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May 1

ARSHI FF MAIN HOON NAA (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 48 times)


"Why didn't you take me with you maa"....she looked at the sky with teary eyes. 

"Khushii" Arnav whispered.She turns and looks at him with painful eyes, which skipped his heartbeat.

He took fast steps towards her and touched her cheek concernedly .

"Khushi...what happend....why are you crying....".

She launched herself in his arms and cried harder.

"Khushi.....sshh.....please stop look at me please...".She raised her head and looks at him.

He wipes her tears with his thumb.That's when he realised her torn sleeves and nailmarks on her skin.He fist his palm and gritted his teeth.

"WHO" HE asked in a shaky breath. She cried harder remembering everything.He hugged her tightly 

"sshh....don't cry baby.......MAIN HOON NAA......I will protect you.......please stop crying jaan...."HE

rubbed her back to sooth her....

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May 1

Main Hoon Na (By Telly_News) (Thanked: 26 times)

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kiska hai yeh tumko intezaar main hoon na

dekhlo idhar to ek baar main hoon na

khamosh kyu ho jo bhi kehna hai kaho

dil chahe jitna pyar utna maanglo..ho..

tumko milega utna pyar main hoon na

kiska hai yeh tumko intezaar main hoon na

dekhlo idhar to ek baar main hoon na

kabhi jo tum socho ke tum yeh dekho

arre kitna mujhko tumse pyar hai

to chup mat rehna yeh mujhse kehna

arre koi kya aisa bhi yaar hai

dil hi nahi le jaan bhi le jo tumhe

ho.. to main kahoonga sarkaar main hoon na

kiska hai yeh tumko…

kehne ki ho dil me koi baat mujhse kaho

koi pal ho din ho ya ho raat mujhse kaho

koi mushkil koi pareshaani aaye

tumhe lage kuch theek nahi haalaat mujhse kaho

koi ho tamanna ya ho koi aarzoo

ho..rehna kabhi na bekaraar main hoon na

kiska hai yeh tumko intezaar main hoon na

dekhlo idhar to ek baar main hoon na

Khamosh kyu ho jo bhi kehna hai kaho

Dil chahe jitna pyar utna maanglo..ho..

Tumko milega utna pyar main hoon na

Kiska hai yeh tumko intezaar main hoon na

Dekhlo idhar to ek baar main hoon na

May 1

character sketch (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 66 times)

KHUSHI GUPTA : Sweet and innocent girl. Daughter of Sashi gupta and late manasa gupta. First year college student and work as a part time caretaker of raizada house because garima forces her.Have some feelings for Arnav,but scared to admit.

SASHI  GUPTA : Father of khushi. After his wfe's death he marries garima, who tortures khushi for no reason. He is paralysed and now helpless to protect his daughter.

GARIMA GUPTA : Khushi's stepmother and treats her like a burden. Force khushi to work for Raizada's because she took a huge loan from them.

MADHUMATHI : Garima's sister. She also hates khushi.

PAYAL  : Stepsister of khushi ang jealous of her beauty.

ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA : Most eligible bachelor. Owns AR FASHION HOUSE. Rude and arrogant for the outside world and loving and caring for his family and friends ,especially for khushi.Loves khushi from a long time.But didn't confessed yet.

ABHISHEK SING RAIZADA : Father of Arnav and Anjali. Lovely husband of Swetha. Loves Khushi as his own daughter.

SWETHA RAIZADA : Caring and loving mother and treats khushi as her own daughter.

ANJALI SHA : Stubborn and arrogant.Hates khushi because her parents give more attention to khushi.

SHYAM SHA : Husband of anjali. Genuine and hardworking person. Works in abroad.

ADITYA MEHTA : Cousin brother of Arnav. Stays in Raizada mansion. Eyes khushi lustfully and always tries to take advantage of her and harass her, but couldn't do because of Arnav and his brother Akash.

AKASH MEHTA : Brother of Aditya. Treats Khushi as his sister and always save her from his brother.

They are the main characters of the story. Both the Gupta's and Raizada's are neighbors..which means only a few distance between their houses.    

May 2

Chapter one: Her pain (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 77 times)

 "MAAA...." Khushi opens her eyes in a jerk. She got the nightmare once again.She is sweating like anything and look around frantically, shivering. The loud ring of alarm bring her back to reality.

 " Kyun mujhe akela ****kar chali gayi maa.......".She sobbed hugging her knees.

