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May 26

life changed (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 43 times)


KUSHI PREM YADHAV: she lost her parents at a very young age in an accident. she is only daughter of her parents, she lives with her grandfather in malaysia. her parents are very rich . her dada and her brother adithya taking care of all the business. she spreads warmth and smiles wherever she goes. she is a cardiologist. she did not feel her parents are dead, she always talking with their photograph. she loves her dada very much. he is her confidante and everything for her. she will always drag arnav to the fuss. she likes her aunty garima and shashi uncle ,her sister payal. she always respect elders words

ARNAV SING RAIZADA : he loves his family a lot. he did not  interest in marriage.he did not trust marriage life because of his parents, his family always talk about his marriage , thats why he distance with his family, he is always busy with his business, whenever he sees kushi , he feel little restless. he always fight with her and challenge her. he likes to fight with her. he knows who he is. he has been emotionally damaged. nobody has access to the deep recesses of his heart. because of what happend to his parents.he did not know how to deal with his sense of loss, he locked away all the pain,hurt and insecurity somewhere deep in his heart and threw away the key.

DEV ANAND YADHAV: he is smiling outside ,but he feel sad for his son and daughter-in-law dead.he lives his life for her granddaughter kushi. he loves kushi a lot , he can't see her slight tears in her eyes it's hurt him a lot. 

ADITHYA GUPTA : son of shashi and garima, husband of anjali. brother of payal , he is cousin brother of kushi. he loves his sisters a lot. he is taking care of kushi's parents business. he and anjali staying in malaysia with kushi and dada.

ANJALI ADITHYA GUPTA: wife of adithya gupta, she is house wife , she taking care of kushi always, she wants  kushi  to marry her chote . but kushi and arnav always fight with each other whenever they both meet, even adithya and anjali marriage time, and payal akash marriage time .they both fighting like a 5 year pld kid. 

Garima shashi gupta. wife of shashi , she lives in delhi with her husband, she is daughter of dev anand yadhav. she loves her childrens a lot. she considered her brother daughter kushi as her own daughter.

shashi gupta . loves his family a lot, he likes kushi very much. he is a doctor. he loves his job a lot.. 

Payal gupta: she is married to akash sing raizada. lives with raizada family . she likes kushi a lot. she is very close to naniji. they both always doing some drama in raizada family , they both always talking about kushi infront of arnav. they both knows arnav is restless whenever he heard kushi's name.they both always teased him.

Akash sing raizada: he is very calm man , he loves her wife and family a lot. he respect his brother arnav a lot. he did not know arnav and anjali is not his own brother and sister. 

devyani sing raizada, nani of anjali ,akash , arnav. she loves her family a lot. she is a drama queen, whenever she remembered her daughter and son-in-law she feel sad. she loves her chote a  lot.


AADHYA AKILESH SING RAIZADA: loves her childrens and family  a lot, she is worried about her son arnav. she is forget arnav and anjali is her sister childerns, her mind is deeply trusted arnav is her own son and anjali is her daughter, she has no different between akash and arnav,anjali. 

AKILESH SING RAIZADA: he loves his daughter anjali a lot, she is princess to him.loves his family a lot, he and arnav not talking to each other , he is angry on him. because he did not agree for the marriage. akash is younger to arnav but he is married. father and son always argue with eachother, after that he stop talking with his son, but he care for him , after he sleep he visited to arnav room and see him. he loves him morethen his own son akash.

Can you start the story.


Anjali: is doing pooja.kushi also join with her. 

Dev and adithya ready for office. adithya says dadaji you just rest, your not well. i will take care of office.

Anjali: says dadaji come you just eat breakfast then you have to take medicine. 

Kushi: yes then you have to rest, and now a days you forget your office, she says to adithya please leave this business or transfer to all the business to delhi, i can't live here anymore. my job is transfar delhi already. i am going to join after one week. 

DEV: says our work is almost done, 2 or 3 days then we all leave to delhi ok now are you happy na.

Kushi: asks adithya is this true na bhai, adithya nods her head , she said  to her dadaji i dont important money and this business dadaji, your not well now , your health is important for me haina bhai . adi smiled and says yes my dear your always right. we will start our business in delhi dont worry ok, its uncle and aunty's dream too. she is very silent hearing adi's words. anjali and adi comfort her. she says i am fine bhai , bhabi i am fine dont worry ok. actually i am very happy now.

