Arshi : LOVE

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May 23

Arshi : L?VE (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 41 times)


Arnav Singh Raizada :

 ASR , A young handsome business tycoon., he was AR company owner  Age 26, very angry man he's not like this before, his very funny, naughty but One incident charge his life totally, He waiting for to correct his mistake 

Ratna Singh Raizada :

Mother of Arnav Singh Raizada. Housewife  She has a lot of compassionate heart, the good wife and mother of  arnav and anjali and good daughter-in-law to family

Arvind Singh Raizada : 

Father of Arnav singh raizada and anjali Singh raizada and a good husband, he  have the good heart, he helps to poor people

Anjali Singh raizada / anjali aman mathur :

     She was elder sister to arnav ,Only two years ago she married to aman, A sweet girl. Very innocent and lovely. 

Aman mathur : 

 He was the best friend of arnav , a good husband and If any problems to his friend he came  to the front to help

Devyani Singh Raizada : 

Good heart, Arnav & Anjali's Nani, Akash's Dadi 

Akash Singh raizada : 

age 24 , very fun type , his role model  was his brother arnav  , Manorama's son

Manorama Singh raizada :

Akash's mother, Arnav & Anjali's Mami 

Manohar Raizada :

 Arnav's Mama, akash' s father

Nk :

 cousin of Raizadas

Khushi Kumari Gupta :

   A beautiful young girl, Age 20 age , soft heart sometimes little rude, Khushi lives up to her name … always spreads warmth and smiles wherever she goes. she is always trying to make everyone happy, she is like a butterfly and bubbly and beautiful, she likes to help others, she hates shyam manohar jha

Shashi Gupta :

 Khushi 's father, he was the owner of the "  KKG " company, he loves her daughter lot 

Garima Shashi Gupta :

 Khushi 's mother, she loves her daughter so much, housewife 

Lavanya Kashyap : khushi' s friend

Payal sharma : khushi' s friend

Arjun sharma : Payal's brother ,khushi' s friend and love khushi like his sister

Shyam Manohar Jha :

   He was Gangster, He loves Kushi he wants to marry her, If anyone keep eyes on khushi he will kill them


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May 24

Arshi : LOVE [[ Part 01 ]] (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 35 times)

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      Here story....

It's a cool night, the stars are  shining in the sky the moon is hidden in the clouds.

In Delhi In a beautiful mansion everybody is peacefully sleeping but one person could not sleep in sleep he turns his head to the right and left and he wants to scream but he can't he is voice are not coming out suddenly a scene appeared before the eye he immediately Open eyes and sit in bed jerked and his body is shivering like anything his face is sweating in fear Wipe his  sweat from his face and and he took his phone and saw the time it was midnight 02.00 AM and he get up from his bed and went near to the window and look up at the sky and he whispered " sorry please forgive me "  Tears dropped from his eyes without him knowing


  At 9:30 am morning he get ready and come down to go office He stopped in his track when he heard his mother calling him from behind he turn and look back and saw his mother she come to him and asked " chote eat breakfast and go " ys he was no one he was Arnav Singh Raizada and his mother Ratna Singh Raizada is calling him to have his breakfast

" chote have your breakfast  first then go " said his mother Ratna 

" no ma I will eat out I have Important work so first I want to finish that " he said he went from there 

" but chote " his mother try to stop but he went out 

Ratna looked at the direction where he went with a sad face. Someone came behind and put a hand on her shoulder she slowly turn look at the person and give weak smile.

" hey what happened, He does not even eat today also" asked Arvind Singh Raizada. Her husband 

Ratna nods her head and she said " After that incident, he totally change, Not talking with anyone, not eating incorrect time, Then he always is thinking of something, I don't know what happened to him" 

" We also see the change after the incident, I'll tell aman to or anjali to talk with him what is a problem, " he said. she again nods her head


In AR office

   In his cabin, He sat on his chair and closed his eyes and suddenly flashed back the incident in front of his eye he quickly opens his eyes his eyes turn to red .....

