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May 3

MY HEART ONLY BEATS FOR YOU (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 40 times)



Arnav Singh Raizada stood facing the window. His face expression is firm, but only he knows how much disturbed is his mind.

"Where are you jaan......I'm sorry....I wasn't there with you, when you need me. Please comeback jaan...". He closed his misty eyes mumbling a prayer to protect her.

He compose himself hearing the knock on door.

"come in"

Aman entered with a girl. Arnav forgot to breath seeing her.

Her state was also the same. Their eyes beamed with pain and at the same time happiness to see each other.

"Sir, she is your new PA .....". Aman shocked to see Arnav hugging her and crying.

"Where were you sona....I had searched you everywhere.....I'm sorry jaan.....I couldn't save you from him...".

 He breaks the hug and cupped her face.That's when he noticed sindoor on her partition and her wedding chain. He looks at her disbelievingly.

"Sir she is mrs. Khushi shyam sha". He looks at her with painful eyes. 

He can see the same pain in her eyes too, or even worse than him. 

Character Sketch:

  ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA: Owner of AR Designs. He is an orphan now. Loves khushi from his childhood. Because of his fate he couldn't save her when she need him most.

 KHUSHI SHYAM SHA : She loves Arnav and both was happy in their life. But due to the foul play of her fate, she is forced to marry shyam. Who abuses her mentally and physically.

 SHYAM SHA : A womanizer. He lust for khushi since college and finally marries her against her will. After marriage also he have relationship with other woman. He work as a lawyer.

 SASHI GUPTA : Father of Khushi. Because of the circumstances he is helpless to save his daughter from shyam.

Rest of the characters will be introduced as the story progresses.

Waiting for your views guys

May 4

chapter one: His Promise (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 54 times)

"Arnnnavv...." Little Khushi ran and hugs him tightly.

"What happend sona" Arnav smiles and caress her hair.

She lifts her head from his shoulder "see Ratna maa gives me so many candies."....she extends her tiny hand towards him.

"aahha doll seems happy today". He touch her cheeks.

"Yeesss....veryyyy.....happpyy..".Her eyes lit with joy.

Arnav closed his eyes remembering the past. His khushi changed so much now. Her eyes only express pain. There is no spark in them like old times.

He clench his fist thinking about Shyam .That ba****d killed their happiness. He is the reason for tears in my Khushi's eyes.

"I wont leave you Shyam. You will pay for each tears of my Khushi, and this will be ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA'S PROMISE ON HIS LOVE."

 He quickly dialed for Khushi. "Khushi please come to my cabin." 

After some minutes he heard the knock on his door." come in."

 Khushi walked inside hesitantly.

"Sona how many times i have told you,you don't need to knock the door....huh..."

Khushi just gives a faint smile in return. She never looked into his eyes ,and that is what Arnav hated the most his Khushi hiding away herself from him.

"Come here".He makes her sit on the recliner near the window.

Both remained silent for sometimes as if don't know what to speak.

 "Jaan I know I had failed you. I failed to protect you. Main jaantha hoon ki meri maafi mangne se tumhara dard kam nahi hoga. Mujhe.......".He was interrupted by Khushi.

 "Nahi Arnav,  isme tumhari koi galthi nahi he.Jo kuch bhi hua it was my destiny. Don't blame yourself".  Tears escaped from her eyes 

"Ab bas....aaj se no more tears. Ab mein aagaya na , mein sub kuch teek kardunga. Mujhe meri pehli Khushi wapas chahiye". He wipes her tears and cups her cheeks.

" Mujhe nahi pata he Arnav wo Khushi kabhi wapas aayenga ya nahi". Her eyes reflects her sadness.

"Look at me Khushi.....".He makes her look into his eyes .

"Main sub kuch sambhalunga khushi ".He touched his forehead with her and whispered "Please trust me for one last time sona".

"I will always trust you Arnav and you knows this fact better than any one ". She whispered brokenly.

"Khushi ..I know that I'm increasing your pain by digging the grave of past". He closed his eyes. " But sona I want you to come out of it".

He took a deep breath.. " I want you to share your pain with me". Khushi began to shake in fear and the tears starts to flow from her eyes.

" don't have to share it now itself.......take your time". He hugs her to calm her down.

"And don't forget that from now itself, I will be there to hold you forever". He kissed her hairs , that's when Khushi realize their position and comes out of the hug and getup from her seat.

