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May 2

Circumstances (By Telly_News) (Thanked: 6 times)

It is the story related to the problem of old-age people which is as follows:-

Ravi was the only son of his parents who was working in America. He was placed from college campus and decided to work in foreign country , instead of working in India.

One day, Ravi’s mother called him to come back India because she wanted to make him married as soon as possible but Ravi wanted to give some time to his career and was planning to settle in America. His mother wanted to keep her child at home by make him married.

One day, Ravi came at home to meet his parents. His mother showed the pictures and bio-data of many girls for marriage. But Ravi rejected all the girls because nobody was neither working nor professional to work in life for livelihood. His mother objected “, You are earning a lot in foreign country. What’s the need of working girl in your life? I am old now, and wanted a daughter-in-law for you and us. ”

Ravi replied ” Nowadays, girls are not inferior than boys. Life -Partner(Wife) should also be educated and able to earn for livelihood like men to financially support the family because both are the feet of a family life.A working can understand the busy working schedule of her husband and can be good in life management(life, money, etc).”

But she got disagreed with her.

Ravi replied ,” Why are you not understanding my point-of-view? Working girls can support us in case of financial problem instead of depending upon others for economic dependence. Working girls are performing double role in life, rather than only earning role. Do you know about the financial condition of our household maid. Nobody helped her when her husband met with an accident. My friend’s wife is helping in his business after he got dismisses from the Job due to recession in the market.”

His mother said , ” How can I tolerate this ? If my daughter-in-law will go for Work for earning money, who will take care of us and how will you got adjusted with her because she will come from work, inspite of take-care of you after returning from Office.”

Ravi said ” Who have forgotten your own time? In our Joint Family, my grand-mother also helped you and aunt in household c****s. How old is your mentality?People like you always want to treat their daughters-in-law as a care-taker and house-keeper rather than give the respect as a family member because household maids are more superior than daughters-in-law and household maids are taking payment for their service.”

His mother and father said ” My son, you have opened our eyes rather than follow the orthodox thinking. We respect our decision and modern thinking.”

Ravi smiled with his decision to change the orthodox views of his parents.


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