Suddenly some on open his cabin door and come  inside with smile When he saw the person he got angry and he shouts " stop there " but the person trying to come near to him he again shout " I said stop there meera  " and he gets up from his chair and went near to her and he asked with angry " why you come here, I have said that you to not show me your face, There is no relation between me and you, I told you why I said like that day, I want to hurt her so that only I said like that, That's the biggest mistake I made " 

He looks at her and he said with intimidation voice " don't show your face get lost from here, If I see you again I will kill you, now get lost " 

Meera get fear and she was run from there to save her life, she knows about his anger she wants to live and She does not want to die

No One knows what this has been  watching by someone but that person no one he was Aman mathur



What will be the incident???

if any writing mistakes then please forgive me

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May 24

Arshi : LOVE [[ Part 02 ]] (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 36 times)

Night 08.00

Arnav comes from office after finish his works and He went straight to his room and he went inside the room and put the laptop bag on the bed and lose his tie and went near to wardrobe and took his towel and night suit and went to the washroom to get fresh. After some time he comes out wiping the hire and he calls HP and asked his black coffee and he took his laptop and sit in the couch after sometime HP come with his black coffee and give to him and went from there. He took coffee mug and state to sip the coffee and he opens his laptop and starts to his work. Suddenly he gets up from the couch and went near to Cupboard and start to search one file But that file is not there It's the most important file 

" That file was suddenly where gone, I put the file here only, " he thought " Maybe the file with aman " and he went down 


In living hall 

     Aman and anjali sitting with ratna, Arvind, and nani and mama, mami . akash and nk They are both their room. Arnav comes to them and his asked to aman " aman where the Mr. Varma file " 

" Oh... Arnav that file in my cupboard " and he gets up to go to the room  but arnav stop him " it's OK you sit here I will go myself and talk " and he went to the anjali room 

He went into the room and went near to the cupboard and open the cupboard and he saw the file is above the dress and he took the file out and that time two pictures fell down from the file his eyes are went widen his eyes were full of tear his two knees are shaking he want to scream and cry But the words did not come out he suddenly fell down knees He suddenly fell down knees beside the pictures he took the pictures with shaking hand and he caressing her picture with his finger and he Hug the picture in his chest The pain tear dropped from his eyes silently. He gets shocked when  Suddenly he felt someone hand on his shoulder and he quickly wiped his tear and turn to see the person


         Whose image????

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May 27

Arshi : LOVE [[ Part 03 ]] (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 49 times)

Arnav turn look at the person. That's a person no one else It's Anjali he Controlling his emotional he said with low voice " di... "

" chote what happened, " asks Anjali cupped his face between her both palm

" nothing di " and he removed her hand from his face and try to go from there but anjali quickly hold his and pulled him back and she asked " Don't try to lie chote, I know Something happens between your two don't say lie to me and say what happened After that incident you have become completely changed, aman is listening to your talk with meera yesterday, now say "

He suddenly hugs anjali and starts to cry and in between cry he said " di she will forgive me na..... 

 chote " she broke the hug and cupped his face and made him look at her " chote... What are you saying "

" di .... I hurt her too much di , I can't forgive my self di my Khushi will forgive me na.. " 

" chote ... What you did to Khushi and why Khushi wants to forgive you " 

 " I hurt her di I hurt her..."  teardrop falling from his eyes like a waterfall. he looks at Anjali and starts to say the flashback 


      Two years ago 

       In Delhi arnav neighbours home was khushi... One years ago her family came here ,his family and her family so close,they will always be like a family, his mom and dad lover as her own daughter . anjali and khushi were like a sibling. In that one year,khushi start to love arnav without knowing herself. Arnav also fell love with khushi, her childish talk ,her prank and especially her good heart and he saw all this and fell in over with her but he scae revealed his feeling to her,he knows that she is also have feeling for him , but fears that problem will come in between family so he didn't shoe up his feeling to her and always he ignoring her but  he admiring her from far away without anyone knowledge but her love is increasing day by day. See this arnav understand this and he made a decision,he know it will get her ,but there is no other idea and he thought this the good idea but khushi had an unexpected thing happend

