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May 28

Chapter Eight : First Breakfast Together (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 82 times)

Sun rays peeped through the window to disturb the beautiful dream of Khushi. Finally after so many years she was able to sleep peacefully. She covered her head with the sheets but that was not helping either. Finally she opened her eyes pouting and looked around. That’s when she realized that she is in Raizada Mansion now.

She gets up and sat on the bed taking her own sweet time to go downstairs. Her mind flooded with the events of last night. Rocky’s arrival to her conversation with Arnav.

 While thinking about Arnav a small smile lingered on her lips. She couldn’t thank enough her stars for bringing Arnav into her life. Finally there will be someone with whom she can share her worries.

When she comes downstairs she got surprised to see Arnav waiting for her with breakfast.

"Good morning Khushi". Arnav said with a wide smile.

But from his tired face she realized that he didn’t sleep well last night. But why. That was confusing her.

She responds him with the same chirpiness. " Good morning to you too Arnavji".

Arnav looked at her smiling face and finally his mind calm down a little. After his last night conversation with Khushi his mind was very disturbed. Every time he close his eyes khushi’s teary face comes to his mind. Whole night he was been thinking about Khushi and her safety.

"Where is aunty and uncle Arnavji". Khushi’s voice brought him back to present.

"They both gone to attend the wedding of one of our relatives. Will be back in the evening". He said gesturing her to take the seat.

 Khushi sits down and Arnav started to serve her." You don’t need to bother Arnavji. I will serve myself". She said trying to stop him.

"Kyun Khushi are you afraid that I won’t serve enough for you". He teased at her winking.

Khushi looked at him open mouth.

She decide that it will be better if she doesn’t object him. Arnav chuckled at her expression and continues to serve her.. Both of them eat their breakfast in silence.

For Khushi she choose to be silent to avoid his teasing and Arnav was busy admiring her annoyed and embarrassed expressions

Khushi comes to the room after breakfast and forcing Arnav to take some sleep. She looked through the window. It opens to the garden of Raizada mansion which is adorned by beautiful roses. From her childhood she is very fond of roses. Especially the red one. It was her favorite.

She chuckled remembering her childhood when she gets jealous on other girls when she sees they get red roses on valentines day. She never had a boyfriend so no one gifted her a red rose. She can still remember her pleading to her Jiji to gift her a red rose. She smiled remembering their beautiful past. 

Suddenly her eyes pooled with unshed tears remembering her life now. her Jiji no longer smiles at her warmly. Even though she speaks with her she can feel the bitterness in her voice. After all she choose her husband over her little sister. Khushi sighed remembering everything.

She was waiting for Arnav in the hall. Hp informed her that he had gone out to meet Akash sir. So she don't want to eat her lunch alone. But Arnav specially informed HP to serve Khushi because he will be late.

Suddenly the bell rang and Khushi rushes to open the door enthusiastically.

May 30

Chapter Nine : Happy moments (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 86 times)

Khushi opens the door to see Arnav standing there with Akash. Akash gives her a perplexed look.

“You are the girl in the college right. What are you doing here”. He asked.

Khushi became nervous. She don’t know what to reply Akash.

Suddenly Arnav intervenes." She is our neighbour and my best friend buddy". He said sensing the nervousness of Khushi. He don’t want to make her uncomfortable.

“Hmm...seems like you are very fast. You just landed here two weeks ago and you had managed to find a neighbour who is also your best friend haa”. Akash teased him.

Arnav just rolled his eyes while Khushi looked here and there embarrassed.

Arnav dragged him inside.” Hp serve the lunch other wise he will continue to eat my head”. He yelled.

Lunch was silent. Khushi was all nervous because of the presence of Akash. He is her lecturer.

Arnav sense that." Khushi if you have any doubt regarding your subject just ask buddy. He is the best tutor. I can guarantee that”" He encouraged her teasing Akash.

“Why not Khushi. Afterall you are his bestfriend. Haina Arnav”. Akash said giving emphasis to the word best friend.

Soon all the awkwardness were gone and Khushi and Akash also mingled with each other well.


Priya and Raj returned home. They need to make the preparations as tomorrow is diwali. When they enter they were pleased to witness the sight before them. Khushi and Akash were teasing Arnav and laughing. Arnav also joins them. 

Their eyes turn misty seeing the smiling face of Akash and Khushi. They are smiling after a long time. And all credits goes to their charming son. They stood there watching the trio.

Arnav sees them and squealed.”. Mom and dad. When did you guys come back.” He rushed towards them and hugs them tightly. Khushi and Akash also hugs them and took blessings.

All of them were seated in the living area and Priya is distributing the diwali gifts. She brought clothes for all of them. She took a red saree and gives that to Khushi.

“Khushi bitiya you should wear this tomorrow. I don’t want to hear any excuses. I want to see you in this. Ok”. She demanded.

Khushi just nodes her head as she don’t have any other option."Aunty I will leave now.Mom called me there were some preparations left for diwali . See you guys tomorrow”. She said all of a sudden. 

Priya nodes her head." OK beta". She said.

Arnav frowned his brows. Then suddenly he remembers that her mother informed her that Rocky who couldn’t see Khushi left immediately. So now she can goes to her home.

Khushi bids bye to them and steps out of the mansion. All this while Arnav’s eyes were tracing Khushi. None of this got missed from Akash’s eyes. Now he can surely says that something is between these two.

Diwali Day

Khushi was very enthusiastic since the morning. It’s the first time she is wearing a saree. She quickly took a shower and started to get ready. The red saree added an extra glow to her milky skin. When finally she got ready she looks just out of the world. 

Khushi couldn’t believe that it was she. She smiled looking at her reflection.She is looking extremely gorgeous in this red saree. She comes out of the room only to drop the smile seeing the not interested looks of her family members towards her.

She said to Garima. “Mom I’m going to Priya aunty’s home”.

Garima nodes her head.” be careful.” She said to Khushi. Khushi knows that because of her father and jiji her mother won’t show any affection to her openly. But in her heart she always loves her.

