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DOOMED TO DIE THE MOTHER OF MY SON (By Raani82) (Thanked: 51 times)



PILANI - 2018.

Kushi came rushing out looking surprised at Anish. "Toughy quiet! Keep quiet!" She was in her ankle length palazzo and light peach colour t shirt. Some loose locks which had escaped from her pony tail were dancing around her face. She looked confused.

"Anish? I thought you were....?" She looked up inside the house as if by some miracle he would emerge from inside instead of from the front yard. "What are you doing with him? What's going on? Are you okay?" Her questions were non stop.

"I'm fine."Anish said his eyes starring at Arnav daring him to tell her.

"And what are you doing with him?" She looked at Arnav doubtfully.

"He was thrown off from one of my horses."said Arnav.

"Thrown off your horse?"her eyes widened like saucers.

"He was trying to ride Guru and he threw him off."said Arnav

"What?"her voice hardly left her throat. "You went to his house ....and were riding a horse?" She looked from one to another.

"Oh Anish! How could you...? How many times have I told you...are you okay?"

"I'm fine amma.." Anish said irritated. 

"When did you go? I thought you were upstairs in your room.." She then turned her angry eyes towards Arnav, "How come he was there with your horse? By the way what was he doing in your house?"

"I think he might have come over to see the dog and thought about taming Guru. I don't have to ask him...I wasn't there." 

"Anish how could you just go out..."

"I sneaked out when you were in the kitchen didn't notice.."Anish said giving Arnav an annoyed look. "So what?" 

"So what?" Her face was turning red with anger "Hey Devi Mayya! Anish just a month ago you were rusticated..., you got into a fight.. Now this?"she rebuked. "Before I start off something and blow my lid off..."she turned to Arnav, "I guess I owe you an apology Mr. Raizada....I'm so sorry...I don't know what possessed him to do like this...and thank you for rescuing him."

"You better get a doctor to check him...he fell really hard..."

"I don't need a doctor to check me..." He protested, looking accusingly at Arnav as if he had betrayed him.

"May be.. might be bruised.."

"I'm fine... And he did not rescue me okay?"he glared at his mother. Arnav looked at the boy. His breathing was turning into a hiss and he could see that he was in pain, whether he wanted to admit it or not.

Kushi was in no way taken by his show of bravado. She turned to Anish, "Let me see where you are hurt."

"Amma..."protested Anish.

She simply stood staring at her son, daring him to defy her. Anish sighed giving up. He lifted his shirt, face turning pink,  obviously embarrassed to show off his physique in front of a well muscled grown up man. Arnav was pleased seeing he had grown up so well and in few years time he would become tall and broad chested, handsome young man. 

Kushi was worried seeing the purplish bruise at the back and around his left shoulder, but was relieved that he was saved from the danger he put himself to. 

"Already swollen and bruising...Go sit in the car, let's see the doctor. I'll freshen up and bring the keys. Probably you need some x-rays"

"I'm fine..I don't need x-rays....."he said vehemently.

"Better be safe than be sorry." Kushi said.

"I'm okay ma...."

"What possessed you to go joy riding?" Kushi asked him angrily. Then she turned to Arnav with hands on her hips, "Or was this your idea?"

"He didn't know about it." Anish accepted. "I went to feed Rascal....I saw the horse in the paddock and ... ASR was not there, so I decided to ride him."

"ASR???"asked Kushi confused. Anish nodded at Arnav. "Whatever!" Sighed Kushi. "Hey Devi Mayya! Anish don't you know better....wait let me freshen up and get my keys.

"Oh God ma... I'm not a baby..." He scowled looking at Arnav as if he was the cause of all that trouble

"Then stop behaving like one..." She was at a tether's end...her anger any time ready to erupt. "Get in the car.."

"I'm not a kid all right?"he shouted back. "I don't need a doctor!"

Arnav looked at the two of them. This mother son war was intense and their love for each other ran deep. No wonder Kushi was over protective and he is turning to a teenage rebel. A unlikely dangerous combination. A bad mix. He knew too well. It was time for him to leave. "I hope he is okay."he said to Kushi,  then stepped near the kid and said, "Look Anish you can come there anytime to feed the dog, but  you have to be careful if you want to ride the  horse ..."

"That will never happen...he will not be coming there again. Let me get my purse."Kushi said as she opened the mesh door.

"It is okay if I'm around...take care." he stepped forward and touched his boy's other bare shoulder, half expecting him to move away.

Instead Anish froze, he turned and looked at Arnav, eyes narrowed, as if he was seeing him for the first time "Who was that you killed?"he said softly. Arnav felt his guts gel. "God! What have I done?" He thought.

He saw Kushi opening the mesh door, stand still frozen in horror and fear and Arnav felt the need to nip it off in the bud immediately.

Arnav moved back and stood starring at Anish calmly. 

"I told you before,  no one ...the closest thing I came to was a knife fight...with my cousin..years ago, where I lost this..."he showed them his cut earlobe, "but I did not kill anybody.."

Anish continued, " But that man died then and there....not afterwards like you had me believed.....I see blood everywhere..."

"It was my cousin....he attacked me with crowbar and knife....from behind."

"Why did he attack you?"Anish asked.

"He was mad at me..."


"We were young...stupid...and we fought ..hit each other, broke each other's bones and it was messy. We were both bleeding and were badly bruised... ..He was badly hurt during the fight and to tell the truth I did think I had killed him"

Kushi's eyes once again widened in fear and horror, "I told you I was also busted real bad but he was breathing when I rushed away to call the police who later told me he died on the way to the hospital."

"Hey Devi"

"No when I left him he was alive. The police questioned me for days and months but fortunately there were some witnesses."

"Witnesses?"Kushi asked not exactly believing him.

"There are some media houses who listen in to police radio and reach the crime scene even before the police. It so happened that night a news reporter had interviewed two witnesses even before the police did. It was a paan wala and a night shift worker who was  returning home. They reported that it was my cousin who attacked me first and that after I had run off....two men came few minutes later, robbers perhaps...finished the job...took away his watch and phone,  and ran away. The case went on for five years and I was in jail.... The police investigation later proved that he was alive when I went to call the police ..then when nothing was proved they let me go." Arnav rubbed his neck and shook his head. "If I had not gone to call the police maybe my cousin would have lived...or maybe not...I would never know... Probably that makes me a murderer. But there is not a moment in my life I regretted that decision...and I would give anything to relive that night again."he finished. "There isn't a day that goes by with me thinking I wish I could change things...but I can't... And I have to accept that."

Kushi's breath came out in a gasp.p

"Anish...Go inside... "came the order from Kushi.

" Now wait a minute...Didn't you hear what he said Amma? That man died...." Protested Anish.

"Step inside...change your shirt we'll go see the doctor." Said Kushi in her no nonsense tone. Anish scrambled to the front door muttering under his breath.

"And mind your language..."

"I don't know what  to say."she said, "your story..."

"Is ugly…..."he finished.

She then turned to him and saw him casually leaning on the pillar and looking at her with his hands crossed against his chest. 

"And it scares me...I think it is best for all of us to understand that it is better for Anish to stay where he if you find him there wandering in your area...please send him home."

"I'm sorry you have to find out about my deepest secrets this way."he said. He had not shared his innermost secrets to anyone else in his life. And for Kushi knowing it now could prove to be dangerous he thought.

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DOOMED TO DIE THE MOTHER OF MY SON (By Raani82) (Thanked: 45 times)



PILANI - 2018.

"Is there anything more you've got to tell us?" She asked.

He straightened, "I showed you my scars, told about the fight with my cousin, was put in prison and then let off after investigation.... Isn't that enough for you?" he said, his brown eyes narrowing. "I guess so.."she said not meeting his eyes. He didn't believe her. It was time to turn the tables on.

"So? What about you?"he asked.

"What about me?"

"Are you hiding any skeletons in your cupboard?"he asked.

Kushi looked shocked. He could see the pulse throbbing at the base of her throat, as she turned away her eyes looking far away at a distance.  " is nothing...that I could share with you." She stammered.

"How did your husband die?"

"What?" She  said shocked. He had her attention now. "It was an accident...hit and run. Both he and my daughter just two years old..were killed instantly." She said her voice almost in a whisper her eyes glistening and tears threatening to roll down any moment. He saw her gulp down the sorrow. He felt this unwanted need to hold her tightly in his arms and whisper in her ear and lie to her that things will be all right, when he knew it was only going to be worse. Much worse. He scowled and rammed his fisted hands into his pockets.

"Nandha...didn't even see Anish." She said softly.

"That's sad. Really sad. He is a good boy.....his father would be really proud of him..."he said looking at her intensely. She jerked her head up and looked at him in a shock as if he had just said that the world would come to an end.

"Yes...well..." then suddenly as if she wanted the conversation to end she said, "I have to take him to the clinic before it closes." She turned towards the door then stopped turned back and said, "You see Anish sometimes says many things which he is not supposed to..."

Arnav nodded, looking at the starring eyes beyond the mesh doors.

"I understand... He is only a boy...don't we all do that sometimes?"

" Mr. Raizada... "

"Arnav..."he said. "I thought we were friends...I'm your neighbour remember?"

As if she could forget that. This man, a criminal, might've been a murderer, the man who could have sired her son, and when he said that his father would have been proud of Anish, her legs buckled and her heart stopped for a second. Who was this man?

"Arnav..."came her soft voice. He stopped and turned, she was standing with her hand holding the open mesh door, "Where exactly did this fight with your cousin happen?"she asked.

"Oh... in Ludhiana... That's where I've been living before I moved to Dhargi in Jalandar. Tell me what the doctor said about his injuries." He said and turned and walked away towards his car. She stood there heart thudding inside her  as she  saw him jump to the driver seat of his jeep and drive  away with a cloud of dust behind him.