DEV: smiled seeing them , he says thanks to adithya and anjali for taking care of kushi.

Anjali: says no need to this thanks dadaji, she is like my sister. 

Adithya: says ok bye, i am leaving office. he says to anjali take care of dadaji and pack our things.

Anjali: nods her head.


Arnav: ready and came down , his family start to eat morning breakfast. aadhya sees arnav and called him for breakfast, he will not refuse his mom's words, except his marriage matter. he nods his head and came to dining table.

Payal: start to served arnav. she look at naniji, and they both talking with their eyes. payal says start the drama. naniji nods her head silently.

Arnav: check his mail in the mobile silently ,and eat breakfast too.

Akilesh: look at him angryly, he called aadhya what is this habit, this is not good ok. first eat your break fast then you have to check your mails. that mails dont go anywhere ok.

Arnav: look at his dad. and he place his mobile in his pant pocket. then he look at his mom and smiled.

Aadhya look at them both, she smiled at them.

Akilesh: took his mobile and dialed some number , he says thanks for respecting my words.

Arnav: called akash and says  its ok no problem. 

Akash: smiled at arnav.he knows them both so he just nods his head.

akilesh says i am leaving my office bye . 

Aadhya: smiled and says ok bye , drive carefull ok.

Arnav: called the driver and says drop dad to his office ...

Akilesh: turn to look at arnav. but he is silently eat breakfast,  he smiled at his son and leave from there.

Aadhya: hold arnav's ear and asks why you both torchering me daily like this. why are you both doing this drama everyday.

Arnav: aah mom ,he try to answer her mom.but

Naniji: asks payal when will kushi and her family come here?

Arnav: stop eat hearing kushi's name and he was coughing.

Naniji , payal, aadhya noticed him. they are very happy.

Aadhya give water to him. 

Akash smiled seeing the drama.

Arnav: asks mom when they are coming here.

Aadhya : asks who chote.

Arnav: is silent for a second. 

Everyone eagerly waiting for his answer.

Aadhya: asks again who chote.

Arnav: look at naniji and payal he says di and jiju mom.

Naniji and payal is upset hearing his answer.

Arnav: asks his mom again when they both coming mom.

Aadhya; says they are coming after one week chote.

Arnav: is smiled slightly. {naniji ,and payal noticed him} after that he says mom take care of naniji , she did not take her medicine properly. she threw the tablet in outside of the garden. careful mom. keep eye on her mom. doctor called me and complaint about her. he look at his naniji and smiled.

Aadhya and payal open her mouth in o shape. 

Naniji: says i dont leave that doctor today. 

Arnav: says naniji please take your medicine ok. 

Naniji: says ok chote but you have to agree for your marriage .

Arnav: says to her mom bye i will come late today . or i will stay in office dont wait for me mom.

Naniji: stop it chote i want answer my qustion.

Arnav: look at her and says i want some time.

Naniji: how long chote.

Arnav: says 6 months.

Naniji: you always says to me this . listen my words chote , if you can't agree for marriage i can't take my medicine thats final .she leave from  her room angryly.

Arnav: dont know what to do ? he also leave from there.

how is my story.

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May 27

life changed. (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 34 times)


DEV: is rest in his room.

Anjali and kushi pack their things.

Kushi: says bhabi i am very excited to go delhi. i am live with my aunty and i am going to spend time with payal, jiju. 

Anjali: heard her non stop talking silently, she asks kushi what you think about my chote.

kushi: he did not respect elders words, he is always in angry mood, he have big egoistic man. and he has put a circle on him and he lives, he think he is big lord governor. you know bhabi whenever i see him, i am very angry. bhabi he is really your brother or he directly jumping from the sky. anjali is laugh hearing her talk.and bhabi he has lot of girl friends i saw his interview yesterday that lavanya is with him huged him sideways like his wife. anjali saw kushi eyes full of anger . she asks kushi relax. he did not love her , she is just friend of him thats it. kushi look at anjali and says whatever  bhabi , i do not care about it.

Anjali: smiled at her.

kushi: asks why are you smiling at me now.

Anjali: smiled and asks then why are you watching his all the interviews. and why are you distrubing him daily.

