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Jul 16

First meeting (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 153 times)

Arnav was sleeping deeply while kushi was busy admiring HIM...Her Arnav ji. He is an angel sent by God to her. He can do anything in his power just to bring a simple smile in her face. He is her friend , her boyfriend, her soulmate, her first baby after her father's demise he had took that place. She is just very lucky to have this person in her life. She has seen him at pain thinking about his imaginative family whom they don't even know whether exist or not. Now she knew Arnav has a family , A VERY BIG FAMILY. she has to wipe that pain away from him at any cost. She will unite him with his family,no matter what.

She remembered the first time they met. She didn't thought that time , that her life is going to entwined with him.

Flashback -


Kushi was sitting angrily at the restaurant while Arjun Arohi and Indraneel Sengupta (Kushi's father) was happily eating ignoring her angry glare.

Kushi - Baba bas. it's more than enough. Stop eating sweets.

Indraneel - just this day. after this day I won't eat sweets. ok.

Kushi was about to retort but just then they heard "Uncle...."

Kushi and others looked at the young man standing before them.

Indraneel - S young man.

Man - Actually, can I have a seat here. Every place here is filled so if u guys don't mind can I sit with u ?

Indraneel looked at the whole restaurant to see indeed it was filled with loads of people. So he smiled and said - Sure. why not. Come and sit.

The guy sat on the chair thanking them. Indraneel - By the way I am Indraneel sengupta. May I know ur gud name pls ?

Guy - I am Arnav Singh raizada.

Arnav saw that kushi was sitting grumpily. Arnav - Iam sorry. I think I am interrupting Family time. I'll see other place.

Arnav was about to stand but Indraneel pulled him down. Indraneel - Common Kushi beta. U r upsetting everyone. Don't worry Arnav. It's just Iam diabetic and IAM having sweets a lot today. that's why she's angry.

Arnav just nodded his head. Arjun - By the way Baba it's getting over dose today. Now u should stop.

Indraneel sighed - Why r u people so irritating ?

Arnav just kept on looking at the guys before him. He was getting bored and really awkward sitting with strangers. But more than his hunger nothing matters.

Indraneel - By the way Arnav what r u doing ?

Arnav was surprised. Arnav - I am helping my Father in business.

Indraneel - So u r a businessman.

Arnav nodded. Indraneel - why r u sitting like this ? Have something. Here have this soup.

Arnav - No thanks uncle. My order will come shortly

Indraneel - Don't worry. Already these people are asking me to stop eating.

Kushi - Baba we r asking u to stop eating sweets. not food.

Arnav - Uncle if u r Diabetic I also advice u to not take more sweets.

Indraneel pouted while kushi burst into laugh. Indraneel - Arnav, U also joined their team. It's just my daughter passed her graduation in first class. I am so happy today. that's why I am eating sweets. is it wrong ?

Arnav nodded as NO and said - One day don't harm much.

Indraneel's eyes twinkled - Thanks Arnav.

Arnav has engaged into a normal talk with Indraneel and awkwardness was gone long back. Arnav's order came and they all had food chitchatting.

Arnav was having food while he received a call. Arnav - What ? I am not accepting this Mumma.


Arnav - Mumma pls. I am just 26 what is the hurry ?


Arnav - Mumma why don't u understand. I am not interested in getting married. Pls give me sometime.


Arnav - Fine. I am coming home next Tuesday 5 PM.

Arnav hanged the call and was about to get up leaving his food in Midway but Indraneel stopped him.

Indraneel - It's very bad habit to go leaving ur food Midway Arnav.

Arnav sat down again. Indraneel - What happened ? U got so upset suddenly.(Arnav looked hesitating ) R u hesitating to share ur problem with stranger ?

Arnav - No uncle. there is no problem in sharing my problem with a stranger. Becoz they won't judge me and will understand me.

Everyone looked at him. Arnav - It's just mumma wants me to get married.

Arjun - What's the problem in that ?

Indraneel - S. every parent wants to get their children married. I am also planning to get Kushi married. ( Kushi glared at him)

Arnav - I want to achieve something. To take my dad's business to heights.

Arohi - U can do that after marriage also. By the way how old r u ?

Arnav - If this August 21 comes I will turn 27. Now I need to spend more time in business and as a result I can't give time to my wife if I get married. I don't want that. I have to focus fully in business. May be after 2 yrs I can think about marriage. Ok leave that. I think I am spoiling everyone's mood here. Let's have our food.

Everyone started eating. Arnav finished his food and said - Bye uncle. Thanks for allowing me to sit with u. And thanks for hearing my issues. I'll get going. Have some work to do.

Everyone nodded their head. Arnav went away. Kushi - Baba was it necessary to poke ur nose in his personal issues.

Indraneel - Whatever happens , happens for a reason. May be he felt light after sharing his problem with us. We should be happy that we came for someone's use.

Kushi smiled and continued eating. After sometime one of the waiter came to their table running. Waiter - Sir ur frnd met with accident......he said looking at Arjun.

Arjun - What ? he asked confused. how come this waiter know his friends ? he thought.

Waiter - S sir. the one who sat with u sometime before.

Indraneel - He means ARNAV...he stood up and ran to the spot followed by others. There they saw Arnav was lying in a pool of bed. his head totally drenched with his own blood.

Soon they carried Arnav to hospital.


Kushi was pulled back from the past when she felt Arnav's hand on her waist. She looked at him. The image of Arnav drenched in blood flashed before her. Tears brimmed in her eyes. She hugged him burying her face in his neck. Arnav also snuggled to her in his sleep. Hugging him kushi went to sleep.

Jul 23

Sangeeth (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 149 times)

Arnav and Kushi went to Arjun's home for their sangeeth with Arav.Kushi is dressed in a beautiful white lehenga and Arnav in his Black and White suit. Arnav was not at all ready to come here. Kushi literally Blackmailed him in the name of Arjun and Arohi then only he agreed.

Raizada's were assembled first in the hall. They wished to see their Arnav once. They hoped that he come here. Many business associates are present there. Arnav and kushi walked inside the hall in all their glory.