She went inside. Anish's breath came out in a hiss. He was obviously in pain. "Did you hear that ma...? He never admitted it" 

Kushi nodded as she rubbed the goosebumps on her forearms. 

"Hey devi mayya! Who are you Arnav Singh Raizada? A stranger? A neighbour? A handsome ****y farmer?

She had never given a second glance at any man of his type. There were so many young men around that small town, but none so handsome like him.

A criminal? Possibly a murderer? The father of my son? If so why is he here after all these years? If he so wanted to take away  Anish, he had ample opportunities that afternoon. Why is he here? Is it possible that he is a simple farmer with a shady past of course...

Oh yeah! She chided herself, and she is Mother Theresa.

"I'm still going through all the birth records of baby boys born during the time Anish was born, few days before and after Anish was handed over to you. No luck so far." Payal was saying to Kushi. It was as if she was just across the room though she was thousands of kilometres away. 

"There are hundreds of children born all over in Mumbai hospitals and it is so tough. Are you sure Kushi he was only days old when he was given to you?" She asked.

"I'm hundred percent sure. His umbilical cord stump was there for days before it fell off." Kushi replied.

"Okay. It is no use checking the adoption records because according to the papers you have , he was never adopted. And I bet even computer records were changed."

"Great!" Sighed Kushi. Looking at Anish  with his arm in the sling, throwing a tennis ball in the lawns, with the eager Toughy running behind it excitedly. She was talking to Payal an hour after they had returned from the clinic. Luckily there weren't any serious injury. And she once again thanked Arnav in her mind. What if he hadn't been there?

"I'm planning to check if there is any record in which only the mother's name is there and not the father's name. And it is not going to be easy and not going to happen soon."

"I understand." Kushi said disappointed. "And what about my neighbour?"

"You won't believe it, there are hundreds of family with that name and it is so difficult to search for birth records of Arnav Singh Raizada, some thirty five years back."

"Just great!" Said Kushi in frustration. She had told Payal all that he had said the other day and how difficult it was to control Anish from going there.

"But my friend is still checking all the news papers about the crimes that were committed say about sixteen years back. Did you say he is from Ludhiana?"

"That's what he said."

"If that is the case then how can we find anything about him here?"

"He could be lying."

"It is going to take time and it is going to be very very difficult."

"Fine!" Kushi said irritated, her fingers twisting and pulling her loose locks. 

"We are all doing this after our duty hours and so I bet it will take time."said Payal.

"Thanks Payal...I understand."

"Do you think he could be the father of Anish? Why?" Payal asked. 

"I don't know what to think. His arrival here, changing a flat tyre , coming at the pretext of calling the telephone exchange, then at the coffee shop....I doubt if they are all coincidences."

"But why now after fifteen years...should he come...and didn't Saxena say that he never knew about the baby? That the father was an army man?

"Yes! That's right." Kushi said.

"Did you ask him if he was in the army?"

"No! But then he told us about his fight with his cousin....his cousin's murder..."

"For God's sake Kushi....didn't he tell you he was let off and that it was proved he was not a murderer?"

"But Anish says there was blood everywhere..."

"It was a knife fight and he has accepted it...stop worrying...apart from that he seems to be a decent guy...he is keeping to himself...he hasn't troubled you..." 

She was right. If he really wanted Anish he would have taken him away by now. He had ample opportunities for that. He has only helped them so far. And she knew they were both attracted to him. Anish was attracted to him like a moth to a fire and she in a man woman way. His very presence disturbed her bringing a tingling sensation all over her body. She had to often force herself not to stare at his perfect muscled body, broad chest and  piercing eyes and when she did look at him staring at her she melted. And he had been occupying her thoughts night and day. But Kushi did not tell her all that, she told her about Anish's injury and all that happened afterwards. "Is he okay?" What did the doctor say?"

"Just some damaged broken bones...just a broken ego..." She said looking at Anish.

"But his cousin died." She said after a pause.

"What is the name of the cousin he fought with?"

"He didn't say and I don't think I can talk about all that again."Kushi said.

"You needn't ...Anish is doing a good job of it anyways."Payal laughed. "We need some more information to find out about him."

"Okay lets see this your way...assuming he is the father of Anish...have you noticed any resemblance between the two?"

"Anish's eyes almost looks like his...chocolate brown...otherwise...their colour is the same...features look different..."

Payal laughed, " Kushi...all this is so vague, Anish is left handed...what about him? Is he left handed? "Asked Payal.

"I don't know...."

"What about dimples...Anish has.." She asked.

"He hardly smiles..."

"Kushi this is getting no where. For all you know he could be what he says he is. A farmer who just happened to be your neighbour, who had got into trouble in his younger days...not just trouble...a knife fight in which his cousin was killed by accident....he sounds like a good guy...I'll try to get the details about him. Don't worry. Take care ."Payal assured her and cut the call. Kushi looked at her son cuddling the puppy which was licking all over his face. 

""Good guy!" Thought Kushi. "Who are you Arnav Singh Raizada? What do you want? Are you the father of my son?" She thought, looking at the massive house across the fence. So far he has only helped them, he hasn't given any clue to why he is here. What was that, that Anish said... that there were two men? A good guy and a bad guy. If Arnav Singh Raizada is the good guy....then who is the bad guy?

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DOOMED TO DIE THE MOTHER OF MY SON (By Raani82) (Thanked: 46 times)



MUMBAI - 2018

Shyam sat at the coffee shop  in Taj Oberoi  giving nervous glances at the door. He had heard about the proverb that opportunity knocks one's door only once, but here he found that opportunity was not just knocking but bringing his door down and he was going to make full use of it he thought. He just couldn't imagine how much money he was going to make in the next month or so. He was already dreaming of leaving this dreaded city and moving off to Dubai or some where else where he would just live a life as he wished. He saw a group of young beautiful girls all talking and laughing, in their tight fitting clothes, many showing off their cleavages inviting every man's attention. He bet every man present would have a hard on just watching these girls. He selected a table and sat watching the door of the coffee shop.

She will be walking through the doorway any moment and he didn't want to miss seeing her walk in. His nerve ends began to tingle as he sat there thinking about her silky smooth skin, her long legs her mean waist, her full lips. He thought about the scented smooth satin sheets on her bed and her smooth silky legs wrapped around him. Would she be as cold and frigid as ice or all fire under the sheets? His throat went dry as lust filled his thoughts and he quickly drank some water to douse the fire within him. God! He was about to make  deal of a life time and she would not be able to refuse him. 

Then he saw her, walking in. No...gliding in. She hesitated for a second then turned towards his table, saw him and walked towards him. She didn't sit down, as if ready to walk away if he didn't have anything interesting to offer. She still had her sun glasses on, which covered most part of her face and he couldn't read her expression. But from the thinning of her lips he presumed that she was not that happy to see him. "Remind me why am I here?" She asked softly.

"Because I have some information for you." He said smiling.

"This better be good, for I don't like to be seen in this place with people like you."she said her teeth gritting in anger.

He smiled at her and she turned her face away in disgust. "I have come with a very important information madam and you'll not have any choice but accept the deal I have for you."he said and he knew immediately that he got her full attention. But still she pretended that she was least interested to listen to what he had to say.

"Mr. Mallik is paying me two crores for finding out about his grandson."he said. She almost jumped on him for this half baked information but controlled herself at the last second. She kept her cool, chin up as if the whole world was at her feet. 

"Grandson from where, whose?"she smirked pretending not to believe him.

"Lavanya's...."he waited, "the one she had fifteen years ago...."

"What?"she asked surprised.

He nodded. "At that time neither the parents nor Lavanya wanted the baby. The baby was given away in adoption. The old man wants that boy back."

"Take this story to someone else. I don't believe you."she said, her fist clenched in anger. "Now where did this bas.tard grandson come from?"she thought to herself, when the wheels were moving  so smoothly towards her son heading the empire, why did this crazy old man have to put a stoke in between."

"Okay I can always take this information to another member of your family. I thought it will be most beneficial to you if we work together."

"You must be a fool to think that I'll believe that the old man wants his **** grandson back to give away the entire empire to him. You must be crazy."

"I'm not but the old man is ....he is determined to pass on the empire to him.

"What? But why?" She couldn't control her surprise.

"Well he thinks he has to fulfill his grandfatherly thing....After his son's death... And his end nearing he is full of remorse... And wants to pass on everything to his grandson...after all he has Mallik blood in him you see..." 

"Why are you telling me all this?"she asked. "What's in it for you?"

He then showed her the cheque he had got from the old man. "The old man is paying me well.."

"For betraying him? If I make just one call'll be off this case"she clicked her fingers "just like that."

"But you wouldn't call him, will you? Besides I can help you get the information.... For some fee..." His eyes roamed over her slender figure. "God! How he wished he could run his hands over her curves..."he thought. Her shoulders sagged.  Finally she sat down on the chair opposite him. "Okay...what do you want?"

He told her and she scowled. "Don't you think no body is worth that much to the Mallik family....least of all that unknown **** who that old man believes is still alive?" She said in a low voice, seething in anger.

"When the rug you're walking on is being pulled under your leg right in front of your is worth it......definitely worth it..."he said smugly. He noticed the slight stiffening of her back. 

After a few seconds she said, "I want all the information first....before it reaches the old man....every single detail...and I decide what you should do and not do....and" she leaned towards him, "don't say I didn't warn you....if I come to know you are playing'll regret the day you set your eyes on me."she took out her cheque book.

" cheques ...I want only notes...only hundreds will be better..."

"Well..."she smiled, "Shyam Manohar Jha!" Shyam licked his lips, swallowing the groan as his name came out of her lips. "God! How would it be to hear her moaning his name under him?"