One day he come with a girl and he said " this meera she was my girlfriend " . hearing this khushi heartbroken she never expect this she thought he also having feeling on her. She feels so hurt,she loves him so much ,he was her soul but he loves another woman ,she can't image her life without him. After that she will always see him with meera it's so hurt but she thought that if he is happy in his life that is enough for her but everything has changed in a one day

One day both families went to near the park to spend time ,after then spend time  and get ready to go home when everyone starts to cross the road and khushi stood behind arnav and start to go,arnav was in his phone ,he did not see truck coming towards him but khushi saw it,that second her heartbeat stop then her mind thought i will not let anything happened to him ,although he doesn't love me ,but i love him,my love true . now one thing running her mind ,that now she want to save him,without thinking anything she scream his name and starts to run towards him . arnav heard she screamed his name and he turns to look back and saw khushi running to him , in her face something showing worried and scared ,fear to lose something , he doesn't know what happened to her ,but he got his answer in next second , when he pushed by khushi and fell on the floor another side.

He did not expect this, I have hurt her, but today she saves my life. He comes from his thought when he heard his family members and her mother and father screaming her name he immediately get up from floor and run to and took her head in his lap and try to wake her up but she didn't open her eyes,

arnav see this and he gets scared he shout akash to take car and he took khushi in his arm and he runs to car others are following him crying their scared to lose her she was like angle to them. They took her to hospital When she was taken to the hospital, the doctor immediately took her to ICU. 

1 hours has passed,but there is no symptom that comes out of the doctor,everybody was waiting outside the ICU,with worried when will doctor come out and say "she was fine,nothing happened to her '',there waiting for the one word " nothing happened to her"

After some time doctor come out and said " immediately need blood she lost so much blood, Her blood group is less here in our hospital, We need more blood, So Hurry up and doctor again went inside the ICU, after some time their arranged blood....

After 2 or 3 hours later doctor come outside,everyone rush to him and start to throwing questions to him, doctor said relax I don't like to give you false hope, here Listen carefully her head hit badly and her brain Damaged, she not coming to conscious we are afraid Maybe if she does not come to conscious she will slip into coma. If she did not come to her senses in 48 hours,it's very difficult to save her and doctor went inside the ICU

It's been 48 hours but there is no change from her, Still she was lying unconscious. It is difficult for others to see her like this,she will always run like a butterfly here and there,she will not stand in one place ,but today she is in bed at the hospital without breathing.Arnav could not see her in this condition, his heart aching she her like this,he wants to see her beautiful Hazel eyes, he wants to hear her sweet honey voice.

After some time,the doctor to come and said We tried her but she not coming to her conscious. He asked that Do not talk like that and do something please please save her.

then the doctor said " There is have best treatment for this In London, Surely they can save her. Then arnav immediately said " then We are going to take her there" he said to the doctor. doctor not her head and went inside ICU to check khushi again. After that they took khushi to London. first Arnav tries to go with them but her mother and dad said to him stay here if their need anything he will call him and her mom and dad took her to London for her treatment. After they got there They inform her status every day. But suddenly after 3 month they are didn't get any in from from her dad shashi,after this theirs got worried, their call shashi and asked but her, but shashi always change the topics and say something cut the call, They have a little bit of conversation with them, their sometimes only their talk, Razida's did not understand what happened to them, arnav call meera and said they are no relationship in between them and he said why he said that day like she was his girlfriend.....