Kushi: wo wo i am not , her words are stammering. she says i did not distrubing him. 

Anjali: hold her ear and says i know you called his mobile daily and talk to him.

kushi: says han , but he is angry on me daily.

Anjali: asks why are you doing this all kushi.

Kushi: says nothing bhabi, i like to tease him thats it.

Anjali: you do not know about his angry kushi. just away from him. why i am says to you this na. i know him very well. and if he hurts you na, everyone gets feel sad thats why i am says to you ok.

kushi: nods her head  and smiled. 

Anjali: thinkherself, i know kushi you have feeling for my chote. but you did not realize .and i dont know how he is going to handle you, hey devimayya please changed my chote and kushi's life. she is acting to forget her past,but she is not forget still,she is smiling in outside. my chote did not move on. he is still thinking about my parents dead. 

Kushi: thinkherself . no bhabi i dont stop tease him . and i want to know why he behave like that .

Payal: called kushi mobile. 

kushi: hi payal how are you , what are you doing , how is aunty and naniji, jiju.

Payal: everyone is fine here, how are you.

Kushi: yea i am fine .

Payal: you have to stay with me in my house ok , because your hospital is near our home. there is  very long from  mom's house. i already inform mom , dad dadaji. everyone agreed for this.

Kushi: smiled and says ok i also agreed now are you happy.

payal: says thank you so much kushi.

Kushi: its ok payal .

Payal:  ok we will talk later bye . i have to go office ,akash missed some file's in home.

Kushi: han ok. hey payal .

Payal: what? kushi.

kushi: how is arnavji. 

payal: smiled and says he is fine kushi .

Garima: called her dad mobile.

Dev: attend the call, hello garima how are you , how is shashi and payal .

Garima: everyone is fine here. how are you dad. are you ok na. how is kushi, anjali and adi.

Dev: we are all fine , we will come to delhi after 3 days.

Garima: han dad kushi said this news to me already.

Dev: han i know she do this.

Garima: dad did you talk to her about the marriage.

Dev: no garima, but anjali talk to her.

Garima: asks what she says.

Dev: says she has no idea about her marriage now.

Garima: she is a child dad, we have to arrange the marriage , she will agree , i will talk to her , you dont worry. 

Dev: says no garima dont do this, i know her very well, and i dont want force her for anything. 

Garima:she also my daughter  dad .  she asks dad she loves somebody.

Dev: says no garima, if she loves someone she directly come and tell me, i am sure she did not love anyone here. even she dont have a friends here.

Garima: ok dad. i will call later , she cut the call.

Arnav: in office he remember naniji's decision, he closed his eyes , suddenly he thought about kushi. he hit his hand in table, he thinkhimself , what happen to me, why i am  thinking about her now.whenever i am in confiuse mood , she came to my mind . i dont know why this feeling came to my mind.stop thinking about her arnav . just away from her. his mobile ring it was kushi .. he is shocked seeing her name .. he attend the call hello .

Kushi: hi arnavji....

Arnav: asks what you want now.

kushi: we are all came to delhi .

Arnav: so what? why do you tell me this?

Kushi: asks are you ok na arnavji.

Arnav: is silent for a second , because she asks him for lot of concern in her voice too.

Kushi: arnavji are you there. 

Arnav: han i am fine kushi...

Kushi: was surprised hearing his calm talk. otherwise he get angry on her. what happen to him today.

Arnav: says kushi bye, now i have meeting.

kushi: bye arnavji..

Arnav: cut the call and thinking about kushi only, his brain did not work. he closed his eyes. nobody can happy with me.i do not allow her thoughts in my mind anymore. he called aman and says book my ticket i have to go our mumbai branch tomorrow. aman look at arnav. he asks asr are you ok na. 

arnav shout what you want all? i am fine ok . i dont want anyone . i want to just away from that girl.

aman asks whos that girl asr. he look at aman and says kushiiii. aman says jiju's sister kushi right.

he nods his head. { arnav and aman is very close friends} aman smiled at arnav. 

Arnav: asks why are you smiling at me now. 

Aman: i think your in love. but you always fight with her na .how is this happen .

Arnav: shocked hearing aman's words. you also join with naniji right, he says no aman its never happen in my life, i dont love her. 

