OS - How it started..

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May 14

OS - How it started.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 128 times)

At a coffee shop..

Khushi’s POV

Tapping my feet impatiently waiting for my coffee to arrive, I looked at my surroundings with everyone satisfied with their orders and happily having their coffee, their sweets, their sandwiches and so on! Only I was made to wait like this, just for one coffee!

“Unbelievable..” I rolled my eyes. Perhaps my friends were right, if I had a boyfriend then all this wait wouldn’t been noticed by me, I would have been happily chatting with him just like the couple at the table in front of me and time would just pass by.

The waiter came towards me breaking my thoughts; he placed the coffee on my table with a sweet smile as if he doesn’t know how much I was waiting for my coffee.

In return, I unwillingly vent out my frustration on him with a glare, which didn’t seem to affect him.


“Well.. your eyes are beautiful, but I prefer mine, because without mine I cannot see yours ..” the waiter said smirking.

“Excuse me.. do you even know what you’re saying?” Khushi widened her eyes.

“The truth!” he shrugged his shoulder as if he doesn’t know what he just did.

“Don’t cross your limits Mr.. I will complain to your manager, first you made me wait for this coffee for so long and now flirting with me!” she said rudely.

“I’m not flirting with you! I think I’m falling for you..” he smiled.

“What the.. You just saw me now and already fell in love?” she asked sarcastically.

“Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I come through here one more time?” he smirked.

“Very funny.. Keep your flirting lines for yourself and use it for another girl, not me..” she looked at him sharply, “I’m Khushi Kumari Gupta, do you get that?”

“Beautiful name just like the owner!” he smirked again, irritating her more. Khushi just left the coffee untouched, and left from there angrily.

“Arnav yaar.. what happened?” a man of his age came running to him with a worried face, “What did you do with her that she left so angry?”

“I just told her that I fell in love with her!” Arnav winked as he took the coffee from the table and sipped it.

“What? Are you mad or what Arnav? Do you even know who is she? Khushi Kumari Gupta! Owner of KK fashion industry.. Do you know who her father is? Shashi Gupta, owner of KK’s hotel.. And do you know my manager? Arnav if she complains to my manager, then I’m going to be fired for letting you work on my place! I shouldn’t have given this responsibility to you! I’m trapped!” his friend cried.

“Do you know who I’m? Arnav Singh Raizada! Owner of AR..” he said proudly.

“Are you comparing your starting company to hers?” his friend mocked him.

“One day I will reach to her level okay.. I trust my capabilities!” he raised his brows, “And it’s your mistake to ask me to do this job, how do you even handle so many orders at one time? I delayed on getting her coffee that’s why she got angry..”

“WHAT? Arnav you should have attended her first.. Oh God, what I’m going to do with you? And what’s going to happen with me now? My boss will kill me for sure!” Akash, his friend widened his eyes.

“And..” Arnav gulped, “I .. said some romantic lines to her.. she said she would really complain to the manager!” he looked at Akash with sorry look.

Akash made a he’s-going-to-faint look. Arnav stare at his watch, “I’m getting late bro.. I’ll get going!”

“Go now.. after sending me to hell, go and enjoy your AR heaven!” Akash rolled his eyes.

Arnav chuckled, “Don’t take tension, she won’t complain about it!”

“How do you know?” Akash pouted.

“Let’s make a bet then!” Arnav smirked. Akash nodded, “Done!”

“If she complains that means she didn’t like me, and if she doesn’t she liked me!” Arnav said. Akash frowned, “How does that benefit me?”

“Stop thinking about yourself Akash, you’re at least married to Payal.. I’m still bachelor na!” Arnav said and went from there.

Akash chuckled shaking his head, “You’ll never change pagal!”


At night..

Gupta mansion..

Khushi laid on the bed and closed her eyes exhausted of working all day, but then this is the best feeling for her, if she gets tired that means she really worked.

It was always like this for her, she was a brilliant student and always kept her focus on her studies just like her father. While her friends were busy on their crushes, she was always busy with her work!

Her friends are now complaining to her to find a boyfriend, it’s not that she doesn’t want, but she never had time for these things and neither found a man whom her heart accepts.