"I think  your mentality equals mine...we could do business together." She threw a bundle of notes towards him and she got up and walked away. Shyam sat there eyeing her as she walked away , pocketing the bundle. 

He rubbed his hands in glee. "Now the real game begins."he said to himself as he signalled to the waiter to take his order.

PILANI - 2018

Anish was walking down the narrow pathway through the dry fields whistling to himself. He was on his way to home from school, when he heard the familiar hooting and jeering voices of Karan Mehta and his two buddies who were  on Karan's motorbike coming right behind him. Anish lengthened his stride to avoid them in the narrow pathway. He wanted to reach the safety of the wide highway which led straight to his home. But still home was two kilometers away. 

"You are a psycho...Anish Gupta...did you hear that? You are mental!" Karan screamed. "Always telling people all lies about what is about to happen, about the are a freak...a weirdo..."he laughed, and other goons joined him.

Anish kept quiet, didn't dare  to look at them. He lengthened his stride almost to a run. 

"What? Are you scared? We haven't even started? Eh guys???" He shouted, riding the bike close to him. His friends cackled. Anish moved over to the edge of the road. 

"Hey Gupta...come on tell me my future..."

Anish looked straight ahead, his heart drumming hard in fear, hoping it will not show on his face. "Don't respond to them...walk straight..." he was talking to himself. 

"Okay tell us what is going to happen to you ..." Karan continued.

"Hey I can tell that....he is going to end up in a mental hospital..." Said Sidddarth. The other two roared in laughter. Sid was just a coward who survived under the shadow of Karan. He can handle him. Anish was not bothered by Sid.

"He is going to wander the streets as a zombie..."said Gagan.  Gagan a son of a temple priest was another goon who didn't bother Anish. If his father came to know that he was smoking and drinking...he would be asked to scrub and clean the temple with a toothbrush that Anish was very sure. That left Karan. Who was mean and twice a the size of Anish. Physically Anish stood no chance against him  but mentally Anish could overpower him every time.

He kept looking far ahead and jogged faster. He heard the tyres screeching to a stop. "Thank God! They are going back." He thought and sighed with relief. But that didn't last a second longer. He heard the engine being revved up and tyres squealing as he came at him in full speed. He turned back and saw the bike coming at him in full speed. He jumped into the dry ditch to avoid being hit. "God!" He groaned as he landed on his hurt shoulder. Pain ripped through his hands but he  managed to get up and began to walk on the dry twigs and cobbled stones, as hoots and whistles followed. Clenching his teeth, he said to himself Why can't that Karan Mehta leave me alone? That bas.tard! 

His mother was right. He was a fool to have got into a fight with him at school.

He climbed on to the road and began to run determined that he would not say anything that would bring more trouble. Anish was sure that Karan was going to take the life out of him and wanted to get back to his home and prayed to God that his mother would be there. 

He slowed down as he continued walking. "Don't let him beat you. He is a mental. Just a bully." Anish talked to himself.

"You cannot run away from me.....You freak!" Karan growled as his bike almost touched him. "Just keep walking! Don't look at him!" Anish said to himself. A bullock cart came from the opposite side. Anish quickly walked to the middle if the road."!" Shouted Karan as he had to give way to the cart to pass. Anish wished the man would stop to ask him if there was any problem. But the cart slowly moved past. Anish knew Karan was going to beat the shi..t out of him,  and that he was never going to be the same again. But he was not going let that happen. He was going to give as good as he got. He was shaking inside but outside he was not going to give him  an inch of satisfaction. Sweat began to drip down his forehead and back. 

Anish wished he hadn't lied to the bus driver that he had some lab work and that he would be late,  just to talk for a few minutes alone with Mayuri. But then that was worth the torment he was going through now. 

"Why don't we have one on one right here.." Karan stopped the bike across the road in front of Anish and Sid placed a lighted cigarette on his mouth, the other two hooted.

Automatically Anish's fists clenched. He stood with his chin out. Daring the older kid to assault him.

"God! Karan are you crazy? The principal rusticated you a month back remember? Why do you want to start a fight now?" 

"I don't care a" Karan said.

"That's because you are one." Said Anish.

Ever since he got into a fight with Karan at school he couldn't control his tongue. The words just tumbled out. "Why don't you just go back home and crawl under your bed and cry when your father beats the cr.ap out of you." He heard the gasp from the two goons.

"You lying bas.tard!" Karan flicked the cigarette on Anish, his eyes widening in horror. Anish quickly moved away from the burning cigarette.

"My father never beats me!" 

"Sure he does! And you blabber and cry like a baby asking your drunk father not to...that angers him more that he takes out his belt and beats you over and over till he  passes out!" Anish shouted. More gasps were heard from the cronies. There was silence all around. Karan opened and closed his mouth but no words came. His face was turning red with embarrassment and anger. 

Anish knew he had gone too far. He had told one of Karan's secrets, which he knew when Karan grabbed his shoulder one day at school. He turned and walked away, hoping against hope that Karan would leave him alone on that lonely dirt road. But that was not to be.

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DOOMED TO DIE THE MOTHER OF MY SON (By Raani82) (Thanked: 46 times)



PILANI - 2018

"That's it! You are dead boy!"Karen screamed as he jumped from the bike onto the road. His bike wobbling and his two friends shouting as it finally fell on the road. They scrambled back on their feet, cursing their friend. Anish ran as fast as he could. Karan followed him close to his heels and finally caught his collar and pulled him back. The momentum pushed them both down and both rolled and fell into the ditch. A bolt of  pain shot through him as he landed on his shoulder on the stone gravel and seemed as if his bones cracked, wrenching his hand back. Anish screamed.

"You dare you!"  Karan growled! BAM! A huge fist landed on  Anish's jaw. He tasted blood and felt his teeth loosen. 

Before he could recover "CRASH!" Another punch landed on his nose. Blood poured from his nose. He couldn't breathe and wanted to get the huge body off his chest.

"You have gone too far this lying bast..ard..."

Anish tried to squirm and roll. But Karan was sitting hard on him. 'SLAP' another punch landed on his cheek. His bones began to melt. Anish couldn't open his eyes. Pain ripped behind his eyes. Everything began to swim around him. He groaned.

"I always are a coward...a wimp..."

Karan was mad with fury and nothing could stop him now.

"A cry baby... I'm going to teach you a lesson."

His friends who were hooting and jeering at the beginning now began to call out frantically out to him. "Hey Karan! Stop it!"

"Hey! You don't want to beat him to death Leave him!"

"Let him! I'm going to kill him!"Karan got up began to punch Anish's stomach. Anish groaned and cuddled into a foetal position trying to protect his face and chest. Karen adjusted himself and kicked Anish's side. Anish felt his breath come out in a woosh. He lay flat, ready for whatever was coming his way. Next the kick landed on his groin. Anish screamed as his breath caught in his lungs and he wretched, trying to gulp air. A kick on his kidneys. Blackness threatened him.He wanted to go back home, to his mother. Cry his heart out on her lap. All he wanted was his mother. 

"Hey! What is happening here?"came an all familiar voice. ASR. "What the bloody hell...?"

Anish slowly opened his swollen, bloodied, tear strained eyes and smiled with relief as he looked at Arnav. "Who the hell are...hey... hey...leave me..hey!"shouted Karan as Anish saw ASR just pull Karan by his collar and drag Karan away from him. 

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" Arnav  asked angrily through his clenched teeth. Arnav realised then that he was dealing with a mere boy not a man.

"Don't touch me! Let me go!" Karan tried to take a swipe at Arnav, but found himself next second on the ground, his hand twisted behind his back, a knee pressing on his spine. "Hey! Let me go! I'll complain." Karan was squirming, trying to free himself.

"Then I'll accuse you of assault and put you behind bars so fast that your big fat head will swim." Said Arnav. His two friends scooted off as fast as they could, leaving Karan to face the music alone.

"You don't scare me!" He shouted.

"Well you should! Who are you kid?" Asked Arnav.

"Leave me alone!" 

"Yeah like you left him alone?" Arnav said. Once again hauled him by his collar and faced him. Karan looked so scared as if he would wet his pants. "You are going to tell me who you are and what is happening here or I'll call the police and Anish's mother..."

Anish tried to turn rested on his elbow and tried to get up on his feet.

Arnav looked at him, "Are you okay?"he asked.

Anish nodded, though he felt battered and controlled his urge to break down and cry on his mother's lap. "Good!" Said Arnav and turned to Karan.

"Look kid! You have done the biggest mistake of your life...for if you are messing with Anish then you are messing with me....a mistake you'd never want to repeat in your life..."he said.

"Oh yeah! Who are bas..tard!"said Karan, wiping off his mouth with the back of his hand.

Arnav's teeth clenched,and his smile looked devilish, "You're worst nightmare! I'm a friend of Anish and I take it as my responsibility that he doesn't get beaten up by small town goons and thugs who liked to bully smaller kids."

"You don't know who you're talking with...he deserved it..."

"Oh yeah!" Said Arnav and walked quietly to the fallen bike and took out the key from it. 

"Hey! Hey! What are you doing? Give me my keys! ". Karan rushed towards Arnav.

Anish couldn't control his smile in spite of his pain. "Well! I'm making sure you don't go around on this vehicle, scaring and bullying other kids!"

Arnav was swinging the keys high above his head, "Hey! Wait a minute...don't... Hey!"

Arnav threw the keys as far as he could into the dried grass which covered acres of fields. 

""screamed Karan  and ran behind it as he saw the key disappearing into the knee high grass in the fields.

Karan turned to Arnav, "Those are my keys you bas..tard.. I'll.." He took a step forward.

