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May 17

IPKKND - ARNAV’S KHUSHI - HIS PEFECT MATCH (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 53 times)




Hello Members of MYeDuniaya, I’m here with a new story! Hope you enjoy. It’s a short story of Arnav and Khushi my take from Payal’s Mehendi Scene where Arnav went for a meeting without informing anyone making both Khushi and Anjali along with the family worried for him.


As in the show Akash and NK came down to the hall, dressed in Saree where the Mehendi cerebration was happening. Being caught by Nani, Akash covers up saying he needed to give a message whereas Nk put the blame on his Nanav, stating that it was his Nanav’s idea. This angered Nani as she had warned them not to come downstairs, as this ceremony is strictly restricted to male hence asked Nk to call Arnav.


On the other hand, this shock Khushi,  who without realizing said Arnav’s name out loud when the Mehendi Lady was asking which Initial she want part of the design hence hearing Khushi take Arnav’s name the Mehendi lady end up writing “A” for ARNAV in Khushi’s hand. While Khushi was having a mental self-debate with her DM, not to sent Arnav downstairs as her Dhak Dhak will start again.



After looking for Arnav everywhere, NK came to inform Nani that Arnav is nowhere to be found. Hearing this Anjali became worried; HP informed her that Arnav Bhaiya might be outside making Khushi happy as nowadays she is very confused with her feeling - having difficulty to understand her heartbeat increases within Arnav’s close proximity. However, Anjali is worried for her Chotey as he normally does not go anywhere without informing anyone especially when there is celebration in the house, moreover he is not attending her call which is very unlike her Chotey, unless he is in trouble.



Anjali quickly goes to attend the door as someone ring the doorbell, only to find Smita, the Mehendi Specialist who came especially to put the Bride Mehendi. Khushi was busy pulling her Jiji’s legs in Akash Jiju name making her red like tomato. While, Anjali was busy to make yet another phone call to Arnav, and gets more worried when his number is still unreachable. With this new revelation, everyone became concerned, Bua suggested to text Arnav to which Anjali replied that she already send three messages of which none have been replied. She frets that Chotey has never done anything like this before. Finally, Anjali leaves to call Aman on Nani’s suggestion with Khushi following behind, without anyone notice.



Khush i approaches Anjali who is asking Aman if Arnav is in the office. Seeing Anjali’s face it was clear to Khushi that Aman doesn’t know where ASR, which intensifies Khushi’s worry after Anjali confirms that he’s not in the office.



Hearing the front door opens, Khushi’s eyes eagerly move towards it, only to be disappointed by HP approaching. Anjali leaves being called by Nani, while a pacing stayed in the living room busy thinking aloud.



Khushi (thinking):  What is wrong with this Laad Governor? He wasn’t answering his phone before, and now his phone won’t even connect. He’s not in the office either, where is he?


In the Hall a pacing Khushi  is struggling with a decision of whether to call Arnav, or not?


Thinking loudly, angrily pointing out that Anjaliji’s calls isn’t connecting, there’s no guarantee that hers will connect, and even if she does get through, what will she say?  “What the!”


Ø  But, I need to know where he is, she confesses to herself.


Ø  But, Why? Why do I need to know?


Ø  What’s happened, NOW? When, I was the one who told him to leave, didn’t I?


Ø  Yeah, I did told him to ‘Leave, I don’t want to see your face.’ But I didn’t mean that he should disappear.


Ø  Hey DM, please don’t ever make my words true.


Ø  Where have you gone, Arnavji? Just … come back soon. I’m very worried.


Ø  Why am I getting so worried, he’s not answering his phone?


Ø  Hey DM, I just want him to be okay. That’s all.



Khushi calls him again, and this time it connects but goes straight to voicemail being so worried she forgets to end the call as she continue her self-talks to herself stressing about what she would say if she could reach him eventually decides that she needs to apologies:



Jo kuch bhi humne kaha, humara vo matlab nahi tha, ki aap kahi chale jaye. Hum yeh bhi nahi chahte ki aap apni shakal hume na dekhai. Sach mein … aap bas vaapas aajaye. Hum dil se maafi mangte hai.


[I didn’t mean what I said earlier, that you should disappear somewhere. I don’t even want you to never show me your face. Truly … just come back. I apologies from the heart.]


Khushi smiles  as she realises that this is exactly what she needs to say to him, and starts to dial Arnav’s number, when the door bell ring, which is answered by HP. Everyone immediately gather in the hall hoping its Arnav, as they are all worried for him.


Seeing Arnav entering the front door without thinking Khushi  run to him and hug him overwhelmingly knowing he is safe and sound. Despite being shock by Khushi’s surprising welcome developing a brain of its own his hands immediately responded embracing Khushi in bone-crashing hug.  Both Arnav and Khushi was lost in their own world while all the family members and relatives present in the hall were stunned by this new development with all the mouth open in a BIG O shape. 




******** TO BE CONTINUED SOON ******* 









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May 18

IPKKND - ARNAV’S KHUSHI - HIS PERFECT MATCH - PART 2 (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 44 times)






Seeing Arnav entering the front door without thinking Khushi run to him and hug him overwhelmingly knowing he is safe and sound. Despite being shock by Khushi’s surprising welcome developing a brain of its own his hands immediately responded embracing Khushi in bone-crashing hug. Both Arnav and Khushi was lost in their own world while all the family members and relatives present in the hall were stunned by this new development with all the mouth open in a BIG O shape.



