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Jul 18

Chapter 18 : First Dream (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 90 times)

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At night

Khushi stood at the poolside watching the stars. A smile was there on her lips thinking about their date. She can’t believe that finally she have someone to call her own, some one who loves her and be with her in every step. She thanked god closing her eyes.

At the same time Arnav enters there with two cups of coffee. He walks near her. "Thinking about me". He asked huskily. Unknowingly her cheeks formed a deep blush. She looked here and there to escape from his teasing gaze.

Arnav chuckled at her futile attempt to hide her blush. "Here is your hot coffee madam". He extended the cup towards her.

Khushi smiled and both of then sat on the poolside dipping their feet in the water. Both of them enjoy the silence and ravish the taste of the coffee. After some time Khushi began to spoke.

"Arnavji," she said slowly. Arnav tilt his head towards her. "haan khushi bolo". He said.

Khushi took a deep sigh. "From my childhood I used to watch the stars. Because whenever I see this I feel that I’m watching my dad". Her eyes turn moist. Arnav side hugged her to comfort. 

"I really miss him Arnavji. Some time I wonder that if he was with me, will he love me as much as babuji loves jiji. It’s not that they don’t loves me, but if my dad was there then he will definitely trust me". A drop of tear runs through her cheeks.

Arnav wipes her tears. "Don’t worry Khushi when I officially announce our relation to my parents my dad will be yours too. You can fulfill all your dreams". He said to console her.

Khushi chuckled sadly." Most of them will remain unfulfilled. To learn cycling is one of my biggest dream. I used to gaze at the little babies and their fathers who teaches them". She sighed and turns to find Arnav in deep thoughts.

"Why are you worrying Arnavji. I’m fine. Now I can accept the reality of my life. It’s getting late. Good night Arnavji". she whispered and stood up to leave.

"Good night khushi". He said still engrossed in thoughts.


Khushi walks down the stairs to find an extremely happy Arnav. She is confused seeing that. "kya hua Arnavji. why are you so happy". She asked.

"I’m also asking the same thing bitiya. But he is not replying". Priya supported her.

Arnav rolled his eyes." Nothing mom. Can I take Khushi with me today maa".  He asked nervously.

Priya looked at him suspicious." For what chote". She asked. Khushi also looked at him confused.

Arnav sighed. "Relax mom. I’m not going to kidnap her". Priya rolled her eyes and twisted his ear. "You are getting naughty day by day".

"Mom...it’s paining....." He whined and run from there as soon as Priya released her hand.

@ car

Khushi is continuously asking Arnav about the destination. "Arnavji please tell me naa. Where are we going".

But Arnav just smirked making her pout. She looks outside the window annoyed.

After some time Arnav parked his car on a ground. He opened the door for Khushi. Khushi steps out looking her surroundings confused. They are in a very large ground and there is no one around. She can’t see anything. She looked at Arnav confused. Arnav pointed his hands in one direction. Khushi followed his gaze and got shocked. There is a bicycle.

She looked at him stunned with open mouth. Arnav smiled in return and led her to the cycle. "Khushi it’s time to fulfill your dreams. Let’s start with cycle. I want you to fulfill every dream of yours". He said holding her hand.

Khushi looked at him moist eyes. Arnav sighed and wipes her tears. "Now stop being emotional and let’s start our practice".

Khushi touches the cycle but suddenly withdraws her hand feeling scared. Arnavji, I don’t want to learn now. I’m afraid Arnavji". She pleaded him.

Arnav holds her hand. "Khushi you need to overcome your fears. You can face the world only if you are brave enough stand on your feet. And I want my Khushi as a fighter not as a coward. Come". He made her sit on it.

Khushi clutch his hand tightly. Arnav starts teaching her. finally khushi was able to do it with the help of Arnav's support.

"Arnavji can I try one round without your help". She asked. Arnav was little hesitant but he nods positively seeing her happy face. He pushed the cycle helping her. Khushi smiled in excitement but soon her smile turns to shout unable to control it." Arnavji......".she screamed and falls down with the cycle.