"And do what?"growled Arnav, his eyes narrowing, fists clenching in anger that stopped Karan in his stride. "Go what you had in mind..."

"I'll ...I'll.."he stammered looking around for his friends.

"I'll tell you what you won't will not go around threatening and beating this boy or any boy in town. If I hear something like that...believe me I'll come looking for you." Arnav said standing with his feet apart threateningly, rolling his sleeves above his elbow, and fisting his fingers giving a clue to what he'll do to Karan. 

"My keys..." Karan was almost in tears.

" Too bad! Hope you have an extra one at home..." Arnav turned to Anish and said "Come on let's get you home! Do you need any help?" 

"No...I'll manage." Anish slowly walked to the jeep and painfully raised himself and sat on the passenger's seat. Arnav slowly started the engine and Anish looked at Karan as they passed him. Karan started shouting obscenities. Arnav jammed the brakes and made a show of getting down. Karan stopped and walked off quickly in the opposite direction. Anish smiled as Arnav started the engine again. "Thanks..." Anish turned and looked at Arnav

"Nice guy!"

"If you like creeps!" Said Anish.

"There is a rag in the glove compartment... It is not clean...but that will do for now... Better clean up your face...unless you want your mother to faint when she sees you like this."

Anish opened the glove compartment and began to scrounge for the rag. He found one and began to wipe the blood off his mouth and eyes. 

"What did you do to him that he is beating you like this?"

Anish remained silent not knowing how much to tell this man. Should he trust him? True he didn't tell his mother about his nightly visits or the stuff he had in his house.

"He was tearing you apart...why should he be this mad at you...?"

"People like him do not need a reason..."

"There has to be a reason to be this mad..."said Arnav.

Anish folded the rag and slowly touched his nose. He winced and tears welled up as pain shot through his nose. He sniffed and swallowed blood.

"He hates me..."


"Because I'm different..." Anish said sadly.

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DOOMED TO DIE THE MOTHER OF MY SON (By Raani82) (Thanked: 46 times)



PILANI - 2018

"You know... I can see things  about others...." Said Anish.

"Like what you saw about me?"

"Yeah! And what happened just now is never going to will go on and on..."

"Oh no...he will not come again."

Anish laughed and grimaced in pain when he moved his jaw, "What? You are going to be there every time he comes to beat me?" He asked sarcastically.

"Of course I'll be there..." Arnav was surprised by his own conviction. "He won't bother you."

Anish shook his head in distrust. "You don't know Karan..."

"I have seen lots of Karans  in my life time....insecure...coward creeps who take it out on people younger than them.. If he troubles you again let me know."

"Oh yeah sure...." Anish laughed as he  turned away and looked out, that reminded Arnav of Lavanya the way she pouted.

"You expect me to run to a crybaby..."

"You have three can run from these kind of can fight back or you can take  help from others."

"I don't need anyone's help. I want to fight back... I've already handled things on my own.." Anish said bravely with his chin jutting out.

"Then learn to fight in a proper that are never on the receiving end."

Anish looked at him surprised. By then they had reached his house and just when he switched off the engine,Kushi's car entered the gates.

Anish slowly got down from the jeep and turned around to face her. Seeing Arnav's jeep Kushi jammed on her brakes, quickly got out of her car and cried out, horrified to see blood on Anish's face and clothes, his face was battered, and she could see he was limping. She ignored the excited barking of Toughy and Anish yelling at the dog to back off.  "Hey devi mayya! Anish...oh baby!  What happened to you? Are you okay?" 

"Does it look like I'm okay?" Anish frowned.

Then she looked at Arnav and asked angrily, "What is happening here? What happened to him?"

"I'll be fine...He didn't do fact he saved me..." Anish said.


"I said I'll be fine." He said jerking away her hand as if her very nearness would fill up his already swollen eyes. 

"What happened?"she turned to Arnav.

"It looks like the town bully has taken a liking to use Anish here as a punching bag."said Arnav.

"Hey devi mayya! " she quickly pushed her locks away from her face and came near him to wipe the blood from his face. "What? That Karan again? Oh God!" That boy has been troubling him for months. Just calling him names and shoving and pushing had escalated to beating him up.

"Who else....that..."Anish swallowed the words. " Karan and his friends....But the hell out of him...he almost peed in his pants.."said Anish proudly smiling at Arnav.

"This is never going to stop,  is it? We have to put an end to this."

"I agree ..."said Arnav.

"Where does it hurt?" Asked Kushi worried. His eyes were swollen, lips bleeding, face bruised and he held his injured arm around his middle.

"Where doesn't it hurt?"answered Anish.

"He was alert and talking to me all this he is not concussed but he might have a rib or two broken.."said Arnav.

"Nothing is broken..."Anish insisted.

"I think we will let Dr. Rastogi decide that. I'll get some wet towels and fresh tissues first...then we'll leave.."

"Leave? Where?"asked Anish confused.

"We are going to the clinic of course..." 

"I'm not going to the clinic..."

"I don't know why you have this aversion to go to the clinic to see the doctor and get treatment? I am not going to take it. " she said exasperated. "Hey devi mayya...Anish...look you are bleeding every where...please... I've been worrying about you all the time...don't make it difficult for me... We are going to the doctor and that's that."

"I would have taken him myself but I thought first I have to let you know..." Said Arnav

"I am...fine.. amma...I'm not going to the clinic.." Anish protested. 

"Your mother is right Anish, better get checked up." Arnav said  trying to breach through the barrier he had painstakingly erected for his mother. The barriers that forced her to keep her distance from her son. "See what the doctor says."

Anish looked contemplative for a minute, running his tongue inside his swollen lips, then asked sullenly "You coming?"

Kushi was thunderstruck. She couldn't believe what she had just heard.

"That won't be necessary.."Arnav said.

"You didn't stop to think it is not necessary to stop the fight and to help me there." Anish said defiantly, testing Arnav. 

"Your mother and you can handle this."said Arnav.

Kushi saw her son rolling his lips inwards as he always did when fighting back tears.

"I want you to come."he said softly.

She stood dumbstruck. Anish had never spoken a word more than a hello to her friends and didn't spare a glance at her men friends, and now he wanted the man who he insisted just a couple of days ago, had murdered someone, to ride along with them to the town's clinic?

She looked from Anish to Arnav. She saw something more than a friendly concern an emotion she couldn't understand, a glimmer in Arnav's eyes, or did she imagine it for next second his mask was on and she stared into his steely brown eyes. 

"Well..I'll just be in  a guys decide amongst yourselves." Knowing very well that getting closer to him was a mistake of immense proportions. But she had no say here? He saved Anish not once but twice.

She quickly walked up the steps to the porch, opened the door and rushed upstairs to her room, opened the bathroom and stood before the basin and splashed water on her face and stood aghast looking at herself in the mirror trying to shake the worry that had been with her for the past hour. "What did just happen down there?  "

"Hey devi mayya! Raksha karna! She was worried for Anish but none of the injuries on him was life threatening but finding him with Arnav was upsetting. But he had saved her son from getting beaten the life out of him. The very man she wanted to avoid is coming back to them again and again like a bouncing ball. She wiped her face thinking that she had to take Anish to the doctor first and worry about Arnav later. She went down closed the door and faced them. Anish looked at Arnav, "ASR?"

"Look Anish...Mr.Raizada is a busy man, might have other matters to attend to...don't force him."

"It is okay...I'll come with you."said Arnav turning to go and lock his jeep, "If it is okay for your mother."

"Sure...fine..whatever.."she said shrugging, as if she didn't care one way or the other. But the truth was she didn't want him anywhere near her or her son. 

Kushi took a tissue and  tried to wipe Anish's face. Anish pulled it from her,  grunted "I can do it ma..."

"Okay.."she went to her side of the car looked at him and said, "Let's move on..when we come back I'm going to call Karan's dad...and..."

"You will not do that amma..." said Anish vehemently. Kushi was speechless for a second. She looked at the swollen, bruised face of her son and he was telling her not to complain about the boy who did this to him to his father.

"Are you crazy ? Look at you...and you want that boy..."

"It will only get worse.."

"Anish...I'll take care of that."said Kushi anger laced in her tone

"ASR here had already scared the out of him...let's leave it at that..I'll handle it..."

She looked at him over her the top of her car and said, "I'm not sure I'll let you do that...but now let's go to the clinic..." She opened her door.

Anish slid inside and doors slammed. Arnav got inside and stretched his long legs.

She looked at him then turned and looked forward and started the car hoping she would not be distracted by his presence.

She wished to all the Gods that he would just disappear. She didn't want him there creating a wedge between her son and her. And wondered that, with Arnav Singh Raizada here , if their lives, her's and Anish's were ever going to be the same again.

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DOOMED TO DIE THE MOTHER OF MY SON (By Raani82) (Thanked: 37 times)



PILANI - 2018

"Well...well..well..what have we here? What? Did you have a fight with a bear?"asked Dr. Rastogi.

"As usual with some boys doctor." Said Kushi.

"Hope they got as much as you did?" He asked. Anish smiled remembering  how ASR scared off those goons. "Should I be expecting more patients this evening?" The doctor smiled. He took him inside for examination.

Kushi was sitting alone, thanking her God that Anish didn't insist on Arnav coming inside. She wondered what he would be doing in the reception area. Going through some parenting book...getting some parenting tips perhaps? She smiled to herself. But she didn't feel that bad that he was there with them. 

Anish was lying on the examination table just in his boxers and he was thankful his mother wasn't allowed inside the examination room. It would be too embarrassing to let his mother see him like this. Half an hour later he asked Anish to wear his clothes. 

"He is very lucky. I think there are no broken bones. His wounds needs dressing ...the nurse will attend to it. But still I want you to take  some x-rays be absolutely sure. It is better to be safe than sorry"

"Exactly thoughts doctor."said Kushi.

