just 2 weeks ago)... Karan tried to remind her 

Remembering the name Mehta vaguely, Khushi smiled "Acha, hum shayad sweets laye the shadi mein. Lekin abhi...(ok, I must have come to deliver sweets, but now,..) 

Turning green hearing their conversation ASR barged in, "Karan, ye hai Khushi kumari Gupta.  Hamara naya project mein kaam kar rahi hai, maine inhe bulaya materials ko check karne ke liye!, (Karan meet KKG, our new employee on the new project, I have called her here to show the materials) slowly moving to  whisper into her ears, "tumhe yahan kaam ke liye bulaya hai, karan se gappe maarne ke liye nahin" (I 've called u for work here, not to gossip with karan)

Khushi flustered moving back and without putting up any argument, "ji chaliye (ok lets go)... Sir." 

Happy and too excited to see Khushi  again Karan led them to the conference room. 

"tho aapka kaam kaisa hai Khushi, kab se kar rahe hai" (So hows ur work khushi, since when r u working here)  enquired Karan,


Khushi tried to keep her answers short, "Ji bahut acha hai Karan sir , " (Its very good Karan sir)

"WHAT seriously Khushi,  sir mat bulao mujhe, (dont call me sir) I am not that old, call me Karan" 

"Ji (ok)" khushi said not wanting to continue the conversation 

Khushi answered in mono syllables to all his questions.. ASR was getting irritated with all the attention he was showering on Khushi and it did not go well with him when he started asking personal questions. Khushi kept looking at ASR and Karan as she  knew would have to face his wrath later. 

ASR was surprised to see Khushis knowledge with different materials and was impressed with her judgement which he did not have to change or alter. For the first time ASR and Khushi found they could work professionally without any arguments.

 After a long meeting, all were ready to pack up for the day,.. Both ASR and Khushi had had a long day when ASR received a call..

Flashback End

Akash was no better at RM who was trying ASRs number constantly and finally managed to connect, but not wanting to show his concern for Khushi, asked "Bhai itne dher hogaye aap kahan ho, meeting khatam hua? Aur, Kya khushiji ghar chale geye?"  (Bro, its quite late, is the meeting over, Has Khushi ji returned)

Mention of Khushi caught Anjalis ears and asked shockingly, "Khushi? woh kya kar rahi hai office mein abhi tak?," (Khushi, what is she doing in the office at this time)  taking the phone from Akash, she spoke "Chote kya ho raha hai? Khushi aapke paas kyon hai?? " (Chote, whats happenning, why is Khushi with you)

After listening to his explanation, she said in a stern voice, "Chote tum khushi ji ko drop karke aaoge abhi (Chote, go drop Khushi to her home right NOW)"  and put the phone down only to receive another call immediately. 

Anjali heard a  panicked Payal "Akash ji kya ASR sir ka meeting khatam hua? Woh kya hai ki khushi abhi tak ghar nahi pahoochi (Akash ji, has the meeting finished, What it is, Khushi hasn't returned yet )"... Anjali consoled , "Payal ji, hum Anjali bol rahe hai, aap chinta mat keejiye, chote Khushi ji ko safely ghar le ayega. (Payal it's me Anjali, dont worry, I have asked Chote to drop Khushi at ur place)" Payal let out her breath with relief.

Not liking Anjali ordering him, ASR turned around only to witness an eagerly karan offering khushi a lift, "khushi, hum aapko ghar ****enge, chaliye,..(Khushi, come, I will drop u home)"

However, meeting him for the first time, khushi was very uncomfortable and declined politely "Ji nahi shukriya (Oh no thank you)"

"Hum udhar hi jaa rahe ha (Its on my way)", Karan tried to convince her with the lame excuse,

Not able to withstand any more of Karans bull****, a very angry and jealous ASR said in a stern voice, staring at Karan "Khushi mere saat chal rahi hai (Khushi is going with me)",... Turning to see Khushi who meekly said "Ji Sir (Ok sir)" and both made their way out with Khushi in front.

Reaching the white SUV,  ASR turned to face Khushi and asked "Tho kya mein booda hoon (So am  I too old?)"

Khushi who could not stick the pieces together so quickly asked confusedly "Ji kya matlab?? (Sorry what does that mean??)" 

Mar 28

chapter 9 (By Mimima1) (Thanked: 38 times)


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Chapter 9

Reaching the white SUV,  ASR turned to face Khushi and asked "Tho kya mein booda hoon" (So am I too old?)

Khushi who could not stick the pieces together so quickly said confusedly "Ji kya matlab??" (Sorry, what does that mean??)

Not sure what to answer himself, ASR quickly walked over to drivers side. 

Sitting in the passenger seat Khushi fumbled at her seat belt when she felt the heated breaths of Arnav right in front of her face trying to fix her seat belt. For a moment their eyes met and both froze at their closeness. He could see the fear in her quivering lips and unknown emotions in her eyes. Try as much, he could not make himself look away from her doe eyes.  For the first time Khushi felt she missed a heart beat and did not know what was happenning. 

