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Apr 29

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Kushi and kavitha was embarrassing seeing everyone, kavitha mobile ring she silently leave from there.

Anjali : called kushi come with me. i want to talk to you.

kushi : ji anjali ji.

kushi and anjali came to the room,

Anjali: kushiji i can understand your  situation, because i am also girl na..tell me what are you thinking

about ? 

Kushi: nothing i am fine anjaliji.

Anjali: says after the marriage you dont talk to me, you always with your friend only. 

Kushi: no di , dont think like that.

Anjali: smiled and says i am just kidding you, please share your feeling to chote, he will understand you, then everything will be fine ok, first you have to spend time with him kushi, 

Kushi : ji ...she also thinking the same

kushi: came to her room, she sees arnav busy with his mobile, she mutter herself , what is he, always busy with his mobile, omg , first i want to talk to him, i dont want suagraat now, i want to finished my studys first, and i want to know him na , 

Arnav: yea kushi your right ,.

Kushi: shocked hearing his voice. she looked at him .but you said today is our sua.....

Arnav: says i am just kidding you kushi.

kushi: look at him little angryly..

Kushi: why did  you do that arnavji, you dont know, how i am woried and nervouse about  that suagraat, now i am not ready for that ,then only she realised what she says to him..she looked at him.

Arnav: smiling at her. leave it kushi, listen , he says your really a unbelivable kushi. i know about you , i talk with kavitha yesterday, you have to finished your collage first then we will think about this all ok. you can talk anything,no hesitation ok. first we both know eachother , then we both like eachother na kushi. 

kushi:  says to herself i think he is bad , but he is very good, she hearing arnav's words she getting emotional , she says thank you ..

Arnav: why are you getting emotinal now kushi, he tuch her cheeks with his hand ,and says dont worry ok . i will be with you always , he kissed her forhead..

kushi: is relifed now, she says thank you arnavji, you know arnavji my mom always scholding me , but your not like that, your very difirent arnavji, thank you for understanding me,

Arnav: smiled at her , 

Kushi: says go and ready for the pooja ..

Arnav: ok kushi...


Shyam: gives honeymoon ticket to arnav and kushi. they both look at each other.

Arnav: smiled at his jijaji, and recived the ticket.

Anjali and payal says we are already pack your things and put in this car. akash will drop you in the airport. anjali and payal smiling eachother.

Arnav : dont know what to say, if he says anything his di will get upset.

Kavitha : came and huged kushi, she says i am leaving my home tomorrow. enjoy ok..

Kushi: take care of you ok. we will meet in collage..

Arnav: says nk you just drop kavitha to her home ok , 

NK: smiled and says ok bai..

Arnav: careful ok..

Shyam: says i will take care of everyone here , dont worry ok , you just relax and go..

Arnav and kushi leave from there.


kushi and arnav came to the resort room. the room was decorated with flowers and i love you write on the bed with flowers. kushi look at him..

Arnav: kushi please dont look at me like that, i dont know anything about this all, they are planing sicretly , i dont want hurt di in this situation ,i mean she is pregnant, so  i agree , i am  sorry kushi..

Kushi: han i trust you arnavji. 

Arnav: ok come we will sleep.

kushi: i dont feel sleepy arnavji ,let tallk something na.

Arnav: what should i talk about?

Kushi: your disigning , i like your all the disignings ,i love it arnavji , she talking excitedly to him.

Arnav: hearing her talks and stared at her silently.

Kushi asks why are you looking at me like that now.

Arnav: start to teasing her, wo wo kushi room is very nice its very beautifull, and you and me..

Kushi: getting nervouse, but she asks you and me what arnavji.

Arnav: laugh at her..

Kushi: are you teasing me  arnavji..

Arnav: han kushi.

Kushi: says i like your smile arnavji..

Arnav: he look at her and asks what ..

Kushi: says nothing i feel sleepy arnavji, she try to go..

Arnav :hold her hand and asks what you says before sometime.please tell me again..

Kushi: closed her eyes and says please leave me arnavji.. please na..

Arnav: leave her hand and says you just sleep , i have to call di and come.

Kushi: nods her head, she says to herself i like your smile and i like you too arnavji...


Anjali delivered a baby girl ,   shyam and anjali very happy about their daughter, 

she is shanji {anjali and shyam daughter}

Akash and payal have a son .

he is akilesh{akash and payal son}

Naniji and mamiji feel happy about anjali and akash, they little upset with arnav and kushi..

Arnav : says to everyone , when kushi's studys finished , then we will get a baby.

lavanya married to goutham and they both settled in us, they have a son karthik..

Kavitha and nk love eachother but they dicied to  hide  everyone untill her studys finished.

kushi started loving arnav, he already in love with her , because of her studys he wait for her.. 

Garima did not change herself still , she always scold her daughter kushi. but shashi always care for her daughter, 

kavitha feel gulity for hide her love to kushi, she promised to nk, so she hide to her..

Arnav:  was very polite to kushi past 3 years..he did not distrub her , he help her studys always .

Now kushi learn how to do pooja, and how to cooking, she cooked for arnav sometimes.  

Payal and anjali thinking because of kushi arnav changed a lot , anjali is feel her chote loves kushi a lot more then her, and he forget her. he always be with his wife only , anjali feel like that..anjali little angry on kushi.Shyam always supported kushi only.

Payal: feel she only doing household work , kushi did not do anything but everyone always supported her , she is also little angry on her..

Naniji and mamiji did not say anything , they both wants arnav's happy thats it..

NK and akash always supported their bhabi and bai..

Arnav: came from office, after sometime kushi also came from the collage, he asks how was the day kushi. she says fine arnavji.. she stared at him , she thinkherself my huspand is very handsome day by day.. he asks why are you looking at me like that now kushi, she says your my huspand i have the rights to see you ,

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May 2

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Arnav : yea ofcourse kushi, you only have that right kushi. he came near her kushi getting nervous,and he  raised his eye brow, she looked at him , she hold her shirt tightly, arnav looked at her amazingly, she says my exams finished next week. he asks so what kushi. she says nothing and try to go but arnav hold her hand , they both heard some shouting shound, 

Kushi: arnavji , this is payalji voice . come we will go down.they both came down and saw payal is faint in the kitchen, Arnav called the doctor , kushi came near her and flash some water on her face, but she did not open her eyes, kushi says to arnav please lift her to take her room first arnavji..arnav look at her , she asks why are you looking at me like that, he says i called akash, at the same time akash came  from his room, he is shocked seeing payal, arnav says first lift her to take your room, i already inform doctor, you dont worry akash. akash lift her to take to their room, he is very tensed , akilesh is crying seeing her mom, arnav lift her and comfort him, he likes arnav very much, after sometime doctor came and check payal,  doctor says she is very week , she have to rest now, take care of her,

After sometime anjali, shyam , mamiji,naniji came from mandir. everyone came to payal room and asks what happen. kushi sit beside payal and feed soup ,arnav asks where are you going all if anything happens to payal, he scold akash also, and says take care of her, he says payal you dont do any work ok, just take rest, if you want anything call hp or op, he lift akilesh in his arms, and says kushi you be with payal , he leave from his room.

Naniji : says see payal this is my chote, he is care for everyone , he is never changed , kushi is smiled hearing this, payal is feel guilt , she looked at kushi she is smilingly feed her soup, payal tears flow in her eyes, kushi wipe her tears and says nothing to worry , you know payalji i dont like this tears,we all are with you only ok.payal huged her suddenly , she says thank you kushiji.kushi smiled at her and says dont say thanks to me, this is my duty , you and di take care of me in this all days , thats why i have no distrubing and now i am going to finshed my studies , this is all because of you and di,but i dont say thanks to you both, because i am your sister , and di i am your bhabi she smiled at them ..

Mamiji: says yes kushi betia your right, she huged kushi , payal, and anjali. your like arnav's mom..but my jiji is very silent  your not ..

Anjali :smiled, and she thinking herself my chote is never changed , he always care for everyone, she looked at kushi and smiled , she thinking herself, she is also like him, he is very lucky .

Shyam : says ok now we will go our room , akash will take care of her , everyone leave from there.

payal says kushi  feed milk to akil , i think he is hungry now , 

Kushi: says dont worry about him , you just take rest ok.

Payal: nods her head ...

Akash: asks are you ok now, she says feel better akash, he says i think now you understand kushiji, she says han she is very nice, she is very innocent, and arnavji is never changed .i am sorry akashji.

he says leave it , dont think too much ok, everything will be fine soon.they both hugging each othere.

Arnav: says kushi driver will drop you collage, i will be with akil today ok..

Kushi: smiled at him, and says its ok arnavji, take care of him ok, bye 

After sometime.

Mamiji: came to arnav room, she says you can go your office, i will take care of him. 

Arnav: ok mamiji, thank you . akil is palying in arshi bed. 

Mamiji: lift him in her arms , he looked at arnav , his face is dull seeig him.

