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May 2

DIL NE CHUNA HAI TUHJKO (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 82 times)


"WHAT THE......WHO THE HELL ARE YOU and what are you doing in my room"

Khushi got startled by the sudden yell and clutch her dress tightly.

"Didn't you hear me, I asked who are you". He once again barked at her.

She slowly turns around to find a fuming Arnav in front of her.She suddenly lowered her lashes and began to shiver at the intensity of his anger." He must be priya aunt's son Arnav " she thought.

"WHY ARE YOU SILENT DAMMIT" His another yell broke her trance and she looked at him fearfully.

"I.....I....I C..Come to meet Priya aunty". She said slowly looking down.

He frowned his brows."Mom is not here.Now just leave from here" He took her hand to drag her out.

"No.....no..sir....please don't throw me out sir......please sir.......I beg you sir....".She cried feeling vulnerable.Arnav took a frustrated groan. "Don't test my patience.Stop drama now and GET OUT"

Khushi kneeled in front of him" Please sir......if I go out now they will not leave me sir.......please save me".She cried folding her hands and looks into his eyes helplessly.

Arnav got lost in her eyes.He feels his heartbeat for the first time. He felt a sudden protectiveness for this unknown girl and his HEART CHOOSE HER.

May 3

Chapter one: Heart chooses you (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 74 times)

A white SUV barged inside the gates of Raizada Mansion. A handsome man in his early twenties got down from the driving seat. He strode towards the mansion, speaking through his Bluetooth. The guards have a tough time to match with his pace.

"Yes maa...I reached safely....Ya.....don't worry I will manage.....you guys enjoy the function.....take care.....bye..". He looks around the mansion.

Arnav singh Raizada  returned to his home after three years. He was in London for the past years to complete his graduation. Now he got admission for his post graduation  in one of the reputed colleges in Delhi.

"HP.." HP comes to him running. 

"Bring my luggage". He took fast strides to his room. He opens the door only to get the shock of his life. There is a girl who stands looking at the pool and her back facing him.

"WHAT THE......WHO THE HELL ARE YOU and what are you doing in my room"

Khushi got startled by the sudden yell and clutch her dress tightly.

"Didn't you hear me, I asked who are you". He once again barked at her.

She slowly turns around to find a fuming Arnav in front of her.She suddenly lowered her lashes and began to shiver at the intensity of his anger.

" He must be priya aunt's son Arnav " she thought.

"WHY ARE YOU SILENT DAMMIT" His another yell broke her trance and she looked at him fearfully.

"I.....I....I C..Come to meet Priya aunty". She said slowly looking down.

He frowned his brows."Mom is not here.Now just leave from here" He took her hand to drag her out.

"No.....no..sir....please don't throw me out sir......please sir.......I beg you sir....".She cried feeling vulnerable.

Arnav took a frustrated groan. "Don't test my patience.Stop drama now and GET OUT"

Khushi kneeled in front of him" Please sir......if I go out now they will not leave me sir.......please save me".She cried folding her hands and looks into his eyes helplessly.

Arnav got lost in her eyes.He feels his heartbeat for the first time. He felt a sudden protectiveness for this unknown girl and his HEART CHOOSE HER.

The loud ringing of his phone brought him back to reality. He ignores it and sat beside her. 

"Hey.....sshh..stop.....don't cry..". He wipes her tears and help her to stand.

He quickly poured water in a glass and held it before her.

"Here drink this water and you will feel better". He gestures his eyes to the glass.

She slowly took the glass with trembling hands and gulped it in one go.

All this while he was observing her keenly. She is the most beautiful girl he has ever seen.Her face is devoid of any makeup but her natural beauty made him stunned.Her hazel eyes has the magical power of hypnotizing him. He don't know why but the tears in her eyes pierced his heart. He surely want to bring a glint of happiness in her eyes.

"Sir..." her voice break his trance.

