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Apr 29

WHAT’S BEHIND THE MASK, ASR! - PART 10 (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 54 times)









Later, In The Conference Room:




ASR: Hello Mr. Khan. Please to meet you.


Mr. Khan: Hello young man, longtime no see!


ASR: Yeah, I’ve been very busy. Please meet my new PA, Miss Khushi Gupta and she will be taking care of this project along with me.


Khushi: Hello Mr. Khan, nice to meet you.


Mr. Khan: Hello, Miss Khushi nice to meet you. Are you by any changed Mr. Shashi Gupta, SG, the famous Fashion Designer’s daughter from Lucknow, his daughter’s name was Khushi too.


Khushi (sad):  Yes, I am the daughter of Mr. Shashi Gupta. But, he was a Mithaiwala [sweet maker] in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi.


Mr. Khan (confused):  No Beta, Mr. Shashi Gupta and Garima Gupta were fashion designer in Lucknow, they were very good friends of mine. Anyways, I will be happy to work with you and Mr. Raizada.


Arnav, on the other hand was shocked by this new piece of information.


Arnav (thinking): Why Khushi’s file didn’t say anything about her being the daughter of the Shashi Uncle and Garima Aunty, so is she my Shona.  Is that the reason why her eyes reminded me of so much of my Shona! This must be the reason why I’m so attracted to her so quick. Does she remember me, her Avi?  Arnav, why haven’t you thought of that before? Why haven’t you paid any attention to her parents’ name? Why haven’t I put one and two together, yeah, her name is Khushi Kumari Gupta, but according to the accident report my Shona die in that accident then how come she is alive. Wait a minute did she just said that Shashi Uncle was Mithaiwala as her file said. So someone must have change the report. Arnav, this is much more deeper than you thought.  I need to talk to Aman and the others about this. I also need to get Khushi’s side of story. What’s wrong with her?


Khushi (confused):  Why would Mr. Khan say Dad was a fashion designer in Lucknow, when he was a Mithaiwala in Laxmi Nagar.


ASR: So, Mr. Khan here, three designs for the new collection, Khushi and I will be working on more designs.


Mr. Khan: These designs are great; I’ll be looking forward for the other designs. I’ll take my leave now see you later.


ASR and Khushi (together): See you later, Mr. Khan.




Arnav (concerned, holding Khushi’s hand): Khushi! Sorry, Jaan, but I need to ask you this question.


Khushi: What is it, Arnav? Why are you sounding so worried?


Arnav: Khushi, you are the daughter of Mr. Shashi Gupta and Mrs. Garima, right?


Khushi:  Yeah. My Dad’s Name was Shashi Gupta and my Mum’s Name was Garima Gupta.


Arnav: Your parents died in a car accident right?


Khushi: Yeah!


Arnav: Were you in the accident too?


Khushi (confused):  Hmm… I’m not sure…


Arnav (worried): Khushi, how old were you when you parents die?


Khushi (unsure):  Err… I was 18, when my parents died in the accident. We were a lovely middleclass family of three members Mum, Dad and me. Dad was a Sweet-maker and Mum was a housewife who always takes care of her family. We were renting a small two bedrooms in Laxmi Nagar. When they die I lost everything. The weird thing is that I not only don’t remember much about the accident but also don’t like talking about it.


Arnav (thinking): Oh no, I think Khushi was in the accident, she must have suffer from partial memory loss or something, her facts are not right and the file is not reliable either. Someone must have changed the facts and gave Khushi the wrong information but who?  I need to find out who is behind all this hence I’ll have to talk (interrogate) to Khushi about this again in order to gather more information but it can wait. Khushi need to see a Doctor preferably Neurologist and Psychologist.


Arnav (hugging Khushi, wiping her tears):  Sorry Shona. Are you okay, Jaan?


Khushi (feeling so familiar, a feeling of coming home): Yeah. Don’t worry; I’m okay, Avi.


Arnav (shock, happy):  What did you call me, Shona?


Khushi: You call me, Shona. It feels so familiar, so right.  And I’m not sure why I feel like calling you, Avi. Do you like it?


Arnav (hugging Khushi): I love it, Shona.  It’s much better that Sweetu...


Arnav (thinking): Shona, you will never know how I feel hearing you calling Avi again even though you don’t really remember me. I’m sure you must have gone through a lot but you are safe now, in the right place where you always belong, I don’t might if you don’t remember our past, our childhood, our relation but at least I have you now and I can’t afford to lost you again.