 "Where the hell is she?" Garima yelled from the hall."Don't know what does she think about herself"Garima mumbles angrily.

 "Why are you tolerating that girl Garima,why don't you just throw her out" Madhu joins Garima. Garima just gives a frustrated look.

 " What do you think jiji I didn't wish that.I am tolerating her only because of her dump father invested half of his property under her name and that can only be withdrawn at the time of her marriage" she says grumpily.

    "OPEN THE DOOR KHUSHI.." Garima bangs the door." Come out and starts the house c****s. If you didn't come out within 5 min , you knows what will happen".Khushi wipes her tears and hurriedly comes out.Because if she delays Garima will surely slaps her. Garima pinch her hard " How many times I have told you to wakeup before sunrise".

    Khushi started sobbing lightly because of the pain " Sorry amma.....please forgive, it won't happen again". She doesn't mention about her throbbing headache because she knew they care the least about her.

     "If your drama is over start the work. Why didn't you go to Rizada Mansion today" Madhu said bitterly. Khushi just nods her head and headed towards the kitchen.

    She can hear Garima cursing her " Because of this useless girl my payal has to go by an empty stomach today". All these words just stabs her heart. She wipes her tears and engrossed herself in work.


"Chote ...breakfast is ready" Swetha shouts from the dining room.

"Swetha, why are you screaming he will comes in a while" Abhi shakes his head

"Both father and son will make me mad one day" she glared at him. Arnav comes down getting ready."Mom why are you screaming in the early morning".He just rolled his eyes. Swetha glares at him.

He looks around " Aaj Khushi nahi aayi?"." Nahi chotte , patha nahi aaj uski aane mein ithni der kyun hoti hai" Swetha starts to serve him.

 " We are paying her to do her job correctly maa...not as some charity" Anjali said annoyed.

 "ANJALIII" The 3 of them glared at her.

 "whatever" she said boringly and continues to eat.

 "Areyy I forgot to tell something" Swetha hit her forhead.

 "What is it maa" Arnav asked desperately,don't know why,but his insights says that it is not at all a Good news.

May 3

Chapter two: His Care (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 97 times)

"Woh dadiji called me yesterday. She will be here by tomorrow and this time Aditya will accompany her"

"Why maaa?"Arnav said annoyingly. 

"what do you mean by that chote" she eyes him questioningly. 

"Don't you remember remember how much she insult Khushi last time". He clench his fist at the memory. Swetha  and Abhi shared a look. They were also worried about Khushi. "And along with her that Aditya is also coming. Dad you knows that Ihate him from childhood. He always bothered me with his playboy nature. What if he tries to misbehave with khushi?".

" guys won't think anything beyond her naa".Anjali stood from her seat."I am done maa. I have some better works to do".She stomps away angrily.

"Don'k know why is she hating Khushi bitiya so much. Kithni achi bachi he wo".Abhi sighed at the retreating figure of Anjali."No need to worry about her dad.She is like this from childhood."Arnav starts to finish his food.


"Arnav, what happend beta. You haven't left for office till now". Swetha looks puzzly  at Arnav who paced around the hall.

"Nothing maa.....I'm leaving now" with that he started towards the door grumpily.

Just then Khushi enters hurriedly.A familiar gush of wind passes through Arnav and his face lit up with a 100 watt smile.

"What happend Khushi? why are you late today? are you okay?" He bombards her with his questions and touch her forehead. Khushi looks at him with most eyes. In her family no one asked her that why did she woke up late today and here he is worrying for her like anything.

" have fever dammit. Why didn't you tell me earlier I would have cancelled my meetings"

" Don't worry Arnavji, it's just a mild fever. maine dawai khaliya hei".She tries to calm him,but he didn't buy any of her words."Chup.... bilkul chup....Come with me". He drags her to the guestroom. 

"Now you will take rest" she tries to protest "and I don't want to hear any excuses". With that he makes her lie in the bed."Don't you dare to step out of the bed". He gave her a final warning and lefts the room.

Khushi looks at his retreating figure sobbing lightly. She knows that how much he cares for her. He was there to support her whenever she needs him. She closed her eyes thinking about him. Swetha looks the entire scene with open mouth. She is shocked to know this side of her chote. She shakes her head smiling and left from there.


Arnav couldn't concentrate on anything. "Is she okay....shall I call her......" he close his laptop frustrated."no..she must be sleeping". He scratch his brows."Yes...that will be better." He dialed Aman.

