Captive In The Dark

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May 12

Captive In The Dark (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 35 times)


He stood at the wedding altar holding the garland in his hands as they shook…

He stared at the beautiful woman standing in front of him with a huge smile on her face waiting for him to put the garland on her but something was stopping him…

His hands trembled like he was in a war where he knew he was going to die…

She gave him a serious glare and he stopped fighting battles with his mind… he had to do this, there was no other option.

He lifted his hands slowly yet trembling and put the garland over her neck as she smiled, it was the devilish kind of smile…

He looked around at all the people who were so happy about this wedding, who were busy clapping happily only if they knew things weren’t as they seemed to be.

“Welcome to hell sweetheart” She whispered to him

He just stared at her feeling defeated… only if there was a way he could stop this, he definitely would have.

“Arnav! Are you sure about this?” his friend Aman asked from the other side

“Do I have an option Aman?” he asked as Aman nodded negatively.

Till today he had seen many cases of ladies being forced for marriages they dint want or them getting married to someone they dint wish to because of one reason or the other…but today for the first time, he was seeing his own friend Arnav getting married to this not so worthy girl just because he had to.

Arnav knew what awaited him ahead, it was going to be a life full of ill treatment, serving his own wife as if he was her slave and not her husband, being reminded every now and then of how poor he is and he doesn’t deserve to be with this rich girl and so many other things.

He looked at her and she seemed all happy, why was she doing this to him? What would she gain by taking advantage of his helplessness?

“Don’t worry Arnav, right now she’s making you suffer, one day she’ll get it back on herself” Aman said

Arnav just nodded as he shut his eyes painfully, this isn’t what he had dreamed about his life, and especially, this isn’t what he had dreamt about his marriage.

“Aman… what’s going to happen tonight? I mean you know it’s our wedding night and…”

“Relax Arnav… we both know how lustful she is so expect it to come… there’s nothing we can do about it”

“Why does life have to be so cruel?” Arnav almost said out aloud.

His eyes had turned red, he was at the verge of breaking down completely... This was so unfair… if he would be doing this to some girl right now people would have cursed him so badly… but no one spoke a word just because this time it was a girl doing something wrong to a guy… but only if they could understand that honor and dishonor meant the same for both a girl and a boy!

So here i am once again with a new story... let's hope you guys are gona like it and i promise it isnt as serious as it sound in the prologue lol so give it a chance and read ahead lol

May 15

Captive In The Dark... Part 1 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 40 times)

“Get the bed ready, I’ll change in a few minutes” She said as she threw her veil on the bed and headed to the washroom while Arnav stood there looking around.

How was he supposed to get the bed ready when everything was okay? The bedsheet was on its place, the blanket was folded and placed in the corner of the bed, so what was he exactly supposed to do to get it ready?

A few minutes later, she walked out dressed half naked, only her main parts were covered, she wrapped a light silk coat around herself and walked towards Arnav who was sitting on the bed staring at her wondering that if she was trying to seduce him, if that was the case he dint know how he was going to tell her that she failed in a miserable way, he would never get seduced by a girl like her.

“You haven’t changed Arnav?” She asked in a seducing voice.

She moved closer to him and got hold of his shirt as she pulled him closer.

“Oh… you need me to help you baby? I surely don’t mind” She said as she started unbuttoning his shirt while she trailed her fingers on his chest irking him up.

He got hold of her hand and pushed her away, he dint care if she was going to fall down and hurt herself or something, he wasn’t going to let her touch him.

“I’m not a baby, I can do this for myself Natasha” he said as he picked up a towel and his clothes and headed to the washroom.

Minutes later when he headed out, she was sited on the bed waiting for him like a hungry beast waits for its prey… Arnav stared at her as he felt so nervous, he dint know how he was going to deal with this lustful woman…

He headed to the bed and slept on one side covering himself with the blanket as he totally ignored Natasha and to his surprise, this dint make her angry, he was expecting her to start shouting on him already but if she wasn’t doing as he expected, he knew she was going to do something worse than that and that scared him up.

She came over him making her face him, Arnav’s heart was like in a race, he dint know what to do, all he knew was that he was never going to allow this woman close to him, not at any cost… this wasn’t what he wanted… how could he just accept this?

She moved closer to his lips almost kissing him when he pushed her away suddenly and stood up burning red with rage.

“What the hell is wrong with you? You wanted me to get married to you I’ve done that! Don’t expect anything more from me! And stop lurking around me like a beast, I’m not going to give you what you want” he shouted angrily.

“How dare you!” she said as she got hold of his collar and pushed him to the wall, she got hold of his neck and choked him as he looked at her trying his luck to breath.

“How dare you talk to me in that tone? Don’t forget you aren’t my husband, you are my slave and you’ll do as I say if I want to make love with you you’ll do that, if I want to kick you out of the house you’ll allow me to do that too, you have no right to say no to Natasha Oberoi, no one says no to me, got that!” She said angrily.

He got hold of her arms taking them off his neck as he pushed her away and headed back to the bed, he covered himself with the blanket this time hiding his face inside it too just hoping she was going to let him be but knowing the kind of a woman she was, he was very sure she wasn’t going to just sit silent about this.

She walked towards the bed angrily as she pulled away the blanket and stared at him angrily.

“You are showing me attitude? Don’t forget if I want to I can make you go down on your knees and beg me to make love to you, looks like even after so many months of working with me you haven’t seen the real face of Natasha Oberoi, now watch what I do… just one phone call Arnav and you know everything will be ruined” She said as she smirked.

Arnav just stared at her helplessly, since he stood at the wedding alter, he knew this was going to happen, and not matter what he thought he would try, he just dint know he wouldn’t be able to stop it from happening.

“Tonight you aren’t going to sleep at all, do you get that? Tonight you’ll give that body to me, tonight you’ll make love to me and pleasure me as long as I tell you to and if you don’t do that, I know what I have to do” She announced

“We make love to the ones we love, and all that I have in my heart for you is hate… only hate!” Arnav said angrily.

“Well that hate will do for now, at least it will make you rough and wild on bed, just how I like it!” She said as she winked at him while Arnav stood there helplessly not knowing how to escape this situation.



It was almost midnight when one of the Employee’s knocked at the door of Miss. Khushi Maheshwari’s cabin.

Khushi Maheshwari was the only daughter of Mr. Ravi Maheshwari and a leading name in the fashion industry, her modelling agency which was started by her own father and now managed by her was known everywhere as the famous Elite Agency, it was one of the leading Agencies in the fashion industry, each and every struggling model dreamt of working with Elite.

Khushi looked up from her laptop as the Employee walked in and stood in front of her looking a bit nervous, well everyone was usually a bit intimidated by her, she was always full of attitude and she was always rude, it was like being rude was her talent, all in one she was the definition of a really Angry young woman.

“Speak!” She ordered in her intimidating voice as the employee looked at her while she shivered.

“Ma’am I came to ask you for permission on behalf of the other employees, it’s almost midnight, can we at least leave now?” He asked in a low voice.

“Is the work I gave you all done?” She asked

“No Ma’am”

“Then no one is leaving, submit your work to me and I’ll let you go, or else I don’t care if you end up spending your whole night here, I don’t like laziness and the whole staff has been showing a sign of it for the past few months, so unless you all get back on track, you’ll either work hard and by hard I mean very hard or quit the job, there are a thousand people out there looking for jobs anyway.”

“Yes Ma’am” The employee said as he walked out sadly.