 Khushi hurried towards the door. She needs to leave immediately as she knows her jijaji will be here at any time as today is diwali.

She opens the door to face the most disgusting person she had ever met. Her Jijaji. Shyam manohar sha. Shyam was stunned to see Khushi in red saree. He stared her with eyes full of lust.

 Khushi felt disgusted towards herself seeing his lusty stare. “Where are you going Khushi”. He asked wickedly. Khushi ignored him and started to exit.

He suddenly tried to grab her hand. But soon dropped his hand seeing Sashi approaching them. Khushi took this opportunity and runs away from there.

 Shyam clenched his fist. “Run as much as you want Khushi. But one day you will be in my cage”. He said in his mind.

Jun 6

Chapter Ten: Beautiful and Pagal (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 81 times)

Arnav stood at the door annoyed. He is not comfortable with the functions. And moreover Khushi didn’t comes yet. He was waiting for her more than twenty minutes. Now he is little tensed about her. He is afraid that if her Jijaji cause some trouble to her. Unable to control his anxiety he starts walking to his room to find his phone. Only to get stopped by the voice of Priya.

"Arrey Khushi bitiya. Why are you late. Haan..".Priya complained and hugged Khushi.

Arnav turns around to see Khushi. He gasped seeing the sight in front of him. Khushi is wearing a red saree which perfectly suits her skin. Her skin gets a golden glow because of the stones. She looks nothing less than an angel. Arnav continued to look at her with his eyes and mouth open.

Suddenly he feels that someone is closing his mouth. He comes to his senses and turns to find Akash who is laughing at him.

"What?". He asked frustrated. "Why are you laughing like this?". Even though he asked annoyingly deep in his mind he is very happy that Akash is slowly recovering from the past.

Akash shakes her head." Nothing bro. Just looking at your expression was like hungry kid who just got a full meal". He continued to laugh at Arnav ‘s face.

Arnav walks away from his sulking and comes near Khushi who was now standing at the hall looking for someone.

He comes behind her. "Looking for me?". He whispered in her ear.

Khushi got startled by the sudden voice and turns back immediately. She relaxed seeing Arnav.

"You scared me Arnavji..". She said calming her self.

Arnav chuckled seeing her expression. Both of them continues their chat. Suddenly Arnav said." Khushi this saree is really beautiful.....".

Khushi was shocked. She fidget with her fingers and looked here and there uncomfortably."Th...thank you Arnavji". She quickly mumbled a thanks to him.

Arnav start to tease her. "Why are you thanking me Khushi. I just said that about the saree. I didn’t say that you are beautiful". He laughed at her.

Khushi looked at him open mouth." Laad governor". She said angrily and left from there stomping her foot.

Arnav finds it difficult to hold her laugh because of her antics." Arrey Khushi.......you..".He quickly starts to follow her to pacifying.

Late in the night

Khushi was now laying on the bed. Priya suggested her to stay here as Shyam will be there. She sometimes feels that if the Raizada’s were not there then her life should have ended in the hands of Shyam. They were the one who always support her and believes her words unlike her parents. And now Arnav is also here. She knows that he will be there for her. She closed her eyes smiling.

Next day at college.

Khushi was running through the corridor. She didn’t see the person in front of her and bumps with him.

Arnav almost fell down because of the sudden hit. But he manages himself and also held Khushi. He is little tensed seeing her running like that.

"What happend Khushi". He cupped her cheek.

"Nothing Arnavji.....I’m getting late for my class. Because of diwali preparations I haven’t finished my assignment. I need to finish it before professor arrives. See you later". She pushed Arnav and again runs to her class.

Arnav stood there shocked. He is quietly surprised to see Khushi fear for such things. He is damn sure that the professor won’t scold her because she is the topper and favorite student for all teachers. He chuckled and said "pagal" under his breath.

It’s been the lunch break now. Khushi is eagerly waiting for Arnav. From the past one week they ate their lunch together in canteen. She was waiting for him for more than 20 minutes. She dialed his number but he didn’t picked up. She quickly started to his class to give him a peace of mind for making her wait.

When she reaches the class. The sight before her added fire to her anger. Arnav is sitting beside Lavanya and Sheethal and explaining some notes to them. She leaves from there determine to be mad at him.

Arnav suddenly felt her presence. He immediately looked here and there to find her. Finally he spots her running away from the class room. He looked at his watch and cursed himself. He was deeply immersed in the subject that he didn’t realize it was lunch time.

   "Dammit. I didn’t turnout for lunch. She will be mad at me." He quickly stood up confusing both Sheethal and Lavanya." I will explain to you later. Bye." He said and started running in the direction of Khushi.


Jun 11

Chapter Eleven: Pacifying and consoling (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 86 times)

Arnav ran behind Khushi. " Khushi.....wait....."

But Khushi doesn’t listen to him and enters the library. She quickly pick one random book and started to read. She knows that he can’t speak to her now as she is in library. That’s all she want. How dare he ignores her. Now she will gives him the same treatment. She said in her mind and continued her ignorance.

Arnav sighed looking at her. He knows that she selected this place because she didn’t want to listen to him now. suddenly he gets one idea and his face lit up with a smile. He runs back to his classroom.

From the corner of her eyes Khushi sees him running to his class. She was shocked seeing that." Here I’m angry with him. But he didn’t care about it. I will definitely make him pay for it". She said gritting her teeth. And looked at the book in her hand absentmindedly.

After some time suddenly one paper chit falls on her book. She opens it. It contain a smiley with Sorry. She turned her face to find Arnav sitting beside her with a puppy face. She narrowed her eyes at him and thrust the paper in his hand.

Arnav sighed." So madam is very angry". He thought." But don’t worry I will never give up". He smiled inwardly and continued to give her chits. At last Khushi gets up from her seat. She ignored Arnav and walks out of the library.

"Khushi..".Arnav comes in front of her blocking her way. Khushi starts to move but Arnav holds her hand. "Khushi I’m sorry. Please don’t be angry". He apologized feeling sad.