All the business associates moved to him to have a single hand shake with ASR. Mr.Mehta - Hlo ASR...how come u r here ?

Arnav - It's my friends Sangeeth party. So obviously I am supposed to be here.

other business people also had a conversation with him and Arnav moved aside after having a talk with them.

Mrs.Mehta - who is he ?

Mr.Mehta - He is King of Fashion. There is No people in garment industry who doesn't know him. Very reputed person he is. Just in a span of four years he has grown to heights.

Raizada family who was beside them heared it and felt proud of their Arnav. Aarthi and Anurag felt so happy hearing someone praising their son.

Soon the sangeeth party started and many people performed dances. Priyal ( Arohi's sister ) - Hi people. My Dhi and jiju loves their friend Arnav jiju and kushi dhi. So I request them both to perform here.

Anitha - Haha...Jiji see what she is asking ? Humare chote and DANCE performance....They don't know that Chote doesn't like to dance. she saw a surprising Aarthi and looked ahead and her eye become wide as much as possible.

Arnav walked to the stage....






Kushi was blushing to the core seeing him dancing. Dancing he came forward and pulled the blushing kushi to the stage.

Everyone was in aww looking at the ASR romancing his wife in public. where as Raizada family was totally in shock seeing Arnav Dancing. He don't like to dance and refused to dance in Anjali's sangeeth also. But....

On the other hand...





Both danced and everyone cheered for them. Arnav and kushi went and pulled Arjun and Arohi to the stage. Suddenly the song changed.



They danced for that also. Arav jumped from his seat in glee from Priyal's hand seeing his parents dancing. Arnav went and lifted Arav and placing him on his shoulder they started dancing.

Anurag's eyes misted. Once he also lifted Arnav and danced the same way Arnav is doing so. Youngsters heart ached to dance with their Arnav. They never saw him dancing happily like this. NK couldn't handle this. He was pet of his Arnav Bhai. Being 10 yrs elder to him Arnav was like a father to him. He was just a school going prankster went Arnav went lost and he missed his Bhai so much. went running to the stage and hugged Arnav crying. Arnav shocked for a moment. Kushi stopped dancing seeing NK. Anjali and Akash bit their lips to prevent their sobs.

NK - Come back to us Bhai. Pls....

Thanks to the loud music. None heard him. Kushi got Arav in her hands and ruffled NK's hair nodding a NO. He pulled her also in a hug. NK - Bhabhi...Pls tell Bhai to forgive us and come back to us.

Arshi's eyes also misted. Arjun got the Mike - Guys everyone on the dance floor pls......He signaled RJ and he started mashups. everyone started dancing in their own world.

NK got out of the hug as he remembered that his Bhai no more remember his little brother.He turned to go but stopped feeling a tug. He turned and saw that Arnav is holding his hands.

Arnav - Won't u dance with us Mr. Nk ?

Kushi smiled through tears and NK hugged him again crying. Arnav ruffled his hair and pulling him out of hug - Kushi I thought that only our Arav is cry baby. but seems like there is one more person who can give him a tough competition.

Kushi chuckled while NK pouted with tears again. Kushi - Kabardhaar....if u again say my Son and Devar a cry baby.

Smiling Arnav started dancing taking Arav in his arms while kushi and NK joined him shaking their feet. Aarthi couldn't stop her tears seeing this. After sometime the party ended. Arnav went to AR to collect wedding dress of Arjun and Arohi for next day evening.

Kushi stayed back with Arohi till Arnav come and pick her up. NK sat with kushi playing with his new nephew Arav forgetting others. Anjali and payal came to take NK with them.

Anjali - Hi kushi.

Kushi smiled - Hi

NK - Dhi...Did u saw Arnav Bhai danced with me. He spoke to me.

Anjali - Haan haan we all saw. Are u happy ?

NK - Very much.

Kushi - What is new ? He used to danced before four years also right ?

Anjali hugged kushi surprising her- Thanks kushi. Thanks for being with my brother. He has changed a lot for GOOD. And for ur question..NO. he never like to dance. He didn't even danced at my sangeeth. Today seeing him enjoying and dancing happily like this is really a surprise for us. Thanks for making my Bhai a happy man.

Kushi smiled - Waise...what is ur next plan ? I mean tmrw is marriage and after that we won't have any reasons to keep on meeting like this. So what r v gonna do ?

Payal - we planned to have a picnic after marriage is finished.

Kushi - Why don't you guys come to our home and stay there.

Anjali and payal's eyes grew wide while NK was already planning to pack his bags. Anjali - But kushi.....Maa and Arnav won't accept for this.

Kushi - Arnav ji ko mein dekh loongi. u just convince aunty.

Anjali and Payal nodded their head doubtfully. NK - Don't worry Dhi. if Payal Bhabhi go and speak with badi maa...she will accept.

" Yes " they heard a voice from behind. Shtam came towards them - Payal u go and speak with maa. she won't scold u in this situation.

Kushi - What situation ?

Anjali - Payal is 4 months pregnant Kushi. So mumma won't deny her in this stage.

Kushi gleed - Congratz payal.

Payal - Thanks bhabhi.

The youngsters planned some plans further to bring Arnav back to the family.

Jul 26

Raizada's at Arshi home (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 135 times)

It was wedding Eve. Kushi was dressed in a traditional Bengali style.

Kushi's dress

While Arnav was dressed in a traditional white kurta. Arnav couldn't even take his eyes away from his beautiful wife. Both were smiling all the time speaking with each other. Raizada family looked at them admiring. Their Arnav is a changed Man today. The Man who never wished to marry, is happily married and father of a cute boy. The man who never likes to dance , laugh is happily enjoying all this things. They all loved this changes of Arnav. But the thing saddening them is his memory loss.

Anjali - Humare chote kithna kush Hein na Maa ?

Aarthi nodded her head. Anjali - Maa shall we spent sometime with him.

Aarthi - I also wish for that. But....

"But what Mumma ? "

Aarthi - I also wish to be with him. Seeing him after four years....I wished to hug him and shower him all my love. but blinded in my anger I hurted him without knowing anything. I thought to marry kushi he ran away but....Now I don't have courage to meet his eyes. I know he won't forgive me for this.