" It's getting late, I need to leave ". With that Khushi runs out of his cabin overwhelmed, before he could stop her.

May 11

Chapter two: First Step (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 68 times)


It was raining slightly. The dark clouds on the sky resembles the myriad of emotions that passes through the mind of Arnav Singh Raizada. Arnav stood staring at the pool absentmindedly. His mind was engulfed in the thoughts of his Khushi. The hollowness that he witnessed in her eyes today make the ground crumbled beneath his feet. He can never imagine what must have she went through in her life. He closed his eyes feeling helpless to protect his Khushi. If only he was there with her on that fateful day.

He sat there dipping his feet into the pool. His mind drowned in their beautiful past memories.

Khushi was standing at the entrance of her college. It was her first day in college. Khushi is very nervous, and to add her nervousness Arnav is not picking his phone.

"Why are you not picking the phone Arnav..". Khushi whispered looking at the phone and pouting. She wants to meet him before going. 

"Because I am here with you". A sudden voice came behind her. Khushi got startled and turns back. Her face lit up with her beautiful smile.

"Arnav ".She hugs him tightly. "I thought you won't come today". She said in a childish tone burying her face in his chest.

Arnav laughs and hug her tightly." How can I miss the first day of my Shona". He pulled back from the hug and pinch her nose. Khushi looked away pouting.

"Achaa listen ".Arnav said on a serous note." Don't worry about anything or anyone. If you feel uncomfortable then just give me a call. I will be there for you OK". Arnav said cupping her cheek.

Khushi give him a wide grin and nodes her head."Don't worry about me Arnav. you go and prepare for your interview tomorrow". 

Arnav kissed her forehead and Khushi waves at him.Turning to enter her college.

Both of them were unaware about the storm that is coming to crush them.

A loud thunder brought Arnav back to present. His eyes turn moist remembering their moments.

He quickly dialed Aman. "Aman, listen to me. Buy the adjacent flat of Khushi's. I am shifting there.......Do as I say Aman Don't waste my time. The work should be done by tomorrow evening".

"Dont worry Khushi I will definitely bring back that smile in your face".

 Arnav looks at the sky." Please be with me Maa. So that I can save my Khushi".

next morning

Arnav is now anxiously wait for Khushi. Suddenly he heard a knock on his door. She will never change Arnav thought shaking his head.

 "Come in". Aman entered to his cabin much to his disappointment. 

"What is it Aman. Have you completed your task". Arnav asked seriously.

"Yes ASR . The flat is ready, but it needs certain furnishing it will be uncomfortable for you to stay there.Can I start the renovation".

"No need for that". Arnav said sharply. He wants to shift there as soon as possible. He wont let that filth torture his Khushi. If not for her he would have taken her to his house yesterday itself. But he know how his Khushi is. She never walkout of her marriage fearing the society.

"OK ASR". Aman nods and turn to left the cabin.

"Wait Aman". Arnav said suddenly.

" I want all the information regarding Shyam Manohar Sha within three days. I mean it, all information. Including his personal life. Is that clear" . Arnav said sternly.

A confused Aman nodes his head. But he didn't dare to question his boss. He lefts the cabin.

Arnav stood facing the window with clenched fists. "Your countdown starts from now Shyam. Even your destiny can't save you from me".

His chain of thoughts were broke by the voice of knocking. He turns to find Khushi standing there with her usual nervousness. But he cared less.

He wants her to look at him, so he stayed there silently. She looked into his eyes hesitantly. Their eyes locked and his hopeful eyes met with her painful eyes. 

May 13

Chapter three: For me you are important (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 65 times)

But soon his eyes wide in horror looking at the red mark on her forehead. It is evident that she got hit by something.He approach her in quick steps.

"Khushi what happend...did..did he.".He is unable to complete his sentence because of the building rage.

Khushi just nodes her head and looks down.

Arnav gritted his teeth." Why are you suffering Khushi Why can't you just leaves him".He shakes her shoulder.

Khushi shakes her head as no and looks down crying.

Arnav sighed in defeat." Come" He makes her sat on the recliner.

Khushi" why did you marry him.".He asked in a trembling voice.".Can't you wait for one week for me."..He asked feeling vulnerable.

Khushi began to cry more."Papa's life is in my hands Arnav. How can I let him go. When he is the only one I have in this world".