        **Flashback end...**

" Chote ... " Anjali had a tear in her eyes

Arnav keeps his head on her lap and crying ., di ..,di I can't level without her, I hide my feeling to her because  I afraid di this two-family would be separated. Because Of this only I didn't tell my feelings to her, but di I truly love her di... "

Anjali pulled his head from her lap and she looks at him with angry tear eyes" you fool you know a what, dead and Shashi uncle thought" he nods no innocently

" You and her to get married, but see what you did. " She shook her head 

" Di I am sorry, di I want to see her di, one time I want to see her," he said

" Are you want to see her? " she asked cupping his face

He nods his head

" OK I will talk to dead about this, " she said

He again nods his head and hug Anjali and said " I love you di"

I also love you chote but if you do anything wrong to Khushi or try to hut her I will not leave you ok" she said in a warning tone

Di promise I will never hurt her " he said

Mmmmm that's good " she said


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Jun 10

Arshi : LOVE [[ Part 04 ]] (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 11 times)

Next day morning every one sitting in the living hall. Arnav was getting ready in his room after coming from his morning jogging. Others sitting in the hall. Anjali comes from the kitchen with a coffee tray in a hand give coffee to others and she also sits beside aman and she doesn't know how to start the Conversation but her dad Arvind saw this and he asked " Anjali what happens are you want to say something "

 ha dad I want to tell you all something, " she said

Everyone looks at her and asked what happens anything problem or are you ok. Their start to throwing the question to her

" first relax everyone I am fine ok.. .,I want to tell you all very important matter "

" important matter " they're whispered

" what are you saying beeta " and ratna come and sit beside her

" ha amma, we all are worried about chote na " she asked and others nod their heads with accepted

" ha we don't know what happens to him he totally change after Khushi accident," said Nani

" I know what made him change him like that " Anjali said

" What...? What are you saying " Ratna said

She turns to her mother and she said " ha... Amma and she start to say what arnav said to her

Ratna keeps her hand on her mouth with shock and said " No ... My chote never hurt an innocent girl "

" amma ... Now I said na why chote did like that " and she holds Ratna hand

We also want our child happiness, At least once, if he tells us that he loves her.... then ... And Arvind shook his head with despondent

Anjali get up and went sit beside arvind and she said " dad we know na why chote did like the that, He was afraid of the two families will separation

Arvind look anjali said with Mocking " But, Now these two families, together na.....

" dad.... " anjali said

Arvind took a deep breath, anjali slowly took arvind hand and said " dad chote what to meet khushi one time "

" what ..? Now why he wants to meet her?" he asked with confused

" dad he saying he wants to correct his mistake and want to ask forgiveness to her " she said

Then she again said " They did not come to my marriage na..., why we will go and see them " and she looked around everyone ....

Nani said " I also feel like to meet the ones, Two years have passed, we meet them "

Sometimes the hall went silent,then arvinth broke the silence and he said " ok we will go to London and We do not let them know where we are coming"

" why beta ..??? " nani asked, others also confuse why he saying don't want to inform to guptha

" We will give a surprise to them " he said, hearing this other get happy. Anjali jumping in joy and hug her dad and run to arnav room to inform this happy news

Jun 10

Arshi : LOVE [[ Part 05 ]] (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 32 times)

Arnav after gets ready and standing in front of the mirror and Tieing the tie.


Suddenly she comes inside. Arnav did not expect Anjali in the sudden entry. Arnav gets confused and look Anjali and give the WHAT THE look to her...

 " aha I know what you will say, you're what the!" She showing her hand to him and stop ...He gives glare look to Anjali 

" Oh ok sorry sorry..., cool down chote Now you have to reduce your anger, " anjali said. 

Arnav again give anjali to glare look and went near to bed and grip the jacket and Wearied and closed jacket buttons and turn to anjali and said " in the early morning, what are you blabbering? are you ok na... " and he touched her forehead and start to go from there 

" chit stop..." anjali said but arnav did not stop and he starts to go from his room and anjali shouted " CHOTE KHUSHI!! " 

Hearing khushi names his body frozen on the spot. His heartbeat starts to beat fast, it was like the heart going to jump from his chest. He keeps his hand on the and tries to control his heartbeat.