Remembering Arnav disappearance Khushi’s overpowered anger forced her to break the hug and started shouting at Arnav: You! Where were you? 



Being confused by her outburst Arnav quirks an eyebrow  smiling while Khushi’s wrath was skyrocketing.



Khushi:  Why are you looking at me like that? And why are you just silently standing there? Why didn’t you tell anyone where you are going, when you went out? Do you know how many times I tried to call you? Do you even know…



Arnav interrupts (still smiling):  Why? Why does it matter to you wherever I go?


Khushi: Farak padta hai! Hum kitne pareshaan the! [It matters! I was so worried!]


Arnav: Mere liye? [For me?]


Khushi: Haan aap ke liye! [Yes, for you!]


Arnav: Oh really? 


Khushi: Yes, Really. What do you think of yourself Mr. Raizada, you can’t just disappear like that without informing anyone. Do you how worried we were?


Arnav:  So you were worried for me.


Khushi: Of course, I was.


Arnav:  Why?



Realising what she’s just burst out Khushi steps backwards grasping how close she is to him while Arnav start taking forward steps with each backward steps taken by Khushi, he was feeling an unrelenting overjoy contentment a peaceful sensation of belonging and his heart skip a beat hearing that she has finally admitted farak padta hai, that’s it matters to her if something happen to him and she was worried for him.



Arnav’s smile widens as Khushi backtracks saying Anjaliji and the family member were worried. Arnav was very well aware that Khushi was very worried for him as he had already heard all his voicemail including the one that was recorded during Khushi’s self talk.



Enjoying khushi’s discomfort and the different emotions playing on her face Arnav decided to pull her legs a bit more, smiling he softly point out, be careful Khushi what you are saying else I will think that you care for me.



Standing very close to Khushi, Arnav softly whisper, Khushi, were you worried for me?



On the other hand being doubtful of her feeling, unsure about her voice Khushi hesitantly move her head left right, indicating “NO.” 



Arnav (smirking):  So you were not worried for me. It doesn’t matter whether I live or die…



On hearing the word DIE, Khushi feel like her heart will stop heart and was having trouble to breath, which increase her temper immediately.



Khushi (angrily pushed Arnav away): What did you say, Mr. Raizada? What do think of yourself? Did you just say DIE? How dare you say that word? 



Seeing Khushi’s face red with Anger, Arnav try to speak only to be stop by Khushi who shake her head left right saying “NO” with none stopping tears coming out of her eyes lifting her hand up, showing him her palm telling him to stop taking when Arnav saw the letter “A” in the middle among her mehendi design. 



Finding her voice, Khushi continue shouting at Arnav, “Yes. Mr. Raizada. Don’t you dare say that WORD AGAIN BECAUSE YOUR LIFE IS VERY PRECIOUS TO ME, YOU ARE VERY PRECIOUS TO ME AND YOUR LIFE IS MINE, UNDERSTAND.”



After this outburst, Khushi rushed towards Arnav embracing him in a bone-crushing hug as if her life depends on it. Though, Arnav was shock by the turning point of this event, he simply hug Khushi tightly comforting her.



Arnav (wiping her tears): Shush, Khushi, I’m here, nah. Now, stop crying I don’t like your tears. Please Jaan, stop crying. I hate these tears in your eyes.



On hearing Arnav addressing her as Jaan, Khushi’s face changes to a dark-red shade, which didn’t go unnoticed by Arnav who decide to pull her leg in order to lighten her mood.



Arnav: Khushi, I didn’t know that my Lioness can be shy.



Hearing this comment Khushi smiles looking down with her face turning beetroot red.



Arnav (enjoying):  Khushi, you forget to apologies to me.



A confused Khushi, look at Arnav trying to understand what he meant.



Arnav (smirking):  Now, don’t be so confuse, don’t you remember what you said this morning. Tell me, Khushi, why did you said all that?



Khushi:   I’m sorry Arnavji, I shouldn’t have said all that but… but… 



Arnav: But…



Khushi: But I didn’t know why I was having acidity whenever you are near…



Arnav (shock): What the! Acidity!



Watching these cute lovebirds everyone present in the hall were now enjoying their lovely conversation and none of them did not have the heart to disturb them. 



Khushi:  Haan (Yes), Arnavji, my heart beat increases when you are around that why I want you to stay far from me.



Arnav (Laughing freely):   Oh, my cute Khushi! Really, Khushi! Acidity!



Taking Khushi’s hand pulling her towards him placing her hand near his heart looking affectionately in her eyes Arnav whisper, “Khushi when we are near to each other both our hearts beat increase because they beat for each other, they beat together as one.”


Khushi was amazed by Arnav’s explanation and realized how much she loves this man, that why her heartbeats increase when he is close. That why she was so worried when he was nowhere to be found. But does that means Arnavji loves me too, the moment this realization seek into her mind Khushi immediately look into Arnav’s eyes in order to confirm her conclusion.



Seeing different emotions playing on Khushi’s face, with her eyes eventually meeting his, Arnav understand Khushi’s doubt hence he immediately decide to clear her doubt, it’s high time to move towards his happiness (Khushi). After realizing his love for this crazy cute woman, he understood that he can’t live without his Khushi, he need his Khushi in his life as his life will never be the same.




******** TO BE CONTINUED SOON ******* 










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