TS: Tu hi mera!

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May 9

TS: Tu hi mera! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 132 times)

People around the hospital looked at the girl running like a butterfly with a smile on her face, though tears were slipping from her eyes.

“Nurse..” she shouted and stopped in front of a lady, “Nurse.. Is he fine now? I want to see him now!”

“Ma’am.. there’s a bad news!” the lady looked at her sadly, “He became unconscious again..”

“What?” her face fell, “What do you mean by that? You called me and said he was fine now, then how can he..”

“Sorry ma’am.. He’s still weak now, but the fact he opened his eyes for a while now is a good sign, hain na?” the nurse smiled.

“Hmm.. I will continue praying to DM for him to be fully fine!” she said smiling faintly, “Can I meet him?”

The nurse nodded and accompanied her to his room. Khushi opened the door while the nurse left from there, she went near him and sat on a chair beside.

“Why are you doing this with me? For a moment you give me happiness, then other moment snatch it from me.. What have I done to you?” she pouted with her eyes brimming with tears, “Arnav wake up! For which mistake of mine you’re punishing me like this? You know I can’t eat without you, I don’t get sleep now.. Mumma, Papa, Buaji.. Ratna ma, Raj uncle, Di, Mama, Mami, Nani everyone is missing you so much.. please open your eyes for their sake baba!”

She buried her face on his chest sobbing. Suddenly she heard his voice, he was giggling! She quickly sat back and looked at him with wide eyes.

“Shiii.. How filmy you’re Cookie!” he giggled, “Bollywood has done it’s magic on you!”

“Arnav tum..” she looked at him shocked as well as confused.

“I’m alive..” he winked and sat on the bed, “You thought I died?”

“Shut up..” she slapped his lips, while he rolled his eyes, “Meri Ma.. I’m sorry! I gained conscious yesterday night only..”

“Then that nurse..” she frowned at the thought the nurse lied to her. Arnav smiled mischievously, Khushi noticed his gaze, she took a pillow from his bed and started beating him, “How dare you.. you asked her to lie to me.. do you know how much I was worried for you.. stupid.. don’t talk with me now..”

“Hey Cookie yaar.. You’re hurting me..” he said trying to escape from beatings, “Do you know how much fragile my body, my mind and my heart are now?”

She stopped her act immediately, caressing his shoulder, “Sorry.. did I hurt you much?”

“ASR!” his gang shouted coming inside the room with balloons and gifts for him.

“It’s not my birthday guys!” Arnav looked at them weirdly.

“So what? You made us scared yaar.. and life was really boring without you.. so you deserve this!” NK, his crazy friend said.

“And you’re already fighting with my friend ASR?” Meera, who is friend of both but more close to Khushi. She always defends and supports Khushi.

“I’m not fighting with her.. She only was beating me with pillows! Teach her that she should not beat a man with pillows, it doesn’t make any effect on him!” he laughed with his friends.

Khushi glared at him, then shook her head, “I don’t know why I missed you! My life was so peaceful without you.. Now I have to listen to your nonsense everyday..”

He stayed silent for a while, and then smiled, “Then you should not have prayed every day and night to your DM for me!”

“ASR.. I missed you so much!” Sheetal hugged him tightly, Arnav widened his eyes smiling, “I missed you too baby!”

“Are you fine?” Sheetal asked him worried. He nodded his head, “Hmm.. with you in front of me, I’m very much fine and ready to win a race for you!”

Sheetal blushed, then looked at him, “Really?”

He was about to reply when Khushi cut him off, “Nahin! You’re still weak and no cars racing till you’re complete fine! Did you hear that?”

“Don’t listen to her okay..” he whispered to Sheetal and winked at her.

“I brought a delicious soup for you! My mother said it’s good for you..” Sheetal said smiling and Karan, who is her brother, and one of the closest and best friend of Arnav brought the bowl with soup for him, with you’re-gone-look to Arnav.

Meera giggled as she knows the soup made by Sheetal is a disaster, while Khushi crossed her arms smirking to Arnav.

“I’m not hungry Sheetal..” Arnav said trying to escape from her soup.

“No ASR, you’ll have to taste my soup.. believe me it’s good for your health only..” said Sheetal smiling.

“Sheetal don’t force him, he doesn’t want it..” Khushi said interfering to save him.

Sheetal glared at her, “Did anyone asked you? I’m talking with him only..”

“Sheetal!..Take it easy!” Arnav said, “I won’t tolerate anyone speaking in this tone with my Cookie, only I can irritate her, hain na?”

Khushi smiled to him, he held her hand and continued chatting with his friends, smiling, laughing, joking, being himself! How much she missed this man in the past six months, he’s one of the most famous race car drivers in USA, and for being the best he has many competitors, who are jealous of his success, and unfortunately one day while in the competition, his rival crashed his car with Arnav’s and Arnav met with an accident, getting him in coma for six months. When doctors announced he went to coma, she felt like dying, she didn’t know what to do about her life without her best friend, her life, her love! Yes, her love.. Though she never confessed her feelings, she secretly fell in love with him, their parents are best friends and she works in AR with her Raj uncle and Di, that’s how she met him and became his friend, gradually both became so dependent on each other that they didn’t even realize it’s almost difficult to breathe without each other’s presence. And now seeing him laughing, making fun of her, irritating her it’s just the best feeling in the world, he’s alive and that’s all she asked for.  

Sheetal kept staring at both burning in jealous, though Arnav talks with her and even flirts he never treated her like he does for Khushi.

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