"If he is the only one then who am I Khushi..".He said in a dejected tone.

"Arnav please.."She began to broke down. 

Arnav immediately hugs her."'s OK..I can understand.".He rubs her back and consoled her mumbling soothing words.

After sometime she realize their position and moves away from him awkwardly. 

Both of them looks here and there..Arnav clears his throat gaining her attention back on him.

"Khushi I know that my apology" She tries to intervene. "Let me complete Khushi he said silencing her with his hand. My apology and efforts won't change the past. I can't erase the pain you suffered in all these time.But I surely makes you come out of it. I won't let you suffer anymore."

He cups her cheek "From now on your life will change for good Khushi. I won't let him torture you anymore".

Khushi looks at him painfully "You can't Arnav. I am trapped in this and I cant be happy once again.He will not leave me Arnav you don't know about him. He will harm you Arnav like he destroyed everything and everyone in my life. I don't want you to suffer because of me". 

She gets up to leave.

 Arnav holds her hand." I will not step back from my decision Khushi. I had brought the nearest apartment of yous". He said as if inform her that he actually started his mission.

Kushis's eyes turns wide. She quickly release his hold from her hand.

"No Arnav please don't risk your life for me". She said pleadingly.

"I will Khushi. Because you are my only reason to live".He said with utmost sincerity.

Khushi looked at his face blankly while her mind drifted back to their past.

It was her during her initial days of college. Arnav's parents now shifted to Delhi because his father got a transfer. But Arnav didn't go with them he can't leave Khushi. Luckily he got a job in Delhi and he stayed back.He goes to Mumbai and visits his parents once in a month.

It was a rainy day. The weather seems bad that it's raining heavily.

Khushi was on her way to home but because of the rain her scootty stops abruptly. Even after several attempts it didn't start. Khushi sighed in defeat and goes to stand under a shed. 

She can hear some voices. She turns back and finds some guys who were passing comments on her. She choose to ignore it. She knows that if she question them things would turn violent.

 She quickly dialed for Arnav. 

Arnav was on the middle of his way.

.He stops his bike and lifts the call. "Haa Khushi bolo"

"Arnav wo I'm stuck in rain. my scootty got complained".She said nervously.

"Don't worry Khushi. Where are you now."He asked looking the weather.

"The bus shed near Mohit ji's tea shop". She said urgently. And he feels that there was more to it.

"OK don't worry I will be there in five minutes".He said consoling her.

He started his bike .

Khushi began to feel uncomfortable because of their stares. She covered her body with her duppatta because her dress was clinging to her skin. Suddenly one guy start to come near her. Khushi become terrified and started to step back.

He gives a wicked grin" Hey Where are you going..You are feeling cold naa, come I will keep you wa..".He wasn't able to complete his sentence because of the sudden punch on his mouth. 

Khushi finds Arnav raging like a volcano. His fist was clenched and his nose is flaring with an immense anger. He began to beat them mercilessly.

 Suddenly he sees that one guy is nearing Khushi with a rod. He quickly hugs her and twirls her around so that the punch lands on his back.

"ARNNAAV". Khushi screamed in horror. Arnav turns back and punch the guy. They run from there fearfully. 

"Arnav "Khushi cried." Why did you do that".She hugs him and cried.

Arnav withdraws from the hug after some time and cupped her cheek.

"I won't let anyone hurts you Khushi as long as I'm alive.For me you are important than my life". he said and stared her with immense love.

May 17

Chapter four : Meeting Shyam Manohar Sha (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 58 times)

Arnav Singh Raizada stood at the entrance of his new residence. His mind is flooded with the thoughts of Khushi. Khushi's painful face is haunting him.

 He knows that she respect and value the decision of her deceased father Sashi Gupta and because of that reason she will not break her marriage.

She told him that she is afraid about Shyam hurting him, But he knows that that is not the reason. After all he is ASR and a mere lawyer like Shyam couldn't do any harm to him. Khushi too knows it.

If Shashi Gupta is alive he will definitely give him a peace of mind for hurting his Khushi and saving her will be much more easier.Now he needs to know all the mystery regarding their marriage. He knows that Khushi loathes Shyam and she wouldn't marry him unless she is forced.He sighed and enters into his flat.