Aman: then why are you run away from here. you have to face the problem arnav. just forget your past and move on arnav. you hurt everyone in your family , did you feel it . your mom and dad feel sad whenever they see you , you did not care about anyone arnav, uncle and aunty is dead please understand it . but god give you another dad and mom for you, dont hurt them please.

Arnav: says you can not understand me .

Aman: came near him and touch his shoulder , he says please arnav dont do this . please try to understand , your life also changed oneday. but you have to face the problem can do that i know you very well arnav.

Arnav: says little angryly, i am not going anywhere now are you happy , go and do your work.

Aman: smiled and hug him. he says i am sorry aman.

Aman: keep your sorry yourself . say the truth first.

Arnav; asks what truth .

Aman: your love matter. i know you love her .

Arnav: says i dont know, we both are always fighting eachother . how can she trust me , she did not like me . she think i am a angry man, i did not respect anyone. but i dont know why she called me daily and drag me in fuss . 

Aman: asks did you liked her or not.

Arnav: han i like her , he says dont tell this to naniji. 

Aman: smiled and says ok. his mobile is on , naniji heard everything about their speech.



Arnav: in his room. he knows that kushi will come today .

Aadhya: knock the door .

Arnav: mom please come inside, why are you asking this qustions mom.

Aadhya: smiled at him , and she came near and sit beside him, she says i want to talk with you chote.

Arnav: yea tell me mom. 

Aadhya: naniji ,dad ,akash payal me everyone likes kushi. she is good girl, you also know her , i think she will understand you. and naniji is not taking her medicine. untill you agree for the marriage. what you say, i dont want to force you chote. you have to decided it yourself . 

Arnav: says maa you know na , your sister and jiju always fight with infront me and di. they do not live

properly in their marriage life, they are not worried about us , they both always behind money, they both did not care about their children's, then why they both married , they both dead infront of me , how can i forget this all mom. i can not mom. i do not belive in marriage life mom. he lay down on his mom's lap. 

Aadhya: caressed his hair lovingly, she says listen my words chote , dont think anything. you know about me and dad na. my sister and jiju did a mistake yea i agree, but anjali is married she is happy in her life, but whenever she think about you she also remembered my sister and jiju dead, you also know it na chote, i know my son dont want to hurt anyone, he is very good man and handsome, she smiled and pinch his cheek lovingly, he is sucessfull businessman , he can do anything, i trust my son, he loves his family a lot. chote you have to forget everything, i want one request, you have to prove your not like my sister and jiju. everyone talking about you, he is not fit for marriage life ,whenever i am heard that word its hurting me chote. i have not asked you anything yet still. but now i am asking you please agree for this marriage for me chote.

Arnav: get up from her lap and look at her. 

Aadhya: is waiting for his answer. near door naniji ,payal akash , akilesh everyone waiting for his answer. she says just forget it chote , its all finished , i want to see your marriage , i am your mother too, i think like that this all days, but what about  in your mind chote.

Arnav: mom please , dont talk like this its hurting me, this all days you dont asks me anything i know that, you did not force me for anything, and dad he is always supporting me only, now i agree for this marriage , but i have to talk first kushi. 

Aadhya: surprisingly look at him, little confused too.

Arnav: smiled at her , and says mom please trust me .i am agree for this marriage. but i have some time to forget everything. thats why i want to talk to kushi.

Naniji : came and huged him happyly. 

Arnav: huged her and says i know your in outside of my room.

Naniji: smiled at him. she says first we will talk to kushi's family then you have to talk to her ok.

Arnav: smiled and says ok.

Akash: also came and huged him . 

Akilesh : standing outside of the room.

Aadhaya : says chote your dad is standing near door .

Arnav: came near his dad, 

Akilesh: start his acting , he take his mobile , but arnav huged him and says love you papa.he is tears flow in his eyes. akilesh also huged him and says thank you so much chote. he says i am sorry dad, i hurting you all.akilesh says leave it , and forget everything ok. i am your dad aadhya is your mom. 

Arnav: came out from the hug, he look at aadhya and says thank you mom.

Payal: mobile ring it was kushi. she attend the call , hello kushi where are you. 

kushi: we all are in the hall. where are you all. 

Payal: says naniji my family is waiting in the hall. come we will go down. naniji and payal run from there.