However, their trans was broken with Khushis phone ringing.. Anger rose in him as ASR felt unknown emotions.  "Main kya soch raha tha, Akhir kya ho raha hai " (What was I thinking even?? What is happenning)

Khushi answered Payal, "Jiji aap chinta mat karo, hum ASR sir ke saat abhi nikal reahe hai (Jiji you dont worry, ASR sir and I have just left)    

Setting off towards Lakshminagar, all the while giving angry glares at Khushi he asked, "Tho tum Karan ke saat jaa rahi thi? kaise ja sakti ho tum, unhe jaante tak nahi (So you wanted to go with Karan eh? How can you go, you don't even know him?)

Not the one to take any blames, Khushi defended "Hum kab jaa rahe the? humne mana kiya tha (When was I going? I straight away refused)

He grit his teeth and said  "Agar mein beech mein nahi bolta tho tum zaroor unke saath chalti, tum jaise ladki.. " (If I had not interrupted you would have definitely gone, Girls like you...  

 Khushi's eyes glistened, giving him a pained stare, looked away through the window to wipe her eyes with the ends of her dupatta.

Not happy with himself for bringing tears in her eyes, and at the same time not happy with all the unknown emotions she invoked in him he sped.

After some 5 minutes when he did not slow down, Khushis fear took over and without her knowledge, she bent her knees to foetal position, put her head in between and started mumbling "Mamma, Pappa, baba, dheere chalo, Mamma, Pappa, baba, dheere chalo (Mamma, Pappa, baba, go slow, Mamma, Pappa, baba, go slow)

Shocked to see Khushi in that state, Arnav stopped. Showing all his concern, he asked "Khushi tum teek ho? (Khushi r u ok?). Worried to hell, he was hesitatingly trying to touch her head when she slowly raised her head realising the car had stopped. She looked around dazed to recognise the surroundings, realising she her state, put her legs down and looked away. 

Arnav was too confused and scared. He had always seen the challenging and daring Khushi but not the vulnerable Khushi. Showing his concern, "Khushi kya hua? Tum teek ho? Kuch hua kya, please mujhe batao (Khushi what happened? Are u ok? Anything happened? Please tell me)

Looking blank, she replied, "Please aap gadi thoda dheere chalayiye (Please drive the car slowly)

Without any further argument, Arnav obeyed and soon reached Gupta house. He was not confident in letting Khushi alone, hence accompanied her to the door and knocked to hear what sounded just like his jijajis voice, "Buaji aap baitiye, hum dekhte hai (Buaji, you sit down, let me see)

Mar 30

Chapter 10 -11 (By Mimima1) (Thanked: 24 times)

Without any further argument, Arnav obeyed and soon reached Gupta house. He was not confident in letting Khushi alone, hence accompanied her to the door and knocked to hear what sounded just like his jijajis voice, "Buaji aap baitiye, hum dekhte hai (Buaji, you sit down, let me see)

Before Shyam could get up, Payal whizzed across the living room saying, "Shyam ji hum dekhte hai, Lagta hai Khushi aa gayi (Shyam ji let me see, I think Khushi has come).

The door opened and ASR was surprised to see Payal. She only said, "Shukriya Khushi ko lane ke liye (Thanks for bringing Khushi)  and did not bother inviting him.   Neither the rest at home were interested as they were worried. Shyam sighed praying to his Gods!!

An unhappy Anjali interrogated ASR as soon as he  reached RM . 

"Di, aapko chinta karne ki koi zaroorat nahi, main usse darvaze tak **** ke aaya, (Di you dont have to worry, I left her till her door!!. "Sachi Chote, tum unke ghar vaalon se mile (really chote did you meet her family)

"Di aapko us ladki ki itna chinta nahi karna chahiye, aapko jijaji ke baare mein sochna chaahiye. Waise Jijaji ghar pe hai? (Di you should not think of that girl so much, you need to think of your husband. By the way is he at home?),   

"Nahi chote, client visit ke liye gaye hai (No chote, he has gone on a client visit)

Maami had to interrupt "hello hai dont knows Arnav bitwa, jab dekho client bisit, kya client bisit, tum bhi itna beesy naahi ho. Aaj Kamlesh kabri bhi bol raha tha bhavishya vani mein, kahin kuch gadbad, hello hai bye bye Anjali bitiya 

(Hello hai, dont knows Arnav, he is always on client visit, what is this client visit, even you are not that busy, even kamlesh khabri on tv was mentioning, is there anything fishy, hello hai bye bye Anjali).

Without giving it much thought, Arnav strode off. Alone in his room, Arnav was deep in thoughts. Why couldn't I take my eyes off her, and and and her lips. Why was she quivering her lips. For once he was not angry at her for invading his thoughts and enjoyed the moments. Then got worried about how Khushi behaved. "Kya hua? Kuch tho hai, kya badbada  rahi thi woh, mamma, baba,.. (What happened?, There is more to it, what was she mumbling? Mamma baba).

Khushi was no less affected, answering everybody's questions she retired saying she was too tired and had to go to work next day as well. Images of Arnav fixing her seat belt, his closeness, his chocolate brown eyes  kept running in her mind. Then she thought of her parents accident , her mumblings,.. her mind was a mess and soon dozed off.