Arnav: tuch his cheek and says we will play evening ok, now you go with your dadiji.dont distrub dadiji ok my champ.he hold arnav's hand tightly, mamiji says he dont leave you today, arnav kissed akil cheeks and leave from there..

Anjali: talking with shanji in her room.

Mamiji and naniji take care of akilesh,.

Akash: with payal.

NK: leaving office early today.


kavitha: asks kushi next plan .

kushi: what plan , i dont understand kavi.

Kavitha: there is only one weeks to complete our studys, then ..

Kushi: han then what kavi , she asks seeing the disignings.

kavitha: snatch the disignings and says ediot .

Kushi: whats your broplem kavi..

kavitha: hit her head and says arnavji is so sinful. omg.

kushi: smiled and says i know kavi. i understand what you say.  after one weeks you will see, now concentrate on our studys ok.

Kavitha: look at her amzingly, she open her mouth in o shape.

kushi: says closed your mouth, and asks whats your plan madam. 

Kaviitha: says i dont know kushi. 

kushi: i know you hide something from me ,

Kavitha: look at her shockingly..

kushi: says its ok, leave it ..

kavitha: i am sorry kushi , but i canot tell you now ok, but i will tell you oneday.

kushi: there is nothing nonsense na kavi, she smiled at kavi..

Kavitha: hmmm no kushi..


Arnav : in his cabin , he thinking about kushi .he says to himself i love you kushi..

NK: came there and asks what are you doing bai.

Arnav: nothing. he asks what you want nk.

NK: meeting is ready we will go confrence hall..

Arnav: ok lets go .they both leaving confrence hall.

Kushi: says to kavi i will drop you in home.

kavitha: no its ok i will manage , you just go home, payalji is not well, 

Kushi: its ok i will drop you then i  go to my home.

kavitha: says no you go ..

kushi: shook her head and leave from there.she called mamiji and asks how is payal.

Mamiji: says she is fine kushi betia where are you.

Kushi:  i am on the way mamiji. she asks how is akil , what are you doing now.

Mamiji; he is playing with his dad.

Kushi; smiled and cut the call..

Arnav; called kushi mobile.

kushi: hello arnavji..

Arnav: where are you . 

Kushi: i m going home.

Arnav: come to our office we will go movie..

kushi : no arnavji i dont like movies, come home fast we will have spend time with our family , after my exams we will go outing ok.

Arnav: cut the call , he is little upset hearing this..

Kushi: thinkherself oh ho my arnavji getting angry today. she says driver please stop the car, after that she buy some fruits for payal and chocolate for shanji. she saw kavitha and nk in the shop. she  called kavitha mobile and asks where are you kavi . have you reached your house.she says yea kushi i am reached , where are you i am in shop buying some fruits.kavitha ok bye we will meet tomorrow.

NK; asks what bhabi says .

kavitha; nothing , first drop me in my home.

NK: no we will go movie today.

kavitha: no ..

NK: face dull hearing this.

kavitha: says ok ..

kushi: thinkherself  if arnavji knows this what he will do. this kavi also hide this to me, relax kushi first you have to talk with nk. then we will decide ok..

Everyone in the hall chitchating and drinking the tea.

kushi enter the house , shanji came and hugged kushi..she gave chocolate to shanji. she is very happy.

Anjali : says to her daughter leave her shanji, aunty will freshup then she will play with you ok.

kushi: leave her room and freshup and came down . she is waiting for nk...

Arnav; came from the office. kushi run to him and asks where is nk arnavji. he look at her angryly..

and leave his room. 

Naniji: asks what happen kushi betia. 

Kushi: he asks coffee naniji. she leaving the kitchen and prepared his coffee. she think herself oh ho arnavji is angry on me , how to i handle him now, omg .

kushi: enter the room, she saw arnav is busy with his laptop, she called arnavji your tea.

Arnav: looking at the laptop .

kushi: called again arnavji..

Arnav: you go down and enjoying with them , i dont distrub you kushi.

Kushi: i am sorry arnavji, i think i want to spend time with alone here. 

Arnav: look at her and asks what are you saying..

kushi: i want to spend time with you. why i said no to you na, now payal is feeling not well, and akilesh is crying sometime, you have to handle him thats why i said , i dont come outing. i am sorry arnavji please i before she speak further arnav kissed her lips .she is shocked and closed her eyes ,she hold his shirt tightly, due breathing broplem arnav leave her , kushi  look down she did not look at him, she is very shy seeing him. arnav is very cool and drink his coffee, he says this is your punishment kushi.

kushi: look at him with wide eyes, 

Arnav: smiled and says still your punishment is not finished kushi.

Kushi: getting nervouse and asks wo wo i am i mean i did not do any mistake , she run from there..

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Arnav : called kushi..

Kushi: stood there and turn to look at him.

Arnav: smiled at her, he called her with his eyes.

kushi: is breathing heavyly and look at him.

Arnav: called again with his eyes.

kushi: came near him and standing silently .

Arnav: you said to me you want to spend time with me.but where are you going now .

Kushi: wo wo arnavji. i mean i want water wo i feel thirsty arnavji.

Arnav: gave water to her.

Kushi: oh i forget , water is in our room na.

Arnav: smiled and says first drink the water.

Kushi: now i am ok, i am not feel thirsty .

Arnav: kushi you never lie haina.

Kushi: han i said truth only.

Arnav: then stop your blaberring .

Kushi : what i am blaberring . she look at him angryly.

Arnav: han your always blaberring only, you dont know anything.

kushi : i know everything .

Arnav: what you know ,tell me about that .  

kushi; i know cooking , i know how to do pooja, and i am studying well now, i know how to handle child too, i know everything.

Arnav: oh really..

Kushi: yea ofcourse arnavji.

Arnav: you have to handle everything right .you dont get failed, you know everything haina kushi.

kushi: says yes.

Arnav: i will check it.

Kushi: what you want i will cook for you.

Arnav: i dont want anyhting kkushi, i am just teased you 

kushi: asks what ? what you mean arnavji...

Arnav: came near her , she look at him nervousely , he cup her face and says i love you kushi...

kushi: looked at him and smiled slightly, 

Arnav: asks are you ok..

Kushi: nods her head.

Arnav: try to kiss her but kushi says wo wo tomorrow is my last exam, then we will start , i mean i am distrubed thinking about you in exam hall. he smiled at her and huged her.he says i am sorry kushi.

kushi smiled at him and says thank you arnavji, he says no need to thank me kushi.i am sorry to call you for the movie , actually i forget your exams, i am also thinking about you and forget everything.

kushi is blush hearing this.arnav says oh ho you know this too kushi, how to blush.

Shyam : knock the door.

Arnav : came and open the door. come in jiju.

kushi: smiled at him.

Shyam : says come dinner is ready .your di calling you both.

Arnav: smiled and says yea lets go .

Everyone start to eat ..

NK: called bai i want to talk to you.

Arnav: yea tell me nk.

Kushi: look at nk , she look at arnav and getting tensed what he will say now.

NK:bai ,i am in love with kavitha.


Arnav: look at kushi , and asks whats going on here kushi  he is faking to anger.

Kushi: is scared seeing his anger.

NK: bai , bhabi dont know anything, me and kavitha hide this for untill her studys finished.

Arnav: oh then whats your next plan.

Anjali: chote please accept it na, he loves her a lot. she also likes him.

Arnav: so you also knows this haina di.

Anjali: look down .

Arnav: look at kushi and asks what you say kushi.

kushi; looked at him and says she is good girl. she closed her eyes and says she is perfect for nk. i think like that arnavji.

Arnav: look at everyone , they all are waiting for his answer. he says i dont have any broplem, jiju you have to take care of this, me and kushi leaving mumbai tomorrow evening. 

Anjali: shocked and asks what ? what are you saying chote.

Shyam: says he started a new branch there so he leaving .dont worry he will come nk marriage.

Anjali: so you already knows this haina shyamji.

Arnav: di please dont angry with jiju, 

Naniji and mamiji asks when you come back here chote.

Arnav: we will come nk and kavitha marriage naniji. he says to akash and nk take care of AR ok.

Akash: says ok bai.

NK: bai thank you so much.

Arnav: says i know your love matter before week, i saw you and kavitha in coffee shop.


Arnav: says please eat your dinner na. stop your drama please.

Mamiji: says arnav betuva please come back soon ok, i miss you.

Arnav: smiled and says ok mamiji. he noticed kushi , she is very upset. he asks kushi why are you so silent  now.she says nothing ..

Anjali: look at kushi angryly. she think because of her , her chote leaving mumbai.

Kushi: did not eat properly and leaving her room.

Arnav: noticed her, he also leave behind her.

Anjali: sees this , and sad.

Arnav: enter his room and asks what happen kushi , are you ok.