Anjali come near to arnav "Wow! Chote, I tried to stop you but you did not stop but when I took the khusni name, you stopped 

Arnav quickly took the hand from his chest and he looked back anjali " wo... Wo.... " he stumbled 

" ok ok I know,my brother love her so much, you do not need to tell me " she does not allow him to talk

Hearing this, on his face a smile blossomed. Anjali was happy, after a long year, she saw her chote smiling. She prayed to god, always wanted to see the smile on his face. Then she remembers something, why she comes here

She hit her hand on her head lightly and murmured " I totally forget why I came here. She looked at him and said " chote you know something "

" No, I don't know if you tell me, " he asked

Anjali glared him

 " Sorry, " he said 

" ok leave it all this, " she said and start to say why she comes here the reason, what happened in the downstairs, to see them, we do not tell them where we are...

" why we did not tell why we all ate coming there " he asked with confused 

" Let's surprise " anjali said 

" Oh..." he was so happy, finally now he going to see her. How long he waited for this, he comes from his thought and hug anjali and said " di, I will never forget this help in my life"

" Shhh...  It's ok chote " arnav broke the hug and  went to the office with  a smile on his face



      Rainwater  flowing from his head, he was standing in the rainy, he was wet from head to toe, he was all wet, he has khushi picture in his hand and talk with that picture 


" khushi I am sorry, I know I 'm hurt you, you can not forget it, I don't know whether you will forgive me or not. But I will win your heart and love" he look khushi picture with so much love and said " you know something "he smiles lightly and said " how you know that I love you,there is no place for anyone in my heart except you, tomorrow I 'am going to see you, after two years later. I am so happy, I will never give any pain to you, I will take care of you as my life, I will never leave you again, I will keep you beside me, in my chest. I LOVE KHUSHI, words can not say my feeling but I will show you with my action. Love you sweetie yes you are my SWEETIE..........


      Poojatweety, noordina, kpoonam ..... Dears you will get your answer in next part why Shashi is avoiding raizada and what happened to khushi.....And thank you so much for your comments dear...and thanks  you so much for who r gave votes 

Jun 27

Arshi : LOVE [[ Part 06 ]] (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 43 times)

It was a frozen night in London and Raizada family reached London at 8.00pm and Arnav has arranged a vehicle for everyone to leave the too Gupta mansion and they didn't tell that they coming and Arnav's very curious to meet Khushi. He did not know what to do his heart jumping in joy. Finalying he going to meet his love. He wants to correct his mistake which he did in past and he wants to show how he loves her. 

After a long journey, they're reached to Gupta mansion. The mansion looks so beautiful, they are amazement by the house.


 " still has not come, I am so afraid, " said the women worriedly

" I am also wondering why not yet come... Garima " said that man with tension 

" Shashi I am so scared. Please call  Arjun beta and ask where Khushi " she ready to cry

" Ok I will call him you don't worry, we hope nothing will happen to our princesses " and he took the phone out to call Arjun but he stops hearing calling bell ring.

 Garima and Shashi look each other and said " I think Khushi came " and both are run to open the door. When they are open the door and shocked and their eyes went wide.


 " Hello hi bye bye, how long will we stay in this place? My leg is paining " said Mami 

" yes come let's go, " said  Arvind and they went and rang the bell give surprise to Gupta. When the door gets open and the see Shashi and Grima shock face 


Shashi and Garima get shocked to see Raizada here, they did not expect this...raizada sudden arrival.

" Shashi beta do not you welcome us? " asked Nani

Shashi comes from shock and said quickly " no nothing like that please you all come inside "

Raizada family come inside and they all sit in the living hall

" how are you all " asked Shashi

" we are fine Shashi  " said Arvind

Ratna look around the hall and asked " Garima where Khushi betee "

Garima don't know what answer give to Ratna

" ha... Where Khushi betee, we want to see her, how is she now, " asked Nani

" wo wo... She " when Shashi going to answer for Nani question suddenly mansion door bang on the wall. Everyone jumped from their place hearing the door banging on the wall. Their turn to see the door and shock to see Khushi coming running inside the house with a tear in her eyes. Khushi rushed and hugged Shashi and start to cry loudly between cry she said " please dad save me " 

Raizada shock to see khushi condition like this. Their don't know what happen to him but their feel sad see her like this. Arnav feels sad to see her like this her tear are hurting him. He doesn't know what made her cry like this.