Khushi didn’t reply. But she remained in the same position. From her these gesture Arnav understood that she needs an explanation.

 So he started without any delay." Khushi I’m sorry for not turning out for our lunch. But what can I do. Me Lavanya Sheethal and Aashik are project partners. Normally I gave the details to Aashiq and he explains it to Lavanya and Sheethal. But today he was absent. So I don’t have any other option. I was totally engrossed in the project that I forget about the lunch. I’m sorry Khushi. This won’t happen again". He said in a guiltier tone and extends a box full of her favourite chocolates to her.

Khushi’s face lit up with a broad smile. Actually she forgave hi in the library itself. But she doesn’t shows that on her face. Because she wanted to tease him a bit.

"It’s OK Arnavji. I’m not angry with you now". she said assuring him.

"Thank god. Now shall we proceed for our lunch or madam wants anything else". He said in a teasing tone.

"But Arnavji the lunch time is over. We have classes now." Khushi asked confused.

"Don’t worry Khushi. I will explain it to Akash. He won’t scold you for being late. Now stop fussing and come with me. I’m damn hungry now". he dragged her to the canteen.

One week later

Arnav was busy in helping his parents in packing. Raj has a business meeting in Mumbai and priya too was accompanying him now.

"Priya I don’t understand why are you adamant in come with me. Arnav will be alone here". Raj said confused seeing Priya packing her clothes.

"You better listen to my words. In your last meeting you become sick ignoring your health. I don’t want to take any risk. Understand. Else forget about your meeting. You won’t step out of this house". Priya said in a threatening tone.

Raj rolled his eyes sighing. Arnav chuckled seeing the helpless expression on the face of his dad.

Raj looked at him annoyed." Why are you laughing. Your state will be the same as mine after your marriage. You..".He stopped suddenly seeing the glare of Priya. Arnav laughed at the face of his father before leaving the room.

Priya cupped his cheek. "Arnav don’t neglect your food. I will ask hp to stay here in night". She said.

"No mom. Don’t worry. I’m not a child. Probably I will be staying at Akash place. So you don’t need to worry. OK. Enjoy your journey maa". He hugged her and bids bye to them.

Arnav sighed looking at the door. It’s time for college now. he needs to get ready. He called HP. "HP.." .HP came running." Yes sir".

 " You can leave in the morning because I won’t be here till tomorrow. Till then you can take rest. OK". He said. Hp nodded smiling.

At college

Arnav enters the college. But he couldn’t find Khushi anywhere. Normally she would be waiting for him at the gate. Strange his mind thought. He walked fastly towards the class as the bell rang.


Arnav is very restless. He can’t find khushi anywhere. She is not there in the class and her friends didn’t see her. Moreover she didn’t turnout for lunch. He starts to get worried. 

"Is she okay.".his mind started to question. He continued his search for her. Suddenly it clicked his mind. "Library...how can I forget that". he scolded himself and rushed to the library.

As he enters the library he can see her sitting in one secluded corner. He starts to walk towards her. A book was placed in front of her but he very well knows that she is thinking something else. She can see the shivering of her shoulders. Which only means she is crying. 

He fastened his pace and reached beside her. Khushi. he touch her shoulder. Khushi turns back at him with teary eyes. Suddenly she stood up and hugs Arnav tightly.

Arnav was stunned. Now he can surely says that she is deeply hurt. Without thinking anything he rubbed her back." Sshh...it’s OK Khushi........it’s OK..".he tried to console her. Hearing his voice she comes into her senses. She quickly withdraws from the hug and looks down.

Arnav cupped her cheek." Kya hua Khushi...why are you crying". He asked tenderly." Did someone say something". He asked once again seeing her silence.

Khushi nodded and said in a low voice. "Woh..in today morning Jiji accused me once again because of her fight with jijaji". Tears are flowing like river from her eyes.

 Arnav wiped her tears." Khushi you don’t need to bother about anything. Just live for your life. You shouldn’t pay attention to their words". He said consoling her.

Khushi nodes her head. But Arnav knows that she is still upset. "Hmm...so come with me..I have a surprise for you..". He said holding her hand.

"What surprise Arnavji..  ".She said non enthusiastically.

"Oh GOD Khushi.. if I tell you now how will it be a surprise". He said chuckling. "Aur haan..today is Friday so you will be staying in our home naa. Therefore you don’t need to be worry about your family. Now like a good girl follow me". saying this he drags her out of the library not giving her any chance to protest.

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Chapter 12 : Her Surprise!!!! (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 82 times)


Arnav drags Khushi to the car. She kept asking him continuously about his plan. But Arnav didn’t replied back. Pouting Khushi entered the car silently. When they entered Raizada mansion Khushi was really confused.

 She expect that he is taking her to some cafe or may be some place but she never expect that the surprise is in Raizada mansion. "What is the surprise Arnavji..".She asked still confused.

Arnav smiled at her and led her to the kitchen." Khushi hp is on leave today can you prepare kheer for me". He said controlling his smile.

Khushi looked at him open mouthed." So. This. Is. The. Surprise." She asked stressing each word. Arnav nodded his head cutely.

Khushi sighed angrily. "How can it be a surprise Arnavji. If you want kheer you could have tell me straight away naa. What’s need to do this surprise drama". She said annoyed.

Arnav put an innocent expression on his face which melted Khushi’s heart. "Tik hai. I will make kheer for you". she said rolling her eyes.

Arnav gives her a full blown smile and said." I will be waiting in my room Khushi. bring it there".with that he runs out of the kitchen without giving Khushi a chance to protest.

Khushi looked at his running figure angrily. How could he behave this way. She was already upset about his surprise drama and now on top of this he just irritate her more.

" Why can’t he stay with her till he makes the kheer". Muttering some angry words under her breath she starts to prepare kheer.

Once she finished it. A satisfactory grin formed at her face. The aroma of the kheer is very tempting. She quickly served for Arnav and walks to his room. The door is closed.