Kushi: is angry on him, she says i am not ok arnavji.why dont you inform me about this mumbai trip. i dont want to go. i canot live without our family arnavji, i think after my exams i spend time with them.but you spoiled everything, he says kushi please try to understand me, i told na new branch is  started there thats why we are leaving, she says i am not come with you arnavji. he says fine but listen this too , i will return here a year later only .she is shocked hearing this. he leave from there angryly.

Anjali in her room , she is angry on kushi.

Shyam: noticed her , he expected this from his wife. he called anjali.

Anjali : look at him angryly , now your happy na, my brother leave me, because of your kushi..

Shyam: your misunderstood , she is not like that, this is only arnav decision , kushi dont know anything dont talk like that anjali.

Anjali: angryly says good night ..

Shyam: shook his head. he dont know what to do.

Kushi: is prepared for her exams.. 

Arnav: came there and sees kushi, he think she is not sleep still.

Kushi: look at him angryly.

Arnav: called aman and says pack your things, he looked at kushi ,he think himself and says  i missed you , please try to understand me na. i love you so much..

Kushi: look at him angryly and threw pillow to his face.she came near and snatch his mobile and threw it in the bed, she asks who is she , she  looked at him angryly she hit his chest with her both the hands, she asks why are you doing this all now, he hold her hands and huged her , she try to move but arnav huged her tightly, he says that was aman , she is in tears and says i canot live without you , your my life arnavji. i missed our family too.he says dont worry we will come soon here ok.come you just sleep first. they both sleept..


Anjali: in the hall with shanji. 

Kushi and arnav came down. he says i will drop you and i will come and pick you ok.she nods her head..

Anjali: called chote i want to talk to you , kushi try to go , but arnav hold her hand, she look at him , anjali also saw this and she getting angry on kushi,  kushi says leave me na please .he smiled and says now i leave you tomorrow i dont leave you . she getting nervouse and leave from there.anjali asks are you free chote. he smiled and sit beside her , he says yea i am free now, he kissed shanji cheeks lovingly, shanji wipe her cheeks , he says see di she is like me na. i am also did this in my childhood na.anjali nods her head, she huged him and crying , she says i missed you chote. why are you leaving me alone here chote. he says di please your married and jiju is with you , shanji also with you , you just think about them ok, i will be always for you, but trust me this is business trip only, thats why i am leaving . your bhabi also fight with me for this.anjali came out of the hug, she says take care of you called me daily ok. he look at kushi and  says ok di , he kissed anjali's forhead and leave from there.

Kushi: is waiting for near his car.

Arnav: start the car ,kushi sit beside him. he asks why are you so silent now. 

kushi: i am fine arnavji. 

Arnav: drop her in collage and he leave his office.

kavitha: called kushi ,

kushi: says i dont want to talk to you. dont distrub me ok. 

kavitha: kushi i am sorry. please forgive me na.

kushi: oh sorry. you hide everything from me na kavi, i trust you so much but you dont trust me. i share everything to you , but your not, han i understand now , thats your personal , who i am ,why i am  asking this qustions to you now , i am sorry please dont distrub me. i dont want to talk to you.

kavitha: is in tears in her eyes. she called kushi .but she leave from there.


Naniji and mamiji packing arnav and kushi's things, payal and anjali with their child.

Arnav: called kushi and says i am on the way kushi. 

kushi: says ok arnavji. i am waiting for you in canteen,.

Arnav: thinkhimself her voice is very dull, he says i am sorry kushi, i can not cancel this trip .please understand me na.

Kushi: saw kavitha sit beside her, she says its ok arnavji, i trust you only . i know you dont hide anything from me. drive carefully , she cut the call.

Kavitha : hold kushi hand and says kushi please talk to me, i am sorry . you and arnavji leaving mumbai today, 

kushi: shout at her dont distrub me please ...

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May 6

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Kavitha: gave  a chocolate  to kushi.

kushi: look at her angryly.

kavitha: says please , forgive me na. 

kushi: slightly turn her face and look at kavitha, she thinkherself and says dont do this again , but my anger  still does not go away.

Kavitha: smiled hearing this.she gave a chocolate .

kushi: says i dont want this chocolate, but you have to come home , we are leaving mumbai na.

Kavitha: huged her and says ofcourse my dear i will come with you.

Kushi: smiled and says i am sorry to shouting you kavi,  

kavitha: i did a mistake na, leave it  , then whats your plan, 

Kushi: i dont know kavi , i am very scared of everything now.

kavitha: hold her cheek and says relax ok. and mumbai is new city to you carefull ok. arnavji is with you na , dont think too much, and take care of arnavji ok.

Kushi: i feel sad kavi, i dont want to go mumbai, but arnavji ..

Kavitha: oh ho its good you both going to mumbai. you have to spend time with him alone na .

kushi: no kavi , di feel sad for this. but arnavji is very adament. he says its new branch new business.he always behind money , i dont like this kavi.

Kavitha: you just talk to him na.

Kushi: han he dont hear anyone words , but everyone heard his words or he will get angry on everyone. in my house nobody talks against him.i dont know why.but he is very good ..

kavitha: oh really..

kushi: han after all he is my husband .at the same time kushi mobile ring it was arnav.

kavitha: says i think its arnavji.

kushi: yes your right come we will go..

They both came near arnav car ,arnav is waiting for his wife.

Arnav: open the car door for her , she says kavi also come with me, i sit with her in back seat. he nods his head ok. he drive the car, frequently look at kushi, but she talking with kavitha.she did not noticed her husband.

Naniji: says to hariprakash , chote and kushi's luggage put in the  car. he says ji naniji.

Anjali: is very upset , she silently sit in the hall. shyam noticed his wife, he asks why are you upset now, she says he is leaving me, she is crying like a child, he says if shanji sees this she feel bad, and your chote also, so please control yourself, she says i know this is all kushi's plan her studys finished n so now she leave this house with my brother. shyam says dont talk like that anjali , i am warning you dont talk like that again .she asks what will you do? he says i will tell everything to your chote , he will answer your all qustion ok.anjali is shocked hearing this, she says ok please dont tell this to my chote. he says fine then smilingly talk with kushi and your chote ok.she nods her head.

Arnav, kushi , kavitha enter the house, 

Naniji: says to kushi and arnav, you both go and get ready first. arnav nods his head and leave his room. kushi came near anjali and says di please dont get upset , we will come soon ok. i told him but he did not heard my words , anjali smiled slightly and says i know my brother kushiji.payal says kushi you go and get ready first, she asks where is akilesh.payal says he is sleeping in the room, you first ready then you have to see him ok. kushi smiled at payal and leave from there. 


Arnav ready and talking with his mobile , kushi came out of the wash room.she mutter herself always busy with mobile only. arnav heard this and cut the call , he came near her and asks are you ready , lets go down you have surprise for you.  she asks we do not go to mumbai  haina . he looked at her angryly kushi please , i am already tensed about my work  so dont talk like child. come down your mom and dad is there. kushi smiled hearing this but she looked at him angryly , they both came down.

kushi: huged her dad.

shashi: asks how are you .

kushi: yea fine dad, how are you.

shashi: fine kushi. take care of you and arnav ok. dont go alone anywhere.take your food on correct time ok. garima says she is not child shashiji. kushi look at her angryly still huging her dad. garima says come with me i will talk to you importan thing. kushi look at shashi , he smiled and says go .she nods her head and followed by garima.

Arnav: talking with his di, akash, naniji, mamiji,payal , akilesh,shanji, nk.


Garima: listen kushi , its already 4 years finished, now your studys also finished, start your marriage life in mumbai.

kushi: look at her mom, she asks what a mom are you, i am leaving you . but your talking about that now, you dont feel sad mrs.garima. 

Garima: han i am sad , everyone asking me , how is kushi , is she pregnant. who answers this qustions, and see payal and anjali also have child, your the elder daughterinlaw of this house , still you dont get pregnant everyone asking you and your family too, she hit kushi's head and says thinkyourself ,kushi huged her and says you never change mom and she run from there. garima is tensed thinking about her daughter life.


Anjali is crying in her room. naniji and mamiji comfort her.

Akilesh also crying , he felt his badi papa leaving somewhere.akash and payal comfort him.

NK and shyam comfort shanji, she asks her dad,when my mamu and aunty come back dad.

shyam: says we will talk to him daily ok, they both come soon ok. your mamu dont like your tears na, she nods her head and wipe her own tears. after sometime she sleept.

Garima: says to shashiji, she is still talk like a child , i dont know what to do. 

shashi: says dont worry about her , she knows everything , she will take care of herself , i know my just sleep first.


Arnav and kushi in mumbai. they both from the airport to travelling in the car , go to their new house.

kushi is sleeping arnav shoulder, he smiled at her , he removed the hair from her face.he kissed her cheek, she open her eyes and look at him nervousely, he hold her hand and says relax kushi. she says i am sorry i sleept , he says its ok .no broplem .after some time they both enter the new house.

kushi looked around the house. arnav talk to the maid. 