"Aman, cancel all my meetings afternoon. I'm leaving. If you need something call me"

"OK ASR". Aman wondered what happend to his boss today.

May 4

Chapter three: Condition (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 76 times)

Arnav enters his home only to find Khushi serving the evening snacks and tea.

"This girl will never listen ".He murmurs  loosening his tie.

"Khushi bitiya.....jaake rest karlo. If chote knows this I don't know what will happen". Swetha caressed her hair affectionately. 

"My fever is gone and I'm perfectly fine now". She gives her a sheepish smile followed by a cute pout.

Arnav clears his throat startling her.

"Heyy ...Devi maiyya...Arnavji comes so early today...Now he will not leave me.." She closed her eyes mumbling a thousand prayers in one breath.

Arnav chuckled seeing her antics. " Pagal" he whispered amusely.

Swetha comes near him " Arrey chote, She was resting till now. Don't be angry at her". She tries to save Khushi from his wrath.

Arnav just rolled his eyes."Khushi come with me". He steps towards his room.

She looked Swetha pouting. Swetha gives her a helpless look.

"KHUSHII". Arnav shouts from his room.

"JII..". She runs to his room.

She is now standing before his door. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. " You can...... Khushi You can".She knocked the door and enter inside to find Arnav with a stern expression.

"Close the door Khushi and come here". He said masking his emotions.

"W..why...". His deadly glare stops her and she close the door immediately.

"Now come here". He says with same expression and she took hesitant step towards him.

He touches her forehead and feel that the fever is really gone. He sighed in relief and looks at Khushi who stood like as if a deer caught by lion.

" Relax Khushi I won't eat you". He chuckled. 

Khushi gives him a sheepish grin." You come early today"

"So, do you have any problem".He raised his one brow questioningly.

"Nahi...why would I".She feels embarrassed with her questions.

He smiled inwardly hearing her replies.

"Arnavji...woh mujhe jaana hei...woh mujhe mandir jaana he.....". She said slowly.

"It's OK Khushi. But take care of yourself. You just recovered from a fever."

Khushi gives him an assuring smile and lefts the room.


Arnav is deeply engrossed in some thoughts looking at sky. Suddenly he feels a hand touching his shoulder. 

He turns to find Swetha smiles mischievously. "Thinking about Khushi right"

Arnav got startled. "Maa how did you know"

"I know everything chote. In fact mujhe bhi pasand hei vo" 

Arnav hugs her happily.

"But Chote I don't understand one thing, when Garima asked for money, Why did you asked me to put the condition that Khushi bitiya should work for us". She frowned her brows in confusion.

" know her...she will surely force Khushi to earn money as we all know how much greedy is she." He kissed her cheeks "and I know my maa is the best mom,so you will definitely loves her. What if Garima aunty forced her to work somewhere else..and what if they torture as to save her I asked you to put the condition".

Swetha looks Arnav bewildered who now waiting for the reply of his mother anxiously.

May 4

Clarification (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 48 times)

Hi guys This note is for the clarification. Many people have doubt about the age of arnav and khushi. Arnav is 24 year old Khushi is 19 yrs. If you have doubt about why arnav didn't confessed yet, there is a reason. And that will be revealed as the story progresses. . Thank you

May 8

Chapter four : Faceoff with Aditya (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 83 times)

Swetha shakes her head with a mischievous smile."You know Chote you are too much".

Arnav gives her a sheepish grin. But soon his expression changed into worry. "Mom I am worried about Aditya. You know his behavior naa. What if he misbehave with Khushi. I can't be here at whole time and that is what bothers me".

"Don't worry Chote I will look after her. But I can't be rude to Aditya you know that, for Abhi whatever we have today is because of his father".

"I know mom Dad wouldn't tolerate if we insults Aditya, but mom if he troubles Khushi I won't think twice to kick him out". Arnav said with a murderous expression.

Swetha just rolled her eyes seeing the rage in her son's eyes.


 "Khushi bitiya Dadiji will come at any time. Be careful you know her nature naa ". Swetha said caressing khushi's head.

"Jii..aunty.".Khushi said with little fear

"Don't worry bitiya we all are there for you".

Dadi enters the house followed by Aditya. Khushi gulps seeing her stern look.

"arrey maaji welcome.".Swetha gives arthy to both.