 So she called him loud...".Arnavji.......". But no one answered it.She tried once again then also the response was same. Frowning she placed the kheer in the nearby table and pushed the door.

As she opened the door and took her first step she got shocked seeing the arrangements. The wall is decorated with balloons and at the center of it a" HAPPY BIRTHDAY KHUSHI" is written.

 She was stunned to see the arrangements. She averted her gaze to the side to see Arnav standing there with a warm smile on his face with a cake in his hand.

She was overwhelmed with this gesture of him. She had forget that today is her birthday. No one wished her yet. She knows that her jiji and babuji will wish her on their dining table just for the namesake. And her amma will only wish her after everyone asleep. Khushi feels her insides churn with immense gratitude towards him for giving such a surprise for her.

Suddenly it clicked her mind. Surprise. So this was the surprise arnav talking about. She finally understood his plan making her grin ear to ear.

Arnav stood confused watching the myriad of emotions displayed on Khushi’s face. Just two days ago he comes to know about Khushi’s birthday. He want to make it special for her. But he really don’t know how to do it. 

When his dad explained about his meeting he decided that he will surprise her. He didn’t want to mention it her. but after seeing her sad face at the library he couldn’t help himself but to blurted out the surprise.

When they reached home he needs some time to arrange this. That’s why he asked her to prepare kheer. As she is preparing kheer he quickly arranged everything and waited for her reaction. As he expected there was a huge smile on her face. But now he sees mixed emotions at her face.

So he quickly marched towards her. "what happend Khushi. don’t you like it". He asked worriedly.

But khushi kept looking at him in a daze. Arnav added "It’s OK Khushi. If you don’t like it I will remove it right way". He said cupping her cheek as he sees tears started to roll down her eyes.

Khushi suddenly hugged him tight feeling overwhelmed. "No one made me feel this much special Arnavji". She mumbled in his chest. Arnav got startled with the sudden hug.

 As it finally registered in his mind he too lift his arms to reciprocate  the hug. But before that Khushi comes out of the hug and gives him a bright smile. "Thank you Arnavji."

Arnav returned back the smile." Now cut the cake". He makes her stand before the cake with a knife.

 As Khushi began to cut the cake Arnav screamed suddenly." Nooo". Khushi looked at him startled. Smiling sheepishly he quickly placed a candle in the cake and lit it.

"Now make some wish and blow the candle." He said looking at a lost Khushi. Khushi nodded at him and closed her eyes for wish." Arnavji to get all his happiness". She prayed closing her eyes.

 She wants him to stay happy forever. That’s the only thing she can do for him. When he is doing everything to save her. she opened her eyes and looked at Arnav who gestured her to cut the cake completely unaware of her inner thoughts.

She cuts the cake and both of them feed each other. As they were finally settled on the couch Arnav whispered to her. "Happy Birthday Khushi. I need to do the arrangements that’s why I asked you to prepare kheer. Hope you are not angry".

The word kheer made her remember that she left the kheer outside the room. "Hey devi mayya." Khushi runs outside leaving Arnav perplexed.

 Before he could call out for her. she come back with the kheer." I’m sorry Arnavji. Here is your kheer." She said placing one bowl in his hand.while the other in hers.

Arnav looked at her amused.He tasted kheer only to ravish the taste. Wow it's amazing Khushi. Now you need you prepare it for me more often". He demanded while engrossed in the kheer. Khushi's face reflect pure happiness because of his words.

 As soon as they finish the kheer. Khushi starts talking." You know Arnavji. It’s my best birthday ever. It’s been two years that I celebrate my birthday". She said with moist eyes.

 Arnav hold her hand gently as if giving her silent support. Khushi smiled at his this gesture.

Arnav thought to change her mood. So he decided to tease her a bit.." Khushi no one is in the house". He said in a low tone.

"So what Arnavji. You are there naa". Khushi said confused.

"So you don’t feel afraid for being alone with me". he asked raising his brows.

"Never Arnavji. I trust you completely". She said without wasting any time.

Arnav looked at her speechless. They looked into each others eyes and feels as the time stop around them.

Jun 22

Chapter 13 :Evil eye on Happiness!!! (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 94 times)

After two months.

In these months the bond between Arnav and Khushi become much stronger. Now they become inseparables but yet both of them are confused about their feelings. All they know is they feel protective and care for each other. In these months rocky once again tried to come near Khushi , but as always Arnav reaches there at the right moment and he just runaway from there before Arnav notice him.

Today is the day Khushi anxiously wit for. Her first sem exam results will be announced today. She reached Raizada mansion in the morning nervously. It’s evening now. But there is no decrease in her tension.

Priya tried to console her once again." Beta you will get your maximum marks. Don’t worry. It’s just a results naa".

Khushi just nodes her head. But Arnav and Priya knows that she didn’t even hear what Priya said. Arnav sighed taking his laptop and searching her results.

Suddenly his face went blank. Khushi looked at him tensely. He just stayed like that without acknowledging priya’s call.

Khushi asked him stammering." What is the result Arnavji..".Her heart thudded in fear.

Arnav looked at her with an unreadable expression." Khushi please don’t lose hope. It’s just your first exam naa. Don’t be stressed about that". he began to spoke only to get cut by Khushi.

"Stop beating around the bush Arnavji. Tell me straight". She said little frustrated.

Arnav took a long breath." Khushi getting failed in your first exam is common. Nothing unusual in that......."..khushi’s eyes welled up with tears. She looked down. Just then Arnav squealed in happiness. "But getting first rank in your first exam is little tough I guess. Congrats Khushi". he smiled at her warmly.

Khushi looked at him spellbound for some minutes then realization dawned upon her. her face adorned with happiness. She can’t believe that she did it. Her eyes filled with happy tears. She can’t express her joy. She looked at Arnav who is looking back at her amusedly. Suddenly she remembered his teasing. She glared at him.

Arnav become alerted seeing her glare." Oh no...now you are in trouble Arnav. Who told you to fool her". he cursed himself.