Arnav: called kushi and introduce  the maid ramu. she smiled at him ..arnav says to ramu , keep the luggage in our room, ramu says ok arnav baiya.

Arnav : asks kushi did you like the house. 

kushi: yes i love it arnavji..

Arnav: stared at her..

kushi: getting nervouse, and says wo wo we have to inform di ,naniji  na . we are reache here ..

Arnav: smiled and he take the mobile.he dialed his di and informed her. 

Anjali: says take care of you ok. 

Arnav: take care of you and shanji .they both talking each other. 

kushi : talking with naniji , mamiji, nk ,akash ,payal.


Arnav: called kushi and says i will freshup and come. 

kushi: nods her head.kushi prepared the breakfast for arnav. 

Arnav: came out of the wash room and saw everything arranged in cupboard. he came to the hall and saw kushi in the kitchen , she is blaberring something to ramu.he smiled seeing her. he thinkhimself your unbelivable kushi.

Arnav called kushi..

kushi: han ji . she arranged the food in the dining table.

Arnav: called again kushiii..

kushi: rush to enter the room.

Arnav: my shirt button is broken kushi.

kushi: look at him angryly , she thinkherself i know he broke this button. but she dont have no option so  she stitching the button silently. 

Arnav: says thank you kushi. 

kushi: its ok arnavji. breakfast is ready come , she try to go but arnav hold her hand and grabed her she landed on his chest,she heared his heart beating sound, arnavji , he kissed her forehead, she is shivering for his touch, he kissed her eyes, she closed her eyes , and breathing heavyly, he cup her face , arnav called kushi look at me , kushi open her eyes, he says i love you , kushi huged him .

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Arnav: asks what happen kushi . still she hugged him. 

kushi: i missed everyone. 

Arnav: you missed everyone, thinking about them only , you dont care about me. 

kushi: no not like that arnavji. 

Arnav: i am just kidding you kushi.

kushi: hit his chest , she closed her eyes and hug him tightly.

Arnav: kushi i want to go office , you hug me like this , i am thinking about you in office .


Kushi: move away from him and says first come and eat your breakfast .

They both food togethere . and talking eachothere. he says bye kushi , i try to come early ok.dont go anywhere, if you want anything call my mobile. he called ramu and says she is new to this city , just take care of her ok. keep the door closed. ramu nods his head, he think himself arnav loves his wife a lot thats why he says all this to me. he smiled at him and leave the kitchen. arnav turn to kushi ,he try to say something but kushi says i am not a child arnavji , i will take care of myself you just go to your office.he came near her and says i know your not a child. he says today night our suagraat .she asks shockingly what? , he asks  you dont like it now. she says no not like that arnavji but i am very tensed about that , she closed her eyes and answer his qustions , she is very shy seeing him. he touch her shoulder and says kushi dont get tensed. i will not do anything that you do not like ok. she look at him surpriseingly. he says bye take care of you .she says bye arnavji.

Kushi: remembered arnav words and smiled , she standing before mirror. she thinkherself ,he is waiting for me this 4 years , i am very lucky na , i love you arnavji , i want you  arnavji. i love you so much.she smiled herself..

Arnav: busy in his office . kushi prepared lunch for him , and planing to go for office to surprise him.

she called arnav mobile , he is in meeting but he said excusess and attend his lovely wife call, hi kushi, she smiled and says send your car, he asks why kushi. she says i will come to office , i think i want to eat with you. he says ok fine i will send car , bye .she smiled and cut the call.



{ Raj and latha kavitha's parents}

Everyone welcome them happyly. naniji, mamiji and shyam talking about marriage. 

anjali , payal, akash teased nk and kavi. nk says i will tell this to my bhai. 

Anjali : is sad hearing this. payal noticed her and touch her shoulder , she nods everything will be fine soon ok. she smiled at her.

Kavitha: says i will call my friend. 

Payal: says first call her kavi, i want to talk to her. i want to know what she is doing there.

everyone says han kavi called her.. anjali face reaction changed hearing this, she leave from there silently..

Kavitha: ok ok relax wait i will call her, she called kushi mobile. 

kushi: is busy  cooking for her husband. ramu also help her. she heared her mobile ring , she says to ramu and leave the kitchen , she came to dining table and take her mobile ,she attend the call and asks how are you my dear kavi. 

kavitha: asks are you happy very much , whats the matter kushi.

Kushi: how you know i am happy .

Kavitha: somehow i know kushi. i found the happiness in your voice kushi.

kushi: smiled and says han i am so happy .

Kavitha: your always happy like this ok , i want your happyness. i love you kushi.

kushi: love you too my dear friend.

kavitha: says payalji wants to talk with you kushi.

payal: hi elder daughter in law, how are you. you forget me and my akil.

kushi: smiled and says no not like that payalji , how is my champ , what he is doing now, how is di and shanji .

Payal: relax kushi, everyone is fine here , how are you and arnavji.

Kushi: yea fine payalji. she heared nk and akash sound, she asks whats going on there.

payal: give mobile to nk. he asks hai bhabi how are you ,  how is my bro.

kushi: says we are fine  but , whats going on there. he says kavitha's dad and mom came here to talk about marriage.she is very happy hearing this, then she talk to akash and cut the call.

Arnav send the car to home for kushi.

kushi: came to office with arnav's  lunch.she get down from the car, and walk to the office. one girl came and says mam come with me i will take you to asr cabin. kushi amiled at her and says thank you 

Girl: its ok mam asr already told me you will come here.

Kushi: smiled at her  again. 

Girl: says give the bag mam , i am caryying it na.

kushi: no its ok , she asks your good name.

Girl: says my name is amala.

Kushi: smiled and says nice name. 

kushi enter arnav cabin , some people in his cabin. he talking to them busyly. he saw kushi and they both talking in their eyes. kushi understand him and sit in the sofa silently watching him.she think herself he is really a lord governer. 

Arnav : look at his laptop and talking to them.


kushi: smiled and says go and wash your hand first.

Arnav: says i am very hungry kushi, please feed me na.

kushi ; smiled and says ok come ..

Arnav : sit beside kushi , she feed him ..

Kushi: asks how is lunch. 

Arnav: yea its good kushi.

Kushi: smiled and says thank you.

Arnav: enough kushi, but she feed him again and again..he says kushi please stop it .

Kushi: says this is the last arnavji. 

Arnav: geting emotional hearing that word. he remembered his mom..

Kushi: is tensed seeing his tears, she hold his hand and look at him.

Arnav: look at her she is in tears, he wipe his tears and says i remembered my mom kushi , i am sorry he wipe her tears , she  asks why are you saying sorry to me , leave it . he says ok you just wait i wash my hand and feed you. she says its ok arnavji, you just sit with me . i will eat by myself.

Arnav: stared at kushi, she eating lunch. 

kushi: raised her eye brow.

Arnav:wipe the food on her lips. she is shevering little , because of his touch. after that she finished her lunch . he says you go home driver will drop you kushi. she says no arnavji i will be with you. he closed his eyes, and says kushi please na. she says no arnavji i dont go home. he came near her and look at her , she says i missed you  arnavji, i love you .i can not leave you. she is in tears .he dont know what to do. he is happy actually she says i love you , he smiled and says relax ok. you be with me ok. dont cry for this thing kushi. she says ok fine but you dont leave me alone ok.he says fine kushi.he says sometime your talk like a child , but your matuure too. she says i am sorry arnavji , i know i distrub your work but i dont want to go home, i missed you . he asks what happen to you kushi please tell me clearly na. she says its all because of you only arnavji.he look at her confusingly,she asks what you say in morning, he asks what i am said kushi, she says why are you loving me so much and this careing, i am thinking about you only, my mind full of you and your words only. she hold his hand and leaned over her shoulder. arnav understand his wife. whats going on her mind. he smiled and huged her .

They both huging and looking at eachother smilingly.

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THANKS TO ALL MY READERS. i am not well, thats why i canot continue the story. i am sorry for that.


Arnav and kushi very happy in their life. kushi also help him in his office work. arnav always care for kushi, kushi is understand him now , how much he loves his work, so she also help him ,and she learn cooking and cook for arnav.

Kushi: is busy in kitchen. arnav came there and huged her from behind, she asks what happen, you dont go office today, he says yea , she turn to look at him and smiled , but she asks why ?  he says today i will spend time with my wife. she is very happy inside, arnav asks kushi are you happy. she says han if anyone called your mobile you just leave me i know. he says ok fine we both switched of our mobile first and you ready for the breakfast i will  freshup and come ok. she nods her head happyly.


kushi and arnav breakfast togethere. they both talking eachother in their room,kushi sit in the bed. arnav was lying in kushi's lap. he says when i am childhood, i sleep in my mom's lap like this. she called arnavji. he is in tears. kushi kissed his eyes, arnav closed his eyes. he smelled her hair smell,he move her hair a side , she look at him in heavy breath, wo wo ar na vjiii. he getup from her lap. she called arnavji. he turn to look at her, he kissed her forhead, she feel securely ,she huged him and smiled, she says i love you arnavji, he smiled and cup her face, look at her eyes and says i love you too my dear wife, they both look at eachother , he lift her and take to the bed , make her lay on the bed he also lay beside her. he kissed her face. kushi closed her eyes, she breathing heavyly, he asks kushi i , she huged him and says i am ready for all this.he huged her back , he removed her saree pallu ,he untie her dori, he hold her hand and removed her bangle,he kissed her stomach , kushi closed her eyes, she is very shy, she hold the bedsheet tightly, arnav came on top of her , he covering their boady with the bedsheet, their dresses are lying  in  floor, their room filled with their moans.