Akilesh and akash also leave from there.

Arnav: look at aadhya, he asks mom are you happy na.

Aadhya : yes i am very happy chote. i dont know how to express this feeling .

Arnav: also smiled seeing his mom . his mobile ring ..  it was aman. hello aman. where are you.

Aman: come down arnav, your would -be waiting for you . 

Arnav: shut up , how you know aman.

Aman: says its all my plan to trap you, mom came to talk with you na .

Arnav: thank you , everyone is hurt because of me. i want to changed it now , i am a right na aman.

Aman: says your right arnav, i am so happy for you my dear friend. he start to tease arnav, ok but you like kushi na. 

Arnav: did not say anything and cut the call.he smiled and came down. he touch dadaji feet .

Dev: bless him  happyly and huged him. 

Anjali and kushi looked at him amazingly , they both look at eachother little shockingly.

Arnav: touch shashi and garima feet too.  they both also shocked seeing his behaviour. but they bless them happyly. 

Aadhya and akilesh smiled at eachother seeing him like that, aadhya wipe her tears and look at her son happyly.

Adithya asks anjali what happen to your brother , he is ok na.

Anjali look at him angryly.

Adithya: smiled at her. 

Arnav: sit beside anjali and adi , he asks how are you jiju .

Adithya: your talking to me na arnav . he says anjali pinch me please.

Anjali: hit him slightly .

Adithya : huged arnav and says i am fine and very happy .

Arnav: thank you jiju. 

Adithya : came out of the hug , he asks but why arnav.

Arnav: your take care of my sister na. 

Adithya : says she is my wife and i love her , i can't live without my wife .

Arnav: smiled at him. he is very happy about his sister life. he noticed kushi look at him .


Dev: called adithya.

Adithya: came near his dadaji. 

Dev: says about arnav and kushi marriage.

Adithya: why are you asking me dadaji, you just asks kushi first.

Dev: han i will ask her , but i want your opinion first.

Adithya: look at arnav and kushi they both look at eachother. he says i like arnav.

payal: came and says dadaji kushi also like arnavji. they both talking in mobile daily. but they both  did not show it .

Dev:  thinkhimeself , she did not tell this to me. he nods his head smilingly.

Naniji: says to dev, you just talk to kushi first . 

Anjali: talking with akash. 

Arnav and kushi look at eachother silently. 

Anjali: noticed this and surprised seeing her chote.

Aman ; came there and asks di how are you. 

Anjali: says i am fine aman , what happen to your friend, how is this all happned suddenly. 

Aman: i will tell everything later ,now we will go from here . then only your chote talk to kushi. 

Akash and aman drag anjali from there. 

Arnav: says to kushi i want to talk to you alone.

kushi: asks what arnavji.

Arnav: says i said i want to talk to you alone .

kushi: ji arnavji.

Arnav: come to my room.

kushi: ji . she followed him. but..

Garima: called kushi. 

kushi: turn back and look at her aunty.she came near her dadaji.

Dev: says kushi i want to talk to you. 

kushi: ok tell me dadaji.

Dev: says i like arnav. i think he is perfect for you. what you say.

Kushi: look at everyone, and says wo wo dadaji , did you all think he is accept for marriage.

Aadhya : says he is agreed to marriage kushi.

kushi: asks really ,she smiled slightly.

Akilesh : asks now you say did you like my son.

Kushi: look at her dadaji, dev nods his head , i like him . 

Anjali: huged kushi and says i know you hide this to me haina .

Kushi: not like that bhabi , he is always angry on me na, thats why i hide this . sorry dadaji.

Dev: says its ok leave it. then he says to akilesh , i have one request , i can't see my kushi's tears. so please take care of my kushi .

Naniji: says dont worry dev, we will take care of her .

Arnav: called kushi mobile .

Kushi: attend the call hello .

Arnav: where are you kushi . 

Kushi: wait a miniute , i will come.

Anjali and kushi came to arnav room.

Arnav: saw his di and kushi. 

Anjali: asks are you really agree for this marriage.

Arnav: look at kushi he says yes di , my life is changed now, i try to forget everything.

Anjali: smiled at him , i am so happy for you chote. she says i like kushi too. take care of her ok.

Arnav: nods his head ok di. he says di i want to talk to her alone .

