Captive In The Dark

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Jun 15

Captive In The Dark... Part 20 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 35 times)

Arnav turned back to his computer as he started explaining whatever he had found out to Khushi, but her mind was somewhere else, she was just staring at him not listening to what he was saying.

She was looking at the movement of his mouth as he spoke, she looked at his eyes as he blinked, everything about him was so mesmerizing.

He pushed his chair back and started walking around the cabin while he continued with his explanation, Khushi followed him with her eyes everywhere, staring at him, admiring him.

“So is that okay with you?” Arnav asked.

Khushi remained silent without saying a word, Arnav waited for her to answer but when she dint, he walked towards her and shook her.

“What happened?” Khushi asked.

“Don’t tell me you haven’t heard a thing! I have been explaining something all this while Khushi!”

“I am sorry, my mind was just somewhere else…”

“Hey… look I know you are worried if you’ll find Abhay or not but I’m here and trust me we’ll find him and then you’ll learn the whole truth, and maybe you would even have him back in your life, I know you still love him so much.” Arnav said as he sat next to her and looked her into the eyes.

She tried to smile trying to understand what was happening to her suddenly, for the first time, whatever Arnav said wasn’t right, she wasn’t thinking about Abhay but him, she wasn’t worried about anything, she was just staring at him and that’s why she dint listen to a thing he was saying.

“He cheated on me with my sister Arnav, how can I even think of getting back with him?” Khushi asked.

“Because you love him Khushi, and we don’t know what happened, why he did that, there might be a reason and if it’s convincing enough, I don’t see any reason not to do that.”

“I am confused, I don’t know what to do, maybe let’s find him first and see what he has to say, after that I’ll do whatever my heart tells me to do.” Khushi said.

“You’ll do whatever your brain tells you to do, the heart is an organ Khushi, its job is to pump blood, only the brain has the capability of thinking and making us do something.”

“Arnav, are you really in love with Kiran?” Khushi asked.

“Why do you ask that?” Arnav asked in surprise as he stood up.

“I’m seeing you as the first person who despite being in love doesn’t believe that the heart has a role to play it in, I mean when you fell in love, did your heart tell you about it or your brain?”

“Of course the brain! You girls just like to complicate things, the heart talks… what does it talk?” He asked as he got hold of her hand and placed it on his chest.

Khushi felt an adrenaline rush, she got goosebumps while she stared at Arnav in awe, as soon as he did this, she felt so many things she couldn’t explain.

Anchuhe the sapne mere tune chuliye… chupke chupke dil me aaya tu jadoo liye…

Tere hogayi hoon, tujhko pata bhi to ho… mere pyaar me teri raza bhi to ho…

Pehli dafa hai ki mujhme tu chalka hai… mere rangon me kuch dhang hai tere jaise bhi…

Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi… kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi…

“Can you hear my heart talking anything? And you say the heart talks.” Arnav giggled as he left her hand and walked away.

Khushi was left stuck like a statue, her mind couldn’t think of anything else but what she had felt when Arnav got hold of her hand and placed it on his chest, the feeling she had when she felt his heartbeat, it was something completely different, something beautiful.

“You are lost again! What’s up with you today Khushi?” Arnav asked as he walked back to her.

“Nothing.” Khushi replied in what sounded like a whisper.

“I think we’ll discuss this tomorrow, your mind is completely somewhere else, it’s time for me to leave too, I have some cooking to do at home, so see you tomorrow.”

“Yeah, we’ll talk tomorrow.” Khushi said.

Arnav stared at her for a moment and the walked towards the table, he picked up his phone and walked out of the cabin leaving Khushi there, yet lost in thoughts.

Khushi stood up and walked towards Arnav’s chair, she sat on it and looked around the cabin, suddenly the cabin looked more beautiful than it had been all this days.

She giggled at her own thoughts as she walked outside the cabin smiling to herself when Aman stopped in front of her suddenly.

“I’m sorry ma’am I know this is late and you had asked for the documents in the morning but it took me time to prepare them, if you could take some time and sign them, I’ll get them sent tomorrow.” Aman said.

“Come, bring them to my cabin” Khushi said with a smile as she headed to her cabin.

Aman stood there in awe, since he started working here, he had never seen Khushi smiling, and knowing he was late with the work, he was expecting her to shout at him or even fire him, but her reaction was completely different from what he had expected.

There was something that had definitely changed in her, and he was so sure it was because of Arnav, he had noticed it from the beginning.