Arnav runs to her panicking. He lifts her from the ground and make her sit. Khushi winced holding her elbow and knee. They were bruised. Arnav looked at her worried. "Are you OK Khushi.."he asked cupping her cheek. Khushi nodes her head but again winced in pain.

Arnav noticed her bruises and runs to the car. He comeback with the first aid kit and water. He cleaned the wound with water. Khushi shut her eyes tightly but soon she feels something cold on the bruises. She stunned to see Arnav blowing air to the wounds and dressing them.

She looked at the man in front of her with all the love in her eyes. He really loves her unlike her family who claims to love her. after done with the dressing Arnav cupped her cheeks. Khushi can see guilt in his eyes. But why. She looked at him confused.

"I’m sorry Khushi. you are in pain just because of me. if i hadn’t brought you here then this wouldn’t happen. I’m....".But Khushi cuts him in middle.

"Nahi Arnavji......because of you I learn to fight. Because of you I'm ready to stand by myself. Because of you I got my happiness back. Never ever blame yourself Arnavji. you are the best thing happend in my life". She whispered looking into his eyes.

Both of them lost in each others eyes forgetting the surroundings.


Finally Arnav comes out of the trance and smiled at her. he helped her to stand but once again she winced. Without thinking anything he lifted her in his arms. Making her gasp and walked towards his car keeping eye lock with her.

Jul 26

Chapter 19 : A Crack (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 94 times)

Sorry guys for being late. Actualli I was really confused about the ending of my story. So I was busy forming an outline of the story. because my mind went blank about the future updates. finally i completed it.


Arnav carries Khushi in his arms and walks towards the car. Khushi looked at him lovingly.

But both of them failed to notice a pair of eyes who looked at the scene with jealousy. Sheethal clench her fist looking the scene. She used to love Arnav from the first day itself. She clearly fell for his looks and the aura he carried around him. The moment he save Khushi from ragging she falls for the angry young man in front of her.

She fumed looking at the smiling face of Khushi. "This smile wont last long on your face Khushi. I will never let my hard work go in vain. He is mine..........".she smirked remembering something and started her car. She drove away before they notice her face.

Next day in college

Khushi have little pain in her legs because of her wounds. Arnav suggested her to take leave. but she didn’t listen as the exams are nearing. Arnav helps her to walk holding her hand. both of them walked in slow pace.many of the students look at the scene stunned. But they didn’t dare to open their eyes. Because they still remember what happend with rocky. The don’t want to face the wrath of Arnav Singh Raizada.

Arnav comes to his class after escorting Khushi. Sheethal smirked thinking about her plan. She walked near Lavanya." Lavanya can you help me please". She asked faking a pout.

"What is it sheethal". Lavanya asked confused.

"Would you please bring Khushi to the garden when I call you. I need talk to her....".Sheethal said innocently.

"But who is Khushi.....Lavanya asked." Sheethal bite her tongue." She is in first year of fashion designing...please la. It’s really important. You just bring her to the garden. After that you can go". She pleaded her.

Lavanya agreed and went to call Khushi even though she was confused.

Sheethal walked near Arnav." Arnav can you please explain me this topic". She asked

Arnav looked at her weirdly. "Sheethal I just explained this yesterday."

"Haan. But I forgot. Shall we study in garden. The pleasent atmosphere on there will help us".

Arnav smiled." Why not". He walked with her to the garden unaware to the fact that this is the beginning of storms in his happy life. Sheethal quickly messaged to Lavanya to bring Khushi.

Lavanya walked near Khushi. "Are you Khushi Gupta?". Khushi looked at her confused." JI ".

"Can you come with me to garden. My friend needs to talk with you."Khushi nodded her head and followed her.

Sheethal brought Arnav to the garden to implement her plans.Both of them sat on he garden. When Arnav was busy explaining the notes, Sheethal looks around to spot Khushi. finally she sees her walking with Lavanya. Lavanya pointed Khushi the direction of Sheethal and went from there. Khushi starts to walk towards them.

Sheethal immediately calls Arnav’s name. When he looked up from the text she immediately acted as she was pushed by someone and landed on his arms and kiss him. Arnav was shocked for one moment. He never expect this.