Kushi open her eyes first, and saw her boady fully naked , arnav hand around on her waist, she removed his hand slowly and try to take her saree, but arnav pulled her suddenly and kissed her lips, she is shocked for a second, she try to move , but arnav hold her both the hands tightly, she closed her eyes and respond his kiss. due to breathing problem he leave her , he smiled at her , she hide her face in his chest , she is very shy, her cheeks are very red, he says i love you kushi , love you so much. she says love you to my dear huband,please give my saree,  i prepared lunch na. he asks kushi if i hurt you, she look at him and says you canot hurt me i know , because you love me so much, you know i agree this marriage first for my family and lavanya di only ,  after that your concern care, you taking care of everyone in our family, your very sweet arnavji, your very nice, i am very lucky na. arnav smiled and hearing her blaberring.she says you dont have any bad habit , you have no girl friends, i love your every movements, your very handsome,  he says i drink sometime .she asks what? he says yea kushi. but naniji says you dont drink, he says she dont know kushi, i drink in my office party and in my collage farwell , i have one best friend too, her name is ashwini. she is my collagemet. she look at him angryly, and take her saree to cover her boady , she leave the washroom. he smiled at himself.she came out the wash room, her face is very dull. arnav came near her and asks why are you so dull kushi, are you ok. she pushed him and try to go , but arnav hold her hand asks whats your problem now , she says why dont you tell this , he asks what, she says about your best friend, he smiled and start to teased her, bestfriend, who is that? she says ashwini, he says look at me kushi. she look at him angryly, he says see i dont know any girl and best friend ok,  i am just kidding you kushi, she is open her mouth in o shape. she smiled but she hit his chest angryly, he hold her hand and asks if really i have a best friend na , what you doing. she says i like everything you like,he asks then why are you get angry. she says why dont you tell this before to me thats why. he asks oh really, she hold her shirt and says yea, and i know my huspand loves me only, he dont look at any girl i know that.he smirked at her , she getting nervouse, wo wo ar na v jiii.  he says ashwini is my mom's best friend name, she is in this city too. she says han arnavji naniji told me, he says han kushi, thats very big story i will told you when we will free ok. she says fine i will cook something for you, he says no i will order for lunch, you just rest na, your looking tired. she says its ok no problem arnavji. he knows her very well, she is very care about his health, he is not eat outside food.


Akash and nk came from office for lunch. payal served them, nk asks bhabi where is di and shanji.

Payal: they both in  room.

Naniji: came and sit beside akash, payal served her . she also asks where is anjali and shanji.

NK: says they both in room naniji.

Naniji: asks they both did not eat lunch na payal.

Payal: han naniji , i called but she did not response. i think they both sleept.

Naniji: is very tensed thinking about anjali. she says she is very upset , chote is leaving mumbai na.

Akash: dadiji dont worry i talk to her .

Devayani: nods her head and smiled.

Akash: asks payal where is akil. 

Payal: he is sleeing akashji.

NK: says bhabi if kushi bhabi called you, i try to called her but her mobile was switched off. 

Payal: says i think she is busy .but she also think herself why she switched off her mobile. 

Anjali and shanji came there , naniji smiled seeing them , akash says come di eat your lunch.

Anjali: sit beside naniji, she says payal please feed food to shanji .

Payal: smiled and says ok . 

Akash and nk asks di are you ok.

Anjali: says chote did not attend my call.his mobile was switched off akash, i am just scared.

NK: says han bhabi mobile also switched off. 

Akash: says bhai never switched off his mobile na di. at the same time arnav called anjali mobile.

Anjali: attned the call immediately she asks chote are you ok. why your mobile is switched off .

Arnav: relax di. he says please on your mobile speaker. 

Anjali: on the speaker and now say what happen.

Arnav: everyone is in dining table right . 

Anjali: han how you know. 

Arnav: i know my family very well.

Anjali: smiled .

Arnav: i am busy in some important work so i switched off my mobile. 

Akash: asks how are you bhai .

Arnav: fine akash, how is my champ and shanji. 

Akash: they both are fine. how is bhabi.

Arnav: we both are fine ..

NK: bhai where are you now. 

Arnav; i am in house now.

Naniji: how are you arnav betuva. where is kushi betia. 

Arnav: she is busy in cooking naniji. how are you.

Naniji: says i am fine. take care of you and kushi betia ok. han ashwini called me . i give her your mobile number, i think she called you today or tomorrow.

Arnav: ok naniji..

Anjali: asks chote when you came here..

Arnav: di we will come nk and kavitha marriage.

Anjali: says i missed you chote.

Arnav: knows his di very well, he asks where is jiju di.

Anjali: he is in office. he always busy with his work.

Arnav: says di you have to spend time with jiju and shanji. please dont think to much about me only. i am growing up now, i am not a child di, please understand that, you always take care of me, but now i am married ,  now my wife is there for me , so you just concentrate on your family please, he is in tears and cut the call.


Anjali: is crying out, she says see naniji , how he talk like that to me. this is all because of kushi. she is silently doing this all. i know , she cryingly run from there.

Akash: called di , nk and payal also called diiiiiiiii.

Naniji: says leave her. she dont understand kushi and chote. he wants her di also live her life happyly with her huspand, thats why he talk like that to her, shyam is very good person thats why he did not say anything , she always talk about chote only , she did not do her wife duties, shyam also feel bad na.i think thats why he leave this house too. but she always blames kushi betia, if chote knows this he would not endure.  

Akash: but dadi i canot see di's tears. 

Naniji: arnav also dont like her tears, but he is doing for her happyness . he only make her understand 

and you know na how much your di is adament . 

Akash: nods her head..

Nk: says bhai will handle di. i trust him.

Naniji: says yes your right he will change her soon. 


kushi: enter the room. she called arnavji why are you so silent . she correcting the bed and billow. she did not look at him. he is standing in poolside. she says lunch is ready come we will eat na, i am hugry.

she came near her and touch his shoulder. he turn and huged her tightly, she also huged him. she asks what happen arnavji , are you ok. 

Arnav: says everything to her. 

kushi: says why are you talking to her like that arnavji.

Arnav: came out from the hug , he asks then what i am doing kushi. i told her lot and explaine her lot but she is very adament, you know na jiju is very good, he loves her a lot, because of me she is distance with jiju, he also feel bad na. thats why i came mumbai and business too.she is very adament kushi. you dont know about her. you just away from this matter ok. you dont talk to her and support her  please.

Kushi: no i have to talk to her, she likes me very much you know. i also like her very much ..

Arnav: no kushi , she is angry on me now , if she get angry on you too , because your my wife . i know my di very well.

kushi: closed her ear with her both hands, i dont hear your words .

Arnav: says ok fine. but if my di hurt you, i dont forgive her , because we both are one.

kushi: smiled and says  ok fine arnavji.

Anjali: is crying in her room. she called kushi mobile. 

Kushi: served food for arnav. her mobile in kitchen..

Arnav: says your mobile ringing kushi.

Kushi: says you just eat , i will see whos that calling me.. she came to kitchen and take her mobile, she attend the call , hello di how are you.

Anjali: shout stop your drama kushi...

kushi: is shocked hearing this..she stammer her words di diii what are you saying..

Anjali: because of you my chote leave me this house, when you came in this house he is changed totally, he always behind you only, he is avoiding me, he dont care for me. its all because of you only. suddenly arnav came and snatch the mobile . kushi is shocked seeing arnav , she try to say something but arnav closed her mouth with his hand . her eyes are widen seeing him , she shook her head and says no please dont get angry on her.

Anjali: why are you so silent now, you did everything in silently na. i know your very claver girl. your di reject my chote, but your agree to marry him, because he is very rich haina. 

Arnav: is very angry now, he says di please stop it ok, one miniute. he says kushi you just go our room. she look at him , he shout at her go kushiiiiiii, she leave from there.

Anjali: is shocked hearing her chote voice.

Arnav: listen di, kushi is my wife , you know i love her so much, she is my life, no one have rights to hurt my wife, and please concentrate on your huspand and child ,dont interfire in my life , after marriage your staying in my house and spend my money. 

Anjali: is shocked hearing this. she also get angry on him now, she says me and my huspand staying in this house because of you only ok.

Arnav: ok now i told you , you have to leave my house with your huspand home.