He wrote on a  slip of paper and gave it to Kushi. Told the nurse to clean his wounds. 

He handed over Anish's file to the nurse. "I'll meet you in an hour." She said and went out. "See..."Anish said as he was wearing his trousers, "you made a big issue out of nothing."he said accusingly.

"You were hurting badly...Anish."said Kushi.

"It is no big deal..."

"It is a big deal. You were beaten up and anything could have happened to you. You could have been maimed for life."

"But I am fine...ain't I? Promise me ma...that you would not go to the police." 

"We will go home and decide about that. That boy has to be stopped."she said as adamant as her son.

"ASR has taken care of that...hasn't he? He even threw away his bike keys in the bushes. Karan would think twice before coming near me." Kushi remained silent.

"If you really love would not go and complain." Anish approached another method.

"Oh....don't even go there.." She was not going to allow her fifteen year old son to manipulate her, "you know very well how much I love you...we will talk about this after we get back home."

The nurse entered and took the slip from her and asked her to follow her.

All three of them exited the doctor's room.

Arnav was waiting in the reception area, with a health magazine in his hand, looking anywhere but at the people who came and went. He hated hospitals, emergency room, white coats and the smell of the disinfectant and the doctors scurrying around. The looks of the sad and unhappy people who were either in pain or have to look after the person who was in pain bothered him. Half an hour later he saw them come out and the nurse took them to another room. Fifteen minutes later he saw Kushi and Anish walk to the other end of the corridor while the nurse who had a file in her hand kept it on top of the reception desk and went the other way. Arnav looked around. The crowd was thinning. Should he go with Kushi and Anish to find out what the doctor said or wait there? He got up and aimlessly walked around then went near the reception desk and saw the file with the name Anish Kish.ore Gupta written on it.

He went to open it when the receptionist smiled at him and asked, "May I help you sir?"

"I came with Anish Gupta...I just want to see his report."he said giving his lop sided smile which never failed to floor girls. She was no exception. " go ahead..."she said flustered. He opened the file and saw his personal details.

Anish Kis**** Gupta, born in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Birth date was a couple of dates different from what Lavanya had told him. His stomach clenched. Next page was his personal details. Height, weight, identification marks, blood group. B Negative. Arnav stiffened. His blood group was B Negative. Only around 20% of India's population had  type B and the percentage of B Negative was even less. A rare group.

He just went through the motion of turning the pages when his mind was elsewhere.

He closed the file thanked the girl and walked back to his seat. Now it was absolutely confirmed he is his son.


He is a father. Oh God! He tried to ignore the range of emotions that coursed through him. This confirmation that he is his son was a different feeling than being around him for the past few weeks thinking he could be fathered by someone else. There was no more denying it. Lavanya's blood type was A+ he had already checked it. He walked to the wash room, splashed water on his face. Now that there were no doubts he tried to control his emotions He then quietly went and waited impatiently in the reception area, wondering with the new found knowledge, what his next move should be. With the knowledge that Anish is his son the game has just changed.

"I swear to God amma...if you go complain to Karan's dad I'll leave.."said Anish with conviction.

He swept the algebra book in anger and  it fell down with a thud, loose papers  and assignments flying in all directions. 

"Collect all the papers and keep the book properly...I have borrowed it from Ms. Rati." Kushi said her tone in controlled anger. It seems Anish's out and out rebellion was increasing and as days passed he became more vocal.

"Not until you promise me that you'll not go to the police or to Karan's dad."

"Pick it up belongs to the school...and I won't promise..."

He wouldn't let her complete, "Oh god can't involve the police in this..."he said bending down to pick the book. Toughy was covering under a chair aware of their raised voices, and whined pitifully. Kushi  counted till ten took a deep breath and deliberately took her time slowly closing her pen and set aside the unread assignments. They had settled into an uncomfortable peace since their return from the clinic. She knew it was not going to last long. She understood that underneath her son's bruised body there was raging storm of emotions ready to explode any moment. 

An hour later from their return from the clinic, both of them were sitting at the table doing their work. She with her assignments and he with his math work. Till couple of years ago, both of hem use to enjoy this quality time they had together. He would do his home work and she would do her corrections and grading. They used to listen to music, share popcorn...samosas and jelebies sometimes. But no longer. It seemed like they were only fighting more nowadays, hardly any laughter around that house, leading to mounting tension. 

Anish pushed back his chair and got up. He was bruised and battered, with two black eyes , swollen lips, crumbling shoulders but no broken ribs. He was beaten but not broken.

"Karan's father beats him..."he said.

"Well I'm not surprised..." She has often heard her colleagues talk about SP Mehta. A bad cop if there was one , foul mouthed and drunk.

"It is all the more necessary that we should complain ...He beat you up...there seems to be  history of violence in that kid...probably he needs help.."

"God.. ma ..don't you get it...just leave Karan alone..."

if not for Raizada... You could have been maimed for life..."

"But it didn't happen, did it?"he shouted. "I also hit him once.."

"He followed you in his bike... And beat you up...if not you it would be someone else tomorrow.. He has to be held responsible...

"ASR said he'll take care of him.. He'll make him stop..."

Kushi wanted to laugh. Because of the dire situation she couldn't even if she wanted to. "I remember  just a couple of days ago you were so sure Raizada had killed someone...and just a month ago you were so sure about some danger in a form of a guy confronting evil man...a good man..."

Anish stood his arms crossed across his chest, "ASR is good!" He said.

"Oh?  Since when? Because he saved you from that Karan?"

"Yeah, what would have happened if he hadn't been there?"he asked defiantly.

Kushi stood silent. He was right. Ever since he had come he had done nothing but help them. He acted with good neighbourly intentions. Who cared if he was what he said he was or not? Who cared if he has had a dark past? Why should she bother if he looked se.xy as hell? He has only acted as a concerned, trustworthy neighbour.  

"Why do you hate him so much?"he asked as he ambled across to the living room.

"I don't hate him...he worries me that's all..."she said.

"Well...I like him.."he said.

"Do you?" Asked Kushi shocked. Till now Anish had never been attached to any person except her. He was impressed by a couple of his male teachers and was very close to a couple of his friend's fathers who were very kind to him unlike others in the town. But she had never heard him speak about any man with such awe and admiration like he spoke about Arnav.

"It is because of me isn't it? Because I told he had murdered someone...?"he asked.

"It is not just that...I don't know him.."said Kushi.

"Well now you can make an attempt to know him..."

Kushi walked to the kitchen and began to knead the flour. Her thoughts racing. She didn't want anything to do with Arnav. Not now. She felt that unwanted attraction pulling her towards him. She was not ready for anything now. Especially these dangerous feelings towards the wrong man. Arnav Singh Raizada was definitely the wrong man. But point taken. Anish was right. She has to definitely reciprocate as a good neighbour for saving Anish. She finished preparing the dinner, then told Anish, "Okay...I'll go meet him and finish your homework."

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DOOMED TO DIE THE MOTHER OF MY SON (By Raani82) (Thanked: 38 times)



PILANI - 2018

"Okay I believe you...There is no doubt ...." Arnav was on the phone with Lavanya, an hour later after they had come back from the clinic. He rubbed an ache on his shoulder as he held the receiver "he.. is son."

"Oh thank God! Thank God! Thank God! How did you do it?" She sighed with relief..

Arnav told her about the incident where he was beaten up and they took him to the clinic where he saw his records. "I saw his file with his blood type."

"Okay what are you going to do about him?" She asked. Arnav recognized the worry in her voice.

Arnav looked at the phone for a second. How on earth did he ever become friends with her and what made him sleep with a woman like her. How did he ever find her attractive? It is not the matter of looks, but the nature and attitude. Here she is, the real mother who was least bothered and which seemed quite unnatural, when he told her that her son was beaten up and could have been seriously injured for life had he not gone there . On the other hand there is Kushi, who would give her life for a boy who is not her son. Earlier he was very well able to see the ocean of tears behind her worried eyes, and the tremendous effort she put in to keep them at bay, just because he was there. 

"Arnav ....hello? Are you listening? What are your plans now?"

"I have several options, I can tell everyone the truth.."

" can't do that." Lavanya was quick to protest. "If that woman comes to know that Anish stands a chance to inherit a fortune...she'll do anything...probably she'll let dad have him ...or blackmail me.."

Arnav bristled at the way Lavanya was talking and immediately felt the need to defend Kushi. "She would do neither...she will not be after the money. She is not that kind of a woman."he said with conviction. After his brief meetings with Kushi, Arnav had changed his opinion about her. She was least concerned about money.

"What? You are defending that gold digger?

"I'm yet to find the reason why she did what she did....and got involved in all this..but she loves him more than anything else..that she would just abandon him for money."

"See Arnav I don't know why you are suddenly on her side. I did tell you that she loves the kid and has done a good job of raising him. I have no doubt about that. Just because she loves the kid it doesn't mean she doesn't have the mercenary streak in her. Face the fact Arnav...we all do.. After all she did this all for money , didn't she? If you tell her she would immediately take advantage and would demand more. And I 

bet she took away a part of the crores of money my dad had given Saxena. Now if she knows the truth she would go straight to my dad. Don't think of her as some saint."

"None of us are.." Arnav said.

"Oh yeah...good we understand each other..."

"Okay what's the second option?" She asked.

"I'll stake claim as the natural father.."

"That's even worse. You will have to name me as the mother and my fiance will never forgive me." She said.

"How is the lover boy?" He asked disinterested.

"He is fine. He adores me. For the first time in my life I'm loved by someone Arnav, if he comes to know about this child will all be over...I'll lose him."her voice shook with emotion. Arnav felt like a heal, ever regretting his one night of lovemaking with Lavanya. 