If nothing, a quite Khushi was more worrying to all at the Gupta house. "Pehla din hi aisa tha, Devi maiyya jaane jaane aage kya hoga (imagine first day was like this, Devi Maiyya knows what will happen next).. mumbled Garima. 

 Buaji whispered to them "main kehti hoo, inki shaadi kar denge, ek acha ladka hai (I tell you, let us get her married, there is a nice boy and she went into details of explaining to both Garima and Shashi about Shyam. Garima only said "Lekin payaliya, shashi said, "bitiya se baat karenge (Let us talk to Khushi)

Next morning, Payal was faking anger at Khushi for not keeping her informed. They reached the office early, Khushi tried to pacify Payal by doing all her nakras in their new project room,.. "Jiji, itna chinta kyon, aapko pata tha na hum ASR Sir ke saath hai (Jiji why worry so much, you know I was with ASR sir)

"Jiji, zara socho, ASR sir ka bas chale tho, woh hamare shadi ke din bhi kahenge   (Just imagine Jiji, if ASR has is way, even on our wedding day he would be saying )

Standing on her chair tall, pointing her finger at payal and looking straight in her eye,  speaking in ASR tone

 "Khushi kumaari Gupta, Payal Kumaari gupta.  Jab tak tum dono in 10000 saadiyon mein kaam khatam nahi karoge, ghar nahi jaayenge, AUR, shaadi bhi nahi hoga (KKG, PKG, you both have finished work on these 10000 saaries, don't go home, AND no wedding either )

Making the most adorable puppy face khushi continued

"Aur bechaare humare Raaj kumaar bahar baite baite thak chuke honge. Aur kahenge, payal ji, khushiji muhoorth ka samay jaa raha hai (And our poor raaj kumaars will be tired waiting outside and say khushi ji payal ji the auspicious time is finishing)

Payal soon started laughing and said "Khushi tu bhi na, pagli, chalo chalo kaam shuru karo (Khushi, you are too much,..silly, common now start work). 

Both were unaware they had an amused audience in Anjali, Akash and ASR. Too engrossed in her drama, she did not feel his presence either. The brothers had come to drop Di to her cabin only to witness Khushi's  drama. Akash and Anjali were trying hard not to giggle loud.

The air in the room suddenly became tensed. Payal quickly went to Anjali and appealed through her eyes. 

Though amused himself, ASR seething in anger, walked slowly to Khushi who hesitatingly got down her chair, clutching and fiddling her dupatta started walking back. He whispered mockingly "Raj kumar eh. Kahan hai?? (Raaj kumaar is it? Where is he)

Khushi gulped closing her eyes, then pointing to the door she stammered, " woh woh ba ba bahar Sir!! " (he he o o out Sir!!) . 

Giving her a faint smile, looking at how scared she was, he turned seriously to his di, "Di aap inhe yahan drama karne ke liye rakha hai ya kaam (Di have you got them here for work or drama?) walked out with a slight smile on his face which did not go unnoticed by his di!! Khushi's heart started Dhak dhak. She closed her eyes, her hand reached  her heart automatically. 

Both sisters apologised and got back to work when Anjali received a call "Di, khushi ko mere cabin mein bhejo (Di send khushi to my cabin)

"Chote please. Inhone maafi maanga (Chote, please. she has apologised), 

"Di just send her..

chapter 11

Khushi walked to the lions den, knocked, closed her eyes n  fidgeting her dupatta started praying. Dhak dhak she felt heart beat increase,.. .. "Devi Maiyya raksha karna, raksha karna  (DM please save me, save me..) when she heard his "come in she slowly entered n was relieved to see Lavanya but did not like the fact she was sitting unnecessarily close to ASR n discussing a file. Not liking the interruption, la clearly twisted her face to show how disgusted she felt seeing Khushi there. For unknown reasons, ASR became aware of the inappropriate closeness of lavanya. 

Eyeing khushi to sit down, he spoke "lavanya isse le jao aur meeting fix karo karan ke saath. (Go take this lavanya n fix up a meeting with karan soon).

"Ms.Gupta is file ko tum Di ke saat discuss karo. Agli baar tumhe aisa file banana hai. (Ms.Gupta u need to discuss this file with Di. Next time u will be making this file).  Relieved it was just this khushi stood up taking the file. "Maine kab kaha jaane ko.. (when did I ask u to leave). Khushi sat down with a thud n looked at him expecting him to shout at her.

"Khushi, Tum teek ho (R u ok?). Hearing the concern in his tone, the huskiness, shocked Khushi opened her eyes wide n blinked. And she blinked again not understanding what he was asking. 

He explained, "kal kya hua car mein? Kya keh rahi thi tum. (what happened in the car yesterday. What were you saying? )

Realising what he asked, she composed herself n said "Sir, who  humme tez chalti hui gaadi se bahut dar lagta hai, (Sir I'm too scared of fast cars..)

Arnav waited for her to continue, but nothing came by. "Sir, hum chale, (Sir shall I go). Arnav felt strange . For the first time they were having a proper civil conversation. He just nodded, she made her way out quick before he changes his mind and literally ran!! Khushi rushed out of his cabin and tried to hold her racing heart. I must take some gaviscon (indigestion syrup), all this is because of that gol gappe .. 