She raise her lashes and looks at his eyes. Arnav got shocked to see the depth of sadness in her eyes.All he want's to take away all her sorrows and hides her from the cruel world. He want to protect her from all evil. 

"Sir..." she calls him once again hesitantly.  

"huh.." that was all he could manage to whisper.

"Sir... woh....jane se pehle aunty ne bakki saare kamre lock kar diya. That's why I had to enter in your room. I will not bother you sir.....I w..will stay silently. B...but please don't th....throw me out sir....please..." She looked at him fearfully waiting for his reaction.

Arnav looks at her intensely, before answering her. 

May 4

Her truth (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 90 times)

He shakes his head negatively. "No...I don't have any problem, you can wait here". He doesn't want her out of his sight.

She looked at him shocked and then finally realize his words. She gave him a slight smile and sat on the recliner.

"I will come in a while". He lefts the room.

She look at the pool absentmindedly thinking about her fate.

"Here is your coffee". Arnav extended one cup towards her and sat on the nearby chair. He can see that she is hesitating. He just rolled his eyes.

 " Common it's just a coffee yaar...why are you thinking so much".

Khushi, not knowing what to say, just nodes her head and starts to sip her coffee. Once again Arnav got lost in her.How can someone be this much beautiful and cute at the same time, he wondered. But there is something that bother his princess. He decide to start the conversation.

He clears his throat to gain her attention. He sees that she become stiff. 

" Who are you? and how do you know my mom? ". He asked with great curiosity.

She took a deep breath as if preparing herself to answer his question. " I'm Khushi and we are neighbors for the past three years."

"Oh..so we are neighbors."He got surprised with the information.

"****...If I hadn't goes to London I would able to meet her three years ago" he pouted sadly. "Oh...common Arnav what are you thinking". He is confused with his own thoughts and hit his forehead.

Khushi looked at him wondered seeing his actions. Arnav looks at her and gives a slight smile. His mind was doing a battle to decide whether to ask the next question or not. Finally he decide to ask as he can only save her if he knows his problem.

"Why did you hide in my room?...Did some tried to hurt you" Arnav asked with great concern.

Khushi was taken back by this sudden question and she is very nervous to tell him. But later she realize that all her neighbors knows the truth and he will also finds it. So there will be no harm in sharing it.

"Woh.....woh.." She starts to struggle for words.

Arnav understands her plight "hey.... it's OK.......I just asked casually...don't pressurize yourself". He patted her hands tenderly.

"I'm afraid of my Jijaji, he...he and his brother wants me as their bed mate". She said in single breath and her eyes were tightly closed to prevent her tears. She embarrassed and disgusted with this ugly truth of her life.

Shock would be an understatement for Arnav. His eyes wide in horror and his insight churns with a storming rage to kill that filth.

He notice that her hands were trembling in fear. He took her hand in his.

"Heyy...it's ok ..don't panic..you are safe now..". Both of them got goosebumps in their skin with the touch and their eyes were locked to each other.

Their trance broke by the loud horn of a car.

"I think maa arrived". Arnav heads towards the entrance followed by Khushi.

Here is the second chapter guys. Thank you so much for your support. 


May 6

chapter three: her story (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 98 times)

"Maa ". Arnav hugs priya tightly.

Priya who was seeing her son after three long years couldn't control herself. She caress his back with moist eyes. She withdraws from the hug and cups his face. " How are you Chote".

"I'm fine Maa. Just missed your emotional drama ".He said teasingly.

Priya beat his shoulder playfully. "Your naughtiness is increasing day by day".

"Arrey can some give me the opportunity to hug my son". Raj turns his face away as to show that he is angry with them because they forgot him.

Arnav gives him a bone crushing hug. "Now happy dad".

"Very happy boy". Priya shakes her head. That's when she noticed Khushi standing there.

"Khushi bitiya you are here". She walked towards her happily. Then suddenly it clicks her mind." What happend beta did he come again". She asked concernedly . Khushi nodded her looking down feeling overwhelmed to say anything .