Shashi rubs he back and tries to calm her and he said sweet worded in her ear "Shhh... Princess nothing will happen to you, we all are here, you dad will save you, calm down my princess ... Relax...

Khushi clam down after hearing her dad sweet words and Shashi broke the hug and he wiped her tear and that time Khushi saw them. She looks to Shashi and raizada family and she turns to her dad and asked point raizada family. Her question brought them shocked

" Paapa, who are all these people? Khushi asked with confused

Hearing this raizada stood there with a shocking expression on their face. No one could not believe what was the hearing. Arnav shock to hear this. His body is shivering, his kneel is going weak and he holds the sofa for support.

" khushi  betee don't talk like that, are you angry with us " and Nani asked cupping her face 

" No I am not angry with you all's " khushi said. hearing this raizada get happy there thought Khushi prank on them. Khushi always did a prank like this give a shock to them. But hearing khushi next word give tremor to them.

" who are you all? Why should I be angry with you all, How do you know my name? I have not seen all of you " khushi said with confuse 

Khushi hearing their whispering her name with shock " khushi betee, khushi " 

Khushi hearing arnav shock voice and she turned to him . when she turned to him both are eyes meet each other. Khushi saw some pain in eyes. She also feels some pain and joy in her heart. Khushi saw some blurred image, she saw one man but she can't see his face. And her head starts to pain feel like someone hit her head with an iron. 

She holds her head tightly with both hand pressed, her face showing she was in pain.

See this everyone rush to her, arnav run to her and he stands behind her he doesn't know what to do then he looks Shashi and saw he was so tense and he his panicking.

" khushi betee , what happened are you ok dear, " he asked panicking

" my head is paining dad " she said her teardrop a feeling like Pearls. Hearing this other get worried.

Suddenly her view went blur and her head start to spin and she fell Unconscious on arnav arm. Arnav shock to see her like this suddenly when she fell Unconscious on his arm



his heartbeat is stopped that accident flash in front of his eyes how she saves him how her body cover with her blood and suddenly arnav start to panic and patting her cheek and start to call her name " khushi... Khushi open your eye " then he turns to Shashi and asked " uncle what happened  to her " his eyes moist 

" Beta I will say what happens to her, please can you carry her to her room " Shashi said with tension voice...

Arnav without saying any words he carried Khushi in his arm and he went to her room. Others also following him silently with worried face and Garima open her room door for arnav and arnav went inside and keep her on the bed.

 Shashi come inside the room talking on the phone " doctor please coming quickly Khushi fainted ... Ha ok come quickly doctor " and he cut the call and he rushes near to Khushi bed and he sits beside her and takes her hand in and said " princesses open your eyes, see here you dad..." but Khushi did not open her eyes.

Arnav can't wait for more than that. So he asked " uncle  " Tell it now what happens to her why she like this and Why is she asked us who are you? What your hiding? 

Shashi exhaled he knows in he can't hide anything now, now time to say the truth. 

" arnav beta... " He opens his mouth to talk, but he saw the doctor coming inside with his male servant. He quickly gets up from the bed and  went near to him and said " please check her what happens to her, suddenly she feels head pain and fainted "

 " calm down I will check her what happens to her,please first you all go out So it's easy for me to check her..." the doctor said 

Everyone comes outside and waiting for the doctor. Nobody asked them what's going here. No very Important Khushi health. Their are don't know what's going here. Now they're waiting for the doctor to come out.

After sometime doctor come out. Everyone rushes to him and start to ask a question. Doctor look others and he turns to Shashi and said. " Mr.Guptha  Who are all this?. He looks raizada face.