Khushi looked at the scene with horrified expression. Tears starts to form in her eyes. She runs from there with out wasting a second. Arnav pushed Sheethal roughly. "What the hell was that Sheethal." He shouted angrily.

Suddenly he felt the presence of Khushi. Sheethal began to explain."...Arnav woh.."

But Arnav cuts her in middle." If something happns to my Khushi because of this then your state won’t be good Sheethal". He warned her in a dangerous voice and rushed to look for Khushi.

Khushi is walking fast to her class crying. She didn’t give ears to the shouting of Arnav. Tears were falling like rivers from her eyes. She feels broken.

Finally Arnav manages to catch up with her. "Khushi please listen to me". He pleaded. But Khushi continued with walking.her face drenched with tears. And her eyes turn red with pain.

Arnav holds her hand. "Khushi please listen to me. It’s not what you think". He pleaded. Khushi halt in her steps and remove Arnav’s hand from her. Arnav looked at her with hurtful expression. His eyes turn moist seeing the pain of his love. He can’t see her in pain.

Khushi resumed her walking wiping her tears. Arnav runs behind her. Khushi please listen to me. do you think that i will cheat you. I love you Khushi, only you. please listen to me. Khushi stopped but doesn’t meet Arnav’s eyes.

"I need some time Arnavji". she whispered broken. Arnav looked at her with painful expression. Words got stucked in his throat. "Khu.."

Khushi folds her hands in front of him." Please Arnavji, I need some time to think. Please". She runs way from there without glancing at him.

Arnav sat on his knees looking at her running figure with moist eyes. She is his life now. he can’t afford to lose her. the thought of leaving her makes his breath stop. He knows that Khushi will definitely trust him. Because she knows the pain of being manipulated better than any one. she just needs some time to think. He wipes his tears and stood on his feet. It’s the time to teach a lesson to Sheethal for making his Khushi cry.

Nov 10

Chapter 20: Reconciling (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 56 times)

Heyy guys. I'm finally back. sorry for making you all wait. My friend's mom passed away on october 30. all the prayers were unanswered. Once again sorry for sudden disappearance. As a compensation I'm updating two of my stories right now and the rest will be followed soon.

Arnav walked towards sheetal like a volcano. He grabbed her arm harshly making her wince in pain. "Aahh..Arnav you are hurting me..".she cried.

Arnav grits his teeth." I’m hurting you. what about the hurt you caused to my khushi. do you even think about her. how will this cheap stunt will shatter her...haan.".he spat on her face.

Sheethal looked down nervously and gulped. Arnav tightens his hold. "Why did you do that". He asked. But sheetal didn’t reply anything." Answer me dammit". he yelled.

She stumbled......"I love you and I want you to love me, not khushi". she said in a single breath afraid of him.

"What the hell are you saying "Arnav gritted his teeth.

"Yes. You heard right. I love you Arnav. From the first day I saw you my heart started beating for you. what’s so special in khushi. I’m better than her in both beauty and money. I need you in my life Arnav. I love you. please be with me." she started to beg.

Arnav pushed her hardly making her fall on the ground and yelps in pain. "JUST SHUT UP". He yelled.

He point his finger towards her. "you will pay for each tears of my khushi. I promised to my mom that I will never raise my hand on woman. That’s why you are still alive. But I will make your life miserable from now on. You will regret your fate....".he warned her and walked away.

Sheethal looked at his retreating figure with fear.


Khushi rushed to her room and cried her heart out. The images of sheethal and Arnav plays in front of her eyes. she cried covering her face.

After sometime her cries subsided. She sniffed and closed her eyes. she remembered all their happy moments. How did he protect her each time. He was there with her like a shield. She remembered him teaching her cycling and carrying her in his arms. A small smile crept on her face. She loves the way he pamper her like a baby. She smiled thinking about his confession.

On thinking about all this she now regret her decision to walk away from him. "You should have trust him khushi. he is the who makes you live. How can you doubt him". She whispered sadly. "I should apologise him". She sighed and closed her eyes. she needs some sleep to calm her mind. The regret is killing her.

In Arnav’s room

He stood there gazing at the sky. His eyes misted with unshed tears. The image of khushi walking away from him brokened his heart. "Why didn’t you trust me khushi. don’t you know how much I love you. there is nothing important than you khushi".  he whispered brokenly.

