Arshi SS : Flawsome

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Teaser - Chapter 6 (By Jossy) (Thanked: 29 times)

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"Arnav???" Khushi then noticed the figure standing next to him, girl who is dressed in a knee length ****tail leg with a white complexion. They both made a great couple. Khushi saw arnav smiling at what the girl said to him. Khushi hide from their view when they walked outside. Khushi heard a part of their conversation.

"Arnie,you know Sam from our batch. I saw him recently, he asked about us. I told him that I will send the wedding card soon. It will be fun."

"Yeah, can't wait to see their reaction."

"I brought the apartment we shared." "That's great." Arnav told her and they get into the car and drove away.

While a teary Khushi tried hard to control her emotions.

He is engaged to her. That's why she have that big ring on her finger. They were together all these times. I'm such a stupid to expect more from him. She is here that's why he didn't took my calls yesterday and told me that he were busy.

With a heavy heart Khushi went back home.

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Jun 2

Chapter 4 - I Love You (By Jossy) (Thanked: 50 times)

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Chapter 6 - I Love You

Khushi reached the xyz restaurant to meet one of Khush's friend's sister. Khushi asked her to pick up something for him.


"Yes, are you Khush's sister?"

"Yes, I am Khushi Kumari Gupta."

"Rohan told me that you would come here. Sorry for disturbing you. He is out of town and I don't have any leave..."

"That's OK Ms. Ria"

Ria gave Khushi the book which Khush needed. Khushi was about to move from there when she saw arnav there.

"Arnav???" Khushi then noticed the figure standing next to him, girl who is dressed in a knee length ****tail leg with a white complexion. They both made a great couple. Khushi saw arnav smiling at what the girl said to him. Khushi hide from their view when they walked outside. Khushi heard a part of their conversation.

"Arnie,you know Sam from our batch. I saw him recently, he asked about us. I told him that I will send the wedding card soon. It will be fun."

"Yeah, can't wait to see their reaction." Arnav commented.

"I brought the apartment we shared." 

"That's great." Arnav told her and they get into the car and drove away.

While a teary Khushi tried hard to control her emotions.

He is engaged to her. That's why she have that big ring on her finger. They were together all these times. I'm such a stupid to expect more from him. She is here that's why he didn't took my calls yesterday and told me that he were busy.

With a heavy heart Khushi went back home. Arnav called Khushi that evening, but Khushi ignored his call saying that she is busy. Arnav don't understand why she is behaving like that.

Next day is Monday, Khushi did attended his call but talked a little. When Arnav asked her about it she told him that she is busy as there is so many customers. Arnav got busy with some important stuff and he didn't call her.


Next day Arnav reached the restaurant when it was about to close.

"Khushi, I will drop you today..."

"No Khush will come to pick me up."

"He asked me to pick you up."

"It's ok Arnav, I will manage...."

"Khushi you are my friend and I won't take a no from you."

The word 'Friend' pierced her heart.

He considers me as a friend...just a friend...

"Ok, let me grab my bag."

Khushi took her things and entered her car. On their way,

"Khushi, I want to take you somewhere and have a surprise for you. Will you come with me?"

"Hmm...I have to inform my parents."

"OK call them"

Khushi called Shashi and told that she will be little late.

"Where are we going, Arnav?"

"You will know that soon, we are almost there."

They reached near a gate...and Arnav parked his car near to that gate.

"Come with me Khushi."

"It is so dark here...."

"It is my farmhouse, Khushi."

Arnav walked holding Khushi's hand. Suddenly the light came and she grasped seeing the arrangements. The lawn is decorated with heart shaped balloons and fairy lights and flowers.

"Arnav this...." Khushi turned to talk to him, but found him kneeling down.

"From the moment I saw you in the cafe...I felt a pull towards to you....It grew as we become friends...You don't know how much value you hold in my life.... You treated me as Arnav who was the son of a daily wager.... You don't look into my status or money when I befriend you. I want to say that I love the girl who treated me as Arnav...I love the girl who jokes with me...who teases me...who treats my father as he is...I love that girl who took every pain to cook special dishes for me. I'm wholly in love with you Khushi Kumari Gupta.

"What are you doing Arnav? Where is your fiancée?" Arnav was confused.

"What are you talking Khushi? Fiancée??"

"I saw you both yesterday in the restaurant."

"You were there???"


"Why didn't you come and talk to me then Khushi?"

"I don't want to disturb both of you. You both makes a great couple." Khushi said with a smile suppressing her sadness.

"Cut this **** Khushi... she is not my fiancé... I only love you."