"Adi beta take some rest. Dadi pat his cheek

"jii Dadi. Aditya turns to walk and that's when his eyes fall on Khushi. He was stunned by her beauty and all he wants that to have her in his bed.He eyed Khushi from top to bottom. Khushi shivered under his lustful gaze and sprinted towards kitchen.

"Where is Arnav?". Dadi asked looking around for him. "He lefts for office early today he has a meeting with his clients".

"Hmmm". Dadi gives a not so satisfied look to Swetha.

Aditya enters his room. Khushi's image was not leaving his eyes." So she is the Khushi whom Dadi hates....tch..tch..Don't worry baby I won't hate you like Dadi I will just loves you....". Aditya said with a wicked smile.

Later in the evening Arnav comes home. He shouts for Khushi. "KHUSHII... brings my coffee to room". With that he rushes to his room. He needs to ask her about the behavior of Aditya.

Khushi quickly prepared coffee and headed towards his room. But out of nowwhere Aditya blocks her way.

"So you are Khushi right?". Aditya asked scanning Khushi top to bottom. Khushi began to tremble because of his lustful gaze. Don't know why but her insights warns her to be careful around this man. 

Khushi tries to go from there.

 "Arreyy what's the hurry?". Aditya blocks her way." Is this coffee for Arnav". He asked taking the coffee and smelling it ." Hmmm I just loved the  flavor, his eyes scanned Khushi "and I really want's to taste it". Khushi's eyes turn moist hearing his dirty talks. Before her tear falls she heard the loud voice of Arnav.

"ADITYAAA ...".Both of them looks at the top of the stair and sees Arnav standing with a murderous rage. He took quick steps towards them. He looks at Khushi's moist eyes and then turns to Aditya with a cold glare. "Let me warn you Aditya .Don't you dare to cross your limits with her. If I ever sees that no one I mean no one can saves you from me".He once again gave a deathly glare to Aditya and takes Khushi with him. Aditya watches him shrugging his shoulders and a wicked smile was playing on his lips..

May 13

Chapter four: Safe with him (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 89 times)

Arnav enters his room holding Khushi's hand. Who was crying now. He makes her sit on bed and cups her cheek. "Khushi... look at me". He said tenderly.

Khushi looked at him with teary eyes. Arnav felt an immense urge to smack that Aditya's head for hurting his Khushi. He wipes her tears.

"Khushi please stop crying..don't worry...I will be there for you..OK..Don't cry please".He said consoling her.

Khushi looks up this man with moist eyes.She always feels safe with him and she knows that whatever happens he will be there for her to protect her..She nodes her head and wipes her tears.

 Arnav smiled in relief."Now that's like my khushi".He said to cheer her up.

 Khushi smiled at him. "Thank you Arnavji.".But Arnav silenced her." No need Khushi. You know that I don't like you being this formal with me".He said annoyed and frowns his brows.

Khushi giggled seeing his expressions and like always he got lost in her. But his trance broke hearing his phone ringing. He gives a frustrated look to his phone while Khushi gets up and leaves the room smiling to herself.

Later in the evening.

"KHUSHII". Anjali yells from her room..Khushi runs to Anjali's room. "Haa Anjali Maam did you call me".She asked standing near the doorstep.

" Why the hell you haven't cleaned my room". Anjali said with angrily.

Khushi got scared seeing her anger." Sorry mam I will do it right away"..She said fearfully.

"Do what Anjali ".They were interrupted by Arnav who just reached from office. 

"Nothing. I just asked her to clean my room". Anjali said annoyed. 

Arnav looks around her room. He can see that everything is messed and scattered around.And he very well knows that it was done by Anjali for making Khushi work hard.He looked at her sharply.

"What Bhai why are you looking me like that".She asked him narrowing her eyes.

"You very well knows the reason Anjali. as far as I know Khushi had cleaned your room today morning.Then how-come it's this messy now". He asked glaring at her.

"So what Bhai. we are paying her for this naa". She said looking evilly at Khushi.

"ANJALII". Arnav shouted and Khushi looked down felling her eyes welled up.

"What happend Chote". Swetha comes running to them haring the shout. 

She sees a very angry Arnav and Anjali and between them Khushi was crying silently.

"What's the matter Chote?". She asked touching his shoulder.

"Ask your daughter to behave Maa".With that Arnav narrated the whole incident.

Swetha looked at Anjali disappointed." When will you learn Anjali".She said.

"So every one is in her web now.FINE". She said frustrated and slams the door.

Swetha puts her hand on Khushi's shoulder." Don't feel bad beta. You know naa how is she".She said caressing Khushi's cheek with other hand.