 Thinking about sheethal he clench his fist. "You should have been more careful Arnav. How can you expect her calm after witnessing some girl kissing you, taking away her rights on you. only she has the right on you. dammit" He talk to himself.

"I should apologize to her tomorrow". he whispered.

Both Arnav and khushi were eager to meet each other.

Next day at college

Khushi is searching for Arnav madly. She checked in the both the canteen and library but didn’t get a glimpse of him. She sadly walked towards garden.

"Now where will you find Arnavji khushi. see how much your stupid action make him hurt." She pouted and sat on a bench. She looked down sadly as her eyes turn moist.

Suddenly she hears the footstep approaching her. but she doesn’t pay any attention as she was engrossed in Arnav’s thoughts.

"Khushi". she heard Arnav’s voice calling her. she looked up to see Arnav in front of her. he is looking at her with an anxious look. There are worry lines on his forehead.

Suddenly khushi feels guilty for every action of hers for making him suffer.

"Khushi please listen to me....woh main...yesterday.."..Arnav started desperately only to be cut by khushi." No I don’t need any explanation Arnavji.."..she said with moist eyes.

Arnav thought she actually doesn’t want to hear him. It made him feel dejected and his eyes looked at her with so much pain.

Khushi shakes her head as 'no' when tears starts to roll down from her eyes. she hold his hand in hers making him surprised. She gulped and said." I’m sorry Arnavji......for reacting like that." she said in a cracked voice." I should have trusted you Arnavji. I don’t know what got into me at that time. I know that you will never betray me but still I doubted you. I’m extremely sorry Arnavji. please forgive me". she sobbed.

Arnav’s eyes too turn moist hearing her. he wiped her tears with his hands gently and nodded his head as no. Suddenly khushi hugged him with such a force that he stumbled his steps. She started to cry hard on his shoulder feeling his care for her even after this.

Arnav hugged her tightly." Sshhh......khushi....please don’t cry. It was not your mistake...every one will do the same.".He rubbed her back to calm her down. But nothing worked as she cried even harder.

"Khushi it was really a play by sheethal". Arnav finally said making her cry stop. She lifts her head from his shoulder and looked at him shockingly. He sighed and wiped her face which turns red because of her continuous cries. "Yes khushi. she wants to separate us. So she created the cheap act with the help of Lavanya".

Khushi looked at him as his words sank in. "But why.".she asked in a low voice. Arnav sighed and cupped her cheek. "Because she is jealous of my Khushi. she can never be beautiful as well as pure hearted like you. my Khushi is the best". He said with a smirk.

Khushi blushed at his words and hugged him hiding her face in his chest. He chuckled understanding her reaction. He dropped a kiss on her hair and hugged her tightly.

"I’m also sorry for making you cry Khushi. I should have understood her intentions". He said.

Khushi nodded a no in his chest and tightened her hold. Both of them stood there in each others embraced feeling blessed. unaware of the storm waiting for them. 

Suddenly a loud roar echoed there making both of them jerk. KHUSHIII........

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Dec 6

Chapter 21 : Trouble (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 65 times)

Hii guys sorry for being late. but my classes were really hectic. for typing an update I need minimum 2 hours. But nowadays I only get maximum 10 to 20 min free. So all I can do is either copy paste the work or just check about any updates. Today I took a leave from my college so that I can give you at least 2 updates. hope you guys forgive me.  

Both Arnav and khushi jerked hearing the voice. Khushi was shocked seeing her Di in front of her.

Anjali walked near khushi fuming while khushi started shivering seeing the rage in her eyes. Arnav sensed khushi shivering and he hold her hand tightly in his to give her assurance.

Anjali shouted nearing" khushi. what the hell are you doing. Hugging and kissing anyone you see. Is my babuji sends you to college for this".

Khushi closed her eyes in disgust hearing her words and tears flows from it. Arnav felt his insides churns with fire. "Just shut up." He screamed.

Anjali looked at him challenging." I won’t what will you do. Who the hell are you to her. she is my sister".

Arnav gives her a sarcastic smile." Have you ever considered her as your sister."