Khushi: Avi! Do we have any other meeting?


Arnav: Not really Shona, but you are going to meet all the Key Personnel (the Board Directors) of AR Design and the Key person in my life. I just need to make a call.




Phone Conversation:




Arnav (phone call): Aman, I want all the Board of Directors to come to the conference room ASAP for a meeting.


Aman (phone call):  Do you want all of us now?


Arnav (phone call): I think that’s what I just said. Anyways, yes Aman, I want all the Board of Directors in the conference room now. {coding: A2PLAN IN RED, A2, NEW DATA} .


Aman (phone call, Serious): {coding: OK, A, A2PLAN IN CONFERENCE, ASAP}.


Arnav (phone call): Aman, are Dhruv and Anji in the office? Are they back from Uni?


Aman (phone call): Yeah! They just came; they are in their office.


Arnav (phone call): I will need them in the conference room too.


Aman (phone call): Ok, I’m on it right away.




Arnav (seeing Khushi sad with tears in her eyes, thinking): I hate to be the cause of your tears but I need to find the true and to ask you those question again later. I can’t even take you to see a Doctor but I have to find a way. But you need to see a Neurologist and Psychologist soon.


Arnav (walking towards Khushi): Shona, can I tell you a secret?


Khushi (still crying a little): Hmm…


Arnav (wiping her tears):  Crying women make me uncomfortable.


Khushi:  Really.


Arnav (smirking, hugging her): Really.  And it’s even worse when the crying woman is my Shona, because I can’t these tears in her eyes.


Khushi:  I will try to keep my crying under control.


Arnav:  Thank you.



I went to kiss him on the cheek  and all of a sudden his lips were on mine. I felt his hands in my hair as he pulled me closer. I don’t know why but I wanted him so bad. I wrapped my arms around his neck and returned his kiss. From the moment his lips were on mine I was unaware of anything going on around me. When I heard someone Hmming…




******** TO BE CONTINUED SOON *******  







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May 1

WHAT’S BEHIND THE MASK, ASR! - PART 11 (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 43 times)







Lavanya [LA] (smiling):  Hmm! Hmm!


Akash [AG](shocked):  Unbelievable!


Aman [A2] (smiling): A, We thought A2PLAN IN RED, that why we came running.


Payal [PG] (smiling): Sorry A, we didn’t mean to disturb your private moments.


Nikil [NK](smiling): Hello Brother! Sorry, to disturb you Bro, no worries, you can carry on A! We will come later if you want, no hurry take your time.


Arnav [A or ASR]: Really Guys! Come on, Guys, let’s get serious, now, shall we. Sorry, I was just a little carried away.


Lavanya:  Seriously A, you call that a little carried away.


Payal: Yeah! Right! Just a Little.


NK: Now, don’t tell us that you were administrating First Aid.


Arnav: Shut up, NK.


Akash (serious): A, what the urgency that you call A2PLAN IN RED.


Arnav: Yeah, AG, new data collected, but first I want you all to meet someone. AG, I would like you to please keep your emotion under control. And PG please stay next to your husband.




Knock! Knock!




Arnav: Come in!


Anji:  Hi Everyone!


Everyone [A2PLAN]: Hey Princess!


Dhruv: Hey Guys! Are we having a party?


Everyone: Hey Champ!


NK: Well! Champ! I’m not sure about Party  but you never know, nowadays, there’ve been lots of changes around here lately, you see!


Dhruv: Yeah. I guess you are right NK Bhai.


Anji:  Yep! Someone just inform me that The great ASR said Good Morning to all the AR Design [ARD] Staffs in order to introduce his new PA and even Thanks them for their attention.

Everyone (shocked): What!


Lavanya:  Princess, do you mean ASR, Arnav Singh Raizada, did that?


Payal:  Impossible!


Dhruv: Bhai did that! I don’t believe this. 


Akash: Not possible.


NK: Unbelievable. A2, where are you, Man, weren’t you there by any chance?


Aman: Yes, I was.


Nk: So, it’s true.


Aman: Yeah! I was one of the witness.


NK: O, A2, Kitne aadmi the? [How many person was there A2]


Aman: Poora ARD Staff, NK. [ The whole ARD Staff]


NK:  Kya, poora ARD Staff, aur yahaan sirf ek chhota sa A2, bahut hi nahisafi hai? [What! The whole ARD Staff and here we only have a little, A2, it’s so unfair].