Thinking about all this, his face flashed on her mind. He was kind of different, such a handsome face, that killer smirk.. and a flirt!

She pouted and turned to other side of the bed, “First time someone dared to talk with me like that..”


Next day..

At the same coffee shop..

Here she found herself ordering her coffee, and then she kept her eyes looking for HIM. But he wasn’t there.

“Ma’am your coffee..” Akash placed it on the table, Khushi looked at him surprised, “So quick!”

“Sorry ma’am .. That day it was my friend who worked in my place, he didn’t know how to manage things here.. I had to leave urgently because my wife is pregnant and she needed me, that’s why he did this favor for me.. please don’t complain to the manager about this..” Akash pleaded.

“Oh that’s okay I didn’t complain to the manager.. by the way what is his name? Does he come here always?” she asked curiously, she doesn’t believe it she’s curious to know about him! But then, he’s special.. the man who dared to flirt with her and confess his love openly!!

“Arnav Singh Raizada! And I just come here when you come here..” he appeared suddenly and sat on the empty chair smiling. Akash send a quick prayer to DM so that Arnav doesn’t spoil things more here.

Khushi bit her lips embarrassed as he caught her asking for him.

“Akash you know I’m such a lucky guy!” Arnav said looking at him. “Why?” Akash stammered.

“Because I’m near KKG.. “ Arnav said teasingly. Khushi glared at him, “You! Shameless.. Stop flirting with me!”

“I’m not flirting with you..  I’m really saying I fell in love with you and you don’t believe it..”

“Yeah.. I don’t believe in you!  Why should I? Someone suddenly comes and say he loves me, and I should blindly believe it?” she shrugged.

“You shouldn’t believe it if it’s other men, not me!” he said, “I don’t lie..”

“Oh, so are you some kind of saint?” she mocked.

“I was but after seeing you many bad thoughts are running in my mind!” Arnav said.

“Shiiiii.. Idiot..Don’t know why I am wasting time with you!” she glared at him and stood up to go. Arnav laughed, “Finish your coffee first..”

She left from there and her driver opened the car’s door for her immediately, she got in the car and turned to the coffee shop. Akash was scolding him, but he was staring at her smiling ignoring his friend.


KK’s fashion house..

Khushi’s POV..

Here I was in my cabin laughing at him thinking about our two recent meetings when I’m supposed to be angry, no? He flirted with me, but I did nothing.. He’s really special! God, really special that I stopped working only to think about him!

Smacking my head, I turned to my laptop and tried hard to concentrate on my work, but end up laughing like crazy again reminding his flirting lines!

My PA walked in the cabin and found me laughing alone, she must be thinking I’m mad but won’t say anything, and its kind an awkward situation for both of us.                                                                                                                   

“Ma’am it’s time for the meeting..” she said and I nodded.


At night..

Khushi was returning home, when she saw Arnav walking on the desert roads alone.

“Ram uncle.. Please stop the car..” she asked the driver, and peeked the window shouting, “Arnav!!”

Arnav turned to them; he smiled recognizing her face and walked to her car.

“What are you doing this late night alone?” she asked.

“I’m kind of lost.. Can you inform the way to reach to your heart?” he asked smirking.

Khushi blushed; it’s first time a man managed to keep her speechless. First time she felt likes this!

“You come in.. Ram uncle will drop you..” she said and opened the car’s door giving space for him.

Arnav got in the car. “Where do you want to go beta?” the driver asked.

Arnav told the address and they head to his house. When they reached, Khushi was admiring the house, it was simple yet elegant and beautiful with a little garden outside increasing it’s beauty.

“Did you like your house?” he asked.

She looked at him confused.  “When we both marry, you’re coming to stay with me here na?”

She rolled her eyes smiling, “Good night Arnav!”

“Good night..” he smiled, and walked to leave.

“Arnav..” she shouted. He turned and walked near her car again, “Bolo..”

“I want to meet you tomorrow! Same time.. Same coffee shop!” she demanded smiling. Yes, her heart started to accept this man!

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