Anjali - He is OUR chote mumma.

" But not anymore Anjali " they heard a voice from behind to see it was Anurag.

Anjali - So r we gonna lose him again.

Anurag and Aarthi didn't know what to say. Anjali - Papa don't u feel to hug him. Mumma don't u feel to feed his his favorite dishes. I don't know about u guys but I want to be with my chote. I want to fight with him over silly issues. I want my son to be with his Arnav mamu. I want him back.

Anurag - What do u want Anjali ? he asked calmly.

Anjali - We r going to Chote's house and be with him till he accepts us as his family.

Anurag - Do u think he will accept ? he asked cupping her cheek.

Payal - Haan papa. Infact this is kushi bhabhi's idea only. she only asked us to come to her home.

Anurag and Aarthi looked at them curiously. Payal - Haan papa. U got a nice girl as ur big DIL. She also wish to unite Arnav ji with all of us. She said she will speak with him. And u know NK already packed his luggage.

the couple nodded their head giving in to their wish. Anjali and Payal smiled in Glee. Marriage finished and everyone retired to their home.

Next day-

Kushi is sprinting here and there making arrangements for Raizadas to stay in their home. Arnav is sleeping still with Arav.

After making everything ready Kushi went and woke Arnav.

" Arnav ji come on get up "

"Hmm " He said and slept again.

She sighed and woke him up. Arnav opened his eyes and saw that his wife is ready in her best.

Arnav - Kya baath hei ? Someone is so beautiful today.

Kushi smiled - Hmm. yes. today my friend family is coming here. so...

Arnav - who is that ?

Kushi - Oh ho Arnav ji. I told na friend family. they will be coming. u first go and get ready.

Arnav nodded his head and was about to go into washroom but just then they heard a horn sound. Kushi smiled widely. She ran downstairs. Arnav followed her.

Kushi opened the door to see Raizadas are standing at the doorstep. " Hai kushi / bhabhi " shouted the youngsters.

Arnav stood rooted to the spot seeing this family. " Kushi told it was her friend's family....but " He flared his nose angrily.

Kushi - Come in pls. come everyone.

Youngsters smiled at her while elders smiled nervously. Kushi welcomed everyone and made them sit in the sofa. She saw Arnav standing there looking at everyone angrily.

She went near him. Kushi - Arnav ji come and take elders blessings.

Arnav - I didn't knew these people are ur friend family.

Kushi - I should've said My family na ? leave it. come and greet them.

Arnav - Kushi why don't u understand ?

Kushi - It's u who is not understanding. But u will slowly...They will stay here for some days and u will get to know them.

Arnav now was shocked. he don't want this. Arnav - Do whatever you wish. but don't expect me to do service for them.

Kushi - Arnav ji....She said Angrily but Arnav cared less and went to his room.

Raizadas heard him but didn't showed anything. They knew it will take sometime for Arnav to accept them. NK - Bhabhi leave him. u come and take everyone's blessings.

Kushi nodded NO - Aashirvaadh tho mein ab thumhare Bhai ke saath hi loongi. ( I will take everyone's blessings with only your brother )

Aarthi stood and came forward. Holding kushi's hand - I am sorry kushi beta. I shouldn't have spoke like that to u. but..

Kushi - I understand Auntyji. don't worry everything will be ok.

Aarthi nodded her head. kushi served them tea and showed everyone their room. Everyone went to their room hoping everything should fall back in their places. " Let's hope for the best " is the only thought running in everyone's mind.

Jul 28

Our family. (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 161 times)

Kushi was so much angry with Arnav for behaving like that with others. She didn't even spare a glance at Arnav. At first Arnav didn't gave any damn but as the time passed the baby inside him searched for his mother. He tried talking with her but Kushi royally ignored him.

It was night -

After having dinner Raizadas decided to sit in the garden. They went and sat on one side. While kushi went and sat on the other side of the garden. Both sides are separated by a line of bushes so that both can't see each other but voices are audible.

Arnav can't handle this anymore. Kushi's ignorance is hurting him too much. Arnav came to garden and saw kushi standing and watching nothing particular. He went and hugged her from behind startling her. she gasped in shock.

Arnav - Gussa ho ?

Raizadas heard Arnav's voice.

Kushi nodded her head. Arnav - Baath karo na mujhse ( Pls speak to me )

Kushi nodded her head as NO. Arnav thought for sometime - Biggboss chahthe hein ki Biwi apna muh khole our bathaiyein ki why ? ( Biggboss woluld like that Biwi opens her mouth and say why )

Kushi - I didn't expect u to behave with everyone like this.

Arnav - Why don't u understand kushi...it's very difficult for me.

Kushi - What about NK ? u r not feeling difficult with him...

Arnav - I accepted NK becoz he accepted US.

" What ? "

Arnav - kushi...they need to understand that our relationship is a sacred one. I want everyone to respect our relationship. they need to understand that u r not only my wife....but my Mother also...becoz of whom I am a respectable person today now. Who taught me what life is what love is what is it to be a better person. U handled me just like u r doing for Arav today. u r everything to me. but they....they hurted u...they pointed at our relationship which is more than everything for me.

Now Raizada's understood that they have touched his wrong nerve. Arnav- They claimed to be my family right ? then why didn't they believe me that I'll never be wrong. why didn't they asked any reason for my disappearance ? It hurts me a lot kushi.

Arnav cried hiding his face in her neck. Kushi pulled him out of the hug and made him sit on the grass and herself sat beside him leaning on his shoulder. Kushi - Arnav ji.... whatever u said is true. they pointed at our relationship. but just for once think from their position. How much humility they would've faced when u didn't turn up on the engagement day. Do u think being ur parents it would've been easy for them to see u after four years with someone random girl who turned out to be ur wife.

Arnav just looked at her like a small baby. Kushi - And our relationship is not that weak to get crushed just becoz everyone is pointing at it. I am just being a selfish here. I just want u to be happy with ur family.

Arnav - I already said to u and I am saying it again. U and ARAV alone are my family and I am more than happy with my family.