Priya cups her face. 'Don't worry beta he will never come here. Did you have your dinner". Khushi nodes positively.

"Sorry I had locked the room". Extend the key. "Go and sleep beta don't worry about anything".

Arnav stood there observing everything keenly. He can't understand that why is Khushi tolerating everything, Why can't she file a police complaint against her so called Jijaji and his brother. he knows that if he asks khushi about this she will get upset. so he decided to ask his mom.

khushi took the key and after giving a good night wish to them she moves to the room.

Priya is arranging the plates after dinner. Arnav comes there suddenly."Mom I need to talk to you".

"What is it Chote". Priya asked confused realizing the seriousness in his voice.

"Mom why is Khushi tolerating that filth. why can't she lodge a complaint against him". Arnav asked frustratingly. 

"Because of her sister chote". Priya replied with pity

"Sister...tell me clearly maa". Arnav got confused hearing it.

Priya sighed." Chote Khushi bitiya lives with her parents and sister. It was two years ago that her sister get married. They both had a love marriage and he acts like a best husband to gain their trust. Within one year he gain the complete trust of her sister and parents. They believed his each and every words. But later his behavior towards khushi bitiya changed. He always try to get close to her. When she complaint to her family about this he starts his drama as Khushi is like his little sister and all that. Like always her family believed his words blindly."

Arnav shocked hearing that."Mom how can someone distrust their own daughter when the matter is about her dignity".

"Don't know Chote. They blindly trust him and ask Khushi bitiya to not to spoil her sister's life". Priya said dejectedly. Arnav feels immense disgust and anger towards her family.

" Her sister threatens Khushi that if she lodge a complain about him, then she will commit suicide because she can't live without him". Arnav clench his fist hearing all this. 

"So as to save her sister's life Khushi bitiya never filed a complaint. But he took it as an opportunity and his brother also join him. So as to save her herself Khushi bitiya comes here whenever he comes home. So on weekends Khushi bitiya stays here. Because of his job in Luknow he can only come here in weekends". 

Arnav feels an immense concern and protectiveness towards Khushi. He vows to himself that he will never let that filth succeeded in his plans. He will be there for her from now on.

"Good night mom". He hugs Priya.

"Good night beta".Arnav kisses her cheek and start to his room.

"Haa chotey, did you call Akash?"

Arnav stops in his track. "No mum. Tomorrow I'm going to meet him as a surprise. Don't worry mum I will make him come out of it". He gives an assuring smile to Priya.

May 12

Chapter four: College (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 92 times)

"Where is Khushi Mom".Arnav asked descending the stairs.

Priya gives him a perplexed look. She was confused about why Arnav is asking about Khushi." She left for her college chote'.

 Arnav stopped in his steps "college at this time?". Arnav asked looking at the time.

"She is giving tuition before her classes.That's why". Priya replied confusedly about his unexpected behavior.

"I have made all your favorite dishes Chote". Priya said seeing his surprised look.

" Thank you Mom you are the best". Arnav hugs Priya tightly.

The loud ring of calling bell disturbed the sleep of Akash. He cursed the person before opening the door rubbing his sleepy eyes.

 "ARRNNAVV ".His eyes became wide in shock and he hugs him tightly. 

"Why are you not ready yaar. Don't say that you are not coming". 

Akash withdraws from the hug and looked away. "Arnav you know naa. Things are not the same anymore'. His eyes turned moist. 

Arnav forcibly turns him." I don't want to hear any excuse Akash. Do you feel that Pooja Di will be happy if you destroy your life like this. She is watching you from the sky Akash. She will feel bad if you waste your life because of her". 

Akash nods his head wiping his tears." I will be ready in half an hour". He said in a trembling voice.

 Arnav hugs him once again patted his back. 

Arnav and Akash is now sitting at the garden in front of college. They started walking towards the crowd.Senior boys are ragging the first years. 