Anjali : nods her head and leave from there.

Arnav: says kushi you dont know anything about me. i dont want hide anything to parents are dead when i am 14year old, they both dead infront of me, they are not care about me and di , they both  always fight infront of me and di. thats why i dont trust in marriage life, this all days, i did not even talk to anyone , i am always distance with my family. aadhya mom is my mom's sister , but she is not treat me and di like that. she always loves me and di morethen akash , i know that.his eyes full of pain and hurt only. because of that i am always angry on you too, but whenever i am get distrubed , you came to my thought. 

Kushi: rush to huged him tightly.

Arnav: did not expect this from her. he also huged her back, he asks now say did you like to marry me.

kushi: nods her head as yes.. 

They both wiping their tears with eachother. 

kushi: you have never to cry anymore arnavji. just forget everything .

Arnav: came out from the hug , he says i am sorry kushi , i can't forget easily, but please trust me i will try to forget everything . 

Kushi: nods her head .


Shashi and garima says they both are perfect match.

Dev: look at them , he thinkherself , now my son is there in this world,he is very happy seeing his daughter . 

Aadhya: is very happy  and feed sweet to arnav and kushi. they both touch dev feet,  

Dev: huged them both happyly.


Anjali , payal kushi talking each other in the hall.

Aadhya is very happy now, naniji is very happy , she is resting in his room.

Arnav: in upstrairs he watching kushi and his di talking and laughing happyly.she smiled seeing them .

Akilesh and akash came near arnav. 

Akash: asks bhai are you looking at bhabi right. 

Arnav: did not realized himself , he says yea ..

Akilesh: oh really...

Arnav: yea dad really.

Akilesh: called arnav . 

Arnav: now only realized, he suddenly take his mobile and says its an important call dad, i will come.

Akilesh: but your mobile is not ringing chote.

Arnav: says i learn from you dad. he run from there.

Akash and akilesh smiled seeing him. 

Aadhya ,anjali, payal, naniji ,kushi doing pooja. 

Arnav and akash ready for office.

Akilesh: in the hall reading the news paper. 

Arnav in his room talking with aman about the meetings. he saw kushi mobile ring. she forget to take her mobile in his room. he came down and give mobile to her. 

kushi: attend the call hello. yea doctor anil  tell me , anything important.

Doctor: anil no mam . i just conforming your in delhi or malasiya.

Kushi: says i am in delhi, i will come on correct time dont worry ok , she cut the call.

Arnav: says to  kushi ,i will drop you today.

kushi: says then who will drop next day, she says daily you have to drop me and pickup too. she smiled and run from there.

Arnav look at her smilingly.

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May 28

life changed. (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 42 times)


kushi and arnav come to home. 

Arnav: asks how was your first day .

kushi: yea its good arnavji.

Arnav: i am going to my room. send my coffee kushi.

kushi: smiled and nods her head.

Anjali: asks how was the day kushi.

Kushi: yea nice bhabi.

Aadhya and payal come with tea and snacks.

kushi: says to aadhya , arnavji said send coffee to his room.

Aadhya: i already send his coffee kushi.

Anjali: is busy with her mobile , talking with her husband.

kushi and payal talking eachothere ..

kushi: asks where is naniji..

Payal: she has gone to the mandir.

kushi: ok i will change my dress and come.

payal: ok kushi..

Anjali: asks payal where is kushi..

Payal: di she is her room.

Anjali: came to kushi room.

Kushi: are you finished your talking with my bhai.

Anjali: smiled and says yes finished. she give some jewellery box to kushi.

kushi: asks what is this bhabi.

Anjali: says this is all my mom's jewellery , it belongs to you only kushi.

kushi: asks di i want know one thing.

Anjali:  what kushi?

Kushi: dont mistake me bhabi. 

Anjali: hey kushi dont get hesitate to me. you can ask me anything .

Kushi: arnavji is always thinking about your parents dead but you are always smiling how can you smiling like this.