Kushi - Arnav ji... understand one thing. mein unsabko humare bech nahi saath laana chahthi Hoon ( I am not bring them between but together with us) And no one has the power to take u away from me.

Arnav pouted. Kushi - Arnav ji..it's not just about us. it's about our Arav's future also. I don't want our Arav also grow alone just like me. Do u know how much I wished to have a sibling of mine. I want our Arav to grow under a shadow of a big family. I want his Dadi to say bed time stories to him. His dadu to hid him behind when I scold him. His Bua and Phupha to bring chocolate for him hiding from us. His chachu's and chachi's to pamper him. His cousins to share his everything. And we will also have many people. Uncles , Aunties , Anjali ji , Shyam ji , Akash payal NK and that cutie pie Rishabh. is that too much to ask for Arnav ji ? Don't I have the rights to be with our family ? I am tired of living alone now. And u r speaking about them hurting u. what abt ur doing ? Didn't u hurt them by ignorance. They also wish to be with u. spent sometime with u after four years. but what u did ?

Arnav thought ' Kushi is having this much dreams. i cant snatch them just like that - But....

Kushi - No ifs and but's. if u can't accept them as ur family it's totally ok. but at least behave with them just like our guest. will u ?

Arnav - I can't promise but I'll try.

Kushi squealed in happiness and hugged him. Arnav - Now u r not angry with me ?

Kushi - Not so easily Raizada. NOW...... Biggboss chahthe hein ki ASR apna muh khole our ek Sundar sa gana gayein. Tab shayad sochungi ( Now Bigg boss would like Mr.ASR opens his mouth and sing a lovely song. Then will see )


Kushi - Ahhhaaan.... I am impressed Raizada. Arnav released a breath of relief.

Arnav stood up and lifted Kushi in his arms who in turn started smacking his shoulder. Kushi - Beshrm kahike....put me down. we r not alone we have guests.

Arnav shrugged his shoulder giving a I don't care look and went inside. On the other hand Raizada's sat there silently remembering their conversation. Payal - Kushi bhabhi kithni achi ladki hein na maa ?

Aarthi nodded her head. Anjali - Mumma just like chote wished we should respect their relationship. Kushi has stood with him at his hurdles. We can't find a girl like kushi for our family. she's gud girl.

Shyam - Maa I also agree with Anju and payal. if we want our Arnav back it will be only with kushi.

Elders just pondered on youngsters words. They accepted kushi so easily. but for them......

Aug 7

Past starts. (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 151 times)

Kushi was running around the house doing Pooja and breakfast. she never had an experience of being with so many people. So she is facing difficulties. But with the help of servants she managed somehow.

Everyone assembled at the breakfast table. Arnav came down after bath .

NK - Gud morning Bhai. He said chirping.

Arnav - Very gud morning NK. ( Others smiled at him which he to reciprocated blankly).Kushi....he shouted.

Kushi - Aagayi...she shouted from the kitchen. Hearing his father's voice Arav giggled and ran towards his father with his woogling legs.

" Dhaaa..." He pulled Arnav's pants. Arnav chuckled and lifted his son.

Arnav - Kya baath hei ? Someone is in a playful mood today. He said tickling Arav.

Kushi - Enough of ur masti. Eat ur food.

Arnav pouted looking at his son and started having his food. Arnav - Kushi I am having a meeting at 10'o clock. I'll leave in half an hour.

Kushi - Ok. she said lifting Arav and feeding his baby food.

After finishing his food he went upstairs to get ready. Raizadas finished their food. Elders returned to their room while youngsters sat on one end chatting.

Arnav came down wearing his three piece suit. Youngsters looked at him in awe. Their Arnav has become A MAN OF SUITS. his dashing dressing with his gelled hairstyle made him a Handsome male. They saw he directly went to Indraneel's picture and took blessings. Kushi came down with his things. She gave him his watch , wallet , coat , laptop bag , his phone and carkeys.

Shyam - Biwi ho toh aisa....he said looking at the adorable couple. Akash nodded while Anjali and payal pouted.

Arnav kissed Arav's cheek and side hugged kushi and went away. Kushi sat on the near by sofa caressing her forehead to ease the pain with her closed eyes. Suddenly she felt someone massaging her forehead.

Kushi opened her eyes. Arnav smiled - Tired ?

Kushi nodded NO. Arnav came in front of her with a tray. She looked at him surprised. He gave her a tea cup with hot pakoras just the way she likes.

Arnav - Morning onwards u r running here and there. U didn't even eat breakfast. So I thought.....( Handing her the cup ) here have this. u will feel better.

Kushi just kept on looking at him lovingly. Arnav - Make Arav bath and put him to sleep and u also rest for sometime. Ok. ( he said cupping her cheeks) It's getting late I have to go. Bye and take rest ok.

Kushi nodded. Arnav smiled and stood up to go. kushi held his hand Arnav turned and looked at her. Kushi stood up and taking her Kajal she put that behind his ears - Kisi ki Nazar na lage. Arnav smiled cutely and started to his office.

Anjali & payal - Pati ho toh Aisa. now it's men turn to pout.

NK chuckled looking at them. They stood up and went to kushi who now completed her tea.

NK - Bhabhi U and Arnav Bhai is becoming Hanikarak ( Harmful ) for other couple.

Kushi - What ? she asked confused.

Anjali - Nothing Kushi. Ok tell us abt urself and Arnav...like how u both met ? How u both got married ? everything abt u and him.

Kushi - We both met first at restaurant. He just sat with us to have dinner. That's when I met him. He and Baba got well along with each other at their first meet itself. After sometime one waiter came and said to us that Arnav ji met with an Accident ( Kushi got emotional remembering that )


Arnav was lying on his blood pool. Indraneel and Arjun lifted him and took him to the nearest hospital. He was taken into ICU.

Indraneel - Nurse how is he ? he asked seeing one nurse.

Nurse - Can't say anything. he is in danger.

Kushi and others got upset. Nurse - Tell me his name.

Kushi - It's Arnav.

Nurse - His father name ?

Everyone looked at each other. Indraneel - It's Indraneel. Others looked at him shocked.

Nurse - His date of birth ?

Indraneel - Sept 21.