Arnav saw a familiar figure crying there. Her back was facing him now. He goes near her to see her face. Her head was hung down and she is crying bitterly. "Khushi". He whispered shockingly looking at her face. 

The guy who was ragging her shouted. "Heyy do as I say. kiss me now". 

Khushi shakes her head vigorously mumbling "No". 

"You wont listen right". He extended his hand to hold her. Suddenly a strong hand came blocking his way. 

"Don't you dare touch her". Arnav said gritting his teeth. His red eyes are spitting fire.

Khushi looked at Arnav Shockley. Arnav looked at Khushi's eyes and feels a shock mixed with gratitude and relief in her eyes.

"Who the hell are you to stop me". The guy turned furiously to Arnav.

"I'm your senior here". Arnav glared at him.

"I don't give a damn about any one.'.His sentence stopped in midway.

"But you have to obey me Rocky'. Akash intervened.  "I'm your professor here and you know that what can I do with you. And one more fact. If your father is the trustee of this college,  Arnav's papa is the MD of this college.All gasp in shock. So don't you dare to cross his path".

Rocky cursed Akash mentally and starts going from there.

"Wait Rocky one more thing". Akash stops him." If I have seen you misbehave with anyone that will be your last day here". He said in a threatening tone.

Rocky leaves from there felling insulted and before leaving he gives a long stare to Khushi. Khushi began to shake seeing the lust and rage in his eyes.

"Everyone go to your classes". Akash ordered them. "Arnav I'll be right back". He lefts to the office. Arnav nodes his head and looks at Khushi. Who is now looking at him with mixed emotions.

He goes near her and touch her cheek ."Why don't you react Khushi". He asked tenderly.

Khushi burst into tears" He... he is the one about whom I talked to you yesterday.My..m.my jeejaji's brother". Tears starts to roll from her eyes.

Arnav looked at her with wide eyes as if knot knowing how to react.

May 15

Chapter Five: Dhak- Dhak (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 102 times)

The sound of her hiccuping brought Arnav back to present.He looks at Khushi who was crying miserably now. "Hey don't cry".He wipes her tears. Khushi looks at him stunned. Both of them got lost in their eyes.

Arnav is the first one who breaks the contact and he looks here and there awkwardly.

"So first year".He asked to start a conversation with her. Khushi just nodes her head.

"So today is your first day right". He asked "No I joined before a month".She said with a slight smile. 

"Oh.Then you know the campus better than me and you can guide me right". He asked with a charming smile.

Khushi feels goosebumps by his smile. She stared at him forgetting her surroundings.

Arnav's voice break her trance. "We haven't introduced ourselves formally right".

He said with a wink and extended his hands "So I am Arnav Singh Raizada first year MBA" .

Khushi looks at his hands for a moment and extended place her hand in his. "Khushi Kumari Gupta first year in fashion designing ".

Arnav got surprised and said "Wow you are studying fashion designing then surely you can join my future company".

Khushi got stunned hearing his reply. Here they are just introduced formally and he is thinking about their future. She just shook her heads and gives him a slight smile.

The bell rang and both of them were disappointed.

"OK bye Arnavji .See you later". Khushi waves him and tries to walk towards her class.

Arnav calls her "Khushi". Khushi turns back and looks at him confusedly "JII"

"Khushi from now onward we are friends right". He asked curiously. Khushi nodes her head." Yes Arnavji".

"And as a friend your security is my responsibility right ".He asked again. Khushi just nodes her confusedly. She didn't get what he is implying to say.

"So Khushi from now on I will there for you. whenever you face some trouble just calls me OK".

Khushi tries to protest. "Nahi Arnavji why are troubling yourself".

Arnav said to her with a hurt expression. "So you don't consider me as your friend right. it's OK no problem".

He turns his back towards her and bit inside his cheeks to stop the smile. He very well knows that Khushi will feel for his words and that is what exactly happens.

"Nahinn Arnavji I didn't means like that".She said feeling bad about him

"Then what Khushi". He tried to make his voice sad.