"Arnav, are you trying to play with my feeling and your fiancee's feeling???

"Damn Khushi, Liza is my friend and she getting married to her girlfriend next month. She came here to invite me for her wedding."


"Liza is into girls. She and her partner Amanda were together since we were in college."

Khushi was feeling like a stupid.

"I thought she is your... I didn't know..."

"Is that why you ignored me??"

Khushi nodded her head.

"I'm sorry Arnav... I thought..."

"Khushi, there is only a girl for me and that's you. I'm in love with you."

"I... " Khushi don't know what to reply him. She can't understand if it is real or not.

"Take your time Khushi... you don't need to answer it now."

Arnav are you...I mean...Is this some kind of joke?" Khushi asked with quivering lips as she couldn't accept the reality. She never dared that these moments will happen in her life.

"This is not a joke...this is the truth...I'm standing here with the girl I love and confessing what is in my mind. This can never be a joke Khushi."

"How? Arnav...I'm not perfect for you."

"You are perfect for me..." Arnav said taking her hand in his.

"You deserve someone like you...see this..." Khushi raised their entwined hands.

"Doesn't this matter?" Khushi asked pointing her brown skinned hand and his white skinned hand.

"No, it doesn't matter. I loved you for who you are... you know people say that they fell in love at first sight. But for me it is love at many sights. Each time I saw you, I fell in love with you deeper and deeper. You are beautiful but more than that it is your nature that drove me towards you. This is the first time I am feeling all these. Please don't bring those things which don't matter to us."

Khushi wiped away the tears that formed in her eyes.

"Arnav, when you ask me to be your friend, I was shocked. I still don't know why I agreed to be your friend. Something within me said that you are a good man. You listened to all my crazy blabbering. You were there as a friend when I felt low. The more i spend time with you, the more i liked you. Gradually I started to fell in love with you, but the reality about my skin and structure keep nagging me. I thought why you would like me when there are girls out there who are far better than me. Then I saw you with Liza, and she is someone who is exactly opposite to me with fair skin and a slim body. It shattered me seeing you like that. I'm sorry for misunderstanding you. I never thought that you will love me. I don't know what to tell you. Something telling me to let you go...another part telling me to hold you close." Khushi finished and turned to look at him. Arnav walked towards her and cupped her face.

"Khushi, just forget everything the differences...the damn universe itself. Now just look into my eyes and answer this from your heart."

"Do you still love me?"

Khushi nodded her head.

"I do, I love you Arnav."

"Will you give me a chance to show my love?"

Tears dropped from her eyes.


Arnav wiped her tears using his thumb and pulled her into a hug. Khushi cried and smiled while being in his embrace. That moment was precious for them, being in each other's arms. After a few minutes, they break the hug.

"You ok Khushi?" Arnav asked taking her hand in his.

"I am fine." Khushi said with a smile.

"You know everything I did in my life is for my papa keep him happy... to make him live like a king. I never wanted anything for me until I saw you. Thank you for accepting me and giving a chance. I will never let you regret it for a moment"

Arnav took a small box from his pocket and opened it. 

"Arnav this?"

"It is a promise ring...I promise to love you and cherish you...May I?"

Khushi nodded her head, forwarding her hand and he slides the ring on her finger....

"Arnav, I feel like I'm dreaming..." Khushi said looking at the ring.

Arnav pinched her hand lightly

"Now you know that it is 100% real."

Khushi hugged him....

"It is better than any dream."

They both stayed in each other's arms for some minutes

Arnav cared her face and continued to look at her face.... Then her lips....

"Can I kiss you???"

Khushi was blushed and looked down.

"It's OK if you are not comfortable. I can under...."

Khushi didn't let him finish the sentence as she pulled him for a kiss. She placed her lips on his lips snaking her arms around his neck. Arnav was startled by the sudden kiss, he held her by the waist. He took her bottom lips in between his, sucking the soft petal like lips of her. Khushi tried to match his actions, she moaned when he bite her bottom lips. She ran her fingers through his locks, pulling him close to her. They can feel the warmth emitting from their body.

They split apart to get some breathe. Arnav looked at Khushi is panting with a swollen lips. Arnav cupped her face and cared her cheeks. He kissed her forehead, eyes and cheeks. He looked at her lips and at her. He found her looking at his lips. Unintentionally Khushi licked her swollen lips with her tongue which undone Arnav. Arnav pulled her and kissed her on the lips again.

They break apart and Arnav told her.

"As much I like kissing you....our dinner is getting come with me."

Arnav moved to another area, everything is arranged perfectly. A small heart shaped cake with A and K letter are designed on it is placed on the table.