Anji: Seriously, NK Bhai! Aman, chhota sa!


Payal:  LOL!! Where do you get these ideas?


Aman (LOL):  Seriously, NK, you are so dramatic sometimes. It’s still a mystery how come La agree to marry you?


NK: Well A2! You know what they say love is blind.


Aman: Yeah! I think you got a point there, but I also heard that love is stupid too.


Lavanya: What! Do you mean I stupid?


Aman (smiling): No, of course not, La, Meri itni jurat! [I would never dare] I didn’t say anything like that in fact you are agreeing to the statement yourself.


Lavanya: Aman ka bacha, main tera khoon pee junga! [Aman, I’m going to drink your blood – Dialogue, from Bollywood movie]


Aman: Sorry! La! Time out, yaar, I was just joking! 


Lavanya (LOL):  You are forgiven, A2. In fact I’m feeling pity for Princess as I sure you give A (ASR) more time than her, sometimes I wonder if you and Arnav are a couple.


Aman (shock): What!


Arnav: What The!


Anji: Of course! I always wonder about the same too.


Lavanya: See, exactly my point.


Arnav: Oh! Hello! How do I even come in that equation? How did I became a variable in Princess and Aman’s equation, I have no idea when their equation is ultimately P + A2 = unknown and my equation is always A + S = unknown.


Anji:  Wow! Bhai! I didn’t know you’ve been such a guru (expect) in deriving mathematical equations out of relationships.


Dhruv: But, Bhai, I think your equation can be modified to A + A2 = A3, mathematically it sound so happening but biologically weird. But, we can always work around it with new technology and science invention after all it’s the 21st century.


NK:  Wow! Champ! That’s a great idea!


Aman: Really! Champ!


Arnav (thinking): They are going to make me crazy one day, here I’m worried how I’m going to introduce Khushi as my Shona, while they are having fun recreating movie scenes using dialogues. I’m not sure what’s Khushi mental situation and her health. I’m worried what will be Akash reaction on finding that his baby sister who he cremated along with his parents is still alive. Then who die in that accident with Shashi Uncle and Garima Aunty, whose body was that? I was so broken at that time that I couldn’t bring myself to see her body. I think it’s better I just introduce Khushi as Khushi and asked Princess and Champ to show Khushi around whilst we can have our conference, I think that will be best for everyone.



******** TO BE CONTINUED SOON ******* 








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May 17

WHAT’S BEHIND THE MASK, ASR! - PART 12 (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 43 times)







Arnav: Okay, Guys! Can we please get serious! I want you to meet someone very important! (Holding Khushi’s hand) So, guys please meet Khushi! And Khushi these are the Key Board Members of ARD, all the decisions about ARD are finalized by them and you are going to be part of the board soon.


Khushi (worried): But, Avi, I can’t, I don’t know anything about business.


Arnav (concerned): Please listen to me, Jaan, you are going to learn and we are going to train you. Ok.


Listening to Arnav and Khushi’s conversation everyone couldn’t believe what their eyes were witnessing – ASR is talking to somebody so politely and explaining everything in details, as ASR is always man in action, always in control but this man in front of them is worried about this particular woman whom he has just met. For the first time ASR is showing his vulnerability for someone other than his closed ones.



Khushi (shaking her head in agreement): Hmm…


Arnav (trying to make Khushi smile): Wow, did you just agree with me so quickly and that too without any arguments.


Khushi: Yeah!


Arnav: Great! I’m impressed!


Khushi: Why!


Arnav: Because you always like to fight with me and try your best to disagree with me most of the time.


Khushi: What! Me! I like to fight with you! Never! It’s always you who fight with me every time.


Arnav: Oh, really!  I fight with you! When! It’s always you who fight with me, Jhansi Ki Rani! 


Khushi: What!  You, Laad Governor how dare you called me Jhansi Ki Rani!


Arnav:  What happen, Khushi, you started shouting first, now you are blaming me that I start fighting with you.


Khushi (self talk with DM): Hey DM This Laad Governor always makes me angry. And now he is calling me Jhansi Ki Rani.


Arnav (thinking): That’s great! My Laad Governess is back. Now, I can send her with Dhruv and Anji. Let’s introduce her to the others first.


Arnav (smirking):  Khushi! Khushi!


Khushi:  What!