Khushi grabs the pillow and hit his shoulder. "How could you Arnavji. You are making fun of me. I was scared for one moment". She yelled at him.

"Why are you hitting me yaar. Take it easy." He whined. But stopped seeing her looking away pouting.

He quickly hold her hand mumbling." Sorry." But Khushi jerked his hand. he hold her hand again. "Khushi sorry yaar. Forgive me". he said in cute voice making her heart melt. She smiled at him making him cheer in happiness.

Suddenly they heard a cough making their eyes turn wide. They completely forget that Priya is also present with them. They looked at Priya shocked and she raised her brows smirking.

Both of them smiled embarrassed making Priya laugh. Suddenly Arnav said." Mom can I take khushi out. As she got first we need to celebrate in na".

Khushi looked at him wide eyed while Priya smiled mischievously." Of course Chote. Go and enjoy".

"Thanks maa." Arnav kissed her cheek and drag Khushi with him.

The dinner was pleasant. Arnav ordered all the favorite food of Khushi making her gasp in surprise. They enjoyed their dinner happily thanking the almighty for sending the other person n their life. When they returning it was raining slightly.

Khushi looked through the window  enjoying the rain. Her face carried a never leaving grin. she is totally unaware of Arnav’s state.

 From the time they entered the car arnav is stealing glances at her. seeing her contend smile makes his heart also swelled in happiness. He knows that he is attracted to her. but he is still confused about conveying his feelings. What if she didn’t feel for him in the same way. It will affect their friendship. So he decided to wait a little longer. He looks ahead and concentrated on the road.

Next day

Arnav is waiting for Khushi at the canteen. She comes running to him. "Sorry Arnavji I’m little late". She apologized.

"No Khushi. no problem. Lets have our lunch". Arnav said. Through out the lunch Khushi was silent. Arnav noticed that. but thought to ask her once their lunch is finished.

As they finished their lunch Khushi calls him suddenly . "Arnavji..."

Arnav looked at her confused. "What happend Khushi". He asked.

"Arnavji ....wo my classmate Tina haina, she said that they are giving me party for becoming topper. So I can’t come with you in the evening. Sorry Arnavji..". She said looking down.

Arnav chuckled at her. "You are worrying for this silly matter. No problem Khushi. your friends are also important. Don’t worry. Enjoy your self." He said caressing her cheek.

She smiled at him cheekily and nods her head.

At the party

Everyone was enjoying the music and party. But Khushi feels restless. She feels that something bad is going to happen. She excused herself and dialed for Arnav. The fear kept increase in her heart. Arnav picked the call on the third ring. "Haa Khushi bolo..."

"Arnavji....wo..". She stammered.

Arnav become conscious hearing her nervous voice. "What happend Khushi..".He asked concerned

"Woh Arnavji..I’m feeling some fear...that something bad is going to happen". She said clutching the phone tightly.

Arnav tries to calm her." Don’t worry I will come to pick you when you want. OK." He said.

"I’m really scared Arnavji.. can you come now.". she whispered.

Arnav sense the fear in her voice. "Don’t worry Khushi. just half an hour drive from here. I will be there soon. You don’t need to worry."  

"Ji Arnavji..". She cuts the call and took a deep breath before returning to the party hall.

As soon as she steps in the car Tina comes with two glasses of orange juice.

"Khushi where were you. I was looking for you since the past ten minutes". She exclaimed.

"Nothing Tina. Just for some fresh air." Khushi replied to her.

She extended one glass towards Khushi." You haven’t had anything since you come here. How can you stay empty stomach when all our stomach are full". She said dramatically making Khushi smile a little and took the glass from here.

Tina stayed with her till she completed the juice. Then she quickly dialed for someone. "Our plan is success. You can take our revenge now". She said wickedly.

Khushi started feeling dizzy and the images turn blur. She quickly press the speed dial dialing Arnav. She starts speaking as soon as Arnav picks the call.

"Arnavji.....something happening to me.....".She cried over the phone make him panic.

"Kya hua Khushi......".he asked breathlessly.

"I.....don’t ..know Arnavji....I just....d.drink juice which Tina gave me". she said now sitting on a chair as her legs starts to give up.

"Don’t worry Khushi.......I will be there in ten minutes. You don’t worry. And keep the phone with yourself OK....".Arnav said quickly accelerating the speed.

Khushi clutch the phone tightly sitting at the sofa. She can only see everything in a blur. She sat there holding her head in her hand waiting for Arnav.

Jun 23

Chapter 14 : Broken....... (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 86 times)

Khushi sat on the sofa holding her head. She feels that her body is not under her control. She can’t even talk now. She don’t know what is happening to her. Tears of helplessness flowed like a river from her eyes. Her mind is chanting the prayer for Arnav.

Rocky whispered his plan to Tina’s ear and ask her to do as he says. She nodded her head and led him towards Khushi. Suddenly he was stopped by Riya one of their classmate.

"Rocky what are you doing here with Tina". She asked suspiciously. Both Tina and Rocky were shocked but they covered up immediately." Nothing Riya. Rocky is helping me with the drinks. He just come settle the amount. Come rocky. We are getting late". Tina said quickly.

Riya nodded her head still unconvinced and let them go.

Tina and rocky breath a sigh of relief. Rocky wipes the sweat beads. "Now we need to act fast before anyone comes here". Rocky said while marching towards Khushi. while Tina stand there looking around to check others. She thumps up to Rocky seeing no one is here. Every one is at the dance floor as the DJ starts just now.

Rocky sit beside Khushi and pulled her in his lap hugging her lose. Khushi sense that someone is touching her. She wants to protest but her body is not coping up with her. He inhaled her scent and smiled wickedly. His one hand started to draw pattern in her waist making Khushi agitated. She began to protest using her remaining strength. She tried to push his hands away but in vain. He slowly bend to kiss her but suddenly there echoed a sudden voice.

"KHUSHIIIi....".Both Rocky and Tina looks each other shocked. He quickly put Khushi back in the sofa and runs to hide behind the curtain.