"If he really loves you ...he shouldn't be bothered about your past."

"Oh yeah! You are a great one to talk. You are the love her and leave her type of guy."she said bitterly. He bit back a retort. After all she had the right to be bitter about.

"Now that I am in this...I won't be able to leave all this and walk away."he said.

"Your job is to find the boy and then come up with the idea to stop dad from finding him."

"Now I don't think it's possible."

"Oh God  Arnav...don't you know by now...anything is possible..."

Arnav looked at his reflection on the glass of the window starring back at him wishing to heaven that life could be easy. "What do you want from me Lavanya?"

She let out a long sigh, "I want my life back with no complications..."

"I don't know if I can promise you that."

"For God's sake something Arnav! Find out about her...some dirty secret or something about that we can use it to our advantage..."

"Like in extortion or blackmail?" He felt his stomach tighten. 

"Exactly! She has to have her past ..something we can use against her as bargaining power."

"For what?" Arnav asked.

"For her to get lost....this time really lost. I'm sure dad's guy is already on her. Ask her to get lost before the the fan..."she sounded desperate.

"It is going to be worse than what you think Lavanya."thought Arnav. He sensed an Apocalypse that Malliks have never seen before. He felt a shiver down his spine.

"Does Mayank and Akash have any idea about all this?" He asked.

He heard her catch her breath, "I think Akash doesn't have any clue ...if that is what you want to know...there is a third option ...and it is not a joke you know...I think you should steal the boy and take him away to another Nepal or...whatever...I'll make all the arrangements and once I get dad's property I'll set you both up for rest of your life."

"I will not do it Lavanya... Leave it to me dammit! I'll handle it my way."

"And what way is that?"

"I will surely let you know once I get any idea about it."he yelled and slammed the receiver down hard. That old feeling of Mallik chain tightening around his neck crept into him and a head ache began to pound inside him.

Arnav took a bottle of beer from the fridge and came outside to the porch. It was dark outside and could hear some dogs barking far away. He looked through the trees at the house where Kushi and Anish lived. He wondered how he was going to deal with her. He wondered how the boy was. He was terribly battered and bruised by that thug. Good he had been there to stop him at the right time. How was a kid like Anish going to deal with the likes of Karan and other thugs , because he was different? A boy who went through hell for no fault of his own, because he could see through a person's past or future. He knew from his own experience what a curse it could be, and thanked the Almighty that he had somehow made those powers slowly fade away over the years. If only Anish could be that lucky! Anish...his boy...his son. The one he has right to claim as his own but couldn't.  Kushi's son! Her reason for living! Oh god! He leaned on the pillar on the porch.

He heard the slow growl near by.

"You can come out you old fellow....I'm not going to harm you" he said. Rascal , was still growling. Still he didn't trust Arnav. "You are the most ungrateful mutt I've ever known." His thought immediately went to an another dog in another day. Fifteen years ago the street dog had growled teeth baring, before Praneeth attacked him with a crowbar. Praneeth a great manipulator...ended up dead. He shook his head wondering why the thoughts about that terrible night came to his mind. He turned to go inside when he saw car lights, and saw a vehicle approaching his house. He stiffened. Hairs behind his neck rose. Who could it be at this hour?

Was it that rogue boy's dad, coming with clubs and crowbars to hit him back to break his bones?

Or has the Mallik already found about his grandson and his whereabouts and has sent men to take him away? But then why should he be here? Oh come on Arnav...he chided himself. The lights came nearer and dimmed as it neared his house and Arnav relaxed when  he saw it was Kushi's car. His heart did a flip flop and felt a pleasant warmth  at the center when he saw her get out and smile at him. He called himself a  fool. Whether he wanted it or not he was going to end up hurting her worse than he could imagine. He cursed himself as he took a sip of his beer. Light from the car fell on her. She was wearing a cotton Kurta and loose salwar, hair loosely plaited  that few escaped and was playing around on her face. His jaw tightened. Stop it Arnav! You have no right to notice her hair or anything else especially after that conversation you had with Lavanya!"he chided himself.

He then saw her take out a bag from her car, kick the door shut with her heel and walk up towards him. 

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DOOMED TO DIE THE MOTHER OF MY SON (By Raani82) (Thanked: 46 times)



PILANI - 2018

"Hi...I think I owe you an apology....I" She hesitated then she said, "I...had made kaaju katli yesterday, I thought I'll bring some for you." The scent of her perfume, mild fruit scent of some sorts gently nudged him as she came near to hand over the box to him.

"Oh!'s been years...I've forgotten how they taste like...thanks."he said. "Looks good."

"To tell you the truth...I feel ridiculous bringing this if I'm taking something for school party...Anish thinks so too...but I thought you might like them....but this is just a lame excuse...the real thing is I wanted to thank might have saved my son's life." "My son's too." Arnav thought woefully.

He raised his beer, "You want to come in? Have juice or tea....or something?"

"No....thank you...I...I ..."she hesitated, her fingers curling the locks near her ear, sign of her anxiety and nervousness. Nervous about what, he wondered.

"You see....Anish has never had the support of men in his father had died long back... And Nandh Kis****....he died even before Anish was born...except for the Rat****ji who lived here..nobody took any interest in him."

"God! Please don't tell me all this....I don't want to know all this..."his heart was telling him, but his mind thought differently. She has opened the doors herself so find out more about her. "Is that so?"he asked.

"Yeah...he scared away many of them and I hardly have any friends here." Her almond eyes, shimmering in the porch light looked at him.

"I thought you liked it this way to be away from people." He asked hoping she would unwittingly tell more about herself.

"No...the property came at a good I got it."

"So you are not from here?"he asked. Of course he knew all the details about her, but still he wanted to hear her story from her.

"No...I'm from Lucknow...where I did my parents died...and we twin sister and I .."

"Oh you have a twin?"he asked.

"Yeah...she is still in Mumbai with her husband...a business man. We moved to .... Well... then  Nandha died...Anish and  I came to Jaipur, I  completed my college got the degrees and moved to this place...after I got a job in Birla school...have been here since." she said.

"You like this place?"he asked surprised.

"Well it has its advantages and disadvantages."she said, as gentle breeze blew her soft curls around her face. 

"Which place hasn't?"he said.

Both stood quiet for sometime. Then she looked up at him straight at his chocolate brown eyes for a second and quickly glanced away, in that second he felt a tightening of his gut a feeling that was alien to him which he didn't like, but couldn't control. 

"I think Anish is one great kid..."he said.

"You think so?" She asked her eyes gleaming with pride. " I do too..." She looked at him with curiosity.

"He needs to learn to fight.."

"Or to avoid them.."she said.

"Very difficult to avoid when a thug like Karan is constantly bullying him." He said.

"You are offering to train him.." She asked, with worry written on her face.

"I would love to..if you  would allow him..."

"No...the question is ...why? Why would you bother with a kid whom you hardly know..."she asked crossing her arms across her chest and straightening up, her face more worried now.

"Just that I don't like bullies who use younger kids as punching bags....and it is not good for one's self esteem.."

"You don't know a thing about.."

"I know what I saw Kushi...he was beating the cr..ap out of him...either he must learn to defend himself... Or he is going to end up in a hospital some day."

"Anish thinks he wouldn't bother him anymore..."

"I don't think so... that boy is one mean fellow....he gets his kick out of picking up boys much smaller than him and beating them in front of his friends. If I were you I would enrol him in karate or judo class so that next time he can defend himself and then I would go straight to police and complain, so that that boy's parents will know that you would not simply sit there allowing your son to be beaten up."he said.

"Anish doesn't want me to complain to the Principal or police.

"Well Anish is a kid..what will he know..."

"But then you don't have to live with him... "

"Sure... But if he did ...I would make sure he realises that in my house I would .... be the boss..."

"Do you have any kids?"she asked angrily, with hands on her hips. 

"What?"he was stunned for a second. Jolted he just starred at her face turning pink in anger. She didn't know what she was asking...or was she? 

Then recovering, he opened his mouth to answer when she interrupted waving her hand in front of her face as if chasing away on insect, "Well I know you are not married... But is there any child or two out of wedlock with your girl friend or ex lover...?" He couldn't prevent his jaw cracking up into a smile.

"If only you knew...lady...if only you knew..."he mused, before muttering "what the..."


"No...I don't..."he said.

"Then you must have some special degree or some licence that gives you an authority on the subject of raising teen agers.."she said angrily,

He glared at her refusing to move his eyes away from her angry eyes, "I like to tell some things straight in one's face..madam...and I like you to know that he could do with some knowledge to defend himself... Because his amma is not going to bail him out every time nor is he going to be saved by a stranger who happened to be at the right place at the right I did this Wait a minute..."he crossed his arms across his chest, feet wide apart, in an attacking stance he asked, "Didn't I hear you say that you  came here because you owe me an apology.."

"Oh you are too much...Mr.Raizada... " her eyes were flashing in anger.

"I didn't start it...and you are standing in my house...I didn't call you here..."he said.

He saw colour slowly creep in her face, as her fury rose, her lips tightened to thin line and she fascinated him. He noticed her eyes shimmering, her long eyelashes, her lips curving into a pout and her chin raising up in defiance. Dangerous unwanted thoughts crept into his mind. What would her lips feel like against his? How would she feel in his arms? You are getting way over your head Arnav...stop it now..this is getting nowhere...he thought. Remember your mission here...what you are supposed to do...his mind was cautioning him.

It was too late. Blood coursed through his groin and sending jets of fire in his limbs, awakening the desire that was long dormant in his body. 