Anjali: my dad is big businessman , he is always busy in his work, he always rounding in all over the world. my mom not like aadhya mom, aadhya mom is very simple, but my mom is very morden, she  has lot of friends, she is a alcoholic too. chote did not know this, i told this to aadhya mom she came to my home and talk to my mom , but she did not heard her words, my mom is very selfish. one day mom came to know , dad had a relationship with another woman. they both fight with eachothere. finally my dad says i want divorce, my mom can't agree for this, because my mom love my dad so much, but he did not care about my mom, he always busy with his business only, he think my mom is very morden , he did not llike that, my mom says i can change this please dont leave me, but he did not heard her words, after that my mom heart was broken, she says to my dad i can't live without you please dont do this to me, but my dad says i give you lot of money , and i will take care of arnav and anjali too. she says i will die without you . but my dad says thats your problem. my mom run to terrace

I said to my  dad, please stop my mom. if anything happen to her, who will take care of me and my chote. then only he also run behind her, i called aadhya mom and inform about the incident, chote is playing in terrace at the time, my mom going to fall but dad hold her hand ,unfortunately they both fell down,chote sees this he is shocked ,after that only i came and asks chote where is mom and dad, he is shocked , he did not say anything,  i searching them , anjali says i am very scared that time, i looked down from the terrace, my mom and dad lying down with lot of blood in the ground. i was shocked and crying heavyly, anjali is crying , kushi also crying, anjali says i just huged my chote and crying heavyly, but my chote is very silent he did not respond , he stood like a statue, after that naniji ,aadhya mom and dad came there, anjali is crying again, she says after that doctor check chote , daily he take medicines after that only he will sleep, aadhya mom and dad always be with him, doctor says to me you just smilingly talk to your brother then only he came out of this thought, after that i am smiled for my chote, and i want to forget my parents dead, because they both did not care about their childrens, i just hate them kushi, but i can't forget them still, i am just smiled for my chote, actually we both are very lucky thats why we got another mom and dad. because of aadhya mom chote came out of the room first then slowly slowly he apeak to akash , and he concentrate on his studys, he finished his studys he take care of dad business, but he can not forget my parents dead incident.  i tried to change him but its failed, he can not agree for the marriage because of my parents. he hate the marriage life.

after long time he talking to you , and argue with you. that time i sees my old chote. you know kushi whenever you near him he  forget his woe, i noticed this . 

kushi: i know di , he told me. 

Arnav: came there he asks what are you doing you both .

Anjali and kushi wipe their tears and says we are just talking .

Arnav: smiled and says di mom called you both for dinner .

Arnav, kushi, anjali came down.

Aadhya : asks kushi and anjali, where are you both went , i called so long to eat , 

Anjali: i do not know the time, i was talking to my bhabi mom.

Kushi: heard that word, and look at arnav. they both look at eachother.

Aadhya: smiled and says chote stop stared at my daughter-in-law, first eat your dinner.she did not go anywhere.

Akilesh: says dont tease my son aadhya.

Arnav: smiled at his mom and dad, he sit beside his di.

kushi and aadhya served food for everyone.

Anjali: says to her dad, tomorrow i am gong to my home dad.

Akilesh: stay here for  some more days na anjali.

Aadhya: says no akilesh, she is right . let her go in-law's home. 

Anjali: saw her dad , his face become dull hearing her mom's word. she says to her dad , dont feel sad dad, me and adi came here every weekend ok.

Akilesh: smiled and look at aadhya , he says see this is my daughter. 

Aadhya: smiled at them.

Akilesh: says to anjali , i will drop you morning ok.

Akash: says no dad , i will drop my di. 

Aadhya: says you both do your work , arnav will drop her.

Akilesh: no arnav have lot of work in his office. so i will drop my daughter .

Akash : no dad tomorrow i am free , i will drop my di.

Arnav: dad stop it. he look at akash and says you drop kushi at her hospital, i will drop di , dad you just come with me ok.

Akilesh: smiled and says ok .

Akash: says ok bhai .

Aadhya: says see akileshji this is my son. he knows how to handle his dad and brother.

kushi: is smiled seeing the family. 

Arnav: says mom you just eat first , he called kushi you also have your food. 

Anjali: says to her dad and says see dad how he care for his mom and kushi. 

Akilesh: i have my daughter na. so leave him anjali. i know he loves aadhya morethen me.

Arnav: dad please .dont talk like a child, i am always care for you and mom ok.

Akash: look him .

Arnav: noticed him and says i care for you too my dear brother.

Akash: is very happy after long time he talk to him smilingly.