“All they want to do is go home, eat and sleep, useless bunch of people!” Khushi said as she stood up angrily and walked outside her cabin to check on her employees.

“What happened about the new assistant I had asked for?” Khushi asked out loudly as she walked to the working Area, all the workers turned their heads to look at her, some staring at her angrily for not letting them go home, some gossiping about her between themselves as if she gave a damn about it.

“Ma’am my sister is willing to…” One of the ladies started speaking but she was cut short.

“I don’t need another lazy sister of yours in my office Malika, I already have two of them and for your terrible memory let me remind you I had asked for a Male assistant.” Khushi said

“Yes, male assistant to assist her at work day time and to assist her on bed at night” Malika whispered to her coworker.

“She doesn’t look like that” the new employee whispered back.

“Oh you don’t know, everything in the fashion industry is the same, just getting around the bed of everyone” Malika whispered back as the other girl looked at her in disgust, it was girls like her who spoilt the name of the whole fashion industry just because a few people in them turned out to be so.

“Ma’am there’s a friend of mine, if you would want to interview him, I can tell him to be here tomorrow morning.” A guy at the back said as he stood up.

“What’s your name?” Khushi asked as she pointed the pencil she had in her hand towards him.

“Aman Mehra, Ma’am”

“Tell that friend of yours if he needs the job, he should be here tomorrow morning at ten, and he better be intelligent, hardworking and he should have a good fashion sense and most impotantly the ability to tolerate me” Khushi said

“As for what he’s tolerating now, I’m sure this isn’t going to be much” Aman murmured to himself as he nodded and sat down.

May 16

Captive In The Dark... Part 2 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 36 times)

“Arnav! Where the hell is my breakfast?” Natasha shouted angrily.

She had been waiting for breakfast at the breakfast table for the past half an hour thinking Arnav was in the kitchen cooking for her but now she was getting late for work and he wasn’t anywhere to be seen yet.

She stood up angrily and walked to the kitchen looking for him but he wasn’t there, she found the breakfast ready and placed in one side with a note next to it.

‘I have to visit the hospital, the breakfast is ready like you said and I’ve also done all the work, the clothes have been washed and hanged to dry, the house has been cleaned and I’ll finish with the gardening once I’m back’

Natasha tore the piece of paper angrily into pieces as she picked up the plates with the breakfast and threw them all over the kitchen and then walked away angrily.


Arnav knocked at the door of Dr. Zara’s cabin nervously, he heard a voice from inside that welcomed him inside as he pushed to door open and walked in.

“Arnav, it’s you!” The doctor said looking at him delightfully.

“I was waiting for you”

“What happened Zara? Is everything okay?” he asked nervously.

“Yes, don’t worry everything is okay with her, in fact according to her latest reports she’s improving, her condition is much better than before, let’s just hope she comes out of coma as soon as possible.”

“I hope so Zara, I can’t wait to see her like before again, I can’t wait to know why she decided to take herself away from me, to know why she decided to snatch my love from me, anyway can I see her for a while? I have an interview today and I can’t go for it without seeing her”

“Sure you can but be sure not to touch anything there”

Arnav nodded positively as he walked out of Dr. Zara’s cabin and walked to the room where she was admitted in.

 He pushed the door open and walked inside, she was lying unconscious in front of him and just the sight of her, brought tears into his eyes.

He walked towards her and sat beside her as he got hold of her hand in his, looking at her with his teary eyes.

“Zara says you’ll wake up soon but I don’t know why, today I feel scared about it, maybe it’s because I know after you wake up you’ll have a hundreds of questions whose answers are going to hurt you but all I hope is that you understand that I did it for you, I did it because I loved you and I dint want to lose you, not when I had the option to save you.

I don’t know where we will stand after this, I don’t know where our relationship will stand after this but I want you to know one thing, I have always loved you and only you Kiran and I always will no matter what” he said as he kissed on her hand just when the door to the room opened and an old lady walked in.

“I’m sorry, I guess I came to the wrong room, old age is terrible, makes you forget everything” She said as she looked at Arnav and the girl lying on the bed.

“Is she your wife?” She asked.

“No, but we were going to get married very soon, and then I don’t know what happened, something got into her mind and she decided to end her life” Arnav said as tears continues rolling down his eyes.

“This world is a terrible place my boy, you never know what would happen, but I will pray for you and for her too” The old lady said as she walked away.

“I have an interview today Kiran, wish me luck” he said as she stood up and stared at her for a while and then turned around and walked away, it was so hard for him to see her like this.



“Thank God you’re on time, for a moment I thought that Natasha wouldn’t even allow you to step out of the house” Aman said as he rushed to Arnav.

“I left before she woke up, I can’t live my life on her terms, she got what she wanted from me in exchange of what I wanted from her and that’s it, I’m surely not sitting in that house captivated by her.” Arnav said.

“Anyway Miss. Khushi will be here anytime soon, I hope you are prepared, she’s one hell of an Angry young woman.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll handle it.”

“Did you visit Kiran? How is she? Did the doctor say anything regarding when she would wake up?”

“Yeah, I visited her before I came here, Zara says her condition is good, let’s just hope she will wake up soon”

“Khushi’s here, go sit there, I’ll inform her about your arrival and then tell you when she calls you in for the interview” Aman said as he rushed back to his desk.

“Aman, I hope your friend is here for the interview, if he isn’t tell him, he’s not required here if he can’t keep time” Khushi said as she stopped at Aman’s desk.

“He’s here Ma’am, I was just waiting for you to arrive” Aman said nervously, it was obvious for each and every employee to be nervous when Khushi was around, she was always so intimidating.

“Send him to my cabin right away” Khushi said as she walked away with her pumps making noise, attracting the attention of all the employees.

“May I come in ma’am?” Arnav asked as he knocked at the door.

“Come in” Khushi said as Arnav pushed the door open and walked inside, he found a lady sitting on the chair with her back facing him, he walked inside as she turned her chair around and looked at him.

“Sit” She said as she looked at him while Arnav sat down confidently.

“I hope you know what the job is, you have to be my personal assistant, your working hours are going to start late in the morning and end late at night, if you are okay with the timings, I’ll carry on with the interview otherwise you’re free to leave”

“I’m okay with it ma’am”

“Do you have any experience in the fashion industry? If you are going to be my assistant, you need to have a lot of knowledge regarding it all, you’d have to work with models, and do a lot that involves the fashion world”

“I have a bit of experience, I worked in another modelling agency a while back so that wouldn’t be a problem ma’am”

“I don’t need your resume, I don’t want to know what degree you have as long as you’ll be able to do the work you’re given I don’t give a damn about anything else except a bit of good fashion sense which I can see you already have and unlike every other interview this isn’t going to be long and I’m not going to ask you unnecessary questions, I’ll have you on a trial of three months and if I’m satisfied with your work you’ll have a permanent job here with a good pay” Khushi said

“Thank you ma’am, I’ll make sure I live up to your expectations”

“Join from tomorrow, you have to be in the office at ten o’clock every morning, I’ll allow you to leave early when there’s no work but at times you’ll have to stay late, it can be until midnight too so be prepared for that, I’m looking forward to your cooperation” Khushi said as she stood up and Arnav stood up too.

“All the best, sorry what’s your name again?”

“Arnav Singh Raizada ma’am”

“So Arnav, I’ll see you tomorrow” Khushi said as she walked away leaving behind Arnav delighted, it wasn’t as hard as it seemed and she really dint seem as bad as Aman was saying, she was just straightforward, said what she wanted and no unnecessary talks, maybe that was why people here dint like her much.