Arnav arrived home and found Natasha already there, she was in the hall sitting on the sofa watching TV, he walked past by her and was surprise that she dint say a word to him.

He headed to his room and freshened up and then went back downstairs to prepare dinner.

As he walked into the kitchen, he looked at Natasha who was still engrossed in the TV, so he also decided to ignore her.

He opened the fridge and looked at what was inside, wondering what he was going to cook.

“Don’t cook for me Arnav, I’m going out for dinner.” Natasha shouted from the hall.

“Dinner? With who?” Arnav shouted back.

“Why are you suddenly interested in my life? Stop behaving like a husband, I mean I would have allowed you to ask me such husbandly questions if we got married normally.” Natasha replied back.

“Fine go, as if I care!” Arnav said as he shut the fridge angrily and headed to his room, if Natasha was going out for dinner, he dint have to cook, he would just order pizza for himself.

He sat down on his bed as he pulled out his phone from the pocket and started going through the numbers, when it hit his mind suddenly, he couldn’t stay at home, not when Natasha was going out.

She dint even tell him who she was going out on dinner with, what if it was Abhay? He had to keep an eye on her like Khushi had told him to, and if she was actually going for dinner with Abhay, they wouldn’t have to work harder looking for him.

He quickly got dressed and kept an eye on Natasha from the room, waiting for the time she would leave so he could follow her.

His phone beeped as he pulled it out of his pocket again and stared at the screen, there was a notification saying he had received a text message from Khushi.

“Done with the cooking?” it read.

“Not cooking today, Natasha’s going out for dinner.” He replied back.

“How about we go for dinner to then? I’ll pick you up.”

“I wish, but I think she’s going to dinner with Abhay so I’ll have to follow her, we can have the dinner sometime later?”

“Sure, keep me informed on what happens and make sure she doesn’t know you’re following her, she’s very cunning.”

“Don’t worry, I know, anyway I’ll talk to you later, looks like she’s leaving.” Arnav pressed the send button and put the phone back inside his pocket.

Natasha stood up as she stared at her wrist watch for a moment, she then shut the TV and walked out of the mansion, Arnav waited for her to go outside completely and then followed her.

Today he had to find about Abhay’s whereabouts at any cost, there were so many answers he needed and he could get them form Abhay only.

He just hoped everything was going to go well today, he jumped on his bike and followed Natasha’s car making sure she dint notice him.

10 hours ago

Captive In The Dark... Part 21 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 26 times)

Natasha walked inside the hotel and settled down at a table in the corner, the waiter walked towards her as he handed her the menu and then walked away, Arnav kept an eye for her hoping he would soon see Abhay.

A few minutes later, a man walked towards the table and settled down opposite Natasha, Arnav took a clear look at him trying to figure out if he was Abhay or not but then it clicked his mind, he had never seen Abhay! How was he going to know if he was the one or not?

He pulled out his phone from the pocket and dialed Khushi’s number on it, Khushi received the call at the first ring.

“How will I recognize Abhay? Do you have a picture? Maybe you can send it to me.” Arnav said.

“No I don’t, I deleted everything, dint you see his picture on the internet when you were doing the research?”

“I think I did, but I’m not sure, I’ll just check on it again.”

“No, tell me where you are? If he’s there I want to put an end to the mystery today itself, I’ll come there.”

“Okay, I’m texting you the location, be here as soon as possible, meanwhile I’ll keep an eye on them” he disconnected the call and looked at Natasha once again, she was happily talking to the man, they both were laughing, it looked like they liked each other’s company better.

He checked for Abhay’s picture on the internet, it dint take him much time until he found the picture, he looked at the picture and stared at the man who was sited with Natasha realizing he wasn’t Abhay.

Of course it wasn’t going to be him, if Abhay was actually alive why would he even want to see Natasha’s face after all that happened?

He put his phone back inside the pocket and headed outside the hotel just when he saw Khushi’s car, she parked it and then stepped out as she ran towards Arnav.

“What happened? Why are you outside here? Weren’t you supposed to keep an eye on them? Tell me Arnav, was that guy Abhay? Was he really the one? Does that mean that he’s actually alive? I’ll go and talk to him right away.” Khushi said as she tried to walk away but Arnav got hold of her hand and pulled her back.

“It’s not Abhay, it was another man.” Arnav said.

“Oh… I don’t know how I thought it must be him, I forgot how cunning Natasha was.”

“Hey, it’s okay, don’t spoil your moods, if not today, we will find him some other day, you had asked me if we could go for dinner right? I’m so hungry, can we go somewhere?” Arnav asked.