"About that apology.., are right... And I thank you for saving Anish.. And being there with us..." she said looking at his eyes then his lips and quickly turning away, and he felt as if she was thinking the same as he was, "but...I..but I ...hey devi mayya....this is so difficult... I asked Anish not to trespass stay away from here...from you..." She looked down, her fingers twirling her locks again. His heart pounding he looked at her.

"You are afraid for him?"he asked.

She nodded. 

"Because he said that I had killed someone?"he asked.

She nodded still not looking at him. If she stayed few more minutes he was going to lose control of himself he thought.

He wanted to grab her hold her and tell her everything, and kiss away all her worries...but he knew he wouldn't stop just right there...but he simply said, "Look Kushi....I accept that I'm no saint...but surely killing someone is not in cards... I'm not a cold blooded killer...believe me.."he said. 

"I want to..."she said finally looking up at him. 

"Please do , Kushi.."

He wanted to tuck away all the loose strands from her face and look at her and assure her, that everything was going to be all right. Yearning and self loathing throbbed through his veins,  because all along he knew he was not going to tell her the truth. The fire within him was nearly boiling, despite the deception, despite the lying, despite the knowledge that getting involved with her was going to be dangerous for all of them, despite knowing that future with them was unthinkable, he couldn't stop himself.  He felt like a cad when he took a step closer to her and raised his hand to brush away the locks from her face, she jerked back in surprise. He dropped his hand and uttered the two words , that were too treacherous and deceitful to his own ears, that echoed in the night. 

"Trust me." 

When he couldn't even trust himself.

Oct 31

DOOMED TO DIE THE MOTHER OF MY SON (By Raani82) (Thanked: 36 times)



MUMBAI - 2018

For fifteen years she had been planning and waiting for the Mallik property to be hers. Fifteen years. She was sitting in the tennis club watching the coach going around with  enthusiasm teaching the kids to slam the tennis balls. Damn! But all she could see was Manick Chand Mallik signing all his property to a wide eyed boy from nowhere. The meeting with Shyam Manohar Jha was disturbing. She wouldn't have cared for a man like that. She would have simply swept him away like a dirt. That man with sly smile and beady eyes, ogling at her infuriated her. He was trying to play against Manick Chand Mallik? 

But the information he gave was worth everything she had put up. Manick Chand was ready to write of his property to a wide eyed kid? That fool of an old man. She cursed the old man for his foolishness and she cursed Lavanya as well for having a baby. She was always an odd  one who was forlorn and had a bleeding heart, always pitying a street dog, adopting an abandoned puppy or  a crippled kitten. Who would have guessed she would turn out to be a **** as well, having a secret baby. That b.itch! She sure must have knocked it off with an utter loser. All of them always had doubts about her disappearing like that. Some students exchange programme abroad they had said. All knew it was a coverup but no one bothered at that time. 

Now that old man has that Jha to track the kid. Manick , the patriarch he is, was searching for an heir outside his family. He must be insane. It wouldn't take a genius to understand that Mukund had lost most of his property in bad investments and was worth nothing so all that was left was Manick who could pull all the strings. If he wanted to give away his property to a beggar on the streets there was not a soul who could stop him. She knew about all this and now this bast.ard has come from no where. Fifteen years ago there was another bast.ard  who had caused enough trouble in the family and now this kid.

She sat there tapping her long painted finger nails on the water bottle, considering this new development. That old man should leave well alone and his stupid daughter should have crossed her legs. Stupid morons!! And that private detective who thought that he could take her money and play her against Manick Chand. She felt a bitter taste in her mouth and washed it off with a sip of water, thinking about him and the wasted half an hour. He thought he was going to get a small fortune and some control once he found that boy! Oh how wrong he was! He doesn't know who he is dealing with and will learn what it is to mess with her! Oh he will soon learn!

PILANI- 2018

"Oh come on Kushi! Pull your self together!" She stood in front of the mirror in her bathroom looking at her reflection. She wrapped a towel around her and began drying her dripping wet hair, thinking to herself that Arnav Singh Raizada was off limits. He is the worst man in the world for her and yet, the two words , "Trust me." Kept echoing in her mind throughout the night, not allowing her eyelids to close shut. She felt the arrival of an impending storm in her mind as she left him standing on his porch, the dim light reflecting the sharp features of his face. He was the trouble she didn't want in her life. She heard the home phone ring. She quickly wore a nightie and rushed outside to answer the phone. She heard Anish yelling from his room, " must be for you...answer the phone..."

"I'll answer it...are you ready?"she asked as she passed his room.

"I'm not going.."she heard his bed squeak as he lay down on the bed again. She didn't argue. Yes! He would be the laughing stock in his school. The object of gossip and rumours and Karan would sure add fuel to the fire. But he had to walk through the doors of his school and face the music which she knew was not going to be any easier as days passed. "But Anish you have already..."

"Amma I am not going to school...I look like hell and I feel worse than that." He yelled.

"Fine....we'll talk about it later..."she sighed as she climbed down the stairs to pick up the phone. She was in no mood to fight early  in the morning as she felt restless. "Hello!"she said into the phone, looking around and feeling not quite right. Something was wrong. It was too silent for her liking.

"What took you so long to pickup the phone? Where are you from? Next town?" Payal asked.

"Very funny Payal." She smiled shoving the uneasiness away. She smiled hearing her sister's voice. If only they didn't have to live far away. She could use some of her bright positive energy.

"I have some information for you..."she said brightly.

Kushi stilled. Her fingers tightened around the receiver till her knuckles turned white. "You found out about Anish's parents?"she asked.

"No...about Raizada. I want to put your mind at ease. We checked the prison records in Mumbai and there is no criminal record involving an Arnav Singh Raizada."

Kushi's knees buckled, as she leaned on the kitchen cook top. "Are you sure?" Kushi asked doubtfully.

"Yep...neither is there any prison records nor there is any indictment....I checked the records going back nearly twenty you can rest easy and relax around your neighbour. "

Relax? Around Arnav Singh Raizada? No way. So what if he didn't have prison record in doesn't clear him of all his intentions, but she sighed in relief. 

"Did you find out about him? If he is from Mumbai? If he has a cousin who was killed?"

"Wait a minute...wait a minute...take a breath...God! !" Payal laughed. "There is some news there, but I'm still checking. We have shortlisted all the Arnav Singh Raizadas....with the help of the description you had given of your Punjabi farmer..."

"He is not my Punjabi farmer..."said Kushi protesting immediately.

"Ohhhh....touchy..about that.... Aren't we?"

"Okay....continue..."Kushi said, thinking how quickly she caught the bait held by Payal.

"We are down to two, who fits the physical description and is an illegitimate son of one  poor tailor lady named....."Kushi could hear her turning some sheets of paper, " it is.......Kusum Singh Raizada. And that boy left Mumbai around the age of twenty, that's all we know about him. Then we have another the last child in a family of six children who still lives in Mumbai and belongs to a working class family...I'm still looking into it" she said.

"Thank you so much....I owe you..."Kushi said.

"I know ...I always owe me...that's why our relationship works together."

Kushi looked around again, feeling uneasy again. Something was definitely not right. The silence was somewhat disturbing her. She kept the receiver down after few minutes of chit chatting.

She prepared tea poured it in a cup and went out to the  porch. Even Payal's good news didn't shake away the sensation.. What if he was not in the prison, what if the news Payal gave about him  slowly lowered the fences she had erected around her, still she would not want that kind of trouble around her. Arnav Singh Raizada was too much trouble.

She looked at the morning rays slowly peeking through her bougainvillea creepers. She went and picked up the news papers from the small walkway leading to her gate.   The uneasy feeling still lingered as she looked around and went and had her tea. She kept the empty cup and looked around as she took the paper in her hand. She saw two squirrels scampering around the pots of crotons. She smiled looking at thm, "Hmmmm... Very brave,  aren't you?" She said to them, wondering how these two happen to be there with Toughy around. Her smile faded as she froze.

Toughy! She hadn't seen or heard the dog all morning. No wonder the silence. She whistled sharply and called him loudly, waiting for his answering bark, none came. All she heard was the crass calling of pea****s from far. 

"Toughy! Toughy! where are you boy? Come on! Toughy!" 

She started to worry. She dropped the paper and ran inside slamming the door. "Don't panic! Stay calm! Don't let trouble get to you! 

She gave herself some peptalking."Toughy? Hear boy!" Nothing ! Absolute silence! 

"Anish!" she called out. "Anish!" She ran up the stairs, slammed open the door and asked him

" Anish! Where's Toughy?"

"Toughy? Why? What ....he is not here?" He asked stretching and looking confused.

"He is not in the house..."she said worried.

"What do you mean he is not here? Oh..." He sat up straight, "I let him outside.."

"He is not be found anywhere..."

" God! think something has happened to him?"

"When did he go outside?"she asked, apprehension knotted her stomach.

"Well...he started growling and barking and he began scratching the he heard a cat or something... I let him out and he rushed off in a lightening speed, I waited for him to come back...he usually does...but he didn't.. So I closed the door and went off to sleep. He must be outside."

"No Anish ....he is not there...what time did you leave him outside?"

"Around three in the morning...but he can't go out side the gates ma...he never does..." Anish got worried now. He quickly got up wore his jeans over his shorts grabbed a shirt , "Come let's search for him." Both rushed outside.