Anjali:is shocked hearing this, she says cryingly its all my mistake chote, you changed a lot now, because of you i avoide my huspand and child everytime, but your hurt me today. your a cheat . i dont want to see you anymore.

Arnav: ok thank you .dont torcher me anymore.

Anjali: is brokedown hearing this . tears flow in her eyes.

Arnav: also in tears. he says to himself i am sorry di.

Anjali: cut the call and throw her mobile in bed.

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Arnav: called kushi ..

kushi: is very angry on him , she came and silently served food for him. 

Arnav: says you also eat your food.

kushi: says no i will eat later.

Arnav: start to eat .

kushi: asks how can you eat ,you dont feel guilty arnavji, why are you hurt di. i think she is feel bad.

Arnav: see kushi , she is my di , i know how to talk to her , you dont teach me ok. and you dont know anything about her. so please just away from in this matter. he did not eat and leave from there angryly.

kushi; talk to herself why he get angry on me now, i did not ask for anything worng. sometime i dont understand his behaviour.

Arnav: is very upset , he is standing in poolside.he called shyam mobile.

shyam: hello arnav how are you , how is kushi , what are you doing .

Arnav: yea we both are fine jiju.

shyam: asks why your voice is very dull today. any problem.

Arnav: han i have spoken to my di very harder today. my words are hurt her today. i feel sad jiju. please you always be with her,  dont support me jiju. 

Shyam: asks why arnav you talk like that to her, you know na how much she loves you. if she decided anything worng. what i do now.

Arnav: says jiju i am sorry. di is very stubborn , thats why i talk like that to her . and because of me she avoiding you and shanji , i canot accept this , and i love my di , my di's life also important for me jiju. 

Shyam: says i dont know , what to do. i know she is very broken. i canot see her like that. 

Arnav: is very happy still his jiju thinking about his di. he always her side only. he says i am sorry jiju. please forgive me. jiju if di decided anything you just be with her side. i did this for my di's life and shanji's happyness too jiju. 

Shyam: says ok fine . dont worry i will take care of your di ok. you just relax and finished your work and come back here soon.

Arnav: ok jiju. he cut the call.

Anjali: called shyam mobile.

Shyam: attend the call hello anjali .

Anjali: says i want to talk to  you important matter please come home soon.

Shyam: asks are you ok na anjali. did you eat lunch na. dont think too much ok, i am always be with you. 

Anjali: says yea i am fine shyamji . you just come home. i will tell everything.

Shyam ; ok fine anjali i will come .

Anjali: thinking about shyam, he always be with me only, he care for me and my family and chote too. but he is not like my huspand. he is changed totally after marriage. i dont want his money , i leave this house . i hate you chote. now my huspand and my daughter is my life . i love you morethen my huspand and my daughter but you think i am staying this house for your money . 

shyam; enter the house.

Everyone in the hall.

Anjali: sees shyam and run to huged him, she crying very badly.

Shyam: anjali please dont cry , its hurting me . 

Everyone asks anjali what happen , why are you crying now.

Anjali: says everything what arnav says to her.

Naniji and mamiji shocked hearing that.

Akash: says i called bai . why he talk like that to di. this is too much. 

Anjali: says no . now i can understand everything. i have to leave this house . because this is not my house na naniji.

Naniji: says anjali betia . you know about your chote na, if he gets angry na he dont know what he talk

Anjali: no naniji. now he is changed a lot. he is now married , and he loves his wife only. he said to me, no one have rights to hurt his wife. but he hurt me naniji because of his wife. that girl changed my chote a lot. and my chote forget me , i dont know how can he changed suddenly. whatever i also have a house , we will go my house tomorrow. she look at shyam , he nods his head . she smiled at him.

Akash: di please dont leave this house. i will talk to bhai .

Anjali: show her hand and says please dont compel me. after this, this is  not my house akash so please.

Mamiji: says shyam beta please talk to anjali and stop her.

Shyam: start his acting, he says sorry mamiji , anjali is right, how can arnav talk like that to my wife. we are staying this house for him only. but today he is hurt my wife i canot forgive him.

Naniji: says anjali betia , i think you missunderstood your chote and bhabi. you realise this oneday . 

Anjali: is tears in her eyes, she says i will never come in this house anymore naniji. i dont want to see his face , if you want to see me na you come to my home . i dont have any problem .i dont trust him anymore.

NK: says di please dont talk like that . bhai is not like that, he canot hurt you.

Anjali: i know you always support him only. you dont know about your bhai nk, he is changed a lot now. my huspand is with me its enough for me. 

Mamiji try to says something but naniji stop's her, and says she is correct . dont stop her .

Akash: huged anjali and says di please dont leave me na. 

Anjali:  cryingly  says you take care of your wife and baby ok. dont think too much. your jiju is with me na. 

Akash: is very angry on arnav. 

payal: is feel bad seeing anjali.

Naniji and nk knows arnav very well. 

Mamiji also little upset with her arnavbetuva.

Kushi: sees arnav sit in the bed silently. she mutter herself , he is dont care about anyone. his decision only important for him.selfish men, i think he is good but he is very bad. he dont respect anyone, he respect money only. 

Arnav : heard everything silently and leave from there..

Kushi: is very angry now, what the? 

Shyam: called kushi mobile.

Kushi: attend the call, hello bhai . i am sorry for arnavji beaviour. i dont know why he talk like that to di. i feel sad bhai. how is di.

Shyam: thinkhimself , your thinking about anjali, but she is not like that. she is very angry on you.

kushi: called bhai are you there.

Shyam: han kushi. i want to talk to you. 

Kushi: tell me bhai.

Shyam: says everything why arnav talk like that to anjali, he says i know arnav also hurt , he loves his di a lot, but anjali is very adamant thats why he talk like that to her, please you just take care of arnav.

Kushi: is feel guilty , and says ok bhai i will take care of him dont worry , you be with di.

Shyam; ok kushi. bye he cut the call.

Kushi: searching arnav for whole house but he is not in home. she asks ramu where is arnavji.

Ramu: says he went in the car , before sometime.

Kushi: called arnav mobile but he is not attend her call, she send him lot of messages, but no reply from arnav. she is getting angry on him now, she talk to herself , if he came back home i dont leave him today. she says i am sorry arnavji . please come back soon .

Arnav: in his office. he saw the mobile . kushi called him lot of time, and lot of messages . he smiled seeing the messages , and called her back. 

kushi: attend the call hello arnavji please come back na. i am sorry please .

Arnav: says thanks kushi.

kushi: asks why arnavji.

Arnav: you support my di always, but my di is not understand you.

kushi: its ok arnavji leave it , she is my di too na.please come back first i want to see you.

Arnav: ok fine he cut the call.

After some time arnav came to home.

kushi run to huged him and says i am sorry please forgive me na. 

Arnav: huged her and says its ok kushi, i am not get angry on you.

Kushi: i know if di gets hurt, you also hurt na. please everything will be fine soon dont get feel sad ok. 

you did all for her well-being only na. she will understand you soon . 

Arnav: smiled and wipe her tears, i know my di very well, she canot live without me. she canot get angry on me , if now i am infornt of her, she forget everything and talk to me. but this time  i talk too much , i dont know what to do. i want her happyness, and shanji also wants her mothers love na thats why i took this way. 

Kushi: wipe his tears and says everything will be fine soon ok dont worry arnavji.

Arnav: huged her and says thank you.

Kushi: keep your thanks yourself.

Arnav: then what you want?

kushi: lift me in your arms.we wil go our room.

Arnav: smiled and lift her in his arms, and walk to their room he asks next madam.

kushi: i feel sleepy arnavji.

Arnav: make her lay on the bed. he try to go but kushi hold his hand , he asks what?

kushi: says sleep with me na. 

Arnav: asks what?

kushi: you also sleep for some time na.

Arnav: smiled and says ok fine. he also lay beside her. 

Kushi: huged him ,and says i love you . 

Arnav: kissed her forehead and says love you too kushi, 

kushi: closed her eyes, he look at her and smiled , she open her eyes and raised her eye brows, he asks in his mind, what you want my dear wife, she look at his eyes, she also think in her mind, i want you always be with me, and i want 2 baby like you . 

Arnav : asks but i want girl baby like you . 

kushi; eyes widen hearing this, she asks how you know, i am thinking this in my mind.'

Arnav; huged her more tightly and says i know kushi. 

kushi: she felt his breath .

Arnav: more close to her face, she look at his eyes. he kissed her lips , she closed her eyes and hold her shoulder tightly, after sometime he leave her , and start to kiss her neck, she is very shy and closed her eyes,she lost in his touch, he removed her saree slowly. after sometime they both lost in the world.

kavitha came to raizada house and talk to anjali. but anjali says because of your friend my chote avoiding me, and he talk to me like that. kavitha is little angry , but she did not show it, she says di please dont talk like that my friend, she is very innocent, you just missunderstand di.