Arnav gets the angry hearing question and he roared " It's not important now who we are "

Shashi quickly he said " They're our family members "

" OK "  and doctor start to say " now she is sleeping. I gave her injection tomorrow morning she will wake up. "the doctor said

" Ok, but what happens to her " Shashi asked with  worriedly

" I think she gets some past blur image, that only she gets head pain and faint " doctor said

" what blur image " asked  confuse Anjali 

" yes, you don't know she is memory lose Patient " the doctor said 

Everyone get shocked " WHAT " they shouted 



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Jul 9

part [ 07 (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 44 times)

Everyone standing in the living hall silently no one has spoken a word. Raizaid's are still in shock. Arvind come from his shock and asked with hurt 

Arvind: why Shashi. Why? Why do you hide this from us?.

Shashi don't know what to say and he said: no not like that

Arvind: Does that mean that there is nothing like that? He asked angrily

Shashi: please don't talk like that. We thought to tell you when Khushi opens her eyes. 

Aman: then why uncle You did not tell us

Garima: when Khushi opens her she gives a shock to us 

Ratna: what .. What are you saying

Garima: when Khushi opens her eyes She does not remember anything. 


Khushi starts to open her slowly when she opened her eyes her vision was a blur. Then she starts to blink her eyes two three-time and slowly her vision cleared.

Now she can see clearly first she looks around and saw her worried mother and father who have a tear in their eyes. Then she looks left side and she saw one man standing there wearing white code...she look at him confused and she turn to her parents and asked in a low voice

Khushi: amma dad where I am?

Garima come near to Khushi and caress her hire and said "you are in the hospital 

Khushi eyes are going widen she asked Shockley

Khushi: what I am in the hospital. How I come here... And what happened to me. And she tries to remember and feel her head pain hold her head and whispered amma, dad and she fainting like that. Shashi and Garima  get scared and see her like this and their shout," doctor look her suddenly what happens to her"

The doctor said Garima and Shashi and start to experiment. After one hour he comes out from Khushi room. 

Shashi asked with worried," Doctor what happens to her, why she fainted suddenly like this. Nothing problem na? "

The doctor said in a sad voice," I am sorry to say, your daughter is lost her past 2 years memorise.

Their eyes went widen shock and said," WHAT"

Garima comes from her shock and starts to cry in between cry she asked to doctor," doctor what are you saying "

Doctor: yes Mrs.Guptha and one important thinks don't ask anything to her. Her brain is so weak, her brain can't bear any shock. I think you both understand. Their both ate nod their head with a tear in eyes 

Flash black end 

In the hall, everyone has a tear in their eyes and arnav feel his heart is aching, he thought how can Khushi forget me my love is that much weak. Tear are following from his eyes.

Shashi broke the silence and said," I know you all are confusing why I hide the truth from you, But I do not have any idea other than this

Others do not say anything they're stood silently. Then Garima said Khushi will wake up tomorrow so you all come first have your dinner and sleep. but no one heart to have dinner their said they're not hungry and went their room to with a heavy heart


In arnav room, he is lying on the bed and looks at the ceiling. He can't sleep. sleep is not coming after hearing Khushi has forgotten him.  So many days, he did not get any sleep, because she was far from him but Even today we cannot sleep when she beside him and in front of his eyes.

He thought, " I want my Khushi back, I will do anything to get her back, I will make beautiful sweet new memories. Suddenly he gets a longing to meet her... He gets up from the bed and sits and thought " if I see her once then my heart will get peace. He gets up from the bed and went out


Now arnav was standing near Khushi room door and slowly he pushed the door and enter inside the door and close behind him. Then he turns and looks the bed where his sweety, his angel sleeping. Solely he starts to take a baby near to her and he went near to her and stood beside her and see her angle face which is showing in the moonlight. And he lost in her beauty. He sits beside and admires her beauty and Arnav took hold of her hand bending down...placing a kiss on her palm and hold her hand and whispered

Arnav: Khushi I love you. you know on the thing you're my sunrise I want to always wake up to see your face and my sunset I want to always fall and lie down in your lap. I wish that everything will happen. Pain is the most painful way of love's pain I can't bear this pain Khushi. If I divide yourself there is no world because of you my world, breath, soul everything.....

He runs his hand over her hair, in a gentle caress while he held her hand. He pecked her lightly on the forehead before heading toward the door. With hope, he will get her back.....

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