Naniji: silently watching all this and smiled.

Aadhya: walk to her room, she saw aakash standing poolside.she came near him.

Akash: turn to look at his mom.

Aadhya: touch his cheek with her hand , are you ok na.

Akash: yea i am fine mom.

Aadhya: go and sleep first.

Akash: i know bhai and di is not my own brother and sister.

Aadhya: shocked and look at him, she asks how you know .

Akash: hold his mom hand , he says  dont get tensed mom, i never go against di and bhai. i know he care for me. he loves me like his own brother. he dont leave me alone for anywhere. but i did not do anything for him.

Aadhya: is relifed now, she says he did not expect anything from you .so dont think too much ok go and sleep.



Dev: talk to  panditji, and fixed the date for arnav and kushi marriage.

Anjali: called kushi mobile.

kushi: hello bhabi .

Anjali: marriage date fixed..

Kushi: smiled at herself..ok bhabi..

Anjali: next month 23rd .

kushi: that day was my birthday na bhabi. 

Anjali: smiled han kushi , its very nice na.

kushi: i  am so happy..

Anjali teased her , they both talking eachother .

Naniji and aadhya is very busy with marriage preparations, payal also help them.

Arnav:came to hospital for pick up kushi . 

Doctor anil sees arnav, he came and asks how are mr. raizada. 

Arnav; yea i am fine , dont mistake me who are you?

Anil: i am dr. anilchandra. i saw your interviews . i am big fan of you. your handle everything well in your business.i am very surprised at you.

Arnav: just smiled at him. he thinkherself , who give him a doctor job here. he always in online watching interviews .

Anil: asks any problem why are you came here mr.raizada.

Arnav: i came here pick up my fiancee.

Anil: oh ok sir .

Arnav: mobile ring it was kushi. he attend the call hello.

Kushi: i am sorry sorry 2 minute i will come.

Arnav: relax kushi,  no problem. i will wait for you ..

Kushi: came and saw anil with arnav.

Arnav: saw kushi  he smiled at her.

Anil: turn back and look at kushi.

kushi: came near arnav and standing beside him. she says bye to anil.

Anil: asks kushi you did not told this to me, your going to marry.

Kushi: everything happen in suddenly anil, and we are busy in our work so i dont have time to talk .

Arnav: lets go kushi.

Anil: ok bye mr.raizada ,nice meeting you. bye kushi...

Kushi: bye anil..

Arnav and kushi leave from there.

Anil: thinkhimself , i think i am talking too much. arnav and kushi they both perfect match.he smiled. 

Arnav: asks who is he kushi. he is talking to me continuesly. i dont know what to do.

kushi: smiled he is always like that arnavji. but he is very good man.

Arnav: start the car ..kushi sit beside him. he asks coffee.

kushi: nod her head...

They both came to coffe shop.

Arnav: order coffee for them. he asks how can you smiling like this always kushi.

kushi: my dadaji told me , i am like my mom. i dont know how to answer your qustion.

Arnav: says di called me , date fixed for our marriage.

kushi: getting tensed and nervouse too, she nods her head..

Arnav: smiled at her ,she also smiled at him.

Arnav: ok let go home.

kushi: nods her head smilingly.




Anjali ,kushi ,payal chitchating in kushi room.

Arnav: came and asks dont you all sleep .

Anjali: i am asking same qustions to you chote.

Arnav: called kushi come i want to talk to you.

Anjali and payal look at him , they both open the mouth in o shape,

Arnav: di please na.

Anjali : says ok . 

Arnav: hold kushi hand and drag her from there.

kushi: did not say anything silently followed him.

They both came to his room.

Arnav: closed the door.

kushi: look at him nervousely. 

Arnav: step forward to her, kushi step backwards, she asks what are you doing arnavji. he move more close to her face , tomorrow is your birthday right. 

kushi: ji .. her leg hit in the bed, she going fall on the bed but arnav hold her waist. she look at him nervousely, 

Arnav: cup her face , she is breathing heavyly, he asks are you ok. she nods her head, arnav kissed her forhead , she feel secured and closed her eyes, he kissed her lips . kushi hold his shirt tightly . they both kissing eachother. he asks how is my birthday gift.kushi huged him smilingly.he also huged her and says happy birthday my dear wife.



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