OS Competition - Link of 4 OS

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May 31

OS Competition (By Kpoonam) (Thanked: 20 times)

Hii everyone,

As IPKKND anniversary is coming so to make it memorable I'm here with an OS Competiton


Rules are as follows:

1. Write an OS.

2. Theme should be childhood.

3. Lead should be our favourite ARSHI.

4. OS should highlight Arnav's understanding and supportive nature not his overpossesive and overprotective side.

5. Submit before June 15,2018.

If you want to participate in competition comment I'm in in comment section. If you have any doubt then you can ask in comment section or message me through contact me option in my diary.

Dear writers, 

I know u all have your stories to update but it will be good to see u all participating in the competition.

I'm waiting for your responses.

PS. I want to share a Happy wali news with all of you.Recently my 12th board result came and guys I got 89%. I'm so happy.

Jun 2

Submitting details (By Kpoonam) (Thanked: 5 times)

Hey guys,

I forgot to tell where to submit your OS. OS link should be submit in this post. 

For any other doubt u can ask me in comment section or message me through contact me option.

Thank you,


Jun 4

Important Note (By Kpoonam) (Thanked: 5 times)

Hey guys,

I'm happy with ur responses for this competition.

I have a good news for all participants. Best 3 OS will be pinned at the top(1st,2nd & 3rd).

So all the best guys. I'm eagerly waiting for ur One Shots.

Thanks MeD admin team for ur support*:-)

Jun 11

Notification for participants (By Kpoonam) (Thanked: 2 times)

Hey guys,

Many of you said "I'm in" but till now there is not a single submition of OS. May be you are busy with other works. So this post is to remind all the participants to submit their OS. Don't worry I'm not saying to submit os today itself. Last date for submitting OS is June 15, 2018. So guys who are IN the competition submit their OS. And those who didn't comment I'm in can also participate.

If you guys want more time then tell me I will extend the deadline.

All the best guys. Waiting to read your wonderful one shots.

If anyone have any doubt regarding competition then message me in my dairy or ask in comment section.

Thank you


Jun 14

Posting the link here - The Classmates (By Skyblu) (Thanked: 2 times)

Hello, I submitted the story. Thanks a lot. Is it okay to add to your view like this? I did not know any other way to post the link. Thanks again.

Jun 15

ARSHI – A CHILDHOOD LOVE STORY OS (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 5 times)





The link is:




Hope You Enjoy Reading It!!



Thank You!!


Sorry!! I wasn't sure how to submit the Competition OS!! Is it alright to submit like this...


Jun 15

Saath Hoon Hamesha (by Arshiangel10) (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 2 times)




Hope you guys loves it. thank you

Jun 15

OS (My friend, My Teacher) (By Angel23) (Thanked: 4 times)


My friend, My teacher.. 


Hope you guys like it. Thank you!

Jun 16

Good News (By Medsuper) (Thanked: 2 times)

Dear All participants 

Being an admin of IPK and Member of MED ADMIN  TEAM

I was discussed with the Head Admin that all OS from the competition 

will be pinned at least 12 Hours and Head Admin is agree with my proposal 

Thank you all

Jun 16

Voting to decide winner (By Kpoonam) (Thanked: 7 times)

Hey guys,

First of all - @Skyblu, @Eljessica, @Arshiangel10 and @Angel23 thanks for participating in the competition.
All 4 one shots are so amazing and wonderful that deciding the winner by myself is sooooo difficult.

Therefore, I want readers help to decide the winner. Your votings will help us to decide the winner.

You guys have to vote for the OS which you like the most. And to make it interesting you guys have to tell in comment section that why you like the OS so much (not compulsory, its up to you). Votings are open till june 20,2018.

If you didn't read the one shots yet then all the 4 OS are pinned (thanks MeD admin for it). So do read them and then vote which you like the most.

Thank you



As now OS are not pinned therefore I'm giving links of all the 4 OS so that you guys doesn't have any problem in finding one shots.


1. The classmates by Skyblu - http://myeduniya.com/Entertainment/TvSerials/?revid=132222

2. Arshi- The childhood lovestory by Eljessica - http://myeduniya.com/Entertainment/TvSerials/?revid=132227

3. Saath Hoon Hamesha by Arshiangel10 - http://myeduniya.com/Entertainment/TvSerials/?revid=132230

4. My friend, My teacher by Angel23 - http://myeduniya.com/Entertainment/TvSerials/?revid=132232

Guys keep reading and keep voting. Winner will be purely based on readers choice. So keep voting guys.

Voting: (Total Votes: 294)

The Classmates by Skyblu (Votes: 66)
Arshi- A childhood lovestory by Eljessica (Votes: 67)
Sath hoon hamesha by Arshiangel10 (Votes: 70)
My friend, My teacher by Angel23 (Votes: 91)
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Be happy always:-)