Anjali: han i am only missunderstood everyone. ok fine leave it. why you came here now. support your friend right. please leave my room , i just want to forget your friend and her huspand. 

Kavitha: did not say anything and silently leave from there. 

NK: waiting for her in the hall.

Kavitha; came and says your di is very adamant. this is not good for her nk.

NK: ok leave it , i drop you in home come.

Kavitha:says ok fine nk.

Arnav: wakeup and prepared tea for his wife.he came to the room and drinking his black coffe and look at his wife , she is sleeping like a baby. he is smiled seeing him. he thinkhimself

i am very lucky kushi , thats why you came to my life. i love you , i like your smiling , your angry face, your nervousness, your tensed face , your care , some time your behave like my mom. if you near me i forget my sadness, thank you for coming in my life.


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thank you
May 23

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kushi wakeup from the bed, she saw arnav stared at her, she getting nervouse and walk to the wash room, but arnav move step farward to her , her eyes are widen seeing him,her heart beating very fast, he asks what happen, why are you getting nervouse now, she looked at him , he smiled at her and says go and freshup first . she nods her head and try to walk but arnav hold her hand , he asks still your getting nervouse but why kushi, i am your husband , dont get nervouse ok. she says i dont know but whenever you stared at me i am getting nervouse. i canot controll my nervouseness arnavji.

Arnav: ok leave it, go and freshup first. 

Kushi: ji arnavji. she saw coffee cup. and look at arnav.

Arnav: says i prepared it. 

Kushi: where is ramu . why are you doing this all.

Arnav: its ok kushi. no problem.

After sometime she freshup and came. 

Arnav: give her tea .

Kushi: thank you arnavji.

Arnav: smiled and says its ok my dear wife. he asks are you ok na kushi..

Kushi: look at him confused.

Arnav: i mean , i did not hurt you na.

Kushi:getting lot of shyness, and nervousness too, she drink the tea in one gulp, she says no i am fine.

Arnav : says kushi carefull . he enjoyed her  nervousness, and each and every movements.


Anjali: pack her all the things, 

shanji: asks mom why are you packing our things.

Anjali: says we are leaving our home tomorrow.

Shanji: this is our home na mom.

Anjali: remembered arnav words and says this is not our home shanji, this is your mamu home. 

Shanji:says mom , payal mami and naniji take care of me here. who will take care of me in that house.

Anjali: is realised her mistake now, she is feel sad hearing her daughter words. she says your mom will take care of you ok. i am always be with you and papa only ok. i will feed you i will cook for your favorite food ok now your happy na.

Shanji:is very happy hearing this, she says i love you mom. she huged anjali happyly.

Anjali: also huged her and tears in her eyes, she says to herself i am sorry shanji , i did not notice you. i always thinking about my chote only.but he is not , 

Shyam: sees all this and he is very happy , now shanji got her mother love . he asks what are you doing anjali. she says i will pack our things shyamji.

Shyam: came near her and says, i want to talk to you. 

Anjali: says shanji you go to naniji room.

Shanji: says no i will go nk mamu room.

Anjali: says ok beta.

Shyam: listen anjali, i will be always with you only ok. but now your decision is worng.please think about yourself. you know arnav very well na. your so think that your brother would have spoken like this from his heart. he is doing this for some reason. 

Anjali: asks angryly what reason?

Shyam: says he felt you did not care about shanji, he wants to shanji's happyness, and your happyness too, you always think about him only. he does not like it.he wants to you also live your life .

you always thinking about him and tensed, he does not like it, because of him you avoiding our daughter ,shanji is missed you. thats why he leave this house, thats why he talk like that to you.and you know kushi also fight with him for you. but you always blame her only, your brother leave this house because of you only not your bhabi.

Anjali: is tears in her eyes. she asks is this true.

Shyam: wipe her tears.and says yes this is the truth. trust me.

Anjali: says he is always thinking about my happyness only but i am behave like a child na shyamji.  omg. i did everything in very fastly. i canot live without my chote , now i realised my mistake shyamji but we are leaving this house. whatever he did this all for me, i agree that. but he said to me you staying in my house and spend my money, we dont want his money shyamji. he wantedly give credit card to me, i did not ask him any money to him. i canot forgive him for this . 

Shyam: thinkhimself, now i stop my speak anymore. or my wife get angry on me.

Anjali: called shyamji , where are you lost.

Shyam: nothing , i will call our house maid.

Anjali: says ok .she thinkherself but arnav you hurt me, you may have made me understand this arnav. and but you changed now. you like your wife morethen me . i dont want to distrub your life anymore. i did a mistake . i ignore my husband and my daughter for you. anymore my husband and my daughter important in my life, i canot forget you , but i will try this.she tears flow in her eyes, maa see our chote changed a lot. i think i am the important person in his life , but i am not  maa. he think i am torture him, he said i am the reason for he leave this house. his words are hurting me mind is broken maa. 

payal: called diiii.she standing near door.

Anjali: wipe her tears and turn to look at payal.

Payal: dinner is ready come .

Anjali: smiled and says thank you payal , you take care of my shanji this all days.

Payal: smiled and says keep your thanks yourself. i want your smile only.

Anjali: smiled and huged her.payal also huged her back.

Kavitha: called kushi mobile ..

Kushi: is busy in kitchen, prepared dinner. she attend the call hello kavi.

Kavitha: han are you remember me madam. i think you forget me.

Kushi: how can i forget you kavi.

Kavitha: i am just kidding you , how are you , how is arnavji.

Kushi: he is very upset, i try to comefort him , now he is ok. he thinking about di.

Kavitha: han di is very angry on him,  di leaving the house tomorrow with shyam bhai and shanji.

kushi: is shocked what are you saying kavi. why dont you all stop her .why are you all so silent..

Kavitha: relax kushi. she is correct , she always thinking about arnavji only , this all days she dont care for shanji and shyam bhai , but now she think about her daughter and husband. its good for her life na kushi. after marriage every girls are leave her in-law house. you dont think too much. 

Kushi: han i know kavi, but di is like mom for arnavji. thats why she stay in her mom house. and shyam bhai is very good. he take care of arnavji and our family this all days. 

Kavitha: han shyam bhai is very good na. arnavji think about his happyness and shanji's  happyness thats why he did this all. arnavji explain di lot of time but di is not understand anything, di is very adamant to blame you only. still she blame you only kushi. i dont like it .you just away from her thats good for you.

Kushi: please kavi dont talk like that , she is also part of our family. she will change soon , or we will change her ok, she smiled . 

Kavitha; your really very sweet my dear friend.  she asks what are you doing kushi. 

kushi: i prepared dinner for my husband

kavitha: wow my dear friend learn cooking too. 

kushi: han kavi. i am so happy i start   .. she stop in middle..

Kavitha: asks what ? are you hide something from me.

kushi: wo wo we are started ourr marriage life today.

Kavitha: start to teased kushi. they both talking eachother for sometime.

kushi: searching arnav , he is not in the room. she asks ramu where is arnavji.

Ramu: he is in garden bhabi.

kushi: came to garden and saw him, he is lost in her thoughts, she called arnavji..

Arnav: eyes full of tears ,he says di decided to leave the house. i did big mistake kushi, i think she have made have understand her mistake, thats why i talk like that . really kushi i do not speak from anything in my mind, you know kushi , shanji asks me , why my mom always care for you only , i dont know what to answer her .shanji is very young, i think she should not be hurt, i told this to di , but she is not listen my words, thats why i just avoid her. i hurt her kushi, she feel sad. i know she is definitely crying. 

Kushi: huged him  tightly, she also tears in her eyes. she says everything will be fine soon ok . please dont cry arnavji.

Arnav: huged her and closed his eyes . 

After sometime they both eat dinner silently.

Arnav: says you just sleep kushi.

kushi:nods her head, she thinkherself to divert his mind, but she dont know what to do. she bit her nails.

Arnav: ls standing near poolside.

kushi: walk step farward to him, but suddenly she fell in the floor. aahhh her leg got hurt .

Arnav: is shocked seeing her, he came near her and asks are you ok , he saw blood coming in her leg, he gets angry on her, he shout at her , i told na kushi you just sleep, dont you understand , do not you understand me too. she is in tears, he saw her tears and asks its paining. she nods her head.he lift her to take inside the room, and make her lay in the bed, he take first aid kit and cleaning the wound. she shout aahh its paining arnavji. he look at her and says you may have thought before falling. she is little angry on him, she says i am not wish to fall leg slipped suddenly.he asks why you came there. she look at him ,he asks again. she says wo wo i came to see the moon. he asks really. she nods her head. he says today is amavasya. she look at him and says han i canot see your upset arnavji. i think i try to divert your mind. but its faild. he says i am fine ok.dont think too much about me. just relax kushi. she nods her head, he you just rest ok. she called arnavji please be with me. he look at her and lay beside her. she kissed his forehead and says i canot see you like that its hurting me arnavji. he smiled slightly and huged her, he says i am fine ok . dont feel sad.