Khushi don't know what to say.

 She just said in a defeated tone. "OK. From now whenever I'm in trouble I will call you".

He turns towards her with a wide smile.

Khushi feels her own lips stretch into a smile seeing his happy face.

"You won't back away from your words naa". He asked hopefully.

Khushi doesn't want that smile wipes away from his face so she said assuring him. "Nahin Arnavji I promise". 

"Bye Arnavji see you later." With that she runs to her class room smiling. Leaving a dreamy Arnav behind.

Akash returns from office to find a lost Arnav. "Arnav". He shook his shoulder. "Arnav" 

"huh ".Arnav return back from his dreamland and looks Akash 

"Where you lost Arnav". Akash asked suspiciously.

"Nowhere just thinking about class". Arnav lied.

"Why are you confusing your self I will drop you to the class naa". He drags Arnav with him.

Late in the evening

Arnav is now eagerly waiting for Khushi in front of the college. Then he spots her who is animatedly talking with one of her friends. He got lost in her antics. Then suddenly she turns her head and looked in his direction. Her eyes wide in surprise and her lips curved into a beautiful smile. She walks towards him.

"Arnavji didn't  your classes finished at noon. Are you waiting for someone". she asked eagerly.

"Yes, For you Khushi".He said with a loapsided smirk.

Khushi's mouth forms O shape. "For me? why Arnavji". She asked shockingly.

"Well I just thought that why don't we start our new friendship with one cup of coffee". He said and looked at her with great expectation.

Khushi is little hesitant to go with him. Arnav felt her discomfort.

"It's OK Khushi I can understand  you don't know much about me. But trust me it's just a coffee. I won't take any advantage of our friendship". He said trying to mask his disappointment.

Khushi sense that he feels upset. So she immediately said "I trust you Arnavji. And from the past 3 years I got to know many thing about you from Priya aunty. I will come". She smiled at him.

Arnav gives her a smile that reached his eyes.And this time Khushi feels that her heart will explode anytime. She can hear her own heart beats.


May 19

Important note (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 24 times)

Sorry guys. I' m down with high fever. I will update as soon as my fever decrease. Hope you understand it. Thank you.

May 20

Chapter Five: Being Comfortable (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 84 times)

Arnav parked his SUV near one of the five star restaurants. Both of them step out of the car. Khushi looks the marvelous building in front of her. She is little hesitant.

She stopped in her tracks. "Arnavjii". She calls him nervously.

Arnav turns back "What happend Khushi" He asked questioningly.

Khushi nervously replied back"..Arnavji..wo don't misunderstand me..it's just a coffee naa. Why are we spending these much money for it.ca..can we drink it in any cafe". She looked at him anxiously waiting for his reply.

Arnav looked at her stunned. If any other who is in her place would be happy about luxury. But she is really different. Arnav starts to admire her.

"Arnavjii ".Khushi waved her hands in front of him seeing his lost look. Arnav comes out of his trance and looked at Khushi who is looking at him confused.

"OK Khushi. Your idea is nice. We can drink our coffee in the nearby cafeteria in our college". He said pretending that he was thinking about the location earlier. 

"Thank you Arnavji". She gives him a full smile.

Arnav feels a contentment in his heart seeing her smile at that moment he realized that he can do anything for the wonderful smile on her face.

Both of them headed towards the cafeteria unknown to the fact that the same will be one of their favorite hangout places very soon.

A week later

In this one week Khushi and Arnav became best friends. Arnav always pickup her to the college from the tuition center and also drops her back. In the college also he was there with her always. He feels protective towards her and he doesn't want that rocky to take advantage of her. Khushi become very carefree with him and her face lit up each time she sees him.

Rocky is really frustrated with the entry of Arnav. He is always with her. He is with his gang and they are mocking him.

Roy "Arrey rocky see now also he is with her. Looks like they both love each other". He said pointing at Arnav.