Arnav walked outside the cabin when Aman rushed towards him.

“What happened? How did it go? It ended so soon, I thought it was going to take hours”

“It was good, I got the job Aman” Arnav said excitedly.

May 17

Captive In The Dark... Part 3 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 40 times)

Arnav arrived home after the interview feeling a bit relaxed, he knew if this job became permanent for him, he would soon be able to get rid of Natasha from his life and live it like before without getting dominated by her.

She had just settled down on the sofa when Natasha came downstairs burning with rage, she walked towards Arnav, got hold of his hand and pulled him out of the mansion.

“What the hell are you doing?” Arnav asked angrily.

“Whatever you did in the morning isn’t what I married you for, who the hell told you that you could step out of the mansion without my permission?” Natasha asked angrily.

“I went to visit Kiran, and I had a job interview, I wouldn’t miss it because you were sleeping”

“You are talking much aren’t you? Don’t forget she’s alive today because of me, if I stop paying her hospital bills, they’ll throw her out of the hospital in a day and she’ll be dead!”

“That’s it? That’s what you want to show me? That you own her life because you are paying her hospital bills? I’ll pay you back all your money once I get the job, you’ll be getting my salary every month until I pay off your debt so don’t talk like you’re doing me a favor.”

“How dare you talk to me like that, say sorry right away or I’ll just make one phone call and you know what that will do don’t you?”

Arnav gritted his teeth angrily, as much as he wanted to punch her on the face, he couldn’t forget that if today Kiran was alive it was because of Natasha, because she agreed to pay her daily hospital bills and he couldn’t take chances, he just got the job, he wasn’t even sure it was going to be permanent.

“I am sorry”

“That’s what I like now… because of you I missed going to the office today, and I’m not wasting this time, I better make good use of it, head upstairs and take a shower, I’ll join you in a bit” Natasha said as she winked at him.

“For what?” Arnav asked angrily.

“Don’t act so innocent Arnav, you obviously know for what, we’re married and what’s the point of me staying home if we aren’t going to romance and make love in each and every corner of the mansion? In the shower, in bedroom, in the kitchen, in the hall, everywhere! Come on, don’t be such a turn off.”

“You know I love Kiran, why are you doing this to me? What will you get from me? I don’t even feel anything for you Natasha, whatever happens between us might be giving you pleasure but for me is pain and only pain, and every moment the guilt of betraying her.”

“I don’t care whom you love Arnav, as long as I love you, you’re mine and only mine! Now stop arguing with me and head upstairs, I need to find you under the shower when I come.”

Arnav walked inside the mansion hesitantly, why was life so unfair to him? Why did he have to love someone else and be with someone else?


It was past mid-day when Natasha finally left for office after she received an urgent call, Arnav kept on wishing she had got the call a bit earlier then maybe he wouldn’t have to go through the torture.

He was sitting on the bed staring at it angrily, he couldn’t believe anything that had just happened between him and Natasha, every minute of it was killing him, every time he touched her where she wasn’t supposed to, he left like pushing her away but he knew one wrong step of his would put Kiran’s life in danger and at this moment he couldn’t take any risk.

He came out of the thoughts when he heard his phone ringing, he stood up and walked towards the window where he had left it and received the call.

“Arnav, are you free? Where are you?” Aman asked

“No Aman, I’m not free, I’m trapped in this trap which I can’t get out of and it’s suffocating me” Arnav said

“I know Arnav and I don’t want to say I understand because I know I wouldn’t be able to understand what you must be going through, anyway I had called you because Khushi told me to, she said she had this very important meeting to attend today and if you’re free you could join her for it and assist her, it would be a good start for you.”

“Yeah sure, for now I’ll do anything that helps me stop thinking about the mess my life is in, I’m just so fed up” Arnav said

“Great then, be at the office in an hour, I’ll inform Khushi about it.”



“Thank you for coming on such a short notice Arnav” Khushi said when she found him waiting for her in her cabin.

“It’s my job ma’am” Arnav said as he stood up.

“I dint know about the meeting, it came up suddenly and I couldn’t avoid it so I thought I’d ask you to join, if I knew earlier, I would have let you join work from today, anyway I need to tell you some details before we leave.”

“Leave? Are we going somewhere?”

“The meeting isn’t taking place here obviously, you said you worked with a modelling agency you should have known our meetings are mostly outside.”

“Yes Ma’am I know.”

“Okay so take this file, it has the names and the photographs of all the models who are currently working with us, open it the first one is the most famous model of this time, she’s usually the show stopper of many shows but this client we are meeting wants us to get him another model for the show stopping.

Now the first this in want you to do is go through all the pictures and details, you can do that in the car, get yourself a diary or something to write everything we discuss in the meeting because each and every detail about the show is going to be important, I don’t want you to miss any point.

This is the reason why I asked you to join me, this show is very important for me so I want everything about it to be good and I couldn’t manage everything alone.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll do everything” Arnav said

“Great, I’m giving you ten minutes to be prepared, I’ll be waiting for you in the car outside” Khushi said as she stood up and walked away.

Arnav sat there wondering why everyone in this office hated Khushi so much, this was the second time he was meeting her and there was no way he found her either being rude or arrogant, it was maybe because they never did their work well and when they were told off, they pointed out mistakes in Khushi than themselves.

He stood up and walked out to ask Aman for a dairy and a pen and then he headed outside to join Khushi in the car, he found her sited in the back seat and for a moment he wondered where to sit.

He opened the front door to sit hoping it was the right place, obviously he couldn’t sit with her in the back seat.

“Arnav, you can sit here, we have to discuss other things while we head there, I wouldn’t mind” Khushi said as Arnav closed the door and headed to sit with her behind.

He stared at her while she explained his work to him, and with every passing minute he could just realize how wrong everyone was in judging her.

He sat there staring at her beautiful face while she spoke in a light voice, his concentration was on her more than on what she was explaining.

This was when he was actually noticing how beautiful she was, and what good dressing sense she had, everything about her was just so on point, so perfect and maybe that was the reason why half of the people hated her.

“Arnav” Khushi said as she got hold of his shoulder and shook him.

Arnav came out of the dream world he was lost in and looked at Khushi nervously hoping she wasn’t going to scold her for not concentrating.

“I know I am beautiful and you can’t really take your eyes off me, It happens with many people and I actually don’t mind someone appreciating by beauty but you can stare at me later, can we continue with the work first?” Khushi asked.

“I’m sorry ma’am” Arnav said as he smiled and looked away.

May 18

Captive In The Dark... Part 4 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 32 times)

There was something intimidating about this woman, all the while in the meeting Arnav could notice how everyone was mostly silent and polite towards her, she was like this fierce kind of a person everyone feared and he still couldn’t understand why, he hadn’t seen any such kind of side of hers which he would fear.

Could it be possible that she was different to him and different to others? But why would she be? She was straight to point, she joked when he couldn’t stop staring at her, but unlike everyone else, he dint find her intimidating.

“I hope you learnt something today” Khushi said as she walked out of the conference room followed by Arnav who nodded positively at her question.

“Yes ma’am, I learnt a lot, I guess a few more meetings like this and I’ll catch up with everything.” Arnav said confidently.

“Now that’s how I like my assistant” she said as she walked inside the car, the drive had already held the door open for her, Arnav joined her in the back seat and sat there silently, he tried so much not to look at her but every time, his eyes would deceive him and go back to looking at her.