It did not take the Gupta sisters long to get used to working environment. In between they even visited Shantivan when Anjali was not able to go to the office. Anjali n Akash were successful in keeping Khushi out of ASR's reach. And ASR did not miss a chance to taunt on her status and bank balance whenever he could.

ASR was impressed with the progress of project. Anjali made sure she ran everything under him to be sure and ASR made sure he got his coffee made by Di. On one such regular meeting with Khushi, Payal, Akash, and Anjali, ASR said looking at the file "Di, aaj coffee bahut acha bana hai, aapne banaya? (Di coffee today is very nice, did you make it). Anjali and Khushi shared an understanding look at each other and Khushi signalled Anjali not to say she had made the coffee. And thus began the ritual of Khushi making his coffee at every meeting, though Anjali claimed the credit.

Late evening, the siblings Akash, Anjali n Arnav, sat by the poolside enjoying their tea, chatting generally, "Di, Aaj kal jijaji office nahi aa rahe hai us workshop case ko dekhne ke liye? (Di Jijaji is not coming to office now a days to look into the workshop case??) ASR asked.

 "Pata nahin chote, woh bahut busy kisi client ko leke, woh tho ghar pe hi nahi rehte, abhi dekho na, ek hafte se bahar hai!! (Dont know chote, he is busy with some client, it has been a week since he has come home!!) ASR knew she was very upset with her husband and planned to have a chat with his jijaji.   

"Akash, tum court jaake Mr.Roy se milo us case ke baare mein, hume usko clear karna hai next deal ke liye (Akash, you meet Mr.Roy at the court to discuss the case, we need to clear it for the next deal)...

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Chaptr 12 (By Mimima1) (Thanked: 39 times)

Finishing her work for the day, Anjali asked, "Khushi ji Aur Payal ji, kya aap dono kal RM mein kaam kar sakte hai,? Kal raksha bandhan hai, thoda kaam tha ghar mein.. (Can you both work from RM tomorrow? It is raksha bandhan and there is some work..)

"Anjali ji, Kal tho meeting hai aur uske baad  hum dono Akash ji ke saat kuch materials khareedne jaa rahe hai na (But tomorrow there is a meeting and then we need to go with Akash ji to get the materials order)' Payal reminded.

"Lets do this, Khushi ji you finish the meeting and come to RM, Payal ji you go with Akash and come straight home with Akash suggested Anjali to which they both agreed.

Raksha bandhan was a big day for ASR, but this meeting was something he wanted to finish and spend time with his Di. Khushi having no choice but to attend the meeting with Karan and ASR, tried to be as professional as possible with Karan trying all possible ways to grab her attention. It was a only a small relief when La joined half way through and Karan was forced to concentrate on matters concerning to work but she soon left after her issues were dealt with.  

ASR was on fire seeing Karan and Khushi walking out of his cabin laughing after the meeting, which was why, when he reached RM, he had a splitting headache, which then increased to ten folds when he heard, Chote Khushi ji did not come with you? I had asked her to come immediately? Did she not tell you? Where has she gone?. Thinking the obvious, "Di how did I know she was coming here, woh tho Karan ke saat gayi, (she went with Karan) 

Owing to no rickshaws, khushi arrived nearly 2 hrs late. She joined Payal who was already in RM helping Anjali. Soon the house was decorated and  final preparations for pooja was being made. "Khushi ji, please aap Chote ko coffee de sakte hai, sar mein dard hai..  (Please can you give Chote his coffee, he is having a headache)

By now his headache had reached its exponential high. Facing normal ASR was tough, but ASR with headache was a no no, and thats how Khushi found him lying on the recliner with his hand over his temple. Sensing Khushi as soon as she entered,  Ms.Gupta, tho kahan gayi thi tum uske saat itne dher tak (Ms.Gupta, so where had you been with him for so long). Do you know it has been 2 hrs since the meeting has finished. Not having a clue, Khushi stood staring.

ASR sprang to his feet, surprising khushi, who moved back to create a distance, but he soon came right in front of her face, holding her wrist tight, "Kitne aasani se tumne usse pata liya? Mujhe pata tha, tum jaise ladkiyan paise ke liye kuch bhi kar sakte ho. Tho kya kar rahe aap ab tak? (How easily you have trapped him. I knew girls like you would do anything for money, so what were u up to until now).

Khushi asked, "Sir, Aap kya bol rahe hai (Sir what are you saying)

"oh Common khushi, Itne bhi bholi mat bano (oh Common khushi, Dont act so innocent). 

Both stood facing each other, one breathing fire, the other not able to comprehend what he was saying when they heard Karan shout from downstairs and his grip loosened, "Di look I have come. I promised I would come, see who I have got as well? 

"Jao jao tumhare liye hi aya hai..(go go, he has come only for u ...) snarled an angry ASR hearing karans voice, which is when khushi could figure out what he was up to all the while.

Before he could throw more abuses and tired of defending, Khushi pulled away from him, rushed out of the room and stood by the door holding her bruised hand. "hey Devi maiyya, why do you do this. She stood there ages trying to compose and when she heard the door click and knew ASR would soon come out, she quickly made her way down.