Arnav is calling Khushi’s name frantically searching for her. he suddenly spots her lying on the sofa. He breathed a sigh of relief and quickly mumbled a thank you for keeping her safe before rushing to her.

He is beside her in no time. He sat at the end of sofa and patted her cheek. "Khushi...Khushi..open your eyes.......please..see I’m here. Don’t worry.....".He said to her worried seeing her unconscious form. In reply Khushi just hummed and just touch her hand with his.

 From her behavior Arnav realized that her drink must have been spiked. He gritted his teeth determined to teach a lesson to the person who did this to his Khushi. He gently picked her up and walks out. Holding her close to his heart.

 Rocky stood behind the curtain smirked." Wait and watch Arnav. The ball is in my court now." He smiled evilly.

Arnav walked inside RM holding Khushi in his arms. Priya and Raj rushed to him. "Chote what happend to Khushi bitiya". Both of them asked simultaneously.

"Woh someone spiked her drink. But don’t worry she is safe. Just needs some rest". Arnav said to calm his worried parents.

"What.....spiked her drink....thank god nothing happend...".Priya caressed her head." chote takes her to the room".

Arnav nodes his head and walked inside the guest room with Khushi. He made her lie down on the bed and covered her with blanked. He sat besides her looking at her angelic face. Unable to control himself he kissed her forehead. "Wake up soon Khushi. I want to see your smile". He whispered and exits the room.

Next day morning’

Khushi felt an immense pain on her head as the sun rays falls in her eyes. She scrunched her lids to escape from the pain. Suddenly the events of yesterday night flashed in front her eyes. 

Tina giving juice to her........her call to Arnav.......her senses getting lost.....panicking she sit up and looked around fearfully. She gets relaxed seeing that she us in rm now. which means Arnav comes at the right time and brought her here. A small smile lingered in her lips. Next second it’s gone because of the throbbing pain of her head.

At the same time Arnav enters with the medicine and breakfast. He smiled at her." good morning Khushi". He said while walking towards her with the tray.

Good morning Arnavji......". she said still holding her head.

"Eat this tablet and breakfast Khushi your headache will be gone." He placed the tray in front of her and cupped her cheek.

Khushi nodes at him and takes the tablet along with breakfast. After finishing it arnav asked her. "Khushi who gave you that juice yesterday."

Khushi replied slowly." Tina gave me that Arnavji after calling you I don’t remember anything". She feels scared even now.

Arnav gritted his teeth hearing that." You will surely pay for that Tina". he said in his mind.

"Hey..don’t worry. You are safe...do you want to go to college today". He said diverting her mind.

Khushi quickly got down from the bed." Haa Arnavji..I have an important class today". With that she rushed to get ready. Arnav shake his head smiling looking at her.

At college

Khushi and Arnav walked inside the college promises. Suddenly Khushi become conscious seeing the glare of people. She don’t know what is happening.

 Everyone is looking at her with disgusted expression. She become scared and clutch Arnav’s hand tightly. Suddenly she sees that they are glaring at her hand in Arnav’s arm. She tried to withdraw her hand fearing but Arnav held her hand tightly.

He is observing the stares of them and he felt rage towards them for glaring at his Khushi disgusted.

Khushi whispered fearfully." What is happening Arnavji."

Arnav tried to comfort her. ." Don’t worry Khushi we will find soon."

They see a large crowd near the notice board. Seeing Arnav and Khushi they looked at Khushi disgusted. Khushi feels terrible seeing their accusing glares. They gave way to them.

 As they come in front of the notice board makes the ground slip beneath their feet. Both of their eyes turn red. One because of pain and other with rage looking at the sight in front of them.

It’s a photos of Khushi. The first pic contain Khushi in Rocky’s lap. In the next he is hugging her. Then his hands at her waist. Khushi in Arnav’s arms. Each photo contain disgusting caption about Khushi. And the final note is about Khushi is using both men.

Tears of pain and shame ran down Khushi’s cheek. Before she sat on the ground broken. 
Jul 1

Chapter 15 : The Confession (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 87 times)

Arnav clench his fist angrily. His blood boiled seeing the images of rocky touching Khushi and the disgusting words about her. He turns his head to see a devastated Khushi sitting on the ground all broken. He quickly hold her by shoulder and lifts her. the students already formed a crowd around them. Arnav side hugged Khushi close to him and started to walkout from there. First he need to console Khushi. then he will give a peace of mind to every one.

Suddenly everyone gave way to Rocky. He comes to them clapping his hands." Arrey wah Khushi. i never thought that you are like this". He laughed at her.

Arnav felt  Khushi stiffen. His eyes turn red in anger.

"How could you use at two man Khu......". A sudden punch landed on his jaw. Rocky falls on the ground. As soon as he comes out of the shock another punch landed on his face following by many. Arnav starts to beat him mercilessly. "HOW DARE YOU...".He again punched him. Rocky is losing his consciousness because of the punches.

Akash tries to hold Arnav back." Arnav leave him. He will die."

"So, let him die. How dare he do that to my Khushi". Arnav didn’t pay ear to his words.

Akash shouted at him. "Just leave him Arnav. I will take care of it. Just leave him.".

Arnav left him and then looked at the crowd who is now looking at him fearfully. He gives a deathly glare to every one." If some tried to abuse my Khushi then they will face the same consequences of Rocky." He said in a warning tone.

He looked around for Khushi panicked. She is not here. One girl pointed to the direction Khushi went. Which is a garden outside the college premises.

Khushi is walking like a broken soul. Her eyes were downcast ed and her face drenched with tears. She feels ashamed about the words and pictures about her. she never thought that something like this will happen. Even in her wildest dreams. She didn’t hear Arnav’s voice calling out for her as her mind was busy replaying the events.

Arnav who ran to the garden spot Khushi walking away slowly. He runs to her and come in front blocking her. "Khushi...". He called her. But Khushi didn’t listen to him. She was still looking down while her eyes brimmed with tears.