When he looked at her for the third time, she was grinning, he couldn’t believe that he actually saw her grinning, it was something new as Aman had told him that he had never even seen a tiny bit of smile on her face.

“If you like, you can compliment me, I wouldn’t mind” Khushi said as she looked at him back with her serious face.

Arnav looked down at the files he was holding and stared at them as if he was looking for some hidden formula, this was so embarrassing, what was it about her? Why couldn’t he just keep his eyes off her?

 He took in a few deep breaths wondering what to say as she was still looking at him maybe in the hope that he would say something but he was so nervous at the moment he felt like he had just lost his voice.

“It’s just been a while around you and I’ve seen how everyone is intimidated by you, so I keep on wondering, what is it about you that makes them feel like that but doesn’t make me feel anything like intimidation at all?” Arnav asked.

Khushi turned to look in front without saying anything for a moment and he thought she wasn’t going to answer him but then she spoke up.

“Why do you think you got the job Arnav?” She asked him a question completely out of the subject he had asked her about.

“Because you found me suitable for the job?”

“Because the moment you walked inside my office, I noticed how confident you were around me, it’s another thing to see all my employees scared of me because I keep on telling them off when I don’t get my work done, I’ve done a lot of interviews Arnav, and I’ve seen how everyone is always scared, I don’t know who spreads the word out that I am a terrible woman…”

“I don’t see anything like terrible” Arnav said cutting her short, she looked at him trying to hide the smile that was forming up on her lips.

“So anyway, you were the first person I interviewed that dint seem to be scared of me, you were confident about yourself and that’s why I dint even need to see your resume your degree or anything, that confidence that you have is the one that I wanted around me.

When it comes to work, I might be terrible but if you follow the rules and work like I need it, then maybe I am not as terrible as everyone makes it to be”

Arnav nodded as he continued staring at her, it was just so hard to take his eyes off her, it was the first time in his entire life time he met a woman as he, strong, confident, intimidating, funny, she had like all the qualities, she was just so perfect.

“It’s late, you can instruct the driver the route to your house, we’ll drop you there direct.” Khushi said

Arnav nodded positively as he showed the driver the route to his house, it dint take them much long to arrive.

He looked at Khushi to bid her a good bye but he found her staring at the gate of the mansion, in shock, he couldn’t quite figure out her expressions, he just knew she wasn’t happy about this place.

“You live with Natasha Oberoi?” Khushi asked in a pretty serious tone.

“Yes, she’s my wife” Arnav said as Khushi looked at him in complete shock, she kept on staring at him until Arnav just bid her a goodbye and walked out of the car, she dint say anything to him, she just told the driver to drive away and that left Arnav feeling a bit uneasy.

He knew there was definitely something that had disturbed her when she learnt he lived here, it could be maybe Khushi and Natasha knew each other, and if that was true, he was sure he had landed himself in the biggest **** possible because Khushi’s expressions were giving out bad signals.


He was glad Natasha hadn’t arrived back home or he’d have to listen to her tantrums again, he quickly rushed to the kitchen and started preparing for dinner.

There was a time he used to arrive home tired from work and find dinner cooked and there was this time when he had to come from work and cook dinner daily.

It wasn’t that he dint want to or he had never cooked for himself before, it was just that Kiran never let him, she always took care of him like a baby, they were happily in love and in a live in relationship, nothing ever seemed wrong and that’s why until today he’s never been able to figure out her reason behind attempting suicide.

He chopped the vegetables in a hurry when he heard the car hooting outside the mansion, he knew Natasha had arrived and she was soon going to start screaming at him about why the dinner wasn’t ready yet.

“Cook only for yourself, I had dinner outside and I’m tired, I’m going to bed” She said when she walked in and found Arnav busy in the kitchen.

She headed upstairs and Arnav assembled all the chopped vegetables and put them in a tin and then in the fridge, he had lost his appetite and if Natasha wasn’t going to eat, he dint need to cook.

“Don’t think of sleeping somewhere else just because I’m going to bed earlier than you, I need you on bed with me in an hour” Natasha shouted from the top as Arnav ignored her, he was just happy that he wouldn’t have to go through her torture again.


Arnav arrived to work just five minutes before Khushi, his cabin was next to Khushi’s with a glass partition which meant that she was going to have her eyes on him while he was working.

Arnav was busy typing yesterday’s minutes in his laptop when Khushi walked in her cabin, he eyes fell on Arnav the first thing as he also looked at her with a smile but she ignored him like he dint exist and walked towards her chair, she pulled it out and sat down on it as she started doing her work.


After he was done typing the minutes, he printed them out and walked to Khushi’s cabin, he knocked at the door and then walked in as he placed the papers on her table.

“What are this?” Khushi asked without looking at him.

“Yesterday’s minutes ma’am, they contain all the details about the kind of models our client wanted, I’ve checked through our data and I’ve also written the names of the model’s whom I thought to be suitable for the description, if you could check them once…”

“Khushi picked up the document and flipped through the pages checking the names and if they matched with the description, she was quite impressed with the way he had matched it all, but her attitude was refraining her from praising his work so she looked at him angrily.

“I told you to write the minutes only, did I tell you to suggest models? Do what work you are told to only, stop trying to impress me by doing extra work, it won’t work on me” Khushi said as she threw the minutes back on the table.

“Ma’am I was just…”

“And this minutes, dint you go to school? There are lots of grammar mistakes, correct them again and get me another print out” She said angrily.

“No ma’am I double checked the document before printing it, there are no grammar errors and I am sorry but I was just trying to make your work easier by suggesting names of models whom I thought would fit in, I think that’s why I was hired, to assist you so I expect you to at least not shout at me for doing my work, I dint do it wrong, I just tried to do it” Arnav said.

“Oh, so now you’ll even answer me back” Khushi said as she stood up angrily.

“Yes, when I am right and when I did my work right, I would prove it and just so that you remember you were the one who told me to match the models with the description yesterday when we’re going for the meeting, so I did the work you told me to” Arnav said.

“I am your boss Arnav, you can’t talk to me like that!” Khushi stood up angrily as she slapped the table, her eyes were red with rage, it seemed like she was going to jump on him like a hungry lion any moment from now.

“I am sorry ma’am, I dint mean to be rude, but I expect my work to be appreciated, I stayed awake whole of last night going through the data of more than a thousand models the company has and made sure each and every description matched, that’s what you told me right, that I should do my work well, so that’s what I did!”

“Go back to your cabin before I lose my temper!” Khushi shouted angrily as all the employees turned to look towards her cabin wondering what was happening.

Arnav walked out and headed back to his cabin as Khushi slapped her laptop angrily throwing it off the table, she marched outside the office and disappeared within a few seconds while everyone stared at Arnav in awe.

He sat calmly on his chair realizing that he was starting to see the side of Khushi which everyone talked about, but unlike them he wasn’t scared of her as long as he knew he wasn’t at mistake.

May 19

Captive In The Dark... Part 5 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 41 times)

Arnav was in his cabin busy working yet he couldn’t stop thinking about all this and how suddenly Khushi’s behavior changed, she was good until yesterday, he couldn’t understand what happened so suddenly.

His door opened suddenly and he saw Khushi walking in, she looked as angry as before but this time it looked like she was here for work and not to fight.

“I have a meeting in half an hour, I’m waiting for you in the car” She announced as she walked away without even looking at him well.

The few seconds she was in his cabin, she just looked around, maybe suddenly the interiors had changed and she was just admiring them.