They went out, each calling and whistling, trudging through the grass and trees, hoping that he was stuck somewhere but there was no response, why wouldn't he bark or whine or make some noise? They opened the gate and went outside checking the road if he was hit by a truck. But couldn't find him. Was he lying hurt somewhere? Has he lost his way? "Don't borrow trouble!" She talked to herself. She could now feel the anxiety in Anish's voice as he called out to his best friend in the world. They called their other neighbours and asked the if they had seen the dog. But they hadn't. They came inside and decided to check the sides of the house. They passed the short walkway and turned to the side of the house and Kushi stood in dismay seeing the scene in front of her. The small vegetable garden she had with, radish, brinjal, cucumber, mint, methi and palak were completely destroyed. The leaves were are all walked over and smashed to the ground, radishes pulled out , brinjal and cucumber cut and were laying limp on the ground. Anish came around the house behind her saw the vegetable patch and said, "Karan Mehta..."grinding his teeth.

"You don't know that."she said.

"Dammit ma...can't you see it is Karan..." At that moment both thought the worse could have happened to Toughy. He bit his lips and fought back the tears, trying to be brave in front of his mother but failing badly.

Kushi covered her mouth in horror, "Devi mayya!"

" think he ...he would have killed Toughy..." Tears were already to the brim in his eyes.

"I don't think so...why would he kill an innocent puppy?"

"Karan is one mean...."he cut the expletive, "he will do anything."

"We don't even know if it is Karan...Let's look..." They turned to go the other side of the house when their eyes fell on the walls of the pump house. Big bold ugly words with graffiti were painted on the wall with black paint. "You are a freak" "A ba.stard mental case!" "A psycho!" "A cry baby!" "Your mother is a......" Kushi closed her eyes. "She can't name your father..." Stick figures of men in a compromising poses with a woman were drawn all around these words.

"That ba.stard!" Anish ground his teeth his voice choking.

"Oh God!" She said in horror as she read the slurs and hateful words. "This has got to stop!" She turned and rushed to the house her fury beyond her control. "Come back into the house." This time she was not going to listen to Anish whether he likes it or not. She was going to call the police,  call them and explain all that had happened . She went towards the phone when she heard the rumbling of a vehicle coming to a stop in front of her house. She rushed to the kitchen , took out a knife in one hand and the rolling pin on the other and went towards the door. She was not going to tolerate these hooligans! No way! 

She opened the door and stopped short, when she saw Arnav jump down from his jeep and walk towards the passenger side. She sighed with relief, "Thank God!" She thought just wanting to run and throw herself on him, hug him hard and make all her worries disappear. She dropped the things on the ground and screamed , "Noooo...." When she saw the dog, Toughy, laying limp in his arms as Arnav walked towards her porch.

Nov 4

DOOMED TO DIE THE MOTHER OF MY SON (By Raani82) (Thanked: 35 times)



MUMBAI - 2018

Kushi rushed towards Arnav, at the same time Anish rounded the corner hearing the sound of a vehicle. When he saw Arnav with Toughy he shouted, "Those ba.stards... No...." Tears streaming down his face he ran towards Arnav. "What happened to him? Is he...?" He took the dog from Arnav. 

"Luckily he is still breathing... He was drugged and tied up and was on my porch."he said gravely. The tears on his son's face knocked his guts out.

"Hey Devi mayya!" Kushi starred at the dog, completely shaven, leaving some tufts on his face , tail and under belly, blood was oozing from the razor cuts in many parts of his body. "Toughy! Oh God!" On the shaven body were the same filthy words were written in same paint.

"I am going to wash him..." Anish said sniffing, tears mingling with the sweat pouring down his face.

"No....not yet...sit in the car...we will take him to the police station and write a complaint." Kushi said her face turning red with fury. She then turned to Arnav and asked, "Will you be willing  to come with us and write a complaint against Karan Mehta on how you saw him beat up Anish, and about that dog you discovered in the morning?"

"Sure ...I am ready to.."said Arnav his eyes narrowing in red fury.

"'t do that..." Cried out Anish then looked at the drowsy, shivering dog in his hands and said, "Well...okay...I'll just cover him up with a blanket."

"I'll drive...both of you get inside my jeep."he said.

"This is really a shameful thing to do to a dog..." Said SP Ranawat, "but since there is no proof it was that boy...we cant do  anything about it ...but we will investigate..."he leaned back on his chair and  clasped his fingers together tapping the index fingers and looking at them. 

Arnav looked at the lean , fit, thin moustached SP. He had grown to distrust policemen all his life and this man was trying hard to dismiss this non essential case, but Kushi was not in a mood to listen.

"It is more than a shame is more than is cruel and immoral...and it has to stop..."she said angrily, gritting her teeth.

"I am not saying it is not cruel and we will not do anything... Sure we are going to take pictures of the wall in your house and make enquiries."

Kushi turned to look at the dog in her son's hands, almost lifeless, eyes drooping, blood oozing from his wounds and she looked at Anish, his eyes and face all swollen and black and blue, with plasters on his chin and forehead. Both made a pitiful picture and her heart bled.

Arnav looked at his son and he felt the fury rise in his blood. This SP Ranawat looked like he was not going to do anything about the matter. After all Karan's father was also a policeman. They have to save each other's butt. But he was not going to sit tight with folded hands. He had already decided to pay Mehta a visit.

"As for the charges of beating up Anish..." Ranawat said reading the paper where Kushi had written the complaint, and Arnav had signed as witness, "I believe you... Karan is one mean character and has got into trouble many times, but the other two boys ...."he scratched his chin, " fact this Gagan is the son of the priest in the temple..."

"Just because he chants the God's name the whole day, doesn't mean his son can't get into trouble." Said Kushi angrily. She was having none of it.

"I know ...I know...those two boys as far as I know are not that type...."

"They were not throwing punches at Anish but were sure egging the other boy to beat him....and cowards they were as soon as I showed up they ran away. If they say anything else then they are liars as well..." Arnav was standing at the far end of the room leaning against the window sill and drinking the tea the SP had offered. He was listening and allowed Kushi and Anish to tell their part of the story. But he was sure that the police would just brush this case under the carpet as if nothing had happened. But he was not going to stay back and stand quietly.

"But that Karan fellow is the ring leader...who needs to be whipped ...if you ask me..."he said.

"That is too harsh...we can't think..."

"Then it is his father who needs whipping..."said Arnav sarcastically. 

SP kept quiet. The whole town knew about the old Mehta's drinking habit and how he got into fight with the people at the bar regularly. 

"Mehta...we all know has this bad drinking habit..real bad...but we have to understand he has lots of problems...what with his wife leaving him with a two year old has been  real difficult for him you see..."

"That's his problem....he can't beat up his kid who in turn takes out all his frustration on small kids especially Anish here...and lots of people raise kids alone...he is not the only one..." Arnav said. But he knew that nothing was going to come out of this complaint.

They then went straight to Veterinary clinic. Doctor Mihir, knew Kushi , Anish and Toughy.

His eyes narrowed in anger when he saw Toughy and said," Who did this to him?"

Kushi looked at Anish as if cautioning him and said, "We don't know...we've lodged a complaint."she said.

"Well...whoever did this should be one sick guy..."he said as he made Anish put the dog on the examining table. 

Doctor checked the dog for few minutes thoroughly, then said , "Nothing to worry....his vitals are okay...he will be weak. He is traumatised ....who wouldn't be after what has happened to him? The dogs also react the same way as the humans when they are abused and mistreated.  I'll prescribe some medicines, soap and ointment for the skin." He then asked the nurse to prepare an injection. The nurse handed him the syringe few minutes later. He pinched the flesh on the thigh of the dog and poked the needle. 

"He will be okay ...don't worry..."he said to Anish.

An hour later Arnav dropped them at their home, and took Toughy from Anish and waited for Kushi to open the door. Once in, Anish rushed to get some more blankets and extra cushioning for the dog. He lay him softly in it's bed. The dog was now sound asleep. They came out to see Kushi sitting on the porch steps. Arnav walked down and went towards the motor room. Kushi started a mild protest but fell on deaf ears as Arnav walked towards the small shed and saw the ugly graffiti on the wall. Kushi saw him stiffen, jaw harden, his fist clench, lips thin and eyes narrow in fury as his eyes scanned from one corner of the wall to the other. He closed his eyes for few seconds before he raised his head to look upwards. His anger so prominent that she could see the veins on his neck and forehead prominently. She saw a new side of him and that scarred her. He looked deadly and dangerous. He then walked slowly to the mother and son and stood before him. 

"You know what...Anish..." As if he had made a decision, that made Kushi's blood run cold, "if you can come over to my house I'll teach you a few things..." He said to his son.

Kushi stiffened, "Like what?"

"Like learning to ride a horse for a beginning...."said Arnav. That sounded safe enough. Anish jumped up and ran down the steps, " Would you? Really? Cool!" His bruised face split into a wide grin.

"Yeah...but first I'll let you start with Pritvi.. The grey one..then I'll think about you riding Guru." Arnav said.

"Why can't you name your horse like Midnight....Queen...Lucky charm...or something like that...that sounds so normal...that's what I read in papers." Said Kushi still feeling uneasy about Anish learning horse riding.

Arnav smiled, "That's how they came...."he said and turned to Anish again, "I'll also teach you how to shoot..."he said.

Kushi jumped up immediately protesting, "Wait a guns... I don't like guns.. I didn't even want him to play with toy"she said. This stranger had suddenly taken over her son's life she thought, and she didn't want it. He starred at her. And Kushi felt a shiver run down her spine.

"Even I don't ....but living in a place like is better he starts to learn how to appreciate such weapons and what damage they could cause and  how not to use it." Arnav said.

"I don't know....but still...No...I won't allow it.." She said starring at Arnav.

"Ma... Come on..." Said Anish, seeing this as a life time opportunity to work with weapons. "I don't know..."she said, still feeling caught in his mesmerized stare.

Then he dragged his eyes away from her's and looked at Anish. 

"I'll also put up a punching bag at the you have weights?"he asked.

Anish shook his head. Kushi felt her stomach clench. She felt as if she was losing control of her son ...of her life. 

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