 All gathered to meet Karan and Kushal. Both bent to take blessings from Nani and Mami. ASR gave an affectionate handshake to Kushal,

 "Kitne saal ho gaye Kushal aapko dekhke. London se kab aya, Kaam kaisa chal raha hai? (Been years since we saw u kushal, when did u come from London, How is work going?) asked Nani,

nani abhi airport se seeda yahan le aya karan. Abhi ghar bhi nahi gaya (karan got me straight from airport nani, havent been home

"yes beta, you r the apple of Mehta uncles eyes.  Since the time you have come into their lives, it has only been good for them. By the way, u have not met your new priti bhabhi, u were not at kunals wedding.. spoke nani affectionately. 

Delighted to see Khushi again, karan shouted, "Khushi, you should have come with me, we could have all come together, We could have had a nice drive to the airport . 

"Sorry Karan ji, I should have, instead of waiting and walking half the way to catch a rickshaw!! Next time I will surely come. Khushi said looking at ASR. For a moment there was a hint of guilt on his face, but soon replaced with fury over her reply, "What the..

Anjali pulled Payal and khushi to introduce. Payal  stared at kushal. Kushal too kept staring at Payal and khushi. Finally Payal n kushal said, "Maine aapko dekha hai pehle (I have seen u before). 

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Chapter 13 (By Mimima1) (Thanked: 35 times)

Anjali pulled Payal and khushi to introduce. Payal  stared at kushal. Kushal too kept staring at Payal and khushi. Finally Payal n kushal said, "Maine aapko dekha hai pehle (I have seen u before). 

khushi just held her head and sat down. Anjali rushed to her, followed by Payal, "khushiji aap teek hai (Khushi ji are u ok?). Khushi nodded, still looking at kushal. Payal touched Khushis head, "Khushi, kya hua? (Khushi what happened?). 

"Jiji, sar mein bahut dard ho raha hai (Having a severe headache)

"Khushi you need Chotes coffee remarked Anjali. Khushi snapped up and ASR whipped round to see. Did she see a glint of concern in his eyes!! 

"Hello hai, whats naya naatak!!, Raksha bandhan kal kare ka pade humme (Hello hai  whats this new drama!! We will have to celebrate Raksha bandhan tomorrow!!) scorned Mami to be given a stare from her MIL.

 Khushi knew she was holding the ceremony, and soon collected herself. The ceremony began. Anjali tied Rakhi to Karan, Akash and of course her darling Chote while all of them watched. Anjali glowed receiving all the attention. "kash aapka bhi bhai hota, haina (wish u too had brother, isn't it ) she said looking at khushi n Payal sadly and got a sad smile from the Gupta sisters.

 Immediately kushal put forward his hand and said, "kya aap dono meri behen banenge (will u both be my sisters). Payal and Khushi looked at each other, not so sure. Anjali being herself, was ecstatic and said, "Aree kyon nahi, hai na Khushi ji, Payal ji (arre why not? Isn't it Khushi ji, Payal ji). Not having any say in this matter, they tied the sacred thread around. He blessed them both n gave some little cash he had on him. Karan had long walked out on the pretext of a call.

Seeing how Karan got away, and only Kushal got the Rakhis, ASR whispered to khushi, "there u go, you have managed to get a rich brother as well now. Both looked at each other, ASR with triumph over his wordly abuse and  Khushi with hurt evident in her eyes, which was not missed by Kushal. 

Fed up of taking his words, Khushi went close to him and whispered "Haan haan pata hai, phir bhi meri aisiyat ya aukat nahi badlegi hai na!! (Ya ya I know, neither my status nor my bank balance will change because of that Isn't it??!!) ASR was gobsmacked by her answer. He fisted his palms, grit his teeth, but decided to leave it there thinking, "This chit of middle class is giving me a reply, I need to show her position!!.  

As much as he wanted to get back to her, his anger soon turned to concern seeing her condition getting worse during dinner. Khushi's head still hurt. Perhaps that was the reason, which is what he consoled himself into later, in offering to drop them off when Karan tried offering "No Karan, Kushal has had a long journey and I think you should take him home soon, Di I will drop them, and to not look very silly he continued, "Or Akash can do it. The Guptas refusal was not accepted and ASR, left to drop them. 

Khushi sat with Payal at the back and tried hard to be normal, she was becoming delirious. The ride home was silent, but the images of his previous ride with Khushi was replaying in ASRs mind. Their eyelock fixing her seatbelt, how he could not move away from those eyes and once again she was not well. His thoughts were broken when he heard Khushis muffled mumbling, "mamma, pappa, baba,.. Payals concerned voice broke in, "what happened Khushi. You were ok in the morning, don't you worry, we are nearly there. I will ask Shyam ji to get the doc as soon as we reach home. Khushi could hardly understand what was happening.

 Thinking quickly, ASR said "Payal, shall I take to the doctors?? Payal replied, "Its ok sir, please take us home. I will tell our PG Shyamji to get a Doc soon. Last time he was quite worried for khushi and had managed to get one late in the night!!