Khushi runs to her flat with the grocery items. She is afraid about Shyam. She prayed to the almighty for making Shyam late today. If he didn't get the food , when he reaches home, he will be mad at her and she need to bear all the tortures.

 When she reaches the door she became relaxed seeing the lock.That means he is not home yet. She exhaled a deep breath and unlocks the door.

Suddenly she remembers about Arnav's words in the office. She looked at the closed door of the adjacent flat and wonders that whether he is already shifted. She hope that he wouldn't and at the same time her heart yearned for his presence.She knows that only Arnav can save her from this hell, but how can she escape.

 She doubt that will she ever able to smile again. "No Khushi you can never escape from this". She said sadly and enters her flat.

Arnav is now pacing the length of the room while calling Aman. " I don't  care Aman I need all information regarding the marriage of Khushi and Shyam".

Aman is sweating at the other end. " But Sir no one knows the reason in their neighbor hood. Shyam was their landowner and suddenly one day Mr.Gupta fixes the marriage of his daughter with him. No one knows the exact reason and one day before the marriage he died in an accident. But Shyam marries her in the next week. we got only this much information ASR". He said fearfully.

Arnav got frustrated hearing it. " I know these things Aman. I want you to collect the reason for their marriage not about their wedding ceremony date. Why can't you understand dammit". Arnav shouted.

Aman got startled hearing his shout. "O..OK..ASR. I will look after this personally". He said to escape from the wrath of ASR.

suddenly something clicks the mind of Arnav. " How can I forget it". He cursed himself.

" Aman did Sashi Gupta died just a day before the marriage".He asked him.

" Yes Sir."Aman said confused.

" Then definitely that filth Shyam would be behind it". He thought.

" Aman do one thing. First you collect the details about the accident of Sashi Gupta and who were the persons was there with him at the time of accident. I need these reports within one week. Am I clear Aman". He asked him

" Yes ASR. The reports will be ready by next week". Aman immedately said.

He cuts the call and looks at the time. It's 6.30 now. Khushi must have reached. He said to himself. 

He steps out of his flat and stood at the common passage for both flats. He looks at the close door. The lock is removed now. Which means Khushi is at home. Why didn't she comes to meet him then.

" How long will you run Khushi".He said determinedly. "I will definitely brake this wall around you".

 He moves to knock the door.

Then he hear a sudden yell in the downstairs. He looks at the direction of stairs.

There comes a guy. He is stumbling in his steps. His eyes is half closed and he is all sweaty. Arnav identifies the person with one look. SHYAM MANOHAR SHA. 

 Shyam is heavily drunk and yelling for khushi. "KHUSHIII.."

Arnav was about to slap him then suddenly Khushi opens the door. She got startled seeing Arnav there. She looks at the face of Arnav who looks like a volcano and then shifted her gaze towards Shyam fearfully.

Jun 15

Chapter Five: Mystery behind her marriage!!! (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 45 times)

Shyam stumbled in his steps. Khushi rushed to him and hold him by his hand. she looked at Arnav who is clenching his fists and looking at Shyam with gritted teeth.

"Arnavji please..".Khushi mumbled looking at him pleadingly. While Shyam is losing is consciousness and Khushi finds it difficult to hold him. Arnav quickly move Khushi from Shyam which cause Shyam to fall on him. He wants to throw him away but looking at Khushi’s face he drags him inside. He needs to take the matters slowly.

After dumping Shyam into the sofa he looked at Khushi. but she didn’t raise her head to look at him. He walked near her." Ignore as much as you want Khushi. but I won’t leave you ever again. Samjhi tum". With that he walks out of the flat with moist eyes.

Khushi looked at him going away. She quickly closes the door and breakdown into tears remembering her past which turns her life up and down


Sashi was very disturbed since the past few days. His company is in great loss now. he needs to pay 1 crore within two weeks. Otherwise he would be in jail. He didn’t know how did their secrets leaked and the opponent company used it as a weapon to crumple him down.

Shyam enters his cabin knocking. He is the legal adviser of the company.

"Good morning sir". He wished him with a smile. But on seeing the disturbed look on sashi’s face he walked near him." What happend sir."

Sashi holds his head in his hand. " Everything got destroyed Shyam. If I didn’t pay 1 crore within two weeks I will be in jail. Then what will happen to my Khushi..".