Arnav picked up his stuff and rushed outside to join Khushi when Aman stopped him in between.

“What happened? It’s your second day at work and you’ve already pissed her off?” Aman asked

“This woman is difficult to understand Aman, I don’t know why she had sudden mood swings and before I get fired, let me go… I’ll tell you everything later” Arnav said as he rushed to the parking.

He joined Khushi in the backseat and looked at her, she had her shades on while there was no sun to be seen, the weather had been rather romantic today, you know the cold cloudy type and he couldn’t understand why she had shades on.

Maybe for fashion or maybe she was hiding something, but what? When she came into his cabin she was completely okay.

He battled with his thoughts as he continued staring at her but she dint look at him even once, they were silent all the way until they arrived at a huge building, the driver parked the car outside and unlocked the doors.

She stepped out as Arnav followed her, she had been silent all this while, it was like yesterday where she was explaining work to him, today she dint say anything, she dint even tell him not to stare at her.

“Note each and every detail in this meeting, theirs is the first fashion show coming up, just in two days so we have to finalize their models today itself, I don’t want any delays or mistakes, I want my company’s reputation to stay in place.” She said as she finally took of her shades and walked in from of him, if she was trying to hide her eyes, she failed miserably because he had already seen them, they were red and puffy, how come he hadn’t noticed that when she walked into his cabin?

“Ma’am… is everything okay?” Arnav asked as he rushed behind her.

“Why do you ask?”

“Your eyes, they were puffy and red.”

“Oh that, it’s just some sort of allergy, I get it every once in a while, but let’s concentrate on the meeting not my eyes.” She said as she walked faster while her stilettos announced her arrival.

The first thing he learnt about her today was that she dint know how to lie, a woman like her who always carried herself out so elegantly wouldn’t just sit like that and do nothing about such an allergy.


Khushi walked out of the conference room after the meeting and started walking back to the parking when Arnav rushed towards her and held her hand as he stopped her.

“Khushi!” he said as he took in a few deep breaths.

Khushi turned to look at him, she looked at her hand holding his and she felt like her insides were burning with rage, how dare he touch her!

“What’s wrong? Everything was okay yesterday, then why the sudden change today? Your behavior is very disturbing, please tell me what it is.” Arnav asked

She pulled her hand out of his hold angrily and looked at him with her bloodshot eyes, she was burning red with rage.

“How dare you hold my hand like that Arnav? And how dare you address me with my name, don’t forget I’m your boss, you either call me boss or ma’am not Khushi and we aren’t close enough that I’ll go on sharing my problems with you.

You are an employee, stay like that, don’t try to get close to me because that isn’t going to work, so next time stay in your limits or I wouldn’t think twice before firing you.”

“As you say ma’am” Arnav said as he walked off irritably while Khushi stood there still trying to control all the mixed emotions inside her.


“How dare you mention Natasha in front of her Arnav?” Aman asked in shock.

“I dint mention her, she dropped me home yesterday and she was surprised to know that I lived there so I told her I was married to Natasha, but what’s the deal with her?”

“No one ever dares to mention the name Natasha in front of her Arnav. I don’t know the real story but I know is that Khushi hates her, and to say she hates her means if given a chance she could also kill her.”

“Wow, she must have done something terrible I guess.”

“So don’t you dare talk to her anything regarding Natasha, its like pressing the danger button, anyway we better get back to work before she finds us conversing, it’s not allowed.”

“Well I can’t mention Natasha to Khushi but I can surely mention Khushi to Natasha, I might get the story from her.”

“Try your luck, just make sure it doesn’t get you into more trouble than you are in right now”

“Don’t worry” Arnav said as he patted Aman’s shoulder and then headed back in his cabin.


Arnav was arranging the plates on the table when Natasha arrived home, she seemed in a rather happy mood today, she was busy humming songs and looking lost in her own world.

Arnav tried to ignore her and concentrated on the table when she walked towards him and got hold of his hand, she twirled him around making him dance with her, although he was curious what made her so happy he dint want to ask.

“Guess what Arnav baby.” She said as Arnav looked at her surprised.

“What?” He asked

“I just got the biggest contract I’ve been trying to get since long, nothing makes me happier than it… I want to celebrate, let’s celebrate, get me a bottle of champagne.”

Arnav nodded as he walked away and returned back with a bottle of champagne in a minutes, he tossed it open and poured it in a glass for her.

She kept on singing merrily as she sipped it from her glass.

“Can I ask you a question?” Arnav asked remembering the story between him and Aman about the hate Khushi had for Natasha.

He had to find out what the story was and why Khushi had so much hate for her, despite all the things Natasha did to him, he dint hate her as much as he felt like Khushi hated him so there had to be definitely a big reason for it.

“Sure, anything…” she said with a smile.

“Do you know Khushi Maheshwari?” Arnav asked hoping it wasn’t going to make her as angry as her name had made Khushi angry.

Natasha stopped doing whatever she was and turned to look at Arnav in shock, she stood still for a moment as if thinking on what to say and then started taking small steps towards Arnav.

“Khushi Maheshwari, the **** of the fashion world” Natasha giggles suddenly.

“Natasha!” Arnav said in an angry tone, his eyes turning red with anger, he had known Khushi for two days only but he knew she was nothing close to what Natasha had just said, there was no way he could believe it.

“Oh My… Are you defending her? What’s the story Arnav, did your love for Kiran vanish in just a few days? I can see Khushi has worked her magic on you, where did you meet her by the way?”

“She’s my boss and I don’t think she is what you mentioned her to be and if I hear any other word against her I’ll lose my temper so badly. Who are you to even judge me or my love for Kiran, you’re just a nobody who knew she’s never going to get me the right way so you decided to blackmail me, look at yourself in the mirror before saying such things about Khushi and you’ll know that Khushi is a hundred times better than you!” Arnav said angrily as he walked away leaving Natasha all shocked.

It had been just two days since he started working with her and he dint know why he felt so protective towards her, it was weird, despite the way she had treated him today, with hatred and anger, he was still here defending her in front of Natasha knowing it might cost him badly.

May 19

Captive In The Dark... Part 6 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 43 times)

Arnav spent the whole night tossing and turning around his bed, there were lots of things going on his mind which weren’t letting him sleep.

Firstly after the conversation with Natasha, she never showed up at the room, although he was happy about it, he knew it was because he had asked her about Khushi.

There was definitely some connection between the both, he couldn’t deny the pain he had noticed in her eyes when she dropped him here, he also noticed the hatred they both had for each other and there had to be something big about it, just that he dint know what it was.

No matter how hard he tried not to think about all this, it was difficult to stop, he was curious, he wanted to know what made them hate each other, as a matter of fact, Natasha was the kind of woman anyone would hate but Khushi, she was different, she wasn’t like Natasha.

Judging on what she was doing with him, he could come only to one conclusion, and that was maybe she did something to Khushi, something terrible.


He sat next to Kiran, holding her hand in his, his eyes were moist, he used to come here daily with the hope that maybe today she would wake up but he always left disappointed.

It had been months now and as much as he dint want to lose hope, he seemed to be losing it, maybe the doctors were right, maybe she was never going to wake up and maybe he should stop hoping but his love for her wasn’t letting him do so.

He believed that one day she would wake up, he wasn’t going to lose hope so easily, he loved her and he would hold on to this hope as long as he could.

“Don’t worry Arnav, I’m sure one day you’ll have her back” Zara said as she walked in.