Nurse went away. Kushi - Baba his bday is Aug 21. U said it wrong.

Indraneel bit his tongue - Leave it. It's not necessary now.

Doctor came out. Doctor - He is in very critical situation. His head is totally damaged. We need to operate him as soon as possible.

Indraneel - proceed with the procedures. Pls save him.

Doctor nodded and went to make arrangements for operation. Here everyone sat worriedly at the corridor. Soon Arnav was taken in stretcher. Everyone saw him. Indraneel caressed his forehead -go inside and fight with the death and be back with a bang. we will wait for u beta.

Kissing his forehead carefully he let the stretcher go. After an ample hour of four Doctors came out with fallen face.

Arjun - What happened Doctor ?

Doctor - Operation is successful but Patient went into Coma.

Everyone got shocked. Indraneel - What ?

Doctor - Yes sir. We saved him but he went into Coma. Let's hope for the best.

Indraneel nodded his head and Doctor went away patting his shoulder.

Aug 11

Arnav Opens His Eyes (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 130 times)

It's been a month from that day. Arnav was still under observation. Indraneel was worried for him. Kushi Arjun and Arohi's convocation ceremony is also completed. Arjun and Arohi went to Shimla back.

Kushi - Baba , I was thinking...my graduation is also completed. For how long we will stay like this here ?We should go back to Darjeeling right ?

Indraneel - I know kushi...but my heart is not accepting to leave Arnav alone in this condition.

Kushi nodded thinking. Doctor entered the cabin. They both stood up seeing the doctor.

Doctor - Hlo Mr.Sengupta.

Indraneel - Hlo Doctor. How is Arnav ?

Doctor - His wounds are healing for good. But still there is no sign of him of his conscious. U can take him to home.

Indraneel - But Doctor we r staying in Darjeeling. Is it possible for him to travel that much Distance ?

Kushi looked at him wide eye. Her Baba is planning to take this stranger to Darjeeling.

Doctor - Flight travel will be better. And if u chose to take him to ur place I'll suggest a Doctor for u and will provide his medical history.

Indraneel - Thanku Doctor.

Doctor smiled blinking his eyes and went away checking Arnav. Kushi - Baba r v gonna take him to our home ?

Indraneel - We have no option left. I can't let Arnav alone in this condition.

Kushi smiled at her father. If this is his decision she will support him. Kushi - But Baba what abt his family ?

Indraneel - Now how will I search a family of him ? I don't know from where he is ? What's his father name ? What he was doing before ? I don't even know whether he belong to Bangalore or not ? How will I find his family Kushi ? Only Arnav can find his family after waking up from his sleep.

Kushi again nodded. After deciding few things with Doctor Indraneel booked the flight tickets to Darjeeling in next two days.

Arnav was taken to Darjeeling to Kushi's home. Indraneel took a gud care of Arnav. Even then there was no improvement in his health. One month again passed by.

It was one fine day when Indraneel was back home after his morning walk with Kushi.

Indraneel - U go and freshup kushi. I'll go and see Arnav and then we'll go to office.

Kushi - Ok Baba. Come down fast. I'll ask kaki to set the breakfast.

Indraneel nodded his head and went to the room where Arnav was kept. When he entered the room he was shocked. There Arnav was sitting on the bed blinking innocently unaware of the surroundings. Indraneel ran towards him in happiness.

Indraneel - oh my God Arnav u woke up. thank God. kushi.....he shouted.

Kushi who came there running also got glad seeing him sitting on the bed. Indraneel - Dekha Kushi. Arnav woke up finally. Kushi beta call and inform the doctor.

Kushi nodded her head and took out the phone to call doctor.

Arnav - Who r u ?

Indraneel - Arey u forgot. We met at restaurant one day. Then u had accident. We don't know anything about u so only we took u to our home. Ok beta tell me ur father name.

Arnav just kept on blinking innocently. Arnav - Father......I don't know.

Indraneel was confused - Arnav beta.... Don't u remember ur father's name beta...

Arnav nodded his head NO. Indraneel and kushi looked at him shocked. Indraneel - Beta do u remember ur name ?

Arnav again nodded his head as NO with tears brimming in his eyes. Indraneel and kushi looked at each other helplessly.

After sometime Doctor came and checked Arnav. He came out and said - Indra ji.... Arnav is suffering from memory loss.

Indraneel - What ?

Doctor - S. he don't remember anything of his past.

Indraneel - Doctor won't he remember anything ?

Doctor - We can't say. May be he remember or may be not.

Kushi - Now what ?

Doctor - I'll refer a psychiatrist. Take Arnav to him.

Indraneel and Kushi nodded. Both went to Arnav's room who sat on the bed confused. Indraneel - Hi Arnav.

Arnav looked at him. Indra - How r u feeling now ? are u ok ? ( Arnav didn't reply ) See Arnav. I know u don't remember anything. But feel free to share anything with me. I am also like ur father.

Arnav - I don't know anything. What is my name ? who r my family ? I don't......I don't remember anything.

Kushi - Hey hey....Arnav ji...just relax. u will remember everything. Don't stress urself.Ok. By the way I am Kushi.

Kushi forwarded her hands which Arnav took hesitatingly. Indraneel - I forgot to introduce myself. I am Indraneel.

Indraneel & Kushi - And U r ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA.

Arnav looked at both of them wierdly - Arrrr...nav

Kushi - That's ur name Arnav.

Arnav - Oh...

Indraneel received a call and he went aside to attend it. Kushi - Arnav ji. if u want anything feel free to ask me. I am ur New friend.

Arnav - Thanks Kushi ji...

Kushi - U can call me Kushi.

Arnav - No it's ok. I am fine with Kushi ji.

Kushi - As u wish.

Kushi didn't want to push him for anything. So she left that - Ok u take rest. I'll freshup and come. Ok

Arnav nodded his head and lyed down with lots of confusions. He didn't knew anything. He is feeling utterly uncomfortable in this place.

Aug 18

Morning walk. (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 127 times)

It was one week later -

Arnav was fine now. In this one week he had an ample of rest. Kushi and Indraneel didn't disturbed him. They let him to understand the changes in his life. It was one fine morning when Indraneel came into Arnav's room.