Shyam holds his hand. "Don’t worry sir. I will be there for you. sir I have a solution for all your problems". Sashi looked at him confused." Sir I loves your daughter very much. I want to marry her. but I’m afraid of your reaction that’s why I didn’t tell it till now. and I will clear all your debts sir".

Sashi looked at him wide eyed. "What are you talking beta. You loves my daughter and ready to spend all your money just for the sake of my company".

Shyam said with a slight smile." Pyaar hai sir. When you are in love. You won’t care about anything else".

Sashi hugged him happily. While shyam’s face beamed with a wicked smile.

He returned home and called for khushi.

Khushi comes to him running." What happend papa". She asked worriedly.

He touched her cheek." Beta I fixed your marriage with Shyam".

Khushi looked at him stunned. "How could you papa. I loves Arnavji. How can I marry shyam".

Sashi didn’t care about her words. He continued." Shyam is the right guy beta. You know naa your dad needs to pay 1 crore rupee as compensation. Shyam is ready to pay the whole amount. Just for you beta. Think about that".

"So what papa. Love can’t be defined because of money. I can’t marry him. Please papa..".Khushi pleaded him crying.

"You can choose Arnav or me beta. It’s up to you. If you choose Arnav then forget about papa". He walked into his room leaving Khushi heart broken.

She stood at the hall all alone. She didn’t know what to do. She can’t leave her papa and at the same time she can never betray Arnav. She quickly dialed for Arnav only he can save her. but he didn’t picked up the call.

She tried again and again but the call went on voice mail. Suddenly she hears a loud noise from her papa’s room. She rushed to the room to get shocked seeing her papa is trying to hang him self in the sealing.

"PAPAAA....." she screamed running to him. She removed his hold from the rope and hugs him tight. "What are you doing papa". She began to cry.

"I don’t want to ends up in jail. It’s better to end my life". Sashi said trying to remove her hold.

"Papa I’ll talk to Arnavji. He will surely find one way". She said pleading.

"What can he do. His company is going to launch next month. How can he arrange one crore now. you don’t need to worry for me. you can live with you Arnav. I won’t be there to disturb you guys". He said trying to remove her hold.

"No papa. Please no...". She cried.

"Leave me Khushi. You are free from the unwanted burden of your father". He forcefully remove her hold and took the rope once again.

Nooo papa..I will do what ever you say..".Khushi screamed while sitting on the floor broke down. She feels like dead thinking about Arnav and his love.

Sashi comes near her. "Thank you beta. It’s for your betterment only". He touched her head.

"Papa can you leave me alone for sometime." She whispered brokenly while getting up from the floor and rushed to her room.

She closed the door and sat on the floor completely broken. Suddenly her phone starts ringing. She sees arnav’s name flashing in it.

She picked up the phone. Before she saying something Arnav starts talking." I’m sorry shone for not lifting you call. Actually I was in a meeting finalizing the program. Some of the investors cheated at the last moment. So I was really worried. I’m sorry...."

Khushi feels her heart broken into thousand pieces hearing his voice. She just hummed.

Arnav asked." why did you call me Shona. You called just 3 hours ago".

Khushi clutch the phone tightly." Nothing Arnavji. Woh we are going some relatives house. So I won’t be calling you for some days". She lied. Trying maximum to compose her voice. She didn’t want any problem in his company. It’s his dream. She knows that if she tells him now he will be here for her at the next moment. But her papa will never accept him. She can never hurt her papa. She didn’t want Arnav to lose his company too.

Arnav sensed her voice." What happend there any problem". He asked worriedly.

Khushi finds it hard to control her sobs." Nothing you later..".she quickly cuts the call and cried palming her face.


Khushi comes back from her memory wiping a tear from her eyes. That’s the last time she talked with Arnav. Her father died the very next day and within one week Shyam married her blackmailing her in the name of her father.

Sep 9

Chapter Six: Face to Face!!!!! (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 42 times)

Next day at office

Khushi is packing her bags to leave. whole day she didn’t talk with Arnav, when he tried each time to talk about Shyam. Suddenly Arnav comes to her cabin. "Khushi I need to talk to you. how much you will avoid this Khushi."

"I don’t want to listen Arnavji. just leave me alone. My life can’t be the same anymore. You are wasting your life for me". she said without looking at him.

Arnav folded his hands." Finished?. Or anything left to say. If not, come with me. I will drop you."