Arnav felt his own eyes turn moist seeing his Khushi like that. he feels something broken in his heart seeing the devastated state of Khushi.

He holds her hand in his and with the other one wiped her tears. "Khushi look at me..".He lifts her chin and make her look at him. Seeing the blank expression on her eyes he feels pain in his heart. He sighed. "Khushi, did you use me."

Her eyes widen with horror and fear at the same time. Then hurt mirrored in it. She nodded a "no" slowly looking down with closed eyes. "Did you use Rocky". Arnav asked once again. She again nodded "no".

He took a deep breath. "Then why are you letting their words affect you. you should stand back and fight for your self Khushi. and never hide yourself like you are doing now." she stands still. Arnav cupped her cheek. "Khushi I know who and what you are. You don’t need to bother about this nasty people. You just focus on your life OK. What ever happens I will be there for you. you are not alone Khushi. I will be there for you in each step of yours".

Khushi looked at his eyes. "Why". She mumbled slowly. Arnav looked at her confused. "What Khushi". He asked frowning his brows.

"Why are you giving this much care. Why do you care about my feelings and respect". She asked straightly.

Arnav was tongue tied. He don’t know what to reply." You ....you are..you are my best friend that’s why." He said nervously. 

"And be your best friend I don’t want to tarnish your image. Didn’t you see that how far Rocky can go to hurt me. this is my fate Arnavji. You don’t need to entrap yourself into. He will definitely try to hurt you as long as you are with me.". She said without any expression.

Arnav got angry hearing her words. "What did you say. I should leave you and go. HOW DARE YOU". He shouted at her.

She said with teary eyes. "Why can’t you leave me. This will cause more problems for you. I don’t want my friend to suffer because of me. you sh....".she was cut by Arnav.

"Just SHUT UP KHUSHI. I will never leave you. i will be with you in your each step if you want that or not". He shouted.

"Why can’t you just leave me...".She shouted holding his hands.

Arnav looked at her murderously. He grabbed her shoulders tightly making her wince." Because I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU DAMMIT. And I will never leave you. Not even in your dreams". He shouted at her face.

Khushi looked at his face with wide eyes. Rocky and the incidents in the morning flew out of her mind. She never expected this. Her face and eyes were blank as if she don’t know how to react to his words.

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Jul 6

Chapter 16 : Confused (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 83 times)

Khushi looked at him blankly. She don’t know how to react. She even forgot to blink looking at his face. Slowly the realisation dawned upon them. Arnav looked at her shocked, even he too didn’t expect this. He looked at khushi’s face to see some reaction. But her blank face scared him.

He slowly withdraws his hand on her and sighed deeply. "Look Khushi, I know that my confession was unexpected and it was solely because of the sudden emotions. but I really meant my words. I really loves you". he said looking into her eyes.

"Why". she mumbled slowly looking down while her eyes clouded with tears. Arnav frowned. "What do you mean Khushi". he asked confused.

Khushi looked straight into his eyes." Why did you choose me Arnavji. I’m no match of yours. My life is surrounded by problems. Didn’t you just see, how that Roc..Rocky tarnished your image along with mine. I will only brought problems to your life. Arnavji..don’t do this.."she said brokenly.

"Shhh..".Arnav closed her mouth with his palm. "How much you talk..haan..did I ask your opinion to loves you". she nodded her head as 'no' cutely. "Did I force you to love me back". Again she nodded a 'no'. 

"So then whatever be my choice it’s entirely my decision. He removed his hands only to cup her face. Khushi I loves you and I want to protect you from all problems. I want to be a shield which safe guard you from all the problems. Never think that I love you out of pity." He takes her hand in his and placed in his heart. She can sense the rapid beat of his heartbeat.

He continued. "Can you feel it Khushi. each time when you are with me, my heart beats very fastly as it had found it’s companion. I liked you from our first meet. But was a fool to recognize it really late. I want to be with you Khushi in all my life. You are the only woman whom I want to spend the rest of my life". He said looking into her eyes with so much love which melts her heart.

Khushi step back from him making his smile drop." I need some time Arnavji.". she said looking down and before Arnav says something she runs from there to the exit.

Arnav enters home with a sullen face. Priya looked at him confused. "What happend chote. Where is Khushi bitiya." She asked looking behind him to spot Khushi.

"Your bitiya is eating my brain and still you are concerned about her". he murmured.

"What did you say chote". Priya looked at him confused.

"Nothing mom. She has some important work so she left to her home early". He informed her while walking to his room without waiting for her reply.

Khushi laid on her bed thinking about Arnav’s confession. Her mind starts to replay each and every moments with him since their first meet. She can feel the warmth of love in each and every action of him. He even makes her celebrate her birthday for the first time. Her eyes turn moist. "But how can I be his love. He deserves much better than me". She thought and closed her eyes. But his face once again flashed in her mind.

She sat up and looked at the idol of DM praying. "DM what will I reply to Arnavji Tomorrow. I also have some feelings for him but I can never hurt him. He is the best man I have ever seen. Not only by his looks but with his care. I can never hurt him. Please just show me the right path". She prayed and closed her eyes. Once again Arnav’s face flashed in front of her eyes. But this time she can see herself hugging him and both of them laughing. She opened her eyes.

"Is that you want DM. That I accept his proposal". She asked hesitantly. Suddenly one flower from the stand falls down to her lap.she smiled widely." So you want me to do this. Thank you DM". She cheered and closed her eyes.


Arnav got ready early in the morning. He didn’t sleep the whole night. He is really afraid about the reaction of Khushi. what if she don’t want to see him henceforth. What if she avoids him. All the questions were burning him. He is angry on himself for making her uncomfortable.

"What was the need to confess so early Arnav. Can’t you be a little patient". He scolded himself.

"Today I will ask her decision. If she doesn’t loves me then i will ask her to forget my confession and she can consider me as a friend only." He said in his mind determined.