“How long Zara? How long will you keep on giving me false hope? I know the truth, I know what the other doctors have to say about her, no one is sure if she’ll ever wake up.”

“But I am… believe me, if nothing else she has to come back for you, for your love, she can’t leave without letting you know why she decided to leave you.”

“That’s what keeps haunting me always, I still am not able to understand why she decided to do this to me, does she like seeing me suffer like this?”

“It’s not that Arnav, you just need to be calm and patient, she will wake up one day and that day, you’ll get the answers to all your questions.”

“I don’t even need answers, I just need her.”


Arnav arrived at the office the same time as Khushi, he quickly rushed inside hoping he dint have to face he, he wasn’t sure what moods she came with.

He entered inside the elevator and pressed the button to his floor, the door was about to close when a hand came in between, here she was!

All this while he was trying to escape her and now she was going to be in the same elevator, he took in a few deep breaths and relaxed himself, maybe she wasn’t even going to talk to him.

She walked in, her heels making the usual noise, she stood beside him as the door closed slowly, while he couldn’t stop staring at her as usual, she dint even look at him once.

He dint know what it was about her, but whenever he was around her, he just couldn’t take his eyes off her, there was something really attractive about her.

Suddenly he heard some sort of screeching noise and the lift shook a bit and then stop moving at all, the lights went off and the next moment he could hear someone’s heavy breath.

He turned to look at Khushi immediately and found her looking completely terrified, she had one of her hand on her chest as she tried to breathe while with the other she tried to wave air towards her nose. She was having a panic attack!

“Are you okay?” Arnav asked worriedly as he rushed towards her and got hold of her in his arms just when she was about to fall down.

“Get me out of the lift right now” She whispered in between her heavy breaths.

“I’m sorry ma’am but it looks like there’s been a power cut, please relax, nothing is going to happen.”

“I can’t… it’s too dark in here, it’s a closed place, I need to get out right now!” She ordered.

He could see her panicking badly, she looked terrified just like a little kid terrified of darkness, she was the complete opposite of what he had seen her, he moved closer to her and embraced her in his arms, he held her tight trying to calm her down.

“It’s okay Khushi, look I’m here, everything is going to be okay, I’ll call someone for help, they’ll get us out of here, please be okay” He said pulling his phone out of his pocket.

He was new here, he dint even know anyone so he called the only person he knew, Aman! His best friend, maybe he could call someone and help them get out of the lift.


Half an hour later, when the lift finally started working, Arnav rushed out carrying Khushi in his arms, she had fainted due to the panic and he dint want to take any chances, he wanted to rush her to the hospital so that she could get whatever treatment that was needed.

He put her on the back seat of the car and the hopped in as he instructed the driver where to take them.

He pulled his phone out again and dialed Zara’s number.

“Hey Arnav” He heard her voice.

“Are you at the hospital Zara?” Arnav asked worriedly.

“Yes I am, what happened? Why do you sound so worried?”

“It’s my boss, she fainted, I just wanted to bring her to you so you could check up on her.”

“Did you try to wake her up?”

“Yes, I sprinkled water on her, shook her, tried all I could but she isn’t waking up, she had a panic attack and now she’s unconscious.”

“Okay, I’m at the hospital, you can come, I’ll check on her don’t be worried.”

Arnav nodded as he disconnected the call and told the driver to hurry.


Arnav paced from one place to the other as he waited for Zara to finish checking Khushi, he just hoped she was going to be fine and that it wasn’t something serious.

A few minutes later Zara walked out as Arnav looked at her hopefully.

“How is she? Is there anything serious? Does her family need to be informed, Oh My God! I don’t even know her family members!” Arnav said worriedly.

“Calm down Arnav, There’s nothing to worry about, she’s fine but she’s unconscious, there’s nothing to inform her family about, they’ll get worried for no reason and anyway I’ve injected her, she’ll wake in an hour or two so until then she has to stay here, you can go back to work, I’ll call you as soon as she wakes up.

“Are you sure? I mean I can stay…”

“No Arnav, trust me she’s okay and I promise I will call you once she wakes up, so don’t be worried, just get back to work”

“Okay” Arnav nodded as he walked away, although he dint want to leave her here all alone, he had to go back to work too.

This girl was becoming a mystery for him day by day, at one point she was so strong, so fabulous, and so arrogant that everyone feared her and then on the other hand he was scared of darkness, she had a panic attack when the lift stopped, maybe there are usually two sides of a person, the one that they show to the world and the one that they really are and if his judgement was right, Khushi wasn’t really the bad kind of a person everyone thought she was.

May 22

Captive In The Dark... Part 7 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 41 times)

“How are you feeling now?” Khushi heard a voice when she woke up and struggled to open her eyes.

Everything became clearer in a few seconds, she looked around for a while wondering where she was and how she even ended up here, the last thing she remembered was that she was in the lift with Arnav and the power went off and she panicked.

“Where am I? And how did I come here? And who are you?” She asked

“I’m Dr. Zara and don’t worry you’re in a hospital, you had a panic attack so Arnav brought you here” Zara said.

“Arnav brought me here? You took his name and it sounded like you know him, how do you know him?”

“Yes he brought you here, he was so worried for you and I also know him very well, he usually visits this place.”

“Is he okay? Is his health okay? Why does he have to visit here often?” Khushi asked as she sat up worriedly and looked at Zara hoping for answers, she just hoped there was nothing wrong with his health.

It was funny, how she was worried about him despite knowing him for like two days only.

“He comes to visit Kiran, she’s been here for quite a while now.”

“Kiran? Who’s Kiran?”

“His girlfriend, he loves her a lot… she tried to commit suicide and then she was brought here, although we were able to save her, she’s still in coma.”

Khushi looked at Zara sadly, it was terrible that she had tried to commit suicide but what was more surprising was that Arnav loved her so why was he married to Natasha?

“Isn’t Arnav married? Then how comes he loves Kiran?”

“I don’t know much about it, all I know is that since he brought Kiran here, he makes sure he keeps on visiting her, he’s always worried for her, he keeps hoping that one day she would wake up, anyway that’s too much of information, if he gets to know I told you all this he might not like it but anyway you’re his boss so I thought you ought to know” Zara said as she stood up.

“Where is he right now?”

“I told him to go back to work, he dint want to because he was worried about you but I promised him that I’ll give him a call as soon as you wake up, so I’ll go and call him up, he’ll come to pick you.” She walked away after examining Khushi for a while.

Khushi sat on her bed silently thinking about all that Dr. Zara had told her, she couldn’t understand why Arnav loved someone else and was married to someone else, that too a girl like Natasha, it dint make sense at all.

She stood up from the bed feeling a little bit dizzy but managed to walk properly until she opened the door, she found Dr. Zara standing outside talking to a nurse, she turned to look at Khushi when she stepped out of the room.

“You have to be on your bed until Arnav comes, please go back inside” She said.

“I want to see Kiran, can you please take me to her room?”

“I am sorry but you can’t see her, no one is allowed to visit her apart from Arnav.” Zara said.

“Please, I’ll just see her from far and then return back to my room, I promise I won’t tell Arnav anything about it but I have to see her” Khushi pleaded.

Zara looked confused for a moment but then she nodded positively and held Khushi’s hand leading her t Kiran’s room.

She opened the door for her as they both stood there staring at Kiran. Even after being in coma for so long, she looked as pretty as a fresh flower, Khushi stared at her for a while and then walked back to her room.