"Let's cut the cake..."

"This is so beautiful Arnav"

"For a new beginning and hope" Arnav said and pecked her forehead.

"For our love." Khushi said.

They cut the cake and fed each other. Arnav pulled the chair for her and started having the food.

"My parents will be worried, it's already been late."

"I have already taken care of that.... No need to worry about it."

" already told them that we will be late."

"No I told them that I love their daughter and want to give her a surprise."

Khushi looked at Arnav with tearful eyes

"They agreed?"

"I told them that I love you and want to confess this... For my luck, they like agreed... The only thing they asked me to bring you back home before 10. Your parents trust you a lot Khushi...."

"I know...and I won't let them down."

"I won't also let you or them me with that."

Khushi smiled at him

"Khushi I want clear the misunderstanding happened."

"No...Arnav... I was stupid and jumped into the matter."

"No...Khushi... I want to tell you about it. Lisa and me were in Harvard together. She is a half Indian but born and brought up there. One day, I found her and Amanda making out in a class. Both of them were keeping it under wrap. She came to talk to me and I told her that I won't tell anybody. I asked her a favor, to act as my girlfriend in front of others to avoid people hitting on me. She was a good friend. On my first year, my landlord kicked me out of the house at night. I was unable to pay the rent. When she came to know about it she forced me to stay in her apartment with her. Most of the time she will be at Amanda's place. I stayed with her for a month till I found a place."

"She is a good friend." Khushi commented.

"Yeah and she is eager to meet you."

"You told her about me?"

"I didn't did that intentionally, she made me blunted it out. I don't want to reveal it to anybody till I tell you about my feelings for you."

Khushi smiled at him and looked around.

"You liked all these???"

"Yes, it is beautiful..." Khushi said looking at the arrangements.



"Arnav you should not have done all these...I mean a simple arrangement was OK with me....I mean I don't want to spent you a lot...I know that you earn well...anyway I appreciate your efforts."

At that Arnav felt guilty for hiding the fact from her.

"Khushi this is a once in a lifetime moment. I have never been in love with anyone.... And I know that I love you a lot....Don't bother about any other things. I want to ask u something?"

"What is it Arnav?"

"When did you fell in love with me?"

"Hmm... When we first met.... for a moment I thought you an arrogant person. As you interacted with your father...I saw the real you... Then you gave me a lift....You were such a gentle could have flirt or take advantage of me...but you didn't.

You were hesitant to interact...I don't know why....but I found that cute. Slowly we became friends...I got to know more about you...One thing I really love about you is...the way you care for your loved ones... How you take care of them. I adore you and your father a both are one in a million....Slowly I started to miss you when you were not with me. I keep on waiting for you to show up in the café...waited for your calls and messages, that's when I realized I fell in love with you... But I never imagined that you will ever look at me in that way. I mean we are like vanilla and chocolate..."

Hearing this Arnav laughed

"When did u become a racist? All these don't mean anything..."

"No...I don't mean like that....I mean that's what the society expects."

"It is our life...and we decide what we want not the damn society."

Khushi smiled at his words

"Now I know that you don't care about my skin and other things... I'm lucky to have you in my life."

After a few minutes,

So Khushi you fell in love with who am I, aren't you?

"Yeah... I don't care about other are my Arnav that's enough for me."

"Khushi...will u forgive me if I lied about something which doesn't hold any value to our love?"

"What is it Arnav???"

"Khushi... I'm not an employee in AR... I didn't tell u because I don't want you to ran away from me."

"Its OK Arnav...I got that... Even if you work in other a low doesn't matter to me."

"It is not that Khushi..."

"Ohhh...did your boss fired you???? Don't worry, we can find some job soon."

"I own AR...It is my company..."

Khushi was shocked

"You are joking, aren't it? I mean ASR is the owner."

"Arnav Singh Raizada... ASR..."

Khushi sat there silently for a moment. She is confused and scared. It is too much for her to handle.

"You... ASR...why...I mean is this all a joke? This love and all...I don't understand..." Khushi said placing her hand on her forehead.

Arnav moved near to Khushi and held her hand

"No Khushi...don't thing that my feeling for you is just a joke is true feeling...I admit that I didn't tell you about me being ASR. It is just because I want you to love me for who I am... If you knew that I'm ASR you would have never made me your would have never freely talked to me...I never wanted that Khushi. I may be ASR for the rest of the world, but for you...I'm just Arnav... I never intend to deceive you with this...please understand me.... I can't lose you for me being ASR. You are important to me." Arnav kissed the knuckle of her palm.

"Does I being ASR making me any low?"