Indra - Gud morning Arnav.

Arnav - Gud morning Uncle.

Indra - Will u come with me for a walk ?

Arnav - But u always go with Kushi ji na ?

Indra - Yes. But her health is not well today. So she's not coming. So I thought to take u out. Will u come ?

Arnav thought for sometime and said OK. Both men started walking. Indraneel took him through tea estate. Arnav was just Mesmerized by the things happening. The morning cool breeze, the estate looking like a green bedspread , the breeze touching his rough skin everything is awesome. He felt calmness spreading inside him.

Indra - So Arnav.....How u like Darjeeling ?

Arnav looked at the mesmerizing view and said - Bohot Achchaaa....

Indraneel chuckled bringing him out of his trance. Arnav - It's very beautiful.

Indraneel - Come let's have a masala chai...

Taking two cups of masala chai they both settled on the floor near a tree. Arnav - Uncle can I ask u one thing ?

Indraneel nodded. Arnav - How this accident happen ? How do u know me ?

Indraneel - Actually we met an hour before ur accident. We had Dinner together. After that u went out. Suddenly we heard a news about ur accident. That's all.

Arnav was ashtonished - U have a big heart uncle to help a stranger like this.

Indraneel chuckled - My God Arnav. I also have same amount of heart like others. And I didn't read any rule that I can't help a stranger. And we r no more a strangers right ? It's just Kaali maa gave ur responsibility to me. I am doing my work that's all. U tell me....how r u feeling now ?

Arnav sighed and said - I don't know what to say Uncle. Kuch samaj mein nahi araah ( I don't understand anything ) I couldn't remember anything even after so much tries. I feel very bad.

Indra -u know Arnav.... Kushi ko yeh jagah bohot achi lagthi thi bachpan mein...( Kushi liked this place very much in her childhood ) She used to pester me a lot to bring her here daily. (Arnav was confused , why he is saying all this to him ) But now if u ask her if it is so ? She won't remember anything. Even me.... if u ask me what I was doing at my 10th age I won't remember. Not only us.... everyone is like that. As the time runs people forgets many things. Apne school , Apne classmates , Apne teachers , neighbours..... but no one feel bad for that. Forgetting is very normal for people. Farak sirf ithna hei.... u forget everything in an accident and they don't. For this u don't need to feel bad. As the time moves u will remember everything. Just let ur mind free.

Arnav felt as if he had found the right words of his puzzle. Arnav - Thanks uncle. Thanks for everything. For helping me all these days. For giving me a new life. if it was not u then I can't even imagine my condition.

Indraneel - Oww oww oww Arnav. Keep all this thanks with u. Waise I know three things abt u. if u want I can tell that to u.

Arnav looked at him curiously - Yes.....

Indraneel - First ur Name is Arnav Singh Raizada....

" that I know uncle "

" Wait Yaar.... second ur date of birth is August 21. (Arnav's eyes twinkled like a baby ) and third U r a early riser. Meri beti ki tarah nahi ho thum. U know gode bechke sothi hei woh"

Arnav laughed - If Kushi ji knows this then....

Imdraneel - No no no....Don't even think of that. She will sulk. Exactly like her mother. When women gets angry after that manana mushkil hei.

They both laughed. Indraneel - Now I know fourth thing abt u. ( Arnav looked at him scrunching his brows ) U have a Handsome smile. ( Arnav smiled ) I will pray kaali maa to keep u smiling like this always.

Both got up and went back home talking with each other. When they reached kushi was already up and finished her Pooja. She smiled looking at them.

Kushi - Gud morning Baba and Arnav ji. She hugged her father.

Indraneel - Gud morning Doll.

Arnav - Gud morning kushi ji.

Kushi - Waise why didn't u woke me up.

Indraneel - U were sleeping so peacefully. That's why didn't disturb u ( He winked at Arnav who hid his smile)

Kushi - Waise what do u want in breakfast ?

Indraneel - paalak paneer with roti. Bohot maza aayega.

Kushi - And u Arnav ji ?

Arnav - Anything uncle and u wants.

Kushi nodded her head. Breakfast was a nice affair with the father and daughter chatting and Arnav as a audience.

Aug 31

Kushi helps Arnav.... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 101 times)

Arnav got well along with Indraneel. He goes with him and kushi for morning walk daily. Life become a bit easy for Arnav. But sitting idle is making him insane. He couldn't just sit and rest Everytime.

Kushi came into Arnav's Room to see him walking to and fro. Scrunching her eyebrows she went to him.

Kushi - Arnav ji.....

Arnav turned and smiled at her. Kushi - Here there is a phone for u.

Arnav - Why ?

Kushi - That's a nice question. U can call us if u need anything. I have saved mine and Baba's phone number in it.

Arnav - Thanks....

Kushi - U r most welcome. Smiling to him she went to her room.

She freshup and sat on the bed when she received a call. She smiled surprisingly as it was showing ARNAV JI CALLING.....

Kushi attend the call. Arnav - Hello......

Kushi - Hlo Shanu.....Thumi kemon acho..... Ami valo achi ( How r u ? I am fine )

Arnav gaped at the phone confusingly. While on the other side kushi clutched her stomach to prevent laughing.

Arnav - Kushi ji......

Kushi - Haan Shanu thumi kothai thako.....( Where do u live now ? )

Arnav cut the call scared. Arnav - I think kushi ji saved her number wrongly.

Kushi fell on the bed bursting into laugh and called him again. Arnav looked at the mobile shocked. "Oh my God..... Who's number kushi ji have saved ? And who the hell is that shanu ? " Twiching his lips he attend the call as it was ringing for long time.

Kushi - Shanu Tumi ke karcho ? Call kyoun cut karbo ?( What r u doing shanu ? why did u cut the call )

Arnav - I am sorry. I don't know who is Shanu. It's wrong number. I am sorry to disturb you. I'll never call u again. I am sorry.

Kushi burst into laughter - Arnav ji..... It's me....Kushi.... I was just playing with u. Don't worry.