Arnav: Khushi, don’t you want to meet the others.


Khushi (confused): Others! Who?


A2PLAN: Us, Khushi!


Khushi: Oh! Sorry everyone, this Laad Governor always makes me angry. 


Arnav (kneeing in front of Khushi, holding his ears):  Ok! Sorry, Jaan. Am I forgiven, now?


Khushi: Oh, my Sweetu, of course you’re forgiven.


While the others were shocked  by what they just witnessed - the great ASR kneeing down in front of someone, holding his ears in order to say Sorry.



Arnav: Ok, everyone please meet my Jaan, Khushi! And Khushi, please meet:



> Aman – My Right-hand, The Managing Director of ARD and Legal Advisor. He details with all the paperwork. He is Anji’s boyfriend.



Khushi: Yeah! You’re better half and partner in crime.


Arnav: Yeah! I guess.


Aman: Hi Khushi.


Khushi: Hi Aman.



Lavanya – She is the Model Coordinator and Trainer of ARD.



Lavanya: Nice to meet you, Khushi. You can call me La or Lav.


Khushi: Nice to meet you too, La.



> Nikil (NK) – Lavanya’s Husband. He is the Photographer of ARD.



NK: Hey Khushi, please call me NK, nice and cool. I’m please to meet you.


Khushi: Nice to meet you too, NK.



> Payal – She is the Show Organizer of ARD.



Payal: Lovely to meet you, Khushi.


Khushi: Lovely to meet you too, Payal.



> Akash – He is more like the do all personnel always there to help all of us wherever help is needed in ARD.




Akash (thinking): Why is Arnav behaving like that with her? It’s so not like Arnav, he is behaving as he use to with our Khushi? Khushi! Yes, her name is Khushi too. Her eyes are similar to our Shona (Khushi), same as Mum. And Arnav said new information collected. Thus, does that mean!!! Is she!!! But something is different about her, it’s been 9 years after all, yeah, her hair color is brown. But, how come she is alive!! Who die in the accident then! Where was she?


Akash: Hi, nice to meet you again. So, your name is Khushi. What your Surname?


Arnav (thinking): Oh No!!


Khushi (smiling): Hi Akash. Good to see you again. Yes, my name is Khushi Kumari Gupta (KKG).


Hearing her full name, Akash, got his doubt cleared, immediately look at Arnav who confirmed his assumption and indicating to stay quite.


Akash (emotional): Nice name. Actually, my sister’s name was Khushi too.


 Khushi: Has she changed her name now?


Akash: No, she died in a car accident 9 years ago.


Khushi: Oh, I’m so sorry. Actually, my Parents also died in a car accident 7 years ago.


Akash (confused): Ok!


Arnav: Akash!! I think it’s better if we start our meeting it’s urgent. Ok, everyone have a seat. As you all know Khushi is my PA and she is going to work with me in Mr. Khan project. I have enrolled her to start an online course in Business Administration and she is going to do her internship with me. Once Khushi start getting familiar with everything I will sent her to learn the rope from each of you that the reason why I wanted her to meet all of you.


Arnav (continue): So Anji and Dhruv, can you two please show Khushi around and introduce her to everyone.


Anji and Dhruv:  Okay, Bhai.


Arnav: Khushi, we are going shopping after this conference and we will have lunch on our way.


Khushi: Ok, Avi. See you later everyone.


Everyone: See you later, Khushi.





The A2PLAN Conference:




Arnav: Ok, Guys! I just receive soon new information about the accident in which Akash Parents and Sister die. Actually, Khushi is Akash’s sister.


Payal: What?


Lavanya: How can that be possible?


Nikil (NK): Do you mean that she is your Shona?


Aman: But why didn’t her file say anything about that?


Akash: How did you find out?


Arnav: When I introduce Khushi to Mr. Khan, he ask her whether she is the daughter of the famous Fashion Designer, Mr. Shashi and Mrs. Garima Gupta, to which Khushi reply yes confirming that Uncle and Aunty are her parents but point out that her Dad was a Mithaiwala in Laxmi Nagar and her Mum a housewife as it is mention in Khushi’s file which Aman put together.