Why would Arnav leave a girl like Kiran to be with someone like Natasha, who dint know what love was? There had to be something.

She had just settled down on the bed when Arnav walked in, he smiled seeing her well.

“How are you feeling?” He asked

“Much better, but if I stay here any longer, I might actually get sick, can we please go back to the office?”

“No, I’ve come with your driver, he’ll drop me back to the office and take you back home, you need to rest.”

“It was just a panic attack Arnav, it keeps happening, besides I have a lot of work to do.”

“I’ll handle it all, don’t worry about work, just go home and rest, only if you promise me that, then I’ll take you, otherwise I’ll leave you to stay here for the day.”

“Fine I’ll go home” Khushi said as she stood up.

Arnav rushed towards her to help her, he got hold of her hand and they both walked outside.

When the passed by Kiran’s room, Arnav stopped for a moment and stared at the door, his expressions changed suddenly, there was a lot of pain in his eyes, it was definite that he loved this girl a lot.

“What happened?” Khushi asked pretending that she dint know anything about Kiran.

“Nothing, let’s go” he said trying to fake a smile on his face.


While in the car, both Arnav and Khushi sat silently stealing glances at each other, neither of them had anything to say.

For a moment Arnav felt like asking her why she got angry about Natasha but then he thought it might make her angry again so he decided to shut up and sit silently.

“When did you get married?” Khushi asked

“Just a day before I joined work, why do you ask?” Arnav looked at Khushi in surprise, he definitely wasn’t expecting this question from her.

“Just like that…” She shrugged.

“Can I ask you something if you promise not to get angry on me?”

“Sure, ask anything” She said with a smile “But before that stop staring at me, I told you I know I am beautiful and it’s hard to keep your eyes off me, but I’m your boss” Khushi smiled.

“Arnav looked away as a half smiled formed up on his face, it was good to see her like this once again unlike her being the typical angry young woman.

“How do you know Natasha? And why did you get angry when I told you I was her husband?”

Arnav was hoping for her to be angry again and to start shouting at him but nothing of such sort happened, she just sat there silently not answering him.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to answer it” Arnav said.

The driver stopped the car in front of their office entrance, Arnav looked at Khushi wondering if he should bid her a goodbye or not.

He was silent for a moment but then he turned to unlock the door, he looked at Khushi one last time before closing the door and found her looking at him.

“She is my sister Arnav.” Khushi whispered while Arnav looked at her in shock.

She moved towards his side and pulled the door close, the driver drover away while Arnav kept on standing in his place like a statue.

Khushi and Natasha were sister?

How the hell on earth was that possible?

Sisters were supposed to love each other weren’t they? Not hate each other like they hated each other.

What could have happened to make them hate each other like this?

This was something he hadn’t expected even in his worst nightmare.

He took a few deep breaths trying to relax and then headed inside the office, this particular piece of information was pretty shocking.

May 24

Captive In The Dark... Part 8 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 43 times)

“Dinner’s ready” Arnav said to Natasha who was busy watching some fashion show on the television.

She looked at him and then stood up and headed to the table where Arnav was waiting for her, she sat down as he served her dinner.

“You know I don’t like treating you like this Arnav” She said looking him into the eyes.

“Then why do you?” Arnav asked feeling irritated.

“Because all I ever wanted was for you to love me, but you dint… you still love that! I don’t even want to mention her name. Why are you so blind Arnav? Why can’t you see how much I love you? if you love me like I love you I promise everything will be okay, you’ll not even have to do all this for me in fact I’ll be doing it for you as your wife.

Your life would be free, you wouldn’t be forced for anything and you’ll also be able to do whatever you want, the only thing I ask for is love in return” She said as she got hold of his hand.

Arnav pulled his hand off and took a few steps behind looking at this woman, she was just so ridiculous.

“Love is not forces Natasha, neither is there a way where I would ever stop loving Kiran and fall for someone else, especially not a person like you.

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror? Who would even love you? Just because you have a pretty face doesn’t mean you have a pretty heart.”

“If I dint have a good heart I wouldn’t be paying Kiran’s hospital bills!”

“You are paying her bills because you have me in return, don’t act like you’re doing me a favor. Dinner’s ready, eat whatever you feel like, I’m off to bed” Arnav said as he pulled off his apron and threw it on the kitchen counter angrily.

He looked at her feeling disgusted, maybe there was a genuine reason behind why Khushi hated her own sister this much, anyone would hate her for being such an awful human being.

He headed upstairs to his room, he sat on the bed wondering about what could have happened between Natasha and Khushi, the two sisters who dint even wish to see each other’s face.

He was busy making all the possible theories up in his mind trying to find answers when the bedroom door opened and Natasha walked in, he dint even lift his head to look at her, with every passing day, his hatred towards her kept on increasing.

She walked towards him and sat next to him, sliding her hand on his, she looked at him lustfully.

“You know I don’t tolerate anyone talking to me like that, but you my love, you are so special to me, and I would hear a thousand bitter words from you.”

She drew designs on his cheeks with her finger irritating the hell out of him.

Arnav stood up and walked aside while Natasha stared at him with a smile on her face.

“Are we playing games now? I like it.” She walked towards him and got hold of him again.

“Let go off me Natasha, I am not here to fulfil your lustful desires” Arnav said as he pushed her away angrily.

“Of course you are here for that, why the hell on earth do you think I got married to you? You have to fulfil all my desires and I won’t hear otherwise.

Just because I am acting good with you doesn’t mean you’ll start saying no to me, remember you aren’t allowed to refuse me for anything and now if I want to make love to you you’ll let me!”

She pushed him to the bed and jumped on him like a hungry beast, no matter how much he hated this and no matter how much he wanted to escape this he knew he could, he was trapped and there was never going to be a way to escape this until Kiran woke up, only then he would be able to get rid of this woman from his life.

“Come on darling, don’t be so unromantic, get off your clothes” Natasha said as she unbuttoned his shirt.

Arnav laid on the bed silently like a dead body, every time she got into bed with him, he hated himself for doing this to Kiran, he just hoped that one day she would understand that he did this for her.


There was a knock at the door of Arnav’s cabin but he seemed too lost to be paying attention to anything.

Khushi pushed the door open and walked inside calling out his name but he dint respond, he wasn’t even blinking his eyes.

“Arnav! I am talking to you.” Khushi shook his slightly.

“Yes ma’am, I’m sorry ma’am I’m just a bit stressed, anyway what were you saying?”

“I came here to get the minutes of yesterday’s meeting, I hope you have it ready… and what’s stressing you up?”

“Yes they are ready, I’ll just print out a copy for you”

He quickly switched on his laptop to print out the minutes while Khushi stood in front of him with her arms folded, she stared at him as he tried hard to concentrate on the printing as if it was something so difficult for him to do.

He walked towards the printer and stapled the few pages and walked back towards Khushi as he handed them to her.

“You never answered my question.” Khushi said as she got hold of his hand and pulled him back suddenly.

Arnav looked at her strangely, it was like he’d got an adrenaline rush just the moment she touched him, everything felt so different suddenly, he stared at her with his mouth open when Khushi realized that she was holding his hand.

She let go off and looked at him waiting for an answer but he was still staring at her without speaking a word.


“Yes ma’am, I’m sorry it’s just something personal I’m stressed about.” Arnav replied.

“I just hope it doesn’t affect my work then, get back to work and finish up everything else” Khushi said as she walked away looking irritated.