Arnav released a breath of relief. Arnav - Aapne toh Dara dhiya mujhe kushi ji ( You scared me kushi ji )

Kushi - Sorry sorry..... acha tell me why did u called me ?

Arnav - You only said na.... if I want something I can call u.

Kushi - Tell me what do u want ?

Arnav - Woh kushi ji....He hesitated.

Kushi - Ok cut the call I am coming to your room.

Kushi cut the call and went to Arnav's room.

Kushi - Yes Arnav ji....

Arnav - Where are u going daily ?

"Ahhh "

Arnav - where do u and uncle go daily ?

Kushi - U called me just to ask this ?

Arnav nodded his head. Kushi smiled and said - Me and Baba r going to our company WESHINE garments. Baba is MD and I am getting trained as Designer.

Arnav - Oh Ok.

Kushi - Anything else ? ( Arnav nodded as NO. She sighed) What do u want Arnav ji ? U can ask me anything.

Arnav - I am getting Bored sitting alone in home and resting always. ( He got nervous ) Can I also come with u to ur company ? I'll do any work u assign me. but pls..... I can't sit idle here. pls...Will u speak with Uncle ?

Kushi looked at him stunned. She can understand how it must be sitting idle. She smiled and blinked her eyes. Arnav smiled in Glee - Thanks Kushi ji...

Kushi - Aww... u r so cute Arnav ji. I mean..... u called me ask this. U could have directly asked Baba na ?

Arnav - If I ask him....he will deny and ask me to take rest. That's why.....

Kushi nodded her head and went out. After sometime Indraneel came from office and after freshup he came to have dinner.

Kushi - Baba.... what happened to that Disney order ?

Indraneel - it's going fyn. it's in the end stage. in one or two week it will be exported.

Kushi - And what happened to that Orchid buyer ?

Indraneel - There is a bit problem in it. I have an appointment with them tmrw. have to go and discuss about something regarding fabrics.

Kushi - Why r u doing everything alone ?

Indraneel - What to do ? I am not getting a responsible person for marketing. If I got one.... I will sit and relax like a MD. But right now I have to look into everything.

Kushi - I have an idea....

Somewhere Arnav guessed what it could be. otherwise the kushi who hates to talk work things won't discuss all this in dining.

Indraneel - What ?

Kushi - Why don't u train Arnav ji for this ?

Indraneel - Are u mad bacha ? He is recovering now only and involving him in all this work will stress him more. Let him rest.

Kushi - Baba he's alright now. And how many days r u planning to leave him alone in this house. if he comes to office and meet many people he will feel better. Hein na Arnav ji ? she asked looking at him.

Arnav nodded his head - Yes Uncle I will feel better if I do some work.

Indraneel looked at Arnav's face who was eagerly waiting for his answer. He smiled and said - Ok Arnav. Come with me to meeting tmrw.

Arnav smiled happily and said ok he looked at kushi and mouthed a thanku to her who in return blinked her eyes.

Sep 20

Arnav's Collegues and Mentor. (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 125 times)

Arnav went to office with Imdraneel and kushi. On first Day Indraneel took Arnav a tour of his whole office. He explained from where and how everything is going on in the company. Arnav slowly registered everything in his mind. For a week this went on where Indraneel will teach him everything and Arnav will learn everything.

It was one fine day when Indraneel called Arnav and Kushi to his cabin. Indraneel - So Arnav...... How do u like our company ?

Arnav - Very nice uncle. I am learning things.

Indraneel smiled - So Arnav.... I can say that u r ready to take and work on a project.

Arnav looked at him wide eye - But Uncle..... working on a project alone is really big thing.

Indraneel chuckled - Don't worry Arnav I am not gonna hand u a big project. Just a basic project which u can do with ur learnings all this week. And Moreover fish needs no teacher for learning swimming. I know u can do it.

Kushi smiled at her father and said - Haan Arnav ji..... u can do it. Baba is with u na.....

Indraneel - Not only me beta. The best Designer Kushi Sengupta is also with him.

Kushi looked at him surprised. Indraneel nodded his head - S my Best Designer. This is not only Arnav's but also urs first project.

Kushi hugged her father in excitement - Thanku Baba.

Indraneel chuckled - Show this excitement in project also.

Breaking the hug kushi nodded Yes. Arnav smiled seeing kushi jumping like a baby. Indraneel - Ok. So I am assigning you both the Sneakers buyer project. It's 1000 pieces production only. Do ur best. (He detailed about the project after that he called Someone and asked someone to send in and after sometime a person came in ) Arnav , Kushi..... This is Aman Mathur. Fresher joined in our company. He will assist u both in this project. All the best to u guys. I have arranged a cabin for u three to work. Go and start ur work and complete the project. Am I clear ?

Arnav kushi and Aman nodded to their head and dispersed to their new cabin. Kushi squealed in joy seeing her new cabin. It was designed with her favorite things. Her baba is the best.

Arnav - Hi Aman.... this is Arnav.

Aman - Hlo sir.

" I am kushi " She introduced herself.

Arnav - Ok guys first let's start going through the project and then a meeting with opposite person will be gud. What do u guys think ?

Aman and Kushi accepted that. They discussed the project and The three went to a meeting with the buyers. After the meeting it was evening so the three retired back to home. After sometime Indraneel came back from office.

Arnav was sitting on the garden thinking something. When Indraneel came and sat near him. Arnav stood up in respect. Indraneel asked him to sit and he sat back.

Indraneel- what happened Arnav ?

Arnav - Uncle we went for meeting with the opposite persons. I think their demands are a bit difficult to do.

Indraneel - what ?

Arnav - Yes uncle. the amount they r pay is very less than we expected. And if we agree to their demands we will need more manpower which will affect other projects. Time period is also very less. So I was thinking what to do ?

Indraneel - What do u think we should do now ?

Arnav - If we say reasons for everything it will be a bad impression on our company. And I don't want that on the very first project of mine.

Indraneel - Arnav..... Today I am telling u a thing and u should remember it always. There is no need to bow down in front of others without any reason. if u think this won't work u can tell them ur view. Don't back off just for others. Either gud or Bad.... u should put forth ur reasons. if they agree then it's ok and if not we have other things also. Don't worry about anything. just plan what and all u are gonna do and then implement them.