Rocky grabbed his collar " Don't you dare say that again. I won't allow her to love any other man. And I Don't care if she loves him or not. She will be mine at the end. Understand". He said with gritted teeth.

Roy nodded fearfully. He lives Roy and looks at Khushi lustfully. 

"Run as much you can Khushi. I won't let you live peacefully". He smile wickedly.

Arnav looked at Khushi admiringly who is enjoying her coffee. In this one week he got to know the crazy Khushi who is hidden behind her tears. He loves her antics and the expressions that mirrored in her face each time.

"Arnavji why are you always lost in some thoughts". She asked him. She can see that he seems lost most often. What she doesn't know is that he is totally lost in her.

"Nothing Khushi. Just thinking some random things". He said to cover up and give her one of the sheepish smiles.

Khushi shakes her head and concentrate on her coffee.

Late at night

Arnav stood at the poolside looking at the stars. He is confused about his feelings towards Khushi. He can feel some kind of attraction towards her. But he can't define what it is. All he knows that he can't see tears in her eyes. Whenever he sees her tearful eyes something break in his heart. 

His thoughts were break by the sudden ring of calling bell. He walks out of the room to see who comes at the night time.

Priya opens the door to see a nervous Khushi.

"Arrey bitiya come". She led Khushi to the hall.

"Wo aunty he.".She began explaining but interrupted by the voice of Arnav

"Khushi tum.". Arnav comes near her in quick steps. Did he come again He asked anxiously.

"Nahin..wo..Jiji says that Rocky will come by tomorrow early morning. so I..I" She stammered.

Priya side hug her."Hey it's OK bitiya. You can stay here as long as you want. Haina Chote".

"Haa Mom". Arnav nodes his head."Come Khushi". he led her to the guest room.

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May 22

Chapter Six: Her Past (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 86 times)

Arnav makes Khushi sits on the bed. Both of them were silent. They are busy with their own thoughts. Suddenly Arnav asked "Khushi can I ask you something".

Khushi looked at him wonderly. "Haa Arnavji boliye".

"Khushi wo.. don’t misunderstand me why are you bearing this torture of this jijaji. Why can’t you just complain about him". He said looking into her eyes.

For one minute khushi’s mind went blank. She don’t know what to reply him. Arnav sees her shocked state. He feels that because  of his question she feels uncomfortable. 

So suddenly he said to cover up. "I’m sorry Khushi I don’t know how i asked this. You don’t need to feel uncomfortable. Sorry if my question hurts you".

Khushi  quickly intervenes." No Arnavji don’t feel like that. You didn’t know  about my past. That’s why you asked it. There is no mistake of yours. I will tell you the reason and my past". Khushi said with moist eyes.

Arnav immedietly hold her hand. "There is no hurry Khushi. don’t stress yourself . you can tell me  when you feel comfortable".

Khushi wipes her tears. "There is no need for that Arnavji. You are my best friend naa. If I didn’t share with you, then how can I share with any other and release burden". She said with a slight smile.

"Are you sure in your decision Khushi". Arnav asked once again.

"Yes Arnavji. If i didn’t tell you today may be I won’t get enough courage to share this later." She said determinedly.

 Arnav looked at her keenly listening each words of her. He holds her hand in his. To give her the necessary strength. Because he knows how much difficult it will be for her.

Khushi takes a deep breath to calm herself and then start speaking." After my father’s death my amma marries Sashi who is my babuji now. I was just 2 yr old then. So I don’t remember about my father. Jiji is the daughter of babuji’s first wife. But he loved me like Jiji. He never shows any discrimination between us. We all are happy in my life. But that doesn’t last long. Babuji’s business start collapsing and he was in a huge debt. All these affect his health badly. At that time jijaji’s proposal comes for jiji. He says that he really loves her and want to marry her. He never demanded dowry so we all are happy about it".

Khushi close her eyes remembering the past. Arnav tightens his hold on her. She looked at him and gives a faint smile.