Khushi denied. "No I can go by myself. You don’t have to take trouble".

Arnav shakes his head." khushi we are going to same location. So I’m not talking any trouble. You should come with me." he said and walked away followed by a defeated khushi.

In car

Khushi kept looking outside. Finally Arnav started the conversation." Khushi why did you marry shyam."

Khushi looked at him startled and then composed herself. "My papa chose him for me". she said in a low voice.

Arnav frowned his brows" khushi but uncle died before your marriage."

Khushi sighed. "That was the last thing he asked from me. and the very next day...he..he.".her eyes turn moist.

Arnav stops the car and pass the tissue to her." shona please don’t misunderstand me. what happend to uncle exactly". He asked softly.

" the next day I got a call that papa falls down from the cliff. I..don’t know what happend exactly. Then.".she broke down into tears.

Arnav hugs her immediately. "Sshh..shona..tell me what happend then".

She started narrating how she got the news of his death. Arnav’s eyes also turn moist listening to the plight of his love. "And after the funeral shyamji comes to meet me. he..he said that papa commits suicide because of me. he..said that papa called him and said that I’m still waiting for you and doesn’t value his decision so he don’t have anything left to live".

Arnav rubbed her back..sshhh..shona..everything will be fine.

Khushi continued "and he asked me to marry him that atleast his soul can rest in peace." She cried harder remembering those days. Arnav too cried hugging him. "Sshh..I will make everything alright shona". He consoled her.

After sometime khushi realised their position and moved away from him.

"Are  you alright". Arnav asked concerned. Khushi just nodes her head.

They reached their apartment and both of them steps down the car unaware of the red eyes glaring at them. Suddenly they heard a loud roar. "KHUSHIII.".khushi jerked and turned to a raging shyam.

Shyam stormed towards them and grabbed her shoulder." Is that your office work. Roaming around with your lover. Tell me how many man you have in your life.". he screamed on her face. Khushi winced because of the pain and the insult on her.

Suddenly one punch landed on shyam’s jaw. He lost his balance and fell down. Arnav who was raging like a volcano comes towards shyam and lifts him by his collar. He starts punching him. Shyam also tried to attack him but Arnav defended his each movement. Khushi was extreamly terrified seeing their fight.

Suddenly Shyam grabbed Khushi" so you brought him to beat me right. I will show you the consequences." He started to drag her." Arnav stops him. Don’t you dare to hurt her mr. Jha. You are inviting your own destruction. If I see a single mark on her that day will be your last day." Arnav warned him.

Shyam glared at khushi. seeing his glare. Khushi said to Arnav. "He is my husband don’t need to interfere in our life. it’s none of your business". She said looking down.

Arnav glared at her. "cut the **** khushi. do you think that I will backout because of your words. Never". He turned to shyam. "So mr. Jha remember my words. Don’t you dare to raise your hands on her otherwise..." him a last look Arnav walked to his apartment.

Khushi was trembling in fear. She can feel Shyam’s hand tighten on her. he drags her to their flat. He throws her on the sofa. "So your lover boy is none other than ASR right. You complained to him about me." shyam screamed at her.

Khushi trembled." are mistaked. I .".

"Just shut up" Shyam roared. Khushi jerked and cried silently.

Shyam starts to drink alcohol. "So what is your lover boy’s threat. Don’t dare to raise your hands on her..hahaha.".he laughed mimicking Arnav.

Khushi cried silently. She knows that shyam is upto something. He comes to her suddenly." Arrey he didn’t said that I can’t love my wife. Come here darling I’m going to loves you more." He makes her stand and drags her to their bedroom.

Khushi was shaking thinking about the next. She knows that once again he is trying to satisfy his animalistic desire on her. to which she feels to die on every single time. He pushed her on the bed and closed the door so that her painful screams won’t heard by anyone.

Arnav punched his hands on the wall thinking about shyam. "Just give me three more days khushi. I will throw that monster out of your life".

He dialled for his PA. "Did you collect the details". He asked.

"Yes sir. we collect the information regarding Shyam Jha. but about Sashi Gupta's death we are still clueless sir. the report on shyam will on your table at tomorrow morning".he informed Arnav.

Arnav cuts the call and leaned on the chair. He looked at Khushi’s picture on his phone. "Just three days shona. After that I won’t let a single tear drop falls from your eyes". He hugs her picture close to his heart.

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