“Sure.” Khushi smiled at him.


Arnav stopped is bike on the road side while Khushi parked her car behind his bike wondering why he had stopped here suddenly.

She stepped out and walked towards him while he took of his helmet and placed it on top of the seat, he looked at Khushi excitedly.

“Why did we stop here Arnav?” Khushi asked.

“Because I dint feel like eating in some fancy restaurant, how about the roadside pani puri? Look there’s a stall over there.” Arnav said as he pointed towards the pani puri stall.

Khushi looked at it excitedly as she rushed there in a hurry while Arnav followed her in confusion, they both stopped next to the stall and made the order.

“Arnav, how many times would I have to tell you that I know I am beautiful, but if you find me so beautiful that you can’t take your eyes of me, I would love a compliment too?” Khushi said to Arnav when she saw him staring at her.

“Nothing like that.” Arnav laughed.

“You mean I’m not beautiful?” Khushi looked at him with a pout.

“No, I dint mean it that way, I mean to say that I was only staring at you because when I mentioned about the roadside food to you, I thought you would start talking about hygiene and stuff but you behaved completely opposite, so I was just a little surprised.”

“Oh, you don’t know my love for pani puri then, I’m crazy about it, and I do eat at the roadsides too.” Khushi said.

“That’s great.” Arnav smiled at her.

The stall owner started serving both Arnav and Khushi the pani puri in a tiny plate one by one, Khushi looked at it excitedly as if it was something huge and not just a pani puri.

She put it whole inside her mouth and ate it with so much excitement, it was all something new for Arnav, seeing her so happy, being herself and doing all this, it was beautiful, she was beautiful!

He couldn’t stop staring at her, the way she was telling the stall owner to make it spicier for her, the way she ate it, the way she reacted on the taste, everything about her was so beautiful.

A tear dropped down her eyes suddenly and Arnav looked at her worriedly, he moved closer to her and got hold of her arms.

“What happened? Why are you crying?” He asked.

“Relax Arnav, it’s just the spice, I love eating too spicy and then this happens.” She giggled and more tears rolled down her eyes.

Arnav nodded in confusion as he pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped her tears with it, she looked at him and for a moment they both shared an eye lock.

Khushi moved closer to him, she dint know why she felt so much of attraction towards him suddenly, but right now, she felt like she wanted to kiss him, she wanted to taste his lips, his mouth and everything about him.

Arnav dint react a bit on her movement as with every passing second, she kept on moving closer and closer to his mouth, her lips almost touching his, she tried a lot to stop herself but then something inside her was pushing her to it.

On the other side of the road, a car passing by slowed down, the window rolled down while Natasha looked at Arnav and Khushi in shock.

Arnav pulled himself back as he looked at Khushi in surprise, she was so close to kissing him, what would have happen if she had?

He couldn’t do this, it wasn’t right, he couldn’t cheat on Kiran like this, he loved her and whatever that was between him and Natasha was different than what was brewing up between him and Khushi.

“I am sorry, I just…” Khushi tried to explain.

“I think it’s late, we should go home.” Arnav said as he pulled out his wallet.

“I’m paying, I was the one who asked you to join me for dinner.”

“No, I am paying, you can pay when we go for dinner in a fancy restaurant, I won’t be able to afford that.” Arnav winked.

Khushi laughed at him and she nodded while he paid the bill and then headed back, she got inside the car as Arnav waved a goodbye to her.

She drove off while he sat there on his bike, trying to think about the whole thing that had happened just a while back.

He dint know what wrong he was doing, did he ever do anything to make Khushi feel like this for him? She was almost going to kiss him and it also took him so much time until he could stop her, what if it had happened? Could he ever be able to forgive himself for this?

He got on the bike and drove to the hospital, he had to see Kiran, he wasn’t giving her much time nowadays and maybe this was the reason why he had started feeling this way.

Maybe if he’d see her and stay with her for a while, everything was going to be okay, he would stop feeling whatever he was feeling.

The whole place was silent, Arnav slowly walked to Kiran’s room, she was yet in coma, deep asleep. He sat next to her wondering how long she was going to stay like this, how long she was going to be asleep, would she ever wake up?

He got hold of her hand and pressed it between his hand, he stared at her beautiful face, the face that was always so happy, that never lacked a smile, hadn’t reacted even a bit for so many days.

“Please wake up, I miss you Kiran, please wake up and then maybe life would stop being so difficult.” Arnav said as he leaned on her hand while tears rolled down his eyes.

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