"I was 15 when their marriage happend. For me he was like my elder brother I never had. The house which we stay now belongs to him. He brought us to here and says it will be better for babuji’s treatment. Things gone smoothly till I turn 17. I had return from my hostel and started studying my degree here. Soon I feel that Jijaji’s behavior towards me changed. He always follows me and talk to me every time. First I thought that it is my thought and I avoid it. Then ..".Khushi suddenly stops.

Tears starts to flow from her eyes. Arnav immediately hold her cheek. "You don’t need to continue Khushi". He said to her concernedly.

"Nahin Arnavji I need to lift this burden from my heart". She looked at him painfully.

"Then I noticed something strange in the way he looks at me. His stares makes me uncomfortable. He stare at me in an improper way and I thought to avoid him as much as possible. I know how much my parents were indebted to him and they won’t stand against him. So I bury all my agonies within my self. But he thought it as my weakness and started misbehaving with me. He always tried to come close to me. Somehow I managed to escape each time. But then one day".. 

Her hands began to tremble and tears start to flow from her eyes. Arnav immediately hugs her without thinking twice. She broke down in his arms. "I lost the trust of my parents that day Arnavji. He .....he..".she cried harder.

"Shh Khushi you are safe now. Don’t cry.".He rubbed her back.

May 25

Chapter Seven : Her Past continues (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 77 times)

Khushi withdraws from the hug awkwardly. She looked here and there to cover her embarrassment. Arnav took her hands and held it tight as if saying her to continue. 

Khushi took a deep breath and start talking looking downward." He was very cunning Arnavji. He used to tell my parents that I am jealous of my jiji and I am showing some advances to him. He made my parents believe his words, he record my voice stating him to leave my jiji. Actually I said that when he tries to threaten me with jiji. My parents believe his words. When ever I comes to the room he suddenly exit from there. At first I thought that he finally realized his mistakes. But when I saw the accusing glares of jiji and babuji I was confused and really worried". 

Her face reflects the pain about the behaviour of her parents. Arnav held her hand tightly to give her silent support. Khushi gives a slight smile at his gesture and continues.

"I tried to ignore all these. But one day" . Her eyes pooled with tears." I was cleaning my room suddenly he comes inside and closed the door. I was startled and ask him to GET OUT of my room. He tried to misbehave with me. I was shouting then suddenly he close my mouth forcefully and started his acting like I...I was forcing myself upon him and all about his love for my jiji". Her face churned with disgust.

 Arnav felt an immense rage towards her jijaji. He feels that if he ever see him, he will definetly make him pay for his sins.

Khushi gives a sad painful smile to him." Suddenly my babuji and jiji come inside. My back was facing the door. So they didn’t see my tears and helplessness. According to them our position looked like I was the one who forced him. At that day I lost them Arnavji. I lost the trust of them. Because of his manipulation my .......my Jiji begged me for don’t break her family".

 Khushi closed her eyes and starts crying painfully. Arnav’s eyes also turn moist seeing her pain and agony. Enough of all of this. I won’t let her suffer anymore he decided in his mind.

He wipes her tears." It’s ok Khushi don’t waste your tears for them. They are not worth of it. Okey". He cupped her cheek.

Khushi nodes her head and gives him a slight smile.

"Okey I think you are tired and you need rest now otherwise your tiny brain won’t function next day". Arnav teased her.

Khushi’s mouth formed an 'O' shape." What? tiny brain?. For your kind information I am the topper of the class". She said furiously pointing her finger at him.

Arnav chuckled seeing her angry expression and red nose. She looks like a cute messy kid. 

He shook his head and said "OK OK I know my bestie is the most intelligent one. Now go to sleep. See you tomorrow". He said with a surrendering expression. 

Khushi giggled at him proudly. Arnav smiled happily as he was able to change her mood.

" Bye" he waved at her with a smile and heads to his room.

" Bye". Khushi smiled at his retreated figure and close her eyes peacefully for the much needed sleep.

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