Therefore this is all the fact that we currently have:


According to the file Khushi is the daughter of Mr. Shashi Gupta and Garima Gupta, their only child with no other relative in picture. Mr. Shashi Gupta was a sweet-maker and Mrs. Garima Gupta was a housewife, a middle class family living in Laxmi Nagar. Khushi was 18 when her parents die in a car accident. She is not sure if she was travelling with them when the accident happened, when asked stating she can’t remember. She only remember all the facts and figures perfectly as stated in this file nothing more nothing less all her facts tally with this file. If you ask Khushi any other questions about her past outside this file she become confused and look lost, unsure on her own answer.


Now, the Big Question:


How is Khushi Alive if she was in that car accident because according to the police report- Car breaks failed, Mr. Shashi Gupta being the driver of the car lost control and end up crashing with a petrol truck which exploded killing four people- the truck driver, Shashi Uncle, Garima Aunty and Khushi. However, due to the explosion none of the bodies were recognizable but the postmortem report do identified them and also proclaim Khushi death. Then how can she be alive with the same name but new identity and dead at the same time to the world and close one!


Now since Khushi is alive the next question is: Who die in her place then and how can the postmortem report say otherwise.


Is that postmortem report reliable?


Aman: This is getting more and more complicated. We need to reconsider of our facts and figures again, it all interconnected. We need to start from the beginning to get a better picture.


Akash: I think Aman is right, because if the postmortem is tamped it will solve so much mystery that we encountered in the past.


Nikil (NK): Yeah, you are right Akash. We never consider this accident to be planned before but thinking about it now, there is much more to the story than we think given that all the reports are falsified.


Payal: This information changed everything as we were always focus on the fire that burned down Aman’s house years ago along with Aman’s and Arnav’s parents never consider this accident as deliberate before as all the evidences pointed otherwise until now. Just think about it guys, if Khushi is alive with a new identity and facts then the postmortem report is definitely wrong. That can also implies that Mum and Dad are also alive, just think about it.


Akash (emotional): I don’t know what to say anymore, my baby sister who I thought die 9 years ago is now standing in front of me alive with new identity that don’t include me in her perfect family picture even seeing her after so long I can’t even acknowledge her as my sister. Now, there is the possibility that my parents are alive after 9 years of being proclaimed dead.


Payal (hugging Akash): Oh Aki, I know it’s hard but a least our Khushi is here with us where she always belong. And if Mum and Dad is alive we will find them and if not then they least we can do is to get to the root of this issue once for all and bring them justice.


Akash (hugging Payal back): I think you are right, sweetheart. Okay, let’s get to the bottom of this and close this chapter.


Lavanya: Wait a minute, Guys; we have two past incident during the same interval both involving fire where no bodies found just report claiming death members. Arnav’s and Aman’s parents died 9 years before in an explosion in Aman’s house while Akash’s parents died in a car explosion (accident) on their way to Delhi for the funeral of Arnav’s and Aman’s parents.


In both cases the cause of the incidents are explosion. Explosion where everything is destroyed along with the evidences and the bodies of those died within. Now, if one report was forged isn’t it questionable the other report might be as well. Just think about this one more time why will someone kill three families destroying every last elder members and where their children are concern I think they had no danger to them.


NK: I guess you are right La it does make sense now that we got new data. The fact that both incidents are connected solved a lot of our past mysteries we encountered previously only heading to dead end hopefully we can now find more answer given that Khushi is alive we need to enquire if she can remember anything. We must get her sight of story tally it with the facts in order to find the all the lose holes. It is essential to get Khushi checked by doctors, who knows what she has been through in these 9 years her wellbeing is our priority. Her DNA must be crosschecked along with her blood group.  


Aman: I think NK is right, we need to make sure she is healthy. We also need to gather more information on her ex-boyfriend Shyam Manohar Jha. Arnav, are you okay?


Arnav (sadly): I don’t know, but I’ll be. Ok, guys we need to gather as much information as we can before we can decide a plan for action so let’s wrap up this meeting here, I’m taking Khushi out for lunch and shopping. I will also try to find her side of story and also about this Shyam dude (slamming his fist in the table). I just hope he has not hurt my Khushi in anyway.


Akash: Arnav, please control yourself. You need to calm down as history proved you don’t think straight when you are angry.


Arnav: Don’t worry, Akash. I will control myself. I love you sister, always has and always will. But if that Shyam has hurt her in anywaybi don’t want I’m going to do with him.


Akash: I know how much you love your Shona that why I’m worried for you always was.


Arnav: Ok Guys, I’m out of here! See you later.




******** TO BE CONTINUED SOON ******* 










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