 Very soon he driving back to rm after all the polite thank yous from the Gupta ladies, since once again, no one seemed to bother to invite him. The only reason he gave himself was either because of his high status or they were worried for Khushi, which was basically both every time. Since he had seen the protective side of Payal, he consoled himself, well at least Payal did not show the door to me. "byt hey, I cant believe I'm thinking of her. Why should I be bothered even??

Next morning saw Akash in Mr.Roys office discussing their case. It was when he went to collect the necessary paper work from his new secretary Shiv, he happened to see his Jijaji having a row with a lady. Jijajai here, that too arguing?? He had never, never ever seen him arguing. Well, what more he had not even seen him raise his voice. Also, hadn't Di told only the day before he was not in town since one week. 

Taken aback, "arre kya woh ji..(Oh, is that Ji) before Akash could continue, Shiv said, "Woh saab, unka naam Shyam hai, us aurat ka case liya hai lekin kuch kaam hi nahi kar raha hai, pichle hafte se yahi natak chal raha hai, us aadmi kuch teek nahi saab (That fellow, his name is Shyam. He has taken that ladies case and not done any work, same drama is going on since last week, that man is fishy sir)  

It took a lot to disturb the calm and collected man Akash and today he was shaken. He could not figure out what to make of it. He sat down, "Ek glass pani milega? (Can I have a glass of water?) and was in deep thought. Composing himself, he asked Shiv, "Kyon bhai kaise teek nahi,  (Why bro, how is he fishy?)

"Oh aise tho bahut hota hai Sir yahan pe aur ye tho mashoor hai. Suna hai paisa leta hai, lekin kaam nahi, aur hungama karta hai. (Oh these issues r quite common here Sir. Obviously he has taken money but no work has been done, hence argue like this. He is quite good at this I've heard!!). Disturbed Akash sat for a while and soon made his way home.

Mami did not hide her surprise when her son returned home that early, "Why son what happens? You earlys today. She was even more surprised, when  Akash, without giving a glance, went straight to his room thinking " I must get to the bottom of this, what is happening.!!!

chapter 14

ASR could not concentrate on his work. He was pacing in his cabin like a caged Lion. He was angry at himself. How could this chit of a girl bother him so much? Why should it matter to him if she was alright or not? It was nearing lunch time and he does not know what is happening? He has not seen Khushi since morning!! To top it, even Akash is not in. What should he do now? 

Having no control over his actions, he walked over to his Dis conference room, only to be greeted by a sight he would never forget. He was mesmerised to see Khushi who turned around to see who was at the door, her hair falling like a cascade from the loose bun she had tied. She was sitting on the floor like a fairy with all different coloured materials of thread, sequences and glitter around her!! 

Khushi stood up, held her heart to stop it from beating so loud lest he hear it. Still in a trance, ASR slowly walked over to her, like a moth attracted towards  fire.  Feeling his heated gaze Khushi stood still and her hands automatically started to fidget her dupatta. She slowly, very carefully moved back, until she hit her desk and stopped with a jerk. Their face was now inches away from each other, and the smell of jasmine from her hair hypnotised him. Time stood still, their breaths suspended. Both looked at each other tongue tied for what seemed ages. He did not like the gentle breeze pushing locks of hair on her face, obstructing his view. His hands rose on their on accord and her eyes closed in acceptance.

He stilled while she snapped her eyes wide open when they both heard Anjalis laughter just outside the door. He moved away in one swift motion, both feeling awkward at what just happened. Anjali and Payal opened the door to be greeted by an angry ASR and a timid Khushi.

 Angry at having lost his senses, he shouted "I have been trying the phone from such a long time, why isn't  anyone picking?

"Chote we have been out for getting materials, only Khushi ji was here. And Khushi ji how is your headache now??, replied Anjali calmly eyeing at Arnav.

Not happy with his Di dismissing him in his own office, he looked at khushi "Bring the Mehta file to my cabin NOW... Anjali sighed at his arrogance, Khushi hurried to find the file, and ran to his cabin cursing Payal for forcing her to leave the hair open because she believed, tying the hair increases the headache.

As soon as his cabin door closed behind her he fired, "Why did u come to office today?

  "Ji...? khushi questioned.. "why did u have to come if u were not well he shouted. Soon  realising he was showing concern he changed, "as it is you are half the time chatting around and not much work happens,

Not knowing how to answer Khushi stared at him, remained silent. Angered at her silence, angered at his  own emotions running astray around her, he shouted, "get out of my sight, dont show me your face again. Not to elevate the matter, khushi got up. Again, confused at not wanting to let her go out of sight,   "I have not yet finished yet khushi kumari Gupta. when Lavanya barged in without knocking. She could sense the dense air and gave khushi a disapproving look. Looking at ASR, smiling, "Asr lunch date pe chale (shall we go on a lunch date?) 

Staring into Khushis eye as if to say, you don't have a class , he said, "sure why not, Lavanya . 

"wow asr I cant believe u agreed... see you in 5 min at the car park, I'll just give a touch up n come. Saying loudly, she ran out.

Composing herself by now, "Sir Are you done now? Here is the file, Anything else?, Khushi waited. 