"Does I being ASR making me any high?"

"No....but... You are ASR....owner of one of the growing company in the country....I'm just ...uummm...a struggling entrepreneur, a plain Khushi"

"You may feel like that...but you are not plain Khushi for are my Khushi...You own both Arnav and ASR....even though ASR doesn't appear in front of you often."

Khushi smiled at him

"I don't want you to change your feelings for me just because I'm the owner of AR. Let's eat."

They were having the food, while Khushi kept thinking about the new revelation. 

"Khushi I think we should leave now. Come with me."

Saying this Arnav started to move but Khushi held his hand

"What you told me was something which I never expected. When I started having feeling for you...I thought I'm just a silly girl to have all these feelings for you...Now we are here...confessing our love

You are being ASR doesn't held any value when I loved you....and I shouldn't let that over power what I feel for you...what we feel for each other. I love you matter what you are...."

Saying this Khushi hugged him Arnav smiled hugging her tight and placed a kiss on her forehead...

"I love you Khushi...Come...let me drop you home."

In the car,

"Arnav... Does uncle know about this? I mean will he approve me?"

"He likes you a lot.... He is the one who encouraged me to explore my feelings for you."

"Uncle knew about this from the start?"

"Yes...he knew"

Khushi remembered about their encounters, the hints Arvind quoted here and there.

"Both of you were so naughty..."

"You didn't even know how much naughty I can be"

Khushi blushed and looked away....

"Did my parents know about your work? I mean you didn't tell the truth when you met them."

"Yeah...I told everything to your father...even apologize for lying about me to you and your family."

"He was OK with it???" 

"No...But I told him my reason... And he understood that and gave me a chance."

In between the journey, Arnav kept holding her hand.

"Arnav...are you free tomorrow? I mean around 7 in the evening.

"Yup, I will be free at that time."

"Can you come to my restaurant with uncle? I mean I can't can you..."

"We will be there."

They talked and finally reached her home

"Come let's get you home."

"You are coming with me?"

"It is my responsible to drop you home safely. I promised your father." Khushi was happy hearing his reply.

They walked together towards her home...hand in hand

Garima opened the door, saw a smiling Arshi in front of the door.

"Come in beta...."

Shashi saw the glow on her face and understood everything.

"So everything OK..?" Shashi asked.

"Yes uncle... I and your daughter love each other...and I promise you that I won't hurt her in any way."

"I know that you are a good man..." Shashi told him. 

"I should leave now. Good bye...uncle...aunty...Nandini."

He bid goodnight to everyone and Khushi joined him till the verandah


Arnav turned to look at her and Khushi said goodnight along with a peck on his cheek. Arnav left from there feeling extreme happy

Inside Khushi's home,

Khushi saw her whole family sitting in the dining area. She was so shy to face them.

"So.... You love Arnav..."

"Yes...papa...I love him."

"He is a good boy...but beta did he tell you about his work? I mean profession." A concerned Garima asked her.

"He told me first I was shocked... I was on the verge of calling of this relationship for a second, but he made me understand."

"Beta...we trust your choice...but there is difference... He is the owner of one of the fastest growing company and we can't match up to that. I'm not against this beta...I'm just concerned for are a grown up girl and i know that you know what you want."

"I know papa...but this is not the real Arnav...he had struggled a lot....even more than us."

Khushi told them about Ratna...Arnav's childhood, like how he used help Arvind in kitchen and other matters when he was 10. The struggles Arvind went through, how he worked hard to ensure a bright future for Arnav. It was Arvind who asked Arnav to apply for Harvard. When Arnav got it he was reluctant to leave his dad alone here. Arnav agreed to go only on a condition that Arvind will stay in an old age home and won't work till he returns. Arnav left for Harvard....while Arvind is staying in an old age home....Arnav used to do part time job so that he can send money to his dad...

After two years he came back, started working on his business project along with doing a job in a company. Arnav didn't let his father work after that.

Arvind gave his property to mortgage to start AR and that's how he started AR.

Hearing all these Garima and Nandini was in tears.

"You are lucky to find him titaliya... I knew that he is a gem... He will keep you happy." Nandini affectionately touched her cheek.

"Di...isn't a ring??? Omg you got engaged??? That's so fast..." her brother Khush commented seeing the ring.

" is not an engagement is a promise ring" 

"Promise ring?" Khush raised his eyebrow.

"It's a promise to love me and keep me happy..."

Khushi said while blushing and smiling.

"Awww...that's so sweet...but poor boy have to bear your bak and Nandini are full fed up with it, don't you Nandini? Does your Arnav have any hearing problem?" Khush teased her.