Arnav nodded his head Indraneel went away smiling. Arnav thought deeply and he went to kushi's room. Arnav knocked her door.

Kushi - What Happened Arnav ji ? Do u need anything ?

Arnav - Yes Kushi ji..... tmrw I need desings of the new project. Can u do that ?

Kushi - I have already done some designs according they need. I will do some till tmrw noon. is that ok ?

Arnav - More than Fine Kushi ji..... I will fix a meeting with them tmrw. me and Aman will attend the meeting tmrw evening.

Kushi smiled at him. Arnav turned and started moving but stopped in his tracks and turned. Arnav - Kushi Ji.....

Kushi looked at him. Arnav - Gud night.

Kushi - Very good night.

Both slept with a smile on their faces to welcome a new day....

Dec 19

Danger..... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 116 times)

Present -

Kushi was speaking with others when she heard a horn sound. She stood up grinning and ran towards the door to see that her handsome husband with his killer looks is entering inside. He smiled looking at Kushi. She got his coat and bag from his hands. While others looked at them adorably.

Arnav - Kushi give me something to eat. Bohot bhook laga hei.

Kushi - u go and fresh up. I'll bring something to our room.

Nodding his head he went and saw that everyone is looking at him. He felt wierd " is he any showpiece....that this family is looking at him all the time " he shook his head and went to his room lifting Arav in his arms.

Kushi was about to enter the room when she saw that he was coming outside the washroom wiping his face. Today she relived all those moments and hurdles again. She remembered every second when he stood as a pillar with her. He says that she only took care of him when she feels totally vice versa. She went and put the plate on the table and hugged him. He stood surprised.

Arnav hugged her back - Kya hua ?

Kushi nodded as NO - I love you...

Arnav - What gud I did to u today that Iam getting such a reward ? He asked playfully.

Kushi smacked his arms - laad governor..... I love u......she whined like a baby. Arnav chuckled and hugged her tightly. After few minutes, Arnav - Kushi...


"Iam hungry. Shall we eat ? " He asked and Kushi smiled at him and pulled him near table to have lunch. The day passed away. It was night when Kushi was lying on Arnav's chest hugging him while he was stroking his hair.

Kushi - Arnav ji....


Kushi - How my life would've been if u didn't came in my life ? She didn't even want to imagine that but still she asked him the same.

Arnav smiled - Nothing much. Till now u would've been happily married to someone. I would've lost my luck to be with u.....to meet a person like Papa (Indraneel) And our Aarav.... And I have married any chudail who would've tortured me.....(he chuckled) But truly speaking....I can't imagine any other person at Ur place Kushi. Becoz Arnav is made only for Kushi. If not like this......I would've reached u at some other way. Becoz our destiny is one. Kushi is only Arnav's.....

Kushi's eyes welled up and snuggled him more. After sometime Arnav slept while Kushi again remembered the past.

Flashback -

Arnav with Kushi and Aman completed his first project successfully. Indraneel was very happy for Arnav and Kushi. He handed them another project and they started working on it. More than work the three enjoys being a team. Everything was going well. Two months passed away.

Arjun and Arohi came to Darjeeling to meet Kushi. So the total gang was enjoying taking a day off. They all were sitting in the restaurant.

Arjun - Kushi.....Yaar I want an ice-cream. Pls get me...

Arohi - Arjun it's very cold here don't eat ice-cream and all. U will catch cold. Kushi and Arnav looked at them with a raised brows.

Kushi - Arey.....y....wait Arjun I'll go and get u Ur favourite ice-cream.

Arohi shook her head while Arjun grinned. Kushi went near ice-cream counter on the opposite of the road, to order ice-cream for everyone. She ordered and got Arjun's in her hand while for others, she asked it to bring it to table. All were looking at her while chatting with eachother. She turned around towards restaurant and started walking when suddenly someone appeared infront of her making her jerk back. She looked at who was the person and got shocked. She fall back dropping the ice-cream in shock. Voice didn't came up as if someone has choked it. Tears flew from her eyes. She tried getting up only to fall back again stumbling.

Arnav who was watching all this got shocked and ran towards her while others too followed. He went and held Kushi. Arnav - Kushi ji....what happened ? Get up.

In return she clutched his shirt and cried hiding her face in his chest. Arnav was shocked. Arjun and Arohi looked ahead and got shocked. Arjun - U....what the hell u r doing here u idiot ?

The opposite person just smirked. There was a evil twinkleness in his eyes looking at Kushi. He kneeled down slowly looking at her while she hid on Arnav's chest more. Man - Hi Kushi....how r u ? Hope u r fine.... He tried to touch her. She moved back in fear.

Arnav - Who the hell r u ? He shouted.

Man - Nice to meet u young man. It's Sunil Sangvi here....

Arnav - Who ever u r....I don't care. Stay away from her.

Sunil - there is something unfinished btw us. I came here to finish that. Hein na Kushi darling ?

Arnav just slapped him with his one hand while the other was wounded around Kushi. Arnav - Go away from here before I do something very bad.

Sunil looked at him angrily and went away screaming - U will pay for this...

Arnav saw Kushi fainted in his arms . He patted her cheek. Arnav - Kushi ji....Kushi ji....pls wake up.....( But she didn't. He panicked and lifted her in his arms ) Arjun let's go to hospital.

Arnav and others went to Hospital. While on the other side.....Sunil - U did very bad Kushi baby. U watched me getting Slapped by that man. He will pay for it and I will make it sure.

In hospital -

Doctor was checking Kushi while others was waiting outside. Arnav - Arjun.... what's all this? Who was that and Why Kushi ji reacted like that seeing him.

Arjun and Arohi looked at eachother not knowing what to say. Arnav - Look Arjun and Arohi.....he doesn't seems to be here with gud intentions. I guess he is very harmful for Kushi ji. So don't try to hide anything.

Arjun - Arnav Bhai....his name is Sunil Sangvi. He studied in Bangalore with us only......

Arnav started listening them keenly. He didn't feel that Kushi is safe with his Sunil whatever. He has to protect her at any cost.

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