"Take it back and make sure you file it properly he ordered.

Khushi came out confused!!, "If I had to take it back and file, what was the point in bringing it here 

"Ajeeb hai yeh! (He is strange!)  she got back to her work. 

Here in his cabin, ASR felt "ooh whats happening,  why am I so confused.. why can't I think straight,.. oh great, now I have signed up for a lunch date as well..

Anjali, Karan sat getting up to date with the family matters after their project meeting with ASR in his cabin. As it is,  Karan's frequent visits to AR  and his Di's full support for Karan was not going well with ASR . He boiled every time Karan came over.

 Getting irritated with all the gossip they were discussing he was going to dismiss them when he heard Karan "Di, please can you arrange a date for me with Khushi, anything will do, coffee date, lunch date, dinner date,.please anything anything  please. I have been trying from so many days but she does not even look at me properly!! Karan made a puppy face at Anjali.

ASR gave a murderous look to Karan,..  Anjali raised her eyebrows "Karan, isiliye aap AR aa rahe hai kya (Karan is that why you are coming to AR), Karan gave a  sheepish grin. "Woh aisi ladki nahi hai Karan, Aaj hi pata chala unki shadi tair ho rahi hai ghar mein (She is not such a girl Karan, I came to know today her wedding is getting fixed by her parents!!) 

"What.. " shouted Karan and "What the... Di how can it be? Why? And how do you know all this Arnav fired all his questions. Anjali said "Chote, if you don't want to get married, does not mean others are not interested? And Why not, she 22, obviously parents will be concerned. Well Payal told me all about their paying guest how he is interested,... its quite filmi you know, how he saved her from goondey in Lucknow, how he met them again in Delhi.. 

Anjali got up to end the conversation, but

Karan came forward to pull her back to the seat, "Yes di, who is this.,..  has it been finalised yet?, does she love him, is that why Khushi is not interested in me? Every time I have tried, she distances me.. tell me please.

Arnavs mind went back to "Oh the same paying guest Payal had mentioned, who had got the doctor!, then thinking of Karan, he smirked thinking, "ha, she is not interested in you!! then his muscles tensed at the thought of , "does she love that guy...

Anjali gave a reassuring smile to Karan and said, "arre, even Khushi does not know about this still. Her buaji is quite adamant, her parents don't mind, but her babuji spoke to payal first because Khushi is younger and its not right on Payal.. "

ASR felt a tinge of guilt at that. He was taken back to the night in Sheesh mahal when she was pleading him with  "Humme jaane deejiye, Hamari jiji ki shaadi toot jayegi (Let me go, My sisters wedding will be broken ), how ruthless he had been then. "Wish I had trusted her!!


(In my ff Khushi is 22 and Payal 24.Akash 27 and Asr same as in show 28 )

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chapter 15 (By Mimima1) (Thanked: 40 times)

ASR felt a tinge of guilt at that. He was taken back to the night in Sheesh mahal when she was pleading him with  "Humme jaane deejiye, Hamari jiji ki shaadi toot jayegi (Let me go, My sisters wedding will be broken ), how ruthless he had been then. "Wish I had trusted her!!

Succumbing to Karans pressure, Anjali promised to speak to Khushi about it, which did not go well with the angry young man ASR. "Di, you do'nt need to do this, you don't know what kind of girls they are,... Anjali silenced with just "Chote please... Both Karan and Anjali left his cabin leaving a confused Arnav behind.

Dinner table at the Raizadas was a very dull affair when compared to the Guptas. Not just the dinner table, but there was no khushi in the house. 

And today was no different. ASR was extra angry for he did not know why he was upset with the revelation of Khushis wedding, and Akash was extra quiet. Well, that was never a worry to any of the Raizadas, it was just... well.. normal.     Feigning headache,  Akash had brooded in his room whole day. Not finding any particular solution for the issue that had cropped up, he came down for some food for his thoughts and tummy..

"Di, which place has jijaji gone to? enquired Akash only to be given a strange glare from all, since he never asked any questions before. "Well bas aise hi pooch raha hoon, (well I just casually asked..)

"Not sure Akash, He has cases in Lucknow and Kanpur. He has been travelling a lot lately. I spoke to him today. He will be back tomorrow.  

Shashi was a contented  man, who did not take any decisions in haste and was more protective when it came to his daughters and hence not going to be pressurised by his sister, when his daughters well being was at stake. He was happy to have found his friend Kedar on whom he had utmost trust and had only asked him to check on Shyam. 

That was the reason he was disturbed hearing Kedars recount of his visit to court the next day. Walking towards the old court buildings of Delhi, on the pretext of finding a lawyer for Buaji's pension, Kedar witnessed what seemed to be a regular sight of late. The lady would not leave Shyam come what may and was in full swing to get her case off him now. His flowery words to convince her about the case did no good. Finally he shut her for the time being, by giving her some money and to look into it later. Fed up with the regular recent bickerings, and remembering he should be off to please the Raizadas, Shyam had summoned the driver to take him back to Shantivan.