Arnav settled down his chair and turned to look towards Khushi’s cabin, he found her sited on her chair already staring at him, she looked worried but he dint know what she was worried about.

She gestured at him to smile while Arnav smiled lightly and concentrated on his work.

Khushi was staring at the print out Arnav had just handed to her but her mind was completely somewhere else.

All that was going on in her mind was everything she learnt yesterday about Arnav, and the only thing that came up in her mind again and again was why would Arnav get married to Natasha if he loved Kiran?

What could have been the reason? Was she blackmailing him for something or there was something else she dint know about.

There was some kind of protectiveness she felt towards him, although she had just known him for a few days, it felt like he was going through what she had been through once, and she knew how terrible it felt being there, all she wanted to do was to help him if he was in any such kind of a situation.

Maybe she needed to talk to him and make him trust her enough to tell her about what was going on, at least if nothing else, he would be able to get back with the girl he loves who was lying in the hospital bed at the moment.

She stood up and headed to his cabin once again, she wouldn’t let what happened to her happen to someone else and so she had to talk to him about it.

She walked in while Arnav was trying to work, he looked at her as soon as she stepped in, he stood up wondering what was up, did he make some errors in the minutes?

“What happened ma’am?” He asked

“We need to talk Arnav…” She said.

“About what?”

“About Natasha, my so called sister and your wife, I want to know why you are married to her, I’m sure it’s not because of love or something, is she blackmailing you?” Khushi asked in one breath.

“I’m sorry” Arnav said as he looked at her in surprise.

Did he really hear what she had just asked him or was his mind so lost into thinking about the mess in his life that he thought she was actually asking him that?

May 26

Captive In The Dark... Part 9 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 35 times)

“I asked why you are married to her” Khushi said.

“If I ask you why you hate her so much despite you both being sisters, will you answer me?”

Khushi stared at him awkwardly for a moment and then walked away pretending nothing had happened, there was no way she was ever going to tell him about it, she dint even want to think of it or remember what had happened in the past.

All she knew was that this woman called Natasha Oberoi wasn’t her sister but her biggest enemy and she would hate her forever.

“Does it look like a holiday? Why isn’t anyone working?” Khushi shouted at the employees who were busy talking to each other or doing nothing.

She stared at them angrily as everyone went silent and headed back to work, she then walked to her cabin and settled down on the chair.

No matter how much she tried she couldn’t stop thinking about the marriage between Natasha and Arnav, it wasn’t what it really seemed to be, because she knew her sister very well and she wasn’t someone who would marry a guy like Arnav because he wasn’t rich.


“Abhay! Stop it Abhay!” She giggled as she tried to escape him but he was holding her tight and tickling her so much she couldn’t stop laughing.

“Say you won’t call me that name again and then I’ll let you go.” He said

“Okay, I promise I won’t call you baby again, baby” Khushi giggled again.

“You’re doing it again, now I’ll have to find another way to make you stop” he said letting her go.

Khushi turned to him and locked both her arms around his neck, looking him into the eyes, she blushed.

“It’s a way of showing love to you Mr. Boring Abhay Oberoi”

“There are many other names you can call me, baby makes me feel like a kid, and like you’re my mother” He laughed.

“You’re impossible” Khushi slapped him on his arm and pulled back from him to walk away, but he got hold of her waist and pulled her closer, she crashed on his chest, her heartbeats were going crazy, every time she was this close to him, her whole body reacted differently.

He brushed his thumb on her lips and stared at them lovingly, slowly he moved closer to kiss her and just when he was about to kiss her, they heard the door of the room open.

“Oops! I’m sorry, I dint know some serious romance was going on” Natasha said as she quickly turned around.

“You always walk in at the wrong moment!” Khushi said feeling irritated.

“Looks like your sister is jealous of us being together, whenever I am about to kiss you she walks in and doesn’t let me kiss you” Abhay giggled.

“You caught me there” Natasha giggled

“I knew it, I am too hot for any girl to be able to resist me, Khushi girls must be jealous of you” Abhay winked

“Shut up you both!” Khushi laughed as she slapped Abhay’s arm lightly once again and they all ended up laughing.

“Now will you leave? I want to kiss my girlfriend and I’m not a fan of PDA” Abhay said to Natasha.

“You aren’t allowed to kiss my sister, I’m not leaving” Natasha teased.

“Well then enjoy the view” Abhay winked at her as he got hold of Khushi’s waist and pulled her closer, locking his lips with her.


“Ma’am!” Aman’s voice brought her out of the memories she was lost in.

She turned her seat around and quickly wiped the tears that had formed in her eyes and then turned to look at Aman once again.

“Yes tell me Aman”

“This is list the list of the new models who were shortlisted, you had asked for it” Aman said

“Oh yes, leave it here, I’ll check on it, if there’s anything else urgent that needs to be done today let me know in like ten minutes, I’ll be leaving after that and won’t come back until tomorrow”

“Sure ma’am” Aman nodded as he walked out of the cabin.

“Are you going somewhere?” Arnav asked as he walked in just a few minutes after Aman had left.

“Excuse me, am I the boss or are you the boss?” Khushi raised her eyebrow.

“You are the boss but we had a meeting today and now Aman is informing me that if there’s anything urgent I let you know because you’ll be leaving soon”

“Calm down Arnav, I am the boss I make my own decisions, you don’t have to question them, so if there’s anything urgent let me know, going for the meeting or not is my decision”

“Are you always this rude?”

“Well if you dint realize that until now or dint hear about it from the staff I can’t do anything about it, now let’s talk work”

“You were the one who told me the meeting was important and now you don’t want to go for it, you know it’s hard to understand you at times Khushi, are you talking to me like this because I asked you about what happened between you and your sister?”

“She’s not my sister Arnav!” Khushi stood up angrily.

“Fine I am sorry, you asked me a question I did the same in return and if I’m not angry on you for asking me you shouldn’t be angry on me for asking you.”

“Don’t you think you’re talking too much? Have you looked at all the employees in this office? They never talk to me like you do, don’t forget I can fire you, your job isn’t permanent yet”

“Well if I get fired for saying the right thing guess what, I’ll not regret it, I am not the one who fears getting fired so I’m not going to sit down being scared of you like everyone else”

“Oh yes, why would you fear getting fired you have Natasha to finance all your needs, what difference would it make if you sit at home and do nothing or work and earn? She does that doesn’t she? Buys boys for her pleasure, she bought you too dint she? That’s why even though your girlfriend is lying there in hospital, instead of being with her, you are married to Natasha having fun in your life, enjoying the money she’s spending on you. Why do you even need to earn?”

Arnav stared at Khushi angrily, he had always tried to stay calm about everything but this, was making him angrier than anything else, how could she even think that way about him?

Even though it had been few days since he started working with her, he never disrespected her, but todays he crossed all the limits, she disrespected him!

“You don’t even know one percent of my life so next time before you speak such nonsense about me, think twice, just because I need this job doesn’t mean I’ll listen to your nonsense or allow you to disrespect me.

I am sorry I was concerned for the company because I thought that’s my duty but do whatever you want to, if you don’t want to attend the meeting don’t, I don’t give a damn!”

He marched out of the cabin angrily while Khushi stood there in shock, yes she realized she had said something wrong after it had already come out of her mouth but the way he talked to her! No one had ever talked to her in that tone.

She walked out of her cabin angrily and headed outside, since Arnav came into her life, her past was once again coming back in front of her.

She had lived all this years trying to forget about it and when she had finally forgotten about it, it all came flashing in front of her eyes once again.

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