"Arnavji please". Khushi holds his hand pleading him to stop. Arnav sighed and just stood there glaring at anjali.

Anjali fumed hearing it. "So you are spreading rumors against your own family right. First you tried to trap my husband and now.......".she was stopped by Arnav’s roar.

"Enough.........not a word against my khushi. she never tried to trap your filthy husband". He pointed his finger to her face and warned her.

Anjali gritted her teeth. "Khushi come with me now." she hold her hand who was crying while holding Arnav’s hand.

Arnav tightend his grip on her." you can’t force her."

Anjali "and who are you to stop me. she is my sister. You stay out of our family matters".

Khushi finally plead Arnav with her eyes to let her go." I need to go with di Arnavji. Otherwise it will affect our family". she looked at him teary eyed.

Arnav sighed and release his hold. And the next second anjali dragged khushi away from him.

Gupta house

Shyam enters the house grinning. He just payed an unexpected visit so that he can meet khushi." now what will you do khushi..won’t you like this surprise of me". he said in his mind and grinned evily. He is tired of her hide and seek games.

He rang the bell. Sashi opened the door to see shyam.

"Arrey shyam beta". Sashi said surprised to see him.

"How is my surprise babuji. I really miss anjali so just thought to come early". He said with a smile.

Sashi shakes his head." why are you giving explanations beta. This is your house. My anjali is really lucky to get a husband like you".

Syam plastered a wide smile on his house and enters the house. He looked around for khushi but turn disappointed to not found her. "dammit she must be in college. Why did I come at this time". He cursed himself." Now I need to witness all these family dramas". He said to himself.

Suddenly anjali comes there dragging a frightened khushi with her. sashi got confused seeing the scene as well as others.

Garima walked near anjali. "What are you doing anjali. Is this the way to behave".

Anjali glared at her. "ask your daughter what did she do". She said gritting her teeth.

"What did she do beta". This time it was sashi who asked.

"Dad I found her and those raizada’s son in their college garden hugging each other. God knows how many affairs she have. I had started doubting her since the moment she accused my shyamji. Now everything is confirmed. This bloody characterless girl is roaming around boys". Anjali yelled.

Shyam clenched his fist hearing the news. He looked at khushi with a maniac glare. He won’t allow her to slip away from his hands. He needs her all for himself. Her bewitching beauty is killing him. He closed his eyes to control the bubbling rage.

Khushi nodes her head in negative while tears rolled down from her eyes.

"Why are you denying it now. I had seen you with him by my own eyes." anjali mocked.

"Is it true khushi. did anjali found you and that raizada boy close to each other". sashi gupta asked.

Khushi managed to nod her head crying uncontrollably. Slap..next second he slapped her hard. Khushi falls down with the impact of it. She hold her cheek painfully.

"Have you ever thought about our family reputation. God knows what sin I have committed to get a daughter like you." he shouted.

Khushi sat on the floor while tears roll down her cheeks.

Shyam who was silent all this while comes forward." I need to say something."

Sashi said." Kya hai beta."

Shyam smirked." I don’t want a shameless family in my home. you guys can leave". he said with a stern face.

All looked at him shocked except khushi who closed her eyes tightly fearing the worst.

Sashi walked near him. "What are you saying beta. Where will we go. You know about our financial condition naa. We don’t have anyone except you beta. Please don’t make such hasty decisions. We can sit and talk." Sashi pleaded him desperately.

"What is there to sit and talk uncle. First she tried to seduce me and when I didn’t let her she starts seducing any random person, what about my status in the society if she continue like this. I can’t bear it uncle."he said

Sashi looked at him helplessly. "Please beta you know about my health condition naa. I can’t do any hard jobs. How will I feed my family. you love anjali naa. At least think about her beta."

Shyam closed his eyes with a satisfacted face. Everything is moving according to his plan." Ok I’m giving you the last chance. You guys can stay here if......"

"If what beta..."sashi asked worried.

"I have a condition". Shyam said.

"We are ready for any condition beta". Sashi said as soon as shyam finished.

Shyam looked at khushi with an evil grin while khushi closed her eyes and let the tears fall freely.

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