Khushi nodes head and wipe her tears." I was cleaning the dishes. I will go and wash the remaining". With that she goes to kitchen.

Both Arnav and Swetha shared a not so pleased expression.

Unaware to them Aditya watched the entire incident." So Anjali hates Khushi. Now that will make my plan easier". He said cunningly.

Late night at Khushi's home

Khushi was crying bitterly in her room after bearing the beatings of her mother. Today one more proposal for Payal got rejected because he wants to marry Khushi. After they left Garima starts to curse her and beat her.She can still hear Garima and Payal abusing her character. She wish that she could share all this with someone.But no one seems to understand her except Arnav. "Arnav", thinking about him her lips broke into a slight smile. With his thoughts she closed her eyes to get some sleep.

May 16

Chapter Six: His Princess (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 87 times)

Next day evening

Khushi is returning from her class. She is walking hurriedly. She knows that if she becomes late dadiji will taunt her for being irresponsible. She is really tensed looking at the clouded sky. 

Her chain of thoughts were disturbed by the sudden halt of a car near her. She knows whose car is this and as expected , Arnav rolled down the glass.

He chuckled seeing her shocked expression. "Khushi, get in the car I will drop you". He said.

Khushi comes out of her shock. "Nahi Arnavji why are you troubling yourself the bus will comes in a while". She replied hesitantly.

"Khushi". Arnav said sternly. And she knows that she lost the battle. She gets in the car silently.

Arnav is constantly stealing glances at her while driving and Khushi is enjoying the side view. He smiled inwardly looking at her expressions.

Suddenly his smile dropped noticing the red mark on her elbow. He knows what could have happen. But he didn't understand why Khushi is bearing all these because of some stupid promises. He felt an immense hatred towards Garima. He won't let it continue anymore. Enough is enough.

He called her "Khushi".

Khushi turns to him smiling "Haa Arnavji". The serious expression on his face confused her. "What happend Arnavji". She asked questioningly.

"Khushi I need to talk to you". He stops the car.

Khushi looked at him curiously. He takes her hand in his and touch the red mark gently. Khushi winced in pain. 

"What is it Khushi. Why are you tolerating it. Don't tell me that because of your promise".

Khushi looked away with teary eyes unable to answer him.

He touch her cheek and makes her face him. " I need an answer Khushi". He asked seriously.

" What can I do Arnavji I promised papa that I will always obey Maa". Tears start to roll from her eyes.

"Khushi that was long ago. At that time your papa doesn't know about her intentions. Now he knows ,but because of his state he can't speak. That doesn't means that he still wants you to obey her." Arnav said to put some senses in her.

She remained silent.

 Finally he sighed defeated." OK forget it. why did you said to Maa that you will not marry as per your wish". He finally asked the question that was nagging his mind from a long period of time.

Khushi is scared to answer him. "Wo amma said that she will fix my marriage only after Payal jii and I'm sure that she will find a guy who doesn't loves me".She said in a low voice.

"Khushi you know what all your excuses are pathetic. How can you be like this Khushi". he said frustrated.

"What can I do Arnavji till papa become alright I need to obey Maa. After his recovery I'm sure that he will be at my side to shield me". Khushi said as she trying to find solace in herself.

" I will be there for you Khushi always". He said pressing her hands. His another hand wipes her tears.

 " Now don't cry.I will soon find some way. Don't worry. OK". He assured her with his words.

Khushi looked at his face forgetting the surroundings. She knows that he loves her. She too have feelings for him. But she is scared about the reaction of Garima.

" Now give me your beautiful smile. You look ugly when you cry". He said making annoyed faces.

Khushi gasped hearing him. " What I look ugly". She asked him.

"Yes very ugly when you are crying and just like a princess when you smile". He said winking her.

Khushi got stunned hearing his reply and unknowingly a deep shade of crimson red began to spread in  her cheeks. She quickly tuns her face to the window to hide her blush from him. But failed miserably.

Arnav chuckled watching the futile attempts of his princess to hide her blush.

" Pagal ".he muttered to himself and starts the car.

He walks in Raizada Mansion with a flushed Khushi. Who is flustered by his reply and nervous about being late.

"Khushi don't worry. Dadi won't tell anything. I am here naa. I will look after her. You don't need to afraid about anything". He comfort her with his words.

Khushi gives him a slight smile which is surely filled with gratitude and happiness.

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