Khushi stood in front of her college. She comes here as early as possible just to avoid Arnav. Normally they comes together. But today she is really shy to face him. She don’t know how to express her decision. She is really shy to express her thoughts and now she can’t face him. But now standing in front of the gate, yesterday’s events flashed before her eyes. Her classmates already informed her that rocky and Tina is expelled from the college. But she is really nervous to face others. She just wish for Arnav’s presence which save her from all the problems.

Someone grabbed her hand making her jerk. She calms down knowing the touch. Arnav drags her to the garden and turns to face her. his face is dull. "Why are you avoiding me Khushi. is it because of yesterday". He asked.

Khushi just looked down shyly. But Arnav misunderstood it as her discomfort. "Khushi, I’m sorry."

 She immediately looked at him confused. He continued." I know that i insulted our friendship by this proposal. But Khushi I won’t compel you to loves me back. If you can’t love me like I do, just consider me as your friend". He pleaded her.

"Please never ignore me because of it Khushi. sorry for making you upset". He said sadly and turns around to leave. But Khushi holds his hand stopping him.


Jul 8

Chapter 17 : Date with 'Queen'! (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 87 times)


Khushi holds his hand stopping him.But Arnav didn't turn back. He remained in the same position afraid of her response.

"Don’t you want to hear my answer Arnavji". Khushi asked locking her fingers with him.

Even though Arnav was afraid about her reaction he just nodes his head.

"I too loves you Arnavji". Khushi said in a single breath, which knocked out the breath of Arnav.

Arnav stood there freeze. He can’t believe that if he heard the truth or not. he quickly turns around and looked at her digesting the news. He can’t believe it. But when looking at the blushing face of Khushi he got his answers. He smiled broadly and engulfed her in a tight hug.

He hugged her so tightly that she finds it difficult to breath. "Arnavji...I can’t breath.."she whispered in a shaky voice. Arnav realized his mistake and loosened his hug smiling sheepishly. But he never let her go. Both of them remained in the same position feeling content.

After a while Arnav withdraws from the hug and looked at her lovingly." Am I dreaming Khushi..I can’t believe that you also loves me".

Khushi smiles at him." Who doesn’t loves you Arnavji. Any one will fall in love with you. you are the most wonderful and caring person i have ever seen in my entire life".

Arnav kissed her forehead feeling overwhelmed with her confession and hugged her close to his heart treasuring the moment.

As they neared the college Khushi grasped Arnav’s hand tightly. Arnav understood her fear." Don’t worry Khushi. I’m with you. Rocky and Tina is expelled from the college. Now you don’t need to worry about any one".

Khushi nodded sideways "Arnavji...what if someone again looks at me like yesterday...what if..".She said nervously. But Arnav cut her in middle.

"Never Khushi. I’m with you naa. You don’t need to be afraid about anything. Just trust me". He said assuring her. Khushi finds her strength in his words and let him take the lead.


Arnav looked at his wardrobe frustrated. Today is Friday so Khushi will comes to stay in their house this evening and like every other Friday they go out for their coffee. But till yesterday he never cared about his looks. But today he really wants to look his best.

As he proposed her this day will be their first date. A smile appeared on his face thinking about the word date. Finally he decide to wear his favorite casuals, his sky blue shirt paired up with black jeans.

Khushi’s state was no different. She wants to look beautiful for him. She looked at her dresses sadly. She didn’t even had a good number of dresses. Till now she never cared about her appearance so most of her dresses weren’t trendy. She pouted and then blushed remembering how much love can change a person. Finally she decide to wear her favorite white salwar with pink embroidery and with matching ornaments. Both of them were eager to see each other.


Arnav leaned on his car waiting for Khushi. Because of her special classes he was not able to meet her in the morning and all thanks to project that he even missed their lunch. He stood there frustrated. He can’t wait to see her. Her absence made him realize that how much he is used to her.

Shaking his head with a smile he looked around for Khushi and finally spotted her. she looked like a fresh white flower to him and his heart swelled with proud and joy that she is his now. He can see that Khushi is looking around for him and finally spotted him. There was an admiration in her eyes too.

Khushi runs to him. "Sorry Arnavji..I was late". She apologized.

"No problem Khushi. Lets go". He smiled at her and opens the door for her.

He parked the car at one of the famous restaurant. Khushi looked at him confused. "Arnavji...this is not our cafe. Why are we here".

Arnav was slightly nervous." Errmm..Khushi today is our first date naa. So I just wants to make it special for you".He said.

The word date stuck in her mind." Date.."..  She whispered. It made her self conscious and nervous. What if she does a mistake. She was lost in her thoughts that she didn’t realize that Arnav is waiting for her response.

Arnav shakes her shoulder gently. "What is it Khushi. don’t you like the idea of our date..". He asked hesitantly.

Khushi comes out of her thoughts." Nahin Arnavji...".his face fell.." I don’t have any problem". She added immediately seeing his fallen face. Arnav hugged her feeling  extremely happy. "Thank you Khushi".

They walked into their private table booked by him. As a gentleman Arnav pulled a chair for Khushi. but Khushi being Khushi didn’t understand his gesture and sits on the opposite chair.

Arnav smiled inwardly and sat on that chair." What would you like to have khushi..indian chineese or Italian..". He asked looking through the menu.

"Can I have biryani please.".She said suddenly and then closed her mouth realizing it.

Arnav held her hand in his. "You don’t need to be embarrass Khushi. it’s just you and me. please be comfortable OK." He comfort her.

Khushi nodded her head smiling and the rest of the date filled with their casual talks and jokes.

"So did my queen likes the date.".Arnav asked as they finished their food along with her favorite ice cream.

Khushi nodded her head vigorously smiling. "It’s perfect. But Arnavji, everyone calls their love as princess naa why are you calling me queen". She asked confused.

Arnav smiled at her question. "Nah..for me our daughter will be my princess and you are the queen, mother of my princess". He winked at her.

Khushi looked at him open mouth for his reply. But seeing his wink realization dawned upon her and she looked down shyly were her cheeks turn into the colour of crimson red.

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