Anjali ,shyam and shanji came down with their luggage.

Everyone is sad seeing them.shyam asks why are you sad now, my home is next street only. whenever you free you all always welcome our home.

Anjali : touch naniji's feet. 

Naniji: says be happy always ok, take care of shanji. carefull ok.

Anjali: nods her head ji naniji.

Mamiji huged her and says take care anjali betia and shanji too.

Anjali: smiled at her.

payal ,akash,nk ,huged anjali. 

kavitha also came there . she huged anjali and says take care of you di.

Anjali: smiled and says thank you kavi.

Naniji says shyam beta take care of anjali and shanji .

Shyam: ji naniji. dont worry ok . everything will be fine soon.

Anjali is very silent , she is missed her chote.


Arnav: ready for office , kushi is still sleeping.he writes the nods for her in table. he dont want to distrub her. after sometime he also leave his office.

kushi: wakeup and saw arnav is not in beside. she saw the time and shocked , she closed mouth with her hands, omg its already 9:30 ,she read the nods and smiled,after that she wakeup and try to walk but her legs are paining. omg what i am doing now. she try to walk but she fell down, one girl came and help her to getup. kushi asks who are you. ramu came and says she is my wife bhabi. kushi smiled and says thank you . your name.ramu says shanthi. kushi asks she did not talk to me.

Shanthi: bhabi you first freshup its already late, arnav bhai told me about you. 

kushi: asks what he says about me.

shanthi: he says you did not eat properly, and your very naughty girl.

kushi: look at her head to toe, and says i know my arnavji did not share our personal matter to other person.

Shanthi: smiled and says yes bhabi. he did not say anything to me. i am just kidding you.

Ramu: says i am sorry bhabi, she talk too much sometime.

kushi: smiled and says its ok ramu.

shanthi hepled kushi to walk and she take care of her .

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May 24

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THANKS TO ALL MY READERS. i am going to finished this story today.

Arnav: called kushi mobile.

kushi: ji .

Arnav: he asks are you angry on me.

kushi: no , i am very happy .

Arnav: kushi i am sorry , its very important meeting thats why i came to office. but i will come early.

kushi:  did not say anything , she silently hearing his words.

Arnav: kushi i love you .

Kushi: smiled and says love you too.

Arnav: smiled and says thank you, han kushi , naniji called me. nk marriage fixed next month, she told me to send you first in delhi.

Kushi: says i can't go alone. we will go together .

Arnav: smiled and start to teased her, naniji..

kushi: says you dont worry i will tell her , i can't live without my arnavji.

Arnav: oh really madam. 

kushi: han arnavji. 

Arnav:asks how did this courage come to you kushi.

Kushi: you know arnavji , i am always a very courageous girl.

Arnav: han i know kushi. 

Kushi: did you called di .

Arnav: yea but she did not attend my call, jiju says to me they reached their home. shanji is very happy.

Kushi: says everything will be fine soon arnavji, dont worry ok.

Arnav: i expected this kushi , so i am fine now. i know my di very well. but i dont have other choice.

kushi: ok fine , you come early please. 

Arnav: smiled and says ok madam.


NK and kavitha married now. kushi and arnav come back delhi before somedayd back

Anjali: still did not talk to arnav. but shanji is very happy . anjali is working in a collage professor. 

Naniji, shyam, and mamiji try to convince anjali , but she did not heard their words .

Kavitha ,kushi ,payal close to eachother like own sisters. kushi try to talk anjali but she did not listen her words.

Arnav:says to kushi i am going to meet di today.

kushi: no arnavji , if she said anything , then you will be hurt. this 6 months she did not attend your call, she came nk marriage but she did not even look at you. this is too much. she always hurt me and you i dont know why she behave like that to you. i have endure for shyam and shanji only , now i lost my patience arnavji. you dont go . 

Arnav: is little angry on kushi, but he did not show it. he says i wm going to meet her today evening , no one can stop me.

Kushi: then your wish.

Arnav: says you also come with me kushi.

kushi: try to say something. but he says please for me . she nods her head. he smiled and says thank you .she says its ok arnavji.


Shyam: called anjali i want to talk to you.

Anjali: ji  tell me..

Shyam: why are you still angry on arnav. please talk to him. this is too much anjali. 

Anjali: says let him come and talk to me, then i will decided. 

Shyam: i can't understand you anjali.

Anjali; says he called my mobile only this all days , but he is not come our home, even he is not come shanji birthday. 

Shyam: says he meet her school and gifted her mumbai branch you know na.

Anjali: i dont want that. when he came to our home and talk to me then i will talk to him.

Shyam: is very happy , he asks if he came here na, you dont get angry na anjali.\

Anjali: smiled and says i am not always angry at him. but his words are hurting me that day. now i can understand everything . this is my house, this is my life, and shyamji i am very lucky thats why you came to my life.she huged shyam .

Shyam : is very happy, he says your little possessive to your chote right. 

Anjali: han i am always like that.

Shyam: thats why you get angry on your bhabi. 

Anjali: came out of the hug, han little , but before marriage i like her very much, she is talking continuesly, her innocent , i like her.

Shyam: then why are you hate her now.

Anjali: who told you i hate my bhabi, i am just angryly talk to her thats it.

Shyam: smiled at her. they both smiling each other.


Arnav and kushi enter anjali's house. 

Maid his name (raju}: came and asks who are you ? 

Anjali: saw her chote ,she came and says, he is my brother raju. 

Arnav and kushi smiled at eachother. Arnav rush to huged his di.. anjali also huged him happyly. he says i am sorry di , i know my words are  hurting you. please forgive me. she came out from the hug and says leave it chote. i understand everything. i am waiting for you this all days.she look at kushi she is still standing . anjali called bhabi come sit na. kushi smiled and sit beside arnav. anjali forget it past is past. but after that you dont fight with me ok. and bhabi i am sorry for everything. 

kushi: huged her and says its ok di.

Arnav; asks where is shanji and jiju. 

Anjali: says they both going to park.

Arnav: asks di now your happy na.

Anjali: han i am very happy. i behaved childishly na chote. 

Arnav: smiled its ok di leave it.

Shyam and shanji came there. shanji is very happy seeing arnav. she run to huged arnav and kissed his face . kushi look at them happyly.

Arnav: asks how are you . did you missed me.

Shanji: han i missed you so much. she says you know my mom loves me only , she feed me, she play with me. she teach me , she always be with me only. now i am very happy. 

Arnav: smiled and says because she is my di, he huged anjali  sideways.

Shyam: says she is my wife too .

Everyone smiled and talking eachother.

Kushi: get dizziness and she leaned on arnav shoulder. arnav is shocked ,he is very tensed seeing her like that, he cup her face and called kushi , kushi open your eyes dammit.anjali says chote relax, he says di see she is not respond my words.  shyam says i will call doctor, anjali flash water on her face , she slightly open her eyes. arnav asks are you ok . what happen to you. she says i dont know arnavji.

Arnav: try to says something but doctor came there , doctor hold kushi's hand and says she is pregnant. thats why she get dizziness. everyone is very happy hearing this.

Kushi: is smiled hearing that. she touch her stomach and look at arnav.

Anjali; huged kushi and arnav. she says i am very happy today.

shyam: smiled and huged arnav. he says you be with kushi , i will call naniji and inform this good news.

Anjali: smiled huged kushi and says you just rest i will come .

Arnav: look at kushi. 

kushi : is getting nervouse , and her heart beating very fastly. arnav sit beside her, he cup her face , she look at him and says wo wo arnavji i  i i , he says i love you , she smiled and says i love you too , he kissed her lips suddenly, she did not expect that, but she kissed him back. 


Naniji , mamiji, kavitha,payal, nk,akash came to anjali home, everyone is very happy about kushi's pregnancy.

Kavitha: run to kushi room , but she saw arnav and kushi kissing eachother. she smiled at herself, she knock the door. 

Arnav: leave kushi and turn to look at kavitha. 

Kushi: smiled at her . 

Arnav: come kavitha. 

kavitha: smiled at arnav. 

Arnav: says i am wait outside , you talk to your friend ok.

kushi: smiled at him.

kavitha: pinch kushi's cheek . kushi shout aahh .arnav came and asks what happen kushi.

kushi: look at kavi and says nothing arnavji. 

Arnav: asks are you sure . are you ok na.

kavitha: smiled at them.

kushi: i am fine arnavji.

Arnav: nods his head and leave from there.

Payal: also came there. kushi asks why are pinch me kavi, its paining ediot.

Kavitha: look at payal and says see  payalji this girl scared of suagraat, but  how is this pregnancy happen in very fast.

Payal: hold kavitha ear , and says she has been married for 4 years , this not fast kavi , this is very late.

Kavitha; smiled and says i know payalji , i am just kidding my friend. they three of them huging each other. naniji and mamiji bless kushi. they are very happy. mamiji is very happy. 

Akash and nk teased arnav.




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