What surprised more was the fact that a chauffer driven car came and how Shyam was ordering the driver. What was happening? Collecting himself, Shashi decided to make a visit to the court soon, since Shyam was anyway out of Delhi.  

Ignorant to all the happenings around her, Khushi was busy with her own issues. Just before leaving office after a tiring days work, she stood outside the Lions den, frantically chanting to her Devi maiyya to protect her before knocking. This was one of the rare occasions or probably the first time, when she went to his cabin without being called.   

 Surprised to see Khushi so late in the office, and that too in his cabin, ASR exclaimed, "Ms.Gupta? what brings you here. Dont want to go home?

Handing him an envelop, Khushi meekly said, "Sir this is for you. 

Raising his eyebrows, "Are you scared already, another resignation letter? What new drama are you trying to create now?? WHAT is this Ms.Gupta??

chapter 16

Handing him an envelope, Khushi meekly said, "Sir this is for you. 

Raising his eyebrows, "Are you scared already, another resignation letter? What new drama are you trying to create now?? WHAT is this Ms.Gupta??

"Sir, please open it.

Both standing across the desk, he stared at Khushi, while opening the envelope, "What nonsense is this, .. when a bunch of notes slipped from the envelope. Both put forward their hands to catch, the notes slipped by, but Khushis hands were held tight, warm n snug, enclosed in Arnavs hands. Both froze, current running through their spine. Time stood still and once again both were unawares of  the passage of time, immersed in each other's eyes.

Recovering her senses, Khushi pulled her hands gently, causing Arnav to come out of his reverie.

"Sir, its 25000 rs...  , not getting any reaction she continued,  "sir, car damage?... she tried to remind him

"What the.. was all ASR could say, his mind completely blank.. 

Sudden rage took over him, he walked in two strides across the table, and shouted , "How dare u Khushi Kumaari Gupta? And How could you arrange for the money? Tell me tell me, angered by his loss of sense around her, he snarled "It is not a surprise for girls of your kind isn't it? Did you take it from your rich brother Kushal? Or did you ask you paying guest, whom you are all set to marry,.. 

Before he could continue, Khushi closed her ears and shouted, "Stop Mr.Raizada, please stop. What makes you think I am marrying. Who has put that into your head. Hey Devi Maiyya maaf karna (please excuse),  yuck, I cant even think of it in my dreams. Mr.Raizada, just because we don't have your status, don't think we would stoop to any level. We care two hoots for all the status and money, as long as our family is together. And how can I even think of marrying after breaking my jijis marriage? It will never happen..

Unknown to him Arnav felt relief at her answer. But soon guilt took over him realising how much misery he has caused by his actions,.. 

 "Now coming to how I got it, I have not met Kushal bhai after the Rakhi ceremony in your house. Who else, ah, yes our PG, where will he get the money, he is a young lawyer who is as hard working as any of us and half the time he is out on client visits. If you are still interested, then listen, I have been saving since we started the sweet business, taking tuitions for children, teaching dance for some kids and any spare time I manage to get, you will find me working with Happy ji in his garage doing all odd jobs I can lay my hands on. I have just been asked to teach dance for some college girls for a diwali dance competition. We have been saving every penny come what may, it just didn't  grow

After her monologue, she turned around to leave,

ASR was taken back in time when he was struggling in his career. Somewhere he was not happy to have put her into so much pressure, but his heart swell with pride and called out, "Khushi...  

Khushis heart melted hearing her name in the most huskiest way with so much love. Suddenly, she heard loud dhak dhaks and involuntarily she turned.

 Arnav continued,   

"Khushi you don't have to do this, take the money back. She was confused looking into his eyes. Was it concern or pity? Not the one to be pitied, she replied,

"Thank you Sir,. But only I know and my family knows how I have been slogging to save up. I know this money will not make any difference to you, it is just like a drop in ocean, but for me, it is a burden which I have been carrying ever since I have landed in Delhi. Please take it. "

 Arnav just started at her blank, Khushi continued, Now I shall take leave., saying so she made her way out of his cabin,  down the stairs, out of the AR building before she stood holding her heart tight to bring under control the turmoil in emotions..., What were these new feelings that she has been experiencing recently,.. 

Unlike normal days, dinner table at the Guptas was sombre. Confronting her Babuji about the marriage had given a headache to Buaji. Khushi spoke to him about getting into part time  business course to further her studies, once the financial conditions improved. 

"Babuji, after what has happened, I will not get married until jiji gets married. You can see, how with your blessings, we are trying to make a foothold in Delhi, which is not easy. I want to learn new things, get new experiences, but at the same time I promise I will not let go of my values and ethics Babuji. Then making an adorable face she said, " And one more thing Babuji,  this time , make sure you look for two brothers. Jiji and I will be in same house and she winked at Payal, who was protesting with her comment about getting married after her..

Her Babuji gave his full support for his daughters to be self sufficient, and encouraged them about building a career, which was not taken very well by the elder ladies of the house. Soon there was a cloth tied around Madhumati ji's head to control her headache,.. 

Shashi was well aware of his decision. He knew his daughters can never let him down. He also knew why the elder ladies were concerned, but he did not mention about his recent enquiry about Shyam to them, and what he had found during his visit to the court!!!

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