"What did you say? I won't spare you monkey." Saying this Khushi started to chase him....

"If I am a monkey, technically you are also a monkey. And I am saying the truth when did u even keep silence? You are like a radio.... Always talking and talking." Khush said still running around and Khushi caught him 

"If you are fed up with my chattering...don't use the things I gave you. Where is that phone I brought you???"

Khush was trapped.

"Can't I even crack a joke in this house? You are my sundar susheel Didi na.... your chatter is like music which we crave to hear...our day is incomplete without your chattering. Why are you asking the phone? How can I hear your chattering without the phone when you are away?" Khush tried to apple polish Khushi.

"Awww my brother, that's how you should talk with your elder sister." Khushi said pulling his cheek.

In shantivan, Arnav entered the hall and Arvind sitting there impatiently.

Seeing this Arnav made a sad face and came near to Arvind

"What happened? Why are you sad?" A concerned Arvind asked Arnav. 

"Khushi...she just...she..."

"Did she reject you? I mean how...?"

"Papa...Khushi ...she told me...that..." Arnav made an extreme sad face

"May be I read too much about her being in love with you....its ok." Arvind tried to console him.

"Papa, she loves me...Khushi loves me." Arnav shouted and smiled.

"Badmash......go away from here..." Saying this Arvind started beating him

"Ouuch papa...stop it...I was just pulling your legs..."

"You deserve that..."

Arnav hugged Arvind and said

"She loves me papa. She loves me a lot. She don't care if I'm ASR or not...She just loves me."

Arvind was feeling sooo happy for his son

"I'm sooo happy for you happy... I can understand your is one of the most beautiful feelings in life." Arvind kissed his son....

"Papa, Khushi invited us for dinner in her cafe tomorrow."

'Ohh no we can't go tomorrow...."

"But why?"

'Arre....Santhosh and Ravi are coming to meet me. So how can we go?"

"Can you postpone that papa....?"

"'s already late...I have to catch up with my friends and you have to be here...Santhosh want to talk to you."

"Ohh..." Arnav said in sad tone thinking that he can't meet Khushi tomorrow. Arvind started laughing

"Look at your face Arnav....ohh my lover boy...I was just pulling your leg...we can go tomorrow."

"Papa...that's was...not funny..."

"Tit for tat... Son" Arvind flicked Arnav's nose.

"Arnav what was Khushi bitiya's reaction when you told the truth."

"She was shocked. I thought I almost lost her with that confession... I told her my reasons and she understood me..."

"Don't ever hurt her beta...treat her well and keep her happy."

'I will papa... After all I'm your son."

Hearing this Arvind hugged him.

"You should sleep now...come let me take u to the room" Arnav lifted Arvind and took him to his room...

"Good night Arnav"

"Good night...papa"

After Arnav went to his room...

Arvind looked at Ratna's pic and started talking to her....

"See...our son find his true love like us...I just wish god keep both of them happy and don't give them a fate such as ours, that's the only wish I have now. I wish I could have more time with you and our baby."

Slowly he drifted to sleep thinking about his wife and the unborn baby he lost. During that accident Ratna was 3 weeks pregnant and it is something that Arvind kept away from Arnav till now.


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Teaser - Chapter 7 (By Jossy) (Thanked: 27 times)

A man around his mid twenties entered the hall, slamming the door shut.

"Am I late???" He asked trying to stand properly with a small bottle of alcohol in his hand

"Oopps...seems like I'm late..." He said and started walking towards arnav and arvind with wobbling legs.


"What have you done now?" His mother asked him.

"Just broken some stuffs in the bar and a small fight...that's it." He said taking a sip from the liquor bottle.

Along with the police man the owner of the bar was there

"Are you the owner of that bar??? He asked 


"So how much it costs??! Over all damages?"

"Around 3 lakhs" said the bar owner.

"F**k...Only 3 lakhs....I thought it would cost around 5 or 6 lakhs. I should improve my performance from now." He commented with a sad face.

The police moved near to him so that they can handcuff him

"Wait...wait...let me just complete this one..." saying this he drank the full bottle of alcohol in a go. He walked towards Arvind and Arnav with wobbling legs and kissed their cheeks.

"See u soon phuphajiii...and broiii"

He forwarded his hands towards the police so that they can handcuff him. He turned around and said to his father.

"Hitler do come and bail me out... It won't be good for our family reputation if I go into jail. Don't forget to bring my favorite liquor too." He ordered his father and walked away after giving flying kisses to Arvind and Arnav.

Who are these people??? Any guesses???

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